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Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). / Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) / National Troupe Stages Death And The Kings Horseman To Honour Wole Soyinka (2) (3) (4)

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Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by cosmospolitan: 5:31pm On Aug 05
Thank you bro for the update, well-done! but try and work on the update, it's coming too late!
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by sly12345: 11:27pm On Aug 05
Thanks for bringing Bianca back
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by showgoeson: 9:17am On Aug 06
Thanks for bringing Bianca back
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by Evold: 8:41am On Aug 07
What is Bianca doing here this time?
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by Silver1996(m): 12:36pm On Aug 09
Hello guys..i just want to say i haven't forgotten you, despite the many works i have at hand, i will still try and give you an update..
1 kiss people..
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by Shedrack36: 2:23pm On Aug 09
I'm waiting patiently.
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by Ann2012(f): 3:53pm On Aug 09
Hello guys..i just want to say i haven't forgotten you, despite the many works i have at hand, i will still try and give you an update..
1 kiss people..

No wahala boss

Abeg, make the update loonnngggg sha grin
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by izaray(f): 3:56pm On Aug 09
Hello guys..i just want to say i haven't forgotten you, despite the many works i have at hand, i will still try and give you an update..
1 kiss people..
I trust you boss, you no dey fall hands unlike..... cool
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by samfaj: 4:37pm On Aug 09
sure u won't!!!
What is Bianca doing here this time?
sure u won't!!!
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by samfaj: 4:39pm On Aug 09
Hello guys..i just want to say i haven't forgotten you, despite the many works i have at hand, i will still try and give you an update..
1 kiss people..
sure u won't
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by doctorexcel(m): 7:53pm On Aug 09
Hello guys..i just want to say i haven't forgotten you, despite the many works i have at hand, i will still try and give you an update..
1 kiss people..

Thank God you bin alive. I don dey fear. Welcome back ogbeni silver. Waiting for the update
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by Silver1996(m): 6:13pm On Aug 10

Zed knew before Francis spoke; the sparkle of yesterday was extinguished, his eyes moved slower and always more down-cast, skimming the floor, rarely raising to eye level. It was in his voice too, quieter, with a meekness that wasn't usually part of his speech patter, he was unhappy in a way he hadn't seen before, like a small slice of bereavement.....

"What way now..? "Francis muttered gently, exhasuted..

Zed look around, he wouldn't be confused right now if he hadn't stopped Francis from following the calvary., now he was totally confused on where to turn to...

"If we had tagged behind them, i wouldn't be staring at your face right now.. "Francis cut into his thoughts...

Zed raised an eyebrow at him.. "This isn't my fault okay.. "

"Whose fault is it then..? Francis fling back with shrugged shoulders... "You said we should wait till they disappear from existence.. "

"Existence... "He huffs... "No i didn't say that.. "

Francis grunted.. "Stop playing around Zed, this isn't a joke.. "

"I know that.. "He said back glancing towards another direction..

"Fine.., lead the way then.. "

Zed exhales, he was sure he has passed through the road before, now he was finding it hard to recognized it.. "I think if we go straight, we might find their horse steps again.. "

He waited for him to glare and bark at him for leading them astray, when he said nothing, he shift his gaze back to him, he was quiet and he wonder what he was thinking... "Look, we're not lost if that is what you're thinking.. "

"Let's just go back Zed.. "He mutter crisply..

"Back.., as in back.. "He ask pointing to the direction they head from. "

"Not back back.., i mean back to where we saw them, we follow the horse tracks"

"We can't stay behind them Francis.., they'll know they're been followed, trust me, this bush path is the best.. "

"Haven't you realise your bush path is leading us nowhere...? Francis riposte with clipped lips..

Zed sigh.. "It led us here.. "

"And where are we...?

Zed look around..

"Nowhere Zed.. "

Zed suck his teeth.. "I thought i was suppose to answer that.. "

"Please be serious... "

"I am.., am trying my best to catch up with them.. "

Francis gritted, annoyance brewing across his face... "We haven't even see them for the past.. "He pause recalling how sad Katherine was.. "For God knows how long.., we haven't even heard a sound.. "

"Trust me Francis, i know this road.. "

"Trust you..!, not long ago, you told me that road was the only road to Zulugua, now..

