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The Marked: In The Spectral Existence (A Stand-alone Fantasy Fiction Novella) / TÉLLÀ ( A Paranormal Story) / Grabbing The Hot Gate ( A Paranormal Novel) By Akintayo Akinjide (2) (3) (4)

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Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by Fazemood(m): 9:40am On Jan 30
Osazele you are my bestest, grin. I really enjoyed this part as it is osazele first time going real with her witch mark. Nosa definitely would not have believed this if he wasn't there to witness it.

Osazele the tri-marked warlock, I hail.
My love Obehid, I just bought a ring to engage you with. You have stolen my heart away kiss
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by Peaceyw(m): 1:14pm On Jan 30

Restriction of movement Little or no control to the outside world Forced bonding between augurs

There are others that were mentioned in book one sha
Those are the ones I remember

I remember all this but I think it must be much more worse than this somehow...
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by Peaceyw(m): 1:17pm On Jan 30
“If you are taken to the community, they will come to St. Luke’s next. They will arrest your family, arrest your friends, arrest everyone who’s ever suspected what you are.” After delivering the ominous warning. Ehi’s tone lightened. “All I’m saying is be careful.”

ehi na bastard l, he just put a lot of fear in them.
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by Peaceyw(m): 1:19pm On Jan 30
@obehiD The community wicked gan ooo, put everyone dat have ever suspected you to be marked in prison, on top which level self. I think the community is OVERRATED.
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by obehiD: 2:53am On Jan 31
Just to let everyone know, from now on, I'm going to be posting everyday until the book is done (one post a day). It should be an exciting week!

@Botaflica Wow! I love the way you're getting into Ehi's mind! I think that you are definitely right. Ehi was, at least in part, trying to expose her to scenarios she hasn't faced before, in a bid to toughen her up. He is a soldier and he does tend to think/train like one. But there is more to it than that. This may become more evident after some more connections are revealed soon, but if it isn't then I'll explain better. I don't want to spoil it before then.

@Fazemood yes, that's why I was really excited about that chapter! I wanted everyone to see just how powerful she is, and how much potential she has. hehe...it's good Nosa was there! Lol. hahahahaha thank you cheesy

@Peaceyw I don't want to give the wrong impression oh! Life in the community isn't that bad. There are good and bad aspects of it, just as there are good and bad aspects of living outside the community. It all depends on what you see as the norm. But, when it comes to trying to get people into the community, they make the punishment for hiding the marked strict, because of how dangerous some of the hidden marks can be. Oare explained this in the last book when he introduced the prowl. There are children who've killed because they couldn't control their marks. That's what the community is trying to prevent. That's why they were formed, and that's why the prowl is very punitive with unmarked who know about marked outside the community. I'm not saying it's right, but that's the reasoning behind it.
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by obehiD: 3:02am On Jan 31
Chapter Forty-Five
St. Luke’s, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria

Osezele sat exhausted by the pillar. She slumped against it, carelessly dusting off the splinters of wood on the floor by her. Not that she was complaining, but training against a stone pillar just wasn’t the same as training with a person. But it was Thursday afternoon, and uncle Ehi had gone to help the quintise get settled. He’d told her to go for prep, but she couldn’t. It was as if there was a countdown going on in her head. Tomorrow, Friday, had been set for the alpha brawl, and uncle Ehi said that they needed to get rid of the magic by that weekend, which meant that she had one, maybe two more days to train before the fight. She did not feel ready.

There was so much at stake.

Osezele shook her head, trying to clear it. She picked up the handle of the splintered wooden blade and got back to her feet. She attacked the pillar. One blow to one side, she dodged, pretending as if the pillar had hit her back and then she hit it from the other side. The blade broke into two. With an exasperated sigh, she threw the wooden blade away and walked over to the bag of blades uncle Ehi had brought for her.

“Water?” Osezele swiveled. She relaxed when she saw that it was just Tolani. She nodded, took the sachet of pure water from Tolani and bit into it, tearing the bag open. She wasted half of it, pouring the cold water all over her head and then her face. She drank the other half.

Tolani watched silently as the drops of water fell onto the floor. “So?” Tolani prompted.

Osezele frowned. “So, what?” she asked.

Tolani rolled her eyes. “You and Nosa are like the heroes of the school now. You should here the way Lanky tells the story. It makes the rest of jealous that we weren’t there, and he didn’t even see what happened. All Nosa says is that you saved his life. He won’t go into any details. Not even when I went with Ricky to talk to him…”

That got Osezele’s attention. “You talked to him?” she asked.

Tolani’s eyes widened a bit. She nodded.

“Okay.” Osezele remarked. Silence. “How is he?”

Tolani rolled her eyes. “You haven’t spoken to him since you people got back?” Tolani asked carefully.

Osezele shook her head.

“Ah-han!” Tolani was triumphant. “You’re avoiding him again.” She screamed.

“I’m not avoiding him.” Osezele was quick to respond. Tolani gave her a look which said she wasn’t buying it. Osezele giggled. “Maybe a little.”

“Why?” Tolani asked. “I thought you guys settled all your issues before you pulled out mad skills and killed the hundreds of bad guys chasing you in Choba.”

Osezele’s mouth hung open in shock. “What? They weren’t even up to a hundred…” she shrugged. “I don’t really know, it wasn’t me, it was Seli. I don’t even know what happened. The last thing I remember was begging Seli to help me. Then I woke up and I was back here, and Nosa was…I don’t remember what happened, so don’t ask me.”

“You know, almost all the marked girls in this school are now shamelessly throwing themselves at Nosa, since Theresa came back and started telling everyone how brave he was.” Tolani watched Osezele struggle not to react to the news.

“He said he was going to punish me, that’s why I’m avoiding him.”

“Punish you for what?”

Osezele’s lips moved from side to side. “He wanted me to leave him and run back to school, but I refused. I disobeyed him. Boys don’t like that.”

Tolani was outraged. “What century do you think this is? He doesn’t own you oh. You’re not even dating sef.” She hissed. “You disobeyed him.” She repeated the words incredulously. “He should be grateful that you saved his life!”

“Ah-ah, calm down now. I’m only telling you what I think, not what he said.”

Tolani huffed. “Anyway, I saw the way he was looking at you when you people came back, and he carried you here. If that boy doesn’t love you more now than he did before, then I don’t know anything about love.”

Osezele burst out laughing. “What do you know about love?” she teased.

Tolani eyed her. “So, as you are standing here like this, you’re not going to tell me what happened between you and Nosa on that long ride through the forest. After everything that I went through here. Do you know that Aishat slapped me because I said you people were taking too long? Slapped me! As if her slapping me was going to bring you back. The way I suffered ehn. When I was the one who had the right to even worry pass, they were the ones worrying and taking it out on me. After all of that, you won’t share the gist that you remember?”

Osezele’s eyes widened. “All of what? What did you suffer? There were soldiers trying to kill me, but you’re the one who suffered?” She shook her head.

“They almost killed you, but they didn’t. Aishat didn’t almost slap me, she did.”

Osezele was dumbfounded. “It’s not the same thing!”

“You’re right it’s not. One thing almost happened, while the other one actually happened.”

Osezele couldn’t believe Tolani. “Abeg go jor.” She said finally. “I need to train.”

“Wait, I brought you a gift.”

“Where is it?”

“It’s coming. Be giving me Nosezele gist as we wait.”

