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Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by chiefLopes(m): 6:22pm On Dec 22, 2018
Wow its fascinating, u are a wonderful writer
Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by LightQueen(f): 10:10pm On Dec 22, 2018
Frankline461 kudos dear
Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by crossfm: 8:25am On Dec 24, 2018
Gr8 work.
Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by frankline461: 1:40pm On Dec 25, 2018
Gr8 work.


Frankline461 kudos dear

cheesy cheesy. I will not say anything

Wow its fascinating, u are a wonderful writer

Thanks sir

Update oh

gringrin. Patience sir, thanks for following

Mind blowing update as always

thanks for the qpdate.........frank

but I hope micheal wont put himself in trouble with his smartness

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Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by genius43(m): 2:03pm On Dec 25, 2018
Oga Frankline461. Merry Christmas

Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by LightQueen(f): 2:33pm On Dec 25, 2018

cheesy cheesy. I will not say anything
Lol.. you are not serious na cheesy cheesy
Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by frankline461: 2:13pm On Dec 26, 2018
Oga Frankline461. Merry Christmas
Thanks man, Merry Christmas in arrears sir

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Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by frankline461: 2:14pm On Dec 26, 2018
She sighed like she was preparing to go on a long ride, then she started. “After that little scuffle you guys had that day, I had called Simi to apologize on your behalf for everything that happened in the cafeteria.”

I gave her a questioning look. “Why would you want to apologize on my behalf?”

“My conscience wouldn’t let me be, I knew I instigated it with the way I behaved around you that day. Simi called me on Friday, the day before we visited; she said my mom had told her that she was friends with your family and that she wanted to know if I could help her get your number.” This was a new development, and as much as it was refreshing knowing that I wasn’t the only one crazy about getting numbers, I still didn’t get how all these was a ‘Proof’.

“I told her I would get it when I paid you a visit, but when I got back; I told her you refused to give it to me when I mentioned her name.” I could not believe my ears.


NAME: Miss Catherine Robertson
D.O.B: 10th of May 2000
AGE: 20 years old
COMPLEXION: Light skinned
HOBBIES: Developing new tech, sex
PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE: No one is obligated to help you, except yourself.

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Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by frankline461: 3:07pm On Dec 28, 2018



I stepped into the bank making sure my head was well covered and my identity, discreet, I needed a flexible way of getting money and I couldn’t do that because I wasn’t with my ATM card: I had somehow in the midst of all these, misplaced it. I needed to get a new one and I was very glad that it was an instant transaction that could be carried out in less than fifteen minutes. I stepped into the bank and was reminded of the country I was in as I met a very long queue all waiting to also meet with the customer service personnel, I slapped my inner head for being unrealistic and losing track of both time and place. It was actually three days after, like she had said and I still couldn’t fully grasp how I could have remained unconscious through it all, I also couldn’t remember what I had been dreaming of that kept me in there for that period of time. Taking a look around, all I saw were different people all coming to the bank with their own issues: some looking to deposit some money, some wanting to withdraw their savings while there were others that were using the fast track machine. Nothing looked out of place and no one seemed to be concerned with my presence. I joined the queue, trying my best to avoid the cameras that stood at strategic positions, they had all be laid out to fish out suspicious behaviors like mine, but all cameras had their dark spot and these ones weren’t an exception.

If I was to go by what the self acclaimed CIA agent, Catherine, had told me, they were capable of easily hacking into the bank’s feed and figure out that I was here and that was going to give them a lead on where to find me, based on what I have been doing. This made me wonder again, who were these guys and why was my family targeted? I wanted answers so bad, but I needed to wait to find them. I touched my hood’s pocket to feel the phone, I had to be reassured of its presence every now and then, it was the only lead I had to revenge.

After standing for about forty-five minutes, it was finally my turn to meet with the customer service personnel. She was a female, probably in her early to late forties, she had a smile on as I sat and requested politely for my slip. I handed my form to her and she started typing into her computer. She raised her head to me and turned the slip to me.

“You didn’t write down your BVN number.”

I sighed; I had been praying that the process was possible without it. “I currently do not have it here with me; I was hoping you could check for it using my account number.”

She took a look at me and resumed typing on her system, she stopped abruptly after a while, taking a look at the system, and then at me. “Michael Eliot?”

“Yes, that’s me.”

She took another look at me, like she was trying to recall something. “That name sounds so familiar.” She kept on racking her brain. She shook her head, giving up on her quest as she continued typing into her computer.

