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Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 9:59pm On Aug 23, 2018
nawa o anyhow we will definitely read and I hope you deliver your end after payment

lol... so I'll scam people of #100?

those that have contacted me, I've told them not to pay yet until episode 8 (current episode) is complete, cos I'm still typing...
Re: Deadly Missions by skubido(m): 10:41pm On Aug 23, 2018
Normally, I'm supposed not to be having the time to continue Deadly Missions, because of work (which is totally different from writing). It'll be too stressful to combine both. But i don't want to stop writing. So I wanna try to gather gather money to go fully into writing.
Because Of this, Deadly Missions will no longer be for free, and will only be only interested readers willing to finish it to the end. It'll be for #100 per episode (each episode has about 12-20 pages). Season 2 will stop at episode 10(currently on episode cool, and then Season 3 will start (lot of actions still coming).
Interested readers should send Name and Email address to 08051865953 for Account Details. Other information shall be communicated through the email.
No offense, please. Thanks and God bless..

Amen,, God bless you too,,

So we are paying #200 for completion of season 2 now abi? how many episode in season 3
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 7:59am On Aug 24, 2018

Amen,, God bless you too,,

So we are paying #200 for completion of season 2 now abi? how many episode in season 3

episode 8 isn't complete yet... 10 episodes in Season 3...
Re: Deadly Missions by skubido(m): 9:34am On Aug 24, 2018

episode 8 isn't complete yet... 10 episodes in Season 3...

i no, so for season 3 is #100 per episode right
Re: Deadly Missions by rukidanty: 3:46pm On Aug 24, 2018

lol... so I'll scam people of #100?

those that have contacted me, I've told them not to pay yet until episode 8 (current episode) is complete, cos I'm still typing...
the money is not the problem. I meant you sending it as at when due
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 10:03pm On Aug 24, 2018
Complete Episode 8 is available now...
Re: Deadly Missions by rukidanty: 10:46am On Aug 26, 2018
Complete Episode 8 is available now...
how do I get it
Re: Deadly Missions by tessygold(f): 11:17am On Aug 26, 2018
since its 10 episodes in each season, dat means a season is #1000
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 6:59am On Aug 27, 2018
since its 10 episodes in each season, dat means a season is #1000

but you should pay per episode, as i don't have the complete story yet... episode 8 is complete, I'm still typing episode 9...
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 8:44pm On Aug 27, 2018
i don't know the person that called me... but you can chat me up on Facebook with : Onisade Ayobami
Re: Deadly Missions by ayorinbolableszy(f): 4:23pm On Aug 29, 2018
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 1:53pm On Sep 02, 2018
Complete Episode 9 is now available...

Instead of sending messages to my number, you can also chat me up on Facebook with Onisade Ayobami. You can get the episodes there too, if you wish.
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 9:02pm On Oct 15, 2018
Complete Episode 10, and end of Season 2 now available...
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 11:51pm On Oct 23, 2018
I will drop season 2 episode 8 here tomorrow for those that haven't read it...

