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Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by frankline461: 8:34am On Nov 15, 2018
So, I received some calls and text about my first story here "The Legacy" and I'm so happy that you guys loved it and wanted to see the second installation. I'm also sorry that I couldn't deliver. There are some issues concerning that and that was why I had to pull it off from its page.

In light of this, I decided to take on another project which I title "Forbidden Love". It's going to be a different genre from the usual one and also a different setting. And also, it's going to be a lone installation, and of course will be completed.

Updates will be dropped every Fridays and teasers on Wednesdays (but might be updates depending on schedule).

In light of this, I invite everyone on to this forum

First update drops tomorrow....

Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by frankline461: 8:39am On Nov 15, 2018
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Your humble servant calleth, please answereth your calls

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Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by genius43(m): 11:12am On Nov 15, 2018

Your humble servant calleth, please answereth your calls

If I don't answer, wetin I gain grin grin grin

Lemme bring my sofa and seat down, I don't want to drag space
Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by frankline461: 11:58am On Nov 16, 2018


The alarm rang and I knew it was time, time to get up from my bed and prepare to attend my first class at the tutorials. It was a Monday morning and the weekends had a way of making me lazier than I already was, especially when it came to going to a tutorials to learn what I already knew. I can’t believe my parents were making me do this, even though they knew my capability. I was a straight A’s student and had never in my life known what it was like to fail. The recently released WAEC result was the perfect testifier of my capabilities, I had insisted to be registered in a government school instead of my school where we were sure to pass the exams through other means. Although at first, my parents were very skeptical about it, based on their ranks and position in the community, my Dad was the CEO of a well known company and my Mom was the chief judge of the state. But they eventually gave in after a lot of convincing and teenage stubbornness. My Dad came in from work on Monday last week with an envelope and after settling down, called me to his room to give me the “good news”-at least to them it was, to me it was just a normalty. I had all A’s in my WAEC and they were so happy that I hadn’t allowed their position and status get into my head and make me lazy. They also broke the bad news to me that I had already been enrolled to attend a tutorial for the upcoming JAMB, I had to go there and “improve my capabilities” they said. But I didn’t see how that was supposed to happen taking to the fact that I knew far more than the tutors at that tutorial knew and if care wasn’t taken, I’d be the one tutoring them. I didn’t say a thing that night, maybe because I wanted to do it, maybe because I wanted to get out of the house and go somewhere unfamiliar, somewhere where I could show my prowess and brag a little, I really needed that.

I grabbed my pocket money from the dining table and unplugged my phone from the charger, switching off the plug and also picking up my earpiece. I walked back to the table, picked up the key and walked out of the house. I met Amusa, our driver outside, he quickly turned off the music he had been playing in the car immediately he saw me, but he was too late, I had already caught him but I pretended not to notice as I greeted him.

“Ah, small oga, I no know say you go come out fast like this, time na just 8:22 and your class no go start till 9.” He spoke, scratching his head

I tried hard to stifle a laugh, I loved the way he talked and the way he stood, slightly bent to his left.

“Yes, I am aware of that. I’m out this quick because I don’t know what time I’d get a bus to the tutorial.” I successfully converted the laughter into a wide smile.

Amusa stared at me not too shocked. I knew this because this wasn’t the first time I had decided to take a public transport to a destination and although he had been warned by my parents never to let me take public transport, each time I insisted, he gave in. Maybe because he trusted that I could take care of myself, or maybe because it gave him more time to enhance his love affair with the maid.

I walked out of the gate, and plugged my earpiece into my ears, blasting Eminem’s latest tracks as I rapped along in my mind.
I got to the tutorials about thirty minutes early and much to my expectation, the place was scanty. I walked to the secretary, a young female in her mid twenties. She was busy with something in her phone and didn’t notice me until I was just a few metres away. She flushed immediately she saw me and her mouth was in awe. This wasn’t a new thing to me; I usually had that effect on girls and ladies alike. Apart from having the brains, I also had the looks. It was a wonder that I hadn’t dated any girl up to date even when they all threw themselves at my feet. I wasn’t gay or impotent, I think asexual would be the word for me. There had been just a few girls that interested me and the one I thought I might have given a shot was already married to Banky W.

I cleared my throat in an attempt to resuscitate her and it worked, she jerked and finally found her voice.

“How may I help you?” She gave a wry smile, her tongue running over her lower lip.


