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The In-twines Mission Prologue / Mission Sambisa!!! (all Is Fair In Love And War) / When Mission Becomes Impossible (2) (3) (4)

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THE IN-TWINES MISSION 1 (chapter 1) by obasi234(m): 1:49pm On Jan 18
(isabel eyes fell on Alex who entered the room in perplexed look, isabel waited for him to come before asking the questions).
isabel :why?, you look more obstinate than angry, what's wrong with you?
Alexsadhis hand drove and entwined isabel's neck) your room has been broken into, you-slut..., where did you keep it?
BEGINS wink wink
(the men took off their mask to reveal the faces of bruce and tim still on their duty uniform, bruce bent suffocatingly with tim alongside him, he too just scanned his pocket and brought out the container)
bruce: don't start talking thrash, we're already next to escape .. come now, beat it you lazy-meat! (now, they stood to leave)
(minutes later)
(in the king's chamber where he slept max kept checking the king's pulse, Tim bowed thoughtfully, it is bruce who spoke out)
bruce :how's he doing?, is there any bit of encouragement so far, upon the dozens of medication you've shown and giving him?
maxsadraises a brow) what do you think i am_a God?, now both of you spill it, i know you both have the antidote, come'on hand it over, the slow poison is starting to become vast, it's need like now..
(Tim dipped his hand into his cloth and then brought out a small - container).
Alexsadletting of go her neck) come'on answer me., where's it?
isabel:what... oh the... (smiles) no-one breaks into my room.. I say
Alex:quit saying nonsense, seriously go to your room and check it out
isabel:hell no, the antidote..., hell - no... (stands in alarm) it can't be!
(it all started months ago)
Alex :brother, (entering the chamber and then bows) your majesty
Lucky:what brought you here brother...?, it's too early!
Alex:it's not always early for business matters, is it?
Lucky :you've got me there (laughing) there isn't i tell you, so (rises from his throne) what is it?
Alex :brother, garry's dead.. the fella's no-more!
Lucky :i don't get it but he was alive_whole when i saw him yesterday-night, and now it's like.... Someone's pulling my leg
Alex :of course you will feel that way, (giggles) but no, i won't try that, the punk went to a ale-house that night his body was found not far from it, so by the look of it, i'd say he was poisoned'
(watching as the dead - man is being turned-over, he gasp on the sight of garry, he took two staggering steps backward, then looking as if to faint, he was caught in time by his loyal attendants)
Lucky:who did this?, (coughs and beating his chest) who did...
(he slumped to ground max is the first to act, he knelt before lucky and the felt lucky's pulse)
Max :damn! (he cursed) come'on.. go on... take'em on your back and stop behaving and staring like some naive workers (they wasted no time as one volunteered his back, lucky is placed on it, and then...) CHAPTER 1 End (tbc)
Re: THE IN-TWINES MISSION 1 (chapter 1) by obasi234(m): 11:32pm On Jan 22
Note :an adjustment has been made CHAPTER has been replace by episode
Episode 2
(After garry's incident)
Alex :it swells i tell you, the news came as a shocker and so it indeed came out with an efficient result (he said pacing up and down his room, Harry brow narrowed in disbelief, then he stood).
Harry :my prince, what do you suggest we do now?, Garry's hale and.. hearty you know even if he's under bondage, we sent him paralysed to the king
Alex :keep up to pace man, stop being naive, you see sooner or later we must do away with that punk..., he's no good living at all... you know.
********,, ******, ***, ***
(garry started blankly about the dark room, skeptical and undecisive about what to do, three days ago he had wanted to go visit his brother, the king. And then he was drugged from behind, the next day when he woke up there's this empty and awfully dark room he is in, worse of all he's bound to sit on the charger, tied, untill God knows when, he sighs, shaking his head, he then heard some footsteps that halts abruptly at the door, he held his breath in anticipation and then exhaled nervously, he hasn't seen anyone in the room for three days, this is the first time he ever notice anyone's presence, his stomach rumble, 'right' he thought, he hasn't eaten anything either for three days, the door opened after a series of key rattling noise, a man entered because it is dark he couldn't make out the feature, he just started untill he heard a stool placed in front of him and a plate of food and a cup of water, the man left, leaving garry in wonder, how is he going to eat after being tied like this?.
