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Sweet And Secret Valentine By Rose Chibimobim Akpabio (seductive And Exciting) / The Sweet Taboo / "Sweet Pain" (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Sweet Nothings by Kaycee9242(m): 6:39pm On Jan 20
gianaa well done. Amanda u better open up before it becomes too late for you. women too like secrets

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Re: Sweet Nothings by LightQueen(f): 8:17pm On Jan 20
Well done Gianaaaa

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Re: Sweet Nothings by makuazini(m): 5:28am On Jan 21
dis story Just captured my heart... loving every bit of it

for some strange reasons, my favorite character seem to be no other person but Hakeem... d way he speaks and reacts to some situations makes me think we have so much in common

op you re doing a great job... keep it coming

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Re: Sweet Nothings by Giannaaaaaa: 11:11am On Jan 21
Chapter Ten

"If you don't recognize the offer on the table and claim it immediately, someone else will see the potential in the offer and seize it"


Early April

Victoria Island



"Mum, I'm not coming. I'm tired and I really don't want to socialize today" Denola complained as he entered the living room. Amanda looked up from the lifestyle magazine and saw that he was talking on phone.

'Denola! It's just ten o'clock in the morning. What's making you tired, were you out partying all night?' his mother asked suspiciously.

"You know I don't do that, I really don't want to come to the estate today" Denola said.

'You don't have a choice, it's a family dinner. Just your grandparents, your dad and your siblings. You must be here!' she said and ended the call.

Denola groaned annoyed and dropped the phone on a foot stool.  "My mum doesn't know when to give up I swear" he said.

"What's wrong?" Amanda asked concerned. Denola rolled his eyes.  "She's organizing a dinner and she wants me there" Denola said.

Amanda sat up.  "Looks like it's no longer a choice, you're going" Amanda said. Denola nodded before getting up again.

"Would you like to come with me,  I don't think I can do this on my own today.  Usually Teni and I go together" Denola said.

"I'm not Teni" Amanda said narrowing her eyes at him. "I know that, you're better than Teni. I want you there" Denola said.

Amanda sighed "I can't meet your family, what are we going to tell them. I'm the girl who is living with you, they'll think I'm another Teni" Amanda said.

"Come on, we'll tell them you're my best friend. We don't have to tell them we live together" Denola said.

"What if they hate me?  you said you have snobbish relatives" Amanda asked looking a little worried.

"They won't hate you,  look at you. You're smart, independent and you own your own brand.  Plus my mum is a good cook,  she'll want to show off her recipes. It won't be that bad, I promise" Denola said placing a hand on her shoulder.

Amanda rolled her eyes before agreeing. "Okay,  I'll go with you. What should I wear?" Amanda asked.

"Something nice" Denola responded before walking away. Amanda got out of the chair and followed him.


"Relax you look beautiful" Denola said wondering why Amanda was looking tensed.  She was perfect, there was absolutely nothing to worry about.

"This is a first for me Den, I'm not tensed......well I am but just a little" Amanda said straightening her kimono. She was wearing a black knee-length dress and an African prints kimono.  She'd opted for sandals rather than heels, she didn't want to fall over from nervousness.

Denola pinched her round cheeks playfully  "You're here for me not for them. If they don't like you,  that's okay. I like you." Denola said taking her hand. Amanda smiled feeling a little relaxed after his speech.

"Let's go before my mum comes out to ask why I'm stalling" Denola said leading her into the house.

Denola's family home was extravagantly designed. Expensive chandeliers were hanging everywhere, the marble tiles sparkled under the lights. Amanda looked around appreciating the decor,  she understood why Denola didn't want this extravagance in his home. His family home looked and felt more like a five star hotel then a family home.

"Wow..." Amanda gasped amazed when she saw an aquarium built like a wall in the living room. The multi colored fishes that danced in the water fascinated Amanda.

"Are you for real, there's a freaking aquarium in here" Amanda said walking over to the aquarium. Denola rolled his eyes "I know right, honestly I wonder why every time I come here.  Why the extravagance? we don't even host guests here" Denola said.

