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TÉLLÀ ( A Paranormal Story) / Grabbing The Hot Gate ( A Paranormal Novel) By Akintayo Akinjide / Memoirs Of Blood And Steel ( A Fantasy Novel) (2) (3) (4)

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Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by GeoSilYe(f): 10:35am On Nov 10, 2018
Thanks for ObehiD for the update!

I already suspected Binta from some parts.

Yeye girl.
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by MhisTahrah: 9:05pm On Nov 10, 2018
I love this story.Welldone ObehiD
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by obehiD: 4:43am On Nov 11, 2018
@phoenixchap You guessed right, the last air bender was my inspiration for the elementals. I love that show, can't say how many times I've watched it. I can't wait for the Netflix live action one to come out grin

@Fazemood thank you. The Ehizokhae's story is one that will unravel really really slowly. I love where your mind is going for the story wink

@tunjilomo thank you.

@Godwinfury you're still here! Yay!!! *insert happy dance emoji* cheesy I'm happy you're still enjoying it.

@Peaceyw hahaha...well...let me just say that I understand how you feel. But they're still just kids...maybe they deserve a little mercy...

@GeoSilYe thank you. I think I remember that. I know a number of people had Binta as the major suspect in the last book. It must feel nice to know you weren't wrong.

@MhisTahrah Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying it!
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by Peaceyw(m): 9:54am On Nov 12, 2018
ObehiD, no ooo, no mercy at all
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by obehiD: 12:42am On Nov 15, 2018
ObehiD, no ooo, no mercy at all

...you might change your mind...
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by Peaceyw(m): 8:56am On Nov 15, 2018

...you might change your mind...

hmmm, dis means the story will take another turn
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by Peaceyw(m): 8:56am On Nov 15, 2018

...you might change your mind...

hmmm, dis means the story will take another turn
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by OluwabuqqyYOLO(m): 6:59pm On Nov 15, 2018
ObehiD, I'm so, so eager for an update!
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by obehiD: 5:16am On Nov 16, 2018
@Peaceyw hmmm

@OluwabuqqyYOLO Yay! Here's an update for you:
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by obehiD: 5:17am On Nov 16, 2018
Chapter Twenty-Two
St. Luke’s, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria

Tolani and Ricky walked together along the gravel walkway which led to the chapel. After months of being the timekeeper, Tolani had become used to the symphony of running feet which accompanied her. She’d become so used to it in fact, that that evening, as she walked with Ricky, she ignored the sound, captivated instead by the conversation she was having and the questions she was dying to ask. So, she didn’t notice when the sounds of feet slapping against the pavement grew louder, and the frequency of students running by her increased. She’d become so used to the students running because of her that she didn’t notice when they began running because of someone else.

“Is there a reason why I’m walking passed you?” Nosa asked flatly. There was no anger in his voice, barely any passion, he was just doing his job, making a statement which had to be made. A year ago, he’d been in Tolani’s shoes, so he understood the perks that came with being the timekeeper, one of which included not having to run to events. But that particular perk stopped when the timekeeper was walking so slowly an older prefect overtook her. Nosa meant it as a reprimand, a warning to make them walk faster.

Tolani understood it for what it was. She opened her mouth to apologize for herself and her friend, but Ricky spoke up before she could.

“What the Bleep kind of question is that?” he asked, dumbfounded by the sheer stupidity behind it.

Nosa stopped walking. He took a deep breath, fighting to keep himself calm despite Ricky’s provocation. Allowances had to be made for the white boy who probably didn’t know all the school rules. Nosa tried to convince himself of it, even though the grace period had passed, even though the boy had been in St. Luke’s long enough to learn, Nosa breathed slowly in and out and pushed back the mark threatening to come out. ‘Walk away’ he told himself, ‘just walk away.’ He didn’t.

It was like watching two trains about to collide in slow motion. Tolani could see the accident about to happen but she felt helpless to stop it.

Ricky was irritated. He was irate. He could feel himself shaking, just from the force of his anger. He hated Nosa. From the first time he’d met him, he’d hated him. Ricky hated the alpha-male types. He didn’t stoop to psychoanalyzing himself to figure out why. He just knew he hated them and that was enough for him. He took another step closer to Nosa’s back. “You have control of your legs.” He stated. “If you didn’t want to walk passed us, you should have slowed down.” He continued speaking, his voice dripping with sarcasm as he stated what he’d thought was common knowledge.

Nosa didn’t react.

Ricky rolled his eyes walking passed him then. Ricky, noticing that Nosa was in his way – as he chose to ignore the copious distance of empty slab to his sides – slammed into Nosa with his shoulder, pushing him aside as he muttered, “bleeping slowpoke” loud enough that Nosa would have heard it even if he wasn’t a werewolf.

There was only so much provocation a person could take.

Nosa struck out with his left hand and grabbed Ricky’s arm as he walked by. He pulled on Ricky’s arm to yank him closer and would have gone through with it if Tolani hadn’t appeared at that moment, standing between him and Ricky.

“Please.” Tolani begged. “Please, he doesn’t understand. It’s my fault, let me explain the rules better to him. Please Nosa.”

Tolani could have been speaking in a different language for all the effect her words had on Nosa. Nosa’s rage was blinding. He wanted to kill Ricky, wanted to rip off his head, and by proxy anyone who tried to stop him from doing so. His first thought was to get Tolani out of his way. In his rage, she was like a stuffed doll, standing between him and his target, a stuffed doll who was about to get knocked down and probably stepped over. He rose his hand in the air to hit her and she screamed.

Nosa’s mind cleared. He’d heard the scream, but there was something behind it, something which grabbed his attention, giving him enough time for the diadem to take effect. He noticed that he’d been much further along in his rage before the diadem took over, a sign that the quintise magic around their school was getting stronger. He knew he had to get away from Ricky, so he let go of the boy’s hand. He turned his attention to Tolani instead, and he heard it. It was a sound that accompanied the beating of her heart. It was sad, it was depressed, her heartbeat was like a song from a singer who’d known an unimaginable loss. Nosa knew it wasn’t just the sound of her heart beating, it was something else, something he shouldn’t be able to hear, but somehow could. He frowned shaking his head as the sound receded. At that moment he was grateful for Tolani’s depressed heart, because it had kept him from doing something he would have regretted, and right on the slab too.

He turned around then, realizing they’d become the center of attention. The students who’d stopped to stare, noticing Nosa’s furious glare, turned their attention back to the task of running.

“Thank you.” Tolani said, before grabbing Ricky by the arm and pulling him away from Nosa. The foolish boy actually looked like he wanted to fight him! Tolani sighed in exasperation. She waited till they’d walked a distance away from Nosa before jabbing Ricky in his side with her elbow. “You can’t do that!” she screamed, giving in to her fear then. She turned to face Ricky and stopped at what she saw in his eyes. It was just a flicker, but she could have sworn she saw gold in those orbs.

“I hate that guy.” Ricky replied. “Where does he get of asking me why he can’t control his own feet? You shouldn’t have stopped him. I was dying to rip into him.”

Tolani’s voice took on an edge of despair as she spoke. “You can’t mess with him Ricky.” She pleaded. “Don’t. Not him, and not any of the boys in SS2 or SS3 that he hangs around with. They could do things to you…they could hurt you.” She finished lamely. How was she supposed to explain to an unmarked that the marked wolves in their school were always on the fringe of control? That if he caught them in the wrong moment, they could kill him, just like they’d killed Elliot, and Elliot had been one of them.

“They could try.” Ricky stated smugly as they climbed the steps leading to the front entrance to the chapel.

Tolani whirled around. She put her hands on Ricky’s chest stopping him. “Promise me Ricky.” She begged. “This isn’t America, there are rules. You have to obey them, you have to stay away from them, you can’t provoke them. Promise me.”

Ricky frowned at Tolani. He saw the fear in her eyes, real fear, not the kind of fear you get when you’re worried that a friend would get beaten, but when you thought he could get killed. It was a stupid thought, Ricky knew it, things couldn’t be that bad. But he couldn’t suppress the fear the thought wrought in him. He nodded.

Tolani exhaled.

Together they rushed into the chapel to their assigned seats on a pew to the right of the center aisle. As they sat, Ricky’s mind darted back to the rage he’d felt coming off Nosa and the things Tolani had said. He realized he was afraid. Had he come close to being killed? He couldn’t help it, he was terrified, so scared he was starting to shake.

Tolani turned to him. “Are you okay?” she asked.

Ricky nodded. He managed to get himself to stop shaking, but as soon as the fear went away, anger seemed to take its place. Why should he be afraid? Why should he have to fear for his life? He looked up restlessly at the beams on the roof, then turned back to Tolani. “Are you hot?” he whispered. He may not have understood the rules of the school, but he understood the rules of catholic churches. “I’m burning up.” His whisper was getting louder as his body began to shake. “What the Bleep?”

