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Kiss Me One More Night - Fiction by Rosemary33: 8:37pm On Jul 08, 2018
Hi my name is Rosemary, this is my first time writing on this forum, I hope you enjoy the story... smiley

He opened the door and found her standing outside all drenched with rain. her hair wet and lapped at her skull down to her shoulder like a fine silk with some straying hair across her forehead.

‘‘ can I come in ?” she asked, jacking him out of his dreamland.
‘‘Yes, sure” he answered.
she walked pass him in to the sitting room. her curves were very visible, swinging her buttocks side by side, he couldn’t help but notice the rhythm of her backside, no thanks to the rain, her gown held little or nothing back, as it clung to her body like a body suit.

‘‘ sorry I have to wake you up this time of the night, i was at the neighborhood when it started raining, I don’t have an umbrella with me, and my colleague, Mary, and her family, may not have enough room for me, so i have no option but to come here….but if you don’t want me, I can leav…”

‘‘oh no no.. you don’t need to go any where”
he interrupted her( rubbing his sweaty palm on his hair so he can get hold of himself, he really might be blabbing and not making any sense
‘‘ its okey with me.” he pursed
‘‘ please go to the bathroom and change into something dry, you can make do with any or my old shirts. i hope you can still find your way around? “
‘‘ yes, that is if you have not change a lot of things.” she said with an appreciating smile.

She climbed the stairs and he couldn’t help but look at her again.
Grace, she has always been beautiful! She was his pride and the envy of other women in the neighbourhood, his friends used to comment on how lucky he was to marry such a beauty, who could ever believe that they would not make it to their fourth wedding anniversary.

She turned towards his direction and caught him looking at her. he quickly withdrew his straying eyes, ‘‘ ehm… I will go check if there is anything left in the kitchen” he said awkwardly before she entered the guest room and close the door behind her.

that was not the first time she was doing that since their separation, showing up on his door step. married for just 3 years, they noticed their incompatibility and felt they could not go on. she a career driven woman, while he believed family comes first before any other thing.

They talked, dialogged, loosed tempers, accused each other, had heated arguments about her preference for her job until they felt they needed space to sort themselves out. so they went their separate ways.

But she kept coming over the house for one reason or another. either to take a cloth she left behind, or to pick up a document that belongs to her firm. the last time she said she wanted to check up on him and he has always try to be civil and treat her like a friend without emotions attached. but today, it looks like she came to tempt him, after 5 months of separation, his hormones still responds to this attractive woman that was once his wife.

‘‘ Can I help with the coffee ?” she asked from the kitchen door. her voice was like a melody to his ears. She was putting on one of his old shirts, which was hanging loose on her body with nothing underneath, her nipples were visible on the loosed shirt.

‘‘ ehm… hope what am putting on is okey with you ?” she asked him.
‘‘ ye..yes, never mind me, I have not seen you on those for a long time ” he answered, swallowed and pretended to be busy with what ever he was doing.
‘‘ so can I help with the coffee?” she asked again.
‘‘ sure, just come over here and help me with the coffee maker ” she walked towards him to get the Coffee maker, he wanted to get some eggs from the fridge, they brushed against each other and the connection between them was electrifying.

the stood looking at each other for a while, their breath faster than before, adrenaline rose higher, he looked at her lips, so soft and inviting, he wanted to draw back from her but the moment was magical, he looked at her eyes daring him to go on. her cent was intoxicating, her lips parted a little as if she wanted to say something, yet not a word came out of her mouth, the silence around them was obvious only the beating of their hearts was heard.

he bent his head a little, she closed her eyes as if she was dreaming, lips touch lips, she parted her lips wider, he was lost in the ocean of desire, as she gave her lips freely to him without holding back, he took what she offered like a hungry man in need of food . he drew her more close, his hands straying a little here and there. they were brought back from the world of ecstasy by the whistling of the kettle.

