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How To Win Bet9ja Daily, With This Commandments by purplerope: 7:29am On Oct 23, 2018
There is good money to be made from football betting if you stick to some simple basic rules.

Rule #1.
— Do not bet on your favorite team. If you’re honestly going to try and make money, you have to remain unbiased in every way. When you bet on your team, a large percentage of the time your judgment is clouded.

Rule #2.
— Work out a staking plan. Once you have identified a value bet the next question is “how much should I bet?” The answer to this question is determined by how confident you are about the bet, and by how much value you think you are getting.

Rule #3.
— Never, EVER, chase. We’ve all been there, you’ve had a terrible day and lost a lot of money. “Time to get my money back” will only land you in trouble and spoil your day! To make money betting on football it is crucial that you have discipline.

Rule #4.
— Stick to singles or doubles. It is hard enough predicting the outcome of one match let alone five. No matter how many teams you pick there will always be one result that lets you down.

Rule #5.
— Do not bet on sports if it affects your health. If you are a hard loser, if you have high blood pressure, a bad ticker, or just can’t let those bad beats go, then this isn’t the game for you because losing is inevitable

Rule #6.
— Pay close attention to team news. An injury to a key striker or a suspended captain can sometimes greatly swing the odds in your favour.

Rule #7.
— Choose which markets you bet on carefully. The best markets to bet on are generally the match odds and some of the goals markets. Halftime/fulltime, correct score, first goal scorer and other similar markets have a higher profit margin.

Rule #8.
— Keep records of all your bets. It is important to do this so that you know exactly how much money you are making or losing. It will help you decide on your staking plan and make it clear that you should stop if you aren’t making money in the long run.

Rule #9.
— Stick to what you know and don’t bet on leagues you haven’t been following. You can only get an edge on bookmakers if you have better knowledge than they do on a certain league

Rule #10.
— Don’t get carried away by short term trends and always be mindful of the bigger picture. If a team has won four games on the bounce then ask yourself “are they winning these games because they are a good team or is it just a lucky run?”

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Re: How To Win Bet9ja Daily, With This Commandments by Vihcahdhez(m): 8:22am On Oct 23, 2018
Re: How To Win Bet9ja Daily, With This Commandments by purplerope: 7:25pm On Oct 23, 2018
Journey to Full Time Passive Income from SPORTS BETTING

Hello Guys,

This journey is about my commitment to create a full time passive income from Sports betting.

I will post some games to bet on ones in a while here to document my journey, and to help myself to stick with my goal.

My Story & Philosophy Behind

I have been betting for about 8 years now. In the first 3 years I lost more than N50,000

You could say it was stupid of me and I have a gambling problem, but in my opinion I've learned a huge amount from my mistakes, so nothing really lost.

I gained so many skills which you can't buy for money. I "traumatized" myself to let go of the betting outcome, and always keep my head calm, and stick to my strategy, no matter how bad it goes.

I learned to let go of greediness and be happy for what I got. I learned that you never know how a game will go, it's unpredictable as a dice. You just have to go with the flow. I learned that I don't win every time, and that sports betting is much like trading stocks, and life in general. It goes a lot up and down, but if you follow your strategy and have a detailed plan for how to get to where you want to go, you will in the end get there, although some times not in the way you predicted.

The last 3 years or so my betting travel have only been profitable. It shows me that I finally learned enough to turn the numbers from negative into plus. it still goes up and down, but i try to stay on profit margin

My Betting Strategy

I use 2 strategies.

Strategy 1
I handpicked some Paid professional tipsters, which I followed for some time now. I chose the most profitable of them, and today I make all the bets they pick. All bets here are placed before a match start. The bets are mostly around football (soccer) and basketball.

NB: I also invest chunk of my profits buying quality ebooks from professional UK tipsters, that gives me insider winning secrets

Once in a while I will post these bets here in this thread, before a game starts.

