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Jack And The Residents Of No. 7 Cole Street (A Novelette By Kayode Odusanya) by kayo80(m): 1:10pm On Jun 26, 2018
Hey people. I know I still have a story I haven't finished (Ndidi and the Telekinesis Man), but long story short, I don't have access to that story right now. So, I decided to share this one. This story has about 14 chapters...very short chapters. I will update average of four times a day, and would have the whole thing up within a week.

This is not a romance story; I don't know what to label it as, but I hope you enjoy it.


Re: Jack And The Residents Of No. 7 Cole Street (A Novelette By Kayode Odusanya) by kayo80(m): 1:22pm On Jun 26, 2018
Jack and the Residents of No. 7 Cole Street
Kayode Odusanya

Chapter 1

Moving out of his parent’s house was long overdue, but he wished he had gotten a bigger apartment. The boys quarter behind the two duplexes at number 7, Cole street wasn’t quite what he had in mind while thinking pf his first apartment, especially when he had just gotten a job that paid him a quarter of a million Naira monthly.

Jack was a fresh graduate in his mid twenties who had gotten into the labor market almost immediately after his youth service year was over. “Why are you moving out so soon Jackie boy?” His mom had asked with a frown on her face when he told her of his intentions. After leaving by alone for a full twelve months during service year, it was just so hard settling back to the life under his parents roof. His dad on the other hand seemed to care more about the news he was listening to on his radio than what Jack had just told them.

“Don’t worry mom. I’ll come over every weekend.” He had told his mom. He hated lying, but he didn’t like the look on her face as he loaded his things into the Uber. Now, a week later, he was sitting in his quiet room on a Saturday, bored to death. There was power outage and his phone battery had run down. He had planned to get a generator set today, but the thought of walking all the way out the estate was a drag. He did carpooling with some of his colleagues at work on weekdays, and the car usually came to pick him at home, but weekends, he would be left to walk all the way to the estate gate before he could get public transportation to the mall.

He got off his bed and checked himself out in the mirror; he was bare-chested, and he looked at the packs on his chest and smiled proudly. Less than a year ago, he was called fat, now he had the kind of body that ladies couldn’t resist checking out on the street. He was tall, dark, and handsome, with a good paying job. Six days a week at the gym for 6 months had gotten him his current body. He had everything he had always dreamed of, except inside, he still felt fat and insecure. It was sort of like how Dwayne Johnson became fit in the movie, Central Intelligence, but still sometimes felt like that fat kid that people made fun of in highschool.

He heard the main gate open and headed towards the window. His room was facing the gate and he could see clearly as the black S Class Mercedes pulled into the driveway. It was the pastor and his wife, the occupants of the duplex to the left. He guessed the man was waiting for his rent to expire before moving out because Jack felt he was too rich to not have a have a self compound home.

After packing properly, Pastor Peters stepped out of the car looking sharp as usual, dressed in velvet black suit, , pristine white shirt, with shiny black shoes. He was short, slim, good looking, in his late forties but dressed like he was still in his twenties.
He didn’t open the door for his wife, but waited for her to come out and catch up with him, before they walked hand in hand into the apartment. Pastor Mrs. was a ‘Plain Jane,’ but she had a great body on her that she tried to hide in the big clothes she wore; oversize white skirt suit with big hat to match. She was considerably bigger than him in size, but the way she acted around him, it was clear she respected and feared him.

Just before she made it into the corridor, she looked his way, and he quickly moved out of sight. When he looked again, they were gone.

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Re: Jack And The Residents Of No. 7 Cole Street (A Novelette By Kayode Odusanya) by kayo80(m): 2:47pm On Jun 26, 2018
Chapter 2

When he couldn’t stand the boredom anymore, he got dressed and stepped out of his apartment. He could remember seeing a bar along the road somewhere in the estate while coming back from work the day before and thought he could walk around till he located the place. “Hello!” Mrs. Salami said in her sweet sounding British accent. She was by his right, chilling in a little sitting area under their carport, just outside her duplex. There were three cane chairs there and a cane table with magazines on it.
“Good day ma.” Jack said, and the lady had a frown on her face. He knew she couldn’t have been more than three years older than him, but he was addressing her that way because of her husband.

“Hope you’re settling in well?” She inquired with a smile on her face. She had on white t shirt, and brown wool shorts. Her thick thighs were flawless, yellow with no spots and Jack had to stop himself from staring.

“Yes. Thank you” He responded and kept walking. As Aliu the gate-man came out to open the gate, the front door to the Salami’s duplex swung open, and Mr. Salami came out, obviously wondering who his wife was talking to. He was a relatively tall man in his early 50s. He kept a beard, most of which was grey, like Femi Otedola’s. Jack didn’t really know what the Salami’s did, but all he knew was that their lifestyle was a contrast to Pastor Peter’s. “Good afternoon sir.” Jack said to him with a smile.
“Hey, you are the new guy at the back, right?”
“Nice.” He said and smiled.
“We should give you a welcome treat.” Mrs. Salami said and it startled Jack. He just smiled as Aliu opened the gate.
“Yeah, we should.” Mr. Salami said and left the entrance of his house, walking over to where his wife was seated. “Are you going out?”
“You are going to walk all the way to the estate gate?” When Jack didn’t say anything, she continued with, “Bayo, you should drop him off.”
“Oh, no, you don’t have to worry. I’m not going far. I just want to…I want to get to a bar around the corner.”
“Oh, nice.” Mr. Salami said. “I would definitely love to drop you off, and maybe take a couple of bottles with you.”
“And leave me here?” His wife said with a frown on her face.
Jack was left dumbfounded. First, he didn’t believe how carefree the couple was. Secondly, he didn’t know how to get out of the situation without offending them.
“I have an idea.” Mrs. Salami said as she got off the cane chair she was sitting on. “Why don’t we all stay here and drink? It could be like a welcome party for you.”
“Umm!” Jack stood by the gate, still thinking of what to say to get out of the situation.
“We have beer, wine, vodka, champagne… I don’t know what you drink.”
“Umm! Okay.”
“Great. Let me get the drinks.” Mr. Salami said and headed back in the house. He stopped by the entrance and turned around. “I forgot to ask what you drink.”
“Gin…Gin and juice.”
Mr. Salami looked at his wife with a smile before saying, “I like this guy already.”


