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Re: Penance by Ultimategeneral: 9:40am On Feb 14
Hmmm. Apollux have come again. With his scientifically oriented stories. Thumbs up bro
Re: Penance by Pheezie(m): 3:30pm On Feb 14

Lol, you will have to wait to find out. And what makes you think that Penance is the hero of this story? grin
Hmm I'll surely wait.
Your story always worth my time expecially that Jarrel one,i mean the part of Ghemmanti canticles(cant remember de name now)
I din't say penance is the hero yet bro,I called him baddo because of his skills.
More ink to your pen Apollux.
Re: Penance by Nostradamus: 4:09pm On Feb 14
I have a feeling penance was one of D. R. I. V. E enhanced soldiers who managed to escape their custody before they wipe his memory,he decided to seek revenge but he knows he can't take the organisation head-on so he decided to attack those that depends on them to cripple the organisation's business.

Apollux nice one man.

Please when is the next update?
Re: Penance by Apollux(m): 6:28pm On Feb 14
I have a feeling penance was one of D. R. I. V. E enhanced soldiers who managed to escape their custody before they wipe his memory,he decided to seek revenge but he knows he can't take the organisation head-on so he decided to attack those that depends on them to cripple the organisation's business.

Apollux nice one man.

Please when is the next update?
Well that's the general gist of the story... But there are twists within that are less obvious. His revenge motivation is far from escape grin
Re: Penance by Pheezie(m): 7:42pm On Feb 14
Apollux. No Update Tonight?
Re: Penance by Apollux(m): 7:47pm On Feb 14
No Update Tonight?
Let me see... Maybe if the power comes on later.

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Re: Penance by phoenixchap: 8:19pm On Feb 14
sad..i hate to say this but it's the truth... Your work is top notch but the updates are short and whenever I'm reading is like I'm at the theater and it just wet my appetite and that's when I have to start checking per min for update
Re: Penance by Apollux(m): 8:33pm On Feb 14
sad..i hate to say this but it's the truth... Your work is top notch but the updates are short and whenever I'm reading is like I'm at the theater and it just wet my appetite and that's when I have to start checking per min for update

Im sorry guys, just that I have other things to do. And where I am at the moment, getting power to charge my device is a huge challenge. These are the things limiting the updates from coming steadily. ✌
Re: Penance by Tuhndhay(m): 2:47pm On Feb 17
Apollux...... I finally got here
Re: Penance by Apollux(m): 6:32pm On Feb 17
“So… “
“Could it be possible that one if our enhanced operatives was responsible for the attack? No. We have eyes on all of them. They are always kept within our secured bunker when they are not on any mission. Monitored every hour. None has gone out of their cubicle after their last assignment. “
“But I still can’t help shaking the feeling that the attacker was an enhanced person. “ Just then something seem to flash across his mind. “Sir what about that one enhanced operative that got killed in Africa?”

“ That’s OP5. He was consumed in the massive explosion that rocked the compound the target he was supposed to take out was at that time. We thoroughly investigated the site. None survived, neither the target nor our enhanced operative. Every one within the blast radius was consumed. “
“Sir is there not the slightest chance the operative escaped the explosion and survived? “

“No, the chances are next to none. The explosion was arranged in such a way to kill all within its blast radius. So he was incinerated instantly. “ the Director paused a bit squeezing one palm of his hand with the other, he continued. “Even if he had escaped the conflagration in any way or form, he would have died twenty four hours after as we made all the operatives dependent on the regenerative drugs that has to be administered to them every day else their regeneration capabilities will spill out of control producing cancerous growth instead of well ordered tissue regrowth. “
“Good to hear that sir. “ Hank said finally.

