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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Treasure17(m): 11:46am On Oct 03, 2019
Interesting. Well-done prince..
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by JudeChris(m): 2:44pm On Oct 17, 2019
pls we need an update on the story

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 2:18pm On Oct 21, 2019
Sorry for not updating for so long here.
You guys can always follow on my blog - www.youngicee.com/stories/restless
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 2:24pm On Oct 21, 2019
Restless - Episode 66

® 18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel

"I knew this was gonna link at the end," Steve said as he got up from the chair. Still in the team's investigation room, they had split to work separately. Agent Evelyn was working at the investigation table on the documents, Agent Steve was working at the main system at the tail end of the room, Lydia was on the computer system close to the entrance while Daniel had gone out to get some information from the police.

All eyes turned to Steve as he paced for a few seconds before returning to his seat. He sent a document to the printer and got back up immediately. He then walked to pick it up and returned finally to the investigation table with the six paged printed documents.

"I just confirmed our suspicions, Antonio Carlos and Vincent Shawn do not only have links with the Daysman, they are also linked to late Elvis Nuel." Steve said to Evelyn as he dropped the documents on the table.

Evelyn drew closer to him. "Only linked with Daysman and Elkim Nuel? No links with Paul Edwards?"

"No seen link with Paul yet," Steve replied. "It's obvious Paul is a cunning man and knows how to exclude himself."

He handed two different pages to Evelyn for her to go through while he scanned through another one.

"Antonio Carlos is a Brazilian Engineer?" Evelyn asked rhetorically after going the page.

"Yeah, that's what he's known as." Steve joined in. "He's a chemical engineer who has worked in different parts of the world."

"Vincent Shawn used to be in the Bethanna Military Service and was dismissed five years ago for gross misconduct," Evelyn said aloud, but still to herself as she expected no response. She turned to Steve again, "Both men are high profiled men."

"Since the Red Wolves case started involving individuals, it has barely involved any unknown man. Brad, Henderson, Elkim Nuel, Daysman were never unknown people," Steve said.

"And can't we just run an investigation on all related people to them?" Evelyn asked, sounding more like a suggestion.

"That's a good idea, but they've got so many related people around them, it would take us a lot of time to investigate each of them," Steve said, thoughtfully staring at her face.

"But there should be a way to go about it," Evelyn squinted at him.

"Yes, there's a way." Steve said sharply as an idea came into his mind. "We can narrow the investigation down to people who have had business with all the first four men together."

"Oh yeah!" Evelyn's face brightened with a smile.

"Sir, no perfect matches for this man." Agent Lydia said as she proceeded towards them from behind, she had six newly printed sheets of papers in her hand. "The highest we have is a forty two percent match and we have a total of six persons between forty two percent to thirty percent."

She got to the table and stood beside Steve, she began to place the papers separately on the table. They showed pictures of men and brief details about the men below the pictures.

"I do think this is one area we need to pay proper attention to," Evelyn said as she joined Steve to look at the papers placed in front of him. Steve leaned forward to pick a set of papers placed on each other at the centre of the table.

He checked through quickly and pulled out five sheets which showed several coloured images of the huge suspect. In most of the pictures, he was seen putting on a face cap. Steve began to check through all the pictures for one that showed his face better in an upright position. After checking through the ones on a particular page, he would hand them over to Evelyn and continue checking through the next.

"Here," he located a good one on the third paper and separated it from the rest. "The picture is named image 202, please get a clearer printout for me," he said to Lydia.

"Image 202," Lydia said before turning back to go for the new printout.

Lydia was yet to return when the door to the room opened and Daniel walked in.

"Hey boss," he said as he got to the table and stopped beside Evelyn. He tapped her gently on the arm before he dropped his phones on the table. "It has been approved for Stanley Inn to be moved to Bexford."

"To the FOX office or police office?" Steve turned to him and asked.

"To the FOX office first, we would be given twenty four hours to verify its a FOX case or send him to the police office."

"That won't be difficult," Steve said confidently. "I hope he's been put on the way already."

"The evening flight is for five o'clock," Daniel replied.

Steve checked his wristwatch. "Have you made arrangements for him to be received at the airport?"

"Yes, I made all arrangements before coming here." Daniel answered. "I've also sent invitation to some of the men in charge of the factory."

"I've got the picture," Lydia announced as she joined them again at the table.

She placed the photo in front of Steve on the table. Steve began to check through the first set of six pictures she had previously placed on the table.

"Who's this?" Daniel asked.

"The suspect for all murders involved in this case," Evelyn answered him.

After studying carefully for over two minutes, Steve handed the pictures back to Lydia.

"There's no perfect match for this man among these people," Steve concluded, staring at Lydia's face.

"Sir, I think he wears a perfect disguise." Daniel put in.

"If he wears a perfect disguise for his face, does he also wear disguise for his body?" Steve turned to him.

"I can't tell sir," Steve answered with stammering lips. "But I've spoken with someone who might be able to tell more."

"And who's that?" All eyes turned to Daniel.

"He's a FOX agent at Vincil, he happened to see this particular man before he escaped into the bush."


The Reconciliation Team's Lodge

"So we need to get to South Africa before we can proceed?" Dave asked his question aloud, directing it to no one in particular.

"No, Benuit is closer, we may not need to get to South Africa before we get what we need." Cole replied him.

"Whether South Africa or Benuit. I'm not sure if we've got enough funds to continue at all," Samantha put in and turned to face Henry.

They were in the common room of the lodge, all the men were standing except for the Doctor who was sitting beside Jennifer on the old long sofa.

"We would have enough funds to proceed with our enquiry in Benuit," Henry said, directing his response to everyone but having his eyes on Samantha. He then looked away from her slowly, "The doctor here would borrow us some funds from his personal savings to continue for now. Cole and Dave would proceed on to Benuit to fetch details while I will go with Samantha to make arrangements for more funds."

"Let the job begin then," Samantha turned her eyes back to Henry after flashing a look at the doctor.

"But what do we do with those two locked in the rooms?" Dave asked.

"We would decide that after you two return from Benuit," Henry replied Dave. He then turned his eyes to Jenny and Doctor. "The two of you would be here with them and you would have to be very careful. This place is safe and no one would discover us if we do not make contact ourselves with a third party."

"When do we move boss?" Cole asked.


Read here - www.youngicee.com/stories/restless
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 2:26pm On Oct 21, 2019
Restless EPISODE 66

March 29, 2016

Interrogation Room,
FOX Corporation, Bexford.

"Good morning Mr Stanley Inn, I'm Agent Steve," Steve introduced himself as he sat in one of the chairs at the other end of the table.

Stanley Inn who was sitting at the other side gave no response to the greeting but only stared at the Agent's face. His eyes moved around the room and he spotted the several cameras around, he was sure Steve wasn't the only one that was going to be listening to him.

"How are you doing Mr Stanley Inn?" Steve asked in a calm voice, staring at the man's face.

Stanley after looking around for a few more seconds settled his gaze on the Agent's face. "Can you go ahead to your god-damned questions and stop wasting time with unnecessary formalities?"

Steve smiled calmly, he was unruffled by the harsh response.

"So Mr Stanley, would you tell me how you alone escaped the explosion?"

"How many times will I answer that question?" Stanley raised his brows at his questioner. "I know you already have my previous answers, so why are you asking me again?"

"Sorry, but I just wanted to be sure you don't want to tell me something different." Steve replied, with his eyes squinted at the suspect. He wondered how the man knew he had the previous answers, it only showed he had some knowledge about police investigations.

"You should ask your own questions, I won't be changing any of my previous answers, so don't waste our time."

"Okay Mr Stanley," Steve put a smile on his face and leaned forward. "So, for how long have you guys been producing the explosives illegally?"

Stanley raised his brows. "I'm not in charge of production in that factory, I'm only in charge of security."

Steve smiled. "You said that to the previous person who questioned you, but does that mean that as a security personnel, you do not know what is being produced int he factory you secure?"

"I only know we refine chemicals, up until yesterday I was told at the security office, I never knew explosives have ever been produced in the factory."

"Don't you perform routine checks as a measure of security around your factory?"

"We do, just like the government security agencies do also but never found anything. We never found anything relating to explosives," Stanley replied confidently.

Steve remained silent for almost a minute. "Okay, tell me truthfully. When did you discover that the factory you secure produces for the Invisible terrorists and what has been your role working for the terrorists."

Stanley widened his eyes to express shock. "What the hell are you talking about?"

"You know what I'm talking about Mr Stan, you cannot be unaware of these things as the one in charge of security."

"Well, you're the first person I'm hearing this from." Stan said without any atom of panic.

Steve stared silently at his face for about eight seconds. "Your defensiveness dear Mr Stan, makes you more suspicious, why don't you open up to me instead of trying hard to hide the truth?"

Stanley raised his head and stared at him for few seconds. "Why don't you go straight to your point?"

"Carlos Antonio and Vincent Shawn already told us how it works with the Invisible Terrorists, it's surprising that you are still defending a lie." Steve said lightly and then raised the left side of his upper lip.

Stanley's countenance changed visibly and Steve took note. It took some seconds before Stanley spoke again.

"Where's Antonio and Vincent?"

"Here with us," Steve replied.

The look on Stanley's face turned to be more of a confused look.

"Let's digress a bit, since you find it difficult to answer my questions." Steve smiled and leaned forward again. "Can we talk about the man that attacked your factory that night? Have you had any previous encounter with him?"

"No, never seen any man like him."

"You saw him closely, didn't you? What does he look like?"

"I didn't have the opportunity to see him closely, I saw him first through the security cameras, then from afar in the hallway and on the motorcycle."

"Is your security system that porous? How did he gain access easily into the factory?"

"He had some classified information that allowed the men at the gate let him in before we found out he was fake," Stanley answered.

"What do you mean by classified information?"

"Secret details from one of our bosses."

"Which one of your bosses?"

"Antonio and Vincent are in better position to answer that question, why don't you ask them since there are here?" Stanley retorted.

"You are the one in charge of security, you should be able to tell me which of your bosses that classified information was gotten from."

"I don't know which boss, I only know the information."

"So, would you give us a list of all your bosses?"

"Why should I?"

"Why shouldn't you?" Steve raised his brows. "If you have nothing to hide, why should you not be able to name your superiors?"

Stanley heaved a sigh, the seat was becoming hotter than he thought it would be.

"Well, the only bosses I know of are Antonio and Vincent," Stanley finally said.

"Hmm...Okay," Steve made a slow nod. He placed the sheets of paper in his hands on the table and moved them close to him. "Please take a look at those pictures and tell me which of the men look like the man who attacked the factory."

Stanley picked up the documents and began to go through each one after the other. It took him an average of five seconds to view each picture until he got to the last one.

"Here he is," he said, handing back the last one to Steve.

Steve collected it and viewed it, it was the image of the suspect which Lydia had printed the day before.

"Yeah, I know this is the man," Steve said and handed the photo back to him. "I want you to take a closer look at other pictures and tell me which one bears the closest resemblance to this picture and the last one."

"I don't understand you," Stanley complained.

"The person in that picture you chose has been unidentifiable, and the other pictures are his closest match to the identifiable people." Steve began to explain. "It's possible that one of those men in the other pictures have disguised to be the one we now see. So, you go through again and tell me which one look the closest like him."

Stanley nodded to show he now understood. It took him almost two minutes to check all the pictures and compare with the last one.

"None looks like him in anyway," he finally said.

"Thank you," Steve said as he took back all the pictures from him. He placed them into the bag where he took them from and rested his back to continue his interrogation. "Back to business," he said as he folded his arms across his chest. "You said Carlos and Antonio are the only bosses you know in the factory, does that mean only the two of them oversee the whole activities going on there?"

"Yes, they do."

Steve stared at him silently for some few seconds. He then chuckled briefly and switched to a brief laughter before he sat up.

"That factory is a government owned factory, run by known government officials who have been invited for investigation and are here presently. Vincent Shawn and Antonio Carlos happen to be no government officials and there's nothing in the records which tells of their association with the factory or the government. Even the government officials in charge of the factory happen to have only little information about who Vincent Shawn and Antonio Carlos are."

Stanley placed a keen look at him, he could tell that this man already had so much information.

"You got the wrong information man, that factory is a private owned property." Stanley retorted.

"I've got the known government officials who run the company here, I can call them in to identify you, I'm sure they won't know you."

"I agree they may not know me, but I say for sure that the factory is owned by a private body."

"And which private body is that?"

"That, you would have to find out for yourself." Stanley said with a scorn.

"The Red Wolves, isn't it?" Steve chuckled. "You work for the Wolves and we know it already, so I'll advise you to cooperate with us strongly."

Steve shook his head, carrying a mocking smile on his lips. "You don't know what you're talking about man," he said in a confident tone.

45 minutes later, In Paul Edward's Office.

"I read the reports too," Paul Edwards said, tapping the table slowly and continuously with the pen in his hands. He had a serious look on his face. "That factory supplies raw materials for the weapons manufacturing section of the FOX and I wouldn't want to accept that it was sold to a private body three years ago."

"We have also not accepted that sir," Steve replied him. "But we consider it a possibility, we've interrogated the man legally in charge and he confirmed to us he was asked to sign some documents in 2013..."

"You have to confirm that as soon as you can," Paul interjected. He looked at the faces of the three Junior agents standing behind his table - Steve, Evelyn and Daniel. "And you also have to dig out everything about Antonio Carlos and Vincent Shawn."

"We're on that already," Steve replied

"I want you to speed it up," Paul said sharply. "Once you make the confirmation of the private control of the factory, I would write an invitation immediately to the Governor Of Vincil."

"Thank you sir," Steve bowed slightly.

"Is there any other thing you need to tell me?"

"Ermmm... Yes sir, " Steve said hesitatingly.

Paul raised his brows, signalling for him to go ahead.

"We might need to question family members and friends of the late Agent Elkim Nuel, more links to him are being discovered in the case."

"What other links have you seen?"

"Stanley Inn mentioned that the man who led the attack to the factory got his information from one of his bosses but he refused to mention who the boss was," Steve replied. "But from our investigation and interrogation of other witnesses, we have already found out that the man got in claiming he was sent there by Elkim Nuel."

