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WAR And LOVE ( Story Of Ex Soldier Contain War, Love And Commedy. by adefajosekayo(m): 7:18pm On Aug 15, 2018
If you are a lover of action movie join with love and comedy with poem and song welcome!

All you just need to do is carry yourself into immagination. If light no good in your area and you wan watch movie welcome here!

NOTE ghost readers not welcome. If you be ghost reader tunder o. Thunder will not fire you butt please comment if you want continuations of the tin.

The story dey for pidgin and english
Critics walai you are highly welcome

Your comment is my food
Re: WAR And LOVE ( Story Of Ex Soldier Contain War, Love And Commedy. by adefajosekayo(m): 7:25pm On Aug 15, 2018
WAR and LOVE episode one

My name is Opadotun John Ibukunoluwa, I am 32 years old. Four year ago i left the Nigerian Army to become an IT expert. The reason why I left Nigerian Army is not for my IT expert carreer but for what you will find out in this story.

I graduated with a second class upper from the University of Ibadan department of computer science, Nine years ago. My Parents are very old and As every child will want, i want to take care of them before they die. So I searched for job in almost all the stated in Nigeria, but the bad situation of the country dennied me a Job. Most of the times, i will go for interviews and see signs of getting the Job, at the end of the day the job will be given to those who have long legs ( what i mean by long legs is those who know top officials in the firm and those who are given automatic job by politicians).

My people not to long tori, i drop my ego of a graduate, come dey find any job desperately. Na so one day my friend chibuzzor, (we finish from same school and him sef never get job) call me for phone say army form don dey out. Well since i was desperately in need of a job, i obtained the form and to God be the glory, and thanks to my friend who submitted our names to one of his uncle who is a major, our names were shortlisted to go for the training.


going to army depot

My brother if you think say millitary training na small thing, try watch DEPOTNA videos on youtube.

The day before day wey we dey go Zaria, My mama don buy me food stuffs as she they do when i dey school. That night our house turn to pastor Adeboye revival ground. The day wey i dey go gan gan i woke up around 3am as that is my ussuaal hour to wake up , i baff put on the white vest and short wey dem say make we wear come pack some cloth for bag. Then i noticed the foodstuff wey mama buy me, i just laugh and say "mama". I know i wont be needing the foodstuffs , so i left them rush enter sitting room so i go enter my parent roomtell my parent i dey go( my parent room link join sitting room. But wetin i see for sitting room suprised me.

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Re: WAR And LOVE ( Story Of Ex Soldier Contain War, Love And Commedy. by adefajosekayo(m): 7:26pm On Aug 15, 2018
WAR and LOVE episode two

As i enter sitting room na him i see my mama and papa dey prey. Abi dem no sleep since yesterday(the thought came to my mind). In jesus name we pray pale utter as male shout aamen! Na so me sef talk amen.. My mother looked up when she heared my voice

John you don ready. My mother said

Dont tell me you two hav'nt sleep since yesterday its 3-40am. I said

My child only God we can call to support you, army work is not easy.. Pale said

After all the prayer and words of advice my pale give me one small bible, the bible small small pass gideon bible wey dem dey give us for secondary school. I wonder where He get am. Off to the barrack wey dem say make we meet. As i never tell you before na me be the only son of my parrent I have two other sisters.


DEPOT NA no going back

Everybody don sleep but i neva sleep wen we reach Zzaria and finally arrived at the DEPOT

The sound of trunpet woke everybody, we finnally arrived Nigerian Army Depot we came down from the long luxirious bus.
Suddenly a hausa boy shouted

Yowa! Yowa! Walai i don rish depo ko. I don colaet karki. Walai i go shooti peson. Walai Buratai na bonz walai! Walai! .

Everybody started laughing when a man in military carmouflage surface. Him eyes red like fire. Tribal mark come full him face am sure he be hausa guy. Everybody attension! We all stand wan has dey don teach uss already

My name na major Musa this plaice Na where dey dem co DEPOT NA . I clear .. The man in carmouflaage said

Yes sir we all shouted

No going back ko, you see the logo for the entrance , na animal wey den call bull be that , bull no dey retreat... The man yan us

First time wey i go see hausa man speaking fluently. The hausa boy wey shout as we get down for bus just dey shine teeth. So as to quickly go into the main story, we start training sha, my brother no be pap o millitary trainin hard o you go pin head like make , roll for gutter how many i wan menting infact our sleep no be like before. But thank God say i don train myself from school.

We finish training but has luck come dey mock me abi make i say God just wan show me somethings. Something happened find out in next eppisode.

