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Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by kingokoh(m): 12:18am On Feb 02
Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by kingokoh(m): 12:07pm On Feb 02
Do you guys want another story
Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by LightQueen(f): 12:54pm On Feb 02
You killed Mark at last cry
Nice story, pls another one
Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by Arhyohme(m): 2:27pm On Feb 02
Yes na...

After killing our STAR BOY
Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by Ann2012(f): 2:45pm On Feb 02
You did great, but Mark's death hurts cry
Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by kingokoh(m): 3:19pm On Feb 02
My name is Michael Okoye, the only son of Mr Okoye, not to brag but my father is wealthy, into Oil and gas, he have a tank farm with lots of filling station, but I hardly introduce myself as his son, since it always bring me at limelight, so its only my friend Obinna that knows the real me.
Am currently going to meet my father and am running late, I always come late, I came a week late into this world, late on my entrance exam, late for my mother's funeral, late for my father's wedding, people thought its because I wasn't in support of the wedding, I like my father new wife, she is cool, am late cause lateness is in my DNA. But non of it bothered me, until I came late in the life of the love of my life, and that's my worst kind of late.
Her name is Isabelle Ezeh, in the same class with me, both SS 2 student, she shines the brightest, I first saw her in SS 1 and I have been in love with her ever since, I know you will be asking why haven't I told her, well like I said I was late, she is dating my friend, Obinna.
That SS 1 when school resumed, I didn't come to school for 1 month, yea am not a huge fan of school, Obinna will always come to my house to tell me about the new girl and how he is crushing on her, I even gave him ways to approach the girl, I never knew I was pushing my best friend to go meet my love. So when I came to school and saw her, my world change, I wanted to hate Obinna when I knew she was the girl and they are now dating, but that will be childish of me, so I decided to watch from the sideline as my best friend bask in the warmth of my love, and for me it became LOVE FROM AFAR.
"You are late" my father barked as I entered the office, I sighed, like I said its in my DNA. I really don't know why am always late, I don't work much, am rich though people at my school don't know, our school is filled with rich kids, am among the top 3 but they don't know cause am hardly seen with my dad.

My dad just called me to catch up with me, yea he always does that, and also making the business familiar with me, am not complaining since I plan to take over, he agreed not to mingle with my life so I will have a decent life, that's why most people don't know me.
"How was school today" he asked, and Isabelle face came to mind and I smiled
"It was cool" I said and he nod
"Hand me that document" he said pointing at the one on top shelf and I did
"what of Obinna" he asked
"Fine"I replied, we talked about random things, and even business, the challenges and how to tackle them, my dad is rich but always make out time for his family I really admire that, I wish to be like, I hope I will, but when I looked at how messed up my life is and the things I have done, it seems impossible.
Am in the school cafeteria, we always come here for lunch, some student eats in the class, or anywhere they find suitable, am currently with Obinna and my other friends, Peter, Emeka and Omeh, they are talking about football, am always the quiet one among them.
I raised my head as I heard peter whistle, I saw Isabelle walking towards us, she is like those fairytale princess, that have a magical light above them whenever they walk in, she have this eternal glow, everything is in slow motion whenever she pass. She is light skinned and I have always been a sucker for dark skin until I saw her.
She have a smile on her face, its heart breaking when I know its not for me, am like a child waiting for the star to fall for him.
"Hello gorgeous" Obinna said to her as she sat beside him, and she giggled, how I love that giggle, it always wakes me up
"I have something to do" I said as I stood up to leave, I can't stay and watch, its not good for my poor heart
"Alright man, catch up later" Obinna said, without really looking my way, and neither was Isabelle, the only thing we have said was 'Hello' and that was when Obinna introduced us.


Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by kingokoh(m): 3:19pm On Feb 02
You killed Mark at last cry

Nice story, pls another one

Sorry I killed him but he died happy
Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by kingokoh(m): 3:20pm On Feb 02
Yes na...

