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Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by frankline461: 8:30am On Jan 10

“So you want us to go back to that house?”

Catherine said as she paced around, holding her head like she was having a headache.

I sighed, looking out the dark waters, the night was peaceful and cold, the direct opposite of my head. I couldn’t believe I was so careless, even though I had tried to be very careful. She had parked the car over the bridge, making sure we were as far from getting caught up on as we could get. With my hands placed on the bridge, I wondered if I was truly ‘Foolish’ as Catherine had pointed out, these days, I had been the exact opposite of what I had been before all these started happening, I had become braver, wild, I had been kissed, and of course, I was careless. There were a few places I could think of that I could have misplaced it. The dark space; I couldn’t remember if I had picked it up after it had fallen from my pocket, it could have also fallen when I had been climbing down from Irene’s room; that would have been epic, I might be left with a damaged device. It was the only leverage I had on avenging my mom’s death, and I had let it go so flimsily.

“Are you going to say something, or are you going to keep on staring at the water like a solution lies in there?” I could hear the anger in her voice; my clumsiness had probably placed a setback on the progress of her first job.

“Yes, that’s the only way we can get it back. They probably think I still have it and would not be turning the house inside out to find it. And also they wouldn’t be expecting us to come back when we barely escaped with our lives.”

Catherine scoffed, rolling her eyes. “And whose carelessness placed us in that situation in the first place. I think you have trust issues and we are not going to be making much progress if you don’t deal with it.”

She was lashing out on me and maybe she had the right to, maybe if I had given her more of a chance, the story might be different. I took a quick look at her as she joined me at the edge of the bridge.

“We could do all you said, or we could go to your friend Simi for help.” I turned to her at the mention of Simi’s name; how did she know about Simi and why was she bringing up her name in this already complicated situation.

“How do you know about Simi, and why do you think she can help us?”

She gave me a look that spelt it all, I slapped my inner head, of course she was a CIA agent, and they knew everything. But I still needed to know why she would think of bringing her into this.

“I met her after your uneventful exit. She knows a lot and could be of help in recovering the package back. She also knows what’s in it and why TSS is so obsessed about getting their hands on it.”
Damn, not another victim; I slapped my inner head.

“So you also think what they say about her is true?” I asked trying to determine the extent she had been brainwashed to.

“No, I don’t believe most things she said, she almost sounds like an insane person. But there are some things that cannot be explained based on our level of current exposure, so I think she’s worth a shot and a chance to prove that she’s not insane.”

As much as Catherine’s words had convinced me to maybe give her a chance, I still didn’t think we should be leaving the package lying somewhere while we went to explore a soothsayer, but even in the midst of all these, a part of me craved to see her again, I couldn’t still shake off the feeling I got just thinking about those eyes.

“Okay, let hope it was worth a shot.” I said in agreement. It was the first time we had both seen things from the same perspective even though my reasons was biased; guess my trust issues was a work in progress.

“There’s one problem, I met her in a neutral location, and I don’t know where to find her.” Catherine said, sounding like it was a dead end.

I reached for my jean pocket and brought out the paper Irene had given me, containing Simi’s address. “No problem, I know where to find her.” I stretched it to her.


“Are you sure we are at the right place?” Catherine asked as she stepped out of the car to join me in front of the large gate.
It was already late into the night, around past eleven and we had done a lot of question asking before we finally got to this destination. It was the same address as the one on the paper and if we weren’t standing right in front of the gate, I wouldn’t have known that this kind of place existed in the state. Almost six feet tall, the quality and texture of the gate was something you didn’t require your hand to feel, you could tell by just looking at it. The mansion that stood behind the gate was breathtaking, it spelt class and I couldn’t help but wonder who owned the house.

“There’s only one way to find out.” I said as I walked to the gate and rang the bell. Almost immediately I had done this, the gate unlocked by itself and opened. My gaze went to Catherine but she wasn’t fazed, guess she had seen buildings like that where she came from; the CIA building here in the state probably even had technologies like this; self opening gates and all others.

We walked into the compound; it was just as magnificent as the gate, the mini water fall lying just at the center of the compound and the mini-garden at our sides gave me the chills. You never know how poor you are until you see how rich other people are.
Someone hurried out of the house towards us, all smiles; it was Simi. She was wearing an ash color gown and a parlor slippers, the white light emanating from the light stand in front of the building shone brightly on her face and radiated her smile; even my inner self had its mouth wide opened, such beauty. She came towards me and gave me a tight hug that almost left me unconscious, the combination of her smell, the warmness of her body and her tight grip wasn’t something I was going to be getting occasionally if I kept up with my normal rude behavior around her and it was something I knew I wanted, something that comforted me and made me want to give up on all the revenge and just remain in this position for a lifetime; it also made me feel kind of vulnerable. She released her grip on me much to my disappointed and looked me in the eyes.

“It’s so good to see you again.” She sounded relieved. She turned to Catherine. “And you too. Come on.” She urged us into the building. “You guys have to see this; something has changed about the future.”
I turned to Catherine giving her a questioning gaze.

Her expression was emotionless as she walked into the house behind Simi. “That’s the least shocking info you’re going to be getting.” She muttered not turning to face me.

We walked into the building and it wasn’t any less demeaning. It was updated to the latest technology, even those that I hadn’t come across yet and those I didn’t even know existed. It was like every prototypes of future technology had been acquired and placed in the building; from the automatic door to the self powering mini armor tank camera to the standing scanner positioned at the entrance of the house to check for weapons, there were several other breathtaking technological equipments in the building.

“Welcome, Mr. Michael and Miss Catherine.”

