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Twisted Twice, Twisted MINE by emperorblog21(m): 5:53pm On May 06, 2019
Twisted Twice, Twisted Mine Story By Bebe Ernest[color=#990000][/color]

Twisted Twice, Twisted Mine
Story By Bebe Ernest

Addie is stuck between a hard place and the
devil, it’s up to her to make up her mind if she
wants to leave or if she wants to stay.
This book has explicit languages and innuendo
and scene, if you are averse to it then please
it’s not for you, it’s going to be a serial, I hope
you enjoy. Thank you

I hope you enjoy this book, it took days of
typing and thinking about you, I hope you
enjoy and remember to tell me what you think.
You can also check out other updates on my
books on wattpad and Okada books, my
wattpad ID is Bebe_Ernest and Okada books
is Bebe Ernest.
Please read and enjoy.
This book is the sole property of Blessing
Ernest (Bebe Ernest) and should in no way be
copied, sold, plagiarised or stolen.
It is solely for the purpose of entertainment and
Failure to follow the above mentioned rule will
attract severe criminal charges.
P. S . Whoever thinks this is a joke can meet
me in court where they’ll be tried on criminal
disregard and ignorance of patent/originating

SOURCE: http://www.emperorblog.com.ng/?s=Twisted+Twice%2C+Twisted+MINE

Re: Twisted Twice, Twisted MINE by emperorblog21(m): 1:00pm On May 10, 2019
I hope you enjoy this book, it took days of
typing and thinking about you, I hope you
enjoy and remember to tell me what you think.
You can also check out other updates on my
books on wattpad and Okada books, my
wattpad ID is Bebe_Ernest and Okada books
is Bebe Ernest.
Please read and enjoy.
This book is the sole property of Blessing
Ernest (Bebe Ernest) and should in no way be
copied, sold, plagiarised or stolen.
It is solely for the purpose of entertainment and
Failure to follow the above mentioned rule will
attract severe criminal charges.
P. S . Whoever thinks this is a joke can meet
me in court where they’ll be tried on criminal
disregard and ignorance of patent/originating

Episode 1

The woman watch the children play by the sea
building sand castles and she smiles at their
childish antics, they looked so cute playing
She watches the eldest hand a toy to the
youngest who was as identical to her sister as
they come and she feels a sense of pride, she
had raised them well.
Her eyes goes to the youngest and she feels a
prick of unease go through her.
Adeline looked too pale and too fragile, just
like her twin sister she was just five and
already looked like she had the weight of the
world on her shoulders.
She watches them as Adélie the oldest tries to
coax her into playing but she stays quiet.
Adeline had always being a quiet child, infact
when she was born she hadn’t cried, just
stared straight at her mother.
When she turned one and still didn’t speak
every one thought the worst and deemed her a
mute, even after enough therapy from
outstanding doctors over the world.
Being a politicians wife means that there was
money and power attached, these things could
not get her darling Adeline to talk.
On her and Adélie’s 2nd birthday she finally
spoke saying one word after a child at the
party bullied her sister.
Her birth had been a hard one, taking hours
even after her sister had being born.
Adele their mother watch them now as one
plays and the other sits still in the sand.
She looks away to see if her husband is
approaching, he had gone inside to get a soda
for Adélie, he’s been gone for a while and still
no sign of him,she sighs and turns back to look
at her children.
She frowns when she sees no sign of them.
She looks around, her alarm growing when she
doesn’t see them anywhere.
She stands up from the sand and turns around
in a circle.
“Adélie! Adeline!”
The sound of the waves drowns her voice, a
hand grabs her shoulder and she jerks.
“Addy? What’s wrong?”
She is hysterical as she explains.
“I…. You..

. Looked away… Can’t…”
The man grips both of her shoulders, dropping
the soda pop he held as his own alarm grows
“Addy calm down and speak”
He says and she strings her words together.
“Addie duex…Addie deux are missing”
Phillip steps back and looks at the around
before turning to his wife. “For how long have
they been gone?”
He asks. “I just took my eyes off them for a
while when….” She cries…
“Calm your self Adele and tell me, for how long
have they been missing?” He asks his
patience slowly dwindling.
Adele takes a big breath before speaking.
“Not more than 5 minutes now”
“Good girl” Phillip says before bringing out his
phone to call the detail he secretly had on his
wife and children.
Being a politician he knew that he had a lot of
enemies, he could never take a break.
Just this once he wanted to go on vacation
with his wife and children this happens.
He finish speaking with his detail and he turns
to his wife and pulls her towards the beach
house on the private beach.
He knew who ever took his children might still
be lurking around.
He steps into the house to see Adélie curled in
a sleeping ball.
He sighs in relief, they must have come inside
to find him.
He looks around for Adeline and no sign of
He goes into the various rooms and searches
them but still no sign.
He returns to see Adele crouched in front of
adélie, shaking her awake.
Adélie asks in a drowsy whisper.
“Lilie where is your sister?” Adele asks and
adélie doesn’t answer, scrubbing her eyes
looking disoriented.
“Adélie answer me!” Adele shouts now getting
“Mama?” Adélie says sounding scared now
Phillip gently pulls the crying Adele away from
the child before kneeling in front of her.
“Tell me Lilie girl, where’s Lina?”
The scared child slowly looks away from her
mother to her father before uttering the life
shattering words.
“I don’t know Mama” Adele falls to the ground
in a heap and with a wail.
Philip feels his heart stutter and he freezes.
Adélie looks between them before reaching for
her mother, she doesn’t know what is wrong.
She is scared and wants to be held, where is
Lina? Lina knows how to hold her hand when
she is scared.
She finches when her mother finches away
from her.
“Mama?” she asks, fear in her voice,she
watches as her mother raises her head looks
at her with dead eyes before falling into the
arms of her husband to cry.
She looks between them, waiting for one of
them to hold her and tell her that it is okay and
that she was safe but nothing happens.
She begins to cry as she understands what is
She realizes even in her little head and heart
that things were not going to be the same.
Re: Twisted Twice, Twisted MINE by emperorblog21(m): 1:01pm On May 10, 2019

