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Price of heartbreak (CLUELESS) / The Chase: A Military Crime Thriller (A Hunt Series Book 2) Excerpt / Unknowing Alpha (An Alpha And Beta Duology, Book 2) By D. L. Biranen (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Price Of Heartbreak Book 2(ISSA WEDDING TINZ) by maridrug(m): 12:54pm On Feb 15

Is like u are new here.

for ur mind abi?
what is the end of
i. kings-where-evil-men-dwells
ii. Love in a circle...
Re: Price Of Heartbreak Book 2(ISSA WEDDING TINZ) by genius43(m): 3:23pm On Feb 15

for ur mind abi?
what is the end of
i. kings-where-evil-men-dwells
ii. Love in a circle...

Bros... Kings have been concluded and there will be a sequel only love in a circle that is still ongoing
Re: Price Of Heartbreak Book 2(ISSA WEDDING TINZ) by queenitee(f): 5:00pm On Feb 15
Re: Price Of Heartbreak Book 2(ISSA WEDDING TINZ) by skubido(m): 8:50pm On Feb 15

for ur mind abi?
what is the end of
i. kings-where-evil-men-dwells
ii. Love in a circle...

Capital YES

He will start the part 2 soon @Kings where evil men dwells

If u follow the story very well, there's a place stated the reason he will stop the other story ..
Re: Price Of Heartbreak Book 2(ISSA WEDDING TINZ) by Napoleonsammy(m): 3:49am On Feb 18
Y the slow pace na.
Re: Price Of Heartbreak Book 2(ISSA WEDDING TINZ) by Silver1996(m): 11:40am On Feb 18

FRANCIS GRUNTS WITH ANGER SWELLING UP HIS EYES.. , INFURIATED HE HIT THE TABLE IN THE INTERROGATION ROOM.....,he stood up, sat back, stood up again and began to pace about in the room..

With the handcuffs in n his hands, he hit the wall mercilessly,so hard that he felt the pain.., just then he gave a loud shout...

The door quickly creak open and inspector ken came into the room....

For a moment, Inspector Ken stood watching him as he pour out his frustration....

"Are you okay..? Ken ask

Angrily, Francis spun round to face him.. "Okay...! do i look like am okay?

"You do realise i didn't bring you out of cell to this room for you to scream.. "Ken said

"Damn you, am still in the same cell.. "Francis boom out with curled lips... ..

"Am not the reason you're here.. "

"I didn't kill her.. "Francis blared out

Ken gritted... "We still haven't know that yet... "

"What else do you want to know.., i told you i was at the club when she died, isn't that enough alibi to prove my innocence ?

"It will do us both good if you stop raising your voice and sit down... "Ken took a slight pause and then continue.. "Except you want to go back to your cell... "

Francis glared at him.., with a deep drag, he went back to the chair and sat down...

Ken huff and sat opposite him...

"Am telling you inspector, i didn't kill that girl.. "Francis said calming his nerves...

"Like i said, that hasn't be proven yet.., your case is still under investigation.. "

"And what happens if nothing that proves my innocence is found..?

Ken exhales... "You don't seem to understand the enormity of the situation you are in.. "

"I understand perfectly well the situation i am in inspector..., but am telling you, i didn't kill that girl, she invited me to her house, she tried to seduced me into having sex with her but i refused.., i left... "

"You also said she threatened you...

"Yes.., she threatened to ruin my wedding if.....

"And i believe you threatened her back.. "Ken cut in

Francis grunts... "I said i didn't kill her.. "

"I didn't say that... "

"Then what exactly is your point..?

Ken puff... "My point is...,i think you didn't do it but you know someone who did and that makes you an accomplice... "

"That's insane... "Francis hollered, exasperation coated in his voice...... "You know i didn't do this, stop trying to pin it on me... "

"Is that what you think am trying to do...?

Francis snort but didn't reply....

"You do remenber the killer was wearing your jacket..."

"Same jacket that was stolen, i believe my friends told you that... "

"How do i know this whole thing wasn't planned by you and your friends.. "Ken ask reclining his back on the chair....