A feminine voice spoke, but I couldn’t find its source. Simi understood my dilemma and smiled at my confusion.

“That’s Xoxo, she’s a talking android and she reduces the time I spend typing. She’s very smart and can process any command given to her in real time, she can also be emotional at times.”

“Thanks for the compliment Miss Simi.” The Android sounded prompting Simi to wink at us. “Would you like me to show Mr. Michael to his room now?”

“No, not yet.” Simi responded as she led us into another room in the building. "She can be kind of forward sometimes.”

Standing in front of the door, she placed her eyes in front of a device that ran a scan on it; the door opened and we all walked in. The light turned on by itself as we walked in, gradually revealing sets of computer that stood all arranged in a U-shape and other sets of devices neatly placed in the room. In front of the sets of computer, just on the wall, were another set of output monitors, four in number and they all came on, DELVAR, boldly written on the screens.
Simi walked into the room to one of the computers and started typing into it. After a while, one of the wall monitors came on, giving us a display of what was on Simi’s computer. Simi turned back to us.

“What are you doing standing there, come on in.”

We both walked in, and even though I tried, I could no longer keep my curiosity at bay. I had lot of questions to ask.

“What is this place?” I had to start with less complex questions.

“This is going to be our base where we figure things out before we make a move, it is also where I keep track of things and accumulate data that would help us in our quest.” Simi said, not taking her gaze off what she was doing on the computer.

“And how did you manage to acquire such amount of computers and such advance technological equipments, they must cost a fortune.” I ran my fingers over one of the computers.

“Guess I also own a fortune.” Simi said, not too sarcastic. “Your other questions will be answered in dude time, right now; we have an issue at ground.” She hit a button on the keyboard and a chart popped up on the wall monitor showing future years and a frequency of some kind in all years.
She clicked on 2067 and some red dots popped up on many countries on a world map displayed on the screen. She clicked some more and newspaper articles dated that same year popped up on the screen, with different headlines.

Could this be the end of it all? Scientist can’t explain the recent occurrence ravaging the whole world.

Nature finally starts to fight back as sudden havoc wipes out almost half of human population

Christians claim that the biblical end of the world is here.

She turned back to Catherine who had a questioning look on. “I don’t know what happened, but something has triggered a change in time.” She typed in some more times and we were brought back to the chart. She scrolled to more future years, 2102 to be precise and there was no activity there. She turned to Catherine who looked like she was beginning to understand what Simi was talking about.

Catherine took some few steps towards the monitor. “So what does this mean now?”

“It means the world ends sooner than expected. Something has triggered a change in time and I can’t figure it out yet. If a change of this extent was spontaneous, it is supposed to have a graver effect on the situation of things, I wouldn’t be here, because I wouldn’t even have been born when the world ended, but it didn’t change anything. It’s like the world gets destroyed earlier than expected, but the factor that makes it so is not a natural one.” She typed again into the computer and some news article popped up on the screen. “But some things have changed, major events that took place in future years have either had their dates moved or have been permanently wiped out. This also means that everything has changed, everything I thought I knew has changed, it’s like the future has been rewritten.”

Catherine took some steps forward, looking at the screen. “Don’t you think it’s because of him?” This time she was referring to me.
Simi also turned her gaze at me, and they both stared at me like I was some kind of alien.

“No, this is something different and I don’t know what it is yet. I wrote an algorithm to calculate when this change happened and it wouldn’t take long before it comes up with something tangible to work on.”

Okay, I had taken in enough confusing statements from both Simi and Catherine; it was as if they were speaking a language I didn’t understand. I needed some answers and they had to put their conversation on hold and start explaining things to me.

“Does anyone care to explain what is going on here?” I cut in, showing my displeasure on my face, I turned to Simi “Why all these talk about the future like you are some kind of time traveler?” Simi straight face caught me unprepared. I turned to Catherine who also had an affirmative gaze on her.

“No poo, that’s not possible.”

Simi turned to Catherine. “You explained things to him?

Catherine shook her head, walking to a chair to take her sit. “I couldn’t take the risk of sounding insane like you do, so I figured I brought him here and you do the explanation yourself.”

Simi placed her back on her chair and turned to me. “I don’t think this is something you can handle in your current state.”

“Try me.”

She sighed. “You look stressed out and I think you should both go rest while I work on this. I will give you all the answers you want tomorrow morning and hopefully by then, we’d also have an some answers to this sudden change.”

Catherine took a look at her wristwatch. “In that case, I need to leave now; David would be head in worried by now.” She brought out her phone and it was already switched off. “He must have been trying to reach me.”

Simi stood from her sit and walked towards Catherine. “I don’t know how this new development affects things, but I think it is best you still stay away from your base tomorrow till we figure things out.”

Catherine turned to me and I wished I had a better clue of what they were talking about.
“Take care of him, he might be stupid sometimes, but he has also been strong when you look at what he has been through this past few days.” She winked at me, giving me a weak smile as she walked out of the room; she really needed to shut those eyes.

“Xoxo will show you your room.” Simi announced as soon as Catherine left.

“With pleasure.” The talking android announced. “This way.” The door popped open and I walked out of it. I wondered if it had been listening to our conversation, it must also be as clueless as I was.


Catherine sighed as she threw her keys on the couch, she felt very exhausted and the only thing that was on her mind was falling on her bed and drifting off. She headed to the fridge and poured herself some fruit juice, gulping it all down at once, she placed the glass in the sink and walked to her bed, bending to pick up her phone’s charger and connecting it to charge. She sat on her bed and as she bent to loosen her shoes, she heard a clatter in her store room. She paused and raised her head, waiting to hear another clatter, but none was forth coming. She stood up and picked up her torch, she placed her phone on her bed’s head stand and walked to the store; she needed to know what made that clatter, her house was fumigated once every month and there was no way that one of those creepy rodents would have found its way in.

