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Re: Burned by Giannaaaaaa: 7:00pm On Aug 12, 2018

"Halal a wife is supposed to be the problem solver in the family and not the problem. In our case you're the problem Halal.  You're a big problem!" Valentino spat venomously.

Halal stared at the ceiling blocking out the harsh words by humming a Tasha Cobb's song.  "You're the problem Halal, the problem in my life Halal. If you like act like you can't hear me" Valentino hissed.

Halal shot out of the bed unable to hold back the hurt anymore. "If I'm such a problem to you Valentino,  then why don't you divorce me?! What's holding you back Valentino, there's nothing tying you down here. Why haven't you left me,  why do you keep coming back?" Halal shouted.

Valentino glared at her, chest heaving and eyes blazing with anger.  "Why haven't you left me Valentino, why are you still with me? I can't give you children, I don't have money, I have nothing, I'm not as beautiful as the women you hang around, why are you with me,  why haven't you gotten another woman, why haven't you kicked me out? If you aren't satisfied with me,  then leave and stop bugging me" Halal screamed kicking the fluffy indoor slippers by the bed.

"Shut up and don't you dare speak to me that way!" Valentino yelled back. "You're such a terrible wife you know, aren't you ashamed of yourself Halal?" Valentino asked throwing her a disgusted look.

Halal stared back angrily, she knew it would be wise of her to hold back and stop exchanging words with him but her anger wouldn't let her.  Her anger fueled her,  gave her courage to reply him.  "Why should I be ashamed Valentino? I'm twenty eight years, it's not like I'm way past my menopause. And you call me a terrible wife, what kind of husband uses his wife's weakness against her especially when she's vulnerable?" Halal asked.

She held back a sob before turning away from him. "You never fail to throw it in my face that I can't give you children, how is it my fault Valentino?" she asked throwing her hands up in frustration.

Valentino narrowed his eyes at her "Trying to guilt me won't work Halal,  you're the cause of our childless state.  Something is wrong with you that's why you can't give me children" Valentino sneered.

"There is nothing wrong with me and you know that, I'm fine, medically,  physically and even spiritually" Halal spat. "Maybe the fault is from your side,  maybe you're the reason why we can't have children!" Halal said furiously.

"My fault, there's nothing wrong with me.  You're the one who is abnormal, after all your own mother couldn't have children till she turned 40. Perhaps she passed down the trait to you that's why you're useless,  but let me tell you something Halal.  I'm not your father, I'm not going to wait around till you turn 40. In two years time if there is no child in this house,  I'm kicking you out. I'll give you the divorce you want!" Valentino said harshly.

Halal wrapped her arms around her waist. He'd brought her mother in to the conversation, she still couldn't believe he'd done that or why he'd done it.  It was the lowest of all blows.

Halal stared at him disbelief, it was as if her angelic husband had suddenly grown horns and a tail.

She sighed and went over to her wardrobe. Valentino stared at her, a menacing look on his face as She took out a batik caftan and her favorite vintage scarf.

"What are you doing?" He asked her his nose flaring slightly.  Halal slipped the caftan over her underwear and wrapped the scarf around her head full with natural curly hair.

"Halal" Valentino pinched the bridge of his nose trying to control his temper.

Halal sighed before turning to him. "I'm tired Valentino, and you know....i'm not sure I want to have a baby with you anymore. I don't know what kind of father you'll make to our children" Halal's voice broke at the last sentence.

She pulled the door knob and walked out of the room leaving Valentino in the room. He felt a tinge of guilt cloud his mind but his pride would not let him go after her to apologize for all he'd said.

Halal drove out of the compound at a blinding speed.  She felt a kind of heaviness in her chest everytime she recalled his statement.
'I'm not your father.....' Halal wiped away angry tears from her face.

How lovely,  she'd wanted a man like her father, but she'd married a jerk instead.  Truth was that He wasn't a jerk from the beginning, he was a lot like her father.

Handsome, romantic, attentive, wise and a whole other qualities women found desirable. Now the need for a child has turned him into a monster, he'd even threatened to throw her out of the house. 

Halal pressed her hands to her face as she tried to control the storm of emotions swirling within her. "Be calm Halal,  be calm" she kept muttering to herself. It was a habit she'd picked up from Aunt Patricia, when ever she was feeling emotional, she'd chant a mantra over and over till she got better.

When she finally calmed herself down and took her hands off her face, it was too late to control the messy situation in front of her.