‘‘we shouldn’t be doing this” he said
‘‘ we are supposed to be divorced” she giggled a replied.
‘‘ babe, we can still remarry, just move in with me lets stop this madness” he pleaded
‘‘ let us eat” was all she said.

through out the night, she didn’t say any thing concerning what happened between then, but she too was considering his offer of remarrying him, she seriously was considering that

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Re: Kiss Me One More Night - Fiction by pacifust058(m): 9:26pm On Jul 08, 2018
It's going to be a great story, update please
Re: Kiss Me One More Night - Fiction by Kneephy(m): 9:30pm On Jul 08, 2018
You are a great writer, more ink to ur pen,

Following this story gidigba

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Re: Kiss Me One More Night - Fiction by Rosemary33: 10:35pm On Jul 08, 2018
It's going to be a great story, update please
sure will, thank you so much
Re: Kiss Me One More Night - Fiction by Rosemary33: 10:35pm On Jul 08, 2018
You are a great writer, more ink to ur pen,

Following this story gidigba
thank you so much

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Re: Kiss Me One More Night - Fiction by Kneephy(m): 10:25pm On Jul 10, 2018
When should we expect the next update ooo, being checking countlessly perhaps u've updated the story Abeg our great writer
Re: Kiss Me One More Night - Fiction by Rosemary33: 8:04am On Jul 13, 2018
Episode 2

Ken sat at the dinning, with his sales records, invoices and his laptop. He was working on his stock records the previous night before grace came in like ‘Amuma’ the goddess of the rain, to send his emotions in turmoil.

Last night was one of those nights his eyes deny him sleep, he was looking at a fly romancing the electric bulb, how alluring the bulb seems to the fly, and the stupid fly was already hypnotized by it.

The dance of the bulb and the fly took him back to scene between him and Grace previously in the kitchen.

“hmmm…” he turned to the other side, adjusted the other pillow in between his laps.

Her beautiful hip when he held her, the way she swung her waist like a maiden with Jigida around her waist, on a dancing ground, was that deliberate? He does not know. Her sensual lips, the taste of fresh strawberries from heavenly gardens when he kissed her, her nipples strong and visible in the shirt, looking at him, daring him to touch, to run his fingers on them, to give then sensual bites, to punish her for all the nights he had dreamt of them, to make her scream in pleasure like she used to, and in pain for punishing him with her subtle bodily manipulation

“Grace…” he muttered
“I can’t belief she left me over her job, we would have made this work, I was wrong also but … we would have reached a compromise”

He looked at his wrist watch, lying on top of the side stool, it said 4: 47, he realized he would not sleep no matter how long he toss and turn on his bed, and the awareness that Grace was just a wall away from him did not help his situation, he gave up the sleep, and decided to at least do something to take away his thoughts from Grace.

He was buried in his work and did not know when the day broke properly.

“I did not know you have upgraded from manual stock taking and accounting to Digital”
Her voice jolted him out of his work, he turned to look at her, she is already dressed to leave, her hair neatly packed up above her neck, and her lips glows with red lipstick.

“And I don’t know you now wear lipsticks” he said with a mixture of surprise and bemusement.
“Change is constant, you old model Igbo Man” she laughed

“Well, this old Igbo Man has learned how to use ‘pitch tree’ for his digital accounting” he boasted

Both of them busted in to a hearted laughter together, when their laughter gradually ceased, there was an awkward silence between them for few minutes. Grace was uneasy in his presence, she couldn’t hold the gaze to his face.

“Eeehm… I want to start going now… before ehm.. Mary notices am still here” Grace stuttered

“Won’t you have breakfast? …I can fix you something quick” praying that she would say yes and stay a little while.

“No Ken, I don’t want the Neighbors to see me here, especially Mary, she will definitely start a gossip.”

Ken did not want to show his disappointment. ‘She is still the same alright, she cares more about what others would say about her than how I feel’ Ken thought. But he managed a smile.
“Ok, have a great day at the office” he said



Re: Kiss Me One More Night - Fiction by Rosemary33: 8:30am On Jul 13, 2018
Episode 3

“You are late” Mary Chattered along as Grace pulled files and papers in readiness for the presentation she has that morning.

“The Clients from GrandVills are already hear, the Boss asked you to see him immediately you come in and… I saw your car parked in front of Ken’s house as my husband drove me to work… girl friend … are you getting your groove on without letting me know?’’

“oh my, am roasted…” Grace swore under her breath
Grace dialed her secretary to come over to help her arrange her presentation and get her papers

“Imelda please help me with the last month’s company Promotion sales records, I can’t find it in my Ms Office” Grace ordered her Secretary, deliberately ignoring Grace

“Okey Ma’am’’ replied Imelda

“Is the conference room ready for the presentation?” She asked

“Mr Oluwale is on it Ma’am” replied Imelda

“Wow wait a minute! Are you like giving me the ‘Ignore the Chatterbox’ treatment?” Mary cut in
“see , oh girl” she continued “ you owe me this gist o, you are not escaping, just be forming busy, you are giving me this gist as ‘e dey hot’ even if it means squeezing it out of your mouth” Mary said as she stood by the door making it impossible for Grace to leave.

