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Diary Of A Rugged Chaiz Man. / Sex Na Food (Pidgin Comedy Edition) Story Of A Rugged Guy By Youngzubi / Life Of A Broke Naija Graduate ( Short Story) (2) (3) (4)

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Life Of A Rugged Guy +21 by okrikaboi: 9:08am On Mar 11, 2019
In this story you will find crime, thriller, violence, sex, rape, cultism, death, gore, love etc 50% of this story is nonfiction I hope you do not practice the negative parts of this story I do not encourage violence grin


Re: Life Of A Rugged Guy +21 by Lloydthesaint: 9:44am On Mar 11, 2019
Re: Life Of A Rugged Guy +21 by bfawzie(m): 11:30am On Mar 11, 2019
abeg tag me when you start
Re: Life Of A Rugged Guy +21 by izaray(f): 12:19pm On Mar 11, 2019
Re: Life Of A Rugged Guy +21 by okrikaboi: 12:47pm On Mar 11, 2019
My name is Richard Tamunosiki and I am from Okrika my Father is Mr. Richard Tamunosiki so you can as well call me junior my mother's name is Mrs. Bertha Tamunosiki. I am the first son and of my family I have two younger siblings and one elder sister so we are a family of 6. I was born on 12 October 1995. Okrika is situated in the Niger delta region and it is an LGA in Rivers State. My Dad works at NNPC while my mom is an environmental health officer and she has to work in Bayelsa since it is a government job she only goes there for a week during a month. My dad closes from work by 4pm. I lived a very comfortable life and perhaps I would have become a better person if my mom allowed me to go out but she didn't sometimes I felt like a caged animal. I don't play with my siblings or talk to anyone I am always cold and distant I could read at age 4 and I even started watching x-rated movies my Dad had a collection I had an interestingly high IQ and I always took first in class. One day after contemplating my decision I approached my mom and asked her why she always prevented me from going out and making friends knowing that I would bug her with more questions if she lied, she decided to tell me the truth.
My son Okrika is not safe there are bad boys and cultist everywhere and I don't want you to get hurt. I looked into her eyes like I was gonna eat her man she was so scared I left her and dashed to my room shutting the door behind me. Tomorrow was a Friday and I have decided to act out my sexual fantasies I was 5yrs old at the time and I was in Nursery 3 the smallest kid in my class then my parents enrolled us at an early age and it was a private school the biggest in Okrika. I was a very fine kid I was fair skinned, curly haired and a bit chubby not really chubby you could say I was fresh. My crush then was Catherine the girl fine she was 7 then she no get breast yet I been dey crush cool you see Catherine was a bad gal and knew about sex rumours then was that she sucks her little brother's rooster and he is one slow idiot like that. I was watching Catherine throughout the whole class finally she looked at my angle and caught my stare I just winked and smiled at her she smiled too for my foolish mind she don gree grin
Griinnn Griinnnnn break time yeahhhh all this ajebo kids sef ehn I wrapped my note and put it in Catherine's hand and dashed outside after waiting for a few minutes she came to the empty classroom. The empty classrooms in school are usually locked but because of konji I break the padlock one Friday like DAT I don dey prepare for this day lol. She came looking nervous.
Catherine: Why did you tell me to see you here?
Me: fine gal stop standing at the door na come inside you know nobody should see us (still smiling)
Catherine: (gasps) why your pee pee dey stand na
Me: him like you
Catherine: Na lie make I see am
I quickly unzipped my shorts pulled down my boxers to reveal my boner. Catherine just kept her gaze on my boner chain Badt gal she just knelt down and started sucking my dick I swear e just dey as if na my life she dey suck out my head just light e sweet die I tell her to stop after some minutes she come dey ask me why. Have your own been licked before? No I play with it sometimes. Oya let me do it for you I quickly join forces with her to remove her skirt and panties and for the first time in my life I saw a real pussy choi. E get one kind piss smell but I no send I laid her on the ground and spread her pussy lips and started licking for a second I could not find the clit but e later show himself she started giigling and writhing. Richie I am gonna pee chai golden showers I quickly lie on top her raise her legs up and inserted little johnny griinnn griinnn griinnn break over suddenly Catherine's face changed she obviously wanted to go back to class because there would be attendance taken but I no go gree I told her that today is Friday we will close by Friday and no lesson. Okay do na I kept doing my thing till I suddenly shuddered from my spine to my dick and then went limp I felt like I just ran round our school field chai kpanshing na work we wore our clothes and dusted them while I rinsed my piss pussy smelling face she just kissed me whispered I love you in my ear and ran off. But something felt off I just didn't like her again. I came to class only to find two Primary 6 seniors there with big canes one of them is Ajienka Catherine's elder brother I dey still fear am till today.
Where are you coming from? Erm I went to ease myself I am purging I did not even enjoy my break. Who saw him during break? Me , I nearly fainted as Catherine answered chai. I saw him going to the toilet. Oya locate your seat. Thank you senior.
There is a staff meeting going on and I am now in charge of this class. If I hear fimm.

