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TÉLLÀ ( A Paranormal Story) / Grabbing The Hot Gate ( A Paranormal Novel) By Akintayo Akinjide / The Marked 2: White Sight. A Nigerian Fantastical Fiction Book. (2) (3) (4)

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Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by monalicious(f): 4:26pm On Jul 15, 2018
Lovely update. But Osezele could see the imps without taking a life
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by Dranoid: 7:22pm On Jul 15, 2018
Lovely update. But Osezele could see the imps without taking a life
Maybe cos they were inside her

Nice update Obehi
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by obehiD: 11:43pm On Jul 15, 2018
@monalicious great question! You're going to make me reveal some deats...I'll try not to spoil it too much

So dranoid got the first part down exactly ( grin ) The first time she saw an imp, it was because it was inside her.

One thing to keep in mind though, is that the last chapter posted is from the past, (like two generation's past) so they haven't seen a tri-marked warlock and (not yet really discussed in the story so far) in this period they have strict control over things like imps in people. So you may remember from the last book that whenever Odion had her visions of the past she was able to hear the imp speaking, even though she could never see it. This all happened without Odion being a commune. Why, because as you may remember from a later scene of the past an imp entered into her when Isokun was giving her the witch mark. And the first time Osezele saw an imp outside herself, was after she'd absorbed the first one. So (SPOILER ALERT) having the imps in them makes them (to varying degrees) aware of imps around them. There is a lot more to the imps and the spectral existence than was possible for them to have known at the time (more on this later in the book), so that's just one thing to be aware of when reading the past. A character may say something with a 100% certainty, but they're always just going based off the information that they have in that time.

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Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by obehiD: 4:47am On Jul 20, 2018
Chapter Five
The Community, Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria

Ejehmen knelt between Itohan’s spread thighs and placed a kiss against her slightly protruding belly. He gazed up at her, smiling as she cupped his head in the palm of her hands and kissed him on his lips.

The door to the room opened.

Omoruyi burst blindly into the room, his sole focus on the neck of the woman in front of him and the arms wrapped around him from behind.

Itohan sighed with disgust. “What is this?” she asked. Ejehmen stood from his knees and walked over to the door, his laughing gaze on his brother and the women draped over him.

“You know exactly what ‘this’ is. It’s how you wheedled my brother into proposing to you. How’s the baby?” Omoruyi replied, sneering at Itohan. He took his attention back to the women, pulling one closer to his left side and bending to kiss the other. Both women pushed him away. Omoruyi groaned, staring accusingly at Itohan.

Itohan rolled her eyes at him. She took her attention to the women he’d walked in with and laughed mockingly to herself. “Uwa, why am I not surprised?” she muttered underneath her breath.

Uwa, a natural born alpha werewolf, didn’t have any trouble hearing her. Uwa took her hands off Omoruyi and walked over to Ejehmen. “Are you sure you want to get married Eje? And to a TAINT no less?” She pouted, placing her hand intimately on Ejehmen’s bare chest. Her pout turned to a smile when Itohan gasped in shock.

“Yes, I am sure.” Ejehmen replied, backing away from Uwa. He walked over to the other side of the room and picked up the white singlet hanging over the back of the chair. He put the singlet on, keeping his back to the newest occupants of the room.

“The first time he has sex, he knocks her up and gets married. Can’t you do anything right Ejehmen?” Omoruyi’s harsh words were damped by the wide smile on his face.

Ejehmen laughed. He turned around tucking his singlet into the velvet trousers he wore. “The first woman I slept with is going to be the last woman I sleep with. And she got pregnant the first time. If you ask me, I can’t do anything wrong.” He replied.

“Ejehmen!” Itohan scolded lightly. She laughed when he turned around and winked at her.

“Who knew engaged couples could be so nauseating?” Omoruyi stated dryly.

“Let’s go.” Said Uwa as she pulled on Omoruyi’s arm. “Maybe this time you could actually manage to find a room that’s empty.”

Omoruyi pulled his hand away from Uwa’s tight grip and glared at her. He cast his contemptuous look at Itohan and asked. “When they ask you if you’ll marry him seven times, what will you say? Why don’t you do us all a favor and tell your family no. It’s not like you don’t know that bastard in your belly is the only thing making him marry you.”

Uwa laughed. Itohan sat up straighter, her back stiffening. Ejehmen, turned around to face his brother. The look on his face was more humorous than angry. Ejehmen raised an eyebrow at Omoruyi, watching his brother with narrowed eyes and a slight half-smile. He waited a beat before responding. “She’ll say yes of course.” He stated. “That’s what happens when you love someone, you want to spend the rest of your life with them. Maybe if you stop being such an ass, one day you’ll be as lucky as I am, and find the one woman who makes all the difference.”

Omoruyi scoffed. “She’ll say yes, not because she loves you, but because you’re an Ehizokhae. No family could turn you down.”

Ejehmen sighed in exasperation. “You should go Uyi, before she’s tempted to prove you wrong.” Omoruyi opened his mouth to speak and Ejehmen’s face turned cold and hostile. “Go!” he snapped.

Omoruyi nodded. He escorted the women out of the room, stopping to say, “I need to wish my brother luck before the introduction.” They walked away, leaving without him. He inclined his head towards Ejehmen and waited for Ejehmen to cross over to that side of the room. Standing right outside the door, Omoruyi spoke to his brother under his breath. “Don’t go through with this Eje, it’s a mistake. It’s not too late to turn back. I know you want to do the right thing by her, but what about your family? If you marry her, you’ll taint our bloodline. We are Ehizokhae’s, the purity of our Edo blood, makes us strong.”

“I think our blood is strong enough to withstand a taint or two.” Ejehmen replied. “You just don’t like her.”

“She’s nothing.” Omoruyi replied. “Why couldn’t you fall in love with an ancestry girl? I wouldn’t even mind if you married an ancestry taint. Don’t go to the introduction. Call mother and tell her you’ve had a change of heart. Put our family before yourself. Remember your duty.”

“I never forget my duty. She has Edo blood.” Ejehmen spat out.

“That’s the bare minimum.”

“She has Edo blood.” Ejehmen stated again. He pushed Omoruyi out of the room and slammed the door shut in his face. Ejehmen placed his forehead against the door, taking slow breaths as he fought to steady his emotions. He took one last deep breath and turned to face Itohan, who sat still, just as she’d been before.

“What did he have to say?” she asked.

Ejehmen walked back towards the chair and picked up his jacket. He wore the velvet jacket, slowly doing the golden buttons as he stared at Itohan’s reflection in the mirror. “Just Uyi being Uyi.”

Ejehmen sighed when Itohan said, “I can’t believe I’m marrying into your family.” She said the words with so much vitriol no one could think it had a single positive connotation.

Ejehmen adjusted the golden chains which were sewn into the back of his jacket and left loose at the front where they came passed the shoulders. His idle hands brushed over the matching gold gems sewn into the velvet trousers. Wordlessly, he walked back towards the table and put the string of white beads onto his wrists and then his neck. He walked back to the mirror, mindlessly adjusting the neck beads as he stared at Itohan’s reflection, sitting on the bed.

“You can’t keep avoiding the subject.” Itohan stated. “You can’t just stay quiet whenever I bring it up.”

Ejehmen’s jaw clenched as he stared at her through the mirror. He took his hands off the beads and turned around to face her. He leaned back against the mirror, his hands sinking into the pockets of his trousers as he watched her. “What do you want me to say?” he asked.

“Your family is crazy!” She yelled out, rising to her feet. She paced as she spoke. “The kneeling, the bowing, the velvet, the gold. They literally get to decide people’s fate, and that power makes them arrogant and entitled. I hate your brother, your mother, the queen, the God-born, what is that?”

Ejehmen frowned at her. “Could you stop pacing please?” Itohan stopped. “Thank you. I understand you not liking my brother. But my mother? She loves you, why would you say you hate her?”

Itohan’s hands went up in the air in exasperation. “It’s not her, it’s what she stands for, what she represents as the head of this monarchical society.” Itohan shook her head. “You know that if I marry into your family, I have to give up school.”


Itohan kept speaking as if she hadn’t heard him. “I like school. I’m the first in my class. The best verdant in my age group. I volunteer with new marked children coming into the community, and of course that’ll have to stop.” She shook her head again. “The day I told my parents that we were engaged was the happiest day of their lives. I’ve never seen them so happy, so proud of me. As if marrying you is the most important thing that I could ever achieve. They don’t see everything that I will have to give up to be in this family. All they see is the gold and velvet. I’ve spent my entire life with my parents and I didn’t think they were like that. But the day I told them that we were engaged, they said they’d never been prouder. My mother cried. How am I supposed to live in a world where the most significant thing that I can do is marry a man?”

“Not just any man.” Ejehmen teased. Itohan’s head snapped up, her gaze meeting his. She glared at him. Ejehmen rose his hands in the air. “It was a joke. A bad one. I’m sorry.” When the anger didn’t fade from her expression he walked towards her. “It sounds like your problem is with your family.” He said gently. “Not mine.”

“Yes, I’m disappointed in my parents. I’m angry that they got so carried away with the Ehizokhae name, that they didn’t even bother to get to know you, the man that I love. But they aren’t the problem. They are just the result of a way of thinking when you live in a society like ours. A society created and maintained by your family. Can you see why I wouldn’t want to be a part of that family, a part of the problem?”

Ejehmen took a step back, away from her. He turned around so that his back was to her, but they were standing in front of the mirror so she could still see the crestfallen look on his face. He swallowed, then asked, “What are you saying?”

Itohan wrapped her hands around Ejehmen’s waist and leaned her head against his back. “I’m saying that I love you, but I won’t let my son grow into your brother.”

