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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 6:35am On May 11, 2019
Restless – Episode 24
Odio Is Caught
® 18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel
Time: 08:05AM
Location: Bexford Sea, Bethanna.
With the walking aid firmly held in his hands, Henry advanced towards his destination on the sandy land of the area. He was dressed the same way he dressed the day before, in his pull over and the same pair of jean trousers and shoes. He however had the pull over covering his head this time and a dark sunshades added to cover his eyes.
He also attached a beard to his chin to make his looks a bit different from how he really looked.
He attracted the attention of few men working around the area. It looked strange to see a man dressed in a pull over when it wasn’t rainy or cold. The dark sunshades on his face was understandable because of the brightness of the sunlight. After staring at him briefly and noticing the way he walked with difficulty, most of them dismissed their thoughts of him being strange and felt more of pity for him as a sick person.
Henry continued without giving any attention to those around. He soon got to see his destination afar off. It was a large busy building owned by the sea corporation which carried out several activities to support the sea operations.
Henry spotted a mini van coming in his direction from the place of his destination. He began to wave to stop the vehicle before it could get to him.
The driver noticed him and stopped right beside him.
“What can I do for you?” the driver asked, poking his head out of the car through the window. He seemed to be in a hurry.
“I’m sorry to bother you sir,” Henry spoke as he moved closer to the driver’s side. “I wanted to find out if your van still has some space. I have some goods I’ll like to retrieve from the sea office and the driver I contacted earlier is not showing up . I was thinking you could help me transport the goods to town.”
“Are your goods much? I already have some few things in my van,” the driver replied. He seemed not to be in a hurry anymore since he was now talking business.
“My goods aren’t much, it would not take up to quarter of the space in your van,” Henry replied.
“That’s fair enough,” the driver replied. He took a quick glance at his wristwatch. “Where exactly in town are you planning to transport them to?”
“Newland Estate Gate,” Henry replied
The driver raised his brows for a moment, calculating how long it will take him to drive to the place.
“What kind of goods are you moving? I hope they aren’t illegal.”
“No, just electronics. A small refrigerator in particular.”
“Okay, you can come in. I’ll take you to your location for fifty Bethanna Dollars.”
“That’s okay,” Henry replied satisfactorily before turning to the other side to join the driver at the front seat.
The mini van made Henry’s entrance into the place a lot easier by helping him escape the questions that would have been asked by the security officials.
The large building was busy as usual. It consisted of offices and store rooms for good brought in over the sea yet to be claimed by the receivers.
There was no gate or brick fence surrounding the building but it had pegs and some ropes setting the boundaries and making it separate from other facilities on the sea.
“How long do I wait here for you?” the driver asked Henry as he parked the van at a corner.
“Thirty to forty five minutes,” Henry replied and opened the door to step outside.
“What? Forty five minutes?” the driver shone his eyes in surprise. “I thought you said what you wanted to transport is small.”
“Yes, but I also need to do some thing else inside. You don’t need to bother about the extra time, pay you an additional twenty dollars. Just wait for me no matter what,” Henry said, leaving the door ajar.
The driver hesitated for a moment before he nodded to signify his approval.
Henry proceeded into the building. He had never been in it before. The first place he stepped into was a very large hall with it’s whole area close to a plot. Several groups of goods were arranged at different spaces, based on the types, locations they were sent from and some other factors. There was a reception at the right hand side close to the entrance where about three men were sitting, the main receptionist was sitting at the centre of the table while the other two were just seated around the table without getting so close. Their eyes landed on Henry immediately he walked in.
They unconsciously scrutinized him in their minds as they saw him approaching. They wondered what he was there for and concluded in their minds that the poor man had a parcel to collect.
“Good afternoon sir, what can I do for you?” the man at the center of the table asked.
“I’ll like to see someone, your manager, Mister Odio.” Henry replied.
The receptionist rested his back against the chair and stared at Henry as if he didn’t know what he was talking about.
He used his fingers to massage his lips gently for a moment. “What do you really want?”
“I just told you, I want to see Mister Odio.”
“Sorry, if you can’t tell me what you need to see him for, I’ll have no choice than to ask you to leave.” the man said in a dismissing tone and looked away like Henry did not matter.
“Please, I need to see Odio.” Henry insisted.
The man took out his phone and began to use it, completely ignoring Henry.
Henry moved closer to the table and banged his fist on the table. “I need to see Odio now,” he said in a desperate tone.
The three men stared at him angrily. The receptionist quickly sat up and leaned forward.
“What the hell is wrong with you? If you don’t get out of here now, I would have to order for you to be thrown out.”
“Get me Odio before I change my mind,” Henry fired back. His fist clenched and resting on the table as he stared into the eyes of the man in front of him.
“Who the hell do you think you are?” One of the men sitting close by was the first to get up to challenge Henry.
He made a move to grab Henry by the shoulder but Henry held him by the wrist easily and broke it sharply as he bent it past the limit, shocking the other two men watching them. He pulled the man closer and landed a blow to his chest before he released his hand. He sent him crashing to the ground with a kick.
Henry turned quickly to dodge the blow of the second man. He sent a uppercut into the man’s belly and quickly grabbed him at the neck from behind and slammed his face into the table in front.
He jumped on the table and landed the soles of his feet on the chest of the receptionist sitting behind the table, he was already trying to take something out of his drawer. The receptionist crashed to the ground with his chair while Henry landed with his bum on the table, suspending his feet above the ground. He stepped down gently and turned to check the drawer pulled out by the man. He took out the revolver in it.
He grabbed the fist of another man trying to hit him from behind, he punched him hard in the belly and then caught a grip of his neck and twisted it. The neck made a crack sound and Henry left the man to fall with a broken neck. He turned again and held up the man whose face he had slammed to the wall. He pulled him up and twisted his hand to the back, until it made a breaking sound.
“Would you take me now to Odio?” He said as he turned and pointed gun at the receptionist who was still on the ground.
“Yes yes,” the receptionist nodded in fright. He had seen how Henry dealt with the three others and did want to leave with a part of his own body broken or dislocated.
Henry pulled him up and held him by the belt behind. “Move now,” he said as he placed the mouth of the gun at the back of the man’s end.
Other men working around the place were already gathered as they had been attracted by the noise. About six men were blocking the way as Henry approached with the receptionist but they moved aside quickly after the receptionist signaled them.
At the left side of the hall’s end was a passage to another part of the building. Henry was led through the passage past three other rooms. The receptionist stopped at the fourth door
“This is his office,” he said to Henry.
Henry looked left and right quickly, he saw three of the men they had left in the hall now at the entrance of the passage, staring at him keenly.
Swiftly, he turned the knob of the door and barged into the office to catch Odio busy with a lady in hot romance. She was sitting on his laps, facing him. Her top was off but her bra was still on, even though it had been unbuckled from behind.
They were startled by the opening of the door and stopped their activity for a moment. Odio stared at the door in anger, he wondered which of those working under him had the temerity to barge into office without permission. It had never happened with anyone, not even his wife could do so. He was surprised when he saw his receptionist being pushed in.
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 6:35am On May 11, 2019
Seeing what was at the door, the lady quietly moved from Odio’s laps and bent down to pick the shirt she had taken off.
Henry needed no one to confirm to him that he had seen the person he needed to see. Even if he had missed the directions given to him by Mark and was with the wrong person, the person sitting in the chair behind the table was a perfect catch. Henry had recognized his face at once, from the Turin Province. He was one of the gunmen at the restaurant.
With a swift movement, Henry closed the door behind and slammed the receptionist’s head into the wall, making the receptionist drop to the floor unconscious.
“Damn it!” Odio was thrown into panic on seeing what Henry had just done to his receptionist. He opened his drawer quickly to take out this gun.
“Stop! Stop that, or I send this bullet straight into your head,” Henry threatened.
Odio stopped and slowly put this hands up in the air. He stared at Henry’s face, wondering who he was. The dark sunshades and pull over made Henry unrecognizable to him.
The girl beside Odio got up and stared at the huge man threatening her concubine with the gun. She thought of trying to leave but she remembered that Odio had asked her to stay on two other previous similar occasions. She took a quick glance at his face in order to question him but he had a kind of reassuring look as always, one that made her feel he was in control of the situation as usual.
