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Re: Married Again By Blair01 by blair01(f): 10:38am On Aug 25, 2018
(in tears) after typing a long update..I just didn't know what I pressed.It wiped out almost everything. Am too sad to write
Re: Married Again By Blair01 by Qasaforlife(f): 10:56am On Aug 25, 2018
kpele dear. it's well. Patiently waiting
Re: Married Again By Blair01 by skubido(m): 4:28pm On Aug 25, 2018
(in tears) after typing a long update..I just didn't know what I pressed.It wiped out almost everything. Am too sad to write

OMG, chai, sorry OP. the Lord is your strength
Re: Married Again By Blair01 by Isaacson5(m): 5:09pm On Aug 27, 2018
Eya, Kpele.
Re: Married Again By Blair01 by Uniquechild(f): 9:16pm On Aug 27, 2018
Sorry dear.
Re: Married Again By Blair01 by mercyymai(f): 5:46pm On Aug 28, 2018
Pls o. Conan update!

Started 2day and its interesting
Re: Married Again By Blair01 by blair01(f): 5:37pm On Aug 31, 2018
Am sorry guys for the delay..just lots has bn going on with me.

This episode is dedicated to my sweetheart B! whose birthday is today.

He gulped down the last bottle of drink as he signalled the waiter for another".

He was dead drunk,and his eyes were barely open.All he could think of was her. Her smile,her laugh and how she made him get A's.

She was what they call hot cake" in his department. Every male wanted her,even the lecturers would do anything to have her.. The ladies either wanted to be friends with her or hater her for the attention she got.

But she was all gone,an history he couldn't let go.
The club soon get heated as the D.j played "Kukere"

Ladies twerked to their best abilities and the men wandered about looking for any 'catch and hit'

He scrolled down his contacts searching for anyone to come to his aid as he could barely open his eyes
His fingers tapped on 'Accident girl' and dailed it.

Kewe stretched lazily as she stared at her ringing phone.Why was he calling? She hadn't called him since the last time .

She picked her remote as she reduced the volume of her TV"..placing her phone on her ear.
Please I need your help he said.

Where are you"..she shouted as she could barely hear him.
Penthouse he screamed before the line went dead
Her eyes flew to the wall clock.it was obvious he was drunk but why had he called her at 12.30am.She hissed loudly as her eyes went back to her football match. Yet she felt guilty"..Standing on her feet,she pulled in an hoodie over her shorts as she took her car keys from her table.

I could just use this medium to say how sorry I am for hitting him.She said to herself trying to justify her actions.
"You already apologized" her mind told her.

Idiot mind your business she whispered as she entered the car and drove out of the compound but after giving the security man a tip for disturbing and begging him to wait up for her.

She soon alighted at the club as her eyes searched all over for him.she dailed his number but she got the same not reachable response.

She found her way pushing some drunk persons, and looking at at those seated "

There she saw him ,head on the table sleeping soundly and she knew she was in for it"

She woke him up while she supported him outside his club"..he could barely see her and he knew he had too much to drink.

She put her car to a start as she drove occasionally sparing him a glance.

She soon alighted as she parked at one end of the compound "..using her tomboyish strength she dragged him to her room. Where he landed like a thud the moment he saw her bed.

She sighed as she watched him sleep on her bed like he owned it....dropping her keys behind the door..she went to her former position in the living room where she continued her match"

Until then,she didn't know why she did what she did"


Both mother and son looked at him like he were some ghost"..he couldn't blame them because it was actually the first time he came home early to meet them having dinner.Every other day had been when they had probably gone to bed"

And he had kept the routine for 5years".

He ignored their greeting as he climbed the stairs to his room and collapsed on the bed still on his shoes and work outfit.

He just didn't know why his tired mind couldn't stop thinking about her..she has been on his mind all day"..especially the thought of what happened the other day.He couldn't contain himself,seeing someone else making her happy.

His eyes went to his door that made some noise..and his 5year old son popped his head inside.

Dad please can I come in? He asked slowly avoiding eye contact with his father.

