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Office Romance Gone Wrong Part 1… / Diana: Good Girl Gone Bad / An Office Romance Gone Wrong (A Short Romantic Story) (2) (3) (4)

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NADIA AND ETHAN (marriage Contract Gone Wrong) by Viciyoung(m): 9:23pm On Jan 17
A story written by;
Joy Osamudiamen..
Ok guys here comes the story you all have been waiting for, Nadia and Ethan ( Marriage contract gone wrong) I hope you all will enjoy it, just to note, the story hasn’t been edited yet so you might come across some grammatical errors, comments are allowed please but I won’t tolerate insults, so thank you all for your patience, I hope you will enjoy it.
(Marriage contract gone wrong)
She is beautiful, she is elegant, quiet in nature, kind hearted, intelligent in all aspects and most of all God fearing, God blessed her with wisdom and courage, love by all, desired by many men both rich and poor to be their wife, but she has her own goal which marriage isn’t part of, her name is Nadia, the only child of Mr and Mrs William , owner of Rockage Corporation, one of the biggest company in Nigeria, but what happens when she is ask to get married to a total stranger who she feels nothing for.
Ethan Donald, 27 year old, coldhearted, self esteem, arrogant, and a playboy who believes everything revolves around money, feared by his workers and most people that has got a taste of his rudeness, one of the youngest billionaire in the whole of Africa and beyond, he is the young owner of Cloudworld technology worldwide and also the owner of companies, hotels, estates, hospitals all over the world, with his good looks and money no women could refuse him, but what happens when he meets the only woman that stood him up, will he go easy on her or will he fall for her?
Oya comment ur views quickly..
Prologue coming up next..
Re: NADIA AND ETHAN (marriage Contract Gone Wrong) by Viciyoung(m): 3:05pm On Jan 19
Nadia and Ethan
(Marriage contract gone wrong)
“Please, you are hurting me” she cried out in pain as she couldn’t bear the pain that was coming from her arm that was twisted around her back, Ethan played dumb to her cries as it was nothing to him, instead he pushes her against the wall, with her stomach and face press against the wall as Ethan rest on her back increasing the pain she is having from her arm that was still bend around her back, he brought his face few inches from her ear, “ now you listen up, this is my house, and my rules stands in my house, so when I tell you to do something, you do that without a single question, do I make myself clear, “yes, yes, please just let go of me” Nadia cried out again, with that Ethan released her and she immediately collapsed to the floor having no strength left in her, Ethan watched her for a while, with no remorse he walked away, Nadia couldn’t hold back her tear from falling, “ I hate you Ethan, I hate you”, she said more to herself.
Oya ooo..start commenting ur views and opinions quickly..
Sequence one coming up next.
Re: NADIA AND ETHAN (marriage Contract Gone Wrong) by jupitre(m): 4:02pm On Jan 19
First to comment...

This looks promising....
Lets go for the ride
Re: NADIA AND ETHAN (marriage Contract Gone Wrong) by Viciyoung(m): 7:22pm On Jan 23
Nadia and Ethan
(Marriage contract gone wrong)
Sequence 1
Written by Joy Osamudiamen..
Cloudworld technology worldwide.
He throws the files on the faces of his two employees who were standing opposite him, fear written all over them, which he care less to notice, no one can tell what he is capable of doing once he is angry even him don’t know this about himself too, but right now he won’t care less if he didn’t get am answer.
“did you read this properly before bringing it to me” he asked no one in particular “AM I NOT TALKING TO SOMEONE “ he shouted hitting his hand on his office desk,
“Mr Donald, we did and we crossed check it many times” Mr Paul his finances manager spoke out, “oh really, then why did you bring it to me knowing fully well it full of rubbish, Mr Paul you have been working here for almost 15years now and you know this better then anyone, now tell me how come that sum of money will be missing in the company account and you are just finding out now, answer me” he was getting inpatient with their silent, no one has dare stolen from him before, they know how he is with his money, he prays he catches that man or woman who dears to provoke him, only God knows what will be the fate of that person. “sir, we have crossed check everything properly, but there is no record of missing money” Mr Samuel, the manager spoke this time, “so are you saying the money disappeared”
“no sir actually it was loan out”
“loan out?” he asked in disbelief, even if both were much older than his as Mr Paul will be on his late 40s also with Mr Samuel he doesn’t care less when he comes to his affairs, with what they told him it was confusing, he didn’t remember loaning out money to any one, his approval is always needed before a loan can be given out mostly huge amount of money, he rested his back comfortably on his office chair, entangling his fingers together.
“this is getting interesting” he said more in a mocking sound, “continues please”
“well sir you see, when we found out that money was loaned out we began to check all the records then we found this” Mr Paul brought out a file and gave it to him, he collected it and went through it sitting up, Mr Paul and Mr Samuel glimpse at each other from the corner of their eyes, as they wait patiently for their boss Mr Ethan Donald to go through the files, both of them has been working for this company for a long time also with most of the workers, and have put all their time in making sure that this company grows but yet he (Ethan) can never get satisfied with their hard work, he can get you fired with a little mistake, since the pay is good they don’t mind working for the devil himself.
CloudWorld technology is one of the biggest and richest technology company all over the world, with breached all over the world with the headquarter in China, they are producer of all kinds of technology but can only be afforded by the wealthy, Abuja branch is one of the biggest branches in Nigeria, and that is where Ethan love to spend his time if he is not traveling round the world.
“ WHAT” Ethan voice rang all through his office, he just can’t believe what he is reading right now, “when did this happen and why wasn’t I informed“ he asked in fury,
“sir this happened before you took over your grandfather’s company and mange it with yours, if you see it was written there that this took place 10 years ago” Mr Paul tried to explain, “of course I can see that, am not blind, tell me something that is not written here” Ethan said in anger, Mr Paul wanted to roll his eyes but he dare not “sir the only thing we know are all written there, there was only one eye witness and that is your father, so we will suggest you ask him before we can do anything.” Mr Samuel added.
“get out, I will call you when I need you” he wave them away with his left hand with his right hand still holding the book, “ yes sir” they ( Mr Samuel and Mr Paul) both responded before heading to the door, as soon as they exit his office they did the sign of the cross before heading to their offices.
Ethan didn’t bother to look up as his eyes were still gum to the file in his hand, he still can’t believe he wasn’t aware of this, he has started his company at the age of 19 while he was still in school, he learnt everything from his grandfather who was a genuine in business, at the age of 22 his grandfather passed away leaving his company to him, so since he couldn’t run two companies at once he decided to mange both companies together and since then he has been expanding making himself number six of the youngest billionaire in the world, his dream is to be the best that is why he put all his time and effort in the success of his companies and don’t tolerate failure and incompetent employees but with this new development he doubt if he knows anything that goes round his company.
“ Rockage Cooperation, who are you that my grandfather will loan you such amount of money without thinking twice” he has heard the name but show no interest since both don’t specialize in since business goal, but since it involves his money, yes his money then he must find out everything about this company that took a loan without paying back for the past 10 years and he was going to start with his father since he was the only witness when the agreement was made, “ dad, here I come”.
Sorry guys I can only give you this for today, will post more soon.
To be continued..

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Re: NADIA AND ETHAN (marriage Contract Gone Wrong) by LightQueen(f): 8:03pm On Jan 23
Following.. pls do quick update ooo
Re: NADIA AND ETHAN (marriage Contract Gone Wrong) by oakinrefe: 9:18am On Jan 24
Great work in view, abeg to read better story dey always hungry me. pls update ASAP tnx
Re: NADIA AND ETHAN (marriage Contract Gone Wrong) by Ann2012(f): 9:28am On Jan 24
Re: NADIA AND ETHAN (marriage Contract Gone Wrong) by Viciyoung(m): 8:47pm On Feb 01
Nadia and Ethan
(Marriage contract gone wrong)
Sequence 2
Written by Joy Osamudiamen..
“ yes, of course, I will be in London tomorrow, you don’t have to worry, see you at the meeting then”, Ethan took the phone away from his ear, the driver has been driving for the pass 10 minutes heading to Ethan father’s house, sitting on the passenger sit is Rachael, Ethan personal assistant (PA), Rachael is a 25years old young man who has been working for Ethan for two years now, he is diligent in his work and he tolerate things that Ethan throws at him, Ethan sometimes wonders how Rachael is able to keep up with him this long, all his personal assistants that were before him hardly spend 8 months with him, either he fire them or they quit but for Rachael it’s different, maybe one day he too will grow tired of him, they all do.
Ethan can’t seen to remember when last he stepped his foot on his father’s house, after the death of his mother when he was six years old the relationship between him and his father died also, he hate remembering the event that made it that way and that same event has made him like this and he has learnt to live this way, he was 12 years old when he was taken to live with his father’s parents Mr and Mrs Donald, his father’s father Mr Donald has taught him everything about business and everything about life, he so wish many times that his own father was the one that got his back like that but all is in the past now.
The car stopped at a big black gate and horns, it didn’t take long before the gate was opened and the driver drove in, as soon as the car came to a stop Rachael quickly got down opening the door for Ethan, that has been part of his work too, Ethan took a deep breath before stepping out of the car, a maid immediately ran out of the house to meet him, he still remembers her, anyway he know almost all the workers that works here just few faces he did not recognize, it has been four years since he last came here, nothing seem to change much, the only reason he hate coming here is because he hate the memories it brings and the two faces he hate so much.
“ welcome sir” she was smiling at him trying not to sound scared but hell she was, who wouldn’t be, the all mighty and cruel billionaire Ethan Donald. “ is my father home” he asked her not really interested with the smile on her face, “yes sir, he is inside, this way please” she answered moving aside for him to pass, he passed her following behind him is Rachael, his father Mr Jonathan Donald another rich business man who has made name for himself sat on the side in the sitting room with his wife , Vivian step mother to Ethan and one of the faces Ethan dislike seeing, they seen to be in a discussion when Ethan walked in, Mr Jonathan was surprised to see him, he immediately got up “ Ethan” “ hello father” Ethan greeted with a fake smile on his face, he purposely ignore Vivian and Vivian seem not to be bothered by this since she is used to it already, both are enemies who will never dream of crossing same path.
“ what brought you here today” Mr Jonathan who is happy to see his son asked, he has tried some many times to get in touch with him ever since the death of his father mr Donald but failed as Ethan ignored him.
“ I came to see you because of an important issue, Rachael, the file” Rachael immediately hand over the file to Mr Jonathan who collected it and start going through it immediately, “this is the agreement between your grandfather and the owner of Rockage cooperation” he closed the file “ this is ten years ago”
“ I know, but yet they haven’t paid the loan are you aware of that, of course you are, i know am right, now the only question that I am here to ask is why they have refused to pay since the past 10years knowing the sum of money that is involved “ he asked with a straight face, Mr Jonathan sighs heavily not knowing where to start from but he sure will make the story easy because his son was the one involved here, “can we sit” “no I prefer sitting “ Mr Jonathan ignore him and sat but Ethan continues sitting, he just want to get this over with so he can leave.
“ Rockage cooperation is owned by the Godson’s, at that time Mr William Godson became the owner of the company after his father past away but before his father pasted away there were a lot of depths that his father was owning and the company was not doing well so he asked for a loan which your grandfather gave out” he said
“ and since then they have refused to pay, and I have heard nothing about this” Ethan asked him trying to get the full story.
