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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 9:10pm On Mar 26, 2019
Restless Episode 14 Contd

It was close to fifteen minutes into the fight, a total of twelve men were down totally, unable to join the fight again because they had either gotten a broken leg or broken arm, neck or even more than one part broken. Some others were writhing in pain but we're still able to get up to continue the fight.

The fight was still on. A man struck his rod towards Henry's head but Henry was quick enough to block it with his. The man struck again to the side and Henry blocked it again. Henry turned quickly to land a kick on the face of a man coming from behind, he turned back and blocked another strike. He took a hand off the rod and bent his head as he grabbed another man at his back by the belt, he lifted him with a hand and threw him on the body of three men running towards them. He turned back to the man with the rod and blocked another strike, he kicked the man close to the groin and the man staggered back. He followed up with a strike to the side of the man's neck but as he raised his hand to make another strike, he heard a loud scream which sounded like Sheila's. His hand froze and his eyes moved to and fro as he searched for Sheila.

The scream had stopped but it kept on reverberating in Henry's mind. It was more than just Sheila's scream, it was something from the past.

He finally spotted where Sheila was and what he saw sent shrills down his spine. He had never felt so scared in his life. At least, never that scared since he opened his eyes that day in the hospital.

A man was holding Sheila so close with an arm fastened around her neck and a knife raised with the other hand.

Henry could see the man with the rod and other men close to him but he was already far away from them, only his body was physically present. As he kept his eyes on Sheila and the man keeping her hostage, all he could see was the face of another woman in a different environment screaming for help. He couldn't hear the voice but the way her lips moved made it look like she was pronouncing a name he had heard before.

Someone struck Henry a rod at the back. He was brought back to consciousness in a second and quickly fastened his grip on his own stick. He looked around and saw about six men close to him already. He clenched his teeth and tightened his fist on the rod, he was determined to take them all out and make sure Sheila wasn't hurt.

He bent down to dodge another strike of the rod and whipped his on the knee of the man in front, he struck him in the belly and then struck again on the forehead. Still bending he sent a blow to the abdomen of one of the men with his right hand and poked the rod into the belly of another man with his left hand and followed up by striking him on the head.

A man grabbed him from the shoulders behind but he rose slowly and grabbed the man on the neck with a hand stretched backwards. He dragged him to the front and kicked him in the face with his knee.

The man whose abdomen Henry had punched was still bent over, groaning in pain as sweat trickled down his forehead. Henry lashed him on the back with the rod and on the side of the head, making him fall to the ground.

Henry looked up and saw a tall man was coming from behind, rolling a stick in his hand in a way that sparked another flash of memory.

At that moment, he heard another scream and quickly opened his eyes to look towards Sheila. He could see that she had been pushed to the ground.

Another scene flashed through his mind and then he saw the face of the woman in his vision again, he saw a little boy screaming for help.

The woman in his vision was screaming loud, he could hear the screams so loud in his head now and it totally disturbed his brain and rendered him weak on the spot the stood.

He heard Sheila's voice again but heard the voice of the woman in the vision louder, he saw her face again and her voice became louder and hurting to the ears.

"They're taking us away, do something honey!"

A rod hit Henry in his tummy and he staggered back on his feet, he tried to open his eyes and take a firm grip of the weapon in his hand but instead he felt weaker and lost his grip on the rod. The voices and scene playing in his head tormented him. Another rod struck him at the back of the neck and then another at the side of his head.

He managed to open his eyes but what he saw was the woman in the vision again and the little boy by her side.


"You've got a strong man by your side but you're such a lazy ass," the man spat out angrily at Sheila. "I would have kicked your ass silly if we weren't told to leave you out of this."

She watched him with so much indignation in her heart. She kept moving backwards on the floor as he proceeded towards her.

"I'm still going to give you some lashes on your backside and tell the boss it was a mistake," the man said with an evil smile and hastened his steps towards her.

She saw no need to keep dragging herself on the floor as it was a futile effort against his. He got to her and held her by both sides of the armpit to pull her up.

A thought came to her mind as her gaze landed around his groin. She reached out to his groin and located his reproductive organ with both hands and tried to pull it down, also squeezing it with all the might she had in her.

He let out a loud scream and his legs began to move tremulously but she held on and rose slowly with him as he stepped back slowly.

He got away forcefully and fell to the ground, still vibrating on the floor and groaning in pain.

Sheila got up quickly. She located a metal stick of about two metres long and picked it up. She moved close enough to the man and whipped Jon severally until she was satisfied.

She dropped the stick and turned to look at Henry. She couldn't see him at first, she could only see other men surrounding something. She changed her position until she could see what was in their middle.

Henry had fallen to his knees already as the men continued to hit him from all directions. The strength in his body still kept him up from not fainting physically yet but the torture done to him by the memories playing in his heart could not let him make any move against the men.

He opened his eyes and saw Sheila standing afar off, looking at him, terrified with her eyes and mouth widely opened. Instantly the picture changed from Sheila to the woman in his vision again and then back to Sheila.

"No... Henry..." Sheila shouted in utmost fear, terribly shocked to see Henry being beaten helplessly by the men.

The voice reverberated in Henry's head as his body got weaker. The men did not stop whipping him with the strong rods and soon he was trembling all over but still managing to move himself on his knees and keep himself from falling.

The men continued and increased their intensity. After seeing that he was not willing to give up easily, two of the men began to strike him in the chest hard instead of his back and belly where they previously targeted.

A man struck the rod at the top of his head.

Henry shook vigorously and almost fell. He was struck at the back of his head again. This time, he could not hold it any longer and he fell to the ground lifelessly.

The men continued whipping him on his back with the rod. His clothes were torn now.

His eyes were still open and he could see Sheila in a blurry vision on her knees afar off, crying and yelling.

He heard his name being called but it sounded so distant to him. His eyes were weak now.

He took in a final deep breath before his eyes closed.

To be continued

Read more here - www.youngicee.com/category/restless

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by skubido(m): 4:06am On Mar 27, 2019
Tanks for the update
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 1:38pm On Apr 01, 2019
Restless – Episode 15
® 18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel
2 Hours later
Sheila got up from the seat and ran after the Doctor as soon as she spotted him coming out of the hallway with two nurses and heading in direction of his office. One of the ladies sitting beside Sheila also got up and followed, but not closely.
“Doctor,” she called as she ran after him.
The doctor glanced back at her but continued walking, only reducing his speed enough for her to catch up.
“Doctor, is he okay? Is he going to survive?” Sheila asked in a shaky voice.
The men at the warehouse had left them after Henry lost consciousness. They helped each other up and moved out quickly while Sheila knelt beside Henry’s body, shouting for help with no one listening. Seven minutes later, all the men were out of sight and the main entrance through which Henry and Sheila came opened by itself. Sheila ran out hoping she would find any of the policemen around but she found none, she called passersby for help and also made calls with her phone. With the help of two men, Henry was carried to her car and the driver rushed down to the hospital.
She looked disoriented and frustrated, totally opposite to the way she looked earlier that day in her office. Her hair was totally disorganized now as the material used to pack it behind had fallen off. Her face looked dull and soiled with tears.
“I can’t answer your questions for now miss,” the doctor replied. “He was lucky to have been brought in here alive but I can’t tell how much that luck would take him.” The doctor stopped when he got to the door to the room he was headed for. He placed his hand on the knob. “Miss Sheila, he has very slim chances of surviving this and if he does he would have to live mentally unfit.”
Sheila’s face turned darker and tears began to roll down her eyes. “Can’t you do something to help him doctor? He must live!” She said as she clung to the doctor’s coat.
“Miss, we’re doing all we can already but I’m not sure we can do so much to help him. He’s gotten some internal injuries and has faced internal bleeding that reopened his previous wounds,” the doctor replied as he struggled to take off her hands from his coat.
“It’s okay Sheila,” the lady behind help take Sheila from the doctor. She turned Sheila to herself and pulled her into a warm embrace.
The doctor proceeded into the room with the nurses following behind.
“Angela, he has to live!” Sheila cried on her friend’s bosom.
“Let’s leave the doctors to do their jobs while we believe for the best, I have a very strong feeling that your friend would not die.” Angela replied, trying to calm Sheila.
The doctors stepped out of the room again and walked past Sheila and her friend.
“Let’s go take a seat dear” Angela said as she pulled Sheila with her.
“Sheila, the police investigators are here.” Ruth, another Sheila’s friend who had come to join Sheila at the hospital called unto them.
Angela led Sheila back to the waiting room where they were previously sitting and they met the investigators waiting there for them.
“We need to ask a few questions from Miss Sheila Jack,” one of the two investigators said after Angela made Sheila sit.
“Do we need to excuse you?”Angela asked, sitting near Sheila and still holding her close.
“No, you should stay,” the investigator replied. “Except of course, she wants you to excuse us.” the investigator quickly added, giving Sheila the choice to make.
She wasn’t looking up her, but still sobbing and sniffing in tears.
“Can you talk to us Miss?” The investigator asked Sheila directly.
Sheila gave no reply.
“I would suggest you wait until she’s able to talk,” Angela put in, concerned for her friend.
“Ma’am, it’s imperative we ask her questions and get answers so as to launch our investigation right away. If we delay any longer, we might be risking making the case turn out to be inconclusive.”
“What’s the use of talking to you freaking criminals,” Sheila replied angrily as she looked up. “You betrayed us, you worked with them.”
“Miss Sheila, I do understand what you feel and how angry you are right now but you have to cooperate with us for us to make progress.” The investigator replied calmly.
“I don’t have to cooperate with police men. You sold us out, you deceived us.”
“Please make me understand better Miss Sheila,” the officer said in a calm tone. He squatted in front of her and looked straight into her eyes. His partner pulled a plastic chair for him to sit. “Please tell me how it all happened.”
Sheila wiped a tear off her face. She sniffed in deeply as she raised her head.
“We got a call this morning that Miss Tayo, Henry’s private teacher was kidnapped and we were asked to bring some money to that warehouse. We were warned not to inform the police but we eventually did. The officers met us on our way to the warehouse as agreed and they gave us directives on how to go about it, promising that they would be close by paying a close look at us. We were given a device to alert them with. But we found out it was all a trap, the officers we invited knew of the men’s plot and lured us into their trap.”
“But how is that possible? Police officers would not do that,” the investigator cut in.
Sheila stopped talking and stared into his eyes angrily.
He noticed her anger and quickly apologized.
“Please speak on Miss.”
“Your colleagues led us into the trap,” she repeated.
“Which officers did you speak to?” the investigator asked. “Can you recognise them?”
“Yes, I can recognize them but I only know the name of the one who gave us instructions to go in and gave us the device.”
“What’s his name?”
“Officer Andrew Gary,” she answered.
“Officer Andrew Gary,” the investigator echoed in low tones and took a quick glance at his partner, giving him a signal to take note of the name. “Tell me more, about the men you met in the warehouse.”
“I knew none of them, and I don’t think I ever met any of them before.” she replied.
“And who do you suspect could be the sponsor of this attack?”
“Tom, Tom Wills.”
Four Hours Later.
Sheila and Angela walked into the waiting room to find Emery Jack sitting there.
“I’ve been waiting for you baby,” Emery Jack lifted his eyes as they walked in. He frowned on seeing how distraught Sheila was looking. He got up and held her to sit by his side on the long sofa.
Angela and Jenny had prevailed over Sheila and took her home after the investigators had left. She had taken a shower and changed her clothes but it still did not change the gloomy look on her face.
“How did it happen? You should have called me immediately,” Emery Jack said after getting Sheila to sit beside him.
“There was no need to call you Dad, we thought we had it in control, we called the police office already and they were there to put in their support. We never knew the police had a hand in the plan.”
“I spoke with the El Deols police overseer before coming here and he said there is no proof yet that the matter was reported to the police command.”
“That’s a lie Dad,” Sheila exclaimed with her eyes widened.
“I believe you Sheila,” Emery said and held her palms. He looked into her eyes and repeated his words, “I believe you and I promise I’m going to get to the root of the matter.” he assured.
She sniffed in as she tried to force back tears. She laid her head on her father’s shoulder.
The man held her closely for a moment and then nudged her gently.
“By the way the doctor was here thirty minutes ago and he said that we could go into the ward to see Henry now,” Emery said.
“Is Henry awake?” Sheila pulled away quickly and asked, staring into her father’s eyes.
“No, not yet.” the man frowned. “He’s still unconscious, the doctor isn’t sure if he would survive yet.”
Sheila’s shoulder’s dropped again and she hugged her father once more.