Sixteen Years Later..
he walks in, takes a look at me and he knew
he had to have me.
‘what are you doing?’ he asks and I blush.
‘I was waiting for you’
I reply innocently, he looks around the room
and pulls me to him, my chest smashing with
his, it’s thrilling, I like it..
He strokes my hair off my face bending his
head for a kiss.
I prepare my self, it’s everything I’ve always
wanted, everything, to kiss this man.
Our lips brush and he comes in for another kiss
and I……
The voice jerks my head up and I blush quickly
slamming my book close.
I slide a killing look to Pamela as she grins at
“Oh shush, stop writing er*ticas on Levi Carter
and go serve some customers” She says and I
poke my tongue out at her.
“You made me stop at the best part, now I’ve
lost inspiration, besides I’m on break”
I say, giving my book a wistful look.
“Your break ended like 10 minutes ago, write
on your own time” my eyes go to clock on the
wall in our break room and I almost wince.
Whenever I write time flies but when I write
about Levi ‘golden boy’ Carter? Time Zooms
so fast I dont know where it goes to.
“Hold up, who made you the boss of me?”
I ask Pams and she shrugs.
“I’m just trying to make sure you don’t get
fired” she says as I tie my apron.
“You know James is an A-hole” She says and
I cringe, our boss James is the world greatest
asshole, he’s a pervert and a sex offender but
since I greatly need this job I have to make do.
“Thanks Pams, that’s why you are my bestie”
she fakes barfs and I laugh, I begin to walk out
but she stops me with a tut.
“Nuh uh, don’t forget your cap” she says
handing the piece of offending fabric to me.
I don’t know why James makes us wear it, it’s
big and covers my face. I smile gratefully at
her as I accept.
“I’m clocking out now, see you at home” she
“Okay, microwave that fried chicken for me
yeah? And don’t forget to record Levi’s
interview for me okay?” she nods and I exit
adjusting my cap.
I walk to my section of the restaurant and I see
table No

. 5 filled with men.
Ugh, I hate it when a group of men come in at
once, they go out of their way to comment
I cover my head more as I approach the table.
“You should have see how star-strucked she
looked then, she would have kissed your feet”
one of them is saying and I immediately dislike
this guy.
I know I don’t know him and stuff but he
sounds like an all time player.
I count 5 of them as I approach.
“Good evening gentlemen, I will be your
waitress for today, may I take your orders
Their head turns to me and my eyes scan
Typical suits, I’m sure they are all news
reporters or something, most likely
shareholders in a company.
Based on the way they are dressed like
My eyes peruse them from first to last and I
stop when I see a pair of blue eyes looking at
It’s… It’s…
Working here in James resort I see a lot of
celebrities, it’s a perk of the job, I get paid well
and sometimes I get free food.
Trust me, these are all things I need. Never in
my years of working here have I ever seem
Levi Carter! Levi freaking Carter!
I almost jump out of my skin when I feel his
gaze on me.
He’s trying to see underneath my cap but it’s
covering face.
And it’s a good thing too, I take stock of how I
looked when I last looked in a mirror and I
surmise that I look like yesterday’s roadkill.
My long black hair has grease in it from me
staying in the kitchen for long.
My mascara is smeared, my eyeliner
Smuged and my lipstick have been licked off.
My life.
This is not how I planned on meeting Levi
Carter for the first time.
I wish I looked as good as one of the
Kardashians right now so that I could ask for
his number.
And when I do he would see me and instantly
fall in love with me.
“Did you get all that?”
Suit one asks and I blink my eyes realizing
that I’ve been staring at Levi. He has looked
away and I’ve been drooling like a fool.
“I’m sorry can I get that again?” I ask and they
rattle out their orders again but not before suit
one calls me a dunce.
I forget to be angry, why? Because I just met
Levi freaking Carter!!
I walk away when he gives me his order, he
just wants a glass of water with a lemon slice.
Even his voice sounds like I imagined, cool
and deep.
Oh sweet Mary and Joseph.
I get their order and I set everything on the
cart and I wheel it out, still on cloud nine.
I walk to table No. 5 and I begin to set their
orders in front of them, my eyes going to my
Future husband once in a while.
When I get to the suit before him I almost trip
and fall.
I almost die of embarrassment when he
steadies me but I don’t because his hand is
curled around my wrist.
Sweet Bliss.
His touch does things to me down below,
I begin to set his glass of water on the table
when temptation sets in, this close I can
probably see his eyes.
I should take a peek, just a little peek.
I raise my head and his eyes are right there to
greet me, he’s looking at me too, I’m sure he
can’t see my face underneath the cap but he’s
trying to.
I miss the table while setting the glass and it
ends up on his.. Crotch?
Oh hell.
I grab some paper napkin when he inhales a
little from the bite of the cold water.
This gets the attention of the other suits and I
almost die of mortification.
Thank God he can’t see my face, this was the
thought on my mind as I dab on his wet jeans.
He’s the only one wearing jeans in the group.
I freeze when his hand curls around my wrist to
stop me.
“Please just let me help….”
I say with a whisper.
“It’s fine lady” He says but I continue.
He looks uncomfortable, who wouldn’t be? A
strange waitress has poured ice cold water on
his body.
“Will you just stop?” suit one says. “Can’t you
see where your hands are touching?”
I don’t get his meaning, I look up at Levi and
down to my hands.
My hands were grabbing his Junk!!!!!

