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Price of heartbreak (CLUELESS) / The Chase: A Military Crime Thriller (A Hunt Series Book 2) Excerpt / Unknowing Alpha (An Alpha And Beta Duology, Book 2) By D. L. Biranen (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Price Of Heartbreak Book 2(ISSA WEDDING TINZ) by izaray(f): 10:36am On Feb 28
Thanks for the update
Re: Price Of Heartbreak Book 2(ISSA WEDDING TINZ) by sly12345: 12:07pm On Feb 28
Ride on man
Re: Price Of Heartbreak Book 2(ISSA WEDDING TINZ) by do4luv14(m): 12:19pm On Feb 28

Shoooo shocked shocked

So, dis story don start since last yr and I think say d story neva start..........Well, thanks bro (Mavikolo2020) for the mention.

We go die here #silver1996


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Re: Price Of Heartbreak Book 2(ISSA WEDDING TINZ) by Divineroyalty(f): 2:45pm On Feb 28
Thank you Silver.

The main trivia has started!!!
Re: Price Of Heartbreak Book 2(ISSA WEDDING TINZ) by petersononome: 1:11pm On Mar 02
Sharon should be careful else...
Re: Price Of Heartbreak Book 2(ISSA WEDDING TINZ) by Aphroditee(f): 9:53pm On Mar 02
E don start oo

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Ok following
Re: Price Of Heartbreak Book 2(ISSA WEDDING TINZ) by queenitee(f): 4:53pm On Mar 03
Ehn ehn
Re: Price Of Heartbreak Book 2(ISSA WEDDING TINZ) by Evold: 5:44pm On Mar 03
Sharon is always dining with the enemy
Re: Price Of Heartbreak Book 2(ISSA WEDDING TINZ) by Silver1996(m): 11:18pm On Mar 05

A MUSCLE TWITCHED INVOLUNTARILY AT THE CORNER OF FR\NCIS RIGHT EYE, HIS MOUTH FORMED A RIGID GRIMACE. WITH ARMS CUFFS PLACED ON THE TABLE, he tapped his foot furiously and all the while stared out of the grimy window. This fitfully sunny morning would either see the dawn of his new life or snap his dreams in two.....

He bit his lips waiting patiently for the door to open and someone, someone he spent the night thinking about walk through...

He bit his lips as he wipe off a gleen of sweat from his brows.., the stillness of the walls pricked a deep hole of anger into him.., he curl his lips and dig his fingertips into his palm.., he grunts deeply, tears of rage tinge with frustration licked through him, he remember his wedding, the moments of his arrest,..that was the moment his life was shattered..., he muttered silence words to himself, cursing the person that is responsible for his predicament, the bastard who torn his life to shreds...

He was about standing up from the chair when the door creaks open..

He swallowed, then sigh, a sigh of relief when Mary came into sight....

"Mary... "He said without time wasting and stood up to meet her...

Mary quickly rushed to him and wrapped her hands around him.., she sniff and a layer of tear rolled down her cheek....

"Ma.. Mary.. "Francis called out calmly when his eyes met Steven...

Mary sigh, she quickly unwrapped her hands from around him when she realise was she was there for was more important than any hug, she has vow to herself never to rest until her huaband is proven innocent and released from the police custody....

"You have fifteen minutes... "Inspector Ken said..

Ken's gaze met with Francis, he nib his lips and left them before Mary could say thank you...

"How are you doing Mary... ?Francis ask anxiously...

Mary inhale and tossed a strap of her hair backwards..."Am fine.. "

"I swear to you Mary, am going to get out of here.. "

"Precisely the reason we're here... "Steven cut in walking into the room... "We have another problem at hand.."

"Problem.. !Francis resounded, voice clipped and molded with shock.... "What happened..?

"Peter is missing... "Mary interjects..

"Peter... !,How, What happened...?

"That we don't know... "Steven said.. "But we can detect from the message that was sent to Rose that Peter has been kidnapped by someone.. "

"What message is that...? Francis ask anxiously..

Steven huffs and quickly brought out his phone from his pocket, he scroll to messages and showed him...