"It is..., this route we're taking doesn't lead to Zulugua, its just a way out to...., to the road.. "

"Do you even understand what you're saying..?

"I do Francis.., just relax, i will think of a way to catch up with them.. "

Francis took a deep intake.. "Just admit it Zed, we're lost.. "

"Is that your way of saying you're giving up..?

He crunched down to sit on the ground, there is nothing he can do now, saving Katherine is beyond him.. "You were right when you said i can't save her this time.. "

Zed swallowed.. "Don't give up Francis, you've come too far to do that now.. "

"I can always retrace my steps.. "

"Don't.... "He pause wondering if he could take his own advise if he were in his shoes.. "She needs you.. "

"She doesn't.. "He mutter.. "She needs someone who's strong, am too weak.. "

"Any boy who could enter king's Jafar palace and rescue his beloved prisoner from his claws.., i don't consider him to be weak.., you're strong Francis, and i believe you can save her again.. "

"I. I don't think so, she's.., she's gone.. "His voice was soft, almost fragile, as if it and his heart would break any minute. Perhaps his heart was already broken...... "I don't know if I'll see her again, i... "he broke down, and before Zed knew it, Francis was on the verge of tears, trying desperately to hide it and keep his face and his words straight and stern.....

"Don't talk this way Francis, even though i use to think this whole thing was stupid, am beginning to find reasons to believe it's not.., She would have probably done the same if you were in her shoes, remenber when she saved you from the prima...?

"It's not just about her you see.. "He mutter, this time raising his face to to face him.., he sniff and a tear rolled down his cheek.. "It's my whole life, my life has been doomed from the start.., nothing goes right with me.. "

Zed pitied him, his words made him reflect in his own life.., his was like that too, he didn't have the opportunity to have a happy childhood life.., his life was a summary of sadness and depression...

As much as Francis tried to hold it in, the pain came out like an uproar from his throat in the form of a silent scream. The beads of water started falling down one after another, without a sign of stopping..., Zed had no idea how to console or what words of encouragement to give him, he was bad at that.., he trot closer to him and crunched down beside him.., he remenbered what he tells himself whenver he feels down, feels like the whole world had abandoned him...

Francis dark lashes brimmed heavy with tears; his hands clenched into shaking fists, in a desperate battle against the grief..., against the unending pain....

"Life isn't fair to anyone Francis.. "Zed mutter.., he bit his lips wondering how he was going to achieve whatever form of consolation he was trying to give him without remembering his own woes and torments.....

"You don't know what has happened to me.. "Francis stated crisply as a lone tear traced down his cheek.. ..

He does.., he knows exactly what he was going through, he has been there, done that, took him time to rise above the grief that sank him on the ground...

"Am not even sure what am living for anymore.... "Francis added, face drench with unstoppable drop of tears..

Zed bit his lip, he hated himself for not been able to come up with any good words of comfort..... "That is what life does, it throws garbage at us expecting us to eat it and end it all, but we should look beyond that and tell life we're more than just garbage, no matter the sorrows the earth deliver to us, we ought to stand on our feets and say we're strong, you fall down the moment you accept defeat.. "

Clear watery snot streaked from Francis flaring nostrils down his mottled skin to his open quivering lips. His hands open and closed, rhythmically clenching as if there could be some violent solution to his pain if only he could find it... "Everything.. "He took a pause, wipe his tear and continue.. "Everything and everyone i know has left me, am alone.. "

"You're alive but certainly not alone.... "Zed returned clashing his hands with his... "You're not alone Francis, don't even think so for a second.., as for Katherine, we will get her back, i promise you.. "

"Roger that... "Ted said before dropping the phone to his side , he took a deep breathe before spuning round to face Dillan, he wonder how he was going to break the news to him, Dillan was so sure Pious wasn't going to hurt his mother...

"What man..? Xyder, one of Carlos boys asked..

Ted lift an eyebrow but didn't give him the dignity of a reply...

