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Sweet And Secret Valentine By Rose Chibimobim Akpabio (seductive And Exciting) / The Sweet Taboo / "Sweet Pain" (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Sweet Nothings by Giannaaaaaa: 11:37am On Jan 24
Chapter Thirteen

"Jealousy and Envy makes people hell bent on destroying the happiness of others"




Mid April.


Jadesola walked into the VIP section with one sole intention, to find an ally.  She knew she could trust Hakeem,  he was the one friend who cared about Denola and she knew she couldn't count on him.

As usual Hakeem was found in the midst of 'gold digging desperate women' as Jadesola always addressed them, all of the women were clawing for his attention as expected. How else were they going to get money from him?

"Ahem! " she cleared her throat to get his attention.

Hakeem looked up and saw the look of disgust on the wild red head.  "Jadesola" he sat up immediately eyeing her appearance. She was putting on a skimpy white dress that revealed more than it concealed, her outfit was paired with her signature killer heels. Jadesola had not changed one bit, well asides the new tattoos that were decorating her skin, she kept adding more to her collection.

"Miss me?" she asked kicking his legs.

Hakeem turned to the woman beside him. "Take your friends downstairs, I'll come get you in a few minutes" He instructed.

"Alright sugar" The woman said kissing his lips lightly. She glared at Jadesola for ruining her fun before getting up, her friends followed her lead and left the duo alone.

"I see you haven't stopped slaying slüts,  nothing has changed" she said sitting beside him.

Hakeem frowned "And how many times will I tell you to stop coming here you crazy girl?" Hakeem asked. He hated dealing with Jadesola. She was the mischievous, cunning girl who had gotten him in trouble with the Mayfair plenty of times.

The last time she'd visited his club, she'd overdosed on hard substance with her friends in the bathroom, her mother Atalia Mayfair had blamed him for it.

"So are you going to kick me out then?" Jadesola asked.  "No I won't, but you need to leave" Hakeem said sternly.

"Look I could have gone to any other bar to get my fix, I didn't come here for that. I came for you"Jadesola said batting her fake lashes at him.

Hakeem rolled her eyes, he was aware that Jadesola had been crushing on him big time before she left for college but he'd made it known to her that he wouldn't see her as anything other than a little sister.

He wasn't surprise that she wasn't ready to give up on him despite his marital status.

"I'm not sleeping with you Jade, I'm not interested" Hakeem stated. 

Jadesola laughed mockingly "Please, I'm so over you. Besides I know you're married to a nun, I don't go after men with baggage" Jadesola mocked Hakeem.

"What do you want then?" Hakeem asked getting slightly annoyed. Jadesola smirked "Amanda Arinze, ring a bell?"Jadesola asked.

Hakeem shook his head, he wasn't about to go into Denola's business with his crazy little sister.

"Come on, you know I'm concerned about Denola. I know he has brought her here,  he likes showing off his new toys" Jadesola hissed.

Hakeem shook his head at the venom leaving her lips.  "Amanda is Denola's friend, you should respect that. Stop being a bïtch" Hakeem said.

"Listen to me Hakeem if you love my brother you'll support me and get that trashy girl out of his life. She's a gold digger, she's a bîtch,  I don't trust her and I want her gone" Jadesola said.

Hakeem shook his head "Amanda is a nice girl, don't play games with her. Your brother cares a lot about her" Hakeem warned.

"Hakeem he doesn't just care about her, he loves her.  I don't trust her, would you want him to get hurt again?" Jadesola asked.

"No, but it doesn't matter. Amanda is safe, she won't hurt him. Denola is happy that's all that matters" Hakeem said.

"I couldn't find any record of an Amanda Arinze, I hired a detective to track her movements and some other things. Amanda Arinze doesn't exist. Doesn't that tell you something?" Jadesola asked.

"You're having her followed, you investigated her privately, are you nuts? Jade, should your brother find out...." Hakeem began when Jadesola cut him off. 

"He won't, this is our secret right?" Jadesola said looking him square in the eyes.

"I want to know everything about the stranger hanging around my brother and I need your help" Jadesola said her eyes not leaving his for a second.

Hakeem sighed, he didn't want to get into his friend's business but he was really concerned about Denola. Who exactly was Amanda Arinze?