“ well they tried paying back, the agreement was to pay monthly until the money is complete but they never really recognized so”
“ so you decided to forget about the loan “ Ethan interrupted him, “ and how did you know they are still recovering “ he asked looking straight at his father, “ Mr William is Vivian’s cousin “ Mr Jonathan said. “oh why am I not surprised, so because Mr William is the cousin to your s--t you decided to give away 45 billion dollars in the expense of my company” Ethan spook with his hands on his pocket, he was furious now but yet he sounds so calm, “ excuse me” Vivian spook out in anger, “oh you are so excuse, after all you were never invited to this meeting”
Ethan was still looking straight to Vivian now, he just don’t know why he can’t build any respect for her. “that’s enough, Ethan this agreement was carried out with grandfather, don’t you think he was aware that they haven’t paid back but didn’t bother to bring it up” Mr Jonathan try to sound calm, “of course that was when grandpa was the owner, I am the new owner now and I care so much how my money is been spent, I don’t give out loan that hung to everyone, if I do so how will my company be one of the richest in the world”, “ you have more than this, and I know that this amount of money will do nothing to you” it was Vivian that spook out now, she was already in her feet. “ so I just spent them without care right, I want my money back in full” he answered her in anger “fine I will pay you monthly, until it complete” Mr Jonathan said, Ethan was amused but didn’t show it,
“if my father will want to go to this length to help his mistress, then I will use this opportunity to make her suffer, how will she feels to watch her cousin in jail”. He thought to himself.
This made him to smirk “father I don’t need your money, I am so riches than you, I wonder why you can’t see it, I want Mr William to pay back the loan in full and he will” with this said he turn to leave. “ Ethan “ his father voice stop him “ son, I know what you want to do but please don’t “ Mr Jonathan pleased, in as much Ethan refused to turn to his father “ I will bring Rockage to the ground if Mr William refuses to pay me my money” with this said he left.
Vivian released the breathe she didn’t know she was holding, she looked at her husband who was still staring at the back of Ethan as he walk out of the sitting room, she knows Ethan was not bluffing but what to do now was what she don’t know.
“ send a Email to Rockage cooperation, I want a meeting with Mr William once I come back from London”, Ethan told Rachael as soon as they start driving out of the compound, “ yes sir” Rachael answered as he start to write on his notepad, Ethan gave his father house a last gales, never knows when he will see it again.
A black SUV drove in the building of Rockage cooperation as it is boldly written at the top of the five storey building, Mr William is seen coming out of the SUV having a conversation on the phone, he looks younger with his blue suit, Mr Williams is in his late 60s but look much younger than that but his gray hair always gives him away, his personal assistant Mr Edward who is just on his late 30s came out of the building to help Mr William with his suitcase as that has been his routine for the pass five years he has been working for Mr William, they both passed the other workers with Mr William responding to greetings coming from his workers, Mr William is what you call a wonderful boss, he was loved by all his workers as he take their wellbeing seriously, to him money doesn’t come first.

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Re: NADIA AND ETHAN (marriage Contract Gone Wrong) by DemiKOL(f): 10:17pm On Feb 01
thanks for the update!
Re: NADIA AND ETHAN (marriage Contract Gone Wrong) by Viciyoung(m): 4:02pm On Feb 07
Nadia and Ethan
(Marriage contract gone wrong)
Sequence 3
Written by
Joy Osamudiamen
Notice Notice
The name of Ethan personal assistant is called Rachael, but it will be change to Richard. So you will not be confused.
Continues part.
As soon as he enter his office which was on the third floor of the company building he ended his call, taking his seat he placed the phone on the office desk while Mr Edward helps in arranging the file in the suitcase on the office desk.
“ any news from our investors in China” he asked picking one of the file. “ yes sir, I have scheduled a meeting one week from now, they will be flying down to Nigeria next week” he answered with a smile, “oh that’s good you have done a great job”, this even made his smile grow wider, he always work hard to be appreciated by his boss Mr William, he opened a small file he has been holding since the arrival of Mr William and brought out a piece of paper. “sir an Email came in yesterday from Cloudworld technology worldwide“, he said heading the file to Mr Williams who took it with a surprise look.
Mr William has heard so much about the company, he still remember it was once ran by Mr Donald but with another name, once Mr Donald passed away he headed it to his grandson who manged the company with his and called it Cloudworld, he has heard so much about the new holder from his cousin sister Vivian, who is married to the father of the holder, though he doesn’t know the name, he always choose to call him Mr Donald, but to receive a letter from same company that helped him many years ago brought a feeling to him, he doesn’t know if it a bad feeling or a good one.
“ Mr Donald, the CEO of Cloudworld technology worldwide is seeking for a meeting with you, scheduled in two days time that will be thursday” Mr Edward said, Mr William gaze at him before shifting his eyes back on the paper in his hand, trying to process the reason for the meeting, “it stated there that it is important, but I haven’t given an answer yet” Mr Edward finished, “ that will be okey if I don’t have any plans for that day” Mr William wasn’t going to let anxiety take the better part of him, he is going to accept the invitation whether it is good or bad, but he just hope it is not something he can’t handle.
Cloudworld technology worldwide
Mr William is seen sitting in Ethan office, he has been here for the past 10 minutes and yet Ethan hasn’t showed his face, Mr William was already growing inpatient though Richard the personal assistant to Ethan, as he came to know has given him the reasons for Ethan delay, he isn’t just satisfied because he knows as business men they always keep to their time, if that is how Ethan goes late to his appointment his company couldn’t be one of the best in the world, so to him it was hard to believe what Richard told him.
He gleams at his wrist watch again Ethan was another minute late, he angrily stood up, “ Edward” he spook to Edward who as been standing close to him in silent “ yes sir”, “ let’s go it seems Mr Donald don’t have anything important to discuss with me”, Edward only nodded without saying anything, just as they were few meters away from the door, the door swing open as the face of Ethan came to view follow by Richard , he walked right straight to Mr William extending his hand for an handshake, there was no smile on his face well he doesn’t even know when last he smiled. “ you must be Mr William, I am Ethan Donald“, Mr William took his hand not smiling either, he was still upset about the delay. “finally”, that was all he would say because he doesn’t want to sound rude “please” Ethan gesture him to take a seat with his other free hand as they were still shaking hands, with this they disconnect the handshake as they took their seats, Ethan unbutton his suit so he would be comfortable while sitting down which he normally does, “ you are late, late isn’t a good meeting agenda“, Mr William said not wanting to hold himself back, but he tried not to sound rude, he has used the opportunity while Ethan was sitting to absence him, he look really young for a CEO and a billionaire but with the great achievement he has he know he was good at what he does, “ well you can’t blame me, was tide up on something”, well that was a lie on his part, he has been in his other office observing Mr William through the CCTV in the office they are , he just wanted to make him wait and to observe what kind of a man he is, Mr William was irritated by his answer, not even an apology, what he has heard about him were all true, with all his money he is an arrogant man.
“ now let’s get to the reason why you are here, Richard ” immediately Richard extended a file to Mr William who hesitated at first but later took it and went through it, Ethan watched as Mr William fling from page to page until he stopped immediately, this caused a smirk on his face because he knew Mr William has gotten to the good part.
Mr William look at Ethan who has quickly removed the smirk on his face, “ you do understand what is in there don’t you” he asked Mr William with a serious tone, now it is time for business which is something he doesn’t play with, “ yes I do, it was the agreement I made with your grandfather when he loaned me some money 10 years ago” “some money, 45 billion dollars isn’t some money, it’s a huge money removed from a company’s account, you will agree with me right.
Mr William was silent, not knowing the next word to use, “ so” Ethan continue “ I will love to asked why you haven’t respected that agreement, I was told that you promised to pay monthly but there have been no record of that, so I asked why is that” he finished his sentence with one go, Mr William sign heavily, he knows what was about to go on but he wasn’t going to show defeat, “ well I understand were you are coming from, I know you wasn’t there when the agreement was made but as the CEO now you have every right to question, truly it is a huge amount of money and am deeply sorry for the delay of payment “
“ delay of payment” Ethan interrupted him “ you call 10 years delay of payment, let me refeze that, you decided not to pay because of course, your cousin is married to my father, did I get it right” “ I beg your pardon“ Mr William sound offended with the words of Ethan, how can he think such a thing, Richard and Edward gave themselves a gleam before focusing back on their bosses.
Mr William tried to clam himself down, he knows misunderstanding will make matter worst, he was the older one there, “ I would have paid that money but my company is still passing through some crisis that hasn’t been resolved, but I promise to pay back once it’s done”, Ethan was silent for some time, not really considering what he said but was just acting up so Mr William will think that way, “no” Mr William was shocked with his answer “ you had ten good years of grace, grace don’t last for ever, I want my money within one week, failure to do so, we will then see in court, Richard here will attend to you”, Ethan said getting up, he doesn’t want to push the matter too long even though he is having fun he has some other things to do, “how do you expect me to come up with that huge amount of money within a week” he asked in disbelief, “ Mr William, you will come up with it, same way my grandfather came up with it, I will hear from you in a week time, please do see yourself out” with that he left the office leaving Mr William dumbfounded.
Do leave your comment below.


Re: NADIA AND ETHAN (marriage Contract Gone Wrong) by Viciyoung(m): 7:07pm On Feb 11
Nadia and Ethan
(Marriage contract gone wrong)
Sequence 4
Written by
Joy Osamudiamen
Continues from last Sequence..
(Till at Ethan office)
How was he going to work this out within a week was his worries now, he knows Ethan will definitely won’t be able to see reason with him, he has just experienced first hand of his arrogant behavior, he exhale heavily before getting on his feet, Richard was waiting for both Mr William and Mr Edward so he could walk them out, he do feel sorry for Mr William as he has heard great things about the man but it was not his place to say a word.
Mr Williams walked into his living room and immediately sat on the couch resting his head on the inside back of the couch (The up edge of a couch) lost in his own thoughts.
His wife Elena also known as Mrs Elena Williams descended from the stairs with a smile on her face but her smile was quickly replaced with a frown seeing the worried look on her husband’s face, she quickly walked to him sitting just right at his side and placed her hand on his lap, this brought him out of his thoughts as he was lost in them without realizing his beloved wife has sat close to him, he looked at Elena without saying a word as his mind was still occupied with thoughts,
“ are you alright “ Elena asked,
Mr William sign lightly before sitting up properly still not saying a word.
“ please Williams, if something is wrong let me know” she pleased.
Elena or Mrs Williams as many people call her is in her late 40s but beautiful and young for her age, she is dark skinned and average in shape and in height, both has been married for 25 years now and have loved themselves ever since, they have one daughter called Nadia who they love so much.
Mr William rests his hand on Elena hand that is on his lap and caress it gently,
“I won’t lie to you, all is not well” he said, “ I’m just coming from Cloudworld technology worldwide, I was invited to a meeting with the CEO”
“ Cloudworld technology worldwide “ she asked trying to remember where she has heard the name.
“you remember ten years ago when we were having difficulties with the company”
“ yes I remember”
“ and we had to ask for a load from Late Mr Donald, father to Vivian’s husband”.
Elena immediately remembered,
“ yes, and since then we haven’t been able to meet up with the payment”
Mr Williams nodded in agreement, that was when Relaxation came to her
“oh my God, did he call you for the load, but Mr Donald is dead,
“yes he’s late” Mr William answered,
“ and his grandson took over, oh my God”
she knew that was not good as she too have heard many uncomfortable things about Ethan from Vivian.
“ and I must say he is just as we heard, arrogant and proud “ he said angrily remembering what transpired between them few hours ago. “ so what did he say” Elena asked,
“ would you imagine that boy, giving me a week to pay the debt, how on earth can I get that money right now when the company is not doing well” he spook in anger.
“ what” she was shocked to hear this, that is a huge problem on their part because she already knows what is to come if the money is not paid within the deadline,
“ what are we going to do”
“ I don’t know I really don’t know”
And with that the whole place fell into silence as they were both lost in their own thoughts.
