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Roses / Kisses & Roses / Purple Hibiscus By Chimamanda Adichie:who Do You Think Really Opposed Pa Eugene (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Purple Roses by stblessing(f): 9:15pm On May 07, 2019
He felt himself shaking when he beholded her. He thought she was a ghost but she was real. He almost dropped the dress but he stood firm
Alexis Nzeribe-Garcia was a tall, slender, fair skinned, Egyptian looking,damsel. She was in her mid forties but looked 25. She was wearing a straw hat and an island blue gown that day. She was simply, elegant.
She smiled at him revealing a neatly arranged pair of teeth with dimples
"I thought as much. George Okoye,how's it been?"she asked in a polished British accent while gifting him a hug. He just stood still.
"Why,Mr George,is that how to greet an old friend?"
"I'm still Alexis,it's just that I...I'm shocked. It's been 21 years! Where have you been, Alexis?"
"I'd rather talk about it over lunch. Do you mind?"
"Of course not. But wait,let me get this dress"
"For your wife?"
"No, for my daughter,Rose. Her birthday is coming up very soon"
"Oh"was all she could mutter. He hurried to the counter and purchased the dress. He took the package to his car together with Alexis.

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Re: Purple Roses by stblessing(f): 9:36pm On May 07, 2019
They arrived at a popular eatrey close to the mall. He ordered a meal of fried rice and chicken with wine once they had settled on their table. As they ate,they threw occasional glances at each other, sometimes,at the same time. George wondered how someone who he hadn't seen for the past 2 decades could still maintain her beauty. That was Alexis.
After the meal,she poured her self some wine and gulped away. She dropped it and sighed.
"Wow,I've forgotten how tasty Nigerian food is"
He smiled. "I'm glad you enjoyed it but we have a more pressing issue. Where have you been all this time, Alexis?it's been twenty one good years. I mean,you just heard that one of my girls was stolen and poof, you were gone."
"Oh I did hear the news George but after my husband got Ill,I had to move to London with him"
"And you didn't even bother to write to me?to check if I was okay?"
"I tried to but I didn't see time"she stretched her hand over the table and held him "I'm deeply sorry George,do forgive me"
He sighed"Fine"
"Thank you very much"
"So... what about that Spanish husband of yours?"
"O,you mean Francisco? he's dead. His cancer killed him"she said without remorse.
"Oh,so you are back to Nigeria?''
"Yes,I am. I thought it better to come home and start a new life. I'm into the fashion business now"
"That's nice to hear."he looked at his wrist watch."My, how time runs. I'll have to be going Alexis"he said, standing up.
"Wow, so soon?"
"Yes,I have some appointments to keep"
"Alright, but hand me your number" she requested bringing out her tablet.
He called the number out to her.
"Ok, thanks so much. I shall call you soon"
"I'll be expecting it. Bye"he began walking away.
"Goodbye, George"she said and smirked
He walked out, deeply hoping that this wasn't the start of a new affair.