Na your like and coments i dey expect next

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Re: WAR And LOVE ( Story Of Ex Soldier Contain War, Love And Commedy. by Youngzubi(m): 8:05pm On Aug 15, 2018
Re: WAR And LOVE ( Story Of Ex Soldier Contain War, Love And Commedy. by adefajosekayo(m): 6:14pm On Aug 16, 2018

Baba me sef join the pidgin campain strait
Re: WAR And LOVE ( Story Of Ex Soldier Contain War, Love And Commedy. by adefajosekayo(m): 6:16pm On Aug 16, 2018
WAR and LOVE episode 3

For the millitary training name vest wey get red and white we dey wear, and them give us pullover wey be red and white with the bull logo at the chest. At a state i wan find way run comot, but i need the job ( i applied for recruit because that is the only way to get army job if you want it easily, latter you fit dey submit your certificate. As them yan me)

My people as i finish training na him dem carry me go bornu state. Go one village called chibok where bolo haram dey opperate. Should i say my parents prayer is not working for me? I could tell my parent because i know the news could give them high blood pressure.

I know you will be asking about my friend chibuzzor. Chibuzzzzor na Bleep up guy him uncle don help am do the thing , dem carry am go Abuja dis time he no submit my name to him uncle, i dont know why. No be only me dem carry go bokoharam fight sha o. Infact the aboki wey they shout the time we reach camp too dey among. Haausa people just like fight , the guy just dey happy dey shout, boko haram shege up and down. The thing wey dey make me cry dey make the hausa man happy.

What will a man do fighting bokoharam will be great. Atleast if i die i die for my Nation, i die fighting those demons.


arrival at chibok

Them carry us land for chibok hand us over to commandant , some people na sambisa dem carry dem go. Dey don give us gun na Ak 47 dem give us. No be pollice Ak 47 o, this one mad pass police Ak47. We saw other soldiers already at chibok. Quicly i made friend with one of the soldier who is a Yoruba guy of my age, he has been in the war for past one year his name is straybullet orriginal name ( olatunde).

War king! War king! .. All the soldiers began to shout ( hailing) as a soldier arrive.
Then i asked straybullet why is all the soldier hailing that man?

That man is a war addict , he love anything war he has been here for three years, he has fought in diffrent unit of this war... Straybullet said

Oga o, how will someone be a war addict... I said to myself.

All newly deployed soldier, i salute o, na me be war king. You all go enjoy war ehn because war sweet............ War king talk

We all chatted both new and old soldiers. No attack on the unit for the past two days , the soldiers told us.

At night we made camp fire and started singing morale songs.

Mama no dey o
Papa dey house dey sleepu o
If you wana fire me , fire make i die
I go still fight for my country o.

Obi kerere te obi
Say alabi o.
Alabi o alabi
Say omolewa
Omolewa omolewa

We sing diffrent morale song
Na him war king come trow us this one.

War dey sweet o
War dey sweet !
The way war dey do me,
he dey totori my body
War dey sweet o , war dey sweet

Enemy go die o
Enemy go die
I go kill enemy for my country
I go killi enemy for my country o

I come dey wonder how person go like war like this. After the morale song everybody go rest. The way we dey take rest ehnn. Omo you wey dey sleep untop bed or mat na life you dey o. Soldiers wey no come war, wey dey beat civillians if i catch you ehnn. We go rest sha peson wey go hang head for tree with gun on our chest, we just rest anyhow. Two soldiers dey do watch as we dey rotate every two hours.

At arount 2am. Na so one film happen. One of the soldiers just shout "I don die" in hausa tonation. Quickly i recognise the voice to be that hausa boy, that shouted when we arrive depot.

Everybody grab weapon ready to shoot, we all take possition we don clear air ( i mean we dey shoot release bullet everywhere) until we all stop shooting and one of us come look back see the hausa boy.

Wetin happen wey made that aboki shout dey next episode

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Re: WAR And LOVE ( Story Of Ex Soldier Contain War, Love And Commedy. by adefajosekayo(m): 6:17pm On Aug 16, 2018
WAR and LOVE episode four

As one of us look back he come see say War king no even stand up, as him come look the other side he saw the aboki boy, the boy don off him trouser dey jump up and down.

Wetin do you.... The soldier ask the hausa boy

Walai na solja ant baiti me vor my penish...... The hausa boy talk

Everybody hiss as one warri soldier, warri blood go just show you warri people body sha. The warri soldier shout "na who bring this bush meat come war "

Kai na me be buusi meat ko, walai i go kiili me today..... The hausa soldier said with vexation.

Na so one yoruba soldier just play the hausa boy brain

Oga na peson wey like war them they call bush meat here...... The yoruba soldier to the hausa boy.

Bush meat na peson wey like war, kai war sweeeti oga war kinng, abeg make everi body dey calli me bushi meat because me i liiki war like oka war king,,,,,, the hausa boy yan

Na so everybody laugh, na him a commander for that unit Major hugo come talk

I can see you guys are always prepared for war. As for you aboki give me five hundred push up....... Major hugo

kai walai walai........ The hausa boy cry as he begin dey do the push up

Everybody back to position........ Major hugo


First battle experience

The first day wey i go first fight war gangan. Na so we receive information say the bokoharam dem dey opperate for one town near us. Major hugo don talk say make 2 over 3 of the soldier go there make the remaining 1 over 3 stay for chibok.