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Re: Twisted Twice, Twisted MINE by emperorblog21(m): 1:01pm On May 10, 2019
Re: Twisted Twice, Twisted MINE by emperorblog21(m): 6:59pm On May 10, 2019
FANTASTICJ ANN2012 LIGHTQUEEN Mayor08 izaray drewsman
Re: Twisted Twice, Twisted MINE by emperorblog21(m): 7:01pm On May 10, 2019
Kaycee9242 daddio Zamar messilicious( f ), Shedyprosper ( m), SunFlow( m), Cardiojosh ( m), fboonmy , obehiD, micynute94 ( m), missyou2 , oprime ( m), Horlarhem ( m), summerflame ( m), kalemy( m), yeancahwunmi ( f ), Omittesb( m), creedencity ( m), Godsgift7837 , RedAlert08 ( m), emperorblog21 ( m), irvingia , nnamanirr, daddio ( m), eniolar0 , t1976 ( f), Joyfullyme, PeterIke20 (
Re: Twisted Twice, Twisted MINE by Mayor08: 8:01pm On May 10, 2019
Nice one... Update

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Re: Twisted Twice, Twisted MINE by daddio(m): 9:44am On May 11, 2019
Thanks for the invite.

Good work

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Re: Twisted Twice, Twisted MINE by Ann2012(f): 8:53pm On May 11, 2019
FANTASTICJ ANN2012 LIGHTQUEEN Mayor08 izaray drewsman

Thanks for the mention
Re: Twisted Twice, Twisted MINE by emperorblog21(m): 12:54pm On May 12, 2019

Thanks for the mention

how can i contact my froend lightqueen pls.
have been missing her o
Re: Twisted Twice, Twisted MINE by Cardiojosh(m): 9:32am On May 14, 2019
Thanks for the mention..nice storyline

