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Re: The Torpedo by Fazemood(m): 5:39pm On Oct 18, 2018
These two lads are really focused and determined in their various areas (JAMAL & CHRIS) that is impressive. I hope we get to see how these trainings of theirs affects the story soon.
Re: The Torpedo by zhayyd039(m): 8:23am On Oct 23, 2018
Sorry guys. I've been busy in recent days. Will post as soon as I can

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Re: The Torpedo by devilmaycry1(m): 11:59pm On Oct 23, 2018
Re: The Torpedo by VincenzoZhuxu(m): 1:08am On Oct 24, 2018
take your time
Re: The Torpedo by skipper9526: 7:06am On Oct 24, 2018
Bro I have read a lot for exams... Will read this when I delete some files from my memory card
Re: The Torpedo by muhammed50(m): 7:08am On Oct 24, 2018
We hit front page!
So do the needful(update)!
Re: The Torpedo by pacifust058(m): 7:16am On Oct 24, 2018
We made fp, alhamdulilah
Re: The Torpedo by pavahaxu: 9:50am On Oct 24, 2018

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Re: The Torpedo by zhayyd039(m): 5:13pm On Oct 25, 2018
Wow. Thank you very much, all of you. But special gratitude to those who drop comments and suggestions. I really appreciate the support. Next update in a few hours.
Re: The Torpedo by zhayyd039(m): 6:08pm On Oct 25, 2018
THE PRIVATE jet hit the tarmac and skidded off into the private hangars two kilometers away. The pilot's voice crackled over the speaker: "Welcome to Lagos, sir. Enjoy your stay."
Faruk wasted no time in stepping out of the plane directly into the air-conned hangar. An assistant was waiting, who went up the plane to unpack the bags into a waiting Highlander a few distance away from the hangar. It was painted black and had tinted windows. Faruk smirked at the VIP treatment. He paid off the assistant and entered the car. The driver, an overweight man dressed in a cheap black suit and shades, took off without a word.
"What's your name?" Faruk asked.
"They call me Sammy," the driver replied in a husky voice.
"Sammy," Faruk repeated the name, "as in Samuel?"
The driver looked at his passenger through the rearview mirror and shrugged. "That's all you'll get, boss."
But Faruk wasn't listening. He was looking out of the window at a man standing at the entrance of the airport. He was young, maybe early twenties, dark crewcut hair, lean but muscular. He had the sleeves of his blue shirt rolled to the elbows. He wouldn't have caught Faruk's attention if he wasn't staring at the car and speaking into something -a communications device.
"Sir?" The driver called.
Faruk started. He was sweating already.
"Are you okay?"
Faruk looked widely at Sammy. "Yeah. Just keep driving."
The aura of VIP treatment had so quickly evaporated into fear. Faruk had lived under the radar his whole life, avoiding tight situations. But if one person knew him well enough to know how to bring him out of hiding, it had to be-
Faruk felt a buzz in his breast pocket. It took him a while to realize his phone was ringing. Speaking of the devil, caller: David.
Faruk swiped the green button on the screen and put the phone in his ears.
"You know the value of family, Faruk?" David's voice said.
"What are you talking about?" Faruk replied.
"Family is power. As much as they are a weakness, they are our strength," David continued, as if in a trance. "You see, Faruk, I can't trust you. You killed your own brother-"
"To save the lives of millions!" Faruk interrupted. "You know that if we had ignored the danger that man posed to us we'll all have been dead by now."
"Is that so?" David chided. "Well, I just called to tell you that Mamba has eyes on you."
Faruk was a man of preparation. He was almost never taken by surprise. But that was the old Faruk. His heart sank at the name.
Mamba was David's hitman. He was nicknamed after the snake -Black Mamba- for his deadly reputation. He had a 100% kill rate.
"What do you want David?" Faruk said. He eyed the road ahead, seeing heavy traffic. A plan crossed his mind. He just needed to buy some time.
"Before you die, I want you to deliver a little gift to our friend the Minister of Security. He's been on our -MY- tail for months."
"What's in the package?" Faruk collected the small box from the driver. They were stopping. It was now or never. Faruk made a go for it, slamming his fist on the back of Sammy's head and then opened the door and ran. He ran faster than he could've ever imagined. First he tried putting as many cars between himself and the Highlander as possible before running towards the walkway on the right. He forced himself through the crowd under the hot sun, aiming to reach the small market some fifty metres away.
Now forty.
But when you are in the jaws of a snake, the only way out is into it's stomach. Faruk heard a bang from somewhere. His mind immediately registered it to be a shot from a sniper rifle but his body couldn't react on time. The bullet slammed into his left shoulder, sending him crashing into the wall nearby. Faruk tripped and fell holding his shoulder. The burning sensation was the least of his concerns. If they got hold of him alive, he dreaded to think it. He checked his right hand but saw no blood.