Re: Jack And The Residents Of No. 7 Cole Street (A Novelette By Kayode Odusanya) by Ann2012(f): 3:19pm On Jun 26, 2018
Another interesting piece

Oga Kayo, pls keep the updates coming
Well done Sir grin


Re: Jack And The Residents Of No. 7 Cole Street (A Novelette By Kayode Odusanya) by kayo80(m): 4:43pm On Jun 26, 2018
Chapter 3

The three of them ended up driving down to the estate bar after Mrs. Salami spoke about how great their barbecue was. Sitting under a big blue umbrella with the Salami’s in one of the corners of spots of the garden bar, he couldn’t believe he had just informally met them today. They were sitting opposite him at the table. It was like they had been friends for years. Mr. Salami related with him like they were mates; although it was odd at first, it became okay after a while. Maybe it was the liquor in his system that did that, he didn’t know.

He got to learn a lot from them; their globetrotting ways, their real estate business, and their love for fun. They didn’t mention having kids, and he had never seen any around, except for the pastor’s toddlers, so he guessed they didn’t have any.
His mind had wondered off till he heard Mr. Salami talk about the time he spent with Puff Daddy in the 80s.
“Wait. You know him personally?” Jack asked astonished.

“Know him? That’s like my kid brother. I used to give him dressing tips and all that.” Mr. Salami said in his baritone voice that reminded Jack so much about the Hollywood actor, Vin Diesel.
“Don’t they kind of look alike?” Mrs. Salami said and pressed her husband’s cheeks together with her right hand, while her left arm rested on his shoulders.
He slowly removed her hand before saying, “Yea, people used to think we were brothers.”
“That’s interesting. So…So, you grew up in America?” Jack asked?
“Nah! I was born here, but my mom ran away with me to America when I was 10.” He said and Mrs. Salami laughed. He looked at her with a smile on his face before continuing with, “And then I came back when my father died. I was around 21 at the time. I have been going and coming since then.”
Mr. Salami looked lost for a while, as if he had gone down memory lane, and then he shook his head vigorously before focusing on Jack. “What about you Jack? What’s your story?”
Jack smiled before saying, “Don’t worry, you don’t want to hear about my boring life.”
“Come on! Don’t try to be modest. A young active guy like you? I’m sure you can scoop my wife up right under my nose.” He said with a smile on his face, but it shocked Jack and made his eyes pop out.

Mrs. Salami broke into a laugh, spilling some of her drink. “Don’t mind him Jack. My husband can be crazy sometimes.” She said and reached out to hold Jack’s hand under the table. The gesture made Jack even more uneasy. Just then, the waiter came with their plates of barbecue chicken.
“It’s about time. I had almost forgotten why we came here.” Mr. Salami said with her eyes on Jack.

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Re: Jack And The Residents Of No. 7 Cole Street (A Novelette By Kayode Odusanya) by kayo80(m): 9:33pm On Jun 26, 2018
Chapter 4

After having barbecue chicken and one more round of drinks, they drove back home. There was still no power, and the Salami’s suggested Jack hangout in their house as they were going to switch on their generator set. He went back to his room to get his phone and laptop, and when he got back to their house, Mrs. Salami let him in. She had on a short, sleeveless white silk nightgown. Their living room was a very simple one; white painted walls, with coffee brown furniture. Mrs. Salami had been sitting on the long couch facing the TV, and she hurried back to sit on it as if she didn’t want to miss any part of what she was watching.

“There are sockets at every corner of the room, you can plug it anywhere.” She said as she turned up the TV volume.
Even though they had just switched on the generator set about five minutes ago, the living room was already chilly from the air conditioner. Jack walked over to the wall socket behind the couch closest to the door and assumed a crouching position to plug in his laptop and phone. He got up and walked around the couch to take a seat. She was still fixated on the TV screen, which happened to be showing one of those Reality TV shows that had ‘wives’ in their titles. He looked around the living room; there were no portraits or paintings on the walls. The dining area was separated from the living room by a little elevation, and it had a small dining table with four dining chairs at each end. He guessed they liked everything simple.

“Hey, sorry; it’s actually a rerun, but I missed a part the last time I watched it.” Mrs. Salami said all of a sudden, startling him.
“It’s okay.” He said and shifted his gaze to the TV screen. From the corner of his eye, he could see her staring at him. The way she checked him out made him feel uncomfortable and wonder why Mr. Salami wasn’t in the living room.
“So…what do you want to watch?” She asked.
“Umm! I don’t really watch TV.”
“Mmm! That’s interesting. So…tell me about yourself Mr. Afandolo.”
“How do you know my surname?” He asked with a curious look on his face.
“I work directly with the realtor handling this house.”
“Oh, you guys own this property?”
“Oops! I shouldn’t have told you that. My husband likes to remain anonymous.”
“Okay.” Jack said as he got lost in thought. He looked into space, but when she got off her seat and started walking towards him, he turned to look at her. With no expression on her face, she sat on the stool that was between the couch he was sitting on another one. She looked at him intensely before saying, “So, you don’t watch TV, what would you like to do then?” It felt like he was in a movie as he saw her seductively rub her thighs against each other. Startled, he instinctively looked towards where he felt the staircase leading upstairs was, but she pulled his face back towards her and leaned in to kiss him.

