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Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by obehiD: 12:07am On Feb 02
As promised, a lavender mist swirled from the ground, rising up to cover Nosa. He watched as the lavender mist filled with patches of different colors. There was one patch of silver, that appeared first, then a patch of gold, to his left. Patches of brown began to appear. Nosa counted one for each beta in the pack. The last patch to appear was gold. Those patches grew, swallowing up the lavender. When the lavender was gone, the mist began to approach him.

It felt suffocating.

Nosa felt like he couldn’t breathe, as if the mist was sucking up all the oxygen. Then it kept moving until it permeated his skin. Nosa fell hard on his knees.

He shook.

When he opened his eyes, they were a mix of different colors. There were small circles filled with different shades of brown, circles filled with gold and a circle filled with silver. Bit by bit, those smaller circles began to disappear as they were swallowed by a bright shade of gold. The gold circle grew big, very big, filling up the entire eye as it swallowed up the remaining colors.

Nosa’s eyes shone a bright, mesmerizing shade of gold. Unlike when he was in his werewolf mark, the gold didn’t just fill his irises, it filled his entire eye, like the warlock marks did. Then the gold was pulled back from the edges, back towards the pupil in the center. The gold continued its fade till all that was left was Nosa’s normal eye.

“It’s done.” Ngozi announced, speaking for Kaya.

Nosa walked out of the circle formed by the quintise.

The quintise members stood up. Kofi’s eyes turned red, and a dark mist formed around them. When the mist came down, they were gone.

Nosa looked at his pack and smiled. He’d expected to feel different after the binding, but he didn’t. All he felt was an overwhelming sense of relief.

He’d won! He was pack alpha. Nosa’s smile widened. He tipped his head backwards, staring up into the sky.

The wolves moved towards him. They surrounded him, slapping him on his back and pushing him around. Nosa, clasped hands in firm handshakes, gave and received half hugs. He didn’t look at faces, because the faces didn’t matter anymore. Just as he didn’t look at uniforms, because class distinctions were a thing of the past. He was going to make sure of it. This was his pack now.

“Wait, wait, wait.” Lanky called out, pulling betas off him. “Pack alpha!” he hailed, bowing his head. The wolves erupted, yelling out their congratulations and cheers. “Shh.” Lanky quieted them down. “What’s the first order of business?” Lanky asked.

Some of the wolves laughed, others turned expectantly to Nosa.

“I think it’s about time we ran as a pack.” Nosa announced.

The wolves cheered in agreement.

“Not all of us.” An SS2 beta said. He tilted his head in the direction of Beedie’s departing back.

Nosa watched Beedie walk away, and an uncontrollable rage took over him. He didn’t know how he’d gotten to him, but Nosa found himself yanking Beedie back by the back of his shirt. He pulled Beedie to the ground and was suddenly possessed with an urge to break every bone in his body. He wanted to kill Beedie.

Nosa stumbled back.

The rush of anger was like nothing he’d ever felt before. It was so much worse than it had been before. He made his hands into fists and was startled when he felt sharp claws tearing into his own flesh. He’d gone partially into his wolf mark without knowing it.

“We’re running as a pack!” Nosa snapped at Beedie. His eyes shone gold as he said the words. There was a little bit of a growl at the end.

Beedie moved back, away from Nosa. He got up to his feet, turned around and walked back to the gathering of wolves like a zombie. He didn’t even put up a fight.

Beedie’s supplication calmed Nosa. He felt his rage rescind. His fangs and claws went back in. His golden eyes cleared. He was back under control. Nosa stared down at the blood in his palms. He knew the wounds had closed, but the blood was a sign, a reminder of the rage. It had been awful, scary. His own rage frightened him. It wasn’t just the rage, it was the desire to shred Beedie to pieces which had accompanied it. Nosa was afraid that he would have gone through with it, if Beedie hadn’t obeyed him.

“Alpha!” an SS2 boy yelled out. The wolves laughed. Beedie hung back. His shoulders were slumped, his head bowed in defeat.

Nosa kept his eyes on Beedie as he walked back towards the pack. At first, he wasn’t sure what he was looking for. It wasn’t till he got closer to the circle and the disappointment set in, that he realized he’d been hoping that Beedie would antagonize him. He’d been wishing for a reason to finish what he’d started in the marble arena.

Nosa pulled his mind off Beedie and took it over to Lanky who stood in front of him.

“I think there’s something we need to attend to before the run.”

Nosa frowned. “What?” he asked.

“You need to pick a pack beta.” Lanky said. There were rumblings of agreement from the group. “And I think it should be an SS3 boy.” The SS3 boys agreed, the SS2 boys scoffed.

“So, that’s why you’ve been kissing his ass.” Ricky commented.

The SS2 boys burst out laughing. The SS3 boys turned rigid with shock. Lanky took a step towards Ricky. Nosa put a hand on Lanky’s chest and pushed him back. He turned to face Ricky and glared at him.

“Apologize.” Nosa snapped at him. There was something so menacing about Nosa’s guttural voice, that the wolves found themselves slinking back, moving away from him.

“I..I’m sorry.” Ricky’s voice shook a little as he felt the words torn out of his lips before he even realized what he was saying.

Nosa took a deep breath. “We are one pack now, let’s act like it.” He turned to face Lanky and eyed him casually, sizing him up with the flicker of his eyes. Lanky’s eyes dropped to the ground. Nosa’s eyes roamed the students gathered around him. They all looked down once his eyes met theirs. None of them could stare him in the eyes. Except one.

Hard eyes stared back at him, unflinching.

Nosa’s eyes narrowed.

The face remained expressionless, as if the owner was simply waiting. And then thick eyebrows rose, creeping up in question.

Nosa smiled at Victor and then he looked away.

“You’re right Lanky.” Nosa commented. “I should pick a pack beta.” Silence greeted Nosa’s words. “And I agree that he should be in SS3.”

Lanky was shocked. A slow smile crept onto his face.

Nosa looked at that smile and smirked. “Victor.” He said, his eyes rolling past Lanky to where his best friend stood at the edge of the group. “Victor is my pack beta.”

Lanky’s smile faded. “Victor?” he sputtered. “But he’s an omega.”

“Yes, Lanky, he is. Which is why when the rest of us were doing everything in our power to shred ourselves to pieces, Victor was the only one working to stop us. We have lost people, some were our friends,” sadness overtook him as he thought of Elliot. He turned to face Ricky, “and some were more than friends.” Ricky nodded. “But if there is anyone to thank for not compounding on that loss, it’s Victor. And he did it all without ever receiving any gratitude. So yes, he’s an omega, and yes, he’s naturally weaker than the rest of us. But I am the pack alpha and I am choosing him as my pack beta, my number two, which means that if you disrespect him, you are disrespecting me, and if you disobey him, you are disobeying me.” Nosa’s eyes turned cold as he stared the wolves down. “You don’t want to disobey me.” He stated ominously. “Are there any concerns with my choice for pack beta?” Nosa asked in a tone that didn’t invite a response.

Victor cleared his throat. He walked into the circle of wolves surrounding Nosa, all the way through to the middle, and stopped in front of him. “While I appreciate the gesture, I don’t think it’s wise. You should pick a stronger wolf.” He said.

“If there’s anything you’ve taught me, it’s that there’s more to being a leader than brute strength, and there’s more to strength than how hard a werewolf can hit. You are the strongest wolf I know.” Smiling, Nosa added, “and I wasn’t asking.” He put a hand on Victor’s shoulder. “I asked you before if I had your support. Do you remember what you said?”

Victor’s lips twitched. He nodded.

“Well then prove it.” Nosa squeezed Victor’s shoulder lightly, before taking his hand off. “Now we run.” he said, turning to face the other wolves.