Francis glowered at him... "I have spoken enough, i demand to speak to a lawyer.... "

Ken sigh... "I believe it's time you meet who have come to see you... "Ken said standing up from the chair... "And as for a lawyer.., do get one fast, you'll need it to defend yourself against the jury.... "

Steven sigh, a sigh of worry as he tried the number again ....,he grunts when he didn't answer...
He drop the phone on the table, stood up from the chair weighing the pros and Cons of finding a way to set Francis free...

Heart pulsating, he face the door when it creaked open unexpectedly...

He sigh, a sigh of relief when he realise it was Jeft....

"I have been calling you and Peter for quite a while now.. "Steven said walking towards him...

Jeft gritted, frustration tinge with anger smoldering round the corners of his eyes, he pick up the chair pillow and threw it against the wall....

"What's going on man..? Steven ask anxiously

Jeft clenched his fist and slammed them onto the chair leather.. ,his facial muscles twitched with rage, silence, stormed off, spitting with fury, torrent of rage, tiny bubbles of froth forming at the corners of his mouth....

Steven glance over at Jeft's face,anger still smoldering underneath his stony expression. His rages seem pointless to him, since he didn't understand why and Jeft wasn't helping.... "Come-on man, do you want to tell me what's going on...?

Jeft breathe heavily as he brood over what happened earlier...., he grunts, slow cons of exasperation sniffing it's way from his nose.....

"Jeft... "

"I saw her...."Jeft boom out, vexation coated in his voice.... "I saw her, man.. "

"You saw who...? Steven ask curiosity...

"I saw the girl, the one at the club, the one i left with... "

"What..., then where the hell is she....?, don't tell me you didn't go after her... ?

"I did.., i had her in my hands.., then she started screaming, people who can't mind their own damn business came and separated us.. "

"That's bullshit, are you telling me you let her go...?

"I didn't let her go, those crazy bastards on the streets freed her from my grasp... "

Steven sigh heavily trying to calm his nerves... "Okay, what did she say...., who did she say killed Priscilla....?

"She didn't answer that..., but she did admitted to knowing who did it... "

"Who did it then...?

"I don't know.., she didn't say... "

"Then what exactly did she say...?

Jeft exhales.... "She said if i love my life, i should stop....

"Stop..., stop what.. ?

"Stop this, searching for her and finding out answers.... "

Steven scoffs, then he shift aback...

"Wait... "Jeft said when he studied Steven's expression.... "You don't think am telling the truth....?

Steven bugged his lips... "I don't know.. "He replied with shrugged shoulders... "Are you?

"I am Steve.., i saw her.. "

"And then you let her go after she said we should stop looking for answers... "

"I don't like this... "Jeft said

"You don't like what... ?

"I don't like what you're thinking.., i have nothing to do with this... "

"I didn't say you do.., on the other hand, i think you're looking for a way to chicken out..."Jeft said callously as he bow down to pick up his phone...

"Chicken out...!.."Jeft resounded.... "Are you even listening to yourself..., Francis is my friend, why would i leave him in this situation...."

"That's your problem Jeft.., after all you caused all this......."

"Say that to me again and i swear i will punch your face.... "Jeft boom out with furious eyes...

Steven didn't bother replying, instead he left him there...

Jeft watched until Steven disappeared out of sight.., with anger devouring him, he began to pour his rage on the chairs and wall......

"Mary.... "Francis called out with Joy the moment Mary came into light...
He quickly stood up and walk towards her....

"You have 20mins to talk... "Inspector David said....

"Thank you... "Mary replied shabbily...

Francis glared at David until he walk away....
"Mary.., how are you doing, are you okay...? Francis ask anxiously...

Mary inhale, gently she closed the door....

With the handcuffs in his hands, Francis held her hands...

Mary sniff and wipe out the tear from her eyes....

"You have to believe me Mary, I didn't kill her, i swear, i didn't kill her.... "

"I believe you"Mary interjects.., she sniff again and tears began to flow freely from her eyes....

"Am sorry Mary, am so sorry...."Francis said as slow tears began to descend from his eyes....

"I need you to tell me everything Francis, everything..... "

Steven swallowed as he stare at the time.., he quickly stood up from the bed and walk to the parlour....
He exhales when he saw Jeft devouring a bottle of beer.... "Look, am sorry man.., i shouldn't have said that.... "

Jeft nod his head, then he took a swig of the beer....

