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Sweet And Secret Valentine By Rose Chibimobim Akpabio (seductive And Exciting) / The Sweet Taboo / "Sweet Pain" (2) (3) (4)

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Sweet Nothings by Giannaaaaaa: 3:13pm On Jan 10, 2019
Sweet Nothings

Book One

Gianna Jordan
Re: Sweet Nothings by Giannaaaaaa: 3:21pm On Jan 10, 2019
Copyright © 2019 by Gianna Jordan

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, transmitted, or stored in a retrieval system, in any form or by any means, without permission in writing from The Shelf.

Published in Nigeria by The Shelf

The right of Gianna . T. Jordan to be identified as the author of this work has been asserted by her accordance with the copyright laws.

Publisher's Note

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the writer's imagination or used fictitiously.

Mature Content Warning:

Use of Explicit languages, read at your own risk.
Re: Sweet Nothings by Giannaaaaaa: 3:25pm On Jan 10, 2019

Amanda, for being a huge supporter
Nairaland and Wattpad readers.

Every one who contributed to the previous book.

You're well appreciated.

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Re: Sweet Nothings by Giannaaaaaa: 3:29pm On Jan 10, 2019


"Amanda was a special part of my life, I didn't expect to lose her so soon.  She was my wife and the mother of my daughter. Death decided to play a cruel joke on me by taking her away from me so soon.  Let's all take a moment of silence in respect of my wife, a woman who was loved and respected by all"

He was a liar, he was deceiving these people with this cool,  collected facade.

The remains in the casket were all that was left of his late wife's body. The funeral was indeed for his wife, the mother of his child but while he was acting all strong and composed, he wanted to scream out to the world. He wanted to rage in anger,  he wanted to wallow in tears and sorrow.

He wanted to rage at the world for being so unfair to him. Death had snatched his precious wife away from him and his little daughter.  He couldn't fathom why the good things of life didn't last forever.

He remembered telling her multiple times that they would grow old together, have lots of children and grandchildren. Now those words were meaningless, he'd lost the most meaningful person in his life.  The only person who really mattered.

She was dead......
And he was responsible for her death.

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Re: Sweet Nothings by kayusdguy(m): 3:33pm On Jan 10, 2019
oya, I dey follow this story. lemme book FTC
Re: Sweet Nothings by izaray(f): 3:41pm On Jan 10, 2019
Abeg keep the update coming as e d hot
Re: Sweet Nothings by Giannaaaaaa: 3:57pm On Jan 10, 2019
Chapter One

'All it takes to meet your soulmate in life is a small, tiny, single moment. You may meet your soul mate and not even realize you've found them'



Late January.


'Denola call me later, I'm sorry. Please let me explain' a feminine voice filled the car as Denola played the voice note his ex girlfriend had sent earlier in the day over and over again.

He closed his eyes and dropped the phone on the passenger's seat. She was sorry, how could he forgive her? Denola had been stupid enough to trust her and had shared his business plans with her only for her to share them with his business rival.

The contract he had worked hard for for over an entire year was lost to him now, simply because he'd trusted Teniola.

'How could you be so stupid?!' his grandfather had raged when he'd heard the news, his father had also been disappointed.

He'd not just lost the contract, he'd lost his promotion, his grandfather's trust and confidence.

Damn! Everything was lost to him now because he'd trusted Teniola. Even with her  betrayal, he couldn't bring himself to hate her or forget her.

She was the love of his life, the both of them had been friends as children, best friends as teenagers and lovers as adults.  Why had Teniola betrayed him?

Denola parked his car in the parking lot before getting out of the car. To take his mind off his current situation,  his best friend Hakeem had offered to take him out to his favorite bar to brighten up his mood.

Denola wasn't a fan of bars but tonight he really needed a drink,  he needed company before he lost his mind.  Teniola had moved her belongings from their three room condo before he came home, she'd clearly planned everything out in her head before betraying him. Smart woman.

He scoffed lightly Teniola had always been smarter than he was, it made him love her even more. He hated empty headed women who had nothing to offer but their bodies.

He took his silver colored VIP card out of his pocket as he walked to the entrance of Hakeem's bar. The bouncer at the door studied him critically before he presented his card.

"Welcome sir" the bouncer's  menacing glare transformed into a grin.  Denola ignored the man and brushed past him into the bar.  Without taking in the activities of the bar downstairs, he headed to the VIP section upstairs. Displaying his card again to another bouncer, he was granted access into the VIP section.

His best friend and business partner Hakeem was sitting on a chaise lounge and he was surrounded by variety of women.

Unlike Denola, Hakeem was a ladies man. His heart had been broken a long time ago and he swore he was going to use women however he pleased rather than to love again.

Denola briefly wondered if he could be like Hakeem,  to use various women rather than sticking to one. Could he?

"Deno, my man!" Hakeem called in a loud voice when he sighted Denola. Denola walked over to him but didn't sit close to him because the ladies around him were smoking.

"How long have you been here?" Denola asked looking at the numerous empty bottles on the table.  Hakeem shrugged "All day, living la vida loca. You only live once Denola, loosen up man" Hakeem said.

Denola shook his head at his friend's behavior, no one would know Hakeem was a married man.  His wife was pretty meek and tolerant, she always put up with his ways. The woman was probably a saint.

"Ladies meet my nigga, Denola Mayfair. He's loaded with lots of money to throw around. Be good to him if you want to get a dose of that money" Hakeem announced crudely.