“Congratulations Silver.” Lanky slapped Victor on the back. “You deserve it.”

Following Lanky’s lead, the wolves surrounded Victor. They cheered him on, a little reservedly at first, and then much more boisterously as Victor laughed, giving back as good as he got.

After all the years he’d spent in the pack, this was the first time Victor truly felt as if he belonged.


Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by sampz: 12:21am On Feb 02
just as i thought
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by spixytinxy(f): 4:20am On Feb 02
O lalacious, is dis Saturday update or u decided to grant us our request by uploading, chai I yam Oliver twist, always wanting more
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by tunjilomo(m): 5:38am On Feb 02
Yes o. Thanks for this one, Obehid.
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by AmaUwana(f): 6:15am On Feb 02
thanks for the update obehiD happy new month
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by Botaflica(m): 6:31am On Feb 02
Yes, now that's the leader in Nosa coming out and congratulations to Victor. Nosa I am following you and others ooo, just try as much as possible not to allow anger and rage overwhelm you and please don't get power drunken. Osezele thank you for bonding again with Nosa. ObehiD thanks for the update
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by GeoSilYe(f): 8:27am On Feb 02
Awwn this was so gooodddd

Thanks ObehiD.

There are probably effects of what Ashanti gave Beedie, abi?
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by Peaceyw(m): 9:44am On Feb 02
obehiD, I predicted ur every move. I knew u were going to do something like dis, I knew dat nosa will make Victor the beta. and beedie will submit. I did not want to say it before you wrote it so dat u will not want to change it. Dat is what a cliche can do, I have seen stuffs like dis in movies so I knew all what was going to happen. :p
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by phoenixchap: 9:46am On Feb 02
Oh my wow... What a writer
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by Fazemood(m): 10:13am On Feb 02
Thank you Obehid. Victor deserves what he got, he has sacrificed so much for the pack.
Beedie will have no choice but to be submissive.

You are a wonderful writer Obehid.
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by lukfame(m): 7:13pm On Feb 02
Thanks for the update
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by Niwdog(m): 7:59pm On Feb 02
If there is anything that I have longed for, it is wolves movies or stories. I have searched youtube for any interesting wolves movie non have I seen.
Thanks for sharing this story
I am a fan of wolves
Someone suggested I watch teen wolves but i done the site to look for it
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by obehiD: 12:21am On Feb 03
@sampz haha, as much as I would have loved to surprise you, Nosa wasn't ready to just die like that. He's made of stronger stuff

@spixytinxy That was the Saturday update. I'll have another one for Sunday coming out soon. Hehehehe, it's very flattering that you're always wanting more, so thank you grin

@tunjilomo Thank you for reading it, and enjoying it (I hope)

@AmaUwana thank you, and happy new month to you too

@Botaflica it is sooo amazing to watch this side of Nosa. I love how much he's growing! I'm following him too oh! This is such good advice for Nosa!!! Thank you. I really hope that he takes it, lol. Thanks for reading!

@GeoSilYe Thank youuuu! There are no adverse effects of the potion, at least not that I know of now. But is there an effect to Beedie going to visit Ashanti...well that's a whole other story cheesy

@Peaceyw Chei! I wish Nairaland had an emoji for putting my hands over my head. Chai! Wow, okay, you did predict it, but I didn't try to hide the fact that it would be cliche. I did say that cliches were cliche for a reason. You should have shared it once you predicted it, I would have enjoyed that, and I promise, I would not have changed the story just to shock you. Please, in the future say it if you can predict something, it really helps me to judge/create the story. Let's see if you would have predicted what's coming up in this next chapter... cheesy

@phoenixchap Thank you!!! I'm glad you enjoyed it

@Fazemood Thank you for reading. I agree, Victor deserved it, he's deserved some recognition for a looong time. Thank you!

@lukfame thank you for reading!

@Niwdog thank you for reading. I am also a huge fan of werewolf stories/shows...Teen wolf is definitely a great one if you're a fan of werewolf shows. You could also look for Bitten, that's another werewolf drama. It's the only adult (adult as in, the characters are grown up and working, not in school) tv show that I know of, which focuses mainly on werewolves.
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by obehiD: 2:29am On Feb 03
Chapter Forty-eight
St. Luke’s, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria

Victor sat on the school block pavement, watching the glow of the crescent moon. It had been a very long day. After Nosa declared him pack beta, the rest of the day had gone by in a blur. The pack had gone back to the boys’ hostels after the run, changed out of their blood-stained uniforms, and gone for afternoon prep. He remembered the exhilarating feeling of going into his wolf mark and running with the pack. His body felt relaxed now, completely sated by the run. But his mind wouldn’t turn off. He didn’t understand why Nosa chose him as the pack beta. It didn’t make any sense. If there was anything that Emeka had taught him, it was that being an omega meant that he could only act as a counselor, a guide to the rulers of the pack. There had always been that distinction between him and Emeka. Emeka had listened to him, even gone as far as taking his advice sometimes, but he’d never really treated him like a werewolf.

Victor frowned at that thought.

It wasn’t as if Emeka had treated him badly, he’d just always treated him as if he was delicate, as if he couldn’t protect himself. If he’d challenged Emeka the way he’d challenged Beedie, Emeka would have laughed him off. Emeka certainly would never have said the things Nosa said during the alpha brawl. Emeka would never have knocked him out. In fact, if Emeka had been there, Emeka would have insisted that he not even fight in the first place.

Victor shook his head. All this time he’d been grooming Nosa for pack alpha never considering the possibility that Nosa would make him pack beta. It wasn’t even something he’d thought was possible. Victor couldn’t decide how it made him feel that Nosa had that level of trust in him, not just as an advisor, but as a werewolf, as a leader of the pack.

Victor sighed.

“Look at all those frown lines.” A soft feminine voice called out from beside him.

Victor turned to find Theresa seating a little bit too close to him. He smiled slightly at her, but then he turned his face away in a clear sign that he was not interested in whatever she was peddling.

Theresa didn’t get the message. She bumped Victor in his arm with her elbow. “I hear you’re the new pack beta.”

Victor sighed. He turned back to face her, and nodded.

“Wow.” She eyed him, her eyes roaming appreciatively over his arms. “You look so much stronger now.” Her voice lowered as she spoke.

“Tess, are you flirting with me?” Victor asked, a little confused and a lot put off by this side of Theresa.

Theresa moved closer to him, so close her breasts brushed against his arm.

Victor jumped up.

Theresa laughed. “Relax.” She said. “I just want to have a little bit of fun, nothing serious. I hear that you and Lami are taking a break. Well, Beedie and I are taking a break too.”

Victor shook his head. He was just about to speak, when Theresa stood up, pressed her body against him, and kissed him.

Victor put his hands on her upper arms and pushed her back. “I don’t know what you heard Tess, but Lami and I are not…”

“LovePeddler!” a loud voice screamed. The voice was accompanied by the sound of running feet.

Theresa extricated herself from Victor’s hold and ran away.

Victor watched Lami’s approach and exhaled cursing whatever it was that inspired Theresa’s sudden interest in him. As if his day hadn’t been tasking enough.

Lami ran towards him.

Victor knew his girlfriend well enough to know that he wasn’t the one she was running to. Apparently, Theresa knew her well too, because the girl hadn’t stopped running. Victor caught Lami, stopping her from running after Theresa.

“You better run oh!” Lami screamed at Theresa. “If I catch you ehn…” then Lami turned to Victor. “Let me go.” She snapped at him.

Victor shook his head.

Lami hissed. She turned to yell something else at Theresa, but Theresa was already gone. Lami eyed Victor. “Useless boy.”

“That’s not fair.”