It was Amanda who answered the door, her smile fell when she saw Jadesola.  "So you live here, interesting. What else should I expect?" Jadesola asked taking in the casual outfit she was wearing, Denola's hoodie and baggy shorts.

"Denola is out, you should come back later"  Amanda said. "Actually since you're here, there's something I should tell you. I've been wanting to see you. " Jadesola said.

"You've been wanting to see me, why?" Amanda asked  trying to keep her annoyance in check.  She didn't want to offend Denola by insulting or worse attacking his little sister.

"We started on a wrong note, I didn't come to apologize. I just want to say that there's a possibility that I was wrong about you" Jadesola said.

Amanda cocked a brow at her. "Which part, the part about me being a slut or a gold digger?" Amanda asked.

Jadesola sighed "Well you don't look like a slut and you own your own business so you're probably not a gold digger" Jadesola smirked.

Amanda scoffed in disbelief, the nerve of this brat, she thought to herself.

"Fine, are you leaving now?" Amanda asked impatiently.

"Wow... kicking me out of my brother's house, already the woman of the house I see" Jadesola rolled her eyes.

"I'm not kicking you out!" Amanda snapped.  "What are you doing then?" Jadesola asked.

"I'm done listening to you, look I've had a shïtty day and I just want to go to bed now" Amanda said.

"Listen to me, my parents hate you. They won't ever like you, you can keep up this 'I don't care' personality but I know that you actually do care. And trust me, you don't want all the Mayfairs angry and mad at you at the same time. That never ends well." Jadesola said.

"You're suggesting that we should be friends?" Amanda asked.

Jadesola made a face "Now why would I be friends with you? I don't even like you. Let's be Frenemies" Jadesola asked.

"Frenemies?" Amanda asked in disbelief.

Jadesola smirked "Unless you'd rather remain an enemy" Jadesola said.

"I don't trust you, you called me names while I was being nice to you" Amanda stated.

Jadesola rolled her eyes "I don't trust you too,  guess we have something in common then. I'll see you some other time, tell my brother I visited" Jadesola said.

Amanda sighed "Denola is my best friend and I care about him.  I don't care what you think, and by the way you have an attitude problem" Amanda hissed.

Jadesola faked a smile "So I've been told" she said before walking away. Amanda gaped at her in disbelief.

How was Denola related to this girl, Amanda glared at her before going back into the house, Denola's sister was a big bîtch but she knew how to handle crazy girls like that.

She too had lived with a lot of crazy people.


Re: Sweet Nothings by izaray(f): 11:54am On Jan 24
Thanks for the update

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Re: Sweet Nothings by LightQueen(f): 12:00pm On Jan 24
Hmmm finally finally they go destroy or kill amanda lipsrsealed

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Re: Sweet Nothings by perfect25: 12:24pm On Jan 24
Amanda better act strong if not she will be at the losing end thanks for d update

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Re: Sweet Nothings by Ann2012(f): 1:00pm On Jan 24
Jadesola ehnnnn

Thanks for the update

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Re: Sweet Nothings by Giannaaaaaa: 1:38pm On Jan 25
Chapter Fourteen

"The heart wants what it wants but the heart isn't the only organ in the body. The head often makes decisions for the rest"


Mayfair Towers


Late April.


'Boss, Atalia Mayfair is here to see you' his secretary said over the phone. "Why didn't you tell her I wasn't around, I said I didn't want to see anyone today" Denola complained.

'I'm sorry boss, I didn't think it applied to your mother....' His secretary was saying when the double doors flew open.  Atalia Mayfair had an angry expression on her face when she saw him.

"Denola David Mayfair, do you have no respect for me anymore?!" She yelled as she came into the office. Denola mentally groaned wishing he'd left the office earlier.

"Good afternoon mother" Denola faked a smile in her direction. "I've been ringing you all morning and you didn't even have the decency to call me back, what nonsense! I raised you better than that" Atalia Mayfair continued furiously.

"Mum,  I've been busy. I was going to return your calls after work" Denola said trying to pacify her.

"You should have sent a message instead! I've taught you these things, I suppose hanging out with that uncultured girl has blown everything to the wind" Atalia Mayfair sneered before sitting on a plush cushion opposite him.

Denola rolled his eyes "Not again mother please" Denola begged. Atalia Mayfair rolled her eyes.  "Jadesola told me she lives with you, isn't it wrong for a single woman to live with a single man who has no intentions of marrying her in the same house. I said it,  that girl is ill bred" Atalia continued.