"Goddammit!" He cursed. Instead of helping, passersby looked at him like a madman in suit but nobody had time to stop.
Mamba was no ordinary assassin. He was the best the underground agencies could provide. Shooting was synonymous to his name.
On this occasion, Mamba fired a shot -aided by wind direction- in such a way that the bullet scraped his victim but made enough contact to push him off balance and leave a painful sensation.
Re: The Torpedo by pacifust058(m): 9:19pm On Oct 25, 2018
Thanks for the update
Re: The Torpedo by Fazemood(m): 11:30am On Oct 26, 2018
Why the break in transmission as the game was about getting lit? This update is short.
Re: The Torpedo by skubido(m): 1:21pm On Oct 26, 2018
Re: The Torpedo by zhayyd039(m): 5:46pm On Oct 26, 2018
Why the break in transmission as the game was about getting lit? This update is short.
Sorry sir. Will update a longer one tonight.
Re: The Torpedo by zhayyd039(m): 9:07pm On Oct 26, 2018
"Quite the pain, huh?" Sammy's husky voice said as he appeared behind Faruk, who was now leaning his right shoulder against the wall. Without much effort, he put Faruk's left arm around his shoulder and manhandled him back to the Highlander -now parked a few paces away.
Faruk looked up and saw the same young face from the airport staring at him from the front passenger seat -Mamba.
"Been a long time, Faruk." Mamba said, his voice the usual calm and dangerous. "I hate that we had to reunite like this."
Faruk simply winced in pain as Sammy bundled him into the back. A few minutes later, they took off.
"TAKE THIS," Shin said, handing over a circular object wrapped in a leaf to Jamal. "Swallow it whole," he added after seeing Jamal try unwrapping it.
"What was that?" Jamal asked.
"More herbs to help stabilize your body."
Jamal said nothing. His mind had drifted to their destination: the mountain where his journey started. He looked up at the clear sky. They had been at it since dawn. He knew they were close.
"Three more kilometers," Shin said, confirming Jamal's guess. "The trees and overgrowth would provide good cover both for us and the enemy. But what they don't know is I'm not alone and let's keep it at that. The element of surprise is crucial."
Jamal simply nodded. "What happens when we get there? I mean can't you two settle things in a peaceful way?"
Shin looked back at Jamal, "Death before dishonour. Always remember that."
They spent the next few hours trekking and talking strategy until they were close enough to the mountain to see it's entrance from about two hundred metres. Without a word, Shin pointed to the right and Jamal took off towards that direction. He was to circle round and attack from the shadows while Shin attacked them front on.
Jamal found a tall sturdy tree and proceeded to produce a rope from his backpack. He spun it a few times and threw it at the nearest branch -about fifteen feet high. The rope looped round the branch and soon after, Jamal was propped up on the branch with his bow drawn. He followed Shin's movement until he stopped at the entrance, where he was surrounded by -from Jamal's sight- six guards all dressed in their usual gold hooded cloaks.
"Come out brother," Shin called in Japanese. "Your men don't have to die."
Suddenly, a red flash of light glowed from Shin's hands and he directed it at the two guards in front of him. As the thing found it's mark, the men let out a brief piercing scream before they were shrunk to skeletons. The guards on Shin's three and nine o'clock moved to pull out their swords but Jamal was faster. He released the first arrow at the nine o'clock guard before swiftly burying another arrow at the three o'clock one. By then, Shin had finished off the remaining two.
"Enough," an old man's voice said from somewhere inside the cave.
Jamal held his breath, steadying his aim at the entrance, in front of Shin. Sweat suddenly started to come out of all the pores in his body. Shin stretched his arms sideways as if to say 'I'm unarmed'. But Jamal saw more: Shin pointed only his two fingers, the index and the middle. Which meant Jamal should hold his aim.
Moments later, an old man in all white and carrying a staff stepped out. Beside him was a girl almost Jamal's age. She stared daggers at Shin. But Jamal was less concerned at her. His attention was on the old man. Shin had warned him of his brother and his underhanded tactics and tricks. Jamal had made the intention to shoot at the slightest twitch by the old man.
"You violent brother of mine," the old man said. "What has become of you?"
"Same as what's become of you, brother. I am a free man," Shin replied.
"Hmm," the old man said. "I see." Red sparks appeared from the top of the staff he held and travelled down it's body. Jamal aimed. But cursed, Shin's fingers were still ain two's.
"Why did you invite me?" Shin asked.
"I just wanted to see my brother," the old man whispered. "Since when was that a crime?"
"No," Shin shook his head. "You are desperate. What do you want?"
The old man stared deeply at Shin, as if being able to read his mind.