“No what?”

“Nosezele now, Nosa and Osezele. Catch up. Gist me, you know I have to live vicariously through you.”

Osezele rolled her eyes at Tolani. “Nothing happened jare. He spent half of the time angry with me for not leaving, but sha, we started gisting about when we first met.” Osezele’s face lit with a smile. “He said I looked cute slapping him.”

“You slapped him?”

“Don’t you remember? Last year, when we were in JSS3. Fatima carried the thing on top of her head, she spread the news oooh. I don’t think there was anybody in the school that didn’t hear. Fatima.”

“I heard, I heard. Ah! Fatima brought it to me and Oluchi first. That girl is something else.” Tolani shook her head. “So, he said you were cute? That’s it? My puppy is cute. What’s cute? Who did cute help?”

Osezele burst out laughing. One look at the serious expression on Tolani’s face and she laughed again. She laughed so hard tears came out of her eyes. She was too distracted by her laughter to see the student climbing down the fence.

Osezele sobered. “He also said we should kiss.” She dropped the last part.

“Eh-en! Now we’re talking. Oya, tell me how he said it.”

Osezele smiled. She shrugged. “I don’t know, he just walked close to me and said that, if we were both going to die, we should finish our kiss. Or something like that.”

“So, how did the kiss go now?”

“We didn’t do anything. That was when I pulled Seli out and asked it to help me.”

Tolani gaped at Osezele. “There’s something wrong with you. One year, one whole year, this Nosezele drama has been on for a year now. Las las the boy wants to kiss you. There’s no Binta, there’s no whatever other drama you people keep creating, and you chose that moment to pull out Seli. You couldn’t have waited till after the kiss?” Tolani hissed. “You’re not ready.” She said. She turned to her left and smiled. “My gift has come, and just in time too. This your gist ehn, Osezele…” she just shook her head.

Osezele smiled at Tolani. She turned to face the subject of Tolani’s gaze and saw Moji running towards them.

“Hello.” Moji greeted.

“Hello.” Osezele said in reply. “Where is Tolani’s gift?”

Moji smiled. “I’m the gift. I’m here to help you train.”

Osezele looked at the girl. “You?” she asked, doubtfully.

Moji nodded. “While our mother taught Lami how to fight with a whip, she taught me how to fight with a blade. I’m not as good as Mr. Ehi, but I’m better than a pillar.”

Osezele turned to Tolani. Tolani tilted her head in question. Osezele shrugged. She nodded to Moji, saying “Thank you.” And then she walked back to the sack of blades. She pulled two wooden cutlasses out.

Tolani backed away, giving the both of them room to practice.

Osezele handed one blade to Moji and kept the second.

“Are you ready?” Moji asked.

Osezele nodded.

Moji attacked. She pushed her blade forward as if to plunge it in Osezele’s side. Osezele dodged that easily. Moji made a number of attacks, all of which Osezele blocked with stunning skill. Then Moji backed off, giving Osezele room to attack.

Osezele’s right leg moved forward. Her body moved to the right and then she attacked from the right. Moji blocked by hitting Osezele’s blade away. Osezele tried for the left, but again she gave herself away before she attacked.

Moji stopped. “You’re thinking before you attack.” She commented.

Osezele frowned. “Don’t you think when you’re fighting?”

“I think about the attack while I’m making it. When you decide on an attack before you do it, one, you waste time, giving your opponent a chance to catch you by surprise, and two, you give yourself away. You have tells which give you away when you fight. Any decent fighter will be watching for them.”

Osezele nodded. “I know. I’ve been trying to work on it.”

Osezele moved back into position preparing to attack when she heard Tolani whisper, “they’re back.”

Osezele turned around.

Ehi led the way, the quintise walking behind him, as they moved towards the girls.

“Go back to school.” He said to Moji and Tolani, when he stopped in front of them. Tolani wanted to argue, but she looked at Ehi’s face and thought better of it. She waved Osezele goodbye and swung her arm over Moji’s shoulder.

“Welcome uncle Ehi.” Osezele greeted.

Ehi stretched out his hand for her blade. Osezele gave it to him.

“She’s ready for you.” He said to Kaya.

“What’s happening?” Osezele asked, staring a little warily between uncle Ehi and Kaya, the quintise augur.

Osezele felt a light push into her mind. It was the only warning she got before Kaya initiated a bond with her. White filled her eyes as she was yanked into her mind. Kaya took Osezele’s hands in hers, linking with the girl. She knew that the bond would feel like an attack, but the comfort of a link would make up for it.

In her mind, Osezele was surrounded by white. A woman sat in the middle of a white room, with her legs crossed underneath her and her hands resting on her leg. She wore a simple white robe. She turned to face Osezele.

Kaya smiled at her.

Osezele walked towards her and sat in front of her.

‘Forcing a bond on an unsuspecting person is the worst part about being mute. I’m sorry.’ She apologized. ‘With you it’s not the same though. You are strong enough to stop me. I would prefer bonding with you over Ngozi. But you are hiding your augur mark, and Ngozi can dualize while you can’t.’

‘Dualize? How did you know I was hiding my mark?’

‘I peeked in your memories.’ Kaya confessed. ‘Ehi brought us here to help you. I had to make sure we were fighting on the right side.’

‘That’s not…’ Osezele looked away from Kaya. She felt invaded, as if someone had stolen her right to privacy. It was not a nice feeling. ‘You shouldn’t do that to people.’ She said finally. ‘It’s not fair.’

‘What’s not fair is fighting on the wrong side. We are a powerful quintise with InCoSeM tags. Sadly, many innocents have died as a result of our magic, because we didn’t do our due diligence. How do you think I got burnt?’
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by obehiD: 3:03am On Jan 31
Osezele turned back to face Kaya. She’d wanted to ask but hadn’t out of a sense of respect.

‘Curiosity doesn’t have to be disrespectful Osezele.’ Kaya said, reading Osezele’s thoughts. ‘I got it in a fight in Niger. We were hired by a group of jihadist militants claiming to be wrongfully evicted Christians. They claimed that they had been driven from their homes by communes hired by terrorists. We were young then. They were our first real clients after we decided that we couldn’t serve InCoSeM. We were new, powerful and desperate to make a difference in Africa. And so, we jumped into the mission headfirst. We didn’t find out till it was too late that we were fighting on the terrorists’ side. The communes we fought were actually helping. They were aeries, some renegade like us, trained and put together by InCoSeM, others were self-taught.

We slaughtered them. It was so easy. I will never forget the corpses.

Somehow, Ehi found out. He came to the scene. That was the first time we met him. He was there with two children, two identical twins. They couldn’t have been more than nine years old. But the way they fought. I have never seen anything like it since. Ehi still won’t talk about them. They must have been marked, maybe they had quintise magic protecting them, all I know is that somehow, our quintise magic was useless against them. They disappeared and reappeared. A single touch from them could make you shiver. It was like fighting against death. They stopped us.

We all had to pay for our crimes. We were lucky that they spared our lives. Ehi said the words, but we knew it was the children who really did the sentencing. We were subject to Nature’s fire. At least that’s what they called it. They locked us in a room together and burnt ancestry grade bijou in a fire made by an elemental. The fire had a life of its own. It was selective, it chose where to burn us. For me, it chose my face. I will carry the smell of my burning flesh with me, till the day I die. It reminds me that with great power comes great responsibility, and that ignorance is never a good excuse.’