His question was drowned out by the sound of a bell ringing and accompanying tunes which followed. The students stood. The door to the left of the altar opened, and the altar servers, two on either side of the priest, processed onto the altar to the tune of the choir singing “Stand up, stand up for Jesus, ye soldiers of the cross.”

Tolani’s attention was fixed on the altar as she watched her best friend serve mass for the first time in St. Luke’s. Osezele led the procession, all the way to the altar, where they stopped, turned to face the tabernacle and the cross which hung above it, knelt on one knee, stood back up, bowed, and continued the procession to the other side of the altar. Osezele stood in front of her chair to the right of the priest and smiled slightly at Tolani. Tolani smiled excitedly back at her, sneaking her a thumbs up and winking. Osezele had to look away to keep herself from laughing.

Tolani was preparing to make more gestures when she moved slightly to her right and brushed against Ricky. She jumped back. He was hot, so hot her arm had heated up from touching him. He was also sticky with sweat. Tolani turned to face him and slapped her hand over her mouth to suppress her scream. His eyes! She hadn’t been seeing things before. He was shaking, and his eyes had flickered gold again.

Ricky was turning.

Tolani grabbed Ricky by the arm and fought their way through the pew of people. “Nosa.” She whispered underneath her breath.

Nosa was obsessed, it was a fact he couldn’t deny, but who wouldn’t be after listening to that heart? He hadn’t heard the sound again, but he’d been so focused on listening to her, that he heard something else. She called him. Nosa was standing in front of Tolani seconds later.

“He’s turning.” She whispered. Whispering was an overstatement, she said the words so low an unmarked would struggle to hear if they were standing right beside her. Nosa nodded. He grabbed onto Ricky’s arm and forced him out of the chapel. Of course, Ricky fought the entire time. Nosa didn’t know how it was possible to dislike someone he didn’t know that well so strongly, but he did. At that moment, knowing what had to come next, he was glad that he wasn’t the alpha of the pack. Ricky would be Beedie’s headache.

Ricky had made enough of a fuss coming out that Nosa wasn’t surprised when the pack came running out only moments later. Victor was the first to get to them. “Any problems?” Nosa asked.

Victor shook his head. “Nothing the warlocks can’t handle.” He replied.

Nosa nodded. He could feel Ricky’s shivers grow more violent, and even though he didn’t like him, he couldn’t help feeling sorry for him. Nosa didn’t know what effect the quintise magic would have on a wolf undergoing his first transformation surrounded by it, but he had a feeling it wouldn’t be pretty.

They had to get outside the school before Ricky lost control.

Nosa pulled Ricky by the arm towards the school block and the incomplete building behind it. Beedie, Lanky and a majority of the SS3 wolves appeared in front of them.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Beedie demanded.

Why was it so hard to respect Beedie? Nosa thought as he clenched his jaw. “Taking him outside the school.”

Beedie scoffed. He knocked Nosa’s hand off Ricky with a lot more force than was necessary and grabbed onto Ricky himself. “I’m the alpha. I’m guiding his transformation.”

Nosa’s eyes flashed gold. He stood there, fighting against his need to attack Beedie, as Beedie and the rest of the pack forced Ricky towards the back of the school block.

“Are you alright?” Victor asked, coming to stand by Nosa’s side.

“I’m fine.” Nosa snapped. He could already feel the anger draining out of him the further away the rest of the pack got. He turned to Victor then, smiling in apology for his sharp response. “I was actually looking forward to handing Ricky over to Beedie. I didn’t want to have anything to do with his first transformation.” Nosa turned around then. “I’m just going to go back into the chapel. I can help the warlocks explain things.”

Victor shook his head. “If there’s anything Emeka taught us, it was that as many wolves as possible should be there during that first transformation, just in case anything goes wrong. You’re the pack beta, you need to be there.”

“I know.” Nosa stated resignedly. “I was just taking a moment to dream.”

Victor chuckled. He waited, giving Nosa the time he needed to prepare himself, and then they took off, running as fast as they could towards the incomplete building.
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by obehiD: 5:18am On Nov 16, 2018
They got there just in time to hear the first bone snap.

The wolves had formed an incomplete semicircle around Ricky, SS2 boys standing off to one side while the SS3 boys were in the other. Nosa walked towards them slowly. Ricky was on his hands and knees in the center of the group, sweating, shaking and looking around with his hazel eyes wide. His mop of black hair was in disarray. His hands dug into the ground underneath him and he cried out in pain as his femur bones snapped. The wolves watched, waiting for the silence, the point in the first transformation which they called the stall. As they watched, Ricky’s bones broke and reformed, filling the air with the sounds of snapping and then long drawn out cries of pain. They’d all been through it, they knew there was nothing they could do to help, not yet at least, not until the stall. So, they stood, and they watched.

Ricky stood as his bones broke, reforming him into something that wasn’t quite human but also not fully wolf. Hair came out of his body, sprouting from his arms and legs, from his face, his chest. The clothes he had on ripped off him as layers of black fur covered his skin. Another bone snapped but this time Ricky didn’t scream, he howled, his golden eyes blazing. And then there was silence.

This was the point Beedie had been waiting for. He ceremoniously took off his shirt amidst hoots and back pats from his SS3 betas. He walked closer to the half-wolf half-human creature Ricky was stuck as, sizing the creature up. Ricky was taller than him then, his bones having deformed enough for this stage, but not enough to transform fully. Without an alpha, this part of the transformation could take days, days of the marked wolf wandering around blindly, destroying, killing, trying to find a way out. With an alpha, all it took was a yowl to force the transformation to complete, to guide the wolf out of the creature. Beedie howled and the pack joined in. He took off the rest of his clothes, stripping down till he was Unclad, and then he went into his mark. His eyes turned golden as he walked up to Ricky, stopping a few steps away.

Beedie knew that this was his moment, this was the opportunity he’d been waiting for, the chance to prove his strength to his pack once and for all. Wolves were strongest during their first transformation. It had to do with the state that Ricky was trapped in, when he was neither fully wolf nor human. There was a strength in the state, a strength which wolves were never able to get back to just as they were never able to get back to this state after they’d transformed fully to wolf. For a natural born alpha, the strength was amplified. Even Emeka hadn’t guided the first transformation of a natural born alpha, he’d only done it for betas and an omega. It was Beedie’s time to finally surpass his predecessor.

Beedie turned to his wolf form.

He pounced at Ricky, howling as he dove. The pack was feverish with excitement. There was something primal about seeing two alphas fight, and it called to their very essence. Even Nosa, who didn’t like either of the alphas, found himself engrossed by the scene about to take place. They called it the first challenge. Whichever wolf won would emerge alpha of the pack. Not that there was a doubt in anyone’s mind about who would win.

Beedie pounced on Ricky, knocking him off his feet. Beedie jumped on him then and yowled the way Emeka had with so many other first transformations. Ricky began to shake. The creature he had become understood that sound at an instinctive level and it knew how to react to it. It knew it for the challenge it was. Ricky shook. He growled at Beedie, white canines flashing as he rose his right hand in the air. Ricky swiped at Beedie with his right hand and Beedie came flying off him. Beedie landed on his back. Ricky rose to his feet. He jumped in the air and landed in front of Beedie. Ricky grabbed Beedie by the neck, picked him up and then slammed him down. Then he howled. He did it again, picking Beedie up and slamming him down, like a weightless rag doll.

Beedie fought for air. He swiped his clawed paws at the hands of the massive creature holding him down. He was able to scratch Ricky enough to force him to let go. Beedie dragged himself away. He could feel the broken bones in his body, feel the blood filling him up even as he felt himself healing from the injuries. He needed more time to heal, time to recover before going up against Ricky again. Unfortunately, Ricky wasn’t on his schedule. Ricky attacked him, picking him up by the elbow. He held him in place with his left hand and swiped at him with the claws in his right. He tore into Beedie, ripping off chunks of his flesh.

Nosa watched stupefied.

He stood there, not entirely sure what to do, but knowing on a subconscious level that if he didn’t do anything Beedie would die. And Ricky would become the alpha of the pack. The second thought worked wonders in clearing the haze in his mind. He ran towards them, ignoring the voice in his head asking what he planned to do. He was going off instinct, he didn’t have time to think of a plan. He ran towards them and wedged himself between Ricky and Beedie. He slammed into Ricky with enough force to lift him off the ground and break his hold on Beedie.

Nosa’s focus was on Beedie. He picked the wolf up and carried him towards the SS3 boys watching in horror. He dropped Beedie by Lanky’s feet. He was about to speak when he heard a cry of pain so raspy and low he knew who it came from.

Nosa turned around.

His suspicions were confirmed when he saw Ricky knock Victor to the ground and step on him. Nosa heard Victor’s fibula shatter. The SS2 boys standing close, moved away, giving Ricky and Victor a wide berth.

Nosa took off his shirt and ran towards them. He didn’t turn like Beedie had, he stayed in his human form. As soon as he got close, he dove, slamming into Ricky and knocking the mindless creature to the floor. Nosa held him down and he yowled, instituting a challenge of his own.