Denola winced as a few girls scrambled to sit beside him. "Hello... I'm Pinky but you can call me pink for short" one of the ladies who was dressed in an outrageous outfit whispered in his ears.  Denola resisted the urge to push her away as Hakeem winked.

"Nigga loosen the fück up!  What do you want to drink? You need to get drunk Denola, you need to get really drunk. Smoke pot, get high and forget that slüt" Hakeem said.

Denola winced at the language, he was mad at Teniola.  What she had done was terrible but that didn't make her a slut. He didn't like Hakeem's language but he made no comment about it. He was Hakeem's guest here and it would be wrong to offend the host.

He felt a soft body pressed against him and turned to see a dark and curvy beauty "So what will you be having Mister Mayfair?" she licked her lips. "Dark, finger licking chocolate or Sexy vanilla?" The dark one gestured to her fair friend.

"You can have both of us too" the fair one offered. Denola was about to reply when a lady stormed into the VIP section  with two bouncers right behind her.

"Where's the owner of this shitty establishment?" She shouted and headed towards Denola. 

Denola's eyes accessed the angry woman, she was extremely fair. Her skin like those people who were said to have escaped albinism. She was all creamy and tall, her skin was  gleaming under the multi colored lights and it was no exaggeration to say she looked unreal. Like a photo shopped image taken out of a magazine.

The only thing that marred her perfect body was her face. Though bare without make up,  her lips were curled in disgust and her face scrunched up in an ugly frown.

Hakeem whistled as he took in the angry woman. She was fuming, her hands on her hips,  her shoulders straight and long neck cocked sideways.

Denola assumed she was a client from her outfit because unlike Hakeem's workers who were indecently dressed, this woman was dressed in a grey, sleeveless, ankle length jumpsuit that only heightened the fairness of her skin.

"Boss,  we couldn't stop her. She had a VIP card" One of the bouncers explained. Hakeem nodded and ordered them to leave.

The woman was narrowing her eyes at Hakeem now.

"How may I help you ma'am?" he asked.

"I asked one of your stand by chauffeurs to park my car for me when I came in here. Only for me to go out now and see that my car has a scratch on it!" The woman yelled.

"Ma. Please calm down, why don't we go downstairs and I'll handle it" Hakeem said calmly and stood up.  He walked over to the woman and placed his hand on her shoulder.

The woman shrugged him off. "Don't try to placate me,  you or your chauffeur. I don't care which one of you, but one of you will pay for the fixing of my car" she said and walked away.

Hakeem shook his head and looked at Denola. "Come with me please, you know how I hate to deal with these kind of troublesome women" Hakeem pleaded once the woman was out of sight.

Denola who had been looking for an escape from chocolate and vanilla jumped at the opportunity and immediately left his seat.

He briefly wondered what Hakeem saw in these women.  He certainly had a better woman at home, why was he with these crazy girls?


When the angry woman had said 'scratch' she'd said it like it was a minor thing. The chauffeur had not only dented the passenger's door but he'd always damaged her side mirror.

"Sir...I swear to God who made me,  I didn't scratch her car or spoil her mirror. No be today I don't dey park people car for here" The chauffeur maintained.

"Are you calling me a liar?!" The angry lady sparked again. "My car was in good condition when I came here.  I only gave you my keys because you said there were many cars in the building and I wouldn't be able to park properly" she yelled.

Denola sighed as he watched the scene. Why couldn't the chauffeur just admit his mistake? He probably didn't want a decrease in his salary or a sack letter.

Hakeem sighed "Look ma, it's fine.  I'll pay for the damage. It can't be that expensive, my mechanic guy will handle it. As a matter of fact I'll call you a cab now and tomorrow you can pick up your car. Trust me" Hakeem said to the lady.

The lady shook her head vehemently "No way,  I don't trust you or your mechanic. I'll have to call my auto repair man" she said and took out her phone from her clutch.

She walked away from the trio and went to phone the mechanic man.

Hakeem shook his head again "Women and their wahala" He spat and turned to the chauffeur.

"As for you,  I'll let the HR handle you. Get out of my sight" Hakeem said furiously.

This was not how he expected his night to go.  The chauffeur nodded and hurried away.

Denola sighed "That's quite a dent, what do you think he hit?" Denola asked. "Probably the gate, hopefully not another car" Hakeem shrugged.

"And the mirror too,  are you sure the chauffeur was not drunk?" Denola commented again as he took in the damaged Honda accord.

"I should probably fire him but he really needs this job" Hakeem rubbed his jaw. Denola smiled at Hakeem. Despite his hard guy exterior, he cared a lot about everyone around him.

"Why are you smiling?" Hakeem asked gruffly. "You're just a big softie" Denola laughed.

Hakeem rolled his eyes and turned back to the lady who was a few steps away from them. "Fair women are trouble" Hakeem muttered.

Denola studied him. "Your wife doesn't seem like she gives you a lot of trouble" Denola joked.

Hakeem's expression hardened. "My wife...she's a good actress. Everyday is a movie set or a stage play to her" Hakeem muttered. Denola was about to ask him what he meant when the lady returned.

"I've phoned my mechanic . He's coming to see the damage, I'm not leaving till he gets here" she said.

"Lady this is my club. I'm not running anywhere, it's late. I'll call you a cab and we can sort this out tomorrow. Where are you heading to?" Hakeem asked.

The lady huffed looking very offended. "Fine,  just  give me your card so I can give my mechanic your number. He'll call you when he gets here" The lady said.

Denola watched the scene quietly as the duo exchanged numbers and names. Her name was Amanda, beautiful name.