After killing our STAR BOY

Sorry for killing him, lolz

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Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by kingokoh(m): 3:20pm On Feb 02
You did great, but Mark's death hurts cry

He died happy
Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by Ann2012(f): 3:23pm On Feb 02
I hope this one will also be interesting
Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by kingokoh(m): 7:59am On Feb 04
I don't blame her for anything, am the one at fault, the day Obinna introduced us, I just gave her a simple hello and she returned the gesture, and I walked away, I always do that whenever she is around like a coward I always walk away.
I kept walking mindless of where I was going, I was just walking slowly faced down, am thinking of her innocent face, those eyes that have an endless depth, she is that type of girl that outshines all without trying, she is too good for a damaged someone like me.
The distance from cafeteria to our class isn't far though the school is big, but with the pace am walking it will take forever, I don't mind am not a huge fan of school, so they can start teaching without me
"Lesson have started" I heard that same sweet voice that awakens the fire in me, I looked up to stare at those hypnotising brown eyes, it took me a few seconds to gather myself
"So" I said, damn that came out rude, I never wanted to be rude
"I was just trying to help" She said sadly and turned to leave
"Are you not outside the class too" I said another rude word, damn I always imagine talking with her, but in my imagination am also lovey dovey with her not this rude
"What is your problem" she asked, with a tender look, she is the only one that can ask you such question with a tenderness.
"Nothing" I said calmly so I won't appear rude again
"For as long as I can remember, you always walk away whenever I came to hang around with Obinna" she said and my heart felt a pang. I didn't answer for I have no simple answer to that.
"You hate me" She said, it wasn't a question it was a statement, She turned and walked to class.
I wanted to call her back and tell her she means the world to me, who can hate her she is the Angel I see, I wanted to scream on top my voice that I love her, but I didn't I was just stuck with my lips sealed, Why am I always late.

I have been beating myself up for the conversation I had with Isabelle, I hardly pay attention in class but today was worse, when I came inside the class she looked at me, with sadness and I nearly ran out from class, after our conversation her normal happy mood was now gloomy.
Am now running back to school, I forgot the principal asked me to come see him after school, so I was half way home when I remembered, in my defence my mind was too occupied with Isabelle so I forget, and not to forget, am a habitual late comer, and damn that principal is scary
"Am sorry am late" I said immediately came inside his office, he just gave me a glare, I guess they are all use to my lateness
"I called to tell you about you grade" he said, and I inhaled sharply, that can't be good
"Whats wrong sir" I asked, already knowing where the conversation is heading
"Its bad, and if you don't improve you won't get promoted" he said shaking his head, my dad will kill me if it happens
"What can I do sir" I asked, I use to be a good student till my mom died, a lot happened after her death, I went astray
"I already asked a student to help tutor you" He said, really, I don't like the idea but if that helps
"Who is that sir" I asked, I hope is someone with a calm personality
"well if you were earlier, you would've seen her, she waited over an hour and you came late as always" He said the last statement with closed teeth showing his anger
"Am sorry sir" I said, well since she waited an hour that shows she is a patient girl, I hope she is not all those clingy girls
"Its Isabelle Ezeh" he said and my eye widened, and again lateness got the best of me.

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Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by kingokoh(m): 1:29pm On Feb 04
Am shocked beyond doubt when I heard it was Isabelle, I don't know whether to be sad or happy "She agreed to tutor me" I asked just to be sure
"Not really, she don't know who she is going to be tutoring" He said while he arranged the books on his desk "knowing you are a dimwit she might refuse, so I just wanted her to meet you first, but you didn't come on time" he said in a passive tone
Dimwit, seriously, I know he is not far from the truth but that hurts "Ok sir, I will see her tomorrow morning, thanks for the help" I said and left.
I start going home slowly, its already 6pm or so, am really getting hungry but am not in a rush, so I took my time, it doesn't matter if am late for dinner, I was deep in thought when I heard a voice that sound so familiar, it was Isabelle voice she was screaming
"Help" I heard her scream, It was coming from the corner so I took on my heels and ran towards the scream, I hope this hoodlums are not disturbing her
I can see them, it was two guys really close to her, they are trying to rape her but they first want to play around, like savouring their food, I got close enough and saw she is fine, non of her cloth is torn she is not harmed in anyway its just these two bastard disturbing her.
Realisation hit me, and my eye widened, for the very first time in my life, am on time, not late, I Michael Okoye is on time, with that I screamed on top of my voice
"YES" I screamed and that got their attention, now thugs you guys are about to go down.