What's it? He asked irritated.

He walked inside handing over a folded paper to him.
What's in there? He asked as his eyes scrutinized the boy"
But he surprised him by taking on his heels.
He opened his paper as he read the contents

Dear dad,

I just wanted to ask why you don't love me? If I did anything wrong,please forgive me.

And those words pierced his heart.He knew his mum was a part of this but he was right,he had mourned his late wife for too long.He knew she wouldn't be happy with him for neglecting their son."He had to make things right ,standing on his feet,he went for his son.

She laughed uncontrollably as she listened to Doye talk about her lattest catch"..Doye had always had a thing for men with big pockets.

After talking with Laye,she had decided call people from her past.Colleagues and friends seemed to have missed her terribly.The only person she hadn't call was her mother"..she missed her but she wasn't ready for a reminder for marriage"

I will call you back she told Doye when she heard the doorbell.

She was on night duty, and unfortunately home alone she whiled away time on her phone "
She opened the door and her mouth flew open seeing her boss simply dressed on a ripped jean and black polo..showing his arbs.She couldn't stop staring.
Why was he here? She almost said aloud "..before he greeted.

Am sorry"...forgive my manners. Am just surprised.
How are you? She said sweetly to his small replica.
Am fine aunt,good afternoon.

Am sorry for the other, I shouldn't have said those things.I didn't mean them.He said sincerely.

Its fine.Am not angry. Just hurt she almost said before holding back her words.

Thanks. Will it be too much to ask if you cone for it tommorrow?

Please.. His smaller version begged.

Awww..he was just too cute and she couldn't say no to him.
Yes baby, Definitely.

Thanks a lot they both chorused.
You are welcome,she blushed.
Won't you come in? She asked.
No..thanks but we are going out
Wow..wonderful. You too have fun she said and waved them. She couldn't stop staring until they were out of sight.

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Re: Married Again By Blair01 by orisunmi(f): 9:02pm On Aug 31, 2018
Well done and more grease to your elbow may the Lord strengthen you the more but pls updates is too slow
Re: Married Again By Blair01 by Ann2012(f): 9:26pm On Aug 31, 2018
Thanks for the update OP

Expecting more
Re: Married Again By Blair01 by skubido(m): 9:37pm On Aug 31, 2018
OP tanks a lot for the update
Re: Married Again By Blair01 by toyhin123(f): 3:24am On Sep 01, 2018
Thanks for d update
Re: Married Again By Blair01 by blair01(f): 1:28am On Sep 05, 2018
A happy new month to you all"
its my birth month o..I rep 29th.

well am sorry because the updates are gonna be once in a week or so...because my exams are starting on the 17th.And am pretty sure am not gonna have time anymore.
Thanking u all.

chapter 15

song of the chapter* A new day has come by celidion.

You can't be serous p! You have to look your best Cassy whined"

Pamela could bet on her salary Cassy was the most beautiful pregnant woman she had seen when she did that.

Have told you before, is just a child's party..stop getting ideas..there's nothing to it. She told Cassandra who kept insisting she dressed her best.

Well you just have to trust me on this..Doc hasn't spoken to any Lady since his wife dismiss.it's been business and nothing else.You're just closing your heart to the fact that you mean a lot more than his employee to him.

I don't want to think about it Akpos, am scared of getting hurt.I could remember how helpless I felt when he yelled at me the other day.I don't want to be weak anymore.

"Love is giving your heart to someone,trusting you wouldn't get hurt but expecting pain as well". It dosent matter if you get hurt sis,what matters is giving yourself a chance to be happy.you can never tell..for now am not asking for your opinion I have this killer dress I can lend you".. She said pulling Pam to her room.

Osas played with his fingers as he waited for her outside where he parked his car".. He couldn't believe he was nervous.He couldn't even remember the last time he felt this way"

It was like he was a teenager going to confess his feelings to his crush for the first time' but the only difference was he was here to pick up his employee to his son's party "..how did it even sound like.