“I wanted to find out where I’d be taking my classes and also to get a copy of the time table for my scheduled classes.”

She smiled again. “You’re a science student, right?”

“Yes I am.” I was becoming impatient.

“Just a minute.” She said standing. She turned and bent down to pick something from a pile of papers in a carton on the floor.

“This is the time table for science students. Can I know your name?” She handed the paper to me.

I glanced through it and the class’s number where the classes were held was written alongside the subject. I returned my gaze to her expectant face, giving her a questioning look.

“I mean, I need to clear you and hand you your tag.”

“Michael, Michael Eliot.” She scrolled through a book and stopped.

“Cleared.” She handed me a tag. “You have to keep this on you each time you’re in the class. It’s a way we tell our special students apart from the regular ones.

I didn’t ask her what that meant even though I wanted to, I’d just be prolonging time and I needed to settle down and find a suitable spot where I would be comfortable.

It was eight minutes to nine and lots of students had already began to arrive, they bonded together immediately they saw each other, the girls giggling while the guys joked around with themselves. Some waved at me and acknowledged me while others didn’t they just glanced at me and glanced away although I occasionally caught them stealing glances.

A young man walked into the class and all the students settled down into their seats, the noise dying down as fast as it had started. The young man walked to the board and I assumed he was our Biology tutor. Of course, I muttered inside as he wrote on the white board with his marker.

Circulatory system

He turned and faced the class. “I can see that you guys are very excited after seeing your WAEC results but I want to assure you that it’s not over, you still have a long way to go and the next major test is your JAMB.” His eyes fell on me and he paused for a while. “You, you look like you’re new here.”

I sighed; guess my plan of remaining unnoticed for now had gone down the drain. I nodded.

“Well wonderful. I’m mister Badmus but the guys here call me Badass. Not that I encourage the use of vulgar words, it’s just their way of showing appreciation for what I do for them. I don’t think there’s a better biology teacher than me in the state and they can testify too. Can you please grade yourself on a scale of one to ten so that we can know what work needs to be done on you.”

I paused for a while considering the challenge and as I was about speaking, the door to the class opened and a young lady walked in distracting my attention, and I guess the attention of everyone else in the room, including Mister Badmus.

She was a chocolate skinned, average height young lady, probably in her late teens or early twenties. She was wearing a casual three-quarter jean and a cotton long sleeve. Her bag was hanging down far more than normal and…. she wasn’t wearing a tag. I guess at that stage, I wanted to know what the tag meant, because over half of the class had them on and only a few didn’t, a few, including her. She seemed to be very popular amongst the class as guys winked at her while girls also smiled at her. She tried her best to acknowledge everyone as she walked to a seat that from the look of things had specially been reserved for her by the occupants.

“Welcome Simi, looks like you got off early today.” Mister Badmus smiled.

“Simi” that was her name. Weird.

“Yes Sir, they were not much trouble today.” The whole class seemed to under what was happening except me.

He returned his attention back to me, I rolled my inner eyes, why doesn’t he just let this go.

“Okay, you were saying?”

Her eyes also turned to look at me and I caught her gaze. She had a rather different color of eyeball than most people in the room. Hers was a little light brown and had a ring around the entire hemisphere of her iris. I didn’t know why, but I fantasized how they would look like if she smiled.

“Ten.” I muttered. My gaze was still on hers.

The whole class murmured and even Badass couldn’t help but taking a few steps back. Someone whispered something into her ears and she looked at me emotionless, I couldn’t tell what was going on in her mind, all I got was a blank stare.

Badass took some steps back to the board. “I think we’ve got ourselves an Einstein here.” He` said sarcastically prompting the whole class to laugh, except her, she didn’t laugh she only took another quick glimpse at me and back to Badass

“No offense.” He turned to me. “You look like you’re from one of those well to do families where you’ve always gotten everything you wanted handed to you on a platter of gold. Maybe that has made you think yourself as Newton or Einstein but if you want to help yourself, I advise you to accept your true capabilities and work on improving them.”

“I don’t think you have the abilities to increase my capabilities.” I wasn’t going to be undermined in front of everyone without fighting back.

The whole class immediately became silent, and at the corner of my eyes, I could see some students whispering into each other’s ears. My gaze went to her and this time, I could see shock in her eyes.

“Well, not only are you pompous, you’re also rude. You would not go far in life with this sort of behavior.”