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Re: Twisted Twice, Twisted MINE by emperorblog21(m): 10:57am On May 14, 2019
Twisted Twice, Twisted Mine
– Episode 3
See all episodes here »
“Who pissed in your cheerios?” Aaron asks
when I throw my jacket on the couch, he must
have heard me come in because he was
waiting at the foot it the stairs. I stalk to the
liquor cabinet.
“Well…?” he asks after i take a swig of my
“Had a run in with a clumsy waitress, she
dunked my precious cargo in ice water” I say
pointing below my waist. He winces for me and
I take another drink.
“Is that the main reason you look like that?”
“How do I look?”
“Like you want to rip somebody’s head off”
He says limping away from the stairs towards
“The doctor told you to stay off your foot for a
while” I say, my eyes on his bandaged leg.
“The doctor is a quack, he doesn’t know what
he is doing”
“The doctor is your uncle”
“That doesn’t answer my question”
He retorts and I sigh, Aaron can be a meddling
house wife when he wants to.
“Mother called me on my way home”
“Avery mavery?” He asks and I nod.
“What did she want?”
“She saw my interview earlier today and is
wondering why I told the anchor I’m single”
He nods, reaching for my glass but I push it
away from him.
He sends me a betrayed look, I just ignore
“But you are single” He says.
“Exactly my point, but she thinks it’s time I
announce my engagement”
I say and he freezes.
“Ohhhhhh” He says dragging out the word.
“I thought the idea was discarded when you
turned 25?” He says finally abandoning his
quest to get to my drink and settling himself on
the couch beside me.
“It was never discarded, I just stopped talking
about it” I say, leaning my head against the
head rest.
“What are you gonna do about it? You know
Avery Mavery, when she gets an idea….”
He’s right, my mom-Avery mavery -, she’s not
someone to mess with.
“This Girl, do you know anything about her?
Maybe she is as adverse to this idea just as
you are”
“And even if she is? What do we do about it?”
“It’s times like this you manifest your
stereotypical dumb jock vibe” he says and I
drop my hand on his injured thigh and he
squeals like girl.
He injured said thigh on the field,scared the
shit out of us, thinking it was something
serious, the doctor gave him 2 months to heal
and he’s staying with me for those two months.
It’s just being 2 weeks and it feels like a year
already, the guy is a f-cking slob.
“Dude, this is precious cargo, careful on me”
he says brushing my hands off.
“Do you have any ideas?”
I ask.
“Nope none, I’m sorry, personally I think it’s
time you get married, you are what, 29?”
“You want to die?” I ask menacingly and he
bursts out laughing, the f-cker.
“We will think of something, chill homie” He
says seriously and I don’t reply, just take a
drink and we stay like that.
“Addie! Quick! It’s a commercial, Levi is on!”
Pamela shouts from the sitting room and I
zoom out of the bathroom, wrapping my towel
around my torso.
I enter the sitting room to see my future hubby
on TV drinking juice from a juice box and
loving it.
“Remind me to buy that brand of juice when
next we go grocery shopping”
I say sitting on the couch.
“Before you buy the juice, buy milk, we are
She says.
“We are out of toilet paper too” I say watching
as the commercial comes to an end.
“Did you use all the toilet paper again?” She
“Did you drink all the milk again?” I ask back
and we chuckle together.
It’s a running joke between the two of us, while
we were together in the foster home our foster
mother always complained and blamed us
when something gets exhausted in the house.
“Did you record Levi’s interview?”
“Yeah, and I microwaved the left over chicken,
you can thank me by doing the laundry
“I have an early shift tomorrow” I say grateful
to escape the work.
“You can do it when you get back”
I pout, she just goes back to painting her toes.
“Guess who came into the restaurant today
after you left”
“Levi Carter” I say and she slowly lifts her
“Please tell me you didn’t jump on his body”
She says next and with trepidation.
“Eesh, No! What do you take me for?” I say
and she breaths a sigh of relief.
“Something worse happened”
“I knew it! Tell me”
I explain everything and how I ended up
grabbing the most famous, sought after, traded
four times footballer of all time’s penny weeny.
She looks at me for a second before she bursts
out laughing, falling off the couch and
smearing her nail polish on the carpet.
She laughed so hard, I just look at her not
“That’s enough, it isn’t that funny”
“Seriously? that shit is funny, extremely so,
after all the prep we had done for your big
day? That was how you behaved when you
finally saw him? I’m sure he would run the
other way when next he sees you”
I immediately perk up.
“Thats the thing, he didn’t see me, I had our
big ass cap covering my face”
She immediately stops smiling.
“Well that’s a plus”
“Yeah it is” I say and we stay like that for a
while before she bursts out laughing again.
I growl at her and stop up in a fit to go get
dressed and leave her to her laughter.
I get to my room down the hall and I could still
hear the laughter . I hope she falls and hit her
butt hard on the ground.
“Ouch!!” She screams from the sitting room
and I smile to myself.
Re: Twisted Twice, Twisted MINE by emperorblog21(m): 10:58am On May 14, 2019
Twisted Twice, Twisted Mine
– Episode 4
See all episodes here »
I walk down the stairs to get my car keys,
heaven knows I couldn’t sleep a bit last night.
“Good morning sunshine, where are we off
to?”I turn slowly to see Aaron sitting at the
kitchen table, his hair is wet and I presume he
has been swimming.
“Sometimes I think you only decided to stay
with me for my pool”
“You know coach told me to swim at least
twice a week, helps with the therapy”
He says and I nod.
“So where are you going?”
“I’m going to see Ma”
“Ohhh, Avery Mavery? I wanna come too” He
says attempting to stand and I press my palm
into his shoulder keeping him still.
“Stay..” I say.
“I’m not your dog, I’m going” He says pouting.
“Well you aren’t so just stay, I’m going on
official business”
“You are going to get your wife?”
“Are you sure you aren’t secretly a woman
from how nosy you can be?”
I ask.
“You want me to show you my d**k? I’m sure
it’s bigger tham yours” he says and I shake my
“We are not doing this this morning, I’m going
alone and it’s final”
“Yeah yeah what ever, just get some popcorn
on the way, I have a craving.”
“You busted a knee fucker, you aren’t
“I might as well be….. Ohhh” I turn to him.
“What?” I ask in concern,” Did you pull your
muscle? ”
” No..