“What’s not fair? After the way you were angry when I kissed Lanky, small peck oh! And see how you were making out with that LovePeddler.”

Victor’s mouth hung open. “Ah-ah, Mimi, fear God now, how will you be lying like that? Small peck? Making out? Theresa kissed me. Ah, didn’t you see me push her away?” Victor turned around to make sure that Theresa was gone before letting go of his irate girlfriend.

“It’s your fault that she kissed you now. Why would you just be sitting down here and staring into the sky? What are you thinking of like that? You’re not that deep oh. Abi you were just sitting her so that the moonlight could shine well on you and display your best features? Anyway, na who make you cause am. You’re too vain because you’re too fine.”

Victor laughed. His shoulders shook, his head tilted backwards, and he just laughed. It was the first carefree moment he’d had since the day Mr. Ehi had announced the dreaded alpha brawl. Victor put his hands around his girlfriend’s waist and pushed her towards the wall of the nearest classroom. Luckily, it was after evening prep, the period when students prepared to go to bed, so most of the school block was empty. Victor looked into the empty classroom and smiled, thinking they had more than enough time for a quickie.

“I’ve missed you Mimi.” He said, staring at her lips. He rose his eyes slowly to meet hers. Then he licked the corner of his mouth and bit his bottom lip.

Lami’s heart was racing.

Victor smiled hearing the wild thumping of her heart.

“You need a cold shower.” Lami’s voice was raspy.

“Only if you’re in it with me.” Victor responded.

“I’m still angry with you.”

“No, you’re not.” Victor’s lips brushed against hers. “I don’t think you were ever angry with me. I think you were scared, I think you were in pain, but I don’t think you were angry.”

Lami pushed him back. “So, you want to tell me what I was feeling?”

Victor pushed back gently with his body. “No Mimi, I just want you.” He placed a soft kiss on her lips. “Tell me you don’t want me too.” He kissed her again.

Lami moaned. “I’ve being doing just fine without you.” Her voice was breathy. She put her arm around his neck.

“Have you?” Victor’s tongue slipped into her mouth. He put his hand on her lower back and pulled her closer towards him. He traced her right ear with his tongue, then trailed kisses down her neck.

Victor’s hands brushed over her breast as he reached to undo the buttons of her shirt.

A hard slap to the back of Victor’s head, stopped his hand midway through undoing her second button.

“Get a room.” Ehi snapped walking past them.

Victor groaned as he was forced to pull away. He could tell from the dilation of Lami’s pupils and her unsteady breathing that she was still aroused. Perhaps unnecessarily, he asked, “Should we stop?”

Lami grabbed onto the front of his shirt and yanked him back. “Don’t even think about it. Better finish what you started.” Her voice was breathy.

Lami’s words were like an aphrodisiac to Victor’s sex-craved body. He picked her up and carried her into the dark, empty, classroom.

Ehi shook his head as he heard the sound of wood being dragged against the floor, followed by chuckling. He blocked them out.

Ehi walked away passed the administrative buildings, along the slabs heading towards the meeting he’d arranged. As he walked, he tried to prepare himself mentally for it. It hadn’t been that long since he’d left them, but it felt like an eternity. Ehi sighed, getting himself into the right mental space to meet with one of the ones who knew, one of the ones he’d been charged with. As he walked, he remembered the conversation he’d had with his father, about the change in his assignment. He remembered boasting to his father how unique his charges were.

“My charge is special. They are unique, they are the definition of one of a kind.” He’d said. But now he’d met Osezele. He’d learned of her visit to the fourth existence, an existence that people had gone centuries thinking was impossible to breach. He’d learned of her ability to kill imps, whose immortality was so well known it was practically a fact. He’d seen how well she controlled the wind on a soil which should be foreign to her. As much as it pained him to admit it, his father had been right. Osezele was special. But so were they. The difference was in Osezele’s naivety. She didn’t know how incredulous half of the things she did were. They knew. They were aware of how special they were, and they achieved everything they had through meticulous trainings. They were lethal.

Ehi walked over the border of the slab, to the field of green beside it. He walked down that field, stopping when he got to the center. He stood in between two goal posts which had been erected earlier on in the day. The next day, Saturday, was the inter-house sports competition. The final football match would take place then. The students would have their march off, there would be races, and all while the imp watched.

Ehi waited.
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by obehiD: 2:30am On Feb 03
A dark-brown hand appeared in the air in front of him. The hand touched him, shoving him lightly in the chest. Ehi was pushed back, sucked into a black hole that burnt like hell, and made his head throb. He reminded himself to breathe as he went through the portal. He felt clammy, as if he’d been sweating for years, and then the heat alternated with cold, as a cool breeze swept over him.

He knew the moment he arrived. His throat felt dry, his lips were cracked, and his skin felt scaly. His body inhaled some of the air, and his nostrils burned. The back of his throat burned, everywhere the air passed felt like it was being lit on fire.

Ehi dropped to his hands and knees on the muddy floor. He pressed his lips together, keeping them shut as he forced his body not to take in any of the toxic fumes. His insides burnt as he waited.

A small clay bottle rolled to a stop on the ground in front of him. Ehi grabbed it. He pulled off the cork quickly and then opened his mouth. Pungent fumes filled his mouth, burning him as they went in. That was unavoidable. Ehi poured the reddish-green liquid down his throat.

The burning stopped.

He dug his hands into the ground as long reddish-green scales covered his body. His mouth tasted chalky as layers of a fine clayey substance grew over the insides of his mouth. Short sharp hairs sprouted over his face. A layer of a glasslike material grew over his eyes, and his nose twitched as it flattened, moving into his face. A triangular hole, covered with a net-like substance made of hairs, filled the space his nose had once occupied. His ears folded all the way backwards, till they leaned completely against his skin. Hairs covered the opening to his ears as well. The last change took the most getting used to. The net-like substance made from strands of the hair that covered his face, grew inwards from his lips, completely blocking his mouth. The material stretched, so he could still move his lips, still speak, but his speech would be distorted. Ehi already knew this from previous visits here.

Once the changes were done, Ehi pushed himself off the floor. He didn’t know what he looked like, but he knew it was grotesque. He knew from the reactions they’d had the first time they’d brought him here. They had the blood. They didn’t need any modifications; their bodies were already suited for the other existences. People like him were not so lucky. At least he survived the trip. He may not have their blood, but he had a tainted version of it by virtue of being in the ancestry. That version protected him during the trip, but it couldn’t keep him alive here.

No, he needed their magic for that.

Ehi sensed his presence, but he chose to ignore it.

This was the first time that Ehi had been to the spectral port in St. Luke’s. The place was empty, not deserted as if it had been abandoned, but empty, as if the uspecs, the creatures who possessed the spectral existence, had never settled on it. The ground was in its most natural state: sludge. In the busier ports where the prominent uspecs lived, there was magic that made the ground dazzle. The ground there took on a form similar to memory foam, soft and malleable, forming to the contour of the walker’s feet. Not this mud.

The sky was the regular shade of red one expected in the spectral existence. There were gradients of red, some of it in odd shapes which almost resembled clouds, others in circles or dots, which gave the sky a convoluted type of beauty. The air was foggy, with a lighter shade of red. For as far as the eye could see, there was nothing, no sign of inhabitation. Ehi had never visited a spectral port which was this empty.

“Your imp is really going out of its way to stay hidden.”

The remark forced Ehi to acknowledge his host, the person he’d set this meeting with, one of the ones who knew, one of his former charges.