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Re: Purple Roses by stblessing(f): 7:52pm On May 08, 2019
He threw another glance at his rolled watch and sighed. He had been there for almost an hour now and she still hadn't arrived. He looked like a muscular model in his tight fitting NYSC shirt and green trousers with orange boots. His jacket hung on the bamboo swing which hung on some trees in the bush he was staying. It was there secret meeting place. The swing also had some packages on it.
He stood up and began pacing about in worry when he heard some rustling of leaves and movement of tall grasses. Finally,she revealed her self. The love of his life. She lit up when she saw him.
"Uchenna!!"she shrieked
"Ngozi!!"he bellowed
They ran towards each other interlocking themselves in a hug. After some time,they released each other.
"I missed you so much, honey"
"I missed you too"she cupped his face"but you look so lean"
He laughed and said"you sound like my mom. My dear,when you are doing youth service in Plateau state for a whole year, don't expect me to be fat. Common, come sit with me"
Re: Purple Roses by stblessing(f): 8:03pm On May 08, 2019
After they reconciled at the River that day, Ngozi and Uchenna had become very good friends. With time,friendship blossomed into love and it didn't take long before they became a couple. They had decided to keep the relationship a secret until Uchenna was ready for marriage. They deeply loved each other, though. Sometimes, Ngozi thought it was just a dream. She never thought she would be in a romantic relationship with a prince. She felt like a princess already.
She sat beside him and he put his hand over her shoulder.
"I brought some gifts for you"he said as he handed her one of the bags. She opened it and saw a purple dress with other gift items for females.
"Wooow,all these for me?and a few days to my birthday. Thanks so much love"
"Hold on, your birthday is coming up?!"
"Have you forgotten April 3rd already?"
"Yes,yes it's true. Ah,I didn't get prepared enough. I'll just have to keep these last presents unrtil then"
"No now, don't keep me in suspense. Give me now"
"Lie lie, just wait. Three days from now,you'll receive your gifts"
"Mtttcheww,kill joy"
Re: Purple Roses by stblessing(f): 8:06pm On May 08, 2019
Sorry I had to rush somethings and skip some parts. In the meantime
Rosemary 33
You guys should come analyse my stoy ooo,youare my best writers I need criticism.
Re: Purple Roses by stblessing(f): 8:55pm On May 09, 2019
She struggled to get the secret gift from him but he vehemently refused. Finally, she gave up.
"Don't worry, I'll give it to you. Just wait till your birthday"Uchenna appealred
She sighed "alright, but it isn't fair oooo"
"Well, now it's my turn to receive a gift"
"So the fact that you saw me isn't enough?"
"It's not it" he brought out his kissable lips
"I should kiss you?"
He winked in response
She thought of saying no at first. She didn't like the idea of kissing because she thought the intimacy could lead to something she dreaded for now. It might not have been intentional but anything could happen and she didn't want to take chances. On a second thought, she decided that she could use that opportunity to get the other gift that hid behind him. She smirked and Drew closer to him as he closed his eyes and brought out his lips funnily. She got at a good distance close to his face when she slotted her hand behind him and forced out the coloured bag. Then,the item rolled out and landed on the floor.
Re: Purple Roses by stblessing(f): 9:31pm On May 09, 2019
It was a phone box,which had drawn on it an image of the popular iPhone 6. She widened her brows.
"Awwww men,you've ruined everything. Well done"He frowned.
"Uchenna,is that for me?"
"Who else?"he countered picking up the box. He handed it to her. "Happy birthday in advance,I guess"
"O my God!!! thanks so much for this"she shrieked as she hugged him tightly.
"It's alright, I got tired of you using that stupid Nokia torch phone,is it?"
"You do realize that I used that phone to communicate with you for a year, right?"
"So, have an upgrade. Just learn how to use it, okay?"
"This really means a lot to me, Uche. I hope that this isn't some sort of bribe though"
"What,no, never,this is from the bottom of my heart, okay? Now,kiss me for real this time"
She smiled. She would not refuse this time. He deserved it. They drew closer and locked their lips together in their first kiss. His hands cupped her face as he smooched her passionately. He felt like grabbing her and showing her love but he didn't want to take advantage of her innocence. As he did,she could feel body hot and felt like succumb to the sexual urge but she stood firm. It wasn't time.Finally he drew back and smiled
"That,was awesome. But can I ask you a question?"
"Which is?"she asked.
"You hardly remove that pendant on your neck. Why?"
"She looked down at the purple pendant with a rose symbol which hung on her neck"
"Honestly,I really don't know. Mama says I should always have this with me at all times. She says it's part of my identity"
"Wow, that's nice."
They stayed there for some hours, exploring her new gadget and taking pictures with it and discussing about his adventures in the cold state of Plateau,his climb on the Jos hills and their discovery of tin in the community he was serving. They had nicknamed him Usei since his name was hard to pronounce. Every thing was already set for her in her new phone,even her number. She felt untop of the world. Finally, the sun began to set and it was time to go their separate ways. They felt bad especially Ngozi as she was already enjoying the stories and the moment, but they couldn't leave their already waiting family hanging in the air. They kissed each other one last time before she snuck out first and then he followed.