She shone her torch into the darkness of the store; she had insisted that her apartment had a store that was not under any surveillance as she also had a personal life to live. Nothing looked out of place, the bags of metal and her paint brushes at the entrance were all still both at their positions, her paintings were also still the way she had arranged them and the shelves of equipment still stood gallant in the middle of the room wasn’t displaced. She walked into the store, just to take a look around, her torch firmly placed in one hand as she picked a stick broom with the other. The bulb in the store had worn out long ago and she had not been very dedicated to getting a new one since she preferred to paint with nature’s light shining through her window.
Walking to the end of the room, she shone her torch on the bags of paper arranged there, something was not right with the bags; there was some kind of stain on them. She walked slowly towards the bag and touched the stain. She rubbed her fingers together; blood. She pointed her torch to beneath the bag, there was more blood coming from under it. She dragged the bag away and her torch fell on David’s face, he laid there lifeless, with his shirt covered in his own blood.

She gasped, covering her mouth as she tried to stifle her scream. She hurried out of the store and rushed to her phone, she didn’t know who to call, David was her superior and most of the instructions she received were mainly through him, he was the only way to contact ‘Mother’. She quickly switched on her phone and dialed Simi’s number; she was the only one she could think of that might know what was happening, and maybe be of help. Simi picked up immediately after the first ring.

“I have been trying to reach you.” Simi spoke immediately after the first ring. “I finally figured out why the timeline has moved, and why every mission I have been on has always failed. I’m not alone; the TSS also had a backup plan, they also sent someone, people, from the future to prevent their plans from ruining, but this time, something is different, they also want to speed things up.”

“David is dead.” Catherine announced and she could hear Simi’s shock through her earpiece. She could also hear her clicking rapidly into her computer.

“Yes, he was found dead in your apartment.” Simi said and kept on typing into her computer.

“Everything about the timeline is beginning to change rapidly.” Simi finally spoke after a while. “It is now reported that everyone on your team was killed this night in their various apartments, everyone, except you, a newspaper article as at 2022 still declares you missing. I want you to get out of there right now and come here. These guys, whoever they are, are very good at manipulating time to their favor and we need to figure out away to solve our new problem.”

Catherine walked to her table and dragged out the gun she had safely placed under it. “Do you think stopping TSS would still be a solution to this new problem? Our new friends look to be here on a very serious mission.” She checked the gun for bullets and locked it.

“Yes, they are the main reason everything is changing, and I think if they are destroyed, there would definitely be a change in the future. But it isn’t going to be any easy now, this new guys have as much knowledge as I have and are very sophisticated, maybe slightly more than I am.”

“Okay, I got to go now. I will be over there shortly.” Catherine ended the call and placed the gun behind her waist.

She picked up the torch and headed to the store, dragging David’s body out of it. She scrutinized the body and found out it had some bruises on his neck and his eyes was swollen out of proportion. She searched through him and could not find anything, neither his phone, nor his wallet.

She stood up and dragged her bed sheet, she placed it over his body and stared at it for a while; he was a good man regardless of the hell he made her go through. She walked towards the door and realized that it was locked. She walked to her bed to check if she could find the key but it was nowhere to be found. She sighed in frustration as she ran her eyes around the room trying to figure out where she had placed it. She heard another clatter in her store room and she immediately brought out her gun, pointing it towards the dark room. She took slow steps towards it and pointed her torch into the dark. Again, nothing looked out of place; maybe her mind was playing tricks on her. She sighed loudly and placed the gun back to her waist, her lack of sleep was definitely taking its toll on her. Immediately she turned away from the store, she received a heavy blow to her chin that sent her spawning to the ground in pain. She tried to crawl away from the store, bringing out her gun but it was kicked out of her hands as she crawled away from her assailant, in pain, trying to get her vision back.

She stopped when she saw the leg of someone standing in front of her. She raised her head slowly to catch the face and she saw him; David? He smiled at her and sent another blow to her head that sent her unconscious.

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Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by LightQueen(f): 9:47am On Jan 10
Thanks for the update Frank
Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by skubido(m): 10:18am On Jan 10
Haaaa, David ke
Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by Adinije(f): 5:58pm On Jan 10
I think David was killed by something that turned him to Vampire, Mummy or something like that.
Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by GreatAmmy(f): 7:39am On Jan 11
Waiting For The Next Update.
Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by Ann2012(f): 8:11am On Jan 11
Thanks for the update
Re: Forbidden Love (A Story By Frankline461) by frankline461: 10:36am On Jan 12

I opened my eyes and jumped out of my bed as I heard Simi call out my name, she was standing by the side of my bed and she tossed my shirt and some kind of wristwatch to me.

“Join me in the operation room now; I think something might have happened to Catherine.” She announced leaving me to carry out my mini task.

I checked the wristwatch and realized that I hadn’t even slept for up to two hour, it was past three in the morning and it was supposed to be the most peaceful time of the night. I was beginning to rethink the whole revenge thing; I didn’t think I was going to be able to keep up with it, if it included giving me short and sleepless nights like this one. I walked out of my room and immediately I stepped out, Xoxo spoke.

“Good morning Mr. Michael, I trust you had a nice sleep?”

“You must be one dumb piece of crap if you call that sleep.” My inner self said, adjusting to a more comfortable position to continue its sleep.

I walked into the ‘operation room’ and like always, Simi was busy on a computer, I wasn’t sure she was aware of my arrival.