Grace was laughing now, she knew what her friend wants to hear, and Mary would not give up until she is satisfied with the ‘so called juicy story’
“Okey Mary what do you want “she asked with a sigh
“First, what was your car doing in front of Ken’s apartment this morning, second, did you sleep at his place , third how long has this been going on, Forth…”

“slow down girl! Jesus! Your Amebo Antena is already on high frequency this morning” Grace cut her
“Grace Onwuka!” her Boss shouted her name from the Hall
“Coming Sir’’ she called back

She squeezed herself from pass Mary who had that determined look on her face:
“I knew you had some before coming, I could perceive the odor all over you” Mary whispered
“Get out of here…Tatafo republic” Grace responded as she walked down the hall

“Was it super sweet?” Marry shouted back at her
“I don’t know what you are talking about” Grace shouted back, amidst chuckles

* * *
The applauds were resounding,

“congratulations Mr Ogungbeso, we are convinced your company will not let us down” Chief okwudili, Managing Director Sanchez Bank shook hands with the MD of ‘the New Breed Advertising and Promotion Company’

“Oh not at all sir, we have the best brains
around and we will give your company an Image that is second to none in this country” replied Mr Ogungbeso, beaming with smiles

“I hope so friend… ehem…Talking about ‘best brains’ that lady that handled this presentation, she sure knows her onion in this Job, the kind of brain I love working with” Chief said with a smile.
“No chief, don’t go there, we are not letting her go soon” replied Mr Ogungbeso with a warning smile
“Don’t worry my friend, am not ready to charm her yet” they both laughed “am going over to congratulate her for a job well done”

Grace couldn’t contain her joy, she did it again! She wowed the clients and going by the resounding applauds and the peppers and pens changing hands, her company got the one year contract to promote Sanchez Bank both on radio, TV and other social media platforms.

“Young lady, you hypnotized all of us today with your level of intelligence” Chief Okwudili shook her hand with admiration.

“Here is my card, don’t forget to call me if this Man does not give you a raise for this” he joked , looked at her boss and handed her his card
“That’s nice of you sir” she replied amidst laugh

“See me in my Office before you leave today Grace” her Boss said to her and left with his client.

The hall was empty and she was not in a hurry to go back to her office, not to meet Mary and her many questions about last night.

Last night brought back memories, memories of what it used to be between Ken and her. They were passionate about each other, and last night, she knew she still loses her sanity at his touch, she has always imagined him with another woman, the thoughts do give her some stings of jealousy though.

“Is that why I keep going to him?” she does not know

Last night they were close to having it, she couldn’t keep the fact that she wanted him so much, she wanted him to take her anywhere in his house, she wouldn’t have minded that kitchen floor by the way, she wanted to be held by him again, to run her fingers on his head and spank his naked butt as he ride her senseless. She wanted his tongue down her wetness while she holds his head and direct his tongue, she suddenly felt cold and shivery as she allowed her mind to wonder;

“Ahrrr…” she muttered, rubbing her hands round her shoulders
“I need you Ken, by God I need you like Mad, but I can’t walk up to you to tell you that” she said to herself

Ken was one crazy lover who is not ashamed of making out anywhere at anytime, at first it amazed her how one man could have such energy and skill when it comes to sex and pleasuring her, she got used to him, and always dreamed of those moments, until her work started demanding more from her while Ken started getting freer from his, he got more hands to handle sales and branch offices, and she? She stayed late at work, from one meeting to another, she traveled more often and Ken began to complain.

At first, he seemed to understand that she needed to build her career, but in their third year of marriage, Ken could no longer cope with her many travels, his mother did not make issues better, as she was always in the house, telling her what a married woman should and shouldn’t do.

She did not know which misunderstanding that broke the camel’s back, all she remembered was she packed her bags and walked away and never looked back, not until she started missing him and the beautiful experiences he brought to her.

She felt the tingling in her vagina, that’s how he makes her feel each time she thinks about him, that sensation that makes her throw her head backward and licks her lips as she imagines him doing those beautiful sexual things to her…

“Here you are” Mary playfully slams her hand on the table “You think you can run away from me?” Mary said shaking her out of her imaginations

“ Babe! I heard you nailed it as usual!” Mary screamed happily. Both laughed happily hugged and jumped around like school girls

“I overheard the boss talking about giving you a raise” marry lowered her voice

“Wow! Are you serious?” Gloria was actually expecting this news

“Of course he has no choice” continued Mary, “Anyways, Lunch is on you today…Lets go” she said dragging Grace along.