(peter's hand banged on the table he sat on, he turned furiously to the man in front of him, peter is powerfully.-built, but also considered handsome because of his light features).
Peter : come'on barnes, you can't do that, you'll have to go back in there and feed the man, it's three days, three days (indicating with three fingers) we need'em well and alive, we Don't want to complicate things!.
barnes :but sir, what if i cut the rope and somehow he...... (Peter slams).
Peter : oh you senseless hog, Don't you dare cut the rope.... unties his hands only, it's dark in there even if he tries untieing the leg's which he will be blind to do so, so now i give you my warning you.... Senseless hog, Don't cut that rope but untie it when he's done eating you know what to do? (barnes just nod) now scram (he yelled) beat it!.
**, ****
(bruce winced feeling a slight headache in his, 'light', hell no it isn't slight at all, it's smashing, he lowered his gaze down toward Tim who is sleeping like one who ate a dinner with God ', bruce sat up forcibly, they had had merry the previous night before they slept, after making sure they paraded to view everyone was in his line of duty, and then retired. Thomson head pop in through the door).
Thomson : good morning i say, sir, the king fainted yesterday night and....
Bruce : the king? (he screamed, jerking Tim awake) where's he?..
Max :what took you two so long?. You're supposed to be at alert in case of uncertainty, but look, he's slumped and in there for...
Bruce : stop that, will you old man?. It's not our doing even if we're in there, what happened will still happen!. So how's he?.
Max : (eyes Bruce distastefully) You're one arrogant, disrespectful living thing that has ever breath life, wait.... Did i mention obstinate?.
Bruce : you've ruined me already man, where's he?. i have to see him!.
Max : (ignores Bruce, to Tim who stood silent) what's it? deaf-ass?.
Tim : (he beams) hello Max, i've come politely as always and so i'll like you to treat me opposite how you take'em (grining at Bruce).
Max :ha, that's one responsible lad, come'on both of you (leading the way) the queen's right in (Bruce bit his lip) so Tim, heard you had some wine?.
(isabel sat at the head corner of her husband, carressing his face, she sobbed lowly, wiping the tears once in a while and then ruined upon a sudden footsteps Max, Bruce and Tim stood there gazing at her and the king, she nods understandably).
Isabel : thanks for showing them in Max, go on you can leave now!.
(Max bowed and took his leave, leaving Tim and bruce with her).
Bruce : (apologetically) we're so sorry my queen, we should've been there to...
Isabel : sshh (she silence them) come, come scrutinize him yourselves. (tbc).
Re: THE IN-TWINES MISSION 1 (chapter 1) by obasi234(m): 11:08pm On Feb 04
Episode 3.
Peter: (watching Alex pacing up and down the room)sir, we're awaiting your command for execution sir, the man seems sick these days, but, since your he's of a royal blood...you brother... Don't you...
Alex: he's my brother not yours, and i'll do whatever i want with him, take a look at this, we were there brother, i the second,Garry the first, and that scumbag lucky the third and last, so tell me how can the first... then the second be ignored of kingship... ignore is nothing, decline's better... so before that sucker dies, i'll have him confess the reason behind it in due time!
Peter : how long do we expect him to keep living? (squinting).
Alex : for a short while, a very short one at that!
Lex : hey man! (slapping Garry face) sorry my honourable prince for my rudeness(he said, his eyes probing desperate in dark)
Garry : you guys have held me for quite sometime without uttering a single word, so now you seem to be conversant, may i ask why i'm locked here... More like imprisonment or kidnapping?
Lex : we haven't given a ransom bid to them because we don't want to, instead our boss will like a word or two!
Garry : hell yes, send him in, perhaps he might bring me torch!
Lex :we don't offer torch in here, no matter the status, and we aren't gonna start with you!