Amanda looked around "You don't host guests here?" Amanda asked. "No we don't,  remember that huge building we passed after we went through security checks at the gate?" Denola asked.

Amanda nodded remembering the magnificent building. "Well,  we call that one Mayfair palace. That's where we have guests, parties and every other function. We have only family dinners here" Denola explained.

Amanda looked awed "Oh my God, you must be swimming in money. How big is this place?" Amanda asked.

"So big, I think it should be named Mayfair community rather than estate" Denola said sarcastically.

"Brother Denola!" Amanda turned when she heard the squeal.  She saw a little boy run over to Denola and jumped excitedly.

"Aj" Denola lifted his little brother into his arms. "God, you're getting bigger. What is mum feeding you?" Denola asked curiously.

His little brother laughed "Lots of food, drinks and chocolates" He responded wrapping his arm around Denola's neck.

"I failed my maths test, daddy was not happy" Ajose whispered. Denola sighed hoping his father was not pressuring Ajose like he had been pressured as a child.

The kid deserved to enjoy his childhood. "I'm sure you'll get it right next time, you did good in English right?" Denola asked.

"Yes, in diction and spelling too!" Ajose responded excitedly. "In that case, you're due for a gift.  How about we go out together next weekend?" Denola said with a small grin.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" Ajose said excitedly. Amanda watched them with a small smile before turning to look at the aquarium again.

If only she'd had an elder brother like Denola.

"Well well well...look who decided to show up.  King Mayfair" Jadesola came into the sitting room.

Denola dropped Ajose carefully before turning to his sister. "So you got back from Sydney and you couldn't even come to my office to say hi?" Denola crossed his arms against his chest.

"I've been busy" Jadesola said eyeing Amanda suspiciously. Her brother had never been home with any other woman asides Teniola.

"Too busy for your own brother, wow.  Thanks for the love sis" Denola said arching a brow at his sister.

He knew she'd never admit she was in the wrong, Jadesola was as stubborn as a mule.

"I'm not the one who left his family" she said with a tiny smile. In that moment Amanda saw the resemblance between Denola and the petite girl  in the room.

"Jade, not tonight please" Denola sighed. Jadesola clicked her tongue "Where is mum?" Denola asked.

"She's where she is" Jadesola said.  Her eyes settled on Amanda like a hawk. Amanda smiled at her but Jadesola glared.

"I'm going to go get mum, Aj come on" Denola said . He turned to Amanda who was looking very uncomfortable. "I'll be right back okay?" he said.

Amanda nodded and sat down on a plush cushion. Denola left the room with his little brother while Jadesola stayed put.

"Hi, Jadesola right? Denola talks about you a lot" Amanda smiled at Jadesola. When Denola spoke of his sister, she imagined her as another version of Denola.  Calm,  level headed and composed.

Jadesola was nothing like her brother, she was beautiful, wild and had a daring look in her eyes as if she was waiting for a fight.  Her chocolate skin was designed with lots of tattoos, there were piercings on her lips, eyebrows, nose and several on both ears.

Amanda wondered if she had more, her eyes took in Jadesola's wild red hair and also wondered what her parents thought about it. Denola always talked about how strict his parents were.

"Are you done looking?" Jadesola asked irritated. Amanda flushed a little embarrassed "I'm sorry" she muttered. "You have interesting tattoos" Amanda complimented.

"Fück you" Jadesola hissed. "What are you doing here, who the hell are you, are you a work thing or another gold digger?" Jadesola asked rudely.

Amanda looked at the rude girl perplexed. "Look I don't know what the hell is wrong with you or what I did to you but could you please behave, for the sake of your brother. I don't want problems" Amanda said.

Jadesola scoffed "You don't know your place, you're just another bïtch.  A gold digging whörë. Glad to see my brother's taste hasn't changed" Jadesola said and left the living room.

Amanda gasped, she felt a sting in her chest.  It was anger, anger that everybody assumed she was out to hurt Denola.

She couldn't take it anymore, she wouldn't take it anymore. She was going to leave him, leave his house, she had to.