“Who are you and what do you want Dude?” Odio asked, trying to keep himself calm. He was baffled as to how the intruder had gained access to his office without him receiving any prior warning from the other men outside but as his custom was, he feigned a bold demeanor, he wasn’t someone that loved to show his weakness or fears especially when one of his women was with him.
Henry moved closer slowly. He stopped at distance of one metre to the table. He took the pull over off his head first and stood motionless for a moment, the gun in his hand still pointed at Odio.
Odio squinted at the man’s face, he still couldn’t tell who it was even though the face now looked familiar with the hood taken off.
After about a minute of staring without speaking, Henry slowly took off his dark sunshades.
For a moment, Odio could not still tell who it was. The removed glasses only confirmed that he had seen this person before. Henry then detached the beard and then like a flash, it rushed into in Odio’s memory and he realized that who was standing in front of him was Agent Carl Winston of the FOX.
He widened his eyes and mouth in great horror as he whispered, “Agent Carl Winston.”
He began to tremble unconsciously and he did not know when he held on to the arm of the lady beside him for support. She stared back at Odio in surprise and saw his great fright, she knew at once that Odio wasn’t in control this time around.
She looked up to the intruder’s face again and felt a relief on seeing him gesturing for her to leave the room for them. She quickly picked her bag and scampered off towards the door.
Henry stopped her on the way and whispered. “You can’t remember my face, can you?” he asked with an evil smile.
She shook her head in fear.
“You would regret the day you remember my face,” he added and chuckled before letting her go.
He walked quickly to the table and turned to the back where Odio was sitting. Odio turned in his swivel to face him.
Henry placed the mouth of the gun on his chest. Odio only held his breath. He knew there was no point struggling or trying to fight. He knew that he was no match for this man physically.
“I want you to answer my questions quickly as I ask them,”Henry began. Odio nodded slowly in response. “Who sent you that night to the Turin Province?”
“Turin Province?” Odio replied in a shaky voice.
“Don’t lie to me, I saw you with them that night and you were pacing up and down like this boss.”
‘Yes,” Odio finally admitted. “I was with them, but I do not know who the order was from. We were gathered a night before that and they told us the plan for the attack.”
“Who gathered you guys?”
“Eddy,” Odio replied.
“Eddy?” Henry questioned. Odio nodded in affirmation. “Eddy what?”
“I don’t know, I only know him as Eddy.”
“What else do you know about him?”
“I know only very little about him.”
“How and where can I find him?”
“I…I don’t know,” Odio stammered.
Henry stared at his face for a moment, then a light evil smile disappeared from his face as soon as it formed, it was replaced by a dangerous look.
Odio was scared by the look and didn’t know what to expect. He did not quickly see Henry’s fist already being clenched. A heavy punch was dug into his belly the next second after he caught a glimpse of it.
He crashed with the chair to the floor heavily. It felt more than a punch, it felt as if he had been hit by a fast moving heavy vehicle. Pain surged through his whole body and was transmitted to every organ in his belly.
He opened his eyes but it felt so heavy to be kept open. He struggled and turned his back to the floor, facing the ceiling. He could see the stars and the clouds instead of the ceiling of the building. he closed his eyes again for a moment and opened it. His vision was still blurry, but this time he saw the Agent face over him.
Henry reached for his neck and grabbed his collar. He pulled him up with one hand and the chair with the other. He made him sit back on the chair. Henry also rested his bum slightly on the table before he continued his interrogation.
“Don’t make things hard for yourself, tell me how to find Eddy now.”
Odio of course wasn’t ready to make things harder. He knew there was a possibility he wasn’t going to escape death with this man, but even if he was going to die, he preferred to have it the easy way instead of going through hard torture first. He had heard, seen and just tasted a bit of the brutality of this agent, he did not want to have another taste of it which might be disastrous.. Heecided not to hide information from the Agent any longer.
“You can find Eddy, here in Bexford.” He began slowly, panting heavily as he mentioned each word. “He owns the biggest night club with strippersin Bexford…”
“Club DDY?” Henry chipped in.
“Yes, club DDY, he owns it.”
“Is he always there?”
“No, but he never misses Friday nights.”
“Is it easy to gain access to him?”
“No, except you are his guest, no one gets to see him easily. His men are always around with him at the club every Friday.”
Henry nodded his head gently and muttered under his breath, “Friday…”
Henry stood after a moment of silence and pulled Odio up. He fixed the gun to his neck and pushed him towards the door. He covered his head again with the hood and his eyes with the dark goggles.
“Cooperate with me so I don’t hurt more of your men, I don’t want them coming after me” Henry whispered to Odio before opening the door.
Odio was willing to cooperate even before being told. He didn’t want to have a taste of the Agent’s anger again.
“Step back everyone,” he shouted as they stepped out to see his men already assembled at the passage with weapons.
They all stepped back and cleared the way at his instruction. The surprise on their faces could be seen, they had never seen or imagined their boss being held hostage.
“Boss…” A man appeared at their front as they were about to turn out of the hallway. He raised the gun in his hand quickly and pointed at Henry.
“Stop that Lucky, I’m leaving the premises with him. Please, make sure no one tries to come after us.”
“But boss…” Lucky tried to protest.
“Follow my instructions!” Odio shouted. “No one should follow us, and do not make a report to the police.”
Henry proceeded with the gun on his hostage’s neck slowly and carefully. Henry dragged him to the reception to pick his walking aid and then proceeded out of the hall.
“Don’t shoot,” Odio shouted to the security men who were standing outside with their guns. They had been alerted of what was going on inside.
Henry led Odio to the where the mini van was parked .
The driver was surprised to see what was going on. He had heard that something was happening in the hall but never thought it could be the man he brought in who was causing trouble.
“Get out of the vehicle,” Henry said to the shocked driver whose mouth was left agape. He held his hostage by the neck for a moment and pointed the gun at the driver who was acting reluctant to step out.
The driver stepped out quickly and Henry ordered for Odio to step into the car through the driver’s side and asked him to move to the other seat. Henry also stepped into the car after Odio was seated at the passengers’ side.
“I’ll leave your van somewhere you can easily pick it up,” Henry said to the driver before zooming out of the place.
Two Hours Later
Henry drove to the front of his lodge in a different vehicle with Odio tied blindfolded and gagged in the boot of the vehicle. He stepped out of the car after turning off the engine. He walked straight to the boot and pulled out Odio. He took out a knife and cut the ropes binding Odio’s legs together. He then led Odio into the lodge.
He pulled Odio to a seat after they stepped into the living room. He took out his gun and took off Odio’s blindfold. He sat on a plastic chair facing Odio.
Odio drew in a deep breath on seeing the some light again. His eyes hovered around the living room for a moment. He had no idea where he had been brought to.
His eyes settled on the Agent’s face after hovering around for a while. The Agent was staring at him expressionlessly.
So many things were going through Henry’s mind. He remembered clearly that he had read the news and it was said that every single person involved in the death of Agents Carl and Rex had been caught by the FOX and given death sentence after trial. He wondered how Odio was still alive and how Eddy, whom Odio claimed to have organized them could still be found at his nightclub on Fridays.
“Odio, tell me something. How was Agent Rex killed?”
Odio thought of coming up with a lie but he remembered the pain he felt few hours ago when he was punched in the belly. He wasn’t sure he could survive such again if the Agent punched him.
“I don’t really know, I did not go with the other group that day but it had to be the same way you were treated.” Odio replied.
“Which group did you go with?”
Odio shook uncomfortably in his seat. He was tempted to lie again but he knew it was dangerous especially if this man already knew the answer to the question he was asking.
“I was with the group that had you.”
Henry’s eyebrows gathered together and he raised up his head slightly as he stared at the window, trying to recall something.
He suddenly looked again at Odio’s face. “You were one of the men that held me while they took my wife and child into that house?”
The memories played back again. He could feel Odio’s filthy hand holding him back as he watched his wife and child being taken away.
Odio was silent and fidgeting seriously in his seat.
Henry felt like delivering the judgement of death on him at that moment but he managed to keep himself calm because he thought he would still need him. He took in a deep breath and continued with his questioning.
“So tell me how you got out of prison.”
“Prison?” Odio blinked.
“Yes,” Henry frowned at him.
“Ermm… We never went to prison.” Odio stammered.
Henry raised his brows. He looked away, trying to recall what he read in the news. “A week after Agents Carl and Rex were reportedly killed, the FOX claimed to have arrested everyone involved in their deaths. Months after, they were said to have received death judgement at the court.”
He stared at Odio’s face with a questioning look again.
“How did you escape that?”
“We never went to prison, we were replaced with some other prisoners.” Odio answered.
Henry frowned. How could that be possible when Agent Paul Edwards had confirmed himself that the men had been caught? But Odio in front of him was a living proof, Henry however still found it hard to believe.
“Tell me the whole truth.”
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 6:36am On May 11, 2019
Restless - Episode 24

