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Re: Medicine by marvel15(m): 11:46am On Jul 17, 2019
Sorry for the delay I got admitted into the university so I had no time to update because of the demanding lectures I attend everyday I really apologize for the delay
Re: Medicine by izaray(f): 12:30pm On Jul 17, 2019
Sorry for the delay I got admitted into the university so I had no time to update because of the demanding lectures I attend everyday I really apologize for the delay
Congratulations bro
Re: Medicine by Ann2012(f): 12:41pm On Jul 17, 2019
Sorry for the delay I got admitted into the university so I had no time to update because of the demanding lectures I attend everyday I really apologize for the delay

Congratulations dear
Re: Medicine by skubido(m): 10:54pm On Jul 17, 2019
Sorry for the delay I got admitted into the university so I had no time to update because of the demanding lectures I attend everyday I really apologize for the delay

Congratulobia man

Face ur book no look woman ooooo, lolzzzz

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Re: Medicine by francium001(m): 8:34pm On Jul 20, 2019
Sorry for the delay I got admitted into the university so I had no time to update because of the demanding lectures I attend everyday I really apologize for the delay
Congrats man
Re: Medicine by marvel15(m): 12:19pm On Jul 21, 2019

Congratulobia man

Face ur book no look woman ooooo, lolzzzz
LoL thanks so much my guy
Re: Medicine by marvel15(m): 12:20pm On Jul 21, 2019
I really appreciate every one for the understanding I will make it up to you guys today since today is Sunday
Re: Medicine by marvel15(m): 10:22pm On Jul 24, 2019
he finally got an apartment for both of them but he made sure there were hidden CCTV cameras in strategic position and it was hidden from anyone there was a lot security measures he took he had spent a lot of money to set the house in order and he was very pleased
the man showed them where all the cameras are and told them how he the whole thing works and how to maintain them he made sure he had called Michelle and told her in advance and she was very pleased he went outside and started unloading their stuffs from the car and arranged them in the wardrobe
he picked up his phone and dialed Michelle number

she was very happy and excited as she sat in her office and was thinking about how he was going to execute her plan it was the perfect plan but she sincerely hoped it would turn out well she picked up her phone and dialed a number it rang a few times before the person picked it

"Chief !! how Are you doing today?"

"what do you want from me Michelle ?"

"come on chief even if you are not happy to hear my voice you should at least show me some respect if you don't want me to get angry and if I do you know the consequences of that "
he heaved a sigh and

"okay what exactly do you want from me?"

"am not even sure what I even want"

"alright name your Price in exchange for the tape "

"I knew it that's why you sent assassins to murder me but that would have been the most costly mistake you will ever make because I told them that if in case I die they should release the tape on air "

"I thought as much but I still had to do my best "

"you trying to kill me gives me more reason and evidence to bring you down"

"what exactly do you want?"

"i want two things number is resign from your post and don't run for the governorship election and number two go on air and confess all your crimes then I will forget everything that ever transpired between us "

"you know quite well that is impossible "

"then you leave me no choice but to expose all your crimes"

"go ahead and expose it and your image will also be ruined once the video tape is exposed you will lose your dignity as a lady and they will brand you shameless"

"do you think am afraid of that not at all as long as I can bring you down then I don't care what others say "

"alright no prob let's see how far you can go "
he ended the call she couldn't believe her ears he was actually right will I destroy my image because of a worthless man like him she was confused on what to do when Micheal call came on she answered the call

"hello my love "

"hello when are you leaving work ?"

"i will be leaving soon "

"alright I have already set everything in motion in our new apartment so make sure you go anywhere else and come straight home "

"of course my love "

"alright i will be expecting you "he hanged up immediately

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Re: Medicine by marvel15(m): 7:38am On Jul 25, 2019
good morning everyone wish you a great day ahead
Re: Medicine by Ann2012(f): 9:45am On Jul 25, 2019
Thanks for the update

Michelle and Michael better be careful

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Re: Medicine by izaray(f): 10:33am On Jul 25, 2019
Well done
Re: Medicine by francium001(m): 8:35pm On Jul 28, 2019
Thanks for the update
Re: Medicine by marvel15(m): 3:53pm On Jul 30, 2019
he looked through the window of their new apartment and saw her drive into the compound he smiled and quickly removed the apron he was wearing he just finished cooking lunch she definitely right on time he waited in the sitting room until she came in

"welcome my love "

"am starving dear "

"I have prepared something for you already"

"hmm that's so sweet of you my love "

"let's go to the dinner room "
she quickly removed her shoe and walked barefooted on the tiled floor to the dinner room he watched as he served her a plate of rice and plantain with chicken she was already drooling on seeing the food she quickly picked up her spoon and dived it into the rice and began to eat Michael sat opposite her and watched as she was rushing the food

"take it easy my queen Don't rush yourself eat slowly "
he poured her a cup of lemonade juice which was favorite

"aren't you eating?"