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Re: Kiss Me One More Night - Fiction by Kneephy(m): 6:09pm On Jul 13, 2018


Re: Kiss Me One More Night - Fiction by Rosemary33: 6:40pm On Jul 13, 2018
Thank you so much


Re: Kiss Me One More Night - Fiction by tijehi(f): 7:19pm On Jul 13, 2018
Nice Story.


Re: Kiss Me One More Night - Fiction by OLAFIMIX(f): 7:29pm On Jul 13, 2018
Following...... Hope it won't be abandon story oo


Re: Kiss Me One More Night - Fiction by omamush(f): 8:07pm On Jul 13, 2018
following oo, nice start


Re: Kiss Me One More Night - Fiction by Rosemary33: 7:32am On Jul 14, 2018
Following...... Hope it won't be abandon story oo

grin It will not be, thanks for reading
Re: Kiss Me One More Night - Fiction by pacifust058(m): 9:08am On Jul 14, 2018
Nice un
Re: Kiss Me One More Night - Fiction by chara019(f): 4:07pm On Jul 14, 2018
oya o,aunty rose I have come
keep up with the updates, mind you imma read it to finish, so please no dull me.

lovely hun.

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Re: Kiss Me One More Night - Fiction by Rosemary33: 10:20pm On Jul 14, 2018
oya o,aunty rose I have come
keep up with the updates, mind you imma read it to finish, so please no dull me.

lovely hun.

No problem at all, next episode comes up tomorrow grin
Re: Kiss Me One More Night - Fiction by Rosemary33: 4:52pm On Jul 15, 2018
Episode 4

“So girlfriend, if am getting what you just explained, your showing up at Ken’s door step wasn’t anything but a call for help, you are not secretly screwing him, and you have no plan of seducing and screwing him? Your life is more boring than mine” Mary said dramatically over Lunch

“that’s not fair Mary, am not that boring, besides I don’t think I have the time to go on a seduction mission” Grace replied with a full mouth.

Mama Obafemi's Restaurant has been their favorite spot for lunch, at least for four years now, it has not just been a place for delicious lunches, but a place of letting their guards down and gossip.

“Gracy Gracy” Mama Obafemi came over to their table “ Make I bring another meat for you na, I get better goat meat, wey get correct pepper inside” she said, grinning at the two ladies, she was pleased to see their plates wiped clean with no single grain of rice remaining in their plates.

“Ra ra Ma” (no Ma) “your food is delicious as usual, but I can’t eat more than this” Grace has learnt few words in Yoruba after ten years of coming to Lagos.

“ehm… Iya (Mama) I will take that goat meat, put am for take away for me, Gracy go pay” Mary cut in

“Oda’ (Okey) I go bring am now now” happy Mama Obafemi replied. “ Agatha! Agatha!!” she called on her sales girl while walking towards her kitchen.

“How did I become close to you!” Grace jokingly screamed at Mary
“Ask yourself” Mary replied
“What do I do with you Mary?”
“Pay for the food and my take away” Mary replied both laughed

“So how is Mami” Mary asked after Grace’s Mother, while wiping her mouth with a serviette

“My mum is there o, I dread calling her these days, she would remind me that am working too much, how much I need a break so I can make my marriage work again and give her grand children…. Mtcheeeewww, I can’t deal with her anymore” Grace replied

“She doesn’t know you guys are already divorced?” Mary asked

“She does, but she still nurses the hope that Ken and I will still get back together” Grace Replied

“Please allow the poor woman to keep her hope alive joor, anyways, I still agree with her that you need a vacation, Babe you have been working too hard, for these few months I have watched you wipe out FUN from your life and has buried yourself with building another Man’s Company” Mary Admonished

“Mary am building myself, this is who I am now, I can’t change it, please don’t make me feel miserable”

* * *

She got back to her office and Imelda, her secretary was not on seat, she has this annoying attitude of not coming back from lunch on time, most times she disappears for hours after lunch, only to come back with one excuse or another. She would have sacked her a long time ago, but then she still needs her around, at least until she gets another good secretary.

Grace checked her time, it said past two o clock, she should as well go see her boss who wanted to see her previously.

The ecstatic moaning of her secretary stopped her from entering her boss' office, so there she was, peering through the slightly opened window, Imelda has her back on the bosses table, her legs held high, her left hand on the bosses bent head while the other holding one of her legs, her eyes closed, looking like a pretty witch from the movies, her full well shaped pair of breasts bouncing in harmony with the rhythm of the desk as her boss pushes his full length in and out of her, grunting like an angry pig and sweating even with the air condition switched on.