I was among those that will go, the hausa boy was tolk to stay back . But the hausa boy wanted to follow so he started begging Major hugo.

Oga walai i fiti fight... Hausa boy

I say stay back..... Major Hugo

The hausa boy continue to beg, and suddenly we hears gun shots. Everybody took possition

We began to shoot for 1 minute soon we say the enemies, we continue shoooting, i was supprised to see War king walking amidst bullets but no bullet could pierce his body. I was amazed and my mouth was widely opened with my lower lip droping. Gbau! I heard a gun shot behind me it looks like i have been shot. I looked behind me and saw one of the bokoharam fallen i also saw bush meat ( the hausa boy) pointing his gun towards me. He just saved my life because the boko haram wanted to stab me from behind.

After six hours of fighting, we killed 15 boko haram and captured 5 alive, 8 of our men was baadlyy injured and we had startted treating them. I couldnt help but stare at War king amazzingly, i was suprised by what i saw him doing during the fight. I dont even remember i was almost killed at that moment.

Damburuba, shege! Bush meat started shouting. He moved close to the five bokoharams that we captured. We have tied them amd made them kneel down. He started slaping them one by one. When he reached the fifth bokoharam he raised up his hand seperated his fingers and stand at ease. He wanted to land his palm on the bokoharam cheek, sudenly he shouted kai! And pick race we were all amazed , we stood up held our gun.

What happened next is in the next eppisode

Your comments needed.
Re: WAR And LOVE ( Story Of Ex Soldier Contain War, Love And Commedy. by adefajosekayo(m): 6:23pm On Aug 16, 2018
Pricesa,diivepen1,okafor200,rosemary33,MIKELDAYO, Youngzzubi, Iwrite, Facemood, centino, 2lynx, honda, gallant

Come o
Re: WAR And LOVE ( Story Of Ex Soldier Contain War, Love And Commedy. by adefajosekayo(m): 5:40pm On Aug 17, 2018
WAR and LOVE episode five

As bush meat dey run, na him one soldier come hold am.

Bush meat wetin happen.... the soldier ask

Kai me i see soljia anti ko........ Bush meat said

Na him everybody take laugh. This guy na bushmeat indeed.

After they sha pack all the bokoharams Comot. Victory.

who is warking

I was resting one afternoon when someone tap me with hand twice. I quikly stand up grab my gun which was on my chest and ready to shot, then i noticed it was war king who taped me.

You be good soldier----- warking yan

Baba na you we dey follow o----- i yan back

I saw the way you stared at the on your firdt battle experience. Would you like to know me--------- war king asked me

I will be glad to know who you re------- i yan back

Na so he come begin him tori--

My name be Adefajo Oluwasekayomi John, i be native of Modakeke in Osun state Nigeria. I be graduate of University of Ibadan, i get masters degree in Swine nutrition.

11 years ago a tragic incident happened to me that incident is what turn me to a war addict. Hmmmm.

I am once a sucessful livestock farmer in Adamawa state , i have a farm that is well know across the state. I have a good wife and 3 beautiful daughters with a hansome boy. My daughters ages are 13,8 and six while my son is just 2 years of age. My younger brother of 25 years was also living with me, since he studied Animal science in school he work in my farm, infact he head the farm in Yolaa which is where my family also stay. My farm has branches across the state so i have to travel all the time, my brother also take care of my family.

One a day i will never forget, it was during election i lost my family , my daughters and wife was murdere while my son and brother was kidnapped. Till now i couldnt find them probably they are killed.

I ran mad for 2 years but thank God for healing me . I went back to my home town, but wanted revenge so i made up my mind to join the army at all cost and i also went to a man who fortified me spiritually,.

As for my farms it got burnt when i wanted to press charges against the politician that owns the thugs that killed my family, my live was also treatened.

But thank God i am fighting the bokoharams now, our politicians dont know that when they gives weapons to thugs to fight during election and neglect the thugs after election those weapons they will later us against the Nation

Gbau! We heard a gun shot, as war king finished his story

What happened is in the next episode.
Re: WAR And LOVE ( Story Of Ex Soldier Contain War, Love And Commedy. by Youngzubi(m): 6:31pm On Aug 17, 2018

Baba me sef join the pidgin campain strait

am glad u support the move,allast am not alone now,u'er welcome into the world of PIDGIN writting

do keep it up as time goes people will start coming to view

still your guy youngzubi
Re: WAR And LOVE ( Story Of Ex Soldier Contain War, Love And Commedy. by adefajosekayo(m): 11:05pm On Aug 17, 2018
WAR and LOVE episode six

We realised say dey don dey attack us. Na him everybody grab weapon. Poka! Gbau! Pisun! Diffrent kind bullet just dey fly, all the soldiers dey hide dey shoot, War king just dey waka inside bullet dey shoot.

