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Roses / Kisses & Roses / Purple Hibiscus By Chimamanda Adichie:who Do You Think Really Opposed Pa Eugene (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Purple Roses by PrudySara(f): 11:07am On Sep 06
How could Susan react that way? That woman is something else...
Thanks for the update!
Re: Purple Roses by YoungBruzzy: 3:45pm On Sep 06
How could Susan react that way? That woman is something else...
Thanks for the update!
You can say that againcheesycheesy I just don't know what the f*ck is wrong with that woman
well, how do you do??

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Re: Purple Roses by Emex100(m): 5:55pm On Sep 06
How could Susan react that way?
That woman is something else...

Thanks for the update!

Susan is acting natural! If she had accepted forehand, i wouldnt have believed her. With everything going on on the family and because her supposed only child was locked up because of Gift she has ever right to act in such way. The pain that you have healed over the years reopening can and will be more painful than you can imagine

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Re: Purple Roses by stblessing(f): 6:44pm On Sep 06
The next day, George visited Gift at the hospital. He was going to tell her the truth,although he didn't know how. He kept imagining how she would react when he broke the news to her, but whatever it was, it definitely wasn't going to be happy.

He knocked on the door and walked in. He saw Gift and Amaka laughing and discussing together. As he watched her laugh, he felt his heart melt. Right there was his long lost daughter, and she didn't know.

He approached them and greeted.

"Hello girls"

"Good afternoon sir" responded the two girls.

"How are you feeling today Gift?"

"Fine sir. Uche told me that you were the one that donated blood to me. I don't know how to start thanking you. You saved my life"

He was tempted to say; I'm your father, its my job" but he dared not. He wasn't going to rush things.

"Oh,its nothing really. I just did what any other person with the same blood type would have done" he smiled.

"But oga you tried ooooo. Its not easy for an old man like you to just give out blood like that, when its almost finishing. I wonder how old man blood feels"

Gift gasped and turned to her. ''AMAKA!"

"What?" she shrugged.

"Sorry about my friend sir, she can be a slowpoke sometimes"

"No problem" George replied, even though he was clearly hurt. "Can I have a word with you.....in private"

"Amaka, you can leave now"


She frowned deeply, cutting her off. Amaka sighed and walked out.

When she was gone, George sat down and cleared his throat.

"Firstly, I want you to promise that you wouldn't freak out"

She raised a brow in confusion. ''Uhhh. okay?"

"You see that medal on your neck?"

She bent down and looked at the medal "Yeah?"

"Years ago, it was given to me by my grandmother. She told me to put it on the neck of my child when it was born. Years later, when I gave birth to twin girls, I had to make a similar one and put it on both their necks. It was meant to serve as a means of identification or protection"

"Oh" said Gift. "You're mistaken sir. This isn't your medallion. It was given to me by my mother"

"Wait Gift, let me finish. One of the twins was kidnapped..... by Iniobong. She was paid to do it. I discovered the truth when I came across her diary weeks ago. And Gift..... you are my missing child, Daisy"

Gift stared at him for a while then burst into laughter. She soon had tears rolling down her cheek.

"Oh my God..... my belly..." She held her stomach and wiped the tears.

"Sir, I don't mean to insult you, but I think you have a problem. How can you say I'm your long lost daughter? do you know how ridiculous that sounds?"

"Gift, it might sound ridiculous, but its true"

"Oh really then? but how come my father died years ago of a snake bite, and my mum never told me these things?"

"Because they didn't want you to know"

"Please stop saying nonsense. Its no longer funny"

"Gift, please, hear me out...."

"No no no. I'm not listening to rubbish fairy tales again. Please leave"


" Leave now, or I'll call the nurse"


"Nurse! Nurse!!!"

"Whats going on here?" Uche asked as he walked in with a provision bag.

"Mr George, what are you doing?"

"Please send him out, hes making my blood boil"

"Uche wait, let me just..."