After a while, she walked into a back room and took a few minutes before she reappeared holding an envelope. She sat down and I noticed that something about her countenance had changed; she was now avoiding eye contact, something she gladly did some moments ago; or was I assuming it? I was becoming uncomfortable and needed her to hurry. She brought out a new card from the envelope and started inputting some things into the system. She placed the card back into the envelope and handed it to me, this time our gaze met and I saw it clearly; she was nervous.

“Go to the ATM outside the bank to change the default code, after you input your new code, you can start making transactions with it.” Her voice was trembling and it was as if she had out of nowhere, caught an occupational tremor.

I collected the envelope from her and walked out of the bank hastily, I needed to be done with this as quickly as I could and find somewhere or someone to talk to; Irene. They stayed not too far from where I was and since her mom was a friend of my mom- I felt a purge in my stomach and memories from that night came to me in a flash- maybe they could help me. I didn’t have a plan right now but I could come up with one if I could find a safe place to think and carefully figure things out. I joined another queue outside the bank, it was not as long as the one in the bank and after a few minutes it was my turn to use the machine. I stepped into the booth and inserted my card into the machine, I changed the pin and also withdrew seventy thousand naira, I needed a new phone, as well money to transport myself to Irene’s place. I needed to know how much money I had left and I clicked on the balance icon on the machine, it was supposed to be around three hundred thousand; that was my savings so far. The machine took longer than expected this time and when it finally came through, it shocked me.

7,356, 000.00

Seven million, three hundred and fifty-six thousand Naira, a whooping sum of seven million had been transferred into my account, a transaction I knew nothing about. Was it a system malfunction, or a mistakenly transferred fund? I became very mad at myself for losing my phone, I would have gotten an alert on it immediately the sum was transferred to my account and I would have had an idea of who made the transfer. I also didn’t have time to start figuring out where it came from, it was almost the end of the month and if there was no mistake, it would be contained in my bank’s statement. I quickly ejected my card as I began to hear some grumbling on the queue, I placed it safely in my jean pocket and walked out of the bank premises.

I headed to a phone slot to get a new phone and after a while, I walked out of the store with a new Samsung Camon C16. I also got a new Sim card that was immediately activated and I headed straight to Irene’s apartment.

The sun was beginning to gradually reduce in its intensity and the cold harmattan breeze was beginning to blow, carrying dusts as it moved. The air was dry and the dust content it composed of had increased in quantity. After a while of continuous wandering and question asking, I finally found Irene’s apartment, I walked to the gate of the building and much to my surprise; it was not manned and also, was not locked.

I stepped into the compound, taking a look at its surrounding, to my left was a generator building that contained a large Lister generator, similar to ours and to my left was a grass filled gateman’s house; it was now obvious that they also didn’t have a gateman and had forgotten to lock it when they came in. Their building stood just in front of me, it was a one-storey building designed with bricks and painted with mixed color of Brown and Ash. A large door stood just up ahead and I proceeded to it, checking the time on my new phone to determine if she had already returned from the tutorial. It was already twenty minutes to five and she must have been back by now. I knocked on the door twice but received no answer, the compound was very silent, except for the owls that partied in the large trees that lined the fence, I was about to knock again when I heard the door unlocking. Irene stood at the entrance staring wide-eyed at me, she was shocked to see me, but she wasn’t ‘Dead-guy-returns’ shocked.

“Oh. My. God.” She muttered, saying each word like it was a whole different word. “We all thought you were dead, the whole country did.” She held her head and tried to catch her breath. She turned to me again and gave a loud sigh and laughter all at once. “We did, but Simi said you weren’t and that you would show up in front of my door this evening.”

Simi again! I really needed to find out how she was able to predict all these stuffs very accurately. First she told me things about myself that no one knew; now she had predicted my meeting with Irene this evening, something that had not even happened. She was beginning to look very weird, was she some kind of psychic or witch with super powers?

“Come on in.” Irene spoke, cutting through my thoughts. “We have a lot to talk about.”

I walked into Irene’s apartment for the first time and it wasn’t bad at all. They had a very large building and their living room was actually twice the size of ours. They had a large HD display flat screened TV at the end of the living room with artistic flooring, and the ground was painted like the middle of the ocean. The room was well conditioned and the cold air that blew across the air of my arm sent relief feelings through my entire body, making me sigh heavily; so much for the people my parents said were struggling to feed.

“Simi, how did she know I was going to be here this evening?” I asked as soon as Irene stepped into the living room after she had locked the door behind me.