Paul Edwards let out a breath. "You're free to question anyone but be careful for it not to be termed as harassment."

Read more here - www.youngicee.com/stories/restless
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Treasure17(m): 3:11pm On Oct 21, 2019
This story is too deep. Revelation upon revelation.
Thanks for the update prince. Don't delay the next update please. izaray food is ready grin
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by izaray(f): 4:14pm On Oct 21, 2019
This story is too deep. Revelation upon revelation.
Thanks for the update prince. Don't delay the next update please. izaray food is ready grin
I'm here already dear
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by do4luv14(m): 4:41pm On Oct 21, 2019
I'm here already dear

yousef follow am dey hia?

Chaiii na wa ooo

abeg oga oyinprince episode 102 don show for site?
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by izaray(f): 4:52pm On Oct 21, 2019

yousef follow am dey hia?

Chaiii na wa ooo

abeg oga oyinprince episode 102 don show for site?
Yes o, i dey gallant here as e dey hot smiley
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by do4luv14(m): 5:01pm On Oct 21, 2019
Yes o, i dey gallant here as e dey hot smiley

too far back, amy waiting for episode 102
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 10:32pm On Oct 23, 2019
Restless - Episode 67

® 18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel

Bexford International Airport,
Bexford, Bethanna.


Both dressed in black suits, they walked side by side slowly and confidently towards the garage area of the airport. Three men, also dressed the same way followed behind them carrying their luggages.

Hutton's face looked tough and determined with the dark sunshades covering his eyes. His neatly shaven head shone like a mirror under the sun and his well kept shiny black coloured beards and moustache glowed from the sun's reflection. All these together gave him a handsome appearance. Coupled with that, he had good heights with a well built chest, something more moderate and attractive compared to that of a usual weight lifter.

Kahn on the other hand was of average height. He kept a neat low cut hair on his head and clean shaved beards. His body was also well built and hefty but his chest was a little less broader than Hutton's.

Two vehicles were waiting for them in the garage. Kahn and Hutton got into the backseat of the Jeep together. One of the men that was following behind them joined the driver at the front seat while the two others joined the other men at the car.

"Have you called to confirm if records of Antonio and Vincent have been wiped out already?" Hutton asked as soon as they settled in the car.

"I called few minutes ago, they're almost done." Kahn answered. "I'll get a word from the man as soon as they're done."

"We need to clear all traces of them immediately and also revoke every access they have to our systems and networks."



Osmos Estate,
Ostio, Bethanna.

"I'm there already and I can't find you around?" Henry said into the mouthpiece of the phone, looking around from the window of the driver's seat where he sat.

Samantha was sitting at the passenger's side calmly, wondering what Henry had brought her to do there. He had said they were there to get more funds for their mission and she was confused by the kind of movements they had been making and he was yet to make any explanation.

It was an estate which consisted of very beautiful buildings which one could easily tell that were expensive. As a newly developing estate, most of the houses there were not inhabited by anyone, so the population was low.

"I can't find see you also, are you sure you are at the yellow building?" The voice asked Henry from the other end.

"Yeah, I just parked there in a blue Honda." Henry replied.

"Okay, I can see you now. I'll meet you in two minutes."

Henry raised his face to look at the storey building at the other side of the road. His eyes scanned the windows and openings quickly and he concluded that the person he was talking to must have been watching him from one of the openings there.

Two minutes later, a man stepped out through the gate of the building in focus and looked in their direction. The road was as usual not busy, so he crossed immediately to the median and then the other side.

Henry opened the door to step out and talk to the man but he closed it back after a second thought. He glanced at Samantha, "Please, move to the backseat so I can speak with him in the car. I want you to be a part of our conversation."

"Okay boss," Samantha replied and quickly stepped out of the car. She greeted the man and pointed him in as she moved the backseat.

"Good afternoon Mr Dominic," Henry greeted without taking a look at the man who entered.

"Good afternoon Mr Henry," the young man answered.

Dominic was a dark complexioned young man of petite stature, he looked more like a person in his early thirties.

"I'm sorry about your Dad's death, I was only trying to reach him when I heard about it." Henry commiserated.

"Thanks," Dominic shrugged. "He died a good man, at least we're happy about that."

"Yeah, that's true, he was a good man." Henry said with a very brief smile, finally casting a glance on Dominic.

There was a few seconds silence. Henry's gaze fell on the documents in Dominic's hands and he squinted.

"Are you here with the documents?"

"These are photocopies, I thought you may need them since you said you lost some of the copies with you." Dominic answered, handing him one of the two files.

"Oh! That's so considerate of you," Henry smiled, a little longer this time. He documents and scanned through them quickly. "So," he looked again at Dominic as he arranged the documents. "I'll like for you to get the payment done, but like I said, it would have to be into a separate account, not the one I registered with."

Dominic raised his brows. "I was trying to explain something to you while we spoke on phone, I talked about some changes my father made before his death."

"Yeah," Henry frowned. "I didn't really understand you."

"Currently, we have only the past five months proceeds from the estate with us and I can send them to you right now. It's a total of about three hundred million"

"Five months? How come?" Henry frowned harder.

"Here," Dominic opened the second file in his hand and took out a paper. "My Dad died six months ago and before he died, the agreement of paying every seven months was signed with him." He stopped trying to explain as he saw Henry already engrossed with the document.

"What agreement are you talking about and who did he sign it with?" Henry looked away from the document and looked at Dominic's face. He looked distraught. He had left the estate in care of Dominic's father in December 2014 and the man had been running it since then. The agreement made was for payments to be made annually but since Henry had experienced the calamity of his family's death and survived, he had not made any contact with the man, only to have tried to do so weeks earlier and discover that the man had died already. He expected to still have the proceeds from the last year intact as he wasn't available to sign the payment. The man was only allowed to take his commission in his absence.

"Please read that page carefully, my father signed there." Dominic said as he took out another document and stretched it forth to Henry. "On this page, you have your own signature."

Henry decided to finish with the page in his hand before collecting the other page. Revealed in the first page was the man's statement of agreement that he accepted to change the previous agreement which was paying annually to paying every seven months.

Henry finally took the second page and scanned through it quickly, it contained his own statement of agreement. He held his breath and his eyes widened in shock as he saw the signature at the end of the page.



Osmos Estate,
Benuit, Bethanna.

"Mum, some men are here to see us," a boy in his teenage years said to the woman sitting in the couch as he entered into the living room.

"Who are they?" She raised her brows at the boy who came to settle in the seat adjacent hers.

"They are security agents, they introduced themselves as FOX officials." the boy answered her question.

"So, why have they not been allowed in?" The woman squinted as she looked towards the entrance. Two men who she assumed were their guests had just come in.

The embattled Mrs Vincent who had gotten the news of her husbands kidnap the previous night had been expecting visits from more security agencies. She had received the police that morning and they had called later to tell her to expect more visits from other security agencies.

"Good afternoon madam," the men greeted as they proceeded into the living room, raising their FOX identity cards up for her to see.

"Good afternoon," she replied and adjusted her sitting position.

"We're FOX agents from the national headquarters, my name is Steve and my partner here is Daniel." The man in front introduced.

"You're welcome, please have your seats."

The two settled into the seats directly opposite the woman comfortably.

"First of all, we would like to assure you that we are fully out and working on this case and we are going to certainly return your husband to you safe and sound."

"Oh!" The woman exclaimed with a gasp. "I'll be the happiest woman on earth if you're able to do that."

"We would get it done, we're not relenting." The officer reassured and readjusted himself on the seat. "We've been investigating already and we've come to ask some questions and also get some information around the house, we do hope you would be willing to help us."

"For sure, as far as it's going to return my husband safely."

"Yeah, he would return safe and that's why we are taking very urgent and stringent measures this time." He took two seconds pause to take out his phone before he continued. "This kidnap has been found to have some strange semblance to some recent kidnaps which includes that of Richard Brad, Mr Henderson and some others. This time however, we are going to get the two victims out unscathed."

"Ask me your questions, I would tell you all I know."

"First and foremost, we'd like you to tell us everyone and anyone you suspect could have a hand in this," the officer replied.

"I don't suspect anyone really, my husband hasn't had a disagreement or fight with anyone I know of recently." she answered.

The officer glanced at his partner's face and looked back at her. "Have you noticed any suspicious element in his movements recently?"

The woman squinted for a while, then she looked at the officer's face and shook her head. "No, I haven't noticed anything."

"What do you know about your husband's job?"

"My husband left the military some years ago and has been working as a security consultant for different firms and training security staffs, and he's been also working at the factory on Vincil as a consultant."

"There are rumors that there's been illegal production of explosives in the factory your husband works as a consultant, have you ever suspected such or seen anything that suggested so?"

"No," she shook her head again. "Like you said, it's just a rumour, unconfirmed by investigation yet."

"You're right..." The officer proceeded to asking her some more questions and carefully listened to her answers. He made a request after twenty minutes of interrogation.

"You said your husband spends more time in his personal room when he's at home?" The officer asked to confirm.


"Ermm... Can we check this room and probably go through some of his personal things there?"

The woman frowned.

The officer smiled to reduce the tension. "I know that sounds strange right, but you know this is urgent and I also told you we're taking urgent and stringent steps. If we're allowed to go through his personal things and see the things he does when he's alone, it could help us in our investigation."

"But, he doesn't like anyone going into the place especially when he's not around." She complained.

"If we're not allowed to check, he may never return to use that room again." The officer said, staring at her face intently. He could see she was scared. He took out a paper from his breast pocket and unfolded it as he proceeded towards her. "By the way, we have license from the office to do this, we're not just making the request without any backing." He said before handing the permission paper to her.

She checked through it briefly and nodded as she looked at him. "I'll take you there."

A total of eighty five minutes was spent in the room by the men. They did not only search the room but also went through the man's laptop and one of the devices found in the room. About three-quarter of the duration has been spent using the laptop alone.

The woman walked them to the entrance balcony when they were about to leave.

"I'll be expecting positive results as soon as possible," Mrs Vincent said as she watched the men walk down the steps.

"Yes, madam. We have enough information already and we would be working with what we have immediately." He replied.

She closed her eyes and drew in a breath.

"So, how are you guys returning?" She asked when she couldn't find their car parked anywhere in the compound.

"Our vehicle is outside," she was replied.

"Okay, do have a safe trip back to the capital," she smiled as she received their handshakes.

"Thank you ma."

She walked to the rails and rested her elbows on it as she watched them walk out through the gate.

She closed her eyes and took in a deep breath again. She hoped that all the details gotten by the men would help them bring her husband back home safely.

She opened her eyes and was about to walk back into the house when she noticed the security man at the gate talking with someone and also flashing glances in her direction. She thought at first that the FOX agents had forgotten something.

She waited for a while and watched, she saw the security man step out through the gate and come back in some seconds after. He closed the gate and began to walk towards her.

"Excuse me ma'am," the security man said as he got closer. "Aren't those men who came in now FOX Agents?"

"Yes, they are." The woman replied squinting at him. "Didn't you let them in?"

"Yes, I did," the man looked confused. "But there's another man and a woman outside, claiming they're from the FOX."

"The FOX?"

"Yes, Agent Steve and Agent Evelyn."

To be continued.

Read more here - www.youngicee.com/stories/restless
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Treasure17(m): 11:25am On Oct 24, 2019
Wahala dey o. Another Fox agents keh. Thanks for the update prince.
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 11:52pm On Nov 05, 2019
Restless - Episode 68

® 18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel

"I hope they did not leave this place with anything," Steve asked, looking around the room furiously while Evelyn sat in front of the table with the laptop on it, trying to gain access to use the system.

About three uniformed FOX officers were also in the room with them, standing at different point. One was checking around the room with Steve, the second stood behind Evelyn and the third stood close to the entrance.

"I didn't see them take anything with them," the woman answered Steve's question. She was sitting at the edge of the bed in her husband's room, the same room where she had taken the two impersonators to.

She got confused after the security guard had told her about the two new FOX officials and she had walked to the gate with him to accuse the new visitors and ask them for their purpose since two FOX other officials had just left the place.

FLASH BACK -- 50 Minutes ago

"What?" Steve exclaimed on hearing the woman's words. "Those guys who left here in the blue car?"

"I don't know what kind of car they drove in," the woman replied.

"Yes, the blue car." the security man interjected. "They got out just before you guys came here."

"Damn it!" Steve turned and walked back to the road to check. He had seen the men walking out through the gate when he and Evelyn were parking their vehicle at the other side. He returned back to the gate when he saw no signs of the blue car.

"They must have gone far," he said as he returned to the entrance. He saw the woman already making a call.

"Who could they be?" Evelyn asked in whispers, staring at him with a narrow look.

He shrugged, also with a confused look on his face. "I don't know."

"What's your name?" Mrs Vincent asked, looking at Steve's face. It was obvious the name was being requested by the person she was talking to on phone.

"Agent Steve Morris," he answered her.

She turned her questioning gaze to Evelyn.

"Evelyn Alexander."

"Agent Steve Morris and Evelyn Alexander," she mentioned both names into the phone. After some seconds she handed the phone to Steve.

"Agent Steve Morris," the person at the other end called.

"Yes sir," Steve replied, he recognized the voice of the man talking to him.

"This is Benuit Police Commissioner, I'll like to confirm you with your ID number, can I have it please?"

Steve called out the number and the commissioner excused himself for two minutes to confirm.


"Where else did they check?" Steve asked, walking back to the center of the room where the woman was sitting on the footstool.

"Apart from the wardrobe?" The woman asked.

"Yeah, apart from the wardrobe." Steve answered.

"That's all they checked," she replied.

"And they did it all in your presence, you didn't leave here at all?"

The woman squinted for some seconds, then she lifted her face and turned to her son who was sitting at the edge of the bed close to the headboard.

"I left here for few minutes to ease myself, but I left my son here with them."

Steve turned his gaze to the boy. "Did you watch them while you were here with them?"

"Yes, I did but I didn't see them take anything."

"Alright," Steve nodded unsatisfied. He then walked to the table where Evelyn was sitting. He knew in his mind that the men would have been crafty enough to leave the room with things without the family noticing even while they were watching. "Any luck?" he asked Evelyn.