"Man I have to leave now" Denola said.

"Why? you've barely spent thirty minutes here" Hakeem said. "I had a hectic day, I need to be in bed" Denola said.

"Alright, Man. Amanda where are you heading?" Hakeem asked.

"VGC" Amanda responded. 

Hakeem turned to Denola and whispered. "Best way to get over one woman is  to be with another. This one looks like a good catch" Hakeem suggested.

Denola shook his head, he didn't want to get over Teniola with another woman.  He and Teni weren't even officially over.

Denola turned to the beautiful Amanda and sent her a small smile.  "It was nice meeting you Amanda,  I'm sorry your night was ruined" Denola said courteously.

Amanda turned her attention to him and smiled a little. "Thanks, goodnight. Mr?" Amanda asked.

"Denola" he said before turning to leave. Denola walked back to his car, once he was in his car, he played Teni's voice note again.  He couldn't get over her.


Re: Sweet Nothings by Eberechi24(f): 4:00pm On Jan 10, 2019
Everly present
Re: Sweet Nothings by BUTTERMILKSUGAR: 4:09pm On Jan 10, 2019
*Denola turned to the beautiful Amanda and sent her a small smile. "It was nice meeting you Amanda, I'm sorry your night was ruined" Denola said courteously*

This made me smile grin
Re: Sweet Nothings by Ann2012(f): 5:17pm On Jan 10, 2019
Presently present

Keep the updates coming ma'am
Re: Sweet Nothings by ChemicalReaction(f): 5:29pm On Jan 10, 2019
Whatever happened to 'Joshua Damijo'?

Welcome back Gianaaaaa

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Re: Sweet Nothings by Nelsizzy(m): 6:44pm On Jan 10, 2019
Still hurting from the way you ended Damijo dairies but I will always remain a fan. One chapter in and she is already serving sauce wink

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Re: Sweet Nothings by skubido(m): 9:44pm On Jan 10, 2019
Re: Sweet Nothings by Kaycee9242(m): 10:04pm On Jan 10, 2019
gianaaaa ride on am with u

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Re: Sweet Nothings by LightQueen(f): 8:33am On Jan 11, 2019
I have land grin

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Re: Sweet Nothings by Giannaaaaaa: 11:55am On Jan 11, 2019
Chapter Two

"Their first meeting was a mistake, their second a coincidence. What if the third was fate?"

Early February



"Do you have any idea what you're doing?" Davina asked. Amanda straightened the hem of her ankle length black trousers and turned to her friend.

"Of course, I know what I'm doing. I have a meeting with a client in about thirty minutes. I'm getting ready for the meeting" Amanda replied with a smirk.

Davina rolled her eyes "Very funny smartäss.  I know you're having a meeting but you know what I'm talking about" Davina responded as she watched her friend adjust her tie.

"Davina sweetie...I have no clue" Amanda replied and pulled on a teal colored blazer.

"Amanda this is the first time you're taking on a client.  You've not been in the business since you graduated, are you sure you can pull this off? You don't have to do this" Davina said.

Amanda sighed and placed her hand on Davina's shoulder. "I may not have the experience but I'm fully qualified to take on this job.  Have faith in me sweetheart, I will not ruin your reputation. If your clients are not pleased with my job,  I'll refund them" Amanda promised as she stepped into her black heels.

"Alright, I have faith in you.  I know you're good at this but I really wish I could come with you.  You understand that I really have to be in Abuja today " Davina explained.

Amanda nodded before picking up her phone and bag.  "Enjoy Abuja with your boyfriend and his family. I have a feeling that he's going to propose this weekend. You guys totally deserve this vacation, honestly you work too hard. Go have some fun" Amanda said encouragingly.

Davina smiled "Okay, let me know all about the meeting when it's over. I'll phone you when I get to Abuja" Davina said leaning up to kiss her cheek.

Amanda pulled her into a big hug.  "Alright bye,  I don't want to be late" she said letting go off Davina and rushing out of the room.


'How wonderful Lagos would be without Traffic' Amanda mused as she fiddled with her phone in the car. It was twenty five minutes already and she was still stuck in traffic.

Apparently a trailer had broken down somewhere in front and everyone was trying to squeeze over to the other side. Her phone pinged and her heart skipped as she saw the notification.

'You still haven't called, when am I going to hear from you?'

Amanda swallowed hard, she read the text over and over again before deleting it. Her finger hovered over the block icon, she clicked it before dropping the phone in her bag.

She was still deep in thought when she heard a blaring horn from the vehicle behind her.  She struggled for composure before turning on the ignition.

"Olori werey, Ja kpa jor!" the crude conductor yelled in her direction as the bus overtook her car. Amanda sighed and rolled her eyes. "Will I ever get used to this city?" she asked herself as she drove.

She was already twenty eight minutes late when she got to Mayfair Towers.

She quickly unfastened her seat belt, took her bag and hurried out of the car. She straightened up her outfit and rushed to the entrance.

She was in such a hurry that she missed a step and almost tripped. If he hadn't caught her, she would have fallen to the ground, ruined her outfit and probably sustain an injury.

Amanda let out a breath of relief and met the eyes of her saviour. A frown formed on her face as she regained her balance. It was the man from the other night at the club. What was his name again, Debola or Demola?

She straightened her blazer. "Thank you, I'm not usually this clumsy. I'm just in a hurry" Amanda explained.

Denola smiled at her "We meet again, what a coincidence" He said.

Amanda shrugged "Well you know what they say....it's a small world. Thank you very much Demola, that fall would have been a disaster" Amanda said gratefully.