She urged me to sit and also took her sit too.

“She knows a lot of things and she has gotten every single prediction she made right. She said to meet her as soon as you leave this place as it was paramount to your survival and that of the human race.”

I scorned, I had taken in enough conspiracy theory for one day and my ears were already becoming heavy from it.

“And she is a kind of messiah that would disburse our fears and keep the human race from destruction?” I asked sarcastically, it had to be a joke.

She picked up a note from under a book and handed it over to me. “That’s her address, she stays alone. You should go see her and she’d explain it all to you.”

I looked up at her, confusion dancing through me. “And what happened to the aunt she stayed with?”

Irene sighed exhaustively. “It’s hard to explain, she’s not her biological aunt; just a Good Samaritan that took her in.”

I tried to digest Irene’s words, does this mean that she was an orphan, or maybe a runaway kid. I slapped my fore head as I realized that I had already resumed my duty of getting worried about her. I was derailing from my main priority, and that was to know if I could stay here for a while.

“When will your mom comeback?” I asked and she gave me a puzzled stare.

“You have to stay away from my Mom; she played a role in what happened to your family.”

Her words hit me so hard like bricks on my forehead and my heart rate was beginning to increase gradually. I couldn’t figure out my emotions at that moment, was I surprised or angry, or rather shocked? How could her mom have played a role in all these, all the leads I had gotten all pointed to the same organization; TSS. There was only two ways she could have had a hand in this; she was either a TSS agent, a very unlikely idea or she had acquired their service.

“How do you know this?” I was trying hard to control my heart beat. “Did Simi also tell you this?” I needed to get things straight.
“Simi told me…” I rolled my eyes and sighed. “….but I saw evidences that pointed to her involvement.”

My heart rate was back on track again.

“Evidences like?”

She sighed like she was preparing to go on a long ride, then she started. “After that little scuffle you guys had that day, I had called Simi to apologize on your behalf for everything that happened in the cafeteria.”

I gave her a questioning look. “Why would you want to apologize on my behalf?”

“My conscience wouldn’t let me be, I knew I had instigated her outburst with the way I behaved around you. Simi called me on Friday, the day before we visited; she said my mom had told her that she was friends with your family and that she wanted to know if I could help her get your number.” This was a new development, and as much as it was refreshing knowing that I wasn’t the only one crazy about getting numbers, I still didn’t get how all these was a evidence of Mrs. Remy’s involvement.

“I told her I would get it when I paid you a visit, but when I got back; I told her you refused to give it to me when I mentioned her name.” I could not believe my ears.

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Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by frankline461: 3:08pm On Dec 28, 2018

“Why did you do that?”

She looked at me and I could see remorse in her eyes. “I wanted her angry at you, and I also wanted her to back off. I thought she wanted it because she was interested in you, it wasn’t till later I found out that she wanted your number because she had something important to tell you.”

Her last statement triggered a replay of Simi’s words when we had that argument.

‘You deserve everything that’s coming to you’. “She wanted to warn me?”

“Yes, she wanted to warn you about the impending danger.”

I still wasn’t convinced. “She could have done it when we were alone at the cafeteria, instead of trying to poke nose into my business.”

Irene stared at me like I had just poured water on her muddy face. “She said she wanted to, but she couldn’t because it could wreck havoc to Nature’s balance at that moment. She had to delay it and let nature take its cause before she could say something, something about it being the beginning of a revolution.”

I scorned. “By Nature’s cause, you mean the death of my mom?”

“Yes, it was inevitable if the future was to remain secure, your mom was destined to die on the day she did. Please, don’t ask me any more questions, that’s as far as I know.”

I wasn’t that big a fan of prophesies and destiny, in my opinion, we made our destinies with our hands. “So?” I asked, urging her to continue.

She was silent now and I knew it was hard for her to spite her mom. “The night of the incidence, while my mom was having dinner, I was helping her transfer some of her pictures on my phone to hers when a message came in. it was from a certain TSS.”
I flinched to the name; this was definitely turning out to become evidence and probably my first real lead.

“At first, I didn’t open the message because most of the messages she received were either from a business client or one of her many boyfriends.” Okay, the boyfriend part is a detail she should have left out. “But something caught my attention in a second message from the same acronym and it was the mention of Eliot, your Surname. I opened the message and the first message was titled ‘Update on the job’. It said that her job was already being carried out and that it would be a clean wipe. I overlooked it, as I thought it was a company’s job and scrolled to the next message. That was when I saw it, two of the Eliots down; son and package at large.”

