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Infertility; The Stem Cell Therapy Solution by pitchez: 5:30pm On Jun 23, 2018

Gynecologists and fertility experts are currently using Stem Cells to improve the chances of conception of patients suffering from various infertility issues.

Patients who have exhausted all other treatment options such In-Vitro fertilization are candidates. If the patient suffers from medical conditions that make conventional fertility procedures too risky or otherwise not possible, stem cell therapy could be a viable alternative.

Fertility Stem Cell Therapy is a process where stem cells are administered directly on the patient, orally/sublingual, along with a detailed follow-up progress assessment and dietary control instructions.

These stem cells release secretions of paracrine growth factors and cytokines such as VEGF, IL-8, and angiopoietin, which act by binding to a multitude of receptors that span the cell membrane in the ovaries. High levels of these factors are secreted from the stem cells, facilitating the beneficial effects of these cells.

Furthermore, these factors attach to receptors including the VEGF receptor VEGF-R2 and the Angiopoietin receptor Tie-2, both expressed upon a substantial percentage of progenitor cells, further enhancing tissue function and effectiveness.

Once in the blood stream, these cells have the potential to signal Oocyte maturation in the ovary. Within a 3-5weeks, the patient should experience an increase in Oocyte production and maturation.

Stem cell therapy has been scientifically proven to take care of male and female Infertility issues such as:
*Pelvic inflammatory disease.
*A previous infection.
*Polyps in the uterus.
*Endometriosis or fibroids.
*Scar tissue or adhesions.
*Chronic medical illness.
*A previous ectopic (tubal) pregnancy.
*A birth defect.
*Fibrous cancer
*Painful, irregular menstruation or non
*Endometriosis or pelvic inflammatory disease.
*low sperm count
And many more...

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Re: Infertility; The Stem Cell Therapy Solution by pitchez: 6:08pm On Jul 13, 2018
*Report On Plant Stem Cell Effect In Human Cell/Organ Regeneration*

Among the trending topics in the life sciences, stem cells have received a fair share of attention in the public debate — mostly in connection with their potential for biomedical application and therapies. While the promise of organ regeneration and the end of cancer have captured our imagination, it has gone almost unnoticed that *plant stem cells represent the ultimate origin of much of the food we eat, the oxygen we breathe, as well the fuels we burn*. Thus, plant stem cells may be ranked among the most important cells for human well-being.

Research by many labs in the last decades has uncovered a set of independent stem cell systems that fulfill the specialized needs of plant development and growth in four dimensions.

Surprisingly, the cellular and molecular design of these systems is remarkably similar, even across diverse species. In some long-lived plants, such as trees, plant stem cells remain active over hundreds or even thousands of years, revealing the exquisite precision in the underlying control of proliferation, self-renewal and differentiation.

In this minireview, we introduce the basic features of the three major plant stem cell systems building on these facts, highlight their modular design at the level of cellular layout and regulatory underpinnings and briefly compare them with their animal counterparts...

Re: Infertility; The Stem Cell Therapy Solution by pitchez: 6:13pm On Jul 13, 2018
Let Your Body Heal Itself By Rejuvenating Your Cells.

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Re: Infertility; The Stem Cell Therapy Solution by pitchez: 6:21pm On Jul 13, 2018
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS); Stem Cell Therapy Solution.

Polycystic ovary syndrome, also called PCOS or Stein-Levanthal Syndrome is a condition where cyst sacs grow on a woman's ovaries due to production of excess male hormones (androgen) in the ovaries or adrenal glands.

Possible Causes:
--Excess Insulin
--Low grade inflammation.
--Excess androgen.

--Irregular, heavy or no menstrual period.
--Excess body or facial hair.
--Pelvic pain
--Patches of thick, dark, velvety skin.
--Abnormal cholesterol levels.

Complications & Risk Factors:
--Type 2 diabetes.
--Obstructive sleep apnea.
--Cardiovascular disease.
--Mood, eating disorder.
--Endometrial cancer.
--Abnormal uterine bleeding.
--Miscarriage or premature birth.
--liver inflammation.
--Pregnancy-induced HBP.

Stem Cell Therapy Solution:
Scientists in Mibelle Biochemistry, Switzerland, discovered and produced plant derived stem cell products, found highly efficient in the treatment of PCOS and other health or infertility issues, with a 99.5% success rate. Usually applied sublingual/orally, plant stem cell therapy for PCOS is a 6weeks guaranteed process, and comes with no side effect. Products are 100% organic.