Ejehmen pried her fingers off him and turned around. “Son? We’re having a boy?”

“Your mother told me it’s a boy. Eromosele. She’s already seen his birth.” Ejehmen beamed at Itohan. “Did you hear what I said Ejehmen? I won’t let my son grow into your brother.” She repeated the words.

“Our son.” He corrected. “You’re just as guilty of prejudice as you accuse your parents of being. You haven’t met anyone else in my family, but even after meeting me and my mother, you still paint us all as Uyi. We’re not perfect, but there are just as many of me as there are of Uyi in our family. But without even meeting a single one, you’ve already made up your mind about them.”

Itohan shook her head as tears fell down her face. “I can’t marry into your family Ejehmen. I just can’t.” She grabbed onto his shoulders holding him in place as she cried over the front of his jacket. “If you love me, you’ll leave them. We can make our own life together. In a different community, maybe even outside the community. We can live away from all of this madness. Just you and me, two lovers in a big world. Run away with me Ejehmen. Let’s set our own course.”

Ejehmen wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her closer to his chest. He placed his hand against the back of her head, comforting her with the gentle stroke of his fingers. “I love you Itohan. But I would never ask you to choose between me or your family. I love you enough to love your family because of you, but I understand if you can’t do the same. What I don’t understand is how you could ask me to choose between my family, my duty, and my love for you.”

Itohan pulled back. She looked him in the eye as she replied. “I’m your family. Me and your son. We are your family now.”
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by obehiD: 4:48am On Jul 20, 2018
Ejehmen looked at Itohan, watched the tears streaming down her cheeks, and he sighed. “Fine. I’ll tell you.” He stated, brushing away the tears from her face. She looked at him, with lines forming on her forehead, showing her confusion. He kissed those lines, and moved her back gently, towards the bed. Then he sat her down and sat by her, taking her hand in his. “What do you know about the ancestry?” he asked.

“That they only exist here. For some reason the Edo community feels the need to be ruled by a monarchy when all the other communities elect their rulers.”

“So, the answer to my question is nothing.” He teased, smiling at Itohan’s affronted look. “I could get into a lot of trouble telling you this. The secret of the ancestry is usually kept in the ancestry. But seeing as you are the mother of my child, and I want to keep you, I’ll take the risk.” He took a deep breath and then he spoke. “First of all, we were not the only ancestry formed, we are the only ones left. There was a time when every community in existence was governed by an ancestry. The first one was formed by happenstance. You know that there are four spheres of existence, right?”

Itohan nodded.

Ejehmen continued. “There’s the standard existence where we live right now. There’s the spectral existence where the imps live. There’s the supreme existence where Duraya, Nature, and the elements live. Then there’s the fourth existence. When we die, we go to any one of the other three existences depending on the circumstances of our life and death. There’s no contact between the fourth existence and any of the others so no one really knows what happens there. The first class of mark to exist was the warlock mark. It is said that each type of mark in the warlock class is tied in some way to a specific existence. Witches are tied to the supreme existence, communes to the spectral existence, and augurs to the fourth. So, anyway, back to how the first ancestry was formed. A very powerful elemental witch from a European country died and became the first marked to join Nature. He became part of the council advising Duraya and somehow, one thing led to another, and he swore an oath to keep his bloodline pure in Duraya’s honor. He swore that his descendants, his bloodline, would only contain people from the same city that he was from, and with the same elemental witch mark. And in return Duraya promised that every child born to his bloodline would be an elemental witch. The longer that oath was kept, the more powerful the elemental witches in that family became. And so the first ancestry was created, and the descendants of that bloodline were chosen to join Nature after they died. Other ancestries were formed in the same way, from oaths that ancestors made ensuring power for their descendants as long as those descendants kept the bloodline pure.”

“Why would the ancestors swear such an oath in the first place?” Itohan asked.

“The first one did it to prove that his tie to this existence made him worthy of having that bond with Duraya. He found out after that, that swearing that oath, and having his descendants see it through, made it so that his bloodline had the majority of marked in Nature. They had the loudest voices counseling Duraya, which meant that if their descendants were ever in trouble, they could appeal to Duraya on their behalf. Nature keeps the balance on the marked in this world. Nature decides what type of mark to give. The bloodline with the loudest voice in Nature, with Duraya’s blessing, can pretty much rule this existence. That’s why they swear the oath, to increase their numbers and protect their descendants.”

Itohan’s mouth hung open. “Wow. So when did the Enikaro become different from the ancestry?”

“When Nature became filled with so many different groups of different bloodlines. The bloodlines fought, causing a rift in Nature and that tear spread down to this existence. It had to be settled. So, the New Orleans bloodline, the most powerful at that time because they chose to be more inclusive. You see where other ancestors swore purity of their bloodline, by restricting that bloodline to a single city and a single type of Warlock mark, the New Orleans faction of Nature, swore an oath to purify their bloodline, only by city. They allowed every type of Warlock mark, and so when the other descendants of the other factions found the oath their ancestors swore too restrictive to keep, the New Orleans warlocks didn’t have a problem with it. Their faction kept growing till they had the loudest voice. And they orchestrated the creation of a new mark, the Varmint class. But a new class can only be created through an ancestry bloodline, so all the ancestries were given Varmint children, diluting the bloodline. Duraya’s fix to this was a smaller group within the ancestry, what we call the Enikaro. But only the members of this smaller group could continue on the oath sworn by the ancestors. If a child born to this group was outside that oath, the child had to be removed from the group, but could still be a part of the ancestry. That meant that the child could never rule and could never become a part of Nature. Some bloodlines accepted this new mandate, others couldn’t. Some children believed it was their right, so they fought to rule and by so doing broke the oath of their ancestors and destroyed their ancestry.”

“When was the Enikaro formed?” asked Itohan.

“Right after the Varmints were created.” Ejehmen replied. “We got our shot then. Two Ehizokhae twins, both omegas, died and were chosen to be a part of Nature. Unlike the other ancestors, they didn’t take the oath right away. They waited, they watched, and they decided to do something no other ancestry had done before and none did after. They swore to purify their bloodline, not only with a single city, but with the entire state. They allowed any child born on Edo soil who had any of the Varmint or Warlock marks, to be a part of their bloodline. At first, they were the laughing stock of Nature. Other Nigerian ancestries were formed, with truly pure bloodlines. One, which happened to be the shortest, swore to have a bloodline consisting of those born in a single city and having only alpha wolves. At first, they became the most powerful Nigerian faction of Nature, and their wolves were the strongest. But they didn’t think about running out of alphas, born in that city, to marry into the family. They fell as fast as they rose. Over time, other ancestries fell too.” Ejehmen rubbed his fingers against his temple as he thought. “The second to last Nigerian ancestry was the Ikeja ancestry. Their bloodline like ours was tied to all the marks in existence, but only from Ikeja. All their hopes rested on a single child, an alpha who played professional Bolokhon in the Nigerian team. He left for an international competition and fell in love with an Argentinian sage. He was the only member of their Enikaro left, which meant he was the sole ruler. So even though his ancestry advisors tried to talk him out of it, he married her and destroyed his ancestry. Which is why we aren’t allowed to leave the community until we have at least two children for the Enikaro.”

“What happened to the other ancestries?”

“InCoSeM happened.” He frowned as he spat the name out. “The states who’d lost their ancestries formed a coalition to take down the other ancestries. They went for them, forcing them to break the oath of their ancestors. They couldn’t actually force them, they just applied pressure, connived, plotted, knowing that their faction of Nature would support them and keep Duraya from running to any one ancestry’s rescue. The New Orleans ancestry was the last to go. Now we are the only ones left. We know they’re coming for us.”

“Why fight it?”

“How can you ask me that after everything I just told you? We are the last ancestry left which means that we have the strongest marks. If it ever comes to a war we will be the difference. We protect our state, our country. As long as our ancestry remains, no one could ever challenge the authority of a community under our protection. Because one of us, is better than a hundred of them. We have over a hundred descendants of the Enikaro living right now. Each one of us is at the peak of our mark. The entire world could band against us and we would win. If that isn’t enough justification for you, then how about this. A new mark can only be formed from an ancestry. If our ancestry goes, then there will be no other way to form a new mark if one is ever needed. Our existence keeps all the communities in this country safe. InCoSeM wouldn’t dare step a foot in Nigeria without our permission. One more thing, the presence of an ancestry here means that there is no spectral port in this state. The imps released in our state have no power. You don’t even want to know how dangerous those imps can be when they unite under a Kaiser.”

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Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by Dranoid: 5:47am On Jul 20, 2018
Wow is all I can say right now. This world that you've created is simply amazing!

But, why is it only ancestry that can create a new mark? Duraya is a (being? deity? god?) and shouldn't (it? he? she?) be able to do that without needing to consult humans? Same with nature too.

Do augurs have another 'god' in the 4th existence? If that is true is it only elementals that worship duraya?

What is a kaiser?