"Why would someone kidnapped Peter? Francis ask.... "It doesn't make any sense.. "

"Why would someone framed you for a crime you didn't commit..? Mary cut in..

With shock etched on Francis face, he walk towards the chair and sat down, Mary sat opposite him...

"We think the two case are related... "Steven said

Francis exhales.. "Look, if truly someone has kidnapped Peter, we need to tell the police... "

"We don't really know if it's a kidnap... "Mary said

"You saw the message... "Steven interjects with clenched teeth.. "And besides, Peter wouldn't do that.."

"The content of that text is threatening..."Francis said... "This is serious, we need to tell the police.. "

"Yeah, i think so too.. "Steven said... "But before that, there is something i need to confirm from you.... "

Francis quickly fix his gaze on him waiting patiently for the question to drop...

Steven crocked his throat... "I search the sender's ID on true caller, the name turns out to be SNAKE.. "

"SNAKE..! Francis blared out

"Taiwo said it's a name of a cult... "Mary said

Francis shift his gaze to her trying to assimilate who Taiwo is...

"And we think the two cases are related.. "Steven added

"What cases..?

"Yours and Peter's... "Mary replied

"Do you know anything about this cult..? Steven ask..

"The hell no.. "Francis boom out... "I didn't even know that was a name of a cult until now... "

Steven exhales wondering who could have abducted Peter....

"Look.. "Francis said... "Whoever sent that message to Rose is up to no good, and if this is a name of a cult as you say it, it certainly means Peter is in great trouble.., more reason why we need to tell the police now.. "

Jeft lick his lips as his eyes wander around Manny's body.., slowly, he registered he was having a boner when the worst possible erotic thoughts began to creep into his head....

"You know we'll find something good to talk about if you quit staring at me.. "Manny said brushing her hair with her fingertips...

Jeft felt a bit abashed, he didn't know she noticed... "Sometimes you can't just help staring at a beautiful woman... "He said with pout lips

Manny scoffs.. "You wish"

Jeft chuckled...,he glance at his time, then at the station..., he exhales and look towards the road... He nib his lips and turn his gaze to Manny again..."What do you think they're still doing inside?

"What else if not talking... "

"They've been in there for over...

"Hey.. "Manny cut in.. "It's just thirty minutes..., moreover i see no reason why you should get tired of waiting..., don't you want to find your friend and the other released...?

"Ouch...that's a bit harsh... "

Manny sigh... "What is, my question..?

"Look, i want to find Peter and see Francis released as much as you and the others do.. "

"Good.., you should know they're our friends, we can't let them down... "

"I know.. "Jeft replied shabbily....

"Why didn't you report this when you received this message..? Inspector Ken asked as he read the message...

"That's exactly what we're doing now inspector... "Steven said, exasperation slowly creeping into him...

"Have your friend done this before...? Inspector David ask

Mary glance at Peter...

"Why would he do that, it doesn't make any sense... "Steven said

"Who is the receiver to him..? Ken ask

"What receiver...? Steven countered, voice thick with vexation...

"You told us, the message was sent to someone who forwarded it to you, who..

"She's is his girlfriend... "Mary boom out....

Ken glance at David, then focus his gaze on them again... "I believe she's in a better position to answer that question... "

"What question...? Steven hollered

"Has he done this before?

"No.... "Steven blared out..

"And how would you know that...? David ask.. "You told us you don't stay here, you only came for the wedding... "

"Peter is my friend..., i know him very well... "

"Do you...?

Steven grunts as frown lines began to encroach on his face....

"This is serious inspector... "Mary cut in, her tone spiked with irritation.... "My husband is in prison for a crime he didn't commit, his friend has been kidnapped by God knows who and you think this is a joke... "

Ken sigh... "I understand your plight..

"No you don't.. "Mary boom out... "You can never understand what am going through..., this is what you guys do, you waste your time seeking answers from the wrong people instead of going out there....

"And exactly who are the wrong people...? David ask

"Are you going to help us or not....? Steven ask with a feeling of disdain.. Anger etched in his voice..