Unable to stop the car in record time, She bumped the rear of the Toyota Camry in front of her and fell forward. "Oh my God!" she gasped in disbelief. Thank God her seat belt was intact. She looked out of the car in fear,  and hoped no harm was done. Turning off the ignition, she looked at the steering wheel a little confused.

What just happened?

"Oh God what have I done?" she asked herself as a big framed woman got out of the other car.

"Come down from your car right now!" the woman yelled marching towards Halal's vehicle. Halal's eyes widened as she tried to gauge the kind of trouble she was in.

She quickly got the seat belt off her and got out of the car.  "Madam I'm so sorry, I'm ready to pay for whatever damage I must have caused" she said quickly.

"Halal?" the woman said but it didn't register in Halal that the woman had just called her name.

"I'm sorry my eyes were off the road for a few seconds and....oh my God. I'm such and idiot. I should never have left the house like that" Halal muttered more to herself than the woman.

"Halal Abraham!" the woman looked excited now. Halal paused mid thought and stared at the woman more confused than ever. How did this woman know her name, more importantly by her father's name and not her husband's?

"Do I know you?" she asked.

"Oh God, have I grown so different that even my secondary school mother doesn't recognize me?" the lady was smiling.

"Secondary school....Daria? Halal's eyes stared in complete shock. Daria, when did skinny Daria grow so fat?  Most importantly  how? her Daria had always wanted to be a model.

"Yes it's me, oh my God! I'm so happy to see you" Daria threw her arms around Halal in pure excitement.

"I'm happy to see you too Daria,  oh my goodness. Look how grown you are,  you're so much bigger now.  Bigger than I am" Halal said.

"I know, I've grown so fat that even you that I spent a lot of time with could not recognize me" Daria smiled.

Halal pulled away, her eyes crinkling. "Oh sweet heart you look lovely. Don't mind me, my mind wasn't exactly focused" Halal said.  How could she forget the girl who was like a junior sister to her? 

"And you look like you haven't aged a day,  life must be good.  You look so beautiful, then again you've always been beautiful" Daria said.

"You and your flattering skills" Halal shook her head a little amused. She knew she still looked the same, she'd inherited her father's smallish stature,  her father's fair skin and his full, curly hair. The pink plump mouth was her mother's, the button nose and long eyelashes that framed her eyes. Her dark eyes was also her mother's.

"Where have you been? I heard you were married but there was no means of communication. You just cut me off" Daria frowned.

Halal sighed "I didn't cut you off Daria, he made it clear that I wasn't to contact you again. There was nothing I could do but respect his wishes" Halal said sadly.

"Oh... You know how he can be" Daria said a little uneasy. She made a mental note not to mention him again.

"I'm sorry for not trying harder, it's all in the past now Daria.  Let's talk about the present, I'm so happy to see you" Halal said sincerly. She didn't have genuine friends, seeing Daria reminded her of how happy she used to be.

The duo tried to catch up after Halal phoned her auto repair man to come get both cars.  After inspecting the damages, he hailed a cab for both of them and told Halal he'd phone her once the cars were at his shop.

Halal and Daria proceeded to go to a coffee shop nearby, since Halal wasn't occupied and Daria mentioned that she was  coming back from a party.

"So what's new Daria,  did you get your degree?" Halal asked sipping an iced coconut milk mocha macchiato.

Daria shook her head "No, you know I wasn't too crazy about school. I dropped out in my third year, married for love and now we have four children. I'm into cosmetics now" Daria said.

At the mention of children Halal's heart sank. "Oh.... I'm so happy for you" Halal said a sad smile on her face.

"How about you? I heard you married one handsome, loaded dude" Daria winked.

Halal nodded "Yes" Valentino was really handsome. when he'd stated his feelings for her in the beginning, it had been had for her to believe he was real.

He was rich,  handsome and everything she'd wanted.  And now,  he was everything she hated.

"I'm sure you two have passed on your lovely genes to some mini you at home" Daria smiled taking another slice of pizza.

"Oh no..... I don't....." her voice broke a little but she willed herself to be strong.

"We're not ready" She said concealing the truth.

Daria looked genuinely surprised. It was Halal who put the idea of love,  marriage and plenty children in her head. What changed?

"We both have  pressing matters to deal with" Halal continued.

Daria reached out for Halal's hand.  "Whatever it is, I hope it work out for you.  I can't wait to see you happy with as much kids as you want" Daria said.