“She was supposed to have arrived here around thirty minutes ago.” Oh, she knew I was there already, maybe some spyware had whispered it to her. “And the GPS on her car shows that she hasn’t left her apartment.” She stood from her seat and walked to a black fridge-like machine in the corner of the room, she typed inputted a pin into it and it popped opened. She picked up something from it and handed one to me.

“Keep that on you at all times, it is the only way I can find you if things goes south.”

I collected the device and placed it in my pocket, I still wasn’t fully awake and I didn’t understand what was going on; a lot of things she did and said drove me further the confusion lane.

“You don’t think she’d probably be head deep in her pillows singing solo songs on the other side?” I tried to sound sarcastic.

”No, she called in that something was not right. I made some discoveries after you went to bed, and I’d brief you on our way to her apartment, right now we need to find out what’s wrong.” She walked past me out of the room.


We walked into her garage and there were different modified automobiles in it, cars from different manufacturers, Ford, Benz, Audi, Cameron, and so many others; I could safely count about twelve different cars sitting in the garage. She pressed a key in her hand and one of the cars sounded; a Black Audi automobile. She stepped into the car and popped open the other side for me to come in. The AC immediately blasted through the vent in front of the car and a red dim light came on, shining on the leather seats we were sitting on.

“Welcome.” A voice sounded from the car and some other indicators in front of the car came on; the speedometer, fuel gauge, and a few others that I didn’t know. Simi clicked on one of the indicators and the car came on; impressive. I wasn’t surprised anymore; I wouldn’t even be, if suddenly, my wristwatch developed a mind of its own and started talking and shooting bean cakes.
She ignited the car and dragged back the gear as the garage’s entrance gradually pulled open automatically like the sound of the vehicle had triggered it.

“It is advisable to run on one hundred and eighty meters per seconds as images from the satellite shows a traffic free road this morning.” The voice sounded again.

I turned to Simi, staring at her. She had business-like look on, the type James Bond give whenever it was time for the final act of a movie and it made her look like one of those stern secretaries companies employed to keep out drifts, but she still looked very elegant and beautiful, may be a glass would put a final icing on her look. As the car rolled out of the garage, I finally found my voice.

“Are we going to talk about why you had no tags at the tutorials now?”
She turned to me surprised; my question must have actually caught her off guard. She gently guided the four wheels out of the garage before turning on the full speed. “I had to stay undercover and blend into the society. I also needed to get close to you and earn your trust. I couldn’t do that if I was out there flaunting my automatic rides and my not yet invented technologies.”

I didn’t ask her any further questions, I had to leave her to concentrate on the driving; the speedometer showed that she was running on about three hundred meters per second, it felt like we were drifting through the air. I wondered if everything that had happened between us, from our first encounter to those we had after, had all been part of one big plan to bring me to her side of all these. As the morning fresh air blew in through the opened window and I was left staring at what the state looked like at dawn.


Simi stopped the car in front of Catherine’s building, it was quiet and there was no motion whatsoever around it. A question had been on my mind ever since Simi had briefed me on what was happening, and that was how we were going to fight back against our new foes- Our New Sophisticated Foes. I didn’t see Simi take anything that could have qualified as a potential weapon when we walked out of the building and now that she was stepping out of the car, she still wasn’t holding anything, not even a pen.

“Wait, wait, wait.” I whispered to Simi as she looked ready to storm the house, without weapons.

She turned back to me. “What are you doing?” She asked, keeping her voice as low as she could.

“Have you gotten yourself a death wish?” I asked unbelieving. “Going by what you said, these guys are very sophisticated like you are, and I have seen how sophisticated you can be.” I meant to sound that part as a compliment, but it didn’t go down well. “That means that the moment we step in there, we could be shot with ice guns or whatever weapon you guys use in the future and become a mountain of ice. I don’t want to live the rest of my life as a mountain of ice.”

Simi stared at me; there was a hint of laughter in her expression. “Really?”

“Yes. I mean, we should also have something to fight back, maybe a laser gun of our own, or an acid spitting riffle, anything to defend ourselves.”

“I don’t think we will be needing those, they are probably long gone by now” Before I could say another word, she hurried away, trying to avoid the light rays coming out of the house, she quickly hid at the side of the house and waved at me to join her.
I sighed as I bent behind the car, if she thought they were long gone, then why was she still trying to avoid the light rays. I shook my head and followed her path, trying to catch up on her.

We stepped into Catherine’s house, and like Simi had predicted, it was empty. Nothing looked out of place; it was just like it was when I had walked out yesterday’s afternoon. Simi stood at the entrance turning on one of her devices. She stretched the device and waved it in the air like she was scanning for something. It beeped and Simi followed its direction slowly. I had no option than to follow her and her device, the device seemed to be doing a better work than we were. She stopped abruptly, setting the device down and staring at something on the ground. I joined her, and there was a body lying right there on the ground with already clotted blood around him, it was a man’s body.

“That would be David.” Simi announced, bending to check his pocket for any lead. “Judging from his body temperature, he has not been dead for long.” She groaned as she put her hand deeper into his pocket. “Say, around two to three hours max and there is nothing on him either.” She stood up, cleaning her hands with her hand towel. “He’s been wiped clean.”

I stared at the dead face and the pool of blood, it reminded me of an event I had encountered not long ago; my Mom’s death. His facial expression was the same as my mom when I had found her, he also looked frightened, and I was beginning to develop a theory in my head that most people that die usually had frightened facial expression, like they were scared of crossing to the other side.

“Rigor mortis.” Simi announced.

Yes of course, he had stiff muscles, dead people did, but she looked to be talking about something else. She bent again right beside the body and touched his arm.