Strategy 2
Second strategy is an in-play football (soccer) strategy. It's a high risk strategy, and it demands a lot of skills and experience to be profitable, so I won't go into details with this strategy here. I will only post results.

I always bet the same amount of money for each bet I make with both strategy 1 and 2.

My Goal with this Journey

At the moment I use a fairly small amount for betting. In the nearest future I will scale this up, so I am able boost my betting income, and make a living from my profits.

Wish me luck.

NB: Never you borrow money to play football betting, only stake 5percent of your betting bank no matter how sure the game is(Na Death Sure Pass)

NB: Always Bet with what you can afford to loose

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Re: How To Win Bet9ja Daily, With This Commandments by purplerope: 8:36pm On Oct 23, 2018
What does over 1.5 goals mean?

In handicap betting, if you place a bet, for example over 1.5 goals to be scored, this means that there needs to be 2 or more goals scored in the game. The 0.5 is simply to remove the draw/tie as a possibility.

The same goes for under. If you bet on under 1.5 this means that only 1 goal can be scored. If there is more than one then it is a losing bet.

The principle is the same whether it's football (goals), Darts (legs), Tennis (sets) or any other sport that these markets are offered on.

You may see your bet settled as a "H" instead of win or lose, this is because the goal/points line can change and the result is not simply win or lose but an under/over figure hence being displayed in your history as "H" regardless of result.
Re: How To Win Bet9ja Daily, With This Commandments by kenlinzo(m): 11:58pm On Oct 23, 2018
Nice job
Re: How To Win Bet9ja Daily, With This Commandments by purplerope: 12:11am On Oct 24, 2018
Guide to Football Betting

No matter what the Americans drabble on about, Football (or Soccer as they like to call it), is the biggest sport in the world. For hundreds on countries around the globe, football is their biggest sport and they all want to compete in it at the highest level. Every other sport has had to play second fiddle to football for decades now and it's not surprising with the amount of entertainment any one game can produce.

Football is also where the bookies make most of their cash. Of course, Horse racing wouldn't be too far behind in terms of the amount matched on each individual race but even horse racing doesn't come close to the amount spent betting on football. The mass amount of leagues around the globe means betting on football is always available night and day, seven days of the week.

Football Betting Guid Picking a match winner in football betting

The Win-Draw-Win market as it sometimes known is generally the more popular type of market in football as it's probably the easiest to bet on. You basically have to choose who you think will win the match in 90 minutes of play. If you think the sides are evenly matched then you can choose to bet on the match ending in a draw. This market is where the vast majority of the money goes in a game, especially when the match is available on in play betting as matches tend to have several twists and turns.

Here we have listed a few brief tips on picking a potential match winner:

Teams - Ensure you get to grips with knowing the teams you're betting on. Analyse the key players for each side, pick out the danger-men, spot both sides strong points and weaknesses.

This is a list of just some of the information you will need to take into account when choosing which side has the best chance of winning.

- Starting Line up & formation
- Missing Players (Injuries & Suspensions)
- League position
- Their recent fixture list (League & Domestic Cups)
- Their form heading into the match
- Their style of play

Form - Confidence is huge in football and you get this from winning games. If a team is winning games regularly then their confidence, not only as individuals but also as a team, will grow. Teams on a hot winning streak are very hard to oppose.

However, if a team is on a poor run of results and are struggling to put any wins together then the confidence and morale of the whole team will be at a low. This will in turn have a negative affect on their performance and teams with poor form should be avoided.

Conditions - Weather plays a big part in how a game pans out. Different weather conditions will benefit certain sides more than others, especially those who are not used to a change of scenery. Rain and heat are the main conditions that affect games. You will normally find that the advantage of weather is in Internationals or European competitions as the weather varies from country to country.

Rain adds a completely different aspect to any game. The ball won't bounce much on the surface and the overall tempo of the game will become a lot slower. Teams that are accustomed to rainy conditions will benefit from this.