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Re: The Torpedo by devilmaycry1(m): 9:27pm On Oct 26, 2018
Wow nice
Re: The Torpedo by skubido(m): 8:30am On Oct 27, 2018
OP tanks for the update
Re: The Torpedo by zhayyd039(m): 6:46pm On Oct 28, 2018
"No, Shin. This is not a reunion," the old man's voice withered.
"Then what is it?"
The old man nodded to a guard on the left before replying: "Retribution."
Jamal couldn't see where the guard disappeared to. But he reappeared into the scene followed by two more guards dragging someone -a woman. Her clothes looked old and dirty. She had to be dragged as she was too weak to stand on her two feet before she was unceremoniously dumped at Shin's feet.
"You singlehandedly wrecked my organization, Shin," the old man began. "You and your dirty old crew. You killed more Monarch members than I've breathed my whole life."
The girl beside the old man stepped out of the shadows. Katrina.
"Get up, b*tch!" Katrina yelled at the woman on the floor, grabbing her by the hair and pulling her to her feet.
"Easy, Katrina," the old man said in a sarcastic tone, "she's….family."
Even from that distance, Jamal immediately recognized the face. It was Princess Tula! Adrenaline pumped through his veins as he raised the bow again. He heard Shin scream something but he didn't care. Jamal's shot travelled with a whistle across the thick of trees, brushing past Katrina's cheeks. He dropped the bow and jumped off the tree. As soon as he landed, he pulled off his cloak and ran towards Shin's direction -where shouts erupted. The sun was setting by now. But Jamal's sun was just about to rise.
"SO WHAT about the people I killed on the mission?" Chris asked the Monarch official that paid him monthly visits.
The man was facing the dressing mirror in the apartment, adjusting his tie and suit. He shrugged. "Poor them," he muttered. "They were in the wrong place at the wrong time."
"I thought our mission was to save humanity?" Chris argued.
The man slowly turned around to face Chris who was sitting on the bed. "Our job is to ensure we eliminate the threat that are the Peacemakers to keep the secrets of our ancestors safe."
"The secrets of YOUR ancestors are none of my business," Chris raised his voice, standing up.
"Secrets of my ancestors?" The man scoffed. "The Monarchy only recruits pure bloods. It's every bit of my business as it's yours. If you didn't have Monarch parents you wouldn't have been here."
The rays of the rising sun filled the room, along with a deafening silence.
"What?" Chris voice was barely audible. His parents? They were all in this? But then how would he know, he didn't grow up with any family. Just as he opened his mouth to ask more questions the man's phone beeped twice. He walked up to Chris, talking quickly.
"Forget I told you anything," he said before quickly adding when he saw the look on Chris' face. "For our sakes, hmm? Both of us." He strode out of the door, leaving Chris in the middle of the room.
JAMAL ARRIVED just in time to catch a spear thrown at Shin from his blind spot while he was busy demolishing Monarch troops coming from all sides.
Two guards rushed at Jamal. He matched their pace, but he was faster. Quickly disarming the first, he used the spear on the second guard then spun 180 degrees, and released a left hand charged with red-hot proton energy at the first, sending him -a burning corpse- flying into the forest.
"Careful there," Jamal heard Shin say, "you are not trained well enough to use those in battle."
By now they had their backs against each other.
"My brother and Katrina took the girl back inside the cave," Shin said. "But with the number of enemies, we'll be too late."
"One of us has to keep these ones at bay while the other goes for the girl," Jamal breathed. An enemy approached but he made quick work of him with a 3-hit combination punch.
"You have a bright future, kid," Shin laughed. "Go save my daughter. Tell her how much her father loves her." He grabbed two enemies, releasing the blue energy, roasting them.
"You'll tell her yourself," Jamal said.
"I have been gathering enough protons to create a chain reaction," Shin turned squarely to Jamal. "It's enough to level at least half of this island." Shin lowered his head before saying: "At the cost of my life."
A sense of déjà vu crashed on Jamal. "What? No!" He said. "We'll--"
"There is no damned way!" Shin shouted. "The Monarch soldiers are dotted all over this island." He saw a look of hesitation on Jamal's face. "You owe me a life, kid. Pay me back by saving my daughter."
Jamal swallowed. He used his arm to wipe off the his teary eyes. He nodded.
Shin nodded too. "Now, get out of here." Blue energy engulfed him and the area surrounding him, before a vapour of red energy started forming from the surrounding area.
Jamal gathered electron charges within his body, instantly boosting his speed.
He zoomed off into the cave.
Re: The Torpedo by zhayyd039(m): 8:30pm On Oct 28, 2018