“I’m saying the truth,” Odio answered. “We had the backing of the FOX agency’s boss and he made the arrangement perfect for us.”
Henry eyes widened in shock on hearing those words from Odio. Could it be true that they really had the backing of the FOX Agency? That would mean that Agent Paul Edwards was a part of the terrorist group.
“But… But,” he got up from his seat and he ran his fingers through his hair. He turned again to Odio. “Some weeks ago, the Red Wolves attacked the families of top FOX agents. How would they have done that to the FOX if the FOX was working with them?”
“I can’t explain that,” Odio replied.
To be continued

Read more here - www.youngicee.com/category/restless

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Treasure17(m): 10:11am On May 11, 2019
Fascinating story. Jack Bauer kind of action movie. Well done Oyinprince.

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by yungbanks(m): 1:37pm On May 11, 2019
Nice thanks more pls

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Kaycee9242(m): 7:38pm On May 11, 2019
wow good one op, I'm impressed

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by queenitee(f): 9:57am On May 14, 2019
Fox? can't believe this cheesy
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 12:04pm On May 14, 2019
Restless – Episode 25
Texas Hold’em
® 18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel
Henry eyes widened in shock on hearing those words from Odio. Could it be true that they really had the backing of the FOX Agency? That would mean that Agent Paul Edwards was a part of the terrorist group.
“But… But,” he got up from his seat as he ran his fingers through his hair. He turned again to Odio. “Some weeks ago, the Red Wolves attacked the families of top FOX agents. How would they have done that to the FOX if the FOX was working with them?”
“I can’t explain that,” Odio replied.
Henry’s confusion increased. He remembered reading in the news how Paul Edwards grandson had been killed in a bomb attack in his school hostel. The Paul Edwards he knew was a man that valued his family so much and never would risk heir lives for anything.
“But, it’s not possible. Paul Edwards would never allow his family to get hurt for any reason,” Henry said thoughtfully, even though in a loud voice, it was more to himself than the listener. He turned and looked at Odio’s face. “I believe Eddy would have more answers, wouldn’t he?”
“He would,” Odio replied in a weak voice, nodding his head.
“Tell me, how can I easily recognize Eddy when I see him? Can you show me his picture?”
“I’ve got it on my phone, I did not take it from the office.” Odio replied him. “But you can find his pictures online if you search for his name and club DDY, he has a public profile.”
Friday Night.
Location : Club DDY, Bexford.
Time: 22:35PM
The DJ reeled out hit afro pop songs to entertain the clubbers. The music blasted through the loud speakers and the clubbers on the dance floor moved their feet to the rhythm of the music. As usual, the men and ladies were on the dance floor, the men grabbing ladies’ waists as the women in turn moved their bodies seductively.
Henry had been in the different night clubs on different occasions but he had never had a reason to come into one with a walking aid. Even though he could now walk well on the leg without the walking aid, the doctor had advised that he should avoid performing rigorous exercises that would involve the leg.
He however decided to continue using the walking aid for two reasons; the first was to reduce the stress on the leg, he knew he could possible have a need to run or do something strenuous with the leg, so walking with the walking aid would take off the stress that would result from walking on it. The second and most important reason was to maintain a perfect disguise as a man with an injured leg.
He was sitting silently at the bar, a bottle of wine and wine cup was in front of him. The wine cup was filled but he only took sips from it occasionally. He wasn’t dressed in a pullover this night. He had a simple T-shirt and leather jacket on with a white face cap covering his head. The same beards attached to his chin during his last outing was attached, but he had an additional attached moustache this time.
His eyes hovered around the place from time to time, trying to see if he would locate anyone he would recognize. The multi-coloured club lights made it difficult for him to recognize people from afar.
“Hey handsome, why don’t you come with me to the dance floor so I can rock your body all night…” he heard a lady saying in a melodic voice.
He looked up to see the skimpily dressed thick woman staring down at him with seductive eyes. He tapped his phone on to check his time and realized that it was only fifteen minutes to eleven o’clock. He made a brief chuckle as he stared the woman in the eyes. The night workers could call any man handsome as far as he looked like one whom they could get some money from, he said to himself.
He picked the wine cup and took another sip from it before answering her.
“I don’t want to dance,” he smacked his lips as he looked at her face.
“What do you want to do baby? You want a strip show or you want me to go home with you?” she asked, winking at him and biting the side of her lips softly.
He smiled. “None of that, I want to play with the best gamers tonight.”
“The game center is opened,” she replied, looking towards the entrance of the game area.
“I want to play with the best gamers, isn’t that cool?” Henry added.
She seemed less interested.
“You can go in, it’s opened.” She said and turned to leave.
“Hey! Wait,” he stopped her.
“Yes darling,” she turned back.
“I’ll like to get done with the game so that we can go home together,” he quickly put in and watched as a smile formed on her face. “But I was told that all game spots are already booked tonight,” he said to her.
“Oh! That means you would have to return tomorrow or next,” she said and then moved closer to him. She removed his cap gently with one hand and began to caress his head softly.
He stopped her and collected the cap. He put it back on.
“Can’t you help me get in there tonight? After winning some games, we would go to the hotel and we’d have a thrilling night together.” he offered.
“Hmm, I see you really want to play.” she said draggingly and took two short steps back.
“Yes,” Henry answered.
She looked at his face again and then bent over, she placed a hand on the table and the other on the armrest of his chair. Her face was so close to his, like she wanted to give him a kiss.
He didn’t move.
“How much do you have to play with? Only the big boys play on Fridays,” she asked in soft tones.
“I’m a big boy, I’ve got more than a million Bethanna dollars in here,” Henry said in a tempting tone, tapping a briefcase placed on the floor beside his feet where he also kept the walking aid.
Her eyes widened slowly as she saw the briefcase. She looked again into his eyes.
“Baby, why don’t you just lets go somewhere, you don’t need to spend much of your money and I’ll give you the best time of your life.” she offered temptingly.
“I would love to go with you but I also want to get some more cool cash from here tonight,” Henry insisted.
She exhaled and stood back upright. She saw that he was determined to play. She was sure he was definitely going to lose all the money before leaving that place, but since he didn’t take her advice to leave silently with her, he deserved to be stripped off all the money.
“I’ll help you get in, come with me.” she said and turned immediately. She turned out of the bar section and began to walk towards the gaming area, swinging her waist side to side as she walked.
She stopped and looked back to find him far behind her. She squinted as she saw him following slowly with the briefcase in his right hand and his walking aid in his left hand.
She waited for him to level up before she continued at a slower pace. They soon got to the gaming center and she asked him to wait while she went in to convince the access controllers that he should be let in. She stepped back out ten minutes after and asked that he followed her in. He followed and was briefly searched at the entrance before being allowed to proceed. He noticed that he had so many eyes on him. He knew at once that she must have told of his briefcase which he told her was loaded with cash.
“Which of the games would you like to play?” she asked him when she saw his eyes wandering about the several gaming point.
“That,” Henry smiled on locating the gaming area for cards. “I’ll love to play poker, Texas Hold’em.”
She stopped him as he moved in the direction.
“Why don’t you play something less competitive so that you can finish early and we leave together,” she suggested to him, more out of pity. She knew the gamers who were at the gaming board for cards, they were the most dangerous and skillful set of gamers there and they would show no pity until he lost all his money.
“No, I’ll play cards.” Henry insisted.
She led him to the place. A game had just been rounded up and a tall lanky man was arguing about his money. The man seated at the other side of the table gave orders and the lanky man was whisked away by the other men surrounding the table.
The attention of every man around the table was turned to the newcomer, Henry. He ignored them and placed more of his focus on the table and the cards on it.
“I hear you wanna play,” the man seated finally spoke.
Henry looked at his face. It carried an arrogant smile which annoyed Henry. He checked his phone, it was five minutes to eleven. From the information he got, whenever Eddy wanted to play games, he started around eleven o’clock. He was sure that the man seated wasn’t Eddy. He had seen Eddy’s picture online and memorized how he looked.
“I want to play with the best man, the one who has the unbeaten record.” Henry said in a strict tone. He was still not sitting. He had his weight resting through his palm on the handle of the walking aid.
The men looked at each other’s faces. They knew that by the man who had the unbeaten record, he meant Eddy. But not just anyone played cards with Eddy. It had to be a real game master.
“You have to beat me first, before you play with the man with unbeaten records.” the man behind the table said, folding in his lips in a desperate manner.
“I’ve got no time for that, I got up to a million Bethanna dollars to stake.”
The men were shocked and it showed as they looked at each other’s face. They seemed to make some non verbal communication before all their gazes fell on Henry again.
“Can we see your money?”
Henry slowly placed his briefcase on the table. He opened it and turned it to them. It contained cash, all in a thousand Bethanna dollar notes. He took out some bundles of the money and displayed to them to show that they were real.
Henry noticed the excitement on the faces of the men which they tried to conceal. He returned the cash back into the briefcase and closed it.
“So, can I get your best man?”
“I am the best man here,” the seated man answered him.
“No, you’re not. I want to play with Edwin Bill,” Henry replied.
The men flashed quick looks at each other’s faces, surprised that the man knew Eddy’s full name.
“You can just play with Eddy like that, you have to prove your worth by playing with me first.”
Henry leaned forward and narrowed his gaze at the man’s face. “I travelled all the way from Europe, not to prove my worth here but to have some grabs of your money. Do you have up to a million to stake?”
The man stared at Henry speechlessly for a moment and then shook his head. “I’ll talk to Eddy for you, come with me.”
He picked his phone on the table and rose up. Henry picked his briefcase from the table and held his walking aid. He looked back to search for the lady who had brought him in and he saw her walking out through the entrance.
“Wait here,” Henry was told when they got to a door after walking past different gaming points.
He stopped and watched the man proceed in. Five minutes after, he came back outside and beckoned on Henry to come in.
Henry’s body was searched again at the entrance before he was led through the hallway and to another small hall. About eleven people in total were already in the room, six sitting around the poker table and involved in the game while some others were just standing around.
Henry recognized Eddy immediately he stepped in. He saw him seated like the boss that he was, with some of his men around him. The game seemed to be between men of higher status. All of them were corporately dressed except Eddy. Eddy was smoking pipe and so were two other men. The game seemed to be a crucial one as nobody apart from Eddy noticed Henry’s entrance. The men apart from Eddy seemed bereaved and it was obvious Eddy had been having the wins.
It took a while for the current game to end and Eddy won as expected, the other gamers were embittered and there seemed to be an argument about the fairness of the game for a while. Eddy’s men who were present in the hall helped to move the bundles of cash won on the table into the bag to clear it for another game.
“Gentlemen,” Eddy cleared his throat and began to talk aloud. “I do have another important game tonight,” he continued, now with his eyes fixed at Henry. “This man is from Europe and has a million Bethanna Dollars to stake for a game with me. I know you will equally agree with me that the game is a very important one.”
Everybody’s eyes turned to Henry as Eddy began to talk and they began to scrutinize him with their eyes, especially when Eddy mentioned the amount.
The man on the table at the opposite end facing Eddy directly got up slowly and reluctantly after been signalled by Eddy. Eddy signalled for Henry to sit which Henry did gladly.
“So, are you ready to play?” Eddy asked.
“Yes, I hope you can give me a good game,” Henry replied, speaking for the first time in the hall. His voice sounded gruff and domineering, one that made the onlookers more interested in him.
The game soon began. The dealer shoveled the cards and placed two cards each down for both players. Henry picked his cards, he had an Ace and a 10. Eddy on the other side had a King and a Jack.
They paused to make their bets.
“Let’s take it slowly,” Eddy said temptingly. “I love it when the game is interesting and painful,” he added with a slow wink.
“So?” Henry raised a brow.
Eddy rested his back and raised his hand. He snapped his fingers as a sign to his men. One of them stepped forward with a case and brought out a bundle of fifty thousand Bethanna dollars.
“Let’s start with fifty thousand Bethanna dollars,” Eddy suggested as he placed it on the table.
“Too low, would waste too much of time,” Henry complained, surprising Eddy and the other men with his refusal. “Let’s start with a hundred, it makes more sense for matured gamers.”
Eddy smiled. He loved this man’s confidence. He didn’t look like he was high on alcohol or on drugs. Eddy loved whatever it was that was making this man so confident.
“Agreed,” Eddy replied. He made another signal and the man behind him added handed him another bundle of fifty thousand dollars.