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Re: Jack And The Residents Of No. 7 Cole Street (A Novelette By Kayode Odusanya) by AvatarMode(m): 10:05pm On Jun 26, 2018
Good job. Ride on sir..

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Re: Jack And The Residents Of No. 7 Cole Street (A Novelette By Kayode Odusanya) by Ann2012(f): 10:38pm On Jun 26, 2018
Haaaaa Mrs Salami!!!!!
Jack....run for your life


Re: Jack And The Residents Of No. 7 Cole Street (A Novelette By Kayode Odusanya) by kayo80(m): 7:30am On Jun 27, 2018
Chapter 5

She was on his lap now, kissing him, with her left hand around his shoulder, right hand underneath his t shirt, rubbing his chest. It all happened so fast, and his mind raced as he thought of his next move. He gently pushed her off, but she resisted and whispered in his ear, “I know you want me. I see how you look at me.” She continued to kiss him passionately, grinding on his crotch, holding him in place as he tried effortlessly to get her off. He knew she had had a little too much to drink, but even at that, she was conscious enough to know exactly what she was doing.

He was in a fix. If he pushed her off forcefully and her husband came out, and she turned things around to say he was the one that made a move on her, the man would surely believe his wife. She moaned as she lifted her head, and rubbed her chest on his face. In one slow swift move, he turned her around, so that she was the one now sitting on the couch, restrained her hands, and got off the couch. She thought he wanted to get out of his pants, and she started touching herself all over, with her eyes closed. He walked slowly to the back of the couch to gently unplug his laptop and phone. He noticed the movement had stopped and didn’t know what to expect when he stood up.

There was disappointment in her eyes as she stared at him from the seductive position she was on the couch. Her white nightgown had been lifted up to her waist in the pre-intimacy, exposing her white panties. She didn’t say anything or attempt to move towards him. She just looked at him seductively as she squeezed and pressed together her big breasts. She closed her eyes, opened her mouth, and low moans escaped her lips. For a minute Jack got tempted to throw caution to the wind but he turned around and walked off to the door.

When he got out the door, his heart started beating fast as if he just fully realized the gravity of what could have happened. The man could have come out with a double-barreled shotgun and blown his brain to bits. Much more than that, he wondered why she was so confident doing what she did when her husband was just a room away.

He heard one of the pastors kids screaming as he passed by their duplex on his way to his apartment. It was odd because the family was a relatively quiet one. There was an ongoing argument, and as he was about to get a clue what was going on, they started talking in whispers. Maybe the pastor is doing deliverance, it is none of my business, he thought as he shrugged and walked to his room.

With the reflection of light from outside the pastor’s duplex, he located his reading table and put the laptop on it before free falling on his bed. After a few seconds of lying in bed and running through what had just happened in the Salami’s house, he rolled over, and pulled out his phone. The red background and the iTel sign came on the screen after a few seconds. A few Whatsapp messages came in when the phone was fully powered up. He was about to go through them when he heard footsteps approaching his apartment building outside. The footsteps stopped in front of his door, and there was silence for a few seconds before the knock came. “Shit!” He cursed under his breath.
Re: Jack And The Residents Of No. 7 Cole Street (A Novelette By Kayode Odusanya) by kayo80(m): 9:11am On Jun 27, 2018
Chapter 6

He was surprised to see the Pastor’s wife and their little toddler daughter by his doorstep. It was funny to see her in the same type of white nightgown Mrs. Salami had had on, but hers was a bit longer, and she had a brown Ankara cloth tied around the upper part of the nightgown. She saw the confusion on his face and said, “I’m really sorry to disturb you but…” She was saying, and stopped like she didn’t know how to continue. Jack stepped out his apartment and smiled at her daughter. The little kid shyly looked away. “Umm! I came because...” She continued to say, but broke into a little laugh. “Oya, talk by yourself.” She said and slowly pushed the girl forward, but the girl ran behind her mom. Jack was curious now, and closed the door behind him. “Once again, I’m sorry. Sarah won’t let us sleep. She said unless she takes pictures with you.” Jack looked more confused than ever and she continued with, “Their teacher said they should bring pictures of their children’s day weekend to school tomorrow, and she said she wants to take some pictures with you.”
“Well…” Jack started out saying with a smile on his face, “That is no problem. But…Is…Is her Daddy okay with this?”
“He doesn’t want to appear to have accepted defeat, but he would love if you could just do us this favor.” She said and laughed a little more. “Sarah has her ways.”
“Okay. Where do we take the pictures?”


They took most of the pictures in the Peter’s S Class Mercedes Benz with seat belts on, and then a few by the car; Jack leaning on it and 7 year old Sarah sitting on the car’s bonnet with her arms crossed. When Sarah was satisfied, her mom thanked Jack and told him even though her husband might not come up to say thank you to him, he really appreciates what he just did for them.
As he walked back to his apartment, he thought of how weird the night had been. If I were to turn this to a story, no one would believe it really happened, he thought to himself. As he stepped into his apartment, power was restored, and he heard Sarah’s shout of joy from inside their duplex. He smiled as he walked through his living room to the bedroom and got behind his laptop. He opened it, powered it up and went to his movie folder. After moving the cursor around for a few seconds undecided, he closed the folder. He opened his music folder, clicked on a playlist, and pressed play. He pulled off his shirt, and got in bed as slow Mariah Carey songs played in the background. Within ten minutes, he had fallen sleep.
Re: Jack And The Residents Of No. 7 Cole Street (A Novelette By Kayode Odusanya) by fboonmy: 9:32am On Jun 27, 2018
Amazing! Following all the way.