The muscles in my arm tightened, I knew my parents had on some occasions when they thought I was fast asleep discussed about how Mrs. Remy had been so hell bent on wrecking havoc on everything they worked for, I saw things from a new light now, could what they had worked for be what was on the phone and not the post they had acquired?

“I didn’t understand what it meant at first even though it was pretty self explanatory. I tried to read different meanings into it, meanings that meant right. I handed the phone back to her and retreated to my room, trying to reach you but to no avail. I quickly called Simi to tell her, since she had told me when we had the phone call that something bad was going to happen to your family that night and that my mom played a major role in it. That was when she reassured me that you were fine and warned me against confronting my mom.”

I couldn’t believe my ears and as much as I wanted to lash out, I couldn’t. I wasn’t seeing the bigger picture yet and I needed to understand what was really going on here and how Simi knew all these.

“Did you ask her how she knows all this, Simi?”

“Yes I did, but she says it’s best I’m left in the dark for now. Maybe you’d get better luck when you talk to her.” She paused. “I don’t really know what’s going on in her life, but I think there’s more to it that meets the eyes.”
I had noticed that too, the moody face she gave every time I saw her wasn’t the one that could have emerged from hard work or a maltreating aunt, it was more.

I touched my pocket to feel for my mom’s phone. “Can I use your laptop?” I asked Irene, cutting short whatever it was she had been thinking about.

“Sure.” She walked into her room and returned later with an HP laptop in her hands. She turned it on and inputted her password, after which she handed it over to me.

Plugging a USB cord into the laptop, I checked the time to know how much time I had left before her mom came back from wherever it was that she went to. I didn’t want to roam around late and with all Irene had said, I couldn’t stay here too. I unlocked my mom’s phone and started copying all the files into the laptop; it was over sixty-four Gigabyte worth of files and it was going to take a while before it completely copied. While it copied, I took a look at the paper Irene had given me. Simi was not leaving that far from here, around a hundred naira ride away and maybe she could accommodate me for the night. I turned to Irene and she was staring at me.

“What’s wrong.” I asked her.

“Even though Simi told me that you were still alive, I mourned you.”I didn’t know what she wanted me to say to that; thank you?

“Thank you.”

She smiled at me and for a moment there, I thought she was going to end up hugging me. She took some steps towards me towards me and although I expected a hug, I got another thing; she locked her lips on mine. I didn’t fight it, I didn’t pull back, maybe I enjoyed it, the warm feeling it came with and the passion behind it. I closed my eyes and gladly received it, my first kiss wasn’t as bad as I had imagined it to be, but it came from an unlikely source, it would have been ecstatic if it came from Simi, maybe I imagined it was coming from her, her face was the only thing I saw at that moment. Our lips parted and she looked into my eyes, gosh, such closeness, it felt like my private space had been invaded. Mom words came to me.

‘Why do you always look inside and not outside, you prefer to stay inside your head because you feel comfortable in there, but this world doesn’t fare well for people that always want to feel comfortable’

“I know it’s not a normal trend in this part of the world, it might even be a taboo or a violation to some girl’s code, but I can’t help it and cannot keep it contained in me any longer. I love you Michael and it’s driving me insane.”

I was mute, as much as I knew most girls admired me, none of them had ever had the courage to tell me, just constant stares and some times, blush on their cheeks. But here Irene was, blurting out her feelings to me, my respect for her skyrocketed; she was very courageous. It was obvious that I didn’t feel the same way about her, this was a one sided love and I knew it was hard, loving someone and they didn’t love you back. My inner self already had its earpiece on with Ivan B’s ‘Our time together’ playing solemnly in its speakers.

“I don’t know what to say.” I finally spoke. “I don’t feel the same way about you, if there’s anyone that has ever caught my interest, it’s Simi.” I stared at her` eyes and I knew my words were hurting her, but I had to end things there when I had the chance to.

Her gaze went from my face to the ground and she gave a sad smile. “Yes, I know you love her; I only hope she loves you back as much as I do. I’m ready to let you fly, and I’m sure you will fly back to me.”

I admired her hope, but I knew it was very unlikely. We heard a shuffle at the gate and my heart skipped. Irene hurried to the window to take a look.

“poo.” She said hurry back to me. It’s my mom, she’s back, and she’s not alone.”