She glanced at him. "I tried to check the recent activity but the memory was wiped, even the computer owner may find it difficult to know what they did on it."

"That is expected," Steve said as he rested his palms on the top of the chair backrest. "But those guys must have extracted some valuable information from the computer, we should be able to find out what information was extracted and also get the same. That would enable us know why they did so and probably point to who they are."

"I'm yet to see anything that could be of value to us," Evelyn replied.

"Keep checking, it has to be there if they did not clean after extracting. She said they used the computer for almost an hour. They couldn't have used it for that long without getting anything valuable."

Someone walked in through the door and Steve turned back to look at him, it was one of the FOX agents that had joined them, one of the security men of the house walked in right after him.

"Sir, there are no pictures or records of the men in their CCTV data," the FOX man said to Steve.

Steve squinted his eyes at the security man beside the FOX man, his look demanding for explanation.

"We don't know why but I think the footages stopped saving when they came in, we can't find any in the storage," the man explained with a baffled look on his face.

"How could that have happened?" Steve questioned. "Don't you have enough storage space?"

Evelyn was the one who spoke instead. "Do you really think the footages didn't save or they were cleared before the men left?"

Steve turned to glance at her and then turned back to the security man. The man's confusion had increased.

"There are no footages showing when they came in but those in charge said the cameras covered it live, the cameras only stopped working some minutes before they left and we fixed it already." the security man tried to explain. "We think it's the bug that stopped it from working that must have tampered with the data also."

"This computer here, does it have access to the CCTV settings?" Evelyn asked.

"Yes, Mr Vincent uses it from there." the man replied.

Steve heaved a sigh and turned back. He and Evelyn exchanged glances. They understood that the men must have cleared the data and ensured the cameras stopped working not to capture them while leaving.

The security man continued to make more explanations but Steve and Evelyn no longer paid attention to him. After some more minutes, Evelyn turned and looked at Steve's face.

"There's nothing here, every left over was wiped out."

They stared at each other's face for a while without knowing what to say. They were still thinking when the security man who had received the guests at the gate appeared at the entrance of the room noisily.

"Mrs Vincent," he called, having on a troubled look. They all looked towards him. "I just received a call from one of the security officials from Mr Vincent's office, he said two unknown men attacked them about an hour ago and gained access into Mr Vincent's office, they have been reported already to the police."

"Two unknown men!" Mrs Vincent exclaimed.

"Did they take anything with them?" Steve asked, stepping forward.

"It's not yet confirmed if they took anything with them, but they gained access into Mr Vincent's office using his access cards."

Mrs Vincent's raised her head up immediately and her eyes met with Steve's. She knew at once that the two unknown men must have been the impersonators who had left the house and they must have gotten the access cards from the room.


The Lodge, Vincil.


Samantha eyes followed Henry as he walked again into the common room. They had gotten back an hour ago and Henry had not stepped out since then. Everything about him had been awkward ever since their meeting with Dominic and he had decided to keep to himself.

"Boss, I got the alert already, the money is in." Samantha said to him as he walked to the chair to sit.

"Oh!" he let out a wry smile. "Remind me once Cole and Dave returns, we need to transfer the money out of the account to somewhere else and make the transaction untraceable."

He raised his face after noticing that she had not replied him after some seconds, he caught her staring at his face with a narrow look.

"I'll explain my reasons for all these to the group as a whole," he said with a promising look on his face.

"It doesn't look like everything is okay boss, is there a problem somewhere?"

Henry chuckled and then continued with the phone he was busy with. "Yes, there is a problem but I'll let it out to all of you when they arrive."

"Okay boss," she let out a breath. "The evening flight must have arrive the Vincil airport since six o'clock, they must be on their way here now."

Just at the same moment, they saw the reflection of light coming in through the window. Henry got up and looked outside, the reflection was from the headlights of a vehicle. Cole and Dave had returned.



The Wolves' Strategy House,
Newland Estate, Rutherford

Four hours after the meeting with the Wolves Executives had ended, Kahn and Hutton were yet to leave the Strategy House. The meeting had been a long one of restrategizing, rescheduling planned events and rearranging their structure. At the end of the meeting, they had come up with the conclusion that a secret agency had been contacted by the Bethanna Government somewhere which were fighting against them, only Kahn and Hutton knew that this secret organization was led by the resurrected Carl Winston and was in no way contacted by the government for their operations.

The Wolves executives had set up a team after making the decision to find out which foreign organization the government had secretly contacted to help them fight. The team mainly consisted of the representatives of the Wolves who were in the FOX Corporation.

Kahn walked again into the room where they had the meeting and still found Hutton sitting in the chair and didn't appear to have gotten up since the past hour he left him there. The remote control was in Hutton's hand and Hutton had been replaying all the videos and pictures they had watched together during the meeting.

"Seen anything in them yet?" Kahn asked, walking towards Hutton with two cups of wine and a bottle. He dropped a cup in front of Hutton and filled it with wine.

"There's nothing really in this video, our enemy is wise enough not to leave any trail." Hutton replied his friend as he picked the cup of wine.

"So, why do you keep watching over and over again?" Kahn asked, settling in a seat beside his friend.

"I'm not just watching the videos, I've been going through the documents and the pictures too," Hutton replied and then took another sip from the cup. "And besides there's more to get from the video, we can study the strategies and patterns our enemies implemented."

"Hmm..." Kahn took in a breath. Hutton was the one who always did the most thinking for the group which was why he was called the strategist. "So, have you been able to draw out any conclusion?"

"None yet, but I've identified more steps by which we can get our enemy." Hutton replied.

"You've been identifying strips for a long time, when do we start carrying them out?" Kahn asked, sounding so impatient.

"We've got to be careful man, else we make mistakes." Hutton said in a warning tone. "We have to let the enemy play around enough and then walk into our trap."

"You sound so sure that he'd walk into the trap," Kahn raised his brows.

"If things keep going the way they are, that would surely happen. And..." Hutton suddenly frowned as he something came to his mind. He squinted at his cup of wine for a while before looking at Kahn's face.

"And what?"

Hutton drew in a breath, he dropped the cup but still had his hand on it.

"He would surely enter into our trap if all things remain equal," Hutton repeated, with a slightly changed tone now. He didn't sound as confident as he was before. "My plans may only fail if he isn't the only one alive."

"If he isn't the only one alive?" Kahn squinted, wondering what he was suggesting. "But we are sure of what happened to the rest of them."

Hutton looked again at his friend's face, his countenance had changed. "We can never be so sure," he said and then picked his cup of wine again. He gulped the whole content in an angry manner.



The Lodge

The team gathered again at the common room after they had all taken their dinner for the night and freshened up. They sat in a round table fashion. The seats were not able to go round for each person so they sat in pairs except for Dave and the Doctor who sat alone. Each group began to give reports from their tasks.

"So, we have gotten some money to take us further for a while. It wasn't up to what we expected but it's okay for now," Samantha began to conclude the report of her task with Henry. "I believe this money was raised from Mr Louis Winston's personal investment some years ago, however there are some deeper things involved which the boss has promised to explain to all of us as a team."

She finished her report, landing her gaze on Henry's face.

"Who's Louis Winston?" Cole questioned Samantha before Henry could say anything.

"I am Louis Winston," Henry replied. All eyes turned to him. Prior to that time, no one including the Doctor knew that Carl Winston was also Louis Winston, except for Samantha who had just found out earlier that day. "In Bethanna, Louis Winston is just a native billionaire businessman who's got lots of investments and properties and who doesn't stay in Bethanna. No one knows that Louis Winston is the same person as Carl Winston except for some of the FOX executives, my friend Rex and my wife."

There was total silence in the room for about a minute.

"What next step to we need to take, Dave?" Henry requested. He had gotten some updates from Dave and Cole through emails even before they arrived and he did not need them to go into so much details.

"We need to make a trip to the capital tomorrow, I don't think we have more to get if we stay here. " Dave answered. "We extracted a lot of details from Vincent Shawn's laptop and only in Bexford do I think we'd be able to unravel the hidden meanings."

"Well, the rest of you would have to return to Bexford without me and continue the mission." Henry said.

All eyes turned to him, all carrying unasked questions.

"Earlier today, Samantha was part of the conversation I had with Barrister Dominic." Henry began to explain. "I discovered that something has happened few months back, someone changed the agreement I had with my lawyer " he paused again and drew in a breath. His eyes were fixed thoughtfully to the ground. "There's only one person who is permitted by the deal to sign in my absence and the person is supposed to be dead."

There was another long silence and it seemed Henry was finding it difficult to speak with them about it.

Several thoughts were running through each one's mind but none could ask him questions except the doctor.

"Your wife, Sarah?" The Doctor spoke in a very low and calm tone.

"No, Sarah never knew I had anything to do with Osmos Estate." Henry answered the doctor and looked briefly at his face. He looked down again.

"The only who knew about it was Rex," he finally stated. "The new agreement was confirmed with his signature and I'm sure it wasn't forged."

To be continued.
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Restless - Episode 69

® 18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel

For the rest of the team apart from the doctor, Henry's revelation had very little impact on them as they never met Rex personally or had any kind of relationship with him.

"Rex... is alive?" the doctor stammered as he stared intently at Henry's face. Tears were already forming in his eyes and his body trembling unexplainably. He seemed to be so overwhelmed by the thought of seeing Rex again

"Yes," Henry answered firmly. "Rex is alive, he's somewhere close where nobody knows and I have to find out where he is. I need to know why he's been so quiet and inactive."

"Please, I'm staying with you." the Doctor said in a pleading tone. "Let's find him together."

Henry's eyes met his and he could see the passion in the man's eyes. He looked at the other men's faces and as expected, their reaction was totally different but calm and thoughtful.

Henry landed his gaze on Dave's face and made it linger a while, making Dave assume he was expected to say something.

"I think the Doctor should stay with you here, the rest of us can continue until you return." Dave voiced out, he glanced at the other team member's faces, hoping he had said what was in their minds.

"You guys would return to Bexford tomorrow while I'll visit Dominic again with the Doctor," Henry finally said. "All I need is to always get feedbacks from you?"

"How long is your enquiry gonna take boss?" Cole asked.

"Few days, it has to be done moderately not to disturb the mission at hand. I'll return to Bexford if I don't get it done in less than three days."

"I think we shouldn't hurry this," Samantha put in. "You should not return immediately if you're yet to find your friend Rex, you should wait to find him no matter how long it takes."

She was quiet for some seconds but everyone still had their eyes on her and it seemed they were expecting her to give a reason for her suggestion.

"Ermm... You see, Rex is your friend whose murder was also attempted and family killed, I believe. I think this mission concerns him as much as it does to you. What if he's already taking steps which you don't know and what happens we clash with him along the line?"

"It'll be disastrous," Henry answered her question, even after knowing it was rhetorical. "That's why it's important I take out these three days to find him."

"Then you should just make sure you find him, even if it takes more than the stipulated duration, we would join you if the need arises," Dave suggested.

"I do not think it would be difficult to find him because he obviously wants me to find him," Henry replied. "That's the only reason he could have changed the agreement, he knew I would be coming for the money if I was alive."

After speaking, Henry got up from his seat and walked slowly to the window. He pulled the curtain aside and took in a deep breath as he caught a view of the compound. He watched for a while as two rodents struggling for something with each other fought for seconds before one of them was able to take the piece of substance they were fighting for in it's mouth, it then ran into the bush as the other one scampered after.

Henry closed back the curtains and turned to them.

"When are you guys leaving for Bexford, tomorrow or next?" He asked as he walked back to his seat.

"I just checked the flight records for tomorrow, there seems to be spaces still available for Bexford." Cole answered.

"You can't go by flight if you want to leave tomorrow," Henry stared at him.

"We still have Vincent Shawn and Antonio Carlos with us," Samantha reminded him.

"Oh!" Cole exclaimed. He had totally forgotten about them since he hadn't been home all day. "So, what do we do to those guys?"

"Do you think we have enough information from your visit to Benuit today?" Henry asked and moved his gaze from Dave to Cole interchangeable. "If you do have enough information, we can dispose them off but they have to remain with us if we don't have enough information yet."

"We still need to have them here," Dave put in. "We have to connect the details we have with us and come up with reasonable conclusions before doing away with them."

"So, that means you can't leave very early tomorrow." Henry turned to Cole.

"May be we shouldn't just rush off to Bexford," Cole said in a suggestive tone. "We can stay here to connect some of the details that can be done here."

"And, boss," Dave called in a thoughtful tone. He had Henry's eyes and every other person looking at him. "What do we do with the FOX officials? I'm sure they would be trying to trace us now."

"Good question," Henry said as he walked back to where he was previously sitting. "Well, no matter what happens, those guys should not be touched. They're only doing their jobs."

"So, we should only keep covering our tracks from them?" Dave asked.

Henry nodded slowly in response.

"But since we know them, why don't we get closer and find out what details they have that we don't?" Dave suggested.

"That is dangerous and really not necessary for now," Henry warned. "That FOX team is made up of intelligent officers, trying to get something from them would only mean revealing ourselves to them."

"Yes, they're not just very intelligent but also swift to action." Cole inputed what he had noticed. "It was so close today, they could have caught us impersonating them."

"We never had an idea they would visit that place so soon or even today, we could have been faster with our operation." Dave put in.

"That's why I said they're swift," Cole said. "I really do think it'll be difficult for us to keep clearing our records, if they persist, they'd surely create a link to us soon."

"It's good the two of you have noticed that the FOX agents are competent," Henry joined in. "And you're right," he turned to Cole. "We may not be able to clear our records completely, but we only have to make sure we always discover immediately a link is created to us."

"Sure boss," Cole responded.

"It's late now, let's go to bed." Henry said, rising up to his feet. "I would be leaving early with the Doctor tomorrow morning," he stepped back towards the entrance of the inner rooms and stopped to look at each one of them. "Do have a pleasant night rest."


March 30, 2019

The FOX Corporation Headquarters,
EPA Hill, Bexford.

"You've got to check your team, one of them must be part of the impersonators or must have given out information to the impersonators." Paul Edwards said harshly.