(bruce cursed as he fumbled about the stacks of scrolls that is placed neatly on the royal desk of the king's stay, right now, due to his rash and impatient heart he has disarrange and scatter the scrolls however he pleases, he beam on seeing thomson a attendant to the king standing at the entrance, a frown appeared on his young face).
Bruce : oh man, so good you're here, i needed an extra pair of eyes, but here you are... i know willfully that you will help?
Thomson : what do you sort for? sir, hope it's what i can help with?
Bruce : since you're the king's closest attendant (points to the heap of scrolls) i believe you might have the knowlegde as to what's in those?
Thomson : (he stares blankly, then gave an absent minded nod) i guess so
Bruce : fine boy, here, join me search for a scroll with a purple rope - tie
(finn continued to spar with billy, who struggled to keep pace with the young prince (lucky's first and last son otherwise an only son)finn made sure he knocked the sword off billy's hands, then points the mouth of his spear to billy's throat, he sighs, then withdrew)
Finn : what use are you to me?. you aren't a fine sqiure i tell you?
Billy : sir, no my... Your majesty... I promise with time i'll learn
Finn : you'll learn? (he asked, alarmed), to beat me? (Billy nod nervously) fine then, pick up that sword again, let's see if you're any better!.
********************** **
(lucky sat up with a wince, max on hearing the unexpected sound arose from where he slept in the far corner of the royal room. When he got in front lucky, he bowed respectfully before him)
Max :my king (he said hastily, looking keenly as lucky keep shaking his head about as if he had a stiff neck) how do you feel?
Lucky : i feel like hell!, i can't feel my neck a little... I think... Not only a stiff neck... I'm also provocatively dizzy!
Max : i'll take that as a reaction to the medication my king
Lucky :so how about bruce?, i sent him for a scroll... Has he...
Max :right! he kept it somewhere... Should i...
Lucky : no, no, (waving Max away) i need to overcome this dizziness atleast, When next i wake, you bring it to me right away.
Bruce : it swells... (he grins taking down the bow and arrows) five shots, five bull-eyes... That just like me no difference!
Tim : (giggles) -uh sir, we agreed on the tenth... I've gotten to eleventh, gotten four bull-eyes... The others just going wild....
Bruce : i thought as much... You see (watching Tim break an arrow angrily) oh stop, break your arm instead, it's Not the arrow's fault it's your arm that takes aim, not the arrow!
Tim : (gives bruce an accusing stare) fine then, break my arm!
(peter opened the door silently and then steps in, it took sometime for his eyes to adjust to the dark room, When it did, he walked confidently as if he knew where everything is placed, he stopped right in front of garry, who is gasping for breath, wincing and grunting from pain)
Peter : (bends) hello... My prince..., hope your lunch has been served?
Garry : (panting, his head ache from the torturing) what do you want?
Peter : that's no way to start a conservation in a first meeting! (the terrible punch landed on garry chin, garry felt a tooth leave) so... (he finally said after a few moment of silence) let the interrogation begin (tbc).
Note :comment is highly needed for encouragement.. Thanks
Re: THE IN-TWINES MISSION 1 (chapter 1) by obasi234(m): 3:28pm On Feb 14
Isabel:Alex, you see ... It's not like that, it wasn"t the throne that led me to marry lucky, but i am short of words, when i heard that you being the second son wasn"t ordained as the king!
Alex : (glares at her as he sat on his favourite seat) you came all this way to tell me this, to awaken my hatred, my ha.. (pauses) well, you see i loved you then, but you chose to go with a punk you're more older to!
Isabel :and i still make it worthwhile, what i offer him... I offer it more to you... Oh God. If you had known my intention (she lament)
Alex : what?... Intention!, (laugh mockingly) stop hallucinating woman, lucky 's noone' s fool..., you can't have him step down even If he's in the brink of death, (kneels in front of Isabel to caress her chin) i have a way
*********** ***, *********
Peter: you're going to keep up this act aren't you?, (he stood almost in frustration) you know, you aren't going to go far with this i can assure you, so spill the beans while you're at it... you mightn't have a second chance, as my boss is so impatient and so hot tempered
Garrysadhis voice weak and rough) then i'd like to meet him personally
(the red_hot rod burned his lap in the exact spot it has been going)
Peter:don't make me use this again, until now, i'll double the rod!