Plant stem cell extracts administered in the right prescriptions, will induce production of healthy blood cells, reduce inflammation, balance body PH-level/hormones to prevent production of excess androgen, generate fresh healthy pancreatic cells to fix excess insulin production/cholesterol control, detoxify the body, boost body immunity, disinfect the body, and it's undifferentiated property will generate fresh healthy cells to fix every other unspecified issues in the body.

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Re: Infertility; The Stem Cell Therapy Solution by pitchez: 6:27pm On Jul 13, 2018
*Understanding Hormonal Imbalance & Stem Cell Therapy Treatment*

Hormones are your body’s chemical messengers. Produced in the endocrine glands, these powerful chemicals travel around your bloodstream telling tissues and organs what to do. They help control many of your body’s major processes, including metabolism and reproduction.

When you have a hormonal imbalance, you have too much or too little of a certain hormone. Even tiny changes can have serious effects throughout your whole body.

Think of hormones like a cake recipe. Too much or too little of any one ingredient affects the final product. While some hormone levels fluctuate throughout your lifetime and may just be the result of natural aging, other changes occur when your endocrine glands get the recipe wrong.

*Symptoms In Women*
In women, the most common hormonal imbalance is polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Your normal hormonal cycle also changes naturally during:

Symptoms of a hormonal imbalance specific to women include:
*Heavy or irregular periods, including missed periods, stopped period, or frequent period.
*Hirsutism, or excessive hair on the face, chin, or other parts of the body.
*Acne on the face, chest, or upper back.
*Thinning hair or hair loss.
*Weight gain or trouble losing weight.
*Darkening of skin, especially along neck creases, in the groin, and underneath breasts.
*Skin tags.
*Vaginal dryness.
*Vaginal atrophy.
*Pain during sex.
*Night sweats.

*Symptoms In Men*
Testosterone plays an important role in male development.

If you aren’t producing enough testosterone, it can cause a variety of symptoms, which include:
*Development of breast tissue.
*Breast tenderness.
*Erectile dysfunction.
*Loss of muscle mass.
*Decreased sex drive.
*Decrease in beard and body hair growth.
*Osteoporosis, the loss of bone mass.
*Difficulty concentrating.
*Hot flashes.

*Symptoms In Children*
Puberty is the time when boys and girls start producing sex hormones.

Many children with delayed puberty will go on to experience normal puberty, but some have a condition called hypogonadism. Symptoms of hypogonadism include:

In Boys:
*Muscle mass doesn’t develop.
*Voice doesn’t deepen.
*Body hair grows sparsely.
*Penis and testicular growth is impaired.
*Excessive growth of the arms and legs in relation to the trunk of the body.
*Gynecomastia, the development of breast tissue.

In Girls:
*Period doesn’t begin.
*Breast tissue doesn’t develop.
*Growth rate doesn’t increase.

There are many possible causes for a hormonal imbalance. Causes differ depending on which hormones or glands are affected.

Common causes of hormonal imbalance include:
*Hypothyroidism, or underactive thyroid
hyperthyroidism, or overactive thyroid
*Cushing syndrome.
*Hyperfunctioning thyroid nodules.
*Hormone therapy
tumors (benign or cancerous).
*Congenital adrenal hyperplasia.
*Eating disorders.
*Adrenal insufficiency.
*Pituitary tumor.
*Injury or trauma.

*Causes Unique To Women*
Many causes of hormonal imbalance in women are related to reproductive hormones.

Common causes include:
*Premature menopause.
*Hormone drugs like birth control pills.
*Primary ovarian insufficiency.

*Other Complications*
Hormone imbalances are associated with many chronic, or long-term, health conditions.

Without proper treatment, you could be at risk of several serious medical conditions, *Diabetes.
*High blood pressure.
*High cholesterol.
*Heart disease.
*Sleep apnea.
*Kidney damage.
*Depression and anxiety.
*Endometrial cancer.
*Osteoporosis, or bone loss.
*Loss of muscle mass.
*Breast cancer.
*Urinary incontinence.
*Sexual dysfunction.

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Re: Infertility; The Stem Cell Therapy Solution by pitchez: 6:29pm On Jul 13, 2018

*Stem Cell Therapy Treatment For Hormonal Imbalance*

Stem Cell Therapy treatment for hormonal imbalance is a painless process which involves ingestion of stem cell therapy extracts orally/sublingual, follow up prescriptions by a therapist and dietary advice.