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Re: Life Of A Rugged Guy +21 by okrikaboi: 12:49pm On Mar 11, 2019
We will soon reach my teenage years I just want make una know how I take start grin

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Re: Life Of A Rugged Guy +21 by okrikaboi: 2:46pm On Mar 11, 2019
Danny the mad Dogg

My life in primary school was sweet but I always acted introverted so that nobody will suspect me I and Catherine stopped fucking after a family scandal her mum's family took her away to Gokana somewhere in Rivers State where her mom is from according to street gossip her and her Dad were having sex. Their mom packed all of them including Ajienka and the slowpoke. I made it to primary 6 on the 8th of September 2003 my body just dey sweet me I was the head boy my school had nursery, primary, junior and senior secondary section. As far as primary and nursery was concerned I was in charge. There was this new guy that came from Community secondary school Okrika that is my school's arch enemy both schools have been at war for years trying to outdo the other. The guy's name was Daniel Joe Dikibo and our collabo together will eventually last a long time. Teacher Amaka one slim big assed teacher with open teeth our form teacher then walked majestically in her usual brain turning way into the classroom a boy about my age was with her as the head boy I am also the class captain. Class greet I announced everybody stood up and greeted gooooooog morning ma we are happy to see you God bless you Amen. Good morning kids you can take your seats I decided to observe the handsome fool she brought with her I don't want any boy to compete with me in this class see him head stupid thoughts were running through my head. Class you have a new classmate son why not introduce yourself to your mates. Erm erm (clears throat) My name is Daniel Joe Dikibo. Kids what do you say to Daniel? Welcome Daniel. Daniel you can seat there WTF teacher Amaka directed Daniel to my seat it is two pupils to a seat but because of my status wink I seat alone. The idiot was just smiling anyhow he dusted the chair like it was dirty and sat down he did not even regard me. I was going to take revenge on him and it will happen today. We had a fixed match after school with primary 6 pupils of CSSO(short for Community Secondary School Okrika). I am in charge of ringing the bell so before 2pm which is our closing time I came to the front of the class.
"Class no noise please order order" now I got everyone's attention "I hope we have not forgotten the match we have against CSSO today na today we go win them all the boys should wait so that we can go together hope y'all have your knickers" all of them said screamed yeah!!! I turn face Daniel the idiot was just smiling. Chai I go show am say na me be head boy.
I rang the bell for closing all the girls happily ran out of the class while the boys stayed behind we were about 27boys I led them out Daniel just followed wetin pain me pass be say him dey crack dry jokes and everybody dey laugh him dey get along with everybody while me just dey like that. We finally got to CSSO their boys were ready with their hard faces the school is a govt school a breeding place for the agberos while we were the rich kids I am sure you already know where the hate is coming from now. Our junior secondary students filled the place just in case any gbege happen I selected out the team Daniel inclusive the rest na sub the match started and I frustrated him on the pitch he didn't receive any passes from me the guy vex no be small the match has almost reached it's end when we scored the third goal making it 3:2 chai see fight as CSSO come for us according to them the referee is biased though he is from OGS (Okrika Grammar School) the fight became serious one guy carried a big stone and targeted me I just froze as I saw it coming before I could calculate someone pushed out of harms way I just said guy thank you. "No problem guy" I was shocked by the voice I turned my head and it was Daniel. "Make we commot for here" we made it to the road I thanked him for the save while he just smiled at me and ran home.

