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Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by correctguy101(m): 8:46am On Nov 23, 2018
A very captivating piece. An interesting workmanship or is it work"woman"ship (Since your female cheesy )

Thanks obehiD, keep it coming.

Couldn't find the part one but I'm following up.

Osezele is the avatar. Bending all elements. And I suspect Nosa is also a Commune. Big kasala go soon burst hia.

*Gets hold of your skirt and following you bumper2bumper *
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by Peaceyw(m): 9:08am On Nov 23, 2018
i can't just imagine what incosem is planning, hoped they are stopped soon, and ObehiD, this story is wattpad material, it is just fantastic, keep up the good work, you have a nice talent.
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by correctguy101(m): 9:14am On Nov 23, 2018
A really nice update. There are a lot of new words you are introducing, and for the sake of me, I don't think I know them all. Maybe by the end of this book, we should have a glossary. Then this question, who is the current nature's best? Since Odion is Nature's elect.

Especially " commune. "

I can see how augur, verdant and a few other words relates to the dictionary meaning but commune just getting me wondering

Would also like to know about bijou, ObehiD pray help us
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by correctguy101(m): 9:24am On Nov 23, 2018
i can't just imagine what incosem is planning, hoped they are stopped soon, and ObehiD, this story is wattpad material, it is just fantastic, keep up the good work, you have a nice talent.

The story is tailored to fit true life situations of the power play amongst power hunters.

InCoSem, is planning for a worldwide hegemony. They come to your country, sow discord, discontent and disdain, deceive the people that they want to help them get power and voila, all powers become InCoSem's instead. Happened in Africa and still happening. Qaddafi suffered same fate.

But before the people will realize the power play, its always too late. People hardly pay attention to past events, and the past always repeats itself.


Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by GeoSilYe(f): 11:05am On Nov 23, 2018
Thanks ObehiD for the update.

Finally some Odion time smiley
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by Fazemood(m): 11:58am On Nov 23, 2018
Omoruyi's suggestion to me is the better one to take. InCoSeM did what was abominable, yet claim to worship God. They killed unarmed men and women just to subdue a tribe which they haven't had power over like they've done to the other neighboring countries.

This is war, it should be handled as such. Having a negotiation with people is fine, but there shouldn't be any with InCoSeM.

The God born knows this but are afraid of what the outcome would be.

Odion's real purpose in this tale is yet to be revealed. There are lots of patches that needs to be filled up before she plays her part.
The story behind the story.

I am beginning to reason this tale as a real event happening even as much as I know that it is fictional..

It has quality.

Thanks obehiD,
See you next week.
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by obehiD: 3:29am On Nov 25, 2018
@tunjilomo yes, thank you for that. I definitely need to put a glossary at the end. There are so many new terms and many more to come. I should even keep a list somewhere for myself...I need to start working on that haha. As to the current Nature's best, it's like you're already thinking ahead of the story! grin The answer to that is that the elements haven't chosen one yet.

@correctguy101 haha, thank you! I didn't post the first part on here, but I can send you a copy. Just email me at: obehid.writes@gmail.com and we'll talk. As to the 'commune' word, it honestly just came to me. I thought about the mark and 'commune' was the first thing that came to my mind, like they commune with emotions, or something like that. Bijou is actually an old word for jewel. When I introduced it, that was exactly what I was looking for. Bijous are elemental jewels, they just also happen to be really dangerous weapons depending on who makes them, and what they're made of cheesy

@Peaceyw Thank you! Yes oh, this InCoSeM is turning out to be something else! hahaha

@GeoSilYe, thank you! I'm actually really excited to see/learn how much Odion will change, or if she'll change at all. I don't know. I think it's interesting to think about how much a person's experiences shape them. Like if I was to lose all my memory, who would I be? Would I be different, or just grow into the same person? Just things like that. I think it'll be cool to see how Odion deals with all that she's learning about herself and her family.

@Fazemood hehe...my evil plan is working...lol. Thank you! I'm flattered that you think this seems plausible enough to be real. I honestly don't agree with Omoruyi. I think that if they had a way of fighting back against InCoSeM without hurting any of their people, then that would be the safest choice. But the people seem to be in league with InCoSeM, so that's not possible. I think that leader's have to be conscious of the feelings of the people they lead, and so killing their own people to silence them, feels wrong. But then they can't just let themselves get killed in the process, which is what they seem to be doing. I guess we'll see how this ends, although, we already know the ending from the last book, but we'll see how it got to that.
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by OluwabuqqyYOLO(m): 6:32am On Nov 25, 2018
I've been silent for some time 'cos I've been trying to select the worst way to punish you. You won't sideline Osezele yet you only alluded to her in the God's born visions Until Friday oooh. I feel like summoning imps on you.

BTW, I've always hated every foreign intervention in my country, Incosem has only served to reinforce that belief. Fvcking Whites!
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by OluwabuqqyYOLO(m): 6:34am On Nov 25, 2018
And please, BTW, is Odion's of the same era with Osezele? Or are the God's born and Osezele of the same era?
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by phoenixchap: 6:38am On Nov 25, 2018
Odion(Oni) apparition and it stirring I do hope it is driving in the right direction and won't break, she seem more dangerous than I ever thought. The bijou that the god horn gave her is still with her so I don't want to imagine what she's capable of.
ObehiD, please at least let Efua be more 70% right please. Not compulsory she's right but please allow her plan to repel InCoSeM a little to buy the ancestry little time
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by OluwabuqqyYOLO(m): 6:48am On Nov 25, 2018
Obehi, I disagree with Phoenixchap. No, let Incosem win, let them kill off the ancestry. And, then, we'll watch the people suffer and regret!
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by Fazemood(m): 5:29pm On Nov 25, 2018
ObehiD I still stand behind Omoruyi's suggestion. If the god born and the elders wants to maintain the faith the people have in duraya, they need to be brave and act up. Show the people that they aren't been misled with the nobles heading them. The InCoSeM is just like the britains, they came manipulated many communities with the ideas of freedom yet plunged them into another form of slavery which is mind slavery.