Denola sucked in a breath, ever since his sister returned, she'd made herself a thorn on his side. His mother on the other hand had also been a bother ever since he went to the Mayfair estate with Amanda.

"Mum...stop.  I don't have the strength to deal with this, I'm working" Denola complained.

"Oh so now you don't have time for your mother but you have the time to take that girl to work every morning" Atalia huffed.

Denola frowned now.  "Are you having me followed mum?" Denola asked angrily.

"I have eyes and ears all over Lagos, I was told that you've been driving that girl all over town like a common cab driver. How could you?!" Atalia asked equally angrily.

"Whatever I do is my business mum, I'm a grown man" Denola said eyeing her. "A grown man! So you think you're free to act anyhow at the detriment of the Mayfair reputation. It's not just your business Denola, it's our business" Atalia said.

Denola groaned.  "Mum, why are you here?" Denola asked.

"I want you to stop seeing that girl,  I want her to move out of your house.  Son, she will ruin your life. I know her type,  I told you the exact same thing about Teniola. You refused to listen, now look where that  landed you!" Atalia yelled.

"You need to trust your mother's judgement. Amanda is no good for you, listen to me you stubborn boy" Atalia continued.

"Who is good then? Joke the spoilt brat of the Oba or What's her face the minister's daughter who doesn't even know the difference between a continent and a country. You want me hanging around those kind of women?" Denola asked furiously.

"Joke is not a spoiled brat. Watch your tongue son, she's a princess. A woman like Joke will take the Mayfair empire very far, with her father's connection and power and our wealth, we'll be an unstoppable force in Lagos. Would you throw that away for a common girl?" Atalia Mayfair asked.

"I love Amanda, she's not just my friend. She's someone I want in my future. Amanda is not a gold digger, she's independent. She's not royalty but she's a very noble woman. She's loyal,  she's strong, she's industrious, she's intelligent. She's everything a real woman should be, she's everything I want" Denola said.

"Your grandfather has decided that you should be with Joke, would you defy him?" Atalia asked almost gently.

"Grandfather shouldn't have a say in my relationships, I run his business. That's all he should be concerned about" Denola said.

Atalia Mayfair smiled, "Since you've refused to do the right thing, as your family....we'll take matters into our own hands" Atalia said before getting up.

"What do you mean?" Denola asked confused. "You'll see,  you know better than to go against rules" Atalia said before walking away.

Denola sighed, he couldn't help but feel like he'd made everything worse.


"I'd like us to expand, I think we should take contracts outside Lagos. Well for now we should cover only the western states around us" Amanda said to her assistant.

"Going interstate, will cost more money. We'll have to hire more employees, get new vans and a lot of other things. I don't think we're ready for that,  we'll be losing a lot of money because we'll be spending a lot" Mercie her assistant said.

"Mercie to get money you have to spend money, remember the parable of the  talents, what happened to the servant who did nothing with his.  The same applies to business, you have to give it up in order to progress. In business we won't always win,  we'll lose sometimes. Let's do some promotion to get more clients, hire about three more workers and a new van" Amanda suggested.

"If at the end of the day we get nothing out of this, we'll be putting a huge dent in our finance. How will you pay the workers, pay back the loan and meet up with other demands?" Mercie asked.

"Stop being pessimistic Mercie" Amanda frowned. "I'm being realistic baby" Mercie grinned right before Toyin the receptionist ran into the office.

"Toyin, slow down. What's the matter, most importantly who is chasing you?" Amanda asked  alarmed.

"Boss some street guys are having a riot right outside. They're requesting for you,  they've destroyed a few vans at the garage. They broke the windows and deflated the tyres" Toyin panicked.

Amanda and Mercy rushed out immediately. The men had removed the tyres from the vans and they were making a fire right in the office compound.  Amanda looked around and saw that the security guard was already bruised up and lying almost lifeless on the ground.

"What's going on here?" Amanda asked authoritatively.  "Na you be the madam for here?" One of the men growled at her.

"Yes..." Amanda shivered a little as the ferocious man towered over her.

"Na our territory be dis, any fück up I go end your hustle.  Anything I say make you do, you no gree, I go finish you" he threatened crudely.