He turned to face the boy, and green eyes stared back at him. The boy was thirteen years old, a year younger than Osezele. He had on black kaftan trousers, with red velvet embroidered along the sides. He wore a black and red lace shirt with white velvet embroidered along the collar and sleeves. The V shape of the collar was specifically designed to display the boy’s mark, a mark he wore with pride. He had a belt looped around his waist. That belt had a long-blade cutlass-sword tucked into a sheath which hung down the boy’s side. The sword had a hilt made of pure clay-red Edo soil. It was cast in the shape of a 3D revolved map of Edo state. There were only a few people who knew that the name ‘Ehizokhae’ was carved into that hilt.

The boy’s most interesting features were in his face. His face was unnaturally slim, and his dark skin impossibly smooth. Having the blood, the boy did not need any of the modifications to his body which Ehi had had to undergo in order to survive the spectral existence. He looked exactly as he did in the standard existence. And so, he was gawked at by humans who couldn’t believe the striking facial features.

It was the eyes which always caught Ehi first.

Every class of marked was grouped by the way their eyes changed when they went into their mark. The warlocks’ pupils and irises went away completely, leaving only single colored orbs. The varmints pupils remained the same, but their irises changed colors. And the sages had no pupils or irises, it just merged into one large round shape.

These eyes were different. As Ehi knew, there were two parts to being in the boy’s mark. The first part was simply being in the spectral existence. The second was performing spectral magic in the spectral existence. Like a combination of the varmint and sage eyes, the boy’s pupil and iris turned green whenever he was in the spectral existence. When he did spectral magic, like the warlocks, his eyes completely filled with green.

The boy cleared his throat and Ehi realized he hadn’t responded. “Why do you say that?” he asked.

The boy sized Ehi up nonchalantly, before taking his gaze to their surroundings. “It hasn’t made a hovel yet. Imps like to pretend that they’re still human. They make homes, and try to become part of a community, which leads them to search for an uspec master, you already know this.” The boy scolded. “This imp has spectral magic, meaning that it already has an uspec master, it’s been to a developed spectral port, still, it gives it up to come here and live in this filthy isolation. It must be very motivated.”

“I can’t speak to its motivations.” Ehi stated dryly.

The boy eyed Ehi again, sizing him up, and then he looked away. “How is the girl?” he asked in an emotionless voice.

Ehi frowned. “Osezele is…”

“I’m not talking about her.” The boy cut Ehi off. “I would NEVER refer to her as ‘the girl’. I’m talking about the one you duped us into helping. The daughter of the man who betrayed my family.”

Ehi’s jaw clenched. “She’s fine.”

“She’s fine.” The boy muttered. “I do not care if she’s fine. If it were up to me, she would be dead. Her worthless swine of a father would be dead. Her entire mistake of a family would be dead. That is the price you pay for betraying the Enikaro. But I suppose you felt for her, I guess you felt a bond with her. Two spawns of traitors. Yes, I imagine you felt a real kinship.” For all the passion the words implied, the boy’s speech was delivered without emotion. “How is she physically, mentally? Does she suffer any adverse effects from having her mark removed?”

Ehi had to force himself to breathe. He’d gotten used to the barbs, the casual reminders that he was tolerated, that he should be grateful to be alive. He’d gotten used to being Isokun’s son, and the way they treated him as a result. So why did the words tear at him now? Why did they make him feel raw? It was Osezele. It was being treated like a person by someone in that bloody family. Ehi knew he shouldn’t have let it get to him, he shouldn’t have let her get to him. But he had.

“No.” Ehi said. “No adverse effects. It’s the opposite actually. She’s the smartest girl I know. It’s as if her sage mark became mild or turned into an unmarked human version. Tolani is like a human omem. She remembers everything.”

“Tolani Olatunji.” The boy called the name with scorn. “Daughter of Damola Olatunji. One day that family will pay for Damola Olatunji’s crimes. And anyone who stands in the way will be considered collateral damage.”

Ehi suddenly felt an urge to wipe the arrogance out of the boy’s tone. “Tolani is Osezele’s best friend. Osezele won’t let you hurt her.”

The boy scoffed. “Osezele doesn’t know herself, she doesn’t know who she is. When she learns her history, when she learns what that man did to our family, she will join us. She will be on our side. Ehizokhae blood is stronger than any friendship.”

Uncomfortable knots formed in Ehi’s stomach. He wished he could convince himself that the boy’s words weren’t true, but he couldn’t. He knew better. He knew just how strong Ehizokhae blood was. That was the reason he hadn’t wanted to get used to her calling him ‘uncle’.

“Tolani is not her father, she is not to blame for her father’s mistakes.” Neither am I, he almost added, but he didn’t. He knew better.

The boy smirked at him. He knew exactly what Ehi had wanted to add. “Is she not? Just as you aren’t your father?” he mocked. “You brought us the daughter of a man you knew we despised, and you hid her identity. You begged us to take away her mark for her father’s sake, begged us. And we did, because we were young, and foolish enough to trust you. You betrayed our trust in you. You made us do a favor for our enemy. You taught us that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. If our father wasn’t so taken with you, you would be dead. Every time my sister sees you, she reaches for her blade. She wants to cut your filthy head off your body. But I stop her. For our father.”

Ehi looked away. He already knew how much they hated him. He’d raised them. He’d been there with their father, trained them, taught them everything he knew. Still, they hated him, and he pretended that he didn’t care. Their hearts were so cold, so unforgiving. Would Osezele turn up like them when she learned the truth? Would she stop crying over boys and calling stranger’s uncle? Would she become bitter and resentful? Ehi didn’t know.

The boy sighed. He put his hand on his clean-shaven head, scratched the scalp a little and then brought his hand down. “Do you care about her?” the boy asked.

Ehi frowned. “Who?”

“You know who.”


“Not Tolani, my cousin, Osezele. Do you care about her?” the boy asked.

Ehi wasn’t sure what to say. They played games like this with him. They put him in lose-lose scenarios and then derided him when he fell into their obvious traps. “Yes.” He confessed. “Yes, I care about her.”

The boy’s gaze seemed speculative as he stared at Ehi. “Then why?” he asked. “Why are you risking her life?”

Ehi was tired of having this same conversation. “She is the only who can do it.”

“She is not ready.” The boy snapped.

“She has to be. She is the only one who can kill the imp.”

The boy paced in front of Ehi. “Perhaps. But you’ve made sure that if she loses, she dies. When you asked our father to keep us away, to ban us from coming to our own cousin’s defense, you went too far. We could have been here, watching, waiting to take over if anything went wrong, to ensure her safety. But you took that option away from us.”

“If she can’t beat one imp, then what use is she to the Enikaro?”

“That is not your decision to make! She is my cousin, my blood. I swear on Duraya, on Nature, on the souls of my dead ancestors, if anything should happen to her, you will pay for this with your life, and the lives of your siblings. I swear it!”

Ehi was unfazed. It had to be done. He ignored the voice in his head which whispered that he’d done it for the wrong reasons. It couldn’t be undone now.

“Did you bring the things she’ll need?” Ehi asked calmly.

The glare on the boy’s face faded. Ehi expected it. It was like this with them. They said their piece, they made their oaths and they did it showing as little emotion as possible. When they made an oath, they kept it. There were imps who would never see another red sky because of it. Ehi had not known that the boy would feel so strongly about Osezele. He should have, the signs had been there. The boy had been interested from the first time he’d heard about her. Of course, he hadn’t been overzealous about it, but he’d cared more than his twin sister. His sister wouldn’t care if Osezele died, in fact, she’d sided with Ehi. She believed that if Osezele couldn’t beat one imp by herself, then she was better off dead. The girl valued strength, just like her father. The boy was different. Family always came first with him.

The boy’s eyes filled with green. He opened his palm and three vials appeared in it. Each of those vials appeared empty, until the boy ran his hands over them, touching them with the pad of his fingers. One vial filled with a light green liquid, one filled with dark green and the last filled with a cream-colored powder. The boy walked closer towards Ehi.