Na him i see bush meat point gun at one of the bokoharam he no fit shoot him, unto say the boy just too small, him age no fit pass 14 . Bush meat too get pity face , na him i sight one bokoharam wey won shoot bush meat from behind. piaun! The guy shoot, i come think say bush meat don save my life once , i must to save am back , na so i come fly say make i use my arm collect the bullet (at least i fit loose hand for person wey save my hand) . As i fly na him i miss calculate, the bullet hit my chest instead of hand gbosa! I land for grand, bush meat shot the guy wey dey him front and the guy wey shoot , he run come meet me . Every soldier come catch craze dey shoot bokoharam anyhow.

Soon then finish all the boko harams, all the soldiers run come meet me, they think say i don die. Na him i just stand up. Every boody suprise , me sef suprise, ( war king no give me any charm nw). I come remember say na the bible wey my pale give me dey my pocket.

I just sight one of the bokoharam stand up dey run. He don run far wey everybody don think we no fit catch am, na him i remember one film wey i watch, as actor take shoot boos from far. Na him i carry my Gun target pisun! The bullet hit am, everybody shout dey happy . Dem dey shout John ! John! John!


My first mission

One morning, Major hugo call 15 out of all the soldiers wey dey ground. Me, bushmeat and stray bullet dey among. Them say we dey go mission, say the bokoharam commanders dey come meet for one rich man in chibok house. Say we go go there go catch them but if we no fit catch them make we kill them.

We come draw plan, bush meat go dress like bokoharam to join the meeting, stray bullet and me go smuggle weapon inside the house ( we go do like nepa people say we wan repair light, we don spoil them light) 11 soldiers wey remain go dey the street they monitor things( na them be backup) we still get 56 soldiers as external backup.

We set prepare reach the area, na me and straybullet first enter the house as NEPA, we meet the owner of the house, him challenge us wetin we dey find. We come tell am say we wan repair him light. The house big come get one parking space wey get door.

Targets incoming...... One soldier notify us true bluetooth

Roger..... Me and stray bullet talk

Bushmeat too don enter the meeting place. All the bokoharam commanders too don enter

One small girl of around 16 years old jost come our side dey hiss

Whats wrong girl.... Me and straybullet ask

I dont like my father, i dont like those people driving in------the girl tell us

Whats your name and why dont you like your father------- i ask the girl

My name is Ajara-------- The girl talk

she never finish talkin when i hear bush meat voice for bluetooth, be like say they don get my guy. Before we know the bokoharam don dey come out with guns for their hand. We self don ready we don carry our gun comot. Na to save bushmeat and kill those idiot remain, the 11 soldiers don enter the house.

We don radio the 56 external backup say kasala don burst. Koba! Pau! Gbau! We dey fire each other, we don kill bokoharam plenty na him, one of the bokoharam just carry bushmeat enter one hilux drive comot. Wetin we won do now, na him the owner of the house come out, him carry gun has him press trigger the gun no shoot. He just comot another pistol, me still dey pity am wen i hear gbau, the man head scatter who shoot him. As i watch my back na him i see straybullet( na my guy shoot the man)

Nooooooo! Daddy! A girl of around 22years shouted and run to the dead body of the man.

Wetin happen next dey next eppisode
Re: WAR And LOVE ( Story Of Ex Soldier Contain War, Love And Commedy. by lebron7(m): 7:51am On Aug 18, 2018
Op, everybody knows dat what will happen next is in the next episode, so please stop saying it

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Re: WAR And LOVE ( Story Of Ex Soldier Contain War, Love And Commedy. by bokunrawo(m): 9:13am On Aug 18, 2018
I freaking love this story
Re: WAR And LOVE ( Story Of Ex Soldier Contain War, Love And Commedy. by adefajosekayo(m): 2:38pm On Aug 18, 2018
I freaking love this story
Thank you you brother
Re: WAR And LOVE ( Story Of Ex Soldier Contain War, Love And Commedy. by adefajosekayo(m): 7:07pm On Aug 18, 2018
WAR and LOVE episode seven

The bokoharam don carry bushmeat go, we come take Ajara and her sister. We go interogate them but we see say them dey innocent unto bokoharam matter. But we still keep them coz we fit use them as bait for the boko haram.

As ajara sister sight me na him she come dey call me stupid names, say na me kill him papa. Ajara come narate the story to her. How her papa take dey support bokoharam. Na bokoharam kill Ajara best friend mama wey make her come with her friend. Ajara sister come develop hatred for her papa.

I dey where i dey rest jeje, when a soft hand touch me. I grab my gun come see say na ajara sister

Please forgive me , i didnt know my father is a bad man--------a soft voice, said to me it was ajara sister. I didnt want her to stop talking because the voice sweat die as her face too come fine join. She get sexy body join.