I now have complete of season 2 (episodes 8, 9 and 10) and Half season 3 (Episodes 1 - 5)...
Still #100 per episode... thanks...
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 11:51pm On Oct 23, 2018
Calling on almost everyone cos some thought the story has stopped...
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 11:57pm On Oct 23, 2018
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Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 10:26am On Oct 24, 2018
Dropping Season 2 Episode 8 now as promised...
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 10:31am On Oct 24, 2018
(Mina is surprised to hear that Majh and Mary could be alive. Kemp is still looking around, as if he is finding something).
Mina: (still surprised) You are telling me that Mr M- could be Majh, your son?
Addin: I am still confused as to that matter. But I’m very sure that’s Majh’s code name.
Mina: (looks at Kemp) You even brought a stranger here. Don’t you know it’s very dangerous?
Kemp: (looks at her angrily) I never asked to come here, he told me to. I can leave if you don’t want me to stay.
Addin: (holds him and faces Mina) It’s alright. His family was also killed. We are both on the same page. We both want revenge on X Regency.
Kemp: Even though your own family could be alive, and you only need me to find them.
Mina: (sighs) So, Addin, what do you want us to do now? The CCTV footage of that day’s incidence has been wiped off. There’s no way to confirm what truly happened that day.
Addin: I am very confused. But still yet, we have to do something. Find all the possible CCTV of the areas near the place on that day.
Mina: (picks up the system, and starts operating it) Let’s do that, then.
(After hours of viewing, they are still not able to find anything).
Addin: I don’t think we can find out how X Regency planted the bombs. All their plans were very clinical.
Mina: Yeah.
Addin: (sees a car on the screen, and quickly exclaims) Pause. (Mina is confused but pauses the exact scene) Zoom in on that car. (she does that. Addin picks up another system, and begins to operate it. After some minutes, a scene shows up in the screen. In the scene, the exact car is also there)
(Third Heart is inside a car, at the front of a secondary school. One could notice that this is the same car on both systems Addin and Mina are viewing. He is disguised as another person using a face wax. A young boy runs towards the car. He is surprised as he sees just one person inside the car).
Jerry: (surprised) Demih, why are you the only one here? Where are the security men?
Third Heart: (chuckles) The boss sent them on a particular job. So I’m the only here to pick you.
Mina: (surprised as she looks at the screen) It’s the same car. And that’s the scene of the nearby CCTVs of the day Jerry was kidnapped.
Addin: (confused) Exactly. Third Heart kidnapped Jerry on this day. Same car was on the road of both scenes. Third Heart is very related to X Regency. I can easily deduct that Third Heart owns this car, and he was present on the day of the incidence on my family.
Mina: (understanding the matter) So, it’s possible that X Regency used Third Heart to kidnap your wife and son.
Addin: It seems X Regency have just been using the bombings to cover their real actions. Come to think of it. That day, Jetar intentionally let me see her, and then led me to a far place.
Mina: (confused) So?
Addin: X Regency wants me dead. Why would Jetar lead me away from the place, since they had the chance to get rid of me alongside my family? They didn’t plan to kill all of us. They needed my family, but not to kill them. If I was there, there’s no way Third Heart or whosoever will be able to kidnap them. So Jetar led me away from there.
Mina: Oh! And then they bombed the place after kidnapping them, so you will think they are dead.
Addin: Yeah. So, I won’t be looking for them.
Kemp: (claps his hands) Perfect plan. These people are good, I must give them that.
Addin: We need to find this Third Heart.
Mina: There’s no way we can find the most notorious and wanted kidnapper. It’s impossible to find Third Heart. He’s untraceable.
Kemp: (smiles) You call him the most notorious and wanted kidnapper?
Mina: (looks at him) Yeah.
Kemp: He’s not so wise. He has given himself out easily. If truly he used the same car twice, then we can get him.
Addin: (realizes this) Yeah, you are right. We can easily track the car to get the driver. Even if the car isn’t his and he probably stole it, the car would have documents, place of theft, reports, etc.
Kemp: Exactly. I think I can find him. I’ve also got some things up my sleeve. I just need little time.
Addin: This will be the plan. We three will combine our accounts and do the hacking. I believe we will be able to find him.
Kemp: I don’t think I need you two. I can find him myself.
Mina: (looks at him somehow) Whatever.

* * * * *
(A man can be shown in a very dark room wearing masks on his face. The system’s screen light is the only light illuminating the room. This is the Collector. He is operating the system to access Deepworld. He is so fast with the typing as he enters some very secret and deep codes which bring up some information. He reads the information, and then enters some codes again. He is now able to send messages to a secret operative).
Operative: (through chat) Good morning, Collector. How well is the last information?
Collector: 99%, and very useful. Operation in Progress.
Operative: Good, How can I help you now?
Collector: I want to continue where I stopped on MunArt.
Operative: (after some minutes) Latest information. Berlin, N25367, Lass Hotels, Benit.
Collector: (replying through chat) Pixels.
Operative: Classified PEL 2.0.
Collector: (he does another thing, minimizing the chat. He now returns to the chat) Ordinary Ordinates.
Operative: Calculation coming very soon.
Collector: Waiting. (after some minutes, he is able to get everything he needs. He shuts down his system, picks up his phone, and dials a number he got from the system).
Manager: (picks up the phone from the other end) Hello.
Collector: (in a calm voice) Am I talking to the Manager of Lass Hotels, Berlin, Germany Branch?
Manager: Yes. How can I help you?
Collector: I want to make some reservations for tomorrow.
Manager: No problem. How many rooms do you need?

