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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by hotswagg12: 10:45am On May 04

Thanks for understanding. I hope I get enough time too to write more too
You are welcome and thanks for sharing this great masterpiece with us.

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 7:10am On May 10
You are welcome and thanks for sharing this great masterpiece with us.
You're welcome

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 7:12am On May 10
Restless - Episode 82

® 18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel

Wolves Strategy House,
Newland Estate
Bexford, Bethanna.


The door to the room opened automatically as Florence got to the entrance. She stepped into the room and Aaron sitting on the middle seat at the conference table, he was speaking to someone on phone and immediately turned on noticing her entrance.

He took the phone off his ear and stretched it towards her. "You have a call," he said in a firm voice.

She hastened her steps towards him and collected the phone.

"Hello," she spoke softly, resting her palm on the table gently.

"Hi Florence Brown, my name is Kahn and I have an assignment for you." The speaker spoke while Florence stared Aaron in the face. "You'd receive an email carrying details of a product's code within a couple of minutes, the developer lives in Anthanna and what you are expected to do is to confirm who the developer is and end the life of whoever it is."

"Is the personal tracking number of the developer included in the email?" Florence asked.

"Everything you need is contained in the email," Kahn answered. "The main target isn't the one whose tracking number is on it but the one who did the actual development, if they are two different personalities as suspected, it is recommended not to spare any one of them."

"Alright, message copied and will be done." She replied and handed the phone back to Aaron.

"Okay boss," Aaron replied to a message before ending the call. He dropped his phone on the table and silently stared Florence in the eyes for a moment. "Do you have a plan already?"

"No, not until I get the email," she replied, keeping her gaze on his face. "How do I get my supplies."

"You should call me once you get to Anthanna tomorrow," Aaron answered. "I'll give you the directions you need."

"And when do I start getting paid or are my services still being tested?" Florence asked in a strict tone.

Aaron smiled. "You'd get an alert immediately the successful execution of the new assignment is confirmed, make sure you do not fail."

Florence nodded gently. She was confident she would not fail the task of killing one or more developers. All she needed was to trust this men and also make them trust her.


El Deols, Anthanna

"Thank you," Sheila shouted to the man who opened the gate as she drove into the compound. She found an appropriate space and parked the vehicle there. She turned off her engine and stepped out of the car.

She took in a deep breath as she looked around the place. It was beautiful and green, full of ornamental trees and shrubs around with a small garden by the side. The building was also perfect, not as big as hers but well erected and of a delicate design. She hung her bag around her arm as she made her way into the house.

"Welcome ma," the man who opened the gate greeted as she walked past him.

"Good afternoon," she smiled back. It was her first time of coming to Adrian's place and she was amazed at how beautiful his choice of residence was. It didn't portray him as the "Jerk" she always think he is.

"Mr. Adrian should be in his room," the man said as they walked into the living room.

"Oh! Will you call him for me?" She requested, sending some strands of her braided her to the back of her ear with her fingers.

"Sure ma'am," he said and proceeded forward quickly but met Adrian who was already coming to the living room.

"Good afternoon Sheila. what a pleasant surprise!" He smiled as he walked into the sitting area.

She smiled back at him. "Good afternoon, I can see you are doing better now."

"Yea, thank God." he shrugged. It was obvious he was doing better and almost perfectly healed, apart from his slow walking steps and a small scar on his forehead, there was almost nothing else to portray him as just recovering.

"Hope you are still taking your medications?" She asked.

"Yeah sure," Adrian answered with a smile that showed he wasn't saying the truth.

Sheila squinted at him. "Have you taken the dosage for this afternoon?"

"Ermm...No," He closed his eyes briefly. "I'm yet to take lunch and I have to eat first."

"Why haven't you had lunch?" she frowned.

"The maid is on an errand, so I asked her to get some food for me on her way back."

"Why didn't she cook before leaving?"

"She left since morning," Adrian answered. He adjusted his sitting position and stared at Sheila's face. "You don't have to worry Sheila, it's nothing."

"No, it's something." She retorted. "What about your friends? You told me they would be with you."

"Ermm...Both of them had to attend to pressing matters but they'd be back soon."

"You also said your sister would be here this morning," she questioned with a raised brow.

He smiled and took his stare off her face. "She was supposed to come but had an emergency at her graduate school

Sheila frowned at him. She could tell he was hiding something, especially about his family. There was a way he responded to her everytime she asked or talked about them that made her feel he wasn't in right terms with them.

"Why don't you tell me what's wrong Adrian?" She asked as she leaned forward. "You were at the hospital for days and no one came to check you, now no one is also here to stay with you."

"Sheila, there's nothing wrong," he answered with a smile but the look on her face showed that she knew he was trying to conceal something.

She let out a breath. "Well, how long is your maid going to stay out, you need to take your drugs this afternoon."

He shook his head and looked up to check the wall clock. "She should be back in thirty minutes time."

Sheila widened her eyes. "That would be evening already."

He remained silent.

"I think you need to stay with me for a while," she said after some minutes of silence.

He raised his brows at her. "No, Sheila, that's not going to happen." he said with unbelieving eyes.

"Why? you are all alone in this place."

"My friends would soon be here."

"But they are not always here," she argued.

"Yes Sheila, they can't be always here. Besides I'm not a kid, I can take care of myself.

"Well, it's fine if you don't want to come with me," she shrugged.

"Yeah, thanks but I can't." Adrian replied.

For the next forty minutes, they focused more on the program showing on the television and only spoke to each other occasionally.

Sheila suddenly looked up and checked the time. "Good gracious! It's almost an hour and your maid isn't back yet," Sheila exclaimed.

Adrian looked at the time and realized it has gone truly. He picked up his phone and dialed a number.

"She was stuck in traffic but she's very close already, she would be here in less than ten minutes." Adrian said to Sheila after making the call.

Sheila shook her head. "I'll be here to pick you for lunch and dinner at my place tomorrow," she said, staring him in the eyes.

"There's no need for..."

"You can't refuse if you want to remain friends with me," she cut him short.

Adrian smiled. It sounded like a threat but he knew it was out of concern for him. He remained quiet and focused on the movie showing on the Youngicee TV station.

Ten minutes later, the maid walked in as said with the purchase meal and hurriedly served Adrian.



Home Of Sacrifice,
Kebba, South Husan.

"He was fast asleep the last time I checked him, he always sleeps after taking the afternoon medication," Ovil Matuse said as he led Henry through the hallway to Rex's room.

Henry had come alone this time around to see his friend. He found it easier this time because he walked straight to the building and requested to see Ovil. He had the intentions of spending some time alone with his friend, even if it requires talking without getting any response.

"He sleeps for how long a day?" Henry questioned.

"Well, I don't calculate it. I'm only sure he sleeps every noon because part of the drugs he takes after lunch makes him sleep." Ovil replied.

"So, apart from you being a priest, you are also a doctor?"

"No," Ovil smiled. "Even though my father doubles as a doctor, I'm more in the Priesthood alone, I only have very little idea about Kebba's medicine and that's because I didn't grow up here."

"Where did you grow up?"

"I grew up in Bexford with my mother, the last wife of the Chief Priest, she was the only woman out of seven who had a male child for him."

"Your father's wife was in Bexford while he was here in Kebba?" Henry probed further, finding the discussion interesting.

"No," Ovil smiled again. "She came here for treatment thirty five years ago and stayed for extra treatment after two months of successful treatment. Before she returned to Bexford, she happened to have a fling with my father who only became a priest two years after. He never knew of the pregnancy until it was revealed to him by a prophet when I was already sixteen. Then he came for me."

"Hmm..." Henry drew in a breath, partially doubting the veracity especially the revelation of the prophet.

"So, I moved here since sixteen and began to learn the Kebban language. I was mandated not to speak anything apart from Kebba for ten good years," Ovil chuckled.

Henry smiled as they got to the door. It was opened as usual. Ovil led the way in and Henry followed.

Rex was asleep just like Ovil had predicted. Henry stepped forward slowly, his friend was lying still in the bed and Henry for a second almost did not believe he was alive until he noticed his silent breathing.

"How do we know when he is awake?" Henry turned to Ovil.

"The women come to check him every one hour," Ovil replied. "They'll soon be here, he doesn't sleep for long except at nights."

"I see," Henry placed a hand on his waist. "I guess I'll have to wait, I hope you have no problem with that."

"No problem for sure," Ovil shrugged. "Come with me, we'll come back together to check him." Ovil led the way out.

"So, how are you finding Kebba?"

"Well, not bad but I've not really had enough time to go around." Henry answered.

"Kebba is a nice place, the only difficulty you may have is understanding the language."

"Uhmn... How is security around here?" Henry asked, finding an opportunity to find out about the cameras.

"Security in what aspect?" Ovil asked as they turned into another hallway. "People barely rob here like they do in the city, they are afraid of what would happen if they are reported to the Priests or prophets."

"Well, I'm asking for my friend." Henry said. "You heard our story yesterday, some people are after our lives and Morris' inability to move would make him an easy catch."

"I understand your worry but he's been here for months, nothing is certainly going to happen to him." Ovil replied with a reassuring tone.

"I saw security cameras around in some areas, why aren't they placed everywhere?"

"Well, we really don't need security cameras here, we have prophets and seers." Ovil smiled. "There are cameras only on routes leading to the Local Government Secretariat and around the area, there could also be cameras installed by few individuals."

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 7:13am On May 10
Episode 82 contd
Ovil opened the door and led Henry into a well furnished living room. "Please take your seat," he said as he passed through another door.

Henry eyes moved around the place but his mind thinking about the security cameras he found around the hotel. From what Ovil had said, those security cameras must have been installed by an individual but what Henry needed to be sure of was when it was installed and possibly which individual did it.

Ovil returned few minutes later with a pack of bottle water and a glass cup. He pulled a footstool to Henry's front and placed the items on it.

"Sorry, I really don't have things in here but my wife would serve us some fruits soon." he said as he took a seat adjacent to Henry.

"Oh! Thanks," Henry replied as he poured the water in the cup. He barely took a sip before returning the cup to the stool. "So, how did Morris find you?"

"I think he read about the Kebban medicine online and he sent emails since April last year, we sent our numbers to him but he never replied or called again until several months after when I got a call from Wilson describing his condition and asking me to come get him."

Henry squinted for a while. He thought he needed to ask Wilson questions.

"So, how about the payment?"

"Morris paid already," Ovil replied. "We don't charge much, we're more interested in helping people than making profits from our medicine." He said proudly.

Thirty Minutes Later

"I think I've got to leave the both of you alone right now," Ovil Matuse said after some few minutes of speaking with Henry in the room. Henry was sitting at the edge of the bed while Ovil was standing close to the entrance.

Henry gave no reply to Ovil's statement but only nodded in understanding. Ovil bowed slightly and then turned to leave the place. Rex was fully awake and was sitting in the wheelchair close to the bed. Henry closed in the gap between them, he turned Rex gently in the wheelchair to face himself and took some time to stare silently at his friend.

Rex was totally different from the man he knew, his body had emaciated and his eyes seemed deeper than they used to be. He seemed more like a shadow of his real self.

"Rex," Henry called gently and let out a breath. He didn't know where to start. "Is there anyway you can let me know if you can hear and understand me?"

Henry waited for a response to his question but all he got was just the stillness and the blank stare. Rex made no movement of any sort.

"Well, I just want to believe you can listen because Ovil tells me so." Henry decided to continue speaking anyway. "My wife Sarah and my son Kellar were burnt to ashes that night while I watched helplessly," he began with tears forming in his eyes. "I visited the place when I first returned to Bethanna and the whole building was burnt to ashes and is yet to be renovated. When I asked people around what happened to the building, they said a family had come on vacation to the place and the husband had burnt up his wife and child in the building and ran away. It also made the news with the same information. They found my wife and child's bones while they were clearing off the damage and I was told by those around that the bones were thrown into the sea, some said they were buried somewhere around. I don't know what happened to your family but I'm sure they also tried something similar to you..."

Henry stopped abruptly when he noticed Rex blinked his eyes. He watched for a while and saw nothing else except for signs of tears forming in Rex's eyes. He reached for Rex's palms and held them in his. He was now sure Rex was listening to him.

"Well, I'm here to take the lives of those men that tried to stop us but I need to get you to safety first," Henry continued. "If there's any way you can communicate whether through signs, or..." he paused briefly and shrugged. "Or blinking your eyes like you just did, I'll like you to communicate to Ovil for him to allow us to take you out of here. I plan on taking you somewhere you can receive better treatment and also be safe because as far as you are here, it could be easy for the Wolves to reach you..."

Rex blinked again, twice this time.

Henry paused and squinted. "Are you trying to say something to me?"

He waited some few seconds to see a blink again but there was none.

"What are you trying to say?" Rex blinked again as he asked.

Henry sighed. He was sure something was being communicated to him but he could not understand.

Rex felt so frustrated within himself. He had never felt as bad as that since he was in that condition. He needed desperately to tell Henry to abandon him and continue the mission pretending he never existed. He needed to say to Henry that the Wolves were already aware that they had found each other but all he could do was stare and even the blinking he made was with great effort and came long after what he wanted to respond to was said.

Henry continued speaking and told him of how he would be back for him soon.

Henry got out of the room thirty minutes later and went straight to meet Ovil in the living room where he was hosted.

"You're back so soon," Ovil noted.

"Yeah, I noticed he was blinking, I don't know if he was trying to communicate something."

"Well, it could just be normal blinking caused by human reflexes. The eyes blink severally within minutes."

"No, it was different," Henry said. "I felt he was trying to say something."

Ovil squinted. It had been long since Morris had been able to communicate even with blinking and he felt surprised that it was happening with Henry. "Maybe it was the desperation to talk, he thought to himself.

"Well, in the pasts he affirms or refuses things by blinking. One blink probably means he agrees, when he blinks more than once, it used to denote a sign of disagreement."

Henry squinted for a while, trying to remember which of his words Rex had blinked once and twice to.

It was almost seven o'clock in the evening when Henry got back to the hotel room. He met Wilson reading a newspaper.

"Welcome Louis," Wilson lifted his eyes.

"Good evening Wilson," Henry smiled on seeing Wilson with the newspaper. "Is that written in English?"

"No," Wilson shook his head. "I'm just viewing the pictures."

He walked straight to the table and took out his phone. He already missed calls from Cole and Dave. He dialed back Cole's number first.

"Hey Cole!"

"Hello Boss, I'm in Bexford already." Cole replied from the other end.

"Okay, Dave must have also joined Jenny back there."


"So, what time is your flight to Anthanna?"

"By eight o'clock tomorrow morning."

Henry took in a breath, wondering if he should still visit Anthanna with Cole. Anthanna was not too far away from Kebba in South Husan but was some distance away from El Deols itself.

"Be safe Cole," he finally said.


Bexford Bethanna.

"Thanks boss," Cole replied and ended the call. He minimized the dialer and switched to the flight book app.

He checked his application status again and saw his seat number.

"36," he whispered to himself.


"37," Florence Brown called out softly on seeing her seat number.

She dropped her phone on the table and pulled out the small box she was traveling with. She picked some printed documents on the table and folded them into the box

Read Episode 83 here - https://youngicee.com/2019/08/restless-episode-83.html


Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 10:37am On May 11

Restless - Episode 83

® 18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel

Suntan Farms, Bexford

"Hey Jake!" Tracy hailed as she trotted happily towards him.

"Hi Tracy," Jacob looked from where he was sitting on the plastic chair. "Where have you been?"

"I went for lunch," Evelyn replied, after settling into the plastic chair beside him.

"I see," Jacob leaned forward and stared at her face. "You must have eaten something very delicious."

"Well, nothing special, just noodles." she replied.



He shrugged and then rested his back.

"So, even if there's no work to do, we can't leave the premises at all?" Evelyn asked,

"You can't leave since you were employed as a full time staff, we can be called at anytime to do some extra cleaning." Jacob replied her. "Only the part time staffs are allowed to leave after the morning general cleaning."

"And it appears the part time cleaners are more than the full time."

"Yeah, you're right but not just cleaners, most of the workers around too are also not full time."

She squinted at his face.

"Yeah," he continued explaining. "You see the labourers especially, they are paid wages based on how much they work, they can decide to stop working at anytime of the day and they can also be laid off and called upon again at any time."

"Why are they being laid off and called back?"

"It depends on the harvest season," he answered. "It's not everytime the harvest is large or excess, when the harvest is very little, only few men are needed for work. And sometimes, especially during the planting season, a different set of men are employed for the season."

"I see," she nodded and leaned her back against the backrest again.

"Only those in the administrative section have their jobs secured and are paid salaries like us," Jacob continued. "But as expected most of them are paid far higher than us."

"Where's the admin section?" Evelyn asked.

"Oh! The block is somewhere at the back," Jacobs replied, demonstrating with his hands.

"Can't we take a stroll there since we are not doing anything there now?" she asked.

He squinted for a while, obviously in hesitation. He stared at her and the look on her face made him not want to disappoint her.

"Okay, I'll show you there," he said and got up. "But you need to know that walking around during working periods is restricted."

"Okay, I understand." She got up with him.

They walked out after telling another cleaner resting in the room with them they'd be back in a short while.

"Does the administrative block have security guards separately from the main ones?" Evelyn asked as they walked side by side.

"Yeah, I think one or two security guards are assigned solely to the block."

They walked silently for about ten minutes until they came in view of their destination.

"That's the administrative block," Jacobs said, stopping behind the barb wire fence which separated the area.

Evelyn stopped beside him and stared at the place from afar. The building, a storey building - was large enough to contain more than ten large offices and stores. It looked silent and less crowded like the other areas of the farm. Of course, she expected it to be so because the staffs there would be working in their offices and not on the fields on doing menial jobs.

"So, this is where everything is directed from?" she asked, glancing at his face.

"Yeah," Jacob answered, his eyes still focused on the building.

"That means Mr Daysman's office is also one of these offices," she said, more to herself than to Jacob.

There was a silence of close to one minute before Jacob looked at her face, wondering if she had seen enough for them to turn back.