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Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by LightQueen(f): 4:48pm On Dec 28, 2018
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Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by frankline461: 10:05am On Jan 02
Suspence Here, I Wish The Next Update Is Coming Soon

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Thanks for the update. Gr8 work.

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Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by frankline461: 10:08am On Jan 02
Because of some circumstances beyond my control, there would be no teaser dropping today. The next update is dropping on Friday and hopefully, another one, nextweek Wednesday. I'd try to make it two updates per week now and would try to keep it up, the weeks there wouldn't, I'd stick to the Friday updates and teaser Wednesday, and the weeks there would, teasers would drop on Mondays and Updates on Wednesday and Fridays
Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by frankline461: 10:14am On Jan 02
Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by joywonderful24(m): 10:29am On Jan 02
Because of some circumstances beyond my control, there would be no teaser dropping today. The next update is dropping on Friday and hopefully, another one, nextweek Wednesday. I'd try to make it two updates per week now and would try to keep it up, the weeks there wouldn't, I'd stick to the Friday updates and teaser Wednesday, and the weeks there would, teasers would drop on Mondays and Updates on Wednesday and Fridays

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Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by GreatAmmy(f): 8:40am On Jan 04
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Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by frankline461: 3:48pm On Jan 04
Chapter Eight

Catherine stood in front of the building, taking another look into her Ipad, this was the address that had been sent to her, but it looked very unlikely that anyone was living in it. It was an abandoned factory with overgrown surroundings and a wide mass of land, and its gate looked like it had already withstood the test of time and might collapse at the slightest touch. The next occupied house was miles away and there was no reason a sane person would be living out here, all alone and cut out from the rest of the world, unless they were homeless and had nowhere to go. She had done a lot of work to get this address, accessing the satellite feeds and requesting help from ‘Mother’, all her leads pointed to this same point; an abandoned factory. This was turning out to be the creepiest job she had taken on and for a second there, she wished she had a partner. On her way here, she had done further research on the teen, Miss Ray Brown-Simi and all her discoveries had been weird and very confusing. Her first appearance on security feeds went as back as 1862 when security cameras had first been invented and were placed in Heathrow, Scotland. She had been walking down Thorpe Park and although the image was a blurred one, based on the camera quality back then, with her image enhancer she was able to improve the quality of the image and it was a perfect match of her. All her features perfectly placed and not an inch displaced; talk about doppelganger. The next picture of her was in 1921, and it was at a ball in Paris, she was at the background of a picture between Roi Belge and Princess Rutherford Marie, and there was something notable about both pictures; she was on the exact same hair style in both pictures, although she was now putting on a more classy dress. The ball was one for very influential people and it was a celebration of the end of the Grand steeple-chase de Paris. There was also something that caught her attention in the second picture and she needed a third picture to finally figure out what it was, she was holding a device in her hand that could easily pass for Sphincter. This was a new technology being developed by the Physicist and it had not even been completed yet, she was only opportune to have caught a glimpse of it back in their training days when a demonstration about its function was being made. It had been rumored back in the camp that it was a device that could find anyone or anything around the world, no matter the place, or time; something about a possible time machine. She didn’t believe that it was a possibility anytime soon, being able to time travel, but what she believed was that whoever this teen was, she would be able to help her.

She walked towards the gate, taking the environment in, the wind was blowing softly and the grasses all fluttered to its effect, giving a rain-like sound. She held the gate, trying to figure out its credibility, it creaked to her touch and gave way as she added more pressure to it, grinding gradually as it opened fully. She walked through the grass filled field towards the factory, it was the same as the entire neighborhood; quiet and eerie looking. She pulled out her torch, standing at the entrance of the factory, running her gaze around. It had been abandoned for a while judging from its looks and most of the light bulbs in it had already worn out. It was quieter than its surrounding with the lights flickering in a way that gave her goose bumps. Scrap metals were littered around the large space, wires hung out unprotected and cobwebs filled the rest of the space. The entire floor had almost been covered in dust and most of the paints on the wall had already washed off; it didn’t look like anyone had been here for ages. She stepped into the factory, determined to be entirely sure that it was not occupied by anyone; there was no harm in it. Taking a few steps in, she pointed her torch into the large space, checking it out. There was a tingling sound coming from the fuse box around the corner and the cobweb had begun taking on shapes on her body as she moved deeper. After taking a look for a while and finding nothing, she decided to check other rooms in the factory if she would get better luck.

