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Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by frankline461: 9:28am On Dec 10, 2018
Thanks Man
My pleasure

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See gobbe, what's happening now shocked
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OP tanks for the update

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Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by nkemdave(m): 11:23am On Dec 11, 2018
I believe Simi is aware of the things that are about to happen to Michael and his family.

Nice piece OP
Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by frankline461: 7:11pm On Dec 12, 2018
My heart began to race again as the elevator moved slowly across floors. Finally, I arrived on the eighth floor and hurried through the corridor; I stopped in front of Room 3030B and knocked as I looked across the empty corridor making sure I was alone. There was no answer from the other side making me further nervous, I had to knock harder, my resulting force pushing the door wide open, much to my surprise. I was instantly hit by the concentrated smell of bleach as the door flung open. My heart beat was becoming erratic and I dreaded what I was about to uncover.
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Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by LightQueen(f): 7:59pm On Dec 12, 2018
This your TEASER ehn grin
Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by Nuel45(m): 10:48am On Dec 13, 2018
Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by frankline461: 5:17pm On Dec 14, 2018

The phone kept on ringing on the other end and after centuries of constant beeping was disconnected. I wondered where my Mom who I had just spoken to a few minutes ago had placed her phone. I knew her that much and I knew that she would not get separated from her phone in this kind of situation, not until I was safely with her. I placed the fourth call to her, trying not to think the worst, as the receiver started ringing, I took a quick peep through the hole in the wardrobe but there was no movement. Again, it was disconnected after ringing for an umpteenth time. I switched off the backlight of my phone, thinking. I needed to get to the hotel, I needed to find out what was happening, and I needed to know if my mom was okay. I slowly crept out of the wardrobe, my ears firmly placed on ground. I listened for a while trying to catch any sound, but all I got was silence. I had the advantage over them, I knew that they were around, but they didn’t know I was in. If I could just sneak past them and get out of the house without them knowing, that way, I would not face any confrontation that might lead to an obvious regret on my path.

I walked as quietly as I could towards the window and dragged the curtain back, carefully peeping outside, I saw a shadow move quickly at the corner of my eyes and I couldn’t figure out if it was real or if it was just a figment of my tensed imagination. I tip toed to my door and helped myself into the dark living room. There was a loud thud on the door and my heart leaped, almost coming out through my mouth. I froze on the spot trying not to make any sound at all as the sound continued banging. It stopped after a while and I could hear keys jingling, ‘How did they have the keys to our house’ I thought as I quickly moved towards the curtain around the door, hiding well behind it. Just few seconds after I had successfully concealed myself behind the curtain, the door flung open and I could see two figures walk cautiously into the house, their hands oriented like they were holding something; maybe a gun. My thoughts were irrational and I knew that this was a do or die affair, they really meant business.

“Where’s the light switch?” One of them asked.

“I don’t know.” The other replied and I knew that voice, I tried recalling where I had heard it but I was not thinking straight, my brain had already switched to danger mode.

“I thought this was the only job they gave you, studying the blue prints of this house.” The first voice spoke again and it had an accent, a French one

The other figure clicked his tongue. “The blue print doesn’t include where the switches are placed mate” There it was again, I almost exploded out of frustration as I couldn’t just fix the voice with a face.

“Well, surely the blue print would include the different rooms in the house; we’d just have to navigate the room with our night vision.” He touched something on his face and I realized that they were wearing glasses, expensive ones with night visions. Were they that sophisticated?

“Which one is his?” The voice continued

“Up ahead.” The other figure pointed towards my room and I could see the shadow clearly, they were holding a gun.

I quickly slipped out of the opened door as quietly as I could as they progressed towards my room and hurried towards the gate, my eyes caught the car and I could see a figure lying down lifeless there. I rushed over and bent over looking over my shoulders as I switched on the flashlight of my phone, it shone directly at Amusa’s face, his eyes were opened but they were staring at nothing in particular, his mouth was also opened and he laid in an awkward manner; I didn’t need a doctor to tell me he was dead. The emotions in me spiked and I knew that these guys were here on a real business, but anger built up in me, they had just killed a good man and even if they worked for the CIA, they were going to pay for it.
I reached for his pocket to get the gate keys from them but they were not there, they must have probably taken it off him when they killed him to prevent anyone from going out. I headed towards the gate and my fear was confirmed, it was locked. Scratching my head and trying to stay out of sight, I tried to figure out another way out of this.

My phone rang, its vibration startling me. It was an unknown number and I hesitated picking it. I eventually pressed the pick button, placing the phone on my ears but not saying a word. There was also silence on the other side and suddenly a very loud piercing sonic sound came through my phone’s earpiece, piercing my tympanic membrane and subsequently making me drop the phone in a loud way cursing out loud. My action was loud and it got their attention, I could feel the ground vibrate beneath me and could also hear footsteps hurrying outside from the house and even though the pain still reverberated through my spin, I knew I needed to get out of the house. I quickly hurried towards the gate, trying to figure out my next move.