"Have you met Mr Daysman before?" She asked, now covering her eyes with her palm placed above her eyelids as the sun which had hidden itself under the clouds before had come out again.

"No, I haven't met him personally but I see him almost everyday when he passes." Jacobs answered, now staring at her and wondering why she was asking so much questions.

"I've read so much about Mr Daysman and his entrepreneurship and I admire him so much," she stated after sensing he was already having questions in his mind. "I would like to meet him someday and speak with him."

Jacobs smiled. "You want to become an entrepreneur?"

She glanced at his face. "Yeah, that's the best thing to do."

"And you're..." Jacob was saying when his phone rang. He took it out and checked the caller. "I think we've got to return now," he said and turned immediately.


FOX Coporation Headquarters,
EPA Hill, Bexford.

Steve and Sandra were sitting silently in the investigation room when Dan entered. Steve was sitting on a stool at the investigation table while Sandra was sitting at the corner of the entrance wall using the computer system.

"Someone needs to go to Anthanna," Dan said as the two other Agents looked at him. "Good afternoon," he added quickly, remembering that he had not seen them that day.

"What's happening in Anthanna?" Steve asked, his eyes following Dan as he got to the table.

Dan got to the table beside Steve and dropped the files he had brought with him on the table. He opened it and took out two paper documents.

"My investigation revealed that Antonio Carlos and Vincent Shawn had been to Anthanna together four times this year," Dan began to explain. "Details of their dealings in Anthanna is not yet known but these documents contains every location they visited in Anthanna."

"You do not have an idea at all of what their dealings there could be?"

"No,I've not been able to access any of their personal effects, I've got these informations through the travel records," Dan answered. "There's nothing else that binds Antonio and Vincent together apart from their work for the Invisible terrorists, so if they travelled together to Anthanna, it has to be something concerning the Invisible terrorists."

"And as it is, the only way we can find out what they do there is going to Anthanna," Steve said thoughtfully.

"That's what I'm saying."

"No one else is fit enough to go apart from you," Steve said. "Start preparing right away, i'll go see the chairman and request for his permit and the funds."

Steve took some minutes to go through the documents placed on the table by Dan. After being satisfied with what he read, he got down from the stool and picked his phone from the table. He arranged the documents back into the file and took it with him as he proceeded out of the room.

Forty Minutes Later

Steve returned to find Dan now sitting with a laptop at the investigation table.

"Dan, the trip has been approved. When are you leaving?" He said and took his seat beside Dan.

"The morning flight from Bexford to El Deols have been fully booked already," Dan said to him.

"No other flights?"

"No one going to El Deols, there are some going to other parts of the country."

"So, what do we do?"

"There's a flight coming from Zimbabwe, it would stop at Bexford by noon and proceed to El Deols. I should be able to join that," Dan said, making a loud tap with his middle finger on the enter key of the laptop.

"Alright, safe trip man." Steve said and got up from his seat. He took out his car keys from his pocket.

"Thanks, but I'll leave from here tomorrow."

"See you tomorrow then," Steve smiled. "Today is Sunday, I gotta rest, I'll be on my way home now."


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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 10:38am On May 11
Episode 83

April 4, 2016

Bexford International Airport, Bexford

"Good morning," Cole greeted with a smile and settled in his assigned seat at the centre.

"Good morning," Florence Brown answered, she was sitting close to the glass.

"I'm Cole," he added quickly, noticing how beautiful she was.

"I'm Florence," she replied with no smiles.

"Nice to meet you," he smiled.

She responded with a nod and looked away. He shrugged and took in a breath, wondering why she was sounding hostile. Soon, an older man joined them and sat on the third seat close to the aisle and the commencement of the flight was announced.


Kebba, South Husan.

"Do I remain with them at Vincil or go back to join Jenny?" Samantha asked Henry.

She was in the men's hotel room, already dressed in white leather jacket and trousers. Her face was heavily made up to change her look and she had a different wig on. Wilson was also dressed, he was putting on a white shirt and black trousers with a black face cap. Henry was on a black jacket with an inner white top and black trousers. He was sitting on the chair and using the laptop on the table.

They had their small traveling bags already arranged on the floor, they were ready to leave the place but seemed to be waiting for something.

"You stay with Dave at Vincil," Henry finally answered her question. "We'd release any hostage we have anywhere, I'll call Dave for the release of Tanko and Jenny would be ordered to meet you at Vincil tomorrow morning."

"What about Carlos and Antonio?" Samantha asked.

Henry turned and gave her a stare, there was some coldness in his eyes that made her feel that she had said something wrong.

"Just follow my instructions and stop questioning me," Henry sounded in a cold voice.

"Okay boss," she answered, wondering why he suddenly began to act cold. It took her few seconds to realize that she had goofed, forgetting that Wilson was not a part of their team yet and wasn't supposed to know about their kidnap of Antonio and Carlos.

She looked at his face and found him busy with his phone and not looking like he had heard anything.

After few more minutes, Henry got up and arranged the laptop into one of the bags. They stayed for about ten more minutes before Ern who they had been waiting for finally arrived.

"Sorry, do something at home." He apologized after entering into the room.

"Let's go," Henry got up from the seat and picked one of the bags, Wilson picked the other, leaving Samantha with nothing to carry. They proceeded out of the hotel building.

Henry glanced at Samantha and Wilson as they stepped out of the building, then he looked at the points where the cameras were again.

"Someone has been watching us," he whispered to Samantha as they got to the vehicle.

Samantha felt the urge to look around to see who was watching them but she resisted herself. She assumed it was someone around and believed that she looking around would give the person watching a clue of what Henry whispered to her.

She proceeded to the driver's side and entered. Wilson got into the front seat with her while Henry and Ern got into the back seat.

Through Ern's help, they were able to take a fast route. They dropped him off when they got to vendor stand and Henry tipped him off. Samantha drove through the route described by Ern and in less than one hour got to the border.

"I'll drop before the roundabout," Henry reminded Samantha.

She turned on the car indicator and gradually pulled it to a halt by the curb. Henry stepped out of the car carrying with him a hand purse only.

"I'll see you guys soon," he said and watched them drive off.


On Air

Twenty five minutes after the flight took off, the older man at the third seat slept off. Cole took out his device and opened a gaming app.

He played the game silently for more than twenty minutes but his mind was somewhere else, he kept glancing at the face of the lady beside him. She wasn't doing anything and wasn't sleeping either, she just had her head resting backwards and her eyes staring blankly. She also didn't look like someone who was troubled or distressed.

"Hey Florence," Cole called softly.

She lowered her head and looked at him.

"Sorry, I was just wondering why you are so quiet. Ain't you bored or is there something bothering you?" Cole asked.

She stared at him with questioning eyes without giving a verbal response and Cole began to feel bad for asking her, her look made him feel like he was getting into something that didn't concern him.

"I'm so sorry for disturbing," he apologized and tried to fake a smile, feeling embarrassed. "I'm really sorry, I'll just stay on my own."

A surprising smile formed on her face but he refused to consider it and looked away still, he adjusted himself on the seat and faced front.

"I'm sorry for acting so rude when you are just trying to be friendly," she apologized. The embarrassed look on his face had made her want to laugh but she suppressed it and reconsidered her cold responses to him.

He glanced at her and faced front again immediately.

"I'm going for something very important in El Deols and it seems to be taking control of my whole thoughts and actions," she explained further.

"Oh! I see," he smiled lightly and nodded before facing front again.

"So, where in El Deols are you going to?" she asked after some few seconds of seeing that he wasn't willing to continue the conversation due to her previous responses.

"Central El Deols," Cole replied. "What about you?"

"Well, I'm not sure yet. A friend would be waiting for me," Florence replied.

"A friend?" Cole squinted at her.

"Yea," she smiled. "My boyfriend actually."

"I thought as much," he let out a wry smile. He concluded that her boyfriend was the possible reason she was acting hostile.

The flight continued and they discussed about several other general things for about an hour, the rest of the four hours flight was spent in silence, except for the occasional comments about the flight and the service of the flight attendants which were made.

"It was nice meeting you Cole," Florence said as she got her bags.

"My pleasure Florence," Cole smiled back at her and watched her walk away while he waited to get his own small box.

He thought there was no need to get her contact since she had already made it clear she was taken with her words and her actions at the beginning of the flight.

He took out his phone to call Henry after getting his box.

"i just got there boss," he said as he proceeded out.


"I'm walking out of the airport right now," Florence said as she proceeded towards the gate. She had a wireless earpiece lugged in her left ear.

"A blue Camry is outside for you, call me when you into it." Aaron replied from the other end.

She ended the call and proceeded out through the gate. There was no car parked outside the gate. She looked towards the left where vehicles were coming from and spotted the Camry coming towards the place. She stepped forward quickly and got to the roadside at the same time with the car, it stopped right in front of her. She opened the backdoor and stepped in.

The driver drove off instantly. He made no effort to exchange pleasantries with her and she also did not bother. Their eyes met through the rearview mirror as Florence dialed Aaron again.

"I'm in the car," she said.

"Pick up the car key beside you at the backseat," Aaron ordered.

She immediately reached for the car keys.

"Done," she said.

"He would drive you for fifteen minutes and drop you off at a restaurant, the key is for the black Chevrolet you'll find parked at the left hand side. Everything you need is in the vehicle," Aaron said.

Just as was said, she was dropped in ten minutes and found the vehicle where she was told. She opened the boot of the car first to check what was there. She closed it back immediately as she saw the well packaged guns and bullet packs after opening a bag.

She stepped into the driver's side of the car and found a leather file at the passenger's side.

"I just got into the car," she said after calling Aaron.

"The file at the driver's side contains a debit card and a credit cad, it covers your payment for any hotel of your choice and additional materials you need as far as you can account for the additional."

She picked the paper file and dipped her hand in to take out two cards.

"What's the pin for these cards?"

"9999," Aaron replied.

"Okay," she answered and put the cards back into the file and dropped it on the passenger's seat.

She started the car engine and made her way out of the place.


14:32 PM

Adrian smiled as Sheila personally served him on the dining table, the maid holding the tray containing the plates beside her. Sheila also placed her own dish where she was meant to sit before pulling out the seat.

"I made this fried rice myself this afternoon," she said as she settled to eat.

"It smells nice, I'm sure it'll be delicious as usual." Adrian smiled.

She smiled back. "Please bless the food for us."

Adrian said a prayer of twenty seconds before they began to eat.

"How come you did not go to work today?"

"I'm on leave, I thought I told you."

"No, I actually thought you would be coming to pick me from work." Adrian replied.

"I'm on a short leave of three days, I'll be resuming to work on Thursday."

"I see, I hope I'll be fit enough to return to work next week too."

Sheila stopped eating and quickly looked at his face. "You want to return to work this month?" she sounded surprised.

"Yes," he raised his brows. "Is there anything wrong with it?"

"Yes, you should rest well. I don't think you should return this months."

Adrian chuckled. "Come on, I'm very fine already."

"Let's eat now, we'll talk about it later." she said as she took a sip of water. "I want us to watch a movie together after the meal, it's in two parts, almost five hours altogether."


Unknown Hotel, El Deols.

Henry answered the call on his ringing phone as he stepped out of the staircase to the hallway.

"Hey Cole, I'm in the hotel already and will be at your room door in seconds." he said into the mouthpiece as he proceeded forward.

He walked past the doors slowly, looking at the labels at the top until he found Cole's room. he knocked twice and waited for a response.

"Henry, is that you?" he heard few seconds after knocking.

"Yeah, open the door man."

"Hey! What's the plan?" he asked immediately as he walked in after the door was opened. He saw a laptop on the table close to the wall and proceeded straight to the place.

Cole locked the door and followed him. Henry sat in his seat and he stood behind and held the external mouse to open an image on the laptop.

"This is the man whose ID I'm tracking, his name is Francis." Cole said to him.

"How did you get his details?" Henry asked.

"I got the unique codes and searched for other products that have been made and labelled with the codes," Cole began to explain. "It took me some days as you know, but I eventually found four other products which are totally different."

"What organization does he work for?"

"He works on his own, like a freelancer." Cole answered. "All four products he did were done under different organizations and with their licenses."

"And are those items legal products?"

"Yes, all four except for the current one that hasn't been fully produced."

"So, how do you intend to get him?"

"He would be at the club tonight, it's his regular pattern to play Monday games." Cole replied.

There was silence for some seconds.

"You said all previous four products were done under different four organizations?"


"It gives the idea that he doesn't finish the work on his own, he gets external help."

"Yes, he does."

"It means we are not only after him tonight, we need to find out those he got external help from in making this particular sensor."

"You're right boss," Cole replied. "I'll get him to mention those he worked with."

"Can you do this alone?"

"Yeah, sure boss."

"Well, I should be available to be your backup." Henry said and got up from the seat. "What time are you going to the night club?"

"Ten o'clock," Cole replied.

"Send me the details and I'll look into it," Henry said, walking to the door. "For now, I have another pressing matter to attend to."


El Deols Airport, Anthanna.

"I understand all you've said boss, I'll follow the steps." Dan said as he walked out through the airport gate with a backpack strapped behind him.


Unknown Hotel, El Deols.

Florence Brown was sitting at the center of the bed, her knees slightly raised and her feet crossed over each other. Her shirt was off and only her bra covered the breasts but she still had her trousers worn. By her sides were two revolvers, one at each side and in front of her was an opened laptop and a phone by it side.

She dialed the number from the screen of the laptop on the phone in her hand and dropped the phone beside her, her headset was still plugged to her ear.

"Hello," a gruff voice sounded from the receiver's end.

"Hi, I'm Florence from Elvis Kahn. Am I speaking with Francis?"

"Yes you are, I've been expecting your call."

"So, where do we meet?"

"Do you have my package from Elvis Kahn?"

"Yes, I do."

"I have a game tonight at the Lion's Club. I can meet with you before the game," the voice replied.

"What time is the game?"

"It starts nine o'clock."

"What time does it end?"

"It could end at anytime but it does around eleven o'clock usually," Francis answered.

"We should meet after the game, I'll be busy around nine o'clock."

"Okay, see you then." Francis replied and the call ended.

Florence licked her lips softly. She picked the pistol by her left side and raised it up, it was a beretta. She concluded in her mind she was not going to need guns to kill Francis but a knife.

She got up and walked to open the wardrobe where she kept the bags she had picked up from the boot of the Chevrolet to pick a knife. She had chosen to kill him after he was done with his game, it will reduce the possibility of his dead body being discovered quickly.

Read Episode 84 here - https://youngicee.com/2019/08/restless-episode-84.html


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Restless - Episode 84

® 18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel

18: 32PM
El Deols, Anthanna.

"Wow! I've not seen such a movie in a long while," Sheila commented after the end of the four hours movie.

Adrian let out a deep breath, his eyes watery and his face full of satisfaction from the movie they had just seen.

"I haven't either, but I expected it to be this beautiful since it's a Youngicee production." Adrian said, cleaning his face gently with his palm.

"Yeah, their works are always perfect." she said as she got up from the seat. She picked the empty container of banana chips and the pack of juice they had both eaten from while they saw the movie. "I have to check the maid now, she should be preparing dinner already, I'll be back in some minutes."

"Alright Sheila," he said as he watched her walk away.

He let in a breath after she walked out of sight. He wished there could be a happy love story between him and Sheila just like what they had seen in the movie. A love story of so many challenges but ending up with victories.

He was ready to love Sheila with all of his life but he didn't know about her. He couldn't tell yet why she was being so kind to him, it could be probably because of the accident or she could just be trying to make him not feel so bad after rejecting him. Whatever it was, he hoped she made it clear enough for him to see soon. He was already falling deeper for her and he f was afraid he was about to go crazy.

He however felt the present night was going to make him know if his love for Sheila was going to yield any fruits or if he had to forget everything about it.


Henry's eyes scanned around for the flowers section as he got in through the entrance of the grocery store. It had taken him time to decide how to appear to Sheila, since it had been a long time they saw each other. He thought of what to take to her as gift and found it difficult to make a choice because he realized that the gift he could impress Sheila with was not necessarily something expensive for she had enough money to buy expensive things herself. He finally decided to buy her a flower, but he wasn't sure of which type to get and if it was appropriate to present flowers at evenings.

"Hi," he said to the woman behind the counter at the flowers shop.

"Hello," she sang in reply. "You want some flowers?"

He nodded.

"So, what's the occasion?" she asked as she stepped down from the stool she was sitting on. "Is it your wedding anniversary or your wife's birthday or what special occasion is it?"

Henry smiled, looking at the flowers arranged in the shelves. He found it funny to think of Sheila as his wife and for that moment, his late wife Sarah did not cross his mind.

"Ermm, I've been away for a long time and she has not really been happy with me." Henry replied. "I need something that..."

"Oh! I know what you need," the woman sang and danced round in a circle before moving to the shelf. "You need something so romantic and something that can appease her as well."

Henry smiled.

It took her close to two minutes to make a choice and she brought it to the counter.

"Here, this has a card in it." she said as she removed the card attached.

To my love,

It's been a long time and I know I have not been the best of myself

But I want you to know that you never left my heart for a single day

I sleep dreaming and wake up thinking about you,

My heart yearning and my soul longing for you in every way

For the imaginations of you to me is better than the greatest piece of art,

The thoughts of you and our memories is the best thing I keep in my heart,

I hope these words provides some warmth in your heart for me

And make you overlook all the days that I've kept you lonely

Yours truly.

The woman smiled sheepishly after reading the content of the card and she placed it back. Henry smiled back, not knowing what to say. He felt somehow that the content of the card was not appropriate since he and Sheila weren't lovers but for some reasons unexplainable to himself, he did not reject it. He took the flowers with him and paid her before walking out of the store happily.


"Dinner is almost ready," Sheila announced as she walked back into the living room. "It should be done in fifteen minutes time."

Adrian smiled without saying anything. His eyes followed Sheila as she walked back to where she was sitting previously, the one-seater which was close but adjacent to the three seater where he sat.

"So, are you staying over or do you still want to go home?" Sheila asked him, hoping he would pick the first option.

"No Sheila, you've done enough for me already, I have to go home." He replied.