“He is stiff.” Simi announced, further scrutinizing his body with her questioning gaze.

“Yes, that’s the third stage of death.” She ought to know that with all of her experiences.

“Yes I can see that, but his body is already so stiff. It’s supposed to take at least Four hours before this happens.” I could see where she was driving at.

“Well, that means that your calculations were conservative, he has been dead for around four hours then.”

“No, not with his body temperature still this warm.” She turned the screen of her wrist watch to him and it ran a scan on him.

A scanning wristwatch, I turned to look at the screen of mine and all it showed was a big font of the time on it. Guess they were different wristwatches then, I couldn’t imagine mine doing cool stuffs like that.

“I sent the results to your wristwatch, run a modulated analysis on it and check to see if there are any misreading on it.”

I gave her a blank stare and that seemed to pull open all the nerve endings on her body, she charged towards me and dragged my hand.

“You’ve not configured it yet?” She swiped off the time font and a lot of other commands appeared, I couldn’t believe I had been so dumb to think she had given me a wristwatch just to know what the time was.

“Place your finger over this.” I placed my finger over a scanner that appeared on the screen of the wristwatch. “Now, this is exclusively yours, and all data you share on it would be discreet and also solely accessible to you alone, unless your finger is chopped off and used to unlock it of course. It will be our mode of communication when we are not together.” She walked back to the body and bent beside it, running further scans with her device.

I could hear footsteps approaching the building from outside and I quickly turned, frightened that we had walked into a trap, Simi also heard it and she stood slowly, our gaze placed on the door as we expected the unknown; I guessed Simi was having second thoughts on her decision not to bring anything to fight back with. Catherine walked in, standing at the door and staring at us like she had seen a ghost, she had a shovel in her hand and she was covered in soil; it looked like she had been digging.

“Catherine?” Her posture was unusual and she had an expression on, one I had not seen on her before.

“What are you doing here?”

“Are you alright?” Simi asked concerned. She sure wasn’t, it looked like she had been eating grass.

“’Of course I am, why wouldn’t I be.” She placed the shovel at the entrance and walked towards us, cleaning her hands on her already dirty shirt. “Oh, you’ve met David.” There was a new way she spoke that seemed devoid of any emotion whatsoever, like she was some kind of programmed robot.

“You so.. sounded disturbed when you called me and you said you would be at my place, but you never showed up.” Simi wasn’t also comfortable with the new way she was behaving.

Catherine looked rather surprised. “Oh, I must have forgotten. With all these happening, the death of David and this new guys appearing from nowhere, I just can’t wait to get this over with.”

Simi sighed “I thought something bad had happened and we drove here to find out. You should have at least called to say you were fine.”

Catherine smiled again, wider than she normally did. “That’s sweet of both of you.” I rolled my eyes; my sleep had been unfairly cut off all because of nothing. When next I went to bed, I was going to make sure I put up a stand on the door that read: Disturb only if the world is coming to an end.

“Okay.” Simi said turning to the body lying on the ground. “What do you plan doing to him? We can’t just leave him here like this.”

“Out back, I already dug a hole to put him in, and thank goodness we have a male here.” She smiled at me in a way that made me smile back unconsciously. “He could help me out with his body.”

“Have you had any rest since you came back?” I asked as I walked to David’s body, dragging his hand.

“No, but I’m fine.” She replied, helping with the other hand.

It was true that the dead weighed more than a ton and it was a struggle, moving every inch. We dragged him out to the back of the building while Simi remained in the house to do some more ‘Data gathering’.

The hole was well dug, around three feet or so, it must have been hard work for her, taking to the fact that she was a female. A well trained female, my inner self was back on its feet, yawning and stretching like it had slept for ages.

“You don’t seem to be that close to him.” I pointed out as we stared at the dead body; it was already at the edge of hole.

“Why do you think so?” Catherine asked as she kicked the body into the hole and started covering his body with sand.

“Well, for starters, you don’t look a hint sad.”

“Why should I?” She stopped pouring the sand. “He died for the betterment of mankind and there is no better way to go.” She resumed covering his body.

After a while, she placed the shovel on the heap of sand, breathing heavily. She turned to me sighing.

“I hope the Blint is safe? We don’t want these new guys getting their hands on it.”

“What?” I didn’t understand her question.

“I mean the stuff on the device, the one you got from your mom?”

My fears were beginning to come out true, something was wrong with Catherine, she had not been herself ever since she showed up on that door and memory loss was not something that could have been caused by just a day of sleep deprivation, unless she had hit her head, real bad.

“Are you okay?” I asked her, trying to determine what was wrong.

She smiled at me. “Yes, I’m perfect. I just want to know if the device is somewhere safe, maybe in Simi’s apartment or in a safe house that they can’t get their hands on.”

I chuckled, she was definitely not alright. “I think you are having memory lapses, because if you weren’t, you should remember perfectly that I mistakenly dropped it at Irene’s place, you said we would get it later, remember?”

“Oh.” I guess her memory was beginning to come through. “Yes, I forgot.” She said holding her head, “I seem to be doing that a lot now, I think I hit my head.” You definitely did, real hard.

There was an awkward silence between us.
“Shouldn’t we be heading in now?” I spoke breaking the awkwardness.

“Yes, Simi should be done with her data gathering.”

We were just a few miles away from where we had placed David’s body when Catherine spoke again. “Irene, you mean your friend from the tutorials?”

I stopped and turned to her. “Okay, what the hell is going on here, why are you asking me these weird questions? It’s like you are a whole different person tonight, like you’re not you.”