Ethan is at the back seat of his car, as usual Richard is on the passenger sit while the driver drives, he is heading straight to Rockage cooperation to meet Mr Williams himself, he knows fully well that Mr William will not come to his office as he has waited for him yesterday to call or send an Email but nothing came through, obviously he doesn’t have the money which is good on his part as his plan will go just fine, he was brought out of his thought with the ringing of his phone that he held in his hand, he turn the screen to reveal Jake his best friend name on the screen, Jack and Ethan have been friends since high school days, well he is the only friend Ethan actually has, Jack is older than Ethan with just a year making his 28 and he is a doctor that has also done well for himself.
“ you are finally back” Ethan said on the phone as soon as he picks it, he has been out of the country for a month to do an important surgery in Canada. Jack laughed in the other end of the phone,
“ I know you miss me baby, but don’t worry I will make up to you tonight in the bedroom” he said teasingly
“ you wish”
Jack has always been the free and jovial one among the both of them, and more nicer too as he is the opposite of Ethan.
“ well I missed you if you don’t “ jack said,
“ of course I know that, so how was it? ” Ethan asked him
“ well it was good that’s if you are referring to my journey back”
“ yea I couldn’t care more about someone been cut open”.
Jack laughs to this, Ethan hates hospitals for the reason that it brings back the bed memories about the death of his mother.
“ where are you, I want us to meet, I have so much to tell you”
“ more than what you have told me for the pass one month you have been in Canada”
“hmmmmmm maybe, so where are you home or office”
“ car”
He knows jack is putting on a confused look right now
“ am on my way to Rockage cooperation”
“ for a meeting” Jack asked,
“nah” so he went on and told jack everything leaving nothing untold.
“ woah, they have fallen into your trap haven’t they, so sorry them”
“ whatever”
“ well at least the man didn’t lie, they are really going through a lot”
“ and how do you know that”
“ a patient of mine son work there as Mr William personal assistant, so we are kind of close, and I have seen his daughter, such a beautiful lady”
Ethan was surprise to hear what Jack said,
“ What, do come again”
“ you didn’t know, You should really keep track on your debtors” Jack tease him again
Ethan cursed under his breath, he really should have do some background check on Mr William, he shifts the phone away from his ear.
“ Richard”. Richard immediately turned to his boss, “ yes sir” , “ give me every details about Mr Williams daughter, if he has one, now”
“ yes sir” and with that Richard went to work on his laptop, Ethan place the phone back to his ear.
“ someone is in love” jack said tensely again, this will make it the third time Jack has tease him in their conversation and he doesn’t like it,
“shut up” jack laughed again
“She is beautiful you know, hot and sexy”
“just shut up jack” he knows jack was trying to get under his skin.
“ ok man do what you have to do and give me a call once you are done, deal”
“ deal” with that he headed the call, just than Richard’s voice was heard, “ sir I have got it” that was one thing he loves about Richard, he is always fast in things like this, “ tell me”
“ Her name is Nadia, she is 22 years old, she did her 22nd birthday one month ago, she is a two hundred level student currently in the university of Abuja studying Marketing and Management, she has done well for herself in her education as she has won many awards from different competitions, she is really love by…. I will say mostly everyone, she have a blog that help people with business problems and she got fans, I have sent her pics to you sir”
Just than Ethan phone vibrates indicating the new arrival of a message, he quickly open his phone and the face of a beautiful young woman came in view, in the pic she was wearing a dark blue lapel straight knee length dress with a short sleeved, with a silver heel, her 26 inch human hair was left loose, she had a light makeup on, she look beautiful in the pic,
“ and she is his only child” Richard finished
He tried not to be captivated by her beauty, to him woman are all a distraction, when a man and a woman comes together it created a stupid feeling called love that will only be the beginning of a man’s downfall, that is what he believes and no one can tell him otherwise, he was still thinking about this when a new idea came to him, he smirk at the thought of this.
What do you think he has on his mind? , leave your comments and move to the next Sequence..

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Re: NADIA AND ETHAN (marriage Contract Gone Wrong) by Viciyoung(m): 9:30pm On Feb 13
Nadia and Ethan
( marriage contract gone wrong)
Sequence 5
Written by Joy Osamudiamen
Mr Williams has been in his office and on the phone since he arrived at his office in the morning trying to find who will help him with a loan that huge, that has been what him and his wife has been doing for the past days now but nothing has come out yet and he was almost frustrated with all the disappointing replies he and his wife have been getting, some promise to loan a little while others can’t help, even with all the money others have promised the amount wasn’t up to the money he is to pay Ethan, he has even went to take loan from the bank but he was refused because he doesn’t have any assets that is worth 45 billion dollars.
He was already going crazy, he knows yesterday was the deadline that was given to him by Ethan but he couldn’t meet up, he was already hoping to see a court letter requesting for his presence any time soon, he has also called Vivian his cousin but still she wasn’t helpful, she and her husband can only help with little for that moment but they both have promised to try and collect a load from the bank on their behalf, he knows it will be easy for Mr Jonathan to be granted a loan because he does have assets even worth 100 billion dollars, and he pray in his heart that they should be able to help that way.
He was brought out of his thought with the sound of his office door being open revealing his secretary who was struggling with some one as the unknown person force his or her way into his office, but the man over powered his secretary, Mr William was already furious to know who could enter his office unannounced and without an appointment, the person struggling with his secretary came to view and it was no other person than Richard, he calmed down a little recognizing Richard, without being told he knows why he came but why struggle with his secretary, he was about to open his mouth to address both Richard and his secretary when the other person that went through the door sent a cold chill all over his body, he doesn’t know why because he wasn’t feeling and boldness in him and there wasn’t smiling in the face of the young man that just entered his office.
“ sir am so sorry, I tried to stop them but” the secretary was saying as she was breathing heavily but was cut short by my William, “ don’t worry you can go” “ thank you sir” she said with a little bow, “ and call me Mr Edward “ “ yes sir” she gave Richard a dreadful look before walking out of the office shutting the down behind her.
“ you came unannounced, and barging into my office is not appropriate”
Mr William said immediately the secretary left trying hard not to sound anxious, ignoring Mr William words Ethan took his seat while Richard stood close to him,
“ would you have welcomed me with an open arms knowing I came for my money, well I don’t think you could, and beside your secretary was flirting with me when I walked passed her, she didn’t realizing on time that I have walked passed her” Ethan said looking straight at Mr William, Mr William doesn’t care about the love or sex life of his worker as far it doesn’t destroy his company reputation.
“ so now, why am I here” Ethan continues, “ well am here to collect my money, so without wasting my time could you do transfer to my account immediately, Richard, give him the account details”, he added
Richard started looking for a document in the file he was holding, “wait” Mr William spoke out, Richard immediately stopped what he was doing looking a little confused as to why he was stopped but Ethan didn’t look confused, he only did that to shake him a little and it worked, of course he knows Mr William doesn’t have the money,
“ you know there is no way I can get that amount of money within a week right?”
“ is that a question or a statement” Ethan asked.
“ Mr Donald, try and put yourself in my position, you of all people knows it is impossible, mostly when your business is not going well, try to be considerate”
Ethan immediately raise his right have to shut him off, “ Mr William, number one, I can never be in your position”, he sounded a little offended and he didn’t try to hide it, “ and two”, he continues “ my company can never be in any crisis that will push me to loan from another company, why should I when I have investments can settle bills like this, I was made to understand that your company is in difficulties because of what your father did, am not too sure what it is and I don’t care, like I was saying, my father won’t be stupid to leave a massive debts for me to pay, if it was me I could have sold the company and use the money to do something that befit me….. No, your status “ he ended.
“My Donald I won’t have you come into my office to insult me and the spirit of my late father”
Mr William said angrily but yet it didn’t move Ethan, “ good you are clever than I thought, you knew it was an insult well I wanted it to sound like an insult, now” Ethan rested one of his hand on the desk with a serious look,
“ if you don’t want me to go to your fathers grave and spit on it you might as well give me my GODDAMN MONEY” Ethan hit the desk in angry shocking Mr William and at that moment Mr Edwards walked into the open panicking,
“ sir, is everything alright “ he asked, Mr William only gave him a nod without saying anything,
“ now if you don’t want to give me back what belongs to me I suggest you don’t teach me how to use my words”, Ethan said angrily, one of the thing he hates was being told what to do, he was so angry at Mr Williams for speaking to him that way,
“ Mr Donald”, Mr William was about to speak but immediately stopped when Ethan got up resting both hands on his desk,
“ I don’t want to hear any more word, it is obvious you don’t have my money”
“I have come up with some”
“ some is nothing to me, I want all, Mr William, if I don’t get my money before sun down, I will make sure this you call a company will become nothing, I will bring it to the ground, you and your father might have spent years building this, but it won’t take me hours to bring it to nothing, I will be waiting Mr William and I so much hate waiting “ with this Ethan turn to leave,
Mr William immediately got up, he knows Ethan meant what he said and he just couldn’t allow that to happen, this was his family life and they have fought for this company for many years, he can’t just let it get destroyed on his watch,
“ please give me more time” he said stopping Ethan on his track, he continued “give me more time and I promise I will pay back everything “.
“ yes, maybe I could give you a lot of time”, saying this he turn facing Mr William.
“ I can and I will give you a lot of time”, Mr William relaxed a pit hearing that from him, “ thank you”
“ but you see, you have already made this same promise to my grandfather and my dad but you didn’t fulfill it, so if I want to give you more time, I will have to hold something as a guarantee that you will pay back, because with that I will be rest assured you will pay me”
Mr William was a little confused, what could he have that will get the interest of Mr Donald. “ I don’t think I have what will get your interest”,
“ sure you do, just one thing”
“and what is that” Mr William knows this wasn’t going to be a good one
“ your daughter, what’s are name again, yes…….. Nadia, I want Nadia to be my wife”
Wow, you guys was correct, he really want Nadia as his wife, now the question is why will he want her and will Mr Williams agree to this,..
If you were Mr Williams what will you?
Next Sequence is coming up after your comments.

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Beautiful story but mind your spelling. Keep it up can't wait for the next update....���
Re: NADIA AND ETHAN (marriage Contract Gone Wrong) by Viciyoung(m): 12:42am On Feb 17
Nadia and Ethan
(Marriage contract gone wrong)
Sequence 6
Written by Joy Osamudiamen
Mr William blood immediately ran cold, he tried to speak buy no words came out, he knew his request will be big and bad but wasn’t expecting this.
“ you see, I am a business man and i believe time means money to me, so if am going to give you time to pay me back my money, I want Nadia, with her by my side as my wife, I will know that you will definitely pay me within a very short time, you knowing she is with me, will make you hurry up, don’t worry I won’t hurt her”
“my daughter is just a child, she isn’t ready for marriage yet”
Mr William try to sound reasonable ,
“ to me she is ready, well, let’s do it this way, I will give you three days to think about it, and on the fourth day your answer will be needed”
“ you want me to sell my daughter to you”
“I want you to save your company, three days Mr William is all you’ve got, Richard will send you my personal line through your Email on the third day , do have a nice day”
With that Ethan and Richard left his office, Mr William feet couldn’t hold on anymore as it felt weak, he collapsed on his seat, Mr Edwards who has been standing there silently to fear soke out “sir”, Mr William raised up his left hand, stopping him from saying anything, he really want to be left alone, he wave Mr Edward away and Mr Edward left without saying anything, he really felt bad seeing his boss this way and he so much wish he could help but he knows there is nothing he can really do to held, he wonders how Mr Donald could ask his boss to trade his daughter for his company, that young man is really heartless.