When they looked at me, they gave me an disgusting look, gave them a glance then look at Isabelle, she have tears on her eyes, who on earth will have mind to harm such an innocent girl, that boiled me to the core, I really want to rip them apart
"Hey school boy, scram" One of them said, yea am still in my uniform, and so is she
"Yeah, sure, but only with my classmate" I said calmly, hoping it will solve the problem
"Are you blind, don't you see she is ours" the other said, and I can already picture myself knocking out his brown teeth, but I don't want to show that side of me to Isabelle
"Please sir" I begged with close teeth, they are trying my patient, they left Isabelle behind and walked towards me, they are prepared to beat the crap out of me
"Is she your girlfriend" one asked, I smiled inwardly I wish I so wish
"What does it matter to you" I asked and now they are in front of me, I can see Isabelle concerned eyes, no need to worry I got this I said to myself
"I guess it doesn't matter if we have her in front of you, you can join us" one said and they both laughed, they are disgusting pigs, but since they are thug then they its easier to leave without a fight, so I tried not to loss my calm, I really want to appear gentle in front of Isabelle
"I forgot to introduce myself" I said with a mischievous smile, I hardly introduce myself as Okoye in such situation, cause thugs don't know it, so I have another side of me that thugs know and fear, "AM STONE" I said, and the fear in their eyes was worth it, I said loud enough only for them to hear and not Isabelle, if possible I don't ever want her knowing this side of me
"Just run along" I said as they tried apologizing, they scurried away, am with only Isabelle now, non willing to talk, we just stood there, and am wandering what she is doing here at this time of the day.
"Thank you" She finally said, the happiness that surge through can only be described as euphoria.


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Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by Twenty47(m): 11:16pm On Feb 04
Wow... Nice work OP
Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by Twenty47(m): 11:18pm On Feb 04
Following you back to back..
Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by kingokoh(m): 11:49am On Feb 05
When I got home, everybody noticed my mood change, maybe because I kept singing love song
"uncu, you hapi" My 2 year old step sister said, wow even she noticed, I just gave her a nod and a smile, she just passed baby language so its difficult to understand her and communicate with her
"Cari me" she said spreading her arms and I did
"You see even Amanda noticed" My step mom said as she walked in on us and I just smiled
"Am always happy, I was even nicknamed Mike Happy" I said, yea, that was when mom was alive.
"I know, but today is different" She said, giving me that eyes, mothers give children, that type that makes you start confessing, so I just walked away with my baby sister, I head laughing
"Its a girl" She said, from behind me, damn is it that obvious. The night was cool I kept thinking of Isabelle, well its nothing new, the new thing is the hope I have, I can get to know her and be close to her, even with Obinna as her boyfriend am still filled with hope.
I came to school early today, the whole school was surprised, I just want to see Isabelle walk in, but all my hopes was crushed when I saw her walked in with Obinna, though not holding hands or anything like that but am reminded once again, that she belongs to another, and am just, just a dimwit.
The whole day was a blur, I went back to my shell, well this time I didn't leave when she came to hang out with Obinna, though I didn't engage in their conversation like Peter, Omeh and Emeka, it was after lunch that she spoke to me
"Hi" she said,
"hello" I replied
"I will always tutor an hour after school" she said, with her hands intertwined together, I noticed she is a bit tensed while talking to me, maybe she just want to end the conversation quickly.
"Ok" I said, she didn't bother looking at me throughout this conversation, am I that hideous, "Excuse me" I said and left, no need prolonging the torture.

I left immediately after school, knowing fully well she is waiting for me, I just don't have the courage to face her, it heart wrecking being next to her, but am not a douche so I waited beside the school, then walked her home, though unseen, I just want to make sure she returned safely, she looked sad.
The night was a blur, I lacked the energy for anything, even when Rogue called for the normal gathering, I turned him down, if it was another member he would be mad, but am no ordinary member so I have my privileges. I came late today, I guess am back to my old self, I didn't bother having eye contact with her. Am such a wuss, I hate myself
"You stood me up" I heard Isabelle voice, am currently, in an empty class, its lunch, I didn't go to the cafeteria cause I can't face her
"Am sorry" I said looking up at her, she is angry its visible in her eyes so I cowered, "Here take this" I said giving the minced pie I was about to eat now,
"I guess this will do" She said and took it the sat beside me, the closeness makes my heart pounds faster
"Do I irritate you" she asked after eating the pie, wow she is a great eater
"No" I answered, it normal for her to think that
"Then why do you avoid me" she asked gently
"I don't and to prove it I will always stick to you that you will be tired of me" I said in a cheesy tone and am also lying.
She laughed, and it was far better than any music "Just come for today's tutor, that's enough for now" She said and the bell rang, that means lesson is about to start so she stood up to leave "Thanks for the pie" she said and left
"yea, now I will go hungry, all we do for love" I muttered to myself, then stood up and followed her