Garrysadgasping and groaning painfully) use as many rods as you please, i'm not speaking with you, i must speak with your goddamn boss!
** * ********* ** *, *****
Alexsadcursing furiously) for the love of God, peter, why can't you just handle a simple talk, most people we've taken in in here so far has seen my face, as not to get exposed, they get killed!
Peter :but your highness, i tried as much as possible to cover your identity but the man has a strong_willfull head! and perseverance
Alexsadsighs) you've done all you could for him not to know.??
Peter :of course, yeah, i have, till now he hasn't the slightest clue
Alex :that son of a (pauses) devil, he's asking for a death wish and by God i say, he's got it come, noone sees me and go scot-free
Peter :so your highness, seems like you're going in there?
Alex :hell yes i am, and get a sword ready.. i might need it
(Jentkins a lad of about 17, knocks against the door, after soughting frantically to speak with the king but was declined with the excuse that the king was dreadfully i'll, after he lingered about in vain, he decided to go to the chief guard's abode(cg), how he had ran after his encounter. He had secretly followed Alex, until Alex got to a quiet area where he whistled, peter came out and they had talked silently till he got to an unknown building, fenced with thatch leaves and bamboo sticks that is stuck to the ground, as he stood and watch peter go in uncautiously, fifteen minutes later, a tortured scream voiced out even if it was silented roughly he had heard that voice before but where?, he blinks, immediately he remembered, he ran silently towards the palace, and now presently, the door opened, he heaved a heavy sigh and then went in)
(max eyebrow rose questionly as Harry entered the king chamber, he had on an uneasy form as if he were displeased about something)
Max:hello harry, what do you want? (he fired) here on business?
Harry :perhaps so, but, (gazes at the king who laid ill) has he fainted?
(max eyes directed to the king, his jaw dropped opened, he scurried over to the king bedside, he knelt and opened lucky's eyes and felt the pulse)
Max:oh God, if anything, (he groaned) he's getting worse by the day
************* ******* * **, **
Timsadgulping down the wine) even if we haven't verified prince Garry's death nor his corpse as some claimed to see, and you man dare not lie to us, we're a little young, i'm 45, bruce 43,but,he doesn't respect me like an older brother, all he does is kick me about like a ball and then bark out his ear deafening orders
Bruce :whose fault is it?, it isn't mine, i'm your superior for crying out loud, so you have to play along, obey and keep obeying i say, so boy(turns to the lad, jentkins is looking at them quizzically) tell us, you're certain what you heard is prince Garry's voice?
Jentkins :i'm definitely sure... but i expect you to rush down there now
Timsadgrins) not so fast friend, you're welcome to lead the way
***************** *** *** **
(finn watched his mother go into the queen's chamber and he beckons to christine_a servant or attendant to the queen_she stood just outside awaiting the queen's cool, finn 19 years of age has been an admirer of christine,he beams on seeing her, she walked elegantly towards him, they stood staring at eachother passionately before engaging in a romantic hug)
******** ******************
(Alex walks in, garry grunts on seeing the shadowy figure entering)
Garry sadweak and roughly said) i thought i told you i won't talk to...
Alex:so i heard (he heard Garry's surprise gasp) hello brother!
(the silence continued, until the three men went tactifully round the house, hearing some mumblings, once tim had whispered 'hell, i thought this house was scanty... but see... "he pauses to peer meaningfully at the two other men,' what do you want me to say?" bruce had fired in a whispered, after he got embarrasing stare from tim, since then no words were exchanged, tim held two short swords in his hands, jentkins nothing... just watching, bruce had a bow and several arrows)
Bruce :there, (points toward a guard) jentkins, go distract the pole, make 'em leave the entrance so that tim and i can go in
Jentkins sadhis face white) what? (he almost bawled to the hearing of the said guards what do you take me for?, a bait?
Tim:nothing of that sort man, we take you as a Instrument to victory (tbc)

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