He tossed the light green one to him.

Ehi caught it.

“That one will bring her here, into the spectral existence. Since she is an Ehizokhae, she has the blood. She won’t need anything else to sustain her life here.”

The boy tossed the dark green one. “This will take her out of the spectral existence when she’s done.”

The last was the cream powder. “Sprinkle this over the area you want the fight to happen. It will draw the imp to it and trap the imp to the area it encloses.”

The boy’s eyes glazed over Ehi’s profile as he tossed the last vial to him. “I don’t think I will ever forgive you for this. You have done a lot of questionable things over the course of our relationship, but this is by far the worst. By doing this Ehi, you have reached too far above yourself, you have dared to interfere with the life of a descendant of the Enikaro. That is unforgivable.” After saying that the boy vanished, leaving Ehi alone.

The first time he’d been left alone in the spectral existence, he’d panicked, but now he knew better.

He knew the boy’s sister would be back to take him out of the spectral existence. That was how it worked with their mark. One pushed you in, the other pulled you out. There were things either of them could do, and things they both had to do together. This was what made them unique. Like Osezele they were the first of their kind. They were the first of a mark so new, less than ten people knew it existed. They were the first to have the green eyes.


Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by Botaflica(m): 5:46am On Feb 03
Okay, these are the twins Ehi used in conquering the Quintese (forgive me if I get the wordings wrong). And wow, I knew something was synical about Tolani, she showed so much wisdom right from the first time she was admitted to the school and even when she knew about the marked in the school. I always have the feeling that she is a safe. But ObeihD you no do well o, see as you take corner me.

Osezele get ready to fight, this time was different from the previous fight. This particular imp is ever ready for you, it's not going to be smooth but I know you will make it out victoriously.

Ehi the blood dey strong true true, if you dissapoint the twin boy again, it's not gonna be nice o. Careful man.

Now I'll sit back and watch as it all unfolds.
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by Botaflica(m): 5:49am On Feb 03
@obehiD thanks for the update. But this angle wey take surprise me, I was not expecting it ooo. Smiles.
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by popeshemoo(m): 5:55am On Feb 03
wow.... another class of mark something tells me osazele has this mark too
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by Peaceyw(m): 9:20am On Feb 03
what I thought about tolani from the on start was that she had a little safe mark in her but not strong enough to be called a safe mark. So obehiD we are talking g about spectral existence now?
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by tunjilomo(m): 10:10am On Feb 03
You lost me with that uspec of a thing, I thought her red place was the uspec, now you are making it sound like it is like those other creatures Ozesele saw in the nothingness that time, only that these ones belong to the spectral. And this new mark you introduced, when are you telling us the name and characteristics.
Well-done, more and more to you, BTW.
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by sampz: 12:43pm On Feb 03
wow... a lot have been reveal
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by obehiD: 6:15pm On Feb 03
@Botaflica yes, they are the twins that Ehi used to beat the quintise. I'm very happy that I was able to surprise you with a new twist, especially since you've been doing some deep reasoning with the story grin You're right, this imp is definitely ready for her. We'll just have to see how it goes

@popeshemoo Yes, another class of mark. I won't leave you in suspense, I'll just say right now that Osezele doesn't have this mark, she has all the marks she's ever going to have. If she had another mark in a different class, it would actually make a weaker, rather than stronger. (Nosa is the only exception to this, but he has special circumstances)

@Peaceyw Tolani has definitely appeared to be gifted, but she's just smart and curious. She has a photographic memory, which isn't uncommon among the unmarked. The twins removed her mark, so she's unmarked. Her knowledge and intelligence doesn't have anything to do with her removed mark...at least I don't think so. Ehi was just postulating. I'm happy I was able to shock you a little (and not be predictable wink)

@tunjilomo I'm sooo happy that you remember the uspec thing in her! I was afraid that no one would remember it. So, the uspecs are somewhat like the creatures in the nothingness, except they're in the spectral existence, that's true. But you have to remember that (as Ejehmen explained in the beginning) each of the warlock marks comes from one of the other existences. The witch marks come from the supreme existence, and that is why Osezele's blue place is a Seliat (an element from the supreme existence). There's more to this whole elements originating from the supreme existence, but she already has a creature in her which comes from another existence (her blue place). So the red place is just like that, it's a creature in her which comes from another existence (the spectral existence). The real explanation (in the story) for why she has these creatures in her, hasn't come up yet, but it has to do with her blood and the fact that she's a descendant of the Enikaro. Now, the fact that she can actually see the creatures in her is because she is an augur bi-marked warlock (as Kaya said) and can go into herself or have it come out of her. Another example is Odion and her apparition (which is also another element, the all, Sehinom, which comes from the supreme existence). So, to answer your question, yes, it is the same uspec thing. As to the new mark, we'll have to wait and see for more details on them. It won't be in this book though, they are too new to be fully fleshed out in this story. Only time will reveal the full extent of their awesomeness. Thank you!

@sampz yes, and there are more reveals in the next chapter...just giving you something to look forward to grin
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This na but time suspense oooooooo, I just dey here kon dey refresh and refresh to see if there is an update. You got me glued @obehiD
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beautiful story @obehid.

it's captivating, just hope nosa will be able to control himself since the entire pack's will is bound to him.
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by Fazemood(m): 8:48pm On Feb 03
I remember saying before that Tolani is a sage or rather is marked but you Obehid denied it. Tolani is too smart for a normal person. Not that there aren't smarter humans, but Tolani's is at an extreme.

This twins are a new generation of marked with super normal abilities. A rare kind. They are the descendants of Osazele's uncle, he was promised to have descendants with special gifts. They are the fulfilment of that promise.

Obehid I think k there are more to be seen in this story of yours. Tolani will soon know the truth about herself and by then, she'd want to get back what was taken from her.

BTW, why was her mark taken away? What crime did her father commit? I remember the god-heae instructing Osazele's grand father to trust him when he gets to the human community. What did he do that has gotten the Ehizokaes so angry that they wish to have him dead? Pls in the next update kindly make it clearer to us.

Thanks dear more power to you
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by obehiD: 3:19am On Feb 04
We are close to the end (it's going to be done before the end of this week actually). There are five chapters and an epilogue left. The next chapter I'm posting is the last community scene in this book. I hope you all enjoy it!

@Botaflica hehehe next time you refresh there will be a new update wink

@dhehbhor thank you and welcome to the comments section. I'm very happy that you're enjoying the story. You raise a very good point, and I share your hope grin

But @Fazemood, you asked if Tolani is marked, and she isn't. She was marked and her mark was taken away, leaving her as a regular unmarked human. If she knows a lot about the marked, it's because she's read a lot and has a photographic memory (both very human/unmarked things to do/have). You are right about the twins. About Tolani knowing the truth, well, that doesn't happen anytime soon. And, as of this point, the chances of Tolani getting her mark back are minuscule, I don't think it's a reversible process. Her mark was taken away as a favor to her father. We'll have to wait to see why her father asked for that favor, and her father's crime is not in this book. It's a long story, broken up into several books, so you have to be a bit patient with me please grin. This last chapter was really just to introduce the twins and their mark, but their characters take some time to unfold.

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Chapter Forty-nine
The Community, Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria

It was early in the day. The room filled with the light from the rising sun, as the cool early morning breeze flowed in, through the openings in the windows. Omoruyi stood beside Isokun and Paul, the InCoSeM rep, staring down at a large paper map draped over the plastic table in front of the room the InCoSeM rep usually used for his preaching. Omoruyi had a red marker in his hands. He bent to mark several spots on the map with a large ‘X’.