Halal smiled feebly.  "I hope so too" she said mildly.

Daria equally smiled. It was so obvious that Halal was unhappy but she didn't want to pressure her with questions today. 

Perhaps some other time, Daria said to herself. She wanted to know exactly what was wrong and how to fix it.


Re: Burned by Uniquechild(f): 9:48pm On Aug 12, 2018
Halal be strong. Men and their ego. Thanks for the update

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Re: Burned by kimoyo: 10:21pm On Aug 12, 2018
Still wonder why the woman is the most hit when it comes to the issue of having kids. Well done op

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Re: Burned by Ibunkun1(m): 11:36pm On Aug 12, 2018
Yo!Welldone Ma'am.I'm Hereeee

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Re: Burned by oyinella(f): 12:15am On Aug 13, 2018
you'll be fine Halal.... I pray for all the women waiting for kids, God will fill our homes with plenty

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Re: Burned by Giannaaaaaa: 9:12am On Aug 13, 2018
you'll be fine Halal.... I pray for all the women waiting for kids, God will fill our homes with plenty
Re: Burned by Giannaaaaaa: 10:39am On Aug 13, 2018

Halal returned home once it was past nine,  she and Daria had gone to the mall from the coffee shop. The both of them had been so engrossed with browsing every store  at the and making up for lost time that they'd lost track of time.

"I hope we can meet up again Halal,  how about you come over to my house on Sunday. You can come with your husband if you like, I'd like you to meet my family" Daria had said right before they parted.

"You know that I'll clear my schedule for you,  not that I'm busy these days anyway. I'd love to meet your family this sunday" Halal smiled. She didn't  bother to add that she wouldn't be coming with her husband.

"Great,  I'll call you soon.  Good night Halal,  it was wonderful seeing you again" Daria  hugged her.

Halal grinned and patted her back. "Take care of yourself Dar" Halal said before pulling away.

"I will, thanks" Daria smiled.  "And I'll forward your number to the repair guy, so you both can be in touch okay?" Halal said right before Daria walked away.

"Okay Hallie, thanks a lot" Daria said and waved again before walking into the awaiting car. They'd both phoned a car hire network but Halal's ride was yet to arrive. About ten minutes after Daria's cab left,  hers arrived.  She hopped into the car dreading what was awaiting her at home.

She expected Valentino to be out of the house or at least in bed but he was home and very much awake. In fact he'd opened the door for her before she could even turn the door knob.

"Good evening" she said and pushed past him into the house. She waited for him to rage and rant as she took off her sandals.

"Where have you been?" he asked quite calmly. Not quite what Halal had been expecting.

"I needed a breather" Halal responded not looking at him.

Valentino sighed before moving closer to her. "Halal about our conversation earlier..." he began but She cut him off instantly.

"Look I think we've established the fact that you don't care about me,  you care more about children. The way you treat me Valentino, I don't understand how one could treat their partner that way" Halal said. She didn't want to talk much because anytime she poured out her feelings to him, he mocked her or accused her of trying to guilt him.

"I care about you Halal,  you're my wife.  If you were in my position, what would you do? It's been eight years Halal" Valentino said placing his palm gently on her shoulder.

She pulled away from his touch sharply as if he burned her "You forget something husband, we're in the same position. I got pregnant, in case you have forgotten. I carried those babies for nine months, nine, like any other woman. At the end of those months, a dead child was placed in my arms. How do you think I felt?" she asked him tears slipping out of her eyes.

"I never got to hear them cry,  never got to see their eyes look up at me in wonder, have them suck at my breasts. How do you think I'm feeling, how do you think I feel every time I see children, baby clothes or even toys! Do you realize I've not stepped in to the nursery ever since the miscarriage? I can't go in there without thinking about what I've lost"  Halal said shaking her head.

"And with everything I'm going through, you still throw it in my face that I can't give you children" Halal said glaring at him.

"I understand Halal, believe me.  I'm frustrated too,  when I see my friends with children, I'm frustrated too" Valentino pressed a palm to his forehead. He looked genuinely distressed.

"I want us to have children, I don't know what is wrong Halal.  It's been how many years, why do our children die the minute they are born into the world?" Valentino asked thin air.