“I don’t assume that by far you mean working in a tutorial and earning what almost everyone here earns as pocket money for a week in one month.”

There was an uproar, this time louder than the previous, they all looked at me with scorn but I didn’t care. He asked for it, and he was going to get it.

“You know, the most constant thing in life is change. Because wealth is standing on your side today and not on mine doesn’t mean that tomorrow it will still be standing beside you. You have to learn to be humble because you’re not the only one with a good background here, but you’re the only one acting in this manner.”

I could see where he was driving this to and I knew he was trying appeal to their emotions. I think he was successful judging, the height of scorn I could see on their faces. I had successfully made myself an antagonist on my first day here, and in my first lecture.

I had two more classes and I was ready to leave. Other classes were quiet and it was as if the other tutors tried to avoid me. They didn’t ask me any questions and whenever I raised my hands to answer or ask question not because I didn’t know, but because they had made a statement amiss, they ignored me or picked someone else. At first it made me mad, but I realized I had put myself in that situation and there was nothing I could do about it, for now.

After the last tutor left the class, not before giving us a short talk on humility and also a short story about his uncle’s friend who went from grace down to grass, the whole time staring at me. I packed my bag and gave a sigh of relief. It was past two already and I knew that Amusa would be waiting outside the gate; I didn’t have time to text him to stay off. I walked past the thousand stares I received from the other students who whispered and joked as I passed by, my ear piece was plugged into my ears with “Not alike by Eminem” playing loudly in it. I stepped out of the tutorial and even the secretary that was all smiles when she saw me this morning frowned as I passed beside her, rolling her eyes and giving me a I-didn’t-know-you-were-a-jerk face.

I smiled as I considered her expression funny, she had a problem looking good when she smiled and was worse now she was frowning. Becky had a better look.

Becky was our long lived dog. We had her before I was born and now that I’m almost eighteen, she was still alive, even though she was very old and looked like she’d give up any time soo she wasn’t like the regular dogs as she was a special breed. I was told that her mother lived for almost twenty years. She was also my favorite pet.

I exited the gate of the tutorial and found Amusa standing across the road, waving at me immediately he sighted me. I was about to cross the road when a hand tapped my shoulder from behind. I turned and I found her staring at me, some books in her hands and her gaze blank and straight at me.

“Why did you do that?” Her expression was still blank.

I didn’t understand her at first and I was surprised to see her standing this close to me. It gave me a chance to get a closer look at her and yes, my deduction was true. Her eyes were so unusual and deep that you could get loss staring at it for long. I quickly jerked off the thought that was beginning to form in me. Removing my ear piece I cleared my throat trying to sound as stern as I could.

“Have I done something that you consider gruesome again?”

She scoffed. “You really are cocky as they say.”

I didn’t understand her, did I say something wrong or offensive again? I was only asking a question. I slapped my inner head, can people be this unreasonable?

“If you have nothing else to say.” I plugged one of my earpieces into my ears. “I’d like to take my leave.” I turned away plugging the other earpiece into my ear.

I was drawn back by sharp pains in my ears as both of the earpiece flung out of my ears forcefully. I turned back angrily and found them in her hands. I was excessively furious

“First and foremost mister, you will remove that note of contempt in your voice and secondly you’d never walk away when I’m still talking to you.”

I couldn’t believe my ears, who the hell did she think she was, giving me orders like this. Something else also got me; she noticed the contempt in my voice. Only my mum was able to do that. I turned around and I could already see a small crowd gathering around. I turned back to the road and I saw Amusa trying to cross the road, carrying a superhero’s stance as he did- Amusa to the rescue. I frowned inside screaming at him, not now of all times, not after what Badmus had said. My parent’s money didn’t make me lazy and it sure as hell didn’t make me weak, especially when the challenger was a girl.

I stared at her and she had a smirk on, I was tempted to slap that smirk off her face but I was cool and had to let my head do the assessment instead of my emotions.
I sighed and stretched my hands. “Can I have that back.” I said very authoritatively.

“Nope, till you apologize to mister Badmus.”

I sighed, I was trying very hard to control all the impulses in me. Sometimes it was better to walk away. I turned, just in time to catch Amusa already beside me.

“Small oga, wetin….”

My stern glance cut him shut and he followed me across the road. I was glad he came, I didn’t know if I’d have had the strength to go board a bus after this stress. I looked out of the car as we drove away and saw her still looking at me. I smiled at the disappointed look on her face, maybe she had been expecting more action than I had given but I could never hit a girl, no matter how angered I was.