No problem miss, whats your name------- i yan sharpaly

Adijat, and you---- she yan

Am john------- i yan

Nice name, are you an igbo guy------ she yan

No yoruba----- i reply

Wow! I love yoruba people, i graduated from bowen university----- she yan

Nice--- i talk

Tell me are you educated------- she yan

Yes i have a B.sc degree-------- i yan

The conversation don dey sweeten me as i hear shout. Bush meat! Every soldier rush come out. Omo bush meat don resurface. How you take do am one soldier ask bush meat. Me i wise walai, i geti my pisol for my pouket ko. Walai i shoot am run comot---- bushmeat yan.


Love o Love o

Adijat dey always come my side whenever she see say i dey alone. We no get attack, so she free to come meet me, we go talk play little. Infact oneday as she leave me na him straybullet talk say, hope no be say you and that criminal daughter don dey, . I no allow him finish talk wen i say don dey what. I understand wetin he dey talk and true true i don dey get feelings for the girl, but i no fit tell am because the feeling wey i get na to marry her, and i no wan put her in forever sorrow, i dey war anything fit happen.

One day Adijat come my side that her sweet angelic voice always dey totori me. Omo you need to see this girl i no know say Hausa dey fine like that. We talk talk talk we play small as my own play too rough and she be Hausa Ajebo. Later she come tell me say she wan tell me something. I ask her wetin she wan talk.

John i i i ----- she yan dey stamer

You what------- i ask her

John i have feeling for you and i know you do have feelings for me too, but i dont know why you are punishing me ---------- she talk almost crying . Omo her beauty come shine more.

Adijat its true i have feelings for you too, but i am a soldier figthing a war i dont know what will happen to me in the next minute, i dont want you to cry because of me----- i yan come dey pity her

You will only make me cry if you dont have a relationship with me and marry me, noting will happen to you------- she yan as she cry comot for my front.

I dey reason the girl matter, dey think dey pity the girl. No be say i no love her but hmm, what if them attack us tomorrow come kill me, the girl no know say i dey pity her, she don madly fall in love. Oga o me self don fall, i no even remember say she be criminnal daughter , gbaun dat one no mean jor sebi no be she be criminal.

I still dey reason the matter when the stupid straybullet come dey yan me rubish.

Hope say you know wetin you dey do , abi no be that criminal daughter you dey follow talk------------ straybullet ask

I just look am look am hiss.
Re: WAR And LOVE ( Story Of Ex Soldier Contain War, Love And Commedy. by adefajosekayo(m): 9:02pm On Aug 19, 2018
WAR and LOVE episode eight

Snipper for a day

Them carry one guy enter, him wear camouflage buy the guy get injury them shoot him. Na im i come ask who he be because i never see am before, nobody fit talk who he be, na him major hugo come meet me say the guy wey dem carry enter na the snipper and snipper dey secret nobody dey know them. He talk say dem no know how the see am wey them shoot am.

John we have reported the issue and it will take us 29 hours to get a new snipper, i have seen your targetting skill. So you will be holding the possition before we get another snipper--------- Major Hugo yan me

Omo as he yan me i dey happy because i look that task.

I come find onee tall tree with plenty leaf ontop wey i go hide . That tree far from our camp but i fit see camp from there.

I dey enjoy the task somethimes i go see some animal wey i go feel like shoot, but go still control myself.

Na him i just sight some people dey craawl enter camp, i quickly radio major hugo say enemy don come, na him all the soldier just dey fire gun, shoot anyhow. Omo come see as bullet dey fly. Me i just dey untop tree dey fire from there. As i see my guy bushmeat gun no dey him hand again, i see say one boko haram dey him front dem both dey fight with hand, i watch the fight small but latter i see say the bokoharam guy comot one knife and bushmeat no get knife again. Koba! I fire. Omo i bad o i just target the guy head, come see him brain for ground.

As i raise my head up small na him i see one bokoharam dey drag Adijat comot. Omo i target target buy i no fit Aim the guy. Na him i come relax small come see say the giy head don show small poka! I releease bullet, the thing no meat am, na so i rooster my gun agbain tuka! the bullet meet him chest na so him carry back go ground Adijat come free herself, that idiot don stress the beautiful girl.

After the first Major hugo radio me say the snipper don arrive. Omo i no wan comot for the post because it sweet me. But sha man no get choice.


Adijat as bait

One day Major hugo come call us we get mission. Him talk say Adijat and Ajara dey comot city say WAR KING and once soldier go dey with dem in the motor while me and 55 soldiers go dey follow them and me and straybullet dey among the 55 soldiers.

Major Hugo wise o! I go tell you why I talk am later .

We ready everybody carry gun and our vehicle begin move as we dey go we don move reach one bush side when we see some people wey jump come outside. Be like say na the bokoharam people before we know anything War king don come outside car he just say some words comot one red thing, na him 5 of the bokoharams fall yakata. Come see real film. We begin dey shoot anyhow we kill those bastard come report to Major hugo. Na him major hugo talk say make we turn back come camp.

