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Sweet And Secret Valentine By Rose Chibimobim Akpabio (seductive And Exciting) / The Sweet Taboo / "Sweet Pain" (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Sweet Nothings by izaray(f): 2:40pm On Jan 14
Thanks for the update

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Re: Sweet Nothings by Nelsizzy(m): 4:05pm On Jan 14
And I am already having theories smiley. Sweet update

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Re: Sweet Nothings by skubido(m): 4:39pm On Jan 14

OP tanks for the update

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Re: Sweet Nothings by Kaycee9242(m): 4:59pm On Jan 14
wow what an awesome update, well done op

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Re: Sweet Nothings by LightQueen(f): 6:08pm On Jan 14
Well done Gianaaaaa
Thanks for the update

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Re: Sweet Nothings by Giannaaaaaa: 10:45am On Jan 15
Chapter Six

'When you feel unloved, alone, depressed and screwed up by life. A knight in shining armor will come to rescue you,  he's called 'a good friend'


Victoria Island



Amanda's demeanor changed over the next few days, she wasn't as bubbly or excited about the job as she was before.

Denola noticed but he didn't want to bring it up,  after being with Amanda for a few days he knew her well enough to know that she liked secrets.

"Denola please come over here,  there's something I need you to see" Amanda said leaning over the dining table. Denola dropped his laptop on the table. "How may I help you miss?" he asked with a bright smile.

She didn't return it, she just sighed tiredly. "I think we got the color scheme wrong, perhaps you'd like to go over it and decide if you like this. I would have preferred maroon over orange for the master bedroom, what do you think?" Amanda asked.

Denola shrugged. "I'll be comfortable with anything, even black" He responded. Amanda rolled her eyes "Honestly you're not helping matters" Amanda said.

"Come on, I gave you charge over the house. If you want another paint job then call the guys for it" Denola said and took in her appearance.

"You look pale and worn out, your eyes look dull.  What's the matter? You haven't been yourself for days" Denola observed the dark circles beneath her eyes.

Amanda shook her head "It's nothing, I'm fine.  I think I'll just stick with the orange, but then we'll have to change our order on the furniture" Amanda groaned clearly frustrated.

It wasn't hard to get a three room condo in order but ever since Davina had told her staffs that she would be closing up Vina decors the following month,  they'd been very uncommitted, unhelpful and unserious.

They were more interested in their pay checks, getting new jobs than the current job on ground. Amanda had complained to Davina but Davina had insisted there was nothing she could do about it.

Amanda was beyond frustrated, she wanted to end this project immediately and focus on how to get her life back on track but she couldn't end the project till she was done.  With the lackadaisical attitude of the rest of the team,  Amanda had a feeling she'd be stuck with this job till the end of the month.

Denola could see her head working again and the worried look in her eyes, he couldn't stand it.  He cupped her face surprising the both of them.

"Talk to me,  what's wrong?" he asked. Amanda sighed and was about to reply when her belly rumbled, she had skipped breakfast and she was really hungry.

She laughed softly, "Well the problem has spoken for itself. I need food,  I'm famished" Amanda replied.

Denola chuckled "Okay, you should have just said so.  Let's make lunch, I have some vegetable soup in the refrigerator. Why don't you go boil water for garri and I'll heat the soup" Denola offered.

Amanda smiled gratefully "You're a lifesaver" she said. "Always" Denola responded leading her to the kitchen.


Once Amanda had sated her appetite she decided it was time for her to get back to work,  Denola on the other hand wanted to sate his curiosity first.

"So what really is the problem?" he asked curiously.

"Are you kidding me,  you won't give up would you?" Amanda wiped a sheen of sweat off  her eyebrow.

"Yeah,  I won't, my legacy wasn't built on giving up" Denola answered. Amanda rolled eyes "I wouldn't want to bother my client with my problems" Amanda answered.

"Fück that shït Mandy, we're more than that. You're my good friend remember?" Denola winked.

Amanda sighed again "I knew you would hold me on that one some day" she rolled her eyes.

"Spill it already, come on. A problem shared is a problem half solved. Tell me what's bothering you" Denola insisted.

"Vina decors is actually owned by my friend, I work for her. And a few days ago, she told me she would be moving to South Africa and she would be closing up over here. On top of that, I won't have a house in a few weeks" Amanda sighed. "I came here to get my life on track and nothing I'm doing is working out for me" Amanda said tiredly.

Denola nodded thoughtfully "You came here from where?" He asked.

Amanda shook her head "It doesn't matter, can I get back to work now?" she asked. "Not yet" Denola said.