"Have you called Peter, i have called him like a hundred times, he isn't picking up... "

"Try message... "Jeft said sluggishly

"This isn't a joke Jeft..., Peter is not taking his calls, doesn't that call for something.....?

"Call for what...?

Steven gritted, he walk towards the door when a knock came praying in his mind is Peter....

"Who's there...? He ask...

"It's me.., Rose... "

Steven hesitated a bit, then he opened the door...

Rose didn't hesitate before she walked in... "Where is Peter....?

"I wanted to ask you the same thing... "Steven said closing the door...

"He was supposed to meet me but he didn't show up.... "Rose said, fear stenched in her voice..

"Have you tried calling him...?Steven ask..

"Yes i have, he isn't taking my call... "

"He isn't taking mine either.... "

"Do you guys think something have actually happened to Pete..?Jeft cut in.... "he's a grown up man"

"I think something has happened... "Rose said.., she quickly brought out her phone and scroll to messages, she clicked on a message and showed it to Steven.... "That message was sent after my last call to him"

Shock raced through Steven as he read the message aloud.... "Stop calling bitch, your boyfriend isn't coming home... "

"Is that the message.... ?Jeft ask....

"I think Peter is in trouble"

Steven quickly dial the number the message was sent from on his phone, he called the number but it was switched off, then he search the identity on truecaller.....

He slack-jawed his eyes when he saw the name.....

"What is it....? Rose ask...

"SNAKE.... "Steven said... "The truecaller name is SNAKE... "

"SNAKE...! Jeft said standing up...... "Who the hell is SNAKE...?

"Am sorry Mary... "Francis said with tears... "Am sorry about the wedding.... Am..

"Stop... "Mary said... "Stop apologizing..., am done crying...., am getting you out of here... "

"No Mary, please don't get involved... "

"Am already involved..., and am not backing down until you're out of here...... "Mary said standing up from the chair....

"Mary.., stop, don't do anything, whoever set me up is still out there.... "

"I trusted you, now it's your turn to trust me... "

With those words, Mary opened the door and walked outside not minding if Francis was still talking....

"Mary.... "Francis shouted after her.....

"So what's the plan....?Manny ask with legs crossed..

Mary exhales totally confused on where to start from.... "We start from the hotel.... "

"The hotel is on lockdown... "Manny said

"Someone must know where the workers stay... "Mary said.... "Francis is rotting away in a cell for a crime he didn't commit..., no matter what i have to do, no matter the hell i have to go through, am getting my husband out of there..., all i need is your support... "

"And you have it girl.."Manny replied shapily.... "We aren't backing down either until Francis is back home.., no matter the bridge yiu have to cross.., we are crossing with you....., you're not alone in this fight.... "

Mary sigh.... "Then let's begin..... "


Am really sorry for the late update......,my job is really taking much of my time.....


Re: Price Of Heartbreak Book 2(ISSA WEDDING TINZ) by doctorexcel(m): 12:35pm On Feb 18
Thanks boss. It is well ( even inside the WELL)
Re: Price Of Heartbreak Book 2(ISSA WEDDING TINZ) by purity23(f): 1:30pm On Feb 18
Now that Peter is missing , the boys should join with the girls, that way they will be able to figure out the culprit.
Thanks silver
Re: Price Of Heartbreak Book 2(ISSA WEDDING TINZ) by izaray(f): 2:21pm On Feb 18
Another wahala

Peter is missing
Re: Price Of Heartbreak Book 2(ISSA WEDDING TINZ) by shakibell(f): 4:43pm On Feb 18
Dis 1 nha gobe original gbege
Re: Price Of Heartbreak Book 2(ISSA WEDDING TINZ) by queenitee(f): 7:37pm On Feb 18
It's fine, but who the hell is snake?
Re: Price Of Heartbreak Book 2(ISSA WEDDING TINZ) by Ann2012(f): 8:50pm On Feb 18
Peter missing now....
And who the hell is Snake?
The fact that Mary is helping Francis is a good one