But i notice say stray bullet eyes just dey look ajara
Re: WAR And LOVE ( Story Of Ex Soldier Contain War, Love And Commedy. by skubido(m): 10:40am On Aug 20, 2018
OP u try.. like as u dey bring ham.. ur head dey there.

I don enter shaperly shaperly.. Oya mo dey roll dey go
as e dey be and has e go dey be,,

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Re: WAR And LOVE ( Story Of Ex Soldier Contain War, Love And Commedy. by adefajosekayo(m): 8:18pm On Aug 21, 2018
WAR and LOVE nine


If Man No die Hope dey

Na true dem talk say, cry fit reach night but joy go come for morning,

Na so we all dey camp dey rest, dey sing morale unto say we no get much attack dis days, War King dey give us all that killer morale song when one soldier come meet am say he get message.

War king rush go collect the letter, when we see am dey come with one kind distubed face. We all just dey wonder wetin fit make War king dey look that way. War king tear the letter sha as him read finish. Omo first time wey i go see War king dey cry, him cry mouth no even good. But wetin fit make War king dey cry.

I rush go meet am, as i reach him side he just hand the letter to me. For the letter them write.

Brother good day , i know you would be suprised. Yes its me Bayo am not dead and Bolu your son is also not Dead. I am sorry i was unable to protect your wife and daughters.

That evil day then came and started shooting at the front of the house, i was able to sneak your daughters, wife and son out of the house, i told them not to come back because i need to distract the evil thugs, but your wife came back with the children, she said she need to take the gold necklace her mother gave to her that she cant leave it , then i heard gun shots. I carried bolu and ran as far as i could, and later realised you wife and daughters had been shot. I ran into a forest with you son where we land into the hand of human traffickers that sold us to a good arab man, after narrating our ordeal to the man he promised to free us after working with him for five year, and also sent your son to school, after the five years i work in his farm and he made me a manager there.

Last year i was able to come back to Nigeria and find out that you had join the army.

I had sold the animals in your farm before it was burnt, it was the remaining animals that was burnt in the farm.

Brother i miss you please drop you army job and come back home to start a new life. My wife and children will also like to meet you.

as i finish reading the letter me sef waan cry. Na now i know say cry fit reach night but joy go come for morning

Abeg what do you think war king should do?
Re: WAR And LOVE ( Story Of Ex Soldier Contain War, Love And Commedy. by skubido(m): 10:33pm On Aug 21, 2018
like as u dey bring ham

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Re: WAR And LOVE ( Story Of Ex Soldier Contain War, Love And Commedy. by skubido(m): 10:35pm On Aug 21, 2018
make war king drop army work na,, but as im con like war now, dat wan fit make ham no go aoz

OP u too much,,
Re: WAR And LOVE ( Story Of Ex Soldier Contain War, Love And Commedy. by Silver1996(m): 6:31pm On Aug 22, 2018
Nice story... But the episodes are short o
Re: WAR And LOVE ( Story Of Ex Soldier Contain War, Love And Commedy. by Silver1996(m): 6:32pm On Aug 22, 2018
make war king drop army work na,, but as im con like war now, dat wan fit make ham no go aoz

OP u too much,,
Brotherly, i sight you
Re: WAR And LOVE ( Story Of Ex Soldier Contain War, Love And Commedy. by adefajosekayo(m): 7:32pm On Aug 22, 2018
WAR and LOVE episode ten


Stones inside Beans

One afternoon Major Hugo just order say make we arrest 8 soldiers, 4 na fulani, 2 na hausa, 1 na igbo and 1 na yoruba. Everybody just dey reason wetin fit happen wey Major Hugo go say make we arrest soldiers.

Omo come see turture

Why did you betray your country------Major Hugo ask dem.

The yoruba soldier pointed to the igbo soldier.

Na him the igbo soldier come talk say na money o! Dem wan dey give me three hundred thausand per month.

The hausas just dey talk say na because dem tell dem say na Allah fight.

Omo the fulani no even regret them ready to face any consequence.

Na them everybody come know wetin dey happen, this people dem be bokoharam infomat in army.

Infact dey don dey work for them since , na him Major Hugo just sence am, him come arange say make we carry adijat and him sister comot so that him go fit sure, because him don dey suspect those guys.

The day wey him tell us say we go carry Adijat and her sister comot, him don choose some intelligence team make dem dey investigate those guys. Na him dey come catch dem.


Stray bullet o! Adija o!

One day stray bullet just come meet me where i dey, him come dey ask me wetin dey between me and adijat, na him i come explain every thing for my guy o. Omo na so my guy sef come yan me say him don fall for dat girl. I ask am say from where him fall, na him he come explain say him don fall in love na him he mean.