"What if I loaned you some money to start up something?" he asked carefully. He didn't want to wound or offend her pride.

Amanda shook her head vehemently "I don't want pity money" She said with a scowl on her face.

"Good, I'm not offering pity money. I'm offering you a loan. You'll pay me back in fifteen months" Denola said. 

Amanda sent him a small smile "With interest?" she asked. "Definitely with interest, I'm a business man after all." Denola grinned.

"Can I think about it?" Amanda asked.

"Sure, you can. And concerning your housing arrangement, you can stay at the guest quarter till you are able to get your own apartment" Denola said.

Amanda shook her head "No way, you're offering way too much" Amanda said.

"It's what I'd do for a good friend" Denola smiled. Amanda couldn't smile back "Why are you doing this, what's the catch?" Amanda asked.

Denola cleared his throat and put on a serious face. "You're right, there's a catch. There's something I want from you,  I've been afraid to tell you" Denola started.

Amanda eyed him in disbelief "Listen to me I'm not sle...." She began when Denola cut her off with a laugh.

"You should have seen your face,  thought I was going to ask for what?" He asked laughing.

Amanda dropped her guard and laughed along with him. "God, you're crazy. I can't believe you just did this, can't believe I even fell for it" Amanda said trying hard to stop laughing.

"It was worth it,  I got to see you laugh" Denola said grinning widely. Amanda shook her head still amused.

"Anyway all I want is good company and maybe a meal together once in a while" Denola said.

"Alright, you got yourself a deal" Amanda said deciding that life wasn't so bad after all.


Her phone rang in the dead of the night, assuming it was Davina who had gone clubbing with Tim,  she answered sleepy eyed.

"I didn't lock the door, you can come in" she replied sleepily.

'Oh darling...i do wish I could come...come inside you, you stupid bïtch! Where the hell are you?!' the caller shouted violently.

Amanda shook with fear and jolted out of the bed. She looked at the screen of her phone and saw it was another unknown number.

"Why won't you leave me alone...please" She whispered.

'I will never leave you sweetheart, I will find you. And if I find out you're with another man, I will kill him. You know what I can do' he threatened.

"You will never find me!" Amanda shouted and ended the call.  She switched off her phone, removed the SIM card and broke it in two.

She tried not to cry but she was shaking with fear, she hated the feeling of vulnerability but she couldn't help it.

He had always made her feel so, always. She always felt like her life was in his hands and he had the ability to destroy it.

She'd escaped him narrowly but he was back again and she wondered if she'd be able to escape without getting hurt this time.

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Re: Sweet Nothings by izaray(f): 12:54pm On Jan 15
Weldone ma'am
Re: Sweet Nothings by skubido(m): 5:07pm On Jan 15

Tanks for the update
Re: Sweet Nothings by LightQueen(f): 9:31am On Jan 16
Whoever you are! Leave my Amanda alone!!
Re: Sweet Nothings by Taniaa(f): 9:33am On Jan 16
Chapter Three

'She was waiting on a miracle, she didn't realize she'd already found the miracle but was yet to claim it'

Mid February.




She checked her watch impatiently. Where was Koro? He'd left her here by the road side promising to go bring a buyer but it had already been thirty minutes and Koro was yet to show up.

She tried dialing his number again but he didn't pick up.  "Ohhh what kind of nonsense is this?" she asked herself frustrated.

She was already having second thoughts about selling the car. If she and Davina weren't already root deep in debts she would never have considered selling her car.

The car was all she had left,  she and Davina had been unable to secure another contract   after that epic fail at the beginning of the month.

Davina had paid off the staffs with the remaining money in their joint account and now they had no money to pay their rent.  What a disaster!

While she was here waiting for a buyer,  Davina was also trying to secure a loan from a few of her friends. Their lives at the moment and their chances of survival depended on the selling of her car and Davina's Loan.

Amanda waited for twenty more minutes and was on the verge of entering her car and driving off when Koro showed up.

"Koro what kind of nonsense is this now? You kept me waiting here for hours, only for you to show up alone.  Where is the buyer?"  Amanda asked angrily.

"Madam Chilax, dem no dey call me Obanikoro for nothing. As I commot now, I don get one omo babalowo wey go buy your motor" Koro said excitedly.

Amanda sighed "Mhmm, Oya where the person dey, why he no follow you waka come?" she asked crossing her arms over her chest.

"Right now,  the man dey for one bar for Lekki. Na there we go drive go now. When you reach, abeg make you talk better price oh.  You know say my cut go dey inside" Koro advised.