My parents returned late that night, but they still had time for me. They always made sure they did no matter how tired they were, maybe because I was their only child. I was called into their room and they asked about the tutorial.

“Do you like it or would you like to switch to another tutorial?” Mom asked

“No ma, I like it here and I would like to continue here.”

My dad smiled, placing his wristwatch on the bed stand. “I knew you would like it, Remy had personally suggested it to me. She said her Daughter attended it too and she was very much still sound even though she did a part time work at the kid’s house.”

Mom turned and sat on the bed. “Whatever happened to their family."

“Yes, since the death of her husband she had struggled a lot to keep herself and her daughter alive. Well, I tried to help but she didn’t want my help.” Dad sighed and rested comfortably on his bed, switching on his laptop.

“You should know she is as stubborn as her husband and it didn’t do him any good. I think I need to see her one of these days, maybe I’d invite her and her daughter to visit someday.”

“That sounds like a good idea, but I doubt she’d accept it.”

“She would, I have my ways.”

Mom turned back to me, they had already forgotten that I was still standing there, waiting for me to be relieved.

“Goodnight son, sleep tight.”

“You too.”

I walked out of their room and headed to my room. I wondered why I decided on continuing in that tutorial. The mental stress I got today alone was enough reason to give up, but I didn’t want to and that was strange to me. I couldn’t phantom the exact reason I wanted to go back there. Could it be because of her? I found her very interesting in a different way. She was so aggressive unlike other girls and was the only girl that had ever treated me this way; like she didn’t care what I looked like or who I might be. She just considered me like any other human and I loved that feeling; being given an equal chance. So was it because of those brownish eyes I wanted to go back or because of my earpiece she held ransom? It definitely had to be because of my earpiece, I needed those back ASAP and maybe a chance to confront her again.

I jumped on my bed, stretching on it. My ears hurt as I placed my head on the pillow and her image flashed through my mind again. Such aggression. I smiled as I closed my eyes, tomorrow was another day and I had never been so psyched to see the dawn of a new day.

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Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by frankline461: 12:41pm On Nov 16, 2018
Your comments and suggestions are highly appreciated as usual
smiley smiley
A teaser will be dropping on Wednesday.
Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by LightQueen(f): 3:45pm On Nov 16, 2018
Thanks for the update Frankline461 Following to the end
Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by juninhouj: 4:46pm On Nov 16, 2018
very interesting piece... keep it up and consistent
Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by HORLADSTAR(m): 7:58pm On Nov 16, 2018
It's a Wow Wow on a long thing, really love the setting and am already anticipating for more.keep it up bro
Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by genius43(m): 8:03pm On Nov 16, 2018
With the way this story dey totori me Friday be like next year oga frankline461
Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by favch(f): 6:32am On Nov 17, 2018
HORLADSTAR nkemdave Gucciqueen38 Centino Anneboy02 bigbauer Chigold121 toyhin123 Genius43 Jiikye1 kakakoshina Chiexcel Godwinfury jupitre Andyglobal Hantonia Favch Evajael Lonsome501 Hidhrhis Badohemmy Pinkfeet Lildiamond Sirvictor21, Adeculate, ftosino, baski92, itsandi, marvin902, nifeola, ikdbabie, Queenitee oseriki9, omotayelolu, Olive4 emilykang Amsmart, twinkle004, Eyinimofeoluwa, empress101
Your humble servant calleth, please answereth your calls
yes darl, back I am,whr Is my sit oh how I missed NL
Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by AndyGlobal: 9:14am On Nov 17, 2018
Sits and crosses legs.
Bring it on
Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by frankline461: 8:00am On Nov 18, 2018
With the way this story dey totori me Friday be like next year oga frankline461

Friday go soon come now. A teaser on Wednesday should keep you company till then cheesy

It's a Wow Wow on a long thing, really love the setting and am already anticipating for more.keep it up bro

Thanks bro, stay tuned wink

Thanks for the update Frankline461
Following to the end

You're welcome and thanks.

very interesting piece... keep it up and consistent

Thanks man, I will.