"Why do you insist on going home?" she said with a sad face and got up to join him on the three seater sofa. She sat close to him with less than ten centimetres space between them.

"I have to Sheila, I can't stay here. You need to understand that," he insisted.

He saw her twisting her face in a disappointing tone and held her by the wrist as she tried to get up. He pulled her down gently and she sat. He squeezed her palm in his and reached for the second hand, she let him take it.

He stared her straight in the eyes but she looked away.

"Sheila, my feelings for you have continued to grow even though I try to suppress it." He began to pour out his heart. "I don't know but it seems staying close to you may lead to a great heartache for me since you don't feel the same way. I have to stay far away from you for a while, maybe until I get myself back and I'm able to stare at you without my heart beating and wanting you."

"Stay away from me?" She raised a brow and turned her face to him, staring him back in the eyes.

"Yeah, for a short while, it could help me bring myself out of this insanity and make me see you just as a friend instead of wanting more.' Adrian said, shaking his head.

Sheila was quiet.

Their faces were so close and their lips were few centimetres apart, from a kiss. Adrian felt it was his opportunity for him to make a further move but he was scared, he didn't want to spoil what was left of what they had together. His heart began to beat faster than usual and his eyes blinked.

He brought his lips closer slowly to hers and took the bold move, touching her soft lips with his gently. She responded for the first few seconds but broke away quickly.

Henry stopped at the entrance of the house and took in a deep breath, he made a sign of the cross before proceeding in. He had a smile on his lips. He had rehearsed everything he was going to say to her and prayed it went as planned.

Adrian breathed so hard after the break, feeling so embarrassed. "I'm sorry Sheila, I need to..."

He tried to get up from the chair but she pulled him closer this time and planted her lips on his, leaning her body against his chest as he leaned back against the armrest. Her hands curved around his neck while his hands wrapped her waist gently.

Henry could hear faint sounds of the television from the living room as he moved closer. He made his way in and took only few steps when he saw the couple on the sofa. The flower placed behind him dropped as his jaw. He watched for few seconds as Sheila leaning over the guy kissed so fiercely while he pressed her body softly against his, both so consumed in the passion that they didn't notice he had entered silently.

He took in a deep breath and turned. He picked the floor and walked back out of the house, unknowingly leaving the small card on the floor where the flower dropped.

He proceeded quickly towards the gate, feeling somewhat awkward, disappointed and broken at the same time.

"Sir, didn't you meet her inside?" the guard at the gate who had seen him enter asked.

"No, I didn't go in yet." Henry lied, faking a smile. "I forgot something I'm supposed to give to her and I need to go get it first."

"Oh! I see," the man said as he opened the smaller entrance of the gate for him. "Are you returning soon?"

"Ermm... Maybe not, probably tomorrow." Henry replied.


"Please, don't tell her I was here. I want it to be a surprise," he said to the gateman, faking another smile.

"Oh! Sure, I won't let her know." the guard said as he watched Henry walk to the road side. He felt something was amiss as he stepped back in and locked the gate. He shrugged and walked back into his office.

The kiss was so intense and slow, Adrian's palms advanced to her bum and pressed it softly. It lasted for some more seconds before she drew back. She pecked him lightly on the lips again before detaching from him.

She got up and straightened her gown. "I have to check what's happening in the kitchen now."

Adrian nodded gently and watched as she walked away. He felt on top of the world. He found it hard to believe what had just happened. He closed his eyes and pinched himself in a bid to wake up from sleep but he opened them to find himself in the same place. He took in a deep breath and leaned his back against the back rest.

"Dinner is ready," Sheila announced, walking back into the living room. "Are you ready to eat?" she asked him.

"Ermmm. I'm ready anytime you are." he answered.

"The food would be served soon by the maid." she said as she settled into her previous seat.

"Okay," he smiled and only glanced at her briefly.

An awkward silence took over and for some unknown reasons, the two avoided meeting each other's gaze. The silence remained until they saw the maid walk towards the dining table with a tray in her hand.

"Shall we?" Sheila got up from her seat slowly.



Suntan Road, Bexford

Evelyn turned off the car engine and the lights after parking at the curb. She took out a small backpack from the passenger's side and stepped out of the car with it. She locked the car and then picked out her phone from her pocket to dial a number.

She looked towards the Suntan Farms main gate located at a walking distance from where she parked. According to her findings, the gate was usually not locked till ten o'clock because some casual works worked till very late in the night sometimes.

She was dressed in all black and had a black head warmer covering her head. Her choice of the outfit colour made to enable her hide well in the shadows after she got into the facility.

"Hey! You can locate the vehicle with the tracker in it, I'll drop the key by the front tyre of the driver's side. You wait until I give you instructions," She said briefly and ended the call. She returned the phone into her pocket first and then scanned around the area with her eyes before bending slowly and dropping the car keys.

She stepped forward and placed the backpack on the bonnet. She opened it quickly and closed in back in less than five seconds. She strapped it to her back and proceeded forward.


Lion's Club,
El Deols, Anthanna.

As expected, hip-hop music was blaring out through the club speakers. There were only few people in it as it was a Monday, but the strippers and night workers could still be seen looking for clients and competing for the attention of the few ones around.

Cole was sitting at the bar, he had a bottle of alcoholic wine and a glass cup in front of him. The glass cup was half filled and the bottle was almost empty. His neck was turned back and his attention was at the floor where the half naked girls were displaying their assets through their seductive dances for clients to see. He felt the urge to go for one but the thought of the work ahead of him restrained him. He needed to get a view of his client.

He remained seated silently until the device he placed in front of him beeped. He turned forward quickly and unlocked the device. He swiped down the notification bar and clicked on the message from the tracking app. The app had just notified him that his target was close.

He adjusted the face cap on his head and looked back towards the main entrance of the place for signs of Francis, there was none yet. He looked at the two other entrances and saw nothing. He turned to his device again and opened the instant messaging app to check if Henry had read the messages showing the details he sent to him. He saw that the messages had delivered but they were unread yet. He switched to the dial pad and dialed Henry's number quickly.

"Hello boss," he said into the phone.

"Hey Cole!" Henry sounded somewhat startled, like Cole's call came as a surprise to him.

"Where are you boss?" Cole noticed the tone of his response.

"Well, I'm somewhere." Henry replied. "You, where are you?"

"I'm at the club already," Cole replied.

"What club is it, have you sent me the details?"

"It's the Lion's club, but you don't need to worry boss. It sounds like you are busy, you can continue whatever you're doing, I'll handle this alone."

"No, no, please send me the details."

"I sent it a long ago," Cole replied.

"Oh! Sorry, I haven't checked my messages."

"It's okay boss, you don't have to be here, I'll call you later."


Unknown location

Henry jammed his fists on the table after receiving the call. He was in a bar and there were other men and very few ladies around drinking. It was a local bar, built with wood. The tables and chairs were also made with wood

"Sorry," he apologized to the other men whose attention he had drawn to himself with the gesture.

He poured some more beer into the cup and gulped it down immediately.

He looked around and hated the environment he was in. He was not a man of such but he had found no other place to go after leaving Sheila's place. He only asked the cab driver to take him somewhere he could relax for a while and the cab driver had brought him there, where he also stopped to drink.

He forced himself up from the seat and paid the attendant in charge before walking out. As he walked the few metres to the road, he kept wondering what had happened to him and why the sight of seeing Sheila with someone else had troubled him so much.

He regretted his actions. He should have just waited for them to detach or give them a sign he was around and ask to see Sheila. He got to the roadside and stood to wait for a cab, still wondering what the reason was for his displeasure at the sight.

He soon found a cab and waved it down, he got in without talking to the cab man.

"Where are you going to?" the cab man asked without moving the vehicle yet.

"Just drive, I'll direct you." the cab man stared at him for a moment, not sure of what to do but finally drove on.


Lion's Club

Soon enough, Cole spotted Francis walking into the hall flanged by four other men. They were all dressed in shirts and jeans. They proceeded to the floor where some of the girls were for a moment and they happily pressed their butts as the girls brought themselves to them. Francis and his men then proceeded further into the inner game room. Cole turned back and took another sip of his drink, he waited for some more minutes before he got up and proceeded to the direction of the game section.

"Your ticket for Monday games?" the bouncer at the entrance asked him.

He smiled. "I'm not coming in, I'm just here to see someone."

"Then step aside," the bouncer ordered.

"Yeah, sure."

He took out his device and checked the time. It was already ten o'clock. He knew that it was time for the game to begin and Francis would be busy, he had his plan to lure Francis to his trap but it would have to wait till after the game.

He walked towards the floor where the girls were, hoping to pass some minutes there before getting ready for the main job. His gaze incidentally moved to the entrance and he saw someone familiar walking in. He stopped and hid behind a column, not believing his eyes. He looked again to confirm, she was the one. She was dressed in black skinny trousers like the one she wore in the morning. Her hands were in the pocket of the black knee length jacket and a black hat was on her head. Her shoes were somewhat thick leather hip-hop boots. Her pattern of dres gave her the look of a gangster.

She stopped after taking few steps and looked around the place. She then took out her phone and checked the time.


"Lion's Club," Daniel read out from his phone, confirming the name on the signboard hung at the top of the building to what he had.

He took out his phone as he looked left and right again. He dialed a number on his phone as he moved closer to the entrance of the club.

"Hey! I just found one of the locations usually visited by Antonio Carlos and Vincent Shawn," he said into his phone.

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Episode 84 continues

"That's good Daniel," Agent Steve's voice sounded from the other end. "So, haven't you read the news today?"

"Yes, I haven't."

"You won't believe what's trending."

"What's that boss?"

"The dead bodies of Antonio Carlos and Vincent Shawn have been found," Steve said to him.


"What the hell is this?" Henry cursed under his breath at the back seat of the cab where he was sitting alone. He had wasted his at the bar and now he was held in traffic, the vehicle had not moved in fifteen minutes and there were no signs that there would be movement soon.

He had gone through the details Cole sent to him and had confirmed Cole's plan to get the man as a good one, so he wasn't in a hurry to get to the club. What kept him uncomfortable was remembering the reason he had wasted so much time, it annoyed him that he could spend so much time thinking about a lady he was not supposed to have feelings for.

He was however sure everything he felt would soon disappear, he chose to believe he only felt that way since he had not seen Sheila for a long time and had hurt her the last time they spoke to each other.

His phone rang and distracted him from his thoughts. He took it out and checked the caller, it was Dave.

"Hey boss!"

"Dave, what's the news?"

"When last did you speak with Samantha and the guy?"

Henry frowned, wondering why Dave was asking.

"After I landed in El Deols," he answered. "Why do you ask?"

"They haven't gotten here, I tried to trace them and found their vehicle dumped on the Bexford-Kala road. There are no signs of them around there," Dave reported.

"Are you serious?" Henry exclaimed under his breath.

Read episode 85 here - https://youngicee.com/2019/08/restless-episode-85.html


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Oyinprince, happy Sunday.

I must commend your work. I have been following the story secretly. The pace of update is quite slow.

Any hope today been Sunday?

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Oyinprince, happy Sunday.

I must commend your work. I have been following the story secretly. The pace of update is quite slow.

Any hope today been Sunday?

I really don't have spare time to write fiction these days but I updated on my blog yesterday
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Restless - Episode 85

® 18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel

"What happened on the Bexford-Kala road?" Henry asked.

"I can't find footages of whatever happened there, I only see the dumped car." Dave replied.

"Give me a minute to think, I'll call you back." Henry heaved a sigh of frustration. He wondered what could have happened to Samantha and Wilson. He was sure it wasn't that the vehicle developed any fault, if that was the case, Samantha would have reached out to them and found a way for she and Wilson to continue the journey. Something must have happened to them but he wondered what it could be.

A kidnap was the only thing coming to his mind, it was the most possible case. And thinking about who could have kidnapped even Samantha successfully made Henry realize it was indeed an organized and well skilled set of kidnappers.

He had no other suspects in his mind apart from the Red Wolves. That meant something more dangerous than the kidnap to Henry, it meant that the Red Wolves have been trailing him.

But how was that? He asked himself. An answer came immediately. It could have only been through his visit to Rex. It meant they knew Rex was still alive and where he had been all the while and they probably let him be because of his disability.

Another thought came to his mind. Could it be that the Wolves had left Rex alive to set him up? He shook his head and closed his eyes lightly. He remembered his time with Rex the day before, how Rex had responded to him with the blinking of his eyes. Ovil Matuse had later explained to him that Rex communicated consent or disagreement with blinking of his eyes. Rex had blinked twice when he said he was going to find a way to treat him and that meant he strongly disagreed according to Ovil's explanation.

He covered his lips with both palms and let out hot air from his mouth. Rex must have known the Red Wolves were watching him and that was the reason for his disagreement.

"Damn it!" he cursed as he clenched his fists. He had been mistaken to think Rex had covered all tracks through the help of Wilson but now he remembered that how Wilson had explained how he took Rex from the bottom of the rock. It was now clear to him that the Red Wolves probably never left after Rex fell from the Oso rock, they must have seen him helping Rex. And maybe they never knew where Rex was taken until he against all warnings from Wilson and Tanko chosen to still go ahead to look for his friend. Maybe they trailed him through Wilson to Kebba.

Maybe he should have listened to them and forget about looking for Rex till the end of his mission? He thought. But that could not have been possible, after getting the clue that Rex was alive, there was no way he could have proceeded on the mission without locating him. It was also evident that Rex needed his help badly at the moment, and he could not dare to leave his friend at the time of need.

So many thoughts and uncertainties in his mind and he could not come to a conclusion on how he was being tracked or how they knew where Rex was. The only thing he knew for sure was that his team was no longer safe and even Rex was no safe too. He needed to do two things quickly, find Samantha and Wilson and also move Rex to safety. A big challenge it was to him.

He was in Anthanna and there was no way he could hack into Bethanna's CCTV history to see if he could recover deleted files and Cole who could do the job too was also in Anthanna. He needed to do something quick.

He picked up his phone and dialed Dave's number again.

"Hey Dave, you and Jenny should find a way to get Wilson's sister. Take and the doctor with you guys and move to a safe place quick, make sure no one tracks you." He instructed Dave.

He ended the call and thought of calling Cole too but he didn't so as not to distract Cole from his present task and because it was less possible for Cole to be also tracked because he had not had any contact with Wilson or Rex, whether direct or indirect.

He began to think of what next to do. He could not even involve Sheila in helping Rex again, it had become more dangerous to do so. The only option that came to his mind was temporarily taking Rex into custody to be treated by Doctor Alan. How to get Rex from Ovil Matuse peacefully was another challenge, he had to find a way to convince Ovil or he would have to do it by force.

Another thought popped up in his mind and he closed his eyes. If the Wolves had been tracking them from Kebba, then they must have probably seen him drop off before the rotary intersection at the border. He tried to figure out his movement from there and felt relieved that he took necessary precautions. The Wolves would have only known he dropped but never knew where he went from there but then he had a weak link who could give out the information. That was Wilson, Wilson had known he was preparing to visit Bethanna but never knew what he was going there for him.

He took in a deep breath. His mission had just taken a new dimension. If the Red Wolves now knew he was alive, he thought there was no need hiding his identity from them anymore. It had now become like a game.

He had played his part well, putting every tactics necessary to win the game in place but the Red Wolves were also smart and were making use of a very good strategy against him - Rex. They knew he would never be willing to watch Rex suffer or die, so he was kept alive and used as a bait for him. He had no option than to conclude in his mind that whoever was behind the Red Wolves thinking team was really intelligent.

"Hey man," Henry called to the cab driver in a sharp tone. "Sorry, you got to take me back to Hex Hotel."

He picked his phone and dialed Dave again.

"Hey Dave, send me cache of the cctv you have already. I'm going to be logging in using your IP address," Henry said. He was going back to Cole's hotel room to use his laptop.


Cole watched her silently from where he was. She balanced herself comfortably on the sofa without making any order, she took out a device from the jacket pocket and took some time to work on it. After a while, she received a call on her phone and spoke for few minutes. She ordered for a drink after the call.

Cole wasn't sure of what to think of her. She said she came to Anthanna to visit her boyfriend but her appearance that night was suspicious. She was alone and she wasn't looking like someone waiting for her boyfriend.

"Hey Handsome, won't you take some time to check me out?" A lady said in a soothing voice, twisting seductively iin front of him with her tongue licking a finger.

He glanced at her and stepped away from the floor. He walked back to the place he was previously sitting at the bar.
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Episode 85 contd

Unknown Location, Bethanna.

Samantha opened her eyes to find herself in the most unusual fashion. She was on her toes and her body was inclined towards the floor but something held her suspended not letting her get to the ground. Her hands were spread out and her feet was also spread out. She was at the center of two metal poles, the chains fastened on her wrists and her ankles were connected to the poles. A wall was few centimetres behind the poles.

The room was dark and one could barely see what was around. The only source of light on the room was the reflected ray through the window from a bulb outside. It was so silent.

She groaned as she stood up straight, her wrists and ankles were hurting from the strain effect of the inclined position she had been while unconscious. She looked around the room, trying to remember how she got there. She saw the shape of a man some metres by the left hand side inclined towards the ground just like she was previously. She could hear his loud soft breathing in the silent room.

She wondered who it was for a moment before she realized it must be Wilson. Then she remembered how they were abducted on the Bexford-Kala road.


Seven Hours Ago

"What's happening?" Samantha poked her head through the window of the vehicle to check what was happening at the front.

There was a queue of about ten cars in front at both lanes, the return direction side was free and moving smoothly.

"There are some police officers in front," the driver in the car beside theirs replied her. He was alone in the car.

"I thought this road was an expressway, what's the police doing here?" Samantha asked rhetorically.

"Well, I've never come across police officers here too, it's my first time." the other man shrugged.

Samantha leaned back and let out a breath. She looked at Wilson who was sitting at the passenger's side. He had paused the game he was playing with his device and was now looking out through the other side.

The journey had been smooth until they got there and now from the little view she had of the front, it seemed the officer were interviewing the motorists one after the other.