She stood there watching them arouse her in the most sinful way, for every thrust reminds her of Ken and what would have happened between them the other night, the bounce of those breasts reminds her of those times Ken used to take her on the dining table, he used to tell her that she was sweeter than any food served on that table, She wanted to walk away, yet she wanted to stay and watch.
She watch her Boss jerked like an old pickup truck and went numb for a while, deciding to let the two lovers be, she walked back to her office.

That night, she would have one of those wet dreams and wake up with orgasm


Re: Kiss Me One More Night - Fiction by Enigmaticprof(m): 5:04pm On Jul 15, 2018
Beautiful storyline grin
I'm parking my Gwagon here cool
Fire on Rosemary.
I'm one of your silent readers, kindly mention me in your next update


Re: Kiss Me One More Night - Fiction by pacifust058(m): 9:18pm On Jul 15, 2018
Hey Rosey, try updating quick... I'm always glued to my phone waiting for you

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Re: Kiss Me One More Night - Fiction by Rosemary33: 8:27am On Jul 16, 2018
Hey Rosey, try updating quick... I'm always glued to my phone waiting for you

OK no problem, I will update later today. Thank you for reading
Re: Kiss Me One More Night - Fiction by Rosemary33: 8:28am On Jul 16, 2018
Beautiful storyline grin
I'm parking my Gwagon here cool
Fire on Rosemary.
I'm one of your silent readers, kindly mention me in your next update

Thank you so much, I sight your Gwagon o cool
Re: Kiss Me One More Night - Fiction by Rosemary33: 12:40am On Jul 17, 2018
Episode 5

The pandemonium on the road close to Mami Market made Ken to stop his car by the side of the road. He could hear angry voices yet he could not make out anything from what they were screaming about nor could he understanding why there were excitements and high adrenalins.

“Ole! Ole!!, thief o…”

A young man has been caught with an Infinix phone, running out the electronics and gadget shop two blocks from where he parked.

“I no be thieve o! The Man dey owe me money o” the boy was shouting as he kept running like he was racing a sport edition SUV.

But it was already late, the excited shop owners who heard only the chant from the crowd but not the pleading voice of the running boy, laid ambush on him, like a trap, he ran into their arms, the crowd closed up on him, then stones and clubs made took turn to re-design his body, like a fresh Anambra Fufu at the mercy of the mortar and pestle, he was reduced to a pulp.

The joy on the faces of passers-by and on-lookers, the clicking of phone cameras like paparazzi on run-ways, Ken couldn’t stand it anymore, he stepped out of the car and squeezed himself into the crowd.

“Please stop!” he said to no one in particular “Hand him over to the Police” he tried once more

“Oga e bi like say you wan make we beat you join abi” someone responded from behind him

“As your face fine reach, you wan make we redesign am for you? This is Lagos o, no do anyhow” another person responded to him.

Later that day, someone would suggest the little thief be burnt alive, another would get the expired motor tires, yet another would get a gallon of scarce fuel while a stick of matches would be enough to call on fire to come and consume the thief like Elijah did to his sacrifice on mount camel in the Bible.

Ken could not erase that scene from his mind as he made his way through sweaty bodies, impatience ‘job men’ with their wheel barrows and angry Market women to get to ‘Nwanyi Anambra’ to buy ‘Akwu ‘ (Banga) ‘Okpei’ and ‘Nchonwu’ (scent leaf)

* * *

Grace saw him few minutes ago at ‘nwanyi Anambra’s’ shop, she did not know whether to go to him and say ‘hi’. She was at the meat stand. It was ken that introduced her to Suleman, the meat seller.

“The best thing about buying meat in the open market is that you get the chance to flip it front and back and give it a close scrutiny” he said to her the first day he took her to Mami Market.

“My Madam, Bawo” greeted Suleman

“Sule, How you dey na?” Grace replied

“I dey o Madam, na only bad market dey worry me” Suleman complained

“Don’t worry Sule, costumers dey co…” she was about to finish her statement when a familiar voice interrupted her.

“So you still come to this Market”

Without being told, she already knew the voice like she knew her own name, the voice that excites and hunts her even in her dreams.

“Ken! What are you doing here” she asked amidst laugh

“The same thing you are doing here “ he replied and they both laughed

“So who cooks for you now, I don’t see any lady by your side, or is she waiting at home? She asked as a joke.

“Oh Grace, you hurt me now” Ken faked sadness “You have forgotten I used to cook for you”

She remembered, he used to be a perfect cook and he enjoyed cooking for them, she don’t know about now.