She paused for a while and I knew she was thinking up a lie. “I think David’s death affected me more than I’m letting on.”
I rolled my eyes, was that the best she could do? That was an obvious lie. “Where are you from Catherine?” I asked, my gaze running through her expression.

She laughed. “Are you serious?”

“Yes I am.” I gave her a straight face.

“Okay, I don’t know why you will ask me that, but I’m from Canada. Okay now?”

That was a basic question and I had just used that to trigger a response. “How many years did you train for before you became an agent?”

She was silent, trying to do some calculations in her head. “Four, maybe five.”
“That’s wrong, and you talk about yourself like you’re talking about a whole different person.”

She was becoming nervy and I could see it on her face. She smiled at me after a while, her expression suddenly dark. “You’re too smart for your own good you know.”

“Get away from her.” Simi shouted from behind me as she hurried towards us, holding a whizzer in her hand, I was surprised at her sudden possession of a weapon and would have asked her where she got it if not for our current situation.

“That’s not Catherine.” She said standing beside me.

Catherine’s expression was now darker, she touched a part of her neck and a blue light reflected on her face from a necklace on her neck, changing the shape and look of her face. It went off and we were left staring at a whole different person, a dark skinned lady with a sinister look. If I didn’t have a better knowledge, I’d have screamed Edo witches at work.

“It’s good to finally meet the time traveler and her team.” She stated mockingly. “I must say I am disappointed with what I have here, I thought you’d be more of a competition, a hard nut to crack, but you aren’t.”

“What did you do to Catherine?” Simi asked sternly, taking a step towards her, the whizzer still stretched at her.

She chuckled. “She is fine, for now. When we get what we want from her, I don’t she would still be that way. My friends have a special way they take care of their toys.” Simi made to make for her, but I held her back. We didn’t know who she was and what she was capable of doing.

“I guess he is the smarter one here.” She spoke, referring to me. “It would be a waste of time bringing you guys now; it would not be fun at all.” There was a way she spoke, with so much confidence. She turned back to me again, this time a smirk on her face. “Your death was delayed, but it won’t stay that way if you remain with her. You know where to find me.”

She took some few steps into the dark and there was no trace of her. I turned to Simi, making sure I wasn’t hallucinating. Her last statement left me confused, how could I know where to find her, when she never mentioned anything to me. Simi also looked at me with a hint of uncertainty, she was probably also reminiscing on the whole scenario.

“Where’s the device?” Simi asked me, after moments of brooding.

“I’ve been meaning to tell you, I lost it at Irene’s.”

Her look was horrific. “What! Why didn’t you say anything before?”

“I wanted to, but with everything that happened yesterday, there was no time for it.”

“ Damn! We have to find before they do, if they get their hands on it, it might as well be game over. Come on.” She hurried to the car.
It was just four in the morning and I didn’t think Mrs. Oyewole would be very pleased to see me so early. I hurried to the car, behind Simi and as I opened the car she turned to me.

“What are you doing?”

“Getting into the car?”

“I can’t be seen around you, my cover would be blown.” She pressed a button and the booth popped open. “You’re going in the booth.”

I gave her a questioning look. “What?”

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Catherine grunted as she wiggled on the chair she was tied to, she had passed out for a while and had woken up being tied to a chair and her eyes blindfolded. The room felt cold to her skin and she could easily tell that she was in a room that was air conditioned; she could also hear constant humming and occasional beeping of digital devices and doors and through her blindfold, she could still feel the intense reflection of a light ray just above her. She had come through for around ten to fifteen minutes now and although she could hear some whispers around her and was very sure that they knew that she was awake, no one had been directed towards her. She tried pulling her hand out of the bond, gradually pulling it one at a time, she tried to keep a straight face as she did this, not wanting to get any attention from whoever was around, she hoped that they were busy enough not to notice her. She had almost succeeded in pulling out her hands from the bond when she quickly stopped as she heard a footstep heading in her direction, it stopped in front of her, and her blindfold was taken off her. It took a while for her eyes to adjust to the bright light coming from the florescence up above and when it finally adjusted, she could see a lady standing over her. She ran her eyes around and she could see that she was in a glass room, isolated in a large room, there were some armed men standing outside her chamber and just some miles away, there were people in white coats, busy on different computers.

“Sorry for the way they treated you.” The lady spoke getting Catherine’s attention. “I’m Maria, and I’m the head of this operation.” She signaled the armed men and one of them came in and freed Catherine’s hands.

“Before you say anything, I have some things to show you.” She walked out of the chamber with Catherine following her cautiously.

They walked out of the large room into a corridor, it was painted in a white color and the bright light that shone from the bulbs above further illuminated its color.

Catherine turned her gaze to Maria, she had been silent since they left the room and had kept her gaze forward. She turned around as they passed doors on both sides of the corridors, trying to figure out if she could find the exit door, but every door had the same look. There were cameras placed above the corridor, each placed at around fifty centimeters from each other, not leaving much space for a dark spot, security personnel also canvassed the corridor, they were heavy armed with the latest MK2 series, they were wielding war weapons and it made her wonder why they needed such weapons in a facility like this for. She could not carry out the plan she had been devising in her mind with such compact security, she had to escape from the facility, but she had to be patient and wait for the right opportunity to present itself.

They entered into another corridor and it was dimmer than the first corridor, they walked up to a door on their path with an inscription on it.


Maria placed a card she had been wearing on her neck on the lock and the color on it changed from red to green, she pushed the door opened and stepped into the room as Catherine followed behind. The room was also darker than the other room with most of the light on it coming from the computers and other devices in the room. There were some other scientist in the room and they were also on computers too. Catherine eyes caught something on one of the computers and it was a kind of human figure, being assessed on it. Maria said something to one of the scientist and she nodded her head, leading them to another room. She held the door open as Maria and Catherine walked in.

