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My Love Story That Ended by businessman7(m): 3:21am On Apr 07
Good day nairalanders I know there are many people out there that loves their partner so much and wants the best for them yet there worth are not realised I would be sharing my relationship story here on this romance section please don't just read I want you to learn from my mistake so you don't regret and feel used
And please there might be a little typo and also don't mind my grammar please.
Re: My Love Story That Ended by Herkinsgist12(m): 3:23am On Apr 07
Thanks for the <a href="http://herkinsgist.com" target="_blank">info</a> check this out
as well http://www.herkinsgist.com/the-power-of-thinking-before-you-act/
Re: My Love Story That Ended by businessman7(m): 3:39am On Apr 07
So it all started 2012 when 2go was still hot I met this girl via chat room on 2go I added her up we started talking we navigated different topics, so one day I decided to give it a shot I woo her then she told me she had a boyfriend and me being a kind of person that doesn't like being the reason why 2 lovers should leave each other I locked up I didn't bother asking her out again so we were just friends and I'm a very funny person my friends call me clown so there was a day I decided to check a joke a cooked up my self
So after typing all my poo I decided to broadcast it on my 2go list then 2 minutes later she replied with a smile telling me I just made her day with laughter that she was bored and worried before I sent the joke to her from there we got talking again but this time it was intense and she wants to know more about me so we started talking then she invited me for her birthday so I went and she also asked when is my own birthday coming up also I told her in 5 days time she was born October 12 while mine is 17 so at the venue she showed to me her boyfriend I exchanged greetings with him
So the girl being the type that loves attention she keeps calling morning nigh and afternoon and as a friend I am always ready to listen to her
So she started telling me how her boyfriend went to school and how he has been going about with other girls all I do was to calm her down to be patient so to cut the long story short I was just recovering from a heart break as at that time I was single so she asked about my girlfriend I told her how it went and how the girl toyed with my emotion and left me in pain she felt for me I told her not to worry about me.
That I would be fine so I decided to assist her in making her relationship work she gave me her boyfriends number I called him spoke to him and made him realise he has to take the relationship serious to my greatest surprise she started developing feelings towards me because i was always a shoukder to lean on for her the feelings started coming strong on her one day she called a friend of mine heard we were talking then he collected my phone and asked madam what is happening between you both is tayo your boyfriend you guys can talk for hours on phone then she told my friend to ask which I told him we were just friends she became angry That why would I address her as a friend I told her we ain't dating now more over you have a boyfriend so why should I address you as my girlfriend
Re: My Love Story That Ended by businessman7(m): 3:45am On Apr 07
So at the end of he day I had to apologise I was sorry but I still insisted that we were just friends we met October 12 so fast forward to November the feelings were so intense to her that she could not hide it from me that she wants me so on a Blessed we started talking and joking then she said. Please I want to say something and it's not a joke I need you to be attentive
Then she started talking of how I've always been there for her how my personality lifted her butt from the chair and wants to make her hug me bla bla bla then I shun her up laughing I told her you want to start winning me abi she said no that she was serious that I'm a blessing to her she is sure God sent me to her I said ok now to cut the long story short what do you want
She said tayo please can we start dating
I hung up the call immediately I started reducing how we talk so she doesn't get attached the more
Re: My Love Story That Ended by businessman7(m): 3:50am On Apr 07
But she noticed I was avoiding her so she caked and said because I confess my love for you that is why you are avoiding me I told her no that I've been busy at work Dr said ok and she continue her bla bla bla story after all her story it took me 3 weeks to finally accept her with the condition that I she wants me she has to let go of anybody she is dating and it's going to be me alone she said no problem so we started dating November 22 2012 so we started creating memories I felt that would be my last girlfriend we play we smile we joke I was 19 then and she was 17 so the love story was so sweet that my friends had to go and start looking for a girl to date too may be they can have a living sweet memory but none of them actually stayed in relationship up to 6 months
So the relationship was interesting I did a lot of things for her she felt loved and cared for she finished her school so she went to search for job most places where she went to they were asking her for sex which made her run away from there my girlfriend saw a teaching job beside her house for a monthly payment of 15k she said if was too small i told her but you are. Not paying for transport or feeding because I send you food stuff monthly she insisted the minimum she can collect is 30k I opened my mouth I told her but you have to start from someone so she refused then I asked what skill do you have interest in she said fashion designing so I asked her to look around for any skill acquisition center so she came back with one I paid for the tuition and everyday Monday to Friday I send her 2k for practical because she would get material and other things to use practice
Re: My Love Story That Ended by businessman7(m): 4:01am On Apr 07
So along the line she introduce her friend to me that I should please help her so I did from there that one started tripping for me but i ignored her because I don't want to hurt the one I was dating so fast forward to 2015 I was very broke that period one day she called that she was stranded along the road so I asked where was she coming from she said she was coming from her sisters place and she lost her money so I looked around I met my friend borrowed 3k from him and set out I took bite to meet her up at cele express so she can go home when I got there I saw her crying so I hugged her told her it's ok I'm here now things will be fine so as we were talking she told me a friend of her gave her 500 for transport that he called him me being that I trusted her I ignored it and have her transport fare to go home