This was a bad idea he whispered" as he rested on his car. He glanced at his soon who was operating his mobile and smiled"

The guy was just his replica, smart and adorable.He wanted to make up for lost years "

But was that really possible? Could he make up for lost years? When he hadn't forgiven his sick father for lost years?.

His thoughts vanished as the gate open and she walked out"
Damn..he muttered under his breath.

Not again..Did she know how much he loved red on her?
Pamela was dressed in a red long dress which had a V neck and Puff hands. It was simple but elegant. It exposed a bit of her cleavages and her feet were clad in a black mosquito heeels and a black purse to match.

For the first time her wasn't packed in a bun but styled beautifully falling on her shoulders. And her nude makeup complemented her skin.

He couldn't stop staring"

Good afternoon..she greeted and hugged her small man who had ran out of the car the moment he saw her.

She hugged him sweetly and complemented him.
Shall we? Doc asked jelouse of how his son could hug her and he couldn't.

She sat at the passenger's seat with him,while he told her about the poem he had memorized for his teachers.

Pamela felt happy..She didn't understand why but she was glad she hadn't declined the offer to go with them.
They ended up taking pictures and each of them beamed with smiles.

As she scrolled through her gallery..she felt satisfied.
She stared at one particular picture were herself and Doc pecked his junior and he smiling so big showing off his teeth.

And of all she couldn't stop thinking about the kiss that lasted few seconds"

When Doc had dropped her off, he had hugged her unexpectedly and kissed her slowly but gently but was interrupted by his ringtone "

She didn't know how long he would have kissed her without the interruption.

Nevertheless he had apologized "..did he regret it she kept thinking.

He had stolen her first kiss".. And even for those few seconds she felt like she was in heaven.


Hills woke up to a banging head"...he tried to remember what happened but all his efforts were futile.

He stood on his feet when he noticed the room wasn't his "
He made for what he agreed to be toilet and emptied his bladder before making his way out of the room"

He followed the aroma as it landed him in the kitchen...seeing Kewe making pancakes with her back facing him"...still on her pj's.he watched her silently as she hadn't noticed him.
His mind wished it was "Shat" standing there making her usual kunu_aya.

He didn't know how to get her out of his mind"..and it was frustrating.

Hey"..you are awake.She faced him as she noticed a figure behind her.

Yes".he whispered.Suddenly embarrassed how he made a fool of himself the previous night.

How do you feel? She asked picking some pancakes from the frypan with her fork.

"My head ache like it's about to pull out"

Oh..don't worry you'll be fine..I have the perfect home remedy for you..Just take a seat she gestured to the stool beside him.

Thanks..he said still not smiling.

I will be done soon"..just give me some minutes.

Am sorry about last night..I couldn't think of any other person. Sorry for the stress.

It's okay,am glad I could help.. She said turning some black substance into a mug which he assumed was the home remedy she talked about.

But you owe me an explanation because I know whatever your going through it taking a toll on you'.

Author's note

writing about Pam and Doc love scene is quite difficult.. because they are two people afraid of loving because of past experiences.

can two broken heart make a love story?

share your opinions biko

stay cool ,kisses and hugs to you all


Re: Married Again By Blair01 by marychommy(f): 3:23am On Sep 05, 2018
thanks for d update an yea of course infact no heart can bound together Dan dat of two broken hearts cos dey can only understand one better.
Re: Married Again By Blair01 by toyhin123(f): 5:56am On Sep 05, 2018
A happy new month to you all"
its my birth month o..I rep 29th.

Author's note

writing about Pam and Doc love scene is quite difficult.. because they are two people afraid of loving because of past experiences.

can two broken heart make a love story?

share your opinions biko

stay cool ,kisses and hugs to you all
Happy new month to u too dear nd happy birthday in advance my month mate -lol- . I also rep 6th.

Concerning Pamela and Doc, there is nothing wrong with them making a love story.
Re: Married Again By Blair01 by skubido(m): 9:36am On Sep 05, 2018
thanks for d update an yea of course infact no heart can bound together Dan dat of two broken hearts cos dey can only understand one better.

think so too.