“Still you have raised good questions that needs to be answered. “ the Director reached for a plastic bottle of water on his table, drank a little from it. “The motivation of the attacker will be our first insight. Who ever he is, he will unbalance the delicate balance and control we have over the New York underworld. Having Nestore run things in Brooklyn is still to our interest, so we have to supply him with support but in a discreet way. We may have to use some political measure to reduce the pressure law enforcement bodies will mount when they want to investigate him on what just happened. At least our support for him will go on as long as he is still useful to us or when he out lives that we will replace him. But Hank I want to you on the streets for this. Make sure this is not a turf tussle between the mafia families. We need to know ahead and step in on time to stop matters from spilling out of control. “
Re: Penance by Apollux(m): 6:40pm On Feb 17
“Yes sir. “ When the Director said no more, Hank knew he was dismissed. He stood up from the chair to leave but his boss’ voice stopped him.
“Do as much as you can to find the identity of the attacker. A loose cannon we don’t need at this time. Not someone carrying a grudge of revenge and upsetting carefully laid out plans. “
“Will do just that. “

Stepping outside the office building, Hank’s mind was working extra time to figure out where to start from. He is a field agent and a good one. He has lots of contacts on ground that will be helpful in figuring this whole mess out. Damn he might have to stay back in New York longer than he should. He just remembered that the Director never said anything about their South American gig. Things are heating up over there and getting ripe for D.R.I.V.E ‘s ultimate control. Well maybe as soon as this small issue is dealt with, he will be ordered to go down south and wrap things up.

Director Bloodworth took few minutes watching the monitor showing Hank as he walked out of the building heading to the parking space. The CCTV cameras picked up the images from several angles. As Hank drove out of the parking space, getting cleared by the security and moving beyond the sights of the camera pick ups. The Director brought up another image which showed the tracker place on his car and him. The Director doesn’t trust anyone. As loyal and valuable an employee as Hank is, he is always under full surveillance. After getting satisfied with what he had seen, Bloodworth stood from the chair, heads for a cabinet, pulled out a bottle whiskey.

Poured the amber liquid into a glass cup, sipped the alcohol a little. He went to the settee and sat down on the comfortable furniture. Hank has brought up a thought that is highly disturbing and he got worried that the thought hadn’t come from him but his underling. The Director has always believed he has better insight into every matter than everyone else, he knows he is intelligent than most people. So he got worried that Hank had seen an angle to this that didn’t enter into his mind. But that is trivial compared to the issue raised.
Re: Penance by Apollux(m): 6:51pm On Feb 17
Dr. Jed had been a highly profitable asset to the company. He was that one that had brought about the breakthrough of the Bio-regen research which led to the Bio-regen technology which had put D.R.I.V.E at the number one spot on the cutting edge field of genetics, how ever secretly. The considerable resources spent on that research has paid off with the brilliance of the doctor. With his help they had finally had eight successful human candidates for the Bio-regen program. But much later, as Dr. Jed got older, he might have had a crisis of conscience and was turning out to be an albatross.

While on a field research and testing in West Africa, the doctor had disappeared. Initially it was assumed that a rebel militant group around the Niger Delta region of that place may have kidnapped him. But after no ransom demands were made, no group taking responsibility and his dead body not found, Bloodworth had started seeing it from another light. After months, it had been discovered that a foreign doctor has set up a medical clinic deep within the rebel held territory. The Director had sent subject number 5 of the Bio-regen program to go after him and take him out discreetly. But he had followed that up with a back up plan, which he initiated.

The aftermath of the back up plan had consumed both the doctor and subject 5,he was sure of it. That loose end had been clipped off. But Hank’s suggestions is beginning to raise doubts. Bloodworth was sure that issue was closed and done with. Though Dr. Jed was very valuable, taking him out was a huge loss, still something valuable had come out of it. That is another potential dangling loose end, that at the moment is slightly valuable but under close watch. Well the Director feels he might need to do a thorough cross checking again, reactive all his dormant surveillance assets. Oh and it just crossed his mind, there is something he had neglected for years after but still on his sight. He just need to check on a certain teenage high school girl. An evil grin crossed his face, the same grin that always comes up any time the potential of committing evil comes to his mind.

5.12pm EST

Don Nestore sat back on his plush chair in the private study of his house that somehow serves as an office too. The Don’s personal residence is in Dyker Heights. The building is housed within acres of enclosed land with a golf course, a small ranch and a race field. The house itself is a large two story mansion. The study is wide but feels tight because of the oakwood shelves of thick volume books on two parts of the wall, the other parts have the mummified frozen heads of animals the Don had claimed he killed personally during hunting expeditions.