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 1:39pm On Apr 01, 2019
Restless - Episode 15 Contd

The Next Day.
Sheila laid in the bathtub for over thirty minutes that morning and full of sorrows in her heart. Angela had left her thirty minutes ago, to pick something from her apartment.
Sheila felt no zeal for work neither did she feel there was any reason to go to the hospital. The Doctor had reaffirmed the last night before they left the hospital that Henry’s chances of surviving were very low and that he would probably not live beyond the next day. She and her father also visited the ward and saw him already laying like a dead body in the bed. That totally dampened her spirit and it kept her scared till that morning, scared of going to the hospital to get the news of his death.
Her phone had been ringing in her room for over twenty minutes but she was lost in her own world and the ringtone of the phone did not sound like something that needed to be attended to.
Her thoughts drifted from Henry’s possible death for a moment to Tom Wills. She clenched her teeth and fist right there, she felt like getting the power to go to his home and strangle him to death at that moment. She was sure he must have organized the incident. He had two days to his court hearing and he hadn’t learnt enough lesson to stop his evil ways. She thought of how she could make him pay dearly, not just paying for the crime that he had already being charged with but also for the one he had committed the past day – murdering Henry. A thought came to her mind and she quickly stepped out of the bathtub.
She picked her towel where it was hung. She proceeded into her bedroom and wiped her body clean before reaching for her phone which she kept on the table. The icons at the top bar of the screen showed that she had new messages from different messaging apps and missed calls. She ignored the messages and opened her calls history, she saw eight missed calls from the doctor and it kind of increased the burden in her heart. He was probably calling her to announce Henry’s death or the worsening of his situation.
She scrolled down the call history to check for a number but before she could find it, the doctor’s call came in again. She ignored the call and watched it ring without answering it. She closed her eyes heaved a sigh after the call ended.
She walked to the bed and sat at the edge. She decided to check her messages and see if there was any from the doctor. She opened the messaging app and opened the first message which was from the doctor and was sent ten minutes earlier.
Henry is awake now, he rose back to consciousness ninety minutes ago.
She widened her eyes in unbelief and her mouth was left agape in shock.
She navigated back quickly to the call history and dialed the Doctor’s number.
“Hello Doc…” she said with a weak voice into the phone.
“Congratulations Miss Sheila, Henry is awake.” The doctor said before she could ask any questions.
“Wow! Doctor, are you serious?” She asked, elated by the news.
“Yes Miss, no jokes.”
“I’m coming to the hospital right away,” she replied.
“Good, see me once you get to the hospital. He has been transferred into another ward.” the doctor replied.
Sheila got to the Lutheran Hospital as fast as she could and proceeded straight to the doctor’s office. She did not meet the doctor in the office but she waited and he joined her fifteen minutes later.
“Good morning Miss,” the doctor greeted as he walked in.
“Doctor, can I see him now?” She jumped to her feet immediately.
“Please sit Miss Sheila, I have to say something to you first.” the doctor replied as he walked to his seat.
Sheila sat back reluctantly and her eyes followed the doctor until he sat down.
The Doctor heaved a sigh as he looked at her face.
Sheila’s excitement totally disappeared. The look on the Doctor’s face did not make it seem as if Henry had truly woken.
“What’s the matter Doctor? Is he dead?” Sheila asked impatiently.
“No Miss, he isn’t dead.” The doctor said, looking into her eyes. “Like I said to you, he gained consciousness this morning, that means he’s out of danger. But…” The doctor looked down for a moment.”You remember he got injuries in his brain the first time.”
Sheila squinted at the doctor. She then remembered the doctor had said Henry would have to live mentally unfit if he did not die.
“He’s been quiet since morning and sometimes making a lot of noise and yelling on his own, calling imaginary names and threatening to fight. We are afraid that his brain could have been further affected this time.”
“Doctor, are you trying to say he’s gone insane?” Sheila asked, her body and lips were trembling.
The doctor shook his head. “No, I haven’t said so. We still have to examine him for a while before making conclusions.”
“No Doctor, he can’t be insane, we must do everything to ensure he’s well.” Sheila said in frustrated voice.
“Yes Miss, we are doing everything to make sure he’s well.” The doctor replied, gesturing with his hand for her to calm down.
“Can I see him Doctor?” Sheila asked.
“Yes, you can Miss but you have to calm yourself first.” The doctor replied. “We’ve given him some drugs to calm him.”
“Okay Doc, I’m calm.” Sheila said, taking in long deep breaths.
The Fox Corporation Headquarters, Epa Hill, Bexford, Bethanna.
The board were seated again in the conference room for an emergency meeting. The third bomb blast after the blast of the central bank had occurred and it was obvious to everyone in the country that the invisible terrorists had returned and for the moment targeted bringing down the economy of the nation.
On the screen was the live capture of the last explosion. The FOX executives had taken their time to watch the pattern of explosion several times in order to pull out conclusions. They made their conclusions about the explosion but also needed to make conclusions on how to combat the terrorist.
“Agents Carl and Rex were no doubts our best agents but the FOX Agency must continue without them and must do better without them,” Agent Sylvanus put in when it was time to discuss the way forward.
Agent Mark cleared his throat. “For me, I’ll say the presence of Agents Carl and Rex through the years must have silenced other competent agents. I believe there should be an agent amongst the others who might be better than Rex and Carl put together.”
The eldest man, Elkim leaned forward on the table. Everyone’s eyes turned to him, they knew he was about to say something.
“You’re right Mark, but this is not just about competence, we also have to consider experience. Competence alone will not get it done. An agent that has to face the invisible terrorists must have faced similar or tougher cases to excel in this,” Elkim said.
“I get it now,” Paul Edwards, the chairman of the agency put in. “From every contribution we all seem to be talking about two things; experience and competence. I agree with all the submissions, and I’ll propose that we create a team that has both qualities. Our technical board should select five agents who has had 99% success in not less than twenty missions and five other agents with 75% success in not less than sixty missions. This will help us get the best blend in the team and they would be able to combat the invisible terrorists.”
The men around the table nodded gently in agreement with Paul Edwards.
“I agree that will be the best way to get the excellent team.” Elkim put in.
“Anybody else with a different opinion or contribution?” Paul Edwards asked.
He waited a minute to get their responses and no one spoke.
“We have twenty four hours to select the members and launch the team,” he declared.

