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U.S. Non-immigrant Visas: We’re Listening Pt 2 - Travel (3) - Nairaland

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Re: U.S. Non-immigrant Visas: We’re Listening Pt 2 by djbaju(m): 8:30am On Aug 13, 2018
Hello house, good morning my name is Michael, i have an appointment by the end of this month, i have read all i can get about us student visas mostly are on F1 but my visa category is M1 visa, pls can some one help me with some interview likely questions regards M1 visa. Thanks
God bless
Re: U.S. Non-immigrant Visas: We’re Listening Pt 2 by eknor5457: 12:27pm On Aug 13, 2018
Hello LagosNIV,

After a drop off I was invited for an interview of which I was told to drop additional documents. Now I need to travel on the 14th on a business trip and I am yet to get my passport....it current status " is still with post"
Can you tell me how to retrieve my passport.

Kind regards
Re: U.S. Non-immigrant Visas: We’re Listening Pt 2 by nugwa10: 9:48pm On Aug 14, 2018

I submitted my Dropbox application since the 17th of July and only got aware that my application is under administrative processing on the 10th of August on CEAC and that this process could take several weeks.
I also found out today that Consular services have been suspended in Abuja where I submitted my application. My question is this: what is the process of retrieving my passport as I have been requested to submit my passport at another country’s embassy for a Visa but I have not been able to do so because my passport is with the US consulate and as it is now, I don’t even know where it is. A check on ustraveldocs tells me there is no status update for my passport.
Please, how can I retrieve my passport and how long will this process take?
Re: U.S. Non-immigrant Visas: We’re Listening Pt 2 by Bond111: 10:05am On Aug 15, 2018

I applied for a visa renewal using dropbox on the 31st of July (Lagos).
I was told by the lady where I submitted the passport that it would take 7-10 working days.
It has gone beyond that and the status on the tracker says: Administrative Processing.
I've gathered that this could take a number of weeks and even months.
Unfortunately I have another trip scheduled shortly.

Is there a way I can retrieve my passport?

Many thanks
Re: U.S. Non-immigrant Visas: We’re Listening Pt 2 by hakeemgp: 10:32pm On Aug 16, 2018
Abuja NIV/ Lagos NIV,

Thanks for the great job you are doing.

A family member applied for a US B1/B2 Visa via Drop Box at the Abuja Consulate via DHL on 23rd July 2018. The person has a good travel history to the US and other European Countries.

Currently the application status has been changed to "Administrative Processing".

Also the Abuja Consulate has now been closed temporarily till further notice, could that be the reason for the visa application status?

The person now needs the passport for other travel purposes and doesn't have an idea of what to do and who to contact for help.

Kindly advice.

Best regards.
Re: U.S. Non-immigrant Visas: We’re Listening Pt 2 by Olayinka15(f): 2:20pm On Aug 17, 2018
Hello NIV, I’m a student here in USA on F1 visa ... I came in for masters program( Accounting).However, I developed interest in a science related course ( nursing) which I I had to start from Commuinty college (that issued me i20 ) because I never had a background in science. Now , I want to travel to Nigeria for my Mummy’s birthday party by December and also want to do drop box for visa renewal because my visa will be expiring by 5th of January.... I just want to ask if my transfer to Community college to start up another degree will not raise eyebrow or lead to denial of visa. I look forward to receiving your response.. Thanks so much.
Re: U.S. Non-immigrant Visas: We’re Listening Pt 2 by damsy01(m): 11:11pm On Aug 17, 2018
Re: U.S. Non-immigrant Visas: We’re Listening Pt 2 by daudugod(m): 11:30pm On Aug 18, 2018
Please someone help me out, I just stumbled across this thread now, my family(family of 5), our US Visa expired yesterday(17th August, 2018) and we intend renewing, please what are the steps to this, is it still possible for us to receive an interview waiver(if yes) does that mean each of us has to fill the DS-160 form again and Schedule appointment, I would need a step by step on what to do thanks in anticipation
Re: U.S. Non-immigrant Visas: We’re Listening Pt 2 by AlexiGio: 11:55am On Aug 19, 2018
Hello LagosNIV/AbujaNIV,
Thank you for the good work here. I went for my F1 visa interview ( Masters applicant )twice one in June and the other in July 2018 and was denied on 214b. The first interview was going well until she asked who is my sponsor and I told her I have a 50% scholarship from the school and my parents will take care of the rest, then she asked what do they do, I told her my dad is a senior officer in the Nigeria Customs and mom works as CNA in the USA. Then she typed on her computer and asked your brother lives in the US too ( guess she saw that on my ds160) and I replied yes he lives with my mom as they are both lawful permanent residents, then she said I’m sorry you’re not qualified and gave me the blue paper with 214b.
I reapplied again and went back the second time in July but to my surprise the interview was more of an immigrant visa than F1 cos the Visa officer was asking questions about my family ;
She asked why my mom didn’t file for me , I told her I’m not interested in migrating to the US and moreover I was with my mom as a beneficiary during her immigrant visa interview during which our visa was approved but I told the visa officer I don’t want the visa because I’m not interested in migrating/traveling to the US. I could have taken the visa if I’m Interested in migrating to the US. Then she asked why didn’t my mom file for my dad , I told her my dad is a senior officer in the Nigeria Customs he can’t leave his job in Nigeria and migrate to the US. My younger brother is the only one with my mom in the US everyone else in the family are here in Nigeria and I have a job here which I was only taking a study leave, I have a fiancée to which to me are enough home ties to Nigeria but I was denied again. I know having her file for me might take about 6-7years before my petition can be current and I can’t wait that long to go for my masters degree. My questions her:

1: If I have her file for me as the visa officers said , can I still get a F1 visa during that process ? because I plan to re apply during spring and can’t wait that long to study for my Masters

2: Are applicant that have families that are legal in the US not qualified for other visa categories apart from the Immigrant visa ?

3: How long is the current wait for an unmarried son of USC/LPR ?

NB: my school is in a different state to where they live, I got a scholarship that covers half of my expenses and I have even paid the tuition deposit requested by the school.

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Re: U.S. Non-immigrant Visas: We’re Listening Pt 2 by Ghideourn(m): 3:04pm On Aug 23, 2018
hi OP, im hoping to apply for a US visa using gay pride as my reason for travel .. do you think its a nice idea to get the visa !
Re: U.S. Non-immigrant Visas: We’re Listening Pt 2 by Shoobie: 9:42pm On Aug 23, 2018

I am very new on here and I need an advice. My F1 visa was approved on the 4th of August , 2018 and was told to pick up my passport after 2 - 3 business days. this is the 12th day now and my passport is not out. I checked the DHL office Thursday last week and it wasn't ready and I've not received any email yet.

I have been tracking my passport for sometime now. it initially said that my passport was still with the US embassy but now it says that status update available for my passport number. I'm not sure what it means and I really don't know what to do.

school is resuming soon and this is not allowing me to prepare properly

My interview went very well and was given the white paper so I know that it is not under administrative processing.

Kindly advice LagosNIV.

thank you
Re: U.S. Non-immigrant Visas: We’re Listening Pt 2 by bennyutin: 11:40pm On Aug 23, 2018
Hello NIV,
About hyphenated names, a name dat should be written as oto-obong was written as Otoobong with the hyphen removed due to Ds160 form restriction, hope dis wont be a problem during Visa Interview. Thanks
Re: U.S. Non-immigrant Visas: We’re Listening Pt 2 by Oyinu(f): 11:48am On Aug 24, 2018
Re: U.S. Non-immigrant Visas: We’re Listening Pt 2 by Oyinu(f): 11:58am On Aug 24, 2018
Does US embassy do a background check on a husband applying for a B1/B2 Visa whose wife earlier traveled on a Visit visa?

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Re: U.S. Non-immigrant Visas: We’re Listening Pt 2 by Babyidj01: 9:21pm On Aug 24, 2018
@lagos NIV

Good day, I applied for my F2 visa today and was denied. I wasn't even asked questions relating to the visa type or my spouse on the F1 visa.

I previously had a B1/B2 visa that I used firstly to birth my baby in the USA in 2014 and used it again to birth my second baby 2016.

All the questions asked today was about the birth of my children and if I told the first VO I was going to give birth, my response at that time was no but plans can change anytime.

He asked why I didn't go to the state I stated I was going in my application, I said I was heavily pregnant and couldn't be flying around.