She walked through the large hall, towards a door that stood across the hall, pushing it gently. It creaked loudly and opened. It was a dark room and she required her torch to canvass through it. It was different from the large room she was coming from and looked like it had been used as a store, as different sacks laid on each sides of it, all tied up. Up ahead was a polytene cotton and there was a bright light coming from behind it. She took slow steps towards it pulling out her gun; she placed her finger over the trigger and pointed it up ahead of her. She stopped in front of the covering and gave a deep sigh, gathering the courage for whatever was behind it. A clatter came from behind her, as a metal hit the ground and she immediately turned to it, pointing her gun towards it as her heart beat spiked. A rat hissed and tried to find cover from the light she pointed at it much to her relieve. She gave a loud sigh through her mouth and turned back to the covering; she pulled it back and entered into it revealing a bright light in the middle of the room. It was an unusual one and looked to be self powering. It looked like a series of lightening all striking through each other and creating a pathway into it; its continuous motion amazing and breath-taking.

“Amazing, isn’t it?” A voice came from behind her, startling her. She immediately turned to its direction and pointed her gun towards it.

Her torch fell on a female face, Miss Ray Brown-Simi. She didn’t look any different from the pictures, her face, her eyes and that look. She had been right, she had found her here, but it had left her more confused.

“You must be Agent Catharine Salvador.” Simi continued, not minding the gun she was holding. “I have been expecting you, but you took your time getting here.” She smiled walking towards Catherine. “You must have been expecting something different, maybe a more cleaned up environment, since you think I live here, but I had to bring you here to see for yourself if I had hoped to convince you.”

Catherine turned to the bright light. “What’s this?”

“This is a pathway to back to where I come from; it’s a way to my home and back to my time.”

Catherine stared at Simi confused; she lowered her gun as she didn’t want it going off by mistake. She wasn’t as creepy in real life as she was in her head and she looked like she was open to a conversation too. She tried to make meaning of Simi’s word but she couldn’t; it left her more confused than she was some seconds ago.

“What are you, some kind of alien that arrived earth through that?” Catherine gesticulated at the bright light trying to sound sarcastic but she failed, the goose bumps on her body were beginning to have an effect on her voice.

“No, I’m not an alien.” Simi corrected. “I’m a human like you but just from a different time.”

“A different time, and what do you mean by you brought me here?” Catherine placed her gun into its case. “I came here on my own, because I wanted to talk and all my leads pointed here.”

Simi walked past her and stopped in front of the glowing light. “You are here because I wanted you here, you played an important role in the way the future turned out and we have to reverse that role if we want a different result” She turned to face Catherine. “I left those hint in my pictures and a whole lots of others in different places just to bring you here.”

Catherine had a hard time believing her ears, she had decided to label the pictures a ‘Doppelganger theory’, since it was said that there were at least seven people on earth that looked exactly like us, but it was a whole different case now.

“That’s not possible; there is no way it could have been you in all of those pictures, maybe a look alike or something.” Catherine argued, hoping to remain sane

“A look alike, with the same hair style in two spaced years and the same device in another two.” Simi turned back to the light, not saying a word for a while. “Yes, in this age, it is impossible, so many things are yet to even be produced. For instance, you guys still use walking cars, but in my time we already use air motors. A lot of impossibilities have been made possible, but in the end it ends up destroying humanity.”

Catherine blinked her eyes rapidly trying to figure out if she was in some kind of bad dream. “So what you’re trying to tell me is that you are from somewhere in the future?”

“Yes, I am, 2102 to be precise.”

“And in this future that you are from, the whole world has come to its doom and you’re here to rewrite it?” Catherine was trying hard to understand.

“Yes I am, and this isn’t the first time I would try to. I was on a similar mission in each of the photos you saw me, Scotland, where I was known as Miss Ray, France, where I was known as Miss Brown, Greece, simply as Miss Ray Brown and now Nigeria, where I had to pick up an indigenous name to fit in. I have been tracking the device of destruction for many years now and my pursuit has brought me here.”

“And you couldn’t stop the destruction from happening in all those years, why?”

Simi sighed; there was something about failing and not being able to control it that drove her into rage. “Each time I tried, I ended up failing and the future remains the same. It’s like nature is fighting back and refusing to be reset.” She turned back to Catherine.

“And what makes you so sure that this would be successful, taking to the fact that you have not had any luck thus far?”