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 1:40pm On Apr 01, 2019
Restless Episode 15 contd
Lutheran Hospital, El Deols, Anthanna.
Sheila walked slowly into the ward with the doctor following behind. Her heart was beating fast. She wondered if Henry would still recognize her, now that the incident had further affected his brain.
She moved closer slowly. He was in the bed, lying peacefully, but his eyes were opened. He seemed to be reflecting on something. His eyes met with Sheila’s and his face changed, giving a sign that he recognized who he saw.
He tried to sit up as Sheila got nearer.
“Relax man,” the doctor said and quickly walked towards him. “You need to keep your back flat for now.”
“No, I want to sit up ” Henry replied, his voice sounded rough and tough.
“You shouldn’t sit up, you have a lot of injuries and could injure yourself further if you force yourself up.” The doctor replied.
“Please, help me up carefully.” Henry insisted.
“Okay,” the doctor gave in. “You have to get up slowly,” the doctor told him as he held a palm and put his one at at the back.
The doctor was able to get him up and resting his back against the headboard in two minutes.
“Are you okay now?”
“Yes, thanks.” Henry replied.
The doctor smiled at him but still kept a careful look at him.
Henry stared at Sheila’s face for a moment and saw the aggrieved look on her. He looked again at the doctor and his gaze lingered for about their seconds before he spoke. “Please excuse us Doctor.”
The doctor stared at him in shock, surprised at his request. “Huh?” He pretended not to hear what Henry said.
“Excuse us please,” Henry repeated.
The doctor stared at Sheila’s face quickly and the look on Sheila’s face suggested she wanted him to leave too.
“I’ll be just outside this room,” the doctor said and faked a smile before turning to leave.
Sheila stared at Henry with so much pity in her eyes. He was still in the patient’s blue uniform but she could see the wounds and marks on his body through the halfway buttoned top.
“I’m sorry Henry,” Sheila said in tears as she sat beside him in the bed and held a palm of his in both hands. “I’m sorry for what those men did to you, I’m sorry.”
Henry just kept staring at her with no expression on his face.
“I promise I won’t let such happen to you anymore…”
“Shhhh…” Henry hushed her.
She stared into his eyes, there was something in it that told her he wasn’t feeling hurt or pained emotionally and that he wasn’t insane. He looked so confident and calm.
“I’m Carl,” he said.
“Huh?” She raised her brows, wondering what he was talking about.
“I’m Carl Winston, Rank 9 Agent of the FOX Corporation, code 4679.”
To be continued

Read up to episode 24 here - www.youngicee.com/category/restless


Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by skubido(m): 7:10pm On Apr 01, 2019
Correct,,, Action go soon start

Tanks for the update
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by queenitee(f): 9:22pm On Apr 03, 2019
Oh yeah, oh yeah
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 11:01pm On Apr 03, 2019
Restless - Episode 16

Still Restless

® 18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel

"I need to make them pay, all of them!"

Sheila sniffed in and took a look at Henry's face. Her face was soaked with tears as she listened to Henry who she now knew as Carl tell his story. She had only known the pain of loosing a person- her mother - when she just got out of high school and she tried to imagine the pain he felt losing his wife and only child on the same day, making it worse was that he had to watch them helplessly burn to ashes in a house.

"I can imagine how you feel," she said in a shaky voice, sniffing in tears again. "The Doctor said you woke up making threats to kill some people, I believe you were angry at those men who took your wife and child."

"I was mad with myself, I watched as my wife and my son were dragged, I saw them tied and locked in that house and I watched the house being set ablaze." Henry recounted, the flashback playing in his mind as he mentioned each word.

Tears rolled down Sheila's eyes uncontrollably again and she quickly tried to wipe her face dry.

"I need to return to Bexford as soon as possible, find the killers of my wife and child, and also find out what happened to Rex and his family."

"I understand you," Sheila sniffed in again as she spoke. "But you're injured and you need to recover first."

"I've not got time Sheila, five months have gone without any activity. I can't afford to waste more time because the more it lingers, the less easier it will be to trace the killers."

"I understand you but I still insist that you have to get well first."

Henry did not reply immediately, he seemed to be lost in his thoughts again.

"First, I need a phone." He said, looking into Sheila's eyes with some urgency.

"You have a phone," Sheila replied.

"Oh! Yes, I do have a phone," he recalled that Sheila had gotten one for him. "I need to reach someone as quick as I can."

"Who do you want to reach?" Sheila asked.

"Someone I trust can help me, Agent Paul Edwards."

"Who is he?"

"My Boss in the FOX, he's the only one I can trust."

"Are you sure you want to start with this already? You want to start work immediately? You need to recover!"

"No, I'm not starting with work immediately. I just want to contact him and let him know I'm alive. The FOX would make arrangements to come pick me from here."

A sad look appeared on Sheila's face. She felt sad that he had his regained his memory and all he could think of was leaving so soon but she also considered the pain he was feeling from his loss.

"Why are you in such a hurry to leave? Are you going to start investigating the killers of your wife and son immediately in this condition?" Sheila asked again.

Henry was short of words to reply with, he remained silent for a while and avoided her eyes. He did not want to look into her eyes for two reasons; there was something in it which made him feel guilty for thinking of abandoning her so quick and there was also this calmness he felt when he looked deep into her eyes, the only one who had made him feel so was his wife.

"You're right," he finally said and looked briefly into her eyes. "I have to give myself time to recover first before I show myself to the FOX and here in El Deols is the best place to do so."

Sheila squeezed his hand warmly in hers, staring at his face passionately while he stared at the ground.

"I'm happy that you've finally regained your memory and that you can have your life back," Sheila said in a calm tone. Deep inside she was feeling so sad because she knew his days with her in El Deols were numbered.

"Thank you Sheila," Henry replied with a smile. "I'll forever be grateful to you for saving my life. I owe my life now to you and I'll never forget that, thank you for not giving up on me."

"Henry, you need to stop thanking me for that..." she stopped and smile with a side of her lips tilted up. "I should learn to call you Carl from now."

"No, please call me Henry, I think I like Henry and I'll consider keeping the name for now." Henry replied. "But I'll never stop thanking you for what you did for me," he added and he squeezed Sheila's hand softly this time around.

"Thank God you are alive once again and awake, you've survived a lot and I'm sure you would survive more and overcome all the battles in your way."

"Thank you," Henry smiled.

"It's okay," she patted him on the hand and stepped down to the ground. "I got to see the doctor now, please make sure you follow their instructions so that you can recover quickly."

"Yes, thanks."

"I'll be back shortly," Sheila said and then proceeded towards the door.

"Thanks Sheila," Henry said under his breath. He knew she did not hear him because she didn't turn until she stepped out through the door.


"Miss Sheila, are you okay?" The doctor rushed to her immediately she stepped out. He had been waiting and listening patiently in the corridor.

"Of course, I am." She rolled her eyes. "Why did you say he wasn't well? He's quite better than the last time I saw him, all that's left is healing for his injuries."

"Are you serious?" The doctor asked. "He was mad at everyone few hours ago, but I believe the drugs administered worked on him."

Sheila shook her head, she was about to reply him when she saw Angela at the other end of the corridor, coming towards them. "I'll be back soon Doctor," she said and then walked past the doctor.

"Sheila! I've been worried about you, I didn't meet you at your place when I returned there. I asked you not to leave the house without me," Angela said in a sharp tone.

"I've gotta get home now Angela," Sheila said and continued walking without replying Angela's query.

Angela turned and continued walking with Sheila. "How is Henry now?"

"He's fine, he's awake, we spoke few minutes ago." Sheila answered.

"That's good!" Angela replied sharp in a short high pitched voice, almost running after Sheila to catch up with her fast pace. "Why are you walking so hurriedly?"

"I need to do something at home as soon as possible," Sheila replied.

"And what's that?"

"Something personal."


Forty minutes later, Sheila had gotten home and was busy with her laptop in the room. She left Angela in the living room alone.

She scrolled through the search results on the webpage, she scrolled back up after reaching the bottom of the web page and clicked on the first search result which pointed to the FOX corporation official website. She switched to the second tab while the first tab loaded, her search results for Agent Carl Winston was loaded already. She clicked the result from Wikipedia and then switched to the first tab again.

The FOX corporation official website was fully loaded. She rested her back and slowly scrolled through, reading every detail on the website.

It wasn't her first time of hearing about the FOX corporation but she had not for once had a reason to search more concerning it, all she knew about the agency were the things she read or heard from the news concerning them.

She continued reading everything on the FOX website, even though she wasn't sure of what she was looking for there. After reading the information displayed on the homepage, she switched the browser tabs again. The Wikipedia webpage was fully loaded.

Agent Carl John Winston was a nine ranked agent of the FOX, known to be one of the deadliest and most brutal fighters in the world. He is believed to have died on March 31, 2015 in the Bexford sea after a battle with the invisible terrorists also known as the Red Wolves. It is believed that he was caught unawares by the Red Wolves a day after he declared the defeat of the terrorists. He was shot thrice and thrown into the Bexford Sea. Till date, his body is yet to be found and it is believed that it was swallowed by the species of giant fishes discovered at the sea during that period. The remnants of the invisible terrorists were wiped away by other agents of the FOX a week after his death.

Carl Winston was known for his skillfulness in handling of guns and other weapons, he was a fast shooter and a swift swordsman. His real age at the time of death is unknown though he was rumoured to be between the ages of 35 and 40. His family and origin are also unknown to the public due to his work as a secret agent.

Most of his battles and operations are mostly believed to be carried out alongside his partner Agent Rex of the FOX corporation who also died the same day he died under the same circumstances and the same manner.

Sheila stopped reading and right clicked on the blue coloured "Agent Rex" in the article which linked to the Wikipedia page on Agent Rex. She also scrolled up and opened the link leading to the invisible terrorists page on another tab.

She searched through the Wikipedia page for images but saw none of a man except the FOX Corporation's logo.


Two Days Later

Magic Complex,
Bexford, Bethanna

Hutton stood looking outside through the large transparent glass door of the balcony. He was in a room at the fourth floor of the building. His eyes followed a car as it drove out through the gate of the compound.

Richard was standing at the center of the living room, waiting for Hutton's response to something he had said. Hutton had delayed the response for more than five minutes but Richard was patient. He knew Hutton as a man who was also slow to reply. Hutton always took his time to think before speaking, it was part of his character and that was why he was called the strategist.

Hutton finally turned after drawing the curtains close. "So..." He walked towards Richard and sat on a sofa facing Richard, he crossed his legs. He picked up an empty glass cup from the footstool and held the teaspoon in it. He stared into the cup like he was seeing something inside.

