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Roses / Kisses & Roses / Purple Hibiscus By Chimamanda Adichie:who Do You Think Really Opposed Pa Eugene (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Purple Roses by stblessing(f): 8:38pm On Apr 26, 2019
"Ngo baby,how are you doing na?long time" He said to Ngozi,revealing his stained,disarranged set of teeth. His breath stank of alcohol
"I'm fine,Onyema,now let us pass."Ngo said and tried to cross,but he blocked her
"No rush na,let's catch up"
"Onyema,can't you see the load we are carrying on our heads?why not let us be?"Amaka bellowed
"Look at this ugly mucheche ooo,who is talking to you kwanu?"he blasted before hissing and facing Ngozi again. Before he could speak however,his body was splashed with water
"It is you that is ugly,idiotic fool"Amaka said,dropping her blue bucket. Onyema wiped his face and grinned at his gang,a little. He had fire in his eyes as he charged for the girls. Down went Ngozi's paint bucket as the fight began. Passers by didn't bother to help separate as none wanted Onyema's trouble. Some shook their heads,some laughed while some video cameras were activated.
Uchenna looked outside the window when Nne suddenly groaned near him
"Where exactly are we going btother?"she asked
"I told you I wasn't going anywhere but you insisted on following me. So keep quiet"
She mumbled. Soon,the car slowed down at the battle field
"Uhhh,Uche,does that by any chance match your description"Ude asked.
Uchenna watched closer and raised his brows.
"Stop the car"he said
"I said stop the bleeping car!!!"

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Re: Purple Roses by moseph(f): 11:06pm On Apr 26, 2019
thanks for the update.
Re: Purple Roses by skubido(m): 11:09am On Apr 27, 2019
Tanks for the update
Re: Purple Roses by greatme2good(f): 5:08pm On Apr 27, 2019
Re: Purple Roses by stblessing(f): 5:36pm On Apr 27, 2019
The car screeched to a halt. Uchenna threw the door open before zooming to the dusty scene. He threw Onyema down after landing a thunderous punch on his face before fighting of the other two thugs.
"What the bleep is going on here?who the hell are you?"he asked Onyema who slowly stood up and cleaned his lower lip. He widened his eyebrows at Uchenna
"P...prince Uchenna,what are you doing here?"he asked
"Saving this ladies from fools like you"he said. Ngozi widened her eyes"I know that voice...and the skin"she thought
"Now listen you bloody idiots,I never wanna see your bleeping faces around here again,or you'll regret it,ok?"he spat. Then it came to her. She gasped.
"Now scram!!!"he ordered. Onyema and his cohordes took to their heels. Uchenna spat before facing the girls
"Are you alright?"he asked

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Re: Purple Roses by stblessing(f): 5:49pm On Apr 27, 2019
"we are fine my prince"Amaka winked before bowing and standing up again
"What about you?"he asked Ngozi concerndly.
She frowned"I'm perfectly alright!"she shot before picking her bucket and stomping away.
Amaka widened her eyes
"Excuse me,sir"she said before going after her friend
"Ngo,what do you think you are doing?"that's no way to appreciate a PRINCE who just saved your life
"Prince bukwa one gi there,Idiot!(prince will kill you there)"
Amaka crumpled her face in shock. Ngozi sped after her as her friend clapped her hands
Uchenna,at that point,knew she knew. He sighed before Ude came up to him
"There goes your mermaid,sorry man"he patted his shoulder. Uchenna frowned
"No,I am not giving up. I need to see her and apologise to her"he declared. Ude raised a brow
"Seriously?"he asked
"Go after that girl Ude,and try to be stealthy"he ordered walking back to the hilux van".
Ude just stared in despair.

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Re: Purple Roses by stblessing(f): 6:03pm On Apr 27, 2019
"stupid idiot parading himself as a princely hero. Who does he think he is?"she mumbled as she arrived at the front of her compund dropping her bucket. She climbed a step and opened the door to the house when she turned back and saw the van approaching her compund. She slammed the door. Soon,he stepped out of the car and walked up to him
"What do you want?are you seriously stalking me?"she said trying to match his height
"That isn't really a way to show gratitude,you know."
"I should say thank you for looking at my unclothedness at the river like a pervert?ok,thank you"
"You...look,I'm really sorry. It wasn't my intention to stare. I was just.."
"Save your explanations to yourself and leave"
"Please,let me explain"
Suddenly,she noticed Obinna staggering from behind singing a folk song. He paused and looked at the two
"Who is this?"he asked