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 12:06pm On May 14, 2019
RESTLESS - Episode 25

Henry smiled on seeing the bundles of money. He placed his briefcase on his laps and took out his. He placed it in his front and stared at Eddy’s face. Eddy smiled at him and placed his fingers on his cash bundles. Both at the same time dragged their bets with a finger to the middle of the table, at the left hand side.
Three cards were then flopped – opened up and placed at the center of the game. The flopped cards were a Jack, a 7 and a 3.
They both stared at each other’s faces and at the flops in suspense.
Eddy was at advantage.
Then the turn was dealt, a 9, keeping Eddy still on the lead.
The river card was dealt, it was a King. That left Eddy with two pairs and victory in the round.
Eddy smiled victoriously as the bundles of cash were moved to his side.
Another round started, with the same amount of bet. Eddy won a second time.
“Two hundred thousand Bethanna dollars,” Henry said, putting up his stake for the third game.
Eddy stopped and rested his back in the chair, he stared at Henry’s face with a smirk on lips.
“You lost the first two games and you want to stake higher?”
“Yeah, I need something serious to stir me up. A hundred thousand isn’t doing much of that.”
The third game was tougher. Henry was confident he would win on seeing the flopped cards. The turn was dealt and Henry’s confidence grew. After the river, the cards on the hands of both men were revealed and Eddy won him again with a straight flush.
Henry clenched his fists and teeth. He had lost four hundred thousand Bethanna dollars. His anger grew with the arrogant smile he saw on Eddy’s face.
Another game began and the flop cards were placed on the table..
“Five hundred thousand Bethanna dollars,” Henry offered.
Eddy looked sharply at his face. He was now sure something was wrong with him. One would think he would have given up after losing in the game thrice and almost half of his money but here he was betting a higher amount.
“You seem to be determined to win, can you share with me your source of determination? I’d like to learn from you,” Eddy said in a bit of a mocking tone.
“Why don’t we talk about what gives you confidence to keep sleeping with your brother’s wife behind him,” Henry fired.
Eddy’s eyes widened and his jaw dropped in shock. He stared at Henry with scrutinizing eyes for a while. “Who the hell are you?” His voice sounded so low, almost like whispers.
“I’m someone who knows the real father of your brother’s first son.”
The men around widened their eyes but quickly pretended not to have heard anything when Eddy looked at their faces.
“What the hell are you talking about?” Eddy fired at him.
Henry chuckled calmly, he rested his back and placed his chin on his palm, his elbow resting on the armrest. He gave no reply to Eddy’s question.
Eddy stared at him, still in shock. He looked at the eyes of the men around him and signaled them to give them some privacy.
“Who are you?” Eddy asked again in low tones after every other person had left the table. He still had his men around in the hall, watching from where they are but they maintained a far distance where they could not hear the conversation as far as it was done in low tones.
“Do not let us get carried away, remember we still have a game to play.” Henry said with a mischievous smile.
“What the bleep are you saying, you’ve got to tell me where you got that information from.”
“We have a Jack, King, Ace and a 10,” Henry mentioned the words slowly, his eyes fixed on the flopped cards on the table. “What have you got?”
Eddy took in a long breath and tendered his cards reluctantly. Henry also tendered his.
“Damn it!” Henry cursed under his breath. He lost the game again.
“You still wanna play?” Eddy asked with a sigh after moving the money to himself.
Henry heaved a sigh. He couldn’t explain how Eddy won every game they played but he admitted silently that whatever the trick Eddy used, he was really good at it.
“Let’s play,” Henry finally said after a lot of thoughts.
Eddy stared at him suspiciously. He knew there was something else behind the man’s gaming. He was ready to find out whatever it was even if it meant forcing it out of him.
“Tell me who you are,” Eddy said, not willing to start the game without getting an answer.
Henry took in a deep breath. He took off his face cap and placed it on the table.
“You’re a man Eddy, don’t let emotions ruin our night.” Henry said in a calm gruff voice.
Eddy stared at his face intently. He tried to see if the man was recognizable without the cap but he still couldn’t recall anyone he had met who looked just like the man.
They continued the game. The flop and turn was dealt.
“After this, you surely have to tell me who you are because you do have no more money to stake.” Eddy said, looking at the cards in his hands and the one on the table.
Henry sighed. His last hundred dollars was about to go. He felt bad, having not won in any of the rounds.
They tendered their cards, and surprisingly Henry won.
“Another game,” Henry offered, a light smile now brewing on his lips.
Eddy was getting impatient. He wasn’t bothered about the hundred thousand just regained by Henry, all he wanted was to know who he was.
“Two hundred thousand,” Henry staked and Eddy agreed.
“I have some few questions to ask you before introducing myself to you,” Henry said as they played.
Eddy was silent.
“What is your relationship with Chairman Paul Edwards Of The FOX?” Henry asked.
Eddy did not react to the question even though it came unexpectedly to him. He acted as if he was engrossed with the game until it ended. Henry won for the second time.
“Chairman Paul Edwards is a man I’ve never met, I’ve only seen and heard of him on the news.”
Henry did not answer immediately. They dealt with the cards for the next game and staked another two hundred thousand Bethanna dollars.
“Hasn’t he ever given you information or details about an agent or criminal?”
Eddy looked at Henry’s eyes sharply. “Hey! You’re mistaking me for someone else. I have no business with chairman Paul, I’m only but a thug, the difference is that I’m a rich thug.”
“I see…”
Henry was silent until the end of the game which he won again.
“I still wanna play, do you?” Henry asked.
Eddy looked at his face and raised a brow. “I don’t back out.”
Eddy’s mind was full of several thoughts. His relationship with his brother’s wife was a top secret and only his very close and loyal associates knew. He was wondering how this man knew.
They already began another round, this time both staking four hundred thousand. Then he remembered Odio. He had gotten the news of Odio’s kidnap and he did not feel much concerned about it until now because he had no reason to think it was connected to him. This man however, seemed to have met one of his loyalists, and the most likely person was the kidnapped Odio.
“You led a group of men six months ago for a tough job, where did you get the information used?”
“What job are you talking about?” Eddy raised his brows.
Henry remained silent. Four hundred dollars was at stake for this round of the game, it was his opportunity to get back his money. He didn’t want to get distracted at that moment.
Henry had an Ace and a Jack in his hand, Eddy had two queens. Both of them seemed to be confident about the game.
“So four hundred thousand or more?” Eddy asked temptingly.
Henry raised a suspicious brow. Eddy’s confidence seemed to intimidate him. He thought it was wise to play safe.
“Four hundred thousand,” he insisted.
The flop was dealt. A Jack, 4 and 6 were opened. The turn card was a Queen and the river a 2.
Henry dropped his Ace and Jack and got five cards of the same suit to win the game.
Eddy took in a deep breath. “You’ve got your money back, now I want to who the bleep you are.”
Henry was not in a hurry to answer. He packed the bundle of money to his side. He opened the briefcase on his laps and arranged them back inside.
“You’re yet to answer my questions,” Henry eventually spoke and looked straight into Eddy’s eyes.
“You’re talking in parables, how do you expect me to answer you?”
“On the thirtieth day of March, you led a group of men to the Turin Province, to capture two agents of the FOX.”
Eddy widened his eyes partially in shock and in fright. “Who the hell are you? And what do you want?”
Henry let out an evil smile.
“We just played a game, you won the first rounds but I won the last rounds.”
“And what do you mean by that?” Eddy asked in a frightened tone as he began to reach for the gun in his pocket.
“I’m Agent Carl Winston, ” he paused and rested his back. “I’m back from the dead to make things right.”
To be continued