******A WRENCH IN PLANS*******
THE CAVE was empty except for torches fixed against the walls to provide illumination. There wasn't a single soul except Jamal. He ran past the huge clearing, going deeper. He had only seen this part of the cave once, but he felt like he knew it all his life. Shin's memories have merged with his. 'Save my daughter' rang in his head. Jamal cleared his mind. He had a feeling whatever awaited him at the other side of the cave would be the greatest challenge of his life so far. He braced himself as he approached a curved part of the path he followed. He could hear voices somewhere nearby: ahead. There was a carved out entrance, it was the only opening ahead. Jamal wondered why the cave was so straightforward. But, he reasoned, under normal circumstances the whole place was guarded.
Twenty metres from the entrance, a piercing scream came from it. And more voices. Jamal stopped. He held his breath and closed his eyes, he was on autopilot, acting on instincts and things he never understood why he did. He stood still for a while, feeling electrons flowing through his body. As he suddenly opened his eyes, the gathered electrons dispersed, flowing across the whole cave. He felt nine presences in the room ahead. That's all he needed to know. Slowly he walked to the entrance.
A muffled voice, "He's here!"
Jamal, without looking, stretched his arms sideways and sent pure proton blasts at the two guards both sides of him.
Another ran towards him head on. He was screaming. Jamal grabbed the guard's fist in his palm and released a short wave of concentrated electron charges. The guard's eyes lit up blue for a moment, before his head slowly turned black, roasted.
Two more guards. They moved very fast, wielding dual katana blades. Jamal dodged all their attacks before jumping ten feet into the air, gathered more electron charges, then landed with a thud. This sent an electrical field across the room, smothering the guards. He rose his head to see a red and blue glow fifty metres away, a protection shield.
"Shin, think about your daughter," the old man's voice croaked.
As he said that, Jamal, from the corner of his right eye, saw a metal glint in the dark. The metal rested gently on his neck.
"It's over," a muffled voice -the same as the one earlier- whispered.
Jamal heard himself scoff. "Over?" He laughed loudly, his voice reverberating across the room. "I'm just getting started!" With electric speed, he grabbed the blade, breaking it. He heard the voice whimper in surprise just as he charged a right proton hand and connected on the target's chest. The figure skidded to a stop thirty metres away.
Jamal took that time to observe his surroundings: it was half the size of the previous clearing. About fifty-five metres in diameter. Fifty metres ahead of him were three figures. He easily identified them in the dark as the old man, Katrina, and Tula.
The figure he punched shifted and stood ten metres in front of him, between them.
"You taught me well," Jamal could now identify the voice as that of Fujikashi. A sense of delight flashed in his heart and a certain kind of hunger started to engulf his insides, a violent one. "But I've now got powers beyond imagination."
"Good," Jamal's voice was now low and dangerous. "I wouldn't have had it any other way."
Fujikashi's figure stiffed. But before he could voice his reaction, he had to block the solid kick that was aimed at his head. He grunted. Another kick came from behind. He parried. Suddenly the was parrying and dodging waves of attacks.
Jamal was landing average punches, dummies. He found the opening he was looking for, grabbed Fujikashi by the arm, and released a burst of electrons. The charge was so intense it illuminated the whole cave. Fujikashi screamed and fell on his knees. Jamal raised his left hand in the air and engulfed it in red flash of light.
"It's a mercy killing," Jamal said. "Compared to the one you gave to me."
The swiftness of his moving arm could only be matched by the energy beam that travelled across the room, knocking Jamal backwards.
"Stand back, Fujikashi," the old man's voice screamed. "My brother's strength can only be defeated by that of mine."
The old man suddenly appeared beside Fujikashi. He inclined his head at Jamal.
"Except that it's not Shin," he muttered.
"It's just this kid," Fujikashi grunted. He rose steadily to his feet. "Sensei, I'll deal with it."
Jamal just stood there, looking at them. "I want the both of you," he heard himself say. "Come at me, with all your might."
"Such worthless arrogance," Fujikashi noted. "I'll make you beg for a quick death."
Jamal laughed again. Bubbles of blue energy emanated from his body, slowly turning to black energy. "Bring it on!"
Fujikashi, fully recovered, pulled on his hood and produced his sword. But to strike at what? All he saw was black movement like shadows all over the place. "He's merging with the environment."
The old man stared -emptily- ahead. "The black aura of the Torpedo," he mused. "Step down, Fujikashi. This is my fight. I have to activate the full power of the staff to defeat him. Fujikashi scurried off immediately.
The old man pulled out a small knife from his robe and proceeded to cut his right palm. As soon as he placed it on his staff, the staff glowed, producing pure blue flame at the top. "I am your opponent," he announced.
"Excellent," a low voice slithered. Jamal appeared from the shadows. By now even the air around him seemed to be boiling, giving off black smoke.