Denola nodded not bothering to correct her  mistake. He probably would never see her again so what's the point in telling her it was Denola and not Demola.

"Have a lovely day miss" he waved before walking away. Amanda adjusted her tie and walked into the building.


"What do you mean by he is not around?! I was supposed to have a meeting here with him at eight thirty. I know I'm late but it's a brief meeting" Amanda protested with a groan.

Her first job in years and she was about to lose it. Wow, tough luck.

"I see you penciled in here Miss but my boss doesn't tolerate lateness. He was expecting you by eight thirty, the appointment  was cancelled when you failed to turn up ten minutes later" The receptionist said in a sassy tone.

"So what does this mean, should I come tomorrow or he won't be needing my services anymore?" Amanda asked with a hopeful voice.

The receptionist rolled her eyes and shook her head  "Honestly my boss works with serious people, he won't be needing you ever again" she said bluntly.

Amanda sighed "I am a very serious person, I was stuck in traffic. A trailer broke down around that..." Amanda was explaining when the receptionist cut her off.

"Ma I don't  care,  I'm just the receptionist. My boss doesn't need your services anymore. I suggest you leave, would you rather I call security?" the receptionist asked.  Amanda scoffed at the rude receptionist.

"Screw you and your boss,  I'm the best interior designer in town. If your boss doesn't want my services, that's  his loss.  Have a good day" Amanda hissed before walking  out of the reception.

She texted Davina immediately, feeling like a failure as she typed the words. 'Didn't get the contract'.

She could already tell that Davina would be disappointed, they had really wanted this contract.

Davina had started up 'Vina decors' a year after leaving college. All she had was the money she'd saved while working the previous year and her passion for the job. She'd started Vina decors with a low budget. She was still running on that low budget when Amanda moved in with her.

Amanda decided to use the last of her savings to invest in Vina decors. They had no more money, Davina was broke and Amanda was even more broke.

How were they going to pay the staffs this month? Probably with the money for their house rent. Then they would get kicked out of their house.

Davina was an independent woman, she'd never ask her boyfriend for help but at least Davina had someone she could move in with in case the entire thing failed. She on the other hand would be homeless and penniless till she sold her car.

Her tummy rumbled and she groaned. Her stomach needed breakfast, she yawned hungrily before heading to her car.  

Davina's text came in when she was already settled into her car.  'What, how?!'

'I came in late, the traffic had me hooked. I'm really sorry Vina, I'll do my best to get us something else. Where are you now?' Amanda texted back.

'I'm on the mainland heading to the airport. I'll think of something while on the plane. Be safe for me okay?' Davina responded.

'Okay, bye.  Say hi to Tim for me.  Love you both' Amanda texted before dropping her phone.

She sighed as she noted that she was running out of fuel already. Why was life being so hard on her.

She was a few seconds from giving up, nothing was working for her. She could feel her hard exterior breaking.

If her walls shattered, then she would be ruined. Her insides could not handle her problems, she was too fragile.

Way too fragile, even though she tried not to show it.


Re: Sweet Nothings by Giannaaaaaa: 11:56am On Jan 11, 2019
smiley it will be back soon.
Whatever happened to 'Joshua Damijo'?

Welcome back Gianaaaaa

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Re: Sweet Nothings by Juniorangel(m): 12:54pm On Jan 11, 2019
Gianaaaa good to have u back... But what happened to Rekindling Joshua Damijo and Colours of the Heart.. Don't leave us hanging again on this one..

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Re: Sweet Nothings by Giannaaaaaa: 1:20pm On Jan 11, 2019
I've completed colors of the Heart. RJD is taking a break.
Gianaaaa good to have u back... But what happened to Rekindling Joshua Damijo and Colours of the Heart.. Don't leave us hanging again on this one..
Re: Sweet Nothings by izaray(f): 1:44pm On Jan 11, 2019
Thanks for the update ma'am

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Re: Sweet Nothings by skubido(m): 2:23pm On Jan 11, 2019
Tanks for the update

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Thanks for the update ma'am

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op thanks for the update u too much

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Thanks for the update

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Re: Sweet Nothings by Juniorangel(m): 5:40am On Jan 12, 2019
I've completed colors of the Heart. RJD is taking a break.

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Re: Sweet Nothings by Giannaaaaaa: 3:24pm On Jan 12, 2019
Chapter Three

'She was waiting on a miracle, she didn't realize she'd already found the miracle but was yet to claim it'

Mid February.




She checked her watch impatiently. Where was Koro? He'd left her here by the road side promising to go bring a buyer but it had already been thirty minutes and Koro was yet to show up.

She tried dialing his number again but he didn't pick up.  "Ohhh what kind of nonsense is this?" she asked herself frustrated.

She was already having second thoughts about selling the car. If she and Davina weren't already root deep in debts she would never have considered selling her car.

The car was all she had left,  she and Davina had been unable to secure another contract   after that epic fail at the beginning of the month.

Davina had paid off the staffs with the remaining money in their joint account and now they had no money to pay their rent.  What a disaster!

While she was here waiting for a buyer,  Davina was also trying to secure a loan from a few of her friends. Their lives at the moment and their chances of survival depended on the selling of her car and Davina's Loan.

Amanda waited for twenty more minutes and was on the verge of entering her car and driving off when Koro showed up.

"Koro what kind of nonsense is this now? You kept me waiting here for hours, only for you to show up alone.  Where is the buyer?"  Amanda asked angrily.