Osezele swallowed. ‘I’m sorry.’ She said, not really thinking it was adequate.

Kaya smiled. ‘Don’t be. It was justice. In fact, we deserved so much worse for the innocent lives we took. We’ve tried to spend our lives making up for it, ever since. I just wanted to explain why I peeked into your memories.’ She cleared her throat. ‘Now for the real reason I’m here.’

Osezele sat up straighter, regarding Kaya with new eyes.

‘You can kill an imp.’ Kaya stated. Osezele nodded. ‘But you need a sword made out of your blue place to help you do that.’ Again, Osezele nodded, thinking that Kaya had done more than just ‘peek’ into her memories. Kaya heard the thought and laughed. Osezele had forgotten that her thoughts could be shared in a bond. ‘Have you ever wondered why you couldn’t do what you did to the soldiers yesterday to Ebo?’

Osezele shook her head. That was a good question. Why couldn’t she?

‘You have a blue place. The reason why you have a blue place, is because you have all the witch marks, and the reason you have all the witch marks is because you have more than one mark in the warlock class. But what actually allows you to go into yourself, or pull the blue place out, is your augur mark. There have been a number of commune-witch bi-marked warlocks in the world. None of them could have done what you did yesterday. Only an augur-witch could do that, the same way that only an augur-commune could create a scarlet diadem, because a commune needs to go into themselves to defeat the imp and bring out the diadem. Neither of which is possible without the augur mark. Now can you guess why you couldn’t do this with Ebo?’

‘My augur mark hadn’t come out yet.’

‘Exactly. Now you have your augur mark, and you need to go into yourself to get a blade made out of your blue place, to kill the imp. But there’s a problem with that, what is it?’

‘I can’t go into myself without my commune mark, and my commune mark is suppressed.’ Osezele frowned. ‘If my blue place can come out through my augur mark, then why can’t I go in through my blue place?’

‘That is a great question. To fully answer that with any level of confidence, I will need to see your white mind.’

‘My dead augur brain?’ Osezele asked, remembering Tolani’s lesson about the nexus and all the reasons why questioning Binta would have been useless.

Kaya nodded. ‘Since we don’t want to kill you, I can only conjecture. Think about going into and coming out of yourself as being on two opposite poles of a sphere. I think that your commune mark completely covers the pole that governs you entering yourself. If your augur mark is the center of the sphere, then the commune mark forms a thin layer between your augur mark and the way in. So, you have to go through the commune mark first. I think that the witch mark mostly covers the way out. But there must be a little spot of red in there somewhere, which also allows you to go out through your commune mark.’

‘Wow.’ Osezele’s head felt full, with all the new information. ‘So, what do I do now?’

‘I know you know about natural pain.’ Kaya paused unnecessarily for Osezele’s nod. ‘Then that’s the key. We need to amplify your natural pain, and give your commune mark a chance to force itself out.’

‘How do we do that?’

‘Using the most natural form of pain, the pain associated with the process of bringing new life into the world, or for you, menstrual pain. That pain is the reason why female communes are stronger than male communes. It is natural pain to a degree that men will never feel.’ Kaya paused. ‘There is a verdant leaf called mensus. It overrides your natural clock and forces your menstrual cycle to start the moment you take it. The upside is, it gives you a very powerful source of commune power. The downside is, it changes your cycle. You will have very irregular periods for a while after. It is strongly recommended that you stay away from any form of unprotected sex until you are sure that your cycle is regulated. Till then, use condoms, birth control won’t work.’

Osezele looked awkwardly at the floor she sat on. ‘I don’t…I’m not…that won’t be a problem.’ She finished.

‘Oh.’ Was Kaya’s only response. ‘Well then, you’re ready. Seth, the verdant, will give you the leaf. The pain will be almost unbearable, but there is no way around it. Just when you think you can’t take any more, your commune mark will come out.’

After saying that Kaya vanished.

Osezele blinked and the incomplete building came back into focus. She was out of her augur mark. Kaya still held her hands. Kaya squeezed them, before letting her go and gesturing towards the man in the green turban.

Seth walked forward. He smiled at Osezele and then handed her a thick red leaf with an amorphous shape.

Osezele took a deep breath. She swallowed, looked around at the people surrounding her, and then put the leaf into her mouth.

There was a brief period were nothing happened.

Then the pain came.

Osezele screamed.

Unbearable seemed like an understatement. She doubled over, bending over her side in pain. She wanted to be brave, so she closed her eyes so that they wouldn’t see the tears in them. Hard hands clamped onto her shoulder and led her to the concrete floor of the incomplete building. A strong wave of pain hit her, and she collapsed onto the floor, rolling around the cold dusty ground as wave after wave of pain went through her. She could feel herself sweating even though she felt cold. Then the pain amplified and Osezele begun to doubt that anything could be worth feeling pain like this. The pain was so much in fact that she could feel herself slipping out of consciousness. She welcomed the oblivion.

When Osezele’s mind cleared, she was lying in a blue room. The first thing she realized was that the pain was gone. It was only after that that she noticed it had worked. She was with her blue place. She sat up straight, looking at the puddles of water on the floor beside her. There was a black mat on the floor before her, and a small vat of blue liquid in a rectangular glass bowl in front of the mat.

“It took you long enough.” The familiar sing-song voice called out from behind her.

Osezele was so happy to hear it. She turned around to face Seli and smiled as she watched it move closer towards her. “Thank you so much for yesterday.” She said.

Seli’s head blobs moved. “It was a pleasure. It felt good to fight again.” Its blobs moved again after that. It was a little violent at first and then it slowed. “Forget I said that.”

No chance, Osezele thought.

“Pick one.” Seli said. One of the long blobs rose to point towards the mat in front of her. How had she missed them? On the mat, there were small silver figurines in the shapes of little blades.

It was a no-brainer. Closer to the right edge of the mat, there was one which looked like the miniature version of the cutlass she’d seen herself fighting with in the nothingness. She picked that one.

“Place into the vat.” Seli commanded.

Osezele dropped the silver figurine into the vat of blue water, in front of the mat. As soon as the figurine went in, the water bubbled. Slowly, it began to crystallize, forming into the shape she’d put in. Then it was done.

Osezele had expected more ceremony.

“Take it.”

Osezele reached into the empty container and picked up the blue cutlass. She was filled with an awful sense of déjà vu. It was as if she was back in the nothingness. The upcoming battle felt so real now.

“Try not to lose it in the spectral existence.” Seli warned. “There is a finite amount of your blue place, and there may be times coming when you need to use some in ways that cannot be replenished. If you run out, I will be gone, and so will your witch marks.”

Seli left it on that ominous note.

Osezele felt the fogginess come back into her mind. She closed her eyes.

When Osezele opened her eyes, she was back in the incomplete building, staring up at the quintise and uncle Ehi.

Ehi bent to take the weapon from her. “I’ll keep it safe.” He promised, his gaze fixated on the dazzling blue cutlass. They all looked at it as if they’d never seen anything as mesmerizing. All of them, except for the man in the red clothes and turban. He watched her.

He smiled slowly at her. Then he rose his hand to his head and untied his red turban. He gave it to her.

Osezele didn’t understand why he was giving it to her, until she stood up and saw the large bloodstain underneath the spot she’d been sitting on.