“These are where you need to start the fires. There are already tracks of flammable powders hidden underneath the grounds. You start the fires at these locations, and the flames will spread through the grounds quickly, taking everyone by surprise.” Omoruyi said. He pushed a vial filled with blood towards Isokun. “You’ll need my blood to get access to those places.”

Isokun’s hands shook as he picked up the vial and buried it in the pockets of his trousers. He placed his hands against the map, causing the map to shake due to his trembling hands.
Paul placed a hand over Isokun’s. “It’s okay to be afraid Isokun. What you’re about to do is no small task. It takes courage. Your efforts will never be forgotten.”

“There are children there.” Isokun said, turning wide, fearful eyes towards Omoruyi. “Families. How will I be able to live with myself?”

Paul’s jaw clenched. He glared at the back of Isokun’s head. Omoruyi looked Isokun in the eye as he replied, “By reminding yourself of why you’re doing this. You aren’t the one in the wrong, the Enikaro is. You are simply righting a wrong, liberating our people.”

Isokun nodded. “And Efua?” he asked.

Paul rushed in. “Getting Efua out of ancestral grounds without the elements speaking to her, that will be the trickiest part. My suggestion is to fill her mind and head with other things. Share anecdotes. Make her laugh. Make her remember why she loves you. Distract her from listening to the elements. Once she’s outside those grounds, you won’t have a problem. We have diluted the elements in the community so thoroughly that her Edo elements wouldn’t be able to speak to her even if they wanted to.” Paul clasped Isokun on the shoulder and squeezed in a reaffirming gesture.

“Once you have her in the hotel, give her the potion to make her sleep. She will think she fell asleep because she was tired. My mother has been running her ragged doing God knows what.” Omoruyi added.

Isokun nodded. He smiled his gratitude at the both of them, and then he took a deep breath and let it out. “I think I’m ready.” He said.

Paul smiled.

Odion felt her apparition stirring behind her and walked into it.

When she walked out, she was standing inside the ancestral grounds, on the balcony in front of the large hall where the clan of rulers met. The sun stood high up in the sky. It beamed down on her, burning with a heat which hinted at a time much further along in the day than the vision which she’d just come from.

Ancestry guards held open the large doors, kneeling on a single knee as the clan of rulers walked out of the room. There were two people noticeably absent from the group, Efua and Omoruyi.

The oldest uhonmon stopped the God-born, holding her back with a hand on her arm. The God-born nodded to the other people, giving them permission to leave without her. She stopped, turned to the old man and smiled at him. She curtsied slightly in greeting to the much older man.

The man cleared his throat and spoke. “I am not one for wars.” He coughed. “But we cannot go on like this. Praying and waiting on Duraya is getting us killed. We look weak.”

The God-born nodded in understanding. “We do look weak menoba, but I would rather look weak than disobey Duraya. Iwebo, the high priest of Duraya, has told us to be patient, to counsel our people towards reform, to avoid shedding Edo blood at all cost. I am not inclined to overrule the mouthpiece of Duraya, are you?”

“And why wasn’t Efua at the meeting today? For that matter, why wasn’t your son? Do they think that there is something more important than being here? The panic is spreading to my great-grandchildren! I want this matter resolved.” He snapped. He bowed slightly to the God-born before storming off.

The God-born sighed as she watched him walk away. She turned to face one of her ancestry guards. It was the same guard from the day of the elemental massacre. It was the commune whom she’d sent to take Eroms home. “Chief.” She called out, prompting him forward with the bending of her fingers. “Have you found my son?”

The man knelt on his right knee in front of the God-born. He had his right arm bent into a V and he bowed his head into the V of his arm. “No menoba, we have not found him.”

“Rise.” She commanded. “Take me to the girl.”

“Yes menoba.” Chief stood.

With the a few jerks of his head and a number of eye movements, he arranged the guards around the God-born. Then he led the way, taking her around the marble walls of the building, passed rows of unopened doors, across several enclosed walking bridges to a small tinted glass hut. He knocked twice on the door of the hut and then he held it open and knelt as he waited for the God-born to walk in.

“Come in with me.” She ordered. “Keep the rest of your guards out.”

“Yes menoba.” Chief stood after she walked through the open door, and then walked in after her.

Odion’s eyes roamed impassively over a room that would previously have given her shivers. There were two people in there, two women, one was older, she looked to be in her early thirties, the other was younger, in her early twenties. The older woman was dressed in leather, the younger one in velvet. Both women knelt on both knees as soon as the God-born walked in.

Chief stood by the door.

Odion looked around the room. There was a white leather seat in the middle of the room. That seat had a woman strapped to it. Her irises were golden. Drops of sweat pooled around the woman’s forehead. Her white gown was stained with blood, probably from the blood seeping out of her nose, eyes and ears. The veins on the woman’s neck where golden, as if she had alpha venom in her. There was a stool beside her, with a metal tray on it. That stool held a variety of syringes. Odion remembered the woman’s bald head. It was Uwa, she thought, frowning.

The God-born walked towards the tray, and the woman in velvet kneeling behind it. She bent and ran the back of her hand lovingly over the woman’s cheek. “Rise my dear.” She said.

The woman stood and curtsied, smiling at the God-born. “Good afternoon menoba.” She greeted.

The God-born pulled her closer and kissed her on the cheek. “Good afternoon my dear. I was just speaking with your grandfather. He was giving me a lecture about the need for a show of force.”

The woman giggled. “Baba lectures everyone.”

The God-born smiled.

She turned her focus to the syringes on the tray. “What are these for?” she asked.

“The inquest menoba. We had to flood her veins with an altered version of an Enikaro’s alpha venom. That weakened her. Then we used some ame to make her more amenable to telling us the truth.”

“And what have you learned?” The God-born asked.

“She is an insult to Ekuase’s good name. But she was not lying about your son’s involvement. Uyi is the traitor menoba, Uyi is the one responsible for leaking the location of the reserves. Ekuase found out and Uyi killed him for it. I am sorry menoba.”

The God-born’s jaw clenched. She looked away from the woman dressed in velvet, to the side of the room.

“Why?” she asked, her gaze still on the wall.

“She will not say menoba. That is what we’ve been working to pull out of her. Should we continue?”

The God-born shook her head. “No. I will find out myself.” She turned to face Chief. “Send her to the spectral existence.” She ordered.

Chief nodded. His eyes turned red.

Odion watched as Uwa’s eyelids fluttered. Uwa screamed, wailing as fresh blood came trickling down her ears. Then she stopped screaming. Her head snapped to the right and Odion knew she was gone. She dismissed the woman from her mind as easily as if she was a slain animal, and not a person. There was a tiny voice in her mind that yelled out in outrage, but that voice was so much smaller than the part of her that just couldn’t be bothered about the life of an ancestry girl who would have married the man who killed her father if given the chance.

“Can I trust you to keep everything you have learnt in this room a secret?” The God-born asked the woman in velvet.

The woman dropped to her knees in front of the God-born. “Yes menoba.” She swore.

The God-born ran the back of her fingers caressingly over the woman’s cheek. “The clan has decided that the Enikaro must pray in the temples from now until Duraya directs us on how to handle InCoSeM. Go to your temple.” She ordered.

The woman nodded. She rose and then she placed a kiss on each of the God-born’s cheeks before she left.

The God-born walked over to the other side of Uwa’s corpse. She stood in front of the kneeling ancestry member. “Rise.” She ordered.

The woman stood, keeping her gaze on the floor.

“Burn the body Omosupe. Clean the room, and then find chief.” The God-born commanded.

“Yes menoba.” The woman curtsied.

The god-born turned to face Chief. Her eyes were hard, her face cold as she spoke. “Send out batches of ancestry guards to scour the community. I want them fully armed. Tell them to find my son, bring him to me, and kill anyone who gets in their way.”