Steve and Evelyn were standing behind the visitor's seats in his office, dressed in their usual black suits.

"Sir, only the two of us knew of about the visit." Steve replied him. "It wasn't even preplanned, we decided to make the visit immediately after getting his family's residential address in our investigation room and no one was there with us."

"So, how come the impersonators knew your names and your plan to visit?" Paul questioned.

"No one knew about our plan to visit, they didn't have to know to have visited."

Paul squinted. "But they mentioned your names."

"They mentioned Steve and Daniel, not Steve and Evelyn sir. Daniel travelled yesterday even before our plan to visit Benuit, he's in Vincil with Lydia." Steve replied.

"Oh!" Paul raised a brow and let it drop slowly. "They mentioned Steve and Daniel... So what do you think?"

"Someone else in the FOX is working for the Red Wolves just like Elkim Nuel was," Steve stated plainly.

"It hasn't been proved that Elkim Nuel was working with the Wolves, that he was killed by the same man doesn't mean he was."

"I'm sure we would have enough substance to prove that soon," Steve said. "We're also visiting some family members of the late Agent today for questioning."

"That's okay, but remember I warned you not to harass anyone."

"We would not do any such thing."

"Good, so I await your proof." Paul said and then rested his back in the chair.

"There's one more thing we need sir," Steve said. Paul stared at his face and gestured for him to proceed with his request. "We need to access the directory of all of FOX officials, including the executives."

"Why?" Paul frowned.

"From the citizen's directory, we've tried to match the CCTV image of the killer but the highest we got is not up to fifty percent match. So, I think it would be wise to check the directory of all FOX officials and match the features with the images."

Still resting in his swivel, Paul placed his elbow on one of the armrests and placed his chin on his palm. "I would give you access into the officials directory when you are ready," he finally said after thinking for few seconds.

"We also need access to the executives directory," Steve reminded him.

"You really sound so sure you need this," Paul squinted at him.

"Yes," Steve affirmed. "From yesterday's experience, it's obvious the impersonators had inside information."

"You said earlier that your visit to Benuit wasn't preplanned and you didn't tell anyone, what other inside information could the impersonators have had?"

"They knew us sir, they knew I and Daniel's names, they probably know the whole of the team and since they know we are the ones in charge of the case, it would not be difficult to predict our steps and the we were coming to visit." Steve explained.

"You're right," Paul agreed as he leaned forward. "I would grant you access."



Carter's Chamber.
Osmos Estate, Bethanna.

"Here's the file," Dominic finally pulled out a file three minutes after searching through the cabinet. He walked back to the table and placed the file on it before he sat on the swivel. Henry and Doctor Alan were sitting at the other side of the table.

They watched silently while the lawyer searched through the file for the information he needed. He picked a piece of paper and scribbled in some words with his pen for a minute.

"Here's the address and his current telephone number," Dominic said as he handed the paper to Henry.

Henry collected it and scanned through with his eyes. "This is in Kala," he said as he stared up at the lawyer's face.

"Yes Kala," the lawyer replied. "I don't think it would be difficult locating the address."

"Kala is very close to Nevi," Doctor Alan put in.

Henry glanced at him with a nod and then turned back to the lawyer. "Thanks for this, it shouldn't be difficult."

"You're welcome sir," Dominic replied.

"And please, do not forget that you should not let anyone else know I have visited you. Please keep it secret for now," Henry said.

"Sure sir, no one has to know."

They got into the car five minutes after, the doctor seated at the passenger's seat in front.

"How well do you know Kala?" Henry asked the doctor as he took out his device and unlocked it. He typed in the address written on the piece of paper into the box in the map.

"Just a little, it's a more civilized town compared to Nevi." Doctor Alan replied. "I only used to go there to get supplies. It's a big place, but not as big as Bexford or Vincil."

"Sure," Henry said, looking into his device. "It's about ninety kilometres away from here, we have to go from here."

"You got the routes from google map?"


"And are you sure, you've got the fastest route?" he asked as he stretched forth his hand to take the device.

"Yes, it would take us approximately four hours to get there from here including traffic and stoppage time."

Doctor Alan squinted at the screen for a while before he handed the device back to Henry who locked it and tossed it to the backseat.

Henry put on his seatbelt and the Doctor did the same.

"We'd take a stop at the nearest eatery and move on from there," Henry finally said before starting the car engine.


17 : 45 PM

El Deols, Anthanna

"Good evening Adrian," Sheila said as she settled into the passenger's side of the car. Her short sleeved gown blue gown which stopped below her knees while standing rolled up as she sat, she managed to pull it a bit and then placed her handbag on her knees.

"Welcome Princess," Adrian replied with a bright smile, feasting his eyes on her.

She put on her seatbelt and turned to him.

She smiled and looked away shyly on catching his eyes on her.

"You look indeed as beautiful as ever today," Adrian complimented. "It seems your beauty grows everyday."

Sheila smiled brightly. "Come on Adrian, you're here again flattering me."

"I'm saying the plain truth my dear, I swear, you're so beautiful." Adrian said with a smiling serious face.

"Thanks," Sheila smiled.

"You're welcome," He smiled chiefly and nodded. "So where do we go this evening?"

"Anywhere you want to take me," Sheila replied.

"No, please tell me where you want and I'll gladly oblige."

She shrugged. "I don't have anywhere in mind, I'll be okay with any place of your choice."

"Okay," Adrian let out a breath and closed his eyes briefly to think. "What of Googs Palace?" he asked with a bright smile.

"Nice place, it's okay by me." Sheila agreed.

She fastened her seatbelt as Adrian kicked on the car engine.

18: 59PM

Googs Palace Restaurant.

The waiter carefully arranged the plates of food in front of the guests and placed the cutleries by the side. Another waiter carrying bottles of water and glass cups placed the items beside the plates and they left at the same time.

"This smells nice," Adrian closed his eyes briefly as he inhaled and exhaled with a playful look on his face.

Sheila giggled at his expression. She opened her plates first and picked the cutleries before him.

They soon began to eat silently except for the occasional giggles made by Sheila whenever he made funny faces at her. Before they finished their meal, Adrian picked a piece of meat from his plate and stretched it close to her mouth.

She squinted at him first and then raised a brow when he made a funny look, she laughed briefly and then parted her lips to allow the meat get in.

"Praise God!" Adrian said, heaving a loud sigh of relief as he turned his face up to express his thanks to the heavenly up above.

"Haha! What's that?" She asked with an amused look on her face.

"I never knew you would allow me put that into your mouth," he replied.

She chuckled. "Why shouldn't I?"

He shrugged. "I don't know, I just thought you wouldn't."

"But I did, it's no big deal."

"I see."

They continued eating and both finished the meal in the next two minutes.

"It's a nice meal like I predicted," Adrian said smiling.

"Sure, I don't expect a bad meal here. Googs Palace is known for high professionalism and taste."

"Yeah, you're right." Adrian smiled and then rested his back. "So, what do you plan to do at home this night?"

She raised her shoulders up and raised her brows. She dropped the shoulders before answering, "Take a shower and lay in bed of course."

He smiled. "You don't watch movies or listen to music?"

"Of course, I do," she replied. "But it can be done in my bed."
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69 contd

"You're right," he folded his arms across his chest. "But you know the Googs Palace is a big place, we can take a stroll round the garden, the water side and even the game house."

"Oh! That would be nice but not today, I didn't plan to get home late." She replied.

"Come on Sheila, I'm dropping you at home, you're not going to be driving."

"I know, but I still don't want to stay so long, I didn't plan to."

"It's okay then," he heaved a sigh and then leaned forward, looking unhappy. "You've not really been free with me for a couple of days now."

She frowned. "Not been free, why would you say such?"

"From the way you respond to me when I call you and how you bluntly refuse whenever I want to take you out," Adrian answered.

"But I'm out here with you now," she said. He sighed. "Listen Adrian, I explained my work to you and you know I've got a couple of projects I'm handling at the moment."

"Yes, but even if you aren't chanced to go out with me, you should respond more nicely."

"I'm sorry if I respond harshly," she apologized. "But sometimes, the calls get too much for a day and it often gets into my work, we're not dating yet, so we should be talking that much like you call me."

"Oh! Sorry about that," Adrian breathed out briefly through his mouth and he rested his back, taken a bit aback by her reply.

"I don't mean to hurt your feelings Adrian," she continued in a pity tone. "I like you but my heart is not just with you, I explained via chat with you."

"Yes, you did." He leaned forward again. "So who's your heart with?" He questioned in low tones and with raised eyebrows. "Your former bouncer?"

"I'm not referring to anyone here, I'm talking about us." She replied. "I don't have the same feelings towards you and I don't want to get into something that won't work."

"Listen Sheila," he said calmly and reached for her hands. He held her palms in his and squeezed then very gently. "This can work, we can make it work. You can develop the feelings for me, all you need is just give me a chance and you'd see the feelings build up for me."

At that moment the waiter came with the bill and a tray to get the used plates. He released her hands to take the bill but she took it from the waiter's hand before him.

"How much it is?" He asked her, watching as she stared at it.

"Just a few Anthanna dollars," she said as she picked her bag beside her on the ground and placed it on her laps.

"Can I see it?" He requested.

"No need to, I'm footing it." She replied.

"No, I won't let you do that." He argued.

"I'm doing it without your permission," she responded with a smile.

The waiter left with the plates and left the bottles of water and cup as requested by them. She was asked by Sheila to return for the money.

"Come on, why do you have to do it?" He questioned.

She smiled at him again. "Because I should do it Adrian. You do it always, so it hurts no one if I do it this once."

Adrian felt a bit awkward as the waiter returned and got the money from Sheila.

"Thank you Sheila, that was kind of you."

"You don't need to mention Adrian," she replied and dropped her bag on the ground. "So, what were we saying?*

"We were talking about you Sheila and why you have refused to give me a chance," Adrian answered.

She smiled lightly. "I've not refused to do anything, I don't even know how to, so how do I refuse?"

He leaned forward and reached for her hands again. "Sheila, if you'd give me a chance and get closer, even if we start as just close friends. You'd get to develop the same feelings for me."

"Well, I don't really agree but I think it's okay to just remain friends for now."

"Wow wow wow!" A broad masculine voice interrupted them from behind.

Sheila turned to see who it was. It was Stan, one of Tom's friends.

"Your new boyfriend is so broke that he cannot even pay the bills," Stan mocked as he drew out the third seat at the table and sat down with his cup of milk.

"What are you doing here Stan and what's the meaning of this?" Sheila asked him angrily.

"I'm here with my real dudes," he replied and looked towards a table where three other guys were sitting far at the other corner of the hall. All of them were also looking towards them and smiling. "Been watching you since and I decided to say Hi."

"Well, you should know you're not appreciated at all." Sheila said angrily. "So get the bleep away from here now."

He smiled again mockingly and picked the cup he dropped on the table. "I'll leave you here with your broke ass bleeping boyfriend."

Sheila rose angrily with him at the same time with him and landed a heavy punch on his face. He crashed into the seat and then fell to the floor heavily.

Adrian got up immediately immediately, staring at Sheila and shocked that she could be violent.

Even Sheila was shocked at herself and stared at her clenched fists, wondering how she was able .take him down with a single punch.

"Let's get out of here," she said to Adrian feeling so embarrassed because almost everyone in the hall was now staring at them.

She picked her bag and rushed out of the place, Adrian picked his car keys and followed after her immediately.

Stan's friends gathered around him, amazed with their mouth agape as they watched their friend rolling on the floor.

To be continued.

Read up to Episode 100 here - www.youngicee.com/stories/restless
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Restless - Episode 70

® 18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel


Vila Hotel,
Nevi, Bethanna.

Doctor Alan was dozing off already in the bed when he heard a knock at the door. He jumped up immediately and walked to the door.

"Henry?" He called as he touched the knob.

"Yes, open please."

He turned the knob and opened for Henry to enter.

"I got back a couple of minutes ago, I had to drop something in my room," Henry said as he walked into the room and stopped beside the bed. He turned back to face the man who also closed the door and turned to him.

"So, how did it go?" Doctor Alan asked. He had a kind of disappointed look on his face. He looked like had been expecting a miracle. The bitter look on his face made it seem as if he expected to see Henry come back with Rex.

Henry had insisted they stopped at Nevi and put up at a hotel there. The doctor had then suggested the Vila Hotel for it's far distance from his former place of work. They booked two opposite rooms and kept their things in. Henry had then insisted on going to Kala alone to confirm the address given to them by the lawyer. Despite the pleas of the doctor to follow him, Henry refused, maintaining that it was safer for him to confirm the address first before the doctor could get there.

"I saw the house and watched for about thirty minutes," Henry answered the doctor.

"You didn't see anything about Rex?"

"None for now," Henry answered as he turned again. "But we are sure to know everything we need to know tomorrow because we'd go to the exact flat number."

"But you don't sound so confident, is there a problem?"

"There's no problem actually," Henry said with a sigh. "Just that the location doesn't look like somewhere Rex would have chosen to stay."

"Why do you say so?" The doctor squinted at his face, already getting worried.

"It's too open for someone like Rex who's gonna be hiding," Henry said and landed his gaze on the doctor's face. He proceeded towards the doctor slowly. "I made an order at the reception and they're bringing your dinner for you." He said after stopping in front of the doctor. He placed his hand on the doctor's shoulder and shook him gently. "Sleep well and worry about nothing, we would sort it all out tomorrow."

The doctor stood on the same spot until he heard the door open and close. He closed his eyes and drew in a breath.


Henry entered into his room and walked straight to the table, he opened up his laptop and clicked on the power button before sitting. Then he took out his phone and dialed Cole's number.

"I'm about to log in," he said into the phone. "I hope you've sent the mail already."

"Yes boss, it's all in the mail."

"Thanks," Henry replied and dropped the call.

He placed the phone on the table and stared at the laptop's screen while he waited for it to complete the booting process. His mind flashed back to Kala.