Ricky accepted.

Nosa went partially into his mark, going as far as he could without turning fully. That meant that his eyes turned gold, and his fangs and claws came out. Ricky pushed Nosa off him as easily as he had Beedie. Nosa recovered quickly. He rolled to his feet and stood, facing off against Ricky who stood in front of him. Ricky charged at him, knocking him off his feet with so much force Nosa was sure at least one of his back bones had broken. He felt the pain, but he ignored it, choosing instead to focus on Ricky’s claws which were heading right for his face. Nosa deflected just in time to avoid having his eyes scratched out. Instead, Ricky’s claws tore at his shoulders. Nosa felt those claws in his shoulder joint. He howled in pain.

Ricky reached down with his right hand to pick Nosa up, and Nosa panicked. He’d seen what Ricky had done to Beedie, and he knew that he couldn’t let Ricky maneuver him into that position, so he reached around blindly for anything that could help. His hand scraped on a rock just as Ricky’s hand touched his neck. He grabbed that rock as Ricky wrapped his hand around his neck, Ricky’s claws sinking into the back of Nosa’s neck. Nosa threw the rock at Ricky’s head. Ricky howled in pain, letting go of Nosa in the process.

Nosa felt the holes in his neck close up as he healed. He didn’t dawdle, he jumped to his feet and faced off against Ricky again. This time Ricky charged at him his furry arms swaying wildly in the air and his hind paws making large dents in the ground. Nosa bent when Ricky got close enough, knocking Ricky over when he didn’t stop. Nosa’s knee bones broke in the process, but Ricky landed on his back in the floor. Ricky swiped at Nosa’s leg, ripping through his uniform trousers and the skin underneath it. Nosa fell to the floor groaning in pain. He crawled towards Ricky and pounced on him before Ricky had the chance to get up.

Nosa knelt over Ricky. He pushed down hard on Ricky’s shoulders with enough force to dislocate them. The only effect the pain had on Ricky was to enrage him. Ricky shook with much more force than he had before, and it took all of Nosa’s strength to hold him down. Nosa stared into Ricky’s eyes, trying to find the boy lost in the creature. He came back empty. All Nosa felt was the emotions. He could smell them, almost taste them. The fury, the rage. It reminded him of Osezele, when she’d been taken over by the merged imps. He realized then, struggling to hold Ricky down, that most of his strength was coming from the rage, which was only amplified by the quintise magic. Nosa knew he couldn’t feel that much rage, he couldn’t get enough strength from it to beat Ricky, but if he didn’t beat Ricky, the boy would tear through the school in the amount of time it took him to complete his first transformation unguided. Nosa didn’t know what to do. His grip on Ricky was already loosening, a few more seconds and Ricky would shake him off and jump to his feet and then most likely kill him. But not if he killed him first. Nosa pushed down hard on Ricky’s shoulders trying to ignore the voice in his head that told him to bite him. It was a risk, Ricky might die, but he could also survive.

The rules of an alpha’s venom were simple. Really it was a fight for domination. When alphas bit betas or omegas the venom won because the alpha is always stronger. But with two alphas? It was simply a battle of wills. It would be the strength of Ricky’s mark against the strength of his. Yes, Ricky might die, or it could weaken Ricky long enough to let Nosa finish guiding his transformation.

Ricky’s shaking grew more vigorous.

Nosa couldn’t hold on any longer.

There was a fifty percent chance that he could kill Ricky. Nosa refused to take it.

Ricky pushed Nosa off him, sending Nosa flying in the air. He wasn’t content to just let Nosa land, Ricky ran after him, jumping to catch Nosa before he could fall. He grabbed Nosa by the neck and repeatedly slammed his fist into Nosa’s face with the strength of all the rage he felt.

Nosa felt his nose break, and his bones crack. He could taste the metallic tang of blood seeping into his mouth and feel the sticky traces of blood running down his face. He’d never thought his life would end that way, that he would die trying to guide a transformation. This was the part of the story they never told, the warning they never gave. His mind grew foggy, he felt like he was on the very edge of life and death.

Then he inhaled Ricky’s rage.

It was like the day with Osezele’s merged imps all over again. He felt Ricky’s rage, and it seemed to strengthen him, as if the emotions Ricky gave out fed the pieces of Ebo trapped in him. Nosa felt himself healing, healing at a much faster rate than he should have been able to. He also felt himself turning. He could feel the hairs in his body sprouting, feel the bones in his body breaking, re-shaping, but not in the way they did when he turned fully, the way they had during his first transformation. Nosa’s body filled with fur, it tore through his clothes, bringing him to a more even playing field with Ricky. Nosa knew it wasn’t possible, he knew it wasn’t possible for a wolf to get to the state he was currently in after their first transformation, but it was happening, and he didn’t have time to question it. He was in this state – where he wasn’t fully wolf or fully human – and unlike Ricky, he was in control.

Nosa knocked Ricky’s hand off and punched him in the face. Ricky dropped to the floor. Nosa climbed on top of him, holding him down again by his shoulders. This time when Ricky began shaking, Nosa lifted him up, and slammed him down to the ground, knocking the wind out of him.

Nosa yowled.

The sound was loud, heavy, deep, commanding, it was an order, and it sounded strange, even to Nosa. His own yowl scared him, he’d never heard anything as intimidating, not even from Emeka.

Ricky stopped shaking.

The air seemed to still as the boys watched, waiting, their silence a veneration to the fight they’d just witnessed and the beliefs they’d just had shattered.

Then Ricky’s bones began to snap, one after the other as his transformation continued. The stall was broken. Nosa came off him. Whatever it was that had held him in that state left too. As Ricky’s bones snapped, turning him fully to his wolf form, Nosa’s snapped, returning him to his human state.

Nosa was exhausted. Every bone in his body hurt, every muscle ached, but he couldn’t stop. His work wasn’t done yet, and he knew it. Granted the last part was more ceremonious than anything else, but after everything the pack had been through, they deserved the ceremony. Nosa suppressed his exhaustion and turned.

Both boys in their wolf form, Ricky and Nosa stared at each other. Nosa moved towards Ricky and stopped standing in front of him. Nosa yowled. This yowl was nothing like the last, it was the yowl they expected to come from a wolf like Nosa, it was intimidating, but it wasn’t terrifying, it was an order, but it wasn’t a command, it was Nosa, it wasn’t the creature he’d turned into to beat Ricky. But it was enough. Ricky shivered and bowed to Nosa.

The boys cheered.

Nosa turned around and he ran, Ricky following closely at his heels.

As the boys watched Nosa and Ricky run off, they stood waiting. The SS2 boys waited with feverish excitement for Nosa to return and finally claim his rightful position as alpha of the pack. The SS3 boys waited with dread for Nosa to return and challenge Beedie. Beedie kept his face impassive. He’d already healed from the beating Ricky had given to him, healed enough to take Nosa in a fight, but he was terrified. It was a struggle to keep his heart beating at a regular pace so that none of the wolves would hear the fear, but he couldn’t stop worrying. He wasn’t sure he wanted to fight, wasn’t sure he could. They’d all seen what Nosa had turned into, they’d seen the impossible become possible and Nosa had been in control in that state. Ricky wasn’t in control when he did what he did, his was normal, all wolves experienced that. But Nosa…and the yowl, Beedie refused to admit that the yowl had intimidated him. He refused. Instead, he stood there, focusing all his attention on controlling his heartbeat so that no one could tell how scared he was.

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Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by obehiD: 5:19am On Nov 16, 2018
Nosa and Ricky returned. The SS2 boys ran to the back of the school block to get the extra clothes they had stored there, eager to serve their new alpha. When the SS2 boys got back, Nosa had already transformed back to his human form.

As had Ricky.

Ricky, still dazed by what had just happened and not knowing why he felt so different, was unbelievably embarrassed. He used his hands to cover his private parts and kept his eyes on the ground. Nosa had turned with his pack too many times to be shy around them. He took the clothes from the SS2 boys and dressed, all too aware of the silence and the pensive mood surrounding him. He knew why the mood was there, knew what the SS2 boys expected and what the SS3 boys feared.

“Hey, Nosa, can I have some clothes?” Ricky’s voice was small, shaking.

Nosa wanted to beat him. He realized that it wasn’t fair or really noble, but it was what he wanted, what he would have loved to do more than anything else at that moment. He was angry with Ricky for not having the good sense to have his first transformation outside St. Luke’s. Angry with Ricky for being stupid enough to challenge Beedie. Angry with him for…really, he was angry with him for being him. Nosa knew it wasn’t fair, but more than anything, he was angry with Ricky for putting him in the position where he’d had to guide his first transformation. It wasn’t fair! Ricky had been his gift to Beedie, Ricky was supposed to be Beedie’s headache and now he was going to be his. And so, Nosa was angry because of what guiding Ricky’s first transformation meant for him. Unfortunately, he couldn’t give in to the voice in his head which begged him to vent his frustrations on Ricky. So instead he sighed. He nodded at the SS2 boys who had the extra set of clothes and inclined his head backwards towards Ricky.