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Re: The Torpedo by skubido(m): 9:43pm On Oct 28, 2018

Tanks for the update

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Re: The Torpedo by zhayyd039(m): 10:49pm On Oct 28, 2018
CHRIS SAT in front of the television flipping through the channels absentmindedly. His mind kept replaying what the man said to him the previous week: his parents being part of the ghost thing. He didn't know why it bothered him like this. After all, he never knew them. He simply grew up with a distant relation who sent him to Sanka to study.
His phone buzzed beside him on the bed. He looked at the screen then picked it and accepted the call. He waited for the ENCRYPTED message before plugging an earpiece in his ear.
"Where are you?" A male voice demanded.
"In the middle of nowhere," Chris squinted. "Somewhere."
"You are drunk," the voice said sternly.
"I'm just a little buzzed. Nothing serious," Chris replied.
"Get your as* back to Nigeria in two days," the voice crackled. "We've got a lead on the Torpedo."
Chris immediately cleared his head. "What's going on?"
"I'll send the details to you shortly," then the line went off.
Chris stood up and headed to the bathroom. He had completely forgotten Rose, his fling for the week.
"Took your time," she said, applying shampoo on her auburn hair. She had her back to him. The shower dribbled water down her nak*d backside. Chris removed his clothes and soon joined her in the tight space. He was trailing kisses down the side of her neck, groping her be*asts with both hands.
JAMAL DODGED the beams of energy fired at him before gathering one huge bolt of dark energy and releasing it at the old man who had to use another energy shield to protect himself. Jamal kept the flow of black energy streaming at the old man. The energy shield started to disintegrate.
All of a sudden, the whole place shook, knocking Jamal off balance and allowing the old man to hit him with a powerful bolt which sent him flying into a nearby wall. The pain of his wounds were nothing compared to the pain Jamal felt in his chest. There was no mistaking the sound of an explosion. It sounded far. But Jamal knew better. Shin had sacrificed himself, just like Samad before him. He tried to stand up but couldn't as he had lost a lot of blood and his body strained from the energy use. The black energy bubbles dissipated into red and slowly vaporized into thin air.
"It's over," the old man said. He was walking slowly towards Jamal. "Fujikashi!" And Fujikashi appeared near him. "Finish him off."
Fujikashi bowed and walked confidently to Jamal's place, sword drawn.
"Wait," the old man had a sinister look on his face. He jabbed a finger to the back of the room. "Bring the girl."
Fujikashi disappeared. Then shortly came the sounds of sobs and struggling and he reappeared again beside the old man. "Watch as we kill him again," he said. "There is no hope for all of you."
The old man chuckled.
"And just like a dog," Jamal grunted. "You follow your master around, scrambling for crumbles at his feet."
"And just like a hapless bird," Fujikashi replied, walking towards Jamal, "you die in your cage."
Jamal grimaced. "That's far from poetic, Fujikashi."
Fujikashi ignored the statement. "Any last words?"
Jamal was quiet, head lowered. "Yeah," he whispered.
Fujikashi saw it, but at the same time he didn't because he raised his sword instead of backing off: Jamal's eyes flickered blue and his hand glinted in violent black energy. He moved like lightning, striking Fujikashi across the chest. The old man quickly pointed his staff but was too late as a hand passed across his throat.
Jamal stood behind both of them, eyes in blue flames. "My regards to Shin," he muttered.