At first, her mind reeled, as she wondered where the blood came from. Then she remembered Kaya’s words about the mensus leaf. Heat spread as embarrassment consumed her. She took the red cloth from the man, mumbling her thanks as she wrapped it around her waist. Then she took off, running with the wind.

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Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by tunjilomo(m): 6:36am On Jan 31
Wow, wow, wow. Obehid, well done o. So, will it be safe to assume that the burn on kaya's face can't be healed?
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by spixytinxy(f): 10:12am On Jan 31
U never cease to amaze me, glad to know DAT osazele is slowly upgrading from dat shy and timid girl, thanks @ obehid for d daily update u promise. Guess ur name is obehi right?
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by sampz: 11:36am On Jan 31
wait let me read it again before i comment
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by sampz: 12:00pm On Jan 31
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by Peaceyw(m): 12:42pm On Jan 31
kaya just dey form bond anyhow, when will osezele use her commune mark again, I am missing it already.
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by Fazemood(m): 1:31pm On Jan 31
Tolani is a very funny personality is hich one come be Nosezele?
Posting daily is a welcome idea, I wish you more strenght tofinal what you've started Obehid
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by Botaflica(m): 2:25pm On Jan 31
I am suspecting you oooooooo Ehi. Why do I have the feeling that you are up to something. Well, let's wait and see.

Ehi bent to take the weapon from her. “I’ll keep it safe.” He promised, his gaze fixated on the dazzling blue cutlass. They all looked at it as if they’d never seen anything as mesmerizing. All of them, except for the man in the red clothes and turban.
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by obehiD: 2:42am On Feb 01
@tunjilomo thank you! Yes, it is safe to assume that. With the nature's fire, it won't be possible to heal the burn

@spixytinxy thank you! I feel like a proud mother, watching Osezele grow grin. And yes, my name is Obehi.

@sampz hahahahahaha. Thanks! Hope you enjoy this one too

@Peaceyw lol, but Kaya doesn't have a choice now, she can't talk. She's just communicating the only way she knows how. There is more that Osezele needs to learn, before she can understand how the mark was suppressed in the first place and how to use it. Sadly, she won't be learning any of that in this book

@Fazemood I know, Tolani cracks me up! Nosezele is Nosa+Osezele now cheesy. Thank you!

@Botaflica why are you so suspicious? Somebody can't be fixated on a blue cutlass again? Lol! grin. On a more serious note, you are right to suspect that all may not be as it seems with Ehi, but it may not be in the direction you're thinking. I'll just say that Ehi is definitely not his brother (Oare).
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by obehiD: 2:43am On Feb 01
Chapter Forty-six
St. Luke’s, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria

It was after lunch on Friday afternoon. The sun shone down its scorching heat on St. Luke’s as the werewolves gathered outside the school, in front of the incomplete building. There were a few non-werewolves with them, like Osezele, Tolani, Ngozi, Aishat, Theresa, and all the male warlocks. For some reason, Lami was conspicuously absent.

The werewolves stood bunched together a little further off in front of the group of non-werewolves standing behind them.

Osezele couldn’t take her eyes off the back of Nosa’s head.

“Where’s Lami?” Aishat asked. She put the question out there, not directing it to anyone in particular.

“Have you ever seen an alpha brawl before?” Ngozi replied with a question of her own.

That got all the girls’ attentions. They took their curious eyes from the quintise’s preparations and turned to face Ngozi.

“I’ve read about it in my dad’s journals. It’s some pretty gory stuff.” Tolani replied.

“Which one is gory again?” Theresa snapped at Tolani. “Abeg my friend speak English.”

Ngozi and Aishat burst out laughing. Aishat jokingly teased, “But Tess, gory is English now.” Ngozi just laughed louder.

“Who are you talking to?” Theresa frowned at Aishat. Being in SS3, Theresa was a class older than Aishat who was in SS2. “Am I your mate?”

Aishat had to force herself to stop laughing. “Sorry.” She said, looking down to hide her twitching lips.

“Ah, Tess-Tess. Go oh, this one is not for you. It’s very violent, very grotesque. You sabi that word?” Ngozi asked.

“As if I will not now know what grotesque means.” Theresa hissed. She looped her arm in Aishat’s. “Aishat come make we dey go jor.”

“Oh, so now we’re friends again Tess.” Aishat teased. “I no dey fear oh, I wan stay.”

“Come jor.” Theresa eyed her playfully. She pulled Aishat with her, not giving the SS2 girl any other choice but to follow.

“You will gist me oh Osezele.” Aishat screamed out as she got dragged away.

After hearing Tolani describe it as gory and Ngozi as grotesque, Osezele was starting to consider leaving as well. Her gaze went back to where it had been before, ogling the back of Nosa’s head. Only this time, it wasn’t his hair she saw, but his face. For a moment he held her gaze, and then he turned back around.

The sizzling heat of the sun suddenly felt even hotter.

The quintise stood a distance away, close to the gates. They held hands, forming a circle as they chanted, their lavender eyes revealed. A single circular slab of white marble covered the previously sandy ground on which they stood. That marble spread a good distance out, stopping a few feet in front of the line of wolves.

The quintise broke the circle, pulling their hands down. They formed a straight line and walked all the way from the center of the marble arena to the edge. They stepped out, walking off the marble. Once outside the marble, they reconnected. Each member of the quintise placed their right hand on the shoulder of the person in front of them. Amie, the elemental, led the way. She held a small brown purse in her left hand. As the quintise begun chanting, their eyes pulled back to reveal the awing lavender, she put a hand into her brown purse and pulled out a handful of dust. She sprayed the colored dust on the floor, at the base of the marble, as they walked. They did this, starting from one edge of the circle and walking all the way around. Once she sprayed dust over the spot she’d started at, completing the circle, the quintise snapped their fingers in unison and the bag of dust went away.

They broke off, taking their hands off the shoulder in front of them.

Kaya nodded at Ehi.

Four members of the quintise moved away, moving off to the other side of the marble arena, closer to the incomplete building. Only Kofi, the commune, remained. His eyes turned red and he formed a dark mist around himself. When the mist came down, Kofi was standing with a small calabash in his hands.

Ehi cleared his throat.

“The quintise have completed the arena. Only werewolves can go in.” He demonstrated this by climbing onto the marble grounds and walking in. “Osezele.” He called. “Try to come in.”

Osezele nodded. She walked forward and tried to step onto the marble grounds. She wasn’t just pushed back, she was launched in the air. Osezele used her control of the wind to stop herself in the air and lower herself back to the ground.

Nosa didn’t look away until she’d safely landed back on her feet.

Ehi cleared his throat again to pull their attention back to him. “This is an alpha brawl. Every wolf must fight. Once you step in, the only way out is to get knocked out.” To demonstrate this, Ehi tried walking out of the marble grounds. He reached the edge and got pushed back. He tried again and got the same result. Then he pulled something out of his pocket and put it in his mouth.

Ehi dropped to the floor with a loud thud. His head moved to the side. His eyes weren’t open, he looked dead, Osezele thought with a slight shiver.

A lavender mist surrounded Ehi. Once that mist disappeared, Ehi’s body was gone.

“Unconsciousness is preferable, but death is the other way out.” Ehi stated dryly. The students turned and found him standing behind them. He walked slowly towards them. “The lavender mist you just saw has quintise healing magic in it, as long as you’re not dead, it will heal you.” He walked through the group of students and stopped by Kofi, at the edge of the marble arena. “When there is only one conscious werewolf left in there, the arena will collapse and the magic surrounding it will come down. The quintise will then bind the wills of every member of the pack to the last person left standing.”

