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My Days As A Senior Prefect by OroborFavour(m): 11:49pm On Aug 16, 2018
Episode 1

Its Monday again and also resumption day. I woke up, looked at my table clock just to see that the time was already at 6:45a.m.(I woke up late). I quickly dash to my bathroom, brush my teeth, had a quick bath and I was out of the bathroom feeling refreshed and nice.
later on, I went to where I kept my cosmetic and then I took my body cream which I applied on my body.
Finally, I was done with it and I went to my wardrobe to get my uniform only to find out that my uniform was changed.
I was so confused about it, so I walked straight to my parent’s room. I knocked and my mom responded.
Mom: Yes..
James: Mom, its me.
Mom: Okay. Come inside darling, the door isn’t locked.
I walked inside and close the door. I saw my mom and dad still resting on their big luxurious family bed. I quickly greeted them.
James: Good morning mom.
Good morning dad.
Dad & Mom: Good morning son.
Dad: How was your night?
James: Splendid and wicked.
Dad: (Laughs ) How??
James: I enjoyed the sleep but I woke up late.
Dad: Hhmm! That’s nice.
Mom: So, are you now set for school?
James: Almost. I’ve already taken my bath but..
Mom: But what dear?
James: My uniforms are missing.
Mom: How? What do you mean?
James: I can’t find my formal school uniform.
Mom: Ooh! That?
James: Yes.
Mom: Its now changed and also..(cut short)
James: And also what?
Dad: James, let your mother finish her statement first before saying anything. Its disrespectful.
James: ( Sad) So sorry mom.
Mom: Okay. Apology accepted. Now smile for your mummy.(She got up and started tickling me)
James: (LoL) Mom stop that. Don’t you know that I’m now a big boy.
Mom: Hmmm! That’s truth.
Dad: (Admiring my body) Wow! My son is now grown up. Honey, take a look at his muscles, chest, and his ads. His voice is a little much deeper than before and I’m sure you’ve grow so hairs right there(pointing at my personal thing)
James: Dad…!
Dad: I’m so so sorry.
Mom: Stop teasing my baby.
Dad: But I apologize.
James: Mom, you also have to apologize too.
Mom: Why would I?
James: Cause you just violented the rule by calling me a baby.
Mom: What are you to me then, My husband?
James: No, your grown up son.
Dad: Stop the discussion the both of you. James, you are almost late for school.
James: That’s truth.(About running out) Dad, hope my private cab is ready.
Dad: No son cause you aren’t going with that car to school again and I mean it.
James: But dad…
Dad: No buts. I don’t want any thing to happen to you. That’s all.
So, which car are you going to use.
James: I will go for the Hummer, I don’t want to go with the Range Rover nor the Ferarri.
Dad: Okay. I know you love yellow so I will buy you a yellow coloured Hummer.
James: No, I don’t want another car now. I will just be using the White Hummer and my yellow Range Rover.
Dad: Okay. Now get ready for school.
James: Bye mom.
Bye dad.(About leaving)
Mom: Hey! You are forgetting something.
James: What’s that?
Mom: Your school allowance.
James: Ooh!
I went back to take the money and then I left the room to my room. I was still thinking about my body.
When I got to my room, I quickly checked my body to find out that what my dad said earlier and it was totally the truth. I wore my uniform and they look perfectly good on me. I put on my new school shoe, wore my golden wrist watch, brushed my hair(I was having a low cut with spotting waves all over my head), took my bag from where I kept it and I was good to go.
I walked down to the dinning table, with my breakfast seated quitely on it(Toasted bread, fried eggs and tea). I wasn’t having any appetite for eating so I just drank tea and went outside. Immediately my driver saw me, he ran to meet me.
Driver: What car are you using today?
James: The white Hummer.
Driver: Okay. Hhmm!
James: What?
Driver: I must confess, you look more handsome and matured now, James.
James: Thanks(Blushing).
He picked the key to the Hummer and off we go walking straight to where the Hummer was parked, then we hopped in.
After some few minutes drive, we were at my school main gate.
He horned and the school gatekeeper opened the gate then he drove in. I saw the school new name written very bold( FAMEJ ACADEMY ) on the school main gate.
I came down from the car and waved my driver goodbye with me left alone in the large compound.
They were already done with school assembly.
I looked around once and said to myself.
James: I’m back….

