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Don't! Look Closer- A Thriller By Akíntayo Akinjide by Divepen1(m): 9:36pm On May 09
Hey, how’s your day been? If you are having a bad day, welcome to the group. Today is not for the kind and the good or the bad and the wicked. It’s not for the sad and unhappy or the glad and rejoicing. It’s for you. If only you can make a lemonade out of it. Wait! Someone has snatched the honey. We are left with only lemon. They are outside Fortune City, if you are outside already, wait for us. We refuse to be stuck with the sour taste of the lemon. Yuck!!! We must snatch it. Let’s chase them. We’re making this lemonade today. Follow me!!!

Author’s Note to Every FortuneCity Fan and Citizen
I would have loved to tell us how the lives of Bidemi Adeoti a.k.a Jerry went but I feel I won’t do the book justice if I wrote it poorly. So, this book alongside the ones I posted of recent is my test. We are still on the train. By the end of May, you can officially own properties in Fortune City to your name and you can make actual money from owning those properties. Hurray!!! Well, not from me but you will learn more- not referrals wahala.. But for now, let's travel. Enter Bus. Mey we waka.

© Copyright 2019. Akíntayo Akinjide.

To download this and any of my other books, use this link...


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Re: Don't! Look Closer- A Thriller By Akíntayo Akinjide by moseph(f): 10:50pm On May 09
present sir let's get going,I don enter front seat since am the first person to arrive.
Re: Don't! Look Closer- A Thriller By Akíntayo Akinjide by Divepen1(m): 11:00pm On May 09
present sir
let's get going,I don enter front seat since am the first person to arrive.
Front seat please.
Re: Don't! Look Closer- A Thriller By Akíntayo Akinjide by Divepen1(m): 6:40am On May 10
Chapter 1
Whatsapp Groups are great especially when they are instrumental in the money-making process. That particular Saturday morning, a Whatsapp group that started five months before had suddenly gotten a change of name- THE D-day. The members of the group need not worry about other messages burying that of the group because they all got phone numbers that no one but the group knew about. Thus, the sim cards in the phone could only be reached by members of the group. To work effectively, they all saved every other person’s name the same way.
However, that morning, unlike other Whatsapp groups, everyone was waiting for the next post. And it came from WATCHER
Cake has arrived. Plan 10 in motion.
Plans were useless if everyone involved wouldn’t execute their parts adequately. Ireti George hated when everyone involved in any plan couldn’t keep up with their parts of the plan. She hated that she had to keep calling her friend to keep her end of the deal. The day was supposed to be the best day for the one she loved but it was transforming to something else.
She intended surprising her boyfriend, Ayo, for his birthday before noon but everything was going south because everyone couldn’t uphold their parts of the plan. She tried calling Tolulope again. Tolulope had never been late for anything but that day she couldn’t get hold of her.
Ireti stepped into the compound as she tried calling her cousin, Kike George. Ireti’s father, an art collector, had expended a major part of his wealth on the security of their home. The security men looked fierce and desirous of a form of action, which the compound lacked. It must be frustrating for them because Ireti was sure she had never seen them laugh.
Every time, they would be seen harassing everyone, including the family member with their metal detectors. She glanced at the big cage that housed their hounds and hissed. Despite watching them grow to that stage, she detested them and everyone in the house was aware of her hatred for the dog. Most of the time, Kike did most of the works pertaining to the dogs.
Kike informed her that she was already at the gate and that gladdened her heart. Ever since she graduated from the university and finished her schooling as a law school, everyone in the family- Ireti, her father, and her mother- suddenly loved her. Before she went to school, they complained about everything Kike did. On her own side too, she hated the family because she grew up with them instead of her murdered parents. Rumour had it that Ireti’s parents maltreated Kike, yet she fared better than most orphans.
Some of those days, actually, Ireti would have loved to step in for her but she always harbored the fear that Kike’s works would be apportioned to her. So, she ensured she warded off the thought of lending a helping hand to Kike before they grew wings.
Delayed at the gate, Kike looked calm. Whatever happened to her in school was really something Ireti would love to try. Although they noticed the silence before she left for school, it became glaring only after she returned to the house. Now, she was collected and calm. This new demeanor attracted her father and caused him to employ her as his PA. Indeed, she did most of his hard work. Even her mother loved taking her about like her handbag. Kike had stopped being the fierce demon they grew up with. Ireti now banked on her to do things for her.
“But you know she’s family. C’mon, let her pass through. I’m late. Jones, she needs to hurry. We are going out together”, Ireti complained and checked her blue bodycon dress again. Sometimes, she wished she had those hourglass shapes that made all the boys’ heads turn. But her body shape could only do half of that. Regardless of her shape, her body evoked some desire in men and she utilized it.
She, sometimes, couldn’t tell if it was her body or her money that acted as the attraction for these men. But she was definitely sure it wasn’t her brain. And that was the reason she fell for Ayo. He was the only one that took time to appreciate her brain. He would definitely enjoy her that day. She turned to Jones Uche, who was in charge of scanning the cars, and imagined touching the navy blue, laced with yellow stripes, uniform. When her father brought him from Spencer Guards, she had to restrain herself from asking him out on a date he was too cute. Nevertheless, Jones wouldn’t look her the way she did.