They plundered their wealth and enslaved their children in their own country. So going the gentle way would yield poor result.

Also; as per the time of this apparition, I expected it to be in the nineteenth or better eighteenth century, but seeing twenthieth have left me baffled. Isn't it too near to the present? I mean Osezele should be in the twentieth as in the time of these happenings in her school. All these while it sounded old school, the major reason I enjoyed the flow and romance. smiley . Pls clarify I need to know if I should reset my mental picturing of this story or not. grin
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by Peaceyw(m): 6:16pm On Nov 25, 2018
Obehid, do something about this incosem fast ooo,don't let them eat too deep.
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by obehiD: 3:32am On Nov 27, 2018
@OluwabuqqyYOLO Don't worry, very soon there will be plenty Osezele for you. I like that you caught the reference to Osezele in the God born's vision. As to the whites, honestly, my intention is not to vilify foreign intervention in countries. That part is really just a story! Lol. I'm not of the opinion that all foreign intervention is bad. It all depends on the motives behind it and what they hope to gain. InCoSeM in this case is still unknown. I'd like to point out also that the POV in the past angle of this story is very very biased. I'm following the ancestry, it could be a whole other story if I followed InCoSeM. Up till now, we still don't know why InCoSeM is doing what they're doing.

As to the timeline, this is the way the family tree goes:

The God-born --> Ejehmen --> Odion and Akhere --> Osezele

So the God-born is Osezele's great grandmother and Odion's grandmother (because Odion is Osezele's aunty).

@phoenixchap I know! I'm soo excited to see what happens with Odion. So far, she's been this mousy character that never really seemed strong, but now we're getting a different glimpse of her and I love it! As to if Efua is right...I'll guess we'll find out grin Although, from the last book, we can already infer how it ended. But I guess the scenes of the past in the last book weren't so easy to understand. Hopefully the whole past angle will make sense when this book ends. My goal with this is to pretty much fill up the blanks between the visions in the last one.

@Fazemood it is very near the present. Both stories are about 20 years apart. But, the mannerism and culture is very different, because on one hand we're looking at life inside the community at that time, on the other hand we're following Osezele outside the community in the present. And even in the community, a lot has changed in those 20 years. The God born is in the 20th century and Osezele is in the 21st. But, please keep the romance alive, it is supposed to be old school, it's just the way they kept the community then.

@Peaceyw ...hmmm...we'll see how it all comes into place grin
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by obehiD: 5:18am On Nov 30, 2018
Chapter Twenty-four
St. Luke’s, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria

Nosa leaned against the gravel wall, looking down at the junior students, seated on the large rocks behind the refectory, peeling oranges. They were all using different techniques. One held the blunt edge of the sharp blade and pulled along the perimeter of the orange, taking thin stripes of the orange skin with the knife. Another held the wooden handle of the knife, peeling the orange starting from the top of the globe and taking the knife around the perimeter, making a long chain of orange skin. The last student peeled the orange tangerine style.

“Hey!” Nosa snapped at the one peeling the orange with the long chain of orange skin. All three of the boys’ heads came up instantly. “Did you just put a hole in my orange?” he asked. The guilty boy’s gaze dropped. “Come here.” He ordered. The boy stood up and walked over to Nosa. Nosa looked down at the orange and frowned. “Bend your head.” The boy bent his head flinchingly. Nosa slapped him playfully on the side of his head and the boy jumped. His hand rose to soothe the pain. “Take the orange and go joh, I’m not eating orange with holes in it.”

The boy’s head snapped up. He looked up at Nosa with disbelief. “I can eat the orange?” he asked.

Nosa nodded.

The boy smiled. “Thank you!” he turned around.

“Senior Nosa.” The one peeling the orange skin into thin strips, stopped mid peel. He turned the orange around in his hand. “E be like say I don cut this orange too.”

Nosa hissed at him. “If you cut that thing ehn, it’s belt I’ll use on you.” The boys laughed. Nosa snapped his fingers at the one he’d told to go. “Wait.” He ordered. “The three of you will share that one.”

The boy nodded. He went back to his seat on the rock and continued peeling the cut orange.

Nosa heard footsteps approaching. He turned around just in time to see Victor walk over. He smiled at him.

Victor stopped besides Nosa. “What’s up?” he asked, inclining his head towards the junior boys.

“I want to eat oranges.” Nosa replied nonchalantly.

“You’ve forgotten how to peel your own oranges?” asked Victor.

“Why would I be peeling oranges when there are junior students in this school?” Nosa replied. The two boys took their peeled oranges over to where Nosa stood with Victor. They offered it to him. Nosa frowned at the tangerine style peeled orange. “That one will be too much work to eat.” He mused. Then he turned his head towards the other orange. “Cut it in two.” He ordered the junior boy. The boy cut the orange and offered it back to Nosa. Nosa took it. He gestured his head towards the rocks they’d been sitting on. “Clean up the peels and then the three of you can share the other oranges.”

The boys beamed. “Thank you senior Nosa!” they called out in unison.

Nosa turned around and started walking away. Victor followed him. He gave Victor one half of the orange and ate the other. Nosa sucked on the juices from the orange and spat out a seed. They kept walking until they got to the other side of the refectory and then Nosa stopped in his tracks. They stood together in silence eating the orange until they were done. Then, in an impressive trashketball showing, Nosa shot the left-over parts of the orange into the nearest trash can. Victor shook his head as he walked over to the trash can and dropped his into it.

Nosa waited till Victor got back and then he spoke. “Why did you tell me not to challenge Beedie?” he asked the question without preamble.