. No.. I think.. I think the baby just… just
“F-ck you” He bursts out laughing and I shake
my head.
“Remind me again why you are my best
“Because you love my winning personality?”
“Yes, that and also because you make good
“Aww, my teeth hurts from how sweet you
sounded” He says dryly.
“Whatever, but seriously man, don’t swim
alone, call me whenever you want to, don’t
want you to hurt yourself”
“Yes, thanks for the concern mom” I pat his
head like a good kid and he beats my hand
I get my jacket from the table and he stands to
follow me.
“Lest I forget, coach wants you to call him”
“Why?” I ask turning to him, it’s off season,
apart from the routine drug check and training I
should have no business with him.
“Who knows? The man is as secretive as
Medusa’s snakes, Maybe you are getting
traded” He says seriously and I can tell he
hates that idea, I do too.
The hell?
“What do you know?”
“Nothing, just whispers, it might be nothing
serious, go see Avery Mavery”
He says and I nod.
“Come back quickly honey!” He screams after
me as I get in my car. I just give him my middle
“Mrs Carter, please just listen…”
“No, you listen to me Levi, I got married to your
father when I was Nineteen and him twenty
one, we did it for our companies but we later
fell in love, it’s high time you think about
settling down”
I press my thumb to my brows as she rants.
“Yes, I will settle down, it’s my life, don’t you
think I should be the one deciding these things
myself?” She growls and turns to my father.
“Peter say something” The old man just lifts his
hand bowing out of the situation. Wise man.
“No comment my love, you’ve got this” She
nods and turns to me, i send him a betrayed
look,he just smirks at me.
“Mom, I’m at the peak of my career, I can’t
have a wife now, I will always be traveling, I
don’t want to saddle any poor woman with
I say and a light shines in her eyes, f-ck, I
think I just made a big mistake.
“So what you are saying is that you aren’t
bothered about marrying someone you don’t
know but someone you are afraid you will
Oh sh-t.
“Mrs Carter..”
“That can be settled then, just get her pregnant
and she can stay with us whenever you are
away, or better still go with you on such trips,
I’m not that old, I can look after a baby”
I look at her open mouthed.
“Mr Carter….!”
“Now Now son, you know your mother knows
“You betrayer!” He just smirks again.
“She’s alone, lonely after her twin died” Mom
says quietly and I tense.
“What?” I ask, I don’t want to be interested,
God knows she will take my interest for
acquiescence but I had to ask, I know how it
feels loosing a sibling you are close to.
“Her sister died 16 years ago and since then
she has been a recluse, hasn’t stepped out of
their mansion for 14 of those years, that was
the time the news broke that her sister had
died, this girl is pretty but innocent, very
innocent, like, does not know what a kiss
mean innocent “I look to my father before
turning to my mother.
” And you want me to marry her why? ”
” I and her mother were best friends, we drifted
apart after the incident, but we had already
promised each other we would become family”
“They are major shareholders in our
companies, her father was a great politician
but he retired early because of his heart and
pain, Please son, do this for me? Help me help
a friend take away the pain from their hearts”
“You of all people should know how it feels
when you loose someone you are close to”
And that is how Mrs Carter won this round.
“Fine, I’m not making any promises, I’m just
gonna see where this will go.”
She beams, knowing she has me where she
wants me and I feel myself slip a little.
I’m a momma’s boy.

source: https://www.emperorblog.com.ng/?s=Twisted+Twice%2C+Twisted+MINE

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Re: Twisted Twice, Twisted MINE by emperorblog21(m): 6:33am On May 23, 2019
Re: Twisted Twice, Twisted MINE by emperorblog21(m): 2:04pm On May 23, 2019
“It’s a slow day” The other waitress besides
me says and I nod slowly sipping the juice
from the bottom of my juice box(it’s Levi’s
juice!), it makes that kruu kruu sound that all
juice boxes make when you hit the bottom.
I look at it, it’s finished already?
“Aren’t you going to throw that away? It’s
being making that sound for a while, I think it’s
She says in a whisper and I smile gratefully, a
little embarrassed.
She smiles back and we look back to the hall, I
sigh before resting my head on the counter.
I wish Pamela were here, we would have joked
together, this is boring! Soo boring! I wish Levi
would walk through the door.
The door opens and I perk up lifting my head,
I’m disappointed when our head waiter Jerry
walks through the door.
“You, it’s your turn to do inventory” He says
pointing at me.
“Why? I did it last week, Its not yet my turn”
“Well, you embarrassed a customer yesterday,
I think you more than deserve it, make sure
you do it later.” He says before walking out
“I’m sorry, it was supposed to be me” The
other waitress says and I smile at her.
“It’s OK, I should probably do it now.”
I say moving towards the back door.
When I get to the pantry I lean against the
door, inventory is hard work and it takes hours,
why is my life this?
I stand straight and I notice one of the shelves
in the pantry bent, I walk towards it to notice
that it looked… Open?
Wow, there’s a secret door in the pantry?
(On a side note, how many of us are internally
screaming for her not to go in there, raise your
hand if you are)
I walk towards the door and I enter, is there
another secret room down there?
Ohh, do they sell illegal meat like in that
Taiwanese movie?
I step in deeper and I see James, figures, he
must be the one who works here.
I freeze when my eyes take everything in,
James is crouched over a kid, not more than
The kid has blood dripping down his nose, his
face is swollen in multiple places and his hand
is hanging in an awkward position.
I freeze more when James brings out a gun
and clicks it, the sound is loud in the silence, I
feel fear saturate my being and I regret ever
coming in here.
I grew in the streets and I know what happens
to people who see things that they aren’t
supposed to.
He pulls the trigger and I muffle my scream
when the body hits the floor, hot spit fills my
I slowly take a step back, James is making
some calls, talking about clean up, I have to
leave before the clean up crew gets here.
I take another step back and I’m almost out
the door, another and finally I’m out.
I turn around to see Jerry enter the pantry with
2 other guys.
He looks at the secret door then at me