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Re: Purple Roses by Ann2012(f): 12:54pm On Apr 28, 2019
Thanks for the update
Re: Purple Roses by skubido(m): 1:36pm On Apr 28, 2019
Bro don high

OP tanks for the update
Re: Purple Roses by stblessing(f): 7:35pm On Apr 29, 2019
"is this not prince Uchenna?Ngozi,what is he doing here?"He asked wide eyed
Ngozi panicked deep within her. She turned to the unwanted guest
"You can leave now. I don't need you here"
"B...."Uche was soon cut short
"Leave!"she ordered. Uche saw pleading in her eyes. He sighed before walking to the waiting car. It soon moved away.
Obinna had been looking at the whole drama. He soon got pissed off
"What was the meaning of that?that was a royal guest. And you chased him away..in my presence!you disgraced me!!"he cried. He soon landed a slap on my face
"Papa,please stop!!"she cried
"Idiot,onye nzuzu(foolish person)"he cursed as he landed her several blows.
Re: Purple Roses by stblessing(f): 7:52pm On Apr 29, 2019
Beatrice was coming home from the ever busy Ahiaeke market. It was a market day,so she was very tired by the time she came back that evening. She had gone some distance close to the house when she heard screams and loud cries. She didn't guess twice. She ran towards the seen and crumpled her face at the sight. She rushed at them and pulled weeping Ngozi away from the cruel beast.
"Obinna,what is the meaning of this?what has your daughter done this time,ehnh?"she asked,blocking Ngozi
"That daughter of YOURS is nothing but a fool. A mere simpleton. Imagine the prince came to see her,and she chased him away like a fowl!!"
Beatrice was shocked inside but she held it
"Ehenh,and so?is that why you want to kill her?"
"Idiot,foolish woman. Of course you'll defend your daughters stupidity. That's why I am not progressing!!!"he cried,spreading five fingers at her. He charged at her and gifted her a heavy knock before Ngozi intervened.
"That's enough Papa!!for God's sake,we are your family. Why can't you show us some respect!!"
"Respecti gbu kwa gi there,oluku(respect kill you there)don't worry,I'll be back. Then you'll show me who should respect and who should be respected,idiots!!"he cursed while walking out.
He had gone out of earshot when Beatrice soaked in tears faced her bruised daughter
"A.."she sniffed"are you okay,dear?"
She didn't respond. Then the bubble burst
"This,is all YOUR fault!!!"

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Re: Purple Roses by stblessing(f): 8:17pm On Apr 29, 2019
She ran into the house in fury and curled herself up in the worn out sofa. Beatrice walked up to her and sat by her side
"What do you mean?"she asked,after recovering from the initial shock
"You are the cause of all this mess."she said while raising her head up and revealing a pair of tear filled eyes
"If you had vehemently refused to marry that monster,I wouldn't have been in this mess"
"Mind your words,Ngozi. He is still your father,nevertheless"
"No,my real father died ten years ago,after being bitten by a snake while struggling. This is just his evil younger brother,who you are 15 years older than."
Beatrice stared for a while,then responded
"But you know of all people should know why I did it. I did it so we could survive. You cannot deny that he still sheltered us."
"At what cost,our lives?"
"Please stop reminding me of my woes Ngozi. If Ike hadn't died prematurely,I would never have agreed to do such. Just bear with me"she said admist tears"o,Ike,how I miss you. I do regret my marriage to Obinna,I swear. I should have been stronger and fought those wicked traditions harder. Please learn from my mistakes. Every woman should be strong"
Ngozi pitted her and hugged her
"It's alright mum,I'm so,so sorry"she said,resting on her mom's shoulder

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Re: Purple Roses by skubido(m): 8:39pm On Apr 29, 2019
Tanks for the update

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Re: Purple Roses by Ann2012(f): 11:35pm On Apr 29, 2019
Thanks for the update