* * * * *
(Mina, Addin, and Kemp are in another hideout. They are on the system, and about to get the exact location of Third Heart. They have been on it for days).
Addin: (gets up from the system) I will be on my way, and be waiting for the location from you guys. We shouldn’t waste any more time.
Kemp: You don’t have to worry. You will have the address very soon.
Mina: (looks at Kemp in disgust, and Kemp returns the same look. They both start to operate their respective systems) Let’s do this. (operates the system. She and Kemp make statements simultaneously) I will send the starting coordinate to your car.
Kemp: You will get the starting coordinate in your car. (they both look at themselves. Addin looks at them, and sees that they are both confused).
Addin: You too need to work together to find Third Heart for me. Anyway, I will be waiting for the right coordinates. (he moves out).
(After some minutes, Addin is driving slowly and is waiting for the address of Third Heart from the two of them. They are both operating the system heavily. The combination of the both of them is very strong. After some minutes, they both send different coordinates to Addin).
Kemp: (on comm.) Sent.
Mina: (on comm.) Sent.
Addin: (checks the coordinates. On comm.) You both sent different coordinates. (they look at themselves, and then face their respective system).
Mina: (looking at the system) His address keeps changing.
Kemp: (looks at Mina) It seems we have to work together if we really want to find him.
Mina: (sighs) Just this once. (she stretches her hand for handshake, which Kemp responds to. They now face their respective systems, and connect their accounts together, which make the hacking more accurate, faster, and stronger. Within minutes, they now have the exact location. The same location is showing on both screens. They look at themselves, before sending it to Addin. Mina signals to Kemp to send it to Addin).
Kemp: (smiles, as he sends the coordinate to Addin) The real coordinates are on your PDA.
Addin: (checks the coordinates, and quickly starts to drive to the side. To Mina) Do you have the same thing?
Mina: Yeah. I had to work with him.
Addin: You two, thanks.
(He begins to head to the place. It takes him hours to get to the actual place. Along the line, Third Heart has changed location, but Mina and Kemp are still able to find him and send the new coordinate which is near the former one to Addin.
Addin finally gets to the address. It is in front of a restaurant. He parks his car, puts his gun in his back pocket, and drafts out of the car. He moves slowly inside the restaurant).
Mina: (on comm., to Addin) He is the one in yellow top, sitting alone.
Addin: Okay. (he moves to his side, and sits on opposite him, the same table) Waiter. (the waiter runs up to the place).
Waiter: What do you want?
Addin: (he makes sure that his eyes aren’t leaving Third Heart) Give me what he’s drinking. (Third Heart looks at him, and then faces his drink).
Waiter: Okay.
(He goes and comes back with the drink. As he is about to reach the table, Third Heart kicks him on the leg, and the bottle of the drink falls on Addin. As the drink falls on him unaware, his eyes focus change. Within seconds, he looks front, and can’t see Third Heart again. Suddenly, Third Heart gives him a heavy blow from behind. The blow is enough to make Addin faint, but he struggles to fight the pain, and counterattacks.
Third Heart proves to be a worthy opponent for him. He is able to dodge Addin blows and deals him back some heavy attacks. Addin is well prepared for this kind of thing, so he is not defeated. At the very end, Addin uses some tricks for Third Heart, and is able to defeat him. Third Heart, realizing this, quickly brings out his gun, and wants to shoot Addin. Addin quickly kicks his hand, and in so doing, he is able to escape the bullets. The bullet sound makes people watching the fight before to run for their life. The restaurant becomes empty immediately. Even the waiters and waitresses are nowhere to be found. Everyone fled.
Addin twists Third Heart’s hands, and the gun drops. He quickly brings out a handkerchief, and uses it to cover Third Heart’s nose. He faints immediately).
* * * * *
(Third Heart wakes up, and finds himself being tied to a chair. Addin, Mina, and Kemp are standing in front of him, looking at him. They’ve been waiting for him to wake up).
Third Heart: (looks at them in surprise) Who are you, people? (he looks at Addin). Why did you kidnap me?
Mina: (smiles) It’s ironical, hearing that from a notorious kidnapper.
Third Heart: (surprised) What’s happening here?
Addin: I am Addin. I don’t know if that name rings a bell.
Third Heart: (scared) I know who you are. But for you to kidnap me, are you working for them too?
Addin: (surprised) For who?
Third Heart: For X Regency or Serja or whosoever?
Mina: Is this a form a trick? Serja? As in the Serja we all know about?
Third Heart: (looks at her in amazement) If not from Serja, then X Regency sent you. (scared) You’ve been paid to kill me, right. I thought you were working against them, how come they influence you to kill me?
Addin: (confused) I didn’t know Third Heart is such a coward. You are the one working for X Regency, not us.
Third Heart: (confused) You aren’t working for X Regency? Then how were you able to find me? Also, why did you kill kidnap me?
Addin: I don’t know how to explain how we found you, but I took you, not kidnap because you are the one that kidnapped my family for X Regency. (Third Heart is surprised to hear this).
Third Heart: (still looking at him in disbelief) Did you really kidnap because of that, or X Regency sent you?
Addin: What’s going on? Why would X Regency want you dead? Aren’t you working for them?
Third Heart: (sighs heavily) The thing is, while working for X Regency, they were a little flexible with their plan with me. When they are through with me, they want to get rid of me.
Addin: I don’t care about their plan, or how they are trying to kill you. I want to know what you did with my family. Are they alive?
Third Heart: (smiles) It seems you need me, as much as I need you to keep alive.
Mina: (picks up a rod, and faces him) I may have to get the information from you.
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 10:33am On Oct 24, 2018
Mina: (picks up a rod, and faces him) I may have to get the information from you.
Third Heart: (looking around) Torturing me won’t do anything. I need your help, and you need mine. You have to help me, if you want me to help you. Torturing me will only complicate things.
Addin: (signals to Mina to drop the rod. He brings out his gun, cocks it, and directs it to Third Heart) If my family isn’t alive, then I don’t need to torture you. I just don’t need you at all. I am willing to pull the trigger on the count of three. 1, 2… (he is being interrupted).
Third Heart: (interrupts loudly) They are alive. (Addin is so shocked to hear this, as his gun falls from his hand. He is so scared, and surprised).
Mina: If this is some sort of trick, you won’t find it funny.
Third Heart: They are very alive. Though I don’t know their condition at the moment. We have to start working together if you need to save them.
Mina: (faces Addin) You can’t trust him. Let’s just get rid of him, please.