Example: If England are playing at home to Brazil and the forecast is for heavy rain then England would have the advantage of having played in rainy conditions more then the Brazilians. England will react faster to the slower conditions whereas the Brazilians may take a while to adjust to the conditions.

Heat is definitely the hardest weather condition to play under. In extreme heat, teams will become tired faster and fatigue will start to kick in a lot earlier then it would under an average game temperature. You will see a lot more substitutions as the match goes on as players become very tired.

Example: If Brazil were playing England at home and the temperature was 36c then the Brazilians would be able to handle the humidity a lot better. They have more experience with playing in the hot weather whereas England might not be too familiar with the extreme heat. However, with heat, it will normally only take affect in the latter stages of a match where players become tired, exhausted and possibly dehydrated.
Re: How To Win Bet9ja Daily, With This Commandments by purplerope: 7:04am On Oct 24, 2018
What is a football accumulator bet?

A 'football accumulator' is a type of bet where a punter can pluck the courage to not only back one side to win but as many as they like. For a bet to be classed as an 'accumulator' though it needs to have at least four teams on the betting slip although you can have as many as you like, just so long as it has the minimum of four.

However, please bear in mind the likelihood of too many selections coming in and bookmakers do have a limit on how much they can pay out in any one bet.

Football accumulator tips are very popular with all walks of life's in the world of betting. In the UK, they are often used on the weekends. This is when most working-class adults get their free time and often regard a football accumulator as a 'Fun Bet' where they can cheer on half-a-dozen sides with minimal stakes. There will of course be some who use an accumulator in attempt to make a lot of money although the odds of actually winning are very slim.

This is why the bookies love punters who regularly use accumulators. Although the payouts will be high, a punter will be lucky to get a handful of successful accumulator attempts in their lifetime, leaving the bookies very happy indeed.
Re: How To Win Bet9ja Daily, With This Commandments by purplerope: 7:17am On Oct 24, 2018
How to Make Money at Online Bookmakers
Can you make money when it comes to sports betting?

There are many people that make money from sports betting, although there are also lots of people who lose money overall. Many customers treat betting as a social activity and don't mind losing a few quid as they place bets which give the potential of winning a big amount. If you are looking to bet in order to make a profit, then you need to work out a plan for how that might happen.

The first thing to do is make sure you are prepared to be disciplined. The most successful gamblers in the world are the ones that are patient and only bet on selections where they feel that the odds are too big for that particular selection. There's a concept called 'value betting' where people tend to create their own prices on a sporting event and then match them to what the bookmaker is offering.

In play betting is probably the hardest way to make money as you have little time to consider the odds and it's hard to compare the various prices with different bookmakers as the clock is ticking away. It's better to spend time looking at pre-match odds and working out a plan of action. Some people follow a staking plan where they have a gold, silver and bronze betting system according to how strongly they feel about a particular bet.

What strategies can be adopted to make money from sports betting?

The most important rule with betting is only gamble what you can afford to lose. Something else that's important to remember is that you will rarely make money from chasing your losses. One thing that's almost certain is that you will lose on some bets with the bookmakers, so it's a case of trying to work out a way whether you win more than you lose.

Of course, if you are backing 10/1 chances every time, then you only need to win on these twice out of ten in order to make a profit. Something you can do is decide on a maximum amount that you are comfortable with losing for a particular month and set that money aside from the rest of your funds. You should also decide on the sports that you feel you know most about as the bookmaker trading teams will also be knowledgeable.

A lot of successful gamblers will spend a lot of time studying the horse racing form or looking at the football league tables to try and determine bets that might stand out. For football, something that's definitely worth thinking about is looking at the lower leagues where the bookmakers don't take as much money as the Champions League. It's here where you can strike gold.

What's the best way to get an edge over the bookmaker?

The first thing to do is make sure you don't waste your betting bonus when you first open an online betting account! Many people get a betting bonus in their hands, think of the potential winnings and back a 20/1 horse that ultimately loses and they have lost it. It's worth having a good think about what your betting bonus selection will be as that could help you make a winning start and have a nice bet balance to start things off. There's nothing easier than betting with profit!