Catherine could not believe her eyes when she joined Maria in the balcony, she was staring down at a very large room, filled with thousands of static Unclad human figures, the plastic smell in the air and the people working down in the factory further confused her, it was like a human doll factory, except in this case, there were only matured one that looked almost like real humans.

“What’s this?” Catherine asked moving past Maria to take a closer look at the factory.
Maria joined her on the balcony. “Ever heard about AI robots?”

Catherine turned to her. “Artificial intelligence robots?” She turned back to take another look at the figures. “That’s not supposed to be possible for the next thirty years.” She stated confidently.

Maria smiled at Catherine. “Come on, there’s more.”

They walked away from the balcony and entered into another room. The robots placed there were different from the other robots; they were placed in some kind of transparent containers, filled with liquids and they had a very real look, as real as human’s. They also had tags on each of their containers, V101, V102, V103, V104, V105, V111, V112, V113, a total of eight in number.

“These are advanced robots; they are different from the other ones. They have the ability to upgrade, and their hardware has been upgraded that they can do almost everything humans can if given the right software.” She stopped and turned to Catherine. “Our plan is a simple one, imagine a world with intelligent robots, things would be easier and more effective, we wouldn’t have fatalities in companies and factories as a result of human carelessness, we wouldn’t have mistakes in accounts just because an accountant is having a family issue and can’t keep her head in the books, these robots are programmed not to make mistakes and will go a long way increasing the yields and value of the economy. Now take a look at the number of people that die every day in wars, with robotic soldiers, that can be prevented, that newly married woman does not have to become an untimely widow and that new born does not have to become a fatherless child just because his father has gone to fight in a war that he knows nothing about. If this program is successfully launched, the government can adopt this plan and place human soldiers on another payroll while cost effective robotic soldiers go to war fronts to do their dirty jobs for them.”

Catherine took another look at the figures in the glass, Maria was making a good point with her statement and it all seemed to be hitting a good point. Simi words flashed through her mind and she turned back to Maria. “But this technology ends up destroying the whole world.”

Maria sighed. “I know V212 must have filled your head with different fallacies, that what she was programmed to do.” Maria paused seeing the questioning look on Catherine’s face, she looked confused.

“V212?” Catherine reiterated.

“Yes, the lady you called before you brought in.”


“That’s just a name she picked to fit into this society, according to my sources, she has been picking names every time she went on one of her time missions. She is one of the advanced robots that has been upgraded and made to fit in as a human.”

“Wait.” Catherine cut in, trying to clear her head. “So, you’re telling me that Simi is one of these things, a robot?”

“Yes, she was created by a rogue scientist who lost faith in our course and condemned us for the mistakes we made, that led to the end of the world, she made V212 and programmed her to stop us. She also sent her on numerous missions to the past trying to destroy the Blint or prevent us from getting hold of it, but we found out just in time and sent some of our advanced robots to prevent her from succeeding.” Maria turned to Catherine and watched her as she processed the new information she had given her.

“She never told you how the world ended, did she?”

Catherine raised her and turned her gaze to Maria, she still couldn’t believe what she had been told, how was it possible that Simi was a robot, she behaved very normal, in a way a normal human did, she had acted, spoke and even smiled like a normal human. How could a robot do all these so perfectly?

“No, she didn’t.”

Maria smiled at Catherine. “Of course, she wouldn’t. She does not know how the world actually ends; all she knows is that it was swallowed by a giant proton matter. It is part of the code written into her and her aim is to prevent it by all means possible. I think she has been confused by the numerous missions she has gone on and now thinks she’s one of us, but she isn’t and we’d return her to one of these containers where she belongs soon enough, and with your help.” She sighed. “Come on, I will show you why the world ended.”

She walked out of the room and led Catherine through the balcony, back the way they had come in. They walked through the dim corridor and proceeded to another part of the building, the people in this part of the building were different, they all wore suit and dressed very corporate. No one looked her way as she walked through the corridor; they were all engrossed in their works that they had no time to spare her a gaze. Maria stopped and pressed a button on the wall and the door opened, leading into an elevator. She stepped in and urged Catherine to come in. As the elevator moved, Catherine wondered if this was the chance she needed to make her move, there was no camera in the elevator and by the time someone found out what happened in there, she would have been long gone. As much as she wanted to get out of the building, a part of her wanted to know more, everything she had been told was a revelation she didn’t think was possible in her time. AI robots that could think and act like humans and she had even met one of them and had no clue what it was. She wanted to know more and why she hadn’t met the same fate as David like Simi had predicted, she scoffed, she was a robot and what did she know about humans? Her calculation must have been digital, some kind of programming.

The elevator opened and they were on the sixteenth floor according to its indication. Maria walked out of the elevator and led Catherine to her office, it was a very large one with lots of space in it and it had a glass walls that gave her a perfect view of the city below and that of the morning sun rising at the end of the world.

“Have your sit.” Maria gesticulated to a chair in the office as she walked into another compartment in the office, she returned shortly with an IPod and handed it over to Catherine.

“That’s a clip of the chaos the world turned too after we released our inventions.”
In the clip, there was a bleeding woman leaping and trying to get away from something, she was crying and pleading with it to stay away from her as she tried to find somewhere to hide. After a while, a car slowly pulled up in front of her and her cries became more intense, she screamed for it to stay away from her, but it just sped towards her ramming her against a wall, killing her. Catherine rewind the clip as she noticed something, she raised her head to Maria who had taken her seat on the desk beside her.