Amanda looked at Mercie confused. "Did we offend you,  what's the cause of this...today?" Amanda asked. The man shoved her backward violently.

"I dey watch you, make you no dey form oga for anoda man land" He hissed before turning to his goons.

"Scatter this place!" he shouted. His goons complied immediately entering into the building. Minutes later they came out and walked over to their boss. 

Some were holding furnitures, they'd all taken bits and bits out of the building. "I give you one week to pack commot from our territory or I go pack you myself!" the crude man spat in her direction before walking away.

Mercie gasped as she took in the damages, she turned to Amanda who looked near to tears. "Everything I've worked for..." she kept on muttering as she looked around.

"Mercie... Please take victor to the hospital. Foot the bills and see that he gets immediate treatment, Toyin see if you can salvage anything from the damage.  Call the rest of our staffs and tell them to take a week off from work.  I'll head to the police station, I need to report this" Amanda said.

"Are you sure you'll be fine on your own?" Toyin asked. "What if those men are out there, I'm scared" She whispered.

"If they come back, lock yourself in and do not open the door for any reason" Amanda said. Toyin nodded.

Amanda looked around, her shoulders dropped. Where was she going to start from again? Everytime she succeeded, she got kicked to the ground again.

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Re: Sweet Nothings by izaray(f): 2:03pm On Jan 25
Thanks for the update sis

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Re: Sweet Nothings by aprilwise(m): 3:26pm On Jan 25
Atalia Mayweather oh sorry I meant Mayfair she is desperate, wicked and selfish. Thanks for the update


Re: Sweet Nothings by Ann2012(f): 4:26pm On Jan 25
Guess it's the handwork of Atalia or Jadesola
Thanks for the update

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Re: Sweet Nothings by skubido(m): 4:34pm On Jan 25
Mayfair @work,

OP tanks for the update

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Re: Sweet Nothings by victoria2000(f): 5:31pm On Jan 25
Giana...this is great,beside this is your first story i'll be reading,ride on..kudos.
Please how can i get to read your other stories?

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Re: Sweet Nothings by LightQueen(f): 6:03pm On Jan 25
Thanks for the update

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Re: Sweet Nothings by Kaycee9242(m): 7:41pm On Jan 25
chai I really feel for Amanda, Mayfair family didn't try at all. giannnna u too much dear

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Re: Sweet Nothings by gal10(f): 11:49pm On Jan 25

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Re: Sweet Nothings by JoyNgofaa1(f): 2:02am On Jan 26
Is Sarah the woman of Tayo's dreams? Is their union bound to last?  Find out in our new series. S. A. R. A. H.

The story.
As a teen, 18 actually, that's pretty much still teenage, I used to think a lot about my to-be wife.
I thought a lot about sex too, but, that's pretty much normal for a teenager. My to-be wife was an obsession. I'd imagine how we'd meet, where we'd meet, what she'd be like. My fantasies usually had her chocolate skinned, trim, pretty and smart.
I hardly ever thought about us making love. Those fantasies were usually of other women, random women....
Click the link below to continue reading

Re: Sweet Nothings by Eberechi24(f): 11:49am On Jan 26
Mayfair- Fair whether family. angry

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Re: Sweet Nothings by JoyNgofaa1(f): 5:05pm On Jan 26
Tayo finally meets Sarah, and now they are married.. Then tragedy strikes...
Click the link below to read Sarah Part 2.


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Re: Sweet Nothings by KimberlyWest(f): 6:01pm On Jan 26
Tayo finally meets Sarah, and now they are married.. Then tragedy strikes...
Click the link below to read Sarah Part 2.


You're derailing somebody's thread.
I'm sorry but that's not how it's done here. You have to create your own thread.
Re: Sweet Nothings by goldwaters(f): 7:24am On Jan 28
Tayo finally meets Sarah, and now they are married.. Then tragedy strikes...
Click the link below to read Sarah Part 2.

On someone else's thread??
part 1 and part 2 on another person's work?
Please carry yourself from here.
Re: Sweet Nothings by Asemark: 11:21am On Jan 28

You're derailing somebody's thread.
I'm sorry but that's not how it's done here. You have to create your own thread.
Just sent you a mail i will be happy if u can reply me
Re: Sweet Nothings by KimberlyWest(f): 11:38am On Jan 28

Just sent you a mail i will be happy if u can reply me

Good morning dear. Just checked my mail box and there's nothing there.
Re: Sweet Nothings by Giannaaaaaa: 11:47am On Jan 28
Chapter fifteen.