Treatment will normalize immune system function, and also repair, and regenerate non-functioning hormone producing cells/organs and fix every issue related to hormonal imbalance.

Treatment of hormonal imbalance with stem cell therapy takes between 4-8weeks depending on the hormone affected and the extent of damage done to the body.


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Re: Infertility; The Stem Cell Therapy Solution by kingchris30(m): 8:08pm On Jul 13, 2018
this is nice, keep the good work

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Re: Infertility; The Stem Cell Therapy Solution by pitchez: 9:17am On Jul 14, 2018
*Fibroid; Plant Stem Cell Therapy (PSCT) Treatment*

Uterine fibroids, also known as Leiomyomas and Myomas, are non-cancerous tumors that grow from the muscle layers of the womb. These benign growths of smooth muscle can vary from the size of a bean to being as large as a melon.

Embedded in the muscular wall of the womb.
--Subserosal fibroids.
Extends and grows within the surrounding outer uterine tissue layer.
--Submucosal fibroids.
Grows in the muscle beneath the inner lining of the uterine wall.
--Cervical fibroids.
Grows in the cervix.

It is believed that each fibroid tumor develops from an aberrant muscle cell in the uterus, which multiplies rapidly because of the influence of estrogen, usually during reproductive years (16-50years).

There is also evidence that genetic factors and intake of red meat, alcohol, and caffeine could increase the risk of fibroids.

*Common Symptoms*
--Heavy, painful periods (Menorrhagia).
--Anemia from heavy periods.
--Lower backache or leg pain.
--Discomfort in the lower abdomen.
--Frequent urination.
--Painful intercourse (Dyspareunia).
--Labor problems.
--Pregnancy problems.
--Fertility problems.
--Repeated miscarriages.

*Possible Complications*
--Heavy Periods (Menorrhagia).
--Pregnancy complications.
--Leiomyosarcoma cancer.
--Acute thromboembolism.
--Deep vein thrombosis (DVT).
--Acute renal failure.
--Internal bleeding.

*Plant Stem Cell Therapy (PSCT) Treatment*
Common treatment or fibroid control options are usually associated with side effects like irregular periods, acne, osteoporosis, adhesion, scars, and a re-growth of fibroid after surgery.

PSCT products have been considered the safest and most effective treatment for fibroid due to its 100% organic content as it contains specialized stem cell extracts from selected plants, targeted at performing various tissue/cell repair process in the body.

Usually a painless process, stem cell extracts ingested orally/sublingual, PSCT will shrink fibroid tissues, balance the body PH/hormones, detoxify the body of radicals/toxins and regenerate fresh healthy tissues to fix damaged tissues.

PSCT therapy will also activate body stem cells to regenerate and revitalize patients internal organs/tissues unspecifically, as well as activate existing stem cells. These processes prevent a fibroid regrowth with no side effect/complication and a 99.9% success rate.

Application and usage depends on size of growth and extent of damage to the body. Treatment lasts between six to ten weeks and comes with dietary advice.

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Re: Infertility; The Stem Cell Therapy Solution by pitchez: 9:21am On Jul 14, 2018
*Plant Stem Cell Therapy In Treatment & Prevention Of Enlarged Prostate*

The prostate is a walnut-shaped gland located below the outlet of the bladder. Its main function is to produce a fluid which protects and enriches sperm.

As men age, it is normal for the prostate gland to gradually enlarge. This usually begins about the age of 40 years and is thought to be caused by hormonal changes (dihydrotestosterone (DHT), estrogen & testosterone hormones). This enlargement can cause difficulties with urinating and can lead to problems with the bladder and kidneys. The enlargement can come about as a result of Hyperplasia (an increase in cell numbers) and Hypertrophy (an increase in cell size).

While some experience symptoms, some may not. It increases the risk of prostrate having cancer.

The most common symptom is various urinary problems, and may lead to the following complications:
--Acute urinary retention.
--Chronic, or long lasting, urinary retention.
--Blood in the urine.
--Urinary tract infections (UTIs).
--Bladder damage.
--Kidney damage.
--Bladder stones.

Treating prostrate enlargement with stem cell therapy is a three to eight weeks non-surgical process which involves oral/sublingual intake of plant cell extracts targeted at reducing prostrate inflammation, detoxifying the body of radical/toxins, reducing the size/spread of malignant cells, balancing body PH/hormones, regenerating fresh healthy tissues/cells in the body and differentiating to fix every issue associated with the condition.