It moved slowly and after ten minutes, their vehicle was the second on the queue. Samantha watched as they checked the driver's certificates and the car information of the car in front. Luckily for her, she was with her driver's license and the vehicle documents were in the car. She took them out, ready to give the officers on request.

The police officers were however much more than she expected, all ten in number. She thought five was already too much for a road block.

The vehicle in front zoomed off after being freed by the officers. Samantha moved the car slowly and stopped right before the officers.

"Your papers ma'am," a police man asked her.

She stretched forth the whole documents to him and placed her eyes on him while he went through it very slowly. She was still wondering why it was so slow when she noticed that almost all the officers had their attention on their car and even the officers checking the other lane had moved to them and were surrounding their vehicle.

"Move to that side ma'am," the officer with the papers directed her to the curb behind where the police vehicle itself was parked.

"Why?" Samantha frowned at him. "The vehicle documents are completed and my license has just been renewed recently."

"Park well madam to avoid delaying other vehicle users, we have some questions for you to answer."

Samantha was baffled and she stared at the officer's face for a while before obeying the instruction. She again noticed all the officers moving with the vehicle and non staying to check the other vehicles coming from behind. The other vehicles began to move freely without being interviewed. Her suspicions grew.

"Step out madam," the officer with the papers ordered her.

She didn't get up immediately. She hoped there would be no thorough search of the car because they were sure to find guns hidden under the backseat. She thought of pulling out the pistol under her seat and going out with it but all eyes of the police men were on her and they would notice if she pulled out anything. Almost all of them also had their guns ready in their hands and would possibly shoot at her before she could do anything with the gun.

She turned off the car engine and stepped out calmly. The man with the document had gone to wait for her behind the police bus, holding the documents with him and showing to another one.

She walked towards them calmly and noticed three other officers with their guns readied in their hands moving with her. She looked towards the road again and saw that everything had gone back to normal and all the officers were focused on them.

"This vehicle was used for crime in Bexford few days ago," an officer said as Samantha got to his front.

"This vehicle has never gotten to Bexford," Samantha replied sharply. "It was purchased in Vincil and has never been driven to Bexford."

The officers stared at her blankly. The man who was trying to accuse her concealed a smile. She was smart and was showing it, he thought.

Samantha knew already that it was more than just a road check, they were targeted but the reason for being targeted was what she didn't know.

"You'd have to explain yourself at our station," the officer said.

Samantha looked around with the side eye, about six of the men were surrounding her holding their guns and two were in front of her. They were at a safe distance from her and she couldn't try to snatch a gun from any of them successfully.

"I'm not going with you to your station," she argued stubbornly. "You do not have enough reasons for me to come with you."

"You want reasons?" The officer blared at her widening his eyes. He took out his pistol and pointed at her face. Another officer stepped closer to her from behind and pointed his long gun at her, slowly putting mouth to the back of her head.

"What's happening?" Wilson shouted as he stepped out of the car.

Samantha had thought they would get distracted and look towards Wilson and she was hoping to use the opportunity to make a move but she was surprised as none of them gave Wilson attention. She saw the officer near the car grab Wilson by the collar and hit the butt of the gun on his head. Wilson fainted.

She widened her eyes and mouth in surprise and before she make any reaction. A gas was sprayed to her face and the back of her head was struck with a gun at the same time. She blacked out.


She couldn't tell how many hours she had blacked out for but she was damn sure that they were not in the police station. She doubted if the men at the road were police officers.

Few minutes after she woke up, she began to hear footsteps approaching the place. Soon, the door opened and she saw the legs of three men walking in. The door was closed at the same time the light was turned on.

Samantha could now see the faces of the men. They were totally different from the police officers on the road.

The men moved closer to them. The one at the center had a distinct look and seemed to be the boss among them. The other two flanging him at both sides were putting on black plain shirts on black trousers while the man at the center had white top on white trousers. He had a smooth shaven hair.

"Brave girl," the man on white said with a evil grin. "I heard you gave the officers a lot of problem."

Samantha was quiet.

The man stepped closer, leaving only one metre space between them.

"I'm really sorry that someone as brave as you is put in this condition," Hutton said, his eyes moving slowly from her chained wrists to her legs. He had look of pitiful mockery on his face. "But you know, we have to do what we have to do."

He stopped for a moment and kept his face straight, staring directly into her eyes.

"We know you work for Carl Winston, we only need some few information about him from you and we'd let you have your freedom. I hope you'd cooperate with us," he said and took a step closer. She stared back into his eyes without saying anything. He took another short step closer. "Would you?"

She stared and him for a second and slowly shook his head to give a No.

He smiled lightly and touched her left cheek softly with his fingers. "Brave girl," he said scornfully.

She moved her face away from his hand.

He smiled briefly again, he took two steps backward. "I like the fact that you are brave but you see, everybody has a price, everybody has a yielding point. Which one would you like? To be paid with your freedom for giving us what we want or to be forced with unbearable pains to give us what we need?"

He stared her in the eyes and she stared back unblinking. He waited seconds for her reply but got none. He felt angry and opened his hand to the right. The man on his right pulled over a rod to him.

"Take her down," Hutton said to the men. He took some steps back and watched them.

They walked closer to her and unlocked the chains from the poles at both sides, leaving the other side still attached to her hands and legs.

She felt so weak as she stepped forward slowly, the effect of the gas sprayed was still on her. She moved closer to Hutton and tried to swing a blow to his face with the chain in her hand but he dodged easily. She tried again with the other hand and he swerved to the other side and wiped her on the back with the rod in his hand.

She fell weakly on her knees with a loud groan.

They heard someone else grunt loudly, Wilson was also awake but yet to know where he was.


Lion's Club, El Deols



"Hey! I heard you wanna see me," a man appeared from one of the inner rooms to meet Dan.

"Yeah, good evening. I'm a personal investigator all the way from Bethanna and I've come here for an investigation."

"Yeah, I was briefed about that but hope you know this place is a legal organization?"

"Yeah, that's not it. I'm actually here in respect of some men from Bethanna who visited here two times in March, they had meetings with an individual or group of individuals here."

"Well, a lot of people come here and we don't ask for their nationality, so how do I help you?"

"I need your permission to proceed with asking questions around, I need to find out who those men come to meet here."

"But it's working hours already, why didn't you come earlier?"

"Well, I had some issues. What can you do for me please?"

"Please come tomorrow, our workers are so busy now."


Cole checked his time as he took another sip from the glass. He took out his device and opened his voice cloning app. He selected the effect he needed before switching to another app where he copied a phone number from.

"Hey Francis," he said into the phone.

"Hey! Who am I speaking with?"

"I've got a package from Mr Moses to give you, I'll be dropping it in the corridor to the male restroom."

"What package is that?"

"It's in a black carton, you'd find it where I just said," Cole replied and ended the call. He drank the remaining wine from the bottle and got up from his seat. He walked back and checked for Florence where he had seen her sitting, she was no longer there. He continued to do his own work.

Cole stood in front of the mirror in the male restroom with his trousers pulled to his knee, acting drunk. He had a bottle of beer in his armpit and he was struggling with the lace of his boxers. Someone entered and passed beside him, walking straight to where he kept the black carton. He knew at once that the man was sent by Francis.

The man picked the carton and proceeded back out immediately. Cole quickly pulled up his trousers and took out his phone. He opened his tracking app and began to use the direction from the tracker to follow the man.

He followed the man far away from the main building of the club, to the executive parking space where Francis and his friends had their car parked. He hid under the shadow of a bus and watched the man who had picked the carton give Francis.

Francis did not bother to check the content yet, he placed it under his armpit and picked a call on his phone.

"A minute please, Francis said to the other men who were gathered in the garage, all of them in front of their cars but still discussing some matters. He walked away from the gathering and took the route towards the back of the club house main building.

Cole followed him with his eyes. He thought of following him but began to reason it, he already had a tracker with Francis and would be able to follow Francis to wherever he was headed to and would have enough time with him. He remained on the same spot for some seconds but he was inquisitive and wanted to know what Francis went to do inside the building again but he decided to control himself and wait.

He checked his tracking app and saw that Francis had stopped moving, like he had stopped at the back of the building. He waited ten more minutes and Francis was not yet back. He concluded in his mind that Francis was meeting with someone else there. He rose out of his hiding place and turned carefully, walking to the space he parked the vehicle he rented. He was going to wait inside until Francis was ready to move and he would follow.

He got into his car and waited for another ten minutes without Francis moving from the spot. He had a reconsideration and decided to step out again to check if Francis had left already but dropped his box at the back the building. As he opened the door to step out, he saw someone and paused. It was Florence and she was walking to a car hurriedly.

He watched her stop before his place by the side of a Venza. She got into the car and drove off in a minute.

He stepped out of his car and watched as she drove off. His eyes followed the car until it got to the gate. He was about to turn when he saw something where her car was previously parked. He squinted. It looked like the carton he had just given to Francis.

He took some few steps closer and it looked more like it. He got to the spot to confirm it was the same carton, only that the content had been removed.

He widened his mouth in shock. Could it be that Florence was the one Francis went to meet at the back? What was their relationship with each other and what was the empty carton doing in Florence's hand? He asked himself.

He dropped the carton and turned immediately, he refreshed the tracker app as he hurried towards the VIP parking section. The app refreshed and he saw Francis still in the same position.

He saw some kind of confusion and men running about, some pulling out guns as he got closer to the place. He began to walk into the shadows as he drew closer to catch a glimpse of what was happening.

"He's dead already," he heard someone say to another.

"Who could have killed Francis?" he heard another say.

He widened his eyes in shock. Florence!

To be continued

Read Episode 86 here - https://youngicee.com/2019/09/restless-episode-86.html

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Restless - Episode 86

® 18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel

30 Minutes ago.

"I'm at the back now," Francis said into the phone as he got behind the building, his eyes searching around the space to see if she was anywhere.

There was a space in between the main building of the club house and a smaller building behind it. The front door of the small building was the entrance to the store for the club house provision and was usually locked at nights as the workers would have taken out everything they needed to use for the night since afternoon, only on few occasions when they needed extra supplies was the place opened. By the left side of the building was another entrance and it led to a restroom which was meant for only staffs of the place. The third entrance was at the back of the building and it led into the store room for the security officials of the place.

"I'll call you in thirty seconds." she replied from the other end.

He stopped walking and dipped his hand into his pocket while having the small carton under the armpit of the left.

"Good evening Francis," a security guard greeted him.

"Good evening," Francis turned and greeted him back. He realized the man had stepped out of wherever he was because of him. "I'm waiting for a call," Francis explained to the man who nodded understandingly and returned to where he was sitting at the front of the store.

Francis phone rang and he answered.

"Turn towards the restroom, I'm waiting there for you," the voice said.


Francis proceeded in the direction he was called to. He turned and walked some few more steps before getting to the entrance of the toilet.

She was standing on the corridor, her two hands placed in front of her with her fingers locked.

"Florence," he called to confirm she was the one.

"Yeah, Francis," she called back his name and made her way to the ground.

The place was quite dark, the bulbs at the side walls were off and only a reflection from the light in the restroom through the window was seen outside.

"Kahn sent me to you," Florence said, now standing in front of him.

He looked directly into her eyes like she stared at him. It was Kahn's first time of sending a woman to him and she didn't look like a weak one, instead there was something evil in her eyes.

"I know, he asked you to deliver something to me." he replied.

She nodded. She dipped her right hand into the front pocket of her jacket and brought out something. It was wrapped in a transparent nylon and had a shape of a mathematical set.

She stretched it forth to him and he stretched out his hand to hold it, but she withdrew her hand.

He stared at her face.

"I was asked to get something from you before releasing it," she said.

"What's that?"

"You collaborated with other individuals in building the sensor, may I know who those other individuals are?"

"Why? That's not a part of the deal, I'm the only one working with you directly and you have no business knowing those working with me."

"We need to know them to be certain of the number of men who knows our secrets," Florence replied.

"I don't agree, we never said that from the beginning, just hand over my tool to me."

She sighed and then stretched it to him again, she released it this time and as he grabbed the other edge of it, he felt something press down and then a red light beamed on the other side.

"What's this?" he frowned at her, taking the object out of the nylon to see a remote control embedded at the centre.

"By holding that end of the processor, you have just activated an explosive." she replied as she dipped her hands into her pockets at both sides. She took out her phone from the right and a small device which had the shape and size of a match box from the left.

She turned the large size of the device to him and it showed a timer counting down and five buttons under it, the timer was about a minute and two seconds. She unlocked her phone and turned the screen to show him a picture. He widened his eyes as he saw his car that was parked at the VIP garage, an explosive device had been attached under the boot.

"You have fifty more seconds, or you'd go back to meet the ashes of all the men waiting for you."

He checked the timer in her hand again, it was forty eight seconds. He thought about his chances, there was no way he could run out quickly to warn the men. He couldn't also take the device from her and deactivate it himself, he would need the password which only she knew.

"Just stop the timer first and I'll tell you." he pleaded in a shaky voice.

"You have forty seconds left," she replied unwavering.

"Okay, ermm... I had Moses and Eston from SheiDev," he answered in a frustrated tone.

"Where is SheiDev and what are the full names of the men?" she asked.

Thirty two seconds left.

"I don't remember their full names," he answered. "They work as developers and they are top staffs of the firm SheiDev which is located here in El Deols."

"Where can I find them tonight?"

"I don't know their houses, I only met them at the company."

She kept quiet for some seconds. Twenty seconds was left and she didn't seem to be in hurry.

"I feel that you are lying to me," she said, raising her brows.

"No, I'm not, I swear with my life."

Florence stared at his face for some more seconds until eight seconds was left. She turned the device in her hand and punched in the four digits password before deactivating at three seconds.

"Who the hell do you think you are to threaten me?" he asked in an angry tone after heaving a sigh of relief.

"I'm your death," she chuckled sardonically, looking straight into his eyes after dropping the device back into her pocket.

He threw a blow to her face but she dodged easily by shifting her face. She grabbed him with her hands by his arm close to the shoulder region and sent a kick to his belly with her knee.

Out of frustration, he turned with another blow to her but she grabbed his fists and turned him swiftly, she slammed his back to the fence wall behind and pinned him to the wall with her fist around his neck and her knee to his groin.

Francis struggled to free himself but he felt so much pain that weakened his whole body. He had thought he would get her easily and even though she didn't hold him with too much strength, she had him at the right place. He knee was crushing his genitals and her fist was tightened on his neck, cutting short the supply of oxygen in his body.

She placed a knife with the other hand close to his neck.

"Your only daughter attends Howard School and your wife works as a school teacher there," she said in warning note to him. "Tell me the whole truth or I kill them first thing tomorrow morning."

"Spare me please, I've told you everything." he managed to say with his choked voice.

He widened his eyes in horror as she drove the blade of the knife into his belly for the first time, she took it out and released her grip from his neck. He thought that was all until she suddenly stabbed him again two more times before leaving him to fall on the ground.

She cleaned the blood stained blade of the knife on his trousers before inserting it back into the cover. She put it into her pocket and turned back. She saw the carton which had he dropped in his hands and picked it up, she took out the device in it and checked it for a moment before throwing it on his dead body. She searched his trouser's pocket and took out two phones, she silence them and hid them inside her jacket before she walked out of the place.

Life oozed slowly out of Francis as the blood rushed out. His vision was blur as he watched Florence walk away. He had regrets for his life and his decisions at that point of death. Even after knowing Kahn led a dangerous and evil organization, he had decided to work for Kahn because of the money but he never thought the same evil would end his life so abruptly.

He breathed his last, his eyes left wide open.
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86 contd


"Bring him here," Hutton said to the men and they proceeded quickly to loose Wilson the same way they did to Samantha. Wilson dropped to the floor weakly but they picked him and dragged him closer to where Samantha was.

Wilson was put in a sitting position beside Samantha and he remembered everything that happened previously. He looked around and wondered why they weren't in a police cell instead. Samantha was groaning in pains beside him, in a partially crawling position. Her groan was what woke him from his deep slumber.

"Look here young man," Hutton called his attention in a soft voice.

Wilson looked up on hearing Hutton's voice. He saw the face and saw the mode of dressing, it didn't look like that of a police officer. He squinted his eyes at Hutton.

"You look like someone that would cooperate with us better and I hope you really do," Hutton said with an evil smile.

Wilson glanced at Samantha who was by his side and he felt she was trying to communicate something to her by the way she looked at him but all he saw in her face was the pains she was going through.

"What do I need to do?" he asked.

Samantha gave him a warning stare but he wasn't looking at her.

"We know you work for Carl Winston and we've seen him together with you before," Hutton continued. "We would let you go freely if you're ready to give us information about him."

"Carl Winston?" Wilson frowned. He had heard the name before but he wasn't sure of where he heard it from. "I don't know what you're talking about," he replied, looking at Hutton's face.

"I think you do not understand what I just said, you've been spotted on more than one occasion with Carl and we are sure you work with him." Hutton said to him.

"Who is Carl?"

Hutton stared at him thinly for a while, being infuriated that he was trying to feign ignorance. He moved closer to him and suddenly sent a heavy kick into his belly which sent him groaning aloud and tumbling.

"You've been going around with Carl for days and you were with him in Kebba, we watched all of that and you're still trying to play pranks on us." Hutton fired angrily.

Wilson could hear Hutton's words even as he groaned in deep pains and he realized that the person they were talking about was Henry whom he only knew as Louis but he wondered why Hutton was calling him Carl Winston.

"Boss, you have a call." one of the men said after taking out Hutton's phone.

Hutton turned to him and collected the phone, he checked the screen and took another look at Samantha and Wilson before walking out of the room. The other two men followed him.
El Deols, Anthanna

Sheila walked back into the house after dropping Adrian off at his place. She dropped the car keys on the drawer below the television and turned back to walk into her room when something caught her attention on the center table. She walked there and picked it up, it was a small card and in it were written affectionate words. She smiled as she read it to herself, believing it was from Adrian.

She got confused towards the end when it talked about the days she had been kept lonely. It made her doubt for a moment if it was meant for her but she shrugged and took it along with her into her room.