Ken glance at David then at them... "If what you're saying is true, it's our job to find him but first, we need to speak to his girlfriend.... "

Slowly, Peter open his eyes, at first his sight was hazy, he blink and try to free his hands, then he realise he was tied to a chair....

With his eyes widely open, he look around, his eyes scan round the small room he was locked in..., he stare at the rays of light coming from small bar window.., he took a deep drag as he try to remember what happened.. Slowly, the pieces started falling into place, he has seen her.., he recognized her, he saw her off and then he was knocked out and dragged into a van.....

He look around again, he scan his eyes on the wall and the drawings on it....

"Anyone here...? He shouted trying to free himself

"Hello.. "He shouted again....

He shut his eyes when the door to the room creak open to avoid the sudden brightness....

Slowly, he opened his eyes again.., he blink when he saw the person standing in front of him....

"Hello Pete.. "The person said

Peter sat dumbfounded wondering if it was really her or someone else..... "You... :He said, shock etched in his face...

"Yes me....., and you should do well to remember this face because it will be the last face you'll be seeing.... "

Her words chased fright into him and he shivered... "What the hell do you want from me...?

She scoffs.... "Wrong question.... ,ask instead, why do i want to kill you all.... "

"And by all, you mean....?

"All of you that destroyed my life... ,all of you that broke and shattered my heart into pieces...,you're all going to pay.., you and your pack of friends...."

"Oh my God..., you killed Priscilla and framed Francis for it..."

"No, i didn't..., but Francis deserve whatever he's getting... "

"How does he deserve it, his poor wife is suffering... "

"You mean Mary..., i wonder if she'll still suffer if she knows her husband is a murderer... "

"Francis didn't kill Priscilla..."

"No.., but he killed someone... "


"October 5th..., do you remember october 5th..?, Francis killed a man in cold blood and he escaped punishment.....,will Mary still be his wife when she learns the truth...,that her beloved husband is nothing but a cold blooded murderer.... "She huffs.. "Well guess what, all the dirty secrets are about to be out of the closet...,your deaths follow suit... "

With throbbing heart, Peter began to remember what happened on October 5th.., he died, they killed him and now, their sins are back to hunt them.... Judgement has come... ....


Sorry for the late update...


Re: Price Of Heartbreak Book 2(ISSA WEDDING TINZ) by kelvyncruz: 12:04am On Mar 06
So Francis killed someone.. Na wa oo
Re: Price Of Heartbreak Book 2(ISSA WEDDING TINZ) by Jeremy123(m): 1:28am On Mar 06
mention me next biko
Re: Price Of Heartbreak Book 2(ISSA WEDDING TINZ) by Ann2012(f): 1:50am On Mar 06
Who did they kill?
Who has come for revenge?

Thanks for the update
Re: Price Of Heartbreak Book 2(ISSA WEDDING TINZ) by egwolopretty: 7:14am On Mar 06
cool i just can't believe this..
Re: Price Of Heartbreak Book 2(ISSA WEDDING TINZ) by Evold: 11:37am On Mar 06
Speechless me
Re: Price Of Heartbreak Book 2(ISSA WEDDING TINZ) by skubido(m): 11:39am On Mar 06
Nawa oooo.

OP tanks for the update
Re: Price Of Heartbreak Book 2(ISSA WEDDING TINZ) by purity23(f): 3:27pm On Mar 06
The truth they say is bitter
Re: Price Of Heartbreak Book 2(ISSA WEDDING TINZ) by izaray(f): 4:21pm On Mar 06
And all along i thought Francis was even innocent sef