"She said you should leave, do you want her to get hurt?"

He turned to Gift. "Gift, just listen to me...."

"GET OUT SIR, OR I WILL DO SOMETHING YOU DONT LIKE" Uche warned, holding himself back.

George bowed his head in defeat and walked out.

"What happened babe?" Uche asked as he sat close to her.

"Don't mind him. He was claiming I was his long lost daughter"

He widened his eyes. "What?"

"I know right....absolute nonsense, abeg did you bring the milk I asked you to bring?" she asked as she took the bag and began pouring out the contents.

Uche plāçed his hand on his chin and looked at the door.


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Re: Purple Roses by Investorrtbankz(m): 6:46pm On Sep 06
Madam d update don finish?
Re: Purple Roses by stblessing(f): 7:34pm On Sep 06
Madam d update don finish?
nooo, read at it well. :-)
Re: Purple Roses by skubido(m): 7:28am On Sep 07
Tanks for the update
Re: Purple Roses by Shola2019(f): 8:06am On Sep 07
thanks for the update
Re: Purple Roses by bossy512(f): 12:38pm On Sep 07
Thanks for the update
Re: Purple Roses by stblessing(f): 6:45pm On Sep 10
It was rainy that Thursday afternoon. The lighting crashed, the winds raged and the waters sang and danced. It was cloudy and dark. However, the likes of Uchenna, Susan and George had hid themselves safely in the defense of the mansion.

A week and four days had passed since the George-Gift incidence. Uchenna had decided to investigate the matter himself. He confronted George who told him everything. Uche couldn't believe it at first, but after seeing the diary and the DNA test result, he was forced to believe it. Gift was really their daughter, but in order to finally prove it, a DNA test was to be conducted between her and Susan, who was in doubt as well. Uche and George had to convince the women to lease out their blood samples so that the test could be conducted. It was a difficult decision, but they agreed. It had been days now, and the DNA test was ready. Susan, Uche and George were now gathered at the mansion, and waiting for the result.

"...yes...sure, no problem.... okay,we'll be waiting.... bye" he cut the call and dropped the phone. "He says he's almost on his way here, its just that the rain is causing a lot of traffic". George explained.

"I still think all this is unnecessary George, you shouldn't have prevented me from going to work"

Uche frowned and turned to her. "Why not?"

"Because this is just some make belief story aimed at making me have pity on that wench. None of it makes sense”.

He scoffed." Please don't get me started. Youre only nervous because deep inside you, you know that that wench is your daughter. And I must say madam, Im really disappointed in you. "

''And what do you mean by that?"

"You and your daughter treated her like she was an animal all because she made a mistake which all humans do. You made life miserable and almost killed her, and for what? because she was poor and helpless? because she had nobody to defend her?"

Susan bowed her head a little as an arrow of guilt struck her heart. "I was only trying to defend my daughter"

"Yeah right, you were only doing that because you wanted to. You are a big bully who tramples on others because of your social status. You treat others like bleep because you think you have it all and to be frank....you don't even deserve to be called a human being!"

"How dare you?"

"I wish it would be finally proved that she's your daughter, so that you can crawl and wallow in the sea of your shame and guilt!!"

Just then, their was a knock on the door. George, who had been silent and somewhat enjoying the tongue lashing she was getting all this while, stood up and opened the door. It was the messenger sent to bring the result. George thanked the man, and gave him some money. He tore open the envelope and unfolded the pink paper. He read it in silence.

"Well....what does it say?" Uche asked nervously.

"I think it'd be better if you see it yourself Susan" he responded and handed over the paper who was bathing in sweat by now. She nervously took it and glued her eyes to it. After a while, she burst into tears and covered her mouth.

"no,no,no...." she kept sayiñg as she shook her head. She stood up and dashed into her room with tears rolling down profusely.

"It'll take a while for her to accept it" George said to Uche.