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Re: Jack And The Residents Of No. 7 Cole Street (A Novelette By Kayode Odusanya) by dammyd46(m): 10:33am On Jun 27, 2018
I love this story all ready.... Mr Kayo80 you still remain the best so far... I just wish I could write like you


Re: Jack And The Residents Of No. 7 Cole Street (A Novelette By Kayode Odusanya) by kayo80(m): 1:59pm On Jun 27, 2018
Chapter 7

The week went by fast and he hadn’t run into Mrs. Salami since the incidence back at her house. She had sent him a message the very next day asking him to come over, but he hadn’t responded back. Then she sent another asking him not to be scared of her husband. He still didn’t respond, and that was the end of their communication; she never bothered him again. He closed early on Friday, and as he walked into the compound, he saw her sitting at her usual spot, just outside her door. It was weird seeing her in traditional Yoruba iro and buba attire. He guessed she had gone for a function. The deep blue colored dress accentuated her flawless light skin. She greeted him warmly and asked how work went. He responded with “fine” before walking off. He had expected her disposition towards him would be different, and was happy she could just let them go back to being neighbors.
“Uncle Jack!” He heard a little girl shout out. To his right, through the space between the parked cars, he saw little Sarah running into her house. He laughed lightly and continued his walk to his apartment.


After taking a quick shower, and putting on shorts and t shirt, he walked into his living room too to turn on the TV by the wall. He had gotten a movie from his friend at work on his phone through Xender and wanted to watch it on his big screen. He plugged his phone to a cord behind his TV, and walked over to the long couch, facing the TV.

He grabbed the remote control from the table, and took his seat. New Line Cinema appeared on his TV screen after he clicked on the movie he wanted to watch. It was a comedy movie titled The Life of the Party.

He didn’t know if the movie was boring or he was just tired, but he started dozing off ten minutes into it. He tried to keep himself awake by changing his position on the couch, but at some point, sleep won the battle.


When he woke up a few hours later, power was gone and everywhere was dark. The loud noise of heavy duty generator sets filled the air. As he robbed his eyes and stretched, he heard movement outside his apartment. He checked his watch and saw it was 11pm; scared robbers were trying to gain access into his apartment, he picked up his phone and tip toed to his room, thinking of his next move. Light from the house behind his cast a shadow on his room window. It was the figure of someone smoking. When he looked closer, he saw it was a female from the curves of the upper body.

Could it be Mrs. Salami? He thought to himself. He walked out of his room, into the living room and opened the front door gently. Barefoot, he walked to the back of his apartment. The person was backing him, but he was sure it was not Mrs. Salami now. The person was wearing a short black gown, and she appeared to be a teenager. “Hello.” He said, but the noise from the generator sets drowned his voice. Then he decided to tap the girl.

“Shiit!” She exclaimed in shock, turned around and hit him with the back of her hand before running off. She hadn’t gone far before hitting her head on the metal part of a clothes line and falling backward into his arms. He laid her down on the ground, and tried to see if she was injured. “Are you okay?” He asked.
“Who are you?” She asked as she rubbed her forehead in pain.
“I should be asking you that.” He said.

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Re: Jack And The Residents Of No. 7 Cole Street (A Novelette By Kayode Odusanya) by kayo80(m): 4:44pm On Jun 27, 2018
Chapter 8

She was sitting on the floor, leaning on the wall with iced sachet water pressed up on her forehead. He was ducked down beside her and they were having a conversation. Jack had learnt that she was the Salami’s daughter, and she had come home after her school was closed down that same day. It was hard for him to believe Mrs. Salami had a kid this big. She was at least in her late teens. Mrs. Salami must be older than I perceived, he thought to himself.

“When did you move in?” She asked after a prolonged silence.
“Umm! About two weeks ago.”
“Sorry…I actually didn’t know anyone had occupied the BQ.”
“It’s okay.” He said and smiled.
“Did I burn you?” She said and leaned forward to look at his face. “Oh my, I think I burnt you.” She added as she ran her hand through the little part of his cheek the lit end of the cigarette she was smoking had hit. He lost his balance in the crouching position he was in and fell backwards. She also lost balance, and fell on him. “Oops! I’m sorry.” She said as she got off him. They both laughed at the embarrassing situation as they stood and dusted sand off their body. He got a good look of her now. Like Mrs. Salami, she was also light skinned. She was a bit taller than average, slim and but busty. The tight black gown she had on gave her body sort of like a funnel look.
“Won’t your mom be looking for you?” Jack said after a few seconds of awkward silence.
“My mom? Nifemi is not my mom. She’s just my dad’s wife.”
“Oh. Sorry for assuming she was.” Jack said, lost in thought.
“She’s a cool stepmom though.”
“So…you call her by her name?”
“Well, not in front of everybody. It’s complicated. I actually knew her before my dad married her.”
“Mmm! Okay.” He said and just then the last generator set in the area went off, making everywhere suddenly extra quiet and dark.
“I should go now.” She said in a whisper. “Sorry for the troubles. By the way, I’m Damilola.”
“I’m Jack.”
“Okay Jack. See you around.” She said and turned around to leave, but stopped like she forgot something. She turned back around and said, “Please don’t ever bring up this situation with my dad.”
He smiled before saying, “Okay.”