‘The fence’ I thought and I hurried towards it, and with one great adrenaline influenced leap, I was clinging on to it, the broken bottles embedded into it piercing smoothly into my skin, but that was the least of my worries at that moment. I dragged myself on top of it, just in time to avoid being hit by two quick shots. I rolled over and fell on my side on the other side, breaking a few ribs. I quickly got on my feet and hurried away on the empty street clinging on to my chest that was hurting real bad. The estate we stayed was a very quiet one where everyone minded their business and tried not to intrude into another’s. The streets were empty as everyone was probably in their house. There was no way they could have heard the shots because it wasn’t as loud as normal gun shots, they must have been using a silencer to cloak the sound.

I hurried towards the estate’s gate trying to stay out of sight, there were security personnel there and maybe they could call the police and hold them off till the police got there. From a distance, I could see that the security post that was usually lit with security personnel roaming about and sharing jokes by this hour of the day was dark and motionless. I hurried to the security stand and my fears were confirmed, it was empty and dark. I reached for my pocket to get my phone and at that moment, I realized it was not with me, I had forgotten to pick it up when I hurried out of the house.

I was very angry with myself as I helped myself out of the Estate’s gate on to the main road where cars were zooming off. I quickly stopped a Keke and told the driver I was heading to Flippers hotel. He gave me a weird look at first, scrutinizing me from head to toe. I didn’t have the time he was wasting and I was sure that they were only a few seconds behind me.

“Are you heading in that direction or not?” I asked trying to take quick breath as my ribs pressed back on my lung.

“Night don come ooo, na two hundred be your money.”

I quickly got into the Keke. “Okay, let’s go.” I didn’t have the time and strength to argue with him, on a normal day, we paid just fifty naira from the gate to flippers hotel, but trust Nigerians to always inflate the prices whenever they are given the opportunity to. I adjusted my posture as soon as he drove away, trying to shift my ribs off my lungs, but I only got a piercing pain that stopped me.

“Damn.” I cursed getting the Keke driver’s attention.

He looked at me through the rear glass.

“How far, shey you dey alright like this? All this blood wey dey your hand, you no go go hospital like this?”

I gave him a stern look as I fought back the urge to give another loud scream. “Don’t worry, when I get to flippers, I’d be fine."

I paid him off as soon as he dropped me and quickly bought bottled water from an Aboki’s stand outside the hotel to wash off the blood stain on my hands, the wound still felt sore and my hand was beginning to feel numb. The last thing I wanted was attention as right now, I knew I couldn’t trust anyone. I also got a hand towel to cover the bruises on my hand as I walked into the hotel trying to be as composed as I could. My mom didn’t give me the room number, but since we were popular figure and wealthy, we used our influence to secure a room in the hotel which we used always whenever we wanted to use the hotel and since it was like our second home people in it were familiar with us, including the receptionists.

The hotel was a very big one of around twenty-five storey building and over seventeen thousand rooms, it was the most popular in the state with different types of suit for different tastes, it was said to have over five thousand employees with over two hundred part time staffs on the pay list and had a thing for perfection. The large full glass outward appearance and the brownish marbled floor was a clear indicator of their taste. It had a large compound with an artificial water fall just at the sides of the large building. Its parking lots were according to ranks with the furthest reserved for the least ranked officials while the nearest ones were for high ranked ones, my family fell in between.

I walked towards the security men at the gate of the hotel removing my hood in order for them to recognize me and let me go without questions; I didn’t need any of them at the moment. As soon as I walked past him, I placed the hood back on my head walking towards the large building that stood in front of me. I walked into the large spaced marble floored hotel reception, it was glowing as usual with large lights and reflecting posters all contributing to its glow as people canvassed the floor, all too engrossed in their businesses to notice my out-of-place look. Since we only used one suit whenever we came to Flippers and I didn’t need to go to the receptionist to check our lodge as already knew where it was. I hurried to the fourth elevator to my right that led to ‘Wing B’ and pressed the button; it took a few minutes before it came through much to my anger and frustration. While I waited for it to arrive, I ran my gaze around the faces on the floor trying to check if any was out of place, they might have followed me down here and if I was not careful, I could be leading them straight to my mom. As the elevator beeped, my gaze caught a man sitting on a settee far across the large room. He was wearing a glass and reading a newspaper and that was what gave him in ‘Who the hell read a newspaper by this time of the day?’ I stepped into the elevator and clicked on the eighth floor, the elevator made a beep and as it was about to close, I saw a reflection on its glass walls of the man standing from his sit and walking towards the staircase.