Amanda nodded "Don't worry you'll get your cut. Enter the car, time don dey go.  Where for Lekki the club dey?" Amanda asked getting into her car.  "Madam e go better make I drive" Koro suggested.

"Alright" Amanda said throwing the car keys to Koro. She kept her fingers crossed and hoped that she wouldn't meet a stingy buyer.


Risque bar!  Just a few weeks ago she'd been here with this same car.  The car had been dented by an irresponsible worker and the owner of the club had paid for the repair.

Amanda mentally face palmed herself as she followed Koro out of the car.  Koro led her to a lounge that was right outside the bar. There were three men laughing and drinking, she recognized two of them but the third man she'd never seen before.

Koro rushed to the trio. "Oga I don land with the car" Koro announced. For a really short man,  Koro had the energy and enthusiasm of all three of them in the room.  Denola, Hakeem and Austin turned to the man.

"Ehen Koro....my nigga. How you dey, you don bring the seller?" Austin asked taking little sips from his scotch.

Amanda came forward landing all eyes on her. She ignored the two pairs of eyes looking at her curiously. "Hello gentlemen" she said.

"Wow,  I never expected the seller to be this beautiful" Austin said flirtatiously.  Amanda sent him a warm smile before sitting down on an available chair.

Denola fingered his goatee. "Amanda, we meet again" he said and stretched forth his hand. Amanda took his hand in hers "Demola, it's very nice to meet you again" Amanda said.

Hakeem grinned "So you two have been meeting privately after that incident at the club. Wow" Hakeem said and winked at Amanda.

Amanda didn't bother to correct his assumptions, he could think whatever. Denola however wasn't on the same page.

"I met Amanda again just outside my office, she was in a hurry and almost tripped on her way into the building. I was on my way out of the building, just in time to catch her" Denola explained.

"Ahhh, the stunning knight in shiny armour. Did you two catch up then?" Hakeem asked with a wide smile.

"No we didn't...I had an appointment and he...." she paused. "Wait...did you say your office, as in you work in Mayfair towers?" Amanda asked.

"Yes, what of it?" Denola asked studying her intently.

Amanda huffed "Well first things first, the front desk receptionist is rude as hell" She complained.

"Bisi? That can't be true. Bisi is one of the most polite employees at MT" Denola said a little amused. It couldn't be Bisi.

"Well unless you've hired a new receptionist, the one I met at the front desk the other day was very rude to me" Amanda insisted.

Austin raised up his hand to interrupt the duo but Hakeem nudged him to keep silent.  He wanted to watch the exchange between the duo. Koro on the hand kept on checking his wrist watch, time was money. He couldn't wait to sell this car, get his cut and find another client.

"What exactly did she say to you?" Denola asked. "It doesn't matter what she said, she was rude to me.  I had an appointment with a potential client, I was late due to traffic and she all but blasted me for my lateness" Ananda shook her head furiously.

"Did you at least make another appointment?" Denola asked.

"No, I didn't make another appointment. The rude receptionist threatened to have me thrown out by security" Amanda said.

"I'm sorry about that, who were you going to see?  Maybe I could put in a good word for you.  I'm familiar with everyone at Mayfair Towers" Denola said.

Amanda smiled gratefully, she didn't think it was possible for her to secure that client again but perhaps him putting in a good word for her could help.

"I was supposed to meet Mayfair junior...." Amanda said, she couldn't remember his name but that was how Davina referred to him.

Denola looked at her incredulously "Why, what for?" he asked.

"I'm an interior designer, I was supposed to meet him to discuss about redecorating his house" Amanda said.

Denola nodded "Do you know him?" Amanda asked. Denola was about shaking his head when Hakeem laughed.

"You're looking at him, Denola Mayfair junior" Hakeem replied.

Amanda's eyes went wide. "You?" she asked surprised. Denola nodded.

"Ohhh...um. Wow... if I had known you were the person I was meeting  I wouldn't have bothered going in to the building to meet with the rude receptionist. We would have had our meeting outside" Amanda joked.

"Maybe" Denola said staring into her light brown eyes. Amanda shifted a little uncomfortable but Denola didn't stop staring.

Hakeem smirked, the duo had just awakened his matchmaking skills.  He had to get them together.


"The car looks quite old, I can't buy it for anything more that three point for five" Austin said.

Amanda gasped "What? No, listen to me sir this car is in good condition. I'm  selling it for five million" She frowned. Koro nudged her but she refused to change her mind.