To be continued.......


Re: Life Of A Rugged Guy +21 by okrikaboi: 3:52pm On Mar 11, 2019

Please you can also help me in this story by criticising so I can be better also invite others thank you
Re: Life Of A Rugged Guy +21 by Lloydthesaint: 10:59am On Mar 13, 2019
Keep writing
Re: Life Of A Rugged Guy +21 by okrikaboi: 6:44pm On Mar 13, 2019
Crime 101

From the day Daniel saved my life we became real close we do everything together. I soon came to realise that the closest he has gotten to a girl was quarrelling with his sister over who was to wash plates grin well every guy has his weaknesses he admired my chyking skills while I admired him for his ruggedness I was more of a sociopath but not when konji knocks. Daniel knew the street very well his parents allowed him to live the way he wanted and he was smart to keep this happening he wasn't wayward at all or so they thought. I introduced him to my mom who liked him immediately because of his fluent English handsome face and religion yeah my mom is that weird.

My life was going on smoothly until one fateful day three days after we wrote our primary six exam Daniel decided to strike a deal, a deal that would turn out to further corrupt us. "Erm Richie e get something wey I want make you teach me" Daniel was nervous and sweating I knew something was up this boy na hard guy he was just 10yrs old then grin. "Wetin you wan ask me?" "No laff o" At this point I was very interested and very prepared to hear something funny. "Oya ask na.."
Daniel: guy you fit arrange girl for me to do? I quickly burst into laughter chain the thing funny die. Daniel's face quickly turned red but he controlled his anger and humbled himself.
Daniel: guy talk something na
Me: so you wan do bad thing abi?
That time as kids we called sex bad thing coded
Daniel: you fit arrange am?
Me: I go arrange am for you but wetin you go give me?
I really didn't have anything in mind I had everything I wanted my parents were rich so I just wanted to see the power of desperation.
Daniel: I go teach you how you fit make your own money shebi na your mama and papa money you dey chop dey carry make mouth?
I was excited this would be an adventure for me. It was 12:43pm on a Tuesday I had the whole day to myself and so I decided to hangout with Daniel under a mango tree in their compound.
Me: oya go tell your mama say me and you dey commot go play ball for CSSO today you go do bad thing
Daniel was so excited in less than two seconds he came out
Daniel: oya make we dey go. But where we dey go sef?
Me: Na wan of my girls like that wey like man well well she dey do any boy wey wan do.
I looked at Daniel he was excited but nervous at the same time.
We reached the main road and flagged an okada we entered and dropped at Caro junction a popular market junction in Okrika. I paid the transport fair we entered the street walked down till we reached one compound. The girls there were playing together.
Me: IB (short for Ibinabo)
A beautiful girl turned to our direction she was smiling with all her heart. She ran towards me and hugged me
IB: my husband so you came to see me today.
ME: you no dey ask of me na so I say make I come see you
IB: no vex o I been travel. Who be this your guy na?
ME: na my friend Daniel him say him waist dey pain am I come carry am come see you because I know say you na the massaging master abi I talk lie?
The look Daniel gave me was priceless the guy sharp but not when it comes to chyking
IB: no I sabi massage but you go pay me o
ME: How much be your money
IB,: 500
ME : that one too big na 200 na I get
IB: okay no shaking Daniel come make I see your waist wey dey pain you
She grabbed his hand while half dragging him to their house him just dey follow her like lamb to the slaughter. I walked down to the other girls to flirt with them. 15 minutes later one okada man dropped by the house I did not need anyone to tell me that he was IB's father cold reach my spine. My mind has already declared R.I.P for Daniel cuz to me he is already dead. IB's father entered the house I waited patiently to hear the sound of koboko lashing someone's back but I was disappointed. The man later came out entered his bike and sped off. Abi him don tie them? Chai this man don't kill my guy? The two later cut my thoughts short by coming outside smiling and whispering into each other's ear while I kept looking like I had seen a ghost.
ME: I think say your papa don't kill my guy
IB: My papa no dey enter my room
ME: oya take your money time sef don go
I gave her the money and signalled my guy.
ME: tell me everything wey happen
DANIEL: I go tell you later I wan go house go sleep first my eye don dey turn me
ME: what about the thing wey we discuss?
DANIEL: Come my house tomorrow afternoon I go carry you go the place.