My heart began to race again as the elevator moved slowly across floors. Finally, I arrived on the eighth floor and hurried through the corridor; I stopped in front of Room 3030B and knocked as I looked across the empty corridor making sure I was alone. There was no answer from the other side making me further nervous, I had to knock harder, my resulting force pushing the door wide open, much to my surprise. I was instantly hit by the concentrated smell of bleach as the door flung open. My heart beat was becoming erratic and I dreaded what I was about to uncover.
Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by frankline461: 5:18pm On Dec 14, 2018

I took some slow steps into the room, trying to sound as quiet as I could as I walked into the large sitting room. Nothing looked out of place and I couldn’t figure out why such quantity of bleach had been used in the room, it smelled so concentrated hence it had been used not long ago. The room was well arranged with its entire antique still well positioned and its night light already turned on. I could also hear some sound coming from the large flat screen TV; it was loud enough to prevent anyone from hearing anything that was happening in the room alongside the sound proof walls.

“Mom” I called out, staying on my toes for whatever was about to play out. I needed some kind of weapon to defend myself if push came to shove and I reached for a flower vase to my right, pouring out its content and holding it with its base, it felt very reassuring in my grip.

I took some steps further into the living room scrutinizing it. I concluded after a while that it was empty, turning my weary attention to the opened bedroom, my hand firmly gripping the vase. As I took my first step towards it, my leg kicked something underneath the chair. I winced out of fear and quickly turned my attention to it, my already strained heart beat getting further erratic. I bent -heart in mouth, and as I reached underneath the chair, I felt that sharp pain again from my ribs, I had totally forgotten that it was there. I strained and dragged it out. It was my mom’s phone and I realized that it had been damaged, its screen already smashed into pieces. I got to my feet trying to figure out the significance of the phone laying down there and in this condition, it meant that she was here, or had been here and I just needed to find her I tried to shut out the opinion of my inner self, nothing bad could have happened to her. I placed the phone into the pocket of my hood and zipped it off proceeding to the room

I walked into the bedroom and like the sitting room it was empty, but something was different, the ground felt cold like it had just been mobbed and the bleach scent had intensify. I walked into the bathroom and turned on the light on. I wheezed trying to catch my breath as my lungs expanded far more than it ought to, squeezing itself directly on my ribs. My pons and medulla seemed to be out of order and my cerebellum also looked to be following in their footsteps as my body slowly lost its temperature regulatory functions. There she was, lying there in the bath tub covered in her blood with her eyes wide opened and staring dreadfully in my direction. I fell to the ground as my knee suddenly could not carry my weight as I struggled with myself to remain conscious and not pass out conscious and not pass out. Tears rolled down my eyes as I stared at her frightened face, I couldn’t scream as my mouth felt too heavy, and I could only pray within that this would turn out to be just a dream. I closed my eyes very tight hoping that when I opened them I’d be back on my bed, probably sweating vigorously from this nightmare and giving out a loud sigh. But when I eventually opened them, her face was still there, staring at me somewhat disappointed.

I heard a sound from the living room, the door being opened, I stood up and reached for the vase but it was already broken, I must have probably dropped it in shock. I looked for something that I could substitute as a weapon, and then, I saw it, the murder weapon; a small knife lying just a few meters to her covered with blood. Knowing how she was killed further aggravated my rage and I grabbed it; suddenly filled with strength from the rage I felt and no will whatsoever to live. If I was going to die today, at least I wouldn’t do it without fighting back and taking at least one of those fuckers with me. I took one last look at her face before I exited the bathroom ready to face whatever was coming at me. I was just on time to meet him coming into the bedroom, it was the same man at the reception that was reading a newspaper, except he didn’t have his glasses on and he had a gun in his hands pointed at me. He held the gun with two hands and stared at me sternly, and his eyes felt very cold like he had no emotions at all.

Standing close to me, I could see most of his feature. He was dark skinned with lots of skin blemishes on his face and had some mass of muscles on both hands. He was wearing a white tee shirt and a black jean with its pocket folded in such a way that it was easy to tell that he had a phone in it.

“Drop the knife slowly.” His thick voice ordered; his gaze never leaving mine.

I kept on staring at him with my rage peaking as all I could see was my mom’s face, staring disappointedly at me. I could imagine her begging and crying out for help as she was brutally killed and it made me more furious as there was nothing I could do to reverse it. In the blink of an eye and with adrenaline in my blood, I charged at him as quick as I could and although he fired two shots that hit me on my chest, I didn’t relent until the knife was buried deep in his sternocleidomastoid muscle, lacerating his carotid artery. He went down and so did I, his blood splattering all through the room as my shirt was also beginning to get soaked in my blood. I had no regret dying then, but I still wanted to know who was behind this. I reached for his pocket and dragged out the phone in them, it had a finger print unlock pattern, so I placed one of his fingers on it to unlock it. He had a message which I opened, it was from a certain TSS and it content was

‘Is the job done?’

I had not heard of such acronym before and even in my dying state, I wondered who they were and why they so much wanted my family dead so badly. I was beginning to feel very light headed, probably as a result of inadequate oxygen from the loss of blood. I sighed as I embraced my fate , this was probably the end for me, probably the last I was going to see and as much as I knew that there was nothing that I could do now, not even shout for help, I still didn’t want to die. I wanted to avenge the death of my mom; I wanted to make whoever was responsible for her death pay in for it. My mind drifted to my dad for the second time that evening and I wondered if he had met with the same fate as us. Well, there was nothing more exciting than the three of us meeting on the other side. Maybe we’d just start our lives over again, and this time, maybe more conscious of it.