Thanks for the update boss
Re: Price Of Heartbreak Book 2(ISSA WEDDING TINZ) by aprilwise(m): 5:22pm On Mar 06
Their past sins has caught up with them . Thanks for the update
Re: Price Of Heartbreak Book 2(ISSA WEDDING TINZ) by queenitee(f): 4:27pm On Mar 08
Re: Price Of Heartbreak Book 2(ISSA WEDDING TINZ) by LightQueen(f): 6:43pm On Mar 08
Real judgement
Re: Price Of Heartbreak Book 2(ISSA WEDDING TINZ) by Ladyfavy: 7:58pm On Mar 09
Be mineful of what u do today cus u won't like the outcome of ur wrong doings 2moro
Re: Price Of Heartbreak Book 2(ISSA WEDDING TINZ) by Napoleonsammy(m): 10:04pm On Mar 10
Speechless speechless speechless
Re: Price Of Heartbreak Book 2(ISSA WEDDING TINZ) by Silver1996(m): 11:19pm On Mar 12

NESTLED IN HER USUAL CHAIR, COSY WITH A BLANKET, Jasmine glued her eyes to the flat screen tv, eyes almost turning square, sat entranced in a sea of stray popcorn, gormless expression, blank staring face, engrossed, transfixed, goggling, blubbering like a baby...

She changed her sitting position and scan her eyes on chair in search of the remote...
She found it and increase the volume.., the loud soundtrack from the movie vibrated in her ears....and she smiled...

Sluggishly, she pulled off the blanket from her body when a knock sounded on the door...
She stood up and trot towards the door anxious to see Mary and Manny and know what happened...

Slowly.., heart yearning to hear the news.., she flicked the key and turn down the knob.., the door creak, then she pushed it widely open..

She quickly hissed, a thick layer of disappointment etched on her face at the sight of the person standing at the door....

"You don come back..? Jasmine ask callously, her eyes dancing annoyingly at her..

Sharon returned the galling look.., not giving her the dignity of a reply.., she walk pass her... until Jasmine irksome question stopped her in her tracks..

"Madam whre you go?Jasmine ask with a hand still on the door..

Sharon exhales.., her lips battered with irritation..., she spun round to face her, brows knitted, she gave her a terrifying look...

"Nor dey look me like dat, na whre you go wen all of us dey find way to help Mary... "

"Let me cut you there..."Sharon cut in, voice clipped... "First of all, you have no right whatsoever to ask me where i went or where i came from.., secondly, whatever that is happening to Mary and her so-called murderer of a husband is totally not my business... "

Jasmine scoffs, infuriated, she jammed the door loudly... "Which kine person you be self.., e b like you dey forget wetin Mary don do for you..

"I don't have time battling words with an unschooled goon like you.. "Sharon interjects harshly.., she eyed her, then she walked out on her...

Jasmine bit her lips, she shook her head and sat down back on her chair....

Fires of fury and hatred were smoldering in the eyes of Simon as he weighed the pros and cons of the various and creative means available to him for exacting revenge...bringing his sister murderer to justice...

He clenched his jaw as he began to dig his sharp fingernails into his palm.., eyes slitty and sparkling with anger.....

"So that bastard murdered my sister...? Simon resounded with furrowed brows..

"In cold blood.. "Bevelyn added dropping her hands from her waist..... "And you know the most annoying part.., the police are just keeping him in custody instead of locking that animal in jail for the rest of his miserable life...

Simon quickly stood up, torrents of rage and terror filled his eyes.. "I don't want him to be in jail, i want him dead... "

"Me too.. "Bevelyn boom out.., voice ticked with vexation..

Anna exhales..,her mind brood over all the happy moments she had with Priscilla.., she just can't believe it.., Priscilla is dead.., gone, never seeing her again...

"I don't think the police are capable of handling this.."Bevelyn said pacing around....

"I want to see him... "Simon said with anger.... "I want to see that killer..., i want to see that bastard that murdered my sister... "

"You can't go there like this Simon.. "Anna interjects...

"Why can't he go there like this..? Bevelyn ask.., voice clipped..

"He's angry.., he might do..

"Something stupid..? Bevelyn cut in... "Something stupid is exactly what we want.., his sister was murdered, you don't expect him to be quiet... "

Anna sigh.. "I know he shouldn't be quiet but if he go see Francis at the police with this rage.., they might lock him up..

"I don't care.. "Simon blared out......"You have no idea how this news will break my mother when she hears it.., she'll be devastated.., the news will break her down... "

"Look i know.. "Anna said... "But you still have to tell her..."