He had located the building situated at the address given to him by Dominic. It was a fifteen storey building, one of the highest buildings in the town. He did not move close to the building but only walked around the area. From his observation, he noted that the place was a busy commercial area and the particular building was made of different segments. The building had offices and shops in front but residential sections including flats and single rooms at the other sides. The area was not just a busy one but the building itself was also busy. It got Henry wondering why Rex would have chosen such a place to hide himself. He only had two options coming to his mind, it was either Rex had a really good reason for staying in the building or if he had just dropped the address in the document with the lawyer to ensure no one would be able to trace him through the address. If the second option was correct, Henry was sure Rex must have left him a message there, or something to direct him to his current location.

The laptop finished booting and Henry clicked open the browser immediately. The homepage - www.youngicee.com - loaded immediately and he clicked into the navigation box to input his email service url. He logged in immediately the page loaded and waited for his messages to be displayed.

The inbox loaded and he located the message from Cole and clicked on it. Following the short instruction in the mail, he began to download the attachments immediately.

Cole had called him earlier to inform him about their new discoveries which included a dangerous bomb ignition device which the Red Wolves were working on. The device was unnamed yet but it's purpose was already clearly stated, it was being designed to make it possible for bombs to be detonated without the presence of a Red Wolves Agent at the place.

Henry clicked open the first attachment which was an image. It showed the device and the dimensions. It was a rectangular 10 by 3cm box with a 2 by 2cm handle on top. At both sides of the handle on the top were 9 by 9 by 1 cm screens which were labeled sensors. Henry zoomed the image to have a closer look at the sensors but he got a blur image. He closed the image and checked the other three images which were part of the attachment to see if one of the images showed the full properties of the sensor. He got what he needed in the third picture he opened and he began to study it. The image was that of the magnified sensor with it's subcomponents well labeled.

"This is crazy," Henry muttered under his breath. He had never seen anything of such, he had only heard of how it was being planned for the future and also knew that the FOX chemical engineering department was working on something like that. The department had however predicted that their research and analysis could take over two years to complete.

He viewed the two other images briefly before he switched to the word document in the attachment to read the details included by Cole in it before returning to check the images again.

It took him over twenty minutes to carefully study the four-paged document and he could not but admit that the Wolves had geniuses working for them, one of which was Antonio Carlos who was still in captivity. He imagined what it would be like having Antonio Carlos turn against the Wolves but he knew it was almost impossible for that to happen. Men like Antonio Carlos and Vincent Shawn had been through a lot and must have had strong reasons for joining the Wolves, it would therefore be difficult or even impossible to get them to turn back.

From the document, he learnt that the sensors were being designed to respond to specific sounds. They were being built in such a way that they could be programmed to trigger explosions after the mention of a particular word at a specific volume or after being heard at a programmed number of times. That was not all, but the explosives were also being worked upon to be packaged in none-harmful-looking cases that would ease their portability and make less suspicious innocent people transport them without asking questions.

He heaved a sigh as he rested his back in the seat and stared at the screen. He thought about all he had read and noticed that the whole ongoing process was not being done from one location. The explosives themselves were being worked upon in a different location, the attractive cases were being worked upon in another location and all the other major components were being produced in different places.

Henry chuckled as he made a realization. The Wolves were truly being ran by highly strategic and intelligent people and could not be underestimated. A casual organization would have brought together all the people working on the explosive device project to one location to make the job faster but the Wolves had split them. It appeared as an unreasonable decision to the normal person but it made plenty of sense to Henry. If it had been done in the "reasonable way", then it would have been possible to destroy the whole process easily and at once but now that it had been split and the major operations were being carried out in different locations, it made it very impossible.

A call from Cole distracted him from his thoughts. He sat up and picked his phone from the table.

"Have you seen it boss?" Cole asked from the other end.

"Yes, I just finished going through the mail." Henry replied. "When did you extract this?"

"Yesterday, from Vincent Shawn's laptop." Cole replied. "It was an unedited encrypted raw document, I was able to decrypt it late this morning."

"You're doing a good job, please keep up the speed." Henry commended.

"Thank you boss," Cole replied. His smile could be felt by Henry over the phone. "So, I have been checking through the cache and I would soon be able to come up with more information but I called to find out if there's anything you were able to identify from what you read. If there is, it will help us move faster."

"No Cole, nothing yet. I'll tell you when I find any." Henry answered.

"Okay boss," Cole said and ended the call.


El Deols, Anthanna.

For over twenty minutes drive, Sheila and Adrian maintained an awkward silence in the car. Adrian kept glancing at her from time to time but she didn't return his glances and did not utter a word. Her mind had been busy all through and the only reasonable explanation that came to her mind for what she did in the eatery was her times of training with Henry. She remembered him particularly teaching her how to throw punches and hit the victim at the right place.

The thoughts of Henry coming back to her mind totally changed her mood. She suddenly began to wish he was still with her in Anthanna. She began to imagine what would have happened if he had never regained his memory, maybe he would have remained happy with her and she too happy with him but, it was only wishful thinking, the reality was that Henry was out there pursuing vengeance for his long dead wife who he has not stopped and probably would never stop loving.

The sound of the horn brought Sheila back to her senses and she suddenly realized that they had gotten to her house and the car was already parked in her compound. She turned her face to Adrian and caught him staring at her with a narrow and weak look.

"I'm sorry Adrian," she said before she opened the door to step out.

Adrian suddenly grabbed her by the arm before she could step out. She turned to look at him.

"Is everything okay?" He asked in a calm voice, the look on his face expressing his deep concern.

"Yes," she closed her eyes and let out a breath. She stepped back into the car and closed the door. She squeezed his palm in hers. "Adrian, I'm sorry for ending tonight's outing on an embarrassing note. That guy is crazy, please ignore everything he said."

Adrian did not respond immediately but stared into her eyes deeply for a while before letting out a breath calmly. "Of course, I wasn't listening to him. I knew he was crazy," he replied, managing to put on a light smile.

"Thanks," Sheila smiled back at him. "And thanks for today, it was a nice evening. Do have a goodnight rest," she released his hands and opened the door.

"Goodnight Sheila," Adrian replied and the smile on his face completely disappeared as he watched her walk into the house. He did not have a nice evening and knew she didn't have one too. Indeed, nothing was nice about the evening except for the meal. He was not only rejected once again by her but he also saw a side of her he had never known.
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70 contd

22: 11PM

Bexford, Bethanna.

"Remember you cannot make any mistake, if you don't get killed, I'll kill you myself." Hutton said into the phone before he dropped the call. He dropped the phone close to the headboard and stared into the mirror facing him directly at the wall beside the wardrobe in the hotel room.

He neatly observed his looks again and his body shape. He was still in shape and could still feel the strength of his bones under his skin. He was about to get back to action again and he knew he still had it in him as before. As an experienced man of war with deadly skills and mastery in the use of weapons, he knew the perfect match for Agent Rex of the FOX was no one else but him.

He made a swift turn and rolled into the bed, covering himself with the blanket. His hand reached for the switch above the headboard and he turned off the light. He adjusted himself and was about to lay his head on the pillow when his phone rang.

His hand reached for the phone and he checked the caller, it was Kahn.

He answered and placed it close to his ear. "Kahn, ain't you sleeping tonight?"

"I was about to sleep but I thought I should let you know that Carl Winston and his men probably have all data and materials Antonio and Vincent have been working upon for us."

"Why do you say so?" Hutton asked, his voice as confident as usual.

"Men suspected to be Carl Winston's men visited Vincent Shawn's home disguised as FOX Agents, they had access to his computer and some of his properties and also got into his office at his security firm."

"Well, that's expected." Hutton replied. "Carl Winston is out digging information about us and I expected him to do something of such."

"Is that you have to say about it?" Kahn asked, after being quiet for some seconds expecting Hutton to say more.

"What else is there to say?" Hutton replied nonchalantly. "You worry too much Kahn, you of all people shouldn't be worried about taking care of Carl Winston. If it was possible to take care of his friend Rex, why won't we get Carl now that he's alone?"

"You just talk like these things are so easy," Kahn sighed.

"It'll be easy man," Hutton replied. "But Carl is actually going faster than I expected, I think he's got a great team working with him. Nevertheless, we'd get him sooner than he expects."

"I believe you Hutton but I must ask this again, don't you think we should really take a break now from our operations like you suggested at the meeting?"

"Well, do you think so?"

"I don't know, you suggested it at the meeting but asked us to wait and watch for a while but now that we have already seen that Carl Winston is going faster than he should, he discovered our explosives factory and he's not about to drop. Who knows what he is discovering again from the details he got from Vincent Shawn? I would agree with you that the time for the break is now."

"He can't discover more than he should from the details, we disconnected Vincent and Shawn from us already. But we should really take a break," Hutton said and paused as he heard a sigh of relief from Kahn. "But an indefinite break with surprise attack operations along the line."

"I don't get you Hutton," Kahn came again with a raised tone.

"We do not have to let Carl know we took a break, so we would only stop our major attacks but continue the lesser ones."

"Oh! Sounds okay still," Kahn agreed.

"Great! So, have a goodnight rest."

"You too, hard man."


El Deols, Anthanna.

Sheila's eyes refused to close thirty minutes after laying in the bed to sleep. She kept staring in darkness at the ceiling above with her mind filled with thoughts of Henry. She had been trying her best to forget about him and had been doing well by distracting herself with so much work and Adrian until that evening when Stan had showed up. Thoughts of Henry had suddenly taken over her again to the extent that she had to fight hard the temptation of calling him on phone that night.

As she laid there sleeplessly, she kept asking herself questions if she would ever get to see him again and if he would be the former Henry she knew or if he would be colder to her if she eventually see him again. She couldn't keep her mind at rest.


Vila Hotel,
Nevi, Bethanna

Henry laid still in the bed five minutes after leaving the bathroom. He had gone in there just to take a shower but ended up spending over fifteen minutes there. Not because the bathroom was comfortable but because his mind wandered away.

Immediately he entered to take a shower was when he began to hear sounds coming from the next room. The hotel as expected in a rural area had less sound proofed walls which allowed some sounds to be heard in neighbouring rooms during the silent night.

The neighbouring room was obviously occupied by a couple and they had started first with giggles and laughs which brought back to Henry's mind his special times with Sarah his wife. He remembered again how they used to play together a lot and also with their son Kellar. Soon, the sounds he heard in the bathroom reduced and he began to take his shower only for him to start hearing sounds again before he finished. This time, they weren't sounds of playing again but moanings from pleasure.

And even as he laid in his bed sleeplessly, the sounds continued but his mind was far away from there and thoughts of his wife had been unexplainably replaced by another woman. He couldn't tell how it happened but he just realized Sheila's picture had taken over that of his wife which he was seeing.

He wondered how lonely Sheila would be feeling and how hurt she would feel anytime she thought of him. His hand touched his phone where he placed it beside his pillow. He picked it and unlocked it quickly. He opened his dialpad and typed in Sheila's number. He stared at the screen for a while before he finally dialed.

"No," he shook his head after three seconds and cut the call immediately. "I shouldn't be doing this," he said to himself and dropped the phone immediately.

He closed his eyes feeling deep restlessness and his hands squeezed the bedsheets tightly underneath.

To be continued.