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Re: Purple Roses by greatme2good(f): 3:14pm On Apr 30, 2019
Did the Op go on leave or something I have been waiting for another update
Re: Purple Roses by stblessing(f): 6:32pm On Apr 30, 2019
Episode 4
He opened his eyes slowly. At first,everything was blurry so he couldn't recognize the bodylicious,beautiful dark skinned beauty with ebony long black hair that stood staring at him. He closed his eyes and opened them and then,he could see her clearly
"R...Rose?"he starmered and shrieked in pain.
"Edwin!!,please don't stress yourself. Hold on right here"she ran out of the room.
He looked around the room. It smelt of disinfectant and an unpleasant smelling air freshener. He picked up,in pain,Roses Apple phone on the shelf near him. He had a white bandage around his head. His face was all red and bruised. He was weak all over. It was then he realized that he was in a hospital. But how? As if answering his questions,Rose and another short,pot bellied man dressed in black and white coat. He guessed he was a doctor. The man placed the seteschope on his chest while listening to his heart beat and feeling his pulse. He nodded
"Well ma'am,It seems the patient is slowly recovering. He will soon be well,perhaps in a couple of days,although he might have difficulty remembering some things temporarily. Excuse me"he commented before walking out while Rose thanked him. She turned back and saw Edwin with a confused look on his face.
Re: Purple Roses by stblessing(f): 6:50pm On Apr 30, 2019
"What happened Rose,why am I here?"
"Well I suppose you wouldn't remember. You were attacked by some policemen. You were beaten to a pulp. Amos and some guys brought you here,then he called me on phone"she said sitting down on a green plastic chair
"Oh"he remembered
"But this is all your fault,you know"
"Excuse me?"
"Amos said that you refused to give them your phone. If you had just complied with them,none of this would have happened. You are just too sturbon"
"Abeg don't disturb me. Am I not a man again?how can I just stand by and watch some hudloums dressed in uniform go through my phone?"
"Well congrats,your manliness almost had you killed. Imagine you were out for two weeks straight!"
He raised his brows"you're kidding,right?"
"Nope,as true as hell."
"O shit!"he shrieked slightly
"Don't stress yourself shit master."she paused a while then burst into an uncontrollable round of laughter
Edwin narrowed his eyes"you think this is funny?"
"N..no,I'm so..I'm sorry,but you should have seen your face when you were newly admitted here. You looked like disfigured shit,like a punctured Tyre,I swear!"she said in between laughter.
"Thanks for your consolation my dear girlfriend"he said sarcastically.
"I'm sorry"she held him by the hand"but please,don't scare me like that again"she said,pleadingly. He looked at her and smiled. Then Amos walked in with a worried look on his face
"I need to see you,Rose"

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Re: Purple Roses by stblessing(f): 7:10pm On Apr 30, 2019
She excused herself and followed Amos out while Edwin wondered why Amos didn't look so excited to see him.
"Yeah,Amos,what is it?"she asked,shutting the door.
"The bill,Rose'' he replied handing her a piece of paper. It was a receipt. She raised her brows at what she saw
"Jesus and Mary,250,000 naira?for what kwanu?"she asked
"You don see am so,what do we do now?"
She sighed as she picked up her purple purse from her green bum short pocket. She opened it and smiled a little
"My ATM card is here,thank God. I will have to go to the nearby machine to see if I can get some cash"
"Let me follow you?"
"No,stay here with Edwin"
"No,I insist. It will be unsafe if I just allow a lady like you to go to ATM alone by this time of the night"
She sighed"fine"
She walked into the room to check on Edwin before coming out again after sometime.
"Let's go"she said and they both set off.
They both walked to the isolated Union Bank machine that towered a stone throw away from the hospital. She slotted in her first bank card while Amos stood some steps away. After some seconds of dialing,the machine rejected her card. She became confused. She tried and tried again but it kept vomiting it out
"Ah ah?"she said checking the card
"What's wrong?"Amos asked
"The machine keeps rejecting my card"
"Maybe it's network problem"
"I don't think so. It keeps rejecting it and keeps writing for me one foreign language that I don't know whether it's French or heavenly tongue"
Amos chuckled"are you sure?"
"Wait oo"she walked down and punched her phone for some seconds before placing it on her ear. It rang and then the caller picked
"Hello?"she asked in a dull voice while Rose guess she just woke up from sleep
"Hello mum?I just wanna ask. Why can't I withdraw money from my account?"
"O,that might be because your dad froze all your accounts"Susan replied
Re: Purple Roses by skubido(m): 7:47pm On Apr 30, 2019
Omokomo, good for her..