"Madam Chilax, dem no dey call me Obanikoro for nothing. As I commot now, I don get one omo babalowo wey go buy your motor" Koro said excitedly.

Amanda sighed "Mhmm, Oya where the person dey, why he no follow you waka come?" she asked crossing her arms over her chest.

"Right now,  the man dey for one bar for Lekki. Na there we go drive go now. When you reach, abeg make you talk better price oh.  You know say my cut go dey inside" Koro advised.

Amanda nodded "Don't worry you'll get your cut. Enter the car, time don dey go.  Where for Lekki the club dey?" Amanda asked getting into her car.  "Madam e go better make I drive" Koro suggested.

"Alright" Amanda said throwing the car keys to Koro. She kept her fingers crossed and hoped that she wouldn't meet a stingy buyer.


Risque bar!  Just a few weeks ago she'd been here with this same car.  The car had been dented by an irresponsible worker and the owner of the club had paid for the repair.

Amanda mentally face palmed herself as she followed Koro out of the car.  Koro led her to a lounge that was right outside the bar. There were three men laughing and drinking, she recognized two of them but the third man she'd never seen before.

Koro rushed to the trio. "Oga I don land with the car" Koro announced. For a really short man,  Koro had the energy and enthusiasm of all three of them in the room.  Denola, Hakeem and Austin turned to the man.

"Ehen Koro....my nigga. How you dey, you don bring the seller?" Austin asked taking little sips from his scotch.

Amanda came forward landing all eyes on her. She ignored the two pairs of eyes looking at her curiously. "Hello gentlemen" she said.

"Wow,  I never expected the seller to be this beautiful" Austin said flirtatiously.  Amanda sent him a warm smile before sitting down on an available chair.

Denola fingered his goatee. "Amanda, we meet again" he said and stretched forth his hand. Amanda took his hand in hers "Demola, it's very nice to meet you again" Amanda said.

Hakeem grinned "So you two have been meeting privately after that incident at the club. Wow" Hakeem said and winked at Amanda.

Amanda didn't bother to correct his assumptions, he could think whatever. Denola however wasn't on the same page.

"I met Amanda again just outside my office, she was in a hurry and almost tripped on her way into the building. I was on my way out of the building, just in time to catch her" Denola explained.

"Ahhh, the stunning knight in shiny armour. Did you two catch up then?" Hakeem asked with a wide smile.

"No we didn't...I had an appointment and he...." she paused. "Wait...did you say your office, as in you work in Mayfair towers?" Amanda asked.

"Yes, what of it?" Denola asked studying her intently.

Amanda huffed "Well first things first, the front desk receptionist is rude as hell" She complained.

"Bisi? That can't be true. Bisi is one of the most polite employees at MT" Denola said a little amused. It couldn't be Bisi.

"Well unless you've hired a new receptionist, the one I met at the front desk the other day was very rude to me" Amanda insisted.

Austin raised up his hand to interrupt the duo but Hakeem nudged him to keep silent.  He wanted to watch the exchange between the duo. Koro on the hand kept on checking his wrist watch, time was money. He couldn't wait to sell this car, get his cut and find another client.

"What exactly did she say to you?" Denola asked. "It doesn't matter what she said, she was rude to me.  I had an appointment with a potential client, I was late due to traffic and she all but blasted me for my lateness" Ananda shook her head furiously.

"Did you at least make another appointment?" Denola asked.

"No, I didn't make another appointment. The rude receptionist threatened to have me thrown out by security" Amanda said.

"I'm sorry about that, who were you going to see?  Maybe I could put in a good word for you.  I'm familiar with everyone at Mayfair Towers" Denola said.

Amanda smiled gratefully, she didn't think it was possible for her to secure that client again but perhaps him putting in a good word for her could help.

"I was supposed to meet Mayfair junior...." Amanda said, she couldn't remember his name but that was how Davina referred to him.

Denola looked at her incredulously "Why, what for?" he asked.

"I'm an interior designer, I was supposed to meet him to discuss about redecorating his house" Amanda said.

Denola nodded "Do you know him?" Amanda asked. Denola was about shaking his head when Hakeem laughed.

"You're looking at him, Denola Mayfair junior" Hakeem replied.

Amanda's eyes went wide. "You?" she asked surprised. Denola nodded.

"Ohhh...um. Wow... if I had known you were the person I was meeting  I wouldn't have bothered going in to the building to meet with the rude receptionist. We would have had our meeting outside" Amanda joked.

"Maybe" Denola said staring into her light brown eyes. Amanda shifted a little uncomfortable but Denola didn't stop staring.

Hakeem smirked, the duo had just awakened his matchmaking skills.  He had to get them together.


"The car looks quite old, I can't buy it for anything more that three point for five" Austin said.

Amanda gasped "What? No, listen to me sir this car is in good condition. I'm  selling it for five million" She frowned. Koro nudged her but she refused to change her mind.

"Look, this car is second hand. If I buy it for five million, how much will I buy brand new? Please be reasonable, let me take it for three point eight" Austin said taking a tour round the car again.

Hakeem and Denola simply watched from a distance.

"She seems like a nice girl,  beautiful, feisty and very determined" Hakeem observed.

"I know. What's your point?" Denola asked.

"I like her" Hakeem said. Denola rolled his eyes.

"Teniola and I are having issues now,  I'm not going to handle it by chasing after another woman" Denola said.

"Who said anything about chasing another woman?" Hakeem asked. "Okay, what are you saying?" Denola asked exasperated.