Halal stared at her husband now feeling numb. "I don't know, I've given up on getting the answer to that same question. God knows, I don't know what exactly he's punishing me for" Halal said. She walked over to him and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Whatever happens Valentino, you should be with me.  We both want children, we should work together. You avoid me like a disease, one minute you're here and the next you're in the other side of the country. I love you,  and I want you to be happy but I don't know how else you want me to prove this to you.  If something is wrong with me then we should work side by side to find out what's wrong" Halal said softly.

"Do you really love me Halal?" Valentino asked meeting her eyes.

Halal stared at her husband a little confused now.  He'd never questioned her love for him before.

"I love you Valentino" Halal said sincerely.

"Are you in love with me?" Valentino asked again his eyes not leaving hers.

Halal shook her head in confusion "Why the questions, did I do something, is that why you've been treating me like crap?" Halal asked.

Valentino sighed and pulled away from her.  "Halal,  some problems are psychological. I don't know why our children die but I do know that a woman who doesn't love her husband can't give him anything productive" Valentino said.

Halal narrowed her eyes at him. "Now you're blaming me for the death of our children . Why am I not surprised?" Halal asked herself.

"Do you still think about him Halal?" Valentino asked. He turned to look at her and saw her expression falter a bit.

"I don't want to talk about this Valentino. I almost had an accident today thanks to you, bringing up my mother and making me so vulnerable. The car is at the repair shop but you haven't bothered to ask me about it.  You didn't notice because you don't care" Halal spat and stalked out of the living room.

Valentino followed her "You almost had an accident, what happened, why didn't you call me?" Valentino asked.

"I don't know, the brakes were not working. I bumped into another car, thank God I was able to control the situation" Halal replied taking off her caftan.

"Baby I'm so sorry. You should have called me.  I'm sorry I brought up your mother Halal,  I promise, I'll never do that again. I'm sorry" Valentino said standing by the door.

Halal nodded easily, at least he had the decency to apologize this time. He'd said worse before and he'd never apologized for it. 

"Have you had dinner, I made porridge this morning. It's in the deep freezer, did you heat it up for your dinner?" Halal asked taking a silk robe out of her wardrobe.

Valentino cleared his throat. "No,  we can do that later.  Let's talk a little bit, Doctor Femi called me today" he said.

Halal sighed "I'm not seeing him again Val,  he's not been able to help me. I'm not seeing him again. I'm sure there are other doctors" Halal said quickly. She didn't look at Valentino as she spoke.

"Honey please call him,  he says it's urgent. Please, maybe he can help this time" Valentino pleaded.

Halal closed her eyes.  "I want a baby so bad Valentino but I'm tired of people taking advantage of us.  Doctor Femi has failed us countless times" Halal said.

When she opened her eyes again, Valentino was right in front of her.  "Honey, let's not stop trying. Call Doctor Femi, I have faith that he can help us this time. Do it for me hm, I want to father our children. I don't care about the money, as long as there are results" Valentino said.

Halal hated to sound negative so she nodded. "I'll call him in the morning" she said.

"How about you call him after dinner?" Valentino asked.

"Fine,  I'll call him after dinner" Halal responded.

After dinner, Valentino went into the nursery. Halal had no idea what he was doing in there,  but she didn't want to know. She couldn't go into the nursery without thinking about her babies.

She and Valentino had worked on the nursery together. She painted the walls while Valentino had fixed the crib.  They'd bought different toys,  clothes, baby this and that.

Going into the room would break her.  She thought of her bump,  a baby bump that was present a year ago.  It was painful to look at the mirror too,  seeing a flat stomach instead of a protruding one.

Halal stared at her phone for a few minutes before picking up her phone to call her doctor.  Doctor Femi,  a man who had failed her so many times.

Doctor Femi answered on the third ring.

"Good evening doctor Femi" Halal spoke first. She pictured the doctor, probably still in his office at this time. The dark,  bald, potbellied, short man she'd known for years now.

"Hello Halal,  I've been trying to phone you all day.  Why have you been rejecting my calls?" Doctor Femi asked.

"Doctor I've been very busy. Valentino tells me you called him,  you have something important to tell me?" Halal asked nonchalantly.

"Valentino? Halal I can't talk to you now.  I'm at the hospital, I'm a little busy.  Just know that it's important that you see me tomorrow. As early as possible" Doctor Femi said.

"Doctor what is this about?" Halal asked.

"Halal I've discovered your problem, how to solve it.  I'll like to share it with you,  the reason why the babies never......" pause... "......you won't have to lose another child again. Halal please come in to see me tomorrow. And please, this is a woman, Doctor discussion. I don't think your husband will like what I've discovered. You know how Valentino gets angry over little things" Doctor Femi said.