“Come forward one by one, take a potion from the calabash in Kofi’s hands and eat it. It’ll bring your mark back out. Then step into the arena, and let the brawl begin. Good luck boys.” After saying that, Ehi’s eyes turned red. A dark mist formed around him. When the mist came down, he was gone.

“Where did he go?” Tolani asked.

Osezele shrugged, her attention on Nosa as he stepped forward first. She rolled her eyes at him. Why did he always have to be the first to do things like this?

Nosa put his hand into the calabash and pulled out the squishy square-shaped thing he found in it. Without pausing to deliberate, he put it into his mouth, chewed and swallowed. Nothing happened, and then he swayed strongly to his left. Nosa fell to his knee on the ground. That was when the shaking began. He shook as he felt his marks force themselves back out. He growled, his eyes split between gold and white as his suppressed marks came out.

Nosa stood amidst cheers from most of the wolves standing behind him. He walked into the marble arena.

Lanky moved forward to go next. Beedie shoved him aside roughly and marched forward. He dug his hand into the calabash, pulled out the potion and threw it into his mouth. He let his contemptuous gaze scan Nosa, Lanky, and all the wolves standing behind him. He still had the potion from the quintise in the village. He wasn’t going to use that one till the end. He couldn’t wait to humble Nosa. When his mark rose back in him, the force of it knocking him down, he contemplated all the ways to kill Nosa. Then he remembered he couldn’t, not Nosa, not after the deal he’d made in the village. He felt his mark back in him and he roared, his golden eyes moving from left to right. He saw Lanky and smiled. Lanky, he thought with relish, Lanky would die, and all the other wolves would finally learn the price of disloyalty.

Beedie walked in. He eyed Nosa, giving him a wide berth. He was saving Nosa’s beating for last, for after he took the potion he’d gotten from the quintise in that village.

Lanky went next, then Ricky, then a mix of the SS3 and SS2 betas. Victor waited to go last. He wasn’t exactly in a rush to get the omega mark back and resume his position at the bottom of the totem pole. Not that he hadn’t been proud, watching Nosa take his place as the interim pack alpha, he had, he still was. But always being the butt of the joke chafed, and always taking the hits because he was the only one smart enough to know he had to, it took a bite out of him. He hadn’t realized how much it bothered him until it was all gone, and there was no added strength, nothing differentiating him from the people he called friends. Now it would come back and his silver eyes, while they made him smarter, would also make him weaker.

A part of him wanted to believe that if Nosa won, things would be different, but he couldn’t, he couldn’t let himself hope like that. Victor sighed. At least he was smart, he thought as he put his hand into the calabash and pulled out the squishy potion. He turned around, the potion half way to his mouth, and watched the angst of the wolves standing on the marble grounds. Unlike him, they’d been looking forward to this brawl. Logical thought said that most of them didn’t have a shot, but there were SS3 betas who honestly believed that they could win. They were excited for the opportunity to challenge the natural born alphas, ecstatic actually. Just one of the many reasons why betas were so foolish. Victor closed his eyes and put the potion into his mouth. He chewed and then waited to feel his mark come back out. He was knocked to the ground like every other wolf who went before him, and he stood up with silver irises blazing, as he walked into the arena.

Victor stopped in front of Nosa’s turned back just as an SS3 beta threw the first punch, hitting Ricky square in the face. That punch started the fighting. It was a mass of flying fists. It wasn’t long till the first drop of blood fell.

Nosa couldn’t decide who to start with. There was an SS2 beta who wasn’t fighting. He wouldn’t put up much of a challenge but… A hard hand clamped onto Nosa’s shoulder and forced him around. Nosa turned swinging. His left fist hit Victor’s shocked face, splitting his lip.

“I’m so sorry.” Nosa apologized, cringing as he watched Victor wipe the blood off his lip.

Victor chuckled. “That’s actually what I wanted. I won’t fight back, so just make it quick.” The words tasted sour in his mouth, but he forced them out and clenched his jaw, waiting for the beating.

Nosa shook his head, looking around. The violence was contagious. He wanted to fight. “You should fight someone you could actually win.” Nosa was distracted as he spoke.

“You think there’s anyone here I can beat?”

Nosa’s full attention focused on Victor after he heard the undertones of self-loathing in his voice. “The wolves won’t respect you if you don’t put up a fight.” Nosa said the words gently.

Victor scoffed. “They’ve never respected me, they probably never will.”

“I need them to respect you if I…I need them to respect you.”

Victor looked around and for a second Nosa wished he hadn’t gotten his mark back, so that he wouldn’t have seen the signs of Victor’s fear, in his nervous swallow and the increase of his heartbeat.

“You used to have more fight in you.” Nosa’s voice dripped with scorn. “Where’s the boy who challenged Beedie? Where’s the boy who threatened to hurt me if I hurt Osezele? I need that boy, I could fight him. But this, this is a joke. No wonder Lami left you.” He shook his head and turned around, hoping that he’d said enough to push Victor.

Nosa didn’t have to wonder for long.

Victor’s eyes flashed silver as he latched onto Nosa’s shoulder and pulled him back. He punched Nosa in the nose, then in the cheek, then in the nose again. He kept punching until he broke that nose and blood streaked down Nosa’s face. He grabbed the back of Nosa’s neck, forcing Nosa’s head down to his rising knee. The air filled with the sound of Nosa’s upper jawbone breaking. Victor followed that blow with a punch to the side of Nosa’s face, sending Nosa sprawling to the ground. Victor couldn’t remember the last time he’d been so angry. He also couldn’t remember the last time he’d felt so strong. He let the rush of his mark out as he kicked Nosa in the belly. He heard a screaming sound coming from somewhere, but he couldn’t stop, he just couldn’t.

The wolves paused mid fight to watch the impossible happen: a natural born omega beating a natural born alpha.

Nosa wasn’t moving.

Victor kept kicking, deaf to Osezele cries, blind to the halt to the chaos as the wolves stopped their fights to watch him, numb to every feeling except for the rush of power in him as he fed off his anger at Nosa.

Just when the SS2 betas really began to worry, Nosa laughed.

It was an eerie sound, one that none of them would forget anytime soon. Nosa laughed, uncurling as he stretched his stomach out, giving Victor more room to kick. He allowed Victor to get two more kicks in, and then he caught Victor’s foot and flung him in the air.
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by obehiD: 2:43am On Feb 01
Order was restored in the world. The wolves continued their fighting.

Nosa jumped to his feet and ran over to where Victor landed. Victor was already standing. Nosa dodged the blow to the left Victor aimed at his face. When Victor’s arm approached, threatening a punch to the right, Nosa caught that arm and held onto it. He pulled Victor closer by it and then he gave Victor exactly what he’d asked for, he gave him a quick exit. Nosa knocked Victor on the side of his head with so much force that when Victor landed on the floor, he was unconscious. The lavender mist encircled him, taking Victor out of the arena.

As Nosa turned around, realigning his broken bones so they could heal properly, an SS3 beta tried to take him by surprise. He easily dodged the SS3 boy, pushing him forward with a hand on his back. That push landed the boy right in the middle of a fight with two SS2 betas. Nosa watched the SS2 betas beat the SS3 one to unconsciousness. After the lavender mist carried the SS3 boy out, the SS2 betas continued their fight.