To be continued......


Re: Life Of A Rugged Guy +21 by izaray(f): 10:11am On Mar 14, 2019
You're not doing bad

Thanks for the update
Re: Life Of A Rugged Guy +21 by okrikaboi: 1:17pm On Mar 14, 2019
Crime 101 part 2
That night all I was thinking about was making my own money. My parents are rich but they never give me whatever I ask for immediately and it was a smart decision on their part but I didn't see it that way to me they just loved it when I beg them by crying and acting childish I hated acting like a 10 year old even if I was lol. I rode my bicycle enthusiastically to Daniel's house. I reached his house and knocked like I wanted to collect debt. Kpor! Kpor!! Kpor!!! "na who be dat you wan break the door?" It was Daniel's elder sister one fine SS1 senior like that "senior no vex na me I come find Daniel we get waka"
SENIOR: Daniel Richie dey look for you here o. ehn ehn Richie na where una wan go sef?
At this point I knew that I had messed up cuz I had to say what Daniel would say this his sister is very smart and she has tricked us like this before. I had to answer smartly."Senior na Daniel na know the place"
SENIOR: so you no even know where you dey go escort me escort me naim slave trade take start.
Just in Daniel came out looking fresh with his own bicycle.
DANIEL: No dey disturb am joor we dey go CSSO
after quarrelling for more than 10minutes with his sister we set out to what I thought was work.
ME: so na where we dey go?
DANIEL: we dey go ATC
ME: haba that place too far na and na even bike we dey carry go self.
DANIEL: shebi you wan chop money you wan hustle them shut up for my work people wey too dey talk no dey come work again.
We reached ATC opposite an Anglican church we entered a street walked down till we reached a small house made with planks a lot of smoke was coming out from it and the smell was obviously that of Indian hemp. There was a young guy looking like one of those park touts mounting the place. "Hey stop there!" Before I pulled my brakes my heart had already stopped my mom always told me horror stories about these guys and how they wouldn't even spare you even if you were a child I wanted to cry my 10yrs old self wanted to show.
MOUNTER: Ah Daniel na you? who be did boy wey you carry come here na?
DANIEL: na my friend na work carry am come
I have heard stories of best friends selling out their friends for rituals my mom warned me the words of Daniel's sister echoed in my head "escort me escort me naim slave trade take start"
MOUNTER: Abboy identify yourself
I was dumbstruck "Guy tell am your name" Daniel quickly whispered
ME: erm.... erm( I stammered) my name na Richard
MOUNTER: okay make I call Papilo make him come attend to una.
The guy went inside the bunk to get Papilo.
ME: guy wetin dey happen?
Daniel just looked at me and laughed hysterically to him my look was priceless
DANIEL: guy for the first time in my life I dey see you dey fear grin
The mounter came back shortly with a very small statured guy he looked real cool and neat. He had two bags with him.
PAPILO: Danilo my man how your side?
DANIEL: your boy dey loyal boss.
PAPILO: fine boy how far?
ME: fine
PAPILO: na your first time abi?
I found this question funny and scary at the same time funny because I have asked a lot of girls this question and scary because it was Papilo asking me.
ME: Daniel don tell me wetin I suppose do
PAPILO: correct guy oya make una take (hands the bags over to us) I when una come back I go pay una.
We boarded our bikes and left the ghetto as we got out I stopped my bike
DANIEL: Guy why you dey stop na?
ME: i no dey do again I no dey follow you anywhere again..
DANIEL: guy if we no deliver this thing Papilo go beat us
My heart skipped 1001 beats as Daniel said this
see make we just go drop am for Kalio waterside come back.
I did not say a word anymore I just followed Daniel's words Kalio was really far from ATC we had to halt 7 times throughout the bicycle ride. We finally reached Kalio Waterside where we loading passengers in boats.