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Re: Jack And The Residents Of No. 7 Cole Street (A Novelette By Kayode Odusanya) by Ann2012(f): 4:57pm On Jun 27, 2018
Kudos Boss

Keep the updates coming


Re: Jack And The Residents Of No. 7 Cole Street (A Novelette By Kayode Odusanya) by kayo80(m): 6:35pm On Jun 27, 2018
Chapter 9

The next day, he was cleaning his apartment in the morning in jeans and singlet when he heard a knock at the door. He walked over to open the door, and there she was in a fitted denim shirt, tucked into a black leather mini skirt. Her sleeves were rolled up two folds, and she had a bottle of champagne in her hand. “Hi.” She said with a smile as she checked him out. “Nice arms. You actually look better than I thought you did last night.” She added.
“Hello.” He said with a smile as he moved aside for her to step in. “So, what’s the celebration?”
“I came to say thank you.” She said as she sat by the couch closest to the TV and placed the champagne bottle on the table. “Plus…today is my 21st birthday. Yay!” She added with some enthusiasm in her voice.
“Wow! That’s interesting.”
She looked into space for a while before saying, “I feel kind of old.”
He shut the door and sat on the couch opposite from her. “Aren’t you meant to be happy that you are now an adult?”
“What? I’ve been an adult since I turned 18. I traveled round Europe by myself when I was 17.”
She had an expensive looking long weave on, and facially, she looked a lot like Hollywood actress, Zoe Saldana, but a lighter version. “So…isn’t it a little bit too early to be drinking?”
“Early?” She Said with eyes squinted as she checked her wristwatch. “It’s…45 minutes to mid day.”
“It’s 11:15am.”
“It’s the same thing.” She said with a smile he found so charming. “And it’s my birthday.”
“Do your parents…Sorry; does your dad know you’re here?”
“No. He isn’t around. But I told my stepmom.”
He got a little uneasy when she mentioned her stepmom. “What did she say?” He asked
“What do you mean?” She said and laughed lightly. “I’m not kid. I’m 21 not 2.”
“Okay.” He said and studied her for a second before getting off the couch again. “Let me get the wine opener and cups.”


They spent the whole afternoon drinking, and getting to know each other. She did most of the talking, and he learnt a great deal about her. Like her dad and stepmom, she was very easy to talk to, and before long, he felt like he had known her for years. he had told him her dad had met her stepmother when he had come to visit her in France when she was living there. Her stepmother was someone she had met at various modeling auditions at the time, and even though she was about 7 years older than Damilola, they had become friends. She told Jack she and Nifemi always had a problem getting runway model gigs are they were a bit bustier that the other models, and so they developed a friendship over time. Her dad marrying her friend was weird at first, but she said she got used to it over time.
“So…do you have a girlfriend?” She asked out of the blue.
“What? Where did that come from?”
She was tipsy now, and laughed a little before saying, “I want to ask for a favor, and just wanted to know if you were hooked before I ask.”
“Okay. Well, I am single at the moment.”
“Okay.” She said and smiled. “So…the thing is. I have this guy I like.”
“Okay.” John answered as he took a sip from his cup, trying to think of how this had anything to do with him not having a girlfriend.
“He has been trying to have sex with me.”
“The thing is. I…I’ve never really had sex before.”
“Oh.” John exclaimed and looked at her dressing once again, wondering who would have ever thought she was still a virgin.
“Yea, it is that embarrassing.” She said and covered her face with a palm.
“So…are you ready to go all the way with him?”
“Not yet.”
“Okay.” John answered and took another sip from his glass cup.
“I want you to…I want you to Bleep me first.” She said and Jack spilled the content of champagne in his mouth as he coughed.
Re: Jack And The Residents Of No. 7 Cole Street (A Novelette By Kayode Odusanya) by DemiKOL(f): 8:58pm On Jun 27, 2018
Welldone kayo80...and thanks for all the updates!

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Re: Jack And The Residents Of No. 7 Cole Street (A Novelette By Kayode Odusanya) by kayo80(m): 9:15am On Jun 28, 2018
Chapter 10

After coughing and clearing his throat for a few seconds, he looked up at her. “First of all, can you stop being so vulgar?”He said and she had a smiled “Are you for real?” He said after staring at her for a long time.
“Of course I am.”
“Why would you think I would agree to that?”
“Well, I’m just asking. I don’t know if you would or not.”
“Okay. Sorry, I can’t help you.”
“What do you mean, why? It’s just crazy.”
She was quiet for a while, looking down the glass cup in her hand, then she said, “I’m not your type?” He leaned forward like he hadn’t heard her and she went on to say, “You are not attracted to me?”
“It’s not about that. You just met me yesterday. Why would you even feel comfortable asking me to sleep with you?”
“I don’t know. You seem like a nice guy.”
“And that’s enough?”
“At least I know you won’t go around telling everyone you slept with me.”
“Then why don’t you sleep with your boyfriend instead?”
She let her hands fall to her side before saying, “First of all, he is not my boyfriend. He is is just someone I like a lot, and I don't want him to go through that first time sex issues with me." She looked at him intensely before adding, "You know it can get real messy."
“This is a really weird way to see things.” He said and looked into space. Just then, a thought crossed his mind. “Wait, did anyone put you up to this?”
“What? How do you mean?”
“Did someone ask you to do this?”
“No. I just thought about this while I was here. It has been on my mind all week.”
“Yes. That’s why I was at your backyard smoking yesterday.”
“Well, I’m sorry, I can’t do it.”
“So…what were we talking about before you brought this up?”
“You were asking about the size of my boobs.”
She laughed a little before saying, “I’m sorry, that’s all Fred asks whenever we are having phone intimacy; even though he has seen my boobs many times.”
He looked at her for a while before saying, “Are you trying to get me aroused?”
She laughed a little more before saying, “You got me.”
“So…what do we do now?”
“We forget you ever brought this whole thing up.”
“And we watch some old school Kung Fu movies.”
“Mmm! Okay.”
Re: Jack And The Residents Of No. 7 Cole Street (A Novelette By Kayode Odusanya) by kayo80(m): 11:07am On Jun 28, 2018
Chapter 11

Later that day, after Damilola had left, he decided to take a walk through the estate. After taking a few turns without being conscious, he got lost. There was a telecommunication mast close to his place he usually used in locating his place, but he couldn’t see it anywhere. The street he was on was quiet and it wasn’t until he got to the end he realized it was a dead end street.