Nosa snapped his nose back in place.

A hand tapped onto his shoulder.

Nosa turned around.

Lanky’s fist hit him in the belly. Lanky smiled, shrugging. “I want a good fight. When I bow to you, I want to know it’s because you beat me shitless.”

Nosa nodded, more than happy to oblige.

Lanky’s fist went for Nosa’s belly again and Nosa let it reach its target. He could feel Lanky’s confidence increase with each landed blow. Then Lanky stopped for air and Nosa tsked. He returned the favor punching Lanky in the belly, six times alternated between each fist and then a blow to the side of Lanky’s head which would have knocked a weaker wolf out. It only knocked Lanky off his feet. Lanky lay sprawled on the ground, blinking up at Nosa with wide eyes, almost as if he couldn’t believe Nosa’s strength.

A fist hit Nosa in the back, pulling him from his fight with Lanky.

He turned around not surprised to see that it was another SS3 beta. This one he wasn’t especially fond of. He didn’t let him get any more blows in, the one to his back was already one too many. Nosa dismissed the boy as a coward, because only a coward would attack from the back. He let his rage come out, he let himself lose a little bit of control, and went partially into his mark, letting his golden eyes out. Nosa grabbed the coward by the back of his neck, holding his face in place as he smashed his fist into the boy’s face. One punch and his nose broke. Two and blood came out of his eyes, three and four of the boy’s teeth came flying out. Nosa kept punching until the boy’s face was completely covered with blood. Then he released the boy’s neck and sent him to oblivion with a blow to the side of his head. The boy fell straight down, like a statue being toppled. He rolled to his side, his arms spread wide, just before the lavender mist encircled him.

Nosa came out of his mark, his eyes returning to normal.

There was an SS3 beta who’d been waiting to challenge him. The boy took a step back, turned around and ran. He ran right into Beedie’s waiting fists. Nosa flinched as he watched Beedie pound into the boy. Nosa could tell that the beating was personal. He turned around, casting the boy out of his mind as he moved to continue his fight with Lanky. But Lanky was already occupied. He was fighting one of his classmates, and winning, by the look of it. Nosa smiled.

He turned to look for another target. There was an SS2 boy who wasn’t fighting anyone. The boy had been watching Nosa. Nosa turned around and gestured the boy forward. The boy shook his head, ‘no thank you.’ Nosa shrugged. He looked around and then his eyes returned to the boy. He watched as the boy joined another SS2 beta fighting against Ricky.

Nosa walked over to them. He pulled the SS2 boy he’d invited to fight him back, by the back of his shirt.

“Two against one is just not fair.” Nosa scolded.

“I’m not complaining.” Ricky replied, dodging a blow to his head and returning with a punch to the attacker’s jaw.

Nosa refused to let Ricky have all the fun. He turned the SS2 boy, his classmate, around and let him go. Nosa shoved him back lightly, making it clear that he wasn’t giving him a choice. The SS2 boy sighed. He threw a punch and Nosa obliged him, letting it hit his target. He smiled at the boy, teasing him a little. “Is that it?” Nosa asked.

The SS2 beta’s irises flashed brown. He threw a much harder blow, aimed at Nosa’s chest. Nosa caught the boy’s hand and pushed him back, slapping him lightly on the back of his head. That just seemed to enrage the beta even more. He rushed at Nosa again. He aimed a blow to the side of Nosa’s head which Nosa blocked, then one to Nosa’s belly which Nosa side stepped. Then the Boy aimed a blow to Nosa’s left side, which Nosa dodged swerving to the right to avoid it. The boy had been expecting that, because his other fist hit Nosa in the right side.

Nosa grinned at the boy. He was just about to really get into the fight, when he felt a forceful shove from his left. The boy Ricky had been fighting with was gone. Ricky inclined his head to where Beedie knelt over the SS3 beta who’d run from Nosa. Beedie was punching the boy in the face without stopping. Left fist, right fist, left fist, non-stop.

“He’s going to kill him.” Ricky stated.

Nosa sighed. He inclined his head towards the SS2 beta he’d been fighting, transferring the boy to Ricky, as he walked towards Beedie.

Nosa grabbed onto the front of Beedie’s shirt and hauled him up by it. He shoved Beedie away. Beedie’s eyes were gold as he ran towards Nosa. Lanky intercepted, punching Beedie in the face with enough force to knock him down.

Nosa knelt by the SS3 beta. The boy’s eyes were swollen shut. The skin around the boy’s forehead looked strange. Nosa ran his hand over the head, and gasped when he noticed that Beedie had broken the front of the boy’s skull. But Nosa could still hear a heartbeat. It was faint, but it was there.

Nosa crawled behind the boy and gently lifted him into his arms. He placed the boy’s arm into a triangle formed by his hand and squeezed, obstructing the flow of blood to the boy’s brain. He could feel it the moment he passed out. Nosa let him go and stood there watching with a grim look on his face as the lavender mist rose to take the boy away.

Nosa looked around. There were only four of them left. Beedie, Lanky, Ricky and him. Nosa was just about to challenge Ricky when he saw Beedie’s fangs sink into Lanky’s skin. “No!” Nosa yelled, running over to Beedie.

Ricky got to Beedie before he did. Ricky pulled Beedie off Lanky and punched him in the face.

Nosa knelt by Lanky, watching as the golden venom spread through Lanky’s body.

“I’m going to die.” Lanky muttered the words, there was shock in his voice. “Serves me right for the part I played in Elliot’s death.”

Nosa lifted Lanky into his arms and repeated his actions with the last boy. He choked Lanky out, glaring at Beedie as he prayed the blood flow stopped before the venom spread to Lanky’s eyes. Lanky was lucky, the mist had quintise healing magic. He just had to hold on. Finally, Lanky blacked out.

Nosa let him go, watching the golden venom spread through his veins as the lavender mist encircled him.

Nosa was beyond the point of rage. Beedie was worse than a coward. He could easily have beaten Lanky fair and square. Why did he have to try to kill him? And he couldn’t blame it on the bijoutise magic around the school, because their quintise had made sure the brawl was free from its effects.

Nosa pulled Ricky back, pulling him away from the fight with Beedie. He knocked Ricky out with five successive blows to the side of his head. Ricky was taken away by the lavender mist.

Nosa walked towards Beedie with purpose. He punched Beedie in the face, so hard Beedie fell to the floor. Beedie crawled using his elbows and knees to move away from Nosa. Then, he pulled out the potion he’d been giving by the quintise in the village, and he ingested the slimy leaves.

Beedie stood to his feet, his body coursing with power. All of the emotions he’d been feeling, the rage at his SS3 betas, the humiliation that they’d dealt him, it was all coming as power. It was like being under the influence of the quintise magic, except a hundred times better, and he was in full control.

Nosa punched him in the face again, and it felt like a slap, like a small open hand slap from a small weak little girl. Beedie laughed. He smiled widely as Nosa frowned.

Nosa could feel that something was different, but he refused to give up. He punched Beedie in the face, again, and Beedie’s head barely even moved. He hit him in the stomach, then in the sides, all of which seemed to have no effect on him.

Nosa tried again. He went partially into his mark, pulling all of his strength into the blow he aimed at Beedie’s side. Beedie caught Nosa’s hand before it reached his side, and he punched Nosa in the face.