Re: My Love Story That Ended by businessman7(m): 4:06am On Apr 07
Do on getting home she called me that she's home
All this while I was running away from her family because I was scared her mum or dad or brothers are going to kill me if I go lode to their house so I decided to surprise her I bought her a phone due to the excitement she told her mum about it and her mum requested to see me I hot there her mum addressed me and told me that in our family we are not hungry and I don't send my daughters our to collect something from guys we are not rich but we are comfortable so her mum asked where I was from and how I met her daughter and what was my aim every question was answered accordingly with manners from there her mum liked me from there I had access to be going to her house anytime I want so 2 weeks after I bought that phone it was stolen I had to get another one for her 2 weeks after she was happy.
Then the worst started happening in 2015
Re: My Love Story That Ended by CanadaOrBust: 4:11am On Apr 07
What was the joke? Tell us the joke that made her call u or idonbilvit
Re: My Love Story That Ended by businessman7(m): 4:19am On Apr 07
I wanted to get her a new phone again after those 2 because that one was giving her issues so I asked her to manage it pending when I would have money yo buy her another one the next thing I heard from her was that she has a friend that wants to give her phone then I was like can't you use this one mist you collect the friends own I told her if she does I would. Be very mad at her
She did she went to collect the phone I was very angry and mad at her she apologise I felt love forgives so I forgave her and we moved on I bought the phone when it got to October I wanted to celebrate her birthday for her but I used my money to pay for school fee so I explained things to her that this year plans won't work but next year im sire we would do something about it I was so broke on Friday she was making her hair and she asked me to come over I went i asked her who gave you money for hair she lied it's her sister I believed her in a black poly bag with her was a high heel shoe and a black gown that she just bought i never knew that was what was inside so after making her hair I saw her off the poly bag hit my leg as we were moving together I felt something was hard inside it but I never mind we continue gisting as. We were moving the 700 naira I had with me I have her 200 then the following day which is her birthday being Saturday I went to her house cooked indonie with egg and carrot with lettuce and pepper so we say together and ate the food we gisted as I was telling her I really feel I'm depriving you if your right by not taking you out today that is your birthday she said o shouldn't worry things will be fine and she would still stay that it's not my money that she wants so I said ok after everything that day I left her. House then on Sunday I don't have even 1 1kobo on my phone to use call her and she didn't call either and I needed to talk to her so I borrowed a neighbours phone I called her I was hearing sound of vehicles I asked where are you she said she went out with a friend I said ok when you get home let me know
So I decided to go online on Facebook that I saw what shocked me
Re: My Love Story That Ended by businessman7(m): 4:42am On Apr 07
I saw a friend request from a guy I don't know before that I've never met took a. Picture with my girlfriend at shoprite and uploaded it and still backed if up with a life threatening message that I should leave his girlfriend alone and me being a gentle man I called her that see the people who owns you asked me to leave you alone I cannot come and loose my life because of you when other girls are available she started begging crying that I should please forgive her it was the devils work that she never knew her ex came to destroy her relationship
Your ex?
What the Bleep why would you be communicating with your ex when I'm here so I called her sat her down and talked to her in a calm way I asked her now choose within me and your ex who do you want let one person go you can let me go no problem I would be at peace with you she said she would let go of the ex and pick me so I felt the issue has been resolved and nothing like ex again so we continue before I know again the ex showed up I was very mad this time I asked her to go that I'm not interested in the relationship anymore this time she involved her family my friends to help talk to me to forgive her they all did so I decided to forgive her we continue again then last year February 2nd my gf has started working at chicken republic then so I stay close so she normally sleep at the place of work so considering the incovinience she was going through I asked her to come and spend the night at my place then she would go back the next morning I have my own room my mum has hers and my sister too thou my dad doesn't stay with us so she came she slept over with the a.c. on she was happy
So when it was tone she dey for work then the second day she wants to come I've agreed already then my dad came home and said he wants to sleep over in my room and there's no way I would be in the room with my dad and girlfriend it's disrespectful to my dad thou she was angry already they got her angry at work do on getting to my place I asked her to wait let me lodge her in a hotel to spend the night she was Angry and she started dating all manners of things that she would go to her ex place and spend the night I was very mad I said cone what's happening she left my presence in anger and went to her ex place they both lodge in an hotel and spend the night together in the hotel then I told her I would go and report to her family she said she doesn't care I can report to any bleeping person so the next day I went to her sisters place thank God her mum was there I reported her and explain what her sister has been doing to me and I want to cut the relationship she is not giving me peace of mind
Her sister and mum asked me to give her this chance that after that if anything happens they would approve my break up I believed the mum and sister can talk to her I never knew she is sturbon from head to toe so the matter was resolved by June u uploaded all the pic we took since we started dating this same ex being on my friend list uploaded the pix he took with my gf in response to my upload so i called my gf to order that I thought I've asked you to stop seeing this guy so you guys still communicate i left in anger to write my final exam that day she was making her hair so I left and the lady making her hair has always being making her hair which later i would pay her so the she explained to the lady the lady was angry with her and told her when you have a diamond you want to throw it away and pick a stone