“Yes menoba. I will lead the search personally.”

“No.” The God-born’s voice gentled. “I have a different mission for you. I want you to get as much of the ancestry out of here, as you can. Take bijous, pack boxes full of them, jewels and weapons. Take totems too. You will not be able to activate them, yet, but take them. Take as much cash as you can. Raid the Enikaro homes, take our jewels, take our wealth, take anything of value. Start with the youngest members of the ancestry. Take them to the land in Ekpoma. Do you know the place?”

Chief’s mouth hung open with shock. It took him a while to realize that the God-born was waiting for him to respond. “Yes menoba, I know the place.” He prostrated, laying flat on the floor in front of her. “Forgive me menoba, but I cannot do what you ask. I cannot abandon the Enikaro.”

The God-born smiled. “I see now why Ekuase thought so highly of you. Rise.”

Chief slowly pushed himself off the floor.

“You are not abandoning the Enikaro.” The God-born promised. “We are going to be spending the next few days praying for Nature’s compassion, for our ancestors to plead with Duraya on our behalf. It will be best if in that time the ancestral grounds were only filled with Nature’s blood, with the Enikaro. When we learn what to do, we will need our ancestry guards, we will summon you, and you can return with all that you took. Till then, I want, no, I command you to live comfortably off our wealth.”

Chief nodded. “Yes menoba.” He said.

The God-born smiled at him. She waited for him to open the door and then she walked out.

Odion’s apparition stirred behind her.

When Odion walked out of the apparition, she was standing in an expensive hotel room, somewhere in the center of the community. The curtains were pulled over the windows and Efua lay wrapped in a bedsheet on the obviously used bed. The other side of that bed was empty.

“You have an uncanny way of knowing exactly what I need, and giving it to me exactly when I need it.” Efua said, smiling at a spot to her right.

Odion moved so she could see clearer into the room.

Isokun walked out of the bathroom, fully dressed in his leather clothes.

Efua sat up, her hands holding up the sheets. “Where are you going?” she frowned.

Isokun walked over to her. He kissed her on the forehead saying, “Just a little bit of business for the ancestry. I’ll be back. In the meantime, you need to get some rest.” He turned and reached for a cup of tea by Efua’s bed. “A sip of this and you’ll be dead to the world. I promise, your family can survive for an hour or two without you.”

Efua chuckled.

Odion watched with disgust as Efua belittled herself, accepting poison from an ancestry traitor. Efua drank the tea with a smile on her lips. What a fool, Odion scolded. Efua could barely stay awake long enough to place the teacup back on the table. She was out seconds after.

“I’m doing this for you baby.” Isokun promised, kissing Efua’s forehead.

Odion found herself running towards Isokun. She forced herself to stop. She couldn’t reach him, couldn’t touch him, couldn’t make him pay. Not in a vision. But as she stared at his slimy face, puckering his lips to place a kiss on Efua’s lips, she swore that one day she would.

Her apparition stirred, and she reluctantly walked into it.
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by obehiD: 3:21am On Feb 04
Odion was taken to Omoruyi’s house where the God-born paced, walking around the first floor. Her gaze fixed on the sword which hung proudly on Omoruyi’s wall. That was the sword he’d killed Ekuase with. Her jaw clenched as her gaze continued to scan the room. She looked at the pool of water, at the water fountain, at the furniture. Shaking her head, she turned her gaze back to the door as she stood still, waiting for her son.

A dark mist formed in the middle of the room, above the hard floors. The mist came down and there he was.

Omoruyi seemed startled when he saw his mother standing there. It took him a while to regain his composure. “Good evening mother.” He greeted, bending at the waist with his hand stretched, till his fingers touched the ground.

The God-born remained silent.

Omoruyi stood. He eyed his mother warily. Omoruyi walked past her, to a stool underneath the hanging sword. He picked up the glass decanter of palm wine and poured some of its contents into two clay cups. He took the cups with him back to his mother. Stretching his hand out, he offered her one of the cups.

The God-born glared at the cups in his hand and then she lifted her right hand up and slapped him in the face with the back of her hand.

Omoruyi’s jaw clenched. He took the cups back to the stool. He drowned the wine in one of those cups and left the other one on the stool full.

With his back to his mother, he asked, “What was that for?”

“Is that the sword you killed Ekuase with?” she demanded, her voice shaking with rage.

Omoruyi looked up at the sword. He brought it down, wrapped his hand around the handle and carried it over to his mother. His eyes travelled over her face as he lifted it up in the air, the end an uncomfortable distance from her chest. Then he turned it around, holding onto the sharp end as he offered her the handle.

The God-born didn’t touch it.

Omoruyi shrugged. “Yes, it is.” He said.

“You killed him with an InCoSeM blade laced with varmint poison. Did Paul give you that blade?”

Omoruyi’s eyes slowly rose to his mother’s. He saw the pain and anger in her eyes, and his dropped. “Yes.” He said. “I admired it, and he gave it to me.” Omoruyi walked back, taking the blade with him, back to its place on the wall. Carefully, he mounted the sword.

He turned around, his hand carelessly in his pocket as he said, “So you know.”

“Yes, I know.” She snapped. “Why? Tell me that. How could you turn your back on your family? How could you betray us?”

“YOU betray us mother.” He screamed. “You and your clan of rulers betray us all. You let that girl convince you to trust a traitor. I told you not to listen to her, I told you that Isokun could not be trusted. But did you listen to me? Did you consider the possibility that I could be right? I am the only reason why this family will survive. I am the only one protecting us. So, don’t you dare talk to me about betrayal.”

“You are the one who drove Isokun to betray us.”

“No mother, he was already hovering over the edge, I just gave him a little push. If Isokun was loyal, I would not have been able to convince him to do anything he didn’t want to do. If Isokun was loyal, he would have come to you to report me. But he didn’t. He allowed himself to be manipulated because he wanted to be. His crime isn’t weakness, his crime isn’t love, his crime is treason. He hates the ancestry, he wants to be burn us down, he just needed a reason. I gave him one, and when I send the guards to catch him in the act, we can hang him for the traitor that he is.”

The God-born closed her eyes and sighed. “Was that your plan? Did you do all of this just so you could punish Isokun and make a mockery out of Efua? Did you kill Ekuase so you could get revenge on Efua for hurting your feelings at a clan meeting? Are you that much of a self-centered little boy?”

“You are my mother; how can you not know me better than that? Yes, I am flawed, but what I do, I do for my family. Just as you taught me. It was you who taught me the strength of our blood, you who told me that no sacrifice was too great to make for family.” Omoruyi stopped to calm himself. “Isokun is less than nothing to me. He is an ancestry nonentity. If all I wanted was to punish him, he’d already be dead. And there are a million ways that I could get back at Efua. I did this to get to The Corona. Paul has already set the meeting, I meet them tonight. I have three descendants of the Enikaro waiting to go with me. We will put an end to InCoSeM today. That is what Ekuase died for. I do not regret taking his life, but I regret the pain his death has caused you. I did it for you mother, for my brother, my nieces and nephews, for the Ehizokhae blood that runs through our veins. You don’t even see what this InCoSeM threat has done to little Oni. You don’t know how the fear has shaken Rere, how the meaningless slaughter of our elementals shattered Eroms’ childhood. Well, no more. The threat of InCoSeM will end once and for all. After I kill every single person in The Corona, I will cut off Paul’s head, and burn the bodies of all the InCoSeM reps who’ve polluted our soil with their presence. As far as I’m concerned, any of our people who remain loyal to them can join them in the other existences after they die.”

The God-born exhaled. The anger seemed to leave her as she stared at her son. She blinked, her eyes filling with tears. “Get me that drink.”