The head of an elk with huge antlers, a black jaguar and the rare pelt of a white tiger, an animal which is illegal to kill. The full skin and fur of the white tiger covered one wall with the head on a frozen snarl, fangs protruding, still attached. A wooden semi circular heavy desk was before his chair, with few sheets of reports he had been going through. The Don had taken off his hat and white coat, his white shirt appeared rumpled.
Re: Penance by Apollux(m): 7:01pm On Feb 17
Today had been a busy one for him. He had made compulsory calls to his contacts in the south about the death of Bill. He had to cement that relationship and keep the pipeline open. He had tried reaching his contacts in Africa and Syria with no success. All his field commanders had been called for a meeting here earlier and he had given them their others. All of them are to take armed men with them and secure all his business sites. He had also received several calls from the other Dons of New York sending their condolences at what happened, expressing sorrow and promising their support.

Nestore had politely responded as required but in his heart, hatred burned as he was still certain that one of them might be responsible for his misfortune. Well he had taken time off to eat and rest. A glass cup with red wine was on the table with the bottle of wine. He had been in deep thought when someone knocked the door and stepped in. Claudio came in holding the Don’s cellphone.

“Boss someone is on the phone and wants to talk to you. “ He was putting on a sport coat with buttons open displaying his chest holster holding a huge handgun. He has a short deep scar under his left eye that runs to top of his lip.
“Who’s it? “ The Don asked absentmindedly, his mind occupied. Besides the number to his personal cellphone is only known to few people that has business with him and should be known by Claudio who is the head of his triggermen.

“He refused to give his name to me and he ain’t anyone I know. “
“Tell him to talk to you, I’m not available. “
“Already did that boss but he still insisted to speak to you. That it’s in your best interest to listen to him. “ Claudio was cautious as he speaks knowing his boss has been in a foul mood all day. “He insisted he has a message for you. “
Taking the phone, he spoke angrily. “Who’s this? “
“Someone you are about to get acquainted with more intimately than you’d like. “ the voice said calmly from the tiny speaker of the cellphone.

“What the hell is this meaning of this trash? “ As he spoke he looked up questioningly at Claudio who shrugged uncomfortably. The voice at the other end was silent for a few seconds before speaking again.
“Did you get my message? “
“What message? Who the f.uck are you and what’s going on? “ Nestore was getting angry and almost throwing the phone back at Claudio when the next words stopped him dead.
“Seems the consigliere must be a poor messenger if you didn’t get my message. Maybe I should’ve just killed him and write the message on his lifeless corpse using his blood. “
Re: Penance by damynj(m): 7:36pm On Feb 17
Hmmm ..
The tension is setting in little by little...
Re: Penance by Evold: 6:55pm On Feb 18
I have finally caught up with you guys. Looking forward to the continuation of this massive banger.
Re: Penance by Apollux(m): 3:54pm On Feb 19
“What? That was you? “ the head of the Nazzareno family screamed at the speaker from the other end. “You were the one that attacked my dock, killed my men and destroyed my merchandise? “
“Just wanted to get your attention and I believe I have. “ said the caller.
“Who the hell do you think you are that you feel you will get away with what you did? “ The Don tried to bring down his voice when he realized he had started shouting.

“Like Odysseus said, I am no man. Just giving you a heads up that you are about to get an unexpected guest. “
“You are a fool. You know what, you are a dead man. You won’t get away with what you did. You cost me greatly and you will pay back with your life. “
“Save the threat Nestore, I am already dead so you can’t kill me. You owe me a debt in blood repayable by only the same. You killed my family, took away all that I have, every single thing that made meaning to me. So I’m going to make you pay. I will take away everything that belongs to you first before I come for you personally. “

“Damn you. Come on then, I’m waiting for you. It doesn’t matter who put you up to this, I will find you and kill you. I won’t show you the mercy of an easy or quick death. I will capture you, personally rip your balls and eyes out. Roast you slowly over a burning fire. You will beg me for mercy before the end. A pity that I already whacked your family like you said. It would have been quite a show to kill each member of your family before your very eyes while you hang on a spit over hot coals. “