"The money will be shared after the operation.. "Dillan stated paying no attention to Ted change of expresssion...
He returned his focus to him when he gave no reply, neither did Xyder... "What..?, who doesn't like my idea can suggest something else.. "

"It's not that Dillan.. "Ted said crisply folding his hands..

"Then what..?

"Tell us man.. "Xyder chimes in.. "What did Gao tell you over the phone..?

Ted pause to take a breathe.. "Your mother.., she's dead.. "


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Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by maridrug(m): 8:19pm On Aug 10
Yeah, let's have it all this sallah break or give it to us on okadabooks to buy.
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by JerryOJerry6429: 9:52pm On Aug 10
This is old news na.
Thanks for the update.
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by Silver1996(m): 10:34pm On Aug 10

A single tear slid down from Dillan's warm, butterscotch eyes, followed by another one, and another one, until soon, a steady stream of salty tears flowed it's way down his pale cheek, releasing the sadness and sorrow that has been held inside of him for all this time but still he did not make a sound...

"Am sorry man.. "Xyder muttered

He sat on the chair, eyes closed. His chest heaved with a quiet sob, and tears welled up behind his eyelids, slipping down his cheeks without resistance. Another sob wracked him, followed by a thin wail. He curled on his side and wept, shoulders....

"Do you think Pious did this..? Xyder ask

Ted didn't respond, instead he lit the cigarette between his fingers...

"That damn king.. "Xyder glowered..

Dillan's eyes flashed with indignance and anger, then came the struct, the slamming and clipped words, . He gulped furiously, a burning animosity was developing inside him preparing him for destruction.., with a deep swallow of bitterness he mentioned his name making Ted turn to face him...
"Pious.. "He called out again, jaw hard and fist clenched... "I want him dead.. "

"Thank you.. "Bianca said to chief Justin after the house help poured wine in her glass..

"Oh, don't feel too settled.. "Maia riposte brusqely

Bianca grit her teeth and quickly returned her gaze to chief Justin... "Am really sorry for what i did to you chief, if i could turn back time, i..

"Let me stop you there Bianca.. "Chief Justin cut in.... "There is really no need wishing the impossible.. "

"Let's just send her out father.. "Maia chimes in.. "It's so obvious she has come to beg her way back into your life.. "

Irritation sliced across Bianca face, she would have shut her up if the circumstance were different but the timing wasn't just right now....

"Gold digging slut.. "Maia scowled..

A wave of anger swept across her Bianca face making her glare at her..

"Isn't that too harsh my dear...? Chief Justin ask calmly..

"That's what she is dad, so bad you haven't noticed it yet.. "

Chief Justin nib and reclined his back on the chair...

"I didn't come here to beg... "Bianca haul out, digging her eyes into Maia... "Rather, am here to help.. "

"Help.. "Chief Justin readjust his sitting position..

A sly smile surrounded Maia gorgeous lips.. "Noone is soliciting for help here b-i-t-c-h... "

"What do you mean..? Asked chief Justin.

She eyed Maia and quickly turn her gaze to chief Justin... "You know me chief, i don't just go places without information.., i know why you're in this town. "

"Oh really.. "Maia interjects.. "And i hope you know you aren't included in the reason we're here.. "

"What's your problem..? Bianca latched out..

"My problem..! "Maia chulkled.. "The question bia-tch., what's your problem..?, why can't you leave my father the hell alone..?

"Calm down Maia.. "Chief Justin blared out..

"I won't calm down father, not until you realise who truly this slut is.. "

"Let's hear her out.. "Chief Justin protested..

"Dad, she has nothing meaningful to say, this is just her way of getting back into your life after been disappointed by her clumsy death friend.."

"You should respect the dead.. "Bianca cut in..

"Respect my foot.. "She retorted..

"Enough Maia.. "Chief Justin hollered.

She hissed and look away..

Chief Justin exhales and continue.. "Bianca please, continue what you were saying.. "

His daughter and Bianca hasn't always been in good terms, He met Bianca a year ago, he loved her, just the way he loved his wife, after the death of his wife, he thought he could never find love again until he met her, it hurt him when she left, left with her friend to Akpatu, his heart was shattered, he was angry at himself for falling for such a young girl who doesn't give a hoot about his heart, surprisingly, the anger he has harbour in his heart for long had seem to disappear upon seeing her..., but he wouldn't want to do anything stupid now, he can't allow himself fall for her again, he was at the verge of chasing her out as his daughter had suggested, that was when she said those words..., said she knows why they're here, he was damn curious to find out what she knows..