Mr William arrived home later that day and went straight to the bedroom, ever since Ethan left his office he hasn’t been himself, the condition Ethan has given him was too much and too difficult for him to choose, he loves his daughter just as much as he values his company, if only Ethan was a nice young man it would have been easy but marrying his precious daughter to someone like him was like sending his own daughter to her death with his hands, he knows she will never be happy there and he has just three days to decide what to do,
“ God, please, tell me what to do, I can’t sell my daughter to that animal, its impossible”
“what’s impossible”
Mr William turned his head and saw Elena standing at the door looking straight at him, she has been there for a while now and Mr William fail to notice her presence because he was lost in his own thought, Mr William shift his face to the floor, Elena walks to him and sat at his side resting her arm on his shoulder,
“ I know this is really disturbing you but we will get through this, we have gotten through a lot of things and they all passed, so this is going to pass with time, please stop worrying”
He immediately looks up to his wife without holding himself back he said it out
“ Mr Donald was in my office today”
surprise and shocked was written on her face,
“ he wasn’t pleased that the money wasn’t ready” he continues “ I managed to ask for more time”
“ did he agree “ she asked impatiently,
“ he did, he is going to give me time as much as I need but with a condition”
this time he was looking straight into her eyes, she knew this wasn’t going to be good,
“ what is it” she asked, he was silent for some time not knowing how to say it out, after a while, “ Nadia”
Elena looks confused “he want to marry Nadia”, Elena was speechless, she was trying to put the words she just heard together, “ he want Nadia to be his wife” Mr William said again not knowing if she heard the first time because she was silent, “ honey are…..”, he called out but was interrupted by Elena angry voice, “ NO WAY” she was furious now,
“ what, is he mad or something, Nadia is still young and immature to be a wife, even if she wants to get married, she will make the decision for herself, she hasn’t even gotten into a relationship before and now marriage, oh no, its not happening “
she said in one go without giving herself a break, Mr William immediately took hold of her arms,
“ listen to me, listen to me, he is not going to near our daughter, not in this life or the next”
he assured her but yet she isn’t convinced, “ she is our baby, she is too sweet to marry such person”
that was when she broke down in tear, Mr William quickly took her in his arms, resting her head on his chest as he continues to tell her comforting words, this wasn’t easy for him, he just wish there was another solution to find the money.
Drop your comments for next sequence..
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Ride on
Re: NADIA AND ETHAN (marriage Contract Gone Wrong) by Viciyoung(m): 1:39am On Feb 19
Nadia and Ethan
(Marriage contract gone wrong)
Sequence 7
Written by joy Osamudiamen
The door to his office suddenly fling open and Mr Jonathan his father walked towards him in anger, he couldn’t remember when last his father came to his office and today that he decided to come he wasn’t looking happy not that it concerns him, Mr Jonathan hit his hand on the desk,
“ what is wrong with you Ethan, are you out of your mind”,
Ethan looked up to him for few seconds before going back to the document he was writing on,
It was the next day after the visit to Mr William office and he’s already getting a visit from his father,
“ what do you want dad”, he asked unconcernedly without him looking up,
“ how could you do this”
“ how could you ask a man to hand over his daughter’s hand in marriage because of a debt he is to pay, for real Ethan”,
Ethan closed the file, putting his focus on his father,
“ so he ran to you, interesting”
“ there is nothing interesting about this, Ethan this is improper and absurd, grandfather taught you better than this” he said more calmly this time.
“ how will you know what I was taught by grandfather when you wasn’t there, if I remember correctly, you were with your s--t” Ethan said irritatingly, he so not wish to get angry today,
“ stop calling her a s--t, she is my wife and your step mother”
“ your wife you said not mine and step mother not mother, at least there is something we both understand, and as regarding my decision to marry Mr William daughter, you should be happy am getting married, which means you will soon have a daughter in-law “ he snorted,
“ Ethan I know what you are trying to do, and I will say it’s wrong, why will she be the one to pay for it”
“ what are you thinking dad, that I am just doing this for fun, 0h come on, no dad, am getting married to her, and if you are here to talk me out of it, it good you should know that am not stepping down, of coruse if they are able to come up with my money then yes I will call it off, am simply a business man father, this is just business”
“ then let me pay back the money”
Ethan stared at his father, his blood boiled with anger in hearing those words from his father, he got up from his seat and took few steps towards his father, putting both hands in his pocket, he was trying to calm himself down, he wouldn’t want his anger to get the better part of him though he is bad at controlling his anger
“and with which money?, don’t you realize that paying me is equally the same thing I paying myself, its still with my money”.
Mr Jonathan was taken aback by his statement, “ you are my father which means that your company is legitimately mine, and don’t you forget that half of the company is already mine, how did the story go, my mother and you got married and she decided to join her company with yours, So when she died she willed her company to who, me.” He said pointing at himself, “ but I was young so I agreed that you run the company on my behalf, which means that both companies are mine, so don’t push your luck father, I wonder what will happen if that company is divided, and I heard mum’s stock is more higher than everyone’s there” he said with a threatening tone.
Mr Jonathan was speechless at to what Ethan, “ so are we done here” Ethan asked
“ Ethan this isn’t right, and you know it”
“ you are not in the position to advise me” he turned back to his seat, “ this conversation is over” he sat down resting both hands on the desk “ you can see yourself out”
with this he continued with his work on the file. Mr Jonathan wish he could reach out to his son, but he knew the connection between them has long been destroyed, he just thought coming to talk to him might make him to reconsider his decision, he felt for Nadia as she was a good and a nice young lady who can’t cope with his son, his thoughts is Ethan might stood her up on the wedding day to bring humiliation to Mr William, he just hope his thought is wrong, Ethan was going to marry her and he knew it’s going to be hell for her as his son Ethan knows nothing about love or feelings.
After standing there for some few minutes he turn to leave without saying anymore thing, just as he was about to walk out the door, the voice of Ethan stopped him, “ and thanks for passing by” Ethan said, Mr Jonathan ignores this and left the office.
“ sir” Mr Edwards walked into Mr William office holding an envelope on his right hand, Mr William looked up at him, “ what is it” he asked almost immediately he heard his calls, “ sir this arrived not long ago” he said extending it to Mr William who took it from him, “ its from the court “ Mr Edwards completed his statement that made Mr William stopped for a while as he stares at Mr Edwards, Mr William already knew who it was from.
Today makes it the fourth day since Ethan came to his office and the last day that was given to him, he has been trying to get the loan from different places but none was working out, when he called Mr Jonathan and asked for his help, he thought he could be able to talk his son out of it but it didn’t work as planned, his wife has been crying non stop since then and he doesn’t know what to do. He opened the envelope and began to read the content of the letter, it was indeed a court request, he has to come to the court tomorrow by noon, he sign heavily, “ call my lawyer, tell him to meet me now, it’s urgent”
“ yes sir” Mr Edward immediately left to carry out what he was told.
To be continued..

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Re: NADIA AND ETHAN (marriage Contract Gone Wrong) by Lifeixgoodd: 6:13am On Feb 19
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Re: NADIA AND ETHAN (marriage Contract Gone Wrong) by Viciyoung(m): 2:11am On Feb 21
Sequence 8
Written by Joy Osamudiamen
Not up to two hours, barr John was seated in Mr William office going through all the documents containing the agreement between Mr William and late Donald, there was silence in the office as both were lost in what ever they were doing, Mr William was waiting patiently for his lawyer to tell him the next step to take as it has involved the court, after going through the documents for about ten minute Barr. John finally dropped the document on the table exhaling heavily,
“I won’t lie to you, this isn’t going to be easy my friend”,
Mr William has known barr. John since their university of days, they are more than friends so he understands when barr. John says something like that then he will never disagree to it.
“ so what can we do”
“ there is absolutely nothing we can do, one, the money is huge, two, you couldn’t meet up with the agreement of paying the sum of 2 million every month, you haven’t paid even for once and it has been ten years, what do you think the court will say” Barr. John Stared at Mr Williams waiting for an answer but yet no answer came as Mr William had nothing to say.
“Has he made any demands or given you any conditions or he just want you to pay back immediately” barr. John asked, he needed to know so he can find a way out but never expected what he heard,
“ he want to marry my daughter”
“ excuse me, come again”
“he want Nadia hands in marriage”
there was silent as Barr. John didn’t know what to say, Nadia was like a daughter to him, he was there when she was born so he understood the feeling of giving out such a wonderful girl to someone like Ethan, he knows Ethan and his behavior, he had come around cases that involves him and all didn’t end well, so he doubt if this will end well too, Mr Ethan Donald always gets what he wants.
“and you can’t do that”
“of course not, Nadia is my baby girl, I can’t give her out to that monster, he isn’t human, Nadia is too sweet to live with someone like that and you know it”
“I understand you, but do you have any idea who Mr Ethan Donald is” he pulse to observe Mr Williams “I have had cases with Mr Ethan Donald and believe me when I say he always wins, he has the best lawyers you can ever think of, he is a master planer, look am not trying to discourage you from fighting for what you believe is right for your daughter but you can’t win this”
“What chances do I have” Mr William asked not listening to what Barr. John was saying he just can’t accept defeat not when it involves his daughter.
Barr. John exhale loudly knowing his friend will not want to listen,
“ well, has he given you any warning letter?”
“yes he did and he gave me in person, we have seen and discussed too”
“let me have the letter” Mr William quickly got out and brought the letter from the shelf that is very close to him and handed it to Barr. John before sitting down, Barr. John opened it and went through it.
“ well, he did give you a warning letter”
he said droping the letter on the office desk,
“ the court sent you a claim form and a response pack, I have gone through the claim form which you have also, since you agree that you owe all the money shown in the claim form, you have to fill in the admission form in the response pack. The form asks for details of your financial situation” Barr. John stopped to see if he was following, Mr William signal him to continue by nodding his head.
“Send the form back to your Mr Ethan Donald , not to the court. You should also keep a copy and send a recorded delivery to prove you sent the form in case it gets lost, and you can use the admission form to ask to pay off the debt in instalment.
“ that is the problem, he doesn’t want that, he want me to pay in full and I can’t do that, I don’t have that amount of money” he answered frustratedly
“ you don’t have the money, trust me I know, so now since he doesn’t accept your payment offer a court official or a judge will decide what’s fair and believe me when I say it will be in his favor, my friend, think about it very wisely, you can go bankrupt, I am telling you as a friend and as your lawyer, I have come in contact with similar cases”
“ so you are telling me to hand over my daughter to him”
“ you will make that choice yourself”
Mr William was weak to the bone as he didn’t know what to do
“ we must go to the court tomorrow and make sure you come with the claim form tomorrow , because if you delay Mr Ethan Donald can ask the court for an order to be made against you. It means that you won’t have an opportunity to put your case to the court and mr Ethan Donald can start to take more serious action straightaway”
“You know you should change your personality” Jake said as soon as he entered Ethan office, Ethan stopped what he was doing to look at his friend who was about sitting down, “and why should I change my personality” he asked Jake,
“ come on men, you know the reason already, your personality sucks. God I wish I have the right word to describe it”
“ I will bless the day you find that word”
“shut up”
Ethan returned to what he was doing on his laptop before Jack came in, Jack was already seated crossing his leg together, “ so what are you doing today?, we can go out for lunch” Jack asked
“ I can’t, have a lot on my desk right now”
“ like seriously, you can give anyone to do it for you, that’s makes you the CEO right”
Ethan looked up at him, “ well I don’t have anyone that I trust that can leave anything that has to do with my work for”
“ just agree with me that you are a work worm”
“ I love the compliment”
“ I wonder how I am still friends with you”
Ethan snorted, Jack ignored him bringing out his phone to get himself busy, in as much as they both have different personalities they both seem to be compatible, they do fight and argue a lot but can never be separated from each other.