Every time, his icy glare would scare her out of his presence. The only thing she had ever used to hold herself was always her anger. It worked every time.
“Madam, we’re only doing our job”, Jones replied as he was focused on the other car. Angry, she turned to her father, Chief George, who was seated in the balcony and was fiddling with several newspapers. For some odd reasons, he became frightened about everything as if people had the intention of killing him. But she knew nothing could happen. After all, he was only an art collector. Even politicians don’t leave in such fear as her father.
“Daddy?” Ireti called. He peeped.
“Let them do their jobs. I paid them for it”.
“They are delaying us. What’s all the fuss about? They should hurry about it if it’s in their wisdom to do what they are doing”.
Chief George waved at the security men to continue their jobs. Ireti turned and hissed.
“All these are for you. Don’t you know it’s all for you? They check us too”
“Then, let her enter the house without fuss”
“Impossible!!! Guys, carry on with your job”.
The men did a thorough scan of the car. Ireti flung her wallet away. Kike, on the other hand, remained calm. After a while, the security team allowed her to pass through. She drove to the park. Their family park had about six different cars including her own. Ireti always had a knack for jeeps and had opted for Kia Sportage when her father asked her to pick her choice.
The day he gave her the car felt like the best day of her life. She travelled all around the city with it and made everyone aware she had gotten the best of car. She went clubbing and returned home drunk. But for Kike, she might have been robbed. Even till date, she still wondered how Kike could work so fast and intentionally. She, basically, controlled everything in the house. Ireti too loved to make her see life the way it was. But Kike wouldn’t even touch some things like alcohol or anything to smoke.
The other car in the park belonged to her parents. Ireti hurried off to meet Kike. Then, she remembered her wallet and went for it as she shouted, “even hotel own no reach this one. Mummy’s hotel doesn’t have this strict measure”.
“Why didn’t you throw your phone today? I would have shown you what stuff I’m made of”, Chief George said and went off to keep reading his newspaper. The news was his information. He always looked for loopholes with the intention of banking on them for money.
Kike hissed and rushed to meet Kike, who was battling with a bag and the cake at the same time. If the table turned and Kike was the daughter of her father, men would have scrambled and fought for her attention. She held the power of men’s gaze any time they were together. But without much action, she always had a way of redirecting men’s attention to Ireti.
Before Kike could explain herself, Ireti grabbed the cake and rushed off. She dropped it on the roof of the car and fetched her key from her wallet.
“Babes, no vex. I was delayed in the traffic”, Kike muttered.
“No worries. Let’s go. I can’t get hold of Tolu”.
“Well, I’m here for you”.
Ireti turned and dropped the cake at the backseat. Kike battled with her seatbelt while Ireti started the car.
“You can’t understand. I’ve explained the details more to her”.
“God will save us from this your three-month-old best friend”, Kike interjected.
Ireti smiled. “It seems like forever”
She couldn’t believe they could be that close within a very short period. Tolulope had saved her from being raped or being used. She met her at a friend’s birthday party. That night, Ireti drank herself to stupor and redirected the attention of everyone to her that night. When she woke the next day, she met herself beside Tolu, who explained that she had to drag her to her own place, since her friends also were drunk and couldn’t drive.
Ireti was so grateful that she took her as the best of her friends. And truly, Tolu was better than every friend she had ever had. They enjoyed everything together and even her parents gave Tolu the same access Ireti had in the house.
Just as they drove off the park towards the gate, her mother stood in front of her car. Frowning, they both knew they were in for trouble.
‘What have you done this time?’ Ireti asked. Her hair was flowing with such grace that she couldn’t help smiling when she caught a reflection of herself in the mirror.
‘I’m not sure it’s me’.
‘It’s not me. I’ve been in this house since you went out to get the cake. She could have harassed me all these while’.
Mrs George came to Kike’s side of the window and knocked. “Where are you going with her, Kiki…?”
“Ma… Erm… We want to visit someone”.
“Have you forgotten I told you we were going to the supermarket together?”
“But… You were. I thought you were joking”
“Joking kwa!”
“Ah! Ma, we have somewhere important to be”
“More important than what I want from you”.
“No ooo. It’s just that...”
Ireti frowned. “Her mother… We will soon return. It’s a very quick one”.
Mrs George shook her head. “It does seem you two want to spend the rest of your day in my room”.
“Ah! Kiki, go o. Go. We will meet… You might still meet us there”.
Kike climbed down but didn’t complain. The manner with which she had been punished and flogged for doing such when she was still a teenager had helped her inculcate the good soldier habit. Mrs George made eyes at Ireti playfully. Ireti frowned and drove off.
Just when she got out of the earshot of her compound, she dialed Kike’s number.
“Hello... Are you alone? Can you talk?’
“Since you are no longer in the plan, it is still almost the same. The only slight difference here is that I’ll beep you as soon as I leave A.Y’s place. Your guys are to cross me at the junction opposite my house. Remember, you’re to make him or those crazy security men see that I have been kidnapped”.
“Alright. Everything is set. All the best”.
‘Good!’ She disconnected the call and hissed. ‘Stingy man’.
WATCHER typed: ‘Humming bird’s on the way’.