Simon curl his lips.., furiously he hit the wall with his palm.....

"And if you ask me, i suggest we leave this case for the police to handle.. "Anna added..

Bevelyn quickly shift her gaze to her.. "The police..!, are you kidding me.. ?

"I have thought it over.., there is no point involving ourselves.., they..

"What are you saying Anna..? Bevelyn ask....."Our friend was murdered and you suggest we leave the police to bring her murderer to justice..., you seem to be forgetting the country you are.., here, there is no law.., with money, Francis will be out of there in few days.. "

"So what are you suggesting, that we take laws into our hands....?

"Yes..., that's exactly what we need to do.., that's what Priscilla will want us to do.... "

"And exactly how do you suggest we do that...?

Bevelyn huffs.., irritation spiking through her.. "Look, my husband has agreed to help me with this... "

"Your husband..., are you seriously dragging your husband into this.., you're newly married.. "

"If Anna had not come here.., she'll still be alive.. "

"So this jungle justice is about your guilt.., it isn't your fault Bevelyn.. "She sniff and a layer of tear fell from her eyes.., she quickly wipe it off before it could roll down..... "Non of this is your fault.. "

"Am not doing this because i feel so.., am doing this because it's the right thing to do.. "

"Taking law into our hands.., how's that the right thing.. ?

"Can you ladies stop for a second...? Simon hollered...

Both girls quickly turn to face him..

Simon grunts.., anger churning deep within him... "This is my sister who was murdered..., i am the one who seeks revenge.., if someone is taking law into his hands, it should be me.., so i ask again.., are you going to take me to where that murderer is locked up or i should take myself...?

With water dripping down from his hair, Pope stepped out from the bathroom, the towel hung round his neck, he stepped into his room Unclad...

He sigh when he noticed how scattered his room was.., he quickly shift the clothes on the bed to a corner and create a space to sit for himself....

He made a sluggish yawn, then he pick up his cream..
It wasn't long before he wore his shorts, just when he was about to search for a shirt to wear.., a knock came on the door...

He exhales wondering if it was the person he was expecting....,without time wasting, he pick up a jean trouser from the bed and quickly slung it on...

Not bothering to put on a shirt, he walk to the parlour when the knock sounded again...

He exhales and walk towards the door...,with his left palm brushing his hair ...,he opened the door...

Surprise wrecked his spines when he saw the people standing at the door.. ..

"Well well well.., look who the breeze blown here..,the bride and the.... "Pope said devouring Manny with his eyes..

Mary sigh and quickly turn her face from his bare chest..

"Don't pretend like you don't know what happened at the wedding.."Manny said returning the look..

"Talk of the town..., so sorry it happened... "Pope said..

"Come-on Pope.., you're the last person to feel sorry for anyone.. "Manny replied

"Are you saying that from experience..? Pope ask with pout lips..

"Can we come in Pope..? Mary cut in..

Pope smile at her... "Of course.. "He said stepping out of the way..

Mary quickly walk in without hesitation and Manny tagged along..

Pope inhale and close the door...

"I must say am surprise.., You Mary of all people will visit me.. "Pope said sitting on a chair opposite them..

"Oh please Pope.., don't burst your bubbles too early.., she did brought you an invitation card.. "Manny said

"That doesn't change the fact that am still shocked.. "

Mary swallowed..,she wasn't ready for any chit chat with him, she was here for one thing and she's inclined to go straight to the point...

"So what can i do for you girls...? Pope ask..

Mary sigh... "Look Pope, we're here to ask you a few questions that could help us solve some problems.. "

"Problems...!, Pope resounded... "Sounds like a big one to me.. "

"Yeah.., it is.. "Mary said with clenched teeth.. "And we'll be so much grateful if you know something about what am about to ask....., what do you know about the snakes... ?

"Snakes....!, seriously..., you came all the way here to ask me about snakes... "

"Let me rephrase that.. "Manny cut in.. "What do you know about a cult named SNAKE.. ?

"How do you girls know about SNAKE...?