To be continued..

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Re: NADIA AND ETHAN (marriage Contract Gone Wrong) by Viciyoung(m): 3:05pm On Feb 24
Sequence 9
Continue from last sequence..
“so, how is it between you and Mr William, have you both resolve your problems” jack asked nonchalantly, the last time they talked about it was when they had met the other day after Ethan came back from Mr William office, they did lunch together to catch up on the times they were apart, Ethan told him everything excluding the part he requested for Nadia to be his wife.
“ the old man is playing hard to crack” Ethan said closing the file that he has been working on.
“ you always have your way to do that don’t you?”
“there is something I didn’t tell you the other day”
“ am listening” when ever Ethan said something like this he knows there is indeed a big fish he didn’t let out of the net.
“ I requested for his daughter hand in marriage”
Jack eyes grew wide in shock, he wasn’t expecting this, “ WHAT”
“ I mean what can be a good guarantee that he will pay the money if not his daughter”
“ what the hell”, Jack retorted, he can’t seem you get over the shock news he just heard
“ what, I needed my money and obviously he don’t have it” Ethan defended himself.
“ are you out of your mind, how do you expect him to give out his only daughter to you because of 45 billion dollars he is owning you”
“I can marry as many wives as I want with 45 billion dollars” Ethan fired back, he knew jack was going to react this way but he just can’t keep things from him.
“ are you still going for that lunch” he asked getting up, he wasn’t ready to have a fight his friend over the issue, so that was the only way to distract Jack.
Jack exhale heavily, knowing Ethan was trying to divert the topic, “ I can’t talk you out of this, can I?”
“ nope”
Jack don’t like the idea but he knew Ethan has already made up his mind for this and he will not go back until he gets what he wants.
“ than lunch it is” he got up and both of them left the office.
“Mum am home” that was Nadia rushing towards her parents bedroom, the maid that has helped her with her luggage told her that her mother was in the bedroom so she hurried there, the door to the bedroom wasn’t locked, she turned the knob of the door and the door opened immediately the knob was turned and she went in, “mum”, Elena came out from the bathroom, she was fully dress so she couldn’t have been having a shower, Nadia thought, Elena was surprised at the same time also happy to see her daughter, they both hugged themselves as a mother and daughter could seeing eachother after a long time.
“O my beautiful daughter, I missed you so much” Elena said still on the embrace, “ I missed you more and you know it” they both release from the embrace. “ it been like 3 months right”
“precisely 2 months and two weeks”
“ you could have told us you were coming”
“ I know but it wouldn’t be a surprise if I did, I know dad is not at home”
“ no he is not, you must be hungry, come let me make something for you to eat while you tell me all about your trip” they both left the bedroom happily.
Nadia has taken a nap after eating a delicious delicacy prepared by her mother, she has missed her mother meal so much.
Nadia is a student in the university of Abuja studying marketing and management and she is one of the best student in both her class and school, She has managed to form a little organization in school that helps students and also those that need some business ideas through her blog that has gone worldwide, she is always invited to many presentations and press conferences as well, because of this she is always out of town but that does not affect her studies.
She has just came back from a press conference she attended in Dubai and she is so happy to be home, she barely comes home for weekends because of her busy schedule and her studies but she always finds time to visit when she could.
She picked up her phone that was just at the side of the bed as she sat up on the bed, she chatted with some of her friends for about fifteen minutes before deciding to go down stair, judging from the time her father might be home already, she headed to the sitting room but found no body there then she headed to her parents room, she was so excited to see her father and to tell him all the achievements she had achieved this passed months but her excitement died down when she got closer to her parents bedroom door, she heard two recognized voice talking more like arguing over something, the door was fully lock so it wasn’t difficult for her to hear their conversation, she stood close to the door, she hates enveloping on someone conversation but she just couldn’t stop herself from doing so.
“ I could suggest we tell her, she is no kid, since the situation has gotten to this” that was her father Mr William voice, “ so what are you going to say, that you can’t protect her, you are her father, we are her parents and we have a parental responsibility to preform and that is what we will do”
Nadia was trying to put the words she was hearing in together, she was sure about one thingthat whatever they are discussing is definitely about her and she could love to know, she then decided to show herself, she opened the door widely and entered, Mr William and Elena immediately stopped talking when she entered which she expected from them since they really don’t want her to know whatever that was going on.
“ dad, mom, is everything alright”
What do you think, is it right that she is told or is Elena right.
To be continued..

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Re: NADIA AND ETHAN (marriage Contract Gone Wrong) by Viciyoung(m): 2:40pm On Feb 26
Nadia and Ethan
(Marriage contract gone wrong)
Sequence 10
Written by Joy Osamudiamen
I know you reader have be complaining of my layers posting but please bare with me, I work and school every day except for Saturdays and Sunday that I have free time to write up, so try and be patient with me, I will try my best to make up.
Thanks for your understanding.
He opened his eyes to the sound of his ringing phone, his eyes caught the alarm clock that was just placed on the nightstand, the time says 4:26am, “what the hall” he cursed under his breath, he rolled to the other side of the bed where the phone was ringing, picking it up from the night stand he gaze at the number that was showing on his phone screen, it was an unknown number, he wonder who would be calling his line at this hour, the caller wasn’t a business associate because his business line was a different one.
Ethan has three different phones for different purposes, one is for his business associates, the second was for close friends and family that has quite a few numbers since he doesn’t keep friends and family close, the other one was for numbers that isn’t in the group of neither his friends, family or business, let just say unimportant numbers and that was the particular phone that was ringing which anger him because now he just have two hours to sleep before getting ready for work.
He didn’t sleep early as he had some office work he brought home, no wonder his friend (Jack) calls him a work worm, he angrily pick the call placing it on him ear “ who is this” he asked rudely, Ethan doesn’t believe in staying silence to an unknown number until the person in the other ends speaks, Jack has cautioned him about it but he care less about it.
“hello handsome” a lady voice was heard on the other end of the phone.
The voice sounded familiar but he just doesn’t have that time to think of any similarity,
“ who ever you are, you have one second to introduce yourself and the reason for you calling at this hour, and it better be important”
“ you never change do you, always this rude, and that’s one thing that I like about you, so in control “ she said ignoring his angry tone.
There was only one person that has always told his that, immediately he knew who was speaking with him,
“ Nina” he asked nonchalantly
“ oh my, you remembered my voice” she excitedly scream on her end.
“Why call me this late and with a new line”
“ well I misplaced my phone, no, it was stolen from me so I bought a new one, now guess what, I am back in Nigeria, so I decided to give you a call, I have missed you so much, I got you lots of wonderful presents and I know you will love them, I will come by your office later by noon, I know you miss me too, did you miss me” she said in one go
“ are you expecting me to answer that” he said tiredly
“no, because I know you miss me, so see you later”
“ I won’t be at the office, i have somewhere to go to and don’t know when I will be coming”
He really will be busy all day and doesn’t want any drama from the drama queen herself,
“really don’t worry then, we will see when you are free, now sleep well, love you” she blew him a kiss before ending the call, Ethan took the phone from his ear starring at it, “ I hate this girl” he murmured angrily dropping the phone back on the night stand, all that while Nina was screaming her lungs out, out of excitement, he has be snorting silently, he just can’t believe she was back into his peaceful life again, he leaned his face on his two palms and exhale heavily before laying back on the bed, the day was going to be a long day.
Nadia woke up with a smile on her face, she has missed her bed and home so much, she looked at the time that says 7:23, “ wow, can’t believe I slept that long”, Nadia was an early raiser, right from when she was little she was praised by her friends and teachers for her punctuality to school, she quickly got up from her bed and dressed the bed up, she washed her teeth the decided to take breakfast before taking her morning bath, she headed to the sitting room knowing that her father will be in the dinning having his breakfast since he also is an early raiser that’s why e never goes to work late, guess that’s where she go that from, her smile died down as she started hearing her parents arguing again with a low voice and it was going from the dinning, “who has breakfast and fight” she thought to herself, yesterday they made her believe that it was their personal issue, an issue that has to do with wife and husband, even when she knew they were lying she choose to believe them, now they are repeating the same thing again, this wasn’t just some wife and husband issue as they have claimed and she was determined to find out what it was.
Mr William has tried almost everything to persuade his wife in telling their daughter, Nadia what was happening but Elena was still adamant on her decision, he knew his daughter was a clever girl and she didn’t bought what she was told yesterday, he had hope Nadia could persist a little more so his wife could have no choice but to open up, he was disappointed when Nadia didn’t, this morning in the dinner he brought the issue up again hoping this time his wife could listen but just as before she refused which started another argument,
They were trying so hard to keep their voice down because they knew Nadia could still be sleeping but their guess was wrong as the voice of Nadia made both to turn to the same direction.
“Mum, dad, you both better tell me what is going on right now, and please don’t tell me it between the both of you because I never bought the lies you both came up with yesterday” she said calmly
Elena and Mr William gazed at each other, they both were confused, they didn’t know what to say, Elena looked at her daughter trying to think of something but she knew her daughter will still see through another lies, the whole place was silent, they were all staring at each other, Elena exhale loudly knowing there was nothing to do but to tell her the truth “ Nadia, come sit, I and your father will tell you everything” Nadia looked at his father who nod in agreement to what his wife just said, with this Nadia move to a couch just close to her, Elena and Mr William joined her, each sitting on her opposite sides ( her left and right), she prepared herself to hear what they have to say, she just hope it’s nothing she couldn’t handle.
“this can not be happening” Nadia said springing up from the couch, Elena and Mr William has just finished telling her everything leaving no stone unturned, they both took turns in explaining everything to her, she was silent throughout, listening to every words they were saying, she was indeed shock to learn all the things they told her, but she has always being a person that is always compose no matter what she face, she should be angry but she just can’t bring herself to feel that way because she really don’t know how to get angry, guess God wanted her to be that way, but upset yes she is, hurt, yes she is, she is hurt that her parents would keep all this from her, she understands that they were trying to protect her in some way but she is old enough to make her own decision, she was upset that someone was doing this to her father though she doesn’t blame whoever he is, her father was at fault in all this.
“I have tried to reason with him but he won’t want to hear any of it “Mr William said seriously,
“ it will be difficult to reason with him dad, who wouldn’t be unreasonable in this situation, dad, you took this loan ten years ago and an agreement was made but you broke that agreement by not paying a single payment to them”
“ Nadia, you have no idea how it has been for the company this pasted years” Elena defended her husband calmly
“ mum I understand but it was better we had manage then to be in this mass now and the irony of it is that I am the one that will have to pay the debt”
“ I won’t allow that to happen, I know i was wrong but you have no business with what ever I did years ago, I will take care of this”
“ but dad…….”
Mr Williams stopped her from saying any more word by raising his hand,
“I will be going to court today, they sent a letter requesting for my presence, don’t worry, things will fall in place” he caressed her cheek softly, he hope and prays he was right, Nadia knew this was not something that will be easily solved, she understands everything that was going on but she just hope her father pull thing off, she was going to allow her father do his part because she has her own plans, she was going to meet that man that feels he can use the situation at hand to have her as his wife.
What do you guys think.
Next sequence coming up soon.

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Nice update..pls drop another one as he dey hot.
Re: NADIA AND ETHAN (marriage Contract Gone Wrong) by Viciyoung(m): 10:02pm On Mar 07
Nadia and Ethan
(Marriage contract gone wrong)
Sequence 11
Written by Joy Osamudiamen
Richard is seen walking hurriedly to Ethan office with his note pad on his hand, he gently opened the door and went inside, Ethan is seen at his office desk working on his laptop at usual, he shifted his eyes away from the laptop to Richard as soon as Richard entered the office.