There are also some markets where the bookie has a bigger edge than others. While accumulator bets can produce a big return, we are yet to meet someone who has won by backing ten football teams in a multiple bet. Considering the draw and the opposition are runners each time, the chances of ten selections all winning is a remote one (more about football accumulator tips).

The same applies to bets like a scorecast where you pick the First Goalscorer and the Correct Score. That's a combination of two difficult markets to predict and the bookies will enjoy accepting your scorecast bets every weekend! Instead, it's worth looking at bets like Asian Handicap and Draw No Bet.

Asian Handicap betting gives the bookmaker a very low edge and it takes the draw out of the equation so you are betting on Team A to beat Team B with for example a 0.5 goal start. So they would only need to draw the match in order to make a profit. While match betting with the draw is a lot more popular, this is far riskier and the Draw No Bet market works in much the same way.

What type of bets will help me make a profit?

For football betting, it's worth checking out markets like Anytime Goalscorer, Draw No Bet and Asian Handicap betting. You can also bet on whether a team will 'Win to Nil' which often provides far better value than if a side will simply win their match. The anytime scorer market is good as it's often unpredictable as to which player will score the first goal, although if a player is in hot form, then he may find the net at some stage of the match.

As we all know, anything can happen in a football match and that's why many punters instead like to bet on Antepost markets where they can bet on a team winning a particular division or a player finishing top goalscorer for that particular league. That way, you remove the unpredictability of match-to-match betting and instead enjoy your bets for a much longer period of time.
Re: How To Win Bet9ja Daily, With This Commandments by purplerope: 6:24pm On Oct 24, 2018
Bristol VS Hull City Prediction 24/10/2018 (Bristol Win or Draw)
Re: How To Win Bet9ja Daily, With This Commandments by purplerope: 11:47pm On Oct 24, 2018
Bristol Won the match by 1 goal to Nil (1-0)

Re: How To Win Bet9ja Daily, With This Commandments by Geozion: 3:02am On Oct 25, 2018
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Re: How To Win Bet9ja Daily, With This Commandments by Xtreme147: 10:49am On Oct 25, 2018
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Re: How To Win Bet9ja Daily, With This Commandments by caddylac(m): 8:25pm On Oct 25, 2018
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Re: How To Win Bet9ja Daily, With This Commandments by Thukzee01(m): 8:08am On Oct 26, 2018
Re: How To Win Bet9ja Daily, With This Commandments by segsy85ek(m): 8:40am On Oct 26, 2018
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Re: How To Win Bet9ja Daily, With This Commandments by atlas01: 8:47am On Oct 26, 2018
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Re: How To Win Bet9ja Daily, With This Commandments by febby419(m): 12:35pm On Oct 26, 2018
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Re: How To Win Bet9ja Daily, With This Commandments by OKpaewu(m): 4:05pm On Oct 26, 2018
Re: How To Win Bet9ja Daily, With This Commandments by purplerope: 5:26pm On Nov 01, 2018

One of the fastest growing segments of sports betting is live in-game betting. Technology has made this popular, and bettors, including football bettors, are embracing it more all the time. Basically, sports books offer a wide range of props based on the outcome of the next play in a game, or the next series of plays. You can make the bet and just minutes later the action is resolved, you have your profits, and you can make another bet.

Because we are football crazy in Nigeria it’s no surprise that football is by far the most popular form of in-game betting. The range of options available is really vast. You can bet whether the next play will be a completed pass, and incomplete pass, a rush, or a turnover. You can bet on whether a team gets a first down on the current series, how much yardage they will gain, or if they will score a touchdown or field goal. You can bet whether a field goal will be successful, or what field position a team will be left with after a punt. You can even bet on the passing, rushing, or receiving yards of key players in a half or quarter. Different books offer different options depending upon how aggressive they are in the market, and books only choose certain game to over live betting in, but if it appeals to you as a football bettor then you can almost certainly find some action to make you happy.