Simi’s words were back again, playing like a tape in my head, I smiled as I pictured her angry face as she muttered those words.

You deserve everything that is coming for you

Surely she didn’t know that it was death that awaited us, or did she know and my rudeness prevented her from saying anything? Maybe I did deserve all this, no condition was permanent as Badmus had said and mine had definitely taken a turn down. The phone beeped again my hands and a message came through.

Your ride out is here, make sure you leave no trails behind; room service would soon be there to clear all the mess.

I didn’t know what was wrong with me, but I smiled as I read the message. It was as if I was in a movie or something and had just taken out the bad guy with myself also getting injured in the process, the only difference being that the protagonist usually walked out of situations like this, dragging his foot on the ground and driving away as an action theme song played underneath. I touched my shirt again and I knew that it wasn’t long again before I passed out, my strength was already draining and my visions were becoming unclear. It suddenly felt like I was floating in the air for a minute until my head hit the ground and I groaned. I didn’t feel any pain, just numbness.

I heard another sound in the living room, maybe the room service was here to clear the mess, I was sure they’d be shock that their assassin was also a citizen of mess town. I could no longer keep my eyes opened and as I drifted into oblivion, I saw a figure’s foot standing at the door entrance. Its shoe wear was feminine and it was continuous with the black leather trouser it was putting on. I wanted to catch a glimpse of its face so badly, but I couldn’t even keep my closing eyebrow still. The figure took some steps into the room and bent beside me, her cold hand checking my pulse. She pushed me over, probably to assess my injury and although my eyes were almost shut, I saw her face.


On a normal day, I might have been shocked or curious to know why she was here, but I wasn’t today. I wondered if my mind was playing tricks on me, because I already read that people see thing that were not real when they were dying. I felt a cold piercing pain on my neck, probably from a syringe and its contents entered my blood stream, the pain began to diminish.

I tried to say something but she placed her finger over my lips.

“Shhh.” Her sound echoed through my head.

Before I finally passed out, I saw my mom standing just at the corner of the room, smiling broadly at me. She in a foreign attire and had a rose-like flower in her hand, her second hand urging me to come to her.

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Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by LightQueen(f): 6:08pm On Dec 14, 2018
Thanks for the update Frankline
Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by michael123pelemo(m): 7:53pm On Dec 14, 2018
This is the bomb. Please update.
Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by nastynic(m): 8:19pm On Dec 14, 2018

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Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by Dmajor100(m): 9:11pm On Dec 14, 2018
Wow this story is so flawless ....how can i get the complete story frankline461
Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by Ann2012(f): 9:20pm On Dec 14, 2018
Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by Deasegun19(m): 9:41am On Dec 16, 2018
please continue
Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by skubido(m): 10:00am On Dec 16, 2018

OP tanks for the update
Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by frankline461: 10:12am On Dec 16, 2018

OP tanks for the update

Thanks for following

please continue

Stay tuned.. Teasers on Wednesdays, Updates on Fridays


grin grin.

Wow this story is so flawless ....how can i get the complete story frankline461

You can't yet, it's a work in progress


More cash bruh

cheesy cheesy Amen

This is the bomb. Please update.

grin grin

Thanks for the update Frankline

My pleasure
Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by Dmajor100(m): 10:47am On Dec 16, 2018
But can u pls double the update per week
Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by Jessiefam: 8:09pm On Dec 17, 2018
frankline461.. can I copy your story but I won't fail to recognize you as the owner.. wanna paste it on my blog, I love your story.. credit will still go to you, you can visit jenuelblog to verify
Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by frankline461: 9:12am On Dec 18, 2018
But can u pls double the update per week

I'm working on that sir, but that should be by January as where I am currently, we don't have regular power supply. I'm even finding it hard to come up with an update per week. I also do not want to type with my phone, the last book I typed with it had loads of errors

frankline461.. can I copy your story but I won't fail to recognize you as the owner.. wanna paste it on my blog, I love your story.. credit will still go to you, you can visit jenuelblog to verify

Okay sir, Name is Samuel Franklin. Can I get the link to your blog?
Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by nkemdave(m): 2:05pm On Dec 18, 2018
This story is becoming more interesting.

Ride on OP
Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by kdavid07(m): 9:45am On Dec 19, 2018
wat a luvly story. do u have the full story in pdf?
Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by frankline461: 10:49am On Dec 19, 2018
wat a luvly story. do u have the full story in pdf?

Not yet sir

This story is becoming more interesting.

Ride on OP

Thanks man

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Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by frankline461: 10:50am On Dec 19, 2018
A teaser dropping today, stay tuned grin grin grin
Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by frankline461: 4:36pm On Dec 19, 2018

I sighed, taking another look at the IPhone, it was an IPhone with a huge upgrade, it was probably meant to be called a Spy-phone. It could not be hacked and was encrypted; the wrong step could easily activate a self destruct mode, wiping off all the data on it. The company wasn’t going to risk losing such amount of information, they were ready to wait for him to wake up and be coerced into unlocking it- and that was if he even knew the password to start with.
I turned my attention to my wristwatch and it was almost time for him to come through, I counted along in my head as the timer counted down.