"It takes a lot of endurance and patience to endure the test of the world against love"



Denola parked his car hastily and got out of the car, he rushed into the police station and found Amanda by the counter. There was an officer attending to her.

"Good day officer" Denola acknowledged the man before turning to her.  "What's going on mands?" he asked concerned. Amanda turned to him tiredly.

"I don't know, we were attacked by thugs at the office, they just came in and destroyed a lot of our properties, the security guard is at the hospital, he was attacked" Amanda explained.

Denola sighed, he felt a tinge of guilt.  Could his mother be behind this?" he wondered. He didn't want to believe it but her threat the other day at his office had been very clear.

Would his mother really go to such extent to get Amanda out of his life?

Denola sighed and turned to the officer. "What's the next step officer? I think you should issue out a warning. I mean you officers must be familiar with these men.  They are street thugs after all and they are in your vicinity" Denola said.

The officer looked at him sourly.  "We don't have the resources at the moment to take on cases like this. Was it a robbery?" He asked.

Amanda shook her head "Not really but they attacked us,  vandalised our properties, took some with them and threatened us.  Isn't that enough to take action?" Amanda asked getting upset.

"Was anyone murdered?" the officer asked.

Amanda looked at him in disbelief. "My security guard was beaten, or you want him to be murdered before you take action?" Amanda yelled provoking the officer.

"Madam I suggest you watch your tone before you end up being locked away" He warned.

Denola intervened immediately "Let me handle this Mandy" he said calmly before turning to the officer.

"Officer, this is a case of terrorism and vandalism and they equally stole from her. It requires a lot of attention, eventually those thugs will come back and they will definitely do worse. Let's not wait for a murder case before we attend to this matter" Denola said pleading with the officer.

"We have a duty here, we have other cases we are handling at the moment.  We can't start playing cat and mouse games with street boys. They were just exercising their power as usual.  Consider yourself lucky that it wasn't worse.  It would be best if you stay away from them" The officer warned.

Amanda shook her head in anger "Stay away from them?  I was on my own, they came to me.  They attacked me and you aren't going to do anything about it. It's your duty to protect us, to maintain order in the society. If you can't do that then why are you in the office?" Amanda said angrily.

The officer turned to Denola. "Warn your woman, anymore insult from her and I'll lock her here and I won't release her till morning" the officer threatened.

Denola sighed "Is there really nothing you can do to help us?" Denola asked.

"We can help you only if you are able to provide their names, identity and location. That's the only way we'll be able to help you. Without that, we would be chasing in vain" The officer said.

Denola sighed and nodded. He knew one couldn't rely on the police force for these things. It was rare to find an officer dedicated enough to want to defend a citizen.

"Mandy let's go,  we'll handle this someway" Denola said taking Amanda's hand.

"You neva pay for statement. You know no say you go pay after you write statement" Another officer who had be a silent observer all along chirped in.

"I wasn't aware" Denola frowned. He took out his wallet from his pocket. The officer eyed the expensive leather, his eyes quickly perused Denola's outfit.

He noted instantly that Denola was wealthy and decided to take advantage of it. "Five thousand Naira" he stated.

"Five thousand!" Amanda gaped at the officers. They were even bigger thieves than the robbers out there.

"Why you dey shout madam, you think say we dey do charity for here?" He asked rudely.

"No but I know this isn't acceptable, it's wrong" Amanda said. Denola squeezed her arm lightly

"Babe just go out there, I'll handle this" Denola said taking out a few bills from his pocket.

Amanda nodded and left the station immediately. Denola handed the bills to the officer, he smirked as he did so because he knew he was going to get them out of their jobs the next day.

He could have easily let them know that he was a Mayfair and the commissioner was a relation but he preferred the idea of shocking them.

Amanda was leaning against the hood of his car when he walked out of the station. "I'm sorry" he muttered to her as he pulled her into his arms.

"I'm tired Denola, why is life being a bîtch to me? Everything is gone" Amanda said weakly.

"Everything isn't gone, we'll rebuild baby I promise. I'm going to do everything possible to get everything in order" Denola promised.

Amanda looked into his eyes and sighed. "Why are you doing this for me?" Amanda asked. "Why do you keep helping me, aren't you tired of my problems?" Amanda asked.