As i be good friend i come give stray bullet go ahead say make him go tell Adijat him mind.

Na so my guy come dey make friend with Adijat small small through my influence. Them friend dey grow small small. But one thing be say Adijat like me pass my friend the way she dey do to me she no dey do to straybullet.

My friend straybullet come sey vex, but me i dey pity the guy say if i tell Adijat say na him kill her papa, she go hate am totally.

Abeg no vex say the episode short its due to the phone i dey use type but i go try upgrade tomorroe
Re: WAR And LOVE ( Story Of Ex Soldier Contain War, Love And Commedy. by skubido(m): 8:41pm On Aug 22, 2018
nothing do you,,

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Re: WAR And LOVE ( Story Of Ex Soldier Contain War, Love And Commedy. by Akinwale14(m): 9:07pm On Aug 22, 2018
Nice story.
Re: WAR And LOVE ( Story Of Ex Soldier Contain War, Love And Commedy. by devilmaycry1(m): 12:58pm On Aug 23, 2018
wow finaly comedy make i sit dam jeje for here
Re: WAR And LOVE ( Story Of Ex Soldier Contain War, Love And Commedy. by adefajosekayo(m): 4:06pm On Aug 24, 2018
WAR and LOVE episode eleven


Shoot that bushmeat

We dey camp one day, dey watch. We no get attack but you know say for war na always guiding we dey do.

We no know why we no get food supply, we dey fight war, still dem fail to give us food, them talk say na one minister or senator like that go carry all the money wey dem talk say make dem use buy food for soldier wey dey war put for him own pocket. Nigeria people sha, soldiers dey war dey fight for peace na him all this yeye politicians still dey starve us. Na thunder go fire all of then na bad politicians.

Na so Major Hugo just meet us him dey always tell us say , make we no vex na our country we dey fight for no be the bad politicians, thank God say the village people dey donate small small food for us, maybe soldiers go don dey eat themselves or maybe we go don dey die for hunger.

Major Hugo dey adress us, as him just shout "shoot that bush meat", everybody no first understand, i look my guy bush meat fear don catch him. But one igbo soldier just carry him gun point to bush meat direction. Na him Major hugo shout again "I say shoot that bush meat" omo na him we come see one antelope, but before we now my guy bushmeat don dissappear as we kill the antelope finish na him we come dey find bushmeat.

Where bushmeat come run go now, if bokoharam go catch am nko, Major hugo don send us to dey find am make we tell am say na antelope him mean. As we reach one side dey shout bushmeat name wey anyone no answer na him we come sight some soldier ant other soldiers come say make we go back.

Walai! Walai! A voice behind us ,it sound like bush meat voice. As we turn back bush meat fell down from the tree and started to strip himself, soldier ant don bite my guy for under P.


What is war king decission

One evening i went to meet war king . Since he received the letter he has not been the WAR KING we know.

Baba good evening---- i said

John hw are you----Warking

Am not fine o---- i said

Why what happen---- warking

Its because of you, your moods this days i dont like it. Please just quit and go home to your family----- i said

Hmm--- warking. The he started yaning me poetry

I have a sheep

A beautiful sheep
That gave birth to two lamb sheep and one lamb ram

I love my sheep with her children so dearly
But a day came that i went on a journey
And left my brother to be the sheperd of my sheep

But the wolf came and devour my sheep and her children
I couldnt find my brother also
I couldnt find my lamb ram

I became a hunter
To kill wolves
I became the wolf king

But a day came
That my brother came back with the lamb ram
Should i quit hunting

If i quit hunting
The wolves will make another farmer cry
I am still the wolf king

As WAR KING finish the poetry na him he tell me sat he no dey quit

But why person go be like this
Re: WAR And LOVE ( Story Of Ex Soldier Contain War, Love And Commedy. by adefajosekayo(m): 7:33pm On Aug 24, 2018
WAR and LOVE episode twelve

We are dying they are hiding it

One day as all of us dey all our kaba. Na him those animal bokoharam just showface. Although we don see them from far place but we no fit launch attack unto say we get gun but few bullet. Our armour don dey finish and our Government dem no gree sign make them buy us new armour.

Noting we fit do, but Major Hugo come play sence say make we hide allow them move close before we go dey launch atack back. One reason wey I like Major hugo be say him dey join us fight.

Make i tell you about Major Hugo. Him age no fit pass thirty six, i hear say him don marry with four pikin, he be igbo man, light in completion.

As the bokoharam reach our side wey dey no see anybody them begin fire anyhow, we allow them waste the bullet na him we too come come out they economise our bullet fire.

Thank God say War king still dey, him just dey go among bullet they use knife stab those idiots. As him reach one point like that he just stand face one bokoharam. The idiot shoot him like ten bullet as he come see say, the bullet no enter he comot knife, chuka! As him stab war king he just open mouth unto say the knife no enter him body. Warking just look am give am knock for head na him the guy dey formit blood.