Read more here - www.youngicee.com/stories/restless
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Wow. I was wondering where sheila was all this while. Thumbs up Oyin. Where the hell have you been? sad You've been absent for a while. Awesome update as always. You rock smiley
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Restless – Episode 71
® 18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel
March 31, 2016
06:46 AM
El Deols, Anthanna.
It was a short night for Sheila but she woke up the next morning feeling quite different. Somehow, she managed to lay off thoughts from her mind and slowly replaced him with Adrian.
Adrian was not a perfect man. No man was! He had done so many things which she didn’t like, but they all happened a long time ago in High School when they were not mature enough. The Adrian now seemed calmer and caring, different from the picture she always had of him. He also seemed to be patient with her as he always came back despite her unpleasant way of treating him sometimes and it made her wonder why Henry who had been pushing her away since he regained his memory still had any space in her heart.
She stepped out of the bathroom with the towel wrapped round her chest and mopped her feet on the foot mat at the entrance. She wiped her body dry and then proceeded straight to her make up table. She stared at her image in the mirror and smiled. She needed no one to tell her she was beautiful and had a perfect shape. She was confident about this but had never let it get into her head.
She took off the shower cap from her head and let her hair flow down as she dropped the towel. She picked her body cream from the table and began to apply gently on her skin.
After about ten minutes, she was already dressed in her underwear and had her work dress lying on the bed behind her already. She stared again at her makeup kits on the table and somehow felt the need to apply more makeup than she usually did that morning, she had always preferred to go light or just with a simple lip gloss most times.
Why would she need to apply more makeup? She suddenly asked herself. She was not attending any occasion or having any special meeting but the urge to go on makeups was still strong. She sat in the chair and let out a deep breath as she realized that deep in her subconscious mind, she was expecting another outing with Adrian.
A thought suddenly came to her mind and she looked up at the wall clock, it was past seven. She turned back to look at her phone in the bed, she had not gotten any message alert or phone call from Adrian that morning. It felt kind of strange because she was already getting used to his funny wake up messages everyday, even though she never replied any.
She went to pick her phone just to confirm. There was indeed no message or missed call from him. She squinted at her image in the mirror for a second and wondered what was wrong. Could it be that she had hurt him so much the previous day that he decided to stop the calls and messages? He did not even call her the last night after dropping her off.
She scrolled to his number in her call register and dialled. She placed it close to her ear and waited patiently for him to answer.
“Hello… Good morning Sheila,” she heard him say in a sleepy gruff voice.
“Good morning Adrian, hope you slept well.”
“Yes, I did. What about you dear?” Adrian replied. Sheila could hear a yawn following his words.
“I did too,” she replied. There was an awkward silence for about five seconds. “I just wanted to say good morning and also make sure that you are not angry about yesterday. ”
“Oh! Thanks so much, I wasn’t angry like I told you before, I knew that guy was just a mischief maker.”
“Okay dear, thanks so much. Do have a nice day,” Sheila concluded and then ended the call after hearing his response.
She heaved a sigh as she placed the phone on the table before her but she wasn’t still feeling satisfied. She felt like calling him again. Maybe speaking to him once again that morning and talking to him so often would help her get Henry off her mind completely but how could she do that when she was the one who had previously warned Adrian of the calls becoming too much?
She was still in thoughts when Adrian called back. She felt some tension as she picked the phone to answer.
“Hey Sheila! Just thought about it, it’s unusual to have you call me so early this morning.” Adrian’s voice rang in cheerfully. “I’ve got to thank you for calling to check up on me.”
“Well,” Sheila chuckled. “It’s okay.”
“Do have a nice day Sheila,” Adrian concluded.
“Yeah Adrian, take care.”
Her eyes caught the time on the phone’s screen before she dropped it on the table again. She realized she would end up going late for work if she continued wasting time on her thoughts.
FOX Headquarters,
Bexford, Bethanna.
“I dropped the sample cases with the scientist for them to confirm what they are made of,” Daniel said as he walked towards the investigation table from the entrance door.
Steve turned to look at him. He was with Sandra and Evelyn at the table and they was a laptop in front of them which they were all looking into.
Daniel stopped beside Sandra who was at Steve’s right hand side. He joined them to stare at what they were checking and he saw a moving bar at the top of the screen with several inaccessible pictures and comments underneath. They were checking through the directory of FOX officials.
“None greater than twenty percent match yet?” Daniel whistled, seeing that the search was already ninety percent completed. More search results were being added to the screen as the percentage increased and after three extra minutes, it got to a hundred percent.
Daniel shone his eyes at the screen, surprised at what he saw unlike the rest of them who were already not expecting so much.
“Over three thousand FOX officials present in the directory, it’s been two hours search and we got only fifteen search results for twenty percent match with the picture. They had tried to get matches for more than twenty percent and only one person had showed up at twenty five percent.
“Fifteen search results is not a bad result,” Sandra said to him. “The only bad thing here is that they match by twenty percent only.”
“This twenty percent and below may just be what has been concealing what we’ve been searching for,” Henry said aloud. He looked specifically at Sandra. “Please help fetch and print the details for these twenty people, let’s see if we can make out anything.”
Evelyn turned to Steve as Sandra lifted the laptop from the table and walked away with it. “When are we accessing the executives directory? To me, it is necessary to keep working on search results with twenty percent matches and below.”
“The Chairman said he would call for me anytime from now,” Steve replied and picked up his handset and key from the table. “But we still have to work without leaving any stone unturned, we’ll work with these twenty percent matches also.”
He proceeded to the table at the back wall corner of the room and picked a device there, he turned briefly to Evelyn and Daniel who were still at the table. “I think I have an idea of what we can do with the man in our custody, Stanley.”
Evelyn turned and looked at him. Daniel also turned and looked but turned back slowly to the the table again. He reached for a neatly arranged set of files placed at the left edge of the table and began to open. “I pulled out some information about him yesterday, I have them detailed here.”
Steve began to step towards them again but stopped shortly as if he changed his mind. “It’s getting so ambiguous doing this as paper work, let’s get into our computer room,” he said nodding towards the left. The computer room for their team was next to the investigation by the left.
He turned and led the way while Daniel and Evelyn followed him shortly.
Paul Edward’s Office.
“Your idea sounds interesting, but it is also dangerous. Have you considered it well at all?” Paul Edwards asked after listening to what Steve, Evelyn and Daniel had to say.
“Yes sir, it seems like the only way we can move faster in this case. We will be careful to make sure it doesn’t get out of hands,” Steve replied.
“Who’s carrying out the job?”
“I would personally monitor every process but a lady would be directly following,” Steve answered.
Paul Edwards moved his gaze to Evelyn’s face, already assuming she was the lady Steve was going to handle it directly to.
“Not Agent Evelyn sir,” Steve corrected. “Someone new would be preferred.”
Paul squinted at him. “You have just two ladies in your ten-man team, Evelyn and Lydia and I do think Evelyn is better for the job.”
“We need a new person sir,” Steve insisted. “Someone not in our team.”
Paul raised his brows. “Why?”
“I explained earlier that the details of our team could have been given to the enemy by an inside man, using anybody who is a member of the team would cause some problems for us if my suspicions are right.”
“Hmmm,” Paul placed his jaw on his palm. “Well, who do you have in mind?”
“Agent Lydia,” Steve stated. “I’ve worked with her on several occasions and I’m hundred percent sure of her ability to deliver, and I’ll also be closely following her.”
Paul nodded and rested his back. “I’ll check through the current case records and make an exemption to pull her out of whichever case she is involved in presently.”
He pulled out the drawer and picked out a flash drive. He closed the drawer and placed the flash drive on the table.
His eyes met with Steve and he communicated for him to step closer and pick the drive.
“That contains all you need to access the details of the FOX executives living anywhere in the world,” Paul said as he watched Steve pick it. “You have lesser excuses for not delivering.”
Steve nodded in agreement after stepping back to his previous position.
“This time around, only the four of us and of course Lydia would be aware of this strategy. So, I would hold you Steve, responsible for any failure.” Paul warned in a strict tone. His eyes locked with Steve for a moment and he saw the confidence in the young Agent’s eyes before the younger man looked away out of respect. “Though I understand you need to take this dangerous and risky step, someone would always be held accountable and responsible for the results and that’s you – the team leader.”
Steve nodded gently in understanding. “Thank you sir for your trust and acceptance,” he bowed slightly. “I would be very careful.”
He was still talking when the landline on Paul Edward’s desk began to ring.
Paul dismissed them with a nod before he picked up the receiver.
“Send the team in, I’m waiting. Also get to for the undercover section and ask the departmental head to send me a message,” Steve and his colleagues heard Paul say over the phone as they stepped out of his office. They met a group of other FOX officials which they had never met. They exchanged casual greetings and walked away.
10 Minutes Later.
“Good morning Mr Stanley,” Steve greeted as he walked into the interrogation room with Evelyn by his side.
Stanley was already sitting with his hands on the table and fetters binding them. He had a lawyer sitting by his side this time around.
“Top of the morning to you Agent, I see you’ve come with a beautiful partner this morning.” Stanley replied with his teeth shone broadly unusually as his eyes followed Evelyn’s to the seat. He seemed to have developed some confidence that morning.
Steve and Evelyn exchanged handshakes with the lawyer before settling in the seats at the other side of the table.
“You look so bright this morning Mr Stanley and I do hope you would respond to us well too,” Steve began. “Well, this is Agent Evelyn, my partner.”
“She’s beautiful,” Stanley said with a naughty look on his face. He then suddenly changed the look on his face to a serious one, “And you also need to meet my lawyer, Barrister Momoh.”
“I’ve been told he was around and I’m glad he’s here with you now,” Steve replied, flashing a look at the barrister. He took out a paper and handed it over to the lawyer to go through. He then turned again to Stanley. “You’ve been transferred temporarily away from here and police officers should be on their way here to transport you to their Bexford office.”
“Why the transfer to another office when I’m going to perfect my bail terms soon?” Stanley squinted.
“I’m not sure of that,” Steve chuckled and moved his gaze to the lawyer’s face who was still busy reading the document. “The laws of Bethanna allows for the agencies to keep you in detention when you have such involvement as yours in terrorism.”
“What bleeping laws are you talking about?” Stanley flared up. He had suddenly changed his mood from the very cheerful one to the opposite. “You have no evidence to prove I’m involved in terrorism.”
“Please take it easy,” the lawyer said to his client calmly. Stanley looked at his face and drew in a deep breath.
Steve and Evelyn realized what was going on. Stanley’s initial confidence was all a facade, he was actually very doubtful of his freedom and only put up the show hoping to intimidate the agents.
“Mr Stanley, we checked through your call records and your movements in the past few days.” Evelyn cleared her throat gently before she began to talk. “We have proofs of all the people you contacted prior to the attack at the factory and it’s evident you had an idea about the explosive production process. Your defense and unwillingness to cooperate with us makes it quite difficult for us to ascertain if you were fully involved in the process or you were just used as a tool. If you would answer us more openly, it would not only be helpful for us but would certainly be helpful for you too.”
Stanley kept his gaze on the Agent’s face speechlessly. He looked humble and now like someone requiring help.
After some seconds silence, Evelyn spoke again. “I have some few questions I’ll like you to answer before you leave.” She began in a cool voice.
“I’ll like to have a word with my lawyer in private,” Stanley interrupted.
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Episode 71 contd

Kala, Bethanna.
“Keep the earpiece on and your eyes on the look out,” Henry said, looking into the rearview mirror to confirm his looks. He touched the attached beards and moustache gently and then put on the sunshades. He returned the rearview mirror to it’s position before putting on his face cap. “I’ll get to you as soon as I can,” he said and opened the door to step out.
He closed it back immediately and looked again at his reflected image in the tainted glass window. He put both hands into his pockets as he proceeded in the left direction. He stopped and turned after walking about eight metres from where the car was parked. The targeted storey building was at the other side of the road. He glanced towards the left and watched as the Doctor drove the car into the road and proceeded to the place they agreed for him to wait. He turned back to the road and looked left and right for vehicles coming. After a minute of being watchful, he crossed quickly to the median and waited another minute before crossing to the other side, he almost bumped into another pedestrian at the middle of the road who was crossing in the opposite direction.
He advanced straight into the building after confirming from the security men at the door which way to take to his section he was heading to. He proceeded up the stairs through the left side entrance of the building. The flat which he was headed for was on the fifth floor. He came across few people on his way up the stairs and they only exchanged nothing more than casual greetings. No one stopped to look at him the second time or even suspiciously because it was a public building and those living in it were used to seeing many unknown faces.
He reduced his pace to think when he got to the stairs leading to the fifth floor. He had met about six people on his way up and nobody had accosted him or asked him who he was looking for even though it was his first time of being there. Why would Rex choose such a place to hide? He asked himself again. It would be difficult in that kind of environment to identify suspicious faces or even predict who was coming to your own flat.
He continued upward after letting out a breath. He took off his dark sunshades and hung it on his chest pocket, then he dipped his right hand into the trouser pocket and located the handle of his pistol.
He stepped into the fifth floor majestically and stopped at the center of the end wall in the hallway. A young lady was coming slowly towards the staircase, her eyes were fixed on her phone and her fingers so busy.
From Henry’s standing point, he quickly located six doors, three at each side of the hallway, leading into the six flats in the section.
“Hi,” the young lady greeted after flashing a glance at him and proceeded down the stairs.
“Hello,” he mumbled back at her before proceeding forward. He checked the label on the first door by the left and knew he was at the right place. He continued forward until he got to the last door by the left, it was the exact flat in the address given to him by the barrister.
He turned back sharply again towards the stairs after realizing that the young lady must have come out of the same flat. He looked at the door again and listened, he could hear light sounds coming from inside, signifying that there was still someone in the house.
He stepped closer to the door and knocked twice.
“Come in Sophie, the door isn’t locked yet. I knew you would be back to get your ID card,” he heard a muffled voice of a guy from inside. He looked in direction of the stairs again before he held the knob and turned it.
He stepped into the house gently and closed the door. The atmosphere in the living room was warm and calm. It was a moderately large and furnished living room. At the center hung bulbs of different colours but only one was turned on and it provided only a kind of pale blue lightening to the living room. The curtains behind the visible section of the dining area was fully drawn, allowing for zero entrance of light from outside. He took a look around the walls and found no pictures or frames or additional paintings of any kind. The flat screen television was on and the cable network news was running at that moment.
“I dropped it for you on the dining table, hoping you would see it before you leave.”
Henry turned sharply as he heard the sound from behind him. He saw a man pick something from the dining table and then walked back into the hallway without looking in his direction. The man obviously still thought it was the girl who returned.
He turned back again without saying anything. He took another look around, focusing on the furniture and tilings more. The whole atmosphere of the living room depicted the mood of that of a secretive person. For a moment, he felt that Rex could have actually lived or was still living in the place.
He turned back again suddenly to see a gun being pointed at him by the man standing at the dining area.
“Hey!” he mused as he put his hands in the air quickly. He was already thinking the person in the house had no security consciousness but here he was being proved wrong. “I’m not here to cause any harm.”
He stared at the face of the man in front of him. It certainly wasn’t Rex and it didn’t look like someone he knew.
“Who the hell are you?” the man fastened both hands on the gun handle.
“I’m Michael,” Henry replied. “I just have a few questions for you, please listen to me.”
“What the bleep!” the man raised his brows. “You broke into my house and you’re asking me to listen to you?”
“Hey, it’s not what you think.” Henry pleaded as he watched the man take out his phone to dial a number. “I got this address from someone and I’m here to see a friend.”
“You’ll explain that to the police,” the man said as he placed the phone close to his ears.
“You don’t have to do that,” Henry said and took two short steps slowly backwards. He could hear the sound of footsteps approaching from outside and he knew the girl the man was expecting was the one returning.
“Security, there’s an intruder…”
The man was unable to continue as the door opened at that moment and Henry quickiy grabbed the girl who stepped in.
It happened so fast. Before the man could make any move, Henry had his arm fastened around the girl’s neck and a gun to her head.
“Put down the phone, I’m not here to harm anyone.” Henry warned.
The man cut the call and put the phone down slowly. He stepped further into the living room.
“Let her go,” he said in warning tone.
Henry stepped forward with the girl in his arm slowly. The man’s face became clearer as the gap in between them closed in and his face began to look familiar.
“Let her go,” the young man said again. He looked like someone in his late twenties and the lady which Henry held was his younger sister.
“Wilson,” Henry called softly as he remembered who the young man was. He released the girl but still held the gun up.
Wilson widened his eyes at Henry’s face, still pointing his gun at him. He hugged his sister who ran to him.
“Wilson,” Henry called again. “It’s me, Louis.” Henry added, lowering his gun slowly.
“Louis?” Wilson squinted hard at his face, still very suspicious of the intruder.
“Yes, Louis Winston.” Henry replied and took the cap off his head slowly and dropped it on the floor.
Wilson’s lips parted slowly in shock as he stared at the face. He watched Henry take his time to remove the attached beards and moustache. He lowered his gun slowly and walked closer to Henry for an embrace.
“Where have you been all these while?” Wilson asked, after he settled in the seat with Henry. His sister had also walked back out of the house.
“It’s a long story Wilson,” Henry breathed out. “Well, I’m here in search of Morris. Where is he?”
“Morris…” a sad look appeared on Wilson’s face as he got up from the chair and turned his back to Henry, tears slowly formed in his eyes.
Henry got up from the seat and turned to his front.
“What’s wrong? Did anything happen to him?” He squinted at the younger man’s face. He knew it was impossible for Rex to have died so quickly if he indeed escaped the murder attack of the Wolves.
“He left few months ago,” Wilson finally answered, sniffing in to stop tears from rolling down his eyes.
“He left? For where?” Henry questioned.
“He didn’t let me know, he contacted some men and they came to take him.” Morris sniffed in again. “He made me promise never to let anyone know or hear about him.”
“Which men came for him? Tell me,” Henry urged.
“He promised me not to tell you if we ever meet again,” Wilson replied with a sigh.
Henry widened his eyes.
“He used to live here with us,” Wilson continued to explain. “But one day, he suddenly said he had to leave because you had returned to town.”
“Because I returned?” Henry looked so perplexed.
“Yes, it was a night.” Wilson closed his eyes to hold in tears. “After watching the news with him, he told me he was going to leave and never return and that you should not try to find him. He did not tell me where he was leaving to.”
Henry’s lips parted unconsciously and his face looked deeply confused. What could have happened to Rex? And why would he not want to be located?
To be continued.
Hope you all remember that Carl Winston is known as Louis by people who just know him as an ordinary person. The same way, Morris is Rex’s other name known by others like Wilson.