The voice on the other side snorted in derision. “You don’t know it yet, but Brooklyn is out of your hands. Your grip on this city is coming to an end. “
The last word shocked the Don but he hid it well. “You can try but you will fail. Brooklyn is tightly held in my palm. You cannot escape me. No where to run, for I now have this city under lock down. My eyes are watching every where. Soon you will be caught and then you will reveal to me the people who put you up to this. “
“Goodbye Nestore and good luck, but that won’t save you. “
“F.uck you wimp, I’m going to get you soon and show you just how powerful and vicious I can be. You won’t get away with this, I will… “ the beeping sounds from the phone shows the Don he was speaking to himself, the caller had dropped the call.
Re: Penance by Apollux(m): 3:59pm On Feb 19
The Don took almost five minutes to calm down, within that time he had been tempted to smash the cellphone on the ruged floor of his study but he had subdued that sudden craven too. The caller maintaining that Brooklyn is out of his hand shows definitely that someone is out to take over his turf. The caller was just using a revenge talk to cover his real intentions which is he wants to take over Nestore’s business empire or someone is paying him to do so. Dealing with this will need some finesse, experience and smart thinking. But who could have set this man after him?

Could any of the other Dons be behind him? Who will stand to benefit from his fall? All of them of course. But could they all join forces together to take him down and divided his business holdings among themselves? Possible but highly unlikely. None of the Dons trust themselves. The fear and suspensions they have against each other coupled with their greed will never let that happen. So this lone attacker, with others under him have decided to take him out of his domain. Well it’s about time he teaches someone that Nestore is still fully in charge and hasn’t gotten soft or weak.

Still the caller has accused him of killing his family. That doesn’t narrow things down in anyway. Nestore knows he has killed several families while consolidating his hold on this city and at times when he needed to teach some erring people lessons not to mess with him. So it will be impossible to pinpoint the identity of the caller from that angle. Well that won’t stop him from going through the enemies in the past especially those whose family he had killed. Well the consigliere is still recuperating, if not, Lorenzo would have compiled the list quickly and would have brought out likely suspects.

For now since he is on a sick bed, the Don will have to do the investigation personally himself. Besides getting hold of police records which will be very helpful. Time to get across to his police contact, time for him to be worth the regular tips sent to his account.
For that man to have called him shows a level of confidence and must be having reliable support behind him. That won’t rule out the involvement of a rival Don. Well he will have to start investigating his fellow Dons too.
Turning to Claudio he spoke curtly. “We have a lot of work to do. “
Re: Penance by Apollux(m): 4:09pm On Feb 19
Chapter Three

Five years ago

Near Firozkoh, Ghor Province, Afghanistan

1.07pm AFT (UTC+4:30)

Chris checked his weapon again for something like the hundredth time that day. This is the problem with a combat situation, the waiting is always the hardest. To pass out the time, he had checked and cross checked his weapons unnecessarily. The weapon he was on now is the M16A4, standard issued rifle for the United States Marine Corps. He had pulled out the 30 round magazine box, looked it over again before snapping it in. No need to pull back the cocking lever, he had already done that a while ago the first time he laid hand on the weapon slamming a round into the firing chamber.

He was sitting on a bench with a lot of others too all dressed in desert camouflage pattern of the MCCUU like himself, full with helmet, combat web belt and rifles. Chris was in the gut of a US marine Chinook CH47 helicopter being ferried in response to a request for back up from a unit of marine troopers who were on an escort duty. They were going along with a supply convoy to take needed medical supply to the town of Firozkoh. The small lightly armed squad of marines had been ambushed on their way to the town. They had managed to fend off the ambushers long enough to move the supplies to the safety of a small settlement some meters away from the town of Firozkoh before more reinforcements had come to the aid of the ambushers.