Football is ideal for live betting because there is a pause between every play, but other sports work as well. Baseball is well suited, too – you can bet on the outcome of each at bat, for example. Basketball is also popular, and soccer and hockey are also available at times.

The important thing to remember if you are considering this type of betting is that it is very different from everything else you do. If you try to approach it in the same way as you would any other football bet it just isn’t going to work at all. Despite that, there are some very good aspects of these bets, and others that are really detrimental. Here are two pros and two cons of live betting:

Pro – Sports books don’t have much time to make odds. The less time oddsmakers have to set odds, the less likely they are to be able to set a perfect line. That’s why halftime betting can be attractive in many cases, and it’s especially true here. Oddsmakers have to set lines in an instant, so they generally rely on templated odds – using the same things they have used in the past in a given situation. There are many times, though, when that’s not accurate with what is happening in a given game. If football bettors can spot those situations then they can bet into very attractive odds.

Con – You don’t have much time, either. You have less time to make your bets than the bookmakers do in creating their odds, because you have to react after the odds are set. The very short time frames obviously make it very difficult to do any meaningful analysis right at the moment. This type of betting, then, relies more on instinct and an overall understanding of the game than others. When wagering in this manner, you also need to be able to quickly understand what things you see mean, and what the impact of them will be.

Pro – Multiple opportunities to leverage the same opinion. If you have a strong feeling that there is a mismatch in a football game – the defense just isn’t going to be able to stand up to the run, for example – then you really only have one opportunity to take advantage of that opportunity in regular betting – you can bet the team to win. With live betting, though, you can act on that opinion again and again – every time the offense has the ball and are likely to run. More significantly, if the mismatch doesn’t materialize like you expected it to then you have the ability to adjust your betting – you can stop betting on the run game, or even bet on the other side if appropriate. Done properly, this kind of sports betting can dramatically increase your ability to profit from a strong opinion gained from your handicapping.

Con – Easy to get swept up in excitement. With so many betting options available all of the time it can be very easy to make bets that you don’t have an edge in. That can be absolutely disastrous for money management – over the long term you are sure to lose if you bet without the edge. It’s very important that you have a plan when you start to make these bets, and that you stick to it. If you like the run game matchup, for example, then you should only make bets that act on that mismatch. If the bet doesn’t have anything to do with that, and if you don’t have another good reason to bet it, then you have to have the discipline to avoid making a bet. You also need to make sure that you have allocated just a specific amount of money to live betting on a particular game, and that you have the discipline to stop when it is gone. Part of the reasons sportsbooks are rushing to offer more and more live betting opportunities is because they are wildly profitbale because they get more bettors making impulsive, lousy decisions than with any other type of betting. Be a disciplined football bettor at all times or you could pay dearly.
Re: How To Win Bet9ja Daily, With This Commandments by sammychimex(m): 4:31am On Nov 02, 2018
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Re: How To Win Bet9ja Daily, With This Commandments by purplerope: 2:54pm On Nov 12, 2018
Football Betting Staking Plans

There are really two parts to a successful betting strategy. The first is to find a successful method of predicting sporting events through the principles of value betting. Without an edge, no betting system will be successful. Where a punter has achieved one, however, his second task is to plan a staking strategy in order to maximise his profits. Merely increasing the stake size or the odds on a bet with a view to securing a greater return is not, however, the safest way to achieving this goal. The downside to such a basic approach is an increase in bankruptcy risk. Instead, the punter must learn to identify, assess and mitigate the perils associated with his betting strategy through effective risk management. What this actually means in practice is a study of staking strategy and money management.