Lion's Club

Daniel did not leave the club hall immediately like the manager advised him, he sat waiting and watching to see if he would get anything useful before leaving. He was sitting quietly, his fingers wrapped around a bottle of beer which he had barely taken a sip from when he noticed that armed men were walking through the hall hurriedly, looking like they were looking for someone in the hall. He wondered what was happening and got up to find out. He did not get full details of the answer, he was only told someone was stabbed to death by one of the customers who was leaving the place after everywhere went silent and the security men began to raid the place.

He later got to find out from one of the security men who he had earlier introduced himself to that a lady stabbed one of the VIP members of the club. He got to the back of the building to see the dead body and how it was stabbed. By the time the police arrived, the club was almost empty except for the workers in the place who had to be around. Dan stepped aside for the police to carry out their investigations as he knew nothing about the whole murder. He left the place after some minutes of the police arrival, planning to return the next day for his own investigations.


"Francis is dead," she said into her mouthpiece as she drove towards the bridge in the dark night.

"Did you confirm his death before leaving?" Aaron asked from the other end.

"There was no way he could have survived, the knife I stabbed him with was poisoned." she replied.

"And did you get the necessary information from him?"

"I got the names of two men and a firm, I'll be working on them immediately."

"Good, I'll update the chairman of your progress."

"Okay, I think someone else was after Francis, I don't know who it is." she said.

"Why do you say so?"

"Someone gave him a package from the club house few minutes before I killed him, inside it was a tracker hidden secretly."

"And do you have an idea who it is?"

"No, I picked up the carton containing the package to check if I could recognize the labels on it but I didn't, I threw the carton away already."

"I believe you don't need me to warn you to be careful," Aaron replied. "It could b the FOX or an enemy of our organization, thread carefully and report when you notice any anomaly."


Hex Hotel, Anthanna.

"Damn damn damn," Henry cursed silently under his breath after taking his time to hack into the Bethanna security cameras server but still could not find footages of what happened to Samantha and Wilson on the road, the only thing he saw was the car left by the road side the same way Dave saw it.

He picked up his phone and dialed Dave's number.

"Hey Dave, where are you now?" he asked.

"On our way to Bexford," Dave replied.

"Are you sure no one is following you?"

"Yeah boss, I made sure no one followed us."

"Okay, you and Jenny should focus on keeping the Doctor and Sophia safe for now. You might need to leave them and meet me tomorrow, I'll give you details later." He said and ended the call.

He was about to dial Cole when the call came in from Cole.

"Hey Cole, do you have it done already?"

"No boss, where are you please?" Cole asked.

"Sorry I didn't tell you I won't be coming any longer, I'm in your hotel room, do you need my help?" Henry replied.

"Yes please, I need to track a ca. I need it to be done urgently because I'm following already and can't track it myself while I'm driving."

Henry frowned. "I thought you were going to track him with the package, don't you have the tracking app on your phone configured to follow the device?"

"I have all that boss and I got the package delivered to him but something else happened and now there's a twist," Cole answered. "Someone killed him after he received my package and that's who I'm after now."

"Wow!" Henry exclaimed. He seemed baffled for a while and didn't speak for close to a minute.

"You there boss?"

"Yeah," Henry replied in a weak voice. "Retreat right away."

"Huh?" Cole seemed surprised to hear his instruction.

"Yeah, retreat immediately and return to the hotel."

"Boss, I'm following the murderer, she may posses what we need." Cole said in a somewhat aggressive tone.

"Withdraw immediately," Henry insisted. "It could just be a trap for us."

"But boss..."

"It's an order and I'm not negotiating it," Henry fired at him. "Retreat immediately!"


Cole marched the brakes angrily and hissed in frustration, the car was stopped at the centre of the road but he did not bother to move aside because no car was coming behind. It was midnight already and hardly did he come across any other motorist as he drove for the past few minutes.

He hissed again and stamped his palms on the steering wheel angrily. He still felt the urge to follow Florence and find out who she was and why she killed Francis but he had to obey Henry's orders.

After some few seconds of breathing silently in anger, he reversed and turned back.


Unknown Hotel, El Deols.

Florence was back in the hotel room with only her bra and pant on. This time, she was sitting behind the table with her laptop in front and Francis' two phones by the side.

She had watched the man who handed the carton over to Francis but did not know where he brought the carton from. She needed to know who it was who was tracking Francis also to avoid an unprepared clash, but having no information about it, she could not do anything.

On her laptop screen was the google search results for the SheiDev firm. She read the Wikipedia result for it and got details more details about the company and it's headquarter location in El Deols. After that she began to search for profiles online for Moses and Eston who worked in SheiDev. It was easy for her as their business profiles were on LinkedIn, she saw their positions as top staffs of the organization. After getting their surnames , she proceeded to search for their profiles on facebook to pull out more information concerning them and their families. After a total of one hour work, she was ready with information enough to kill her next two victims and she was going to get both done the next day, the first man in the morning and then other later in the day.



Hex Hotel

Cole walked straight to the bed and sank in after getting into the room. He spoke no word to Henry who was using his laptop at the table and Henry also did not look at him. The silence in the room remained until after ten minutes.

"I know the lady who killed him," Cole broke his silence. "And I was going after her to find out why."

Henry glanced at him. "You know her or you saw her killing him?"

"I didn't see her killing him, but I'm a hundred percent sure that she killed him," he said, clearing his throat after.

"And do you have an idea where she is from or who she works for?"

"She's from Bethanna, we arrived El Deols on the same flight, her seat was next to mine."

Henry turned with his eyes widened at Cole in shock. He got up from the seat immediately and walked to the door, he opened and peeped carefully to check the corridor.

"Are you sure no one followed you here?"

Cole stared at him with his brows gathered together, wondering what he was doing. "I came here alone."

Henry did not return to the table, he opened the wardrobe and took out two pistols he kept there. Cole squinted at him.

"You said you were with her on the plane," Henry turned back to him.

"Yes, we sat next to each other and we discussed briefly."

"Damn!" Henry exclaimed. "The Wolves have gone farther than I thought, they probably know everything about us now."

He said as he walked back to the table.

"What are you talking about?" Cole got up and turned to him.

Henry close up the laptop after hibernating it, he picked the bag and put it in.

"Are you sure no one followed you here tonight?" Henry asked again.

"Yes," Cole said in a bold voice and then frowned at him. He was beginning to get confused.

"Samantha and Wilson were kidnapped on their way back to Vincil, the Wolves must have done it. It means they were silently following me all the while."

"What? How could that have happened? And who is Wilson?"

"Wilson was the one who helped me find Rex, but as it is, Rex was used as a trap for me." Henry turned the chair backward from the table and sat.

Cole was more confused.

"Rex is incapacitated," Henry continued to explain. "He wasn't lucky to escape death as whole as I was and he's been treated by local doctors in Kebba. The Wolves knew all these while where he was but kept him alive to trap me, they knew I was going to look for him if I found out he was alive and so they were waiting for us at Kebba."

Henry's mind flashed back as he spoke and he recalled how they had driven into Kebba on the first day. He imagined Agents of the Wolves around and watching them that day. He remembered the cameras and knew the Wolves must have placed them there and they probably did not attack them at the hotel because they knew he had seen the cameras and would be ready for any surprise.

"The Wolves now know I'm alive and they are out to stop me," Henry stared up at Cole. "It's possible they know about the rest of you too, and may be meeting that woman in the plane was not an accident, it could have been part of their trap."

Cole thought about it. There was no way anyone could have found out about his trip to Anthanna. The only two people he had told was Jenny and Henry, so it would have not been possible for anyone to know without they telling them but he was still confused. Florence killed Francis and that was a pointer that she could have something to do with the Wolves truly. Could it have been a trap like Henry said or was their meeting in the plane just a coincidence?

"Even if your flight with her was a coincidence, we should not fall into their traps again by meeting them without being well prepared," Henry spoke out after a long silence, as if he knew what Cole was thinking.

"Have you been able to locate those who kidnapped Samantha?" Cole asked.

"We have no idea, they did a good job clearing the records." Henry replied.

"So, there's almost no way to get Samantha out?"

"There is a way to do so but first we have to take Rex out of Kebba and get him to safety."

"You still want to go back to Kebba? I thought that's where they got us."

"Yes, but I can't leave Rex there. He's paralyzed and they would easily end his life if he isn't taken to a place they can't reach."

Cole thought about it for a while, he could see a glimpse of fear in Henry's eyes and could tell Henry cared deeply about his friend. That was a weakness Henry warned them about during their weeks of training before the mission started. He had said it was always difficult to overcome it but may be impossible sometimes to avoid as long as one has family and friends close.

"What do we do after taking him out? How do we get Samantha back?"

"The only way out after that..."Henry paused for a second and stared at Cole's face. "Is surrendering myself to the wolves."

Cole widened his eyes in shock, surprised that he was saying something that could not be possible. If the Wolves could get Henry, then the mission was already over.

Read episode 87 -- https://youngicee.com/2019/09/restless-episode-87.html

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Unedited Episode

Restless - Episode 87

® 18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel

01:08 AM
Unknown Location, Bethanna.

For more than an hour after the men left Wilson and Samantha in the room, there was total silence. The two of them felt so weak in their bodies and it felt difficult even Samantha got up to check the doors and windows and see how possible it was for them to break out.

Wilson struggled to find sleep but he could not, he could still feel the pains in his belly and the weakness all over his body but that was not the only reason he couldn't sleep. He was worried about what their fate was and if it would be ever possible to get out of the place. He couldn;t tell for sure what reason they were kidnapped but he had an idea. He thought the abductors were the ruthless men who threw Morris off the cliff and possible were the same assassins who Morris said was after him and Louis. They had probably come to kill Louis too or make him paralyzed the same way Morris was.

One thing he was yet to comprehended however was the man referring to Louis as Carl Winston. He had finally recalled that it was the name of a popular FOX Agent. It wasn't making sense to him but the pain he was feeling all over his body coupled with hunger made him not to think properly or even think of questioning Samantha.

He was finally being able to sleep when he began to hear sounds of distant footsteps approaching. He turned and looked at Samantha who was sitting with her back leaning against the wall to check if she had also heard it.

The footsteps got closer and closer slowly until the door opened. The man in white walked in again but was followed by three men this time, one carrying a chair with him and the other two holding short metal rods.

The chair was dropped at the center of the room close to where the captives were and the man stood beside it, resting his left palm on it.

"I don't plan to use this chair tonight," Hutton began. "I have some questions for you guys and I hope you answer me quickly, if you don't I'll have to sit and watch these men torture you until you are ready to speak."

Wilson, still lying flat on the floor with his head slight raised and his staring at Hutton was gripped with fear in his heart as he heard Hutton's words. He wondered what the questions were and hoped the answers required will not be the ones that would put the life of Morris or Louis in danger. He managed to gather himself and sit on her side with the other knee slightly raised up.

"Where is Carl Winston presently?" Hutton asked, looking directly into Wilson's face.

Wilson heart almost failed him as his eyes met with Hutton's. He blinked and gasped unconsciously and directed his gaze to Samantha as if to seek for permission to speak.

"What exactly do you want from Carl Winston?" Samantha spoke up.

"Well, that's too bad." Hutton let out a brief devilish smile. "Why do you answer questions with questions?" He shrugged and then stepped to the back of the chair, and placed the second palm on it, gripping the top of the backrest with his fingers. "Just answer my questions without wasting time."

"Well, I do not know where Carl Winston is, he left us for something else."

Hutton chuckled. He redirected his gaze to Wilson who was alos staring at him. "Where exactly is Carl Winston?"

Wilson lips trembled for a moment, he was still wondering why Samantha had also confirmed Louis to be Carl Winston when Hutton faced him with the question.

He glanced at Samantha again and returned his gaze to Hutton.

"I don't know...where he is," he finally stammered

Hutton took in a breath and turned to one of the men by Wilson's side, giving him a signal with a nod. He turned to the other side and gave the same signal to the second man.

The men stepped forward and pulled Wilson and Samantha closer together to the front of the seat leaving about two and half metres space in between.

Hutton stepped forward and sat on the chair.

"I'll ask again for the last time, where is Carl Winston presently?"

There was no response from the two, Samantha kept an expressionless face while Wilson was shaking his face was full of fright.

Hutton took in a deep breath and gave an eye signal to the men who were ready for his instructions. They both turned almost immediately, the man beside Wilson dug the rod into the side of his belly while the one beside Samantha struck her from the from.

Wilson screamed and fell on the floor rolling while Samantha remained jerked like she felt an impulse of throwing up with a more silent groan. The man beside Samantha struck her again but this time by the belly side and she fell on the floor and rolled just like Wilson, writhing in pain. Wilson was lashed twice on the back with the rod before he was picked up and dragged back to the previous position.

The second man followed Samantha as she rolled in pain and waited for her to reduce her movement before piercing the rod straight into her belly again.

Wilson felt so weak and unable to keep himself in sitting position, the man had to support him with his knees at the back and held up his chin for him to look at Hutton.

"Where is Carl Winston?" Hutton asked Wilson again.

Wilson could feel the pain transferring all over his body and he forced himself to breathe in and out and keep life in his body. He heard Hutton's question but found it difficult to open his eyes or even his mouth but the man holding his chin kept on shaking him to make him keep his eyes opened.

"Where's Carl?" Hutton asked one more time, bending forward to look into his eyes.

"He's... He's in Bethanna," he managed to say.

Hutton sat up and looked at the face of the man holding him. He made a nod towards the door, giving the man a sign to take Wilson out of the room.

Samantha watched Wilson was being lifted and carried out of the room on the man's shoulder. She was just being dragged to the previous position and did not know what had happened with Wilson. She also found it difficult to sit on her own but was helped by the man behind her. She also could not raise her head properly at him but managed to raise her eyes to his face.

"Tell me where Carl Winston is, or continue your suffering?" Hutton said, leaning forward again to look into her face.

She took in few deep breaths and a determined look formed on her face.

"Carl Winston is in your bleeping ass," she smirked.

Hutton smiled softly as he leaned back. He stared at her face for a while before he looked up at the face of the man behind her.

"Hang her back to the poles," he said and immediately got up from his seat. He proceeded straight out of the room.

The third man joined to move Samantha back to the back wall where the poles were, the chains were still locked around her wrists and ankles.

Samantha managed to keep on breathing softly as one of the man held her up while the other man bent to lock the other parts of the fetters on her feet to the poles. He rose up and they both locked the top parts to the poles. They walked out after, leaving her alone in the room.

It was the most discomforting position to be. Her feet were too weak to sustain her weight but there was nothing else she could lean on, she couldn't lean against any of the poles at either sides because of the lengths of the chains and the distance of the poles to her body. Her back could also not touch the wall behind. It was going to be her worst night ever and she wasn't sure she could survive.
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Restless Episode 87


El Deols, Anthanna.

Sheila was applying sitting in front of the mirror, applying the body cream on her skin when her phone began to ring. She looked back and hesitated for a while before going to pick the phone where it was in the bed. As expected, Adrian was the caller.

"Good morning Adrian," Sheila greeted as she returned to the seat.

"Good morning love, hope you slept well." Adrian replied in cheerful tone from the other end.

"Yes, I did. What about you?" She asked, taking off her finger from the phone and using her right shoulder to hold it up to her ear.

"I did too," he replied. "I just woke up and I wanted to thank you again for your time yesterday."

"Oh! You're welcome," Sheila smiled. "Hope you plan to take your drugs early this morning."

"Yes sure, breakfast is almost ready."


"You sound like you're rushing somewhere, I thought you weren't going to work."

"Ermm, Yeah. I was actually sleeping when I got a call from Victoria, she wants me to meet her up at her mall," Sheila replied.

"I see, I'll call you later then," Adrian said.

"Yeah, talk..." she was about concluding when she suddenly remembered something. "Adrian, I forgot to ask you this last night when you called. Did you drop a card on the center table last night?"

"Uhmm, card? What kind of card?"

"Ermm, like a greeting card."

"I didn't come with anything like that with him to your place," Adrian replied.

"Uhmn, okay." Sheila smiled. "We'd talk later in the day then."

"Take care."

"You too."

She dropped the phone on the table in front and hurried up with her dressing. She was ready in fifteen minutes time and she walked out of the room with her bag and the card in her hand.

"Lesedi," she called when she got to the living room.

"Yes ma'am," Lesedi appeared from the hallway, wiping her wet hands on the apron. "Good morning."

"Good morning, how are you doing today?"

"Fine ma'am."

"Good," Sheila said and then raised the card in her hand up. "Is this for you?"

"No," Lesedi shook her head. "I saw it on the floor last night when she drove Adrian back home and kept it on the centre table for you to see."

"Adrian said he didn't drop it," Sheila frowned.

Lesedi shrugged. "Well, I only picked it from the floor."

"Okay, thanks." Sheila shrugged and was about keeping it in her bag but changed her mind. She handed it to Lesedi. "You should confirm from your colleague, it probably dropped from her."

"Okay ma'am," Lesedi cleaned her palms again before taking it.

"I'll see you when I return."

Sheila proceeded out of the house still wondering who the message could be for, she was going to ask her bodyguard to confirm if it had dropped from him the last night.



"How long will your sister be staying for?" Moses asked his wife who was serving him on the dining table.

He was dressed already, in his sky blue shirt and navy blue tie, his black suit was hung over the backrest of the dining chair. His wife was dressed in house wears with an apron over it, she had a cap on her head covering her hair fully. Two kids were at the living room, dressed in school uniforms and playing with each other.

"Just the weekend," the lady replied him.

"Well, it's okay. She can help us stay with the kids while we spend time out together on Saturday." Moses said.

"My thoughts exactly," she smiled as she dropped the container at the center of the table and covered it. "I'll go change to take the kids to school right away."

"Alright dear," he said as he watched her go in direction of the hallway.

She was about to step into the hallway when she heard the bell of the main entrance ring. She turned back and proceeded to check who was there.

She looked through the peephole, it was a lady dressed in black pants and a collared short sleeve white shirt. She had a hat on and dark glasses covering her face. The stranger did not look like someone evil to her.

"Good morning," she greeted as she opened the door, standing at the entrance.

"Good morning ma'am," Florence greeted back with a smile, she took off the dark eyeglasses covering her eyes. "Is your husband in?"