Victor was taken aback by the abruptness of it. His gaze met Nosa’s. “How long have you been stewing over that one?”

Nosa shrugged. “I wasn’t going to ask. I accepted it, you’re the omega, you can see things that I don’t, but it’s eating at me. I want to know. Do you really think that Beedie makes a better alpha than I would? I know Emeka thought that, but do you? Even with everything that’s happened.”

Victor’s gaze dropped. He looked away. “He’s the alpha Emeka chose.” He stated noncommittally.

Nosa eyed Victor. He’d known Victor long enough to know when his best friend was keeping something from him. Victor couldn’t meet his gaze. He kept looking at the ground, at the walls of the building, at the sky, anywhere but at him. Nosa’s eyes narrowed with suspicion. “Victor.”

Victor forced his eyes to meet Nosa’s. “Yes?” He didn’t look away.

But he smiled. The smile was too wide for the discussion they were having. So wide Nosa knew something was up. “What aren’t you telling me?” he asked casually.

“Nothing.” Victor’s voice became deeper. It was a slight change in the undertones, but Nosa heard it.

“Nothing sounds like something.” Nosa stated simply.

Victor sighed. His shoulders dropped and he put his hands together, cracking his knuckles. “I was going to tell you.”

Nosa’s left eyebrow rose. “Going to tell me what?”

“Beedie is the only non-augur in his family. Did you know that?” Victor asked. Nosa shook his head and then shrugged, not really understanding the relevance. Victor nodded. “His parents kept him out of a sense of obligation. And every second he spends in that house he has to struggle to prove that being a werewolf doesn’t make him an animal. That’s what they call him. An animal. His own family. Can you imagine that?”

“What’s your point?” Nosa asked frowning. He didn’t care about Beedie, didn’t care what his parents called him, didn’t care how he felt at home, didn’t care, period.

“St. Luke’s was his escape. He came to school and he got to be himself. He got to run with the pack, got to be around friends who embraced him for what he was. Then Emeka started grooming you for pack alpha and Beedie changed. Being a wolf in his family meant that he was always passed over. In their minds, he was the least significant child, the one who deserved the scraps. He never got what he deserved, but in St. Luke’s everything was different. He was treated with respect as a natural born alpha and he’d expected to get what he deserved. It was his right to take over from Emeka. But then Emeka began grooming you, and it was as if he was being passed over here too.”

Nosa frowned. “I don’t care about Beedie’s history. I asked why you wouldn’t support me, I asked if you think Beedie is a better alpha, a better leader.”

“I’m answering your question. Just be patient.” Victor added the last part under his breath. He looked at the ground, and then back up at Nosa. “The three of us, Lami, Beedie and I, used to be best friends. He trusted us, told us what he was going through, we knew him. And then Lami and I started getting closer and Beedie begun to rise in the pack, and we just grew apart. But Beedie didn’t really change that much until he saw Emeka grooming you. It wasn’t fair Nosa. Beedie deserved it. It’s not like there was no natural born alpha in our class for Emeka to groom, there was. He chose to go a class younger, chose to pass over Beedie and that…that wasn’t fair.”

“I don’t understand.”

“I talked to Emeka. I told him that the wolves in my class wouldn’t accept you as alpha, I told him that we already had an alpha.” Nosa pulled back in shock. Victor took a step towards him. “You have to understand Nosa, I wasn’t wrong, the wolves would never have accepted you, not with Beedie there. And you didn’t need the pack the way Beedie did. St. Luke’s is his escape, it’s the only place where he gets to be happy. Your parents love you, their entire world revolves around you. All Beedie has is the pack. I told Emeka what I thought, and Emeka agreed.”

“So Emeka didn’t choose Beedie, you did?” Nosa felt the cold shock of betrayal, and he didn’t like it.

Victor was filled with guilt. He’d managed to suppress it this long but talking about it brought the guilt out in full force. He’d always planned on telling Nosa, he hadn’t meant to keep it from him for so long. It just happened. Their friendship had grown, and he hadn’t wanted to jeopardize it. “Nosa…”

“Stop!” Nosa yelled.


“Stop talking. Why are you telling me? I didn’t need to know. I didn’t want to know. What am I supposed to do with this?”

“Emeka chose Beedie after I spoke to him, but you were the alpha he would have chosen if I hadn’t. Emeka never thought that Beedie would make a better alpha. I did.”

“The whole time I’ve been talking about how Beedie’s the alpha Emeka chose…”

“Don’t get me wrong, Beedie is the alpha Emeka chose. Emeka could have turned me down. He didn’t because he thought about it and he knew I was right. You might be a better leader, but Beedie was then and still is the best alpha for this pack.”

“How can you say that?” Nosa yelled. “He killed Elliot, killed him with his own fangs.”

“It was the quintise magic, he lost control!” Victor yelled back.

“Whose side are you on?” Nosa snapped. “I thought I was your best friend. I didn’t know you were just using me to fill a hole Beedie left.”

Victor exhaled. It was as if Nosa’s words had knocked the anger right out of him. “That’s not fair. I just know the both of you, and I know that if your roles were reversed, the pack would crumble.”

“How can you say that? I’m the stronger wolf. Do you really believe that Beedie is the better person, the better leader?”

“Of course not!” Victor yelled in reply. “Maybe when we were friends, but he isn’t that person anymore. He’s the better alpha for the pack because he’s the lesser person.”

“That doesn’t make any sense.”

“Beedie leading the pack is natural. He’s in SS3, he’s older than you. Asking you to swallow your pride and bow to your elder is not crazy. Asking Beedie to swallow his is.”

“Pack alphas aren’t chosen by age, their determined by strength. I should never have weighed your opinion higher than my own judgement. I should have challenged Beedie.”