"am okay "
some minutes later she finished the food and drank a cup full of juice she rested back and gave a loud belch
she forgot Michael was sitting opposite him

"am so sorry Michael I forgot you are here "

"I guess you are really hungry you even forgot am here but it's okay "

"you need to rest after all that food "

"yes of course " they both went into the sitting room and she switched on the television and tuned it to zee world her favorite series was been shown she relaxed on the chair

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Re: Medicine by izaray(f): 4:46pm On Jul 30, 2019
Well done
Re: Medicine by marvel15(m): 9:01pm On Aug 02, 2019
he sat in his office and was waiting eagerly to hear reports from the boys he had sent to keep looking for the tape he made them give him a daily report of the search even though he knew what the results might be but he still kept looking he was still waiting for their reports that day when his phone began to ring
he quickly picked the call

"hello any changes today "

"not really sir but we actually got a clue as to why the tape might be "

"are you been serious now?"

"yes sir we got a clue that the tape might be in the bank "

"in the bank ! that girl is really clever such an important documents will really be very difficult to get "

"and we also saw that the tape can only be taken out only with the permission of the person who owns it and the person must be their in person "

"she is really clever i will give her that "

"and also sir we we also found out that in case anything happens to her possibly death or she goes missing the tape should be released to the media "

"what! "

"sir I knew something was off when she was so confident despite the threat "

"okay thanks for the information be on her tail and report to me any changes you see"

"alright sir"
he hanged up and put the phone on his table at this point he was really confused of what he would do now
his phone began to ring and he Wondered who was calling again it was Michelle

"hello what do you want from me ?"

"easy chief we may not be on good terms but we are not strangers "

"what do you want from me ?"

"it's simple chief get those men you put on my tail off or else "

"or else what?"

"if you refuse to remove them by tomorrow you will receive from me a small gift I sincerely hope you will like it "
without giving him a chance to reply she hanged up
he almost smashed the phone on the ground out of fury this girl is really testing my patience he quickly calmed himself down with a bottle of whiskey ..... TBC


Re: Medicine by Ann2012(f): 10:10pm On Aug 02, 2019
Thanks for the update
Re: Medicine by francium001(m): 2:53am On Aug 03, 2019
thanks for the update, keep It up
Re: Medicine by izaray(f): 10:02am On Aug 03, 2019
Michelle you get mind sha
Re: Medicine by marvel15(m): 9:23pm On Sep 11, 2019
guys am back it's holiday time
Re: Medicine by marvel15(m): 9:38am On Sep 12, 2019
she needed to find a way on how to get evidence against the chief so that she could nail him down she wasn't sure of the best way to do so then an idea stuck her mind chief weak point is a woman no matter how he couldn't resist a beautiful and sexy woman that was his weak point but how was she going to get someone who would not betray her and do what she needed to do with utmost importance
she sat down and looked around the room trying to think of a way out but it was pretty difficult
she picked up her phone and dialed one of friends number her name was Linda she met her during her service and they became good friends afterwards she picked up on the second ring

"hello Linda "

"hello Michelle what a surprise call from you it's been a while "

"yeah am sorry i didn't call you am sorry "

"it's okay but to what do I owe this call I know there is definitely a reason for your call so tell me "

"please I need you to help me find a very trustworthy girl who can keep secrets "

"what do you need that for ?"

"I will tell you later help me find the person and send her over to my office it's very important and urgent and no one must know about this it's a top secret "

"alright I will do as you say and call you back later "

"thanks babe " she quickly hanged up and continued drafting how she was going to Carry out the whole plan she felt satisfied

she got home later that day Michael was not inside the house she wondered where he went to that he was not back by this time of the day she quickly went into the kitchen and began to prepare dinner she heard her phone ring she quickly went to pick it was her friend Linda calling

"hello Linda what's up?"