"Yes, he's in." the wife replied, taking a quick glance back to her husband who was looking in her direction while eating.

"I'll like to see him," Florence stated.

"Please wait, he'll be here with you soon." the wife replied and closed back the door.

"Who's it?" Moses asked.

"A lady, she's here to see you."

"Who's she and where's she from?"

"I didn't ask," she stopped and turned back to the door. The stranger who was looking back turned to her immediately after she opened the door again. "Please, what do you need to see him for?"

Florence was disappointed not to see the man at the door instead. Her impatience grew as she scanned the woman from head to toe with her eyes. She took a step forward and pushed the woman in with her right hand while pushing the door in with the left.

"What the bleep!" Moses cursed as he watched his wife staggering and supporting herself with the wall. Florence stepped in and closed the door immediately.

Moses got up from his seat and headed towards the door immediately while his wife stood back on her feet and tried to attack the intruder.

Florence grabbed her with her right hand easily by the neck and slammed her back to the wall, she took out the gun from the back pocket and pointed at the man who was rushing towards her.

Moses stopped immediately and raised both hands up as he saw the gun pointing to him.

"Move this way," Florence said, pointing to the center of the living room with her gun. Moses obeyed and slowly moved to the center of the living room.

Florence released the grip on the woman's neck and pointed the gun at her. "Move away," sher ordered.

The wife whose eyes were red and watery already coughed as she moved back slowly without turning. Florence kept the gun pointed at her as she walked in Moses direction. She held one of the little innocent kids by the arm and held him close.

"No, please, do not hurt him! I beg you," Moses pleaded. "I'm here and you can do whatever you want with me, please let the kid go."

The wife was also on her knees, pleading and rubbing her palms together. The second child walked to her mum who held her in an embrace.

Florence held the boy closer and pointed the gun to his head.

"I have few questions for you, answer quickly and I'll let go." she threatened.

Moses shook his head steadily in agreement.

"Apart from you and Charles, who else worked with you and Frank in making the sensitive igniter?"

Moses frowned, "I don't know what you're talking about."

"You worked with Frank to produce a sensor that can identify customized voices and words, who else worked with you?" she asked again.

"He breathed out, we are selling out a sensor to Frank but I don't know about the igniter," Moses replied. "The idea of the sensor is a property of the company and he offered to buy the product and the processes but we are yet to agree."

Florence stared at him for a while, considering taking his words as true or questioning him further.

"Who else knows about the sensor?"

"Like I said, it's a product of the SheiDev company, I and Charles were only responsible for the interacting with Frank and negotiating the process of ownership transfer."

She released the boy she was holding and let him run to his mother while she pointed the gun at Frank.

"Take them in," she ordered the woman.

The woman hurriedly held both kids and shakily led them in.

Moses hands were raised and he watched the gun pointed in Florence's hand. He was confused and could find no reason why he had a gunwoman in his house. He was not a bad person and had not hurt anyone and the sensor which she was asking questions about to his knowledge was for a good purpose.

Florence cocked the gun, she felt he didn't deserve to die since he did not know what Frank planned to do with the sensor but she already had the order to kill him.

She saw in his eyes the desperation to live and pleas for mercy as her finger touched the trigger but there was no turning back, she pressed the trigger and the bullet hit him right in the chest. She turned immediately and walked out of the house.

To be continued

Read Episode 88 here -- https://youngicee.com/2019/09/restless-episode-88.html
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Restless - Episode 88

® 18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel

Bexford Bethanna,
Suntan Farms Road,

Evelyn was sitting at the passenger's side of the car while a junior agent was at the driver's side of the car. He had a tablet device on his laps.

"Study the documents and get to me as soon as you find anything." Evelyn said to him.

"Yes ma'am, we would reach you immediately."

"I'll also like to know the visitors he received throughout the day, so you guys must keep your eyes on the footages." Evelyn said and then opened the door to step out.


Hex Hotel, El Deols.

"Meet us up by 3pm at the Ont Hotel before the border," Henry said into his phone before he hung up. He was fully dressed and ready to step out. Cole was also dressed but didn't seem ready to leave, he was sitting at the table with his eyes fixated and fingers busy on the keypad of his laptop.

"Boss, I just got it." Cole flashed a look at Henry. "Florence was registered as Florence Frank for the flight, a car picked her up from the gate of the airport and dropped her at a restaurant. I'm yet to get her movement from the moment she stepped into the restaurant but I'm sure I'll do if I continue tracing."

"That means the CCTV does not capture what goes on behind the gate of the restaurant, you can only get that from the restaurants' security office." Henry replied as he walked to Cole's back. He stopped behind him and stared at the laptop screen for a while, then he placed a palm on his shoulder. "We have to leave now Cole, let's save Samantha and Wilson first."

Cole nodded gently in agreement and moved the cursor to the start button to hibernate the system. He got up and laced his shoes first before closing up the laptop.

"I hope nothing has happened to them," Cole said as he put the laptop in the bag.

"I hope so too," Henry replied with a gentle breath.



In a large busy supermarket, the trading activities were on as usual. The two ladies were sitting in the inner room behind the admin table discussing.

"How much would it cost to modify and repackage the items?" Sheila asked Victoria who was sitting directly in front of the monitor with her hand on the mouse.

"A million Anthannian dollars," Victoria replied. "That makes it four million with the purchasing and shipping down here."

"How do you intend to get you to the customers, especially the ones you are targeting in the neighboring countries?" Sheila asked.

"That's why I have you here, I want you to partner with me." Victoria answered. "You have great skills in digital marketing and you even have an agency for it, we just have to come up with a partnership agreement."

"Ermm..." Sheila squinted. "But, we need to be sure that..." she paused to take out her ringing phone, she checked the screen quickly. "We need to be sure that the products will be accepted and also see how much arrangements for shipping to other nations will cost. Please excuse me," she added before answering the call. "Good morning Mr Charles."

The look on Sheila's face changed immediately and she squinted at her friend's face. "When did this happen?" she asked and listened to the caller's response. "Okay, I'll be on my way there right now."

"Is there a problem?" Victoria asked after she dropped the call.

"Yes, an employee of mine was assassinated this morning in his house," Sheila replied as she hurriedly put her things in her bag.

"Oh! That's serious," Victoria exclaimed.

"Yeah, it is. I was told the assassin asked him some questions related to his work in the company before killing him," she got up after putting her shoe on properly. "There are policemen at the office now for questioning and I have to join them."

"Alright then, we would continue later. Please accept my sympathy," Victoria said as she watched her friend rush off.


Unknown Location, Bethanna.

Wilson laid shivering on the cold floor, alone in the room. He had been awake for more than three hours and had tried sleeping again but sleep had failed to come. The room was very different from the previous one where he and Samantha were, the walls were painted and the floor was tiled, the windows were also made of sliding glasses and modern burglary proof materials unlike the previous one. The condition he was placed however was not too different, the only very significant little difference was that he wasn't made to stand like Samantha was where she was. He had not tasted food nor water since the previous day, he could tell his body was already dehydrated. His bladder was also full but he could not empty it on himself. He didn't know what to hope for. He loved Morris and Louis but he wasn't sure he could keep his mouth shut anymore if asked questions about them.

He felt a gleam of hope when he heard the sound of the door opening. He managed to turn his head in the direction and felt relieved in his mind after seeing a man walk in holding a plate of food and bottle of water. The man stopped a metre before him and placed the items carefully on the floor before turning back. Wilson dragged himself to the plate and began to devour the food like an hungry lion. He finished it in five minutes and gulped down the bottle water, emptying it to the last drop. He fell to the floor to rest.

The door opened again fifteen minutes after and four men walked in this time, led by the man who was dressed in all white the previous day. The last two men carried plastic chairs with them. They arranged the chairs at the center of the room facing each other. One of the men walked to where Wilson was and pulled him up.

"I need to go to the toilet," Wilson managed to say, feeling very heavy.

The man released him and turned to Hutton. "He says he needs to ease himself."

Hutton stared at Wilson's face for a second, then he glanced at another man and gave him a signal. "The two of you should take him there, I'll be waiting."

Hutton settled down on one of the seats and stared blankly at the wall behind after he heard them shut the door. He wondered where Carl Winston was and what he was probably doing at that time. He believed Carl must be doing something very strategic to get back the two abductors fellows. He knew he also must be very strategic in his plans as the most strategic and thoughtful person would win the war at the end and the current battle at hand. He didn't believe he would get enough information from Wilson but he had to try and see.

Wilson was brought back in ten minutes later and made to sit on the chair in front of Hutton. Hutton for a while, spoke no words but kept staring at his face silently.

"Wilson," he finally called.

Wilson stared him in the eyes.

"We've been following you a long while ago," he began. "Particularly since that day you picked Rex up from the bottom of the Oso Rock. We never left there that day, I saw you when you arrived and we watched as you called for help. You got four other men to help you lift Rex up and help you to the hospital."

Wilson squinted at his face, he was now a hundred percent sure that these men were the assassins who were after Morris and Louis lives. The man had just described exactly what happened that day. The only thing confusing him was that Morris was being called Rex, a name he never knew to be associated with Morris.

"Two of the men that helped you get to the hospital that day were my men, so I've had my eyes on you for a long time now," Hutton continued. "I lost track of you guys but only for a brief time and I got to find you later at Vincil," he paused briefly and continued again. "We did not know on the day Rex was taken to Kebba but we found out few days later and since then we've had our eyes on Rex in the home of sacrifice."

Wilson let out a breath. The information was too much for him to handle and he realized at that moment that he and his sister's life had been in danger all the while. He now understood perfectly why Morris had always told him to forget about him and leave to a safer place with his sister.

"That's just to let you know I know you well," Hutton paused and let out a brief smile. "So, don't lie to me. If you do, I'd find out the truth later and you would pay with your life and that of your sister's."

Wilson swallowed in.

"Where exactly did Carl go in El Deols?" Hutton asked.

Wilson shook his head slowly. "I don't know," he said and then stared at Hutton's face again. "I only overheard him saying he was going to meet someone at Anthanna."

"And who was he going to meet?"

"I don't know," Carl replied. "But it's someone that has been communicating with him for a while."

"For how long have you been with Carl since he returned to Bethanna?"

Wilson frowned. "Just few days ago, he came in search for Morris."

"So you never knew of his presence until he came in search of Morris?"

"Yes but Morris once said he must have returned one evening and that was why Morris left for Kebba."

"I see," Hutton paused and thought for a moment before he spoke again. "So, how did you know Carl and Rex?"

"I don't know them as Carl and Rex, I know them as Louis and Morris. They met I and my sister several years ago after the FOX took us out of abduction from the terrorist group in South Husan, they brought us back to Bethanna but I and my sister could no longer find our parents. Morris has been taking care of us since then even though we only saw once over the years until last year."

"I thought as much," Hutton said, almost in whispers. From his overview of Wilson, he had noticed Wilson had no skills or ability which Carl and Rex would have wanted to keep him for but he never realized he could just be somebody they helped out of trouble.

"So Louis and Morris were part of the FOX Agents who helped you escape abduction?"

Wilson frowned. "No, they are just ordinary citizens who took charge of our welfare."

Hutton chuckled. He realized Wilson was not even aware that the two men were FOX agents.

"So, how much do you know of Louis Winston now?" Hutton questioned. "Apart from the lady in the other room, who else works with him presently?"

"I only know of two others, a young man and an older man currently at Vincil asked to watch over Sophia and wait for us." Wilson answered.

"I see," Hutton got up and took some steps forward after turning his back. He took some seconds to think before he turned again. "Is there any information you have to give us that will help us reach Carl Winston?"

Wilson shook his head. "I don't have any," he said in a shaky voice.

"How much do you know of the lady that was brought here with you?" Hutton asked.

"I only know her name, Samantha."

Hutton looked at the men and signalled to them. "We'll see again," he said to Wilson before turning back towards the door. One of the men picked the chair he sat on and they all followed him out.

Hutton took only few steps in the hallway before he stopped, he made a hand gesture for one of the men to come forward.

"Get some food to the lady," he ordered. "Get the chains off her hands, let her relax but keep a watchful eye on her."

The man bowed slightly and hurried off to execute the order.

Hutton picked out his phone from his pocket and dialed Kahn's number before he continued walking slowly.

"Carl is in El Deols, tell the new girl to thread carefully." He said into the phone as he walked out of the hallway.

"Yeah, we told her already." Kahn replied from the other end.

"I'll be sending men all over El Deols now, we need to find out what Carl Winston was there to do."
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 4:03pm On Jun 30
The sounds and voices sounded so distant and like echoes from the top of a mountain. The environment was harsh and chilly. Samantha managed to open her eyes as the sounds continued in her ears.

Her vision was so blur and all she saw were like shadows, she could hear sounds like human voices even though she couldn't pick out the words. She didn't know if she was in heaven or in hell but she was quite sure she was dead. She was only confused as she was feeling a terrible headache and that made it look like hell, as she didn't believe one could feel a headache in heaven.

She felt so lifeless and without a body. Her feet were touching the floor but obviously not strong enough to support her body, only the chains locking her to the poles kept her in the slant position.

The shadows came closer and the sounds which were like human voices began to make more sense.

"She...is not dead," she heard someone say. It sounded like a roar in her head.

"Yeah, I can see her blinking her eyes," another voice said.

The shadows came closer and so close to her. She felt a hand on her left wrist and it felt strange. She had thought she was without her body any longer and had now become a spirit.

Before she could understand what was happening, the chains were detached from her wrists and she almost collapsed on the floor but for one of the men who held her up. The chains around her ankles were also unlocked. The man holding her up carried and carefully and placed her to sit on the floor, making her rest her back on the wall. She fell on her side immediately he left her to herself.

"Do you think she can eat on her own?" One of the men asked another. They were four in total.

"Doesn't look like," another replied. "We got to make her take some glucose first."

"I'll get it right away," another one replied and hurried out of the room immediately.


SheiDev Firm,
El Deols

"I have several projects running with Mr Moses and I can't say which one you're talking about exactly," Charles replied to the questions from the police officer.

They were sitting in a room which looked like an office but was not. An empty table was at the center, Sheila and Charles were sitting at one side of the table while two officers were sitting at the other side, another one was standing behind them. The other parts of the room were empty.

"You were not the only person mentioned by the assassin, the wife said she mentioned someone else but hasn't been able to recall the person's name." the police officer said.

"We have over a hundred staffs here, Mr Moses as the head projects supervisor works with almost everybody." Charles replied.

"Have you had any personal business with the deceased apart from your work here?"

"Not at all, we're not really close friends, we only have the colleague to colleague relationship."

"Hmmm," the policemen shrugged and nodded gently. "Well, we'd get to the root of this matter soon. That will be all for now, thanks for cooperating with us."

"Officer," Sheila who had being quiet put in. "If the assassin mentioned Mr Charles' name, doesn't it mean Mr Charles could also be in danger?"

"Yeah ma'am, we are very conscious of that and we would be monitoring Mr Charles from this moment, to ensure nothing happens to him." the officer replied.

"Thank you, please nothing should happen to him."

"You're welcome," the officer got up from his seat and offered handshakes to Sheila and Charles.


Unknown Hotel, El Deols.

"Can I see your overseer?" Daniel asked for the second time, his both hands placed ont he reception desk. Standing behind him were two other men, junior FOX agents from the branch in El Deols who had been assigned to assist him.

"Yes, but like I said before, you have to come back tomorrow or some other time." the lady replied him.

"It's urgent please, let me see him."

"It's a she," the lady corrected. "And what is it about? You could drop a message, it will get to her later."

Daniel was forced to take out his Identity card. "We're from the FOX and we need to see her right away." he said in more of a commanding tone as he displayed the card to her.

It seemed his tone worked as the expression on her face changed immediately and she picked up her phone to make a call. After talking for a minute, she got up and turned out of the reception area.

"Please follow me," she said and led them into the management area.

30 Minutes later

In the Manager's Office

Daniel stood just beside the manager, looking into the system as she scrolled, the other two officers were standing at the other side.

"I think the four most recent visits are enough," Daniel said and stood upright.

The woman turned her neck to look at his face. "What do you say is next after this?

"We need footages from your security cameras for these four visits," Daniel replied.

The woman stared at his face for a while, and then drew closer to the table to pick the landline. "I'll make a call right away and ask that for the footages to be prepared."


Unknown Location, Bethanna.

Back to life, Samantha remained in the sitting position with her back leaning against the wall and waiting for what was to come next. She knew the men had something in store for her for not letting her starve to death. She could not sense what it was but believed it would be tougher than physical torture.

She heard voices and the door was opened soon. Hutton stepped in with two other men without any chair this time.

Hutton walked straight to her, not waiting for her to be brought closer. He stood in front and stared down at her while she also stared at his face.

"Samantha," he called out her name in an unexpected soft tone.

She stared blankly at his face.

"You see, we carried out some search on you and found out that you are from Anthanna, an unusual female street thug and a basketball enthusiast in Gege Slum. You should have continued with your life silently in the slum instead of choosing to die with Carl Winston," he chuckled and stopped. He looked straight into her eyes and she didn't look away. "I see confidence, much more than a young woman should possess, they're in your eyes. And I see loyalty and dependability. Sadly, none of these can save you from being murdered by us or being a tool in our hands."

He stopped again to look at her face. He was sure she was yet to understand what he was talking about. He squatted and looked directly in her eyes.

"Samantha, I don't want to torture or force you, I want you to give in easily. Help us get Carl Winston, you'll not only be rewarded handsomely but you'd have your freedom to live the kind of life you want to live." He said in a patronizing voice. "Work with us," he added with a brief smile.

"I'd rather die than work with you," Samantha voiced out weakly.

Hutton chuckled, unmoved. "I would have loved to see you dead but unfortunately for you, I need you alive. Whether you like it or not, I'm going to make you work for me, I'm only giving you the option to make things easier for yourself."

"I'll never work for you," Samantha repeated.

Hutton smiled and got to his feet. "I really like you young woman, I do wish a lot of other young women are like you."

He turned and began to walk to the door.