Jack turned around and was walking out of the cul-de-sac when he heard a woman talking in a loud voice; she spoke rapidly like she was angry. When he turned around he saw a black and yellow saloon metro taxi approaching him, with a man and a woman arguing at the back seat. The car stopped a few inches away from him, and the driver turned around to ask the occupants to settle their differences. The lady, who appeared to be a call girl, was saying something about not being paid her complete money.
“I am not going to any ATM. Transfer the 50k to my account right now.” She spoke in a harsh tone.
“Keep your voice down.” The man said in a calm manner.
“Just give me my money.”
“I will give you at the ATM.”
“Why can’t you just make the transfer?”
“I can’t do that.”
“Why?” The girl said irritable. She was a really pretty lady, with class, and Jack was surprised she was unashamed of asking for money for sex in the open like this. The man kept petting her, and she later succumbed. Jack had been walking slowly as he was interested in hearing the full story. When the car started moving again and slowly drove past him, he stole a quick look at the occupants of the car. He couldn’t believe his eyes. The man at the back seat of the metro cab was none other than Pastor Peters; his neighbor. He heard the man curse under his breath as the car drove away.


After wondering around for several minutes, he found his way back home. He hadn’t even settled in when he heard a knock at the door. He knew immediately who it was.
“Hello my good neighbor.” The man said with a big smile on his face. “I haven’t thanked you for what you did for Sarah the other day.”
“Good day sir. It is no big deal sir.” Jack said.
“I would like to talk to you for a few minutes.” He said in a low voice, and Jack moved out of the way for him to walk in. He shot the door behind him, offered the man a seat, and sat opposite him. “Umm. I know you know why I am here.” He said and Jack nodded. He sighed before continuing with, “I’m really ashamed of myself.” The man added, and Jack didn’t say anything. He felt so awkward. “It’s an internal battle I have been fighting for a while now.” He said with a sober look on his face. After a prolonged silence, he looked up at John and said, “I hope you can keep this between us?”
“Of course sir.”
He looked at Jack for a while, as if trying to read his mind, and then got off the couch all of a sudden. “Yeah. I have to go now.” He said with an outstretched hand. Jack shook it, and was surprised that, for a slim and short man, the pastor had such a firm grip. “Thanks for your time.”
“No problem sir.”
Re: Jack And The Residents Of No. 7 Cole Street (A Novelette By Kayode Odusanya) by kayo80(m): 12:45pm On Jun 28, 2018
Chapter 12

After church the next day, he was ironing his clothes for the work week when he heard a knock at the door, followed by a female voice calling out his name. He sighed and went off to let her in. She was wearing a white Fendi t shirt, with blue jeans shorts. “Hi.” She said as she walked in, looking strangely at the ironing board. “You don’t use the drycleaners?” She asked.
“I do sometimes. But ironing is sort of therapeutic for me.”
“Okay. What are you doing afterwards?”
“I don’t know. I would probably watch a movie before I fall asleep.”
“I need you to come with me to a party tonight.”
“Damilola I have work tomorrow.” He said as he picked up the white and blue iron and continued what he was doing before he heard her knock at the door.
“Please. The guy I told you about is going to be there.” She said, standing in front of him with her hands clasped together.
“And what do you need me for?” He said without looking up at her.
“I might get weak around him. But if you are with me, he would be restricted.”
“And who would you tell him I am?”
“My brother.”
He laughed lightly before saying, “You’re kidding, right?”
“No I’m not.” She said and went to sit on the couch in front of the ironing board.
“And this guy doesn’t know you don’t have a brother?”
“He knows my dad has many wives.”
“Why are you always coming to me with these ridiculous requests?”
“If you had agreed to my previous request, I wouldn’t be asking you for this.” He kept ironing and didn’t respond. After a while, she stood up, walked over and slowly pulled the iron out of his hand. He stepped back and watched her start ironing his favorite shirt.
“Don’t ruin my shirt.”
“Will you go with me or not?”
“Okay. Okay. I will go to your party.”
“Thanks.” She said and placed the iron in a standing position on the ironing board. “I’ll be right back. I need to secure the ride.” She added as she ran out of his apartment.


As they backed out of the driveway in the gray wrangler jeep, he waved at Mrs. Salami. She was sitting at her regular spot. Even though she waved back at him with a smile, he could see some sort of resentment in her eyes. He couldn’t believe that just a week ago, she had tried to seduce him, and now he was best friends with her friend turned stepdaughter. He shook his head at how twisted the whole thing was.

He turned to the side to the excited looking Damilola behind the wheel, wondering how he got himself roped up in her crazy little shenanigan. “Thanks for doing this.” She said as if she had read his mind. “Don’t worry, you’ll have fun.” She added before switching gears and zooming down their street.

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Re: Jack And The Residents Of No. 7 Cole Street (A Novelette By Kayode Odusanya) by kayo80(m): 5:03pm On Jun 28, 2018
Chapter 13

It was some sort of punk rock themed party. Even though Jack wasn’t really into that kind of music, it was still a relief from hearing the same type of monotonous Nigerian party music at every Nigerian party or club. The party had extended outside the glass house residence, and Damilola greeted a few people before they made their way into the house. As they stepped into the crowded living room, a tall athletic guy appeared from nowhere and blocked them off. He had a mean look on his face for a few seconds, before cracking a smile and putting his arm around Damilola’s waist. She leaned in and kissed him, letting go of Jack’s hand in the process. When they pulled away, the guy looked at Jack with questioning eyes. Damilola whispered something in his ear, and he stretched his hand at Jack in greeting. After the two guys shook hands, Damilola told Jack to take a seat before walking off with her friend.