Five. Four. Three. Two. One.

I rolled my chair and turned my back at him instantly getting into character, I could hear him groan and the bed shuffle. He was probably trying to take his new location in and would probably say something soon.



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Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by skubido(m): 5:29pm On Dec 19, 2018
OP Plz comma continue oiii
Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by michael123pelemo(m): 6:58pm On Dec 19, 2018
Continue nah....
Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by frankline461: 3:31pm On Dec 21, 2018

I placed the last pin into the pen camera and held it up to my eyes; its tip was slightly displaced to the right and it made the pen hang in an awkward manner. Placing it back on the desk, my gaze fell on the IPhone for the second time that afternoon. I had been warned off it by the Organization who after lots of hacking and decrypting could not break through the security system installed in it; they had concluded that I had to figure out a way to get him to unlock it as our progress solely relied on it. I wondered what would have happened if I hadn’t gotten there on time to save his life and also wondered what would become of him when the organization finally got what they wanted from him. I knew he’d definitely be tagged ‘Incommunicado’, and they would withdraw their protection from him, leaving him to fend and protect himself. I dragged the IPhone to my side of the desk, contemplating on the consequence of what I wanted to do next, David was watching and this was going to add more fuel to his argument. Bleep it! I plugged in a USB cord to it and plugged the other end into my laptop, running my newly developed debugging program on it. I had never had the opportunity to test its capability and this was the perfect chance to try it. The trick was to convince the phone system into thinking there was a corrupt file being uploaded into it and while it deals with it, I download all the files through a back looped door I had introduced into the program.

I inputted my pin and algorithms popped up on the system, the program gradually booting. After a few moments, the files began uploading into the phone; it took eternity to load. I sighed trying to busy myself with other things while it loaded, my throat suddenly protesting about its rights violation. I swung the rolling chair to stare at the fridge which stood some miles across my large apartment. It was a kind of self contained apartment and what I meant by that was that everything I wanted was in one large room. It was my living room, bed room, my work room- which was mostly my laptop- and my restroom which was just some miles to my left. The apartment was rigged as most agent’s were, and a camera was placed at the corner of each of our apartments, just to get a glimpse of the happenings in it for faster reaction in case of emergencies. Even though I had an easy access to everything I owned, since I had them all jumbled up in one place, walking across the room to the fridge just to get hydrated felt like a lot of work which energy I’d rather put into uploading my files. I turned back to the laptop.


I sighed and rolled the chair again, my wandering gaze continuing in its quest of joblessness. My gaze fell on him as he slept peacefully on the bed some miles directly in front of me. He had an handsome face for someone that had been through what he had been through and I knew that if we had met on a different basis, maybe over coffee or tea, things might have been different between us; he might have ended on my bed like the other one night stands; or maybe more. His face was squeezed in a way, and even though he was fast asleep, I knew the pain still haunted him deep into his dreams- it was a very dreadful experience getting shot, very more traumatic than movies made it seem, or maybe his dead mother did; it must had been so horrible seeing her in that condition. That was one of a few TSS cases gone wrong and he had played a major role in that aspect, single-handedly killing one of their organization’s best assassins, even trained personnel had a hard time doing that.

This was the first case the company would be allowing me handle on my own, other cases was usually with my good friend David. David and I graduated from the academy at the same time and we had been made partners ever since then, that was four years ago. This year marked my twentieth birthday and I was deemed fit to work alone by the organization, my first real job; coercing an handsome teen to tell me the password to his dead mother’s phone and using him to progress in our mission of tracking down our long time friends; TSS. At the moment, everyone thought he was dead, everyone except the TSS who have been looking hard for him. They had their ways and it wasn’t going to be long before bullets were flying across my apartment, they weren’t one that left their jobs half done, they always made sure it was completed.

He had given us a huge opportunity to finally exploit and fish them out, they had been a disciplined underground organization until now, never leaving a trace of their presence and making sure they were always one step ahead of us. I knew they would have probably had another one over us if he had not fought back and given me that few seconds I needed to get to him; just in time to save his life. They wanted to wipe his family off the slate, including him and they had succeeded with other members except him. They made it look like a business war between his father’s company and his rival company and the headlines on different media websites was ‘Business typhoon and family meets their demise as heat increases among top rivals’ talk about insecurity in the country.

He and whatever was contained on this phone was our only lead to them, he was going to be our bait to lure them in and whatever it was that they were trying to get on this phone was our foothold against them. They didn’t know we had him and the phone and after long years of counting our losses, we were one step further than they were. My laptop beeped and out of excitement, I rolled my chair back to face it. There was a message written in bold red on it.

Access Denied!
3 trials left.