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Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by kingokoh(m): 11:56am On Feb 05
My Bodyguard
part 34
We are at home and I can sense he is still tense from the bush bar incident,
"You throw nice punch" I said trying to lighened the mood, he giggles
"One tends to get better with something he do regularly" he said and turned to me.
"So you are a fighter" I already know that, he nodded
"My parents died, in motor accident, I was 20 then, I just entered the university" he said sadly and I pitied him, so I squeeze his hands to show my support, and he continues "my dad was a taxi driver, they died in the car and it was the only asset he had, so after the car crash and death, me and dimma was left with nothing" he said and closed his eyes, I think he is remembering the time
"You can stop, if you want" I told him, since the memory is making him sad, he shook his head
"I quit school to train, dimma, my dad have no relative, then the only relative my mom have is the Aunty dimma is staying with, she helped but her husband wasn't bouyant enough, so I started taking care of dimma" he said, am now crying by now,
"To train my sister, I did some bad jobs, like sell weed, buy stolen phones and sell it higher" he shook his head "but I never actually stole anything myself, I did all this for my sister welfare, am not greedy, am not really ambitious too, I just want my sister to have a better life" he said, I now understand him more, he is a guy that can do anything for people he love, but still put limits. "I stopped all those job as I got this bodyguard job, so I got strong and became a good fighter because all my formal job is about being strong" he said with a weak smile.
"Why telling me all this" I asked cause its out of the blues
"So you will know me more, and not feel bad if you learn about me from someone else" he said, its heartwarming that he cares so much.
"Teach me how to fight" I said, since he is a good fighter, I his kitty will also be one.

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Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by kingokoh(m): 2:10pm On Feb 07
Part 10
"It seems your brain is empty" She said, she have been trying to teach me quadratic equation since we dismiss and it have not been a success, in my defence am so hungry my brain is failing me
"Not really my brain, but my stomach" I finally said and she gasped
"Didn't you have lunch" She asked and I shook my head "so I ate your lunch" she said and I looked at her
"It was worth your forgiveness"I said, she just smiled
"come its enough for today, lets go get you something" she said and stood up to leave, I immediately followed her after putting my books in the bag
"I thought you hate me" she said as sadness cross her features
"Hate you?, that's never possible" I said truthfully and she smiled showing me those white teeth and I smiled back.
We are currently walking to the fast food located near our school, to eat, am really hungry, still it didn't help me forget the beauty beside me, I can feel the eyes on me, yeah she is he type of girl that have this light when she walks by. Everything about her is inviting, her smile, her laughter
"Ouch" I said, I was busy fantasizing about her, I didn't know when I hit the glass door
"Are you alright" she voiced her concern
"yea, am fine" I said shaking my head, how embarrassing, she just smiled and entered inside, and I followed. The main thing about falling in love is you don't stop falling, its like a bottomless pit and you keep finding new things to love, its either the way she walks or the kindness she shows, just every little detail
"Come on, Mike, are you not hungry" she said and I quickened my step to get the food.

The food was fun, she also ate with me I swear that girl have an appetite, but its cute am not complaining, that shows she is real
"Do you have a girlfriend" She asked as we both walk home
"No" I answered truthfully
"Why?" she asked and I just shrugged, well cause the girl I love is with my best friend "You are handsome, lets not say smart" I laughed she is really one of a kind "in all you have the quality any girl would die for" she said
"Any girl" I said, already cooking up way to tease her
"yeah any girl" she repeated, I stood so did she, and I crouched down to meet her eyes
"Does that include you" I said, as her cheek changed to a shade of red, our eyes where locked at each other for a second that felt like eternity, I wanted to tease her, so why is my heart also reacting
"I have a boyfriend" She whispered and that single truth broke my heart, I hid it with a smile
"I know silly" I said as I stood properly and continued walking
"Why did you start school a month late" She asked and I froze, I have been asking myself that same question but only come to one answer
"Cause lateness is my gene" I said, as I looked up at the sky, I wish I can turn the hands of time, I will be early this time
"A lot would have been different if you came on time" She said, I don't know if she meant my academical performance or something else
"Yes" I answered, I don't know what she meant but my answer was directed to our relationship status. If I was early, I wouldn't have been a stranger, I would have been her lover.
The rest of the walk was silent, since I have nothing to say, I do have but I don't want to be in an awkward situation with her. I will nurture our friendship, if that's only what I get I will value it.
"Am going this way" She said as we reach the junction we separate
"Goodbye then" I said as she went off with a wave
"Tomorrow will be better" she said with a smile when she is few step away and I smile
"I hope so" I muttered to myself.

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Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by kingokoh(m): 2:10pm On Feb 07
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Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by kingokoh(m): 2:33pm On Feb 07
Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by Arhyohme(m): 3:58pm On Feb 07
Real King!