(if this is a spoiler, please don't tell mesmileycheesy) who created the sage mark since warlocks were the only natural marks and which sphere of existence are they connected to?
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by ashatoda: 9:40am On Jul 20, 2018
this is so interesting I just bumped into tgus and found it difficult to abandon
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by Dranoid: 11:35am On Jul 20, 2018
this is so interesting I just bumped into tgus and found it difficult to abandon
I know the feeling grin

This is the part 3 btw, only the part 2 is on NL though, it's better you start from there too, here's the linksmiley


Enjoy reading!cheesy
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by phoenixchap: 10:37pm On Jul 20, 2018
More ink to your pen ObehiD... I'm just too wowed your work, I follow very few authors and you rank amongst the few... Kudos

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Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by obehiD: 10:20pm On Jul 21, 2018
@Dranoid thank you!!! There's a lot more to the story (I honestly don't have all the answers yet, like how the Sage mark came about, so don't worry about a spoiler there...haha) but the first marks created were created without an ancestry, so there's that. I don't have all the details ironed out yet, but I know that something happened between the creation of the warlock mark and the creation of the ancestries, something that caused a shift in the balance of power. Duraya is the god of the supreme existence, and Nature is kind of like a counselling body. So on a scale, Nature falls above the elements and below Duraya. Those of us in the standard existence ( grin) don't really know that much about the 4th existence. Although, for the augurs to be created we hypothesize that there must have been some kind of interaction between the 4th existence and the supreme and spectral existences at some point. Borrowing Tolani's words from the last book, the worship of Duraya became the religion of the marked at some point. So, it's not only the elementals that worship Duraya. Although there is a lot more going on with this faith, which will come up later.

I need a whole new line for the Kaisers, lol. There is SOOOOO much coming up on the spectral existence, so I'm not going to answer this question in full yet. I will say that a Kaiser is the head of a spectral port. And there is so much more to the kaisers and the imps and the spectral existence as a whole that will come out as the story unfolds. Some of it in this book, some in the next.

@ashatoda I'm so happy you like it!!! Dranoid (thank you cheesy) dropped all the info about the previous one and the link to it. I really hope you enjoy it!

@phoenixchap I'm really flattered to be among the few you follow. Thanks again!

To those who followed the last one, I have a post about the book in that topic chain (which Dranoid posted a link to). Thanks again!
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by ashatoda: 7:28am On Jul 22, 2018
I am reading the part 2 now
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by monalicious(f): 6:03pm On Jul 22, 2018
Well done Obehid. I am following closely. This book is making the part 1 and 2 more understandable. More ink to your pen.
We are waiting for the next update please.
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by obehiD: 7:04pm On Jul 22, 2018
@ashatoda yay! That's great to hear.

@monalicious Thank you! I'm glad that the relevance of the chapters from the past are becoming clearer. I know in the last one Odion's visions were a bit unclear. The visions of the past in this one are supposed to feel in the blanks and paint a more complete picture
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by Dranoid: 7:13am On Jul 24, 2018
@ashatoda yay! That's great to hear.

@monalicious Thank you! I'm glad that the relevance of the chapters from the past are becoming clearer. I know in the last one Odion's visions were a bit unclear. The visions of the past in this one are supposed to feel in the blanks and paint a more complete picture
You made FP!!! I'm so happy rncheesy
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by obehiD: 9:07pm On Jul 27, 2018

You made FP!!! I'm so happy rncheesy

YAY!!! So happy too cheesy Thanks mod(s)
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by obehiD: 9:08pm On Jul 27, 2018
Chapter Six
The Village, Rupokwu Forest, Rivers State, Nigeria

Ashanti ran her forefinger over the mark on the man’s forehead. She traced the lines of the pentagon, then the star within it, before taking her attention to the overlaid images in the center. She couldn’t see each distinct one, but she’d been told what those marks stood for; the combination of all three types of the warlock mark. The edges of the eye were the most visible, both clear symbols of the augur mark. The tip of the tongue of fire was also easy to make out, the sign of the commune mark. The most difficult to decipher were the waves, the indicators of the witch mark.

She took a step back from the man, turning to take in each of them, as they stood, side by side in a single line. They all had the same symbol on their foreheads. Each had the brand marking them as new coven members.

“The first quintise in my lifetime.” Ashanti announced with glee. She turned her beaming smile on the brain behind this newest maneuver. Her joy grew to new heights when Bingo bowed with flourish presenting them, as if the quintise were simply his gift to her. He’d done this. As much as her father claimed the credit, everyone knew whose idea it really was. Only one person was smart enough to come up with something this good. Only one. And he belonged to her.

M, the grand warlock of the village, groaned. She looked at the five of them. Each now members of the universal warlock coven, united in a sodality of the most powerful single marked warlocks in the world. Separately, they would each be a force to reckon with. They would each be much more powerful than they’d been before the ceremony. But together, together they were something else, something extreme, something that could only be described by the single word made to describe them, a quintise.

“This better be worth it Joe.” M yelled the words out over the distance separating them. She stood on one side of the line of the newly formed quintise, he stood on the other. “I called in every favor I had to get this ceremony done in the Yenagoa community. Every single favor.”

Joe shrugged, brushing off her words with as much thought as he gave the stone he kicked over on the floor. He nodded towards the two alphas he’d recruited for this task. They bowed to him before proceeding to take their place standing in front of the five warlocks. They stood waiting, one the exact replica of the other, even matching in the stance they took. That was why Joe had chosen them. His only set of identical werewolf twins, powerful alphas with full control of their mark. A great addition to his pack. But if they, two brothers who put each other before anyone else, if they were susceptible to this magic, the wolves in St. Luke’s wouldn’t stand a chance.

“Well, what are we waiting for?” Joe spat the question out with feverish delight.

M sighed. She unwrapped the cloth she held cushioned in the palm of her hand, pulling off the folded edges as she did. Once the white handkerchief in her hand was unfurled, revealing the blue dust hidden within, she took a step in front of the warlock standing next to her.

The warlock stuck a finger into the dust and M snapped. “Only a little!” she scolded. “Do you know how priceless this is?” She fought the urge to draw her hand back, denying the avaricious warlock any more than she needed of the precious bijou. The woman took her finger out of the handkerchief and swiped it against the mark on her forehead. Specks of the blue dust clung to the raised skin of the mark. The rest the woman put into her mouth. As soon as the blue dust entered the woman’s system, the mark on her forehead turned a very light shade of sky blue, standing out in clear contrast against her brown skin. M moved on, grudgingly offering the bijou to the rest of them, and they took it. One by one they rubbed the dust against the coven marks on their foreheads and put the dust into their mouths, and one by one the mark on their head glowed.

M looked at what was left of the dust in her handkerchief and then turned her accusing glare to Joe. “It won’t last a second use.” She stated.

Joe laughed. “Soon, we won’t just have the remnant dust particles of a shattered elemental jewel. Soon, very soon, we’ll have our own elemental witch to make as many bijous as you desire.”

That statement was enough to make M smile. She couldn’t wait to get her hands on Osezele Omorodion, the bi-marked warlock. She practically salivated with her desire to have a warlock that powerful under her command. “There’s so much to teach her. No warlock of mine would be dumb enough to abandon a bijou on a deserted road.”

Joe nodded impatiently, eager for the show to start. “Yes, yes. And you’ll have her to train. As soon as I get my children out of her. One alpha to carry on my legacy, and one powerful warlock like his mother. Another child like my Ashanti.” He smiled dreaming of the children he would bear with Osezele Omorodion, the bi-marked warlock.

M sensed his impatience and, at that particular moment, was feeling charitable enough to order her warlocks to begin.

The warlocks formed into a circle standing by the alphas. They held hands, closing that circle and forming that precious bond of the quintise. As soon as the last hands touched, locking them together, their eyes opened, revealing lavender orbs. They chanted the spell they’d been given, the one they’d been forced to memorize.

As they chanted, the other occupants of the scene stared in wonder at the blue glowing foreheads and the shocking lavender eyes.

Then it started.

A circle formed in the sand. It started at a point close to the quintise and drew itself all around the twin alphas, circling them. The warlocks kept chanting until the circle formed.


They all stood, waiting with bated breaths to see if it would work, if it was indeed possible. They watched the twins, now standing in the circle drawn in the sand. The twins remained as they were, both standing still, both sizing the other up, still exact replicas of each other. Then the younger twin coughed.

“Cover your mouth!” the older twin snapped at his brother.

The younger twin was the hothead. He took one look at his older brother, scolding him just as he’d been doing since they day they were born, and he lost control. He threw a punch at his brother. The element of shock made the blow land on its target. The older brother was ready then. When his younger brother came at him again, he swerved out of the way and turned around abruptly. He grabbed hold of his brother’s hand and pulled on it sharply, dislocating the shoulder.

Joe laughed and clapped at that.

The younger twin turned around immediately. His eyes glowed gold as he popped his shoulder back into place. He lunged at his brother, knocking him off his feet with the single move. The older twin struggled against his brother’s vicious hold, as his brother’s left arm held him down and his right delivered blow after blow to his face.

A sound coming from beside her broke Ashanti’s fixation on the fight. She turned around immediately. “Imp!” she cried out, remembering this one by its uniform. She’d been told they all looked alike, but this one looked different to her, special because it was the only one she’d ever seen.

The imp turned its head towards the heated fight. Its lips pulled apart and Ashanti laughed when she realized that it was yawning. “Is our fight boring you?” she asked teasingly.

It turned back to face her, and she couldn’t help the shiver coursing through her system at the look of the empty eye sockets. It shook its head. “I find the contribution of the elements boring.” The imp kept talking, ignoring the confused frown which had formed on Ashanti’s forehead. “This is what the supreme existence has to offer to the quintise magic?” He scoffed. “Watch and see real power, power from the spectral existence.” After saying that, the imp walked into the circle.

Everything changed.

The elder brother turned partially. His claws and fangs came out as he launched at his brother. He came down swiping, tearing off skin from his opponent’s Unclad abdomen with the swipe of his claws. The younger brother clung to his stomach, both hands reaching down to stop the bleeding and give himself time to heal. The older brother capitalized on the weakness. He sank his fangs into his brother’s neck and bit off chunk after chunk of his skin. The younger brother, now mangled and covered in blood, fell to his knees in front of the older. The older brother dug his clawed hand into his brother’s neck and pulled up, ripping his head off his body. The younger boy’s headless body dropped to the floor.