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jesu!!! op well done oooooo!! u too much bro

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how I wish we can turn this into a movie
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Eddy must pay for his atrocities. Thanks for the update.

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My Family from Tarasha, I'm inviting you all

Been here since... Well-done bro

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 10:56pm On May 18, 2019
Restless – Episode 26
(More Complications)
® 18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel
“We just played a game, you won the first rounds but I won the last rounds.”
“And what do you mean by that?” Eddy asked in a frightened tone as he began to reach for the gun in his pocket.
“I’m Agent Carl Winston, ” he paused and rested his back. “I’m back from the dead to make things right.”
For a second, Eddy froze in shock and kept his eyes glued to Henry’s face. This man truly looked like the Agent Carl in terms of physique but his face was slightly different. He struggled in his mind to make the connection and in a second realized that the beards and moustache must be the reason for the difference in looks. His heartbeat increased and he dipped his hand further into his pocket.
“I could kill in seconds if you take out that gun,” Henry threatened, even though he had no intention to kill him.
Eddy froze again. He already caught the handle of the gun and all he needed was to pull it out but he knew that the Agent’s words were not something to take lightly. He had never faced him before, except for the day at Turin Province where the Agent was under the influence of drugs and even on that day, they did not have a direct clash.
He took a quick look at the men who were in the hall. Almost all the former gamers had left during his long time with Henry, so it remained only three of his men and one gamer. He could see that his men’s eyes were fixed on him but he was sure they didn’t know what was going on. They could have just noticed that he was acting uncomfortable but none of them was going to come close until he gave them a signal. He wasn’t sure however, if he would not be killed by the Agent immediately after the signal.
“Who the hell do you think you are? You think you can just come here and scare me by saying you are the dead Agent.” Eddy decided to try his luck, engage Henry in an unnecessary talk and signal his men.
Henry did not reply verbally. Instead, he pulled off the attached moustache and placed it on the table.
Eddy was in greater shock. Every iota of doubt was cleared, the man sitting in front of him was one of the men that was attacked at the Turin Province with his family. His instincts told him he had to play wise if he wanted leave the place alive. His men had no guns with them, as he was the only one allowed to bring in guns. This was put in place to avoid unnecessary deaths if ever a fight occurred in the place. The other people who could have guns with them were the security officials.
Henry leaned forward and stared at Eddy’s face, placing his both elbows on the table. “I only want to get the whole truth from you, if you do tell me the truth, you could get a soft landing.”
Eddy squinted back at him. With Henry’s hands on the table, he saw an opportunity to take the Agent off guard. Perhaps the Agent was too confident of the ability to scare him (Eddy) with his name.
Eddy dragged his right feet on the ground, making some slight noise to give a signal to his men.
“You ain’t getting anything from me, you would go back to hell where you belong,” he said to Henry as he grabbed the handle of his gun. His men were coming close already, in response to his signal.
Unknown to Eddy, Henry had noticed all his moves and leaning on the table was a deliberate effort.
He rested his back quickly when he noticed with his side eye that some men were already coming closer. At the same time he also saw the movement of Eddy’s hand and he knew the gun was being taken out.
Eddy’s men had seen the gun in his hand and they knew Eddy was about the go rough with the European gamer.
Henry saw Eddy’s hand moved, a sigh that he was about to raise the gun up. In a swift motion, he pressed his hands on the table and skidded the chair a meter backwards using his toes pressed on the ground. At the same moment, he raised the briefcase in his hands to his chest and and launched it straight to Eddy.
Eddy fired a shot at Henry but the bullet ran wide as the briefcase hit Eddy on the face. He almost fell from the chair but managed to keep his balance. He raised his head to see Henry already close to the table again. He fired another shot but Henry dodged it as he made a sliding movement under the table.
Eddy looked down quickly and tried to point his gun but before he could do so, Henry held the front legs of his chair, lifted it up and flipped it over.
Eddy crashed heavily into the floor, landing with the back of his neck, but he held on to his gun still.
He rolled over quickly and tried to get up with his broken neck but Henry was already beside him.
One of Eddy’s men tried to attack Henry from the back as Henry grabbed Eddy’s collar but Henry took a grip of his wrist and dug a kick into his belly. He released his wrist and followed with a punch on his face.
Eddy tried to use the gun in his hand but Henry was faster, he held his hand and turned it up, making two bullet go straight into the ceiling.
Henry stamped his foot on the chest of another man coming from the front, he then dug a blow into Eddy’s belly and turned his hand to the back and collected the gun. He pulled Eddy closer and wrapped his hand around his neck.
“Hey! Stay where you are or I’d blow off his brains,” he threatened as he put the mouth of the gun on Eddy’s head. The men held back and raised their hands.
Eddy trembled in fear in Henry’s hands. His heart was beating so fast and his legs were shaky. His already broken neck was heavy. He already knew the risk involved in trying to attack the Agent, and now that he took the risk, he knew there was no way to escape the Agent’s wrath except by a miracle.
“Step back or I blow off his brain,” Henry threatened as some security men entered into the hall. They were the three security men that searched him at the entrance and Henry knew they must have heard the sounds of the gunshots.
The three men stayed at the door but still held their guns pointed at Henry.
“We have to get out of here now if you want to live,” Henry whispered to Eddy’s ears.
Eddy took in a breath. He felt a gleam of hope with Henry’s request to go out. He believed that there was a possibility that he would still be rescued if they had to pass through all the gaming points in the gaming center and through the main club.
He was surprised when Henry turned him towards the back and whispered again into his ear. “Which of these men has your car keys, we’re leaving here in your car.”
“My car keys,” Eddy asked one of the men standing and stretched out his hand.
“Stay there!” Henry commanded. He cautiously moved with Eddy towards the back door. He took the keys from the man on the way.
Eddy watched, shocked and shivering as Henry pulled out the keys from the knob of the backdoor and stepped out with him. Henry locked the door from behind and took the keys. He never realized that Henry could have gotten information about a backdoor from Odio.
Prior to this time, only Eddy and his closest associates used the door. It was the fastest and safest way to get out of the facility. Now that Henry had locked the door from behind, it would take his men several minutes to be able to get to them from the other entrance or break the door. By that time, the Agent could have killed him and gone far away.
10 Hours Later
Eddy eyes popped open as the cold bucket of water poured on his head drenched his whole body.
His vision was blurry at first. He heard the sounds of footsteps around him but as he turned his neck to look back, he couldn’t tell if what he saw was a human being or an animal.
He tried to remember what happened before he closed his eyes. He remembered how Henry had driven with him out of the facility after handcuffing him, how they had stopped on the road and how Henry tied and gagged him and dumped him into the boot of another vehicle.
He recalled when they got to the present building they were in, how Henry had bundled and thrown him to the ground. He remembered the pain that surged through his body and how his broken neck made his head seem heavier. He remembered Henry asking him questions but he refusing to answer. He already resigned to fate and knew that giving the agent the needed information wasn’t going to save him from being killed at the end.
He also remembered how he passed out, how Henry had jacked him up and landed him a blow on the face. He had passed out from there and just woken up to find himself tied to a chair after feeling the water on his head.
After a few seconds, he was able to identify the figure in front of him as the Agent even though his vision was still blurry.
Henry dragged a chair and sat in front of him.
“Hey!” Henry called, leaning forward and looking straight into his eyes.
Eddy gave no physical response.
“Hey!” Henry called again and tapped him on the chin.
Eddy shook his head, thinking he could make his vision clearer that way but after shaking and shaking, his vision was still blurred.
“Hey! Listen up, I injected you and it is having it’s effect on you.” Henry held his chin up. “I know you’re not stable this way, and you’re feeling so much pains but the good news is that you would understand every question I ask you.” Henry said and paused to give some time for his words to sink in. “So, tell me how you got the information for your attack at Turin province.”
Eddy shook his head again and dropped it to the left like a drunk man but Henry slapped him hard on the cheek and his eyes popped open again.
“Tell me, who gave you the information required for the attack at Turin Province?”
“Richard did,” Eddy replied briefly.
“Who is Richard?” Henry asked.
Eddy raised up his head to see the Agent’s face. His vision was still blurry and even the Agent’s face was not clear.
“Richard is the man from the invisible Terrorists, he organized us and led us to Turin Province for the attack.”
“That’s a lie, Odio said you led them to the province.” Henry retorted.
“Yes, I led them but I was also led by someone else. I gathered the best of men I could and I gave them only information and instructions that Richard gave to me.”
“Who is this Richard?”
“Richard Brad, owner of the Braditt Firms, he gave all the instructions we needed that night.”
“Richard Brad?” Henry asked thoughtfully in low tones. He squinted at Eddy’s face again. “I know Richard Brad, he was special adviser to the Governor of Benuit during the last tenure.”
“Yes, he was. He’s the same man who led us there.” Eddy answered.
“You lie,” Henry snapped. “Richard Brad can not be involved with you, neither can he be involved with the deadly terrorists.”
Eddy chuckled, in a kind of mocking way. “Eight months ago, I would have agreed with you. Man, you’d be surprised when you discover more people in the Invisible Terrorists.” He said, keeping a mischievous smile on his face.
“So, you know all of them?” Henry questioned.
“No, I don’t.” Eddy replied sharply. “I have only told you what Richard Brad told me the day I expressed my surprise on hearing that he worked with the Invisible terrorists.”
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 10:42am On May 19, 2019
Restless - Episode 27