"I could never abandon you, I could never be tired of you.  I love you" Denola said cupping her face.

Amanda paused "What?" she looked at him confused. She knew he loved her as a friend but the look he in his eyes was stating that he wanted more.

"I love you very much, and I know it's only been a few months but I feel like I've known you my whole life. I feel like I can spend the rest of my life with me" Denola said.

Amanda smiled a little. "I can't....I love you but I'm damaged goods" Amanda said.

"You're not damaged goods, you're beautiful, you're everything. I love you" Denola repeated.

Amanda closed her eyes "Your family, they hate me.  Your mother....will never accept me" Amanda said weakly.

"I don't care what they think and you shouldn't too.  All that matters is you and I, all I need to know is if you want me.  Do you want me Mandy?" Denola asked.

Amanda grinned "I want to leave this horrid place, we need to get back to work" Amanda said.

Denola laughed "Alright, everything will be fine. Let's go, everything will be fine. I promise" Denola said.

Even though she hadn't given him an answer, he knew she wanted him too. He knew they were together and he was going to protect her.

Not even his family would cause a rift between them.

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Re: Sweet Nothings by Eberechi24(f): 11:59am On Jan 28
FTR- first to rea
Aww, so sweet. May we find our right partner. Amen smiley


Re: Sweet Nothings by izaray(f): 12:19pm On Jan 28
FTR- first to rea
Aww, so sweet. May we find our right partner. Amen smiley
Congrats dear smiley

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Re: Sweet Nothings by Eberechi24(f): 12:27pm On Jan 28
Congrats dear smiley
Thanks Izy. Congrats on Ftr or the prayer?
If na for prayer, the man never find me yet o but we will get there. cheesy wink

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Re: Sweet Nothings by Asemark: 2:18pm On Jan 28

Good morning dear. Just checked my mail box and there's nothing there.
Check your spam box

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Re: Sweet Nothings by ChemicalReaction(f): 2:28pm On Jan 28
Gianaaaaa, your love stories makes me feel like relationships are all rosy.

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Re: Sweet Nothings by Ann2012(f): 7:01pm On Jan 28
Thanks for the update ma'am

I hope Amanda and Denola ends up together

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Re: Sweet Nothings by Temmuizza(f): 7:13pm On Jan 28
Gianaaaaa baby always keeping someone on toes,thanks for dis lovely piece,can I say I.love u,awnnnnnn,thanks for the update ma am

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Re: Sweet Nothings by rachealfst(f): 7:54pm On Jan 28
I'm so loving this story but at the same time I'm scared.....hope things work out well between this two.
Nice work, more inspiration.

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Re: Sweet Nothings by Giannaaaaaa: 12:42pm On Jan 29
Chapter Sixteen.

"All fair in love and war. It is important that you go all out, take out the big guns and get rid of your opponents"


Victoria Island,

Early May.


"Are you sure you are stable enough to go to work today?" Denola asked cuddling her.

  Amanda nodded "It's been three days already, and you said it yourself the police has taken care of those boys. You made sure of it. Seriously, it's high time I go back to work, put the damages back in order so that my employees can come back to their job" Amanda insisted.

Denola squeezed her shoulders "You know I can take care of that for you, I know some people who can...." he was saying when Amanda cut him off immediately.

"Denola you've done enough already, you've replaced the vans.  You've hired an entire security team, you've replaced the stolen items. I'm so indebted you but honestly if you do anymore I'll feel like I'm taking advantage of you" Amanda said pulling away from him.

Denola sat up. "You're not taking advantage of me, I do everything because I love you and well I see potential in your business. Besides if I don't help you back to your feet, how am I going to get my loan back?" Denola said in a teasing note.

"I know...but just give it a rest.  It's my business, I should be able to handle my downfalls and get back on my feet on my own. Come on, I'm a big girl" Amanda said getting up from the bed.

"Alright, I'll get dressed so I can take you to work" Denola said. Amanda smiled gratefully. "Yes, go get dressed. I'll go to the kitchen to fix us sandwiches  for breakfast" Amanda said leaving the room.

She was rummaging through the refrigerator for vegetables for the sandwich when the bell rang. She paused her search and hoped it wasn't anymore related to Denola.

'God please let it be Hakeem' she muttered as she went to answer the door. Shockingly it wasn't Hakeem or any Mayfair.