"You've discovered my problem, Doctor can you fix it?" Halal asked standing up immediately.

"It's a very small matter, something I ignored before. I've just discovered what to do now,  you won't have to lose your children again" Doctor Femi spoke.

Halal breathed a sigh. She still couldn't believe what she was hearing.

"I will have children....they won't die again?" she asked quietly now.

"Yes Halal,  please see me tomorrow" Doctor Femi said. "I will Doctor, I will. I'll see you tomorrow as early as possible" Halal said breathlessly.

"Good night Halal" Doctor Femi said and ended the call.

"Oh my God....Valentino!" Halal yelled. She walked out of the living room into the hall way.

"Valentino...come quickly" she said pausing outside the nursery.

"Coming" Valentino replied and stepped out.  He was holding an orange colored stuffed rabbit. Something he'd gotten for Olive a year ago when they'd been shopping for the baby. 

"Valentino" her eyes watered when she saw the rabbit.  She placed both hands on his shoulders.

"Halal what's wrong?" Valentino asked concerned.

"Valentino, we're going to have children. We're going to have children, Doctor Femi. He has discovered the problem, he's going to tell me tomorrow" Halal sobbed. It wasn't out of sadness or pain this time,  just sheer joy.

"My prayers,  my prayers have been answered. I'm going to be a mom, our children won't have to die anymore. The nursery won't have to be empty anymore"   Halal said. She brought one hand to her mouth.

"Halal, are you serious? He's discovered the problem?" Valentino asked. He was grinning.

Halal nodded frantically. "He asked me to come see him early in the morning" Halal replied Valentino.

"That's goodnews, tomorrow I'll drive you to the hospital by seven" Valentino cupped her face.

Halal nodded "I think I should go alone" She muttered.

"Why? This concerns both of us" Valentino said looking confused.

"I know, just let me do this by myself okay? I love you. I promise I'll tell you everything" Halal said.

"It's okay, I love you too" Valentino kissed her.

Halal smiled feeling overwhelmed. Everything would fall into place now, she was sure.

Tomorrow, every wrong would be righted.  "Thank you God" she muttered.


Re: Burned by kayusdguy(m): 11:20am On Aug 13, 2018
nice update�

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Re: Burned by Giannaaaaaa: 1:18pm On Aug 13, 2018

Halal was in high spirits when she woke up early in the morning the following day. Valentino on the other hand seemed like a boy excited about presents. They were still overwhelmed by the news they had gotten the other night.

Seeing him so excited equally excited her. "Oh God....please let this not be a mirage or a dream" she whispered to herself but Valentino heard her.

"It can't be a dream sweetheart, it's real. You're going to see Doctor Femi and he's going to tell us our problem. We're going to fix it and we're going to have so many children. This house is going to be a loud house" Valentino said.

"I know, I know ....it's been eight years Val. This just feels surreal" Halal sobbed.

Valentino cupped her jaw gently "Hey look at me Halal. Don't cry, our problems are going to end soon. Why are you crying?" Valentino asked.

"I'm so happy that's why I'm crying" Halal said wiping tears off her face. "I've waited..." she began but Valentino pressed a kiss to her lips silencing her.

"We've waited, soon we won't have to wait anymore" Valentino said placing a palm on her stomach.

"I miss seeing you with a bump Halal, anticipating a baby. I want to see a baby in our nursery Halal, I want us to be happy" Valentino said.

"I want all that too" Halal said. She smiled a little. "I can already picture it in my head" Halal said. She couldn't stop the tears that leaked out of her eyes.

"Are you sure you don't want me to come to the hospital with you? I don't want you driving while you're so emotional" Valentino said.

"I'll be fine, I'll see you in a few yeah?" Halal stood up and picked up her purple clutch.

"Yeah, I'll call you" Valentino said hugging her. He escorted out of the house, to the car. He wasn't still sure about letting her drive to the hospital by herself but she was insistent so he let it go.

"Careful Honey, eyes on the road okay?" Valentino said once she was in the car.

Halal nodded and turned on the ignition. "I'll see you soon, don't forget to eat breakfast" she said.

"I will...Take care H" Valentino said before heading back into the house.

The drive to the hospital was just an hour away. Halal listened to a Tiwa Savage song on the radio, she could feel the weight on her shoulders lifting gradually.