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Re: Don't! Look Closer- A Thriller By Akíntayo Akinjide by queenitee(f): 12:06pm On May 10
Please as a citizen of Fortune City, I deserve a seat at the front grin grin grin
Let's goan get the honey back from those who snatched it, We are the citizens of Fortune City, we don't take nonsense cheesy cheesy cheesy

*modified* We should love Kike, but it's just that the gentle looking ones in our city are not really gentle like that, you know our city is different

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Re: Don't! Look Closer- A Thriller By Akíntayo Akinjide by Divepen1(m): 12:18pm On May 10
Please as a citizen of Fortune City, I deserve a seat at the front grin grin grin
Let's goan get the honey back from those who snatched it, We are the citizens of Fortune City, we don't take nonsense cheesy cheesy cheesy
But everybody is important in our City.... So, next space is....

Behind the driver's seat....

*modified* We should love Kike, but it's just that the gentle looking ones in our city are not really gentle like that, you know our city is different

True citizen. Nobody is really good or gentle.
Re: Don't! Look Closer- A Thriller By Akíntayo Akinjide by queenitee(f): 12:34pm On May 10

But everybody is important in our City.... So, next space is....

Behind the driver's seat....

True citizen. Nobody is really good or gentle.
I will take the place
grin grin

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Re: Don't! Look Closer- A Thriller By Akíntayo Akinjide by Divepen1(m): 3:25pm On May 10
Chapter 2
Everyone deserves a good and shocking experience once in a while, Ireti thought as she sneaked through the little steps that led to Ayo’s flat. Unlike Ayo, though, the house was silent, sending her a wrong signal. He was either sleeping or not home. She remembered the first time she visited him; he was blasting music from his home stereos. She had to plead with him to reduce the noise because they were shouting instead of conversing,
However, at that point, she didn’t need to debate whether he was home or not because his door was slightly opened. The lemon color rugs that spread through the room and had been spiced with cream cushions were littered with red petals of roses. Her heart skipped beats as she looked at the different sides of the rooms.
She couldn’t contain her joy any longer but she was aware that screaming might ruin the surprise for Ayo. So, she dialed Tolu’s number but it was still switched off. How could Tolu forget such a day as this or even have her number switched off? No matter what happened, she needed to tell someone before she screamed her head off as a result of the excitement building up in her chest.
She dialed Kike’s number. The room was a small one with Ayo’s pictures framed and hanged on the army green wall serving as its major decorations. He could have put a big picture of her in a visible area of the room, she imagined. However, this was enough for her. She could use that idea whenever she was setting up a surprise wedding proposal for her clients.
Being one that loved surprises, she had established herself in creating memorable surprises for people as long as they could pay well. The day was always spiced with various photographers and some other things. Ayo must have picked an idea or two from her.
When the call to Kike got connected, she whispered “Hello, Kiki… Kiki… I think he wants to propose”.
Kiki screamed, “Oh! My God!!! Oh my God!!!”
Ireti froze. “Don’t ruin the surprise with your noise. I’ll call you later”.
She sneaked into the other part of the house. Where could he be hiding? She would have loved to capture the moment whenever they both surprised each other. She brought out her phone to take video coverage of the red petals scattered everywhere.
Her attention, however, was caught up in something new that made her take the video coverage with lesser concentration. The petals had been stepped upon in an erratic manner. How could Ayo plan to surprise her and still step on the things he got for her? She spun from side to side as she noticed that the petals reduced. Instead, she was now faced with Ayo’s red t-shirt, a lady’s blouse, Ayo’s belt, and a lady’s bra. Irked by their presence, she picked them like one picking worms off her path. She cringed and dropped the lady’s cloth immediately, hurrying off to his room. She stopped at the door. Holding her breath as if she was underwater, she opened the door.
‘This is a lie!!!’ She screamed and dropped the cake. Ayo was with someone else. Her scream jolted him to reality and made the lady poke her head. Tolulope, her friend, shrunk her head immediately and hid it beneath Ayo’s bewildered face.
Ireti dropped the cake. “What is happening here? What is this?”
“I thought… You said you travelled”.
“Tolu… You and my man! You’re both dead today. Oh! Oh!” She yelled and barged into the room. As she did so, her hand hits the key in its hole. She paused and spun towards the key as a crazy idea formed in her head. She stared at them for a while as Ayo began to mumble his plea. She pointed into the air. “I know what to do with you two”.
They trembled but she was less concerned. She removed the key from its hole, rushed out of the room and closed the door, which got stuck from the cake. She kicked the cake away, not minding the irritating effect it had on her footwear, dragged the door and finally locked it. If they knew what she wanted to do, they would cry for help. But she would make them taste hell and go to the place immediately. Their nemesis would have to happen faster than they anticipated. God would take the time to judge them or even forgive them. Karma, that bastard, will take time to judge them. But she would let them understand the rawness of immediate judgment.