Thanks for the update
Re: Price Of Heartbreak Book 2(ISSA WEDDING TINZ) by kelvyncruz: 9:48pm On Feb 18
Na wa oo
Re: Price Of Heartbreak Book 2(ISSA WEDDING TINZ) by cerowo(f): 9:49pm On Feb 18
thanks for d update keep it coming silver1996
Re: Price Of Heartbreak Book 2(ISSA WEDDING TINZ) by sly12345: 12:58pm On Feb 19
Hope Peter wont be the one to be tortured.
Re: Price Of Heartbreak Book 2(ISSA WEDDING TINZ) by Evold: 2:54pm On Feb 19
Jeft should have been kidnapped instead. The police would have looked at it as cover up and squeezed Francis harder.
Re: Price Of Heartbreak Book 2(ISSA WEDDING TINZ) by skubido(m): 4:25pm On Feb 19
Nawa ooo

From one wahala to another....

Tanks for the update
Re: Price Of Heartbreak Book 2(ISSA WEDDING TINZ) by doctorexcel(m): 5:47pm On Feb 19
[color=#990000][/color] na wa oo
Re: Price Of Heartbreak Book 2(ISSA WEDDING TINZ) by aprilwise(m): 10:40pm On Feb 19
It complicated. How Francis will gain his freedom now?
Re: Price Of Heartbreak Book 2(ISSA WEDDING TINZ) by Napoleonsammy(m): 3:11am On Feb 20
Nawao. Do they wanna start torturing peter
Re: Price Of Heartbreak Book 2(ISSA WEDDING TINZ) by maridrug(m): 3:52am On Feb 20
Please finish LOVE IN A CIRCLE 1ce and for all
Re: Price Of Heartbreak Book 2(ISSA WEDDING TINZ) by petersononome: 8:01pm On Feb 20
Welcome back bro
Re: Price Of Heartbreak Book 2(ISSA WEDDING TINZ) by maridrug(m): 3:51am On Feb 21
LOVE IN A CIRCLE.....please finish this story
Re: Price Of Heartbreak Book 2(ISSA WEDDING TINZ) by Silver1996(m): 8:10pm On Feb 27

WHEN ANNA OPENED HER EYES, IT WAS ALMOSY DARK, HALF ASLEEP, SHE GOT OUT OF BED AND ENTERED THE BATHROOM. , she checked her face in the mirror. For an instant, she couldn't recognize the person reflected in it. Only when she waved her hand and the reflection waved back that she realized it was her. When had been the last time she'd looked at herself in the mirror? A slight headache came upon her at the sudden reminder of Priscilla's dead . After flushing the toilet and washing her hands, she searched the cabinet for some painkillers only to realize there wasn't one. Right, she was in a hotel —not at home....and Bevelyn have left her...

She sigh and scan her swollen eyes around in search of her phone..., she gave a sluggish yawn when she saw it slightly covered with the white duvet.., she raised the duvet up and pick up the phone..

She sigh again when she saw five missed calls, she clicked on the missed calls and find out three were from from Bevelyn and the other two from Priscilla's brother...

Her mind brood over the day she told Priscilla's brother, Simon, that Priscialla was dead.....

She quickly crunched down to the bed as that hunting and devastating moment of finding Priscilla's dead body creep into her head...

She sniff and a tear rolled from her eye.., she wonder how Priscilla's sick mum will take the news ....,she will probably died faster.....the news will kill her...

She remenber how Priscilla's brother had warned her not to tell their mum...

She wipe off the tear falling from her eyes and dial Bevelyn's number...
She waited patiently for her to answer, instead the voicemail machine answered her...

Slightly furious with her thoughts, she dropped the phone.., she was inclined to see that bastard again.., that bastard that murdered her friend in cold blood..., she has sworn to herself that he will pay... No matter what she have to do, he will surely pay....

She wipe off her tears and dial Bevelyn's number again...

The call connected after the second ring and Bevelyn's voice came up...

"Am so so sorry i left you..."Bevelyn said, voice clipped.. ..."My husband...

Anna sniff... "It's okay.. "She cut in.. "I understand why you had to go... "

"So have you heard anything from Priscilla's brother...? Bevelyn ask

"Yes..., he's on his way here.... "

"Oh good...."Bevelyn said... "That murderer must pay for everything... "

"Surely, he will..... "

Mary bit her lips and quickly stood up from the chair, the thought of getting Francis out of prison filled her head, she couldn't think straight, she was totally confused on what to do.., where to start, who to believe...

