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The Blind Lover(A story of love and pain)-EPISODE 4 by stblessing(f): 6:19pm On Aug 16, 2018
PS,this story is really tragic. It is also action packed and has morals so enjoy
Episode one

'Brrrrrrrrriiinngg!!' Went the sound of the loud alarm clock in Toby's one room apartment. He sheepishly picked it up and switched it off. He yawned, stretched and headed for the toilet. He wondered if he should go to lectures that day. He decided to go,he hadn't been to lectures for up to a week. He took his bath,brushed his teeth and dressed up in a red shirt and crazy jeans that wasn't fastened by a belt. He looked at himself in the mirror and admired the tall handsome figure looking at him. Toby was really a good looking man. What spoilt his good looks were his black spotted lips and his deep red eyes probably from his daily rounds of smoking. He took a handkerchief and his car keys. His toyota camry was waiting for him outside. It wasn't too neat but still presentable. Toby entered the car,started the engine and went out of the gateless compound.
Toby was still driving and singing his favorite song,'kosewo', when he saw one of the most beautiful creatures he had ever seen. She wasn't too tall but had a nice shape. She was chocolate in complexion wit a pointed nose and long natural eyebrows. A paragon of beauty. Toby slowed down have a little to stare at this angel. She was being led by a young man but Toby didn't take notice of that. He had seen an angel and that was all that mattered
When Toby got to school,he could think of nothing else but the angel that he saw on the road that day. He couldn't concentrate in his lectures(even though he hardly ever did). After lectures that day,Toby went to see his friends at their normal meeting point . No one needed a soothsayer to tell them that thy were in a secret cult. There dress code,their signs and their way of life clearly displayed it and no one dared cross their paths for fear of loosing their lives. 'THE FLAMING SKULL' had many members but the five;Toby a.k.a the bones,Cole a.k.a the rocket,Douglas a.k.a the bullet,Lechi a.k.a the ratchet and Funsho a.k.a the black scorpion and the leader of the group,were the main scores in the cult. They were close friends and partners. There favorite meeting point was usually a secluded place in the university axis.
Douglas had just finished telling a bone cracking joke which made everyone except Toby,who was busy smoking a cigarette, to laugh. Douglas felt offended and asked angrily

'Ah!my guy the bone,wetin be your own case na?'Douglas asked
'See see,bullet I no get. mind now,just leave me' Toby said. The rest of the four friends just looked at each other when scorpion asked
'Toby,what's the matter?'Funsho asked. Toby explained everything to them. They just laughed.
'See,just keep your eys of any other girl. You're already taken by a dangerous girl' funsho advised. Toby already had a girlfriend,Emilia,who was sort of a slut. Toby didn't really love her. Toby thought about what Funsho said and decided to forget about the angel he saw that day

To be continued...

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Re: The Blind Lover(A story of love and pain)-EPISODE 4 by stblessing(f): 8:20pm On Aug 16, 2018
Episode 2
The next day,Toby saw the angel in the campus. He was shocked and he also found out that she was blind because she was being led by a friend. He decided to ask around about her and he later discovered that her name was Mary. She was a 300lvl student os political science and was the courses students head because she was intelligent even though she was blind
This confused Toby even the more. The girl he'd been trying to run away from and forget about was right at his doorstep. He called Emilia to his house that night and they had an intimate night together but that did not help matters. He decided to meet Mary the next day.
Thursday arrived and Toby waited for Mary to come out of her class. After what seemed to be an eternity,she finally came out with her friend. He carefully trailed her making sure that he wasn't seen. He later trailed her to a mango tree,almost too secluded and was left alone by her friend. Toby saw this as an opportunity to introduce himself. He began checking himself when he later realized that she was blind. He then approached her.
"Hello"he said softly and calmly.
"Who's there?"Mary asked apprehensively. Her voice sounded so sweet and angelic
"Relax,I ain't a bad guy. I happened to see your angelic face somewhere and I couldn't help nut get attracted to you. May I know your name?"Toby asked. After what seemed to be an eternity,Mary finally burst into laughter"Get attracted to me?why would anybody get attracted to me?"She asked and waved her hand over her face
"Hey,a deformity can never hide true beauty"Toby said. Mary gave a gentle smile
"My name is Mary,and yours"she asked
"I'm Toby but my friends call me bones"he said and stretched out his hand for a handshake when Mary's elder brother K.C,showed up
"Hey!what are you doing with my sister?"He asked giving Toby a punch. KC made for a huge stick nearby but Toby ran away.
"Better for you!"KC said and faced his frightened and angry sister"are you alright?"he asked calmingly
"Why did you do that,he wasn't doing anything wrong!"Mary cried
"Forget it,just take me back home"mary said. KC helped her up and they both headed for home
Meanwhile,Toby was fuming mad. KC's punch had left him a bruise on his right cheek. He could easily send his boys to finish KC but he decided not to,just for Mary's sake. The next day,Toby waited for Mary to come out of the hall. When she did,he approached her.
"Mary,its me Toby"
"O!Toby,how are you?I'm sorry for what my brother did to you yesterday. He can be overprotective at times. Forgive?" Mary asked
"Its alright. I was just wondering if I could take you out for dinner this night?". Mary kept quiet for sometime."Why?"She asked.
"I'm asking you out duh!"Toby replied. Another round of silence.
"Ok,I'll think about it"she said
"Great,I'll pick you up by 8:00clock. Meanwhile,can I have your number?"Toby asked. Mary called out her number and he dialed it on his phone and saved it.
"Remember,8:00clock" he said and left. Lillian who was just watching the whole thing all along asked her friend
"Who is that?"
"That's Toby. I met him yesterday."
"Girl,you need to see this guy. He's horrible! I think he is in a cult. I'm completely against you going out with him"
"O come on Lillian. Don't judge. Besides. He sounds so sweet. Anyways,I need to go out on a date. Its been a really long time"
"With this guy?hm oo,ok but you think KC will agree?"
"Which is why he d dosent have to know. Ill sleep over with you this night"
"Ok, your choice girl" lillian said and they both left