OP tanks a lot for the update
Re: Married Again By Blair01 by Ann2012(f): 5:17pm On Sep 05, 2018
Thanks for the update OP

Two broken heart's can bound perfectly well
Re: Married Again By Blair01 by mercyymai(f): 6:04pm On Sep 05, 2018
Two broken heart will make a perfect love story becos they will both handle each others heart with care. That is if they finally fall in love but it not a sudden relationship, it will take time for them to heal up.

Their relationship can also help to speed up the healing process

Thanks for the update

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Re: Married Again By Blair01 by blair01(f): 12:43am On Sep 11, 2018
Thanks guys for your comments.And am sorry I can't reply them.much kisses and hugs to u all.

chapter 16

He was upset as he pulled his car to an halt.He carried his son who had fallen asleep as he wondered why his mother had called him at his favourite moment in years.

He couldn't believe they kissed"..does she have feelings for me? He asked no one in particular.

"Maybe she just let me so I wouldn't feel bad".. Mela is not like that his subconsciousness told him". He didn't want to get ideas.. But he was scared she only did that because he was her boss.As he opened the door,the sight of his crying mother made him drop his son on the couch.
Mum what's wrong? He asked worried"

Another new thing ", he was affected by her tears which hadn't happen in years.

Your father, she held unto his leg..his dieng. Please you have to see him.If not for anything for the fact you bear his name".. Please she begged admits tears.

I received a call from his doctor today".. Please.help prolong his life,even if it is for a few days". She pleaded as the tears made lines on her face.

He pulled her to him and hugged her.Something he hadn't done in years surprising himself and her.
"I will book the next available flight"

Thanks you so much she said as she held him closer and her sob became louder.

Mum,don't worry everything will be fine he breathed.As he pulled away from her made some calls.


The drive from the airport to the hospital seemed like a lifetime ride .He had arrived at the airport with his mum and son and they were in a car ride to the hospital. He stole glances at his mother who seemed to be fidgeting despite her efforts to stay calm.

Miguel was fast asleep as he has been since after his graduation "

He held his mother hands in his"..don't worry mum he'll be okay.

He saw the tear drop from her eyes,as she wiped it quickly "
Your father doesn't deserve this, his a good man. I know you're angry with him but he did what he had to do because he had no choice. She said in their dialect not wanting the driver to understand what they talked about"

Why are you defending him? He noticed his voice rising".He replied her ,his voice sounding foreign in his dialect.

I asked him not to contact us again.Yes I did because his wife threatened to end us both.Even after she chased us he came looking for us.He still wanted to be a father to you"..he still brought money until I eloped with you after the threat because I knew her..she can kill if she says so. Am sorry son but it has never been your Father's fault,it's been mine from time.

But it still didn't justify anything. You both are wrong for doing that..why did you have to be a mistress mum? Just why.If you hadn't slept with her husband she wouldn't have threatened you in the first place".

She was pained by his word but he was right"..she slept with him knowing he was married.

Before I met your father, I was an orphan who managed a small pharmacy store.The only thing I inherited from my late parents.As at that time I was a student at U.I studying pharmacy. yes! I wanted to be a pharmacist. She smiled sadly at the memory and I was striving to train myself with what my parents left for me .And then your father was a successful man who dropped by on daily basis to buy sleeping pills! At some point I was forced to ask him what he did what them everyday"..and one day he opened up to me his wife was his problem. He was forcefully married to her by his parents and she made life a living hell.He couldn't sleep by himself so he had to get drugs"

I felt bad for him and he became my friend..subsequently he gave me tips. And gradually I fell for him"

I never planned to.. But I found myself been a mistress.And when I got pregnant of you my baby boy,you were a bundle of joy.The only thing I regretted was quitting school to take proper care of you"..and everything fell apart when your Father's wife found out".

Am sorry.. Am really sorry son.I should have said no to him..but your father was my life "..Am so sorry please forgive me she cried.

He became numb as the driver pulled in front of the Hospital.

*love can either break us or make us*.