The marines are hold up in the settlement been surrounded by enemies. They couldn’t tell who the enemies are but they obviously belong to one of the rebel militia that has been carving out territories from there. Since the fall of the Taliban after the intervention of the US military , smaller rebel Islamic militant groups have sprang up, being supplied and supported either by the Taliban, Al-Qaeda or Pakistan, just to keep the democratically set up government busy. And the government in Afghanistan is stretched so thin that most militia group just operate unhindered in the outskirt Provinces far from the capital Kabul. From the reports the besieged marines had sent, the enemies are armed with weapons of the grade of light infantry. There are reports of heavy duty machine guns and RPGs in use.
Re: Penance by Apollux(m): 4:16pm On Feb 19
“ETA to drop zone is five minutes. “ the voice of the helicopter pilot came over the speakers overhead. Chris felt a bit uncomfortable in the new type of uniform he was wearing. It is the normal marine combat camouflage but a ballistic vest has been added to the body armor worn over it. It was a new invention, though having been successful lab tested, they will be the first group to use it in direct field combat.
Looking up directly, Chris faced the marine sitting opposite him at the other side of the Chinook cabin. The marine there was a negro who when he saw Chris’ probing eyes broke out into a broad smile showing perfect white teeth in contrast to the dark skin surrounding it.

“Join the marine and see the world, eh mate. “ He said looking back at Chris as he chuckled.
That’s Lance Corporal Jaylen Brandon Celeb, Chris closest friend in all of the marine corps.
“Yeah, I’ve seen a lot of the world, they all look the same s.hitty way to me. “ Chris replied his friend. “One place I’d rather continue to want to see though. “
Jay nodded in understanding looking round at the eighteen other combat ready marine with them in the helicopter. The tandem rotors sound coming from the top of the Chinook made a steady conversion difficult. “How’s she? “

Chris didn’t answer at once but dipped his hand into a front pocket and pulled out a small picture, with a beautiful woman’s face on it. Her hair was deep honey brown, smiling at the camera with thin red lips. A little girl of two years was with her in the picture facing the camera too.
“Erica’s fine. Leaving her the last time was the hardest thing for me. “ Chris voice grind in mild frustration as he recalled the memory.
“Sena told me she was already pregnant then. “ Jaylen said bringing out his own picture too. Sena, his wife and Erica , Chris wife are good friends too and don’t live far from each other. They act like sisters, never hiding anything from each other.

“Yeah it was just a couple of weeks old. “ he kept the picture carefully back in his pocket. “At this rate, I may not be home to see her before delivery. Four months’ past already. My princess is growing up steadily without having her dad always around. I dread to think what that will do to our father-daughter relationship when she grows up. “
“C’mon she will understand. You’re fighting the good fight to keep good folks everywhere free and safe . “ Still chuckling Jay added. “ ‘sides Erica is a good mom, she will always make sure she remembers her father in good light. “
Sighing, Chris looked at one of the small round windows of the Chinook. He saw one of the Apache AH64 helicopter that flies in protective support of the CH47. The shadow of the second one was moving at the uneven floor of the mountainous region of Afghanistan.
Re: Penance by Olatoman(m): 6:53pm On Feb 19
Now we seeing a past window into the Stealth Assassin.
Re: Penance by tahir01(m): 9:45am On Feb 20
Loving this. But OP we need regular update if you can. Thanks and more ink to your pen.
Re: Penance by Apollux(m): 7:23pm On Feb 20
The land area called Afghanistan has been inhabited as far back as the middle Paleolithic Era, so the archeologists say. Historians had added that its strategic placement along the Silk road had connected to cultures of the middle east and parts of Asia. This land had been claimed as home to several groups of people and witnessed lots of wars by empire conquering armies. As far as Alexander the Great to Genghis Khan. The Muslim Arabs and Mongols had left there marks here . Even not too long ago, Britain and Russia had joined the long list of would-be conquerors of this piece of earth. It is a place that doesn’t know peace, a land of war whose inhabitants have been hardened by constant battle.

This time it seems America had join the fray. A land that had been nicknamed “Unconquerable” or the “The Graveyard of empires” had seen the mountainous harsh terrain of the place a difficult huddle for invading armies to overcome.
With a sad shake of his head, Chris turned away from the window. He doesn’t feel like a member of an invading force, just a simple soldier that has a job to do. Just going to rescue fellow marine colleagues surrounded by enemies. Looking again before him, he saw Jay checking out his weapon like he had done earlier. Unlike him, Jay was cradling an M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle (IAR).