“Thank you.” Ricky muttered.

Nosa ignored him. He walked away, all too aware of the expectations and the SS2 boys following him. He went to the only person who mattered. Why he needed permission he didn’t know, but he wanted it, he wanted to know that Victor was behind him. He didn’t care about the SS2 betas who followed him. If he didn’t have Victor’s support, it wasn’t worth it.

Nosa stopped in front of Victor. “Are you alright?” he asked, gesturing to the bone Ricky had broken.

Victor smiled. “It’s mostly healed.” He replied.

Nosa wanted to challenge Beedie. It was time. The time had come. He’d done his bid, sacrificed for the pack and all of that, but even in his exhaustion, he wanted the fight. He thought of all the snickers, the insults he’d received, and he knew he was ready. He raised his eyebrow asking Victor for his support with the single gesture. Nosa held his breath waiting.

Victor shook his head.

Nosa frowned. His jaw clenched, his hands formed into fists and he almost lashed out at Victor, but he didn’t, he couldn’t fault him for his opinion. Nosa heard the SS3 boys coming closer and he knew what they expected, what they feared. Why did it matter how Victor felt? Victor didn’t always know what was best for the pack. Even as he thought it, Nosa could hear Emeka’s voice in his head, the same voice which had told him how important omegas were. Nosa let go of the anger. He nodded at Victor and turned around to face Beedie and his posse.

Nosa bowed to Beedie.

The SS3 boys let out their breaths, exhaling in relief.

Beedie frowned. “You’re not challenging me?” his voice came out strong, in fact, there was derision in it, as if he was mocking Nosa for being a coward.

Nosa heard the mockery and ignored it. He shook his head. “You’re the alpha Emeka chose. I won’t challenge you.” Beedie smiled and Nosa added, “I won’t challenge you, as long as you don’t hurt anyone else in this pack.”

Beedie’s jaw clenched. Nosa talking to him like that was an insult! He was enraged, but Nosa wasn’t attacking him. Nosa was calm, the wolves were calm, there was nothing to feed his rage and so it went away, giving room to reason. He could lose a bit of pride right then and remain alpha or keep his pride and lose it for the rest of the time he had to bow and scrape to Nosa. The choice was easy. Beedie nodded. As he did, he promised himself that he would learn. If Nosa had been able to get to that state of peak strength when he was neither fully human nor wolf, Beedie knew he could too. He just had to bid his time, and practice.

“Let’s go back to school.” Beedie ordered.

The SS3 boys nodded and began to leave, the SS2 boys stayed where they were. They’d already chosen their alpha. Nosa nodded. The SS2 boys left. Nosa didn’t smile. It was a struggle, but he managed. Instead he walked away with Victor, climbing over the fence together. They broke off from the rest of the pack, choosing to walk towards the school block, specifically the lab buildings.

Nosa sighed. “Is he still following us?” he asked.

Victor chuckled. “Come on Nosa, it’s not the worst thing that could happen. He’ll be like a little puppy following you around, begging for your approval. I’m surprised you’re not happier.”

Nosa frowned. “Have you met him? He’s the most annoying person I’ve ever known. He was supposed to be my gift to Beedie. He was supposed to follow Beedie around like a puppy, not me.”

Victor decided to change the topic. “Your eyes were red. Right before you went into that state, your eyes were red and gold.”

Nosa nodded. “My eyes tend to do that sometimes. It started the day Osezele’s imps merged and I had to carry her. It’s been happening since. I can’t control it.” Nosa’s frown turned into a glare. “He’s still standing behind us, isn’t he?”

Victor turned around, saw the white boy, and laughed when Ricky awkwardly looked away. “Yes.”

“I don’t understand. I wasn’t strong enough to beat Beedie and save Elliot, but I was strong enough to beat an alpha who beat Beedie?”

“You never fought Beedie, you fought betas in Beedie’s pack.”

Nosa stopped worrying about Ricky who was still standing behind them and thought about that day, the day Elliot died. “Why didn’t I think of that?” he muttered to himself.

“Natural born omegas are…”

Nosa interrupted him. “Do you ever get tired of feeling smarter than everyone else?”

Victor frowned in feigned shock. “Why would I?” he replied.

Nosa burst out laughing. “I forgot about betas in a pack.” Nosa stated once he sobered. “Betas get strength from the pack, from the numbers. As long as two or more of them are fighting, they fight with the combined strength of all the betas in the pack.”

“Those are the rules.” Victor concurred. “It keeps alphas from stealing packs and motivates betas to join.” Victor’s lips twitched as he looked back. “He’s still standing there. He’s not going to leave without talking to you.”

Nosa frowned. “I’m not Emeka, I don’t know if I should have this much influence over a new wolf. What if I damage him? What if I fail him?”

Victor smiled at him. “You won’t. Besides, it isn’t mind control. He has the will to say no. And it won’t last forever. The moment he truly feels like he can’t trust you, it starts to go away. It happens this way so that older wolves can help them through their first days, when everything changes, and they get so lost. I don’t know what I would have done without Emeka when I first turned.”

Nosa shrugged. “My first transformation was unguided, and I survived.”

“Just talk to him.” Victor stated. “I’ll be waiting in the computer lab.”

Nosa sighed. He watched Victor leave and then he turned around to stare at Ricky, the burden he’d just unknowingly given himself. Ricky met his gaze for a second and then looked down at the floor. Nosa had no idea what he was doing, but he knew he had to say something. “Ricky.” He called out. The boy looked up at him. He gestured with his fingers for him to come and Ricky ran, literally ran, to meet him. Nosa couldn’t believe that this was the same person who’d called him a ‘bleeping slowpoke’ an hour ago.

“Hey.” Ricky looked hopefully at Nosa and then awkwardly at the ground. Then he looked back up at Nosa. “What happened?” he asked.

Nosa watched Ricky’s fidgeting, which he attributed to nervousness and shook his head. “You’re marked.” He stated flatly. “You’re a varmint, a werewolf.”

Ricky rolled his eyes. “Yeah, I know that. I grew up with the mark right on my hip. I’ve always known that I was marked. I guess I’m glad I’m a werewolf. Commune would have been my first choice, they’re badass. Definitely didn’t want to be a sage, figured I wasn’t either since the mark wasn’t on my forehead. No, I’m not talking about the transformation. I’m talking about this.” Ricky gestured towards Nosa and then back at himself.

Nosa was shocked that Ricky had been able to grow up outside the community, without his mark hidden and not worry that he’d be found, but then Nosa didn’t really know how different things were in America. He didn’t really care. Nosa looked down at Ricky’s hand, watching the gesture. He knew what he was asking, but for some reason, he wanted to hear Ricky say it. “What is ‘this’?” Nosa asked.

“This.” Ricky stated emphatically. “I hated your guts right before I walked into the chapel. I wanted to kill you, I literally wanted to kill you. And now…”

“And now?”

“And now I feel this absurd need to impress you. I’ve never given a damn about what anyone else thinks about me, but now I care what you think. What’s that about?”

Nosa sighed. “It’s because I guided your first transformation. Don’t worry, it’ll fade.”

Ricky was just about to speak when two more people joined in on the conversation. Beedie and Lanky stopped in front of them. “Yes, it will fade.” Beedie promised. He turned to Ricky and teased. “You’re like a baby. You need to be fed, need to have your diaper changed and you rely on Nosa for all of that. Just like a smelly little baby.” Beedie teased.

Nosa ignored the comment. He was already getting used to ignoring Beedie.

Ricky was not. Ricky shoved Beedie back and punched him so hard in the nose, blood came streaming down his face. Lanky took a step towards Ricky, then stopped when he saw the gold in Ricky’s eyes. He was just one beta, alone. He was too smart to pick a fight with two natural born alphas. Ricky took another step towards Beedie, but Nosa stopped him.

“Sorry Beedie. You know how these new wolves are. Their emotions are all over the place. You understand now.”

Beedie put his hand over his nose and snapped it back in place. He glared at Ricky and then Nosa. No, he did not understand. Ricky had just made his list, right under Osezele. He turned around and walked away with Lanky on his heels.

Nosa let go of Ricky.

“I’m sorry if I…” he twisted his lips. “embarrassed you. I don’t like being called a smelly baby.”

Nosa laughed. “You have to control yourself. You’re part of the pack now and this won’t be the last time Beedie provokes you.”

Ricky shrugged. “I’m not one for packs, but I guess I can do it with you as the alpha.”

Nosa shook his head. “I’m not the alpha.”

“You’re not?”

“Nope. Beedie is the alpha. Understand why you have to be careful now?”

“Why is that slowpoke the alpha? You should be the alpha. I wouldn’t mind being in a pack with you as the alpha. If that idiot is alpha, I’m not part of the pack.” Ricky replied.