"Make sure she doesn't miss a meal, she would need enough strength when she finally has to start the work I have for her." he said with confidence and stopped as he held the knob of the door. He turned and looked back in her direction again. He smiled at her before turning again to the door, he opened the door and walked out.



Ont Hotel

"Come over guys," Henry called onto his men. Cole and Dave who were at other angles of the room came closer to him. He was sitting on a footstool and had a laptop placed at the edge of the bed in front of him. They moved closer and bent beside him to see what he wanted to show them.

"Been studying this map all day and I've found out two other routes out of Kebba, we'd have to go in separately, the both of you would go tonight and I will join you tomorrow to take Rex out of there." Henry explained.

"So, what's the plan?" Dave asked.

"I'll tell you, but let's understand the routes first," Henry replied. He zoomed the map and pointed to a route. "I propose we take Rex out through this way, it's farther into South Husan but it leads to a neighboring town where we can change our vehicle and move into this city."

"We have to go farther into South Husan? I thought we were bringing him into Bethanna," Dave frowned.

"Look here man," Henry pointed to something on the map. "The route links back, we're only going round to come back to the border," he stopped and looked at Dave's face.

"And that is to escape a possible attack?" Dave questioned.

"Yes," Henry replied. "There would surely be an attack but they would not expect us to go through this long route."

"I get you boss," Dave nodded. "That means we have to study the routes individually."

"I would mark the points and send them to you two," Henry replied and then turned the other way to see if Cole had any question.

"How are we going to get Rex out with Ovil Matuse's resistance?"

"We would try to convince him," Henry answered. "If he doesn't get convinced, we would do it with force but try as much as possible not to kill any of Kebba's citizens, that's why we are taking more tranquilizing guns with us. The only people we can shoot dead are the Wolves men who we're expecting to try to stop us."

Cole shrugged and got up. "When we do we move?"

"Right away, start preparing." Henry replied.



Unknown location, Bethanna.

Hutton reached for his ringing phone on the footstool beside the couch. He checked the screen to see the caller before answering.

"Boss, we just spotted a tinted car driving into Kebba." the voice from the other end reported.

Hutton put on his leather slippers carefully and got up. "Keep your eyes on the vehicle and those in it," he replied as he headed for the door.

The citizens of Kebba barely used cars and most times when a car was seen driving in it was a visitor. Hutton knew for sure that the vehicle must have something to do with Carl Winston and the reason was to take Rex out of Kebba. He was sure Carl would be with more of his men and it was the most appropriate time to attack them.

Read Episode 89 here -- https://youngicee.com/2019/09/restless-episode-89.html
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Restless - Episode 89

® 18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel

El Deols, Anthanna.

Charles drew in a deep breath as he unbuckled the seatbelt. It had been a tiring day at work and then after work, he had to shop for some groceries and take them to his mother before returning to his own apartment. His only consolation was that he had dinner in his mum's house before finding his way home.

He could still feel the shock from Mr Moses death and his mind was filled with questions as to why such a nice man could have been killed. Maybe he had some hidden businesses which the world didn't know about, Charles thought. That would be it, he said to himself as he stepped out of his car and headed for his apartment. He was yet to get to the entrance of his apartment before he realized he was in the wrong line of thoughts. He remembered that the police had claimed the wife of the deceased heard the assassin mention his name too. He hadn't been in any secret business with Mr Moses. He wondered how and why the assassin knew his name.

He heaved a sigh as he climbed up the corridor, he looked left and right as if to check if the police were really keeping an eye on him like the officer who questioned them had promised. He saw no one but chose to believe they must be somewhere around truly. He turned on his phone's flashlight before he proceeded into the house. He locked the door behind him and tapped the switch of the bulb. He dropped the magazine on his hand on footstool in the living room and proceeded into the bedroom with his suit jacket and phones in his hand.

Twenty minutes later, he returned to the living room after taking a shower. He was dressed in shorts and an armless top. He had missed his boss' call while in the bathroom, so he dialed back her number with the phone in his hands. While it connected, he proceeded towards the television stand to pick the remote control but he stopped as he got to the sitting area, shocked to see a figure on his three seater sofa, lying in a sleeping position with the head well rested on the left armrest and the feet on the other armrest and a black hat covering the face.

He quickly glanced at the door and glanced back at the person, wondering how entrance was gained since he locked the door. He noticed the shoes of the intruder and knew it was a lady. Fear gripped his heart as he remembered that the assassin who had killed Mr Moses was reported to be a lady.

"I've been waiting for you here since five o'clock," the intruder said. She placed a hand on the hat to hold it and she rose to a sitting position. She dropped the hat on the seat by her left side and raised her head to look at his face.

He was filled with fear and was confused about what to do.

"Come sit here," she offered with an evil grin, tapping the space at her right with her palm.

"What do you want from me and how did you get in?" he managed to say as he began to step back towards the door slowly.

"Why don't you sit and let us talk?"

The living room was a small one, so it took no time for him to get to the door and try to open it. He was disappointed to find out that the key in the keyhole had been replaced with a wrong one. He turned back to see her smiling at him and raising the right key up in her hand.

"Come take a sit and let's discuss," she offered again.

"What do you want from me?" he asked once more in a shaky voice. He remained at the door with his back turned against it and his hands still on the key as he continued trying to unlock it.


Sheila's Apartment

Sheila was alone in her living room where she had just watched the news update of Frank's death on the network news. The news had reported that Frank was killed by a woman he met at the back of the clubhouse. To Sheila, it looked somehow connected to the death of Moses and she was wondering if the lady assassin was just a serial killer. She had dialed Charles number twice, just to speak with him and ask if he had also heard the news about Frank's death and his thoughts about it, but Charles had not answered the call but was now calling back.

"Hello Frank," she said into the phone. "Hello..." she said again when she heard no response. She squinted as she reduced the volume of the television to listen closely, she could hear him talking to someone underground. After listening for some seconds, she realized he was talking with an intruder and quickly got up to pick her second phone. She dialed the police' number.

She kept the phone which was on call with Charles close to her left ear while she placed the second close to her right.

"Hello officer, there's an intruder in Mr Charles' house at the moment, I'm afraid he needs to be rescued immediately."

"Okay ma'am, we have men around his house, I'm also close, I'll order them to go in now." the officer replied.

She ended the call and tried to continue listening with the other phone but she discovered the call had ended already. Her mind was filled with fear for Charles' life and she wondered if she should dial his number back.


Charles' Apartment.

"You worked with Moses and Frank to develop a sensor, who else was on your team?" Florence asked.

Charles' heart was beating so fast and his whole body was trembling. She saw that he was delaying and took out her gun.

"Ermm... There was no team, the codes used to develop the product was solely done by Miss Sheila Jack," Charles answered quickly.

"Mrs Sheila Jack? Who is she?" Florence asked as she got up from the sofa and began to walk closer to him.

"She's our boss," Charles replied.

"At SheiDev?"


She stopped a metre in front of him and returned the gun into the pocket of her jacket.

"Tell me the truth, who else joined you guys in building the sensor?"

"Please spare me, I'm saying the whole truth. Miss Sheila Jack had the work in progress before Frank came to our company to ask if we had such product..."

"Shhh..." Florence hushed him. She was hearing some sounds outside and she could tell it was more than just an entrance made by another person living in the compound. She placed her stare at his face and dipped her hand in her pocket to take her knife.


Sheila's Apartment

Sheila continued to pace about the living room minutes after, she couldn't put her mind to rest. She had called the officer's number again but he didn't answer. After a while, she couldn't hold it any longer and decided to dial Charles' number. It took a while before it was finally answered.

"Hello Charles, hope you are safe." Sheila said into the mouthpiece.

"Sorry Miss Sheila, he was killed before we got in." she heard the officer's voice instead. "But we are after the killer and would catch up very soon."

Her mouth was left wide open in shock. Charles was gone already. Her mind began to beat so fast and she wondered what the reason for the murders was. She began to wonder if that was the end or if it had just begun.

Her mind was gripped with fear and the only person she could think of talking to was her father. She dialed his number quickly.


Unknown Hotel, El Deols.

"Damn it!" Daniel cursed as he jumped up to his feet. He ran his fingers into his hair and bit his lips slightly. "This was the same man who was killed last night at the club," he said to the men who were in the room and studying the footages with him.

They had taken turns to study the footages received from the Hotel patronized by Antonio Carlos and Vincent Shawn and had found Frank visiting them twice at the Hotel.

"I'll call the police office immediately and ask for details surrounding the murder case of Frank," one of the FOX men said as he rose up to his feet to pick his phone.

"Please do," Daniel replied. He took out his own phone also to call Agent Steve.


FOX Underground Facility,
EPA Hill, Bexford.

"Have you traced all of the men who was in his office today?" Evelyn asked the officer sitting at the center. The open office containing tables and chairs for over twenty different officers had only four of them presently in it, the others had closed for the day. Evelyn was pacing slowly around, she had a pack of chocolate bars in her hand and she picked often from it to her mouth.

The agent who had dropped her off in the morning was the one sitting at the table in the center, the other two agents were sitting at other sides.

"Yes, not one of them seem to have any connection with the Wolves or the previous suspects," the junior agent answered.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, they were all there for farm businesses." he answered.

Evelyn turned to the female officer at the left. "I called you after I placed the tracker on his car, did you check his movements today?"

"Yes, I followed everything from the moment I noticed he was moving." she replied. "There was something strange about his movement."

"What was it?" Evelyn asked.

"He drove straight from the office to an indoor car park facility and the tracker never moved until four hours later," she answered.

"Did you check the CCTV to see where he went to after?"

"Yes, I checked all the footages an hour ago. There was no record of him stepping out after parking the car and no record of him going back in to get the car four hours later."

"Is that all you checked?"

"Yes, for now."

Evelyn remained quiet for a while, taking time to enjoy the chocolate bar she had just put in her mouth.

"You have to check more tomorrow, see all those who drove into the park thirty minutes before and after he drove in and do the same for thirty minutes before and after he drove out." She instructed.

"Okay, I'll get it done."

"Make sure you keep tracking, I'll get the report when I return tomorrow." Evelyn said before she put another bar into her mouth. She picked her suit jacket from a table and headed for the door. "Goodnight."


April 6, 2016
Bethanna- South Husan Border

"I'm driving into Kebba now, do not delay. Jenny has gotten into the plan and she should be on the way to the directed location now," Henry said into the headset receiver and then switched the button to end the call.

He had an earpiece in his left ear and the mouthpiece attached to his collar, his phone was on the passenger's seat of the car. He had connected the call to the phone through the bluetooth accessory.

He was dressed in all black and had black gloves covering his palms. He also had dark eyeglasses and black face cap on the passenger's seat. He didn't have beards and moustache attached this time but he had a mask hanging around his neck, all he needed to do was to pul it up to cover his mouth and nostrils. He had his cap to cover the top of his head and the dark glasses for his eyes when the time for it came.

It took him thirty five minutes to get to the home of sacrifice from Kebba entrance, his journey had been made faster because the road was less crowded by pedestrians who always walked about without respecting the space meant for vehicles.

He parked some distance away from the main gate and turned off the car engine. He knew Cole and Dave must have seen him wherever they were. He waited patiently for them to join him.

Soon, someone knocked twice on the window of the passenger's side. Henry pressed the button to unlock the doors. Dave stepped into the front seat while Cole entered the back. They were both dressed in the same way Henry was.

"You're sure no one saw you leaving the hotel?" Henry asked.

"Yeah, we turned off all lights around the hotel building and our car was parked far from the hotel like you instructed." Cole replied from the backseat.

"We have three small backpacks at the back," Henry began, glancing back to the backseat where the bags were. "They contain two tranquilizing guns and two revolvers each, enough tranquilizing bullets and enough lead bullets. Remember, the tranquilizing bullets are for men of the home of sacrifice who would try to stop us and the lead bullets are for the Wolves men that may appear. The long guns on the floor are for my use only."

"Okay boss," Dave replied as he collected the backpack handed to him by Cole from behind.

"Check well, each person's backpack is labelled," Henry turned back to Cole.

"I saw the labels," Cole replied and handed the bag labelled "H" to him.

"Get the wheelchair from the boot of this vehicle and take it to yours, we'll drive to the building at the same time, you'd drive in before me." Henry instructed finally before the two of them stepped out of the vehicle.
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Eighteen Minutes Later


"We have to go in, we need to see Ovil Matuse," Henry said again to the guards at the entrance of the building who refused to let them in.

The five guards who could not understand English formed a roadblock to the visitors, insisting it was too early to allow visitors in. The argument continued until Ovil Matuse and two other priests showed up.

"You, Louis!" Ovil Matuse exclaimed from behind the roadblock formed by the men.

"Yes, Ovil. I need to see you urgently," Henry replied.

Ovil spoke calmly to the men in the Kebban language and they gave way. He gestured for the visitors to come in.

He stopped to talk to them in the first room while the other two priests stepped aside. Only one of the guards stepped in with them.

"Louis, why are you here so early?" Ovil asked.

"I need to see Morris," Henry replied. Dave and Cole stood behind him.

"Isn't it too early? Morris would still be deep asleep," Ovil replied.

"Yes, I know but it's urgent, the assassins are on their way here for him.

Ovil squinted at him. "How did you know that?"

"It's not the time for questions Ovil, we need to get Morris out of here immediately."

"How am I sure you are not making this up?"

"You would know when they get here in some minutes," Henry answered. "First allow us get Morris out of here immediately."

"I'm sorry, I can't let Morris get out of here. He still needs his medication," Ovil replied.

"I know but you can package the medication and tell us the dosage to use for him everyday," Henry retorted.

"It's not done that way, these are local herbs not western drugs."

"I'm sorry Ovil, we have to get him out."Henry replied and turned towards the hallway entrance.

Ovil stepped in front of him to stop him but was surprised to see a gun pulled out by Cole.

"Step aside man," Cole said to Ovil with a nod. One of the Priest tried to attack Cole but he fired at him in the belly and also shot at the guard. The two men fell to the ground and that sounded a warning to the remaining two. Cole moved closer to the entrance and locked the door from behind, keeping the two priests hostage in the room.

Henry and Dave also pulled out their guns and proceeded quickly towards the room where Rex was kept.


Unknown Location, Bethanna.

Hutton rolled out of bed quickly to pick the phone he dropped on the footstool not far away. He wondered why he had a phone call so early, the caller was the leader of the men he had kept to watch in Kebba.


"Boss, we located two vehicles driving into the Home Of Sacrifice some minutes ago," the voice said.

"Damn it!" Hutton cursed. It was just five thirty and Carl Winston was already at work. Even though he hadn't expected it to be so early, he knew that with Carl Winston, one had to expect the unexpected and prepare for it. "How long ago did they drive in?"

"Ermm... We just...we found out ten minutes ago."

Hutton knew from the stammering lips of the man that he wasn't sure how long ago the cars had driven into the Home Of Sacrifice. He also wondered how his men did not know when their targets left the hotel that morning but he realized it was so early and just like him, the men were probably not expecting them to act so early. It wasn't the time for questioning however, he needed to give orders to stop Carl Winston.

"Gather all the boys and go into the Home Of Sacrifice, watch them closely and don't let them go with the patient."

"All the boys?"

"Yes, all twenty six boys you have."

"Can we kill?"

"You can do anything but make sure the patient remains alive and that they don't escape with him. I would join you as soon as I can."

Fifteen Minutes Later

A total of five men who tried to stop them was shot. They made their way back in the same direction after getting to Rex. Henry wheeled the wheelchair with his left hand and held the gun in his right. Dave followed behind guarding him. It took them ten minutes to get back to the first room where Cole was keeping Ovil. Dave stepped forward and quickly proceeded to the door, he unlocked it but held it closed with his hand.

"I'm sorry it has to be this way Ovil," Henry stared at Ovil's face again.

Ovil squinted at Henry's face after glancing at his patient in the wheelchair. He shook his head slightly, wondering if Henry knew what he was doing. Cole moved closer to Dave and they signalled to each other. They pulled their masks on and changed the tranquilizing guns to the lead bullet guns, Henry who was behind pulled his mask on. Dave opened the door and stepped out together with Cole pointing their guns around to check for anyone around. No threat was in sight.

The day was brighter now, they could see the surroundings very clearly. Dave stepped down the balcony and hurried to the car behind, he opened the backseat and signalled to Cole who was still on the balcony, Cole in turn signalled Henry that it was safe to step out of the house.

Henry carefully arranged the legs of the sick man and lifted him from the wheelchair carefully. He stared at his face in compassion for a second before he proceeded forward quickly. Henry walked straight to the car and him carefully at the backseat which was already opened. They closed the door carefully and Henry quickly proceeded to the front driver's side.

Just at the same moment, they began to hear sounds of cars driving roughly in their direction. They looked up and sighted the cars from afar.

Henry reversed out from the space immediately and turned into the road in the direction which led to the other gate of the Home Of Sacrifice.

Cole jumped down from the balcony quickly, taking out his second gun. He and Dave pointed their guns towards the coming car in readiness. They also spotted the men in the cars taking out weapons, a total of five cars was coming their way. They opened fire immediately.

Several bullets hit the cars but could not stop them, they headed in the direction taken by Henry. Dave and Cole realized that the men had come with bullet proofed vehicles just life theirs. They hid behind their car to escape bullets from the men and allowed them to pass before stepping out again. They got into their car and followed from behind.

Henry looked into the side mirror as he approached the second gate of the Home Of Sacrifice and saw the cars several metres behind him. He heaved a sigh on realizing that Cole and Dave had not been able to stop the men. He had hoped Dave and Cole would be able to stop or delay the men but as it was, their inability to do so was only going to make the escape plan tougher and rougher.

To be continued

Read Episode 90 here - https://youngicee.com/2019/09/restless-episode-90.html
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Restless - Episode 90

® 18+ SNVL

© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel


El Deols, Anthanna.

Sheila was still asleep when the loud ring tone of her phone began to sound in the quiet room. She stared for some seconds in the bed before she opened her eyes and stretched her hand to reach for the phone beside her pillow.

"Hello," she spoke in a sleepy voice after turning her side and putting the phone on her left ear.