Joe laughed, clapping as a warlock from the quintise drew her foot along the circle breaking it. The older brother’s golden eyes returned to normal and his fangs and claws rescinded. His mind cleared, and he dropped to his knees by his brother’s head. He raised the head up off the floor and cradled it in his arms as he wept, the impact of what he’d done hitting him hard.

“St. Luke’s next.” Joe promised.

St. Luke’s Mixed Boarding School, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria

Tolani stood under the metal framing of the main doors leading into the refectory. She leaned against the extruding concrete door and watched the boys standing in the middle of the refectory. A slight smile formed on her lips. She kept watching until Danny swerved around quickly, chillingly prescient – as though he could feel her eyes on them – and rose an eyebrow in question. The look on his face seemed to be asking what she was looking at. She turned around in response, dismissing them.

Tolani’s focus then turned to the pathway leading to the refectory and the smirking girl walking towards her. She rolled her eyes at her best-friend, quickly noting with her scanning gaze, that Moses turned around and waved at Osezele, before walking passed Tolani into the refectory.

Osezele seemed to be following his steps, because she climbed onto the raised level Tolani stood on and made to walk in to the refectory. But she only took one step in, getting close enough to see what had captured Tolani’s attention. Who, she corrected herself grinning when she saw Elliot standing in the middle of the refectory with another SS2 boy.

“Who’s that?” she asked Tolani, not even attempting to hide the knowing smile spread across her face.

Tolani shook her head, exhaling loudly. “Danny. Elliot’s best friend.”

Osezele’s gaze flickered briefly back onto the two boys and then returned to Tolani. “He’s not marked, is he? Because I don’t think I’ve ever seen him before.”

“No. Not marked. Not a prefect. Only popular around inter house sports when blue house pulls him out of the shadows.” Tolani kept her tone indifferent, as if she was bored with the topic of their conversation. She sighed before taking her attention back to Osezele, hoping that would be the end of it.

“So why were you staring at him?” Osezele dropped the question in casually.

“I wasn’t staring at Danny.” Tolani immediately responded, appalled by the thought. Why would she be staring at Danny when Elliot was standing right next to him?

“So, you were staring at Elliot?” Osezele said in response. She couldn’t help her answering giggle when Tolani’s eyes widened in shock.

“I wasn’t…I…” Tolani frowned. She couldn’t help noticing that her heart was beating faster than normal, and she felt warm, too warm. She cleared her throat, frowning at her sudden inability to construct a complete sentence. Osezele was her best friend, she could tell her anything. She knew that. So why didn’t she just admit the truth? Why didn’t she just say that…she shook her head, no. “Was that brother Moses I saw you talking to?” Tolani said instead, shifting the direction of the conversation. She couldn’t very well say something out loud that she wasn’t quite ready to admit to herself.

Osezele rolled her eyes. “You think I don’t know that you’re trying to change the subject?” she asked. Tolani crossed her arms over her chest and looked away. She refused to admit to anything of the sort. One second. Two. Osezele remained silent waiting for Tolani to come around. No such luck. She sighed. “Yes, it was Brother Moses. You are looking at the newest St. Luke’s altar server.”

That got Tolani’s attention. She turned back to face Osezele. “How?”

“It was easy. I just asked Vic to, you know, casually mention to Moses that I’m Catholic and I’m interested in the position. And then Vic told me when Moses is usually in the chapel, so I’ve been going to the chapel to pray whenever I know he’s going to be around, so that he sees me.”

Tolani scoffed. “In other words, you conned yourself into being an altar server. You and your God are okay with that?”

Shrugging Osezele responded. “Why not?”

“You lied.” Tolani stated flatly.

“I didn’t lie!” Osezele responded. “Am I not a Catholic? I’m interested in the position. And I normally go to the chapel to pray. I just made sure that this week when I went to the chapel Moses saw me praying.”

Tolani just shook her head. “Why d’you do it? Aren’t you popular enough?”

“This doesn’t have anything to do with popularity. I owe God so much. Tolani, do you know what could have happened if I hadn’t found that rosary…”

“Bijou.” Tolani was quick to correct.

“Bijou in the form of a rosary. And it wasn’t only that. It was when I heard my mother’s voice telling me to take my troubles to God that I went to look for the rosary. It was God who led me to the bijou. I got so carried away with my marks and school and Nosa and you and being a food prefect and just everything, that I forgot Him. But It’s because of Him that I survived and so this is how I’m saying thank you. I’m giving my time back to Him. Altar servers clean the alter, take care of everything used during mass, serve, wash the vestments and everything. What do you think?” she asked excitedly.

Tolani shook her head. “For the sake of our friendship, I don’t think I should answer that.”

“But you’ve always known I’m Catholic!”

“Not this Catholic!” Tolani replied. “You’re an elemental witch. Maybe the bijou could sense you were in trouble and it called to you. It’s the elements that helped you, not God!”

“It had to be God. I know the elements can speak, but it doesn’t make any sense that a rosary would call to me. It doesn’t make sense. Is it so hard to believe that I would want one thing to make sense? Just one thing.” Osezele shouted back. She could feel the need to cry, to let out her anger. But as the anger formed in her, it went away. She’d never wanted to hold on to an emotion so much in her life, but as much as she tried, she couldn’t. The inner pain she knew she should be feeling wouldn’t come, and so she couldn’t cry. She couldn’t even be angry at Tolani. She found herself smiling instead, wondering why she’d let the debate annoy her in the first place. It was her life and she was going to do what she wanted with it. She loved Tolani, but she also loved God and that mattered to her.
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Ever the skeptic, Tolani had a million and one things to say. To her, the fact that Osezele had put making sense in the same conversation as religion was like flaring a red flag in front of a bull. How was she supposed to just ignore that? Somehow, she found the strength to resist the temptation. “When do you start serving?” Tolani asked placatingly.

Osezele smiled even wider at her. “Brother Moses said soon, when I’m ready. We’ll start with the weekday masses, then I can try Sundays.”

“I’ve always thought the thurifer is cool.” Tolani teased.

Osezele laughed. “It’s going to be a long time before I’m throwing the thurible.”

“I guess I’ll have to wait then.” Tolani replied.

Osezele took her attention back to the middle of the refectory where Elliot still stood with Danny. “Are you going to tell me why you were staring at him now?” she asked.

Tolani shook her head. “I was staring at the SS2 and SS3 rooms. Can’t you hear how much noise they’re making? If that was the SS1 room they would have punished us by now.”

Osezele could hear the noise coming from that part of the refectory, but she knew that wasn’t what Tolani had been staring at. She turned around and opened her mouth preparing to give Tolani grief about it. Her mouth stayed open just a little while longer and then shut immediately. Tolani, noticing her silence, turned back around too. Her eyes widened when she saw Mr. Danladi, the vice principal, standing in front of them.

“You’re right Tolani, that’s not fair.” He stated. He smiled briefly at the girls and then took his attention back to the rowdy rooms. First his glance passed on the prefects standing at the doors leading to the younger rooms and making sure they were quiet. He couldn’t help noticing that the SS2 and SS3 doors didn’t receive the same attention.

“Go to your seat Tolani, lunch is about to start.” He said calmly.

Tolani nodded and walked away. She glanced back quickly, fast enough to make a cringing gesture to Osezele. Tolani swerved by the SS2 boys still standing in the middle of the refectory chatting, oblivious to Mr. Danladi’s presence there. She didn’t stop to talk to them, but she did cough loudly, very loudly. Loud enough to pull Elliot’s attention and make sure he was listening when she whispered underneath her breath to him. Elliot got the message. Without turning to look behind him, he walked quickly into the SS2 room. It didn’t take long for the news that the vice principal was in the refectory to spread to all parties concerned. Finally, there was silence.

While all of this happened, Osezele stood at the door watching Mr. Danladi and wishing she could be anywhere else. He waited till the entire refectory was quiet before stepping up to the raised platform. He leaned against the other side of the door and smiled. “Osezele Omorodion?” he asked.

Osezele nodded.

“Well done, you’re doing a good job.” He stated. Osezele wasn’t sure if he was being sarcastic or serious, still she replied, “Thank you sir.”

“Really.” said Mr. Danladi. “Very impressive. The junior students respect you, but what’s better, they like you. We need more prefects like you. And to think that Oshoke had to fight me and Ms. Flowers to make sure you got this position. Oshoke said she saw something in you and she convinced us to take a chance with you. We are not disappointed.”

Osezele smiled so wide her cheeks hurt. She was sure he could see every single tooth in her mouth, even the ones in the back. She just couldn’t stop smiling. Hearing Mr. Danladi mention Oshoke made her realize how much of a difference Oshoke had made in her life. She would never stop being grateful to Oshoke, her first senior friend. “Thank you sir.” She said, bending slightly at her knees as she said the words.

Mr. Danladi smiled at her. “Are they always this rowdy?” he asked conversationally.

Osezele stood dazed for a moment. Then she shook her head. “No sir.” She replied.

“Are you sure?” he asked. She nodded. “That’s not what my junior spies tell me.”

“You have spies?”

“Many of them. They tell me exactly what Tolani said when I came. That the SS2 and 3 prefects allow their classes to remain noisy, but they punish their juniors for the same thing. Is that true?”

Osezele’s eyes darted from the left to the right and then back to the left. She couldn’t look him in the eyes as she said, “I don’t know.”

Mr. Danladi chuckled. “Okay Osezele. Please find Ngozi and tell her I want to see her. Then you can start the meal.”