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Re: The Torpedo by zhayyd039(m): 10:50pm On Oct 28, 2018
"FATHER!" A scream came from behind the room, then running footsteps. Katrina brushed past Jamal, kneeling beside her father. Her voice shook as she spoke, "it's OK. You'll heal."
The old man gurgled. "Katrina. Run. Black energy….I can't heal."
Jamal turned around just in time to see the old man shudder his last breath. "That is for Shin." He looked over at Fujikashi's dead gaze. Blood was still gobbling down the hole in his chest.
Katrina screamed and pulled out her sword but Jamal was -again- light years faster than a normal human. He grabbed Tula by the waist and jumped vertically. The stone roof gave way as he it made contact with the destructive force of the dark energy. They could hear Katrina screaming as the whole place crumbled, stones and debris raining down.
********Three Weeks Later*********
He heard voices around him -as he had for a long time. But this time the voices were saying something different: "He's waking up."
Jamal blinked as his eyes tried getting used to the sunlight that bathed the room he lay in. He slowly turned his head to the left and saw a familiar face, Tula. Her beauty seemed to cover the blemishes and red marks on her face. She smiled brightly at him.
"Let him rest, my princess," a woman's voice warned. "He has been through a lot."
Tula stood to leave but Jamal grabbed her hand. "No. Tell me what happened."
"The princess doesn't remember anything that happened three weeks ago," the woman explained. "Except that you almost gave up your life for hers."
Tula sat back down. She held Jamal's hand in her two hands, gazing at him. "I can't wait until you meet my father."
Jamal sat up. Shin was alive! He knew it. He knew it would take more than an explosion to get rid of him.
"Tula," the woman said, looking scared. "His Majesty is at the council meeting."
"Wait," Jamal said, looking confused. "What council?"
The two ladies looked at him in surprise. The unknown woman shook her head. "I told you he needed rest," she addressed Tula. Then turned to him, "all kings must attend the weekly meetings."
Jamal looked around. "Where am I?"
"You're in the outskirts of Japan."
Then he felt himself being drawn back into a black pit.
Jamal landed in a room he recognized to be the room he and Shin shared. But this time all the books were arranged neatly on the shelves and table. And his bed wasn't there.
He felt himself move to the table in grief.
"It's difficult, sensei," a voice said behind him, "but you have to do it for your daughter's sake. She doesn't deserve this life."
Jamal looked back at the hooded man talking. He held a newborn in his arms. The child slept peacefully, unaware of what was being discussed. "Fine," he said. "Take her to a better life."
The man nodded. "Yes, master."
"And Aido," Jamal said. He felt the hot vapour of proton energy fill the room. The man froze. "This is between us and us alone. Forever."
Jamal gasped. He sat back up, facing the frightened face of the unknown woman and panicked face of Tula. "I'm fine."
"You just fell unconscious," the woman cried. "I could've sworn you were dead. Your body was so cold." She shuddered.
Tula just stared at him looking worried. "Are you OK?"
Before Jamal could answer, a man walked in, dressed in an overflowing red robe decorated with very expensive golden threads. His Asian features were a stark contrast to that of Tula.
"Father," Tula said, rising from her seat. "This is him."
The man stared at Jamal for a moment. He ran a hand through his white hair before talking calmly. "Out. Both of you." The two ladies hesitated. "NOW!"
After the two had shuffled out, the man took a seat beside Jamal. He inhaled deeply. Jamal saw a fifty-something-odd robust man who had obviously enjoyed a peaceful life.