Proper money management may mean different things to different people, but common elements include:

the application of a bankroll of known size, set aside for the purposes of betting, which if lost would not be detrimental to everyday living;
the identification of a suitable staking plan;
the maximisation of returns;
the reduction and control of bankruptcy risk to acceptable levels.
There exist myriad staking plans, some with very elaborate names, including Martingale, D'Alembert, Oscar's Grind, Steady Drip, Kelly, Rolling Bank and many more. All of them in some way attempt to increase the profits a punter can win above those achievable from simple level staking. In the main they are successful, but for many, with an unacceptable increase in risk.

Broadly speaking, a staking strategy is likely to fall into one of 4 different categories:

fixed staking;
variable staking;
percentage staking; and
progressive staking.
For fixed, or level, staking, every bet placed is assigned the same stake size, regardless of the betting odds. Level staking forms the benchmark staking strategy against which all others should be compared for profitability and risk evaluation. Many punters see weaknesses with level staking and prefer to vary the size of their bets according to various criteria, including their strength and their odds. A bettor, for example, may choose to standardise the amount he wins for every successful bet. Where all the odds are the same, this will amount to level staking. Where the odds differ, the stake sizes will vary. This strategy might suitably be called the fixed profits staking plan.

Percentage (bank) staking, like level staking, standardises the size of the stake, but as a percentage of the size of the current betting bank at the time the bet is placed, rather than as a fixed number of points proportional to the initial bankroll. Kelly staking, which goes further than simple percentage bank staking by seeking to optimise the stake size according the odds and the edge the punter has estimated he has over the bookmaker, is a hybrid of percentage and fixed profits staking.

Finally, progressive staking involves increasing or decreasing the stake size after each bet, according to whether it won or lost, with a view to recovering earlier losses or enhancing gains whilst on a winning run. The Martingale and Pyramid staking plans are two examples of loss chasers. There are other, more complex staking progressions, but basically they all share a common goal.

A common misconception amongst less-experienced punters is that some staking strategies, in particular the progressive staking plans, can turn loss-making systems into profitable ones. This is impossible and represents a misunderstanding of the mathematical principles that underlie such strategies.

The problem, from a statistical perspective, is that to test any staking strategy one needs to have a reasonable number of results with which to work. To examine its exposure to risk, it is not simply good enough to analyse your own betting record, since this just represents one permutation of all possible betting histories due to the inherent randomness or noisiness in the way sporting results sequence themselves. A profitable record cannot, on its own, define the chance its underlying strategy has of failing. Similarly, an unprofitable record is not necessarily evidence of a flawed betting system, although the punter will be very tempted to give it up. To circumvent this difficulty, one must resort to a statistical analysis of the staking plan. The best way to achieve this is to simulate it using a computer model.

The most suitable staking strategy for a punter will depend extensively on his attitude to profit making and risk taking. A short-term gambler may prefer to stake large and risk more in an attempt to make a quick and sizeable profit. Conversely, a long-term fixed odds "investor" will prefer to employ more a more conservative staking strategy, where staying in the game is more important than making fast money. A punter who acknowledges and understands the uncertainties inherent in fixed odds sports betting, however, will be better able to choose a strategy best suited to his risk-reward preferences.

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Re: How To Win Bet9ja Daily, With This Commandments by purplerope: 12:54am On Nov 13, 2018
What is Over/Under 2.5 Goals betting?

If you are wondering how over/under 2.5 goals betting works, it's pretty simple. If you back a game to be over 2.5 goals then there must be 3 or more goals scored in total between the two teams in that match for your bet to win. If you back under 2.5 goals then there must be zero, 1 or 2 goals in total between the two teams in that match for your bet to win.

Check out some testimonials from some guys in my VIP who played my game for 12/11/2018

Re: How To Win Bet9ja Daily, With This Commandments by purplerope: 6:11pm On Nov 20, 2018
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Re: How To Win Bet9ja Daily, With This Commandments by Alcapa: 3:09am On Nov 21, 2018
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Bet9ja or Betking are our Bookies.

Our Community will forever Remain free.

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All outcomes must be on a single day! No Day 2 outcomes.