Re: Purple Roses by stblessing(f): 8:09pm On May 10, 2019
It was pretty late when she arrived home. By then,she had snuck in and settled down on her mat. She continued playing with her new device when her door suddenly threw open. She quickly put the phone behind her. It was Beatrice.
"What was that?"she asked narrowing her eyes
"Nothing mama"
"Since when did you start lying to me?okay,I saw you as you were tip-toeing into the house this evening,around after six oo. Now I've come to confront you about it and you hide something from me?Gini na eme,Ngo(what is happening). You've been hiding things from me lately ,your own mother. I've also noticed you with new clothes and when I ask you,you say it's form your savings, Maka Gini,nwa m?"she asked beating her chest"is that how I trained you?"
Ngozi sighed. She had been defeated. She brought out the phone slowly and showed it to her. Beatrice widened her eyes.
"Jehova lleee"she covered her mouth "Ngozi,wh....how did you get that?"
"I...it was a gift mama"
"From who?"
"F....from my boyfriend"
Beatrice lost her balance....

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Re: Purple Roses by stblessing(f): 8:18pm On May 10, 2019
She almost fell down but she regained her balance.
"Mama, take it easy,you might fall"
"Ngozi,did I hear you well? did you say, boyfriend?"
"Y...yes mama?"
"And who is he?"she asked anxiously while thinking about Emeka.
"I.. "she took a deep breath and sighed. This wasn't going to be good
"It's prince Uchenna"she said. Beatrice placed her hand on her chest thinking if a heart attack was forth coming but it wasn't. She shook her head.
"Hold on. Is his name Prince and then Uchenna..
"No ma,it's Prince Uchenna Ekezie of Ngalaba kingdom.
"You are joking, right?"
"I'm sorry,ma"
She widened her mouth before shutting them again.
"How long has it been?"
"I.....it's been over a year now"
Another bombshell. She placed her hands on her head.


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Re: Purple Roses by stblessing(f): 8:33pm On May 10, 2019
"Yeah,a nwuna nu moooo(I am dead oo) Ngozi,so you have been in this for a year?and you kept it from me?
"I'm sorry Mama"she said almost in tears"I knew you would act like this"
"Hold on, have you guys done...as in,have you opened your legs for him?"
"Nooooo,God forbid,tufwiakwa!"
Beatrice closed an eye at her. Ngozi knew that look.
"Don't look at me that way mama. You know me,I can't do that. I'm still a virgin"
"Well I hope so. But I am not in support of it"
"Because it can never work out. He's a prince, you're a farmer and the daughter of a drunk. How can they accept you"
"Don't think that way mama,as long as we love each other, money ain't a boundary"
"And another thing. Men of nowadays can be very deceptive. They will shower you with gifts and spoil you until they finally use you and abandon you."
"Uchenna isn't like that"
"Don't be so sure,you've only been with him for a year,he might have evil intentions. The point is,I do not support it and I want you to end the relationship"
"Mama, please don't do this"
"I've made up my mind. I want you to return all these gifts. It's for your own good oooooo,a gwalam give(I have told you)and by the way, don't let your father know this"
She concluded before leaving the room.
Ngozi curled her self up as the tears dropped.

She had to obey.
Re: Purple Roses by stblessing(f): 8:35pm On May 10, 2019
My beloved readers. Please don't abandon the story. For now,it seems dull but eventually,the story ends with a bang. It's very interesting and action packed. So hang on.
Re: Purple Roses by skubido(m): 10:05pm On May 10, 2019
My beloved readers. Please don't abandon the story. For now,it seems dull but eventually,the story ends with a bang. It's very interesting and action packed. So hang on.

Ride on, they are with you
Re: Purple Roses by stblessing(f): 6:08am On May 11, 2019

Ride on, they are with you
Thanks so much
Re: Purple Roses by greatme2good(f): 8:03am On May 11, 2019
We have been following quietly
Re: Purple Roses by stblessing(f): 2:56pm On May 11, 2019
We have been following quietly
Thanks dear
Re: Purple Roses by stblessing(f): 9:09pm On May 12, 2019
Episode 6
"How will I tell him? how would he react?"
These were the questions that surfed through Ngozi's mind as she hastened her steps towards her secret meeting place with Uchenna. She was going to end the relationship right there. And to make it worse,it was her birthday that day. She got to the point and saw the black hilux van that was parked there. She looked inside and saw a snoring Use. She sighed. She went into the bush path.
Uchenna folded his arms as he looked into space. He occasionally smiled as he was in deep thought. He was thinking about when he would propose to his beloved and make her his. He wondered why he was delaying the whole process. All that he needed to do was to tell his parents and everything was set. But then again,he wondered how they would take the news. He was the only son of a reputable King and the sole heir to the throne who would marry a pauper and daughter of a tyrant. They might not take it lightly. But he made up his mind. Once he secured a good job, marriage would set in.
His thoughts were distrupted by the calling of his name.
He jumped up quickly and saw Ngozi, hands akimbo, staring at him.
"What's wrong with you?I've been calling you for almost a minute now and you didn't answer"
"I'm sorry love,I didn't notice you there". He hugged her. She patted him on the back, regret in her heart.
"Happy birthday,by the way"he said before picking up the purple gift box by his side. He handed it to her but she just stared at him.
"What's wrong? you don't look excited"
"Im sorry Uche"she said croakily.
"For what?"he asked, confusion written all over his face.
"It's over"
"I mean our relationship is over"
He dropped the box.