Osezele nodded. She barely kept herself from running away from Mr. Danladi and he’s very casual interrogation. That man wanted to put her in trouble! Didn’t he know that he wasn’t the only one that had spies. She laughed to herself thinking about how smooth he’d been. Look at the way he was even complementing her first! She shook her head still laughing as she searched for Ngozi. After she’d found Ngozi and shared the message that the vice principal wanted to see her, she walked into the middle of the refectory and led the students in the grace before the meal. She turned around then.

“Osezele, go and bring our pot from the kitchen.” Ngozi ordered.

Osezele frowned. “Now?” she asked.

“Yes.” Ngozi said before walking towards Oluchi, now the only other SS1 food prefect since Dele died.

Osezele went to the kitchen in the back of the refectory. As soon as she got there, she walked into the open room where the cooks worked. She asked for their food and waited for the cooks to serve a pot of beans. One of the cooks winked at her as he put three spoons of fish into their pot. She smiled in gratitude back at him, then took the pot and walked back into the refectory. On her way in, she bumped into Oluchi who was rushing back in with plates. Something was definitely wrong. Osezele’s suspicions were confirmed when she walked in and found all the food prefects seated on the single table in the middle of the refectory. Normally they would be standing in several positions throughout the refectory making sure that the students ate quietly and with the proper utensils. They only ate after everyone else was done eating. Apparently, it was different today. She dropped the pot on the table and moved to sit.

Then she saw the only empty spot left on the bench was sitting right across from smooth Mr. Danladi. She took the seat and smiled at him. He smiled back and then took his focus to Oluchi who shared the food into their plates. Osezele frowned at the extra plate on the table. Her question was answered when, after sharing, the students passed the plate to the vice principal. He’d obviously come prepared for the meal because he pulled his cutlery out of his pockets (the complete fork and knife set) and proceeded to eat with it. Osezele didn’t realize that she was watching him eat, until he stopped, a fork full of beans midway to his mouth, and looked at her. She bent immediately, fishing through her bag for her cutlery. She found the fork easy enough. That was the cutlery she used most often. Since becoming a food prefect, and finding that they actually were above the rules, she’d stopped using her knife. That afternoon she searched desperately for it, praying as she did that she hadn’t mistakenly left it somewhere. She had a very strong feeling that this Mr. Danladi’s lunch with them, which for as long as she’d been a prefect hadn’t happened before, wasn’t just to taste the food.

Osezele almost cried out her relief when she found the knife. She pulled it out and Mr. Danladi smiled. He smiled! He’d been watching her, waiting to see if she had it. She looked down the table and noticed that the only other people who were eating with the complete, school mandated, set of utensils were Oluchi and Ngozi. Osezele attacked her food to distract herself from the increasing need to see how the vice principal handled his cutlery. Did he put his hands on the table when he ate? Did he like the food? Was he watching her eat? She laughed at her own paranoia and drank the beans down, which wasn’t too hard to do since the beans was mostly water. Maybe she should look up and see if Mr. Danladi liked the food they had to eat. Or maybe not.

Lunch passed in a blur of silence and tense awkwardness.

“Osezele.” Mr. Danladi called. Osezele’s head shot up. “Please announce that the school prefects are to wait behind, and then end the meal. You usually count after, right?” He asked. She nodded. “Then do that please.” Osezele nodded.

She stood up, walked over to the middle of the refectory and made the announcement he’d asked her to. As she led the school in the closing grace, she couldn’t help wondering if she should have told him that the time keepers usually did this part. Not that it mattered now. As soon as they were done with the prayers, she began to count.

Something strange happened. It was so unexpected that Osezele lagged behind. It wasn’t till Ngozi was already in her head, that it occurred to her that Ngozi, the head food prefect and her corner mate, had forced a bond on her. The last time Ngozi had done that they’d still been friends. Back when Ngozi had helped her get through the emotions she’d absorbed.

“Make sure the SS2 and 3 students leave too.” Ngozi’s voice sounded in her head. She moved her head as if to face her and Ngozi stopped her. “Don’t look at me, just count for the SS2 and 3 students too.”

Are you crazy? She only thought it, but since Ngozi was in her head, thinking it was enough. “I can’t.” she replied in the safety of her mind.

“Mr. Danladi is looking for a reason to punish them. Don’t give him one.” Ngozi said, before pulling out of the bond. Osezele couldn’t help the sigh of exasperation that she let out. She wanted to shout at Ngozi, but of course she couldn’t. It was so unfair though, to put this on her. How was she supposed to count for her seniors and live to talk about it? In the entire history of St. Luke’s an SS1 student had never counted for SS2 and 3 students. It was an unwritten rule, the first law in the informal students’ handbook on how to survive St. Luke’s, right under the bullet point that said don’t be stupid or suicidal. Even though she knew better, she found her lips parting. All the fear she should be feeling went away as quickly as it came up and all she felt was the courage to do the impossible, dare what no one else had. ‘Well God,’ she thought to herself, ‘I know I shouldn’t put you to the test, but do you want to help me prove Tolani wrong?’

Osezele took a deep breath and then yelled at the top of her voice. “St. Luke’s students, you have till the count of ten to leave the refectory. ONE.” She could almost hear the gasps of outrage coming from her classmates and her seniors. “St. Luke’s students, TWO.” Yes, that was definitely it. Some senior students left, but as they walked out, they eyed her in a way that let her know her life was basically over. Thank you very much Ngozi, she thought to herself.

And then the solution came, running in her pink dress towards the door.

Osezele forced a bond on Seyi. She closed her eyes, so no one would see when they turned white, and went into her augur mark. Then she pushed into Seyi’s mind the way Ngozi had pushed into hers and said, “Don’t look at me. Go to the SS2 and SS3 rooms, find Aishat and Victor, and tell them that Ngozi told me to count, that the SS2 and 3 students have to leave before I’m done, or Mr. Danladi will punish them. Run. Thank you.” Osezele came out of the bond immediately and opened her eyes hoping that when she yelled THREE, no one noticed the slightly longer gap.

She kept counting, ignoring the dirty looks she got from the few senior students who were leaving and hoping that it worked. It wasn’t till she got to EIGHT that she knew it had. The SS2 and 3 students rushed out in droves and they smiled at her. One of them even whispered thank you to her as he walked out of the hall. She breathed easily then, waiting for as long as she could get away with before saying NINE. By the time she got to TEN, only the school prefects were left.

Osezele walked back to the table in the middle of the refectory and exhaled. Mr. Danladi smiled at her and she smiled back. “Thank you.” She heard Ngozi’s voice in her head.

Mr. Danladi walked over to where Nosa stood with Victor, said something to them and inclined his head in dismissal. They left, walking through the group of prefects then out of the refectory. That was when Mr. Danladi punished them. They were all told to kneel down. All of them, except for the SS1 school prefects. He told the SS1 school prefects to remain standing and then, this was the shocker, then he praised them. He told the kneeling SS2 and 3 prefects that the SS1 prefects were the only ones doing their jobs correctly. Osezele had to fight the urge to smile when he said that being in a position of authority didn’t mean that they were above the rules and that the SS1 prefects were the only ones who seemed to understand that. They were prefects, Mr. Danladi stated, examples, role-models and they should take their example from the SS1 school prefects. Osezele’s eyes darted to Tolani and the smile she had on her face. Tolani, a thorough bookworm, also knew of the informal students’ handbook, especially the first bullet point under the first law, so she wiped the smile off her face before any of the senior kneeling prefects saw it. Mr. Danladi continued lauding the SS1 prefects for a good five minutes before he, Osezele blinked disbelievingly and Rume, the male time keeper, actually cleaned out his ears. Mr. Danladi asked the kneeling SS2 and 3 prefects to clap for them. And they did. After that Mr. Danladi dismissed the SS1 prefects.

As soon as they were outside the refectory Tolani whispered. “Did you see the look on Beedie’s face when Mr. Danladi told them to clap for us?”

“As in ehn, I thought my guy was about to have a concussion!” Rume replied.

They all laughed. Silently though, with their backs resting against the outer walls of the building, where they couldn’t be seen by the older students still inside, receiving biting criticism from Mr. Danladi.

Oluchi stopped laughing first and then shook her head at the rest of them. “I’m leaving before the three of you put me in trouble.” She said and then walked away.

“Olu mama!” Rume called out teasingly, running after her.

Osezele turned towards Tolani. She noticed that Tolani’s cheerful mood was fading away too. “What is it?” asked Osezele.

“What do you think is going to happen after he punishes them? The whole school will feel it. The punishment will just trickle down from them to us and everyone is going to be apprehensive. The school is a mess when people are scared. Why do they always have to make noise? Will it kill them to just keep quiet when they’re in the refectory. Ahh!” Tolani snapped.

Osezele’s focus had shifted from Tolani about halfway through her tirade. Her gaze was on, no, not on Nosa, on Vic and the canes they held. Tolani noticed the direction of Osezele’s look and turned around. She swallowed nervously when she saw Nosa and Victor staring at her. Nosa’s eyes had focused coldly on Tolani, and Victor’s facial expressions were as hard as stone. As they looked at Tolani, Osezele had to admit that they looked menacing. Tolani took a step back and was stopped by the hard wall behind her. There was no room for retreat or escape.

“Vic.” Osezele called out, trying her best to break the tension. It took a while, but Victor’s gaze turned to her. He nudged Nosa and they both continued walking, passed them, into the refectory. She refused to allow herself to dwell on the fact that Nosa hadn’t looked at her at all. “You and your big mouth.” She scolded Tolani lightly as they walked away.
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by GeoSilYe(f): 1:37pm On Jul 28, 2018
So Joe wants Osezele for that! Ahh

ObehiD please can you explain the bijou/blue dust making thing, can Osezele make the Bijou or can she make the blue dust from the bijou? What effect does it give?
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by obehiD: 5:07pm On Jul 28, 2018
So Joe wants Osezele for that! Ahh

ObehiD please can you explain the bijou/blue dust making thing, can Osezele make the Bijou or can she make the blue dust from the bijou? What effect does it give?