"I got this information from a reliable source.. "Bianca said.. "The reason you're here is because you want to take back what was stolen from you, the throne.. "

"And where did you hear that..? Maia quickly asked

Now it was her turn return that devilish smile.. "Like i said, it's from a reliable source.. "

"This reliable source.., who is he? Chief Justin ask curiously..

"Chief..., you once told me that in the game of cards, you don't show your opponent your end card.. "

A smile radiates his lips.. "But this isn't cards my dear.. "

"I know chief, well to be honest, i don't intend hiding the truth from you.., who got the loud mouth amongst your kins..?

Chief Justin scoffs when he figured it out.. "Daniel.. "

Bianca nodded and took up her glass of wine again..

"God, that man will never stop talking... "

"Dad, you told Daniel we were coming here..? Maia blared out

"Daniel is my friend dear, i couldn't keep him in the shadows... "

"Chief.. "Bianca chimes in.. "You and i know there are no friends in the jungle.. "

"Who knows how many people he has told this to..?Maia blared out..

"Am sure he hasn't told anyone else.. "Bianca dared to reply her...... "I made sure he doesn't.. "

"Did you kill my friend..? Chief Justin asked

"No chief, there are other ways to keep a man quiet... "

"Now that you've said it, am very curious, i know Daniel, he talks alot, how were you able to convince him to be quiet....?

"Every woman has her way of making a man do her biddings.. "

"And yours is laying with anything that have a third leg.. "Maia interjects..

Anger curled hot and unstoppable in Bianca's gut, like a blazing inferno that wanted to burn her from the inside out but she still maintain her cool, her goals were much more bigger than whatever rubbish Maia has to throw at her, she failed in her goals the first time, she won't again...

"So what exactly are you proposing Bianca..? Chief Justin asked without regards to his daughter's rude statement...

"Am here to help in achieving your goals chief, if you want to go to war, use me as a weapon... "

"Good afternoon.. "James greeted the moment he saw Giselle..

"Good afternoon... "Giselle replied recalling where she had seen him, just then it hit her, he was the late chief Mayo's nephew.... "Please sit.. "She pointed at a chair..

"Thank you... "He said doing as she had said..

"Would you like to have something..?

"No, thank you..., i actually thought the king was in.. "

"He isn't, but if the discussion is something i can help with, then i suggest you tell me.. "

"Well am not sure if you can, he wouldn't even tell you.. "

"What wouldn't he tell me..? She ask curiously

James exhales.. "Look, is not like am accusing him of murder..

"Murder.. "Giselle cut in... "What the hell are you talking about..?

James sniffled, it took a while to finally stand by his decision to come here, he wasnt ready to chicken out of his plans, he owe it to his uncle to find out who killed him..... "I think your husband killed my uncle.. "

"That isn't possible.., do you realise what you're accusing the king of..?

"Yes, i know fully well what am accusing him of, and i have reasons to backup my claims.. "

Giselle was about shutting him up When they heard a loud scream outside..
"What's that..? She ask and quickly walk outside, James tagged along..
Shock swept through her when she saw Ali shouting at the top of his voice , the guards tried to hold him back....

"Pious.., you murderer.. "Ali shouted at the top of his voice.... "You killed her, you killed Cassandra, you killed her, you bastard.. "

My good people, abeg make una manage this one, my eye is doing me somehow...


Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by Ann2012(f): 10:47pm On Aug 10
Thanks for the update boss, you try jare

Lot of chaos everywhere
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by Hardes(m): 5:54am On Aug 11
Thanks for the update.

seems the war is about to get hot for pious.
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by Nostradamus: 4:58pm On Aug 11
Pious is about to have it hot!!!