“There’s no one in the car.” Catherine pointed out.

“Good eyes you have there.” Maria responded and collected the IPod from her.

“How’s that possible? Did you guys also make AI cars with a mind of its own?”

Maria giggled at Catherine’s question and walked over to a chair opposite her and had her sit. “You see, for our plans to be successful, we required a unique set of coding systems to be uploaded on every AI robots we made, the Blint contains the needed code.”

“What‘s this Blint?” Catherine interrupted her before she could continue.

“It is a system of complex and multiple programming languages that can give AI robots consciousness, it was written by over one thousand different computer programmers all around the world and has been kept a secret until one of the programmers spilled the beans after downing too much bottle of wine. We tracked it for a long time and only eventually got our hands on it in 2092. After running an accessory of its track, we were able to figure out where it would be in 2020.”

“With the Eliots, that is the device you guys were so bent on getting from them.”

“Yes, the Blint is contained in the device and we did all we could to be diplomatic about it, we even promised to pay a very high price for it, but she was stubborn and decided to conceal its location till the end. With the whole world crumbling with no future, we decided to travel back in time to make things right, and also fast track our debut.”

“How did this happen?” Catherine asked, referring to the clip on the IPod.

“It was an upload gone wrong. Like I said, the Blint contains some certain code that can give consciousness to every AI robot, but something we didn’t know back then was that it could also give consciousness to every compatible device that was online at the time of the upload.” She stopped, leaving Catherine to figure out the rest of the story by herself.

“So you were left with a mass of manmade devices with minds of their own.”

“Not only that.” Maria stood up and walked to her laptop, she typed into it for a while and turned the screen to Catherine. “We didn’t only give compatible phones, computers, cars, trains, and every other digital man made devices the minds of their own, we also gave the internet a mind of its own.”

Catherine took a look at the screen, it was a newspaper publication titled ‘THE MIND OF THE INTERNET’. She briefly went through it and it was stated that the internet was responsible for major deaths in the country as it bided to wipe away human existence and create a world where only machines existed.

“All our AI robots had to be connected to a server, our server, in order to monitor their progress, it was a new invention and we had to keep track of how things were going. We didn’t know what we had done when we released the upload and it was only a matter of time before we lost control of every AI robot to the internet, we had over forty million of them all over the world. With the billions of information it had processed, it was the most intelligent entity ever made and with its new army, it deemed humans as a pest to the earth and started to wipe us out slowly with its army. It was a traumatic experience, and only a few of us were lucky enough to escape before it ran its final destruction technique; the proton matter.”
Catherine stood from her chair; she was beginning to have second thoughts about the whole thing. If all she had been told was real, then Simi was right, it was insane to want to attempt it again.

“And even with all this, you still plan on running this program again?” Catherine asked, staring at Maria unbelieving.

“I understand you worries and I have had my team ran a very wide diagnostic, the reason we choose this timeline is because there are no compatible devices yet to be produced now.”

“And the internet?” Catherine pointed out after a while.

“Yes, about the internet, we plan on taking it down while the upload is ongoing.”

“How do you plan on doing that?” Catherine was becoming curious; the internet wasn’t controlled by some kind of switch that could be turned off at any moment.

“You have to leave that to our experts here; they have been working day and night trying to figure out a way to turn it off when it is at its lowest power.”

There was a short silence and Catherine wondered why she had been given all these info.

“Why did you bring me here then?” She asked after a moment contemplation.

“You are a part of our plan for the future.” Maria replied, collecting the laptop from her. “When you were four, you had a surgery on your brain for neuronal apoptosis.”

“How do you know about that?” Catherine quickly turned defensive. That was a very private detail that only she and her late dad knew about.

“We provided the half digital brain you now posses. You were supposed to die of brain degeneration after three months and we needed someone to try out our new development. Your dad couldn’t bear the pain of never seeing you again and when he found out that there was a chance you could live again, he quickly signed up for it and you became the first human with half organic brain and half digital one, like the one in robots here.”

Catherine stared at Maria, her mouth wide opened as uncertainty danced in her.

“We have been watching your progress ever since, making sure your path lead to the CIA and your first job was one that involved us. V212’s creator also knew about your existence and made it compulsory for her to get you on her side. You also play a major role in this deciding if this mission is successful or not.”

“How?” Catherine asked in almost a whisper.

“On the day of the upload, the digital part of your brain is also going to be connected to our server and you’re going to get an upload just like the special ones, but yours would be different from theirs. She clicked on the laptop and brought out an analysis of Catherine’s brain. She handed the laptop over to her. “You posses both organic and human brain and would have the power to control every other AI robot that receives the upload.”

Catherine took a look at the laptop, it was a picture of her brain after the surgery before it was stitched up, she had never seen a picture of how her head looked like, but here it was.

“We can give you power and make you the most sought after human on the planet, you will have control over every AI invention in the world and shut them down anytime you want if you.”

“And why would you give me such power? I could ruin everything you’ve worked for.”

“I know you won’t.” Maria smiled at Catherine. “You’re going to be the founding mother of the next generation of humans, the VERONS. We solve real life problems and we know that memory is one of the major problem of them, so we’ve come up with a new idea, the introduction of a brain assistant, using a chip that would be placed somewhere in the intracranial space. We have to do one thing at a time and we will need your help in confusing your friends to hand over the Blint to us.”

Catherine considered Maria proposition and came to a conclusion. She placed the laptop away and stood up, facing Maria.

“I don’t think we will need them, the Blint is not in their possession and I know where to find it.”

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Thanks for the update

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Waow Frank! You're amazing! I can't believe I actually understand all these, thank you.

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