I sighed, taking another look at the IPhone, it was an IPhone with a huge upgrade, it was probably meant to be called a Spy-phone. It could not be hacked and was encrypted; the wrong step could easily activate a self destruct mode, wiping off all the data on it. The company wasn’t going to risk losing such amount of information, they were ready to wait for him to wake up and be coerced into unlocking it- and that was if he even knew the password to start with.
I turned my attention to my wristwatch and it was almost time for him to come through, I counted along in my head as the timer counted down.

Five. Four. Three. Two. One.

I rolled my chair and turned my back at him instantly getting into character, I could hear him groan and the bed shuffle. He was probably trying to take his new location in and would probably say something soon.

I sighed, rolling my eyes there he went again with that name; I needed to find out why he kept on calling me that. I turned to face him and I could see the surprise on his face. He thought I was somebody else, he thought I was Simi.

“You’re awake.” I spoke sounding trying to sidetrack his awkward gaze; was he smitten by my looks?

He groaned again, rubbing the side of his head and I knew he was trying to soothe the headache he felt. That was just one of the side effects of the heavy dosage of Gamma 221 I had injected him with. Alongside suppressing over a week old of memories, it was also very well known for causing wild headaches and hallucination; the later comes after a while.

“Where am I?” He asked his gaze running around the building and stopping on my face.

He really was handsome and there was a way he stared, like I was a book and he was reading the pages off me. “You’re in safe house now.” I snapped out of it, if David was here, he would have been giving me a lecture of how we were not supposed to let our personal wants interfere with our professional duties.

“Safe?” He looked at me wearily trying to digest what I meant with that word. “Why would I want to be safe and who are you?”

I sighed, it was going to be a while before he could access the memory from three days ago and I surely do not want to be here when he does.

“You’d understand soon enough. I gave you something to suppress your memories for now and with time you’d get a clearer picture of why you have to be in a safe house.” He looked past me to the desk behind me and my gaze followed his eyes.

“That pouch looks very familiar.” He said referring to the pouch covering the IPhone.
I quickly unplugged the USB cord from the phone and held it with me. “Yes, it is your mom’s.”

His face was squeezed and his eyes ran from me to the phone, back to me. “My mom’s, why is it here?”

My countenance fell; I wasn’t the type to take to lengthy explanations. He was supposed to be able to access some of his memories, if triggered. “You don’t remember what happened three days ago?”

He seemed confuse and I could see he was making an attempt to remember. He gave a loud shout holding his head prompting me to rush to him, I might have pushed him far too early and Gamma 221 wasn’t the one to easily back down; it was a total memory wiper if administered in excess and even when administered in a controlled dose, it didn’t readily hand back ones memory to them. I held his arm and he winced away from my touch, his eyes suddenly alert and wild. I backed away accessing his new look and in a blink of an eye, he was on his feet creating a distance between us. I now understood how he was able to take down that assassin; no one would expect such swiftness from a teen. I stood up and stretched my hand as a pact.

“You’re safe now. They can’t get to you here.” I took some steps towards him.

“Stop!” He ordered, picking up a pen from my table. poo, how the hell did I leave a possible weapon lying there? David would probably in cases like this tell me how it was important I used my own surrounding to my advantage, carefully placing all weapons and possible weapons only in places that were easily accessible to me alone.

I hung both hands in the air, trying to get a peace treaty from him; I wasn’t ready to turn my apartment into a combat zone. What would David say in this kind of situation?

“There’s no need for that.” I gesticulated to the pen he was holding. “We just have to sit down and talk, that’s all.” There was no hint of relenting in his eyes and I knew that this wasn’t going to be an easy walk in the park as I had earlier envisioned.

“You’re going to hand that phone over to me and allow me walk out of this place.”
I couldn’t help but give a smile. He had a daring spirit I’d give him that, he also had something around him that smelled arrogant. “I wouldn’t be able to do that.” I tried to reason with him. “You’d be killed as soon as you step out of this place. The people that tried to kill you in the hotel are after you.”

I could see his resolve melt slowly and his gaze become warmer, I sighed slowly bringing my hands down. “Can we talk now?” I asked.

He also slowly brought his hands down and threw the pen to the bed, I could see tears in his eyes and he was doing all he could not to let them fall- strong lad. I sat on the bed and gesticulated for him to sit as I thought of a way to start the conversation, like I said, I wasn’t a conversationalist.

“I’m Catherine, and I work for the CIA.” I waited to see his reaction and it wasn’t encouraging, he stared at me like I had gone insane.
Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by frankline461: 3:32pm On Dec 21, 2018

“CIA?” he scorned. “What would a CIA agent be doing here in Nigeria, isn’t there any other country that needs busting up?”
He was mocking me and I could tell from his voice, I wondered why he didn’t believe me. Was it because I was young or because I was a female? Surely he would know that female worked for the CIA. I brought out my ID and showed him. He stared at it for a while as if trying to tell its credibility, he turned his gaze back to me.

“That could have been easily forged, but if you insist on taking the CIA line, lets proceed.”