I don't think his craftiness can save him. Yorubas will say 'a kin wa ota kun ota(one shouldn't create a lot of enemies in life,so you won't have a lot of people against you)' pious now has a lot of people against him,one of them will get desperate for revenge.
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by petersononome: 7:42pm On Aug 11
The war will be too hurt for Pious, i suggest he flees while he still have the chance.
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by Jesubaby(f): 11:48am On Aug 12
Thanks for update Silver1996. Pious is in hot soup.
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by Elohobaby: 11:56am On Aug 12
Thanks silver for the update...
But what is pious still doing in akpatu self... let him just leave the country after all he has no one left
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by Asek1(m): 12:38pm On Aug 12
Happy holidays to everyone
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by JerryOJerry6429: 6:02pm On Aug 12
Thanks for the update
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by kelvyncruz: 7:06am On Aug 13
If Pious can deal with 7 tough chiefs, Ali and Dillan will be a walk over for him.
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by purity23(f): 9:15am On Aug 13
I see Pious loosing another loved one, it might be Giselle.
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by moorevic(m): 12:59pm On Aug 13
He dealt with the chiefs with the help of his mom and uncle. But right now his alone.
If Pious can deal with 7 tough chiefs, Ali and Dillan will be a walk over for him.
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by Evold: 2:02pm On Aug 13
This story gets annoying every passing day, everyone is ganging up against Pious as if he's the worst villain in the story.

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Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by kilisi: 3:58pm On Aug 13
If Pious can deal with 7 tough chiefs, Ali and Dillan will be a walk over for him.

He dealt with them while pretending to be a friend. That's a different ball game entirely compared to now that they are aware he's the real enemy.

He's going to have it really tough and if he comes out of this, it will be by the skin of his teeth and definitely not unscathed.
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by egwolopretty: 7:13pm On Aug 13
Silver knows exactly what he's doing, he's just getting us riled up, he knows Pious cannot die not until Francis and Taka returns.
Everyone is always against the hero in movies., ride on silver but jeje with the suspense.
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by sly12345: 7:32pm On Aug 13
First it was Carlos, now Pious is the centre of attention but unfortunately he cannot die because he's the good guy or probably the hero as stated by the person above me, if he dies, story ends.

Me am just here eating my popcorn waiting for silver to do what he does best-(Re-twist the story)
Re: KINGS 2(battleground) by Silver1996(m): 10:46pm On Aug 13

"Sad" sounds so childish, like something flimsy, something one should be able to cast off with a happy reflection or the smile of a friend. But for Max, "sad" is nothing of the sort., to him It sits inside like the germ seed of depression, just waiting for the right conditions to grow, to send out roots to choke the hope out of your heart. It is the trough in which one struggle to return to the peak, always afraid that this time the rungs will be too slippery, too far apart or simply not there at all....
His heavy eyes regress to his father on the hospital bed, he wasn't dead, non was he sure if he's still alive, he hated the fact that he has no clue whatsoever when his father is going to regain consciousness.., he has no idea that his wife is dead, the thought of how he'll feel when he hears the news has been bothering him..

"He'll soon get up from the coma.. "Pious voice was mollifying, but hope wasn't what he needs now, having hope is what he's been doing for the past one month, he can't do that anymore, he needs results..

"Uncle Zuru is strong.. "Pious continues.. "I stronly believe he'll fight through this.. "

Max wanted to believe that, but for a reason he found it difficult to do that, he has seen sitiations where people never stays longer than anticipated in coma, in most cases, victims never wakes up..

For many reasons, Pious feels its his fault Zuru is in coma, he should have seen this coming, should have realise that demon Dillan was up to something.., his life wrecked into shreds the moment he decided to be happy, he thought his game of revenge was finally over when he got rid of Carlos, he should have foreseen Dillan was a bigger threat than his father.....

"Giselle.. "Max chimes in gently raising his face to him.. "How's she..?