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Re: The Torpedo by zhayyd039(m): 10:52pm On Oct 28, 2018
"I cannot thank you for saving my daughter," the man muttered. "Because no amount of money or lands can be enough."
"I don't need them," Jamal said. "I was only repaying a debt."
The man frowned at Jamal. "What debt?"
Jamal looked him straight in the eye, "it's personal, sir."
"Well," the man rose from his seat. "Come on in," he called. "It's safer here than in town where people would ask questions."
This time, only the princess came in. She still wore that jovial smile she had.
Jamal spent three more days on bed, recovering. By the fourth day his wounds were completely healed and he was strong enough to walk outside. His camp was the only one in the middle of nowhere. Far across the land, about hundred metres in all directions, he could see guards -dressed in black khakis- doting around.
"What are you doing so early?" Tula said from behind him. "You should be resting."
He felt her soft hands on his bare back. "The weather's freezing," she said in a worried tone. "Let me go get you something to cover up."
She went in and soon came running back, almost in tears. "You've packed?"
Jamal looked at her, "Yeah. I can't stay here. It's not my home."
"We can make it a home for you," she said over sobs.
Jamal shook his head slowly. "I'm sorry."
She closed the distance between them, looking him straight in the eye. "Deny it."
Jamal frowned, "deny what?"
"Deny that you don't love me," she said defiantly. "Because I know you do."
Jamal wanted to speak. He wanted to say he didn't but part of him knew it was a lie. "I am not the kind of person you want."
"You don't get to decide for people," she retorted, moving her face closer to his.
The kiss was light and brief, but full of meaning. Jamal gently pushed her away. "I can't," he said. "It wouldn't work."
"Let's give it a try," she looked pleadingly into his eyes. She took his hand and placed it on her face. "I love you."
Jamal felt his gut wrench. 'You owe me a life' were the words that clouded his mind. What if she gets into trouble and gets killed in the process?
"Hey," she said softly.
Jamal wanted to grab her, say 'go to hell' to all the ghost nonsense and whatnot, but he couldn't. If he ran from his destiny, it would catch up to him one day. "Listen, we'll sort this out when I come back, OK?"
"Where are you going?" She asked, wrapping both arms around his neck.
"Tie up loose ends," he replied.
"Promise me you'll come back," she said.
"I promise," he sighed.
She pulled him in for a kiss.

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Re: The Torpedo by VincenzoZhuxu(m): 7:57am On Oct 29, 2018
thank you for the post it is really the best
Re: The Torpedo by Fazemood(m): 10:39am On Oct 29, 2018
Wow this is great.

Zhay, does the 'lead on the Torpedo' which the others whom Chris work with claimed to have gotten mean that they caught the High frequency which is as a result of radiation of Shin's energy?

Does it mean that they're coming to the island? Oh no, let it not be. Because if they are, then they'd find the old man's staff. And if they find it, that means it has fallen into the wrong hands. This won't be good. I hope my suspiscion is proved wrong.

This is a good work Zhay, more strenght to you.
Re: The Torpedo by zhayyd039(m): 3:07pm On Oct 29, 2018
Wow this is great.

Zhay, does the 'lead on the Torpedo' which the others whom Chris work with claimed to have gotten mean that they caught the High frequency which is as a result of radiation of Shin's energy?

Does it mean that they're coming to the island? Oh no, let it not be. Because if they are, then they'd find the old man's staff. And if they find it, that means it has fallen into the wrong hands. This won't be good. I hope my suspiscion is proved wrong.

This is a good work Zhay, more strenght to you.
Your suspicions are almost right, sir. Thank you very much
Re: The Torpedo by Fazemood(m): 4:30pm On Oct 29, 2018
Your suspicions are almost right, sir. Thank you very much
Damn, looking forward to your next update then. When is it coming up?
Re: The Torpedo by zhayyd039(m): 7:17pm On Oct 29, 2018

Damn, looking forward to your next update then. When is it coming up?
By tomorrow, sir. I'm really planning on finishing this story in two weeks.

