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Voice For The Poor...season One by Bukola1986: 5:56pm On Oct 11, 2018
Brenda, why are you sitting down idle? Don't you know the program is tomorrow? Mummy asked.
What program are you talking about mummy? I inquired unhappily.
The Billionaires party, I mean. She responded.
Billionaires party you say? How does that concern me mummy? Am I a billionaire? I asked.
Come on Brenda, your father is a billionaire and you have to join him celebrate his success.
Hurry up and join your siblings for the shopping, you must wear something classy to meet the sons and daughters of the big men that will be present. Mummy responded.
I'm so disappointed in you mummy. So after all the disagreement I had with daddy concerning this so called party, you still supported him to organize it? Tell me, how will this party benefit the poor citizens out there?
As a president, I was expecting him to use his senses to rule this nation with the little resources available, rather than wasting it on some supposed party. I complained angrily.
Watch your mouth Brenda, your father is the president of this country, and you must respect him as such. Mummy responded.
President? A president must be a leader, as well as a father to all those who need him, more especially, the poor. What is he doing now? Forming associations with only the rich, who does nothing, but to throw parties and waste money. I lamented angrily.
Just then, my senior sister Richlove appeared on the scene.
Brenda, I've been in the sitting room listening to your conversation with mummy.
Why do you talk as if you know more than everybody in this house? What is your problem?
I wonder why God brought a miserable poor soul like into this family. You are so disgusting with poverty thoughts and talks. She insulted.
Is this all you can say? Poverty talks and thoughts. Anyway for your information, the poor has brains more than a spoilt brat like you who think money is everything.
And just so you know, a poor man can rule this nation better than this failure of a father you call a president. I responded angrily.
How dare you insult my husband? My mother yelled and tried to slap me.
I quickly held her hand up in the sky.
What are you trying to do mummy? Slap me? Hahahaha! You lie bad!
You hate the truth and that is making you this bitter. Until you change this attitude of changing your wardrobe and throwing parties with the tax payers money, I promise to let the whole world turn against your husband's term of office. I threatened and walked out on them.
I walked into my room and locked the door behind me.
God, where is my father's conscience? Why is he wasting money on the unnecessary instead of caring for the citizens of this nation?
Look at how my mother, my senior sister Richlove and my junior brother Caleb are wasting money changing their wardrobes every week.
God touch my father's heart. I prayed sadly.
Later in the evening, I heard voices in the house, I peeped through the window and I saw the big men from different countries, arriving in the house.
Just then, I heard a knock on my door.
I hurriedly went ahead to open the door and there stood a young man, dressed in an expensive suit and shoes. I stared at him from head to toe without knowing what to say.
Hello Brenda, my name is Clifford, the son of the president of Cameroon, your father has said a lot about you, and I'm here to see if indeed what he said about you is true. He introduced.
And what did he say about me that is interesting you to do this follow up? I asked.
He made mention of your beauty, and I must say, I'm really impressed. Your father didn't lie after all. He responded.
Thanks Mr beauty analyser, since you are done satisfying your curiosity, can I get back into the room? I responded unhappily.
Chill Brenda, I at least expect you to offer me a seat. And don't forget I am not any ordinary person, I am from a rich background, and I have every right to mingle with you. He added.
I still looked on without knowing what to say.
Talk to me sexy Brenda, are you astonished by my expensive clothes or my handsomeness. Or the fact that I am from a rich family? He inquired.
I still stared at him from head to toe.
To be continue Shortly!