"So, Eddy is yet to convince the organization?"

"Yes," Richard replied in a calm tone.

"How many more days do you think he needs to do so?"

Richard was quiet, he did not know what answer to give.

Hutton recognized that Richard was out of ideas.

"What success have you made with the video Eddy sent?" He asked, not waiting anymore for an answer to his previous question.

"I've gone through the video more than ten times and I've spotted that man only twice." Richard replied.

Hutton chuckled and looked up at Richard's face. He himself had also gone through the video, but only twice and had spotted the face of the man five times.

"Did you make a search for the image?" Hutton asked.

"Yes, I did."


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Restless – Episode 17
Investigating The Hoodlums
® 18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel
Weeks After >>>
September 19, 2015
Sheila’s Apartment,
El Deols, Anthanna.
It was a Saturday and a day for rest as usual. However Sheila seemed to be so busy even though all she did was in her room and on her laptop.
She had on her grey coloured shirt on a green jean bum shorts, her legs were crossed under the table, her elbow touching the table with her chin rested on the palm and her eyes focused on the laptop screen. The index finger of her right hand was placed closed to the arrow down button of the laptop keyboard and she scrolled down occasionally by holding it down.
One hour had gone and she was still working on the laptop, saving some of the browser pages and copying texts from some webpages into Microsoft word documents, she had totally forgotten that Henry would be in the living room waiting for her. She only remembered when a knock sounded at her door.
She widened her eyes as she stared at the door, she inhaled and exhaled deeply.
“Oh! I’m sorry Henry,” she apologized unconsciously, her voice sounding in whispers which could not be heard by the person at the door. She quickly saved the webpages and closed the browser.
The knock sounded again.
“Please come in Henry,” She said as she quickly saved the microsoft word document and closed it.
Henry opened the door and pushed it in gently. With the support of his crutch, he half-walked and half-hopped in, he stopped to close the door before proceeding some few steps further.
“Henry, how are you doing?” Sheila asked, faking a smile.
Henry stared at her face thinly, delaying his reply. He noticed there was something about her smile which showed it wasn’t authentic.
“Fine,” he eventually replied. “I came to look for you here after waiting without seeing you, I can see you are busy, I’ll just leave and come back later.”
He turned immediately after speaking.
“No Henry,” she said sharply and got up to her feet. “I’m actually not doing anything, I just got engaged with something and I didn’t realize it had taken much of my time.”
Henry turned back to her. “I know you are busy Sheila, I can read it on your face,” he said in a confident tone. “There’s no need to stop whatever you’re doing because of me, we would just talk later.”
He turned again and proceeded towards the door.
She hurried towards him and stopped at his front.
“No, we can talk now. I can continue with what I was doing after we finish talking.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes,” she replied, her shoulders dropped and she let out a breath. “Sorry, I was carried away earlier and left you waiting in the living room.”
“It’s okay,” Henry replied and turned back.
“What was it you wanted to talk about?” She asked as she proceeded back to the chair she was previously seated.
Henry sat at the edge of the bed and Sheila pulled her chair closer to his front.
“Ermm… It’s about the investigations you are carrying out about those hoodlums that lured us with Miss Tayo.”
Sheila frowned. “The police is in charge of that, and… What do you want to discuss about it?”
“I know that the police have closed the case and you’ve taken it up personally…” Henry replied.
“No, the police is…” she interrupted him.
“Shh…” he also cut her short. “I know Sheila, you don’t need to lie to me. The police are yet to find the real hoodlums and they claim we made no report to them with proofs of the records of the calls which cannot be found.”
Sheila was quiet.
Henry continued calmly. “So, you’ve decided to take it up personally and I understand.”
“No, the police are still in…”
“The court dismissed your accusation against the police zone and ordered them to find the hoodlums after warning you not to make such accusation against the force again,” Henry cut in sharply.
“Yes, that’s what I’m saying. The police are now investigating the hoodlums.”
“You know that’s not true,” Henry stated, looking deep into her eyes. “You know the police would find nothing. The police group who worked with the hoodlums to lure us would do whatever they can to protect the hoodlums from being exposed in order to protect their own name.” Henry paused for two seconds. “You know this Sheila and that’s why you have taken it up by yourself.”
“I’m not taking anything up Henry…”
“You are Sheila, I found out from Dennis.”
Sheila squinted. “Dennis, he told you I took it up?” she asked, tilting her head slightly and raising her eyebrows.
“No, he did not tell me. I found out from him.”
“What are you talking about Henry?”
“You seem to have forgotten the real me Sheila, I’m an Agent of the FOX corporation.” Henry reminded her as he leaned forward closer to her, looking into her face directly. “You sent Dennis to get some answers from me in disguise but you did not remember that it’s my specialty. I deal with criminals and work as an undercover to seek answers and secrets from them, I know when someone is trying to do the same with me.”
Sheila took in a deep breath and rested her back in the chair. She realized Henry was so sure of what he was saying.
“Why are you hiding it from me Sheila?” Henry asked after sitting back upright.
“Well, I mean no harm. I knew you would be interested and I did not want you to get involved,” Sheila replied.
“But I’m already involved, I fought with those men and got myself injured and almost killed.”
“I’m sorry about that Henry, but that’s why I don’t want you to get further involved.”
“And you decided to do it alone? You don’t think it’s dangerous?”
“I’m not doing it alone, I’ve got Dennis by my side,” she replied.
“Dennis does not know the genesis of this situation.”
“I let him know already,” she retorted. “I let him know that my main suspect is Tom Wills and we are working to prove that he organized that attack.”
“Tom Wills is in prison, his eight years sentence just began.”
“Yes, but this happened before he was sentenced and he’s appealing his case already.”
“We know he can not win the appeal.”
“That shouldn’t stop me from investigating this, he needs to be punished for all his crimes not just the rape.”
Henry took in a deep breath. He stared at her face silently for a moment, wondering how Sheila who had once pleaded with her father not to pursue the case against Tom was now determined to make Tom pay for all his crimes. “But… You shouldn’t try to do it without me.”
“I have to, I can’t wait for you to recover first, remember you once said it becomes increasingly difficult to trace the suspects if time is wasted.”
“I would have to join you.”
“No Henry, you can’t.”
“I have to, it’s a simple case, I don’t need to recover before fishing out who those men are.”
“I think you should focus on recovering and returning to the FOX. The Fox needs you back as soon as possible, I think it’s the only way you can pay them for nabbing those men who murdered your family and tried to kill you.”
Henry took in a breath. He and Sheila had found out through online sources how the FOX had nabbed the men who killed Agents Carl and Rex a week after the murder. But Henry was still not satisfied with that, the news of the resurgence of the invisible terrorists meant that the men who murdered his family and tried to kill him, the real Red wolves were still alive. The men who the FOX nabbed a week after his presumed death were only messengers, the real people responsible for the demise of his wife and child were still alive. However, the focus of his discuss with Sheila was not getting the killers of his wife, it was about nabbing the hoodlums that attacked them.
“Sheila, before I think about repaying the FOX. I have to get justice for you, the woman who saved my life.”
“Justice for me?” Sheila raised her brows.