"Mary please, can you eat something....? Manny ask as she dropped the plate of rice of on the table.....

Mary took a deep drag, then she dragged her feets to the dinning.., she look around, then she realise her mum and Dad left for the village that morning, though her mum said she was coming back and she know she will...

"Mary chop something na... "Jasmine interjects..

Still in a state of confusion, Mary drag out the chair from under the dinning..,she hesitated a bit before she sat down...

Manny huff when she noticed how worried and scared Mary was... "Look Mary, we already promised we're going to help you through this, we'll get Francis out of there.... "

Mary nod her head as Manny words resounded in her head, she look around again and noticed Sharon wasn't there with them, she can't believe she was so deep in her thoughts and shielded by her own problems and persistent voices in her head that she'd not noticed Sharon absence.....

"Where is Sharon..? She asked calmly...

Jasmine hissed.... "That one.., person know where that one dey go... "

"Sharon is not your problem right now.. "Manny said... "You need to get some food into your stomach.. "

"Can i really...? Mary ask, voice shabby.... "Can i really eat knowing fully well my husband is in prison for a crime he didn't commit..., he..

"Starving yourself won't get him out of there..."Manny cut in... "Please, eat something and then we'll think of a way to go about this whole investigation thing... "

Mary swallowed..,slowly she pick up the spoon, lost in her thoughts, she took a half spoon of the food to her mouth.....

They shift their gaze to the door when a knock came...
Mary wanted to stand but Manny held her hand and she sat back down...

"I go go check.. "Jasmine said standing up..
"Na who be that...? Jasmine ask a few inch from the door...

Jasmine rolled her eyes when a male voice replied from outside,..she looked out from the window and quickly recognized the person...

She took a deep drag wondering what he was doing there..., she hesitated a bit before opening the door....

"Hi... "Taiwo said as the door creeaked wide open..

For a moment, Jasmine stood staring at him thinking of all possible reasons why he's here.....

She realise she has been quiet when he poke his eyes at her.... "Yeah.. Hello... "


"Sharon... "Jasmine cut in.... "She nor dey... "

"Am not talking about Sharon.., i wanted to say Mary.. "

"Oh.... "Jasmine said shabbily...."Okay na, come inside... "

She paced the way for him and he walked in....

"Taiwo... "Manny said as she walk towards him...

Taiwo made a sly smile on his face.... "Hi... "

"Hi to you too... "Manny said... "You're the last person i expected to see here, i mean after what happened between....

"I have put that behind me... "Taiwo interjects


Taiwo exhales as he scan his eyes round the house, the house remind him things about Sharon, things he had craved to forget but just can't...

"Hi... "Mary calm voice sounded interrupting his thoughts....

"Hey... "Taiwo said walking towards her.... "How are you.. "

Mary sniff fighting a tear from falling from her eyes...."Am okay... "

"I heard what happened.., am so sorry... "

Mary nodded... "Yeah... "

"I seriously doubt he did what the police accused him of... "Taiwo said

"You have all reason to doubt because it's a lie.. "Manny cut in... "It's a very big fat lie.., Francis didn't kill that girl, this whole thing is a setup... "

Taiwo brushed his nostril slightly with his finger... "I believe so, but what are the police doing to find the killer....?

"Why you dey ask like say you nor know as police dey behave... "Jasmine said heading back to her chair...

"Nothing.. "Mary said, tense in her voice... "They will do nothing... "

"They have to do something... "Taiwo said.... "Francis is innocent, he shouldn't be there... "

"He shouldn't... "Manny interjects.... "That's why we aren't leaning on the police to prove his innocence, we're going to do that ourselves... "

"Yourselves..... How..?

Another knock quickly came on the door again.., Jasmine bit her lower lips, with knitted brows, she stood up again and look out from the window.., she exhales when she recognized the people outside..
Without hesitation, she opened the door....

"Watsup... "Jeft said the moment Jasmine face came into light...

Jasmine replied with a smile...

"Is Mary in...? Steven asked agitated...

"Yes, she dey.. "Jasmine said paving the way for them...
Steven quickly walked in and Jasmine followed..