“don’t mind me Ken, I was only pulling your legs” she said

“I thought you wanted to know if I have ladies coming around the house to do things for me now, but…” he was saying before Grace interrupted

“Oh no Ken, please you are free to do anything you want, just be safe” she picked her meat from Suleman.

Ken couldn’t say any word to her for few minutes, he looked at her and when she turned to face him, she met his eyes and their eyes locked for a while before he looked away.

“I thought you would be worried if I had told you that some lady does come around the house, I forgot you have moved on” he said

Grace saw a flash of sadness and pain in his eyes, she have done a good job in masking her feelings, especially in his presence, he wouldn’t know her sleepless nights, her hunger, her desires for him, her jealousy each time she thought of him with another lady.

“I have not moved on!” she wanted to scream to him, rather she said

“Noooo Ken, I just want you to be free… ehm..you know…” she stammered

“you don’t have to explain anything Grace” he said with a smile “Am making ‘ofe akwu’ tomorrow, you can come over the house and have a taste of real food” he joked

“I don’t know … but I will try, am salivating already” she joined him in laughing.

But deep in their minds, they were burdened with the fear of what they secretly feel for each other, and whether coming together in his house is a good Idea after all

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Re: Kiss Me One More Night - Fiction by pacifust058(m): 7:29am On Jul 17, 2018
Thanks for the update
Re: Kiss Me One More Night - Fiction by bimberry1307(f): 11:54am On Jul 17, 2018
I think I'm gonna book and space here. please let the update be consistent. well done.

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Re: Kiss Me One More Night - Fiction by Rosemary33: 1:15pm On Jul 17, 2018
I think I'm gonna book and space here. please let the update be consistent. well done.
Ok I guess once a day will be fine? grin
Re: Kiss Me One More Night - Fiction by afolabiwunmi: 6:46pm On Jul 17, 2018

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Re: Kiss Me One More Night - Fiction by omamush(f): 7:29pm On Jul 17, 2018
nice story but update is slow and short oo, pls try and carry us along oo
Re: Kiss Me One More Night - Fiction by Rosemary33: 6:03pm On Jul 18, 2018
Episode 6

“Kenosky Abeg come open gate, I no get time for this your gateman” Nedum said over the phone

He has been standing at Ken’s gate closed to ten minutes, answering series of questions from Baba the gateman. Baba has been taking care of that house from the time it was roofed, and he made the unfinished building a place to lay his head every night, he kept coming back to the house no matter how many times the engineers tried to chase him away from there. Until Ken learnt about the burden Baba was carrying along.

It was said that Baba was a grain merchant, he resided with his wife and five children in Adari, Ngala Local government, Borno State, he came back from Jumu’ah one Friday to meet his home razed down and the sting of burning flesh welcomed him. He did not stay to mourn his dead loved ones, but followed the part of other villagers to seek refuge in Lagos.

He spoke little about his loss though, Ken made him his Gatekeeper in other to keep him around as he has become part of family to him and his wife, before Grace left of course.

“Edu onye nkem! Biko Bataba, Ima na Baba Ana emebeka” (Edu my man, please come in, you know Baba can misbehave sometimes). Ken beckons at his friend from the door.

“Nna, I came to your shop, to know if you have that Rosa betta granite but your sales girl told me you left since after four, ‘Odikwa namma’” (hope it is well) Edu asked as they walked inside the house.

“Yes o, I just wanted to have a little rest today, person no go die say him dey find money” both laughed

“Eh eh! Ken, who paid you a visit today, Mama Come, abi your sister?”

“Why are you asking” ken feigned ignorant of what he was talking about.

“Kenosky my Man! This Ofe-akwu am perceiving the aroma na your pot e dey come from?” Edu made straight to the Kitchen to satisfy his curiosity, Ken followed him to the kitchen to make sure he did not take food out of the pot as he would normally do.

“Nwokem debe Efere ahu” (my friend keep that plate) Ken snatched the plate from his hands
“You have not asked where the food came from, you are already dishing out, Emere gi ya Eme?” ken asked his friend who was surprised of his action. Edu could swear he saw seriousness in Ken’s face a while ago, as he dashed to cover the pot of Banga stew.

“Ken, is there something about this food you are not telling me, allow me to fill my belly now or are you expecting one babe?”