Following back to back
Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by kingokoh(m): 8:49pm On Feb 07
Part 12
I received a call from Rogue, something came up with the crew, so I had to go see them, Rogue helped me a lot, he made me the man I am, he turned me to STONE.
"Finally you arrived" Rogue said as he saw me approach, he is way older than I am, though am taller but he is more muscular, fair with tattoo, he is a scary guy, but such doesn't scare me anymore
"So whats up" I asked calmly, with my hands inside my pocket, I have always have calm appearance
"Nothing much, just a debtor that refuse to pay" Jude said, he is also older and Rogues colleagues. Money is not the issue but not paying is a challenge to Rogue and leaving such unpunished shows weakness
"So we came here to give him his punishment" Kevin said, he is always been on the violent side. I just nodded, I really don't see why am needed, he could have called someone else, well since am already here let me stay till the end
After 30 mins of waiting, the guy finally come with 3 other guys,they look fierce, now I know why he called me, time to get serious and put on my stone face, remembering Isabelle now makes me feel guilty, what will she think of me if she find out who I really am.
"So have you come to pay up" Rogue said to the four new comers, with sly smile, he is not afraid that this will end up in fight, non of us are afraid, we are ready for it.
"Yes, in full" He said as he pulled out the gun, every time such thing happens I asked myself, How did I sunk so low?
"Seriously, pistol" Jude said and barked a laugh, I still remain calm, I gave Kevin a side glance and he is already vibrating not with fear but anger, that was when I saw frank pointing a gun at the rival, Rogue knew this would happen so he made Frank hid, and to take the shot, the rival is oblivious of this. This is going to be bloody, I close my eyes as I heard the gunshot.

Part 13
The bullet hits the guys hand and he dropped the gun screaming, the guy beside him try to take the gun, but Kevin gave him a spartan kick and he tumbled back, I took the chance to punch the one charging towards me, then Rogue took the gun and points at the last guy
"Cool man, it was our mistake" The guy behind them said, raising his both arms, such doesn't move us
"Stone, make them pay" Rogue said, meaning I should show them not to mess with us, so I removed my shirt, and balled my hand in a fist, time to have some fun, I smiled
After some minutes of punching them, Kevin joined too, there is no way he would let me have all the fun, now my knuckles are red and swollen, their faces are far worse
"We are sorry, we would never cross your path again" One of them pleads with his bloody face
"I think they had enough" Rogue said, I already stopped, but Kevin is a psychopath, he stopped anyway, cause we dare not go against Rogue "Take your friend and scurry away" He said and the guys took their friend, whose hand is still bleeding from the bullet.
"That ought to show them" Frank said coming out from his position, he is a very good marksman, and our best asset.
"Lets have some fun" Rogue said, normally I won't decline but am not in the mood
"Its getting late, my dad needs me at home" I lied, my dad actually travelled and my step mom went to stay with her family for 2 days she left today with my baby sister, so am free to come back anytime.
"Alright Stone" He said I turned to leave, the guys have start sipping their alcohol, soon girls will arrive, I do the alcohol and also girls, but I stop girls when I met Isabelle, but still take the alcohol.
"Don't be a stranger" Kevin shouted as I exist the building. I have always been a stranger, I just use the gang to release pent up anger, I walked home slowly as I used my phone to listen to the radio.

Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by iamgprince(m): 4:10am On Feb 08
Following this story bumper to bumper
Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by Twenty47(m): 5:29am On Feb 08
Thanks for the update Op
Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by kingokoh(m): 8:52am On Feb 08
I felt sad as I remember 3 years ago when I joined the gang, I was barely 14, I was being cornered by street boys, trying to steal my phone, I could buy another one but it hurts my pride to have my phone stolen, so I held on.
After getting beating, but I still held on, that's was when Rogue came to my rescue, just at the mention of his name the boys ran away I admired that
"I like your courage boy" He said as he light his smoke, I was at the age when things like that felt cool, my dad is not married yet, its been 5 years my mom died so am sort of with no guidance, though he is about to Marry, the wedding have been set
"Can I say my name am make people fear" I asked, I always believe that is the peak of a man
He laughed and shrugged "Sure, if you follow me" He said, to me that moment he became the second strongest man in my life, dad is the first.
To cut the story short I joined the gang, I always indulge in their crime, I have seen them kill, I was petrified the first time but I got use to it, luckily I still haven't stained my hands. I did went on a bloody path when I met Isabelle and found out she is already Obinna's girl, am still on blood path, when ever we have such case I will fight till their bones are crushed but today something felt different, Maybe its cause I thought how disappointed Isabelle will look once she see me.
I love that girl, she makes me crazy, but regardless of her being with Obinna, am a bad influence, she would never look at me twice if she knows the real me, Obinna knows am a gangsta, he once saw me in a fight, but he kept my secret ever since.
"You can call to pass message to your love one" the radio presenter said, I always listen to this show, its called soul talk, where lovers call and send love message to the one they love, its starts at 11pm.
Am now home lying in my room and lying on the bed, as I listen to countless callers calling to send their message across.