"Look, this car is second hand. If I buy it for five million, how much will I buy brand new? Please be reasonable, let me take it for three point eight" Austin said taking a tour round the car again.

Hakeem and Denola simply watched from a distance.

"She seems like a nice girl,  beautiful, feisty and very determined" Hakeem observed.

"I know. What's your point?" Denola asked.

"I like her" Hakeem said. Denola rolled his eyes.

"Teniola and I are having issues now,  I'm not going to handle it by chasing after another woman" Denola said.

"Who said anything about chasing another woman?" Hakeem asked. "Okay, what are you saying?" Denola asked exasperated.

"I'm only saying I think redecorating is a good idea.  I think you should let Amanda redecorate your house. If you're going to forget Teniola you have to get every trace of her out of your house" Hakeem advised.

Denola sighed "Who says I want to forget Teniola?" Denola asked.

"You have to, she betrayed you. Never take betrayal lightly. I suggest you give Amanda your card,  something tells me she'll make you a happy man" Hakeem said before walking away. He told Denola he was leaving to take care of a few things in the club before he walked back into his club.

Denola sighed and took in Amanda's stoic expression. Where would she even fit into his life? He didn't need another woman in his life.

"Excuse me sir, this is no auction. If you won't buy it for four point six million then I'm leaving" Amanda said crossing her arms against her chest.

The man was damn stingy and greedy, he wanted the car for three point eight. That was stealing not buying. Amanda refused to back down from her final price.

"Fine! Do I at least get a receipt?" Austin asked frowning. Amanda turned to Koro and smiled. Sold, why hadn't she gone into marketing instead?

"Sold?" Denola asked coming towards her. Amanda nodded.

"Still want that job?" Denola asked. Amanda smiled gratefully "If it's still up for grabs" She responded.

Denola nodded before handing her his card. "This card has my personal number and home address. I'll see you on monday" Denola said.

Amanda almost jumped for joy, she couldn't wait to tell Davina the good news. Finally everything will fall into place.

following keenly he asked.

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Re: Sweet Nothings by Ann2012(f): 10:37am On Jan 16
Mr. Irritating guy, leave my Mands alone

Let's rock the ship of Denola and Amanda peacefully wink

Thanks for the update ma'am

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Re: Sweet Nothings by FortunateB(f): 12:28pm On Jan 16
This year is really starting well for me here, when am beginning to lose faith in this section cause of uncompleted stories and my favourite writers not writing again, they are showing up one after the other with fantastic stories.

Am so much loving this story.

Keep it up Gianaaaaaa. #teamAmanda&Denola#

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Re: Sweet Nothings by skubido(m): 3:10pm On Jan 16
following keenly

Must you quote all the update, haba


Re: Sweet Nothings by dammyd46(m): 4:53pm On Jan 16
I am loving this...... (grabs a sit) following

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Re: Sweet Nothings by Kaycee9242(m): 7:14am On Jan 17
gianaaaa well-done

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Re: Sweet Nothings by Giannaaaaaa: 9:12am On Jan 17
Chapter Seven.

'It takes a lot to heal from a deep wound that left painful memories and scars. Healing would require lots of care, love and tenderness'



Early March.


Amanda wrote her name on the last box and sighed in relief. Now she and Davina had sorted out their belongings, but they were far from finished.

They still had to pack the boxes into the various vehicles that would move their properties to their new location and they also had to unpack and arrange when they got to their new location.

Davina was moving to Tim's house for the mean time, she explained that she still needed to get her travel papers ready and Tim's company was yet to arrange accommodation that would suit his taste.

Amanda on the other hand thanks to Denola was not stranded. She'd finished up the house decor and was all set to move in. She could hardly believe her luck, Denola was too good to be true.

Davina watched Denola and Tim pack few boxes into the van and sighed gratefully. If not for the men who came right on time to help, she and Amanda wouldn't have been halfway done.

"I can't believe he left work and came here to help you" Davina said picking up a bottle of water. She uncorked it and chugged down.

Amanda smirked "We're good friends and he didn't leave work. Denola doesn't work weekends" She said placing her hand on her hips.

Davina mimicked her pose. "Still, he could be having all the fun in the world but here he is, helping you with your shït" Davina said.

"Our shït" Amanda corrected playfully. "That's beside the point Mands" Davina said with a huff.

"Well what's your point?" Amanda asked amused. "He likes you, he definitely wants to be more than friends" Davina insisted.

Amanda burst out laughing attracting the attention of the guys. Davina nudged her "Stop laughing, I'm serious. Why do you think he's helping, giving you a room in his house and everything else?" Davina asked.