Nosa fought the urge to remind him that he’d been calling him the slowpoke earlier that day. Instead he said, “you don’t have a choice. If I can stomach Beedie’s insults, you’ll find a way to manage.”

Ricky frowned. “Why do you put up with it?”

Nosa smiled. “For Emeka, for Victor, for my friends, for the people I care about.”

Ricky nodded. He looked down at the floor, at the concrete in the pavement and then looked back up at Nosa. “Okay.” He said. “If it means that much to you, I’ll do it for you.”

Nosa was taken aback, he hadn’t expected that. He’d heard stories about how this worked, heard Victor talk about how much Emeka meant to him and how badly he’d wanted to please him, but seeing it first hand was different, and being the subject of that type of adulation made it even more surreal. Nosa began to resign himself to the fact that he’d have to like Ricky. It was the decent thing to do. “Thank you.” Nosa stated simply.

Ricky nodded. “So, what do I do now?”

He really was like a baby, Nosa thought. He kept the thought to himself, knowing how little Ricky liked the comparison. “Go to the refectory, Victor will come and meet you there. He’ll start telling you everything you need to know about your mark in general and our pack specifically. There are things going on in this school that you have to know, and Victor is the only one any of us can remain calm around. We still don’t know why.”

“Refectory. Got it. Are you coming?”

Nosa shook his head. “I have to go back to the chapel and make sure I’m seen so that people don’t start asking too many questions.”

“Okay.” Ricky began to walk away and then he stopped. “Nosa.” He called out. Nosa turned around. “Thank you. I’m really sorry I called you a bleeping slowpoke. You’re okay.”

Nosa chuckled. “You’re okay too.” He replied.

Ricky walked away.

Victor came out of the computer lab with a goofy smile plastered on his face. “That sounds like the beginning of a beautiful bromance.”

Nosa scoffed. “Go joh.” He teased in reply. Victor laughed.

“So, I’m teaching him?” he asked.

“For now, if you’re okay with it.”

“Why not.” Victor started walking away then stopped. “Do you think the puppy will fetch if I ask him to?” he mused.

Nosa turned around. He shook his head as he began walking away. “Vickie,” he teased, calling Victor the one name he knew he couldn’t stand, “please don’t mess with the puppy’s head.”

Victor, affronted by the name Nosa called him, picked up a small rock, and threw it at Nosa. Nosa caught the rock without stopping or looking back. And just to show off, he crushed the rock in his hand and dusted the fragments off. All without stopping or turning around. He chuckled.

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Wolves are interesting creatures, bound by rules and they commit strongly to abide by them.

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@OluwabuqqyYOLO it's impossible to sideline Osezele smiley
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Chapter Twenty-three
The Community, Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria

Odion could sense the tension in the room. The people sat with their backs straight and their gazes fixed in front of them. The posturing was painfully unnatural, so unnatural Odion waited for the fog to clear, waited to see why the people where behaving the way they were. She didn’t have to wait long. The front door opened, and a group of white people walked in. There were five of them, four of them walked in to blend with the rest of the seated crowd, occupying vacant chairs all around the room. The last one, a man in a navy-blue suit and polished black dress shoes, stood in front of the room.

Odion felt a tingling sensation in her back, an itching feeling that she wasn’t going to like what she was about to see and hear. When her apparition had led her back to this building, the building in the middle of the clearing where the elementals had been massacred, she’d known something strange was happening. She grew even more wary when she saw the people gathered in it and their stiff posturing. Now she knew why. InCoSeM.

The white man standing in front of the group cleared his throat. “My name is Paul.” He spoke conversationally, his eyes darting across the room, stopping every once in a while to focus on a face and smile at its owner. It was obvious he was used to public speaking, obvious from the way he smiled at the people and the ease he had in calming their distress. She could see the occupants of the room begin to relax in their seats. “I am your friend. I am on your side. I am here, not as a representative from InCoSeM, not as a foreigner trying to steal what’s yours, but as a friend, here to inform, to educate, to advice.” He stopped again, the gentle smile on his face unwavering. “I know what the ancestry is saying about us, the lies the ancestry spreads, and I am here to tell you that they are not true. I don’t want your land. What would I use it for? I already have a home, a family I love, a country of my own, why would I want to take yours away from you? No,” he shook his head, “I am not here to take, but to give.”

The man paused. He walked slowly towards the front row of the room and pointed at a man seated there. “What is your name sir?” he asked.

The man pointed at his chest and asked, “me?” The white man nodded. “Nonso.” The man replied.

The white man walked a few chairs over and asked an older woman seated in front of him. “And you ma’am, what is your name?”

“Iyobosa.” The woman responded.

The man smiled kindly at the woman and walked back. He directed his attention to Nonso first. “Nonso,” he said, “are you a slave?” Nonso shook his head. The man turned towards Iyobosa. “Iyobosa, are you a slave?” Iyobosa shook her head as well. “Then why do you let them treat you like you are? Why do you let them dictate your lives? Why do you bow to them, kneeling on the ground, sometimes even lying on the floor when you’re in their presence? Are you inferior to them?” he didn’t pause for the people to answer, he forged on. “What right do they have to rule you? What right other than the rights that they’ve claimed for themselves? And through what power do they claim these rights? The power of blood? The power of birth? This is the twentieth century, we are advanced enough to know that leadership isn’t a right of birth, it is a privilege given to individuals found worthy. We know that it is the right of every person of sound mind and morality to choose leaders for themselves. So, again, I ask you, what right does the ancestry have to lead you?”

“They are Duraya’s chosen.” Nonso replied, his voice a mix of confidence and doubt.

The man smiled at Nonso as if he’d just heard exactly what he’d wanted to. “Duraya. That’s what they say isn’t it, that they’re marks are stronger because Duraya chose them, because Duraya chose them to lead. That Duraya appoints the leaders, that Duraya speaks to them.” He turned to Nonso then. “Tell me Nonso, have you ever heard Duraya speak?” Nonso shook his head. “Iyobosa, does Duraya talk to you?” Iyobosa shook her head. “Has anyone here heard Duraya’s voice? Have you prayed to Duraya and had your prayers answered?” the occupants of the room shook their heads. The man’s smile widened. “That’s because Duraya does not exist. Duraya is nothing but a fabrication they made up to keep you enslaved, to keep you broken, to keep you subservient. I have prayed to God and had my prayers answered. I have spoken to God and known the comfort of His love and grace. There is only one God, and His name is not Duraya. And the elements, the elements are just things to control. The ancestry wants you to believe that the elements are super-beings, messengers of Duraya who can travel from our mere human world, to the world of gods. But it’s a lie. The elements are just that, elements. The elements are not angels, that’s laughable, the elements are not messengers, the elements are just that, water, air, fire and earth. Nothing more, nothing less.

Whatever power the ancestry has, they’ve stolen it from you. I know this for a fact, because this is not the first ancestry that InCoSeM has seen disbanded, you are not the first people InCoSeM has helped to liberate. When it came down to it, when the ancestry was forced to tell the truth, they confessed that they didn’t get powers from their blood, no the powers they got was from the ancestral grounds they lived on.” Gasps of shock and outrage filled the room. Still smiling, the man nodded as he continued speaking. “Their ancestors stole the powers from your ancestors and kept it hidden for their descendants. That is the truth about the ancestry. That is the shameful truth. The ancestry is nothing but a façade, a lie built on the backs of your ancestors and maintained by the forced subjugation of you, the people sitting in front of me now, the people who kneel, who lie in greeting to people just like you, who’ve stolen everything you have the right to. So, again, I ask you, what right do they have to rule over you?”

There was silence throughout the hall.

“None.” The man answered for them. “None. Everything they have belongs to you. Their leadership belongs to you, their power belongs to you, their wealth belongs to you. Everything they have they’ve stolen from you. What will you do about it? I am just a friend. I do not want your land or your allegiance, I am only here to give advice. If you want to take back your rights, your fundamental rights to have a say in your own leadership, then you have to fight. Yes, there will be sacrifices, but sacrifices have to be made for the greater good, for a future were children are free from tyrannical rule, for a future were a person can rise as high as their mental acuity and hard work will take them, a future were a person’s station in life is not set at the moment of their birth. Leadership is a privilege. Are you going to bow to the ancestry while they steal everything that belongs to you, or are you going to take back the privilege they’ve claimed as a right? Will you serve, or will you lead? What are you willing to sacrifice to have the choice?”

The room exploded with applause as the man’s voice faded. The occupants stood cheering him at the top of their voices, screaming their assent, clamoring for their rights and vowing retribution on the people who’d stolen it from them.

Odion felt the stirring of her apparition behind her. She walked into it.