To be continued...

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Re: The Blind Lover(A story of love and pain)-EPISODE 4 by stblessing(f): 3:16pm On Aug 17, 2018
Please Nairalanders I need your comments. I'm still in junior secondary school and I want to know if I'm trying. Please if you have any improvement suggestions,inform me so that I may work on it

Re: The Blind Lover(A story of love and pain)-EPISODE 4 by stblessing(f): 10:52am On Aug 18, 2018
Episode 3
Saturday night arrived and Toby arrived in his brand new looking Toyota car. He was well dressed and completely transformed as his good looks came out. He stepped out and honked.
"Wait ooo! She's coming"shouted Lillian from the house. After sometime,he honked again impatiently and his blind date finally came out. She wore a blue dress with a pink shawl over it. Her make up was light and her long natural hair was re-touched. Toby stared at her for sometime when Lillian asked
"Heh,what are you looking at?is there anything wrong?"
"No,its just that she's very beautiful"Toby said and Mary smiled
"You're not to bad yourself. Anyways,I want you to please take care of my friend. Watch over her and don't you dare do anything funny with her"Lillian threatened. Toby raided his hand up and said"I promise". He took mary by the hand and led her to his car. Off they went
On their way,both parties were very quiet when Mary asked
"So where exactly are we going?"
"To this new restaurant. Its opening today and its really great"
After a twenty minute drive,they arrived at a large restaurant. BON APPETITE"was boldly in scripted on the huge billboard that hung over the glass door. Toby led his blind date to the door and they were ushered in by the security man. The restaurant was lively and filled up but he easily recognized his reserved table. He pulled a seat and told Mary to seat down. They were approached by a waiter who handed them menus and Toby ordered for both of them. When the waiter went to get their food,Mary asked
"Wow Toby,what is this place?it sounds so posh and expensive"
"Don't worry. I can pay,just enjoy yourself"
Food arrived and they ate to their satisfaction. After eating,they struck up a conversation.
"Did you enjoy the food,Mary?"
"Yes I did. It was very tasty"
"That's good. So tell me about yourself". Mary kept mute for a while
"Oo,what's there to know about me except that my life is pretty sad"
"Tell me"
"Ok,if you insist. I was actually born blind by very poor parents. They tried all they could to cure me,all to know avail. One day,we heard the terrible news that they were involved in an accident when they were coming back from a trip. They both died and my orphaned brother and I had to move with my mothers sister. My aunt was very cruel to us,especially me as she blamed me for my parents death since they journeyed to a herbalists place to get a cure for my blindness. I almost became a school drop out and a beggar,but luckily,God sent my fathers brother to help me and I was sent back to school"Mary said and concluded. She could hear whimpering from Toby and asked"are you... crying? Please don't cry. My life has made me strong. Its made me realize that I have something worth fighting for and that my status can't bring me down. So don't cry"
"I'm sorry,its just that its really touching"Toby said and used the table napkin to wipe his tears
"What about you?tell me about yourself"
"There's really nothing about me except that I'm an only child born into a rich family"
"Sooo,you're a spoiled brat?"
"Noooo,I'm not like all those ajebo kids"
Mary laughed"I know,you are different from them" she stretched her hand to his"and I'm happy I met you''
Toby smiled. He had captured her heart. But deeply,he wasn't happy because she didn't know who he really was and how his life is. He wasn't certain of how and what the future held for both he and blind lover...

To be continued...