"I'm only saying I think redecorating is a good idea.  I think you should let Amanda redecorate your house. If you're going to forget Teniola you have to get every trace of her out of your house" Hakeem advised.

Denola sighed "Who says I want to forget Teniola?" Denola asked.

"You have to, she betrayed you. Never take betrayal lightly. I suggest you give Amanda your card,  something tells me she'll make you a happy man" Hakeem said before walking away. He told Denola he was leaving to take care of a few things in the club before he walked back into his club.

Denola sighed and took in Amanda's stoic expression. Where would she even fit into his life? He didn't need another woman in his life.

"Excuse me sir, this is no auction. If you won't buy it for four point six million then I'm leaving" Amanda said crossing her arms against her chest.

The man was damn stingy and greedy, he wanted the car for three point eight. That was stealing not buying. Amanda refused to back down from her final price.

"Fine! Do I at least get a receipt?" Austin asked frowning. Amanda turned to Koro and smiled. Sold, why hadn't she gone into marketing instead?

"Sold?" Denola asked coming towards her. Amanda nodded.

"Still want that job?" Denola asked. Amanda smiled gratefully "If it's still up for grabs" She responded.

Denola nodded before handing her his card. "This card has my personal number and home address. I'll see you on monday" Denola said.

Amanda almost jumped for joy, she couldn't wait to tell Davina the good news. Finally everything will fall into place.

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Re: Sweet Nothings by Blackween(f): 8:39pm On Jan 12, 2019
Gianaaaaa is back!!!
Re: Sweet Nothings by Ann2012(f): 9:47pm On Jan 12, 2019
Thanks for the update ma'am
Re: Sweet Nothings by Giannaaaaaa: 6:33pm On Jan 13, 2019
Chapter Four

'The remedy for heart break is a good friend. One who is honest, trustworthy and kind. '


Victoria Island


Mid February.


The look on Amanda's face when she walked into his apartment made his heart skip.  He couldn't understand why and he didn't question it. It was nothing compared to how Teniola made him feel.

She was awed, he lived in a simple three room condo. It was big enough for an entire family because he liked his space.  Teniola had made touches of her own when she moved in, the blend of both their tastes had been perfect.

Perfect....but now...he was hurt.  He couldn't look at a furniture and not think of Teniola. He still listened to her voice note every day but he still hadn't replied her.

He wanted to know why she had betrayed him, he wanted to speak to her but he was afraid to see her face to face. He knew if he looked at her, he'd forgive her instantly. He'd overlook her mistake and he'd be labelled a fool by his friends and family.

Amanda looked around awed by the decor in the apartment. She walked around taking in the interior design, the furniture, the wallpaper. "Wow...you have great taste" She complimented.

Denola smiled bitterly, his ex girlfriend had good taste. Was she even his ex,  they hadn't broken up officially.

"I'm quite surprised you want to redecorate" Amanda smiled at him.

"Well,  when I contacted your company....it was my girlfriend who wanted me to redecorate. She'd wanted it done early this month, before Valentine." Denola explained and sat down on the couch.

He was able to look at Amanda properly. Today she was looking radiant in a light blue, turtle neck dress. The dress was loose around her body and grazing her ankle.

He wondered if she knew just how beautiful she was, he also wondered if like Teniola she liked to use it as an advantage.

"Wow, you have a lovely apartment" Amanda looked around again before finally settling down opposite Denola.

"Excuse my unprofessionalism. I've been out of practice for a while" Amanda cleared her throat. Denola chuckled "It's fine, so shall we begin?" he asked.

"I think we should begin with a tour, I'll like to see all of what I'll be dealing with. After the tour, we'll discuss a budget. Then I'll go home to discuss with my team and partner. Tomorrow I'll be back and we'll discuss more" Amanda said.

Denola nodded "Tomorrow, we'll have to meet at my office. I don't really have a lot of time to spare at home, I'll be expecting you by ten." Denola said.

"Hopefully your receptionist wouldn't kick me out this time" Amanda said.

Denola shook his head "I apologize for that,  I will personally come to the reception to get you" Denola replied clasping his hand together. "Shall we begin the tour?" Denola asked getting up.

"Lead the way" Amanda said following suit.


Davina had been super excited about the project, she offered to drive Amanda with her boyfriend's car to Mayfair Towers the following day.

Luckily for her,  she missed the morning rush and was able to make it in time.

"You show them what a pro you are and they'll be calling you back for more" Davina encouraged.

"I know right, I can't believe we got this contract again. Vina Decors is on the right track" Amanda was saying, just then her phone rang.

Amanda looked at the unknown number, she hadn't given out her number to anyone she didn't know so she declined the call.

"Who is that?" Davina asked. Amanda faked a smile "Probably a network operator, you know how they can be" she lied.

Something told her she knew the caller,  it was the same person whose texts and calls she'd been avoiding.

"Alright Amanda, see you later.  I'm going over to see Tim to return the car. I'll see you in the evening" Davina said. Amanda kissed Davina's cheeks, picked up her bag and got out of the car.

Her phone pinged as she stepped out of the car, a message notification was on her screen.

She clicked on the message icon to read the message.  'Answer the fücking call!'.

Her heart beat escalated as she deleted the text. She blocked the number that had sent the message.

After composing herself and taking in deep breaths, she walked into Mayfair towers.

The same receptionist  she'd met the other day was still seated at the front desk, this time she sent Amanda a radiant smile. 

"Welcome Miss, the boss has been expecting you" the so called Bisi said politely.

Amanda eyed her "Cut the nice girl crap out and show me to his office" Amanda said. Her statement wiped Bisi's smile off her face but she didn't care. The rude receptionist deserved it.