Well he was not the only one dealing with the waiting uncomfortably. Just then there was a loud shriek as a high velocity bullet struck the armored body of the Chinook.
“We are at the landing zone. Get ready to debark. Be advised, we are under heavy fire. Just then Chris saw through the side of his eye the escort Apache AH64 helicopter spew rockets from the weapons pylons on its stubby wings. Dull sounds of explosions followed after that. Just then the Chinook settled on the ground and the back ramp rumble open.
“Out out out, “ Corporal Chris screamed at his fellow marines . “Split up into your squads and fire teams. “
Re: Penance by Apollux(m): 7:28pm On Feb 20
Chris followed his own advise and joined his own fire team. They are four in number, Rick, Mark, Harry and him. Harry is their heavy hitter, with the M224 60mm mortar. Rick is their sniper and Mark was the rifle man like him, only that his M16 was attached with an M203 grenade launcher for 40mm grenade. Falling in to place, they dropped down from the helicopter, which lifted up under the swirling of heavy dust. Going back and still followed by the twin Apache. The marines spread out, each fire teams looking for cover. They are five fire teams in all. Chris looking ahead saw first that several 4x4 wagons lay on their sides burning furiously.

They may have been the targets firing at the Chinook as it was about coming for a landing. That was good, as the smell of burning flesh, shows that the Apache had cleared their land zone of enemies. Chris and his team were an advance support team for the hard pressed marines standing their ground defending the small settlement. A heavy support motorcade, made up of Humvees, APCs and troop carrier trucks are coming behind, but the bad road around this mountainous region will slow them down and delay their getting here on time. Most of the roads leading to the town are not even paved.

Christ was taking cover behind a rocky boulder. He looked around it to view what the situation is. The place is dry, with clumps of brown grasses and shrubs. Short stubby trees were few all around. Ahead of them are scattered boulders which other marine squads have taken cover behind. Just beyond that is the small groups of houses that had made up the settlement. It is build along the side of a winding unpaved road heading to the town of Firozkoh further backwards. The place the Chinook had dropped them was a high rise gently sloping down into the settlement which gives Chris a wider view.

He could see wagons and trucks parked few meters away from the settlement. They were in a circular formation which covers every escape parts of the place. Three of the wagon have gun stands wedded onto their backs which held heavy duty machine guns firing steadily into the settlement. Beside those are Islamic rebels dress in the normal clothes of local Afghani with their prominent turban. They are armed with assault rifles, adding their fires into the place.
Re: Penance by Apollux(m): 7:34pm On Feb 20
The marine Corporal noticed dead bodies around the attackers, most were the rebels but few of them were in the us marine uniform. Chris cursed when he noticed that. Then cursed again as he saw that their coming and the blasting away of some of the wagons had attracted unwanted guests.
“Alright marines, here they come. Lets give them proper welcome of heavy dose of lethal lead poisoning. Poisoning. " Chris yelled.

The marines turned as one, assault rifles posed and they fired. The sounds of gun fires were deafening. Some of the attacking rebels fell to the combine attack of the marines while others scattered to take cover behind rocks and returned fire. One of the rebel said something loudly in an Afghani dialect. He was speaking into a hand held radio. With a spurting roar, one of the wagon with the gun stand at the back turned away from the town heading to the marines. The machine gun behind it releasing heavy leads chipping huge chunks out of the boulders and blowing out any one not under cover.

A marine had strayed too far away from cover while shooting. He tried getting back to a boulder cover but was too late as bullets from the machine gun took him away from his feet. He fell briefly, twitched and lay still as blood poured out from his body been soaked by the dry sands.
“poo. “ Chris cursed as he dropped his head quickly after witnessing what happened. And not a moment too soon as bullets chipped the edge of the rock his head was above seconds ago. “Rick, take out that machine gunner, we will cover you.”

Speaking into a throat mic, Chris ordered. “ Squad one, two and three, concentrate fire on that wagon and keep the shooter occupied. “
The marines responded, pouring heavy fire on the wagon. Soon deep holes started to pock mark the wagon’s body. The windshield shattered as holes punched through it, the driver took several hits and his blood was splashed on it. The shooter didn’t get hit as the gun was covered by twin heavy metal shield but the fire forced him to drop down. Rick quickly brought his sniper rifle into target position.