"Why don't you come to the house Max, i feel like you're avoiding me.. "

Max manage to chulkle.. "Avioding you..!, why will i do that, we're cousins.. "

"You sleep here in the hospital, and whenever you're not here, you're in the city.. "

"Pious... "Max stopped him... "You and Francis are the only family i have left.. , i have no reason in the entire world to avoid you or anything you're trying to insuniate, the thing is, I've been really busy lately, making sure those people doesn't turn my father's business into their cruel ways of making millions.. "

Pious sigh but didn't give a reply, and Max quickly realise his face has taken a woeful expression and he knows why.....
"Is there still no news about him..? Max asked

Pious shook his head, his eyes brim with depression, For once again he was lost in the torrid vortex of the moment. It was a moment that carried him forwards until only death could release him from it's clutches. he was forever tormented by the past series of events that could not be undone...., nor can it be forgotten for it has left a wide scar in his heart...

"I know how much you miss him.. "Max stated.. "I miss him too, we can only pray he's fine wherever he is.. "

Pious lower lips quivered as words slowly made their way out of his mouth... "I pray so too, and i pray i sees him one last time.. "

"He isn't lost to us, no matter where he is, he's our heart.. "

Behind the masked smile Pious had on, Max could see he was more terrified than he was, The Carlos family has caused more pain to them than they thought of..., he was about speaking when Pious phone ringtone choked the words in his mouth...

Pious quickly reach for his phone in his pocket, he exhales when he saw the caller, with a glance at Max, he answered it....
"Hey... "He muttered

"We need to talk.. "Giselle's voice sounded from the other end.


Zed stomach snarled and howled and from it came the not-so-subtle undertone of pain. It came in waves and it seemed as though his stomach was slowly digesting itself., he clutched at it, pulling it this way and that in an attempt to silence it but to no avail. It cried even louder, earning him a few curious stares from Francis....
"Stop looking at me like that... "He finally latched out when he could no longer contain the look... "Like you don't feel what am feeling.."

Francis look away, he was hungry but he doesnt have time for that, his mind was occupied with more important issues..

"How can you not be hungry..? Asked Zed

"Can you not talk.. "Francis fling back... "Am trying to think.. "

"Are you thinking of ways to get us food..?

Francis raised an eyebrow at him but didn't give him the dignity of a reply...

"You know if i were alone i will thinking of only myself, it's much easy to find food that way.. "Zed added

Francis wasn't in the mood to argue, he just want to rescue Katherine, the only help Zed has been rendering him is slowing him down...

"I know you're thinking of ways to get the princess back.. "Zed cut into his thoughts.. "But you can't do that without food, food makes you think straight.. "

"Really.., does it.? Francis returned his gaze to him

Zed suck his teeth.. "I think so, whenever am hungry, i tend to think sideways.. "

"Just the way you thought this path was the right way to catch up with the calvary..?

Zed gritted.. "No, i wasn't hungry then.., and i didn't lie when i said this was a shorter route to catch up with them. '

"Touc'he..., it seems your brain wander sideways because guess what hungry one, we never caught up with them.. "

"That wasn't my fault.. "Zed replied with a smirk... "We stopped where our strength stopped, but this isn't the end, as a matter of fact, i have another plan..

"That will probably go sideways.. "Francis concluded..

Zed stomach rumbled and he wonder how long he can contain the hunger.. "You haven't even heard the plan.. "

"Do i need to, we already lost the golden opportunity presented before us.. "


Francis look askance at him..

"You mean like the mogula gold mine..?

Francis hissed.. "God, is there no limit to some people ignorance..?

"Look, this plan is wonderful.. "Zed said paying no attention to Francis words..

"That was what you said the first time.. "

"I never said the first was wonderful.. "

Francis sigh..

"Do you know there is a contest in the capital city, a tournament where people fight to the death in the arena.. "

"Seriously, are there no rules, cos i dont see a reason why people will fight to death.. "

"The only rule is death, you win when you kill your opponent, most times the winner cuts off his opponents head.. "

"That's outrageous and barbaric.. "

Zed twitch.. "Whatever those words mean.. "He took a slight pause and shift closer to Francis.. "Now this is the plan.., we'll go to the capital..

"Aren't that the plan..?

"Just let me finish.. "Zed riposte, he sigh and continue.. "But there is a more quicker way to get there and trust me, this way is very effective, no one will suspect us and we'll have plenty of food to eat.. "

As much as Francis doesn't want to hear another of his ridiculous plan, he couldn't help but satisfy his curiosity....