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Re: Sweet Nothings by izaray(f): 11:27am On Jan 21
Thanks for the update

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Re: Sweet Nothings by Ann2012(f): 11:48am On Jan 21
Jadesola went too far

Thanks for the update

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Re: Sweet Nothings by LightQueen(f): 12:04pm On Jan 21
Haba sister grin

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Re: Sweet Nothings by Eberechi24(f): 1:52pm On Jan 21
Jade is rude, I don't like her.

am so much interested to know what's behind Mandy's secret

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Re: Sweet Nothings by KimberlyWest(f): 2:21pm On Jan 21
This Sola of a girl is just too rude for my liking. angry

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Re: Sweet Nothings by BIGGIE121(m): 9:06am On Jan 22
Hmnmm- the more the update the more my affection grows for this story....good work gianaaaaaa

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Re: Sweet Nothings by Giannaaaaaa: 11:30am On Jan 22
Chapter Eleven

"Sometimes all you need is a little push for you to realize that you want more than friendship from a friend"


Mayfair Estate



Amanda's eyes were stormy when he got back to the living room, Denola knew immediately that his sister must have spat her usual venom.

"Hey, you okay?" Denola asked concerned. Amanda sighed "I shouldn't have come here" she said rubbing her arms.

"I'm sorry, just an hour okay. One hour and I'll take you home" Denola said trying to reassure her. Amanda nodded and tried to ignore the sour feeling in her belly.

Denola's mother surfaced minutes later, there was a haughty look on her face as her eyes perused Amanda.

"I didn't know you were bringing a guest son" Atalia Mayfair said haughtily.

Amanda's stiffened at the tone before forcing a smile on her face. "Hello Mrs Mayfair, it's nice to meet you" Amanda said politely. Atalia Mayfair walked over to her and sized her again with her eyes.

"And you are?" She asked. "I'm Amanda Arinze, I hope I'm not intruding. Denola did mention it's a family dinner" Amanda said quickly.

Denola walked over to them to control the situation, his family could be very intimidating. It annoyed him the way they looked down on other people.

"Amanda here is my best friend, I invited her because I needed company. We won't be staying for long, I don't want Amanda out late" Denola said taking Amanda's hand. 

His mother eyed the gesture disapprovingly. "Very well Denola, Shall we move to the dining room then?" Atalia Mayfair asked.

Amanda nodded and looked to Denola who  was smiling comfortingly.  Denola led Amanda to the dining room and pulled out a seat for her.

The dining room was another massive and elegant room in the house, not as elegant as the living room but it was luxurious.

"You sure you don't host guests here?" Amanda teased nervously as she sat down.

Denola rested his hands on her shoulders. "I'll be right back, I have to go to my grand parents home. I'm bringing them over for dinner. As for my sister and my parents ignore whatever they say to you,  I know my family.  They are hard to put up with but please....don't take whatever they say to heart" Denola said pleaded.

Amanda nodded, it couldn't be that bad right"One hour right?" she asked.

"One hour" Denola repeated.

"Okay, I can endure for one hour" She said.

"Alright, I'll be back in a few minutes" Denola said leaving the dining room.

Jadesola and Ajose walked into the dining room immediately after Denola's departure.  Amanda ignored the rude Mayfair princess and focused on Ajose.

"You can't sit there, we have an arrangement. It's very impolite and unethical to mess up sitting arrangements at a dinner." Atalia Mayfair said icily.

Amanda stood up abruptly, she had no idea  Atalia Mayfair was still in the dining room. "I'm sorry, I had no idea" Amanda said apologetically.

"Of course, I didn't expect you to know that. There are rules guiding socialites but you wouldn't know them unless you frequent dinners like this, you're not used to formal arrangements are you?  You look like a fish out of the water" Atalia Mayfair said.

Amanda sighed and stepped aside as Atalia Mayfair walked over to her previous position. "My father in law sits at the head of the table, his wife sits beside him at his right hand. My husband sits at the left hand, I sit beside my husband. Denola right opposite me, his sister beside him and his little brother opposite her. That places you beside little Ajose, ruining the entire arrangement" Mrs Mayfair said.