“Which babe? Abeg make the food cool small before I give you” ken said defensively

He had told himself that she would not show up, that he was just cooking for himself, after all, she may have other important things to do with her time as she told him, but why he took his time to prepare the food, why he had to use her favorite part of meet, Kpomo (beef skin) and sheen beef, instead of his normal torso, why he decided to add Ehuru instead of Okpei (local soup stock) only, and why he did not add salt to the white rice while cooking, just as she would like, he could not explain, somewhere locked in his heart, he hoped she shows up, the excitement was killing him, and the disappointment of her not showing up was dragging him to the floor.

Grace has been on the mirror for the past forty-three minutes, the contents in her wardrobe has relocated to the top of her bed, as she has been changing cloths like a model on the run-way. She has tried to calm herself down;

“It’s just a normal visit” she said to herself

She did not know why it still bothered her, what he would think about her dressing and the impression she would make on him.

“What is wrong with me?” she said under her breath

She had settled for the simple sleeveless sequence red short gown she bought from ‘Collectables’ last Easter, with a silver stud earrings and silver opened toe shoes to go with the outfit. She was just putting a last touch of make up on her face before her phone rang;

“Hi” he said from the other side of the phone

“Hi” she held her breath

He did not speak for some seconds, then “Ehm … I just want to know if you are alright”

“Yes…” she said almost choking “Yes I am” she said more clearly.

The next few minutes, she would be calling her texify driver to come get her, she would be sitting quietly in the cab questioning her sanity and why she was embarking on the visit, she would be thinking whether Ken still found her attractive.

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Re: Kiss Me One More Night - Fiction by Rosemary33: 6:06pm On Jul 18, 2018
Episode 7

What was it that made her walk away that night? Guilt? shame? Or pity, not for herself but for him. She was at the verge of getting promoted for the second time that year while she was preparing for her wedding to Ken, she remember what her MD told her the day she gave him her invitation card.

“You have to work extra hard for promotions and increase, now that you are getting married, you know marriage has a way of slowing women down” her MD had said to her

She had hated how Mary remained as an executive Marketer, three years after her Marriage to her husband, how she kept fronting her kids and marital status as an excuse for her incompetence, how she took more day offs, and would report to work late with the excuses of sick children. She had also hated the fact that Mary’s husband seemed to control her life, Mary would be the first to leave the office after work, bringing in her husband in every conversation, including official ones. She had watched Mary lose her passion and career mindedness as she settled to family life and motherhood, Grace had vowed not to end up like Mary, nor her mother, who had the chance of becoming the Local government Chairman in 1998. Grace was ten years then, she did not understand quite well what was going on, but she saw her parents argued a lot, saw her father screamed at her mother each time she came home late from those party meetings.

“How could you abandon these kids for some useless politics? Have you forgotten you are a woman? Your primary assignment lies with these children” her father would said to her Mum

“I told Nwamaka to come look after them” her mother would try to defend herself

Nwamaka was her father’s sister who came once in a while to stay with them, she was like a second mother to her and her brother.

“What would Nwamaka do, would Nwamaka breastfeed Ekenedilichukwu your eight month old son?”

Her parents kept having those arguments until her mother learnt to speak back to her father, with the same anger and tone. Her father could not take it anymore so he summoned her mother’s kinsmen, Grace later learnt that her mother was giving the option of abandoning her political career to put her home in other, or forget the marriage entirely.

Her mother choose to stay with them, but was never happy, she ceased every moment alone with them to lament about how unfair she was judged, how she would have been better off as a single woman, how threatened her father was with her political success, and how she hope Grace her daughter would grow into a formidable woman, and achieve the feats she was denied of.

When she finally said yes to Ken, Her mother was skeptical about her getting married to a business Igbo Man, who would not understand anything about a woman building a career, but she assured her mother that Ken was not just educated but also the Son of a woman who was once Vice Chancellor of a University.

“Wasn’t your Father a PHD holder, yet he killed my political dreams?” her mother argued

But she felt Ken understood her love for her job. A month to their wedding she raised the issue of waiting for few years before having babies and Ken vehemently objected to it.

“Children are one of the spices of Marriage, why should we delay having them” he say.

She knew she was in trouble, she couldn’t start having Children immediately, she wanted to secure her seat as the Head of Advertising and Promotions first and prove she was worthy of the seat before she would settle down into motherhood, Ken did not want to listen to her reasons nor did he want to compromise his stand, so she turned elsewhere for advice.

The Driver tooted the horn as he navigated his way out of the gridlock that has become part of motorists who uses Ipebi Road, into Toyin Street.