“Stop it Nosa! Just stop!” Victor yelled out in exasperation. “This is your problem. I’ve being trying to teach you the same thing, but you’re too stubborn to learn. Think about what you would do if the positions were reversed. Even better, think of what you would have done if Ricky had beaten you. If Ricky was strong enough to beat you, would you bow to him? When he orders your classmates around and they grumble to you, would you tell them to take it? Could you take orders from Ricky.”

“It’s not the same.” Nosa spat the words out through clenched teeth.

“No, it’s not. Because you’re stronger. Because you don’t have to worry about that. You just don’t learn. I know you’re the better person and that’s why I keep telling you to bow to Beedie, because you’re younger, because you can, because you can keep your classmates in check. This is bigger than your pride. There is quintise magic all around this school. Unless you know a magical way to make Beedie, to make my classmates, obey you, there is no way that you can be alpha of the pack. They won’t let you. You would have to beat them down every time you give an order, to force them to obey you. Under normal circumstances, that would mean a fight between SS2 and 3 wolves every day, but with quintise magic, just one fight could be fatal. You may be the better alpha, but at this point in time, you are not the better alpha for this pack.”

Nosa wanted to hit something. He was angry. It wasn’t the explosive rage he felt around the other wolves, no, not with Victor. It was just the cold shock of betrayal combined with the need to lash out at something, anything that could take the pain away. He wasn’t angry because he’d had to bow to Beedie, wasn’t angry because he’d endured Beedie’s snide remarks. He knew all the things that weren’t making him angry, it was the unknown reason behind his anger that had him stumbling around in his head, desperate to lash out.

Victor’s tone turned light, placating. “The pack needs you to be the better alpha, to be the better leader, by following.”

Nosa finally realized why he was so angry. The realization had the jarring effect of washing the anger away, till all he felt was emptiness. “Why didn’t you just tell me that?” Nosa asked. “I would have understood that. You shouldn’t have told me about Emeka, you should have kept that to yourself.”

“The guilt of trying to keep the secret was eating at me. I couldn’t hold it in any longer.”

“You should have tried harder.”

“You were putting yourself down in Emeka’s eyes and I didn’t want you to think that Emeka ever thought less of you. I didn’t want you to resent Emeka.”

“Congratulations.” Nosa stated. “Now I resent you.” He turned around and walked away.

Victor ran after him and blocked his path. “It’s our culture. It’s our school. You’re younger, Beedie’s older, it wasn’t your time, it was his. How was I supposed to know that all of this would happen? I honestly thought that being alpha would make Beedie into the type of person I always believed he was. I thought he deserved the chance, and I knew you didn’t need it.”

“You can’t see the future Victor. Maybe the other SS3 wolves would have accepted me as alpha if they’d seen it was what Emeka wanted. Maybe I would have been leading the pack during this quintise attack. Maybe Elliot wouldn’t be dead. Maybe the entire pack wouldn’t be walking on tightrope right now. We’ll never know because YOU didn’t believe in me, because you made sure I never got the chance.”

“I did what I thought was right.”

Nosa nodded sadly. “Well done.” He said. “Your conviction can be your new best friend. I’m done with this.” Nosa began walking again.

Victor pushed him back. The gentle push Victor had planned, turned into a more violent shove, driven by his desperation. “Please Nosa.” Victor begged. “Tell me you don’t mean that.”

“You know I do.”

“No.” Victor shoved Nosa again. “No. Our friendship is stronger than that?”

“What friendship? For a year I’ve been talking to you about Emeka choosing Beedie over me. A year! And you’ve known the truth the whole time and said nothing. That’s not a friendship. I don’t know what it is, but it isn’t a friendship.”
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by obehiD: 5:19am On Nov 30, 2018
“Of course it is. I didn’t tell you because I was scared that this would happen.” Victor could see that he was losing Nosa and he became desperate. “Let’s fight.” He spat out.

Nosa stopped trying to move passed him. “What?”

“That’s how wolves settle things right? We’ll fight and then we can put it behind us.”

Nosa scoffed. “Beating you won’t make me feel any different.”

“It might.” Victor said in response. “It couldn’t hurt…you at least.” He laughed thinking it had been a good joke. The laughter dried out when Nosa didn’t even smile. “I challenge you.” He changed tactics.

“Challenge me for what? I’m not the alpha, you made sure of that.”

Victor punched Nosa in the face. It was done to provoke a reaction. Nosa just wiped the blood away and stared coldly at Victor. Victor didn’t want to believe that this was it, that one decision he’d made could destroy the best friendship he’d ever had. He struck out with his fist again. Nosa caught his hand.

“I can smell your fear.” Nosa stated disgusted. “You’re afraid to fight me, so why do you keep provoking it?”

“Yes, I know that if we fight I’ll lose, but I’m not afraid of losing to you, I’m afraid of losing you. Don’t walk away Nosa. I only did what I thought was right.”

Nosa let go of Victor’s hand with enough force to push Victor to the ground. Then he continued his walk.

“Nosa.” Victor called out. Nosa stopped but he didn’t turn around. “If it was just you and Beedie, no other SS3 wolves, no quintise magic, you’re the alpha I would choose.” Nosa didn’t respond. He just breathed out and walked away.

Victor sat on the floor staring at Nosa’s back until he moved around a bend and he could no longer see Nosa’s profile. Victor would have loved to wallow in the pain or plan ways to mend the relationship he’d shattered, but there was no time. He jumped to his feet as he heard the sound of Beedie’s voice followed by Lanky’s laughter. They caught up to him. Victor barely had enough time to fix a fake smile to his face before they surrounded him.

“Basketball time!” Lanky announced. “Green house vs red house, practice for inter-house sports. Come and defend your house Silver. Green house needs all the players it can get. Even an omega.” The group of SS3 wolves burst out laughing.