In preventing prostrate enlargement in adults above 40years, stem cell therapy will differentiate to regenerate fresh healthy cells/tissues to boost the body immunity against prostrate cell enlargement and spread.


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Re: Infertility; The Stem Cell Therapy Solution by infostemcenter(f): 9:07pm On Jul 14, 2018
You can choose Stem Cell Therapy for Erectile dysfunction treatment in India, To cure your infertility problem 100% cure with them.
Re: Infertility; The Stem Cell Therapy Solution by pitchez: 3:59am On Jul 15, 2018
You can choose Stem Cell Therapy for Erectile dysfunction treatment in India, To cure your infertility problem 100% cure with them.

Why will anyone want to go to India for HSC when PSCT can offer a 100% organic treatment for infertility issue without going through the needles and cuts?
Re: Infertility; The Stem Cell Therapy Solution by pitchez: 8:48pm On Jul 15, 2018
**ENDOMETRIOSIS; The Stem Cell Therapy Solution**

Endometriosis is a disorder in which the tissue that forms the lining of your uterus grows outside of your uterine cavity. The lining of your uterus is called *the endometrium*.

Endometriosis occurs when the endometrium grows on your ovaries, bowel, and tissues lining your pelvis. It’s unusual for endometrial tissue to spread beyond your pelvic region, but it’s not impossible. Endometrial tissue growing outside of your uterus is known as an *endometrial implant*.

The hormonal changes of your menstrual cycle affect the misplaced endometrial tissue causing the area to become inflamed and painful. This means the tissue will grow, thicken, and break down. *Over time, the tissue that has broken down has nowhere to go and becomes trapped in your pelvis*.

This tissue trapped in your pelvis can cause:
*Scar formation
*Adhesions, in which tissue binds your pelvic organs together.
*Severe pain during your periods.
*Fertility problems.

*Painful periods
*Pain in the lower abdomen before and during menstruation.
*Cramps one or two weeks around menstruation.
*Heavy menstrual bleeding or bleeding between periods.
*Pain following sexual intercourse.
*Discomfort with bowel movements.
*Lower back pain that may occur at any time during your menstrual cycle.

Endometriosis has four stages or types depending on location, number, size, and depth of endometrial implants:

Medical and surgical option have only been able to reduce symptoms and manage any potential complications. However, *Total Hysterectomy* as a last resort in the treatment of endometriosis could be so devastating as your surgeon will remove your uterus, cervix and ovaries as a last resort in a bid to cut off estrogen hormone production. *Estrogen is believed to cause growth of endometrial tissue*.

*Stem Cell Therapy Solution*

Application of stem cell regenerative medicine is a noble therapy that has since its discovery, cured chronic infertility issues that have proven difficult for conventional or orthodox medicine to cure, one of which is endometriosis.

Stem cells, when ingested orally, will migrate and give rise to a group of progenitor cells that become committed to specific types of differentiated cells, -- epithelial, stromal and vascular cells. These endogenous stem cells allow the rapid regeneration of a brand new endometrium necessary to support pregnancy.

Stem cell therapy will also balance secretion of the estrogen and progesterone hormones responsible for the maintenance of your uterus, while fixing other relates issues.

*It is a 5 weeks guaranteed process*


Re: Infertility; The Stem Cell Therapy Solution by pitchez: 1:13pm On Jul 16, 2018

Sperm Pour Or Sperm Leak occurs when after sexual intercourse, sperm pours out of the vagina either while you are still lying down or after some hours after you are up.

Causes include:
*Low Sperm Quality
*Cervical Mucus
*Disturbing friendly bacteria in Vagina.
*Internal Heat
*Antisperm Antibodies
*Retroverted Uterus
*Long Penis
*History of abortion.

In a situation where infections and chronic effects have not been established by a gynaecologist, couple could adopt the doggy position, and allow the sperm to stay longer for like 15mins after ejaculation.

Timed ejaculation by the couple is another good option. In this case, couple can program their ejaculation such that it comes at same time, this will help widen the passages.

In a more chronic case where sperm is discharged from the vargina hours after intercourse, a proper assessment is required to determine the actual cause of the discharge.

Stem cell therapy, as the last option will regenerate lost tissues, improve sperm quality, and fix every issue associated with this condition.

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