So you may remember from the last book when Osezele found the bijou (in the form of a rosary). Tolani explains that it's an elemental jewel and that elemental witches are the only ones who can make them. So Osezele, being an elemental witch can make them. Now for the dust. You may remember that in one of the last scenes (the part where uncle Oare comes to take Moji) the imps merge and the bijou Osezele had been wearing which had previously controlled her commune powers shatters. And then that's the last we hear about the bijou. But then in this chapter M makes an offhand remark about how no elemental trained by her would be stupid enough to abandon a shattered bijou, which implicitly points back to Osezele abandoning her shattered bijou on the road. So maybe that's where M got her bijou dust...

As to the effect that the bijou has, more on that is coming soon (two chapters from now). For now, we know that it was powerful enough to help Osezele control her commune powers for a while in the last book. And it seems to do something for the quintise in this one. We'll have to wait to see everything a bijou can do.
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OP, your story is so interesting. The way you made this world your is set in is amazing. I read the first part and all I could say was WOW. You have got a really nice piece that shows creativity.
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by Richykemzy: 11:03pm On Jul 29, 2018
WOW!!! Following ��� but does dat mean d bijou osezele has now is fake?
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by obehiD: 3:07am On Jul 31, 2018
Thanks a lot @tunjilomo!!!

@Richykemzy thank you!!! Glad to see you made it to this thread smiley So, I think you're probably talking about the scarlet diadem (what Osezele got in the last chapter). The bijou she had was destroyed when the imps merged.
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by Richykemzy: 9:44pm On Jul 31, 2018
Thanks a lot @tunjilomo!!!

@Richykemzy thank you!!! Glad to see you made it to this thread smiley So, I think you're probably talking about the scarlet diadem (what Osezele got in the last chapter). The bijou she had was destroyed when the imps merged.
OK I understand now,so its d scattered bijou that is with aunty M now. We are waiting for updates
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by Fazemood(m): 3:36pm On Aug 01, 2018
@Obehid I must confess that I couldn't believe that all these came from one mind: the characters, the scenes, the words and vocabularies...Wow. This story is beyond amazing and I feel bad not being here from the start to commend on the beautiful work going on here and encourage you.

I started with this 3rd part, as I was reading I knew I started midway. Thanks to Dranoid for sharing the link to the 2nd part of the story. Thanks man.

Your acknowledgment was emotional especially the part where you tried sharing on different platforms without getting the views or comments. I am sorry sad .
I enjoyed the second part even as I know I would have preferred reading the first part, the 2nd explained more than enough.

This feels like Harry Potter grin . You are an amazing, beautiful, brilliant, creative writer, one I am lucky to read her work. WELL DONE dear. I don't know why I fall inlove with brilliant girls than beautiful ones ( I can guess u are both)
Thanks. smiley

Now lemme go back to the story b4 e cold.


Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by obehiD: 2:19am On Aug 03, 2018
@Obehid I must confess that I couldn't believe that all these came from one mind: the characters, the scenes, the words and vocabularies...Wow. This story is beyond amazing and I feel bad not being here from the start to commend on the beautiful work going on here and encourage you.

I started with this 3rd part, as I was reading I knew I started midway. Thanks to Dranoid for sharing the link to the 2nd part of the story. Thanks man.

Your acknowledgment was emotional especially the part where you tried sharing on different platforms without getting the views or comments. I am sorry sad .
I enjoyed the second part even as I know I would have preferred reading the first part, the 2nd explained more than enough.

This feels like Harry Potter grin . You are an amazing, beautiful, brilliant, creative writer, one I am lucky to read her work. WELL DONE dear. I don't know why I fall inlove with brilliant girls than beautiful ones ( I can guess u are both)
Thanks. smiley

Now lemme go back to the story b4 e cold.

grin Haha. Thanks so much, this is VERY VERY flattering!!! I'm sooo glad you're enjoying reading it.

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Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by obehiD: 2:21am On Aug 03, 2018
Chapter Seven
Outside St. Luke’s, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria

Five people stood in front of the main gates of St. Luke’s. They stood in a circle bound by held hands. These people had lavender eyes and blue marks glowing on their foreheads. They chanted the spell, and as they did a speck of fire appeared on the ground in front of the gates. They kept chanting, until they felt that line like an extension of themselves, growing outwards. The speck of fire on the ground moved slightly, initiating the ring they drew to encircle the school compound. The quintise kept chanting, hoping that in their furor, the ring would form faster. It didn’t. So, they broke the bond instead. They could see that the ring would form. Unfortunately, it would take more time than they’d previously thought. More time than they’d been given. As their eyes cleared from that awing lavender color and the blue glow on their forehead went away, they saw the ring grow again, but only a little. They walked away, back to the village.

St. Luke’s, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria

“It’s 1 am, what are you doing outside your hostel?” Mr. Danladi asked. Mr. Danladi stood facing him, facing a Unclad boy partly hidden by the shadows. The parts of the boy’s body which Nosa could see were covered in dirt. The boy looked as if he’d been rolling around in mud. The boy’s shoulders rose up and then fell down. Up and then down. Nosa could tell that he was struggling to stay under control. That combined with the dirt on his body, and the fact that he wasn’t wearing any clothes, pointed to only one thing. He had to be a werewolf just coming back from a run. But running without the pack? No wolf in St. Luke’s would be stupid enough to do that. The boy walked towards Mr. Danladi.

“You!” Mr. Danladi gasped. It was obvious from the way he said the word, that he knew who the boy was. He had to be a St. Luke’s student then, part of his pack, Nosa thought as he walked closer towards the duo. Mr. Danladi, having recovered from his initial shock, proceeded to scold the student. “You, of all people, should be setting a better example than…”

It happened so quickly.

Nosa had never seen a wolf in his pack turn that fast. Before Nosa could reach them, before he got to where they stood, the boy had turned into his wolf form and charged at Mr. Danladi. Nosa stopped, frozen in shock, as the animal tore at the vice principal. The wolf pounced on him, knocking him onto his back on the floor, and then clawed and bit till all that was left of Mr. Danladi was torn flesh and bones.

Nosa jumped off his bed and landed in the middle of his corner. He paced the corner floor heaving as he struggled to control his breathing. He knew it was a dream, it had to be a dream. So why did he feel so restless? He couldn’t wipe the image of the wolf tearing into the vice-principal out of his mind. Anymore than he could make his nostrils stop flaring with the scent of Mr. Danladi’s blood. He could still smell it now. He could still smell it.
Nosa walked to the closest window and stuck his head between the horizontal glass slides. He took a deep breath, and pushed back forcefully, away from the window. His mouth twisted with revulsion. It was so putrid, so strong…so real.

Nosa found himself moving along the empty space behind the bunks. By the time he realized he’d been moving, he was standing behind Elliot’s bed. He hesitated for a moment, before pushing Elliot so hard, the boy rolled off his bed and fell on the floor. Nosa scoffed when he moved to the other side of the bed and found Elliot curled on his side still sleeping. He shook his head at the sight. Only Elliot could sleep through that fall. Nosa bent to a squat and shook him so hard the back of his head hit the floor.

Elliot woke up swinging.

His left fist connected with Nosa’s face. Nosa growled. He picked Elliot up by the collar of his pajamas shirt and flung him onto the corridor of the adjoining bathroom-laundry suite. Elliot changed position while in the air so that he landed silently on his hands and knees. He stood straight and prepared himself for another attack. Then he blinked. He saw Nosa’s face, realized who he’d punched, and stopped himself.

He bowed his head slightly when Nosa stopped in front of him. Nosa was shaking too hard to stop. He knew he couldn’t control himself, not without help.

“There’s something under my pillow, bring it for me.” He spat the words out through clenched teeth.

“What?” Elliot’s startled response almost destroyed Nosa’s control.

The last time Nosa had felt this angry was when Ebo had come to St. Luke’s and he’d walked into the commune’s sink. He heard Elliot questioning him and it took all his will power to keep himself from smashing Elliots’s face with his fists, or tearing into his skull with his claws. If he turned around and Elliot was still standing there, he wasn’t sure what he would do.

Nosa pushed back from the wall he’d been leaning against and turned to face the entrance to the hostel. And there Elliot stood staring at him. Nosa stormed towards Elliot in a mindless rage. He grabbed onto Elliot’s neck and rose him up in the air. Then he looked at his free hand and somehow, his claws were out. His clawed hand seemed to be rising of its own will towards Elliot’s neck.

“Nosa.” Elliot spoke softly, his tone calm, accepting. Nosa frowned when he heard it. He bent his head to the side and stared at Elliot. His golden eyes took in Elliot’s relaxed posture and his bowed head. His hypersensitive ears registered the slow beat of Elliot’s heart, and the calculated breaths. Even in his haze of anger, his mind was able to put it all together. Elliot wasn’t fighting him, Elliot had surrendered to him as a beta to an alpha. Nosa let go of Elliot’s neck and took a step back, surprised by the new feelings Elliot’s supplication stirred in him. His need to kill Elliot was now rivaled by the need to protect him.

“Go!” Nosa ordered. Elliot nodded.

As soon as Elliot left, Nosa’s claws rescinded. He could still feel the anger, but it wasn’t as potent as when he’d been fighting with Elliot. Nosa couldn’t help frowning at that thought. He didn’t have any time to dwell on it before Elliot came back, and handed over the object Nosa needed. Nosa grabbed the necklace, holding on to the ruby-red heart shaped pendant. He took a deep breath and another, and let the necklace do its work. It didn’t take long for him to calm down. He slipped the necklace onto his neck and let the pendant rest next to his heart.