Victor took it in stride, even laughing a bit, as he knew they expected him to. Then he shook his head. “Not today.” He said. “I don’t feel like playing.”

“Why not?” Beedie demanded.

Victor bent his head slightly in deference and said, “I just don’t feel like.”

“Too bad.” Beedie responded. “You’re playing. Alpha’s orders.”

Victor sighed. He nodded and went along with them.

Osezele waited in front of the basketball court. She waited for the crowds to form, waited for the news to spread to the school block and watched as the students abandoned their studies to rush to the court. She waited till the school block was deserted and then she ran with the wind to the back of school block were an overzealous Tolani waited.

The corners of Osezele’s lips twitched as she fought to suppress an inundating need to laugh. Tolani was barely able to stand still. She was so excited, she was actually shivering. Osezele let go of her restraint and just laughed. “Ah ah, calm down na.” Osezele teased. “It’s only controlling the elements.” Osezele paused. She forced her lips to be straight and pulled in her brows as she feigned serious thought. “Actually, I still don’t think I should do this here. What if someone walks by?”

“Ehn-ehn ehn-ehn! Don’t even try it!” Tolani screamed. “Do you know how long I’ve been waiting to see this?”

Osezele burst out laughing. “Okay.” She said, when she final sobered. She took a deep breath and forced her mind to focus on the task of jumping. This was the one part of controlling the wind that she hadn’t made any progress in. She could, more or less, set the pace when she ran, and she could jump down from tall buildings without making craters when she landed, but she still couldn’t jump up from the ground.

Osezele spread her legs, widening her stance, and then she bent at the knee and with all her might, she pushed off the floor. She jumped up and then landed right back. The wind didn’t carry her. “See what I’m talking about.” She said to Tolani.

Tolani was in her deep thought mode. She circled Osezele, taking note of her stance, of the positioning of each part of her body, and then she said, “Do it again.”

Osezele sighed. She shrugged and then she adopted the same posture. She pushed down hard on the ground, and then used the force of it to lift her up. She jumped up in the air and came back down.

Tolani nodded, as if she’d expected that to happen. “What did Seli say about the elemental magic again?”

“It said they work with an understanding of gestures.” Osezele replied.

“And you were confusing it whenever you gave off conflicting gestures, right?” Tolani asked.

Osezele nodded.

“Hmmm.” Tolani mused. “Do it again.” She said.

Osezele rolled her eyes. “Why?”

“Just do it.” Tolani replied distractedly, already studying Osezele’s pre-attempt body gestures.

Osezele sighed. Again, she bore down, pushing against the ground to get the momentum she needed to jump in the air.

“Stop.” Tolani ordered. “You do that every time!” she yelled in excitement.

Osezele frowned. “Do what?”

“You push down with your body. You want to go up, but you push down against the ground.”

“Isn’t that what you do when you want to jump?” asked Osezele.

Tolani chuckled. She walked over to her best friend. “Think about the forces coming out of your body. When you push down with your body against the ground, the ground returns an opposite force up, right?” Osezele nodded reluctantly. She’d just started taking physics that year, and she wasn’t a fan. “So, maybe if the earth was a trampoline, that would give you the reaction you want. But it’s not. You’re trying to get the wind to lift you up, but you’re giving it a downward force, so it probably thinks you want to go down, but you’re already on the ground, so it does nothing.”

Osezele thought about it for a bit. She thought back, thinking about every time she’d gotten the wind to do what she wanted. It acted simply, it followed the movement of her body. If she reared back, the wind pushed her back, if she went forward, the wind pushed her forward. Then she thought about jumping. She’d been trying to vault herself into the air by jumping off the ground and hoping the wind would take her, but in that process she’d been giving it mixed signals. Tolani was right.

“Okay.” Osezele stated. “Move back. I’ll try again.”

Osezele stood still for a while, trying to think of the best way to tell the wind what she needed. She wanted to go up, but how could she demonstrate that without pushing down? “What if I push up from the heel of my feet, like this?” she asked, as she lifted herself slowly, till only the balls of her feet were on the ground. It didn’t work.

“You’re still exerting a downwards force from the balls of your feet, to the ground.”

“But the rest of my body is moving up.” Osezele replied.

Tolani shrugged. “Remember what Seli said, the elements have a very fine understanding of gestures. Even the slightest counteracting force will be confusing.”

“It’s not possible for me to just lift up from the ground without pushing against the ground in some way.”

“Of course it is.” Tolani replied. “You just don’t know how to do it.” Tolani teased, ignoring Osezele’s scowl. “If we had an elemental grimoire, maybe we could find out. But we don’t so we have to get creative.”

“What if I just lift my hands up?” As she spoke, Osezele tried it. She lifted her hands up in the air and nothing happened.

Tolani shrugged. “I think your entire body has to be gesturing.”

Osezele frowned at Tolani. “Why are you smiling?”

“This is so exciting!” she screamed in reply. “It’s like a puzzle we have to solve. How do you push up from the ground with your entire body, without pushing down against the ground in the process?”

They both remained quiet, thinking. Osezele was stumped. She couldn’t think of any way to do it. “I don’t think it’s possible.” She stated, accepting it as the one thing she would never be able to do.

“I agree with you.” Tolani replied, sounding anything but resigned. “I have an idea.” She waited till she had Osezele’s full attention before continuing. “As long as you’re on the ground, you’ll be pushing down against it, but if you’re in the air, you won’t push down against anything. You told me, you already did it!”

Osezele frowned. “Yes, but I need to get into the air first.”

“So, jump.” Tolani stated. “Jump like you would normally, but don’t relax. Don’t do nothing. As soon as you jump off the ground, keep pushing up with your body.”