"My husband friend is missing... "Mary replied quickly... "And someone with the identity of a snake sent his girlfriend a message...., i was hoping you'll know this goon.. "

"Everyone knows about the snakes.., if your friend has gotten into trouble with one of them, then be rest assure, he's done for.. "

"What do you mean done for...?

"Done for.., dead..., with a snake bite... "

"Guy relax na... "Jeft said to Steven who was pacing around...

"I can't relax man..., how can you possibly relax when our friends are in trouble.., Francis is in prison, Peter is in God knows where.. "

"I know all that but you need to chill...,we'll find Peter.. "

A knock from the door interrupted them..

Jeft quickly stood up and walk towards the door...
"Who's there...? Jeft ask..

"Delivery boy.. "A voice from outside said..

Jeft glance at Steven..."Guy you order for anything..?

Steven shook his head..."No.. "

With curiousness to who must have made an order.., Jeft opened the door...

"Good evening sir.., am not sure if am at the right address but this is the address that was filled on the form.., are you Mr Peter because our base called him earlier and he said we should delivered what he ordered for to this address...

"Wait..., you mean you called Peter and he answered...?

"Yes sir.. "

"Of course.. "Steven voice sounded from inside.... "He told us someone will be bringing a package for him.. "He added when he got to the door..

Jeft glance at him and he gave him an eye shot...

"Okay sir.., just sign here..."

Without hesitation, Steven sign and collected the sealed box from the boy..

They watched until they entered their vehicle and zoom off...

"Guy.., peter answered the call.. "Jeft said shapily..

"Yeah he did... "Jeft said rushing in to pick his phone....,he drop the package on the table and quickly dial Peter's number..

Disappointment etched on his face as he slowly drop the phone call from his ears...."Switched off.. "

"I don't get it.., why would he pick their calls and switch his phone off on ours...? Jeft ask..

Before Steven could find an answer to Jeft question.., the box moved...

"What's in there....? Jeft ask anxiously as the box began to shake...

Without hesitation, Steven began to tear off the seal...,then he opened the carton...

"Jesus... "He shouted at the sight of what he saw drove him backward almost making him lose his balance ...

Fear paralyzed them as a snake crawl out from the box....

Thier eyes met.., the dangerous reptile began to gather it's poisonous spit ready for destruction......



Sorry for the late update... More updates pouring in soon....


Re: Price Of Heartbreak Book 2(ISSA WEDDING TINZ) by Ann2012(f): 11:29pm On Mar 12
A snake is in the building ooooo

Thanks for the update boss
Re: Price Of Heartbreak Book 2(ISSA WEDDING TINZ) by Silver1996(m): 11:33pm On Mar 12
A snake is in the building ooooo

Thanks for the update boss
You welcome dear

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Re: Price Of Heartbreak Book 2(ISSA WEDDING TINZ) by sly12345: 7:03am On Mar 13
And i thought Jacob was the baddest
Re: Price Of Heartbreak Book 2(ISSA WEDDING TINZ) by Napoleonsammy(m): 7:21am On Mar 13
This is really going to be much interesting. What bothers me is Sharon's nonchalant attitude.

Silver, three gbosa for ur head. U to much
Re: Price Of Heartbreak Book 2(ISSA WEDDING TINZ) by egwolopretty: 11:19am On Mar 13
My friend kill that snake.
Re: Price Of Heartbreak Book 2(ISSA WEDDING TINZ) by Evold: 12:06pm On Mar 13
A mere snake. It's a matter of hitting it on the head and the rest will be history.
Re: Price Of Heartbreak Book 2(ISSA WEDDING TINZ) by Slimynonny: 12:19pm On Mar 13
Getting more interesting in every episode....weldone silver
Re: Price Of Heartbreak Book 2(ISSA WEDDING TINZ) by skubido(m): 7:24pm On Mar 13
Abi sharon dey mad ni,

Snake ke, omo, Aja 4,

OP tanks for the update ooo
Re: Price Of Heartbreak Book 2(ISSA WEDDING TINZ) by queenitee(f): 9:45am On Mar 14

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