You can say your name and location if you want, its not compulsory, after much thought decided to make the call, it didn't connect at first but on second try it did
"Hello" a very sweet seductive voice said, that's the radio presenter, but not have as sweet as Isabelle
"Hi" I said
"So who would you like to send your heart message to" She asked in seductive tone, I think that's the reason why more guys call than girls, she is really good
"Well I can't say the name, neither can I say mine, its just a Love from afar" I said, its this really a good thing, well I need it out there
"Ok you can go ahead" She said, and I nodded though she isn't seeing me
So I brought out the poem I have written for her, I wrote it since that's all I could do, have always carried it in my wallet, its Titled Love from Afar, to Isabelle Ezeh.
"She is a student, we attend the same school, City group of school" I said, yea I dare to say the name, I doubt any student will be listening, and beside I didn't say my name
"Ok, who is she to you" She asked
"To me, she is everything, but to her am just a classmate" I said sadly
"why not tell her how you feel" She said, this time her voice is less seductive
"Cause she belongs to another and am sort of a bad influence"
Ok, send her your heart message, I hope she gets it" she said and I nodded again as I start to read out the poem I wrote.

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Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by kingokoh(m): 8:53pm On Feb 08

"Even in a room full of Art, I see only you
Since the day I first laid eyes on you,
My feelings grew and grew.
even at the first hello my knees clicked and clacked,
And those butterflies flipped and flapped.

Each time when I see you
My mind goes over time and time,
and I keep thinking, why wasn't I a bit earlier.
in my imagination we are happy,
Dancing that slow song of endless romance?

I can only have you in my mind
am masquerading as a stranger
yet my whole world spin around you
I can only love you from afar
I hope one day things will change.

"That's it, that's my poem for her". I said as I felt a tear drop from my eyes.

"Wow" She said after listening to my poem "in this your poem it shows she means the world to you" she stated the obvious
"Yea" I said as I felt the contraction in my throat as a cause of holding back my tears
"I don't know what to say but wish you luck" She said once again with the seductive voice
"Thanks, goodbye" I said and drop the call, didn't bother to get her reply, I hope am not rude, I felt tired and drained, I didn't listened to the radio I just drifted to sleep.
Am now running to school, I didn't notice when the daybreak,its already 8:30 that means the first subject have started, damn my lateness,
"Sorry" I said as I stepped inside the class, the subject was English and the teacher is such a pain
"Sorry for yourself" she said as she continued teaching, My eye immediately shoot to Isabelle and she was looking at me, and can't decipher what is means, I swear each time our gaze look the world freeze over.
"Go take your seat my friend" the teacher barked, and I scurried to my seat, I sat at the back, with my attention on Isabelle, though I can only see her back but am happy,
The lessons were the usual, they teach, I ignore and secretly stare at Isabelle, now we are having lunch, am surprised at today's discussion
"That was the most romantic poem I have heard" a girl in our class said, I don't know her name, I don't bother with my classmate
"Yea, the guy is good, he is really in love with the girl" Peter said, they are currently talking about the poem from last night, almost the whole school, am glad I didn't say my name
"He said he is a student of this school" Emeka added, and they all nod, I guess they are thinking who it might be
"I don't know who he is, all I know is he is a fool" Isabelle said angrily and walked out of the cafeteria, wow that's sudden, she looks angry, I looked at Obinna He is busy talking with Omeh
Without second thought I walked after her, I felt an uneasiness inside me,
Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by kingokoh(m): 1:35pm On Feb 09
Part 17
I followed her to the empty class, that's where we tutor and also my best place, she sat down facing the floor, its sort of hard to start up a conversation, but I had to try
"Am so prepared for today's tutor" I said trying to lighten her mood, but it didn't do much, so I sat beside her, our shoulders weren't touching but we were close enough
"Roses are red, violent are blue, spices are good, sugar is sweet, what was the last verse" I said as I tap my index finger on my lips as If am thinking
"So are you" she said as she giggles "silly" she smiled at me, and I melted
"You see I made you laugh" I said gently and she nodded "so why the reaction" I asked curiosity getting the better part of me
"From the poem last night, it showed the perfect world, he have for the girl, so its cheating not showing it to her" She said sadly, I never imagined it like that
"what if making those feelings known will cause trouble for the both" I said, cause its true
"In my imagination, we are happy, dancing that song of endless romance" she repeated my words "no matter the trouble, this a love that comes once in a lifetime" she said and inhaled and exhaled, am stunned
"Maybe the guy is afraid, something is better left unsaid" I said, am I trying to convince her or myself
"You know keeping silent is as well as lying, and better hurt me with the truth than comfort me with the lie" she said with that we heard the lunch over bell, that signal the end of our discussion so she stood up and walk to the door then turned at me
"I just wish am the girl" she said before walking out of sight, am too stunned to move, my eye widened, her words kept repeating in my head. No word in any language can describe the happiness and hope that bubbles inside me, I can't scream, I can't talk am just in a state of euphoria
"You are the girl" I muttered