Osezele thought about it for a bit. “I think it might work.” She muttered. She jumped, pushing herself off the ground, but before she could remind herself to keep lifting, she was already down again. She took a deep breath and tried again. Then again. And again. Without much luck. She tried jumping higher, tried jumping with more force but nothing changed.

“Not jumping.” Osezele thought aloud to herself, but a combination of what she’d tried to do before. Jumping and lifting. If she started lifting herself from the ground, she wouldn’t need to readjust her gesturing in the air, and if she jumped a little to get off the ground, she wouldn’t be pushing down on anything for at least a second while she was in the air.

Osezele decided to try that.
She lifted off the ground, pushing down with enough force to send her into the air. She kept lifting her body, even when she could feel the gravitational force start to take effect. She lifted against it and found herself vaulted into the sky.

“Yay!” Osezele screamed. She immediately regretted it, because the action changed her body gesturing. She rocked around in the sky and found herself falling down, fast. She bore down against the wind, pushing down with her body quickly and then lifting up slowly, the way she’d taught herself to land.

Her feet landed safely against the ground.

Tolani jumped on her. They both hugged each other, screaming and jumping as they congratulated themselves on a skill well learnt.

Osezele felt invincible, like there was nothing she couldn’t do.
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by correctguy101(m): 9:23am On Nov 30, 2018
Please na obehiD.

I'm having a kind of fever I don't even understand , only your updates can relieve me.. Abeg na

But once a week update? You planning to kih me? This woman sef, I go vex kneel down o angry

Nosa and Victor matter, are we even sure the quintise magic can even touch Nosa?
I mean after listening to Victor and getting mad at him, he still endured a 'blood drawing ' punch and still didn't act.

Victor must like suffering. Communes punching bag' and now he wants Nosa's beating. I need someone like him to vent my anger anytime I cone online and didn't see your update. Will make sense aswia cheesy

Thanks all the same, if you could, every 2days will do wonders o. Okay 3days.
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by Fazemood(m): 9:47am On Nov 30, 2018
How I envy Osazele right now...Wow!

Tolani is intelligent, are you sure she's not a sage? Her understanding of difficult situation and the ability to decipher the hard puzzles and arrange them is commendable. smiley

Victor is wise, he really thinks farther than any has. He knows that Beedie who is of a less admirable personality, in his irrational decisions has secured the safety of the pack.
Nosa who is admirable and honorable, who would sacrifice himself rather than another to save his pack, would have left the pack without a leader if he had been incharge as at the time of the Elliot incident. Although it could've been avoided altogether.

Just as Victor has stated, the senior would've found it hard to bow to Nosa. Pride overrides reason when it is expected from a greater point. He (Beedie) wouldn't take it.

ObehiD, thanks for the update, but e small sha o. Hope the next gets lengthier (if there's a word as that grin )
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by Rynne: 11:04am On Nov 30, 2018
@obehiD,please am interested in the first part of this story,how can I get it?
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by tunjilomo(m): 2:04pm On Nov 30, 2018
It seems this update was a bit short. Well, good to know Osezele is making progress.
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by MhisTahrah: 8:15pm On Nov 30, 2018
ObehiD, this story is one the reasons why I look forward to logging in on Fridays.You are awesome.
But this update is too short, it would be nice to get two weekly updates if it's convenient for you.
You are the best. kiss
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by Peaceyw(m): 3:48pm On Dec 01, 2018
wow, betrayal, i never saw this coming. I think victor is both a 'selfish' person and a good friend. More osezele pretty please with sprinkles and cherry on top.
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by obehiD: 3:48am On Dec 02, 2018
@correctguy101 can I be sorry and flattered at the same time? I'm really flattered that you're this passionate about this story (I really can't tell you how much it means to me), and I'm sorry for the 'fever' grin. As to the update multiple times a week, I really can't handle it right now. I wish that I had enough time to write and post everyday, but I don't. I'm just trying to keep up my end of the once a week deal. We'll see about the frequency of posts when I have more time. Again, thanks for the flattering words!

@Fazemood Why do you envy Osezele? This is actually longer than the length of the normal chapters. The last few have been on the longer side. I don't know how long the next one will be though. Hope it's long enough smiley As to Victor, you're so right. He is pretty wise. I like that he's not perfect, but at the end he always seems to be on the right track. And Tolani is smart, as to your question, yes I am sure that she is not marked. Unmarked people are smart too! haha.

@Rynne you can email me at obehid.writes@gmail.com

@tunjilomo Yes, I'm happy Osezele is making progress! The length of the update is more in line with the length of older ones. The last few were just longer than the norm.

@MhisTahrah Thank you so much! Wow! I can't write twice a week right now, I don't have the time. I mentioned before that I have school and work, and so I don't have as much time as I would like for writing. When I have more time though, that'll change. Again, I'm really grateful for what you wrote. Thank you!

@Peaceyw Yeah, I didn't either. But do you think Victor was completely wrong though? Don't worry, more Osezele coming soon.
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by Peaceyw(m): 1:12pm On Dec 02, 2018
well i don't think victor is completely wrong. Next update will explain better.
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by phoenixchap: 11:28am On Dec 03, 2018
ObehiD my Obehi... I love this just included episode but the suspense ehn it is thick don't know why u like leaving me hanging
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by obehiD: 3:40am On Dec 05, 2018
@peaceyw yes actually, it will...or at least I hope it does.

@phoenixchap haha, thank you. You think the suspense is that bad? Wow that's sooo flattering, thank you!!! grin
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by obehiD: 5:33am On Dec 07, 2018

Chapter Twenty-five
St. Luke’s, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria

Tolani stopped by Danny. She turned her attention from him to the match taking place on the basketball court, and her lips formed into a knowing smile. She stared at the mouthwatering lines running down Ricky’s bare chest, the chiseled pecs and abs, and she groaned in mock pain. “What a waste.” She sighed.