Tanks for the update
Re: Purple Roses by stblessing(f): 7:55pm On May 02, 2019
"you can't be serious"she continued after recovering from the shock
"Unfortunately,I am. I tried to warn him against it but he wouldn't listen. He was hell bent on teaching you a lesson"Susan said
"O my God,so what do I do now?"
"What's the matter?"
"Edwin got attacked by some cops. And I need to pay two hundred and fifty thousand naira as hospital bill,or he won't be discharged"she replied in a croaked voice
"O dear. You know what,text me the address tonight. I'll be there first thing tomorrow morning ok?"
"Alright mom,see you then"she sniffed before cutting the call. She then turned to Amos
"Can you believe that my fa..that man,froze all my accounts?"
Amos widened his eyes"really,why na?"
"Ask me again oooo. But don't worry,he'll see me in action one day. Nonesense"she hissed before walking ahead to the hospital.
Re: Purple Roses by stblessing(f): 8:42pm On May 02, 2019
The day crept fast and Susan soon visited saint Theresas hospital,Owerri. She was welcomed by Rose who took her to eEdwins room. She was just about to conclude advising the young man
"And please there,try and stay away from police trouble. Police is your friend,only if you want them too"
"Thank you ma"
"Alright. I should be on my way now. Good day. Rose?" She called before walking out while Rose followed. She wished that Rose hadn't ended up with a ruffian such as Edwin. What did her child even see I him?
They arrived at the gate. Rose broke the silence that had been between them
"Thanks so much for visiting mum"
"You are welcome. By the wat,I have something for you''she dipped her hand inside her classic bag and brought out a check.
"That's one million. Use it to take care of yourselves ok?"
Rose took the cheque excitedly and the her arms around her mum,accompanying it with kisses.
"Thanks mum"
"Anything for you dear but please,try your best and come home. I'm really missing you sa lot. Heck,your dad is even missing you even though he doesn't show it"
"Really?"she asked sarcastically
"ill think about it. Bye"they pecked each other before Susan took her leave
Re: Purple Roses by skubido(m): 10:29pm On May 02, 2019
Is like you are in haste when typing

Tanks for the update
Re: Purple Roses by Ann2012(f): 11:30pm On May 02, 2019
Thanks for the update
Re: Purple Roses by stblessing(f): 5:41am On May 03, 2019
Is like you are in haste when typing

Tanks for the update
As if you know ooo
Re: Purple Roses by stblessing(f): 7:48pm On May 03, 2019
She walked in the Edwin's room with a pretensious look on her face. She sat by his side . He looked up to her.
She lit her face up with a smile.
"One million"
"O,thank Goodness"he said as he held her tight.
"But I think it's time for you to go back to your parents"
Immediately,her face went limp
"What?you're kidding, right?"
"No I'm not. I'm telling you the truth Rose. Your mum and dad might be worried sick about you. You're not really making things easier for them"
"I can't believe you are saying this. Are you sure you're ok?"
"I'm only being considerate Ro..."
''dont Rose me. I'm guessing that what you are insinuating is that you are tired of me,abi?"
"Hell no Rose, that's not it"
"O really?I don't think so. You are tired of me staying with you. You see me as a burden isn't it?upon everything I've done for you, Edwin. You are such an ingrate"
She shot up to take her leave but Edwin held her back.
"Just listen."
Re: Purple Roses by stblessing(f): 8:04pm On May 03, 2019
"leave me alone, Edwin"
"Just hear me out, Rose. Listen, I love you very much. You mean the world to me. I don't consider you a burden because it's my responsibility to care and protect you whenever you are in need. I'm just saying this so that your parents wouldn't hate me"
She calmed down a little.
"Look,when your mom was here,I read her expressions. She doesn't really like me,you know"
"How are you so sure?"she asked, sitting down.
"Trust me. I can sense someone who doesn't like me when I see them. Your mom might have just bore me because of you. But if she had the chance,she'd kick me out of your life"
He was right. She too could sense that Susan didn't like her boyfriend. Mom wasn't a good pretender.
"So,what are you suggesting?"
"The only thing that I can tell you is to make peace with your parents,even your dad. It ain't easy to get such a loving and caring family. Just look at me. I have to fend for myself because my on dad disowned me when I was just sixteen. I thought I didn't need them but now,I'm really having second thoughts,the burdens are just too much"
"Won't you go back to them?"
"It's too late, Rose. Dad died three years ago. Said he couldn't stand the heartbreak. I don't think my family would like to see me now. Anyways, what I'm trying to say is, don't joke with your loved once. I don't want you to end up like me. No body is an island. We all need a strong base"
She closed her eyes and sighed.
"Fine,I'll think about it"
Re: Purple Roses by Ann2012(f): 9:50pm On May 03, 2019
Thanks for the update