"I'm very sorry miss. Mr Denola's office is on the third floor. You'll see the secretary's office the minute you get out of the elevator. She is Mr Denola's secretary, she'll show you to his office " Bisi answered looking slightly embarrassed.

Amanda nodded before finding her way to the elevator, once in the elevator, she tried composing herself and tried to forget about the text messages she'd been getting.

As she stepped out of the elevator, she headed straight to the secretary's office.

She found the secretary sitting behind a silver colored metallic desk. Unlike the receptionist, the secretary was quite older and she had a warm smile on her face.

"How may I help you?" The secretary asked.

"Good morning, I'm Amanda Arinze. I have an appointment with Mr Denola Mayfair" Amanda answered.

"Mr Mayfair has been expecting you, his office is at the extreme of the hallway. I'll ring him to let him know you're on your way" The secretary said.

"Alright, thanks a lot" Amanda said leaving the office. "You're welcome" she heard the secretary say right before she walked out of the office.

She passed a few offices before she got to the end of the hallway. The double doors with the logo 'MF' imprinted on it came open before she had the chance to knock.

Denola came into view and she was about to say hi when he kissed her. Her eyes widened in shock, why the hell was he kissing her and what the hell was happening?

Amanda was about to push him away when he pulled away. "Sweetie,  what took you so long?" he asked loudly as he pulled her into a hug. 'Please try to play along' he muttered.

Amanda was still confused when he released her from his bone crushing hug, she saw a plea in his eyes but she didn't still understand till she heard a feminine voice clear her throat.

Amanda looked into the office and saw a fair, tall and beautiful woman with a hurt look on her face. "Hi" she muttered.

Denola took her hand and pulled her into the office. "Baby this is Teniola Bade. Teni this is Amanda. My girlfriend." Denola introduced.

Amanda swallowed before turning to Teniola. "Hello" she said with her hand outstretched to Teniola. Teniola ignored the hand and turned to Denola.

"I'm not impressed, listen to me.  I'm not letting you get away easily. You and I know this thing is just a distraction, you'll never love her like you love me.  You know where to find me" Teniola hissed and pushed past Amanda who was still reeling in shock.

"Shït!" Denola cussed as Teniola walked out of the office. She'd caught him off guard by coming into his office today. He'd been thinking of how to get rid of her when Mrs Tony,  his secretary had called to tell him that Amanda was around.

Kissing Amanda hadn't even been on his mind, far from it.  He'd just opened the door, seen how beautiful and big her doe eyes looked and lost all reasoning.

He'd done it to make Teni jealous and it had worked. Amanda was definitely beautiful but she wasn't his type. He still loved Teni but he knew it would be foolishness on his part to just forgive her and accept her back.

"What the hell just happened?" Amanda asked looking pissed. "I'm sorry about that...I wasn't thinking..." Denola finished turning to look at Amanda's angry face.

"You kissed me" Amanda stated. "It was a mistake, I don't know how to explain this to you but that was my ex and I just...i wanted to get rid of her" Denola tried to explain.

"You can't just use me that way,  I'm not an object, I'm a person" Amanda hissed at him before turning on her heels.

Denola tried to stop her by catching her hand as she brushed past him. "Amanda, I'm sorry. Please let me explain, it wasn't my intention to do that" Denola said.

"What was your intention then?" Amanda asked angrily. She fixed him an angry glare. "Just let me explain over breakfast,  I know a restaurant by the corner. Please, let me apologize to you" Denola begged.

Amanda sighed before nodding, even if she wanted to be angry at the man. She couldn't, she needed the job. She couldn't let Davina down.

"Alright" she agreed. "Thank you" Denola said and rushed back to his desk to get his car keys and phone.

As Amanda watched him organize his desk she hoped she wasn't making a mistake by associating with him.

She couldn't get into another mess,  not when she just escaped one.


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both of them are in Mess, let see how they we works things out.. Cuz equation must balance, lolzzzz
Gonna tough

OP tanks for the update, u too much

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Well done ma'am
Thanks for the update

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Chapter Five

'All great changes are preceded by chaos,  does love really spring forth from trouble? The answer was yet to be known"


"So what the hell is happening Denola?" Amanda asked him right after they ordered breakfast at the restaurant.

Denola cleared his throat, he never imagined telling Amanda this story but he supposed he had to now that he'd dragged her into the matter.

"I'm sorry I kissed you Amanda.  I don't know how to explain this to you, Teniola is my ex.  Teni and I broke up a month ago and I've been trying to get over her.  Today she caught me unexpected by coming into the office, my secretary let her in because everyone at the office is oblivious to our break up. I was trying to get rid of her when my secretary called to let me know you were coming in. I ran out of options and just used you to get rid of her.  I  wanted to make her jealous" Denola said.

"So that's why. Still...what you did was inappropriate, but I'm willing to forget about it.  I know what it's like to handle  a crazy ex and I would do whatever just to get rid of them" Amanda said.

After realizing what she'd just said, she clamped her mouth shut in regret.  She hated talking about her past, she hated opening up.

"You also have a crazy ex?" Denola asked looking at her intently. "Had, we...I left him.  Finally gathered up courage to get out of the relationship. What's your story?" Amanda asked closing up her chapter immediately.

Denola fiddled with the salt and pepper shakers on the table. "Teniola is not crazy, she's just intense. She betrayed me, I confided in her and she used it against me.  I love her but I don't think I can forgive her for what she's done" Denola said.