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Re: Purple Roses by Ann2012(f): 9:22pm On May 12, 2019

Thanks for the update

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Re: Purple Roses by stblessing(f): 9:23pm On May 12, 2019
He stood there as without motion. It was as if cold water was poured on his head. He could not believe it.
"I...I don't understand. What do you mean?"
"I mean what I said. Let's just break up"she said.
"B... but why? did I do anything wrong?"he said,anger and sadness mixed in his voice.
"Its not you,it's me. I'm a nobody. I'm just the daughter of a poor drunk. Your people will never accept me"
"Don't belittle yourself because of your financial status. Even if you are the poorest woman in the world,I'll still marry you. I love you."he said with his hands on her shoulder.
"I love you too, but..."
"But what?I'm not good enough for you,huh?"
"No,it's just that...."
"It's just that what?!!spit the bleeping stuff out,will yah?!!!!"he barked, obviously angry.
She frowned and spat back.
"It's just that my mom doesn't like US okay?she thinks you are not for me, and.... and it's true"
She broke down and let the tears flow.
"Sh..she knows?"
"Of..of course she does. You think she would not find out with all the fancy gifts and the smartphone?"
He frowned deeply.
"Then let's go"he said, grabbing her hand
"To do what?"
"To meet your mom,I need to clear things out"

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Re: Purple Roses by skubido(m): 9:29pm On May 12, 2019
Nice wan

Tanks for the update

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Re: Purple Roses by stblessing(f): 7:53pm On May 13, 2019
She raised her eyebrows at what it said. She was surprised and shocked.
"What?!,are you crazy?"she said drawing him back.
"No,I'm not I'm only being realistic. Since your mom doesn't have faith in our realationship,I'll have to change that, okay?"
"Stop butting and let's go already!"he grabbed her hand and led her to his car.
It was a thirty minute drive from the meeting place to her home located a stone throw away from the market. Beatrice was busy receiving fresh breeze at the veranda of the depleting uncompleted building while whistling her sorrows away. She had her eyes closed but opened them at the sight of the posh car which parked in front of the house. It was a farmiliar sight. The car purred to a halt and some seconds later,the back doors were thrown open. It was none other than Ngozi and her beloved, Uchenna. Beartice stood up, confusion and shocked written all over her face. She frowned,deeply