Her phone rang as she stopped at the a zebra crossing, she waited patiently for some school kids to cross the road. "I certainly won't let my child walk to school alone, some parents" she muttered as she turned down the volume of the radio. She answered the call and switched it to the speaker mode.

"Halal speaking" She said. She hadn't bothered to check for the caller ID before answering so she didn't know who she was speaking with.

"Halal it's Daria, good morning" Daria's voice was super cheery.

"Sorry dear, I forgot to phone you last night when I got home. I got wrapped up in something else, how are you?" Halal asked.

"I'm fine, how are you this morning?" Daria asked. Halal heard a yawn and guessed Daria was still on bed.

"I'm great, I'm driving actually. On my way to the hospital" Halal said.

"Hospital?" Daria asked alarmed. "Hope all is well Hallie" Daria said sounding distressed.

Halal mentally scolded herself for putting out the H- word like that. Of course when Nigerians heard the word hospital, they naturally assumed something terrible had happened.

She didn't want Daria feeling distressed for her. "Everything is fine Daria. I'm just going for a doctor's appointment. I'll call you later okay?" she said.

"Okay take care" Daria said. "Thanks Dar" Halal replied and ended the call. She turned up the volume of the radio and nodded to the beat of the song that was playing.

Getting to the hospital, the tempo of her heart beat increased. She walked into the reception and smiled at one of the nurses present.

"Nurse Laide" she smiled prettily. "Long time no see" she said.

She was familiar with every nurse in the hospital, Valentino condemned it. He said she was too friendly with everyone that's why they always took advantage of her.

"Aunt Halal, see how you just forget us. You no dey come here again, we offend you?" Laide asked sounding offended.

"Ahan, me forget you? I can't. I've just been very busy you know" Halal said smiling.

"Welcome back, ehn aunty Halal. This your watch ehn....o ni oju fifẹ. I like it, aunty mi. You know yesterday was my birthday, nobody even bought me anything. No meat pie, no coke, no rice, no spar, no shoprite, no KFC, no chicken republic or cinema. Not even common ice cream from tantalizers. " Laide said pouting as she eyed the Movado on Halal's wrist.

"Not even your boyfriend?" Halal asked playfully.

"Boyfriend ke, boyfriend that cannot even buy me ordinary meat pie is that one boyfriend. Wo I don't have boyfriend, nobody bought me anything, everybody is just carrying face like shït. In fact aunty mi, you're the only one I've seen smiling this morning" Laide said shrugging.

"Don't worry laide, Emi yoo fun ọ nkankan. I can't give you the watch because my husband bought it for me but I can give you sometime else" Halal said opening her clutch.

She took out five thousand naira from her clutch . "Laide, Laide. Don't mind that your boyfriend. Take buy meat pie for yourself" Halal winked.

"Aunty Halal! Ese gaan ooo. God bless you, God will punish your enemies, God will give you what you want, you will not lack, your husband will not lack. You will just be traveling from here to America up and down and as you're coming back you will be buying chocolate for laide, buying clothes for laide, shoes, bags, accessories, in Jesus name!" Laide shouted attracting the attention of a few other nurses.

Halal chuckled "Amen Laide, amen" Halal said.

"Laide why are you making noise like this?" Another nurse named Ezinne asked coming towards them.

"Shut up and mind your business. Tatafo, aproko, amebo business center" Laide hissed glaring at her fellow nurse.

The nurse ignored her and turned to Halal "Aunty Halal, I didn't even recognize you. See how you just resemble one oyibo, I was just asking myself who is this white woman. You're looking takeaway as usual" Ezinne beamed.

"Hmm turkey nla. You have come again with this your big mouth. Ta ta ta ta ta, up and down. You talk too much , busybody. Go away and don't disturb my aunty ojare!" Laide hissed.

Halal looked at the two of them and shook her head a little amused. "Is Doctor Femi in? I want to see him" Halal said.

"Yes, he's in his office. Let me take you to him" Ezinne said taking Halal's arm.

"Hey, o girl don't talk too much so you won't remove my aunty ear o. Ah! ọrọ-ọrọ. Olorun maaje" Laide hissed.

Ezinne rolled her eyes as she walked away with Halal. "Aunty Halal, this your silk scarf is fine mmm, you know that one you gave Brenda. I liked that one too, but Brenda asked for it first. Please when you don't want this one again, remember me. You look like my sister, are you Igbo?" Ezinne asked.