Amanda held back a chuckle and turned to her friend who was obviously a hopeless romantic. "Honey, Denola is lonely. He needs a friend, I'm a good companion. There is nothing more to it" Amanda said.

Davina shook her head "Whatever girl,  I know what I'm saying. You can turn blind eye to it" Davina said.

Amanda smiled "I'm not playing blind, Denola is not into me" Amanda insisted.

"Well are you into him?" Davina asked curiously deciding that Denola and Amanda wouldn't be bad together.

"He's not my type" Amanda said. "So you're saying if he shows interest in you,  you won't return it?" Davina cocked an inquisitive brow at her friend.

"Yes, because he's not my type. I only want him as a friend and for the umpteenth time Denola isn't interested in me" Amanda said.

Davina rolled her eyes "You know you always stayed away from every guy that came after you in College, what exactly is your type?" Davina asked.

Amanda shook her head "I...maybe I'm not just into relationships and sappy love whatever. I like being alone" Amanda shrugged. She could never tell Davina why being with other guys back in college  had been a taboo in her book.

Davina pursed her lips "Beginning to think you're into the same sex.  How can you not be interested in men? Especially someone as hot and rich as Denola" Davina said.

Amanda gasped amused "If I were into girls I'd have hit on you a long time ago. You're hot and sexy" Amanda teased.

"True but you're not my type and I'm in a serious relationship so I'm out of your league" Davina was saying when Tim and Denola walked over to them to get more boxes.

"What's cracking you girls up?" Tim asked. "Girls talk,  we're done with sorting the boxes" Davina said.

"Why don't you girls go grab some food then? Denola and I will pack up, I'm fücking starving" Tim suggested.

"Okay, sure. What do you want babe?" Davina asked. "Jollof rice and Asun would do" Tim said.

"I think I'll have that too,  How about you Denola?" Davina asked. "Denola isn't a fan of Asun so just make his jollof and turkey, I want jollof rice and fried fish" Amanda responded.

"Know him that well?" Davina teased. Denola winked at Amanda. "Of course she does,  we're best friends and soon to be flatmates" Denola responded.

Amanda chuckled while Davina rolled her eyes.  She was convinced this friend zone wasn't going to go a long way.


"Thank you very much Den, I swear I don't know what I'd have done if you hadn't offered to help" Amanda said gratefully as they ate their dinner.

"Thanks too, I can't remember the last time I had yam and garden egg sauce this good. You're an excellent cook" Denola complimented.

"Really, then let me handle grocery shopping and cooking till I get my own place. I can't live here for free." Amanda said.

"I don't mind. Most of the packaged foods in the refrigerator came from my mom.  She never fails to bug me about getting married anytime I go over to get them. At least she'll lay off my back now" Denola said sipping his glass of water.

Amanda nodded thoughtfully "Hopefully she won't mind me taking over that, mothers can be very possessive over their boys" Amanda said.

"She won't mind, my family rarely comes here. They know I like my space, I moved out of the Mayfair estate when I was eighteen. I was tired of the crowd" Denola said.

"My great grandfather owned the estate, he had three wives and twenty children. Everyone of them and their grandchildren live there. My dad has his own home there, my mother resides there with him" Denola continued.

"You must have a lot of siblings" Amanda noted. Denola nodded "And also a lot of cousins, even the married ones have refused to leave the estate. My father's first wife died,  she had two girls Tomiwa and Adeola before she passed . He married my mother afterwards she had me and my younger sister Jadesola. My dad and mum adopted my youngest sibling Ajose when my sister went to Oxford, he is just five. Very playful, mischievous and troublesome" Denola said grinning as he spoke of his siblings.

"Wow,  big family. You must have lots of fond memories from your time at the estate" Amanda said.

"A little, I was the only male grandchild with the head for business. My grandparents placed too much responsibility on my shoulders, I didn't dare disappoint my parents. While my cousins played,  I had to work. I began to work for Mayfair while I was in secondary school as an intern, meanwhile my siblings travelled around the world from one tourist attraction to the other. It was depressing sometimes but it was the cross I had to carry" Denola said.

Amanda sent him a small smile, she could imagine how left out he felt sorting files at the office while his cousins and siblings visited parks and beaches.

"How about you?" Denola asked looking at her expectantly.  "I don't have parents!" she blurted out immediately.

"Oh....I'm sorry I didn't know. It's okay if you don't want to talk about it" Denola said.

Amanda nodded, he knew how she hated talking about her past. Amanda felt a little guilty, Denola opened up to her easily but she could not.