Re: My Love Story That Ended by businessman7(m): 5:04am On Apr 07
So I wrote my final paper I went home heart broken I was alone for a week when another of her sister that has been hearing about me came from portharcourt and she called me and requested for my attention i went she talked to me she is married anyway so she sat me down talk to me then called other sisters that are married that's 3 of them and me and my girlfriend so they lectured us as a married women and they asked my girlfriend that why is she frustrating my life that if she doesn't want me she should allow me go and not frustrate my life but she begged that I should give her last chance which did I never knew she still communicate with the ex until when the ex realised that my gf was so stupid and she was playing game so she went for my girlfriends friend which was the girl that was tripping for me then my gf got to know they were dating and she flared up and was angry she was so stupid enough to pick her phone and called me and start telling me she doesn't like what her friend and her ec was doing that why would her ex be dating her friend I responded even if your ex is dating your sister it's none of your business then I asked her all these signs you've been giving me what's happening tell me my stand now let me know my faith and I asked why would you be angry your ex is dating your friend she answered telling me it's because she likes him and immediately tears roll down my cheek then I told her but why were you now wasting my time since all this year's despite the fact I asked you to choose one of us she started screaming on phone screaming that she knew this won't work that they've told her that k should tell her my mind and let her go even on my voice she could tell i was crying I told her I would give her response in front of her family
I got to her house a week after seeing me alone she asked what happened to you you have grown so lean I faced down as she was talking by the time I lifted my head to look in her eye i was already crying because I did nothing wrong loving and caring for her must she put me in pain because of her selfish interest I was dating this with tears in my eye I said why do you choose to hurt me though why do you choose to punish me where did I got it all wrong that you can't call my attention to it what I've I done that made you not want to forgive me but to revenge it she said nothing despite the fact I try to be man enough not to cry the tears kept coming uncontrollably then I wiped my tears I called her mum and her sis to the dinning table while me and her was sitted then I explain to her. Mum and her sisters then they all asked me to go and live my life that she is their sister but they don't support what she was doing that what I did for her nobody in the family has done that,that I wasmore than a boyfriend I took responsibility of a father over and a lover even we that are married not all of us get the kind of care and attention she s getting from you and yet she doesn't know what she wants.
So immediately I picked my phone told her mum and sister thank you and I left she followed me to the bus stop crying as I was about to take bike she held my shirt and I gently took her hand off my shirt and ask the bike man to be on motion
Re: My Love Story That Ended by businessman7(m): 5:21am On Apr 07
I left there for 3 weeks I couldn't eat the only thing I could do was to take tea and mineral i became so lean so as I was getting over her she requested to see me I said ok we would meet at a joint we met and she started telling me how she has been living in regret ever since I left she doesn't understand her life any more that I should please come back into her life I said can you say something else please if you want me to help you just tell me let me do it and go I can't cone back into that abusive relationship so she begged and begged and begged I never listened to her so I decided so she left after 3 months she came back again this time she has she has dated 2 different guys which they had sex with her so that day I acted as if I want to consider her so I collected her phone and went yo het whatsapp straight searched. For sex then the conversation with a guy came first so I decided to go through the convo as I was reading she was screaming you would hurt your self I said I'm over you now anything I see here won't affect my emotion then I read howthdyve been having sex how the guy is not in anyway contributing to her life how the guy turn her to sex. Slave and how he duped her of 37800 which is her sisters money grin
Then I said Jessica sit down this way look into my eye now let me talk to you as a friend I won't condemn you
Firstly I can see here that you guys had unprotected sex if you get pregnant now do you know his house she said no then where do you guys meet to make love she said hotel I was like ok but do you know his family she said she only know his brother then I said are you sure you are not pregnant she said very sure she is not then I asked what did you do she said she took a concoction I was like God Jessica you want to ruin your life for God sake?
So I just left I wasn't angry but ever since then she has been begging she wants to come back that I'm the only one that can make her life a better one I told her I just gave you space for a while you have started sleeping around as for me ooo before you kill me let me run now she has been crying to people to beg me and those ones in return tackle her that if when he was telling you to stop you listened to him you guys will still be good but you weren't
Re: My Love Story That Ended by businessman7(m): 5:23am On Apr 07
Now my point is never allow anybody take your love for them as your weakness
Don't allow people helo you take decision
Always value what you have
Re: My Love Story That Ended by businessman7(m): 5:24am On Apr 07
Never take people's true love for granted because one day you would realise you lost a diamond to pick up a stone
Re: My Love Story That Ended by businessman7(m): 5:53am On Apr 07
I forgot to include that the ex and her friend are married now we. Could be planning our wedding towards ending of the year but I believe God has a reason
Re: My Love Story That Ended by Karleb(m): 7:19am On Apr 07
I forgot to include that the ex and her friend are married now we. Could be planning our wedding towards ending of the year but I believe God has a reason