As War king reach one point him just raise him hand say some words, na him ten bokoharam die. Omo na so i sight straybullet him don shoot tire him bullet come finish, na so one bokoharam come from behind use rope tie my guy neck. I dey think say my guy end don come, my guy hold the rope but later free the rope , i think say he don loose hope but what i see diffrent, i see say the bokoharam release rope dey go dowm. I come dey wonder wetin happen Omo my guy comot knife chook the bokoharam ni o.

Come see coret fight bush meat just dey use matchet butcher those guys dey shoot little join am dey fly like jet li, from wetin i see if them say make bushmeat and jet li fight with sword my guy fit win o.

No bullet but we show them pepe, but we lost nine of our gallant soldier, Major hugo cry, na the fist time wey him go cry for my face be that. Wetin dey make am cry be say we they fight for our country and some thief they where dem no see war dey chop our country money still no give us weapon to fight.

For second day news come carry the fight unto say Major Hugo dey alway report anything wey happen to headquarter. But for the new them come talk say na only two soldier die, them still talk say na the good weapon wey dem dey give us make us dey fight well. Everybody vex


We dey fight for our country them dey fight for them pocket dem still dey do us bad

As we hear dat lie for news. Na him one soldier come vex record video of how we dey suffer including the dead body of the soldier wey die post am for social media.

Na out of vexation my guy do am but the next day command come say make dem lock am or kill ham. Thank God say all the soldier quickly know. Major hugo come para talk say all us ready to drop the fight and if anybody try do anyhow we go fight dem all , say we sef go turn terorist.

Na him dem brain come reboot dem come sent us weapon and food the next week

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Re: WAR And LOVE ( Story Of Ex Soldier Contain War, Love And Commedy. by devilmaycry1(m): 8:59pm On Aug 24, 2018
Re: WAR And LOVE ( Story Of Ex Soldier Contain War, Love And Commedy. by skubido(m): 9:22pm On Aug 24, 2018
guy, I like as u dey release the update like bullet,, shey na Ak 47 u dey use ni abi whc wan.

nothing do you. jah bless ya hustle

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Re: WAR And LOVE ( Story Of Ex Soldier Contain War, Love And Commedy. by adefajosekayo(m): 7:38am On Aug 25, 2018
guy, I like as u dey release the update like bullet,, shey na Ak 47 u dey use ni abi whc wan.

nothing do you. jah bless ya hustle

Na you dey fuel my brain o
I apreciat ya apreciation

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Re: WAR And LOVE ( Story Of Ex Soldier Contain War, Love And Commedy. by adefajosekayo(m): 9:09pm On Aug 25, 2018
WAR and LOVE thirteen

Adijat is still in the town, so sometimes she would come to our camp to play with me. Since the incident she is heavily guarded with soldiers, The inteligence team decide that she should still be in the town for some times.

One day Adijat came to the camp to see me, we are free of attack so she was allowed to come visit.

Its like every time we sight each other the affection boost, but i made up my mind not to have anything with her unless i will quit army job. But i lovve my country and also i had not made up to the amount i needed to establish myself.

I noticed whenever i am with Adijat straybullet dosnt feel happy. Especially whenever the girl rest her head on my shoulder or lean on me. Though the girl had been friendly to straybullet also but not as she was to me.

I and Adijat had become so intinate that everyother soldier call her my wife, infact bushmeat had once joke say na him i go pay dawry to. But straybullet dont like the way Adijat dey do to me.

So as Adijat play with us finish wey she wan dey go , na him straybullet call am say he wan talk to her.

I no know wetin then together talk but i see Adijat comot angrily from him front, and straybullet sef look dissapointed. I ask my guy wetin happen but the only thing wey him talk to me na "no be you"

The next time wey Adijat come i come ask her wetin happen, she come explain to me say straybullet tell her say he wan marry her, that idiot boy " i said in my mind but since i think i cant date Adijat i come tell her say straybullet na nice guy say him better pass me. But Adijat no gree o infact i tell am say se she forget say na me kill him pale just to make am look my guy side, but she talk say her pale na criminal who deserve to die say na only if i die she go marry another perosn. Die ke me am not readdy to die o.


Is this the end of bushmeat

We dey bush wan day dey trap some bokoharam commander we don already accomplish the mission arrest all the five boko wey we trap. As we dey go camp he remain like 5 kilometer make we reach camp when bushmeat talk say he wan go shit.

Him enter one bush as we dey wait for him, not more than two minute i hear sound like say peson dey struggle as i tell other guys dem no just mind not until one hour later wen we no see bushmeat na him we come go find am bushmeat! Bushmeat! We shouted nobody answer but later na him we sight bushmeat for ground dey don stab my guy for stomach

You fit do this we no see traces say na bokoharam all we see be say the knife wey dem us stab am na military knife

Wetin go happen to bushmeat who fit do the work

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