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17 contd

“Yeah, those hoodlums that beat me up did not just come after me, I had no business with them, they came for you. They wanted to hurt you by going through me. And in real sense, they did not hurt me, they helped me regain my memory. So this fight against them is about getting justice for you, getting those who tried to hurt you punished.”
Sheila was silent for a while. She wondered how Henry had just turned the whole scenario quickly.
“But,” she began in soft tones. “I can’t let you get involved,” she added in a conclusive tone.
“I am involved already, just tell me how far you’ve gone with the investigation.”
Sheila was quiet and unwilling to give Henry more information.
“You don’t have to be scared Sheila,” he spoke in soft assuring tone as he leaned forward. “I would not have to get into any physical fight with them, I can help to reveal the identity of these men quickly and also the police men that worked with them.”
Sheila took in a deep breath and stared into his eyes for a moment. He had this confident and assuring look on his face which told her he was fit enough for the job.
“Come see this,” she finally spoke and got up immediately. She pulled the chair back to it’s previous position in front of the table where the laptop was. Henry got up and followed her.
She opened the browser and other applications which she had closed on the laptop.
“I’ve done a lot of work already. I hacked into the directory of the network provider server to check for records of your calls to the police zone and I didn’t find it, which meant they spoke to us with an anonymous receiver. But I’ve been able to fetch records of calls of one of the policemen, he made calls to a certain number within the same period we contacted them to report the kidnap and I suspect the number belongs to one of the men who kidnapped Miss Tayo. I’m trying to search the location of the device carrying that number during that period.”
“Great work!” Henry complimented, amazed by how far she had gone already. He was standing beside her. “So, what does it take to get the location of the receiver?”
“I was on it before you came in,” Sheila replied.
Henry turned his head back and located the footstool with his eyes, he walked slowly to the spot and dragged it with him close to Sheila’s seat.
They continued the process for close to forty minutes without being able to get the location they sought.
“Sheila, I think the receiver had his phone in an incognito state during the calls.” Henry broke the long silence.
“Do people just get the ability to put their phones in such state these days?”
“They worked with the police, the corrupt officers must have facilitated it.”
Sheila closed her eyes and shook her head, she heaved a sigh of frustration.
“But we have made reasonable progress already, all we need to do is fetch details of the phone’s owner. We’d still be able to do a lot with that,” Henry spoke with a positive tone.
“What can we do with his details if we can’t prove there was a phone call with the police officer and if we can’t check the location?”
‘Well, I am very positive that the location of the receiver was that warehouse and I’m going to prove it,” Henry replied.
“Give me sometime Sheila, it’s my job, I’ll get it done before Tuesday.”
Sheila stared at his face quietly. She knew she had no reason to doubt his words, all she was afraid of was he getting into any stressful activity that would affect his recovery.
“I believe you can get it done but I want you to remember that you need to recover well before stressing yourself. Don’t risk getting yourself more injuries.”
“It’s okay,” Henry replied with a smile. “By the way, I do need your help to reach Paul Edwards in Bethanna.”
Sheila raised her brow, she changed her position in the chair and turned to face Henry properly. “How do I help you with that?”
“I need to communicate with him but I’ll have to deliver a parcel to him first,” Henry replied.
“What parcel? And how do we locate Paul Edwards in Bethanna?”
“You help me arrange a man to deliver it, I have more details about the particular location of delivery.”
“Is that man expecting this parcel?”
“I thought you wanted to reach him on phone earlier.”
Yeah, but as an Agent of the FOX, he has his personal number protected just like mine was. It cannot be connected to through any numbers except approved by him.”
“Oh!” Sheila let out a breath slowly. It took some seconds for her to completely understand his explanation. “And is there no other way you can reach him before getting a parcel there?”
“No, that’s the main reason for the parcel. It will deliver a message to him and he’d be able to contact me first or authorize my number to contact him.”
“Okay, I can contact someone right away for you.” Sheila said and turned back to the laptop.
She opened her browser and typed in a url in into the navigation box.
She remembered something and turned her face to him again. “By the way, did you read foreign news this morning?”
“No,” Henry replied, shaking his head with his eyes squinted at her inquisitively.
“There was something concerning Paul Edwards, Chairman of the FOX.” she replied as she opened another tab on the browser, she typed in the url “youngicee.com”.
“What did it say about him?”
“I think he lost a son in the recent explosion,” Sheila answered. She switched to the news section of the opened website and scrolled down to select the link to the news item. “Here,” she glanced at his face.
“Chairman of the FOX loses grandson in disastrous bomb blast,” He muttered the topic of the news item under his breath.
“Damn it!” He cursed angrily in a pained tone. He shook his head vigorously, his eyes closed and his fists clenched unconsciously.
Sheila stared at his face, carefully observing his response.
Henry opened his eyes and moved closer to read the full news. As usual, the Red Wolves were responsible for the bomb blast. They had exploded part of one of the country’s oldest universities of which Paul Edwards grandson was a student. The young man lived in one of the hostels affected and he died alongside 122 other students.
Henry felt frustrated and angry. Within the past few days, he had followed the news carefully and read about the Red Wolves recent attacks. He had also read that Paul Edwards had launched another team of the FOX to bring down the terrorists. Even though he believed in Paul Edwards and the board’s choice, and he believed that there were other agents capable of working together to stop the terrorists, he still felt the need to return to Bexford to fight the terrorists himself. For the same reason he wanted to contact Paul Edwards was to get more information about the new team launched against the terrorist and also help by sharing his own ideas on how the team could work better or suggest who else should be in the team.
He took sometime to reconsider his decision to contact Paul. He shook his head as he came up with a different conclusion.
“I no longer think it’s the right time to contact Paul Edwards,” He voiced out to Sheila who was now busy with the laptop again.
“Why?” Sheila flashed a quick look at him, wondering why he changed his mind so suddenly.
“I’ve been observing a trend in the recent attacks of the Red Wolves and I just established something. In each of their last four attacks, there have been deaths of one or more relative of a members of the FOX decision taking board. It shows that the attacks are well calculated and the terrorists have their eyes on the board. A message to Paul Edwards at the moment would not get to him without their knowledge and they may trace it to the source here.”
A confused look appeared on Sheila’s face. “Why do you think the terrorists are killing family members of the decision making board of the FOX?”
“I believe it’s to sound a warning as well as demoralize these men, they want to make a statement that even the FOX agents and their families are not immune to their attacks.”
“But do you think the new team launched is capable of taking down the terrorists?”
“I don’t know the members of the new team, but I trust Paul’s judgement, he must have selected the best men for the job. It might take some time, but at the end there’ll be victory for the FOX.”
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Restless - Episode 17 contd

There was silence for a while, almost two minutes.
Sheila turned towards Henry again and spoke in soft tones. “Henry,” she called and waited for him to look at her face. “I think you should take a break completely off this FOX issue for now. You just mentioned that Paul Edwards is capable of making the right choice. That means the men selected would surely defeat these terrorists, you should stop bothering about them. You’ve suffered a lot of trauma already, you need to rest your head and mind. You would return to them once the doctor says you’re perfectly fine.”
“That would not be easy Sheila, I can’t rest until I see that the men who killed my family and tried to kill me have been punished.”
“But…” Sheila lost her voice for a moment as she tried to remember something accurately. “But we read the information online, the men who attacked your family were caught a week after by the FOX.”
“Yes, but those men did not come on their own volition, they were sent by a higher ranking terrorist to destroy I and Rex totally. The real fight is not against the men who were sent but against the ones who sent them, against the real Wolves of the terrorist group.”
Sheila heaved a sigh. She realized she probably would not be able to talk Henry out of returning to fight the Wolves.
“But I promise you to take a pause for now,” Henry said in a soothing tone. Sheila’s eyes met with his and locked. He could feel she was so worried about him. “I would wait until I get well, but for now, we’ve got to find those men who attacked us.”
Magic Complex,
Bexford, Bethanna
Hutton’s finger on the arrow down button helped him scrolled down the document quickly. There were names of over two thousand people in the document. He knew it would take quite some time, probably months of continuous work for him alone to fetch details of all the people on the list.
He had classified the names into firms and countries to make the work easier and also streamlined his details search to the neighboring countries and newly opened firms. He had to stop his work when he realized that a lot of the attendees of the conference had their real profiles hidden online. There was no way he was going to confirm if the man he saw in the conference was Carl.
“Hutton, I really do think this is a waste of time. We’ve done a random comparison of the profiles of those men to Carl Winston and none of them matches up to ten percent, it’s time you stopped this and let’s focus on our operations together.”
“I do still have a feeling that the Agent, Carl is still alive somewhere.” Hutton replied.
“No my friend, your feelings are wrong. Carl is gone forever and can never stop the success of the Wolves.”
Hutton stared at his friend’s face. He realized he had no choice than to believe that Agent Carl was truly gone forever, he had to focus his energy on the operations at hand.
September 21, 2015
El Deols, Anthanna.
Sheila’s gaze landed on the car garage as they got into the compound, she noticed something was amiss but couldn’t quickly fathom what it was. It was until the car got to the garage that she realized that one of the cars parked there was missing.
She quickly stepped out from the backseat of the car without waiting for Dennis to open the door for her as usual.
“A vehicle is missing here,” she said in a loud voice to the driver who had also stepped out of the car.
“Yes, it was here when we left this morning.” The driver replied her.
Sheila stared at the empty parking space for a moment and wondered what or who could have moved the car from the place. She spotted Lesedi in the garden when she turned, she beckoned her.
“Welcome Miss Sheila.”
“Lesedi, what happened to the car here?”
A frown formed on Lesedi’s face. “Sir Henry did not tell you?”
Sheila raised her brows and stared deeply into Lesedi’s eyes. “Tell me what? Where did he go?”
“He left this afternoon with the car,” Lesedi replied. She was shocked heila was not aware. Henry had acted as if Sheila was aware of his movement before he left that afternoon.
“And where did he go to?” Sheila asked, already baffled and trying not to imagine what Henry was up to.
“He didn’t say, he only says to tell you he’s gone for the job,” Lesedi replied.
“He’s gone for the job?” Sheila was more confused. She quickly took out her phone from her handbag. She unlocked it and opened the call dialer. Before she could dial, she noticed the message notification at the top bar, she swiped down the bar to read.

Sorry, I had to leave without telling you. I knew you would not let me go, I promise to explain later.