She rushed to the kitchen and screamed as she switched on the gas cylinder. It hissed and she nodded satisfactorily. She picked a box of matches and walked out. She will destroy them. Ayo couldn’t fit into the range of even an average guy but she gave him everything and now he had taken her for granted. The two of them shouted and banged the door. They would assume she had left.
Ireti shouted, “You will die today”.
The two of them went silent and Ayo called to her. He told her how he loved her and how he could do anything for her. Indeed, he loved her and it wasn’t because of her rich father. In fact, the first time he met her was in a local canteen, Buka. That day, she wanted to enjoy herself without anyone using her as a case study that a rich person came to the canteen to eat. So, she and Kike boarded a bike to a Buka not very far from their home to have a great enjoyment of Amala and Gbegiri soup.
That was where he met her and told her she was acting with a class on her own and he would love to talk to her later. And that was their first meeting, so she couldn’t understand how he could stoop so low as to have sex with another woman. It had been rumored that a man could cheat and still loved his spouse. She wouldn’t need him to come back to declare his love to her.
She hurried out of the house and held her breathe. Panting like an athlete, she lit a stick of the matches, threw it into the house, locked the door, and sprinted off to her car with the speed of light. When she was sure she was somewhere safe, she stopped running and waited for the effect.
But nothing happened. She was stunned. Smokes from the fire ought to have shown in the house by now or was it because she closed the door. Nothing happened in the house and that rattled her. It would be a disaster for her to move near the house and be blown apart by it. She decided to countdown to ten. That would really help her in sorting her emotion.
They both betrayed her. The most annoying thing was that Tolulope was aware of her visitation. Why would she choose a day like that for her antics? At least, she could have deferred their illicit act and pretended. The only explanation she could give herself was that it was a confrontation from Tolu. She had been eyeing Ayo since she introduced them to each other. Most of the times, Ireti would assume she was only pulling her legs by telling her how sexy Ayo was.
The guy was bald naturally but he had a way of keeping his beard that enthralled her always. The beards made her heart skip beats anytime she saw him. Tall, dark and bearded, she had always dreamt of sons like him and didn’t bother about the incessant rants from her mother to avoid sex before marriage.
“Nothing is happening? What’s happening? Why is nothing happening? She muttered as she watched the house.
She hurried back to the door. They couldn’t have gotten out of the room to quell the fire. She moved nearer, hoping to hear cackles from burning materials. She touched the house and the door and was disgusted at their normal temperature. It meant the fire didn’t attract the gas she leaked into the air. Something was definitely wrong and she would get to the root of it. Her revenge must happen and nobody would stop her.
She gently opened the door, anticipating a blast but nothing happened. The air was rid of any stuffy smell. It could be she didn’t open the gas well. She sniffed the air to assure herself she wasn’t running into her death. But the air was clean.
Upon getting to the gas, she got the shock of her life. The gas cylinder wasn’t wheezing like it ought to. The air wasn’t choky; instead, it was normal. She bent near the gas and discovered it was empty.
“Ah” She cried as turned the screw repeatedly.
Her cried made those inside realize she was still around; they banged the door and called her name. She rushed over to the room to inflict her judgment on them but changed her mind
Tolu cried. “BFF, please…”
“BFF kill you there. I’m not those foolish girls you’ve encountered. The two of you will rot there.”
“Baby, please. I can explain. It was so sudden”, Ayo pleaded.
“Like rapture, idiot. That’s how you would have rotted in hell. gay. Whitewalker. Wildling. You, Tolu, you’re Ayammataga, you’re cursed. You will die like the leaves without water. Hunger will kill you here. Luckily for you, the door is not made of wood and there are burglaries here. You will die. Die and I will dance on your graveyards. You will die. I will be so happy that you won’t understand what has gotten over me. You are forsaken…”
She burst into tears and rushed to her car. Still blinded with tears, she didn’t see the nemesis awaiting her. She was still inserting her key into its hole when she noticed a flat tire.
Re: Don't! Look Closer- A Thriller By Akíntayo Akinjide by moseph(f): 5:51pm On May 10
eyah,ireti sorry o
Re: Don't! Look Closer- A Thriller By Akíntayo Akinjide by Divepen1(m): 6:50pm On May 10
eyah,ireti sorry o
Abi... A lot to take at the same time...
Re: Don't! Look Closer- A Thriller By Akíntayo Akinjide by muhammed50(m): 10:13pm On May 10
Divepen1 abeg you too good
Re: Don't! Look Closer- A Thriller By Akíntayo Akinjide by Divepen1(m): 1:35am On May 11
Divepen1 abeg you too good
Wawu... That's....