The house came into view, what used to be her home, she could remember the pride in Ken’s eyes, the day he brought her to that house for the first time, he wanted to surprise her on her birthday and it was surely one of the best days of their Married lives, he had smiled when she asked how he managed to hide the building from her, and for why there are many rooms in the house since it was only the two of them, he said:

“ our daughter will have that room closed to ours, that is why I painted it pink, and the remaining four rooms will be for our three sons and of course the Masters is for us!” he was grinning all over

As the cab pulled over in front of the gate, she looked at the house again, the memory of what happened between Ken and herself the last time she came to the house came so fresh to her, the strong sexual attraction and her longing for him, she doubted her comportment and self control with Ken.

“I am here already, it’s just a harmless date” she said under her breath

“Where you talking to me Ma’am?” the cab driver called back

“Oh no… here is your money, I will call you when am ready to go” she dismissed the cab Driver


Ken felt like beating himself after he dropped the phone, he couldn’t wait for Edu to leave before he picked the phone and made a total fool of himself, to think that he lost words to say immediately he heard her voice from the other end of the Phone.

“I should have known she was not coming” he said to himself

Like always, she have proven to him that she has a Mind of her own and cannot be talked into making compromises that do not bring profits to her

“mtcheeewww” he hissed and walked towards the Kitchen

Edu would not forgive him for denying him the pleasure of eating the ‘Ofe-Akwu’ before he left, he was able to convince Edu to eat the remaining Egusi soup in the freezer, telling him that the ‘Ofe-Akwu’ was for him kinsmen who would be coming later for a meeting, whether he believed the lie, Ken could not tell.

He opened the Pot of Rice, he had lost his appetite, picked a plate to serve himself, the door bell rang, he ignored it at first, picked the serving spoon, but the persisting Door bell made him drop the plate and made for the door.

He was shocked to see her standing like an Angel at the door, both of them said nothing to each other for some minutes, he blinked severally to make sure she was actually standing there and not his imagination:

“Are you going to keep me standing here?” she asked bemused

Mrs Onwuka has been searching channels of her television without much interest until she settled for Discovery station, her daughter’s favorite cable station, yet her thoughts kept wondering like a Man on a quest for discovery from the past.

She kept having the feeling of guilt, the silent accusation, the invincible but steady eyes watching her with scorn.

“She would have been better off without your counsel” the words whispered loudly to her

She switched off the Television and walked towards the Dinning. Thirteen years after her husband perished with the Sosoliso Plan crash, on his way back from Abuja, his company’s annual meeting, leaving her and the children devastated. Contrary to what his family thought, she was broken, she did not realize how much he had meant to her and the children until the news of the crash, they had their arguments and had said awful things to each other, she thought she hated him for preventing her go fully into politics, and she ended up as a school principal, she had called him ‘Anti-feminist’ and an ‘Enemy of her progress’ severally, yet when she heard about the crash, hot tears blinded her, she tried his numbers all with no answer. What were the last words he said before he left to Abuja?

“Martha, you have been angry with me for five years, am tired, I know you are too, please tell me what to do to make you love me again” he had looked into her eyes, they were sitting at the dinning, she held his gaze for a while, she knew she was tired of hating him, yet she wanted him feel miserable a little more,

“The deed has been done Nchekwube, there is nothing you can do to change it” she didn’t mean that, she was only playing the game, in fact she had planned to surprise him on his birthday that year, but she wanted to enjoy the glory of breaking him and his useless ego.

“Am travelling tomorrow” he said later

“will stay only for two day and will be back on Saturday, I wish we could plan on how to spend this Christmas as a family this time, but it’s up to you” he moved his chair backward and left for the room.

But he didn’t come back to her, they didn’t plan the Christmas like he had wanted, rather he mocked her with his death, punishing her without words, laughed at her in his grave. She cried like her life was ended also

“How can one reconcile with the dead? How can one plead for mercy from him whom has decided to take a forever journey? Why did he not reject death? Why did he leave her to the scorning teeth of his kinsmen?”

The grandpas’ clock on the wall struck three-thirty, she had to start getting ready for the Catholic Women Organization meeting, and she also needed to stop at the market to buy meat against Sunday. She invited her daughter Grace over for launch tomorrow, she would speak to her about her Marriage, or what is left of it


Re: Kiss Me One More Night - Fiction by Rosemary33: 6:07pm On Jul 18, 2018
nice story but update is slow and short oo, pls try and carry us along oo
Sorry about that sis. Am here now grin


Re: Kiss Me One More Night - Fiction by afolabiwunmi: 6:32pm On Jul 18, 2018
Kudos, more inspiration.

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