DANIEL: carry the bag make we dey go you see that man wey carry bag for their abi?...points his finger
ME: I dey see am why?
DANIEL: we go greet am brother welcome come hug am we ho come give am the bag while him go give us him own bag then him go give us him own bag
ME: the work no hard na mtchewww
We both ran to the man singing brother oyoyo brother oyoyo the man was so happy to see us hugging us
BROTHER: how una dey? we answered fine in unison
BROTHER: How Papilo?
DANIEL: Him dey fine him say make we give you this thing.
We handed our bag over to him while he gave is his own bag we thanked him and made it to our bikes while screaming bye bye like kids as if we din grow before grin We reached Papilo's bunk and handed the stuff to him he told us to follow him for our payment I was nervous again all of a sudden. We went to the back of the bunk while Papilo opened the bag to reveal what I would later find out to be weed. Feeling satisfied he gave us #1000 each for our work. And told us to leave.

I was so happy about making #1000 myself
DANIEL: time don reach 4 already make we dey go house now
We raced back home with a strange strength chain money dey boost strength o
I reached my house fully excited. But turned normal when entered my house. After dinner I went straight to the couch time to watch movies or so I thought until my Dad showed up. "I want to watch news you have been playing throughout July next tomorrow that is on Friday I am going to register you for holiday lesson"
I was not happy about this I mean what more could they want from me I am the first in my class na I went to my room to sleep thinking about holiday lesson stress.

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Re: Life Of A Rugged Guy +21 by okrikaboi: 1:19pm On Mar 14, 2019
My next post will be gory for strong stomachs only cool

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Re: Life Of A Rugged Guy +21 by izaray(f): 11:02am On Mar 15, 2019
Thanks for the update

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Re: Life Of A Rugged Guy +21 by okrikaboi: 6:38pm On Mar 15, 2019
Red looks good on her.