As much as she didn’t want to answer that question, Simi knew that she had to give out a full explanation if she hoped of bringing Catherine into her team. “Because, this is the last chance I have to change the future and set things right. The team was able to prep me for one last time travel before the whole world was swallowed in the giant proton matter. The world as we know it ends in 2102 and so many of my loved ones perished in it."

Catherine was unsure of what to make out of the whole explanation, but one thing was for sure, the bright light wasn’t something she had seen, even as a CIA agent and they had been exposed to a lot of uncommon things that the common men didn’t know existed. She could also read the emotions behind Simi’s words, she sounded hurt.

“I was in the hotel that night.” Simi broke through her thoughts. “And it’s no coincidence that Michael kept calling you my name. He also plays an important role in this mission and we also need him on our side.”

Catherine smacked her head, she knew that something that night didn’t add up and it was how quickly Michael blood had clot before she got there, stopping any further loss of blood that would have made it impossible for her to save him. She had suspected that he had been given an immunostimulant, but felt too lazy to send his blood sample to the lab for confirmation.

“The second syringe opening on his neck, it was you.”

“His death was what kick started the race to the end and what he carries is the instrument of destruction. That is what the TSS is after; they have been after it for a long while. They were supposed to finally get hold of it that night but I prevented it, still nothing changed, the future still remains the same.”

“How do you know this?” Catherine was becoming curious.

“Because I’m still here and it’s still here.” She referred to the bright light. If something had changed, we would both seize to exist and everything will be different.”

“So it means that even when Michael didn’t die, we are still left with a damned future?”

“Yes, and it means that somehow, they still get their hands on the device and proceed with their plans. There’s only one way I can think of that would change the future.”

“And that is?”

“We prevent them from getting the device, and we end TSS now.”

Catherine was lost in the ecstasy of Simi’s word that for a moment, she forgot that she was a CIA agent. Reality hit her hard and she couldn’t believe she had almost been coerced into this. “There is no we, and because I listened to your fable doesn’t mean that I am on the same page with you. I am CIA agent and I’m here to do my duty which is to uncover this case and nothing more.” She gave an-end-of-conversation note.

“You think the TSS is just a minor organization that you can bring down on your own?” Simi asked in scorn.

“It took decades before the CIA finally cracked down on their footsteps, and when they did it was too late because they did not understand what the organization was really about. The crimes and assassinations are just a cover up to the main purpose of the organization and it’s just a lose tail they put out for you guys to chase on.”

There was a short silence and Catherine considered what Simi had said, she had made a rigid statement that was worthy of pondering on, but she couldn’t do it right there; her head was already saturated.

“I have to leave now.” Catherine broke the silence. “It was nice meeting you.” She turned away to leave.

“You know you die tomorrow.” Simi’s word stopped her right on her track.

“You think your underground facility is safe, but it only took a misstatement from one of your team member for the TSS to figure it out and wipe it clean. You, David, and your three team members, all killed in one clean swipe tomorrow.”

Catherine scoffed, Simi must have been a joker if she thought she could coerce in into changing her decision by trying to frighten her. She turned back Simi giving her a stern look. “I guess we’d have to wait to find out if your prophecy is true or not.” She took one final look at the bright light before she walked out of the room with Simi watching.

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Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by frankline461: 3:49pm On Jan 04
Chapter Eight (cont'd)


I turned to the laptop and it was only eighty-five percent done, there was nothing I could do to speed up things and it looked like it had taken an even slower route since Irene made her unwelcomed announcement. I hurriedly pulled out the cord, ending the file transfer as my brain was tried to figure out a way out, working at a rate of a thousand ideas per second.

“Come on.” Irene cut through its process as she led me upstairs. She opened the door to her room and its fragrance hit me. It was neatly arranged and most of the furniture in it had a shade of black; it was safe to say that that was her best color. She led me into a contained space in the wall of her room, it looked like an Air Conditioner space at first but when she opened it I knew it wasn’t; probably a hiding spot.

“Stay here, I will come back to lead you out.” She shut me in the dark space, piling up clothes to cover it and walked away, locking the room’s door behind her.

I tried to adjust myself in the space and the contents in my pocket fell, my phone, my Mom’s phone and my ATM card. I picked up my phone and as I was about to pick my ATM card, I noticed something. There was a red light blinking on it. I picked it up and took a closer look at it; it was perfectly camouflaged by the red color of my card and it blinked continuously, I didn’t need an IT expert to tell what it was, I couldn’t believe a tracker had been placed on my card without me knowing.