"I understand...Denola shouldn't have brought me. It's a family dinner, I totally get it.  I wouldn't have come if I'd known....." Amanda was rambling when Atalia Mayfair cut her off.

"Who are you and what are you doing here?" she asked. "I'm a friend of your son....he invited me" Amanda stated.

"Why, Amanda Arinze of who, where and what?" Atalia Mayfair quizzed.

Amanda shifted a little, she felt as if she was under attack. First the daughter, and now the mother .

"We the Mayfairs pride ourselves with associating with people of importance and value in the society. People wielding power,  wealth and influence. Where do you fit in?" Atalia Mayfair asked.

Amanda remained silent. Why had she come with Denola anyway? She should have stayed in his house, in her comfort zone.

Right now she felt like shark bait, who else was going to attack her tonight? The father, grandma and grandpa?

"My son loved and lived with a gold digging, scheming woman for years.  He got out of that mistake and I'm not about to let him get into another one.  I know your type Amanda Arinze, I know how to ruin your type. You better just be friends, I will never accept anything more" Atalia Mayfair said meeting Amanda's eyes.

Amanda saw the threat and backed away. "I'm sorry I almost ruined dinner" she said walking out of the dining room. She couldn't take it anymore, she'd promised Denola that she would endure but it was obvious that she wasn't wanted here. Why stay then?

Jadesola turned to her mother "You should have left me handle her. Good riddance, seriously....where does Denola pick such low standard girls?" She scoffed taking a seat.

"I don't know, I think it's time for Denola to settle down. He needs to go for women like Yvonne the minister's daughter or Princess Joke.  I would prefer if he married into the Oba's family" Atalia Mayfair said with a proud smile. Joke was a beautiful and influential young lady with royalty in her veins, what more could Denola want?

She turned to Little Ajose who was playing with his cutlery.  "Ajose! You better beon your best behavior tonight or you'll be grounded. Drop that now!" she scolded.

"Yes mum" he said dropping the dessert spoon immediately. Atalia Mayfair nodded approvingly and squared her shoulders as she waited for her husband and her in laws.


"Where's Amanda?" Denola asked the minute he got back. His grandfather walked into the sitting room and took his seat.  "Sit down boy" he instructed harshly.

Denola sighed before sitting, his grandmother fondly known as Dame Mayfair sent him a warm smile. Denola smiled at her,  she was the only one who made him feel better.

"Amanda Arinze is gone, I'd advise you to stop seeing her and focus on work and scoring a heiress for a wife. You have to carry on the Mayfair legacy, with Teniola out of the picture, you should settle with Joke Adeleke" Atalia Mayfair said not mincing words.

"What do you mean Amanda is gone,  did you kick my friend out of the house?" Denola asked outraged.

His grandfather cleared his throat. "What's going on here?" he asked getting irritated.

"Denola brought  one of his tramps to the house" Jadesola sneered.

Dame Mayfair turned to her grand daughter with a small frown "Watch your mouth young lady, don't speak about your older brother that way. By the way,  what are you wearing?" she cocked a brow at the strapless dress Jadesola was wearing.

"Versace" Jadesola answered clicking her tongue disrespectfully. Her father shot her a glare that put her in her place immediately.

"Who is Amanda Arinze and why is she the topic of discussion at our family dinner?" Mr Mayfair senior asked.

Denola sighed "Amanda is not just a friend, she's important to me.  I love her and if you can't respect that....then I don't even know what I'm doing here" Denola said getting up.

"Young man,  you better sit down" His grandfather said sternly.

"Goodnight" Denola said leaving the dining room. He was done being a puppet for his family, he was done with their bullśhit.

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Re: Sweet Nothings by Nelsizzy(m): 1:25pm On Jan 22
What a climax

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Re: Sweet Nothings by Lilly4endu: 1:30pm On Jan 22
Rich family and their wahala. Well done Giannaaaaaa


Re: Sweet Nothings by skubido(m): 1:33pm On Jan 22
Rich family for you.