Addin: (looks at Third Heart) If there’s any little hope that my family is alive, I have to take the chance to find them. (Mina shakes head in disagreement. Addin moves close to Third Heart) How can I help you?
Third Heart: (smiles) Before we can start, you have to get rid of these two with you.
Addin: (surprised) What do you mean?
Third Heart: (looks at the rope used in tying him) Untie me. (Addin unties him. He looks at Mina) This lady is working for X Regency. (Mina is surprised, and Addin looks at her suspiciously. Third Heart faces Kemp) This man is also a secret agent. You have to get rid of both of them. (Addin looks at Kemp too suspiciously).
Mina: (scared) Addin, you should know you can trust me.
Kemp: (angry) If you are going to trust this idiot over me, then I got to leave. (Addin holds him on his shoulder, and then faces Third Heart).
Third Heart: (lets out a very loud laughter) You don’t even trust your people. Then why are they with you?
Addin: (sighs) I’ve had experiences. But still yet, I trust them very well.
Third Heart: Really?
Addin: If you could start working with me with cheap deceit, how the hell am I supposed to trust you along the line?
Third Heart: You have to, if you want to find your family. Know one thing, once X Regency is done with them, they will eliminate them, like they are trying to do with me. So we have to act fast, because they will be done with them very soon.
Addin: What is X Regency doing with them? And how do you know they are almost done with them?
Third Heart: X Regency is using them for their grand mission, which is being quickened by the use of Substance cards they got from someone inside The Peagries. (Addin and Mina look at themselves). Within limited time, they will be through with their mission, and hand over the deadly device to Serja.
Addin: Please, stop mentioning Serja. It scares the hell out of me to hear it.
Third Heart: The world will be at Serja’s feet if X Regency completes their mission. The world will have to deal with them, if we don’t stop X Regency now.
Addin: Stop confusing me, please. What has Serja got to do with X Regency?
Third Heart: My knowledge about these things is the reason why X Regency wants me dead. It’s your job now to protect me, because I don’t think I am capable enough to hide from them forever. (clears throat) There’s a device named MunArt. MunArt is a very deadly device. It has been programmed in a way that it is capable of wiping out a whole country at a go. (everyone in the room looks at him in amazement) It is still under development here in Notis. The federal government is heading the project. Only the President of the country has the correct information about the development of the device. X Regency is getting the information off the President secretly, and is planning to take the device once it is completed. They will now hand it over to Serja, and then, the world will be Serja’s feet. Serja’s people can stay in one room, and wipe out a whole country.
Addin: (confused) That’s impossible.
Third Heart: Don’t stay put in one place. Technology has gone beyond what you think. All the countries are developing their weapon. I think world war is about to commence very soon, and any country that can have this MunArt has the edge over all other countries.
Addin: How the hell does Notis have this kind of deadly weapon?
Third Heart: I don’t really know about that. All I know is that the weapon is real, and it will be completed very soon. X Regency will steal it, and hand it over to Serja.
Addin: Serja? The highest terrorist group in the world?
Third Heart: Yeah.
Addin: You are scaring me. What exactly do you want me to do? Because I don’t think you are trying to tell me to go against Serja. It’s suicide. I just want my family and that’s all.
Third Heart: If you want your family, you have to prolong their life. And then, you will find them.
Addin: (confused) Prolong their life, as how?
Third Heart: Once X Regency gets the device, they won’t need them again. We have to make sure that X Regency doesn’t get the device.
Addin: What exactly is X Regency using my family for?
Third Heart: Your son is the only hacker in the world that could get information from Notis’ President’s computer. Without him, X Regency’s plans will be useless. They might have to find harder means to get the required information. But with him, everything is easy.
Addin: (surprised and confused) I don’t believe that. What about my wife?
Third Heart: Your son is too young. He needs someone he can trust to give him orders. He won’t respond to orders from X Regency, because he’s not that wise. Your wife receives the orders from them, and then gives it to your son.
Addin: (chuckles) Mary won’t do such a thing.
Third Heart: They threatened her with your son’s life. If he doesn’t do what they want, they will kill him. She has no other choice, than to do as they want.
Addin: (getting more confused) If this is true, Mary would have tried to contact me since all these time.
Third Heart: Remember she’s dealing with X Regency here. They are more dangerous than they seem.
Addin: How come you know all these things?
Third Heart: X Regency wants me dead, remember. If I don’t know so much, I won’t be a threat to them.
Addin: So how do you plan to save your life now?
Third Heart: We will work together to find the device. We have to make sure that X Regency doesn’t have it. Once the device isn’t with them, it will delay their operation. And in the process, you will find your family.
Mina: You are supposed to be hiding from them. But instead, you want to steal the device.
Third Heart: (smiles) No one can hide from them forever. If you are able to, they will transfer your case to Serja. And once your case is with Serja, you are nothing but dead.
Addin: Please, can we stop mentioning Serja?
Third Heart: We won’t need to, if we can get the device. With the device, I can strike deal with X Regency, and I will be free for life.
Kemp: (looks at him somehow) Striking a deal with them, means giving them the device in the end. What do you mean by that?
Third Heart: We can never give such a deadly device to them. We will have to spoil it. But let’s take one step at a time. Let’s find the device first.
Mina: (to Addin) Please, let’s back out of this. With everything he said, even though I don’t really trust him, going against X Regency now, will mean going against Serja. I don’t think we are capable of that.
Addin: (confused) I don’t want to go against X Regency or Serja, I just want my family. If going against them will find me back my family, then I have got no other choice. (Mina is so sad to hear this).
Third Heart: You are making the right choice.
Addin: (to Third Heart) How do we find the device?
Third Heart: There’s someone inside X Regency that’s working with me. She’s the reason X Regency hasn’t been able to find me yet.
Addin: (curious) Who’s the person?
Third Heart: Don’t worry. We will meet her very soon.
* * * * *
(At the verandah, Mina is sitting on the floor, while Addin is facing the opposite direction).
Mina: I don’t understand why you are trusting someone that used to work with X Regency. Now he’s bringing someone inside X Regency to work with us.
Addin: (looks very daring) I don’t trust him. No matter who he brings, I just want to use both of them to find my family. I won’t let my guard down. I will be waiting for whatever plan they have.
Mina: (smiles happily) I trust you.