Elliot, who’d watched all of this with a smirk on his face, waited until Nosa had the necklace back on to ask, “Who’s it from? Your girlfriend?” he barely stopped himself from snickering at that.

Nosa sighed. “None of your business.” He snapped, but the heat behind his words was gone now that he was back under control. “Did you feel it?” Nosa asked, still not sure what had come over him. He didn’t even want to think of what he could have done to Elliot.

“Don’t try to change the subject.” Elliot teased in response. “It looks like something expensive enough for Binta to have, but at the same time, magical enough that only Osezele could make it. Which is it?”

Nosa let out an exasperated grunt. “Let it go.” He said.

“Fine. I’ll just ask them.” Elliot shot back. Nosa glared at him. “You have to give me something. You’re the one who woke me up at 1 o clock in the morning.” Elliot replied, glancing behind him as he said it, as if he was only just remembering that there were people sleeping in the hostel behind them. It was a good thing they had light that evening, or he wouldn’t have been able to see the fear in Nosa’s face. “What’s wrong?” he asked.

“Is it really 1 o clock?”

“A few minutes passed. Why?”

“I had a dream. It felt so real El. That’s why I woke you up. You have the hostel key, right?”

Elliot nodded. “I want to know where the necklace came from first.” He insisted much to Nosa’s disgust.

“What’s wrong with you? Let it go!” Nosa snapped.

“No.” Elliot replied. “I need to know what has the power to calm you down like that.”

Nosa shook his head as he contemplated a few of the most effective ways to force the key out of Elliot. Then he exhaled. As much as he might want to, he couldn’t justify killing a member of his pack for being nosy, or could he? “It’s Osezele’s.”

Elliot couldn’t help himself, he laughed. “Guy, you fall my hand. Na so the thing do you?” he teased. He deflected Nosa’s half-assed attempt to shove him. “But you’re sinking to a new low oh. How will you go and steal the girl’s necklace na?”

Nosa muttered a prayer for control underneath his breath, before he took his attention back to Elliot. “I didn’t steal it. She threw it away.”

“So, you’re holding it for her?”

Nosa was done talking. “Key.” He demanded, stretching out his open palm. Elliot laughed. He dug into the left pocket of his pajama bottoms and pulled the key out. He tossed it to Nosa, who caught it in the air. With the key in his hand, Nosa started walking towards the hostel door.

“Why do you need to leave the hostel?” Elliot asked, following behind him.

Nosa picked up the pace. He didn’t respond to Elliot’s question until they’d successfully made it to the door without waking the entire hostel up. The door was partitioned off from the rest of the hostel with high walls which blocked off the moonlight partially lighting the rest of the hall. Nosa went into his mark, allowing the golden irises to show him the keyhole. He put the key in and opened the door.

“Why are we leaving the hostel Nosa?” Elliot repeated the question after he stepped out through the open door. He was careful to close it behind him.

Nosa stood on the raised level and stared out into the night. He looked up at the gibbous moon and closed his eyes, letting his nostrils work. It was faint, so faint he had to work to catch it, but it was there. “Do you smell that?” Nosa asked.

Elliot moved forward and stopped beside Nosa. He closed his eyes too and tried to focus in on the smell the way Nosa did. After a few failed attempts, he shook his head. “What is it?” he replied, starting to get a little bit worried by the way Nosa was acting.

“I had a dream.” Nosa said. “I saw a wolf in our pack kill Mr. Danladi in the square behind St. Patrick’s hostel.”

Elliot’s throat moved as he swallowed nervously. He looked around him, at the hostels partly lit by the moon. He let his gaze travel all around them, before settling back on Nosa. “I’m sure it was just a dream.” He replied.

“I’m an augur Elliot. I saw it. I know what I saw, and I can smell the blood.”

“There’s only one way to be sure. Let’s go to the square.”

“I’m going alone.” Nosa stated flatly.

“I’m not going to let my alpha walk into danger by himself.”

He only savored the word for a moment. Only a moment, before replying. “I’m not your alpha. Beedie is.”

Elliot scoffed with disgust. “Beedie that was too scared to lead us when we needed him. When Osezele lost control, you stepped up. You kept everyone safe and the pack saw it. At least the SS2 boys did. You’re our alpha.”

Nosa nodded. He knew he deserved to be the alpha. He was stronger, smarter and braver than Beedie could ever be. He knew it. Why should he have to swallow his pride and bow to another wolf just because that wolf happened to be a year older than he was? Alphas weren’t chosen by age, they were chosen by strength, by conviction, by leadership, and he wanted it so much. He wanted to prove to the entire pack that he was the real alpha, that he deserved their loyalty, their obedience. Then he remembered Emeka and he forced down every instinct in his body fighting for control of the pack. “Beedie is the alpha.” He stated.

Elliot let the matter lie. For now. “Either ways, I’m going with you.”

Nosa glared at Elliot, then jumped down the stairs.

They walked together passed the hostels towards the one closest to the bend in the wall, the edge of the boys’ hostels lot. They’d just walked past Immaculate Heart hostel, home to the green house boys, when the both of them stopped dead in their tracks. Elliot’s hand rose to cover his nose as he tried to block out the stench.

“What are the two of you doing here?”
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by obehiD: 2:22am On Aug 03, 2018
Both boys turned around. “Silver.” Elliot announced, breathing out in relief when he saw that it was just Victor.

Victor’s nose wrinkled. “What’s that smell?” he asked.

“It’s blood.” Nosa replied, eyeing Victor suspiciously. “Where did you come from?”

Victor’s eyebrows rose at the tone of Nosa’s voice. “My hostel. Where I was studying when I saw two figures walking outside my window. Your turn. What are the two of you doing here, outside your hostel after 1 am.”

“How do you know what time it is?” Nosa’s suspicion continued to grow. He crossed his arms over his chest and glared at Victor.

“Why don’t you answer my question?” Victor replied, ignoring the hostility he could feel coming from Nosa.

“Why don’t you answer mine?” Nosa asked in response.

Elliot’s amused gaze flickered between the two of them. Weren’t they supposed to be best friends? He asked himself. “Nosa had a dream. He saw a wolf killing Mr. Danladi.” Elliot spoke up, choosing to intercede before fists started to fly. After the incident with Osezele when the rift in the pack, which in his opinion had always been there, became obvious, everyone had been forced to choose a side. Naturally the SS2 boys clung together as did the SS3 boys. Somehow though, it always seemed like good ol’ Silver was stuck in the middle.

“And you think I did it?” Victor asked. He sounded like a whiny baby, hurt by the accusing way Nosa looked at him.

Nosa’s eyes narrowed. “I don’t know.” He replied. “As far as I’m concerned, it could have been anyone.” His voice remained cold. He was lying of course, but after the way Victor stole Osezele from him, Victor could rot as far as he was concerned. “You’d better summon the pack.” Nosa ordered Victor.

Victor clenched his jaw, biting back his response.

“Am I missing something?” Elliot asked.

Nosa smirked as he explained. “The yowl of an omega can summon its pack without anyone outside the pack hearing. If either of us were to yowl, it would wake the whole school up. But even though an omega’s yowl sounds like a puppy being strangled, when its part of a pack only the people in the pack have to suffer through it.”

Elliot looked down at the ground regretting asking the question. He’d unknowingly given Nosa an avenue to insult Victor. Elliot waited for the fight he was sure would start. Wolves were too hotheaded to take an insult like that. He knew that Silver would start swinging then. It was one thing to insult a wolf’s howl, they all sounded different depending on why they cried out. But the yowl was like their signature. Insulting that was like insulting a person’s name. He had to defend himself. But he didn’t. Elliot glanced up then, taken aback when he saw Victor standing still as if Nosa’s insults had barely blown passed him. Elliot grinned. “I have a crush on Tolani, and Nosa keeps Osezele’s heart close to his heart.” He announced.

Elliot was expecting it, so he got out of the way when Nosa rushed at him. “I’m going to kill you!” Nosa swore.

“It’s only fair!” Elliot spat out. “If Silver is embarrassed by his yowl, then sharing personal embarrassing things evens us out.”

Victor rose a single eyebrow in question, mourning the days when he would have been the one teasing Nosa about that. Nosa looked away making it clear that he wasn’t willing to go into details. Victor sighed. “If what you saw is real, then we need the warlocks too. Nosa, you should probably get into your bond with the augurs and tell them to come here. I’ll summon the pack.”

Nosa nodded. His eyes went white just as Victor dug into himself, deep down into his chest, and let out his yowl. Elliot fought it, but after a few moments of listening to the shrieking sound, he had to cover his ears. He would never say this to Victor’s face, but it was the single most pitiful sound he’d ever heard.

It didn’t take long before the other wolves were running to where they stood. With a sound like that, Elliot mused, who could blame them.

“Stop that!” Beedie barked out the order as soon as he was close enough to see where the sound came from. Somehow, he’d known it was a yowl, but he wouldn’t allow himself to believe that it belonged to a member of his pack. Beedie sneered at Victor, who nodded at the alpha and stopped yowling.

“What was that?” Lanky asked, running on his wispy legs to catch up with the pack. Lanky, the tallest boy in the pack, had become something of an informal pack beta after the SS2 boys made it clear who they took orders from. He stood behind Beedie.

As soon as all the members of the pack were present, they separated into two groups. The SS2 boys moved to the right, standing behind Nosa and Elliot. The SS3 boys moved to the left standing behind Beedie and Lanky. Victor remained where he was, standing in the middle of both factions.