Re: My Days As A Senior Prefect by oluwatosin070: 7:29pm On Aug 17, 2018
Nice work.. I'm impressed with the story.. kindly do well to update as soon as possible.. thanks

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Re: My Days As A Senior Prefect by Nobody: 8:11pm On Aug 17, 2018
Nice, more please

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Re: My Days As A Senior Prefect by OroborFavour(m): 11:57pm On Aug 17, 2018
Episode 2

I got inside the school building and walked past some junior classes with the junior students staring at me. I just ignored them and kept on walking.
I walked past two junior who greeted me.
Boy & Girl: Good morning, senior.
James: Good morning guys. How are you guys.
Boy & Girl: We are fine and you?
James: I’m good. So, why aren’t you guys inside your class.
Boy: We were told to call you.
James: (Surprised) Me?
Boy & Girl: Yes, senior.
James: By who, please?
Girl: The principal.
James: What for?
Girl: We don’t know.
James: So, have you guys gone tell her that I was not in the class?
Boy & Girl: Yes.
James: (Sighed) Okay. You can now go back to your class.
I decided to go meet our principal but on a second thought I decided walked straight to my class cause I know there must be a teacher in my class, who must have started teaching.
So, I walked straight to my class and when I got there I saw the teacher teaching as I early thought.
James: (Coughs) Good morning sir
Chemistry Teacher: Good morning James.. How are you and why are you coming to school at this time?
James: I’m fine sir and my late coming(paused)
Chemistry Teacher: Yes…
James: I didn’t woke up on time, sir.
Chemistry Teacher: It happens like that on the first day of resumption but don’t let this repeat itself cause you know such behaviour are not expected to be seen in a senior prefect.
James: (Surprised) What?? Senior prefect??
Chemistry Teacher: Yes, senior prefect.
James: Am I the senior prefect?
Chemistry Teacher: (In Pidgin English) Before uko?
Class: (Laughs)
James: I’ve forgotten.
Chemistry Teacher: Hmmm! That’s nice.
James: I not lieing.
Chemistry Teacher: I know you are not lieing.
James: Okay.
Chemistry Teacher: Okay. Now go to you seat and lets begin with our lecture.
James: Okay, sir.(About going to my desk)
Chemistry Teacher: James..
James: Yes sir.
Chemistry Teacher: You look more handsome this time. I hope you don’t use this cute body to be casting our girl?
Class: (Laughs)
James: Sir…
Chemistry Teacher: Just saying.
I walked to my desk as Joseph stood up for me to get in.
After some few revision, our teacher gave us the scheme of work for this term and he went out not minding if his period was over or not cause he was done for the day.
After he had left the class the whole class started making a hell of noise. John spoke out.
John: (Slangs) Oboy you don come fine finish ooh.
Joseph: See as you grab.
John: By the way sef, you don say hi to your babe this morning cause this morning when you never take come she come dey find you up and down. So, just package your fine face go meet her.
James: I don hear you.
John: Nor be about I don hear you, go now now now.
James: (Delaying)
John: You still dey there?
Joseph, abi comut for road make I push the handsome dude out.
Joseph: (Coming out) The road is clear.
John: (Pushing me)
James: I dey come naa. Nor be you say make I package well, nor be the package I do so.?
John: Oya do finish make you comut for here.
James: You dey drive?
John: You know?
James: (Standing up) God have mercy on you.
John: And you too, my brother.
James: (Laughs)
Lovely changed her seat for reasons I don’t know. So, I moved to the desk where she were sat on. I spoke out.
James: Good morning, ladies..
Lovely’s friends: Good morning, James. You look more handsome.
James: Thanks. Please can you girls excuse me so that I can talk to this friend of yours that refuse to reply my greetings.
Lovely’s friend: Sure.
They left us. I wanted to sit down but Lovely just moved left preventing me from sitting. I moved to the right side and she did same. I was a kind of angry but you guys all know how girls normally behave. I decided to talk to her.
James: Can I sit down?
Lovely: No.
James: I want to tell you something.
Lovely: Say it there.
James: I heard you were looking me so I’ve come to know why you were looking for me?
Lovely: Its nothing.
James: Really??
Then why are you upset with me.
Lovely: Me??
James: Yes you. The Lovely I knew back there will just let me sit but this one here is kind of acting wicked.
Lovely: Heh!! I’m acting wicked abi?
James: Yes.
Lovely: What of you that didn’t give me your number before going on holidays.?
James: Hmm! Now I know where all these is coming from.
You were with me all those while, why didn’t you ask me for the number?
Lovely: Must I ask you first?
James: Yes cause the bible says ask and it shall be given onto you.
Lovely: Hhmm…! Devil..!
James: You said what?
Lovely: Nothing.
James: Better. So, can I sit now.
Lovely: Not until you apologize.
James: And if I don’t.?
Lovely: Don’t ask me.
A S.S.1 student called my name.
Girl: I’m looking for senior James.
James: Yes, I’m over here.
Girl: The principal needs your presence.
“Ga! Ga! Gaa!” I’m in big soup today.
By the way sef, do I need to apologize to Lovely?
Re: My Days As A Senior Prefect by OroborFavour(m): 12:00am On Aug 18, 2018
Episode 3