* * * * *
(The Collector using a fake name as Mr Hector can be seen standing in front of a Receptionist at Lass Hotels. The receptionist is attending to him. Everything on him is fake, even his face).
Receptionist: (gives him a key card and a power card) You can have Room 211. When others come, we will give them the keys to the other rooms.
Collector: Is Room 310 not available?
Receptionist: It isn’t. We have a guest there.
Collector: Can you give me another room on the third floor?
Receptionist: (curious) I thought this is the first time you will be using the hotel. Why do you prefer to stay on the third floor?
Collector: I got to know about this hotel from a regular guest of yours. He told me to ask for Room 310. He said it’s very okay.
Receptionist: Really? Okay, let me give you 315 then. It’s very good too.
Collector: (smiles) Okay thanks. (the receptionist collects the former key card and gives him another key card for Room 315. The Collector collects the key card, and leaves the front office for upstairs. Immediately he leaves there, the Receptionist sends a message to someone using his computer)
Receptionist: (through message) A suspicious man asked about your room.
(Immediately Benit receives the message, he leaves his room, and gets to the passage. As he gets there, The Collector also gets to the floor. Benit recognizes him through the picture sent to him by the Receptionist. He wants to sneakily escape him. They move in opposite directions. As they get near, and about to get past each other, Benit smiles faintly. He is thinking that, even if the person wants him, then he must be heading to the room. But surprisingly, The Collector gives him a faint blow on his neck, and he faints immediately).
Re: Deadly Missions by devilmaycry1(m): 11:11pm On Oct 24, 2018
Re: Deadly Missions by Silver1996(m): 11:42pm On Oct 24, 2018