"And even if you forgive her,  you don't have it in you to forget what she did. That's the hard part" Amanda murmured.

"Yeah, you get me" Denola said.

Amanda nodded "I don't think it worked though" Amanda said. Denola looked up at her confused. "What are you talking about?" Denola asked.

"I meant the kiss,  she didn't buy it" Amanda said.

Denola nodded "She doesn't think you're going to be permanent in my life. I've only had  eyes on Teniola all my life, no other woman" Denola said.

Amanda nodded sympathetically before opening her bag.  "We should probably talk about work now,  I've brought a few designs you could look at" Amanda said taking her tablet out of her bag.

Denola agreed and rolled up his sleeves. "My team and I can begin work by tomorrow if you decide on the design you'd like today" Amanda continued.

Denola smiled a little, he loved his house the way it was.  The only thing missing was company, he hated to admit it but he was lonely. Setting down the tablet, he focused on Amanda.

"I honestly don't know what I want Amanda, I trust you know what you're doing and you'd be able to make the right choices for me.  I just want my apartment to feel like a home, can you do that?" Denola asked.

"Uh...yes, I can. But I hope you won't be disappointed Denola, I can make your house look like a home but I can't make it feel like home.  Only you have the ability to do that" Amanda said.

"I know that, truth be told....I'm a little lonely. I want to be happy again, I want to follow my heart and take Teni back but at the same time.....I want to use my head" Denola sighed.

"I don't even know why I'm telling you this,  I barely know you" Denola said. 

Amanda shrugged "You probably feel better confiding in a total stranger than a friend. I can relate, I've had to deal with something like this" Amanda said.

Denola agreed "But you're not a total stranger, you're a friend now. I'm not just a client right?" Denola asked.

Amanda smiled sheepishly "Well,  you've saved me once, helped me with a job,  kissed me and now you're buying me breakfast. I'll say we're good friends" Amanda joked.

Denola flushed "I'm sorry about the kiss" He apologized again.

Amanda waved his apology away. "It wasn't that bad, how about we never talk about it again?" Amanda suggested.

Denola chuckled "Jesus,  it must have been very bad" Denola said.

Amanda laughed heartily "No, I'm serious. I just wasn't into it because I was in shock. I'm sure you're a great kisser,  come on....don't tell me you're insecure" Amanda smiled.

"Well,  I'm not insecure but I've kissed only one woman in my entire life. It has always been Teni" Denola said wistfully.

Amanda sighed "I'm sorry about that, you must really love her" Amanda said.

"Yes" Denola agreed just as the waiter arrived with their meal. "Bon appetite" Amanda smiled as she uncovered her dish of fried eggs,  toast, plantains and hotdogs. 

Denola nodded and lifted up his mug of tea. "To our friendship" he said. Amanda lifted her glass of orange juice in agreement.


Amanda's shoulders felt lighter as she walked into the house in the evening. Denola wasn't an asshole, quite the opposite. He was a gentleman, funny, friendly and kind.

She hadn't met any man like that in a long time.  She used her keys to get in to the house and was surprised to see Tim and Davina half naked and making out in the living room when she got in.

"Oh my God, I'm so sorry" she said looking away embarrassed. Davina wore her top and bra quickly while Tim adjusted his trousers.

"It's okay, I'm sure you've seen a lot of people kissing and stuffs" Davina said. "Yeah...." Amanda said dropping her bag on the center table.

"Hey mands" Tim greeted picking up a glass of red wine beside him. "Tim, what a surprise. I wasn't expecting you tonight" Amanda said sitting opposite them.

"Same here" Tim responded dryly.  "Oh... I'm sorry. I could just go out and give you two privacy" Amanda said feeling very uncomfortable.

Davina rolled her eyes "Honey there is no need for that, don't mind Tim" Davina said.

"How was your day and how was work?" Davina asked Amanda.

"It was fine, work is going to be very easy. Denola wants me to do whatever I please with the house, he's not picky.  He just wants it to look homely" Amanda said excitedly.

"That's nice" Davina said taking Tim's hand.  Amanda noticed she wasn't too excited about the news.  "Is everything okay? If you feel I'm not going to do a good job, I don't mind talking to Denola and keeping you in charge" Amanda said.

Davina shook her head "It's not that. Tim can you go to the room and give us a moment?" Davina said. Tim nodded and walked out of the living room immediately.

"What is happening?" Amanda asked uncomfortably. Davina sighed "Tim got that  promotion he wanted, his company is transferring him to South Africa" Davina announced.

"Well...isn't that good news?" Amanda asked. "It is,  Tim even wants me to move with him. We've talked about it and it's good, I also want to move with him" Davina said.

Amanda closed her eyes "You're moving Vina decors too right, the staffs will be paid off and bits and bits will be taken to South Africa" Amanda said sadly.

"I'm sorry Mandy, I really wish there was a solution. I will hold off moving away till you're done with Denola's contract. I will pay you back for your contribution, I promise. I'm really sorry" Davina said.

Amanda opened her eyes and grinned. "Stop, I want you to be happy too.  I'm happy you are taking another step with Tim. I also think it's time for me to start up something on my own" Amanda said faking a smile.

Davina nodded "That's not all Amanda" Davina said. "What else?" Amanda asked sitting straighter.

"The only reason I agreed to move with Tim is because, the owner of the house called to say he wanted us to move out.  He wants to gift his grandson the house" Davina said.

Amanda sighed "Oh Lord Jesus" She said tiredly. Just when she thought she was moving forward, life had brought her back to square one again.


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