. “Did you just enter?” He asks referring to the
pantry in general and I nod, heaven knows that
I can’t form a single sentence right now.
I just witnessed the the death of a man.
He nods before walking past me. I don’t know
what gave me the courage to lie just now.
I know it’s only a matter of time before they
find out that I was in there, I have to leave.
I make my way back out and I walk to the
break room and grab my purse and jacket.
“You are leaving?” The other waitress, I think
her name is Sonia asks and I nod.
“Pamela called, she says she is sick, I already
told james”
“OK, tell her to get well soon”
I nod and walk towards the exit, I turn to see
Jerry talking to Sonia to see her pointing
towards my direction.
Oh sh*t.
I pick up speed and I run out the back door
into the alley.
I begin to run towards the main road and I
hear foot steps following me.
Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t!!
I run out and it’s just my luck that there is no
crowd here for me to blend in with. I pass
through another short cut behind a store and I
burst out from another street.
I look behind me to see them closing in on me,
I look around desperately, I know that if I get
caught I won’t survive it.
I look quickly and I see a car idling on the
The driver beckons to me and I am skeptical.
He has a face cap on and I can’t really see his
face but I know it’s a guy due to the amount of
muscles he has. But still…
I turn to look behind me and I see them on me,
it’s between the devil and the blue sea.
Oh hell, what other option do I have?
I run to the car and get in, he does too.
I turn to him.
“Please, save me”
Re: Twisted Twice, Twisted MINE by emperorblog21(m): 2:04pm On May 23, 2019
She looked scared, that was the first thought
that went through my mind when I saw her.
She fit the description and the old photo Mother
gave me, although the picture didn’t tell much
Long black hair, wide hips, a tiny waist and
petite form.
OK, I added the last three myself,I have never
seen her, just guessed who she was by how
uncomfortable she looked standing on the
“Please, save me” That’s what she said when
she got in the car.
I would have found it weird when she said that
but the girl hasn’t been outside for 14 years,
I’m sure she will be scared. Anyone would be.
I look over at her as I am driving to see her
hand trembling, she must be really scared.
The sight of her like that makes me feel weird
in a way that I don’t like, I place my hand on
hers and she stills.
“Who are you?” she asks and I frown, that’s a
weird way to ask that question, didn’t she
come out to meet me?
I admit that I was a little skeptical if she would
respond to my text, I had told her to come so
we could get to know each other better since it
seems we would basically be spending the rest
of our lives together.
I had gone out on a limb, wanting to see the
depth of her pain and the strength of her will.
If she hadn’t come out I wouldn’t have judged,
I would have understood, when my sister died I
did worse.
I was older and still I could not handle the
I am relieved she made an attempt to move on
from the past.
Her fear of open places was the main reason I
asked her to come to a neutral ground.
“I’m glad you could make it” I say and she
nods, looking behind us, as if to see if we are
being followed.
The poor girl must not be used to riding in a
I drive us around for a while and when she still
doesn’t get comfortable I drive us down to my
house, it’s big enough and secluded enough
that you don’t see any person for miles.
Arriving at the gate finally got her attention
because she stops looking at the rear view
mirror but to look around.
“Is this…”
She asks in a tiny voice.
“It’s okay, you don’t have to worry, I will take
you back home today if you just tell me where
you live.
You seemed uncomfortable and I wanted to
make you comfortable, you don’t have to be
scared, I’m sure your parents know you are
with me.”
She doesn’t respond, just continue to look at
the house, I drive in then stop the car in front of
the house.
She takes a good long look, she looks so
innocent and calm that my heart goes out to
She finally turns to me then takes a deep
breath.” Could you.. . Could you please take
off your face cap? I want to see your face”
It’s then I remember that I have been wearing
my cap and sunglasses all this while.
I do as she says, not wanting to scare the poor
innocent girl.
She watches as I do this, I take them off and
“Holy sh-t!”
I blink.
The innocent girl has a dirty mouth?
My savior is Levi Carter?
Levi freaking Carter?
Levi ‘golden boy’ Carter?
Levi of all Carters?
He watches me like I am about to run for the
hills and I can do nothing but stare.
What is going on here?
“Can you get out of the car yourself or do you
need some help?” He asks kindly and I almost
I am in the same car with Levi Carter.
I am in the same car with Levi Carter!.
I begin to breath rapidly and his eyes widens.
“What is wrong? Do you need anything? Are
you claustrophobic?”
He reaches a hand to touch me but I pull
This is all too much, I open the door of the car
and get out, I can’t seem to get enough air.
Why can’t I get enough air?
I hear his side of the car open and him walking
towards me and I turn, I begin to walk back
He looks helpless

. This is not his fault, its me, not him, I
witnessed the death of a man and I met my all
time crush all in one day.
This is too much..
“What did you do to the poor girl?”
A voice asks and I look towards the owner.
Oh my God, it’s Aaron Steele, standing offence
for the nation’s team, he’s number 10 and Levi
is 9, that’s why they are good friends, best
friends even.
Have I died and gone to heaven? No. Wait,
there should be no death in heaven.
I step back, Levi throws Aaron a worried
look. Aaron turns to me.
“Calm down sweetie, you are safe, don’t mind
the man hulk over there, he’s just all bark and
no bite”
I nod, trying to calm down.
“I’m scared” I manage to get out as tears
threaten to spill.
“Is it because you are outside?” Levi asks, he
looks wounded to see tears in my eyes.
I nod.
“Calm down Adélie, its fine, I will take you
inside and we can get you home”
He is mistaking me for some one else. I close
my eyes and I feel myself being swung in the
I lean my head back against his chest and
think back to the gruesomeness of today.
I just want to forget, I force my eyes close as
images assault my brain.
Why can’t I ever get a break?
Many thanks to you all for reading.