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 10:58pm On Jan 04
Restless – Episode 72
® 18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel
El Deols, Anthanna
“I think you should just stop the processes until we get to hear a word him,” Sheila said to the two men sitting at the visitors’ side of the table.
“We would do that if you think it’s the right step,” one of the men replied.
“Yeah, but make sure you keep all the keys for the VUI development, they remain our property until they’re fully paid for.” Sheila said to them.
“Yeah, sure.” The man affirmed. “But you still haven’t told us if we would sell the keys for the interface we’re developing totally to them.”
“I said before that it all depends on the deal,” Sheila replied. “For now, we can’t take the amount they’re offering and as far as they cannot increase, we’ve got no agreement.”
“Alright ma’am, well understood.” the man replied.
“Yeah,” Sheila drew in a breath calmly and leaned forward. “Well, that’s all for now.” She said in dismissal and picked her pen to continue something she was doing before.
Ten minutes after the men walked out of her office, she was already engrossed in her work when her phone beeped. She reached for it and checked, it was a reminder for lunch. She turned off the alarm and dropped the phone, hoping to round up what she was doing before going for the break.
A thought popped up in her mind and she suddenly picked up the phone again. She unlocked and checked her call register, she hadn’t missed any call. There were also no new text messages both on the phone messaging app and on the WhatsApp instant messenger.
She clicked on her conversation with Adrian and sent him a message.
Somewhere in Bethanna.
Stanley sat quietly on the leather seat bench at the back of the bus. Two uniformed police officers were sitting on the opposite bench, one directly opposite him while the other was closer to the entrance.
He was without a wristwatch, so he had no idea of the time but from calculations, he could predict that the journey had lasted up to an hour. It had been a boring long one and he began to wonder if they were really moving him to the police office that his lawyer was told about.
He had tried to catch some sleep but the vehicle got had some breaks and occasional jack ups probably because of the traffic and the road conditions and he kept jerking awake after only few minutes of sleep. It made him wonder how the police officer at the entrance was able to keep sleeping since they got into the vehicle.
He wasn’t convicted yet but he felt like a prisoner already, the only difference was that there were no fetters around his wrists and the vehicle was quiet different from the one usually used to move prisoners. The last interrogation he passed through that morning which included the female agent revealed that the FOX had dug so much about him already and had found so many of his activities linked to the Red wolves activities. He knew it was going to be tough and almost impossible for his lawyer to help him out. He wondered what Elvis Kahn and the Wolves executives were doing to help him and the rest of the people captured by the FOX. He knew they probably had been deserted and left to suffer punishment in the hands of the FOX but there was nothing that could be done about it, they must also keep the FOX’s secret to themselves or risk getting the whole of their family members and everyone related wiped out.
Soon, the vehicle’s speed reduced and slowly began to get in and out of gallops. Stanley squinted on realizing that they had diverted from the major road and were probably now on an untarred road.
“Why are we taking this way? Why not the straight road?” He asked with a deep frown on his face, staring at the officer sitting directly in front of him.
He got up briefly from his seat to check the driver of the car through the small rectangular opening at demarcation.
“Sit down!” The officer at his front ordered him.
He returned to his seat and stared at the officer’s face expecting a reply until one of the officers from the front seat spoke.
“We got information that there’s a lot of traffic on the way, a trailer crashed and the remains are yet to be cleared off.”
Stanley frowned, wondering how long it will take them to get to their destination on the longer route they had turned into.
“So, we are about to take fortune road?” He asked.
“Yes,” the response was a bit delayed.
Stanley knew his way around Bexford and was conversant with the route they were presently.
His eyes met with that of the police officer again and he caught the man looking at him with contempt and the condemning look of a criminal. He felt angry but he noticed something else, the pot belly and the denseness of the man’s sitting position. He glanced at the man close to the entrance and saw him rubbing his eyes after been stirred awake by the shaking of the vehicle due to the bad roads, he was still trying to get back to sleep.
He laughed in his mind, wondering what kind of police officers were being used to transport him, one was a sleeping one while the other was potbellied and probably unable to carry himself properly. The only ones he wasn’t sure of were the ones at the front seat.
An idea popped up in his mind. It could be his only chance to escape now that they were in a route he knew so well about.
His eyes scanned the body of the officer in front of him and he located where the gun was placed. He also scanned the body of the sleeping officer and located his gun. He checked the entrance door and saw that the lock was simple and he only had to unhang to unlock it.
He considered the men at the front seats again. They would surely park the car once they hear any sound coming from the back. After taking down the two men with him at the back, he would be able to use their guns but he wasn’t now so sure that the guns were loaded. What if they weren’t loaded but just held as a tool to restrict him? It could spoil his trial to escape or even get him shot.
“I want to ease myself,” he finally said out loud.
Both men in the back looked at him and then exchanged glances among themselves.
“Can’t you hold it in?” The man in front barked at him. “It’s just few minutes to our destination.”
“I’ve been holding myself in for a long time, but you decided to pass a longer route!” Stanley fired back.
“Then keep it in, because no one is stopping for you to ease yourself.”
Stanley wanted to reply but remained quiet as the vehicle slowly pulled to a halt. The men at the front must have decided to allow him.
“Sir, should we let him?” The officer stood up and asked through the space in the demarcation.
“The two of you should follow him outside and watch him while he does it,” Stanley could hear the reply.
The officer turned back to him. “Get up!” He ordered, pointing with his gun to the entrance.
The officer at the entrance unlocked the door and opened both arms of the door. He jumped out first and held his gun in his hands firmly as the took some steps back.
Stanley proceeded forward and stepped down slowly. He stopped right at the entrance without moving a feet. He squinted his eyes to accommodate the brightness of the day which had been concealed where he was previously sitting.
He felt disappointed as he heard a sound of door opening from the car. He had thought the men in front would not come down after ordering the other two to watch him, but he was wrong.
“Move!” The officer said, touching him from behind with the tip of the gun.
He opened his eyes wide but still did not move immediately, the officer waited at his back with the gun and the one. He looked around quickly and observed the area. It was a rural settlement and there were houses on both sides of the untarred road, mostly old and unfenced buildings.
The officer who stepped out from the front seat got to the back, meeting Stanley still on the spot.
Stanley took a step.
The officer behind him put a feet on the ground, expecting him to move forward so as to follow.
“There’s no bush here,” Stanley complained after looking around.
“There is over here,” the second officer said, pointing to the back.
Stanley proceeded forward in the direction he was pointed to, the officers gave way for him and watched as he urinated by the bush side.
“Get him in and let’s move,” the officer who came from the front seat ordered as he hurried back to the front.
Stanley knew he had gotten the opportunity he needed as he got back to the bus, he heard the sound of the front door closing. He stepped into the bus and moved forward so quickly and sat down, the officer who previously sat in front of him followed immediately. He launched his attack just as the officer tried to sit and the other man tried to close the door.
He made sure his kick was delivered into the belly of the man as his hand went for the gun, he sent two more blows before he turned towards the man at the door. With the same swiftness, he rushed to the door to meet the man already turned and trying to raise his gun. He landed a kick on the man’s chest pushing him out through the door which he was yet to lock. The vehicle had already been turned on but was yet to move.
He jumped out immediately and positioned the gun well in his hand, he fired a shot into the body of the officer outside. He turned quickly and fired shots into the car. He locked the doors from behind without minding if the man was dead or not. He quickly turned to check the side of the vehicle. He fired a shot at the opened door and the officer who was trying to step out moved back in immediately. He turned and headed in direction of the path where he had located earlier.
Kala, Bexford
“Please stop us here,” Henry said to the cab man as soon as he located the point at the roadside where Doctor Alan had parked the car. The cab man pulled over to allow his passengers exit the car.
Henry stepped out first and held the door for Wilson to come out. He closed the door and paid the cab man after that.
“We’d cross to the other side,” Henry said, pointing to a blue painted car at the other side of the road.
They crossed in a minute and Henry took out the keys from his pocket. He entered into the driver’s side first before opening for Wilson to join him.
“A minute please,” he said to Wilson after dialing a number on his phone and putting it close to his ear.
Wilson drew in a breath, staring at Henry who now had his tools for disguise on his face. He wondered why the car was parked so far from the house that they had to board a cab to get there.
“I got the car Doc, I’ll get in touch with you whenever I need you.”
Wilson looked away as Henry spoke into the mouthpiece. Maybe someone else had just dropped the car for him, he said in his mind on hearing Henry speak. He couldn’t hear what the man from the other end replied, so he was only left with assumptions and he didn’t want to ask any question.
“I’ll see you doc, please stay safe.”
Henry concluded the call and kept the phone in his pocket. He picked a tablet device from the backseat and placed it on his laps. He unlocked and opened the menu.
Wilson looked out through the window at the vehicles and pedestrians on the busy road. A gentle breeze blew on his face, carrying with it the smell of the rain and bringing back some old memories. He looked up at the sky and saw the dark clouds slowly gathering at the left angle.
He looked back at Henry and saw him busy with the device on his laps.
“Sorry, we’d move in a minute.” Henry apologized for the delay.
Wilson looked back to the sky to see the dark clouds spreading so slowly. The sun was still standing at the center but it’s reflection was not as sharp as it should be. A spark of lightening and thunder rent the air and the wind followed immediately, blowing a little fiercer than before.
“Looks like it’s gonna rain,” Wilson turned back into the car as he heard Henry’s voice. He could see that Henry had already returned the device to the backseat and was fastening his seatbelt.
“Looks like it’s gonna rain,” Wilson muttered under his breath thoughtfully, his eyes squinted at the dashboard of the car. Those words were the exact words he heard ten years ago, on a particular evening before his life changed forever – a story to tell another day.
… To be continued.

Read more here - www.youngicee.com/stories/restless
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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 11:18am On Jan 16
Restless - Episode 73

® 18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel


Piel City,
Bexford Extension, Bethanna.

"Sure it's this place?" Henry asked as he pulled over to the side.

"Yes, it is." Wilson replied, looking up at the huge building close to the spot the vehicle was parked.

They both stepped out of the vehicle and stood side by side, Wilson stared at Henry's face while Henry stared at the buildings they were heading to.

Four different large storey buildings formed a rectangle on the land, facing each other inwards except for the first building whose entrance faced the road. The gate was at the centre of the building, a few metres opened space above the slab of the first floor. It was called the Nanl Territory, believed to be a "city" on it's own inside the Piel City. It was the community of the notorious Nanl Group, a group of thugs and touts which managed to function somehow legally. As expected, it was occupied by hardened men and few women most of who had been convicted of or the other and had spent part of their lives in prison. In that Nanl Territory lived Tanko, the man Wilson claimed had come to take Morris from the house.

"Louis..." Wilson called and wanted to say something but Henry interrupted.

"Call me Michael," Henry put in sharply.

"Oh! Sorry, Michael..." Wilson faked a smile. It was going to be difficult sticking to that name for he had known him as Louis ever since they met. "Ermm... Tanko warned me the last time I saw him, never to talk to him or ask about Morris from him."

Henry glanced at his face. "Isn't it Tanko who came with the two other men to take Morris?"

"Yes, he is." Wilson answered affirmatively. He was so unsure of what they were about to do, Louis was about to enter into the Lion's Den. He knew Louis was strong and had seen him take one or two persons down on more than one occasions but this time around, they were going to look for Tanko, an ex convict in the place where he had his other dangerous friends in surplus.

Henry glanced at Wilson's face again and took in a breath. Wilson had finally agreed to help him find Morris after a lot of pressure. He had told him that one of the other reasons Morris had wanted to leave was to treat his bad health. Wilson had not given more explanation about Morris' bad health and had left Henry to wonder what kind of health situation could have moved his friend Rex to go into hiding.

"Let's go in," Henry said, he glanced at the place again and then returned his gaze to Wilson's face. "I'll be doing the questioning, all you have to do is behave like my victim."

Wilson raised a brow. He had thought Henry was contemplating not to go in any longer all the while he stood staring thoughtfully. He followed Henry hesitatingly.

"Hey! I'm Michael, I need to see someone." Henry introduced as he got to the grid gate. A man was sitting on a plastic chair behind the gate and smoking a cigarette.

"How can I help you boy?" the man who seemed to be absent minded replied after taking another drag, he didn't take more than a glance at Henry.

"I want to see someone inside, his name is Tanko." Henry answered.

The name mentioned seemed to catch the man's attention as he turned slowly and squinted at Henry's face.

"You wanna see Tanko? Has he called you to come?"

"No, but I need to see him urgently."

The man relaxed back in his seat and took in another drag. "Bleep off man, Tanko doesn't entertain unexpected visitors here..." he paused and turned again to Henry. He sized him up with his eyes from head to toe and hissed. "He only entertains men who comes with money and I don't think you've got any reasonable amount with you."