It was better that way, he'd see her as damaged goods if he knew anything about her.

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Re: Sweet Nothings by Jay1F(m): 9:17am On Jan 17
following keenly

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Re: Sweet Nothings by LightQueen(f): 9:43am On Jan 17
Thanks for the update

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Re: Sweet Nothings by skubido(m): 9:57am On Jan 17
OP tanks for the update oooooo, jah bless

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Re: Sweet Nothings by Ann2012(f): 11:11am On Jan 17
Thanks for the update ma'am

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Re: Sweet Nothings by izaray(f): 1:28pm On Jan 17

More grace

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Re: Sweet Nothings by Giannaaaaaa: 9:38am On Jan 18
Chapter Eight

"Sometimes the cure to your ailment is right in front of you, but certain people, circumstances and problems are keeping you from seeing it"




Mid March


Hakeem and Denola laughed hard as they watched the shell shocked face of the girl who had been caught triple dating three best friends on TV.  It was Hakeem's favorite show 'cheaters'.

"I swear the women of these generation are either hoes, gold diggers, liars, schemers, stupid or plain boring" Hakeem said nursing a glass of brandy.

Denola shook his head in disagreement. "I refuse to agree to that" Denola said. Hakeem snorted "I see dating that schemer hadn't taught you a lesson" Hakeem said frowning.

Denola shook his head "Yes, Teniola might have been a schemer but there are good women in the world" Denola said. "Like Amanda" Denola said with a small smile.

"Amanda is honest, beautiful, funny,  smart, down to earth. She's also homely" Denola said. Hakeem rolled his eyes "That's the initial phase,  wait till you fück her then you'll see her true colors" Hakeem said crudely.

Denola frowned wondering why Hakeem was so bitter these days, he suspected it had to do with Hakeem's wife because Hakeem was always badmouthing her all the time. He couldn't imagine the woman doing anything to hurt Hakeem,  Hakeem's wife was too tenderhearted to hurt a fly, she was sweet and kind.

Denola didn't like to get involved in marital issues so he never said anything about it.  "I'm not going to sleep with Amanda, she's my best friend" Denola said.

"You're in denial man,  you know you want more than that" Hakeem said with a smirk.

"No I don't know, I don't want a rebound. And honestly even if I do,  Amanda is too good to be a rebound. She's my best friend, that's all. Stop planting ideas in my head" Denola said.

Hakeem shrugged "Best friend indeed. My mate, you should know that you cannot put goat and yam together and expect nothing to happen" Hakeem said.

Denola chuckled at his friend's analogy. "Hakeem, I don't understand you.  Why are you telling me this, I'm not a goat and Amanda isn't a yam. We're both obviously human and reasonable adults with self control" Denola said.

"So you're telling me you've never thought about her Unclad before or what it would be like to sleep with her?" Hakeem asked.

Denola shook his head "Enough, just stop" Denola said picking up his glass of white wine.

"Want to go to the club tonight?" Hakeem asked.

Denola shook his head "Amy and I are having movie marathon in an hour. I'm leaving in the next fifteen minutes" Denola said.

"Mhmm, you've given her a nickname already. Now you're having movie marathon with her, next month it'll be sex marathon" Hakeem teased.

"Guy, drop that brandy. You don dey talk too much nonsense" Denola said switching to pidgin.

Hakeem laughed "Anyhow sha, I can't wait to tell you 'I told you so'.  Because eventually the inevitable will happen" Hakeem said.

Denola laughed "I swear you're bad influence, I hope your children get none of your ugly traits" Denola said.

Hakeem's expression softened at the thought of children but only for a moment. "I don't want children" he said.

"Why?" Denola asked surprised, Hakeem struck him as the type who wanted a family. If not,  why had he gotten married so early?

"You would never understand" Hakeem said. Denola sighed, he knew Hakeem was keeping secrets from him but he didn't bug Hakeem about it because everyone had skeletons of their own in their closets.

"What if she wants children?" Denola asked quietly referring to Hakeem's wife. Hakeem shrugged, "Guess she'll have to leave me and marry someone else" he said.

Denola was about to say something else when the woman in question entered the living room . Denola smiled at her and she sent a radiant smile in their direction.

"Mister Mayfair" she greeted formally. She always greeted him formally, he'd asked her to call him Denola several times but she said it wasn't right.

"Mrs Mustapha" Denola teased. As usual she had wrapped her hair in a scarf, her neck and her shoulders covered with a scarf, her dress was long enough to hide her feet.

"I didn't know you were here, I would have come sooner to greet you. Have you had anything to eat or drink?" she asked.