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Re: Purple Roses by stblessing(f): 8:23pm On May 13, 2019
Uchenna became nervous at the sight of the plain looking,dark skinned woman who looked ten times older than her age with the crumpled look on her face. Ngozi noticed it and smiled while holding his hand in assurance. He became relieved. He approached the sizzling hot plump woman who had her hands akimbo while stamping her left foot,anger in her eyes.
"Good evening,Mama"Ngozi greeted, trying to avoid her gaze.
"Good evening ma"Uche greeted nervously.
"Good evening my prince,it is an honor to meet you"she said, reluctantly trying to prostrate. He held her up.
"Please don't do that Mama,it isn't necessary"
She nodded
"Were nu oche(sit down), would you like anything?"she asked as they sat on the nearby bench.
"No ma, I came for more serious, business."he cleared his throat. "I'm sure you know about my long term relationship with your daughter by now"
"Well,yes,I do,even though I only FOUND OUT the day before yesterday,nice isn't it?"she asked, faking a smile.
"Well I'm sorry about that. The truth is,we really wanted to tell you earlier but we were just waiting for the right time. I know what you're thinking, that I'm only using her, but it isn't like that. I'm a good person, she knows"
"A ma m,nwa m, but the issue is that you are from a rich home. A royal family for that matter. I don't know whether they'll accept my daughter,and I don't want her to get hurt"
"That won't happen. Listen, even if they don't accept her,I'd still make a way. I really love Ngozi and I want to spend the rest of my life with her. I've made up my mind, okay, nothing can stop that. As a matter of fact, I'll be proposing very soon"
Ngozi sat up
"So soon"Beatrice asked.
"Yes,so soon,that's how serious I am"
Beatrice closed her eyes and nodded. She was impressed by the amount of love and courage he displayed over her daughter and his determination to be with her. She had never experienced such since Ike,her first husband,died.
"And what of you, Ngozi. How do you feel?"
"Mama,I do love him with all my heart and soul."
She held him again and he smiled.
"Then who am I to destroy such?im giving you my blessing"she said.
The duo jumped up excitedly and held themselves.
"Thanks Mama"she said while hugging her.
"You're blessed. But, Uchenna. Don't disappoint me. Never EVER break her heart"
"I swear with my life,I wouldn't dare. Thanks Mama."he hugged her back. " I need to go now but you shall hear from me soon, hopefully."he said as he made for the car with Ngozi.
"O nwa m. Bye bye"she said wiping her tears.
They got to the car
"See, I told you. You owe me a kiss"
She smiled.
"I'm shocked as well. But were you serious about the proposal stuff?"
"Of course I was,expect it any time from now. Oya, happy birthday and take the gift. I'm sure you can take it now"
She took the box after he got it out of the car, smiled and took it
"Thanks, love, you really made my day"
"Sure,it's my job. I need to go now. It's very late". He held her hand and kissed her. "Bye, my purple rose."
"Well since you like purple roses,it's the perfect nick name for you"
"Youre crazy"
"I know,bye"he got into the car and it purred into life. She waved at Ude as Uche waved at Beartice. She waved back. Soon the car moved slowly at first until it disappeared in a cloud of thick dust. She walked over to her mom. Beatrice held her and smiled.
"I'm proud of you dear,I wish you the best of luck"
"Thanks Mama. I need it"

Ude had driven some distance when he suddenly smiled.
"My purple rose? really?"
"Oh just shut up and drive"Uchenna replied looking out the window as Ude laughed.
"I don't even see why you are crazy about that girl sef. This your eye no fit catch beta fish. A prince should marry a princess not a pauper like that. She's pretty busy..."
"Maybe that's how it's meant to be,Ude. That pauper changed my life and I like it that way"
Ude twisted his face in disgust. How could someone be so,"lovey" he guessed that was white people madness.
"Let's just hope your parents don't oppose sha."
He said struggling to hide his disgust.
Uche didn't respond.

Night had fallen when he arrived the palace. He bid Ude good bye and made to his house. He opened the door and saw a feminine figure reading on the sofa in their sitting room. She removed the reading glasses and turned back to him.
"And WHERE EXACTLY do you think you are coming from,young man?"she asked.

It was Queen Erinma.....

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Re: Purple Roses by stblessing(f): 8:48pm On May 14, 2019
She walked over to him while raising her heart shaped head up to match his height. He shivered silently at the sight of his mother's cold eyes. Nevertheless,he still faced her.
"You still haven't answered my question. Where have you been since today?"she said in a cold,deep voice.
"I just went to hang out mom. No big deal"he said,a little nonchalantly.
"It is a big deal when you're living in this house. You can't have me worried"
"Look,I'm sorry mom, okay,I didn't mean to get you worried"
"Who did you hang out with?"she asked.
He raised his brows in shock. Was his mother so inquisitive?he wondered whether he should spill the beans already but he changed his mind. It wasn't time,yet.
"With friends,who else?"
"You're not being honest son. What type of friends?"
"Excuse me?look mom,this interogation has gone too far. Can't I have my peace"
"Shut up,you can't talk to me that way. Do you think I wouldn't notice your sudden incessant absences from home these days. Who have you been meeting,a woman, right"
He rubbed his temple and sighed.
"Look mom,Im tired okay. Let's discuss this tomorrow, please"
He began to walk away.
"Uchenna!!, Uchenna,get back here NOW!!!"
He ignored her commands and continued climbing the stairs.
She spat as she looked at him with fire in her eyes. Someone was gonna pay for the "negative"change in her son,and whoever he or she was,was to get ready. The battle,had just begun.