His eyes was on the scope of the M39 EMR Enhanced Marksman Rifle. Taking careful aim, he saw the long line of parting in the armor which allowed for the placing of the gun and view port. Part of it gave a small access were the machine gun shooter was exposed as he crouched behind the cover of the gun. Rick fired, and the machine gunner’s head erupted as the 7.62x51mm NATO cartridge the rifle was chambered for plowed through the skull and brains. It splattered every thing behind the shooter with brain matter and blood.
Re: Penance by Apollux(m): 7:40pm On Feb 20
As the machine gun shooter died, the marine came up again firing. A rebel that stood to shoot got drilled by 5.56mm metal jacketed bullets from an M16 and he staggered backwards with hands flying up, his dying finger twitched on the trigger of the AK 47 rifle with him, blowing the bullets into the air.
Several roar came from the settlement showing that the rest of the rebels had seen that the marines cavalry were becoming dangerous. The marines were forced into cover again as two heavy duty machine guns raked the areas they are. This time, two marines got cut up in the sudden return of fire.

“Harry, Mark, see if you can take out those wagons. “ Chris screamed to be heard over the loud sounds of the gun fire.
Harry brought out the mortar, armed it. As he was behind a wide boulder, he wasn’t immediately worried about being hit. He took quick glance behind the cover so he can gauge the target a then set the trajectory. He fired and the round from the mortar shot up in an arc trajectory and came down on one of the wagon obliterating it in a sound of heavy explosion and fire which simply tore the vehicle into tiny pieces of scrap metals and burnt wood.

Those rebels standing beside it were kicked away by the force of the explosion. Mark took advantage of the split second lull the explosion will cause in the fire to roll out of his cover, a 40mm grenade already loaded into the M203 launcher attached to his M16 rifle. He lifted it, gauged the target, and pulled the second trigger. With a low puff, the grenade launched from the tube and hit the wagon at the hood and exploded. The power of the blast kicked the machine gun shooter backwards to deposit him roughly on the rocky floor. With a low crunch, the shooter hit his head on a stone as the force of the descending body followed fiercely, the neck broke and death came instantly.

With the two wagons down, the marine resumed their blistering fire. Chris saw Mark take a hit to the chest. He didn’t wait to see if it was a fatal wound but quickly looked around for the shooter and saw him laying flat on the ground, his hands holding the AK 47, his head wrapped about with a thin turban. The gun seem to have ran out of bullets, as he tried to eject the spent magazine, Chris brought his rifle online and filled the rebel with leads. The man twisted severally with each hit of the metal jacket round. And soon he was down for the count.
A unique sound filled the battle ground. It was the APC standing guard at the entrance to the settlement. It had turned and was heading for the marines. It is a GTK Boxer model armed with a 155mm/52 Artillery Gun Module and a rocket pod too.
“Oh poo every one take cover. “ Chris yelled as he dropped down too.


Re: Penance by Pheezie(m): 11:02pm On Feb 20
poo Just Got Real.
I like action story mahn.
I'l following back to back.
I can't pinpoint who Penance is yet but hopefully i would be able to after this flashback.
Weldone Apollux.
Re: Penance by Ann2012(f): 5:26am On Feb 21
Thanks for the update

It keeps getting interesting
Re: Penance by Evold: 7:36am On Feb 21
Super action. Keep it coming
Re: Penance by Chiprince007(m): 5:22pm On Feb 21
Great. I love this
More ink to your pen
Re: Penance by Pheezie(m): 6:58am On Feb 28
Apollux. Guy your fans still dey wait oo.
Re: Penance by Apollux(m): 12:45pm On Feb 28
Sorry guys, I'm really having serious problems with light. Bear with me I'm sourcing alternate solutions

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Re: Penance by Pheezie(m): 6:31pm On Feb 28
Sorry guys, I'm really having serious problems with light. Bear with me I'm sourcing alternate solutions
No Qualm bro.
Thanks for not forgetting us.

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