This was rock bottom and I wasn’t getting anywhere, I needed to come to an understanding with him if I was going to get him to unlock the device. I walked across the room to my drawl and pulled out my international passport from it. I opened the data page where it stated my country of origin and showed it to him.

“Now, why would I go through all these stress just to create a fake profile?” I asked, pleading inside that he took the hint and stooped frustrating me. My eyes went to the camera at the corner of the room, I was sure David was having fun watching me struggle with my first client; he probably wouldn’t be able to hear what we were saying because the camera wasn’t audio enabled. He had been against the idea of me working alone, he argued that I was still inexperience, an argument the company knew was not true. I knew the reason why he didn’t want me alone was because we weren’t going to be having the constant sex we had when we were partners. It was a no string attached relationship and he was beginning to grow a kind of attachment that we needed to talk about.

Michael looked to have finally taken the hint much to my relief. I placed the passport on the desk and turned back to him. “The guys that killed your mom, they are a secret organization called TSS. They are a very brutal undercover organization that has been operating right under the nose of the CIA and we have been trying to track their operations around different countries and they have been mocking us until now.” I locked gaze with him. “Your fearlessness has given us a chance to finally nab them.”
His countenance looked like he wanted to say something and I gave him a chance to.

“What about my dad?” He asked; his eyes expectant.

I sighed; this was not going as I planned.

“There’s no news about his whereabouts for now, but we are working on it.” I tried to reassure him. As selfish as it sounded, I couldn’t risk him shutting down on me now.
He looked dejected, but I needed to take this opening. I picked the phone and handed it over to him, trying to build trust between us.

“The last time I saw this, its screen was shattered.” He spoke, scrutinizing it.

“Yes, we got that fixed yesterday.” I seemed to have confused him the more. “You were out for three days.” I added trying to clear the confusion.


It sounded more like an exclamation than a question.

“They were after whatever is on this phone and they were willing to go to the extent they went just to get it. Do you know what is on it?

He held the phone, staring at it. He knew something and was taking too long to spill it out, I hated suspense.

“Can you unlock it?” I added trying to increase his pace of reaction.

“Whenever I touched this phone, my mom always nervously snatched it back from me. She didn’t even know that I knew the pass code to unlock it. She was always irrational around it and kept it hidden for most off the time, rarely bringing it out; I didn’t want to make her further nervy by telling her I could unlock it.”

I sighed the deepest sigh of relieve I had given since I joined the CIA, my first lone job was going very smoothly and about fifty percent of it was almost dealt with.

“We’d like to take a peek into the files to ascertain if we could get any lead on finally bringing TSS to justice.” I knew I was pleading on his emotions; the whole talk about bringing his mother’s culprit to justice was one of the terrible lies CIA agents told victims when we wanted something from them very badly, we were thought how to ditch out convincing lies.

He gave me a stern look that they made me stomach churn, his face was really crafty and I could only imagine the number of Nigerian girls he’d have had his way with holding such gem of a face. His facial hair were smoothly laid in one long line of endless bliss and his jaw were just so perfect when he wasn’t talking; not even one hair was out of place. And whoa, those lips... His mouth moved saying something, but I needed a moment to get my hearing sense back again.

“Pardon, I wasn’t listening.” I spoke hoping he did not notice what I was doing to him in my head.

He sighed, shaking his head in a this-isn’t-anything-new-to-me way. “And you think what I want is justice?” He reiterated.

I was surprised at his statement, he wasn’t taking that line hook, sinker and lining and his expression made him look like he had something else in mind.

“Thank you for saving me, I really appreciate you giving me another chance to life and I will be forever indebted to you. I’m not giving those fools a chance to law, I’m going to make sure they all come to the same fate as my mom and I’m going to watch each and every one of them bleed out till there is not even a single drop of blood running through their God-forsaken veins.”

Whoa, such intense bitterness. He had a dream, but I doubted he would be able to accomplish it, I even doubted he would be able make it past one of them before he was brought down; luck wasn’t a continuous entity. This was the type of case that even CIA agents had to undergo over fifteen years of hard training in order to posses qualifying skills, he wasn’t going to be able to do it on his own and he knew the CIA possessed the abilities and assets to accomplish it. I quickly switched to the second item of convincing; negotiating.

“We could help you in your quest. I mean, we have the man power, we have the technology, and we have been tracking these guys down for a very long time, we also saved your life and that shows you that you can trust us. Help us and we would help you, and contrary to your belief, the CIA is not that noble on abiding by the law, we do what must be done to achieve our aim even if it includes killing people.”

His stance flickered and I could see that I had gotten to him. Damn, I was very good at negotiating, contrary to David’s long list of badmouthing. I handed over the phone to him, building on the moment. “And what you just have to do to kick start our long-lasting partnership is unlocking this phone.”

He collected the phone from me and stared at it, it seemed he still felt a part of his mom in the phone and if it was not an asset needed in our quest, I’d have told him to keep it.