Episode 2

I still stared at him from head to toe.
Come on Brenda, I know you are astonished by my handsomeness but please, say something. He insisted.
Well well well, Mr president's son, I am astonished not because you look good, but because I find it difficult to understand why your parents brought you up this way.
You should have been gentleman enough to allow me do the compliments, rather than blowing your own miserable horn. I responded harshly.
How dare you talk to me like that? Do you know the number of women who are at my disposal? He asked angrily.
At your disposal to make you immortal or to watch you die someday? You should only brag about eternity and no ordinary cheap girls who are desperate to survive.
Just look at how the mere son of a President like you is doing, then I wonder what your father is also doing in your country.
If I may ask, what at all has your so called father of a President achieved for your country? I responded sarcastically.
The people voted for my father because they liked him, not because they expected him to perform miracles with their little resources available in that country. He responded.
So, if the people loved your father to that extent of voting for him to become a President, does your father love them back by treating them equally as human beings? From the way you are behaving, I guess it's a big NO!!! I bantered.
I will not stand here and watch a senior high School graduate like you insult my family and I. He responded and walked out on me.
Look at who calls himself handsome. See his shiny shoes and flying tie. And just imagine his haircut, as if it has been ironed. Primitive spoilt braggart! I insulted as I watched him go.
Minutes later, my father walked into my room in anger.
Brenda! How dare you humiliate my guest? He yelled.
Humiliate your guest? He rather humiliated himself by calling himself a handsome man when he is not. I responded.
Before I knew it, my father had slapped me so hard.
The next time you open this your congenital poor mouth to insult a rich person like that again, you will see what I will do to you. He screamed angrily.
Do your worst daddy! I'm sick and tired of your rants about riches.
When for once will you have some regard for the poor? Don't forget they voted you into power. I screamed in tears too.
Daddy, all I'm asking for is to stop wasting money changing your wife's and children's wardrobe, instead of using that money to do something meaningful for the poor people who have no money to feed. I lamented in tears.
Brenda, you are not sensible than anyone in this house.
For your information, the poor was born to be poor and the rich was born to be rich.
As far as I remain in power, I will put my family first. Daddy responded angrily and walked out on me.
Just then, mother and Caleb walked in.
Brenda, you see what your stupidity is causing you?
Do you think you can make the world a better place single handedly? Mummy teased.
Brenda, may I know what you seek to achieve? Caleb asked.
I seek to achieve fairness and justice for this country and the world as a whole.
I seek my father's humanity towards everybody in this country.
Even if he can not eradicate poverty, he should at least try to make the poor comfortable in their poverty.
Do you have any idea the number of people in this country who sleep on an empty stomach whiles you eat main three squared meal and intermittently with desert?
Do you know that there are people who sleep on the streets each night in the cold weather, whiles you sleep in a mansion highly guarded by security personnel?
Do you know, there are people who are clothless whiles you change your wardrobe every week?
I'm pleading with you my family! I'm pleading with you to be sensitive. Stop buying peace for yourselves without counting the cost to the ordinary people on the streets. They deserve your sympathy! They deserve your mercy and help. I lamented in tears.
Mummy and Caleb were speechless for minutes without knowing what to say.
Several minutes later, I heard a voice from outside.
Mummy, don't fall for Brenda's useless talks! She's only blinded by poverty! Who will prefer to walk when there is a readily available car?
Does Brenda want us to wallow in poverty, when the resources in this country is at daddy's disposal? It was Richlove.
You've spoken from the wicked depth of your heart Richlove. Some may choose to walk when the readily available car is meant to crash after few minutes drive.
You are older than I am, and I expect you to reason beyond the mere. I responded in pain.
We've had enough of you Brenda, if you don't like the lavishing lifestyle we are living, you can commit suicide. Caleb stated harshly.
Why would I commit suicide Caleb? Who will bury you and your greedy family after all the tears of the poor people in this country have drowned you?
Well, for your information, I have so much to live for! I have lives to protect from your father's evil hands. I insulted.
I think you all have overstayed your welcome, if you don't mind, you guys should walk out of my room now! I yelled and pushed them out of my room.
I laid in bed in pain and misery until late in the night when the party was still ongoing at the poolside and the main house was quiet.
Before I could blink my eyes, I saw someone forcing my door open.
Who could this be? I thought and quickly sat up on the bed.