"What are you doing here?" Denola's ex girlfriend growled at her.

"Shouldn't I be asking you that? Unlike you, I live here" Amanda said crossing her arms against her chest.

Teniola scoffed "God....I underestimated you.  You must be one of those clingy women who depend on men for everything. Look at how you've glued yourself to him and everything around him" Teniola hissed.

Amanda laughed mockingly "At least I'm not a backstabber. I didn't betray him, I didn't link up with his rival to destroy him" Amanda said.

Teniola narrowed her eyes at Amanda "Listen to me you stupid, clueless bîtch. I didn't betray Denola, you don't know anything so you better shut up.  You're just a  temporary distraction, eventually he'll get over his anger and come back to me. Don't think you're special" Teniola said hatefully.

"We shall see about that, I'm not going anywhere. You better accept that reality or you're going to be sorely disappointed" Amanda said right before they heard Denola's voice.

"You should leave" Amanda said. "You've done enough already, just leave him alone" She continued.

"Mind your own business, bleached bîtch" Teniola threw at Amanda. Amanda was about to reply her when Denola got to the door.

"Teni...." he was surprised but only for a little while. He turned to Amanda "Why don't you go get your things, I'll escort Teni out and start the car" Denola said.

Amanda sent Teniola a venomous smile before laying a kiss on Denola's lips as a sign of possession. "Alright babe" she said before going back into the house.

Teniola shook her head and sent Denola a sour look.  "Where did you find this one, at Hakeem's club?"Teniola asked.

"What do you want Teni?" Denola asked with a sigh. "How can you move on so easily, we were together for years! Didn't I mean anything to you?!" Teniola screamed.

"I wasn't the one who ruined us, you did that on your own.  Leave me alone Teni, did I mean anything to you when you sold me out to my rival?" Denola asked hurt.

"I love you, do you think that I could hurt you on purpose?" Teniola said.

"I don't care. I want you gone Teni, I've moved on.  I'd like to start over with Amanda, don't come here again please" Denola begged.

Teniola nodded before wiping a stray tear off her face. "Has she met your family?" She asked.

"Yes" Denola said shortly. "Moving on so quickly, what next? Marriage, kids?" Teniola asked bitterly.

"Teni, just go please" Denola said.

Teniola nodded "I'll go but just remember this....I love you Denola.  It wasn't me who destroyed us, your family did.  Mark my words, I won't be the last" Teniola said walking away.

Denola looked at her confused, what was she talking about? Their breakup had nothing to do with his family but her betrayal.

The minute Teniola was out of sight Amanda came out of the house. She was wearing khaki coloured jeans and a white off shoulder top.  "I'm ready" she said with a small smile.

Denola checked her out, sometimes he couldn't believe his luck. How had he gotten someone as beautiful, talented and independent as Amanda right after he left Teni?

"Wow" Denola grinned. "What?" Amanda smirked attempting to play clueless.

"You're hot" He complimented wrapping his arms around her. "Really, so I've been told" Amanda said.

"By who?" Denola asked with a tinge of envy. Amanda chuckled "By my best friend" Amanda said.

Denola sighed "Come on Mandy, is that all I am to you. You know how I feel about you" he said.

Amanda sighed "I know and I have feelings for you too but with your family and your ex in our business don't you think it's best if we take things slow?" Amanda asked.

"I'll handle my family and Teni won't show up here again" Denola said.

Amanda smiled again "In that case,  I think you should ask me out properly. A proper date, you know....maybe I'll say yes and we'll see how the night leads" Amanda said.

Denola grinned "Ugh...igbo girl. You're such a tease" Denola said walking her to the car.

Amanda laughed "Yeah,  I know. Isn't that one of the many reasons why you love me?" She asked.

Denola smiled a little. "How about a weekend getaway, let's get away from the toxic people around us and start over" Denola suggested.

Amanda sighed "What's the point? We'll still come back to them"she said.

"I know but we should have a beautiful beginning" Denola said.

Amanda nodded "Well I suppose if I don't have anything to do by the weekend we could escape" Amanda said.

Denola smiled gratefully "I'll make it so memorable, you won't regret it" Denola said.

"I know" Amanda said. She sighed and hoped he wouldn't suggest they leave the country, she couldn't reveal to him that her identity was a sham.

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