"Well she'd better start thinking of what to say to her daughter.... this life can be funny sha. Who would have known?"

"I warned her but she didn't listen. We should be careful how we treat others. No one knows who is who''

" Exactly. Anyway, I need to take my leave now. I don't even know how to start telling Gift about it "

"You should take your time. ITS a huge bile to swallow, so don't force it in"

"I understand. Thank you sir" he opened the door and walked out.

"I shall see you soon Uchenna" he nodded his head as the door shut.

He sighed and shook his head as he heard the screams and rampaging of Susan upstairs.

"Oh, Susanna....."


Re: Purple Roses by Ann2012(f): 6:59pm On Sep 10
Susan has a heart after all tongue

Thanks for the update
Re: Purple Roses by gennysq(f): 8:04pm On Sep 10
Almighty Susan & Rose tongue
Re: Purple Roses by greatme2good(f): 8:41pm On Sep 10
Susu Susan... Rose is yet to receive the news.
Re: Purple Roses by Emex100(m): 9:05pm On Sep 10
Susan has a heart after all tongue

Thanks for the update

I said it. Pain both physical and emotional are what take time to heal. after healing and moving on then reopening the same pain is not something anyone will want to go through.

Susana doesnt need any DNA test to believe anything she just doesnt want to reopen her healed wound

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Re: Purple Roses by PrudySara(f): 10:48pm On Sep 10
Rose also needs to come back to receive this news oh... Thanks for the update
Re: Purple Roses by openmine(m): 11:23pm On Sep 10
Rose also needs to come back to receive this news oh...
Thanks for the update
....Another update?

Re: Purple Roses by PrudySara(f): 9:42am On Sep 11
What brought you here now??
....Another update?
Re: Purple Roses by openmine(m): 12:27pm On Sep 11
What brought you here now??
Update! tongue tongue
Re: Purple Roses by Pinkberry5(f): 5:31pm On Sep 11
Stblessing, I really love you and what you do. Thanks for your dedication. It's not easy to write a captivating ebook like yours.
Re: Purple Roses by stblessing(f): 7:03pm On Sep 11
The atmosphere in the room seemed cold and hot at the same time. Everything seemed to be moving slowly, and even a pin drop could be heard. Both people were tense inside, although they tried not to show it.

Gift stated blankly as Uchenna continued to tell her about the discovery. To her now, everything he was saying sounded like gibberish to her. Her own copy of the DNA results was in her hand. She tried to digest everything she read and heard.
"Look, I want you to know that life can be like this sometimes. But it's not enough reason to hurt yourself okay? just take it easy, please"

She turned to him and blinked twice, not saying anything. Just then, there was a knock on the door.

"They are here. you have visitors Ngo"

The door flung open and Susan and George walked inside. Gift saw them and her heart sunk inside the more. Both walked closer to her with sadness in their eyes, especially Susan, who had her head held down. She raised it a little and her eyes met hers. The pains began flooding it. The pains she put her through, and the pains she went through when she lost her. She couldn't believe that the person she treated like a mere rag was actually her blood. Her daughter. She burst into tears and fell on her knees. She just knelt there, crying, not saying anything. She didn't even know where to start. She held her hand tightly and forced the words out.

"I'm sorry....I'm sorry.... I'm so so sorry...... please forgive me... please....."

Gift just stared at her, tears flowing down freely. She didn't even make a sound. She raised her head up and met Uchenna.

"I want to see my mum"

Uche raised a brow.

"I want to see mama. Until then, I have nothing to say to these people" she turned away from them.

George turned to Uche.

"I need to go and pick her mum in the village, that's what she means" Uche explained to her.

"We understand Gift, and we will respect your decision. Susan, let's go"

Susan sniffed and stood up. The tears were still flowing. She went into the arms of George and he took her out of the room. She wasn't angry or disappointed. She even expected worse than that. She just felt depressed, and angry at herself. She felt like the world should swallow her, too much shame to bear.