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Who could this be? I thought and quickly sat up on the bed.
Seconds later, the door was opened and the son of the Cameroon President entered the room.
How dare you enter my room without seeking my consent? What do you want? I asked angrily.
I'm here to teach you some lessons as a man. I'm here to retaliate the insults you rained on me. He responded confidently and walked towards me on the bed.
He quickly grabbed me and tried to rape me.
I wrestled all I can with him.
He covered my mouth with one of his hands while the other hand was trying to tear my dress apart.
God save me! Please save me! I prayed in tears and struggle.
Why are you crying? I thought you are a strong lady. Now free yourself and let's see. I will give you the worst rape that will silence you once and for all. Your parents will not believe you even if you tell them, because they know how psychic you are. He bragged and struggled with me still.
Quickly, I stretched my hand and picked the flower pot beside the bed.
I struggled and hit him so hard on the head.
He screamed and fell on the floor in pain.
I run downstairs into the boys quarters where the errands boy was lodging.
Madam, you scared me, why are you running on top speed like this? And of all the rooms in this house, why have you come into my room? He questioned in fear.
Calm down Kojo, I'm here because someone wants to rape me. I responded in a panting voice.
Someone? And who could that person be? He asked in shock.
Kojo, enough of these questions. The fact of the matter is that, I can't go back into my room till the next morning, please allow me to stay here. I responded.
Madam please, His excellency will not be happy to find you here, he will be mad at me. Kojo stated.
What do you suggest I do now? Go back into my room or the main house for the rapist to attack me again? I asked unhappily.
No madam, I suggest you go to the pool side and inform your parents and siblings about it. He responded.
Pool side? Where the party is ongoing? Where useless adults who call themselves ministers are fucking young girls in the full glare of everybody? Where my junior brother Caleb, might be fucking an elderly woman who is older enough to be his mother?
Where my senior sister Richlove might be fucking two men at the same time? Where my so called father who claims to be a president is sitting unconcerned with my mother, in the name of having fun? Kojo, tell me you didn't say that! Do you want me to throw up? Do you? I asked harshly.
Madam, you've not been to the pool side, how then do you know, all these are happening? Kojo surprisingly asked.
Kojo, this is not the first time a party like this is being organized in this house.
The first time my father organized such a party, was a month after he was voted into office.
I attended the party with happiness, thinking, they were going to do something meaningful, until I witnessed all those atrocious scenes with my naked eyes.
I screamed and yelled all I can, but nobody minded me. That was when I vowed, never to attend any party in this house again. I narrated.
Hmmmm madam, I am speechless! I don't even know what to say! Kojo said.
Don't say anything Kojo, just pray for me to gain enough strength to make the world a better place. I responded.
I slept after minutes of conversation with Kojo, until sleep finally carried me away.
As early as 4am, I heard voices behind Kojo's door.
It was my father and the security guard.
Damfo, are you sure you saw my daughter sneaking into Kojo's room? My father inquired.
I am very sure your excellency, I saw her sneaking here. Damfo responded.
I quickly stood up and opened the door.
Good morning daddy. I greeted.
Take your embarrassing greetings to yourself Brenda.
So, after all the intellectual talks you've been engaging us in this house, you are sleeping with a common errands boy. Daddy insulted angrily.
Sleeping with an errands boy? Where "sleeping" here means? Daddy, may I please know what you mean by that? I inquired.
Tell me Kojo didn't make love to you! He yelled angrily.
Kojo on hearing the allegation, quickly came out.
Your excellency, I'm sorry to interrupt, but please, I didn't make love with madam Brenda. She only.......
Will you shut up! How dare you talk whiles I'm talking? Daddy yelled on top of his voice.
Hey police! Arrest this vagabond. Daddy commanded.
No daddy, you can't do this to him! He is innocent! Please hear me out. I pleaded in tears but daddy didn't listen.
Kojo was dragged out of the house to the police station.
Daddy then summoned me before my mother and my siblings.
Now tell me why you have dragged my family's reputation into the mud by sleeping with a common errands boy. Daddy interrogated angrily.
Daddy, Kojo is innocent. It was rather the son of that president, Clifford, who tried to rape me. After several struggles with him, I hit him on the head with a flower pot, and escaped into Kojo's room to seek refuge. I explained.
Brenda, how dare you rain such an allegation on my guest? Do you know the implications? Daddy asked angrily.
Daddy, you can call and ask him. I responded confidently.
Daddy sent for the guy, and he came.
Good morning your excellency, you sent for me. Clifford greeted.
What next?

To Be Continued!

Full Episodes Through The Source Link :>https://www.aynaijang.com/p/aynaijablog-episode-stories-list.html?m=1

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