The laptop beeped behind me and I turned to look at it. It was a message from ‘1MoreDay’, that was David’s code name. We had different code names in the CIA and that was one of the security measures put in place to ensure our safety and discretion. We also used regularly changing IP addresses of ordinary people whenever we communicate, and we also made sure our messages were well encoded like the one David had just sent.

Can the cat just cut out the crap with the mouse and eat it already?

Cat3in was my code name and I could see the joke David was trying to insert into his message; a mocking statement and it wasn’t funny. I turned back rolling my eyes to the camera, not replying the message, he should have gotten the hint. I turned to Michael hoping that the connection I had installed between us wasn’t getting cold and that the long afternoon was finally coming to an end- actually, an headway. The computer beeped again behind me, twice in quick succession but I ignored it; he was trying to see me fail but I was going to make sure I prove him wrong.

Before I could mutter a word to influence our progressing friendship, I received a heavy blow to my neck that sent me spawning to the ground, feeling lightheaded. He hit me very hard on my right carotid sheath and the nerves there sent waves of shock to my brain, distorting its co-ordination and making it hard for me to maintain my posture; the result was the long uncoordinated fall I made, hitting the side of my head on the desk. What felt like a few minutes went by and I gathered my strength, dragging myself to my feet, shame and confusion suddenly playing games in my head; I had just been bashed by a teen with no formal training whatsoever and that was not what I was looking to add to my portfolio on my first job alone.

My vision finally came through and I could see him holding a gun at me, his eyes expression suddenly wild. I was surprised at his sudden emotional explosion, I was so sure we were heading in the right direction and we had an understanding between us, or has he been playing me?

“What’s wrong?” I asked him, trying to figure out what had spiked his emotion and also where the hell did he get the gun from?

“I don’t want to hurt you, and like I said, I appreciate you rescuing me. But I want no part in whatever you guys are doing.” His countenance was directed at the laptop’s screen.

poo! Bleep David, he was a bleeping asshole and was going to pay for this when I saw him next.

“You’re misunderstanding the situation here.” I tried to explain. “That’s David, and he is a friend too.” A dead friend, my conscious corrected me.

“I don’t care, I don’t need or want your help, I can handle things on my own and if you try to stop me from leaving this place, you might not be as lucky as I was when I faced the TSS assassin.” He sounded convincing but I was an agent, I should be able to control an over-confident teen.

“Do you even know how to use that?” I asked, referring to the gun.

“I read a lot and I know that what I just have to do is to turn off the safety.” He turned the safety off. “And pull the trigger.” He placed his hands over the trigger.

If not for the scintillating impulses that kept on back-lashing on my thalamus, I would have wowed by his experience. Even as naïve as he looked handling the gun, he had so much experience about using it. He wasn’t just handsome, he was also smart.

“Okay, okay. I’d let you leave now, but if you finally come to the understanding that we can work hand in hand and you need our help.” I picked up a beeper from my desk and tossed it at him. “Use that. It has a tracker in it and we can find you anywhere on earth.”

He stared at the beeper like I had just tossed a time bomb at him. After much examining, he picked it up and placed it into his pocket, his gaze not leaving mine. He side walked towards the exit and turned the door’s knob.

“Don’t try to follow me, if you do, I would destroy whatever you want so badly on this phone. I will send the files to you since I now know how to find you now.” He stepped out of the room and even though my head still hurt, all the muscles in my body suddenly wanted to squeeze life out of David’s neck.

I quickly rushed to my computer system and activated the beeper remotely; it could be activated through my system within the range of fifteen miles and he hadn’t gone that far. It took a while for the tracker to get activated though and bang, there he was roaming along ‘New times’ road. I grabbed my head to ear phone and spoke into it.

“Any fiendlies within two hundred miles of his location?”

It took a while before a voice came through and when it did, it was David’s. “Yes, one Irene Oyewole; she uploaded a photo of him on her facebook account two days ago with a very long eulogy. I am forwarding her details and a recent picture of what she looks like to you, good luck in finding your lost sheep” I could hear the smirk in his voice, but I ignored it. The organization was never going to believe that a senior agent of his caliber had a role to play in the failure of my case.

I waited for the picture that David had uploaded to load as I read through her profile. She was also a teen- what was with this case and teens. Her mom was one Mrs. Oyewole and the family had a bad past with Michaels, they had even been a lawsuit against the Eliot family sixteen years ago when her husband had died with Mrs. Oyewole claiming that the Eliots had a role to play in his death. Things had quiet down since then, but there was something fishy about the classified photos of her. Eight out of fifteen showed her on the different occasions with another teen. Teens! I cropped out the teen’s face, running a face check; other photos of her came in, some of them dating as far back as over two hundred years ago and all in different countries around the world. That was weird, I cross checked her recent picture and I couldn’t get anything but her name. It was a newspaper article and she had won the best science student of her graduating set at Neville High. I strolled down to her name, and there it was,

“Miss Ray Brown-Simi”

I picked up my mouth piece as I printed their photos.

“Send my ride in, I have an idea of places he might go.”

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