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Re: Purple Roses by stblessing(f): 9:04pm On May 14, 2019
Episode 7
'Happy birthday to YOU!!!!"echoed the chorus as the guests of the birthday party sang to the celebrant that night. They cheered before clapping their hands. She closed her eyes and bent before blowing out the candles that had been dug in her two layered,Daisy duck, purple and pink themed cake that stood in front of her. The crowd went into another round of applause. She hugged her mom and dad who stood behind her before hugging the other guests. After which,they all retired to their seats for refreshments.
It was Roses 21st birthday that day and it was celebrated as an evening gala. It was indeed spectacular as George had invited some buisiness elites and celebrities to the party. It was almost a full house that night as some of Roses and Susan's friends were also in attendance, everyone and everything looking classsic,even the purple balloons.
As the music of popular singer Davido blasted through the air, Edwin and some of his own 'invited' friends also stood at a corner,wiling their time in wine and sports. It was apparent that they were bored. He turned and saw Rose walking up to them with a smile on her face. She indeed looked graceful in the tight,long flowing, purple,see through dress which perfectly brought out her figure eight. It was the one George had bought for her. She was indeed an epitome of beauty.
She approached and held him.
"Can we talk?"she asked.

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Re: Purple Roses by stblessing(f): 8:47pm On May 15, 2019
He looked at her confused at first. He then smiled and replied.
"Okay, but I hope there is no problem"
"Not at all. I just need some air,that's all"
He bent over his arm like a groom and she put hers over his. He smiled before changing his voice to that if a gentle man.
"Shall we?"he pointed towards the door.
The two decided to go to the back of the mansion where they would have some quiet time. The Okoye mansion was extremely large and beautiful with many doors and passage ways but few people inhabiting it. It was known to be the calmest home in the entire Kings Estate, except on few occasions like this.
The two lovers stepped out and she heaved a sigh of relief. The night was extremely beautiful that day. The moon dispersed it's pale blue light but the artificial party lights over luminated it. The environment was fairly quiet due to the loud music.
The duo were quiet at first until Edwin broke the silence.
"Have I mentioned how beautiful you are, tonight?"
She giggled.
"Thanks,you don't look so bad yourself"she commented while adjusting the collar of his darkish blue suit.
"Even though you bought the suit for me?"
"Shhhhh, don't say that. Whatever is mine,is yours,okay?"she said while putting her long finger over his reddish lips. He replied with a smile.
The two made their way to the bench that stood opposite the swimming pool. They sat down and she shivered a little. He noticed and put the suit over her, charmingly.
"Thanks Edwin"
"Ya know, your dad seems sorta nice. A little grumpy though"
"To you, but he isn't like that at all. You just need to get to know him better"
Edwin and George had met earlier during the party. As expected,George was unimpressed with Edwin and desperately wished he would get lost but he surpressed his anger, just for Rose. When the shook hands, George had a tight grip on Edwin's,as if a signal that he wasn't welcome. Edwin read it but ignored it. No way he was running away from the life he had just landed. No going back to poverty. He desperately wished that Roses parents would accept him though.
"Oh well,let's leave that talk. I have a gift for you"
She sat up and raised her brows.
He nodded his head.
"Yep,but close your eyes first"
"Ah ahh,no now"she said with a frown on her face. If there was anything she hated,it was surprises.
"Do as I say if you really want it"he instructed.
She sighed and closed them reluctantly.
"Alright you can open them again"she heard after about 2 seconds. She opened her eyes and saw a pretty golden necklace with coloured stones hanging in front of her.
"Happy birthday love"he said excitedly.
She shrieked excitedly and covered her mouth.
"Oh gosh, thanks Edwin. B... but I can't wear it, sorry"
He became limp in confusion.

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Re: Purple Roses by Purplephoenix(m): 8:36pm On May 16, 2019
Nice story. More ink to your pen grin grin grin
Re: Purple Roses by skubido(m): 10:23pm On May 16, 2019
Why na, comma continue ooo

Tanks for the update
Re: Purple Roses by stblessing(f): 8:25pm On May 22, 2019
"why?"he bellowed again still shocked at Roses response.
She read his mind and knew what he wad thinking. She then gave him an assuring smile.
"It's not that I don't want to wear it. Its just that I already have a pendant around my neck,and I'm not allowed to remove it"
"It's sorta like a connection to my twin sister"
He raised his brows in shock.
"Hold on,you have a twin sister?"