Jack squeezed through people to get to an empty couch. After a few minutes of sitting restless Damilola appeared with two bottles of beer in her hand and sat next to him. She leaned in and whispered in his ear, “Just say you would sleep with me and we will leave here right now.” He pulled back and shook his head at her; both in disgust and as an answer to her question. She smiled and got off the couch; with her eyes staring at him seductively, she walked backwards, till she got swallowed by the crowd.


He sat there, drinking his beer and watching people dance till he started feeling seriously claustrophobic and decided to go out for some fresh air. He walked round the house, admiring the architecture, and landscaping in front. At the backyard was a small sized swimming pool with too many people swimming in it. There was another DJ at the back, and he played slow music at a low volume. Dark corners had boys and girls smooching.

Jack stood around for a while till he felt the need to pee. He took the last gulp of the beer, dropped the bottle by the wall and found his way back into the house through the backdoor kitchen entrance. “Where have you been? I’ve been looking all over for you.” Damilola said as she walked in to the kitchen from the other end. She walked over to him and pushed him back out the door with fear in her eyes.
“What happened? Did he try to force you?”
“Please, you need to get out of here.”
“What? What’s going on?”
“I made a mistake asking you to come here.” She said as she pulled him towards the side of the house.
“Stop!” He said and pulled her back. “You have to tell me what’s going on.”
“He is high and very pissed right now.”
“He thinks…” She was saying, and then looked behind him and cursed under her breath, “Oh shit!”
Jack turned around fast enough to see the guy approaching him, but he wasn’t fast enough to stop the punch that hit him in the abdomen. With his hands holding his belly, he bent forward, and then sat on the floor in pain. Damilola’s friend was hyperventilating as he looked at Jack on the floor. He wanted to hit him some more, but could see Jack was in enough pain already. Damilola went straight at him, shouting, “Why did you do that? Why? I told you he was just my friend.”
Jack sat there, still in pain, watching everybody gather around, and wondering why he agreed to follow her to the party in the first place. He was angry and wanted to retaliate, but he was also in so much pain. It was like his internal organs had been shifted out of place. “I’m so sorry,” Damilola said as she squatted by his side. “I’m so sorry. He gets like that when he takes crack.” She left his side again and went off to the guy, screaming and pushing him. Jack just sat there, waiting…waiting for the slap he felt would soon hit Damilola in the face, and then something weird happened. The guy started crying. Damilola took him in her hands, cuddling his head. She held him by the hand and led him back into the house. When all eyes fell on him, he pulled himself up and walked around the house. He looked back at the entrance one last time before saying to himself, “she’ll be okay,” and then walking out the gate.


Re: Jack And The Residents Of No. 7 Cole Street (A Novelette By Kayode Odusanya) by OlufemiWhit(m): 5:58pm On Jun 28, 2018
I'm expecting you to abandon this story too.....so no compliments
Re: Jack And The Residents Of No. 7 Cole Street (A Novelette By Kayode Odusanya) by kayo80(m): 6:38pm On Jun 28, 2018
I'm expecting you to abandon this story too.....so no compliments


I'm sorry. But I didn't abandon that story... I'm just not with my old laptop right now. I will complete it. I always complete all my stories here. Always.

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Re: Jack And The Residents Of No. 7 Cole Street (A Novelette By Kayode Odusanya) by OlufemiWhit(m): 11:53pm On Jun 28, 2018
Okay...I dhy ya back anytime sha

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Re: Jack And The Residents Of No. 7 Cole Street (A Novelette By Kayode Odusanya) by Ann2012(f): 4:57am On Jun 29, 2018
Well done Sir

Jack and his neighbour's ehn.....

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Re: Jack And The Residents Of No. 7 Cole Street (A Novelette By Kayode Odusanya) by Sardauna24(m): 8:10am On Jun 29, 2018
Tnx alot we are waiting for more updates..
Re: Jack And The Residents Of No. 7 Cole Street (A Novelette By Kayode Odusanya) by kayo80(m): 1:25pm On Jun 29, 2018
Chapter 14

For some reason, while Damilola was driving him down to the party venue, he had been mentally recording all the turns she made from the estate gate. She had taken a right turn, a left, and then a right, climbed the bridge, and then made a right turn after descending the bridge, before taking another right turn that led them to the street her friend lived on. Now, he knew he had to do the opposite; take a left turn, and another left, walk over the bridge, and then take a left turn, and a right turn to get to the estate gate.

He had waited around for a yellow cab because he couldn’t get signal on his phone to call an Uber, but he finally decided to walk home when he considered the time. The drive down didn’t take them more than three minutes, and he believed he could make it home in fifteen minutes.

As he approached the highest point of the bridge, he saw a car parked by the side, and a man looking down into the water. His heart started to race as he hastened his pace. When he was a few meters away from the parked car, the man turned around, and to his surprise, it was Mr. Salami. “Jack. What are you doing here?” The man said, startled.
“I’m walking home.” He said as he walked up to Mr. Salami. “Sir, is everything okay?”
“What?” He said and looked at Jack quizzically for a second before smiling and saying, “It’s not what you’re thinking. I actually think I saw someone jump, that’s why I parked.” He said and looked down at the water again. Jack walked up behind him and looked down; all he could see was the beautiful reflection of the full moon doing a slow dance on the surface of the water. “It could be my imagination. You know news like these have been making rounds a lot lately.”
“Yes. That’s true.”
“By the way, you shouldn’t be walking alone by this time of the night.” He said and looked at Jack intensely for a few seconds before saying, “Come on; let me go home.”