Danny chuckled. “Speak for yourself.” He teased in reply.

Tolani rolled her eyes. “I was.”

At that moment, Ricky stole the ball from Victor and bounced it between his legs. He swiveled around to dodge a green house player attempting to dribble him and shot the ball into the metal ring. It went through. He let out a loud hoot. The other red house players cheered. Ricky carelessly pointed his finger straight at Danny, as if to give him the credit for the point. Tolani moved closer to Danny, and smiled winningly back at Ricky, as if she was the one he’d been pointing to. The other students, following the line of Ricky’s finger, found Tolani smiling and turned their attention back to the court.

“Thank you.” Danny muttered.

Tolani beamed at him. “I don’t mind.” She pulled back. “I hope I didn’t make you uncomfortable…”

“No.” Danny smiled back at her. “He shouldn’t have done that. I think he gets too carried away in the game.” Danny’s smile faltered. “Oh no!” he groaned.


“Beedie just entered the game. Ricky hates him, and I think the feeling is mutual. This is not going to be good.”

Tolani agreed.

Ricky was in his zone. He caught the ball from a teammate and made a flawless pass to another teammate closer to the hoop. The teammate jumped and slipped it in, dunking the ball into the hoop, without actually touching the thin frame. When Ricky made a dunk, he liked to hang onto the frame and show off a little, but not with these frames, they were way too thin for that. He didn’t mind though, as long as he was playing.

Out of the corner of his eye, he watched Beedie walk onto the court in his green sportswear. Ricky smiled. He ran over to the teammate with possession of the ball and clapped his hands, urging the teammate to pass it to him. His teammate didn’t need much prompting, Ricky had already proven his skill. Ricky caught the ball and bounced it over to Beedie. He deliberately got into Beedie’s way, bouncing the ball in front of him, and then waited for Beedie to make a move to steal it. Ricky was faster. Years of training combined with his new-found agility, and he passed the ball over to his other hand and tripped Beedie, all in one move.

“Don’t bother getting up!” Ricky called out as he ran to the opposing team’s hoop. “I’m just gonna put you back down.” He stopped at the chalk-drawn three-point ring and shot the ball into the hoop. Score! He clapped his hand, ran to Beedie, stuck his face into the alpha’s personal space and pulled back, all while his teammates cheered.

Beedie was livid.

He took the ball from the teammate who currently had it and moved to the other side of the field. He was too agile for the human players. He swerved quickly to the left dodging one and bounced the ball underneath another’s spread legs.

Then Ricky appeared in front of him.

Beedie dribbled the ball. He bounced it between his legs a couple of times and then lashed out instantly with his hand to push Ricky to the floor, confident that he could do it too quickly for any of the unmarked to see.

Ricky was two steps ahead of him.

Ricky used Beedie’s momentum to knock him back to the ground with his left hand, while stealing the ball with his right. Ricky laughed. “You can’t touch this!” he yelled as he ran to the other side of the court. “I can do this all day long! I own your ass!” Instead of making the shot himself, he swerved around another wolf defender and passed it back to his unmarked teammate. The defender hadn’t been expecting that. Ricky’s teammate scored. In a bid to congratulate his teammate with a high-five, Ricky rose his hand in the air. Before his hand could connect with the other boy’s, Ricky was forcefully yanked back.

Beedie had Ricky’s sport shirt fisted in his hand. His eyes flickered gold as he glared at the SS1 boy.

Victor appeared.

He was somehow able to pry Ricky’s shirt out of Beedie’s fierce hold. Victor shoved Ricky back and got in front of Beedie. Beedie’s rage faded. He glared at Victor. “Don’t ever touch me without my permission again.” He spat the words out. Victor nodded and then bowed slightly until Beedie walked away, then he rounded on Ricky.

“Replace him!” Victor yelled at the house captain of the red house. The boy whined about losing his best player, but he could tell Victor wasn’t in the mood, so he grudgingly sent another player in for Ricky.

“No!” Ricky yelled, pushing Victor’s hand off him. “I’m going back in.”

“Ricky, don’t.” Victor warned.

Ricky glared at Victor. “I’m going back in.” He stated. “You’re welcome to try and stop me.” He added the last part invitingly and then smirked when Victor took a step back.

Ricky ran back into the game.

Another SS3 wolf walked up to take his place. “We need Nosa.” The wolf stated. “Nosa is the only one who can stop the two of them from killing each other.”

Victor turned to the SS3 beta. “I’m surprised you would admit that.” He stated calmly, breathing in to get himself back under control. The day, for him, was turning out to be not so great for interacting with alphas.

The SS3 boy shrugged. “I like Nosa. He bowed to Beedie, he knows his place.”

Victor doubted that, but he didn’t say anything. Instead, he watched Ricky bait Beedie again, and shook his head. “We need Nosa.” He stated in agreement.

The SS3 boy whistled, got the attention of one of the SS2 betas and snapped his fingers for the boy to come over. It was obvious in the deliberately slow way the SS2 boy walked, that he didn’t enjoy being summoned like a dog. The boy stopped in front of them and eyed the SS3 boy, studying him closely. Victor could sense the tension between them. It wasn’t good. It wasn’t good at all. It was as if the entire pack was spoiling for a fight. Why was he the only one who seemed to understand that they had to control themselves? He was starting to develop a strong dislike for the other wolves in his pack.

“Go and call Nosa.” The SS3 boy ordered. “Tell him to come and leash his puppy.”

The SS2 boy’s eyes flashed brown. The SS3 boy’s eyes did the same. Victor stepped between them. “Please, just go and get Nosa.” Victor stated placatingly.

The SS2 beta took a deep breath. He turned to Victor and nodded, then he ran away. Slowly at first, till he was out of view of the students standing on the slab, watching the game, and then as fast as he could without turning.