"Yes,  Hakeem has taken care of me" Denola responded. She nodded before going over to Hakeem to whisper something in his ears.

Hakeem frowned but said nothing about it, Denola ignored the tension in the air as she waited beside him for some minutes waiting for his reply.

Five minutes later Hakeem's eyes were still glued to the television, ignoring his wife. His wife on the other hand was still waiting patiently.

Denola sighed inwardly before getting up.  "I have to leave man, it was nice to see you again ma'am" Denola said pleasantly.

She smiled in response but said nothing else.

Hakeem got up "Let me see you off, I need to be at the club anyway" Hakeem said, he walked ahead of Denola as if he couldn't wait to be out of the house. He didn't spare his wife a second glance, Denola felt hurt on her behalf that Hakeem didn't have the courtesy of saying goodbye to his wife properly.

"Bye" she muttered before turning on her heels.  Denola heard the sob that followed and went after his friend.

"What the hell happened in there?" he asked Hakeem upset. He hated that Hakeem had treated his wife that way in front of him.

"Stay out of it Denola, don't let her false innocence fool you. If she doesn't like the heat, she knows the way out of it." Hakeem said angrily.

"Still man, that was harsh" Denola said. He couldn't imagine his sister or any woman around him being treated that way.

"Listen don't defend her,  I know her better than you.  I've known her since she was born, she's a chameleon. I refuse to let her guilt trip me, I can't believe you'll fall for her facade" Hakeem hissed before getting into his car.

Denola stared after his friend in surprise, Hakeem was crude and vulgar sometimes but it was always humorous.  He was never intentionally mean to anyone, it was very much surprising to see him in this light.

'Your food is in the microwave, I have a headache. Movie marathon tomorrow?' Denola read the sticky note pasted on the fridge.

He shook his head, a small smile plastered on his face. He walked over to the microwave and took out the plate in the microwave. It was a warm plate of plantain porridge.

Denola dropped the plate of plantain porridge on the dining table and decided to check on Amanda first.

He hoped she'd taken medication for headache and wondered if he had any headache medication in case she hadn't taken any.

He knocked but there was no response, he knocked twice and got nothing. He was more worried than curious when he pushed the door open to see if she was okay.

The door wasn't locked so he was able to enter. The bed lamp wasn't off so he was able to make out her figure on the bed.

"Mands..." he called. He walked over to her bedside and watched her sleep.  There were various bottles of pills by her bedside.

He picked up one and read the label on the bottle 'Depressants'. He looked at her curiously before dropping the bottle by the bedside.

As he walked out of the room, he wondered if Hakeem was right about women. And if he was, what category did Amanda fall into?

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Tanks for the update

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Re: Sweet Nothings by izaray(f): 10:54am On Jan 18
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Re: Sweet Nothings by Happiness98: 3:31pm On Jan 18
Thumbs up mama G

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Re: Sweet Nothings by BIGGIE121(m): 10:48am On Jan 19
Oh oh oh... This story is so captivating...... Gianaaaaaa i love you...no your stoty...no be me talk am oooo.... Keep the updates flowing

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Re: Sweet Nothings by Giannaaaaaa: 11:55am On Jan 20
Chapter Nine

"It is okay to tell a white lie to protect a friend, lover or ally but also keep in mind that that lie might be the destruction of that relationship"


Late March




"Cheers to Mandy's Glam, I know it's going to be a success Mandy.  Everything you do is brilliant" Denola said proudly as he clinked his champagne flute with Amanda's.

Amanda grinned at him "I'm going to do everything to make it work, everything. I already have a list of clients and some competent staffs, I know that very soon I'll be able to pay back that loan" Amanda said taking a sip out of her drink.

Hakeem shook his head "Some months ago,  you two met right here.  Denola was heart broken and you were furious.  Look at you two now, best friends" he said with a small smile.

Amanda pinched Hakeem's cheeks playfully. "I'm glad I walked in here that night, fuming with rage and looking for the person in charge. To our friendship" Amanda lifted up her glass again.

Denola and Hakeem agreed and raised their glass. "How about your car,  did you manage to get a new one?" Hakeem asked curiously.

"I don't need a new car now, I don't even have a house of my own. I think it's best if I focus on my priorities first. One is to work harder so I can grow bigger, the second is to give Denola the money he loaned me with interest and the third is to get a new apartment, that's all for now. I can get another car sometime in the future" Amanda said.

"I love how you think, you're not like those empty brained girls that hang around me" Hakeem complimented.