“So, if I get Richard Brad, can I get the rest of the terrorists?”
“I would say yes to that, but would you ever get Richard Brad?” Eddy asked mockingly.
Henry held his chin up. “What do you mean?”
“Richard doesn’t see anyone nowadays, he’s barely in town and even when you strike a deal to meet with him, you would only end up meeting a representative from him.”
“How did he meet you?”
“He came to my Club house just like you did and expressed his wish to play a game with me. The difference is that he never played any game, he doesn’t even know how to play the poker. He met me at the table and told me straight that he had a billion dollars deal for me.”
“A billion dollars?”
“Yes,” Eddy chuckled again. “You said I have grown more powerful in the last six months?” Eddy looked at Henry’s face to get an affirmation. “That’s what a billion Bethanna Dollars can do for you if utilized properly.”
“So how do I meet Richard Brad?”
“I don’t know,” Eddy shrugged. “Maybe you should try your luck by visiting one of his companies or his house.”
Henry drew in a deep breath. He sat back and folded his arms. He began to ponder on the answers provided to him by Eddy. He knew that the ingredient he had injected into Eddy’s body was no assurance that he was going to get the truth from him, it only made him more fragile and less thoughtful. It intoxicated deeper than alcohol and made the person do things he never planned to do and when used on a higher dosage, it inflicted internal torture which made the person under the influence confess to ease himself from the torture. However, some criminals had grown thick to torture and even the influence could never get them to confess except they were willing.
He leaned forward again after some minutes. “Are you sure of this what you’re saying?”
“I’ve never been so sure in my life.” Eddy replied him.
“And you want me to believe that you don’t know how I can reach Richard?”
“Whether you believe me or not, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s the truth.”
Henry took in a deep breath. “So, can you make a list of the other men that worked with you that day?”
“Yes, I can.”
Henry brought out a pen and jotter to write.
“Odio from the Bethanna Sea Corporation,” Eddy began his list. He paused to see whether Henry was writing and repeated his first item again.
“I have Odio already, can you mention other names please.”
“We also had Julius, Frank, Lucius, David…”
“Stop!” Henry raised a hand. “Julius, Frank, David, Lucius, who are these men and how can I find them?”
Eddy chuckled. “Julius, Frank and Lucius are my men, they were at the club house today, the man that brought you in to meet me was Frank. David is a friend of mine.”
“Can these men provide me any information about Richard?”
“I’m the only one who knows Richard, I gathered the other men that came to Turin Province that night.” Eddy answered.
“But…” Henry narrowed his gaze. “You should be able to tell me how you got to know our plan to be at the Turin Province that night.”
“Richard told me, he had it all planned and I only relayed the plans he gave me to the other men.”
Henry was quiet for a while. He stared at Eddy’s face, wondering if he could believe him or not.
“So, tell me this. How long have you and your guys been working for the Invisible Terrorist.”
“What?” Eddy stared at him with widened eyes. “I don’t work for the Invisible Terrorist and I never knew Richard Brad came from them initially. I was told we needed to kill two tough people from the FOX but I never knew the connection between Richard and the invisible terrorists not up until we finished the job and and heard the news.”
“So you are not a member of the Invisible terrorists?”
“No, I am not, all of the men I brought to the Province that night aren’t terrorists, I only gathered them together for that night’s job.”
Henry remained silent for some few seconds.
“So, why did the news read that members of the invisible terrorists were caught by the FOX a week after?”
“I don’t know what they did, and it doesn’t concern me. Nobody caught me or my men because we aren’t terrorists.”
Henry heaved a deep sigh. His quest for answers only made him more confused.
Why would the FOX lie to the world? Why did they claim to have nabbed the killers of Agent Rex and Carl when the killers were still roaming about in Bethanna freely? These and more were the questions running through his mind, and as he thought more about them so did they become more complicated.
“So, who in the FOX works with the Invisible terrorists? Is it Agent Paul Edwards?”
“I don’t know.”
“The invisible terrorists had some deadly recent attacks, in which they targeted family members of the top FOX executives. Do you have an idea of why this happened?” Henry asked again.
“I DO NOT HAVE A BLEEPING IDEA!” Eddy replied with a shout. “I’m not a terrorist, I don’t know anything about the Invisible or the FOX, I only know Richard.”
Henry remained silent. He seemed not to have anything to ask anymore. His eyes were fixed to the ground and lines of worry were formed on his forehead.
“Let me tell you what I know. The Invisible Terrorists had you and the other Agent well planned out. They knew you and your partner would be sent to them, so they only brought few of their men initially and you wiped them all out excluding the top executives. After your death was confirmed, they returned with the rest of their army to complete the job which they started…”
“And what job is that?” Henry cut in.
“I don’t know, what I’m telling you are my deductions from the clues I got from working with Richard.”
Henry heaved another sigh.
“Okay, do you remember that night well?”
“What night?”
“The night at Turin Province.”
“How was Agent Rex killed?”
“The other agent?” Eddy questioned again. He closed his eyes and shook his head, then he drew in a breath. He opened his eyes again but he still had a blurred vision. “He was killed just like you were. His wife and two kids were also in the vehicle your own wife and child was taken out from and after we took your wife and child into that building to burn it. We drove to the place the other Agent was to have his wife and children also killed in his presence.”
Henry felt a rage building inside him as Eddy spoke. He clenched his fists as his body trembled but he managed to keep himself in.
“So, you supervised all those killings?” Henry asked.
His mind flashed back again to that night and he remembered Eddy’s face instantly. He could now recall Eddy as the man who carried his child that day.
His rage grew and he sprung up to his feet. He walked away from Eddy to suppress his rage for that moment and went to face the window. He grabbed the burglary proofs and performed some deep inhalations and exhalations. After two minutes of trying to keep himself calm, he returned to Eddy.
“So, who was that man that came out last from the building with the fuel keg?”
“The man who came out last?” Eddy squinted. “Ermm… He came with Richard. I don’t know him.”
“So, Richard is the only one who I can get further information from?”
“And when was the last time you met with Richard?”
“We didn’t meet, he sent me instructions to confirm your death.”
Out of rage, Henry stepped forward and threw a heavy punch into Eddy’s belly which sent Eddy and the chair he was tied to flying back two metres and finally crashing to the ground.
He felt like following to end Eddy’s life completely but he remembered he still needed him alive for few more days or hours, if for no other reason but to retrieve the One million Bethanna Dollars that was left at the game center.
10 Hours Later.
Henry was still sitting in front of the laptop after two hours. His eyes were hurting and he felt the need to rest but he remained sitting and unwilling to give up until he got a reasonable solution.
His phone rang and he picked it up quickly.
“Hey! Sheila, have you had any success with it?”
“No Henry, it doesn’t seem possible to book an appointment with Richard Brad at this moment. I kept getting the reply to check back in two years time if I really wanted to meet him in person.”
“Oh Damn it!” Henry cursed.
“Hey! Don’t get yourself worked up. I think it’s time to return to Anthanna.” Sheila said.
“I…I need to fix this before returning,” Henry stammered. He buried his face in his palm.
“You need to come back, we can reach Richard but maybe not directly, we can go through the Governor he served under before.”
Henry raised his head sharply. “That’s true, ” he squinted thoughtfully. “But have you found a link?”
‘Yes, but we need to build a profile for you quickly.” Sheila replied.
“I’ll return to Anthanna as soon as possible.”
To be continued.