Read up to episode 27 here - www.youngicee.com/category/restless

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Tanks for the update

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 3:54pm On Apr 09, 2019
oyinprince well done
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Tanks for the update
Uwc sir
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Restless – Episode 18
The Slum: Gege
® 18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel
Unedited Update
Thirty Minutes After
“Quick Dennis, get the driver to start the car. We’re heading for Gege,” Sheila said as she walked back into the living room with her partially closed laptop in one hand and her phone in the other. She had taken off the black skirt suit she wore to the office and was now on a tshirt and trousers with sneakers on her feet.
She stopped at the centre of the living room and placed her table on it after Dennis had hurried out to deliver her message to the driver. She squatted beside the table and opened the laptop properly. She played the footage from the security camera again and watched how Henry drove the car to the point it was parked and how he stepped out of the car with his crutch and walked into the streets. She tried to follow his movement in the street but he soon got out of the cameras reach when he entered the midst of some storey buildings.
Gege was one of the most known and populous slum in the capital El Deols and in the whole country. It had the highest number of thugs and riffraffs. An hideout for drugs addicts and hoodlums. It also had the highest number of unkempt buildings. The buildings were rigid and strong, being built of good materials but the walls were so dirty for most of them had not been painted within the past ten years. The roads and streets were not well kept too, especially the drainage system and the roadside bins. There was also a large number of illegal dumpsites and polluted areas in the slum.
She skipped the video to an hour after and still saw the car still being parked there. She swtiched the footage stream to real time and saw that the car was still where it was parked.
“Miss, the car is ready!” Dennis announced as he walked back into the living room.
Sheila quickly hibernated the laptop and closed it up. She handed it to Dennis and walked out of the living room with Dennis following behind.
Gege was ninety minutes drive from their present location and could be up to three hours drive when there was heavy traffic.
The Lovers House,
Gege, El Deols, Anthanna.
Iyke could hear the afropop music playing softly in the nightclub as he got to the entrance. From the look of things, he was sure that the population of the clubbers would be low that night. He remembered it was a monday and the night was still quite early, the clubs usually got busier as the night thickens and was busiest during weekends.
He opened the gate and stepped in. He was right, the place was no as busy as it usually was but there were still a couple of people there. His eyesd wandered around the place as if he was looking for something.
“Hey Iyke!”
He turned his neck to see one of the club girls catwalking towards him from.
He licked his lips as he got a perfect view of her. She was looking sexy as usual. The armless top she wore left the abdomen area uncovered and still exposed her cleavage. Her skirt was so short, it barely covered her buttocks and her underwear could be seen as she swung her waists as she walked.
“Babe,” he pulled her close and drew in a breath, the scent of her perfume filled his nostrils.
He had his right hand around her waist while she had both hands on both side of his shoulder.
She was of a slender figure unlike him who was broadchested and well built, but she had good heights for a lady and the high heels on her feet helped her measure up to his height.
“I’m surprised to see you this night darling,” she said in a soft voice which sounded enchanting in Iyke’s ears. She also rolled her eyes and kept a seducing smile on her face.
“Yes,” he smiled sheepishly, already forgetting the reason he was there. “I only come here on friday nights.”
“So what brings you here tonight?”
“Well…It’s not bad to catch some fun on monday night too, is it?”
“Hmm… Catch some fun?” she sang in her seductive tone as she disengaged from him. “It’s no crime baby, let’s go catch it,” she said as she placed a finger on his lips and dragged it down to his chest slowly. She fixed the finger under one of the buttons of his shirt and turned. He followed by her side into the club house as she pulled him along.
She was already pulling him away from the night club to another section of the facility when his phone beeped. He took out the phone and unlocked to check the notification.
“Oh! Damn it,” he cursed and halted immediately. “It’s eight thirty already.”
“Hun, what’s happening by eight thirty?” the lady asked.
“I gotta meet someone,” he replied.
“C’mon, can’t you do that after we catch some fun?” she asked, clinging to his body to pull him with her.
“No, I have to go now babe. I’ll see you later.” he replied quickly and pecked her before turning.
He hurried back and went into the night club. He had almost forgotten his reason for being there. He had received a message from one of his acquittances in the club, a rich guy promising telling him to meet him there by eight thirty that night for a deal which will bring in so much money.
His eyes searched through every wear in the night club. He checked the bar, the sitting areas, the dance floor, the music area and stage, yet he could not spot the person who had asked him to come. He became uncertain as to whether he could still recognize the face of the person who had asked him to come. he began to scan the face of everyone in the club, including those on the dance floor. After looking around for five minutes without any success, he walked to the bar.
“Hey Noah,” he rested his hands on the counter as he called unto the attendant.
“Hey! My man,” the attendant hailed him in response. “You want some Tequilla,” the barman asked, already reaching for the bottle of wine.
“No, please come closer.” Iyke beckoned, his eyes still wandering around the hall.
“Yes, how can I help you?” The barman.
“I’m looking for someone, he’s waiting here for me.” He relayed to the barman with uncertainty in his voice.
The barman stared at him silently for a couple of seconds.
“So you want me to arrange two bottles of wine for you and your friend?”
“No, I mean have you seen anyone like that? Has anyone come to ask of me?”
“No man, I haven’t seen anyone here who’s asked of you.” The barman replied. He stared at Iyke’s face for some seconds before returning to his work.
Iyke turned and looked around the hall again, everyone else seemed busy and no one seemed to be the one he came for.
He heaved a sigh as he took out his phone. He was already feeling foolish. He had received the call from an unknown person three hours ago, asking him to meet at the Lovers House Night Club. The person claimed that they had met a month ago at the club on a Friday night and that he (Iyke) had given him the phone number.
Iyke dialed the number which called him earlier and looked around to see who would answer a call as he placed his phone close to his ear.
He spotted a man taking out his phone and the far left end of the hall. The man was dressed in suit, sitting on a long sofa. He had two half naked girls flanging him and dipping their hands into his shirt. There were bottles of beer on the table in front. The sofa at the opposite side of the table was empty. That section of the club had about six points set up in the same manner.
He dropped from his stool and advanced towards the place, keeping his phone close to his ear and his eyes on his destination.
He watched as the man dropped his phone on the table after glancing briefly at the screen, he seemed to be very busy with the girls. The phone soon ended connection and stopped ringing. He dialed the number again and continued on his way to the man.
As soon as the call began to connect again, he also noticed the backlight on the screen of the man’s phone come up. He concluded in his mind that he has found his man. It stopped ringing and he didn’t bother dialing again, he was already close to them.

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 9:10pm On Apr 10, 2019
Restless Episode 18 contd

“Hey man, why aren’t you answering your calls?” He asked as he got to them.
The trio did not seem to notice him as they were so busy with themselves. One of the ladies was already on his lap and the other one was covering his mouth with hers.
“Damn you man! I’m talking to you,” Iyke shouted angrily.
The trio finally noticed and looked at him. They stared at his face, wondering what he was there for.
“Are you gonna talk to me or not?” Iyke asked again.
“Hey! Who are you man?” The man fired at him angrily. “Man get the hell out of here!”
Iyke would have fired back at him but for the fact that he was dialing the number again and the man’s phone wasn’t ringing this time.
“Hey man! Stay cool,” he gently turned and walked away.
He navigated to his messaging app to check the message he received earlier when he got into the Lovers House facility and was distracted by the girl. He read it again and was baffled that he was yet to find the sender. The message read:
I’m waiting for you in the club house
He was boiling inside with anger and his lips moved as he cursed whoever the person was under his breath. He tapped on the message space and already began to type in a message when a call from the number entered.
He swiped the green button immediately and placed the phone close to his ear.
“Where the hell are you man?” He asked angrily.
“Right behind you,” the man replied.
Iyke turned sharply to see the seat where he had just met the man and the ladies now empty. His eyes scanned around and he couldn’t still locate who was on call with him.
“Damn you man! You’re wasting my precious time. Step out right now or else…”
“I’m close to you already, now in front of you.”
Iyke’s eyes scanned around quickly again but he could see no one. He turned sharply again and still looked around without spotting anyone.
“Who the hell are you? Stop playing this bleeping game!”
“No games, you just turn around and you’d find me.” The caller replied again.
Iyke turned again, he saw no one holding a phone. He was now sure that whoever it was was playing a game. He was mad at himself for being a fool. It wasn’t the first time a meeting like this at the club house would be organized with someone he did not recognize or remember but it always held on Fridays and on his terms. What had made him so eager about this one and not to ask questions to verify the caller was the huge some of money the caller offered for the job he claimed he would propose.
“Haven’t you seen him?” The caller asked after a few seconds of silence from his end. He did not reply but his gaze still hovered around. “I’m right in front of you holding a phone.”
To say Iyke was angry was an understatement. He was enraged to the point that he would commit murder without thinking twice when he saw the man.
“Look man, I’m going to get you and make you pay for this trash…” He began to threaten.
“Shhh… You don’t have to look around to get me, I’m always with you, I’m right there with you holding a phone.”
Iyke scanned around with his eyes again but not for too long this time.
“Look down man, I’m right there.”
It took sometime before Iyke could grab the instruction. He looked down slowly and what he could see what his formed shadow. He clenched his fist and teeth in anger.
“I’m your shadow man, I’m your nemesis, I go everywhere with you until the day you die which is coming soon.”
“Damn you idiot!” Iyke cursed. He knew for sure that whoever was playing such a game was around, watching him.
“Enough of that dude! Now, once you drop this call, you’d find my instructions for you.” The voice said. “Follow every instruction and don’t try to play smart.”
“Miss, it’s obvious that he’s left here already.” Dennis said to Sheila for the umpteenth time but she kept repeating that the footage did not show when he left the place. The car was no longer there, another car was now parked there.
“I’m sure he’s somewhere around this area and he’d be returning soon.” Sheila replied.
“This place is dangerous Miss, we can’t stay here any longer.” Dennis warned.
“Exactly, we can’t leave Henry here. I’m sure he’d be out soon.” She insisted.
After thirty minutes, there was still no signs of Henry. Sheila felt more than disappointment. She felt heartbroken. She wondered what Henry had come to do at the slum and also wondered how he planned to keep himself after leaving her without requesting or taking enough money.
“Ma’am, we’ve got to leave now.” Dennis said to her again.
She was also convinced that they had to leave at that moment. She could see the preying eyes of some thugs around and she has sure they were already planning to rob them.
Silently and sadly, she stepped into the backseat of the car. Dennis also entered and the driver entered. The driver had just kicked on the engine when Sheila’s phone rang, Lesedi was the caller.
“Hello Miss,” Lesedi’s voice rang in as she answered.
“Yes Lesedi.”
“Mr Henry arrived the house about five minutes ago.”
To be continued

Read more here - www.youngicee.com/category/restless
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Make Sheila take ham easy oooo,

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Make Sheila take ham easy oooo,

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she don failly in love nah
so e no go dey easy