I started walking along side with the girl that came to tell me the principal needed my presence.
She was very matured to be in S.S.1 cause she was everything a full grown woman should have. She was pretty and I never stopped staring at her till she caught me and giggled.
Girl: (Giggled)
James: Hey! Why are you giggling?
Girl: Nothing. I’m just praying you don’t tear me apart with your lustrous cute eyes.
James: (Stammering) I’m..re..a..lly…so..r..ry…
Girl: (Laughs) Why are you saying sorry?
James: Cause I’m guilty and you caught me redhanded.
Girl: Hmmm! I was just joking ooh.
James: (Mouth open) What!?
Girl: (Laughs) You are really fun to be with.
James: Really?
Girl: Sure.(Stretching hand for a hand shake) The name, Jennifer.
James: (Received her hand) Its my pleasure in meeting you, Jennifer.(I raise her hand and kiss it)
Jennifer: (Blushing) I will tell your girlfriend that you kissed my hand.
James: If you do so, I will flog you 12strokes of the cane on your buttocks.
Jennifer: Its not bad, so far when you finished flogging me, you will massage the buttocks for me.
James: I will be waiting for that day.
Jennifer: Okay.
We started walking without talking for some while, then she spoke out.
Jennifer: Ooh! There is a teacher in my class already. I need to run inside now.
James: Okay.
She quickly perk me on the chick and ran inside her class. I was shocked about it but I can’t lie, her lips was so soft and tender.
Then, I continue walking thinking about the conversation I had with Jennifer.
That girl really talks matured and I like her way of pressing herself, no pretense.
Later, I was at the doorstep of the principal’s office and my heart was beating heavily.
I gathered courage and knocked softly on the door. Then her voice came out from her office.
Principal: Yes.. Come in, the door isn’t locked.
I entered inside and greeted her.
James: Good morning Ma’am.
Principal: (Head down as she was busily checking some files on her table) Good morning. What can I do for you?
James: I was told you sent for me, Ma’am.
Principal: (Head down) Really?
James: Yes, Ma’am.
Principal: (Head up) Ooh! James! Wow! You’ve really changed, I didn’t even recognise your voice again. I’m so happy to see you and I must confess, you look more handsome than before. So, how are you doing?
James: I’m doing great and you Ma’am.
Principal: I’m good.(Serious face) So, why were you late to school on the first day of resumption?
James: (Shocked) I woke up late Ma’am.
Principal: Don’t you have an alarm clock.
James: I do Ma’am.
Principal: Do you know you would have put me into trouble?
James: No Ma’am but how?
Principal: The owner of this school was suppose to visit his school today and the S.P. of this school was nowhere to be found but thank God for his mercies and graces, he postpone his visit tomorrow. So, if you like don’t come to school early.
James: I’m really sorry Ma’am. It won’t happen again.
Principal: It better not happen next time. Wait let me give you something.
She started searching her locked and she brought out some money and a whitish something. Then she spoke.
Principal: Here is your badge.(She hand over the badge to me)
James: (I took it and looked at it as saw the words written on it “SENIOR PREFECT”) Thank you Ma’am.
Principal: You are welcome. Now take this and give it to Mrs. Rosemary(She gave me the money) Tell her to use it for the preparation of the owner of this school.
James: Okay Ma’am.
Principal: You can now go.
I left her office and went straight to Rosemary office. I past my Mathematics teacher on my way and he stop me and said.
Maths Teacher: James, where are you going to cause I’m heading to your class.
James: The principal sent me on errand, Sir.
Maths Teacher: Okay. Be fast about it so that you don’t miss anything.
James: Okay sir.
He left with me running like the flash to Rosemary office cause I don’t want to miss anything for that teaching cause Mathematics is one of my best subject.
Without me knocking, I ran into the office of Rosemary and I saw her moaning like a cow as a male student was busily devouring her. They were shocked to see me but I just ignored them and told her what the principal told me.
James: I’m sorry if I interrupted anything here.(To Rosemary) Take this money, the principal said you should use it for the entertainment of owner of this school.
Rosemary: Okay. Put it there and don’t forget to lock the door when going out.(To the guy) Lets continue.
I came outside and was walking straight to my class. Then I heard a voice behind me.
Voice: Longest time, James. I saw as you were flirting with that girl named Jennifer and later you will be forming saint but let me warn you that girl is not any type of girl you can mess.

I turned my back to see who the person was and it was she….

Please drop a comment on how you feel about the story..
Re: My Days As A Senior Prefect by Nobody: 1:00pm On Aug 18, 2018
Thanks for the update.
Can't wait for the next update
Re: My Days As A Senior Prefect by Nobody: 1:00pm On Aug 18, 2018

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