"So what's the plan..? He ask with a flinch

"There is a village, a short walk from here, many men travel through the village and most times these men find young boys like us to carry their equipment and supply their needs.. "

"That doesn't sound like having a lot of food, hypothetically, is a servant's job.. "

"With so much benefits.. "

Francis snorted.. "I don't see any benefit in this.. "

"Okay, here are the benefits, in volunteering to be their errand boys, they will take us to Zulugua without fear of been captured by the slave traders, and they'll give us whatever they eat, they might even pay us.. "

"You don't put pay and volunteer together, there is no relationship .. "

"Have you been listening to everything I've been saying.. "Zed snarled... "Trust me, this plan will work.., all we have to do is go to that village and wait for them.. "

"When exactly is this contest..?

"The contest has a name, it's called the battle of skulls and blood.. "

"Yeah, whatever its called, when is it starting...?

"I know is soon, after the fierizo festival, and the festival is tomorrow.. "

"Tomorrow.., does it mean the contest is two days from now.. "

"Probably.., that's why they had to take the princess there, there's nothing more dishearting than seeing her brother fight for his life in the arena, or seeing him.. "He grits his teeth... "Dead.. "

"Gary.. "Francis mutter


"Gisele.. "Pious mutter from behind her.., when she turned to face him, she wasn't the girl he has left for the hospital, she was pale now, engulf with a sad look... "What is it dear..? He ask closing the distance between them.. "You sound very serious on the phone, i was worried something had happened to you.. "

"Nothing had.. "She returned, voice bleaked with mixed emotions... "But i fear something will if you don't tell me what the hell is going on.. "

Shocked by her outburst, He held her hands but she darted away from him...

"She's dead Pious, Cassandra, Dillan's mother is dead.. "

"But that isn't a new news, you know that, i know that, i..

"Well here comes the new news.. "She retorted... "Ali,, Carlos brother was here screaming your name, he said you killed Cassandra.. "

Pious exhales wishing he was around when the idiot showed up... "You know i didn't kill her.. "

"Do i..?, you've been hiding things from me Pious and sometimes i wonder if you're the same man i know.. "

"Am not dear.. "He cut in, mouth hardened... "Am not that same man again, I've change, everything happening around us has changed me but you know what hasn't, my love for you.. "

She took a deep breathe.. "Did you really kill her..? She asked with a calm voice..

"I didn't.., she was a victim of a hit and run.. "

"Ali believed you killed her, even James, he seem to believe it as well.. "

"James, who's James..?

"Chief Mayo nephew, he was here earlier, he wanted to know if you killed his uncle.. "

"What did you tell him..?

"Nothing, i stopped him before he made any more accusations, those chiefs deserve what they got but Cassandra, she's innocent in all this.. "

"Really...! "Pious buff in with clipped lips.. "My mother, Kahefa, they were innocent but that family took them away, what Ali is feeling is nothing compared to the pains they caused me.. "

"This is becoming too tough baby.. "She lamented... "This isn't a game of revenge anymore, neither is it a game for the throne, this is turning into a wild game of survival.. "

"Your highness.. "A voice interrupted from outside before Pious could give a reply...

Pious exhales and opened the room door... "What is it..? He asked

"A child dropped this at the gate.. "The thug said handling an evelope to him..

"A child..!, Pious resounded taking the envelope from him..

"He ran away before we could stop him, whatever it's inside your highness, i don't think is anything good.. "

Curiously, Pious torn off the seal from the envelope and took out a piece of paper.., his eyes stretched with anger when he saw what was written on the paper..

"What is it..? Gisele ask walking towards him to take a peep at the paper.., shock swept across her face and she quickly read the words aloud... "Game on king, let's see who wins this dirty game of blood... "

She took a few steps backward as the words echo in her head.. "Oh my God, who do you think sent that..?

"Who sent it doesn't matter your grace.. "The thug said.. "The question is, what does the message decodes....?

Nose flaring with anger, Pious clenched his fists in his side and the paper fell to the floor... "Whoever sent it, he just declared war.. "



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Thanks for the update boss, you try jare

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