She was taken to a circular room with golden beams and paintings on the walls. She remembered this room from the vision of the day she was born. The pace of things had been so quick during that vision that she hadn’t taken the time to admire the culture in the room. There were clay sculptures on glass displays and jewels she could tell were bijous hanging from the walls. She noticed, as she walked closer to the group in the front of the room, that the mosaics on the floor had words written beneath them, like a story with pictures. The words on the ground appeared muddled, somehow out of focus. She frowned in thought as the large doors opened and footsteps made their way to the front of the room.

Odion walked towards the front of the room.

As she got closer, the velvet told her who the inhabitants of the room were. The chairs in the front of the room formed a circle. Elders in white velvet sat on either side of an empty seat on one half of the circle. They sat quietly, their gazes fixed on the younger people in red and white velvet walking towards them. Omoruyi led the procession of Obos. When they got to the Uhonmons, they made their way across the semi-circle, prostrating in greeting to each of the Uhonmons seated. The men bent at the waist with their right hands stretched out towards the ground and the women curtsied. This greeting went on until each obo had bowed to each uhonmon and then the obos went and sat on the other half of the circle.

They waited.

The double doors opened, and this time the God-born walked in. Odion watched her grandmother walk slowly towards them, each step taken with a sort of quiet dignity that she couldn’t help but be awed by. Odion remembered the words of the lying InCoSeM rabble-rouser and she wanted to scream at him, ‘look at a woman who was born to rule!’.

The other occupants of the room rose. The obos bowed in greeting, repeating the prostrations they’d made to the other uhonmons, the uhonmons nodded as the God-born walked passed them, to the only unoccupied chair in the circle. She sat. The other uhonmons sat. Then the obos sat as well.

The God-born remained silent for a while, her eyes scanning the people seated in front of her. She seemed to be searching for something, because as soon as she found it, she nodded to Toju, who stood outside the circle of the clan of rulers.

Odion took her attention to Toju and was shocked by how much she’d changed. The first thing she noticed was the mark of the pentagon with the embedded star on her forehead. It was a mark which showed that Toju was now a member of a quintise. Instead of her customary leather clothes, she had a leather wrapper tied around her chest and a single chain of coral beads around her neck. Odion wasn’t sure what the change in her dressing and the mark on her head meant, but she had a strong inkling that they were signs of a change in status.

Toju stamped her feet on the floor and waved her arms in a circular motion, her body moving in line with her swinging arms, as if she was performing an intricate dance. As Toju moved, a thick fog of air rose in a circle behind Odion, around the seated clan of rulers. The fog started from the floor and rose all the way to the ceiling. As soon as the fog formed around them, all sounds from the other side of the fog went away. It was as if the fog completely damped out the sounds.

The God-born’s gaze scanned the people seated in front of her again. “What do we know?” she asked, after a stretch of silence.

“They’re hunting augurs now.” An obo replied.

“Why? First they go after the elementals and now the augurs?” an uhonmon asked.

His question was met with silence.

Omoruyi cleared his throat. “Maybe instead of asking why, we should be planning how to stop them. While we sit here, licking our wounds and wondering ‘why’, they’re out there, undermining our rule, and using our own people to do it. This is not the time to ask questions, it is the time to show our strength. We need to crush this people before they corrupt more than just our soil.”


Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by obehiD: 12:57am On Nov 23, 2018
Several uhonmons and obos nodded in agreement. The God-born’s face remained expressionless. If she had any feelings about her son’s words, she didn’t show them.

“And how do you propose we go about…”

The God-born rose her right hand and the obo who’d been speaking cut herself short. The God-born turned her attention back to the older uhonmon who’d asked the question and she bowed respectfully to him. “Forgive my son.” She said calmly. “He seems to have forgotten how to speak to his elders.”

The chastisement came in such a calm voice that no one had expected it, least of all its recipient. Omoruyi’s jaw clenched, but he kept his mouth shut. The older uhonmon in question smiled at the God-born. “There is nothing to forgive.” He said in reply. “Your son makes a good point.” The old man chuckled. “I envy the passion of youth.”

The God-born nodded. She turned her attention back to the obo who’d been speaking and nodded at her.

The obo cleared her throat. “I agree with you menoba.” She bowed towards the older uhonmon. “It is important for us to understand why this is happening, every bit as important as planning ways to stop it.”

“We have watched in silence as they tore down ancestries never thinking that they would come all the way to Nigeria to do the same thing to us. Maybe we undervalued our significance?”

Dry laughter followed that comment.

“This is not about tearing down ancestries.” Another obo spoke up. His voice was firm, but at the same time deferential. Omoruyi’s public scolding had changed the tone of the obos’ voices. “It cannot be. I don’t care what they say, or how much equality they preach. InCoSeM does not want Edo State that badly. There is something more to this, something that we can’t see. They have a plan, a goal they are working towards, and until we know what that is, I’m afraid we will be playing a loser’s game.”

Murmurs of assent followed that.

Omoruyi cleared his throat. He turned his gaze towards his mother and waited for her grudging nod before he spoke. “You are all right.” He said. This time his voice was more entreating. “We need to understand why this is happening, but that cannot come at the expense of us fighting to gain back what is ours. If we don’t show the people, remind them, why they must remain loyal to us, we will lose. We have to show strength now more than ever. We look like cowards, like we’re hiding behind the tunnel of the twins afraid of our own subjects. As a clan, we invoked a ban against ancestry members leaving ancestral grounds on unsanctioned trips. While I agree with this ban, I know that it makes us look weak, it makes us look scared, it makes us look beaten. While we hide here, wondering what InCoSeM’s intentions are, they are recruiting our subjects, arming them and using them against us. We cannot let this insult stand. We must not. They are polluting our soil, diluting our elements. They have killed all but two of our elementals, and have slain every ancestry augur they could get their hands on. This isn’t a skirmish, this is war and we are losing.”

The old uhonmon nodded. His actions seemed to catalyze the other clan members because they began nodding in agreement. Once Omoruyi was done speaking, all eyes turned to the God-born. The God-born nodded at Omoruyi.

That nod was the only prompting Omoruyi needed.

“We should start with the known meetings. Send ancestry guards to every InCoSeM scheduled event and kill every single person in there. Let their deaths be a warning to anyone else who would dare rise up against us. After that, we should flush the InCoSeM reps out. Send the guards out in droves, armed with bijou weapons. No,” he shook his head, “with totems. Let us remind our errant subjects once and for all why we are in charge. Kill the InCoSeM reps, kill the dissidents, and purify our soil with the blood of traitors.”

The older uhonmon nodded gravely. It was clear from the grim look on his face that he didn’t like the sound of it, but he believed the inevitability of the plan Omoruyi suggested. The other clan members seemed to agree because they also nodded reluctantly.

“How does that make us any better than them?” Efua asked. Her voice was calm, steady.

Omoruyi frowned at her. “We don’t have to be better.” He snapped. “We have to live, to survive.”

“At what cost?” Efua’s voice remained calm. The calmness in her voice was in stark contrast with the anger in Omoruyi’s. Her calmness seemed to be grabbing the attention of the clan members. Efua turned to face the people seated around her. “I more than anyone else here knows the loss we’ve suffered. Those were my people slaughtered, my elementals killed. I grieve for them, I mourn them. But we are Duraya’s chosen. Maybe instead of breaking our people, we should find out why they are so malcontent. The strength of our blood, of our mark, is a gift we received from Duraya. We pay for this gift, by using our mark to protect and lead our people. Our job is to lead them, to see to their welfare, to protect them. Not to hurt them, and certainly not to kill them. They are our children. Children lash out when they’re angry. Let us be good parents, let us help our children heal.”

“They are not children.” Omoruyi spat out. “They are enemies. You don’t hug a snake that wants to sting you, you crush it. They must learn to bend to our will or break from the force of it. We cannot cajole them. We cannot…”

The God-born rose her hand, cutting Omoruyi off. She turned her attention to Efua and asked, “What do you propose?”

“I think we should send an emissary to these meetings. Someone who the people won’t take as a threat, but someone who’s loyal to us. Someone we can trust. I think that if we send the right emissary, we can give the people room to vent and have their concerns relayed back to us. And having someone linked to us may make the people feel like we’ve noticed their discontent and we’re paying attention to it.” Efua proposed.

“What will make the people feel free enough to vent in front of anyone related to the ancestry?” Omoruyi asked.

“The promise of turning him. If they think that they can turn this person to their side, they will vent to their heart’s content.”

“How do we trust that they won’t be able to turn him?” the older uhonmon asked.

“He is for the ancestry. He cannot be turned.” Efua replied confidently.

“He.” Omoruyi stated. “It sounds like you already have somebody in mind. Why are you keeping us in suspense? Please, tell us, who this paragon of virtue is.”

Efua ignored Omoruyi. She answered his question, but did so with her attention fixed on the God-born. “Isokun Adun.” She stated flatly.

“Isokun Adun!” Omoruyi spat out in disbelief. “He’s barely even been here long enough to know his way around the compound.”