Part 18
I was happy beyond measure, if ever my happiness will be measure it would be with endless days of passion. She is currently teaching me, and the only reason I haven't told her she is the one is because I just don't want to blurt it out and I still have Obinna I don't want to hurt my best friend
"You improve in a fast rate" she said, yea, I listened and I also want to impress her
"What can I say, am natural" I boasted and she smiled, no matter how much I try I can't describe how beautiful she is. To some stars is the most beautiful thing on earth, to some their mom, or the gentle breeze at night, every bodies definition of beauty differs, but whatever your beauty is, multiply it by infinity that's how beautiful Isabelle is
"More like am a good teacher" She giggled and I also, we stood to go home since the hour is up, its amazing how time flies when you are with your world.
We went home having casual discussions, I get to know her a little more, she is afraid of failing that's why she works hard, I admire that and she wants to be a teacher, I don't know people still have that dream, reasons why she is different
"I was asked to describe love" she suddenly blurt out
"By who" I asked
"By Obinna" at the mention of his name, I felt guilty, I know I have not done anything physically but the feelings I have is enough to make me feel guilty
"So what was your definition" I asked, am curious to know
"Nothing, I couldn't describe it, no matter how much I tried" she said, its normal, love is too complex to be described "can you" she asked
"No, I can't" I said, actually to me love is what I see in her, that's my definition but I just cant tell her
"What happened to your knuckles" she asked, and my heart skipped.
Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by kingokoh(m): 1:38pm On Feb 09
Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by kingokoh(m): 5:51pm On Feb 09
Part 19
"Sort of punched a wall, wanted to know how strong I am" I lied, but its better than the truth, I felt guilty as I remembered what she said earlier, about hurting her with the truth than comforting her with the truth
"don't try such again" she said as she took my hands to have a closer look, its hits me, just by her mere touch, am lost in a wave of emotion, its funny how matters of the heart controls the whole body
"Am fine" I whispered, I plan to say it louder but it came out as a whisper, she stares into my eyes, those hypnotising brown eyes, and am nothing but Unclad in front of them, I fear I will be discovered, so I sneezed, I hope she doesn't find out its fake
"bless you" she said and I nod
"Here we path ways" its been a while since we reached, but we kept talking, she smiled
"I had fun today" she said
"yea, who knew studying would be much fun" I said and she laughed
"Remember to do the work I gave you" she said before leaving, things are getting better, with that I smiled, I have only one problem
Am currently standing at Obinna's door, I don't really know why am here, or what I will tell him, but sooner or later I will still face him, after 5 knocks he came out, his parents are quiet rich not as mine though, but they are hardly home, so Obinna stays alone most time
"What took so long" I said, as he opened the door
"sorry got held up" he said and I walked in, I went to the fridge and took out a juice, that's how we are.
"Dude, you have become a stranger" Obinna said as he slumps on the sofa, yeah I hardly hangs around with him this days "Is it the gang" he asked and I nod, that's half the truth, so I man up to tell him everything, but that moment a girl from our school came out wearing Obinna's shirt
"Obi, you kept me waiting" She said,