Re: Married Again By Blair01 by aprilwise(m): 7:55am On Sep 11, 2018
Love can be sweet nd bitter. Thanks for the update even though u take longer time to update. I still appreciate your efforts.
Re: Married Again By Blair01 by Ann2012(f): 8:11am On Sep 11, 2018
Thanks for the update OP
Re: Married Again By Blair01 by mercyymai(f): 10:53am On Sep 11, 2018
Thanks for the updates.

Love love love
Re: Married Again By Blair01 by toyhin123(f): 3:34pm On Sep 11, 2018
Thanks for the update
Re: Married Again By Blair01 by Jane1234f(f): 3:17pm On Sep 14, 2018
Wow Blair,this is so beautiful, well done
Re: Married Again By Blair01 by CryptoStrategy: 3:57pm On Sep 18, 2018
Thanks for the story. Love makes man but lust breaks man
Re: Married Again By Blair01 by mercyymai(f): 2:56pm On Sep 20, 2018
wen will u update sis?
Re: Married Again By Blair01 by blair01(f): 3:04am On Sep 25, 2018
Am sorry again for the slow updates.As I said before am writing exams,that's the reason behind the delay.
But am glad to announce to you the next writeup is gonna be the last chapter.

Thank you all,I wouldn't have come this far without you all,thank you for coping with my short and slow updates

Chapter 16.

He saw the excitement on his father's face when he saw him.Despite the life support machine and all the crazy stuff plugged to him,he managed a smile.

He couldn't help but smile back"..there and then he realized he had forgiven his father.

And he found himself crying'..he had held the grudges for so long..

Am sorry my son,I never wanted to abandon you"..have always watched you.Although your mother asked me never to interfere. But am happy for the man you've become.Am proud of you son.Every single time I hear about the lives you have saved"..am glad I met your mother.Have never regretted meeting her. Although it was based on a wrong circumstances but I still love her. I never stopped loving her.

And as for Margaret,we divorced 6months ago although it hasn't gotten to the media yet because of my illness.

Why..he could hears his mother voice tensed.

Because all she was ever after was my money,and am tired of living in fake bliss.I wish I had done this sooner.

He looked from his mother to his father,and he could still see the love in their eyes"

That love at old age that conquers all.
He watched them intertwine their fingers..no words spoken but it was more than a thousand words spoken "
He looked away from them to his son and there and then he knew what he wanted.

He chewed the tasty pankcakes ,grabbing his cup of tea he felt relieved"..he could feel her eyes on him.

So she cleared her throat"..am not really a fan of bugging into peoples private affairs but I want to this and you will have to forgive me.

What happened with her? Why did she leave you? And if you still love her,why don't you chase her?

He managed a sad smile..so which of the question should I answer first?

She smiled back at him..and it was so genuine. And for the first time he acknowledged she was a black diva"

It wasn't her decision to make "..I guess we wernt meant to be.Although she was forced into marrying him.If you ask me,I still love her very much knowing she's not even mine.But loving and unloving someone is really difficult especially if you have given your all".. If you've held back nothing and loved with everything.
Am sorry she whispered.

I don't know how it feels to love someone, have never been in love,all have ever had her one night stands"..

Beside am tomboy. I don't wanna love because have seen people love and get broken just like my mother.

Its just fine if you don't wanna love right now"..but one thing you should know everyone's story is not thesame. Your mum must have gotten hurt but it doesn't mean you will".. The painful truth is love is never a bed of roses. But when you find that special one,his gonna love you beyond your flaws and imaginations.

They ate the rest of their breakfast in silence.


Re: Married Again By Blair01 by toyhin123(f): 5:15am On Sep 25, 2018
Success in ur exams dear nd thanks for d update
Re: Married Again By Blair01 by okeyfineboy(m): 8:22am On Sep 25, 2018
Success in your exams. I wish you all the best.
Re: Married Again By Blair01 by skubido(m): 8:45am On Sep 25, 2018
OP tanks a lot for the update.

success ooooooooooooooooo, mercy and grace will speak for you

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