Halal shook her head at the question. "It doesn't matter, we're one in Nigeria. So you're my sister, nne" Ezinne chattered till they got to Doctor Femi's office.

"Doctor Femi" Ezinne called loudly as they entered the office. There was one response, and no Doctor Femi in sight. It was Halal who saw him first.

Her heart skipped, he was on the floor, eagle spread looking lifeless.

"Obara Jesus!" Ezinne screamed as she saw Doctor Femi.

Halal stared wide eyed at the man on the ground. "Doctor Femi" she went over to him.

"Doctor Femi!" she called again. He was silent, he didn't move or shake as Ezinne touched him.

"Jesus! He's dead ooo" Ezinne screamed.

Halal's hand went to her forehead, she felt the world closing in on her. She felt the air around her getting thinner.

Ezinne rushed to her side once she noticed that she was having a panic attack. "Breathe, breathe, breathe" she whispered.

It was Ezinne's voice that lulled her into unconsciousness.


Re: Burned by Giannaaaaaa: 1:19pm On Aug 13, 2018
Available only on Okada books
Re: Burned by Giannaaaaaa: 1:20pm On Aug 13, 2018
wink Thanks
nice update�
Re: Burned by uchedora(f): 2:20pm On Aug 13, 2018
nice one,keep it coming

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Re: Burned by Ann2012(f): 3:51pm On Aug 13, 2018
This is serious, seems Halal's problem is spiritual

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Re: Burned by kimoyo: 4:52pm On Aug 13, 2018
Loving this suspence. Keep it up G

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Re: Burned by Uniquechild(f): 7:54am On Aug 14, 2018
Which kind wahala be dis nah?

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Re: Burned by kinah(f): 11:27am On Aug 14, 2018
@giannaaaaa, I don't want to believe that your characters in the story can speak original Yoruba language.esp ezinne and halal. Emi yoo fun e nkannkan. How many indomie generation kids can speak unadulterated and clean Yoruba like that? Just an observation.
Keep up the good work.

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Re: Burned by Rockyrascal(m): 1:17pm On Aug 14, 2018
Following in a ghost mode level tongue

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Re: Burned by paulmarkino: 4:44pm On Aug 14, 2018
Me Changing my time to this literature channel. Please burn it down joor

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Re: Burned by Giannaaaaaa: 9:05pm On Aug 14, 2018
wink That's not my signature, my Yoruba sucks. That's just the advantage of Google Translate.
@giannaaaaa, I don't want to believe that your characters in the story can speak original Yoruba language.esp ezinne and halal. Emi yoo fun e nkannkan. How many indomie generation kids can speak unadulterated and clean Yoruba like that? Just an observation.
Keep up the good work.
Re: Burned by Giannaaaaaa: 9:06pm On Aug 14, 2018
Available only on Okada books


Re: Burned by Uniquechild(f): 9:19pm On Aug 14, 2018
God will see you through Halal

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Re: Burned by FortunateB(f): 9:23pm On Aug 14, 2018
This episode is so touching, I feel Halal plight.
More wisdom Ginnàaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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Re: Burned by Ann2012(f): 9:39pm On Aug 14, 2018
God is your strength Halal

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Re: Burned by skubido(m): 11:08pm On Aug 14, 2018
hmmmm halal, Nawa ooo.

OP tanks for the update

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Re: Burned by skubido(m): 11:09pm On Aug 14, 2018
hmmmm halal, Nawa ooo.

OP tanks for the update

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Re: Burned by Ibunkun1(m): 12:15am On Aug 15, 2018

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Re: Burned by marychommy(f): 5:03am On Aug 15, 2018
so sorry for her but what may hv caused dis? was she cursed or some medical predicaments. Ride on

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Re: Burned by spixytinxy(f): 7:06am On Aug 15, 2018
Me I am suspecting halal's husband oooo

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Re: Burned by FortunateB(f): 10:27am On Aug 15, 2018
Me I am suspecting halal's husband oooo
Same here

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Re: Burned by Hyfe(f): 1:24pm On Aug 15, 2018
Nice update

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Re: Burned by Giannaaaaaa: 10:12am On Aug 16, 2018
smiley thanks
This episode is so touching, I feel Halal plight.
More wisdom Ginnàaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Re: Burned by Giannaaaaaa: 2:09pm On Aug 16, 2018
Available only on Okada books

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