Part 20
The situation before me is appalling, I don't know how to react to it, should I ignore it or get angry he is cheating on her
"You are cheating on your Isabelle" I asked as calmly as I can
"Its not quite cheating since she doesn't give me the cookie" He said like its a normal thing, and I was fueled with rage. I use to sleep around but stopped when I first saw Isabelle. But I won't deny the joy I had when he said she doesn't give her cookie
"Regardless, its still cheating" I said, still trying to calm my anger
"What if she is giving it to someone else" He said crossing his legs
"Hello, am still here" said the girl wearing his cloth
"Go up wait for me I will soon be there" He said, and I watched as she walk upstairs
"She doesn't even care if you have a girl" I said and he laughed
"What do girls cares when you are rich" he bragged, he always brag about his money, funny things is he never made a dime in his life
As time goes on I notice, he is really not remorse for what he did, if he wants the sex so bad why not break up with Isabelle and not tie her down
"Why not leave her then, if she is giving nothing to you" I said, that will really make me happy, I don't care if I become the guy that breaks the bro code and start dating my friends ex.
"No way" He barked "she is the most beautiful girl in school, she is my trophy" He said and I frowned, she is more than that
"I know she is worth more to you" He said with a sly smiled, my heart raced up
"what...do you ... mean" I stuttered, why did I lose my cool, it made him grin harder
"I always see how you tense up when she is around and the stolen glances" said Obinna, so I wasn't so discreet, I wonder who else knew, so Obinna had always knew
"Then you know, I really feel for her, I won't cheat on her" I don't want to use the word love yet
"Maybe, you won't cheat on her like me, but am no gangsta" he said with a sinister look, and realisation dawn on me.
Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by kingokoh(m): 10:02am On Feb 10
Part 21
He is using this against me, but he is right, am the one that will cause more harm to her, in all way I will only serve as her doom
"did cat got your tongue" Obinna mocks me, I felt weak and vulnerable, my best friend is not who I thought he was
"Just be better to her" I said, I have nothing better to say, he just defeated me, and going all gangsta on him will make it worse
"Sure friend" he said and I flinched. I just turned and left, I walked in an automated way, Obinna is not right for her, but am worse, how did things became like this, I thought by tomorrow things will be different, better, but now I know nothing will change
Today in school I was weak, after the confrontation I had with Obinna yesterday, he now seem different, uses every opportunity to remind me that Isabelle is his girlfriend, its too much for my heart, so I left the class during lesson to go sit in the empty class.
I put together 3 desk and lay on top it, I brought the poem from my wallet and started reciting it, I always do that, after couple of minutes, I fell asleep, since I had nothing to do. I woke up as I felt the vibration of my phone, phone is prohibited but we do sneak it in, so I took the phone and notice is lunch time, wow I slept a lot. I also noticed the message on it, it is from Obinna, I opened it
"Do you now realize she is not yours, and I will still have her cookie no matter how long it takes, that's the only importance of girls"
So that's all she is to her, with that rage I stomp to the cafeteria, cause that's where he will be at this time, he called me a gangsta, time to show him how a gangsta behave. Everybody turned to me as I busted in, I look and saw Obinna, luckily Isabelle is not here, so I stomp to him. He stood up with an innocent look, what an actor, I punched him right on the nose
"What" he said as he fell on the ground with bloody nose, everybody gasped and am angered the more with his innocent act.

the cafeteria is now getting more crowded, the lady in charge seem to b enjoying the show, cause she made no move to notify the teachers
"Whats wrong bro" He asked once again acting innocent, I replied with a kick in the stomach,dragged him up and punched him on the cheek
"Come on Michael" Omeh pleaded and I snapped my neck to his different he flinched, yea cause currently am Stone not Michael and that is scary, even non of them know me as stone, but the look I have right now is scary
"What" I heard Isabelle's voice and my eyes widened in shock, I looked at her and her eyes are red filled with tears, I caused it, Obinna was right, am her doom.
I stomped out of the cafeteria I can't stand the look in Isabelle face, surely I have destroy the little thing we had going on, is this how my life is going to be, she is only going to be mine only in my imagination. She is a star I can only love but not have, the cute smile, that bright face, all I did was put tears on those eyes, my heart hurts a lot. I wonder how human anatomy is that when the heart hurt, the whole body does, and its not even physical pain but emotional. I held on to my chest as I tried to calm myself down.
I walk inside the empty room, today is such a failure, I dig hands into my pocket to bring out my wallet so I will read the poem again, it always calm me down, my face went white when I didn't find it, I looked around but nothing, did I lost it while beating Obinna?. No I just left it on the desk with my wallet after reading it earlier, so I didn't go with it, that means someone took it,
My secret is about to be found out, if someone sees the poem, with Isabelle name written on it with my handwriting, No this can't be happening.
"Michael" I heard Isabelle voice, again my heart picked race, turned to her and took in her features, she still have the tears and hurtful look, I felt an unimaginable pain, but to my utter astonishment, she is holding my wallet in her left hand, then the poem in her right, I gasped.

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Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by Twenty47(m): 10:32am On Feb 10
Wow... The story is getting more interesting, thanks for the update OP
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Well done OP
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Thanks for the update

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