Date 02/02/2002

It was a Saturday a day I would never forget cool this day is so significant in my life and only one person other than me knows about it and that person is Daniel. You should feel very privileged because what you are about to read is very very explicit.
Like I said it was a Saturday or should I say Sad-today as usual I and Daniel set out to work. Work was only on Saturdays because it was only then Papilo had product he was now bigger and I don't mean his stature I am talking about his territory he no longer was running a bunk MOUNTER was doing that for him. Papilo was now Don. Papilo and the whole of Ogoloma was his territory we no longer had to get product in Kalio we now went directly to Marine base to get our product we had a boat and a ferry man we were not worried we had been doing this for two years. We had guns Papilo taught us how to shoot but that was all we had to learn for now. He dealt on crack and weed and our pay was now #5000 we were enjoying our lives my mom never complained she was happy though cuz I never asked for anything she thought I was now mature. We never brought our guns back home after a very deal we left the guns with Papilo. Now back to my story. We took a keke just the two of us we stopped at Ogoloma at Papilo's place. No one asks us questions anymore so all we have to do is to get in.
DON PAPILO: Men them! Men them! how e dey be?
"We dey alright" we answered Papilo. Papilo zipped open his bag in front of him while sitting in his chair. Men you had to see the clean #100 notes but we know better than to steal truth is that though we were bad kids we still listen to some stuff our parents tell us.
PAPILO: I go send Scopiro to go with una so that nobody go Bleep with una.
DANIEL: Ah Don I hope say wahalla no dey?
PAPILO: no trouble the thing be say una no go just exchange for marine base as una dey used to e get one boy wey Bleep with me I wan take my revenge I no say una sef don see say the money wey I dey give una today increase small na because of the special package wey una go bring along with my product no worry Scopiro go help una.
Papilo gave us our pistols and set us off to the task. We arrived the place and boarded our own boat to Marine base we let Scopiro lead the way see we always do the exchange immediately we arrive the base and leave Jo introductions no bullshit. So you can as well imagine how nervous we were. We went to Fisherman estate Scopiro led us to a large mansion as we reached the gate he brought out his phone chai one useless Motorola like that with blue screen funny enough I was saving up for it then. After a short phone call we were let into the compound chai see correct vintage cars. We really didn't enter the compound sha. One fat guy was sitting outside under one shade like that his man that let us into get compound led us to him. We went there and he offered is a seat.Scopiro did not seat down rather he went and touched the man's feet put his hand to his chest and said "oga mi maximum" and then sat down. We were now very uncomfortable as we wondered whether we should do the same.
FAT MAN: So na una be the small boys wey I dey always hear about? omo in the next 5 years una fit turn Don o when I dey una age I dey go fishing with my papa this life ehn.
AF this point we just looked at eachother and back to the man.
SCOPIRO: Don na your money be this.
FAT MAN: And na your product be this.
SCOPIRO: What of the package?
FAT MAN: Perebo go bring the box come.
The Perebo later jazzed in with a big box it clearly had holes in it and was probably heavy cuz he was assisted by another guy.
FAT MAN: Oya make una come dey go my men go help una put am for boat send my regards to Papilo.
SCOPIRO: What about the boy any news?
FAT MAN: That one don go into hiding but him no go last we for root out you know say this business na both ways your problem na my problem and vice versa no forget to relate am to Papilo.
SCOPIRO: Sure oya niggars make we dey go
We really did not have an idea why Papilo would allow us come here if he knew we weren't going to be of any help I mean Scopiro did all the work. We boarded our boat and left for home. It was 2pm already when we arrived Papilo's home man was so excited
PAPILO: I know say una dey bother about why l allow una go there when una no go do anything make una no worry una go find that one out later. By the way una don Bleep woman before?
The question threw us off balance as we suddenly blushed we weren't supposed to have had sex at our age it was morally wrong in Okrika that kids had sexual relations.
DANIEL: No be say we don do am before we dey do am almost everyday?
PAPILO: Choi Okrika don spoil e don spoil oya make una come.
In our mind Papilo has arranged beautiful gals for us to test us but we were wrong truth is he just wanted to know if we were really men Papilo was training us for a mission a dangerous mission. He led us into a room the moment we entered he shut the door and damn it felt like a vacuum cuz all sound from outside just disappeared.
PAPILO: Make una no tensh una be men o
We followed him as he went to carry out what I would now call an "unboxing"
Na my special package be this who be man make e open am. I have always loved proving myself to Papilo so I did not hesitate to open the box
ME: Jesus!!!
DANIEL: wetin (peaks in) chei na girl o
The person in the box was none other than Catherine you remember Catherine na my first Bleep.
ME: Catherine!
PAPILO: You know her?
ME: Na the first girl wey I Bleep be this
DANIEL: Haba na this girl wey you tell me about?
Catherine was tied up while a ball gag was in her mouth.
PAPILO: Na this girl brother na mess with me today una and me go join kill this girl.

To be continued.... grin

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Re: Life Of A Rugged Guy +21 by okrikaboi: 6:39pm On Mar 15, 2019
Expect the worst
Re: Life Of A Rugged Guy +21 by OkumagbaBOY(m): 3:48pm On Mar 16, 2019
I don pack my bus ooo.....I dey don dey wait for (more updates)passengers ooooo
Re: Life Of A Rugged Guy +21 by Hardes(m): 6:06pm On Sep 25, 2019
Re: Life Of A Rugged Guy +21 by Vibesvbs(m): 9:24am On Dec 09, 2019
We will soon reach my teenage years I just want make una know how I take start grin
Reminds me of my primary school days
Re: Life Of A Rugged Guy +21 by OnyeMpa9: 10:42pm On May 25
bros, why you come give us half story now?
Re: Life Of A Rugged Guy +21 by olasuncome(m): 3:01am On May 26
Guy.... come continue oo
Re: Life Of A Rugged Guy +21 by Macro231101: 7:44am On May 26
Re: Life Of A Rugged Guy +21 by Oharina(m): 10:08am On May 29
Hmm for ya mind this ur adventure too bad o. lol anyway u dey try sha, e no easy to type. continue bro.

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