"hello Michelle I found a girl her name is Helen hope you like her I will send her over to your office tomorrow you guys can discuss whatever you want to discuss "

"alright thanks so much for this Linda I will never forget this "

"don't mention babe "

she hanged up dropped the phone on the table and continued cooking suddenly she heard footsteps in the sitting room she quickly dropped what she was doing and tiptoed gently to the door she saw no one she came out and saw no one then suddenly someone came out from nowhere she screamed at the top of her voice only to Michael standing before her and laughing

"what the hell is the meaning of that ? you scared the hell out of me "

"am sorry babe I didn't mean to "

"you should just thank your stars I wasn't holding any dangerous weapon it would have been a different story entirely "

"am sorry my dear so what are you cooking "

"am cooking dinner"

"I know I meant which food "

"poundo yam with egusi soup "

"that's nice let me go freshen up I will come and join you in the kitchen"
she disappeared into the bedroom while she went back into the kitchen


Re: Medicine by divinelypruned(f): 9:49am On Sep 12, 2019
Hmmm This your story don't become pick and drop
Nice update
Re: Medicine by skubido(m): 9:50am On Sep 12, 2019
Tanks for the update
Re: Medicine by izaray(f): 10:25am On Sep 12, 2019
Welcome back
Re: Medicine by dalass(f): 8:14am On Sep 14, 2019
Mark15 kudos.
I was on on the new story you're about writing when you mentioned this one 'Medicine' , that you would complete this..
So quickly finish this one o.... grin
Best....more ink to your pen smiley
Re: Medicine by duruZed(m): 11:30am On Sep 14, 2019
Thanks for the update, but try and finish up the story it has really taken long.
Re: Medicine by marvel15(m): 7:20am On Sep 27, 2019
thanks brother of course I will finish
Re: Medicine by marvel15(m): 10:18pm On Sep 28, 2019
she sat in her office going through some paperwork when she heard a knock on the door

"please come in "

she looked up expecting to see one of her staffs but she saw an unfamiliar face she dropped her pen and looked at her as she removed her specks and greeted

"good afternoon "

"good afternoon please what can I do for you?"

"am looking for one miss Michelle I was told to see her "

"from where exactly?"

"from miss Linda "

"ohh Linda is my good friend please have your seat "
the girl sat down comfortably and looked around the room she was like a scanner

"so what do I offer you tea or coffee?"

"never mind am quite okay I was told you needed a lady who is trustworthy and who knows how to bridle his or her tongue "

"what kind of secret is that ?"

"it's a top secret I will tell you in the cause of our discussion "


"let me give you a brief recap on what you would do and it's a difficult job I hope you will be able to do it first is that i have a fiancee and I love him very much I can trade my life for him he is very important to me it happened that he got into a serious debt that ruined his company and the man has come to collect his money which is given so I went to visit him and tried to explain how the situation is but he rejected and threatened to send him to prison note he will definitely pay his money back so he came to me and made advances at me hope you understand what am saying "

she nodded her head to assure her that she understood what she was saying

"he said that if I accepted his proposal he will forget about the money so reluctantly I agreed but I had a plan to video him with me in the act and threaten him with the video but unfortunately it didn't work out so an Idea struck my mind his weakness is girls if I can manage to plant you there you can get vital documents of his embezzlement in office and that would be the icing on the cake so what do you think can you do that kind of job ?"

"that's a pretty difficult mission you are giving me and it involves me sacrificing my body and what if I get pregnant in the process "

"oh come on you are smarter than that you should know what to do"

"of course but I must say it's very dangerous and if am caught that will be the end of me "

"can you do it or not ?"
she adjusted her self on the chair and began to think very carefully

"how much are we talking about?"

"five million naira I will give you 2.5 million upfront if you agree to do the job and the remaining balance once the job is completed "
that's a lot of money she could never have imagined she would touch that kind of money in her life

"okay I will do it "

"good remember you must report to me your daily findings "

"of course "

"and remember if anybody asks you don't tell them I have not told Linda but I will tell her so wait till I tell her she might be the one you will reach out to if you needed help urgently or if you can't get through to me "

"okay and we will have to how we can get you to penetrate into his life we have to do some investigations and see if we can get any clues as to what to do "

"okay no prob " she opened her drawer and brought out a sheet it was the drafted contract she took a pen and placed it on it

"I don't think this is necessary "

"it is for proof that we agreed something I don't do business with someone without this "

"okay" she took the pen and signed it she took the sheet and put back into her drawer

she stood up as she was ready to go and they both shook hands ... TBC


Re: Medicine by Akinwale14(m): 8:29pm On Sep 30, 2019
Nice Story
Re: Medicine by marvel15(m): 2:19pm On Feb 05, 2020
am back ohhh
Re: Medicine by YINKS89(m): 3:01pm On Feb 05, 2020
Welcome back

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Re: Medicine by flow1759: 3:42pm On Feb 05, 2020
Help me out on this one, I need ur votes. I am a writer here flow1759
Pls vote for me in the BCE entrepreneurship show. Click the link below and vote for Profile 077

Profile 077. Pls vote only once

God bless you.
Re: Medicine by francium001(m): 8:55pm On Feb 06, 2020
am back ohhh
welcome back

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