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Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by frankline461: 8:02am On Nov 18, 2018

yes darl, back I am,whr Is my sit
oh how I missed NL

Welcome back ma. Your sit is in front, specially reserved for you cheesy
Sits and crosses legs.
Bring it on

And you'd get it :p
Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by Ann2012(f): 11:12am On Nov 18, 2018
Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by abubakarbabang7(m): 1:36pm On Nov 18, 2018
Miss Ann na everywhere person dae see u?
Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by favch(f): 7:46pm On Nov 18, 2018

Welcome back ma. Your sit is in front, specially reserved for you cheesy
And you'd get it :p

thanks sweet, walks majestically to my seat
Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by favch(f): 9:33pm On Nov 18, 2018
oya ride on pls,following like mtn
Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by frankline461: 10:44am On Nov 20, 2018
Welcome grin
Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by frankline461: 10:47am On Nov 20, 2018
So, the first teaser would be dropping tomorrow.

For those that do not know what it is about, the teaser is going to contain and extract from the next chapter and also, I'm going to be dropping the profile of a character alongside the teasers too.

The next chapter is on Friday, which is already around the corner and I assure you that your patience would be repaid.

cheesy grin cheesy grin

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Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by ashatoda: 10:20pm On Nov 20, 2018
Please continue
Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by frankline461: 11:35am On Nov 21, 2018
“You must be here for your earpiece, I thought you might have gotten a new one but I guess I underestimated your pride.” She brought out the earpiece from her bag and handed it to me without any further arguments.

I knew immediately that something was not right with her, where was all that aggressiveness I saw yesterday? It was as if I was meeting a different person today, a whole new character that I’m tripping for again. Going against my inner self which had been screaming don’t do it, don’t do it, don’t do it, ever since the thought had crossed my mind, I said it.

“You look famished, can I buy you lunch?”

FULL NAME: Mr. Ajayi Eliot (CEO. IHUB Companies).
HEIGHT: Average.
COMPLEXION: Shiny Black.
D.O.B: 22nd of January 1968.
CURRENT AGE: 52 Years.
BEST FOOD: Pounded Yam and Egusi soup alongside any fruit juice.
HOBBIES: Playing Golf, Online dating.
PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE: Do everything you can to get what you want.

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Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by Uniquechild(f): 8:55am On Nov 22, 2018
I don land o.
Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by frankline461: 11:07am On Nov 23, 2018

I grumbled for an umpteenth time as my eyes fell open again. I had found it hard to place my head steady on the pillow for a long time without getting those prickle-like pains in my ears and had spent most parts of the night grumbling and cursing as I found it hard to sleep for more than fifteen minutes without my thalamus being brought to the consciousness of the pain. I opened my eyes and stared into the darkness above me for a while, analyzing thousands of possible scenarios that could play out if I tried to confront her today without taking her deal of apologizing to Badmus and imploring different strategies I could use to get out of each situation.

After a while, I realized that I had been too worried about today and it was already taking its toll on me, draining me mentally. I had to do something than staring into the dark all night. Stretching my hands, I turned on the light in my room and glanced at the wall clock.

Fourteen minutes past six

That was an holiday record. Ever since the day I had taken my first WAEC paper, I had never woken up before seven except in cases when I had to take a night pee or needed to hydrate myself. I had woken up early that day thinking that the exams were going to be tougher than it actually was. Going through the previous past questions from the 1990s I had found some of the questions tricky and subtle and needed the assistance of different textbooks and the web to fully assimilate them. But when I saw my question paper that day, they were quite like the recent past questions, simple and plain. Guess the current age does not care about knowledge like they did back then.

I rolled off my bed and went to my reading table switching on the lamp and concurrently switching off the light of my room. I checked out my schedule for the day and found out that I had just two classes that day, the first one from nine till eleven and the second by one till two. Two hours of nothing, I sighed. At least I didn’t have to wait till classes were over before I confronted her and request that she handed my property back to me. Gosh, I’m back to this. I slapped my inner head, it took me nothing to get another earpiece, so why was I so engrossed in getting this one back, was it because it presented me with an opportunity to talk to her, to stare at that complex eyeball, to…

“Arrrggggghhhhh.” My inner self screamed. “Can you just shut up and let me have one moment of peace and privacy?”

I picked up my English past questions. Since I had it today, it wouldn’t be a bad thing to just go through some things. I would learn some new stuffs and it would take my mind off her. I smiled subconsciously but quickly cut it out when I saw my inner self staring at me like it was going to do something bad in any minute.