“That goes to our advantage.” Efua stated. “He’s not been in the ancestry long enough to be too indebted to us. That’s what the people will see. They’ll see him as one of them and they’ll open up around him.”

“But how do we know we can trust him?” the older uhonmon asked. “What you’re suggesting is not an easy assignment? How do we know he won’t turn against us?”

“He won’t.” Efua stated confidently. “I trust him with my life.”

Omoruyi burst out laughing. “You trust him with your life?” he mocked. “You love him don’t you? And you’re trying to use this ‘assignment’ to get him? Wake up Efua, this isn’t the middle of a romance story. This is war. It’s not a game for children or love struck little girls. If you don’t have a serious contender…”

Efua’s cold gaze turned on Omoruyi. “I am obo the first, the head of the conclave of princes, how dare you speak to me like that? When I speak, I speak with the force of my station, with the authority of the elements which elected me Nature’s best. What do you speak with? You are obo the eighth, the last obo, which means every single person here has more authority than you do. Know your place Omoruyi. Don’t make me remind you again.”

Omoruyi rose to his feet.

“Uyi.” The God-born snapped. “Sit down.” She spat the words out through clenched teeth.

Omoruyi took a deep breath. He bowed, the bending of his back an apology for his loss of temper, and sat down.

The older uhonmon spoke up. “I am inclined to agree with Iwebo.” He turned towards Efua. “You are the high priest of Duraya. If you trust this man with your life, I am more than contented with trusting him with mine.”

Efua bowed regally to the old uhonmon. After he spoke, other uhonmons and obos spoke up, throwing their weight behind Efua. They gave different reasons, but it all came down to her rank as high priest. None of them were willing to vote against the high priest of Duraya, Nature’s best.

Omoruyi turned towards his mother. “Trust me.” He said to her, his voice low. “That girl’s plan will not work. You have the power to change this mother, don’t let a girl in love…”

“That’s enough.” The God-born cut Omoruyi off. She turned her focus towards Efua and smiled at her. “You have the will of the clan. Send Isokun Adun as an emissary of the ancestry.”

Efua smiled, bowing gracefully to the God-born. With that concluded they spent the rest of the meeting going over family issues. They discussed the arrangement of marriages to strengthen the bloodline. They argued over the posting of guards on ancestral grounds and out of it. They discussed outreach and maintenance of other communities. No one mentioned InCoSeM again.

When the meeting concluded, the clan members left the room. Omoruyi was the first to leave, storming off as he made his way passed the double doors. Then the rest followed more calmly in his wake. Efua and the God-born were the only ones who remained. They sat together in silence, waiting until the large room emptied and then the God-born rose to her feet. She inclined her head towards the back of the room and Efua followed. When they reached the wall, the God-born ran her finger along a crack in the mosaic. Then her facial features tightened as if she was in pain. Moments later the wall gave way, leading to another much smaller room.

The room was bare. It had two couches to the left and a large screen divider to the right. For some reason, Odion felt inexplicably drawn to that screen. She walked towards it as the God-born and Efua began talking. Odion stood in front of the screen divider.

“I’ve found the last piece menoba.” Efua whispered.

The God-born smiled. “We can speak freely here. This room is a sound trap linked to Ehizokhae blood. No sound goes out and only Ehizokhae blood can show the way in.” her voice was loud, confident. “Now, how soon can we build the bridge?”

A frown formed on Efua’s face.

“What is it my daughter?” the God-born asked, placing a hand on Efua’s shoulder.

Efua dropped to her knees in front of the God-born. “I have doubts menoba, strong doubts. I don’t think we should build the bridge.”

“Stand up.” The God-born ordered.

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Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by obehiD: 12:57am On Nov 23, 2018
Efua rose to her feet, her gaze remaining on the carpet. Efua kept her gaze down until the God-born forced her eyes up by tilting her chin. The God-born smiled kindly at Efua. “Of course you have doubts.” She said. “But we don’t have any better options. My son was right, we are fighting a war and we are losing. Sending Isokun as an emissary buys us some time, but I doubt it will be a permanent fix. And Omoruyi’s suggestion is simply unconscionable. We need more options, but for the first time in my life I can’t count on my visions. I don’t see the way I used to. Now, whenever I close my eyes, I see a teenage girl wearing a pink uniform, locked behind the gates of a boarding school in Port-Harcourt. I don’t know why the visions I need aren’t coming, and I don’t understand the significance of the visions I do see. I need my sight. Without it, I can’t plan a way out of this mess.”

“I understand menoba.” Efua chimed in. “The elements are strange. They talk to me, but they say nothing. And when they do give advice, it’s vague, in riddles I have to decipher.”

The God-born nodded. “These are the signs of the decline. In the best case, they’re the signs of diminution, but in the worst case…I don’t even want to think of the worst case. InCoSeM are pests, they don’t scare me. What scares me is the absence of sight, the dearth of communication with the elements. It is as it was in the forgotten last days of Kerguelen. That ancestry survived by building the bridge. We must do the same.”

“Is it worth the risk?”

“It is the only way we can find out for sure, the only way we can be certain that Duraya is not forsaking us. We must do it.”

“But if the ancestry falls while the bridge of Kohini is erected here, the parts will break off and return to the other existences. Once those parts are gone, our ancestral grounds will crumble and we will never be able to rebuild. Now more than ever the bridge seems like too big a risk.”

“Only ancestry can use the bridge Efua, and we are the last ancestry. If we fall the bridge will be useless anyway. I’ve thought about it.” The God-born stated resolutely. “And I’ve made my decision. We will build the bridge of Kohini and finally have answers to all of our questions.”

Efua nodded. “I will begin preparations.” She replied resignedly.

The God-born smiled and nodded in dismissal. Efua curtsied and then she turned around and walked towards the wall. It parted once she got close enough and she made her way through the open space, back to the big hall. The wall firmed up behind her.

As soon as the wall closed behind Efua, the God-born’s focus zoomed over to where Odion stood. Odion felt her skin crawl. It was as if the God-born could see her. Odion watched with wide eyes, as the God-born, her gaze never moving, sat on the couch opposite the screen.

The God-born cleared her throat. “I know you’re there.” She stated, flatly. There was a reprimand in her voice.

Odion felt her grandmother’s disapproval like a weight on her shoulder. She wanted to explain but she didn’t know where to start. It was still so crazy that the God-born could see her. Odion took a step towards her grandmother, parting her lips to call her the name she and her siblings had made for her.


There was the name.

It hadn’t come from her.

Odion turned around, just in time to see the screen divider move slightly and watch an eight year old girl emerge from behind it. Odion stared in shock as the miniature version of herself walked through her, towards her grandmother. The memories came back as she watched the events take place.

The eight-year-old Odion walked over to the God-born and knelt in front of her. “Good afternoon Mamin.” She greeted.

The God-born’s frown was severe. “What are you doing here Oni?” she asked.

Oni’s shoulders sagged with guilt. “I’m here to see uncle Uyi.” She stated.


Oni shrugged.

“Odion Ehizokhae.” The God-born’s statement of her name was like a threat and a warning all in one.

“Because I’m scared.” Oni spat out. She frowned. “I don’t like being scared.” She stated emphatically.

The God-born’s frown receded. She smiled at her grand-daughter. “Come here.” She said, tapping her lap. Oni rose from her knees and walked over to her grandmother. “Why are you scared?” The God-born asked, as she arranged Oni on her lap.

“Because mummy and daddy said that I can’t leave the house anymore. They say it’s too dangerous for augurs. Because I go to mummy’s room and I hear her crying at night. Because daddy’s afraid.”

The God-born pulled Oni closer towards her. “And you think your uncle can help?”

Oni nodded. “I know he can. He taught Eroms how to kill the InCoSeM reps, he taught Eroms how to fight. I don’t want to be afraid. I’m a fighter like Eroms, I want to know how to fight. I want to know how to kill with a bijou gun. Just like Eroms.”

The God-born gasped. “How did you hear about that?” she demanded.

Oni shrugged. “I overheard Daddy shouting at uncle Uyi. I don’t know why, daddy should have been thanking him. If uncle Uyi hadn’t taught Eroms, Eroms would be dead. I don’t want to be dead.”

The God-born’s eyes closed. Frown lines formed on her forehead as the seconds ticked by. Slowly, she opened her eyes, revealing the anguish which had spurred her to close them in the first place. She exhaled quietly. “You are too young to speak like this.” The God-born stated. “Too young Oni.”

Oni shrugged. “I want to learn mamin. Please. I don’t want to be afraid.”

The God-born wrapped her arms around Oni. In the process she brushed against a chain on Oni’s neck. The God-born held on to that chain and pulled, revealing the object Oni had hidden beneath her shirt. She let it drop into Oni’s open hands. “Who gave that to you?” she asked.

‘Efua’ Odion thought, even before she heard the eight year old version of herself saying the same thing. She remembered the object in Oni’s hand, remembered it from the day she’d seen the elemental dancing in a stream. She remembered receiving the gift from Efua and being told that with the totem, she’d be able to hear the voice of the elements.