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Re: Purple Roses by skubido(m): 10:49pm On May 03, 2019
Tanks for the update

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Re: Purple Roses by stblessing(f): 3:11pm On May 05, 2019
Episode 5
She cleaned the drop of sweat that ran across her face with her soapy hands. She sighed as she continued to wash the pink wrapper that was in her hands. It was the last of the clothes that she would be washing since she came to the Uli river.She was excited inside.
Suddenly,she heard the ruffle of leaves behind her. She turned back sharply and saw the fair skinned,tall and muscular prince, Uchenna. She rolled her eyes,unmoved.
"Hi, remember me?"he said and smiled
"What are you doing here?are you here to check if I'm naked again so you can drool over me?"she replied as she turned back to the cloth she was washing
"No,no. Please don't think that way. Look I actually sneaked out of the palace just to see you"
"Why?"she asked squeezing the cloth.
"Because I need to. Look,I'm really sorry for how we met. I really didn't mean to see you naked, honestly."
"Yeah, right"
"You might not believe me, but it's true. I'm not a pervert you know. Heck,I don't even have a girlfriend. Even though I was away from home for so long,I'm still aware of my principles. That is why I can NEVER harrass or abuse a woman"
"Soo...why are you telling me all these,now?"
"Because I wanna make it up to you. Let's be friends, okay?"
She sighed
"Let's start with the introductions. I'm Uchenna"he said while stretching out his right arm
She looked at him with confusion, slightly in her eyes
"Common don't be like that noow, forgive and forget, kwanu"
She smirked at him and walked passed him with her bucket in her hand.
"Find out what Blessing means in Igbo,then you'll know my name"she walked on
"Yeah, seriously" she then walked away.
He sighed as he picked up his smart phone
"Hello,Ude. I need your help"
Re: Purple Roses by stblessing(f): 3:33pm On May 05, 2019
George looked at his watch and sighed. He knew meeting up with her would be a disappointment. He shook his head and made for his wallet when the door of the restaurant, opened. It was Rose. He waved his hand towards her as she turned her head around in search of him. She walked towards his table and sat down on the chair opposite him
"Good afternoon,dad"
"Good afternoon Rose. Would you like anything?"
"Just water,thank you"
He ordered for the water and a glass was made available to her. She drank from the cup without drawing breath.
"You said you wanted to see me. Whats the matter. And please make it snappy"
"It's that really how it is?your work is more important than your daughter?"
"That's not the point"
"I know you are angry with me dad,but at least have the decency to hear me out. I might not be able to achieve the standard of the perfect daughter you want,but you can't deny the fact that im still your daughter. Why are you always angry with me. Why can't you let me fell the feeling of having a father. You make me feel like you hate me"
"Rose,you know that's not it. Im doing all these because I love you, and I want the best for you. God knows I don't hate you. I love you more than anything,dear"
"If that's true dad,then prove it to me. I want my family reunited but only if you are willing to grant my wish"
"Wish is?"
"Accept me for who I am. Grant me independence. I'm not a child anymore dad, please"
He closed his eyes. He wanted to oppose but he had second thoughts. He was tired of Susan's incessant crying spells and the coldness of the home. He opened his eyes again.
"Fine. I'll give you what you want"
She smiled and went to his seat before hugging him.
"Thanks Dad. I'm sorry for everything I said to you"she said admist tears.
He hugged her back
"Shhhg,it's ok my love"
Re: Purple Roses by Ann2012(f): 4:08pm On May 05, 2019
Thanks for the update
Re: Purple Roses by stblessing(f): 10:15pm On May 06, 2019

1 year later
George walked past the line of beautiful designer dresses located at one of the lines in the clothing section of the popular supermarket, ShopRite. He threw occasional glances at some of the dresses there but non impressed him. Finally,he stopped at a purple dress located in between a blue and yellow dress. He brought it down and smiled. It was a perfect gift for her upcoming 21st birthday. It was his daughters most adored color and it had a rose on the chest. He wondered why Rose was so crazy for the colour. Ever since she was a little girl,she had always been attached to the colour and had demand for almost all her gifts in the colour. Personally,he hated purple,and Susan didn't fancy the colour either.
He placed it on his chest wondering how she would feel when she saw it when he heard his name from behind him
"George?"went the feminine voice.
He turned his head and saw her. He widened his eyes.
"A.. Alexis?"

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