I got to the tutorial about eight minutes before time because it had been hard to get a bus heading this way and I had to stand for over fifteen minutes before I got one. I walked into the class and found that the seat I sat on yesterday was free even though people were already around and already sitting, some sat as far back as the last seat. The stares had increased and that was because the population of the class had also increased. English was a general subject, so all the department had to come together to take it and I guess they had also been told what happened yesterday and where the culprit sat. No one wanted to acquire bad luck by sitting there. What height of immaturity!

I walked to my seat and sat, bringing my past question and note book out of my bag and placing both on the table. I raised my head and my eyes went around the room looking for her. She was not in yet and I began to wonder why she never came in early. My inner self cleared its throat and I rolled my eyes.

Can’t I wonder in peace again?

“Baba, who are you talking to?”

I turned back and a dark skinned guy was staring at me, leaning forward with both of his hands placed on the desk. He had this Yoruba accent that made it seem like he hissed each time he said a word that had the letter ‘T’. I realized that I had said that last word out loud and gave my inner self a thank-you-for-making-me-look-like-I-am-insane look which it gladly told me “No problem” to.

“Myself.” I said and turned back to face my table.

“Wow, so you’re the ‘Celebrity gangster’ the whole tutorial has been talking about. Well you look like a celebrity, but I don’t see that gangster morale in you, you’re more like an overfed child to me.”

“Excuse me?” I couldn’t believe my ears. They had already nicknamed me? Oh poo, why are our youth so jobless? Instead of trying to fix one of the problems this nation was facing, which included themselves, they were out here giving nicknames.

“Baba chill, it’s not a bad thing entirely. At least you have that celebrity look and girls would still flutter around you even after what you did. Unlike us, we don’t have the looks and that means not many girls would want us around. Although, who wants that? I have the most sought after girl in this tutorial as my girlfriend.”

He gave a wry smile that made my inner self smack itself on the forehead. There they go again ‘Girls’. It all came back to them, why can’t some guys see that it wasn’t just about them, we also had an essence in life and they shouldn’t be the reason for everything we do. But no, every guy wanted a girl or like this guy here, girls for themselves, ignoring other important things. I took a second look at him and couldn’t comprehend why he would say that. He wasn’t bad looking with his tanned skin and the soft perfume he was wearing, his tee shirt looked expensive and his countenance screamed rich. I looked down at him and he wasn’t wearing a tag. That was weird, my theory had been that the rich were the ones with the tags, but here one was, rich but with no tags.

I was of the opinion that the tutorial was trying to segregate the rich from the poor by giving us those tags and I wasn’t going to play any further role in expanding their school of thought, hence my not wearing the tag that day, but my theory was already sinking down the drain, or not. He might not be from a wealthy family.

“Well, I think there are more important things than trying to get a girl’s attention and since you’ve magically gotten ones attention, I think you should stick to her instead of trying to get more.” I was done talking and I needed to concentrate on other things more important than this pointless discussion.

No sooner had I started to answer some of the questions when a chubby man walked into the class. The whole class became silent and students started to shuffle through their bags to bring out their note. He must be the English tutor. I looked around again and there was no sign of her, guess there was not going to be any class crashing entrance from her today. I opened my note and directed my attention to the tutor who had began writing on the board.

The class was over approximately two hours later and it was by far the best class I had taken so far. The tutor was very intelligent and enchanting; he taught with so much confidence and intensity that even the dullest kid in the class would be captivated by his teaching. I also learnt one or two things for the first time here and the feeling was great, knowing that there was at least someone here that wasn’t as blockheaded as the other guys here.

I packed my books into my bag and walked out of the class. She didn’t show up for the class and I didn’t think she would be showing up today; guess I needed to buy another earpiece then, all that talk about resolve. I walked out of the tutorial ignoring the girls that blushed and giggled as I walked past them. How I needed my earpiece right now, with it plugged into my ears it further strengthened my stance that I was not interested in anything they think they had to offer.

I looked up and for the first time in my life anxiety took over me. My heart beat tripled its rate and my breathing became so quick and short, that was so unusual. There she was, walking into the tutorial. She was wearing a red gown and was carrying a new hair style, her hair braided to the side and her brown eyes sparkling under the sun’s effect. It made her look very beautiful, more than she was yesterday.

Did you just say she is beautiful? My inner self eyed me.

I rolled my eyes; I’m just giving a compliment.

She looked stressed and tired and I wondered what it was she did every morning before coming here that drained her in such way. I wanted to know what it was that made her so drained and although it sounded weird, I wanted to help her; the look just didn’t suit her.