Read more here- www.youngicee.com/category/restless
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by queenitee(f): 2:22pm On May 19, 2019
Why am I scared something is going to be wrong and Eddy isn't saying the truth
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Kaycee9242(m): 3:01pm On May 19, 2019
nice one op but where did Henry get all those money he is gambling with from?
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by yungrashee(m): 1:02am On May 20, 2019
nice one op but where did Henry get all those money he is gambling with from?
From Sheila
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Treasure17(m): 12:46pm On May 20, 2019
Thanks for the update.
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Remite011(m): 5:38pm On May 20, 2019
dis storyline is indeed a thrilling one, kudos to the op Following till d end
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by queenitee(f): 3:51pm On May 23, 2019

From Sheila
Not really, Henry himself is a rich man, it was losing his memory that didn't make him realize this. So he's not getting all his money from Sheila.
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 6:40am On May 24, 2019
Restless - Episode 27
I need a team

® 18+ SNVL
© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel

Location: El Deols, Anthanna.
Date: October 28, 2015

Sheila laid on the three seater sofa in her living room. She was dressed in a black armless singlet and a white jean bum shorts. She had her right leg crossed over her left knee and her head resting on the armrest of the sofa. A throw pillow on which she placed her elbows rested on her chest. The TV was on and the current channel was a music station but she was too busy with the phone in her hands to be conscious of what was airing on the TV.

She was so lost with the internet surfing on her phone that she did not notice that she was no longer alone in the living room.

She noticed that the volume of the television had reduced and looked up to check when she heard a voice behind her.

"Hi Sheila!" Henry greeted, smiling with the remote control held in his hands.

"Henry!" She shouted and jumped up to her feet. She ran into his wide open arms and embraced him.

Henry hugged back tightly and rubbed her gently on the back.

"You didn't tell me you were coming today," she said as she tried to get off the embrace but he still held her close.

"Yeah, I thought it would be nicer if I appear to you this way. Remember I told you that I would be coming soon," He replied.

"Yeah, but where is your luggage?" Sheila asked, looking around.

"I kept them there, since I still do have enough clothes to use here."

"Okay, good enough." she said, looking into his eyes again.

He smiled back at her for a moment until he realized she was already feeling uncomfortable in his embrace.

"Oh! Sorry," he said and released her.

She smiled and returned to the sofa. Now sitting with a leg placed on the sofa and her hands on the armrest.

Henry sat on the seat adjacent to her position.

"It's 10AM now, would you like to have something to eat?" She asked after looking at her phone's screen.

"No, I took breakfast before the flight."

"Okay, so how did it go? I mean your work in Bethanna."

Henry sighed and shook his head.

"It wasn't successful," Henry answered in a sad tone.

Sheila raised her brows. "What do you mean?"

"I did not fulfil my mission there, I went to get some questions answered but I returned with more questions and almost no answers," he replied.

Sheila was yet to get the reason for his complaints.

"Uhmn... But why did you change your mind about reaching Paul Edwards?"

"That Sheila," he said slowly and added a brief chuckle. "It'sreally complicated."

"That was the same thing you told me over the phone, but you promised to explain better when you get here."

"Sheila, I discovered that I can't trust Paul Edwards."

"Why? You told me he was the only one you could trust."

"Yes, I thought I could trust him but I discovered after few days in Bethanna that Paul Edwards has some links with the invisible terrorists."

"What? Why would you say so?"

"He fed lies to the media," He replied with a glance at her face and then fixed his gaze to the ground again. "The FOX claimed that they nabbed all the men who killed Agents Rex and Carl but in reality, none of those men were caught. Until I got there, every of those men that attacked us that night were still alive."

"What?" Sheila muttered as she squinted her eyes. She remembered that she had also read on the news how justice had been meted to those who carried out the assassinations of the two FOX Agents.

"I believe the FOX made no single arrest, but they fed lies to the world. This couldn't have happened without the knowledge of Paul Edwards. He confirms everything before it is released to the public from the FOX media."

"So, I don't quite get it, why would Paul lie about punishing the murderers? And why would he live them alive? Are you suggesting he knows about the plot to kill you?"

"Yes, it was well planned. I and Rex were led to the slaughter like animals for sacrifice. Paul knew the invisible terrorists before their ever first attack, he planned how he was going to send Rex and me to them and he planned with them the limit to which we could kill the terrorists men."

Sheila took in a deep breath. She stared at Henry's face and could see the hurt and pains of betrayal written all over. She wished there was something she could do to help him feel better, but she had no idea of what to do.

She remembered again the news of the terrorists attacks claiming the lives of family members of the FOX's executives family and a thought came into her mind.

"So the death of Paul's grandson in his school hostel, was that a willing sacrifice done by Paul?"

Henry glanced at her face.

"I'm not sure, the Paul I knew values family so much and would not give his grandson's life for anything, but the Paul I knew was also not a terrorist. I just found out that the real Paul Edwards is a man I never knew, he is a murderer and a betrayal, and he could have done anything including killing his own grandson." Henry grated out with so much anger.

"You need to be calm Henry, don't get yourself worked up." Sheila said, seeing he was already giving in to his rage.

Henry glanced at her and then took in a long deep breath.

"Paul did not only betray me, he betrayed thousands of people whose family members have been killed in the attacks, he betrayed those who have lost billions of money and their properties, he betrayed his home country Bethanna and he betrayed the world." Henry fumed.

"I understand you quite well, you're mad at him for all this," Sheila said in soft tones.

She inhaled deeply and placed both feet on the ground, she then rested her back. She closed her eyes and inhaled again, several thoughts ran through her mind.

She realized that Henry's job was more difficult than they thought it would be and it was going to require a lot more.