Nosa fell on his back on the ground. He blinked dazedly, startled by the pain running through his system. If there was a single unbroken bone in his face after that punch, he would be shocked. He couldn’t believe it. Beedie was not that strong, he knew it, but what could he do? Beedie lifted his right leg and brought it down, on top of Nosa’s belly. Nosa screamed in pain. It felt as if Beedie had torn all of his vital organs.

Nosa tried to lift his right arm to fight back, but everything hurt. He managed to lift his left leg and Beedie grabbed it and twisted, dislocating the bone at his hip joint. Nosa yelled out in pain. Beedie wasn’t done yet. He kicked Nosa in the side, kick after kick, until Nosa could barely move. Just breathing hurt.

Beedie stood over Nosa, putting both legs on either side of Nosa’s body, and then he knelt. He grabbed onto the front of Nosa’s face with his right hand and slammed his head down, hitting Nosa’s head against the marble floor. Beedie did it again, and then again, and then again. Until he saw Nosa’s eyes begin to go dizzy.

“No!” Beedie screamed like a deranged animal. “I’m not done with you yet.” He punched Nosa in the face. Nosa’s head snapped to the left. His eyes cleared. Beedie pulled him back and then punched him again, slamming his fist mercilessly into Nosa’s face.

Nosa prayed for oblivion.

Osezele ran towards the marble arena, tears streaming down her face. She was knocked back, just as she’d been before. She landed on the ground and went again. She was pushed back again.

“Do something!” Osezele yelled desperately at the quintise. “It’s your magic. You have to do something.”

Tolani hated being the voice of reason in situations like this. “Only a werewolf can go in.” she stated.

Osezele screamed at Tolani.

She wept as she watched helplessly.

The wolves were shocked. The SS2 betas couldn’t believe their eyes. How was it even possible? No, no, no. One of them fell on his knees, praying as he watched Beedie pound into Nosa. Lanky was furious. As a firm believer that heaven only helped those who helped themselves, Lanky charged at the arena, desperate to save the SS2 boy he’d chosen as his alpha. And just like Osezele, he got knocked back.

“Let me in!” he screamed at the quintise.

“As far as the magic is concerned, you’ve lost the chance to go in. You got knocked out, Lanky, there are no do-overs.” It was Ngozi who spoke, but it was Kaya’s words she said.

“No.” Victor muttered, shocked beyond words as he watched Beedie yank his head back and expose his fangs. He dug those fangs into Nosa’s neck. “No.” Victor fell to his knees in despair.

Osezele watched the golden venom begin to spread through Nosa’s body as Beedie continued beating him as if he wasn’t patient enough to let the venom do the work.

With tear filled eyes, she commanded her blue place out.

A miniature version of Seli filled her palm.

“I’m sorry.” The sing-song voice of the water said. Osezele heard the grief in its voice and shook her head.

“No!” she yelled, her voice shaking with the tears she shed. “No.” she said more calmly, wiping the tears away. “Tell me how to stop this. Possess me, I don’t care, just stop it. Please!”

The drops at the top of Seli’s head moved. “It is quintise magic, there is no way to undo it.”

“There has to be a way.” Osezele was desperate. “Tell me!” she ordered.

“There is no way to override quintise magic. Not even a commune with a scarlet diadem could do it.”

“There is a way.” Osezele snapped. “Kaya told me about twins who were not affected by quintise magic. How did they do it?”

“If there is a way, I do not know it.” Seli said. “I am truly sorry for your loss.” The blue water seeped back into Osezele’s skin.

The students watched as the venom spread through his face. Nosa’s veins stood out. They were a golden hue.

‘The venom has reached his eyes now.’ Kaya said in Ngozi’s mind. ‘Nosa is gone.’
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warrisdis, wake me up from my sleep ooo, how will obehiD let this happen? and I saw dis coming Sha.
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I believe Beedie is foolish enough to believe in the slimy leave he had gotten. There's a weakness I believe the leave has which be his undoing.
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cry cry cry cry cry
I know nosa won't die sha
But obehid, why wld u just end this abruptly.
Do another update today cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry
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Now, this is what we call suspense. Lol.
Beedie is a crazy guy I swear. . too power hungry.

Can't wait for the next update

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i da la
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nosa is gone is a lie..
ehi once said something concerning the veom..the stronger alpha will always win..
nosa aint gone no were..
and again is ebo thrall..he just have something we dont know about...
and maybe i might me wrong oo
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Haaaa , all we r saying , give us anoda update. @obehid pls don't leave us like dis, dis suspense can give one bp. Bikonu anoda update. I know Nosa will not die, actor no dey die for film.
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Obehid pls come ooooo
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ObehiD don't do this to Osezele, Ricky and I.

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Obehid nne, this kain cliffhanger ehn! Well m 100% sure that beedie can't kill Nosa
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I don't believe Nosa is gone, remember when Ricky just transformed, Nosa connected with some of his inner strength and link he once had with Ebo and he growled in a way that even Beedie was terrified. I can see Nosa coming out victorious here. �
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I don't believe Nosa died out in that contest. Beedie may be the winner of this brawl but Nosa dying is not happening. Not today at least. Well we'll watch and see.
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This story has so gotten into my system that I started dreaming of it. I even gave a concluding part to the story in the dream. But nisa didn't die in that concluding part. Obehid don't let nisa die oh, abi nature's plan for osezele is sadness all through her life? Even ehi wldnt be able to bear it on his conscience. Beedie has to be confined he same way ehi and oare's father is confined, with d serious strange illness. Or maybe the imps can deal with beedie
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@Peaceyw you're sleeping and reading... but how grin. Okay wake up, it's time for the next half. And I'll admit, you did see it coming, but I did say that cliches where cliche for a reason wink

@phoenixchap is there?...We're about to find out

@monalicious I've come back with another update. Will Nosa die? That's the question...And I'm so very flattered that the story could get into your system! I don't have to ask if it was good dreams, because it can only be good dreams, if you're dreaming about this story grin. As to Beedie being confined...well, we'll just have to wait and see about that

@lukfame hehehe...and I was always wondering what we called suspense. Now I know lol. Beedie is power hungry. I like how conniving his ambition makes him. Next update soon.

@sampz Please come and interpret. I don't know what 'I da la' means. I hope it's something good though grin. I'm so glad you remember the venom rules and how all that works, but really, how do we know whose venom is stronger?

@spixytinxy Another update is here. I hope you're okay oh! I don't want to give anyone bp. Don't worry. this update will lower the bp and have you smiling grin ... and I know say actor no dey die for film, but Nosa is not the only 'actor' in this 'film', so...

@GeoSilYe hahahahaha...well, I'm just happy to see you siding with Osezele and Ricky. They are two of my favorite characters, lol

@DzTzl 100% sure...that is a very higher percentage oh

@Botaflica You're reasoning in this story is getting too deep cry How will I now surprise you? I love that you still remember Ricky's first transformation though

@Fazemood ...hmmm, well, like you said, let's watch and see grin


Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by obehiD: 12:06am On Feb 02
Chapter Forty-seven
St. Luke’s, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria

The venom filled Nosa’s eyes, moving inwards from his irises and pushing into his pupil.