What do you care how she looks, or what she is doing, you’re supposed to be thinking of how to get your earpiece back instead of analyzing her life activities. My inner self was folding its hand, giving me my mom’s stare whenever she wasn’t pleased with something I had done. I sighed, that was true. Why was I always getting distracted whenever I saw her?

I walked towards her direction and our eyes met. On sighting me, she gave a weak smile that scratched a little bit of my resolve. Lots of impulses travelled up my spinal cord all at once, clogging my perception and giving me a quick shiver- that effect again. Was she that tired that she couldn’t make much facial expression? I stopped as soon as I was arms length away from her and as I was about to speak, she cut in with sweetest voice ever.

“You must be here for your earpiece, I thought you might have gotten a new one but I guess I underestimated your pride.” She brought out the earpiece from her bag and handed it to me without any further arguments.

I knew immediately that something was not right with her, where was all that aggressiveness I saw yesterday? It was as if I was meeting a different person today, a whole new character that I think I’m falling for again. Going against my inner self which had been screaming don’t do it, don’t do it, don’t do it, ever since the thought had crossed my mind, I said it.

“You look famished, can I buy you lunch?”

She looked struck, like the whole world had been hit by a killer tornado that had wiped out all of humanity and she was staring at the only survival. I felt a ting of embarrassment, why the hell did I say that, I couldn’t turn to look at my inner self because he’d already have his tongue out and his hands drawing the skin under its eyes.

“Wow, he can also be a gentle man.” She said, further worsening the state I was in.

Officially, she was the first girl I would ask to go anywhere with me and it felt weird doing it, especially to someone that I had been mad at less than twenty-four hours ago.

“Well, I’m only going to be accepting your offer because I really am famished and I’m going to be taking this as a peace offering from a total jerk.”

There it was -the aggressiveness. I wanted to argue, I had a thing for nicknames and had an opinion that they had to should always be a mirror of the person they were given to, and I wasn’t a jerk; not totally.

We sat down on a free spot in a restaurant just four blocks away from the tutorial; she had insisted that they had the best food in the area and that it was cheap. I didn’t know why that last word still made me uncomfortable, maybe because I was of the opinion that cheap thing weren’t always on the best side of quality and I valued quality over cheap anytime, any day. She sat down staring at me, her mouth slightly curved like she was trying to suppress a smile. I gave her a questioning look.

“You don’t seem comfortable here.” She said, placing her bag down on the table and standing. “Let’s go make our order.”

I stood and we both walked to the food stand, she said she wanted whatever I was eating, so I got two plates of what I was eating, but instead of buying Nutri milk which was my favorite, I opted for malt while I bought her Nutri milk.

We set the plates down on our table; I dragged the malt to my side of the table and the Nutri milk to her side. She looked up at me surprised and I wondered what I had done again.

“I thought your favorite drink was Nutri milk and I was getting the Malt.”

Hello, how does she know that? I had never shared that detail to anyone and not even my parents knew; only Amusa knew and the maid knew this tiny detail about me. But here she was, a not too long ago stranger spewing it out to me. Her expression suddenly changed when she saw the surprise reaction I gave.

“I mean, I saw one with you during our second class yesterday.” she tried to explain but I wasn’t convinced. She was obviously trying to cover up something but I had no idea what it was.

I took my seat trying to let that slide, I was an over-the-board thinker and I could really overdo it sometimes. I picked up my cutleries and set to eating when her phone beeped. She was already on her third spoon- didn’t realize I had been counting; I did a lot of things subconsciously lately. She brought out a phone and frowned, she typed back into it before setting it down on the table and turning her gaze to me.

“You don’t mind a friend of mine joining us here, do you?”

I did, I freaking did. I didn’t like having lots of company and I was already breaking that record because of her, and here she was asking me to shatter that record.

“I don’t.” I swallowed hard, why couldn’t I just say no to her, was I on some kind of spell. I raised my head and met her scrutinizing me.

“Are you sure?” she asked softly.

“Yes, why wouldn’t I be?”

She sighed and returned to her food. “Well, you don’t strike me as a type of guy that would fancy lots of company; you look like an in-your-mind type of person.”

There she was again, striking the hammer right on the nail’s head. Maybe she had earlier guessed that my best drink was Nutri milk based on her seeing me with one yesterday, which I very much doubted. Just one day observation couldn’t have made her known all these about me, and the word she used, that word was the perfect description of what I was. I just couldn’t help but think that there was something amiss, I just didn’t know what it was.