"Good morning Sheila," Adrian's voice came through.

"Good morning Adrian," she replied.

"It sounds like you're still asleep, sorry for disturbing. I actually thought you would be up because you are usually awake by this time."

"Yes but I slept very late last night."

"Oh! Sorry, maybe I should call back later." Adrian offered.

"No, it's okay. We can talk now," Sheila replied.

"Okay, hope you slept well."

"Yea, but it was short. Hope you did too," she yawned.

"Yes, I did. Sorry for cutting your sleep short," Adrian apologized.

no problem Adrian," she replied.

"Ermm... I woke up early today and visited a news blog only to find out that another employee of yours was killed last night," Adrian said.

"Yes, it's so sad, it's connected to the first murder. We have several policemen in my house right now on my Father's order, he is currently in Zimbabwe but has promised to return this morning."

"Wow! It's so serious, please follow the police order and ensure that you are safe. I hope you are not planning to go out today."

"I don't know for now but I'm sure my Father must have instructed the officers not to allow me go out."

"Please stay indoor, I'll call you again soon."

"Thanks Adrian, do have a nice day and make sure you do not miss your medications."

"You too Sheila, thanks."

Sheila dropped the phone in front of her after the call ended.



Somewhere in South Husan

Henry kept his eyes on the side mirror even as he held on to the steering wheels, speeding crazily down the road. The vehicles in pursuit of him were not backing down and the driver's were also good motorists, they were able to follow him at a constant pace. It was more than thirty minutes after driving out of Kebba and the chase had not reduced in intensity.

Henry tapped on the device on his lap and navigated to the dial pad. He turned on the bluetooth headset before he dialed Jenny's number.

"Where are you Jenny?" he said into the mouthpiece.

"I'm waiting, close to the location already," Jenny replied.

"I should be on the bridge in twenty minutes time, be prepared." Henry instructed.

"Sure boss," she answered.

Henry ended the call and then glanced at the man behind him. "You can sit up now."

The weak man managed to sit up and looked back to see those pursuing them.

"Someone is coming to take you to safety in twenty minutes time," Henry said, now looking at the man's face through the rearview mirror. "I'm sorry for the troubles you have been put through."

The innocent man look was as confused as he was when he was compelled with a gun to sit in the wheelchair at the home of sacrifice.

A faint smile formed on Henry's face as he observed the man's confused look through the mirror. By that time, Cole and Dave would be far gone with Rex on their way to Bexford.


1 Hour + Ago

Morris was sleeping peacefully in the room when they got in. Henry walked straight to the bed and placed a knee on the ground, he held his friend's palm and shook him gently. He noticed no movement and he paused for a second to look at his friend's face. The illness had turned Rex totally into another man, the Rex he knew would have woken up just by the sound of their footsteps in the hallway but here he was still sleeping deeply after the noisy entrance and even after his body was touched.

He shook his hand gently again and then leaned forward. "Morris," he called in whispers. "Morris," he called again and noticed the eyes moved. He waited for some more seconds and Rex finally opened his eyes.

Henry smiled at his friend and leaned forward again. "Good morning Morris," he said and paused as if to wait for a response. "Ermm... I'm here for something urgent," he continued. "I now realize why you did not want me to find you but I found you already and we can't undo it, the Wolves are coming this morning and I have to get you out of here in few minutes."

He paused and looked at his friend's face to ensure he was communicating. "Hope you can hear me?" he asked and without waiting for a response continued to speak. "I have a plan," he said and turned briefly and signalled for Dave to step forward. He turned back to Rex to see him make a blink. "Dave here and his partner would be taking you out of here while I distract the Wolves, this would happen in few minutes from now. I thought I should explain so you wouldn't be taken by surprise, I'll see you later in Bexford later in the day."

Henry rose up after his explanation and reached for the wheelchair. He looked at Rex's face again. "They'll be back for you shortly," he said before heading out with Dave following behind.

They got into the hallway and Henry headed straight for the room at the end. There was another patient there who he had seen on the day he came back to talk with Rex, the patient had stepped out to hiss himself and was returning into the room that day. Henry opened the door and wheeled in the chair noisily. He walked to meet the patient who was still sleeping and gently nudged him until he woke. He stepped back and pointed his gun at the patient.

The man widened his eyes in shock as he saw the gun pointed at him. He managed to drag himself to sit up.

"Get into the wheelchair," Henry ordered, gesturing with his head to also communicate.

"Please, don't hurt me," the man said in a weak voice as he struggled to get out of the bed.

Henry squinted briefly at the man and smiled. "You speak English?" he asked, now remembering that most of the patients in the facility were usually not Kebba natives.

The man did not give a response as he was groaning in pains as he tried to get into the wheelchair. The man's legs were swollen from an infection which he was being treated of but could still walk short distances on the legs, even though very slowly.

Henry moved closer and knelt in front of the man after he sat on the wheelchair. "I'm sorry I have to do this but I'm not here to hurt you and I won't do so, just follow my instructions and you'd be safe. I'll get you back here safely and you'd be allowed to return here or get treatment anywhere else you want."

He got up and kept his gun in his pocket. He grabbed the wheelchair at the handle behind and wheeled it out of the room. Dave followed holding his gun.



The Wolves' men were unrelenting in the pursuit of the vehicle. However, it still maintained a far distance from them. They had shot severally initially and got only a few hits on the car before they realized it was also bullet resistant like theirs. They had no option than to pursue until they were able to stop the car.

Four men were sitting in the car leading the chase. The man sitting in front with the driver had a stone-hard face with a scar close to his eyes. His heavily built muscles were obvious through the armless shirt he wore. He had a long gun on his laps and a cigarette in his mouth. He was the leader of the chase team.

The phone in the front pocket of his shirt rang and he took it out quickly. Hutton was the caller.

"Sir..." he answered the call.

"I'm tracking you and your location right now is towards the third bridge," Hutton said.

"Yes," he replied.

"The black car is our target right?"

"Yes sir, the patient was taken into the car."

"I'm watching through the CCTV, keep following and be careful. I'm sure he's got another plan."


Unknown road, Bethanna

"Doctor Alan isn't answering his calls," Cole said to Dave. He was sitting at the backseat of the car close to Rex while Dave was driving the car. Rex was sitting upright with eyes wide open. The seat was no as comfortable as the wheelchair and the movement of the vehicle made it difficult for him to maintain balance but Cole was sitting very close to him to make sure he was comfortable.

"You have to keep trying," Dave replied Cole. "The doctor needs to be ready for him," he added before turning on the traffic indicator. He queued the vehicle behind two others who were waiting to make a turn into the opposite direction lane.

Cole picked up his phone and dialed Doctor Alan's number again, it rang for some seconds but wasn't still answered. He heaved a sigh and dropped his phone beside him. He looked at Rex's face and held his hand as Dave made the u-turn.

Rex's mind was filled with thoughts on what the future was going to be like. He didn't want to come into Carl's life to distract him from fulfilling his mission, but now that Carl had found him despite his efforts to make sure he wasn't found, he knew Carl would never want to leave him helpless. Himself would have probably done the same if he was in Carl's shoes and if Carl was in his.

His inability to speak made him feel totally useless, his speech being intact would have made him at least contribute to their efforts with ideas and strategies. He was sure in his heart that he was only going to be a distraction to Carl and hoped Carl would not end up losing the war while trying to keep him alive.

He managed to close his eyes and could see Carl's face in his imagination. He remembered some of their times together and then recalled how Carl had woken him that morning.

"Would you like to sleep?" he heard the voice of the man sitting beside him.

He wished he could open his mouth to say no and tell him his eyes were closed to shut out the world to himself.

"I think he's dozing off already," Dave glanced back.

"Well, I can't tell. Ovil did tell us he sleeps for long at night and barely sleeps during the morning except after his afternoon dosage and he also previously told us he prefers sitting up while awake," Cole replied Dave. He looked at Rex's face and noticed it was still closed. He decided to leave the man as he was and not to disturb him.


"We've got to turn back now," Dave said to Cole, driving the car while at the passenger's side in front

"Let's get to the gate," Cole replied.

They got to the gate and stopped, they watched for thirty seconds the vehicles continuing to chase Henry before they reversed and turned and sped back to the Priest's Lodge.

On getting back there, Cole jumped out of the car with two pistols in his hands but leaving his backpack in. He hurried into the building. Dave stepped out and locked the doors before he followed him.

Cole picked the wheelchair left in the first room and hurried into the hallway with it. No one he came across tried to stop him, so he proceeded until Ovil Matuse appeared in front of him, carrying something that seemed like a jar in his right hand, the cover being held in his left. The vapour escaping from the opening of the jar made it obvious that it contained hot liquid.

"What would happen to the other man Louis went with?" Ovil asked, standing in front of Cole, stopping him from going further.

"He's going to be safe," Cole replied quickly. He dipped his hand into the front pocket of his jacket and took out a small piece of paper. "Call this number by four p.m this evening," he handed the piece of paper containing the phone number to Ovil. "He would be kept safe in a hospital and we would tell you how to get him back," he said.

Ovil collected the number and stared at it for a while.

"Please let me pass quickly," Cole said and Ovil slowly gave way, following him with the jar in his hand behind.

He had been surprised to see Henry step out with another man in the wheelchair and did not understand what was happening. While Dave and Cole had gone to check outside to see if it was safe enough, Henry had told him that none of the men were killed but sedated and also that Cole and Dave would return in few minutes to get Morris.

"I wasn't sure if you were coming back but I prepared enough concoction to last Mr Morris for seven days, you have to warm it always before giving it to him." Ovil Matuse explained as they got into Morris' room.

Rex was still on the same spot in the bed where Henry had left him with his eyes unclosed, he noticed when they entered but could make no movement. He had also heard the distant sound of gunshots and knew something was happening.

Ovil Matuse dropped the jar in hand close to the entrance and moved closer to help Rex into the wheelchair. It took some few seconds before getting him to balance well on it.

"Please bring the jar with me," Dave said as he began to wheel Rex out of the room.

"You've got take it easy, you can wheel him too fast like that." Ovil warned Dave on seeing his impatience.

They got back to the first room after ten minutes to meet Cole waiting. Cole on sighting them hurried out to check the area. He rushed down to the car and opened the backseat before beckoning on Dave to proceed with Rex. Dave wheeled Rex to the corridor but with Ovil Matuse's help carried him together to the car and made him balanced at the backseat, Cole sat inside with him while Dave rushed to the driver's side.

"Don't go without his medication," Ovil warned as he rushed up into the house to get the jar he dropped in the first room. He rushed back out to meet the car engine already started and Dave trying to turn. He waited until the turn was completed and moved closer to hand the jar to Cole.

"One tea cup four times daily," Ovil said to Cole. He watched the glass wind up and stepped aside as the car finally sped off. He turned back towards the building after the car was out of sight.


"Doctor Alan is finally calling back," Cole said as he picked the phone. He shifted a bit away from Rex as he answered the call. The car was now on a smoother road and there were less chances of a sudden jerk. "Hello Doc."

"Hi Cole, sorry, this girl has been giving me issues since morning." The doctor replied.

"Which girl?" Cole asked. Dave glanced at him.

"This girl with us, she wants to leave but the doors are locked."

"Oh okay," Cole finally remembered Henry mentioning that Wilson's sister was with the team in Bexford. "We're on our way there, it'll take us approximately 2 hours."

"Henry told me you're coming with someone who is paralyzed," the doctor stated.

"Yes, he's with us."

"You need to get some provisions for him, I composed a text containing what you'd buy and what you should feed him this morning, I'll forward it immediately after this call."

"Okay doc," Cole replied. He placed the phone back beside him.

"That girl is hell of a stubborn kid," Dave commented.

"The sister to the guy who was taken with Samantha?" Cole questioned.

"Yeah," Dave answered.

Cole's phone beeped. The text message from the doctor was in.
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 3:57pm On Oct 01

Bexford, Bethanna.

"Can I make a call with your phone please?" Sophia asked the doctor. Her voice seemed calmer than it had been and only because she was asking him for a favor.

"You shouldn't be making calls to anyone from here," the doctor replied.

Sophia looked wild. Her unplaited hair was scattered and rough and her eyes were swollen as a result of lack of sleep. She had woken up around two o'clock in the morning the day before to find herself in a dark room. She was in bed when she woke but from the feel, she could tell it wasn't her bed in Vincil. She then recalled how she was home alone and began to hear sounds , you turned on the light of the living room and she turned to see something like a shadow and that was the only thing she could remember before she woke in a different place. She turned on the light in the room but wasn't able to go out until the next morning when a lady came to open the door. She had seen two other faces since then. The man they called doctor and a younger man and none of them bothered to explain how and why she was there. They only told her it was for her safety. She tried to call for help by screaming and shouting on the first day but was surprised that no one bothered to stop her. It was until hours later the lady explained to her that the walls of the building were sound proofed and no one outside could hear her shouts. That same day she stopped seeing the younger man and she was left alone with the Doctor and the lady. It was the second day and she couldn't find the lady when she woke, she was home alone with the doctor. She was scared and began to search and scatter things around to get out of the house but the doctor explained to her that the doors were locked from outside and that none of them could get out until the others returned.

"You said you are protecting me from danger, at least you should allow me call my older brother." she said in defence.

The doctor sitting on the sofa stared at her where she was standing at the entrance door, after making several failed attempts to open it.

"Your brother is with us, that's why you shouldn't even try to reach him." the doctor replied her. "Besides, you cannot even make calls to anyone from here, you must have seen that your phone receives no signal, the only people we can reach from here are members of the team."

Sophia checked her phone again and confirmed what the doctor said. The network bars on the phone had been empty since the day she found herself in there.

She couldn't understand whatever was happening. Whether it was a house arrest or a kidnap, it was unclear to her. All she knew was that she was tired of being locked in all day.


Unspecified Road, South Husan

"I'm approaching the bridge, where are you?" Henry said into the mouthpiece. There were now more cars on the road and it took him more effort to drive with so much speed without colliding with anyone. The wolves men were still after him but at a farther distance as they found it more difficult to dodge the cars like him.

"I'm waiting boss," he heard Jenny's voice in the earpiece.

He adjusted his rearview mirror and looked at the man behind. "Hey, listen up!" He called his attention. "Once I climb down the bridge, I'd park behind a red car. I'd carry you out immediately and get you into the backseat of the read car. The lady in the car would take you to the government hospital, your treatment bills would be fully paid and Ovil will contact you by evening."

The man remained in silence. He could not say anything as he had no choice than to obey.

After two more minutes, Henry descended the bridge and located the red car parked some metres away from the curb. He turned on the traffic indicator and gradually switched lanes until he was in the lane next to the curb. He pulled up behind the curb and stepped out quickly. He carried the man in his hands and moved forward. The door to the backseat of the red was opened before he got there. He placed the man gently inside and returned to his car.

Jenny was in the red car and the engine was on already, she switched into the road immediately Henry closed the door and drove away. Henry stepped back into the driver's side of his car but left the door opened. He looked in direction of the bridge where he descended from for signs of the men coming after him and waited until he saw them on their way down before he closed the door and moved into the road again. He continued slowly, allowing for them to descend well and see his car before he increased his speed.


Hutton sat at the right side in front of the Mercedes bus, three other men were in the bus sitting at the back with the driver in his seat. Another bus was following behind the Mercedes and in it were eleven other men.

Hutton had a tablet device in his hands which he used in monitoring the movement of Carl Winston's vehicle and his men's through the CCTV. He was just seven kilometres away from them, a distance which was closing in because they were also moving closer to them.

"Remember we're turning into the lane," he said to the driver.

"Yes," the driver began to prepare to switch immediately, looking for the right entrance into the lane.

Their plan was to get into the other lane of Carl Winston direction and drive in opposite direction to block Carl Winston from the front and it seemed perfect until they were only three kilometres away.

Hutton watched as Carl Winston's vehicle parked behind a red car at the curb and he saw Carl step down and carry the man who was supposed to be Rex out and dropped him in the back seat of the red car. Something seemed fishy about the way Carl carried Rex but it was unclear to Hutton. The only thing that was clear to him was that Carl Winston was trying to confused his men. His men would keep on following his own car without knowing he had dropped Rex into another vehicle. He only had the privilege of knowing because he was monitoring through the live stream.

"Plan changed," Hutton suddenly announced again when the driver already queued behind another vehicle to change lane.

The driver stared at his face. The vehicle before him moved but he waited to confirm which part of the plan was changed.

Hutton delayed, trying to see the direction in which the red car would go. Vehicles queuing behind their two buses began to honk but they remained unbothered.

"Go into the lane but you turn in the right direction, we're pursuing a different car now." Hutton finally said, taking out his phone to make a call.

He kept his eyes on the live feed and saw the red car turn into a different street off the main road while Carl Winston's car continued in the same direction.

Hutton smiled to himself. Carl Winston must have thought he made a good plan and would be thinking Rex was safe now that he had delivered him into the red car, he thought amusingly. It was going to be another loss for Carl Winston. Hutton would go after the red car and catch up with it. He would take Rex and then whoever was driving the car.

"Hey! I'm no longer coming in your way, keep pursuing the black car." he said through his phone to the man leading the chase on Carl.

He was however sure that Carl's plan was to lead his men to a discreet place and kill them all and that was fine with him. That would be enough distraction for Carl while he followed the red car and take the two other men. Once Rex was in his custody, he was certain Carl Winston would have no other choice than to come to him.


Jenny was dressed in a blue top and blue jean with a white jacket on top. She had a white facecap on her head. Her face was heavily made up to form a slight disguise for her. She only took a glance at the man Henry dropped at the backseat and had said no word to him nor Henry himself.

The hospital she was to deliver him to was just a kilometre away and she was going to link into another main route through the untarred road she had turned into. She drove carefully on the road avoiding the potholes, oblivious of the fact that someone was coming after her. It took her almost four minutes to drive through the untarred route and link to the major concrete road. She had about half kilometre to get to the hospital.

Read episode 91 here -- https://youngicee.com/2019/09/restless-episode-91.html
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Emex100(m): 2:02pm On Oct 02
Thanks for the update

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