Beedie let go of Nosa. He stood off him with his chest puffed out in pride. Victory. He could smell it. It was the sweetest thing he’d ever smelled. He’d have to make Nosa’s death up to the beautiful Ashanti, but really, when Nosa’s death had been so close, how could he resist it? He’d looked into Nosa’s smug face and he couldn’t help but send his venom into him. Idiots like Nosa deserved to die at the hands of better alphas. He walked away from Nosa’s corpse and circled the marble arena as he waited for the lavender mist to take Nosa away.

His eyes went to Lanky first. Even now, when Beedie was so clearly the winner, Lanky still glared at him. As if he had the right! Lanky was the one he treated as beta. It was Lanky who’d laughed loudest at his jokes, Lanky who’d held Nosa down so that he could put his venom into Ricky. Now, that same Lanky acted like he hadn’t enjoyed it, as if the high of power hadn’t been drugging to him too. It was Beedie who’d raised Lanky up. It was only fitting that it be Beedie who bring him down.

Beedie dismissed Lanky from his thoughts. He turned his attention to the SS3 betas. Most of them couldn’t meet his eyes. Some bowed. Beedie shook his head. That wasn’t enough. No more head gestures, or slight nods which could maybe pass for a bow. When his wolves saw him, they would kneel in greeting, just like they did in the community. His wolves would kneel to him, they would kneel in his presence. He was going to restructure the pack, make sure that the pecking order was clear. Someone had to teach the foolish SS2 boys their place. Maybe he would make the fight a daily thing. He’d set the SS2 betas against each other and order them to fight until one passed out. He’d beat whoever was left.

Beedie smiled.

There was a spot left in each of Nosa’s pupils. One tiny dot in each eye. Those dots turned red. Suddenly, Nosa’s eyes filled with red. The red pushed the golden venom back, out of Nosa’s eyes. With the venom out, Nosa’s wolf mark came out with a force. That wolf mark combined with the pieces of Ebo left in him, making his eyes take on that awing mix of red and gold.

The golden veins on Nosa’s face relaxed as the gold receded. The gold was driven back by the normal brown pigmentation of Nosa’s skin. That gold faded all the way back to the origin, Beedie’s bite on his neck.

Nosa begun to sprout hairs allover his body. His facial features changed as a snout formed on his face. His hands formed into paws with massive claws.

Nosa’s eyes opened.

He took a deep breath.

Beedie froze.

Nosa stood up.

The students watching outside the arena gawked as Nosa stood, like a person rising from the dead.

‘It’s not possible.’ Kaya said in Ngozi’s mind as she walked closer to the edge of the arena to get a better view.

Osezele’s tears stopped.

“Yes!” Lanky hooted, doing a fist bump in the air.

Nosa’s bones begun to break. They broke and reformed turning him into the monster they’d seen the day Ricky’s mark came out, the one who wasn’t fully human, but also wasn’t fully wolf.

Beedie was too scared to turn around. He knew. He heard it in the snapping of Nosa’s bones, saw it in the hope-filled eyes of the wolves standing on the other side of the arena. “No.” Beedie muttered. “No, this shouldn’t be happening.”

Nosa yowled and every hair on Beedie’s skin stood.

Beedie shivered.

Nosa stomped towards him. With each step, the marble floor seemed to shake. Nosa stopped behind Beedie, towering over him. He picked Beedie up by the back of his neck, and slammed him against the invisible boundary of the marble arena, as if he was dusting a dirty rag against a wall. He did it again, and then he threw Beedie to the ground. The snap of Beedie’s bones breaking filled the air in a sweet melody the wolves cheered at.

Nosa only let himself stay in that state for long enough for the expedited healing to help. Once he could feel that his bones had mended properly, he went out of it. He pulled the monster back. The hair receded, and his bones snapped back into place. His paws reformed into hands, his claws went away. His snout morphed back into his face and his fangs went away.

Nosa knelt over Beedie and he did what he’d been desperate to do for so long. He beat him. He punched Beedie’s face till it stopped looking like a face. He hit so hard his hand hurt, but he just kept hitting, landing blow after blow. He could feel Beedie start to slip underneath him, he could hear Beedie’s heartrate slow, but Nosa didn’t care.

“He’s going to kill him.” Tolani murmured.

The wolves seemed to agree, because the festive mood they’d been in when Nosa stood up was slowly turning melancholic.

“Somebody has to stop him.” Victor said.

For a second, Osezele wanted Nosa to kill Beedie. For a moment, she imagined how much simpler everyone’s lives would be if Beedie wasn’t there to infest them with all of his dangerous negative traits. But then she remembered what she’d said to Ricky. She’d told him that vengeance belonged to God.

Osezele knew that there was only one way to reach him.

Like with her uncle Oare, she thought about how desperately she wanted to bond with Nosa. Then she closed her eyes and went into her augur mark.

When Osezele opened her eyes, she was standing in the middle of a burning room. Everywhere she turned there was fire. At first, she worried it would burn her, but then she realized she was walking through it. The flames flickered against her, but they weren’t hot, they didn’t burn. There was a wolf in the middle of the fire. It seemed trapped. It tried to jump over the flames, but the flames roared to life, rising higher with each attempt. Osezele walked through the flames and knelt in front of the wolf. She ran her hands through its fur.

Nosa’s hand froze in the air. His eyes went white.

Osezele kissed the wolf on the center of its forehead.

Osezele was forced back as a gust of wind blew around the wolf, encircling him. The wind spread away from the wolf and cleared the fire in the room. Only, when the wind left the wolf, it wasn’t a wolf standing there, it was Nosa, the boy.

“You’re in my head.” Nosa said, startled by the sight of Osezele there. “What are you doing in my head? How…”

“I’m an augur.” Osezele confessed.

Nosa’s mouth hung open.

“You have to stop. You’re killing him.” Osezele said, and then she was gone.

The white cleared out of Nosa’s eyes. He turned to face her, to see if it was true, or if he’d made it up. White eyes stared back at him from his princess’s face.

Nosa turned back to face Beedie. He yanked Beedie into the triangle of his arm and choked him out. The lavender mist formed around Beedie and took him away.

Cheers sounded as the marble began to disintegrate underneath Nosa. It cracked and then tumbled inwards turning into fine sand and then dust as it disappeared.

The quintise walked towards Nosa. They stopped in front of him.

Nosa felt a strong pain in his head as, for the second time that day, he was forced into a bond. His eyes filled with white.

Nosa looked around the all-white room, before taking his attention to the woman standing in front of him. Kaya smiled. Nosa smiled back.

‘This will be quick.’ Kaya promised. ‘You’ve already had a long day pack alpha.’

Nosa couldn’t stop the smile that took over his face. He nodded.

‘We will form a circle around you and chant. As we chant, a lavender mist will encircle you. At first the mist will be clear, almost see through, then it will fill with blotches of gold, brown and silver. Once the three colors completely overrun the lavender, the mist will move into you. Do not fight it, that is wills of the members of your pack. Once in you, the binding will take place. It may seem a little disconcerting at first. Don’t be afraid, you’ve already proven your strength.’ Kaya said.

She waited a moment for the confused look to partially clear from Nosa’s face, before pulling out of his mind.

Nosa’s eyes cleared. He blinked.

The quintise had formed a circle around him. They sat, holding each other’s hands as they chanted. There was something tranquil about the chant, it was almost lulling. The quintise member’s eyes opened revealing lavender orbs as they continued their chanting.

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