source: https://www.emperorblog.com.ng/?s=Twisted+Twice%2C+Twisted+MINE
Re: Twisted Twice, Twisted MINE by emperorblog21(m): 12:41pm On May 29, 2019
The voices brought me awake, I don’t open my
eyes as I listen, I know exactly where I am, I
don’t know what to do.
Rather, I don’t know what I have to do.
“So… Let me get this straight, you told an
agoraphobe to meet you and instead of taking
her straight home to someplace secluded you
drove around and you scared the girl?”
Some, Aaron I’m sure asks.
“When you say it like that it does sound weird”
Levi… Oh God, Levi says.
“Of course it’s weird and unconventional, I
mean you’ve never even met the girl, what sis
did you think you were doing?”
“I just wanted to talk”
“This is not appropriate, you know what was
appropriate? You driving to her house and
meeting her somewhere she is comfortable in”
“in hind sight…”
“You have no hind sight, you are as dumb as
they come”
I hear a scuffle and Aaron groans, I’m sure
Levi punched him.
“What do we do now? It’s part 12 in the
midnight, I’m sure her parents must be
freaking out, I’m surprised they aren’t here
breaking down your door already” Aaron asks.
Levi sighs.
Read ” The God And His Bride ” by the same
author ( Bebe Ernest )
. “We have to wait for her to wake up”
“She is showing no signs of waking”
I guess this is my cue to make my wakefulness
I mo-n softly and I spread my arms wide while
pretending that I’m just coming to.
“She’s awake” Aaron says in a whisper.
“I can see that dickwad” Levi replys in same

. Don’t cuss in front of the innocent” Aaron
scolds and if it was in another situation I would
have laughed and enjoyed the easy banter and
friendship between them.
I open my eyes and sit up, Levi assisting me,
his touch does things to me.
I push those feelings aside and take his hand.
” Adélie…” Levi starts.
“I’m sorry I was such a bother” I say making
an attempt to stand up, he gently presses on
my shoulder pushing me back to sit.
“It’s fine, it’s the least we could do, are you
feeling much better?” I nod.
“I’m sorry you had to go through that, I didn’t
think that you weren’t used to the outside, it
was thoughtless of me, I apologize” Levi says
and I feel a prickle of envy in me. I wish I
really were the girl he is worrying for.
I guess I have to tell him he has made a
mistake and that I am not who he was after.
“You can call your parents from the house
phone and tell them that you are safe and I will
get you back as early tomorrow as possible”
Wait… I don’t have to tell him anything until
tomorrow.. Right? I can pretend for that long..
I nod my head when I see that he is waiting for
a response.
“Adélie I’m really sorry for….”
“Please, call me Addie”
I say, I’m really uncomfortable to be called by
someone else’s name.
“Addie… Ok”
Aaron clears his throat and gives Levi a look I
can’t read, he seems to get it because he
swings into action.
“This is my room, you can sleep here for the
night, I never got around to finishing the
construction for the other rooms, so mine and
Aaron’s is the only available one, you take
mine and I will be with him for tonight..”
I feel a twinge of guilt.
“No please, I can manage…”
“I insist.. The bathroom is over there” he says
pointing towards an open door.
“My closet is over there, pick out anything you
need to be comfortable, come down stairs
when you are done and I will get you dinner,
I’m afraid it won’t be much since neither of us
can cook, I hope you like peanut butter and
cheese sandwich, it’s all I will be able to
scrounge up” He says and that pulls a chuckle
out of me, he smiles at my laugh and I blush,
ducking my head.
He sorbers up, the smile leaves his face before
he speaks.
“I’m sorry again”
“Please don’t apologize anymore, you are
doing very well and I appreciate it” I say and
he nods.
“Feel free to lock the door if it makes you feel
better” He says and I nod.
He pulls Aaron out of the room, Aaron sends
me a wink before exiting.
I sit still for a while before it hits me.
I’m in Levi Carter’s room.
I swing up from the bed, oh my God, it’s my
dream come true, my birthday gift, Christmas
present and burial present all in one.
There are things to do, nooks and crannies to
explore. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity
and I won’t miss it for the world.
Tomorrow when I tell him the truth I can blame
my earlier passing out on my lack of honesty.
I walk to his closet and I would have felt bad
for snooping but he gave me the go ahead
Let’s go!
I open it and there are rolls and rolls of
clothes, jeans, t-shirts, leather jackets, coats,
handgloves and so many jerseys.
The closet is a walk in and it looks like one you
see in a movie, those one that belongs to
movie stars, Well I guess this one belongs to a
star, a football star! My favorite football star!
I pull a jersey from its hangar and it’s looks soo
big, on him it would be normal, on me it would
look like a sleeping shirt.
I remember this jersey, it’s old and it’s from the
very first football club that scouted him.
He has come a long way and I cannot be more
proud of him.
I pull the jersey to my face and his scent feels
my nose, it tingles my skin and does things to
my heart.
Yes, I made the right decision, just tonight, let
me be close to him.