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Re: The Blind Lover(A story of love and pain)-EPISODE 4 by stblessing(f): 7:17pm On Aug 18, 2018
Episode 4
After their first date,Toby and Mary fell deeply in love with each other. They were inseparable and were always found in each others company each day. Mary was also a born again christian and so whenever they were together,she didn't fail to teach Toby about Jesus and the bible. It didn't take long before Toby repented and gave his life to Jesus. Every bad lifestyle about him was cancelled out and he became a born again christian
Meanwhile,Emilia,Toby's ex girlfriend,was infuriated that she was being ignored. She also heard rumors that he was cheating on her with a blind girl and decided to confront him about it. One day,she barged into his house and began to ask him questions
"Is it true Toby?is what I'm hearing true?"
"About what"toby asked,confused
"That you are cheating on me with a blind b**ch?"
Toby kept mute for a while"Listen Emilia,it is true that I've found another girl and she has changed my life for the better. I'm happy now and I have peace of mind"
"Meaning what?"
"Meaning,I'm born again and I've given my life to Christ. And I urge you to do the same to avoid damnation"
Emilia laughed for a while and clapped her hands"so Toby,this is how you pay me back?after using me,you want to dump me?no no no, I won't spare you and that b**tch"Emilia said,slapped him hard and walked out in tears. Toby wasn't angry. He blamed himself for living such a rough life and using so many women. On the other hand,Emilia wasn't done. She went ahead to confront Mary and teach her a lesson
Mary and Lillian were coming back from a christian fellowship in thir school when Lillian confronted her
"Are you the blind b*tch going after my boyfriend?"
"Excuse me?"Mary asked when she received a dirty slap
"Listen up you blind roach,Toby is already taken,so don't you dare go after him!"
Lillian shoved Emilia and defended Mary who was already in tears"how dare you come to my friend and harass her this way? Are you mad?"Lillian asked. She got a hot slap for a reply and both women ended up in a dirty cat fight until they were separated by an on looking crowd.
Later that day,scarred Emilia went to see Toby's former gang members. They were shocked when they heard the unbelievable conversion of the bones
"So that's why he has been missing our meetings and dodging us. Because of some blind dog"Lechi said
"Please,I want you to deal with him and that useless lover of his"Emilia said ad mist tears. She was shattered
"No problem Emilia,we will ask him about it"Funsho said. Emilia thanked them and left the confused but angry gang

* * * * * * * * * * * * *
News reached Toby that the cult had summoned him. He knew what it was about. At first,he was reluctant to go but decided to,just to make his departure clear to them. That night,Toby went to their meeting point at a secluded place in the school. All of them,except Toby,were dressed in black and this infuriated them the more
"Toby,what happened to you? Why have you decided to betray us this way?"Cole asked
"I haven't betrayed anybody,I just want to live a peaceful life with Jesus now"Toby replied
"Shut up!have you forgotten the sacred oath that you made to Lord Skull?I can't believe you want to risk your life for a blind girl"Lechi said in his bass voice
"Enough!Toby,are the accusations being made against you true?If they are,why would you do something stupid like this?"Funsho asked
"I've already stated out my reasons! I don't want this anymore"Toby said and got a slap from a Douglas
"No dey talk to our leader like dat now?you dey craze"he asked with tears in his eyes. Toby was his best friend
"Enough,Toby,are you sure about your decision?"
Funsho asked
"Really?no turning back?"
"Yes,I live for Jesus now and I advise you to do the same"
"Don't bother,you may go and Don't even bother returning"Funsho declared and Toby left.
On his way,so many thoughts filled up Toby's head. Why would Funsho allow him to go scott free so easily?he knew something was fishy somewhere and that his life was in danger because no one that left the flaming skull left alive.
That very night,Toby went to Mary's place to tell her the truth before leaving. He wanted to go far away. At first,he wasn't allowed to see Mary because she was broken hearted after the Emilia incident. But Mary allowed him in. Immediately,he broke down in tears and confessed. He told Mary about the cult and that nights incident
"I now want to go far away. But I told myself that I wouldn't leave without telling you,the love of my life and the one who changed my evil ways goodbye"Toby said in tears. Mary was also bathing in a pool of tears running down her cheeks
"I'm sorry for everything Mary. I just want you to know that I loved you and I really cared for you. I will never forget you my love. Goodbye"Toby got up to leave but was held back by Mary.
"Wait!I'm not going to allow you to leave without me"mary said. Lillian who was also crying asked"are you mad?do you know what you are doing?"
"Let me be Lillian. I love Toby and I can't do without him. I'm going with him"
"Don't say that Mary,its too dangerous please"Toby begged
"Don't bother begging because I won't succumb. I'm going with you and we'll get married together. Period"
Toby smiled and kissed Mary. They decided to leave early the next day
Very early the next morning,Toby came to Lillian and Mary's house to pick her up. By the time he arrived,Mary was already set. He didn't leave without giving Lillian some parting words
"Listen Lillian. If we don't reach you anytime soon,I want you to inform KC and the police to look for us okay?"Lillian nodded. She was crying
"Lillian,I know that you are unhappy right now. But I want you to understand. Please forgive me and always remember that you are my best friend" mary said and hugged Lillian. After a long time,Toby separated them and off he went with Mary
They hadn't gome long on the lonely highway when three cars suddenly stopped in front of their car and blocked their way. There were sounds of gunshots fired into the air. It was too late,they had cornered them

To be continued...

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Re: The Blind Lover(A story of love and pain)-EPISODE 4 by Ann2012(f): 11:05pm On Aug 19, 2018

I just hope Toby and Mary won't be killed

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