I knew something was wrong when that customer personnel returned from the back room, she had placed a tracker on my card and that was probably why Irene’s mom was here earlier than expected; they must have tracked me here. I quickly brought out the beeper that Catherine gave me, it was a good thing she had given it to me and it was now I realized it could come in handy. If she was as resourceful as she had said, she should be able to get the necessary resources to pull me out of this situation, I was a key asset in her job and I wouldn’t be any use to her dead; a known devil was better than an unknown one. I was surprised to the beeper already active, I was very certain that I didn’t turn it on but I couldn’t fathom, how it had come one; maybe during one of my struggle to get a cab or something, I had pressed it hard against something that switched it on. The consequence of this was that Catherine already knew where I was, but she didn’t know how urgently I needed help now.

I waited for a while, and I could hear an argument downstairs, between Irene and her mom. It was turning out to become a heated one and I knew at that moment that if I remained in that same spot, it wouldn’t be long before I was singing heavenly songs with my parents. I quietly kicked the covering continuously until it opened and crawled out of the space. I heard some footsteps climbing up the stairs and I could no longer hear Irene’s voice. I quickly glided over her bed towards the window and took a look down. It wasn’t that far down and although the impact might be harsh, it was not going to be fatal. I pulled the window open and an idea came to me; I pulled her cotton down and tied it to the edge of her bed as I could hear a bang on her door. She probably didn’t give them the keys and they were going to take it down by force.

Jumping over, I used the cotton to lower myself gradually and I finally let go it, landing on my limbs just in time to get out of sight and prevent one of the men canvassing the area from seeing me.
Gliding along the wall, I moved slowly at the side of the building, heading towards the gate. I stopped and took a peek at the gate and I counted two armed men roaming around, on high alert. I retreated and hid well as I tried to figure a game plan, nothing was coming and I was running out of time.

“He’s outside.”

A voice shouted upstairs and I knew they had found my escape route; I quickly peeled the tracker of the ATM card and placed it on the wall. I took another peep towards the gate and the guards were already walking towards the building a step at a time with their eyes peeled out for any movement. There was a bang on the gate and the noise attracted their attention giving me a chance to make a run for the generator house. It was as if I was flying through the air, running with all my strength and trying not to make a sound. They walked towards the gate and placed their guns in its case. Someone was at the gate and they were having a conversation with the person, something about a wrong address. There was a quick movement and everything happened so fast; the two guards were shot and the both collapsed to the ground. I quickly hid, frustrated at the drama that was playing out, who was the new person that had been thrown into this mix?

I took a peek and I could see an outstretched hand with a gun gradually entering into the compound. The hands were well covered with a long sleeve and it arms were gloved. Finally she stepped into the compound and I could see her face this time; Catherine. I had never been so glad to see her.

“Psst.” I called out and she turned to my direction on high alert. She lowered her gun when she saw me, her gaze still running around.

“What are you still doing behind that wall? Come on.”

I hurried to her and she led me out of the compound into a Mercedes Benz that stood outside the compound, it had tinted side mirrors and I could say undoubtedly that it was bulletproofed.

She drove us out of the street and took a turn into the main road, still driving as fast as eight miles per hours.

“What do you think you were doing, going open like this? I told you your life wasn’t safe but still you decided to be foolish enough to use a bank and get tracked down here.” She took a swerve left and my head hit the tinted glass. “Where’s the package?”

I reached for my pocket even though I was still psyched for being called foolish. She had saved my life again and I think she deserved such privilege; just once. I was hit by a gushing wind of dizziness when I felt an empty pocket. I readjusted and felt for it again, this time with more agility, still I came out empty. I turned my perplexed gaze at Catherine and caught her staring at me, hoping it wasn’t what she was thinking, taking a peek at the road at intervals.

“I can’t find it, it’s gone.”

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Well done OP
Thanks for the update
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Gone? What's Gone
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Well done OP
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Gone? What's Gone
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Well done OP
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Oh poo! this guy is too careless undecided undecided

This story is suspense filled........can't wait for the next update.

Doing a great job OP
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I'm sorry for not posting an update today, it has already been typed, but I didn't transfer it to my phone, hoping to do so when I got back today. But something happened and my laptop battery was used up. I promise to update as soon as I get it back on.

Thanks for your understanding and patience

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I'm sorry for not posting an update today, it has already been typed, but I didn't transfer it to my phone, hoping to do so when I got back today. But something happened and my laptop battery was used up. I promise to update as soon as I get it back on.

Thanks for your understanding and patience
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