The corner of Omoruyi’s mouth tipped up. He bowed and went back to pick up the cup of palm wine. When he took it back, the God-born’s composure was back. The tears which had been in her eyes were gone.

Omoruyi bent, bowing, as he gave the cup to her. She slapped the side of his head before taking the cup from him.

The God-born took a sip of the wine.

She cleared her throat.

“Didn’t you ever stop to wonder how the elemental massacre happened in the first place? Didn’t you ask yourself why I did not see it coming? Before the InCoSeM reps came, I saw everything. Then the visions changed, and our elements stopped speaking to our elementals. Didn’t you wonder why that was allowed to happen?”

Slowly, Omoruyi shook his head.

“Of course, you did not, you little fool.” She shook her head at him, but there was a slight, sad smile on her face. “We did not see it coming, because Duraya did not want us to. This is not a war between InCoSeM and the ancestry, it is so much bigger than that. It is a war between the supreme and spectral existence. A war between factions of Nature. A war for the last ancestry, a war for Enikaro blood. It is a war for control of the marked.”

Omoruyi’s eyes widened. “I..” he shook his head. “I don’t understand.”

“I do not know the details of it yet, only snippets, and you are the only person I am telling. I had Efua construct a bridge of Kohini, so that I could speak with our ancestors and ask them why Duraya had abandoned us.”

“What did they say?”

“When descendants of the Enikaro die pure deaths, they go to the supreme existence. The spectral existence has been plotting to change that. They want us, and they have aligned with InCoSeM and with factions of Nature to get what they want. Those factions are powerful enough to blind Duraya to what is happening. And so the only people fighting to keep the spectral existence from winning are our ancestors. But we do not have enough Enikaro ancestors in Nature to overpower the other factions of Nature, the ones aligned with the spectral existence. So, this is a war which has to be resolved amongst Nature, before it can be completed here. We are losing. We need more Enikaro ancestors in Nature. We need to make a great sacrifice.”

Omoruyi’s head shook. “No.” he said, stumbling backwards as if blind. “That cannot be.”

“When our ancestors asked Duraya to hamper their own descendants, Duraya could not say no. That is why we have not seen, why we could not protect ourselves. Our ancestors wanted us to die pure deaths, they did not want our hands stained with innocent Edo blood. They did not want anything to keep us from joining them.”

Omoruyi kept shaking his head. “It cannot be.”

“They have shown me great things Uyi. If even half of the descendants of the Enikaro who are living now die pure deaths, and are accepted, we will have the ruling faction in Nature. We will be able to set the marks of our descendants, and ensure that they can complete the battle in this existence. They will finish this fight with InCoSeM. Imagine a tri-marked warlock with Ehizokhae blood. Not just that, but new marks, marks that can go into the spectral existence and use that spectral magic against our foes. Marks that can take away other marks. Things that have never been done before. Our descendants will have armies of ancestry guards, elementals born on Edo soil, wielders who will flock to them. I have seen great things my son, but for them to happen, we must rule Nature, we must make a great sacrifice. One so great that Duraya is compelled to accept us into the fold.”

“What descendants?” Omoruyi asked. “If we all make this great sacrifice, then what descendants will remain?”

“The Ehizokhae twins chose Ejehmen’s children. I sent them out of the community where it is safe. Those children are our future now. The fate of the world rests in their hands. This is not our fight Omoruyi, it never was.”

Omoruyi fell to his knees on the cold hard floor. “But I killed Ekuase. I took innocent Edo life. My hands are stained with Edo blood. My death will not be pure. I will not go to the supreme existence. I will not be part of Nature. What will become of me?” He looked down at the ground, and then rose his head up to meet his mother’s gaze. “But Eroms, Idemudia, Oni and Rere will be safe? Ejehmen and Itohan are with them?”

The God-born nodded.

Tears streamed down Omoruyi’s face as he smiled. “Then I will die a happy man.”

The God-born knelt beside him. She took his hands in hers. “There is a way for you to help.” She said the words a little reservedly. “A way for you to go to the supreme existence regardless of your sins, a way to be part of the fight for our family.”

“Tell me.” Omoruyi prompted.

The God-born reached into her pocket and pulled out the blue seed that the Seliat had given to her. “Rere will have a tri-marked warlock daughter. Her name will be Osezele. I want her to be closely bound to water, I want the skills that she could only get from that element. But for an Ehizokhae to be born with water, an Ehizokhae must give its life to water.”

Omoruyi rose his hand and took the glittering blue seed from his mother’s palm.

The God-born put her palm against Omoruyi’s face, cupping his wet cheek. “If you do this, you will be reborn as water. You will join with this seed and when the time comes, parts of you will live in her. Your memories will be taken from you, it will be as if your life started anew. But you will help to guide her. She will have all the best parts of you.”

Omoruyi’s hand formed into a fist around the seed. “Then I will teach her to value ancestry life.” He put the seed into his mouth and swallowed it. “Forgive me.” He said.

Omoruyi collapsed, falling on his back on the floor.

The God-born cried.

Unnaturally blue water came out of Omoruyi’s mouth. It flowed over him, going upwards to his head and also downwards towards the rest of his body. The water covered him. Then it flattened him, and wrapped around him, till all that was left of Omoruyi was water.

A small creature formed out of that pool of blue water. It was a seliat. It had similar features to the one the God-born had spoken to in the Enikaro village. Except it was so much smaller. The little seliat seemed to have troubling moving on its tiny puddle of water. After a few failed attempts, it got it. The seliat vanished.

Odion felt her apparition stir, and she went with it.

The apparition took her to a part of the community, right before it went up in flames. A dark mist formed as Isokun teleported away. Her apparition followed Isokun, showing her his arsonist spree. One spot after another got burned down, till the fires consumed the entire place. Odion could hear the sounds of Enikaro children crying as her apparition took her out.

She was standing in front of the burning ancestral grounds, watching the red flames as angry tears spilled out of her eyes.

Efua came running into the scene.

It was all happening the way it had in her first vision of the past, the first time she’d gone through her apparition. Efua railed against Isokun for tricking her. She slit her own wrists and with her dying breath begged the elements for vengeance. Voices called out Isokun’s name. It all repeated as the first visions she’d seen fell into place. She’d seen this the first time, but she hadn’t understood, she hadn’t known that it was her family burning in the flames which Isokun set. She hadn’t known that her mamin was one of the many voices screaming from the pain of the fire burning their flesh. Now she knew. And as she heard the voices call Isokun’s name, she added hers to theirs, swearing to make him pay.


Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by GeoSilYe(f): 6:34am On Feb 04
So Ruyi is Seli in Osezele.

Isokun's family consisting of Oare, Ose and Ehi are paying for his crimes too.

ObehiD, Odion is not aware of the fact that Oare is Isokun's son right?

When Osezele finally learns the truth of her ancestry and history, it could be life changing for her.
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by monalicious(f): 7:47am On Feb 04
A round of applause, standing ovation.
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by Peaceyw(m): 8:09am On Feb 04
the vision finally fell into place, uyi did not know anything about the war the way he thought he knew, but I thought the god born ordered the chief guard to take the people away, or not all was taken away and guards were also ordered to go around the ancestry in search of uyi, wouldn't they have come across isokun where he was?
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by tunjilomo(m): 12:14pm On Feb 04
Obehid, wow, wow, wow. So, the bad child has his own day. Uyi is good in his own way. I always knew this fight was more than just the standard existence. Now that we know what the Uspec is, what is the Umani. If it is not Osezele, maybe it is the white place. And now that the vision is complete, will she be out of seclusion now?
Is mama Duraya not the Queen of all the existences, maybe she is just mother nature.
Obehid, please, if a tri-marked warlock combines all her marks together at once, won't her eyes take on the awing shade of lavender?

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