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Re: The Torpedo by kayusdguy(m): 9:19pm On Oct 29, 2018
nice work you've done here Zhayy, but make this clear, the ghosts you are talking about, do Jamal and his friend Chris belong to that ghosts stuff?
Re: The Torpedo by zhayyd039(m): 2:58pm On Oct 30, 2018
nice work you've done here Zhayy, but make this clear, the ghosts you are talking about, do Jamal and his friend Chris belong to that ghosts stuff?
Yes, sir. Chris has to belong because it's what he is; Jamal belongs because he was trained by them.
Re: The Torpedo by zhayyd039(m): 6:01pm On Oct 30, 2018
THE LINE rang a few times before Chris heard a click.
"Where are you?" A male voice crackled over the speaker.
"On a train to base," Chris replied.
"Good," the voice said. "I'll brief you when you've arrived."
Chris hung up and rested his head on the headrest. The train carriage was slowing down already.
"Approaching Sanka train station," a female voice announced somewhere from the back.
As soon as the train halted, Chris was down. A certain kind of excitement rushed through his body as he gazed at the blue sky. He had a feeling luck was about to be on his side.
JAMAL PUSHED the wooden door open. It creaked before giving way, he stepped into the small cottage. The room was still as he remembered it to be: clean but disorganized. Papers littered the floor and the shelves were stacked with books. He had no idea what he was looking for as he searched the room. A typical scientist, Shin had documented all of his experiments -majority of which were just a repeat of past scientists' works. The books on the shelves were just textbooks, nothing special in them. He checked the drawer where he found a small book. On it were scribbled the words: DIARY. Jamal spent the next few hours flipping through the pages until he reached a page labelled: BREAKTHROUGH.
It read:
Jamal flipped to the next page
The page continued.
The rest of the pages were torn off. Something suddenly clicked in Jamal's head: The feel and texture of the pages. He had felt it somewhere. Jamal caressed the book, trying to remember. He couldn't.
A rat squealed behind Jamal. He turned around to see the rat scrambling around, its tail stuck in a small opening on the floor. Jamal put his finger in the opening and lifted lightly. But the floor gave way, revealing a huge squarish hole underground. It was maybe half-a-metre by half-a-metre in dimension and the same measurement deep. It contained just one item: a black cloth, folded neatly. Jamal extracted the cloth and examined it. It was a hooded cloak but made from a light textile. The shoulders and upper half of the back were covered with extra layers of tough fabric. Two thin golden lines ran vertically down the cloak from both shoulders. As Jamal raised it higher into the light, a small piece of paper dropped from it. He picked it up and read it: BREAKTHROUGH.
Jamal folded the cloak and stuffed it in his backpack. After one last glance at the room, he turned around to leave, dropping a ball of blue and red energy.
Jamal was five metres away from the cottage when a huge explosion erupted. The fire licked the concrete walls, the roof, and anything within reach.
CHRIS STOOD at the doorstep of a flower shop in the middle of the city. The sign read: OPEN. He pushed the door, which rang a doorbell, and he entered. It was a small, congested shop with flowers of different species. An elderly man shuffled through the tiny passages and stood behind the counter.
"How can I help you, sir?" He asked brightly, revealing a set of black teeth.
"I'm here for a white rose and a cactus," Chris replied.
The smile on the man's face faded. The shook his head, "I don't sell those kinds."
"And that's why I want them," Chris smiled.
The man smiled knowingly, then said, "follow me." He led the way to the back of the shop where a small metal door led to the right. The produced a bunch of keys and opened the door for Chris.
"Thank you," Chris bowed and followed the path. It was a dimly-lit corridor that sloped downwards. At the end of it was another door. He opened it and entered a spacious room. It was just about 8-10 feet high, but he couldn't see the end of the room. The place was filled with indistinct chatter and clattering of computer keyboards. The people were all dressed in suits. They didn't seem to notice Chris.
"There you are," a man called. "Right on time."
The man, a short bulky man with a goatee and greasy face, walked up to Chris and shook his hand firmly. He had a grim look on his face as he led Chris towards the back of the room, talking quickly.
"Our headquarters at the Mount Fuji has been compromised," he said as they walked. "It's feared that the Master has been lost but we're yet to establish anything."
They reached a circular space with screens all over the wall.
"Pull up the imagery," the man said to nobody in particular.
The screens immediately turned to a black and white imagery of a piece of land.
Chris' eyes narrowed, "what happened?"
The man frowned, "it's what's left of it. The whole forest has been levelled. We presume an explosion of sorts. But it's too big for any kind of explosive--"
"Except an atomic bomb," Chris interrupted. "Or the Torpedo."
The man nodded, "exactly. What made the Master go to such limits, we don't know."
"Heard he was such a coward," Chris muttered.
The man's face was stricken with fright, "careful with your words."
Chris ignored the warning. "Who takes over now?"
"We don't know until we retrieve the staff," the man said. "Council members are acting fast. We are working on making the Japanese government delay investigations."
"That's a 50-50," Chris noted. "What's our fastest route to the scene?"
"We've prepared a plane for you and two of our finest," the man said, nodding at a corner of the room. Two figures appeared. Chris immediately recognized one as Eric but couldn't identify the other. "I'm sure you remember Eric?" The man introduced. "And this is Diego, our best tracker."
"So," Diego, a handsome muscular guy with olive skin, said, "what are we waiting for? Let's go get our staff back."

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Re: The Torpedo by Fazemood(m): 8:09pm On Oct 30, 2018
Chris meeting Jamal? hmmm, he stands no chance against Jamal. I'm enjoying every bit of this story.

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