“What was that sound?” Lanky asked again. “It sounded like someone was torturing a cat.”

Beedie laughed. “That’s Victor’s yowl.” He teased. All the SS3 wolves burst out laughing. The SS2 boys remained stoic, following Nosa’s lead.

“No.” Lanky’s right palm rested against his chest as he kept laughing. “Silver, you sure say nah werewolf you be? Abi nah some kind shifter hybrid wey just resemble wolf. This one wey you dey cry like cat so?” The SS3 boys laughed louder.

Nosa’s jaw clenched. “Don’t you hear how foolish you sound? His eyes are silver in his mark. That makes him an omega. And the yowl your insulting is the same one that packs in the community beg for. You don’t know how lucky we are to have an omega in our pack.” The SS2 boys nodded.

Victor smiled, allowing himself the luxury of enjoying Nosa’s praise for only a second. Then he let the smile go, hoping that none of his classmates saw it. They didn’t. They were all too busy thinking of ways to shred Nosa to pieces for the insult. Beedie spoke. “Are you mad? What did you just say?”

Before Nosa could respond, Victor stretched his hands out. He pushed Nosa back. “Don’t be a hypocrite. You were just saying the same thing before they came.”

Nosa didn’t take his eyes off the SS3 boys when he replied, “I didn’t mean it.”

“Let it go.” Victor snapped, ignoring the hope that Nosa’s words ignited.

Nosa sighed. He tore his eyes off them and turned to Victor. He nodded.

Victor faced his classmates then. He directed his words to Beedie. “I think something happened. That’s why I called the pack. Can’t you smell it?”

“The next time you think something happened, wait for ME to give you the order to summon the pack. I don’t want to suffer through that screeching yowl of yours again. Do you understand?” Beedie demanded.

Victor nodded. “Yes.” He said.

Beedie closed his eyes and focused on his scent. It hit him hard as soon as he did. If his ears hadn’t been captured by Victor’s yowl, he’d probably have smelled it sooner. “What happened?” he asked.

Just as Beedie asked the question, the warlocks walked in. It had taken them a bit longer than normal to gather the courage to break through the barrier into the boys’ hostels, but they’d done it. Now they stared fascinated at buildings which they’d never seen before. Aishat led the excursion of students. She’d been the one to use her commune magic to break in, and Ngozi, who’d spurred her into action, walked by her. Then the SS2 and SS3 girls, all mixed together, walked in a blob behind them. Osezele and Tolani brought up the rear, walking besides a fatigued Lami.

The girls mingled with the group of boys, lightening the mood that had formed when the wolves chose sides. Ngozi walked over to Nosa and repeated Beedie’s question. “What happened?”

“A wolf in our pack killed Mr. Danladi.” Nosa announced.

The students gathered around him let out exclamations of shock and surprise. They broke into smaller groups and conjectured amongst themselves. Lami hissed. “What is the meaning of this?” she muttered the question to herself and then exhaled loudly before walking forward towards the center of the group. She moved to the middle more from a sense of duty than any eagerness to be part of the proceedings. It was easy to see, just from looking at her, that she would prefer to be anywhere else. Her shoulders sagged, her feet dragged a little on the floor as she walked, and her face held none of the usual vivaciousness that made her, her.

“Where’s the body?” Lanky asked.

“Somewhere in the square?” Nosa replied.

“Somewhere? You don’t even know for sure and you called everyone?” Beedie yelled at him.

“Can’t you smell the blood in the air?” Nosa yelled back.

“How do you know it’s a wolf in the pack?” Lami asked, quietly.

“I had a vision.” Nosa replied.

“A vision?” Beedie mocked. “When did you become an augur? Abi you’re the one that killed the man.”

“If I killed him, would I bring everybody here?” Nosa snapped at Beedie.

“It wouldn’t surprise me. You’re not very smart.” Beedie replied.

Nosa rushed at Beedie. In his anger, he pushed the people in his path, one of whom was Lami. He shoved her aside so forcefully she fell down.

“Nosa!” Victor yelled out, running to his girlfriend’s aid.

Nosa stopped. He turned to his right and saw Lami lying on the floor. “I’m so sorry.” He said, stretching out his hand to help her up. Lami eyed that hand, sizing it up with the roll of her eyes. Then, ignoring it, she pushed herself up to her feet and dusted off the sand and gravel from her body. As she dusted she noticed a bruise on the side of her right arm, close to her elbow. It was a small bruise, but it bled. That blood was her ticket out of this fiasco. She used it eagerly.

“Beedie.” She turned towards the alpha of the pack. “Shebi you can handle this? I need to get this wound clean.”

Beedie nodded, ravenous for the power she willingly handed over to him. Lami nodded and walked away. She didn’t look back. Not even when Victor called out “Mimi.” The nickname he had for her.

As soon as Lami was out of sight, Beedie began speaking. “Nosa, I don’t know why you had to wake the whole school up for this. You’re the one that saw vision, so take Elliot and Aishat to where you saw it. Who knows, maybe it’s just rat blood we’re smelling.”

“What an alpha. You can’t tell the difference between animal and human blood?” Nosa mocked. The SS2 boys laughed.

“Are you deaf?” Beedie yelled. “I said take Aishat and Elliot and go.”

“What if he’s right? What if Mr. Danladi is dead?” Aishat asked.

“Then use your commune magic to burn the body. You can use Elliot or Nosa as your power source.” Beedie replied.

“We can’t just burn the body!” Aishat yelled in outrage.

“Lami left me in charge of you warlocks, which means you do what I say!” Beedie yelled back.

“Victor?” Aishat turned towards him.

“Why are you calling Victor?” Beedie demanded. “I’m the alpha.”

“Beedie, we can’t burn the body, it’s a crime.” Tolani spoke up then. She tried her best to hide the outrage in her voice. She couldn’t help wishing Lami hadn’t left them alone with a maniac. Tolani still hadn’t forgiven Beedie for the marks he’d left on Osezele’s back. She never would.

Lanky turned to face the SS1 girl. He slapped Tolani with the back of his right hand. “Do you see your mates talking?” he asked a dazed Tolani. “My friend, keep your mouth shut.” He ordered, before turning back to face his alpha.

Victor’s hand clamped onto Elliot’s arm just as the boy made to move towards Lanky. “You’ll just make it worse.” He said to Elliot. Elliot pulled his arm out of Victor’s grasp and pushed Victor away, but he stayed where he was.

“Why are they still standing here?” Beedie demanded.

Aishat turned to Ngozi. She refused to take orders from a varmint. Ngozi nodded. “Do what Beedie said.”

“It’s a crime.” Elliot stubbornly chose to repeat Tolani’s words.

Victor sighed. “Think Elliot. It’s a crime, so what? We tell Ms. Flowers, they get the police involved, then what?” he demanded, referring to Ms. Flowers, the principal of the school. “Use your head. How long till they find out it’s marked related? We already have three ticks against us from last time. Add werewolf activity to commune killings and the prowl will be in St. Luke’s so fast your head would spin? Are you ready to go to the community, to see your family arrested?” He turned towards Aishat and smiled sadly at her. “It’s a bad choice, but it’s the only one we have. Nosa is a spotter, he’s our best hunter. Maybe he’ll get something off the body that’ll lead us to who did it.”

Aishat nodded. She walked together with Nosa and Elliot towards the square by St. Patrick’s hostel. The rest of the students stood still, watching them leave. No one said a word. They remained silent until the trio returned with such grim looks on their faces it was unnecessary to ask what they’d seen.

“Was it Mr. Danladi?” Ngozi asked.

Aishat broke down in tears.


Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by Fazemood(m): 9:19am On Aug 03, 2018
Who is this wolf betraying his pack? Or should I rather ask who in this pack is the spy\informant working for Ashanti's father? I'm sure he is responsible for Mr. Danladi death maybe in the course of returning from his duty as an informant.

Pls when is the next update coming on?

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Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by tunjilomo(m): 9:39am On Aug 03, 2018
Why this kind suspense? What did she see? And what is that thing Nosa wore?
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by monalicious(f): 11:18am On Aug 03, 2018
Hi all. Please let's all go and vote for obehid for the award of the best writer in august. https://www.nairaland.com/4652535/nomination-thread-august-5k-award/2#69948123

Just write I nominate Obehid.
You can't vote for more than one person else your vote is disqualified

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Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by obehiD: 4:55pm On Aug 04, 2018
Hi all. Please let's all go and vote for obehid for the award of the best writer in august. https://www.nairaland.com/4652535/nomination-thread-august-5k-award/2#69948123

Just write I nominate Obehid.
You can't vote for more than one person else your vote is disqualified

Thanks a lot @monalicious. And thank you to everyone who's voted for me. I'm working hard on more and more interesting plot twists to make sure I'm worthy of it smiley


Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by obehiD: 10:58pm On Aug 06, 2018
I'm so sorry @Fazemood and @tunjilomo. I somehow managed to miss you guys' questions...though I probably won't be able to give very good answers (I don't want to spoil it)

@Fazemood for the first questions -> **insert shrugging emoji** grin I like the way you're thinking though. The next update will be here around next weekend, probably by Friday morning, Saturday at the latest. We're leaving St. Luke's for a bit: the next one is back in the past.

@tunjilomo I really didn't mean for that to be a suspense, but it's very interesting seeing how it's read. I won't say anymore though, now that it is suspense I don't want to spoil it wink As to what Nosa is wearing around his neck...hmmm...should I say? I don't know, I think I'll leave that as a bit of a suspense too. It can be like a game, eventually I'll say it in the story, but there will be a number of clues to hint at it. Let's see if anyone figures it out before one of the characters reveals it.


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