i no, so for season 3 is #100 per episode right

Skubi, you nor sure say na business wen i go start be dis grin
Re: Deadly Missions by Silver1996(m): 11:45pm On Oct 24, 2018
So how will i get the episode after payment, will u send it to me on watsapp
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 3:34am On Oct 25, 2018
So how will i get the episode after payment, will u send it to me on watsapp

yeah, if that's where you want it... it can be sent to email too... choices
Re: Deadly Missions by Nellinis(m): 2:37pm On Oct 25, 2018
This story gat me glued to my phone, checking for updates
I'm even scared of this story, but sincerely it's very interesting
God bless the writer. More ink to ur pen
ur very right Bro, very intriguing story
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 8:53am On Oct 26, 2018
ur very right Bro, very intriguing story

thanks so much...

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Re: Deadly Missions by Nostradamus: 2:56pm On Jun 29, 2019
I'm thinking of opening a whatsapp group for the readers of my stories... but i want to know if you guys will have interest... those that have interest should drop their numbers... thanks guys for everything so far... promising the best always...
add me plz 08039504625
Re: Deadly Missions by jbtobsyn(m): 12:05am On Jun 30, 2019
Add me. 08139183486.
Re: Deadly Missions by horlharthundhey(m): 5:13am On Jun 30, 2019
Add me also
Re: Deadly Missions by reccy(m): 10:55pm On Jul 01, 2019
Add me o
Re: Deadly Missions by SilverSpoonEnt: 4:27am On Jul 02, 2019
The whatsapp group is no more available, but the story is still on. Contact me on 08051865953, if you need the continuation.

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