Pls explain the last part of this your comment I am not with my glasses.

Actually, I believe you are the one that hurt yourself.

Why report an unrepentant cheat when you can end the drama? Why did you involve the family can you not take an action all by yourself?
Re: My Love Story That Ended by businessman7(m): 7:24am On Apr 07

Pls explain the last part of this your comment I am not with my glasses.

Actually, I believe you are the one that hurt yourself.

Why report an unrepentant cheat when you can end the drama? Why did you involve the family can you not take an action all by yourself?
I was blinded by love
And what i meant by the last part was that her ex boyfriend chat she was seeing and her friend that I helped during the time she was acquiring skill are married now and I meant me and my gf are suppose to be married by the end of this year or early. Next year
Re: My Love Story That Ended by luvyaself95: 8:01am On Apr 07
You should be thankful to God
You don't marry that LovePeddler
She will never give you happiness cry
Re: My Love Story That Ended by millywiser: 8:04am On Apr 07
We have all gone through such similar cases as teens sha
Re: My Love Story That Ended by SmellingAnus(m): 9:23am On Apr 07
I am happy for you... Las Las you stopped being a pussy and you moved on for good...
Re: My Love Story That Ended by babyfaceafrica: 9:48am On Apr 07
love is scam...next time be wise
Re: My Love Story That Ended by morningstar55(m): 8:27pm On Apr 07
love is scam...next time be wise
Will they listen??...love that's long dead and buried.

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