The SS3 beta didn’t relax until the SS2 one was far away. “The SS2 boys need to learn their place.” He snapped. “If Nosa doesn’t explain it to them, we’ll have to do it ourselves, won’t we?” He waited for the token affirmation from Victor. When he didn’t get it, he turned to Victor, and, measuring him up with his eyes, prompted “won’t we?”

Victor sighed. “Why don’t you people understand that there’s quintise magic…”

“Whose side are you on?” the SS3 boy cut him off. “It was one thing to challenge our alpha for an SS1 girl, but it will be something else to band with SS2 boys against your own classmates.” He took a threatening step towards Victor. Victor stood his ground. “We forgave you for the girl, we won’t forgive you a second time. Maybe the SS2 boys aren’t the only ones who need to learn their place.” After delivering that threat, the beta walked away.

Ricky stole the ball from Beedie, making sure to trip him in the process and then he dribbled the ball on the ground in front of Beedie, showing off his skill and making a laughing stock of the senior prefect. Beedie’s oversensitive ears caught the muffled laughter coming from the crowd of onlookers and it had the effect of igniting the rage he’d managed to keep in check. Beedie’s eyes turned golden. Fangs came out of his mouth, right there in the middle of the basketball court.

Ricky began to shake. He could feel himself start to get angry, as if Beedie’s rage was a catalyst to his own. He took a step towards Beedie, just as Beedie’s hands began to change.

Nosa stopped him.

“Stop!” he snapped at the both of them. His voice registered on a subconscious level with Ricky, having the effect of a bucket of cold water in cooling Ricky’s emotions.

Without Ricky’s anger to feed off, Beedie got back under control. Just in time too, as the unmarked students started moving closer, wondering what was happening. Beedie shoved Nosa back and then he stormed off to the other side of the court, towards his teammates.

Nosa took a deep breath. Exhaled, and then spun around to face Ricky.

“That’s it. You’ve finished playing. Get off the court.” Nosa ordered.

Ricky shook his head stubbornly. There was a part of him that wanted to listen to Nosa, but the part of him that wanted to lash out at Beedie was stronger. “I didn’t do anything. Why should I leave?”

Nosa felt a sudden onslaught of rage. It came upon him swiftly, spurred on by Ricky’s defiance. His eyes turned gold. “Because I said so.” He snapped at Ricky.

Ricky gasped in shock. He took a step back, away from Nosa, but he stayed on the court.

The wave of anger passed. Nosa walked over to Ricky, stopping only a few paces away. “Don’t push me.” He warned, murmuring under his breath. “I’m not in the mood. If you try it, I will beat you. I will break every single bone in your body, let you heal and then do it all over again.” Nosa stopped speaking. He could tell by the amount of control he had gained back, that Ricky was already bending to him. “Get off this court.” Nosa growled.

Ricky swallowed nervously. He nodded and moved around Nosa, giving him a wide berth, as if worried Nosa would lash out and grab him before he could get away. Ricky kept walking, his emotions all over the place as he walked off the court.

Then Beedie walked in front of him and smirked. “Going so soon puppy?” he teased. The SS3 boys around him laughed. “What, are you scared?”

Ricky’s hands clenched into fists, but he didn’t feel anywhere close to the amount of anger he’d felt before Nosa had appeared on the court. Everything in him wanted to punch Beedie. Every single thought, every feeling, everything was geared towards wiping that smirk off Beedie’s face. But he’d made Nosa a promise. For some reason, he didn’t want to break it. Ricky kept walking. He allowed himself a moment of pettiness as he slammed into Beedie with enough force to pop his shoulder out of his joint. The sound of the bone moving was like music to Ricky’s ears.

He smiled, turning around to savor the anguish he expected to see on Beedie’s face. Instead his eyes darted to the other side of the court, and his gaze locked with Nosa’s. The grin faded from his face. His heart pounded as he waited to see what Nosa would do. He’d been expecting something, some sort of retribution. All he got was a look of dismissal and a twisting sensation in his stomach from knowing that he’d let Nosa down. So, when he was immediately surrounded by Danny and Tolani, he was only more than willing to leave.

Ricky walked away only narrowly escaping Beedie’s revenge. He didn’t turn around, so he didn’t see Victor grab Beedie’s hand before Beedie could lash out at him. Ricky took his shirt from Danny and walked away.

Beedie glared wrathfully at Victor. He pulled his arm out of his hold. “Didn’t I warn you about this?” Beedie asked. Before Victor could go into one of his long lectures about quintise magic and the need for control, Beedie’s claws came out and they dug into Victor’s shoulder, tearing into the bone. One of Beedie’s claws broke off, sticking into Victor’s bone. He turned back fully to his human form and pulled his hand out of Victor.

Victor swallowed down the cry of pain, dropping to his knees as the game continued around them, the watching students seemingly indifferent to his torment. Beedie walked away. Victor bit down on his bottom lip, fighting the urge to yell. He had to get the claw out of his bone.

“Vic.” Osezele reached out with a hand to help Victor stand up.

Victor leaned more on her than he would have liked. He tried to smile to reassure her, but he couldn’t pull it off, not with the searing pain he felt. The day was really turning out to be a terrible one for him and alphas.

Osezele stretched up. She put her hand over Victor’s hurt shoulder and flinched when she heard his gasp of pain. She kept her hand there, closed her eyes and went into her mark. She mumbled the words of the one all-purpose healing spell she knew and exhaled in relief when she felt Victor relax underneath her touch.
Re: The Marked:white Sight_the In Between_a Nigerian Paranormal Fantasy Fiction Book by tunjilomo(m): 6:28am On Dec 07, 2018
Done? Ok, this chapters are getting really short.
The wolves are already getting out of line. It is only a matter of time before they start attacking each other, if a solution isn't found sooner.

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