source: https://www.emperorblog.com.ng/?s=Twisted+Twice%2C+Twisted+MINE
Re: Twisted Twice, Twisted MINE by emperorblog21(m): 8:05pm On May 30, 2019



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May 29, 2019 AdminLeave A Comment On TWISTED TWICE, TWISTED MINE PART 8
I’m pacing, at this length I won’t be surprised
to see skid marks on the ground.
Is she okay?
Did she slip on the tiles and fall?
Is she right now bleeding to her death?
I remember the look she gave me, it was one
of awe, I liked it, her skin so soft, her hair
smelled the best, her eyes the brightest gold,
her laugh..
I will die first before anything happens to her in
my house. Thunder rumbles around the
mansion and I almost jump up from my sit to
run upstairs.
I know it, she must be dead already.
“Dude, calm down, I’m sure she can take a
bath all on her own, I promise she won’t die.”
I turn sharply to Aaron.
“Don’t even joke about that” I say and he
raises his hand in surrender . His eyes go to a
place behind my shoulders and his face
changes to one of surprise.
“Day… Um dude, you are one lucky man”
“What…?” I follow his gaze to see Addie
standing at the foot of the stairs looking
I blink.
She looks so innocent and ethereal standing
there in my old jersey her wet hair piled on top
her head., the jersey covers the whole of her
hand and hits just on top her knee.
I look back at Aaron to see him watching her
and I stand to block his view, he grumbles.
“Is that the only thing you could find in there to
wear?” I ask with more than a little gruffness in
my voice, she looks hurt, Aaron kicks my leg.
“I’m sorry if it offends you, i will go put on my
own clothes” She says in a small voice and I
feel like scum.
“No… No..
Read ” Beautiful Mess ” by the same author (
Bebe Ernest )
All episodes of this story can be found here >>
. Please, it’s fine” I say stopping her from
going upstairs.
“It’s just… You look too pretty and I don’t like
sharing this vision with someone else”
I say and in the darkness of the sitting room I
see her blush.
“Real cool, lover boy, feed the girl, she looks
like a breeze will blow her away” Aaron says
and Addie’s eyes go to him.
“I’m stronger than I look” She says with a sniff
and I smile.
“Well I wouldn’t know that, seeing as you fell at
my feet the first time we met” She blushes and
I slap Aaron behind his head.
“Come, I made sandwich, I have coke and
sandwiches and sandwiches and coke, which
one do you care for?”
“Coke and sandwiches” She says getting my
joke and I smile, she does too, I lead her to
the kitchen pulling a chair out for her.
“Wow, it’s big” she says referring to the
sandwich, she doesn’t seem intimidated.
“That’s how we like it, us footballers, I’m sure
you’ve heard of that ass… Sorry, that guy over
there, he’s the famous Levi Carter”
Aaron says and I turn to her, she seems
uncomfortable so I just nod.
“It’s okay, not all women are interested in
football anyway” I say and she smiles widely.
“What?” I ask, referring to her smile.
“You…. You called me a woman, other people
just call me girl” she says and I feel like patting
myself on the back.
Good job Levi.
She digs into the food and I watch her eat, she
must have really been starving.
I pour some water for her and she smiles
gratefully before going back to her meal.
When she is done she drinks the last of her
coke before turning to me, she opens her
mouth, maybe to thank me but a large belch
comes out.
She slaps her hand to her mouth and blushes,
i and Aaron chuckle.
“She’s a healthy one” Aaron remarks and she
blushes more.
Thunder rumbles loudly and she looses the
blush on her face, infact the blood drains from
her face.
“What?…. What’s wrong?”
She shakes her head, her hand clenching her
“Tell me Addie”
“I’m.. I’m scared of.. Of thunderstorms” She
says looking close to tears.
“It’s fine, I’m sure it’s nothing, the weather
Channel did not forecast a thunderstorm.”
Aaron says and I nod, she does too.
“Do you want to call your parents now? I’m
sure they are worried”
I say and she nods.
I lead her to the study and she smiles
gratefully at me before picking up the phone.
I stand close incase she needs anything.
“Could you please give me some privacy? I will
be fine”
She says and I nod.
I walk to the door when I hear her speak into
the phone.
“Hey Pam’s….”
I exit.
“Girl.. You got me worried sick, your number
was disconnected and you weren’t showing up
at home.
James and Jerry came around, said you didn’t
show up at work and they came to check up on
you because they were worried, I found that
Where the hell are you? Are you coming home
today?, tell me. ”
” Pamela, listen to me, you can’t tell James or
Jerry that I contacted you, you can’t,
Something happened, something bad, I’m safe
right now, I promise to keep in touch ”
” What is going on Adeline? ”
” Pamela please, I will explain when I see you,
just… Just don’t tell them you’ve made any
contact with me ”
” Addie… “She says, sounding scared now.
” If this is a joke it’s not funny, please come
back home ”
” Promise me pams, promise me you won’t tell
them, you have to be safe”
“Promise me”
“I promise” She says after a short silence.
“Good, I love you and I will call you okay?”
I disconnect.
Good, this is all for the best.

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