“ sir the investors from Germany just called that they are in Nigeria and would love to hold a meeting with you today”
“what………, I thought they are to arrive tomorrow” he asked in bewilderment
“ yes sir the appointment was for tomorrow, but they changed their mind”
“and you are just telling me this now” he barked at him
Richard flinched at the sound of his voice “sir, they just called now to inform me of the change”
Ethan snorted angrily, he hates not being prepared for something, he so wish to refuse them but he was a business man after all.
“ what appointment do I have today” he asked a bit calm
“ you have an appointment with the court by 2pm”
“ what time are they coming”
“ by 1:30pm”
Ethan looked at his wrist watch, the time says 12:43pm, he signed heavily
“call my lawyer, tell him to cancel the court hearing today, I will let him know when I will be free for that”
“ okey sir. But what excuse should I give sir”
Ethan looked up at Richard with a death stare
“ I know what to tell him, I will take my leave me, sir”
Ethan ignored him and returned to his work, Richard quickly left the office, he has grow fond of Ethan some how, he likes his personality though it a bit scary, at the early stage when he started working for Ethan he would get depressed but as time went by he started to get use to it, he knew deep down Ethan was not as dark as people think he is, but he just can’t places the reason for the darkness in his boss heart.
Mr Williams was in his office when a knock came to his door.
“ come in”
Mr Edward walked into the office
“Sir an email just came in from the court sir”
Mr William dropped what he was doing and put all his attention on Mr Edward, he will be going to the court soon to meet with Ethan, his lawyer barr. John will meet him there, he has prepared all what he was asked to do and bring by barr. John, time was the only thing he was waiting for.
“What is it”
“ the meeting as been cancel due to the fact that Ethan is not feeling too well to attend any meeting today, they will let you know when a new day is fixed”
Mr William was surprised at the same time glad to hear this new development, seem God is on his side.
“ quickly call barr. John and inform him of the new development”
“okey sir” with his he left the office, Mr William hoped that the meeting will not be rescheduled soon.
Nadia drove into the building of Cloudworld technology worldwide and in no time she parked her car in the parking lot, stepping down from the car she made her way to the reception hall, she was amazed of the well designed hall, the building alone was seven times bigger than her father building, the reception hall was just like her sitting room, wide and beautifully decorated, she made her way to the reception desk, there were three female receptionists attending to guest, she made her way to the one that was free as the rest were attending to people, the female receptionist smiled at her as she approached, Nadia returned the smile.
“ good day ma’am, welcome to Cloudworld technology, how may we be of help” said the receptionist with a smile still on her face.
“ good day to you too, please am here to see Mr Ethan Donald, is he in” She politely asked
“ yes he is in, do you have an appointment”
“no, I don’t have an appointment “
“ than an afraid ma’am, you can’t see the CEO”
Nadia exhale lightly, she knew it will be difficult to see Ethan without an appointment, such a big company will definitely have strong system of security, she has read through the procedure that you have to take if you want an appointment to meet with Ethan and time wasn’t something she has.
“ look, I know you are doing your job and believe me you are good at it but I really have to see him, if you can just put a call through him for me, I will highly appreciate it” Nadia requested politely
The reception stared at her, she thought Nadia was one of those street girls that comes here often in search of Mr Donald only to be thrown out by the security, so she decided to treat her like one.
“ can I give you a piss of advice, go get a life, if you think Mr Donald will even for one bit agreed to see someone like you then you are In for a shock, you better leave here before I call security, cheap s--t “
Nadia eyes grown in shock
“ excuse me, did you just call me a s--t”
“ you heard, now leave”
Nadia was so hurt by what the receptionist told her and she so wanted to react but thought against it, a lady in a front desk words can not get to her, she was better than that, but she was not going to leave without giving her a piss of her own advice, just as she was about to opened her mouth, a voice interrupted her,
“ Tracy”
“ yes sir” she replied standing up right.
Nadia turned to see a handsome young man standing just a few inches away on her side, their eyes both locked in each other.
“ do I know you from somewhere” Richard asked trying to remember where he has met her, the beautiful face that was staring at him was so familiar, he quickly assess her with his eyes, she was indeed beautiful with everything in place, he was brought back from his thought by the fake cough of Tracy the receptionist.
“ sir”
“ yeah, can I get the file that I gave you yesterday please”
“ sure” she replied, quickly searching for the file but not without stealing gales at Nadia with a bad stare.
Nadia decided to forget what she so wanted to say and head out from the company, as she turned to leave Richard voice stopped her, she turned back to face him.
“ you really look familiar”
She smiled at him, she was sure he must have come across her blog or some social media, this often happens to her whenever she is at a public place, but she wasn’t ready for any celebrity greetings right now.
“ I don’t think so, you might be mistaken”
“ oh, forgive me than”
“ on problem “ with this she turned and started to walk away, Richard watched as she walked away still admiring her beauty, Tracy gave him the file, thanking her he turned to go back to his office, just as he got to the elevator he stopped with a half as something click in his brain
“yes” he said to himself, he just remembered where he has seen the beautiful face, he hurriedly walked back to the reception desk.
“ the lady of now, what was she doing here”
Tracy was surprised that Richard was asking about her, maybe he has grow interest in her, she thought.
“ tell me” he sounded so inpatient
“ she came to look for Mr Donald, but she was without an appointment “
“ what”
“ I think that’s Mr Donald…..” He stopped himself immediately, he wouldn’t want to be the one to gossip about what he knows,
“ Mr Donald who”
She asked anxiously
“nothing” with that he ran out of the hall in search for her, he went into the parking lot as she must have come with a car, just as fate has it, he saw her just about opening her car.
Nadia was disappointed that she couldn’t meet Ethan, she just didn’t want to take the word of Tracy seriously, she was just about to opened her car when a voice stopped her by calling her name.
“ miss Nadia William” Richard called out wanting to be sure he got the right person.
Nadia turned round she saw the same guy she saw not quite long, he knew her after all.
“ you are Miss Nadia William, right” he asked as soon as he got close to her
There was no point lying she smiled nodding in agreement
“ I was told you want to see Mr Donald”
“ yes, but I am not with any appointment, I have to take one before I will be allowed to see him”
“ and the appointment has to be approved, if disapprove sorry”
“ yeah “ she wrapped her arms together, she doesn’t know but it was really awkward at that moment, why was this guy talking with her, she thought, maybe he is hitting on her but she was one that don’t jump into conclusion.
“ forgive my manners, I am Richard “ he said this extending his hand for an handshake, Nadia took his hands smiling
“ am the personal assistant to Mr Donald”
Nadia looked at him with surprise, God is really great, just when she has given up hope, God did his wonderful work.
“ I can take you to him, that’s if you want”
She was taking aback by what she heard
“ you said”
“ I said I can take you to Mr Donald, he will be pleased to see you”
“ really”
“ I think”
Nadia can now understand why Richard was nice to her, of course, he is the personal assistant to Mr Donald, he always knows what happens around Mr Donald
“ shall we”
“ sure, thank you”
Richard responded with a nod.
To be continued..

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Well done OP
Re: NADIA AND ETHAN (marriage Contract Gone Wrong) by Viciyoung(m): 12:09pm On Mar 12
Nadia and Ethan
(Marriage contract gone wrong)
Sequence 12
Written by Joy Osamudiamen
Richard leaded the way, both walked back to the hall, there was a surprise look on Tracy face as both walked pass, in no time they were at the elevator, it wasn’t a problem to find the elevator free because it was a private elevator use by Mr Donald and of course Richard when running an errand and his business associates, the lift from the down floor to the top floor where Ethan office is located was a silent one as none said a word to each other, Nadia was a little nervous, she was trying to be brave but it wasn’t really working, in no time the elevator stopped, the door opened to reveal another hall, there were people busy with one thing or the other, they walked passed them with some saluting Richard, while some girls was throwing dead stare at her, she wondered why girls are always insecure when female visitors come to visit their boss.
“ please wait here let me go in to inform him”
“ okey thanks”
Richard left her and walked to a door just few meters away, they are away from the hall now and there was no one around, she sat down on the chairs that are meant for visitors, she prayed things goes the way she planned.
“ God help your daughter”
Richard rang the little bottom just at the side of the door, this was what he normally does when Ethan isn’t expecting him, he was happy that he was able to find Nadia, he doesn’t know but he really want his boss to get married to Nadia, with what he had heard about her maybe she will be the savior to his boss, after the day he went with Ethan to Mr William office and he made the request to marry Nadia, he went and dig deep into the details of Nadia and he was impressed with what he saw, so he just has that faith that Nadia might just be that woman for his boss.
“ come in” Ethan voice ushered him in, he opened the door and went in, Ethan has been on his laptop since he finished the meeting with the Germany investors, he didn’t even went for lunch as there was lot of work to be done, he just can’t leave some important things for anyone because he was use to doing things himself.
“sir, there is someone here to see you, I told her to wait while I inform you”
“I thought I don’t have any other appointment again for today”
“you don’t sir, but she came unannounced and she really wants to see you”
He immediately stopped what he was doing, “she” he thought, immediately his mind went to Nina,
“ I thought I told her not to come today” he said this more to himself, Richard was confused at this remark, was his boss communicating with Nadia.
“ tell her am busy, I will call her when an free”
“ yes sir” he responded disappointedly
“ and one more thing, tell her I will have lunch with her tomorrow by 2pm, so remain me tomorrow to have lunch with Nina”
“Nina” he was totally confused now
“ yes”
“ I thought her name is Nadia”
It was Ethan turn to be confused
“ who ss the she you were talking about “
“ Nadia William sir”
How could she come to see him, a quick smile was seen on his face.
“ let her come in”
“ okey sir “ he said with a big smile on his face, he quickly went out to get Nadia,
“ he wants you to come in”
“ thanks”
Nadia walked with Richard to Ethan office, it was time to meet the one that want to be her husband.
Ethan closed his laptop as he wouldn’t want to be distracted, he so much want to see how Nadia looks like and her type of person, he knows he was getting married for a wrong reason but at the same time he wants to be pleased with himself for the choice he made, the door was open and a female figure walked in with Richard, he just couldn’t believe his eyes when Nadia’s face came to view, even without any makeover, she was the most beautiful woman he has seen, he has come across so many women but she was different, she was indeed a natural beauty, this will be one thing he will love about her for she to come so natural to see him, most girls could have worn their best and do their makeup in a God I see you way, as he normally puts it, her outfit was causal too and it fits her perfectly, her shape wasn’t bad either, she was indeed made by God.
“ please sit” Richard offered her a seat
“ thank you”
Nadia took her seat quietly, she too has been lost in the eyes of Ethan, she never knew he could been this handsome, if not for the circumstances in which they met she would have love to marry him as many times as she would, “ Nadia, get hold of yourself, you shouldn’t be lusting after him, you know why you are here” that was her mind talking to her, immediately she dismissed every thoughts she had about him out of her head,
“ should I bring you both anything”
Ethan gave Richard a death stare
“ I will just leave” the last thing he will want to do is to offend his boss at this moment, he really want his boss to enjoy the moment.
“ so why do I hold this wonderful visit” Ethan said as soon as Richard left, he leaned on his seat entangling his fingers together.
“ you already know who I am so there is no need for any introduction, and I suppose you know why an here”
Ethan like this, she was a straight forward woman, he likes straight forward women.
“ you are here because of your father”
“ yes, I came for us to talk”
“ talk, about what exactly “
Nadia exhale heavily, she has to be tough to pull this off,
“ I know that what my father did was wrong, he made an agreement with your grandfather and fail in the agreement and for this i am sorry, I don’t blame you for the action you are taking because I would have done the same”
Ethan sat comfortably, he was surprised at what Nadia was saying, there was sincerely in all her words, this was the first time that someone was understanding from his point of view and on the same page with him.