Tanks for the update

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Re: Sweet Nothings by Control94: 1:39pm On Jan 22
I like d Denola character matured and thinks like a normal well to do kid not a spoilt rich brat. Let see if he can maintain d status quo because it is going to be a long trip. Tanks for d update

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Re: Sweet Nothings by Ann2012(f): 2:05pm On Jan 22
I can't imagine how Amanda will feel

Thanks for the update

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Re: Sweet Nothings by BIGGIE121(m): 2:13pm On Jan 22
HmnnnNawa for all this rich people self"Amanda dont take it to the heart"

thanks for the update op

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Re: Sweet Nothings by LightQueen(f): 2:39pm On Jan 22
Nice one

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Re: Sweet Nothings by labelle123(f): 4:51pm On Jan 22
Rich family for you.

Tanks for the update
. Na so their problem three much

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Re: Sweet Nothings by Happiness98: 5:56pm On Jan 22
AM still wondring how she wil put up wit dem later...mama G plenty love

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Re: Sweet Nothings by Johilo(m): 2:27pm On Jan 23
Nice one.... I really like dis story but please can u help me wit d link to burned..... I missed d ending..... Please help me out


Re: Sweet Nothings by perfect25: 2:47pm On Jan 23
nyc story keep it up ... bt i want to knw wat's behind mandy's secret

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Re: Sweet Nothings by Giannaaaaaa: 3:23pm On Jan 23
Chapter Twelve

"Love that sprouts from chaotic and destructive situations is tough against storms and can withstand trials"



Amanda was almost out of the Mayfair estate when Denola caught up with her.  He parked his car and got out of the car. He walked over to her in quick strides and took her hand.

He looked at her face and saw that her eyes were upset but there were no tears. "You should have waited for me" He said.

"I couldn't, your mum and your sister....." she began but was cut off by Denola.  "Forget about them,  I don't care what they think or say about you" He stated pointedly.

"Denola your family hates me,  I'm not comfortable with that. I think I should move out, I think it's better that way" Amanda said wrapping her arm around herself.

"My family is a bunch of snobbish elites with sticks up their äss.  Ignore them,  if it makes you feel better....they treated Teni way worse" Denola sighed.

Amanda shook her head a little, she couldn't believe Denola was a part of them. He was so unlike his family,  his rude sister especially.

"Stay with me?" Denola asked looking at her intently. "We're friends, friends are expected to stick with each other in situations like this" Denola said.

Amanda nodded "I know, but please don't ever ask me to come here or meet with them ever again because I will not" Amanda said.

Denola nodded "Whatever you want" He agreed before leading her back to the car.

He was disappointed at his family but he was already used to their behavior, he was also angry that they almost managed to chase and scare Amanda away.

They were more concerned about their reputation than his happiness, he hated them for that.


"Jadesola was extremely rude to her elder brother, and to me.  She has to apologize to her brother, we don't raise spoiled brats in this house"  Dame Mayfair said eyeing the insolent girl.

Akintade Mayfair rolled his eyes and turned to his daughter. "You heard your grandmother girl, apologize!" he said sternly.

Jadesola turned to her grandmother reluctantly. "I see no wrong in what I did,  if you want an apology then fine....I'm sorry.  It's not my fault I was trying to talk sense into my brother, it's also not my fault that he brought a trashy gold digger to the house that ruined dinner" Jadesola said rudely.

Atalia Mayfair sipped her steaming mug of coffee, she couldn't help but agree with Jadesola.  Dinner would have gone well if Denola hadn't brought that girl to dinner. It was the girl's fault.

"If you weren't an adult, I'd have flogged you this instant. You silly girl,  you have no right to dictate to your brother, you have no say in who he brings home, you have no say in his relationships. Denola is your senior and you must respect him,  I will not tolerate disobedience and disrespect. You will apologize to that girl and your brother also or you can forget about going on any sponsored vacation!" Dame Mayfair said strongly.

"Dame, you're being too hard on Jade. Why don't we forget about Jade's mistake and discuss Denola's problem with picking the wrong women every time. I think it's high time we fixed Denola up with a girl that befits our status" Atalia Mayfair said.