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 9:12am On Apr 13, 2019
Restless – Episode 19
® 18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel
Location: El Deols, Anthanna.
Iyke marched out of the club house angrily. He stopped outside the gate and looked around for some minutes, trying to see if the man who was playing pranks on him was outside the place.
He noticed no one like that around. He took out his car keys from his pocket and then advanced towards his car immediately.
He opened the door to the driver’s side and stepped in. He put the key into the ignition hole, he was about to turn it on when some strange sounds from behind startled him. He turned his neck slowly and looked back. He was shocked to find a man with tied hands and legs and a gagged mouth.
“What the hell…” He cursed under his breath as he took out his protection knife and quickly stepped out of the car.
His phone began to ring but he ignored it. He took a careful look around before he opened the door to the back seat to check who was there.
“Officer, what the hell are you doing in my car?” He blasted as he recognized the man. It was the police man who they had worked with to carry out Tom’s job few weeks ago and who had also worked with them on other occasions in the past.
He pulled the tape from the man’s mouth to allow him talk.
“Please, I’m in pains, untie me quickly.” the man pleaded frantically.
“What the hell are you doing in my car?” Iyke asked, not minding his pleas to be set free quickly.
“I don’t know,” the man said with stammering lips. He closed his eyes as he tried to remember exactly how he got there.
Iyke’s phone began to ring again.
“Answer your call,” the tied man popped his eyes opened and said to Iyke in a frank tone.
Iyke stared at him without taking any step.
“Answer your call, ” the tied man replied. “The man would give you some instructions.”
Tom cursed under his breath as he slammed the door shut and opened the front door again. He picked his phone from the front seat and checked the caller, it was the same number that had been calling him.
“Who the hell are you idiot? Step out to me like a man and stop playing this hide and seek game,” he said angrily into the phone.
‘That man in your car, untie him, unlock his phone and open the file you find on it.”
“What the bleep? You think you can just boss me around…”
The line went dead.
“Damn it!” he cursed again, clenching his fists and teeth.
He closed the front door once after dropping his knife and opened the backdoor again.
“Be careful when you close this door idiot, you almost broke my head now.”
Iyke ignored the man’s words. “Where’s your phone?”
“It’s in my left pocket, untie me first, I’ll give it to you.”
Iyke ignored the man’s request. he stepped into the car and reached for the man’s pocket. He took out the phone and tapped the power button. The phone was without security lock, so he just swiped it open.
He clicked on the only file displayed. He was expecting more files to open but an app popped up instead. It was a police reporting application. It displayed a message in a dialog box and showed no icon or sign for cancellation.
Message scheduled for 21:30PM
He frowned. He didn’t know what message was being talked about nor what the app was. He noticed that the word message being displayed had a drop down menu, he clicked on it and about ten options showed up, all named with dates.
January 23, 2014
March 24, 2014
June 30, 2014
December 5, 2014
December 6, 2014
December 7, 2014
December 8, 2014
February 9, 2015
July 9, 2015
Something about the dates sparked a thought, the sixth day of December was his birthday and he remembered clearly what he did in the last year. On the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th days of the last December, he had led his group of thugs to destroy some buildings and cause trouble in some areas in town and they had also connived with the police to protect them.
He clicked on “December 5, 2014″ and a new window popped up, showing a gallery of pictures and videos. He began to check the pictures and videos one after the other and he realized they contained some of their activities which were recorded by the CCTV.
‘Bleep you officer! What are you doing with these pictures and videos?” Iyke stepped into the back space and closed the door.
‘Set me free from these ropes you idiot!” the officer cried out.
Iyke stretched his hands to the front seat to pick the knife, he turned the man and cut the ropes tying the man’s hands to the back and the ropes tying the legs.
“Oh my Goodness!” the officer exclaimed as he sat up, stretching his hands and feet as much as he could to ease himself off the pain.
“Now, would you tell me what these videos are doing on your phone and how to get rid of them?” Iyke asked impatiently as he fumbled with the phone.
“I don’t know,” the officer replied sharply. “He tied me to a chair, covered my mouth with a tape while he moved those files from his device to my phone.”
“It’s asking for a password to delete them,” Iyke said impatiently, giving the phone to the officer.
The officer took the phone from him and fumbled around the application for about a minute.
“I don’t know how he did it, I don’t know how he had access to my account but he’s changed my password and I can’t delete this message.” the officer replied, stammering.
“What message is it? And who is he sending them to?” Iyke asked.
“It’s the police reporting platform, used when an officer isn’t physically present at the office to send a report or use to send live reports on the progress of a case.”
“And so?”
“He has scheduled these videos and images to be sent to the overseer by half past twenty one hours.”
“Are you bleeping kidding me? These videos must not get out, they would get me and my boys in trouble. Several people died in those operations.”
The officer stared at him silently, he had nothing to say.
“Do something fool, stop looking like a dummy. Don’t you know you would also get into trouble?”
“What can I do? We can’t do anything except to call him back and ask him to stop them from sending, we have to ask what he wants.”
“Oh Damn it!”
Iyke ran his fingers into his hair angrily. The whole thing was getting messier than he thought it could be.
He was still considering whether to call or not when his phone rang. He answered at once.
“Who the hell are you man? And what do you want?”
“I need you to turn yourself in for the crime you committed four weeks ago, if you do , you would get a lesser punishment and these videos would be deleted forever.”
“Don’t joke with me man, you can’t just give me orders to follow, tell me what you want.”
“No problem man, these videos would get to the police overseer’s inbox in the next fifteen minutes.”
“You dare not send them, I would find you and kill you.” Iyke threatened.
“You wouldn’t find me, you would be cooling off in prison soon. The files are on the way already, they’ll be delivered in fourteen minutes time.”
“What do you want man?” Iyke asked in a desperate tone.
‘Turn yourself in before the end of tomorrow, if you promise to do so, I’ll stop the files from sending.” The voice repeated.
“What crime are you asking me to turn in for?”
“The Tom Wills Job man.”
“What the hell! That has been covered up already, no one knows my involvement at all.”
‘Yeah… I want you to turn yourself and your thugs in and your remaining crimes would remain covered up.”
“Okay, I would think about it but you have to stop those videos from sending right away.”
“I would, you only have till 8am tomorrow to make up your mind.”
“Cancel the videos from sending!” Iyke replied.
“Done man.”
“Done?” Iyke stared at the police man’s face.
The officer quickly unlocked his phone and returned to the main dashboard of the app. There was still a sending status displayed. He shook his head in negative to Iyke.
“You haven’t cancelled…”
“It’s been stopped,” the police officer cut in as the status on the app just changed.
“It’s cancelled already,” the man replied from the other end.
Iyke cut off the call without saying any more words.
“How did this man find you?” he asked the officer.
“I got home from work…” the officer began. He squinted his eyes as if he was finding it difficult to remember. “Something hit my head as i turned on the light, the next thing was I woke up tied to a chair and found him sitting in front of me.”
“Is it someone you know?”
“No, he had a hood on and his eyes covered. I couldn’t really see his face.”
Iyke stared silently at the police officer for a while. Then he suddenly snatched the phone from the officer’s hand.
“What?” the officer stared at him in surprise.
“I’m going to keep this phone. If he has to send the videos again. He will have to get them to me.”
“You don’t realize he can publish those videos anywhere else, do you?”
Iyke thought for a while. He realized that the videos do not have to be sent through that platform to get to the police overseer. He shook his head in frustration. He knew that anything could happen but one thing he was sure of what that he was never going to be so weak to turn himself in easily to the police.


Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 9:13am On Apr 13, 2019
Sheila’s Apartment, El Deols.
22: 49PM
“Henry, where did you go?” Sheila asked in an fatigued voice as she stepped into the living room.
He was there in the living room, watching the television while patiently waiting for her. He picked up his walking stick and helped himself up as he spotted her. She walked straight in his direction.
“I was so afraid when I returned and I was told you left already,” Sheila added, not letting him respond to her question first.
“I had to go…”
She didn’t let him finish talking when she wrapped her hands around him in a warm embrace. He was surprised at first but eventually wrapped his arms around her.
The embrace lasted for almost one minute before Sheila disengaged herself from him.
“Where did you go?”she asked again.
“I went to make some arrangements concerning our investigation on those hoodlums,” Henry replied her.
“And why didn’t you tell me?” she asked before taking her sit on the three seater sofa behind. Henry also took his seat beside her.
“You would not want me to go,” Henry answered. “I wanted to avoid arguing with you about it.”
“And where exactly did you go to?”
“I was at Gege to check a few locations there,” Henry replied her.
“Locations for what?”
“Locations for a meeting,” Henry replied. He could see she was wondering what he talking about. “Please Sheila, don’t let anyone know I did step out or even that I’m fit enough to go out.”
“I don’t get you.”
“Don’t tell the doctor and don’t tell anyone.”
Sheila raised her brows and stared at him with a suspicious look. “But you have to tell me what you’re doing.”
“It isn’t what you’re thinking, I’m not about to engage them in a fight.” Henry quickly added.
“So what are you doing? What meeting are you talking about?”
“Well, the meeting is on already and it’s not important for us to discuss. Why don’t we just talk about something else for now?”
Sheila kept a suspicious gaze on his face, not willing to change the subject.
“Hey! Stop staring at me like that, you need to trust me and whatever I do, I’m a FOX agent, remember?”
Sheila closed her eyes and shook her head as she let out a deep breath. She decided to refrain from asking him further questions. Like he said he used to be or still was an Agent of the FOX, not just an ordinary agent but a top one. It was obvious he knew what he was doing.
“It’s okay, I just want to make sure you’re fine.”
“I know,” Henry replied and reached for her hand. “Don’t ever get worried about me, I’ll be fine always.”
Sheila nodded gently in response.
“I’m sorry I went out with your car without seeking for permission first,” Henry apologized.
She rolled her eyes at him.
Henry smiled.
“I tracked you using the decoder in the car,” She said.
“I knew you would track me,” Henry said and laughed briefly. He stared at her face with a kind of mischievous smile.
“What?” She smiled too.
“I wanted you to find me, that’s why you did. I only thought you would trust me enough not to come looking for me.”
“No,” she widened her eyes. “You expected me to sit at home like that when you suddenly disappeared from home without letting me know where you were going to? I can’t, not even now that you are not fully well yet.”
Henry laughed out loud. “Trust me, you wouldn’t have found me if I did not want you to. I got alerted the minute you located the car.”
“I know right… But this isn’t amusing. I was scared, I thought you left for Bethanna.”
“Come on, No, I promised that I wasn’t going to leave yet and I plan to keep to that promise.”
Sheila moved closer to him and wrapped her hands around his body and placed her head on his chest. “Please, don’t leave like that anymore. you scared me.”
Henry chuckled, he placed a hand at her back and use the other hand to handle her hair for some seconds.
Sheila was still clung to him after a minute, he did not want to push her away. He managed to reach for his pocket and took out a small phone. He unlocked it and found a message.
Trust me, I’m gonna get you!
Next Day
14: 45 PM
Sheila had a whole lot of activities lined up for the day. She had already done two meetings with visitors to the company and had one more for the day. A lot of unfinished paper work however still laid on her table.
“Please call in the HR for me,” she said to her secretary through the landline and dropped the receiver quickly.
She continued with the assessment of the file on the computer system.
Three minutes later, the HR knocked and was allowed in.
“Please, do have your seat Miss,” Sheila said to the woman who just entered her office. She picked up a paper file on her table and opened briefly to confirm the contents before handing it over to the lady. “Take a look at this, I’ve assessed the reports from the performance of those new staffs, you recommended ten but I marked five out of them. I want you to confirm if they are the bests for us to select for the three months training at the United States, you have to give me reasons for whatever your choices are.”
The HR took the file and opened immediately to begin assessment.
“You can take it to your office but I have to get a reply from you before the end of working hours.” Sheila added.
The android phone on her table began to ring. She picked it up to check the caller and dropped it again after silencing it.
“Ma,” the HR spoke up some few seconds after. “The training I believe is in different categories. They aren’t specified here,” she added as she turned the file to Sheila to have another look.
“Oh! That’s true, I may have to send the detailed assessment to your email address. You would get the mail before you return to your office,” Sheila replied.
“Okay, I’ll go get it done immediately.” The HR answered and got up to her feet immediately.
Sheila’s phone began to ring again before the HR could step out of the office. She picked it up, it was the same caller – the police overseer. He wondered what the man was calling her for.
“Good afternoon sir,” she said into the phone as she answered the call.
“Good afternoon Miss Sheila,” the overseer replied in his bass voice. “We would need your attention at the police office right away.”
“Why?” Sheila asked in a suspicious tone.
“We have a man who has given himself in, he confesses to be one of those men who attacked you and your bodyguard.”
“Oh!” Sheila sighed. She took a quick glance at her wristwatch. “I’ll be on my way in some minutes.”
She sighed again as she dropped the call. She had lots of work to do but she had to postpone them. Finding the men who hurt Henry was important to her and she made it her priority.
Forty Minutes Later.
Police Office C, El Deols.
“Please come with me Miss Sheila,” the police overseer beckoned on Sheila to follow him.
She got up from the seat and followed immediately.
The man led her into an office and ushered her to a seat.
“Miss, a man came here exactly two o’clock this afternoon and he came to turn himself in, he said he was one of the men who attacked you and your bodyguard four weeks ago. I’ve asked an officer to bring him here, so you can identify him.” the officer said to Sheila.
“Yes sir, I’ll like to identify him. But how did he turn himself in?”
“Yeah…” the overseer leaned forward. “That’s the main reason I wanted you here badly. He mentioned that a man started calling him yesterday and threatened his life and his family. The man also abducted and beat up the some of his gang mates this morning. We are trying to fish out that man, he has some dangerous access to some confidential applications which he should not have.”
Sheila squinted. “Well, thats strange!”
She was lost at first but then came to realize that the person who would have carried out such would be none other than Henry.
“We reached via phone call your bodyguard who was beaten that day and invited him over but he pleaded with us to call you first because he is still recovering and can not yet leave the house on his own.”
Sheila squinted. She did not what to say until she remembered what Henry told her the night before.
“Yes, he has a bad leg and cannot drive. The doctor says he should stay away from stress till he recovers.”
“Well, that’s really confusing. The man who turned himself claimed not to have laid his eyes on this man making threats. We suspected that it was your former bodyguard but having now confirmed that your bodyguard is not even fit to carry out such acts leaves us confused.”
Sheila forced herself to hold in her amusement. She wondered how Henry did his job so neatly and she also realized the reason Henry asked her not to tell anyone at all that he left the house.
“So who do you think it is?”
An answer was yet to be given when the door flung open and Iyke was led in, flanged by two officers.
“He is the one, he’s the first person we saw in that warehouse."

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 9:14am On Apr 13, 2019
Location : Sheila’s Apartment, El Deols.
“Hey! Why are you staring at me like that? Henry asked in amusement.
They sat on opposite sides of the dining table, taking their dinner in silence. Sheila had spent overtime at work and returned home late. Apart from evening greetings, the two of them had not had any other reason to talk to each other that night.
She chuckled. She had been staring and smiling at him quietly. “You know why I’m staring at you. When would you start explaining?”
He dropped his fork in the plate and squinted at her. “Explaining what?”
She squinted back. “Explaining the magic you performed in getting those men to turn in themselves.”
Henry smiled. He picked up his fork and continued eating.
Sheila also continued with the food, waiting patiently for him to talk.
“Well… It was easy,” Henry began after taking a gulp of water. “I just made a detailed search on the past activities of the one whose call records we’ve been tracing. I located few of the other men through that also and set them up.”
Sheila frowned a bit, she dropped her utensils. “Well, I don’t understand that clearly but I’m quite concerned about those guys who were beaten. Who did you invite to do that?”
“I took them out myself,” Henry replied.
“Come on,” Sheila frown thickened. She remembered he told her the night before that he wasn’t planning to engage them in a fight. “How could you have done that? You have one of your legs still hurting you.”
Henry smiled, he dropped his utensils also. “My leg is not as hurting as it was. I’ve been using it well since the cast has been removed.”
“But you still use the crutch,” Sheila retorted.
“Yes, I use the crutch but I can stand on the leg.”
“I don’t understand you.”
“I didn’t take the men down with the leg, I only needed it to stand.”
Sheila was getting more confused.
“Sheila, this is not the first time, I’ve taken on cases while undergoing treatment. I’m trained for it,” Henry explained.
“But the doctor warned not to stress your body for now.”
“I did not apply any stress on the leg,” Henry defended himself in a strong tone. He felt Sheila was getting overprotective of him. “Look here Sheila, the doctor does not know who I am. Doctors who treat us at the Fox would handle it differently. I’m a fighter who has learnt how to use different parts of his body in a fight, so an injured leg can not stop me from taking down a few men when I still have other parts of my body useful for a fight.”
“I really don’t think this is good,” Sheila said in a disappointed tone. She had thought Henry had gone about it another way like having someone else fight for him but hearing him say he fought himself made her feel disappointed that he wasn’t committed to getting his body fit as he should be. “You should allow yourself healed before involving yourself in such,” she added and then got up angrily after taking a sip of water.
“Sheila,” Henry called, noticing she wasn’t happy with him.
“I lost appetite, I’m just gonna retire for the night.”
“You don’t need to get pissed off with me…”
“Goodnight Henry,” she cut in and then adjusted the chair behind her as she stepped away from the table.
She proceeded towards her room but Henry followed immediately. He caught her by the arm and held her firmly for a moment while she tried to get free.
He tried to make his grip as soft as possible and turned her body gently to face him.
“Sheila, you need to understand that I’ll be fine. It’s not the first time I’ve gone through this kind of situations.”
“But this is different, you almost died few months ago.” Sheila replied defiantly, still angry and not looking at his face even as she tried to push his hands off her waists.
“Trust me Sheila, I’ve gone through worst before. This has just been the longest time I’ve stayed without action.”
Sheila wasn’t ready to listen to him anymore, she just wanted to be free from him that night and get into her room. He finally let go of her and stepped back.
“Goodnight!” She said sharply and turned. She took a step and stopped suddenly as she realized something. She turned sharply with a shocking look on her face.
Henry raised his brows, wondering what the new look was about.
She softened the look on her face and took a step closer to him, staring at his injured leg. She also took a glance at the crutch resting against the dining chair where he was previously seated.
“You are not using your walking aid?” She asked, staring at his face. She looked at the dining table and with her eyes measured the distance from where he was to his seat.
Henry glanced back and also realized that he did not take the walking aid along while he was rushing to stop her.
“Sheila, I’m injured but I’m fine and I know how to keep myself okay.” He said.
She let out a breath and stared at his face without knowing what response to give. She nodded gently in agreement with him, walking without the aid truly proved that whatever method he had fought with did not affect his injured leg, he was even recovering faster than the doctor predicted.
She thought of saying goodnight to him again but she recalled she already said it twice, she shook her head and turned to leave.
“Sheila,” Henry called in an uncertain tone.
She stopped.
He walked closer to her, held her by the waist and made her turn to him.
“I promise this would not happen again,” he said in soft tones, looking into her eyes directly.
She nodded gently and continuously, not knowing what to say. A light smile formed on her face.
He held on to her longer than he thought he would, somehow, he did not just feel like letting her go.
They stared into each other’s eyes silently.
Sheila touched his cheek with her palm and leaned further against him, pressing her front region against his chest gently.
She moved her head closer to his and he moved his closer. She placed her her at his back close to his neck. Their faces got closer and closer that sharing a kiss seemed so inevitable.
To be continued.

Read more here - www.youngicee.com/category/restless

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naso op u are talented
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If una try ham......

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If una try ham......

OP tanks for the update ooo,

dy no born them well, we don't accept such ungodly act here, if dy try it we will separate them and send Henry bk to that river where dy picked him from and send d babe bk to dt her drug addict bobo

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by skubido(m): 9:27pm On Apr 13, 2019
Don't mind them
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by queenitee(f): 3:51pm On Apr 17, 2019

dy no born them well, we don't accept such ungodly act here, if dy try it we will separate them and send Henry bk to that river where dy picked him from and send d babe bk to dt her drug addict bobo
Abi, who does that? grin grin

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Price of heartbreak (CLUELESS) / Eva Nneka's Story: High School Crush To A Forced Husband / Pleasure And Pain - A Short Story

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