The God-born’s eyebrows furrowed. “It was a generous gift.” She stated flatly. “Do you know what it is?” the God-born asked.

“A totem.” Oni replied.

“Do you know what it can do?”

Oni shook her head.

“A totem is a special type of bijou. It is a bijou which is made of pure Edo elements by an Enikaro elemental aerie and an Enikaro witch aerie. It needs Enikaro blood to activate. Do you know what aeries are?” Oni shook her head again. “An aerie is a group of marked who go into their mark together and have all the forms of the specific type of shared mark. Do you know what a pack is?” Oni nodded. “Good. A werewolf aerie would be a pack with at least one alpha, beta and omega. A witch aerie would be one with every single type of witch, healer, memoir, verdant, celestial, script and elemental. Now an elemental aerie is made up of elemental witches who are closely bound to each of the elements, water, wind, fire, earth, the all and the sixth.”

Oni’s lips parted. Her eyes widened as she looked at the coin in her hands. She had it faced down so that she could see each pole of the coin, each of which had signs representing the different elements. “It must be powerful.”

The God-born took Oni’s hand and placed it against the side of the coin, closest to the silver rock on the bottom pole of the coin. As the God-born’s finger pushed down on Oni’s, Odion felt some of the blanks in her mind clear. She remembered being eight and sitting in her grandmother’s lap. She remembered the feel of her grandma’s finger pushing against hers. And as she heard Oni’s gasp of pain, she remembered the cut. The God-born let go of Oni’s hand and she pulled her finger back. Odion could remember staring down at her finger in shock, wondering why there wasn’t a cut in the pad of her finger where she’d felt the pain. It had been as if whatever had cut her had also healed her.

Then the coin in Oni’s hands morphed into a silver dagger. Oni’s lips formed into an ‘O’ as she looked at the weapon in her hand.

“Are you still afraid?” the God-born asked.

Oni shook her head.

“Good.” The God-born smiled.

In a single swipe, Oni pushed the dagger into the air as if to cut an imaginary foe.

Odion found the action disconcerting. On one side of herself, there was the girl she’d been and she remembered exactly what had gone through her mind in that moment. She remembered the thirst she’d had to kill, to slaughter every single person who wanted to harm her family. And then there was the woman she was now, the woman who was much older, the woman who’d never had a thirst to kill anything. It was hard to reconcile the woman she’d grown into with the girl she’d once been. And remembering that was very disconcerting. Odion pushed her fears aside.

The God-born frowned at Oni. She whispered something underneath her breath, and the dagger in Oni’s hand disappeared. A white whirlwind formed around the child, encircling her, and then it went away. When the wind cleared, Oni’s eyes were wide in shock. Odion’s eyes mirrored those of her eight year old self as she remembered what had happened in that wind.

“Did you hear that?” Oni asked in a whisper.

“Hear what?” the God-born replied, fighting off the urge to smile.

“The wind. It spoke to me. Even though I’m not an elemental, the wind spoke to me.”

“You are an Ehizokhae, you share blood with the elements, and you’ve activated a totem which was given to you by Nature’s best, an elemental elected by the elements. She has asked them to watch over you and they have accepted. Now you don’t have anything to be afraid of.”

Oni hugged her grandmother. “Thank you mamin.” She said, embracing her tightly. “Where did the totem go?” Oni asked after pulling back.

“It is with you.” The God-born replied. “You activated it and so it will remain with you for as long as the elements watch over you. When you need it, it will appear.”

The God-born picked Oni up and placed her on her feet on the ground, then she stood up. She took Oni’s hand and began walking with her outside the room.

“What is the bridge of Kohini?” Oni blurted out before the God-born’s hand made contact with the wall. The God-born pulled her hand back.

“Eavesdropping is a terrible habit.” She scolded.

“It’s the only way I’ll learn anything.” Oni replied. “If I hadn’t been listening to Eroms, I wouldn’t have known how to sneak into this room.”

The God-born chuckled. “You cannot do that again. The community isn’t safe for augurs with our blood.”

Oni nodded. But her gaze remained fixed expectantly on her grandmother.

The God-born sighed. “The bridge of Kohini is a one-way bridge to another existence. That is all I will tell you about that.” She stated firmly.

“Will it help us defeat InCoSeM?” Oni asked.

The God-born smiled. Then she nodded. Oni visibly relaxed as the God-born continued moving. She placed her hand against the wall and it parted, revealing the large room. There were ancestry guards standing close to the walls. Those guards turned and knelt on one knee in greeting to the God-born. She inclined her head towards one of them and ordered the guard to take Oni back home.

Odion felt the stirring of her apparition. She took one last look at her younger self before walking through the fire, and then stopped short when she saw her younger self, standing in front of the same guard, on the field behind their house.

“Do you have a dagger?” Oni demanded. “I want to learn how to fight.”

The ancestry guard scoffed. He tickled Oni under her chin as he replied, “You are too young…”

Oni cut him off, fiercely slapping his hand away. “How dare you speak down to me? You are ancestry and I am Enikaro, an Ehizokhae. I want to learn how to fight now, and you will teach me.”

The ancestry guard was as taken aback as Odion. They both stared with wide eyes at the eight year old girl. Then the ancestry guard bowed and Oni’s chin lifted arrogantly, as if she hadn’t had a single doubt in her mind that she’d be obeyed. Odion remembered that moment. She remembered the certainty of knowing the ancestry guard would bow. Again, she felt fear at the disconnect between the woman she was now and the child she was beginning to remember.

Her apparition stirred again, and Odion was only too happy to escape.

This time she was taken to an empty room. It was a strange room, bizarre, like nothing Odion had ever seen before. The ground was clear, as if made from a single silicon crystal. At different spots in the room, there were grey rocks surrounding a large circle of crystal-blue water. The walls in the room were made of blue and red marble, all polished so vigorously Odion was sure she could see it shine. To the front of the room there was a raised bed of multi-colored rocks with a shallow pool of water in it, all resting on a white dais, lined with gold. Odion couldn’t even begin to imagine where she was. She looked up, her eyes rising to the ceiling and noticed that the room was lit by candles. The candles, hanging from diamond chandeliers, provided a steady stream of bright yellow light.

The sound of rock rolling over rock, pulled Odion’s attention behind her. She turned around, just in time to see the God-born walk into the room. The marble walls, which seemed to act of their own accord, pulled back together once the God-born had walked through. Odion’s lips parted as she stared at her grandmother. The God-born was dressed in nothing but a white velvet wrapper. She walked into the room, passed a dazed Odion, towards one of the circles of water. Then she stepped into the circle and dropped to her knees in the pool.

A wave of comprehension hit Odion as the candle lights began to flicker. A strong wind formed around the God-born rising from the pool of water at the base, all the way to the ceiling. Odion swore she could see tongues of fire, drops of water and little pebbles suspended in that wind. Any doubt she’d had had been cleared. She knew what this was, where this was. She knew that she was standing in a temple of Duraya and that her grandmother was praying. It was as if the elements had formed a channel to take the God-born’s words directly to Duraya.

Odion was fascinated, but the stirring of her apparition kept her from watching any longer. She turned around and walked through the apparition.

This time she was taken to another, more normal, scene. A room, with a man seated on a bed, and a half Unclad woman kneeling behind him. The woman massaged him, pressing her fingers into his shoulders, and received very little acknowledgement for her ministrations. The man’s head rose and Odion saw who it was. The usual wave of resentment that followed seeing her uncle was a little slower in coming. It was as if the memory of her eight year old self had roused another person in her. This person agreed with Omoruyi. This person thought that the God-born had been wrong, that they should have listened to Omoruyi, that they should have showed their might. This person knew that what Omoruyi had done to her mother had been done for a reason, and this person trusted Omoruyi. But that person was not Odion. She pushed that alien person down, giving way to the real her, the one who hated Omoruyi for the part he’d played in her family’s expulsion from ancestral grounds. Still, even with that person subdued, Odion couldn’t help but worry that she hadn’t seen the last of her. When this was all over, who would she be? When her memories returned, would she be the woman she knew, or would she be the person she could feel rising in her. The one who agreed with everything Omoruyi had said to the clan. Odion was terrified to find out.

“What is it?” Uwa asked, her voice cajoling. She kissed the side of Omoruyi’s neck. “Why are you so tense?”

Omoruyi’s eyes narrowed. “It’s that girl!” He snapped, his voice filled with loathing. “Efua. She thinks she’s had the final word, but she’s wrong. I will defeat her. I will use her precious Isokun against her and show her for the nothing that she is. She will live to regret the day she spoke down to me.”

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Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by tunjilomo(m): 8:26am On Nov 23, 2018
A really nice update. There are a lot of new words you are introducing, and for the sake of me, I don't think I know them all. Maybe by the end of this book, we should have a glossary. Then this question, who is the current nature's best? Since Odion is Nature's elect.

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