When they were gone, Gift told Uche.

"I want to be alone"

Uche nodded his head and walked out. When she heard the door shut, she buried her head in her pillow and soaked it with tears.....


Re: Purple Roses by Shola2019(f): 7:25pm On Sep 11
thanks for the update
Re: Purple Roses by stblessing(f): 7:27pm On Sep 11
Stblessing, I really love you and what you do. Thanks for your dedication. It's not easy to write a captivating ebook like yours.
thanks berry, you're a Darling

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Re: Purple Roses by Investorrtbankz(m): 7:36pm On Sep 11
I nor wan talk till diz story finish, e just dey burst my brain........ thank you stblessing for this masterpiece
Re: Purple Roses by Jane1234f(f): 8:23pm On Sep 11
This story is really superb,thanks for the updates
Re: Purple Roses by gennysq(f): 10:38pm On Sep 11
Nice....... grin
Re: Purple Roses by Uwem2009(m): 6:08am On Sep 12
The updates are now short and no longer daily
Re: Purple Roses by skubido(m): 9:43am On Sep 12

Tanks for the update
Re: Purple Roses by izaray(f): 4:53pm On Sep 12
Wonderful write-up
Re: Purple Roses by stblessing(f): 5:40pm On Sep 12
Episode 18.
Tension filled the air as everyone gathered in the living room. Even the air condition couldn't prevent the heat that bathed every body. This was the final proof Gift needed for her to believe that she was the Okoyes daughter. Beatrice, her mother, was going to tell her own side of the story.

A few days ago, Uchenna had been to the village to pick her up. His return was quiet, but not uneventful. He had seen his mother again, after years.

Erinma had lost a lot of weight recently. Her fair skin seemed dull, and her queenly grace had faded away. In short, she looked nothing like a queen. This was due to the constant crying and thinking spells that had fallen on her, since Uches disappearance. It was only when Uche visited her again, that a smile had tugged her face after a long time.

Both mother and child sat there, not saying anything to each other. Uche was breathing furiously all through out. Erinma was acting like a child, being introduced to her husband's family. Finally, she broke the silence.

"So, when will it be?"

Uche frowned and looked up at her. "What do you mean?"

"When will you come back home, claim the throne that you should, forgive and forget all that happened in the past.....treat me like the mother who gave birth to you, cared for you, and loved you unconditionally?"

He looked down again. "I don't know"

"Its been years Uchenna"

"But the pains are still there. Do you know what it feels like to be betrayed by the person who you thought loved you the most?"

"I did what I thought was best for you"

"By framing and taking away the woman I love from me? How was that best for me?"


"Do you know how miserable I was when I found out the truth? Do you know what I went through? I almost lost my mind and why? because my own mother thought the person I loved wasn't good enough"

"Uche please..... ”

" What you did was unforgivable. But despite all these, I still love you. You are my mother, and i am your son. I won't deny that. But I can't come back now"

"Then what about the throne? Like it or not, you are the rightful king of Ngalaba kingdom. You can't run away from that"

"I'm not. I will perform my kingly duties away from here. My uncles and the elders will be my representatives. After all, I am managing dads company.... I need to go now mum” he stood up and made to leave.

"So you're turning your back away from me.... from your family.. all because of a woman?"

"Its more than just the woman mum. I'm turning away from more betrayal and hurt. But not to worry.....I'll be back soon"

He opened the door and walked out, leaving Erinma in tears.

That was 4 days ago. Now they were in the present and more secrets were about to be revealed......

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Re: Purple Roses by Ann2012(f): 6:09pm On Sep 12
More secrets.......OK ooooo
Well done OO
Re: Purple Roses by YoungBruzzy: 6:19pm On Sep 12
Thanks for the update Stblessing
Re: Purple Roses by Investorrtbankz(m): 6:26pm On Sep 12
Thanks 4 d update..... E don finish like this 4 today?

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