“So, tell me about yourself.” Her voice brought me back from oblivion.

“About myself?” I asked trying to be sure I heard right.

“Yes, about yourself. What you like, your dislikes, why you’re so pompous in one minute and in the next you’re almost sweet. You don’t need to tell me about your status though; your tag clearly spells that out.” She put another spoon into her mouth.

The tag, now was the perfect time to know what it meant. “Why were we given the tags?” I asked and again, her stare was unbelieving.

“You didn’t ask?”

‘No I didn’t.”

She wiped the corners of her mouth with the tissue we were provided with and set her spoon down. I guess that was all she would be having; my question seemed to fill the remaining part of her stomach.

“They are given to kids from high social status, majorly kids with wealthy background.”

I smiled, I had been right. I knuckled my inner self for a job well done.

“Why, are they given any special treatments?”

She looked at me amazed. “Of course they are. If the stunt you pulled yesterday had been done by a tagless student, they’d have been sent home for at least two weeks.”

I scorned. “Why would they do that, they could easily switch tutorials and start attending a new one as soon as they leave here.”

She poured out the Nutri milk into a cup and took a sip out of it shaking her head. “Hmm hmm, not after the amount they paid to get in here.”

I stared at her oblivious again. She hit her head and shook her head again. “You really don’t know anything do you?”

As I was about to give her a reply, a familiar face joined us at the table, it was the same guy I had had that pointless conversation with this morning. He wasn’t too surprised to see me here and he knuckled me immediately he saw me.

“Hey Nigga, I can see you’re chilling here.”

“You guys have met?” Simi directed the question to me.

“Yes I met him before the first class today.” He replied before I could.

“Well great.” She didn’t look impressed.

“Then I assume you’ve met Femi, my boyfriend. I know he likes to brag about that last bit a lot.” She rolled her eyes.

What! I was dumfounded. Saying it felt as if I was struck by lightning at that moment would be the biggest understatement I had given in my life. My whole body tensed up for no reason and a hole began to form in me, filling me so deeply that I felt like I was going to throw up in any moment. Did I hear right, did she just use the word boyfriend for this…. I couldn’t find the word for him that moment, my mind was becoming cloudy.

What the hell was I even doing here in the first place? Why did I ask her to come with me instead of just getting my earpiece and walking away, why had she been on my mind ever since she walked into the class yesterday, why was I so concerned about her, something I had never done before, why did her smile have a chilling kind of effect on me?

My inner self stared at me with its wide goggle asking if I wanted to go on as it held a paper that contained an infinite list of things I had done since I met her.

“Are you okay?” Her voice broke through my thoughts, again.

Femi was already sitting and was also staring at me; he had that unimpressed James Bond look like I had been doing something suspicious with his ‘Girlfriend’ behind his back. Bleep, I didn’t even know that she had a boyfriend ten seconds ago. I cleared my throat and feigned like I was in a hurry. I picked up my bag and stood up.

“Yes I am. I have to leave now.” I picked up my phone from the table.

“Oh, chill bro. I hope my presence didn’t make you feel uncomfortable, I could leave you two alone and let you continue whatever it was you were doing.” He had that tone in his voice that made me understand that he was speaking the opposite of what he meant.

I wanted to scream that I was the victim here, I was the one in the dark here, but I couldn’t the muscles controlling my vocal cord seemed to be inactive at that moment. “What we were doing” I didn’t know what that was; I didn’t even know how I ended up here in the first place and how I had allowed her to enchant me.

“You don’t need to do that, I just remembered that I had to pick up something in a store few blocks from here and I wouldn’t have the opportunity to do it after the class. And I assume you and your ‘Girlfriend’ have a lot to discuss.” All this while, I had been trying to avoid her gaze but as I made the last statement I looked at her, she had a confused face on and her iris sparkled- those eyes.

I quickly walked out of the restaurant trying not to have a panic attack, I rushed to a corner and bent, breathing heavily, trying to control my breath. I reached for my bag and brought out my inhaler and quickly inhaled twice through my mouth. There, I felt better and very confused. I couldn’t keep my mind off her no matter how hard I tried; I couldn’t stop thinking of those eyes, her smile, and her body. I must be going insane because I had never felt this way before; I had never wanted anybody this badly.

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Updates !!!....i dont want to vex...lol

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