The man sat back and continued to smoke without looking at Henry again.

"Hey man! Let me in quickly, I need to see Tanko urgently." Henry said in a strong tone.

Wilson touched Henry gently on the arm, his eyes full of fear. He seemed to want to pull him away for them to leave.

"Hey! Get the hell up and let me in now," Henry shouted louder and aggressively, grabbing the steel rods and shaking violently.

The man gazed at him again, looking surprised at Henry's display of force. He felt irritated as he stared into the eyes under the face cap wondering who he thought he was that he believed he was man enough to shout or behave as a nuisance at the territory gate.

"Bleep you man," he cursed with a frown on his face. "Put your hand in and unlock it yourself," he said in anger and threw the cigarette left in his hand on the floor.

Henry put his hand through where the man pointed and found the bolt. He opened and pushed it in, he stepped aside and nodded for Wilson to enter.

Wilson stood and stared at him with fear in his eyes, pleading silently for Henry to change his mind and let them leave.

Henry stepped in without waiting for Wilson anymore. He stopped in front of the man seated and stared him in the eye. The man also stared back at him boldly.

Henry suddenly grabbed him by the neck and dragged him up.

The man was helpless as Henry's grip on his throat was stronger than he expected, he held on to Henry's hand with his hands, struggling to breathe.

"Never you waste my time again," Henry said to him before throwing him to the side.

Wilson watched in fear and then stepped in afterwards, he followed Henry slowly as he proceeded through the entrance.

About five men gathered together and began to move towards Henry, having seen what had happened at the gate.

"Who the hell are you?" the man at the center asked angrily as they stopped two metres in front of Henry.

All five men were heavily built men except for the one who stood at the right end.

"I'm here to see Tanko," Henry replied them, ignoring their question.

"What the bleep!" the man's face got filled with rage as he wondered what kind of audacity Henry had. He had not just walked in but troubled the man at the gate and still had the boldness to ask of Tanko without answering the question of who he was. "You're going to get your freaking butts out of here now if you don't want to get beaten blue black."

Henry's eyes glanced around the place for a second. They had gone past the middle of the first building and could now see the inner space between the four sides, it was quite bigger than he expected. He could see many structures including kiosks, water tanks, few cars and other things in the vast land area.

He let out a brief smile when he saw them staring Wilson who was behind at his right hand side, he stretched out his hand in his direction.

"Direct all your grievances to me, he's just a victim I forced to come here with me." Henry said and then placed his hand down again. "Now, get Tanko for me or take me to him if you prefer that."

The men stared at him, surprised at his persistence. The one at the middle made a signal with his head for the man at the left end to attack Henry. The man launched forward immediately, immediately followed by another.

Henry grabbed the man's thrown fist easily with his right hand and twisted the hand, he delivered a punch into side of the man's belly twisting his ribs and causing discomfort through his whole body. The second man attacked and Henry caught his wrist and slammed him hard with his palm on the chest after which a kick in the belly followed. He dodged a blow from another man by bending and moving forward swiftly, he grabbed the man by the arm close to the shoulder over his back. He met another one with a kick to the chest before flipping over the man whose hand he held, slamming him to the floor.

He dodged a punch from the man who did the talking and delivered an accurate uppercut to his jaw, he followed up quickly with a blow to his neck and kick to the groin. The man who looked less muscled charged towards Wilson but Henry turned quickly and caught him by the collar from behind. He dragged him back and grabbed his neck, he raised him and slammed him to the ground.

More attention was drawn to the scene and many other men around in the place, stopped what they were doing to watch what was going on. Few of the men dropped what they were doing and began to step closer to the fight scene while many others just watched from where they were.

By the time Henry raised his head after slamming a fourth man to the ground, he found a different set of men already forming a semi-circle around him, this time weapons like rods and planks with them while the others only tightened their fists.

Henry raised both hands slowly in a surrendering fashion and took two steps back.

"Gentlemen," he spoke out loud, his eyes moving from one angle to another. "I'm not here to cause any trouble, I only have one request which is to see Tanko. So, please bring Tanko out or take me to Tanko."

He looked from left to right for seconds and no one seemed to be ready to give him a response. He saw few of the men he had beaten already getting up and stepping aside for the other men to receive their own beating.

"Gentlemen, I repeat. Bring Tanko here or take me to Tanko," he spoke out load again.

He was given no verbal response. Instead, a man obviously filled with rage led the attack towards him and others followed.

"Step aside," Henry said with a hand gesture to Wilson as he took a step back to prepare him for the attack.

He bent to dodge a rod and followed with a heavy punch to the belly of the man. He turned to the left quickly and delivered a quick to the chest of another man. He grabbed one's neck from behind and twisted, he bent forward and slammed the man's back on his knee, breaking the man's backbone.

The breaking of bones continued for about five minutes more. After many had been injured and some rendered unconscious, the men began to pull back slowly from Henry.

Henry dusted his palm and watched them as they stepped back. He noticed a man dressed more neatly than the others, coming closer to him from the left with two men following behind him closely.

"You want to see Tanko," the man asked, stopping some metres away from Henry.

"Yes," Henry replied briefly, glancing back at Wilson to confirm if the man standing in front of him was the Tanko they came for.
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 11:21am On Jan 16
Episode 73 contd

"He awaits you, follow me." the man said and turned immediately with the two others.

Henry nodded to Wilson that it was time to proceed further.

The men cleared the way for them as they followed the new men into the building. They were led through the stairs to the second floor of the building and they walked past a couple of doors and windows on the corridor before they got to a unique door made of aluminum.

The men stepped to the other side while the man leading opened the door for Henry to enter. Henry stared at his face for a second and then gestured with his hand for the man to lead the way in instead.

The man chuckled and proceeded in with the two others and stopped close to the door to allow Henry in. Henry stepped in slowly with Wilson behind him.

His eyes moved around the large room quickly. It looked more like a sitting room but the furnitures were only concentrated at the centre, there was so much space left around. The room was about a total of a seventy squared metres, ten centimetres long and seven centimetres in width.

The wall at the end had two well spaced windows covered with beautiful curtains and beside the windows were two men, one at the end side of each, standing like security men. Henry noticed they had guns with them, unlike the other men he met before coming up. The sitting area of the room took less than half of the total area. Two men were sitting there, one on the long sofa and another on the adjacent seat. The one on the long sofa had one of his legs placed on the sofa, his right elbow was resting on top of the backrest with a bottle of beer in his hand. The other man was busy with the phone in his hands. They both stared towards the entrance when Henry stepped in.

Henry glanced at the face of the man who led them, expecting him to lead them to Tanko but he only signaled with his hand for them to proceed further.

"He's the one with the phone," Wilson whispered as he moved closer to him.

Henry walked slowly and confidently, closer to the men. Their eyes were on him as he approached them while Henry kept his eyes on Tanko as he got to the area.

"I'm here to see you Tanko," Henry said, without mentioning any greeting word. He took a glance at the other man and then settled his gaze on Tanko's face again.

Both men were well dressed, unlike most of the other touts outside the place. The only thing that looked unkempt was the dreadlocks on the hair of the man with the beer. Tanko himself was on low cut but had long beards and moustache.

"I don't know you," Tanko said with a frown on his face as he squinted at Henry's face. He locked his phone and kept it on the next one seater sofa. "You caused a lot of trouble here today and you're someone I've never met."

"They tried to stop me from seeing you and got the punishment for their behavior, " Henry said with a chuckle. He moved into the sitting area. "Can I have a seat?" He asked, already standing in front of the one seater sofa directly opposite Tanko and about four metres away from him.

"I don't know you, I don't entertain strangers here, you have to go straight to your reason for being here." Tanko replied.

Henry hissed. "Well, I don't need your permission," he said aloud to himself and sat. He looked back and beckoned on Wilson to step forward and also sit.

He noticed the men who had led them in were now standing at the entrance like the men at the window.

"So, you don't me Tanko but do you know him?" Henry asked, pointing at Wilson who refused to sit but stood behind him.

Tanko squinted at Wilson's face for a while. "The young man looks familiar but sadly I don't keep faces of acquaintances for long. Who's he and who the bleep are you?" He turned his gaze slowly back to Henry's face.

"My name is Michael and I'm here for a simple reason, for you to lead me to Morris Caleb," Henry stated at once.

A look of surprise appeared on Tanko's face immediately he heard the name and he looked again at Wilson's face.

"You?" He frowned hard at Wilson after being able to recognize who he was."What the bleep do you think you're doing? Didn't I warn you before?"

"Lead me to Morris Caleb and leave the young man alone," Henry said in a strong tone when he realized Tanko was shifting attention to Wilson.

"I have no idea where the bleep he is," Tanko said blankly, staring at the Henry's face.

Henry glanced at Wilson's face and then slowly returned his gaze to Tanko's face.

"I've got no time to waste Tanko, I need you to find him quickly." Henry said.

"No, you need to get the bleep outta here now." Tanko said as he pulled out his gun. He cocked it and pointed it at Henry. He suddenly raised his eyes to Wilson again with so much anger in them. "And you, do you think I'm not going to punish you for bringing him here to me?"

"I forced him to bring me here, the same way I'm about to force you to take me to Morris." Henry replied confidently.

"You're insane and you're going to bleeping get out of here now before I change my mind," Tanko said and got up angrily from his seat. He stretched out his hand further, aiming the gun at Henry's forehead.

"Take it easy man, even if you kill me, it won't make you escape taking us to Morris," Henry said as he lifted his hands up in surrender. "More of my people would still come after you."

"What the bleep!" Tanko frowned his face. The other man who was busy with his beer bottle suddenly became more interested in their conversation after hearing about more of Henry's people. He put his feet on the floor and exchanged glances with Tanko.

"Who the hell sent you here?" Tanko's friend asked.

Henry moved his gaze to the man's face. "This is none of your business homeboy, except you know where I can find Morris Caleb."

"You're an idiot!" Tanko's friend said angrily and also pulled out a gun.

Henry seemed unruffled by the situation but Wilson was already trembling greatly.

"Being an idiot doesn't stop both of you from getting forced to take me to Morris," Henry replied confidently.

"Hey guys!" Tanko beckoned on the men at the entrance. The three of them answered him hurriedly. "Come, take this man to Terror, tell Terror to discipline him until he he confesses who he came from and who sent him. I'll join you there in few minutes."

All three men took out their guns and pointed down at Henry, the man who had led him to the place ordering him to get up.

Henry got up slowly, still with his hands raised in the air. He turned and moved in direction of the door where he was pointed. He stopped and looked at Tanko's face again, the gun was still raised. He turned back and walked slowly, conscious of the men pointing their pistols at his back.

They led him out of the room and towards the staircase which they came up through. This time, he was asked to climb up the stairs leading to the upper floor. He stopped as he raised his foot to climb the first step of the stairs, he dropped his foot and turned his neck sideway, his eyes squinted as if he remembered something.

"Move," the man behind him shouted.

"I need to tell Tanko something important," he said, turning back slowly to look at the men.

"Move my friend!" the man shouted at him and Henry turned back immediately.

Henry lifted his foot as if to climb the stairs but instead turned and delivered a kick to the groin of the man at the center, extending both hands to catch the wrists of the two others by the sides pointing their guns.

The men were taken by surprise and Henry made it more difficult by holding their hands in a way their grip on the gun loosened and their fingers could not easily touch the trigger.

He sent another kick with his knee to the man's face as he held the hands of the two others wide apart. He landed a third kick on the man's chest to send him crashing to the ground.

The man on the right swung a blow but Henry dodged and hit him in the chest with his forehead. He left him to stagger back while he pulled the third man closer and delivered two blows to his belly. He gripped him by the belt and lifted him up, he slammed him on the man who had fallen and was trying to rise up.

He kicked the hand of the third man just as the gun was raised and followed up quickly with two kicks, one on the chest and the other on the face. He dragged the man by the hand closer to himself and pulled him, swinging him towards the other two men. The man fell just beside the two others and tried to get up immediately but he raised his head to receive a kick on his face. Henry moved closer and pulled him up, he dealt him two more blows on the face before taking the pistol from his hand. He picked the second pistol that had fallen from the hand of the second man and then picked the leader up and dragged him towards the handrail of the stairs, placing his back against it. He bent him forward and kicked him twice in his belly. He took the gun from his side and put it in his front pocket. He pulled him closer and then pushed him against the wall, making him fall and roll down some steps on the stairs to the lower floor.

He took a quick look at the men on the floor again before proceeding quickly to the room. He stopped to listen when he got to the door and heard Tanko shouting furiously at Wilson.

"I swear he forced me here, I didn't agree to bring him here..." Wilson was trying to explain when Henry barged in. He fired two quick shots immediately to the men at the window side and fired another shot to the shoulder of the man sitting on the long sofa as he was trying to pick his gun.

Tanko who was holding Wilson by the neck against the wall released him and stepped back. He had left his revolver on the centre table. He stared in awe as Henry moved straight to him.

Henry grabbed him by the neck and slammed his back to the wall, putting him in the same position he had put Wilson but with a stronger grip.

"Now, you've gotta tell me everything about Morris' whereabouts. Would you?" Henry asked in a strong tone.

"Ye...ss," Tanko wheezed. He could barely breathe as Henry's fingers were fastened so tight on his neck.

Henry loosened his grip on the neck a bit to allow for air and also let him talk.

"So, where can I find Morris right now?"

"I..." Tanko was about to talk when Henry suddenly turned and fired a shot into the chest of the man sitting on the long sofa.

Tanko opened his eyes in shock, wondering how Henry had been able to know without turning that the guy had picked the gun and was about to shoot.

"I know where to find him," Tanko said after Henry stared him in the eyes. "But it might be a little difficult."

"You'd take me there," Henry said and pushed Tanko forward. He signalled for Wilson to follow and he proceeded towards the door, holding Tanko by the collar and pointing the gun to side of his head.

Read episode 74 here - https://youngicee.com/2019/08/restless-episode-74.html
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by izaray(f): 11:58am On Jan 16
How i love this action story

Kudos Boss
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Treasure17(m): 12:42pm On Jan 16
How i love this action story
Kudos Boss
izaray! Been a while. Happy New Year and how are you doing??

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