He brought out the blue paper and rejected my application.

Please, what's the way forward, how soon can I re-apply. Is it against the law to give birth in USA even after paying your bills.

How do u move pass the stage of getting another visa after not declaring your intentions at the first interview.

Thank you
Re: U.S. Non-immigrant Visas: We’re Listening Pt 2 by femorocafella: 9:23am On Aug 25, 2018
Hello NIV,
I need an advise on what to do.after filling and submitting the Ds 160 form for b1/b2 visa I forgot to print out my form for record purpose.please what can I do to be able to print my form.
Re: U.S. Non-immigrant Visas: We’re Listening Pt 2 by Amakaycakes(f): 12:52pm On Aug 25, 2018
Hello Abuja/ Lagos NIV, please I had applied for B1/B2 visa with my hubby 2years ago but was denied. Am planning to go for business now, should I just fill my ds160 form and book an appointment or is there need to mail the embassy Cox someone said I need to mail the embassy with the data page of my passport. Please help a sister out. Thanks
Re: U.S. Non-immigrant Visas: We’re Listening Pt 2 by Bexi: 11:18pm On Aug 27, 2018
Hi, I applied to renew my visa using the dropbox method, checked the status of my passport and it said no status update... Can u kindly let me know the next step to take as I was given a 2 weeks notice to pick up my passport and its 2 weeks and no communication. Thanks
Re: U.S. Non-immigrant Visas: We’re Listening Pt 2 by odeyinugbolahan(m): 12:11am On Aug 28, 2018

please according to my agent; he told me just yesterday that he was unable to book an interview appointment for me here at Lagos embassy for this year as no date is unbooked.

please kindly confirm if he is saying the truth or not cos all these agents cant be 100% trusted and dont wanna take chances.
Re: U.S. Non-immigrant Visas: We’re Listening Pt 2 by RAY12345(m): 8:20am On Sep 05, 2018

How to Apply for a Nonimmigrant Visa
Step 1
For Nonimmigrant Visa applicants:

Determine your visa type by reading Common Nonimmigrant Visas. Each visa type explains the qualifications and application items. Choose the visa type that applies to your situation.

Be sure to also review the Visa Waiver Program. If your country participates in the Visa Waiver Program, you do not need to apply for a visa if you are traveling for business or pleasure and will only be staying in the United States for 90 days or less.

Step 2
Once you have determined the correct visa type, you must pay the visa fee. The visa fee page lists the visa types and correlating visa fee in US dollars and native currency.

To pay your visa fee, read the Bank and Payment Options page. This page explains how to make your visa fee payment. You must keep your receipt number to book your visa appointment.

Step 3
The next step is to complete the DS-160 form. Be sure to read the Guidelines for Completing the DS-160 Form carefully. All information must be correct and accurate. Once the form is submitted, you cannot make any changes. If you need assistance, please consult an immigration lawyer or translator. The call center cannot help you complete your DS-160. You will need your DS-160 number to book your appointment.

Step 4
You are almost ready to schedule your visa appointment!

Now you will need to create a profile in our system. Follow this link and click on New User.

Complete all fields and create a password. Once you are in the system, you will see your dashboard.
On the left-hand side, click on Schedule Appointment.

This will start the process for scheduling your appointment. For each applicant being scheduled you will need:

The applicant's passport number
The receipt number from GT Bank receipt. (Click here if you need help finding this number.)
The ten (10) digit barcode number from the applicant's DS-160 confirmation page
As you go through the process you will be able to select your visa type, enter personal data, add dependents, select your document delivery location, confirm visa payment and finally, schedule your appointment.

Step 5
Visit the U.S. Embassy on the date and time of your visa interview. Be sure to check the Schedule My Appointment page for the necessary documentation needed for your appointment.

Refer to this site for additional instructions on how to apply for an nonimmigrant visa: http://www.ustraveldocs.com/ng/ng-niv-visaapply.asp
Re: U.S. Non-immigrant Visas: We’re Listening Pt 2 by petrochemicals(m): 10:43pm On Sep 05, 2018
Good day LagosNIV.My B1/B2 Visa expired on 22nd January 2018.Am I eligible for drop box renewal.THANKS

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