As they descended the bridge, Mr. Salami slowed down, and then parked on the side of the road. “Is the car okay?” Jack asked.
“Yes. The car is okay. I just want to talk to you about something.”
Oh No! Does he know I made out with his wife? Does he think I’m sleeping with his daughter? Jack thought to himself. He turned around to face the man with a quizzical look on his face before saying, “What about?”
“Actually…” Mr. Salami was saying then stopped to wipe sweat from his head. “Actually I was about to jump into the lagoon before you came along.”
In a shocked tone, Jack said, “Why?”
“I’ve been living a lie all my life Jack. I’m tired.” Jack was silent, and Mr. Salami continued with, “I’m gay Jack. I’ve been in the closet all my life, pretending to like women when I feel nothing when I’m with a woman.” There was confusion on Jack’s face and the man went on with, “I kept womanizing having kids so that people would never suspect. Can you imagine what would happen if my enemies found out that a whole Scorpion Salami was gay?” He laughed a little, and then broke into a silent sob.
It was so weird seeing him cry when he had just seen another man cry a few minutes ago. Some days are just filled with fiction type occurrences, he thought to himself.

The man cried for about five minutes, and Jack just let him get it all out. He had read enough psychology to know it is best to not judge someone when they finally let out what they had bottled in for years. The day had been a weird one, but he wasn’t expecting what happened next. Mr. Salami turned to look at him, wiped the tears from his eyes and then said, “Jack, I’m attracted to you.” Jack was dumbfounded and looked at him in shock. Even though the man had already told him he was gay man, he never expected this. His mind raced, and in seconds, he went through all the times he had spent with the man, and it all started to make sense now. Mr. Salami took his silence as consent, and went in for a kiss. Without thinking, Jack gave him a resounding slap that made the man shout in pain. Still in shock, Jack got out of the car. “I’m sorry Jack. I’m so sorry.” Mr. Salami said and came out of his car walking towards Jack, but Jack kept walking backwards. He had never considered himself a homophobic person, but having this happen to him made him feel really disgusted. “I’m sorry.’ Mr. Salami said one last time before turning around, walking back to the car, getting in, and zooming off.

Jack made a move to run after the car, and then he stopped himself. He didn’t want the man to kill himself, but still he was angered that he had tried to kiss him. The thought of it made him feel nauseated, and he bent down by the side of the road to throw up.

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Re: Jack And The Residents Of No. 7 Cole Street (A Novelette By Kayode Odusanya) by fboonmy: 1:58pm On Jun 29, 2018
Ok, now this is getting really wierd. Everyone in the salami household is attracted to Jack. The dude better be careful.
Ride on Mr Kayo, dilligently following.


Re: Jack And The Residents Of No. 7 Cole Street (A Novelette By Kayode Odusanya) by dammyd46(m): 2:03pm On Jun 29, 2018
I love all this drama around jack��..... good job Mr Kayo80


Re: Jack And The Residents Of No. 7 Cole Street (A Novelette By Kayode Odusanya) by kayo80(m): 3:22pm On Jun 29, 2018
Chapter 15

He woke up with a bad headache. There was a hand around him, and something soft poking his back. The white walls and white lights were blinding and he had to shut his eyes for a few more seconds before opening them again to take in the unfamiliar room he was in. He noticed he was just in his boxers short. Slowly, he removed the hand from around him, and turned around to see Damilola sleeping beside him in her bra and panties; her voluptuous breasts almost out of the white bra she had on.

The last thing he remembered was stopping at a bar for a drink on his way home. After the incidence with Mr. Salami, he had needed to do some thinking. “Damilola.” He said in a low voice, and she moved in her sleep, but didn’t open her eyes. The whole place was quiet, and from the look of things, it was still really early in the a.m. He tapped her upper arm a few times, and she opened her eyes. “What did you do to me?” He asked.
“What?” She said as she rubbed her eyes lazily and sat up in bed.
“How did I get here? Why are you undressed?”
She was silent for a few minutes with her head bowed, as if trying to gain full consciousness, and then she said, “I saw you staggering on the road when I was driving home after the party yesterday.” She grabbed one of the pillows and covered her chest with it. “You were drunk and saying gibberish.”
“Shiit! I must have gotten drunk at the bar.” He said with his head low in embarrassment.
“You were talking a lot, and loudly. I couldn’t take you home, so I brought you here.” She looked at him for a while before saying, “I managed to get you in the room with the help of the receptionist, and then you threw up on my clothes.”
“Shiit! I’m really sorry.”
“Then you threw up on your clothes too.”
“I washed our clothes with the bath soap, and let you get everything out of your system by the toilet before I let you get in bed.” She stopped talking and let it all sink before saying, “Then you woke up shaking around midnight. I switched off the air conditioner, but you were still shaking.”
“Yea, I get like that when I have a bad hangover.”
“I held on to you, you stopped shaking after a while, and fell asleep again.” The room was silent for a while before asked, “So what did my dad do to you?”
“You kept saying my Dad did something to you but that you couldn’t tell me about it.”
He looked down for a while, trying to think of a way to wiggle out of this. “I can’t remember seeing your Dad yesterday.” He lied.
“Then why were you going on and on about what he had done?”
“I don’t know. Sometimes I bring old memories from the past when I get drunk.”
“It could be something else my brain was just trying to say. I don’t know.”
“Mmm! Okay. Anyway, we’re stuck here till our clothes get dry.”

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Re: Jack And The Residents Of No. 7 Cole Street (A Novelette By Kayode Odusanya) by DemiKOL(f): 6:55pm On Jun 29, 2018
This is interesting! kayo80 keep it up! thanks for the update

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Re: Jack And The Residents Of No. 7 Cole Street (A Novelette By Kayode Odusanya) by yhungbrowhne(m): 6:55pm On Jun 29, 2018
great onr

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