Admin reserves the Right to Accept or Decline Admission tickets Irrespective of the Outcome.

Our community is not based on luck, But Success Rate.

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Never bet with your Heart
Re: How To Win Bet9ja Daily, With This Commandments by purplerope: 9:40am On Nov 22, 2018
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Re: How To Win Bet9ja Daily, With This Commandments by purplerope: 11:44am On Nov 22, 2018
Play this Free Prediction on 24th November

River Plate vs Boca Juniors Betting Tips

River Plate: Draw No Bet @ 1.60
Both Teams to Score: YES @ 2.20
Re: How To Win Bet9ja Daily, With This Commandments by purplerope: 10:10am On Nov 23, 2018
What is a Double Bet Result

The double result bet isn’t anything particularly new that you will find at an online bookmaker, however, it is something which gets a little overlooked at times. Punters generally just focus on the match outright say of a football match, just predicting which side is going to win, or whether the game will play out to a draw. That is just the broadest picture of the game that you can take a look at. But of course, flat outrights on a match don’t always offer the greatest of value.

Say Manchester United are squaring up against West Brom in an FA Cup at Old Trafford. The Red Devils would naturally be the favourites to win the tie and they would, more likely than not, be an odds-on price to go and claim that victory as well. So if the Red Devils were a price of 2/5 in the match outright then it means that there’s not a lot of meat on that betting bone and if you were to stake a £10 bet on them taking the win then you would be staking high to get just a £4 profit back. So the Red Devils wouldn’t have that much appeal.

Double result bet explained
However, if you were to split that one game into two halves then you would be looking at a totally different scenario. Remember that 2/5 price on United to win, if you went to the Double Result market at William Hill for that same match, you could be looking at a much better price of 11/10 for the Red Devils to be winning at half time in the game and at a full time.

Another name for a Double Result bet is the Half Time/Full Time Wager. Note that you aren’t backing a team to win both halves, which is a totally different thing. You are selecting two outcomes in one match, namely who is leading at half time (or the game being level at the break) and who is winning at full time. So you could, for example, have a West Brom/Manchester United wager for the tie which would be backing the slightly unlikely scenario of the Baggies being ahead at the break, but Manchester United landing the victory at the final whistle after mounting a come back.

How does a double result bet work?
The wager works just the same as any other bet. You simply pick your double outcome for the match. Naturally, if you are backing the heavy favourites in a match then a Manchester United/Manchester United option would likely be the best way to go. Usually in these types of scenario the best alternative that or look at a little longer value would be to back a bit of resistance from the underdogs early on before the favourites press home their advantage after the break, in that instance you can go Draw/Manchester United which is always going to be a bigger price than the favourite being up at the break and winning the match too.

As with any type of bet, if you aren’t sure of your risk and reward, just use a bet calculator and all bookmakers from William Hill to Bet365 and beyond have them, to figure things out. The different options will return you difference odds of your Double Result bet, but it can be a great tool in shopping around for just a little bit extra value if there isn’t quite enough appeal on a side in the match outright.

The offset of that, of course, is that your risk becomes a little bit higher because you are needing two outcomes to happen as opposed to just the one. But if the stars read right and the odds fit, the Double Result bet can offer some great value for your betting.

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Re: How To Win Bet9ja Daily, With This Commandments by purplerope: 12:32pm On Nov 23, 2018
Coventry vs Peterborough 23/11/2018

Peterborough to win and match to end Under 4.5goals
Re: How To Win Bet9ja Daily, With This Commandments by purplerope: 2:22pm On Nov 23, 2018
Watford vs Liverpool ( Liverpool to win)

Re: How To Win Bet9ja Daily, With This Commandments by purplerope: 3:10pm On Nov 23, 2018
Coventry vs Peterborough ( both teams to score)

NB: You can play it as single stake

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Re: How To Win Bet9ja Daily, With This Commandments by Kaybee7000(m): 4:34pm On Nov 23, 2018
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pls only maximum STAKER

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