Amanda chuckled along with Denola. "You know you don't have to get another apartment in a hurry, I enjoy having you around. I don't mind you staying for a few more years" Denola said.

Hakeem rolled his eyes at the two of them,  he still had doubts about their friendship. "He's just saying that because of your cooking skills, he brags about it all the time" Hakeem teased.

Denola laughed "I swear Hakeem you're something else, don't listen to him Mandy. He's insane" Denola said dropping his drink on the table.

Amanda nodded a little smile on her face. "Well, there is truth in his words. You brag about my cooking all the time" Amanda said.  Denola nodded in agreement as he watched her play with her hoops earrings.

She looked stunning as always, tonight her hair was up in a bun, her long creamy neck was in view. She was putting on a sunflower print chiffon blouse and blue jeans that did wonders for her curves.

The more he stared at her,  the more he wondered why there was no man in Amanda's life.  She was beautiful, brilliant , talented,  why was she still single?

They never talked about their love life, his was nonexistent and she was secretive. He could bet that she could be in a relationship and he would never know.

"Denola...are you listening?" Amanda asked pulling him back to the present. "I'm sorry I didn't get that last bit you said" Denola picked up his glass again and downed his drink.

"I said I'm not in a hurry to move out, I'm just bothered that soon you'll have a new miss and you'll need a lot of privacy" Amanda said watching him carefully.

She didn't want to admit it but she was curious, she wanted to know if he was seeing someone else.

"We'll cross that bridge when we get there, I'm going to go downstairs to get some chicken suya.  You want to come with?" Denola asked getting up.

"No, sorry.  My heels are killing me,  I'm going to wait here. Remember I don't like onions in my suya" Amanda said bringing out her phone from her clutch.

Denola turned to Hakeem. "You coming?" he asked. Hakeem smirked "So I'm the alternative right? Of course I'm not coming, I'm not your side chick" Hakeem teased.

Denola rolled his eyes "I swear you're so dramatic, I wonder how I put up with you.  Would you like some suya?" Denola asked.

Hakeem shook his head "I don't feel like having any meat tonight" Hakeem said. Denola nodded and left the room.

Amanda busied herself with her phone. "So Mandy, where are you from?" Hakeem asked.

"I'm from Anambra state" Amanda replied her eyes still stuck to her phone. "You moved to Lagos from Anambra?" he asked.

Amanda nodded "Yes, in search of greener pastures" Amanda said getting uncomfortable with the questions.

"Denola.....I've known him since I was eighteen. He's not really open to a lot of people" Hakeem said. Amanda set her phone aside and paid attention to what he had to say.

"If he lets you into his life, his home, his everything. He really cares about you" Hakeem said.

"I care about him too" Amanda smiled thinking of how much of a friend Denola had been to her.

"Don't hurt him, be real with him.  Don't be like that betraying bïtch who fücked him up" Hakeem said.

Amanda sighed "I'm not Teni and I'll never be Teni" Amanda said. Hakeem nodded "You're nothing like Teni, Teni's betrayal hurt him. Your secrets and your lies however will destroy him" Hakeem stood up.

Amanda looked at him surprised "What are you talking about?" Amanda asked.

"I know a woman who is hiding secrets when I see one, secrets begets lies, lies destroy everything" Hakeem said before he walked over to the bar.

Amanda looked down at her toes. He was right, this Amanda Arinze was built on so many lies. 

Those lies hid her ugly past,  she couldn't ever tell Denola the truth. He would never look at her the same again.

Denola walked in minutes later with two wraps of chicken suya. "Where is Hakeem?" he asked sitting beside Amanda.

Amanda faked a smile "I don't know, must have wandered over to one of his girls" she said.

Denola grinned "You know him too well already" He responded handing her a disposable fork.

"Can we leave now, I'm tired.  I'll eat the suya in the car" Amanda said. Denola nodded.

"Sure,  it's past eight already. I didn't want to say anything because you looked so happy. Congratulations bee" he said.

"You're welcome bug" Amanda grinned causing him to laugh.  "You're so cheeky, you're worse than Hakeem. I'll go look for Hakeem before we go" Denola taking her hand.

Amanda smiled when his hand touched hers,  she couldn't help the pinch of guilt she felt.

She wished she could be a better friend to Denola but she couldn't really, unless she opened up to him.


Re: Sweet Nothings by FortunateB(f): 1:36pm On Jan 20
Nice story. Amanda should please open up to Denola.

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Re: Sweet Nothings by skubido(m): 3:55pm On Jan 20
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OP tanks for the update.

Happy Sunday to you all

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