She looked up to see Henry already pacing about the living room in a frantic mood. She watched him for a while and noticed he was mumbling some words under his breath.

He stopped and gazed at her. Then he paced about for some more few seconds and stopped again, facing the wall.

"Sheila, I feel so weak inside." Henry confessed to her. "A kind of weakness worse than being dead," he continued. "All my life, I've lived in dedication to the FOX. They determined every minute and second of life and I did give them willingly. They determined how I could live my life, how I could choose my wife and even how many hours I could stay with my family. I gave all to make the FOX great and record success in every mission, all in service to people..."

"Henry, stop!"

He turned back to see Sheila standing behind him. She was staring deeply into his eyes, like she could read something crucial in it.

He took in a deep breath and raised his head up. His thirst for revenge had gone beyond the pain he felt by the death of his wife and child only, he felt more shattered and haunted because the FOX which he dedicated his life had tried to destroy his family.

"Sheila, the FOX is said to be built on a foundation of trust and deep loyalty to the country and dedication to protect human lives. It's heart breaking to find out that the foundation itself was a lie, it was built by unpatriotic men and betrayals who have selfish intentions I'm yet to understand."

"Henry, is there any other person other than Paul Edwards you do not suspect? I mean is there any other executive you can trust?"

"The whole board members are suspects, Paul Edwards could not have done these things alone. Other board members would be involved, that's the only reason he's successful in doing it, else he would have been challenged."

Sheila sighed. She could feel Henry's hurt and pain. It felt like the whole world was against him and he was alone.

"Sheila, I..."

"Shhh..." She hushed him and closed up with a warm embrace.

He wrapped his hands around her in response. He closed his eyes and breathed in gently, the scent of her hair treatment filling his nostrils.

He had never felt like he needed comfort like he felt now. This mission of avenging his family was totally different from every other one he had ever embarked on and it seemed as if he needed something more to encourage him.

"I know you feel so hurt, but you've got to move forward and face it like the fearless agent that you are and I'm sure you would defeat every one of the enemy like you always do." Sheila said after detached herself from him. She looked straight into his eyes.

Henry took in a breath before speaking. "This is quite different from every other mission I ever faced. I'm going to be fighting without my friends, I may actually be fighting against them." He said and chuckled in amusement and realization of the meaning of his words.

"I know but you can pull through, you are strong and you've got the ability." she said and patted him on the shoulder.

He held her hand and pressed it softly in his. He stared deep into her eyes.

"You were built for this Henry," she said in soft tones, their eyes connected to each other just like their hearts seemed to be connected.

6 Hours Later

"If we want to reach these people, we need to give you a good and reputable profile but it would take some time to create that." Sheila said in a thoughtful tone.

They were in Henry's bedroom now. She was sitting on a chair with a laptop on the table in front of her while he sat on the footstool beside her.

"That's my point exactly, I've got several profiles created over the years but the FOX has knowledge of my possession of these profiles, I can not use any against them." Henry replied her.

"We have to create a new profile for you."

"It would take months or probably years to do so, you just admitted that," Henry retorted.

"Yes, but that's probably the only option we have." Sheila said, looking at his face.

"It's not the only option, I can continue how I started, it may be difficult but I'd do well if I take the right steps."

"How did you start?" She asked, squinting at his face. She opened her mouth and widened her eyes as she remembered something. "Uhmn... What happened with Mark, the man you picked from here? The one took you to Nura."

"I sent him back to his home," Henry replied. "He's innocent, he only tried to help me just like you did."

"You confirmed that?"

"Yes, he knows nothing about the murder that was carried out. He took my body from the sea in an attempt to save me but he said I died on the way to Anthanna. Out of fear, he and his friends took the body to Nura where you saw them."

"Oh! I think that's true!" Sheila said, nodding her head. "I remember Osey said something about the men talking in a language and they suggested they were trying to help you."

"Yeah, that's why I sent him back to his family."

"What about the other men he led you to?"

Henry was silent for a while. He took in a breath and took his eyes off her face.

"They are dead," he finally answered.

She frowned. "You killed them?"

"Yes, they were the men who tried to kill me and the ones who burnt my wife and Kellar alive."

Sheila took in a deep breath. She felt sorry for him again.

"But, killing at this stage when we aren't sure of what steps to take, won't that affect the bigger plan?"

"No, it won't." Henry said and then looked at her face. "And I know what to do, I'm sure of what steps to take."

Sheila was quiet for a while as she stared at his face. A while ago, he was sounding so weak and traumatized and now he was sounding so confident. It made her remember some of the things the doctor had told them and why he needed to rest and recover fully before going to work.

"Won't the invisible terrorist suspect that you killed them?"

"No," Henry raised his shoulders for some seconds and dropped it. "The men I killed aren't terrorists but they were contracted by the terrorists to do the attack at the Turin Province."

"And no one knows you did the killing?"

"No one knows Agent Carl was there, no one knows Agent Carl is alive, the only two people who knew are dead already. A third person who has an idea is Mark, but he cannot be known by the Invisible terrorist, the only person who could link them to Mark was Odio."

Sheila was still confused with his answers but decided not to question him further. "Well, it's okay..."

"You don't understand yet, right? Let me explain better." Henry said, reading the look in her eyes. She nodded in affirmation. "I brought down two men, Odio and Eddy. Odio and Eddy are two different people, they only worked together to attack us at Turin Province, their deaths and abduction would not be connected to each other. The invisible terrorists also have no connection with these men and they may only hear but would not bother to investigate their deaths."

Sheila nodded. She got a bit of the picture. "It's cool, so what steps do you plan to take?"

"I'll tell you everything, but first, I need a team."

"A team?"

"Yes, I'm fighting against the invisible terrorists and probably the FOX. These two organizations are well structured, I need to have a structured team to win."

"So what kind of people do you need in your team?"

"Personnels with intelligence, good gun usability, good fighting skill and technological skills."

Sheila heaved a sigh.

"How do you get such people, except in the FOX or in other security agencies?"

"I don't need the FOX, I know where to get them."


Henry looked at her face, a light and brief smile formed on his face.

"Gege slum," he said to her.

"Gege slum?" She widened her eyes. "That place is full of dangerous criminals."

"The FOX and security agencies are full of more dangerous criminals," Henry replied sharply. "The FOX is worse, it's full of murderers who are trusted with the security of the nation while that Slum has people who probably have no choice of what to do to make a living."

"So you're going to make a team of wanted dangerous criminals?"

"No, I won't go for the wanted ones. I'll go for the undiscovered ones."

Sheila frowned at him.

"Yes, you see... Within the next few weeks, I'll start a task to investigate some people in the slum and I'll select my team members. It'll surprise you that there are more dangerous people than the ones who have been declared wanted or who are known as notorious."

"It's cool... It's your specialty, so I think I have to trust your judgement."

"Thank you."

"I have a request to make please," she said, looking at his face with pleading eyes.

"What's that?"

"Can I be part of your team?"


To be continued

Read more here - www.youngicee.com/category/restless
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Kaycee9242(m): 8:20am On May 24, 2019
op well done, u are doing a great job here. Henry dosen't want Sheila to be part of his team coz he loves her so much

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by dimssy(m): 11:46am On May 24, 2019
So I was left alone without a mention to wander in the literature session.
Then I found this.
Oyinprince, nice work....you didnt mention me.
Queenitee, how are you? Came to see you joined already

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Dammykrone(m): 6:29pm On May 24, 2019
So I Wasn't Invited? Huh! If Not That I'm Following Queenite, I Wouldn't Have Known About This Very Interesting Story. Anyway Welldone, Oyinprince

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by yungrashee(m): 6:38pm On May 25, 2019

Not really, Henry himself is a rich man, it was losing his memory that didn't make him realize this. So he's not getting all his money from Sheila.
yeah... Probably

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by queenitee(f): 11:41am On May 27, 2019
So I was left alone without a mention to wander in the literature session.
Then I found this.
Oyinprince, nice work....you didnt mention me.
Queenitee, how are you? Came to see you joined already
Yes, sorry. Welcome, welcome

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by queenitee(f): 11:49am On May 27, 2019
I don't mind being a part of the team

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Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by Oyinprince(m): 4:56pm On May 27, 2019
So I was left alone without a mention to wander in the literature session.
Then I found this.
Oyinprince, nice work....you didnt mention me.
Queenitee, how are you? Came to see you joined already
Welcome sir grin
Re: RESTLESS - An Action/Romance Thriller by dimssy(m): 5:23pm On May 27, 2019
Hey Oyinprince, nice one manh...how is hustle?
Welcome sir grin

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