“ my father have the right the pay every single money back to you in one day, and you have the right to do anything as you please to get your money because truth be told the money is not something anyone can just turn blind eyes to, and I know I am not in any position to come here today to see you but I had to since it now involves me, please I know you want to marry me just to be assured that your money will be paid, but do you think it’s the right thing to do”
They were silent now as both were staring at each other
“ don’t you know I have a say in who I will marry and when I will marry” Nadia said again breaking the silent,
“ well, you are right”
“ I came here to beg you, don’t take that choice away from me please” she was trying so hard to fight back her tears and Ethan could see this,
“ please give my father more time and I promise, he will pay back every single money, just a little time”
he was moved by her words but he tried not to show this, he so wanted to give in to her request but then if he gives in to what she said then he will lose such a beautiful being, he got up and made his way to where Nadia is, he sat on he desk just closed to Nadia, Nadia now was nervous, she has never been comfortable with men staying too close to her apart from his relatives and best friend Lucas, she shifted uncomfortably in her seat, Ethan observe her discomfort but choose to ignore it.
“ I would love to really give your father time to pay me back, anytime he wants, but you see if I do that and at the end of the day your father is able to pay me back then won’t that be sad, we both will miss the opportunity to become man and wife”
Nadia swallowed hard, she wasn’t liking where this was going, Ethan leaned more closer to her making her to shift into her seat, Ethan knew he was making her nervous and he loves this, at least she reacts to his presence.
“ I don’t… want… to….. marry you” she stammered
Ethan was hurt by her word, he has never been regretted by any woman before, women beg stand close to him and here is a lady refusing to marry him, he snorted angrily
“ I will pretend you didn’t said that” he leaned even more closer to her, she tried to shift back but her back was already blocked by the chair she is sitting on. Now their face was only few inches away from each other, they were this close that they could feel each other breathe.
“ do you know what I can so to your father, your family, if you refuse to marry me”
“ I won’t be your wife”
“ are you sure about that”
“ I know what I want and you are not part of the things I want”
He was getting angry now but he is trying to control it, Nadia tried to stand up from the seat but Ethan quickly placed his hand on the chair handle, preventing her to move.
“ do you know I can get any woman I want, do you know the women I have taken to bed”
“ I don’t care, I am not going to marry you, you can’t force a woman to be your wife, it just don’t happen”
“I can see you are as stubborn as your father, well we are going to do it this way, I will give you a week to reflect on your word, just one week, like you said I can’t force you to marry me but I can definitely make you to marry me” with that said he sat up giving room for Nadia to flinched up from her seat, she was breathing heavily now, she quickly composed herself as she was scared out of her skin that Ethan could do something to her, the way his office was she knew it has to be soundproof which is good on a normal circumstances but bad for her at that moment
“ you can play any game you think you can play, but I will not be your wife”
She is daring him now, an evil smirk appeared on his lip, this was going to be fun he thought
“we will see about that”
Nadia couldn’t get any words out of her mouth as she stared angrily at Ethan and Ethan staring back,
“ it could be nice to call you, wifey” Nadia rolled her eyes to this and angrily left the office, she just can’t believe she wasted her time to come here, her father was right after all, Ethan can not be reason with but that doesn’t mean she will give up, this was now her fight and she pray for strength to fight it.
As soon as Nadia left his office a frown appeared on his face, he has never been dared by a woman before, he hate being dared, he took his phone that was just close to him and dialed a number the person picked on first ring
“ reschedule the court hearing one week from now” with that he brought the phone down from his ear, ending the call,
“Nadia, let’s see how well you can play a game”
It was later that evening, Nadia came down stairs and found her father sited on one of the couch in the sitting room, he was watching the 9,o clock news showing on the Tv ,Mr Williams has arrived few minutes ago, after taking his bath he had to come to the sitting room to watch the news as he wait for dinner, Elena was already in the kitchen preparing the meal, though they are maids in the house, Elena always sees to it that she makes the meals, she only allows the maids to prepare the meal only when she is sick.
“dad you are back” Nadia said descending down the stairs, Mr Williams looked at Nadia with a warm smile on his face, he asked after her when he arrived but he was told she was in her room resting,
“yes am back, how was your nap” he asked as Nadia went over to where he was and sat just close to him, he placed his arms around her shoulder drawing her closer to himself.
“ it was fine, I really needed it”
“oh you are up” that was Elena coming out from the kitchen
“ yea mom, and am very hungry”
“ don’t worry the meal is ready, let the table be set okey”
“ okey no problem”
Elena sat just opposite them ( Mr Williams and Nadia)
“ so dad how did the court hearing went” she asked, she had no idea that the hearing was cancelled, she thought Ethan was already back from the court hearing before she met him.
“ oh it was cancelled”
“ it was cancelled” she asked in disbelief
“ yes, got a letter from the court that Mr Donald was ill so he can’t make it”
“ill, seriously” she wondered how an ill person will be in his office and he didn’t look ill to her.
“ yea, I was already celebrating about it but got another letter just when I was about to leave the office that its rescheduled in a week time”
Nadia snorted, “ so he really was serious about the one week thing” she said to herself but was loud enough for her parents to hear,
“ who was serious about a one week thing” Mr Williams asked confusedly
Nadia stared at her father with a surprise look
“ you said something honey, what is it”
“ ohh its nothing” she averted her eyes always from her father, Mr Williams knows her so well, he knows when she is trying to hide something,
“ Nadia, say it”
Nadia knew she can’t hide a thing when it comes to her father, and she can’t lie either as she hate lying to her parent,
“ well, I went to see Mr Donald today, at his office”
Elena raised her eyebrows in surprise, Mr William on his part was emotionless, he just couldn’t know how to react to this, he knows what ever reason that made her to comfort him was good but still if she did the right thing by going was what can’t tell.
Nadia looked at her parents, none were saying anything or scolding her,
“I wanted to help, I mean this involves me”
“ are you out of your mind, I mean why will you do that, and you didn’t inform anyone before doing such, what if something bad has happened to you”
“ what will possibly happen to me in an office”
“ Mr Donald is a casanova, everyone knows that” Elena snapped at her
“ what happen when you went there” Mr Williams asked calmly
“ he refuse to oblige to my request when I ask for him to give you more time, instead he gave me a week to make a decision to marry him or not”
Mr Williams sighed heavily while Elena snorted angrily
“ Nadia I know you want to help in every way but you have to understand that Mr Donald isn’t just any business man, you of all people should know how we business men don’t joke with our incomes, he won’t sept down, not for anything”
“ then what do we do, I just can’t marry that hypocrite”
“ I know and am not saying you will, just leave it to us and face your education , I and your mother will find a way out”
“ no dad, I am involved in this same way you both are, this is about my life and I won’t just relax as if nothing is happening”
“ why don’t you just listen to your father” Elena spoke calmly this time,
“dad please let me help, I want to be able to do something, anything, please don’t ask me pretend all is well, please”
Mr William just don’t know what to say anymore, Nadia was right, this was about her and he knows she will have her way anyway.
“ can you imaging that little brat, how dare she”
Ethan was in his house with Jack, it was a weekend and Jack decided to come pay him a visit, he has filled Jack in on everything that happen between him and Nadia at his office,
“ relax men, I don’t see any reason why you should be angry”
“ she refused me, who refuse me”
“ there is always a first, and beside she will be your wife soon so……”
“ oh my God” Ethan interrupted him, “ aren’t you listing to all I have been saying, she refused to marry me”
“ I know, but she refused now, she might accept tomorrow”
“ like seriously, are you really telling me that”
“ what, yea she refused you, get over it, do you have any idea how many ladies have turned me down”
“ why shouldn’t they, you are an a-----e for a start”
“ that was harsh, men are this angry” jack said putting his two hands on his chest pretending to be hurt, Ethan exhale lightly Leaning into the couch
“ how can my planned work if she refuse me” he said nonchalantly
“ they won’t be able to pay that deft, no matter how hard they try, so relax” Jack assured him, Jack knew his friend was worried, whatever his plans are were really important to him,
Just then Ethan phone started ringing, he picked it up from the glass table at the center of the sitting room but was disappointed to see the caller, he ignored the call placing the phone just beside him
“ who”
“ Nina”
Jack smiled, “ your lovely Nani” he said sarcasm
“ get out”
The call ended but started ringing again
“ just pick the call, you have been ignoring her since she came back, she called me you know”
“and a sensible person will know I and ignoring her but she is too stupid to know”
“ or she is just pretending not to see it” Jack concluded
“ I wonder why she can’t just f-----g leave me alone”
Jack burst into laughter, Ethan wondered why he was laughing as nothing was funny about what he said.
“ come one men, you screw her perfectly in bed, now tell me why she will f-----g let you alone” he said sarcastically
This cause Ethan to snorted angrily that brought another round laughter from jack,
“ lets be realistic here, you are dame good in bed, even a lesbian will come back asking for more you know”
“ you are indeed an a-----e”
Jackjust can’t stop laughing and this was annoying Ethan and he knew Jack was doing that to piss him off
“ okey men, why can’t you just tell her off”
“I have”
“ no, I mean tell her off”
He understood what Jack meant by that, it was his way when ever he was done with any lady but they keep coming, he always send them off by either sending his men to treat then roughly, or he just pay some street boys to raped them with warming to stay off him, call him evil but it always work.
“ are you out of your mind, you know who her father is, do you need me to remain you that she his the apple of his eyes, Senator Philip was my grandfather best friend, my grandfather will be so disappointed in me if I even think of creating a war with Senator Philip, her father will come for my head”
“ so you are afraid to die, the almighty Ethan is afraid”
Jack is right, Senator Philip was the only man on earth that Ethan fears, Senator Philip was the best friend to his grandfather, and he was the one that helped him to stand on his feet when his grandfather died, so he owns him so much, that’s why he won’t think of doing something bad to any of his family members because they are family to him
“God it was only once, and I was drunk, if her father gets to know about that, am dead”
“ come on men, that was six years ago, and we both know she drugged you, so it’s not your fault, you just have to tolerate her till you get yourself a wife, maybe she will stop her advances towards you then”
“you think so”
“ maybe”
He just hope Jack is right, this was the more reason he has to get marriage and Nadia was a good mate.
To be continued..

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Re: NADIA AND ETHAN (marriage Contract Gone Wrong) by nastynic(m): 11:39pm On Mar 12
Lovely storyline you've got here, i got enthralled by ethans persona, i just feel like its an immaginative part of me that only exist in my fantasy. more grace, more cash nd thanks for the update
Re: NADIA AND ETHAN (marriage Contract Gone Wrong) by Viciyoung(m): 2:13pm On Mar 13
Nadia and Ethan
(Marriage contract gone wrong)
Sequence 13
Written by Joy Osamudiamen
The day of the court hearing was drawing near, Nadia and her parents have been working endlessly to come up with at least half the money and it was going well for them, Nadia was able to contact some of her friends she made while on some business presentation and also on her blog and they all gladly helped, some giving her some amount of money as a appreciation for the good advice she gave that helped them in businesses, how ironic that she was helping others business to stand while her parents business has been suffering which she intend to work on once she is done with Ethan.
She was also able to convince Mr Jonathan, Ethan father for a loan too, at first Mr Jonathan refused for the fear that Ethan will be so mad and might do something stupid if he finds out but Nadia assured him that it will be a secret without both of them that even Mr William and Elena will not even be aware of it, Mr William and his wife was amazed at how their daughter was able to raise a large sum of money within days, they were so proud of their daughter and hope that her efforts will not go to waste.