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Re: Purple Roses by stblessing(f): 8:35pm On May 23, 2019
She kept quiet for a while,wondering how she never told him since they began their relationship.
"I never told you?"
He nodded his head furiously "No,you didn't"
"Well now you know. She's dead anyways,she died when she was still a baby"
"Eyyahh, thats to bad"he said with pity in his voice.
"Yeah,I just love this pendant because it makes me feel like Daisy's still watching over me. That was her name'' she lamented while she played with the purple pendant on her neck which had a rose engraved on it. A tear drop streamed down her cheek.
"Sorry. But,this necklace,I saved for a whole year just to get it for you. And now,it's all in vain"he wiped her tear drop as he said this.
"Oh my. Okay, you know what, just hand it over to me. I'll keep it in my special treasure box,or convert it to a bracelet. How's that?"
He shrugged his shoulders and handed it to her.
"Thanks Edwin"
She kissed him on his cheek and held him tightly
Re: Purple Roses by Purplephoenix(m): 8:41pm On May 23, 2019
Thanks for the update

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Re: Purple Roses by skubido(m): 5:04pm On May 26, 2019
Tanks for the update ooooo

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Re: Purple Roses by stblessing(f): 9:54pm On May 27, 2019
"And then,the investor was like,where are the stocks?''
The group of aged business tycoons,which included George, burst into another round of laughter. The business oriented men who had attended the party,had formed their own little group and were discussing the only matters which seemed to interest them... Money.
The group continued to chatter away when George's phone rang. He brought it out from his pocket and read the ID. It was Alexis. At first, he was surprised but decided to pick the call anyways. He excused himself from the group and took a quick glance at Susan,who had also been lost in the world of her own feminine group,before walking out. He decided to use the backyard for more privacy.
The phone rang again and he picked it up.
''Hello, Alexis?"
"Hello George,you didn't pick up my call the first time?"
"I'm sorry,I couldn't hear it over the loudness of the music"he lied "how's it going?"
"I'm fine. I can feel the intensity of excitement from over here"
George smiled.
"You weren't in attendance,why"
"Well,I decided not come. Way to busy. Moreover,I doubt your wife would be too excited to see me"
"I wouldn't be so sure about that"He responded with relief in his voice.
"Anyways,I was thinking. Why don't we meet up tomorrow?we really haven't done enough catching up you know"
"I don't know,I don't really think I have time"
"Oh come on, don't be such a workaholic,can you not squeeze out time for your sweet cream?"
His heart immidiately jumped into his stomach.
"Alexis please,that was a long time ago!"
She laughed hysterically.
"O my God,I could only imagine how your face is from here. Yeesh,I was just joking. But can't you do that for me, darling?"
He kept quiet for some time. He felt like declining and telling her right there to leave him alone,but it was as if he was hypnotized.
"Alright fine,text me the address by tomorrow,okay. Are you happy now?"
"Yeah!"she made kissing voices "thanks darling,you've made my night. See you tomorrow,bye"
"Bye"he responded before the line went of.
"What am I doing?"he thought "this woman is a temptation. She's my freaking ex from 21 good years. How can she just come back suddenly to mess me and my peaceful family up?No, I'm gonna end all of this madness tommorow"he concluded before walking back in.
Meanwhile, what he did not know was that Rose and Edwin had been behind him all along,and had heard every little bit of the conversation....
Re: Purple Roses by stblessing(f): 10:01pm On May 27, 2019
The duo walked towards the bench,with Rose,fuming in front. Edwin desperately tried to keep up with her.
"Calm down Rose,it might not be what you think"
She stopped and turned back
"Not what I think? Darling, SWEET CREAM?and it isn't what I think?"
"Okay, maybe it is a little suspicious. So what do you plan to do now?"
"Absolutely nothing. That man just pray that he isn't playing cheating games, because if I find out he is....hell,will be let loose."
She spat before walking back into the house. Edwin just starred at her,and shivered...

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