Dame Mayfair glared at her "He's a man, he's no longer a little boy. Let Denola make his own decisions" She said.

Akintade Mayfair cleared his throat "Mother we all know how that turned out. He ended up with a low classed gold digging scum" His father said. Atalia Mayfair nodded in agreement.

"And that girl he came home with last night is no better. She's way worse, she's also ill bred. Imagine how she walked out of the house after I've managed to fix her into the dinner arrangement" Atalia Mayfair said with a scowl.

Dame Mayfair mentally scoffed, she'd never been fond of her son's wife.  "Atalia you do realize that a mother shouldn't be in the way of her son's happiness" She said.

Atalia Mayfair shook her head slowly. "I only want what's best for him,  don't you think I should have a say in the affairs of my son, I should have my opinion about the woman he takes to the altar" Atalia Mayfair said.

Dame Mayfair smiled a little "If I had my way,  my son wouldn't have married you. I kept out of his business, I think you should also keep out of Denola's business" The Dame said.

Atalia Mayfair stood up immediately "Your son wouldn't have met a better match,  he married the right woman. The Mayfair should be grateful for my presence in this home" She said before walking out of the lounge.

Akintade Mayfair groaned "Mother did you have to say that to Atalia. You know how she is" He said.

Dame Mayfair hissed "I speak only the truth, Atalia is the reason why your first and second daughter stayed away from the Mayfair estate after marriage. She's doing the same thing with Denola, you better talk to your wife" Dame Mayfair said getting up.

She turned to her grand daughter and fixed her a look of disappointment.  "And you,  worry about yourself before you take on your brother's business. You're twenty two already, a graduate, what have you achieved? All you do is spend the money your brother works hard to keep in the family. Ungrateful little brat, you better keep this one on a tight leash" she said to her son before exiting the lounge.

Akintade turned to his daughter "Your behavior was disgraceful, I didn't raise you to be such a disrespectful girl. Why did you speak to your grand mother that way?" He asked angrily.

Jadesola rolled her eyes "God....gimme a break in this house! Why won't you acknowledge the fact that grandma is always sticking her nose in everyone's business. She's old already, she needs to take a break!" Jadesola said stubbornly.

Akintade scoffed "Everyone keeps talking about Denola getting married, I think it's you who should get married and leave this house" He said furiously before leaving the lounge.

Jadesola growled "Everyone in this house is high on cheap drugs" Jadesola said angrily. She wasn't just angry, she was beyond mad. She detested the way her grandmother and father spoke to her, like she was a little girl all over again.

It was all that silly girl's fault, Amanda Arinze.....she was going to destroy that girl and everything she owned.


Re: Sweet Nothings by Eberechi24(f): 3:31pm On Jan 23
Perfect!! I like the fixture on That jade grin

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Re: Sweet Nothings by izaray(f): 3:41pm On Jan 23
Jadesola's busy body is getting out of hand already, even though she is trying to protect her brother from making same mistake

Thanks for the update ma"am


Re: Sweet Nothings by LightQueen(f): 4:03pm On Jan 23
Thanks for the update

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Re: Sweet Nothings by Ann2012(f): 6:05pm On Jan 23
Thanks for the update

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Re: Sweet Nothings by perfect25: 6:30pm On Jan 23
nyc update

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Re: Sweet Nothings by perfect25: 6:34pm On Jan 23
Jadesola's busy body is getting out of hand already, even though she is trying to protect her brother from making same mistake

Thanks for the update ma"am

And definitely might land her into a bigger trouble

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Re: Sweet Nothings by BIGGIE121(m): 11:19pm On Jan 23
Jadesola gbe body eeh olofo

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Re: Sweet Nothings by Kaycee9242(m): 6:16am On Jan 24
with all these their richness yet there is no peace in their home. jade or whatever is her name should just park well before I change am for am. op u are really doing a great job keep it up

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Re: Sweet Nothings by izaray(f): 9:29am On Jan 24

And definitely might land her into a bigger trouble
I'm telling you.

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