Jeft couldn't keep his eyes off Jamsine ass as he walk in....

"Mary... "Steven said when he saw her..

Mary quickly stood up upon sighting him...
"Hey..."Mary said shabbily..

Steven exhales and crocked his throat... "There is something i need to tell you... "Steven said..

"What is it...? Mary ask curiously walking towards him...

"We think someone has abducted Peter... "

"You mean kidnap.. ?Manny ask..

"We don't know but he's missing and we've every reason to believe someone has him... "

"Are you assuming...? Manny ask..

Steven quickly brought out his phone and show them the text message he forwarded from Rose phone into his... "Someone sent this message to his girlfriend, it says stop calling bitch, your boyfriend isn't coming back... "

"Who sent it...? Mary quickly ask collecting the phone from him...

"I searched the number in truecaller.., the sender name is SNAKE.. "

"SNAKE...! Manny resounded

"Yeah SNAKE.. "Jeft said... "The question is, who the hell bears SNAKE.. "

"It could be a wrong identification... "Manny said

"Did you say SNAKE..? Taiwo ask


"SNAKE isn't a person's name, it's a cult... "Taiwo said

"Cult...! Manny resounded..

"Yeah.., a very deadly cult.. "

"Wait let me get this.. "Mary cut in.. "Do you think this is connected to the reason why Francis was arrested...?

"It could be.. "Steven said..

"It may not..? Jeft added..

With a grunt, Sharon glance at the time on her wrist watch.., she sigh, exasperation waving through her she look around.., she noticed some people were looking at her..,she quickly pick up her bottle of vitamilk she had ordered and began to sip it slowly...

Her fingers crumbled when her phone began to vibrate...

She exhales, then she took the call.... "Where are you..? She ask when the call connected

"Behind you... "A male voice sounded..

She quickly turn around and saw a guy heading towards her.., she quickly recognized him, he was as stunning as he is in his pictures, though dark.. But she can't get the almost nude pix he sent to her off her mind.., she recall his huge bulge in his slim boxers... He was muscular..., manly..her facebook god..

"Hi... "He said pursuing her back to reality...

"Hi... "She said back with a wry smile..

"You must be Sharon.. "He said

"Yeah... "

He extended his hand for a handshake and she took it...

"Finally..., we met... "He said with pout lips...

"Yeah... "She said, her eyes fixed on his arm tattoo...

"Nice tattoo... "She said pointing at it...

"Oh.., this.. "

"Is that a scorpion...? Sharon ask curiously..

He smile... "No.., it's a snake... "




Re: Price Of Heartbreak Book 2(ISSA WEDDING TINZ) by Silver1996(m): 8:12pm On Feb 27
LOVE IN A CIRCLE.....please finish this story
I will bro
Re: Price Of Heartbreak Book 2(ISSA WEDDING TINZ) by purity23(f): 9:04pm On Feb 27
Hmm let me sit down and wait for the identity of this snake to he revealed...
Re: Price Of Heartbreak Book 2(ISSA WEDDING TINZ) by kelvyncruz: 9:48pm On Feb 27
Book 1 sun, Book 2 Snake..
But who is this person that have a tattoo of a snake.., Sharon better be careful for her own safety
Re: Price Of Heartbreak Book 2(ISSA WEDDING TINZ) by skubido(m): 9:48pm On Feb 27

Tanks for the update op
Re: Price Of Heartbreak Book 2(ISSA WEDDING TINZ) by Ann2012(f): 10:38pm On Feb 27
Sharon.....be warned

Thanks for the update
Re: Price Of Heartbreak Book 2(ISSA WEDDING TINZ) by LightQueen(f): 9:01am On Feb 28
That guy with a snake tattoo kidnap Peter. Shikina
Thanks for the update Silver1996
Re: Price Of Heartbreak Book 2(ISSA WEDDING TINZ) by do4luv14(m): 9:25am On Feb 28
Re: Price Of Heartbreak Book 2(ISSA WEDDING TINZ) by nkemdave(m): 10:11am On Feb 28
E don start oo

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Shoooo shocked shocked

So, dis story don start since last yr and I think say d story neva start..........Well, thanks bro (Mavikolo2020) for the mention.

We go die here #silver1996

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