At the end of the week that was given to them by Ethan, adding the money that Mr Williams was able to find many weeks ago and the one he found now, they were able to come up with twenty-five billion dollars which to them will be able to convince Ethan and the court that they will be able to pay the rest if given enough time.
Mr William went to Nadia’s room to see her, upon getting there he found her on her knees praying, Nadia has always been a good prayer warrior, her faith in God was so strong that she always pray before making any decision, to him he thinks that’s why many ways always open up for her, indeed God was at his daughter’s side, he walked in and sat at the edge of the bed gently trying not to make any sound as he wouldn’t want to disturb her prayer.
Nadia finished her prayer after about ten minutes, she was a little disturbed even after her prayers, she felt the presence of someone close to her, she turned and saw her father smiling warmly at her.
“ oh dad, you are here”
“ I can see you are done now, was waiting for you to get through, didn’t want to disturb you”
“ oh thanks dad”
She said getting up from her kneeing position, removing her scarf and placing her Bible on the bed she sat close to her father
“ dad is there anything you want to tell me?”
“ oh no, just wanted to know how you are doing, I was told by the maid that you haven’t had your dinner yet, are you not hungry now?” he asked with concern
“ I am not really hungry”
Mr William saw the worried look on her face, she was indeed bothered about something, she has been in her room for two hours now praying, he wondered if it was because of the court he is going to tomorrow.
“ my love, are you alright? ”
Nadia exhale lightly, “ to say the truth father, I am really bothered “
“why? , is it because of tomorrow “
“ no father, it’s because of the dreams I have been having for about one week now”
Mr William was surprised to hear that from her,
“ Who did you dream about, me?”
“ no father, and that is my worries, I dreamt about Mr Donald, Ethan Donald “
She clarified so her father will not think she is talking about the late Mr Donald, Ethan grandfather or his father, Mr William was surprised at this
“ do you want to talk about it?”
She nodded in agreement, she really wants to talk about it maybe her father can find meaning to the dreams, from the day she saw Ethan, her dream has been the same, and even since she has been praying to God to make her understand the meaning but yet got nothing, it was like the more she prays the more she keep dreaming about it, opening her mouth she began to tell her father the dreams.
Nadia opened her eyes but later shut it close because of the sun light that flashed on her eyes, she used her hand to shield her eyes from the sunlight as she sat up, the place was quiet, only the sound of birds were heard as they fly round the sea, she looked around and found out that she was in a beach but no one was around, how did she get here was what she didn’t know, determined to find her way out of this place she got up from the sand she has been laying on, that was when she discovered she was wearing a wedding dress, what was she doing on a wedding dress, she thought to herself, pulling up her dress she began to walk to no where in particular, she was already getting tired as the heat from the sun was really affecting her, she fell on the sand as there was no more strength left in her, she looked around again to see if there was any one that can help, that was when she saw a man’s figure, she was so happy that at last she wasn’t alone,
“hey Mr”
She called out but the man didn’t even flinch, he was just looking at the sea that was in front of him, she got up and started to get close to him maybe he didn’t hear her.
“Hello, excuse me, do you have any idea where I am”
She asked but just like before the man ignored her, getting frustrated she cried out again
“ can’t you hear me”
Just then the man began walking towards the sea without facing or answering her, she is yet to see the man’s face, “ where are you going?” she asked again but as before he didn’t reply but kept walking further into the sea, “ where are you going?, please stop” she said admit tear now, she was trying to process what the man was doing, did he want to swim or what, then it clinked to her, he was about to drown himself, “ hey stop, you are going to die” she called out but yet he didn’t listen but continue to walk further that the water was already reaching his waist, “ please stop”, with that the man stopped, she was happy that he listened this time, he stood there for few minute without moving, “ hello” she called again worrying why he wasn’t moving, that was when the man turned and the face of Ethan came to view, his clothes was dirty, he looks so unkept and he was crying, she gapes in shock of what she was seeing, “ Mr donald”, Ethan turned facing the sea again he continued walking towards the sea, with terror of what was about to happen she tried to run to get him but her legs refused to move, she fell on her knees now in tears calling out to Ethan for him to stop but he keep moving until he was swallowed by the sea, “ noooooooooo, Ethan”
“His name is always the last thing I say before waking up, and I always wake up scared like its real”
Mr William wouldn’t find any meaning to the dream, as he too was also confused.
“ this dream is very complicated, you in a wedding dress but no wedding and on a beach with no one, he is on dirty clothes and in tears and he drowned himself, Mr Donald will never wear something like that, and cry, I doubt if he even knows the meaning of the words tears”.
“ that’s the point father, and I continue seeing same dream every night”
“ don’t think too much about it, I really can’t help you with the meaning, just pray to God that it’s meaning is not something evil, in time he will explain it to you more clearly ok”
“ okey” she said not sure if she has the time to wait for it to become clearer, she has to know what the meaning of the dream that has been giving her sleepless nights means.
“ why don’t you try and eat something ok”
Nadia nodded in agreement, getting up with her father as both left her room.
Mr William entered the sitting room feeling devastated as he slowly walked to one of the couch and collapsed on it, he leaned his face on his palm as he sobbed quietly, he has just come back from the court and the outcome was didn’t go well, Barr. John walked into the sitting room standing just close to him friend, he was the one that drove Mr William home as he couldn’t drive after the bad news he got, Barr. John placed his hands on his waist as he exhale sadly.
Elena came into the sitting, “ what happened, how did it go?” she asked no one in particular, she was scared seeing the sad look on Barr. John’s face, in a rush she went to sit close to her husband,
“ love, what happened?” she said lifting his face up but she immediately felt cold seeing the tears falling from her husband’s eyes, she couldn’t remember when last he cried, that was seven years ago when Nadia was involved in a car accident and they all thought she could die,
“ tell what happened?” she asked wiping the tears from his eyes,
“ he took everything, everything Elena, everything” he said as more tear fell out, Elena was shock as tears took began to fall from her eyes.
Nadia came back two hours later, she was out when mr William came back from the court, she went to the church to pray, as soon as she entered the sitting room, she saw one of the maids with a tray in it was a jug and a glass cup on it about ascending the stair, the maid bow her kness in greeting on seeing her, “ Good afternoon ma’am” “ yes good afternoon to you too, where is my parents “ she asked smiling
“ they are in their room ma’am” “ okey thanks” she said ascending the stair, the maid gave way for her to pass then gently followed behind her, she knew her father was home as his car he normally use was parked outside, she knocked on the door, “ come in, its not locked, “ that was the voice of her mother, she opened the door with a smile that quickly faded away seeing her father laying on the bed as her mother sat closed to him holding a small towel that was soak with water on her hands,
“ get me the medicine that is on the dressing mirror”, Elena said not knowing it was Nadia that just came in because her back was faced towards Nadia.
“ mum, what happened” Nadia said rushing to her father side, Elena was relieved to see Nadia, she has been calling her but she wasn’t picking up, she looked at Nadia who was already on her knees holding her father by the hand,
“ the court didn’t go well”
“ what, how, what happened”
“ Mr Donald rejected the money we were able to come up with, and the court couldn’t grant us any more time to pay up as Mr Donald refused to accept the condition of the payment, the court couldn’t do any thing, so he took everything Nadia, everything your father built over the years”
she said this bursting into tears, Barr. John has told her everything that has happened, now they only have a week to release the documents of all the property belongings to her husband because they all worth the 45billion naira, Nadia was shocked at this.
“ what, but we were able to come up with half of the money, that was something right”
“ they didn’t care, Barr. John was right, Mr Donald is really powerful, dangerous and heartless, he said he was so confused to what happened, your father has been this way since he came back, Nadia, I don’t kown what to do, the doctor said he is in shock, Nadia if anything happens to your father, I don’t know how I can live with myself” she said as more tear left her eyes
“ mum, nothing will happen to father okey” she said assuring her, she was so angry inside, angry at Ethan and hurt as the same time to see her father this way, she has to find a way out of this,
“ mum, stay with dad, I will be back”
“ where are you going? ” she surprisely asked but didn’t get any response from Nadia as she was already out of the room.
Ethan was in his office, he just came back from the court, though the result was at his favor yet he just wasn’t content, he was slowly moving around the office and in his own thought, jack and Richard that was with him were looking wondering what was wrong with him, ever since he came back from the court he has been that way.
“ Ethan, are you okey?” he asked with concern
“ yes am good” he answered still walking around, he too don’t know what was wrong with him, he has got what he want or has he?
“ are you sure”
“ yea am cool”
“ you have been like this since you came back from the court, if you are stress, you can go home to rest” jack suggested
“ no, am good, okey, I don’t know why am like this” he snapped
Both Richard and jack was shocked at this, there was something really wrong with him.
“I think its because of miss Nadia” Richard whispered to jack whom seem surprised.
Nadia arrived at the building of Cloudworld technology worldwide, she wasn’t looking happy and everyone could see that in her face, she has cried her heart out as she drove to Ethan company, seeing her father that way has really broke her, first in a long time she was so angry with no other person but Ethan, she angrily walk to the girl she meant on the front desk the first time she came, she could still recall her name, Tracy face grow wide with shock in seeing Nadia, she still remember what happened between her and Nadia , after Richard has left Ethan and Nadia at the office the other day, he had come to her and her colleague telling them to always allow Nadia to see Mr Donald when ever she wants to, she quickly replaced her surprise look to a warm smile
“ good aftern…… “
“ don’t you dare tell me I can’t see that boss of yours” she angrily interrupted her as Tracy face grown wide in shock,
“ what”
“ where is your boss”
“ in the office “ she stammered
Nadia didn’t wait to listen to any other thing she has to say as she headed to the elevator, she still remember the way to Ethan’s office but was disappointed when she got to the elevator and found out that it was blocked and only open with a code, she sigh in frustration, just then she saw a lady passing by, she put on her best smile as he approached her, “
“ good day” “ good day” the lady smiled warmly to her
“ please where can I get the elevator”
“ oh am actually heading there, you can come with me”
“ thank you so much” both smiled at each other as they walked to the elevator, Nadia was surprised that no one tried to stop her even the Tracy of a girll didn’t stop her either, well it was better this way because she was so determined to see Ethan today.
“ you better stop, okey and tell us what your problem is, is it the girl?” Jack asked annoyed
Just then the door burst open as an angry looking Nadia came in view, Ethan stopped at his track, staring at Nadia, all were surprised to see her, Ethan was more surprised
“ miss Nadia” Richard said immediately he saw her
Nadia ignored him and walked forward angrily to Ethan
“ what the hell are you doing here” he asked still surprised on how she was in his office.
“ you devil” that was all she said before she released her hand on his face
O my God, what did Nadia just do, hmmmm, I wonder how Ethan will react yo this, let’s see this on the next sequence, after more comments.
Re: NADIA AND ETHAN (marriage Contract Gone Wrong) by Missmossy(f): 3:36pm On Mar 13
Interesting, keep it coming !!
Re: NADIA AND ETHAN (marriage Contract Gone Wrong) by iamgprince(m): 5:26pm On Mar 16
thanks for the update
Re: NADIA AND ETHAN (marriage Contract Gone Wrong) by Happiness98: 6:51pm On Mar 16
SHuuu!....she made a mistake. weldone op
Re: NADIA AND ETHAN (marriage Contract Gone Wrong) by OLAFIMIX(f): 9:28pm On Mar 16
Come update bros before I vex come ur house embarassed
Re: NADIA AND ETHAN (marriage Contract Gone Wrong) by Ann2012(f): 9:30pm On Mar 16
Thanks for the update
Re: NADIA AND ETHAN (marriage Contract Gone Wrong) by Queenflourish(f): 11:32pm On Mar 16
This story is a bomb.. Very interesting, please update

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