Thanks boss..
Re: Don't! Look Closer- A Thriller By Akíntayo Akinjide by Divepen1(m): 3:29am On May 11
Chapter 3

Her mind razed every idea that popped out for help in her head. She had no option than to call Kike again. The innocent girl would be her savior again. Different scenarios played in her head as she still couldn’t wrap her head around the fact that Ayo and Tolulope were together on the bed.
“Kiki, where are you?”She lamented when the call connected.
“We’re stuck in the spa. Mumsy wants to have massage and facial by force. And she made me also…”
“Can you come for me? My car’s tyre has deflated”.
“What of A.Y?”
“Leave there or that house will be a hell hole for you”.
“She won’t allow me. And you know I’m just courting her favour after these years”.
At that time, a bike man drove into the street with no passenger. Ideas formed in her head. What would people say about her using a bike for transport? She couldn’t even imagine the disdain it would bring to her reputation.
She knew Kike wouldn’t be able to leave her mother’s side until she wanted to release her. But she still had to try her luck again.”Will you come or what?”
“What’s wrong? It will take a while to get to you… We are on the Island”.
“You know what? Don’t bother. I’ll come home myself. I’ll find my way…”
“But babes…”
Ireti disconnected the call. For some odd reason, the bike man drove so slowly and she couldn’t fathom the reason for such awkward riding. Nevertheless, she needed to leave that area before she changed her mind about the duo in Ayo’s flat. She opened her car and picked her bag. Just as she locked her car, the bike man drove past her. She waved it down and had to withdraw because of the irritating way the man sneezed.
“George Avenue…” She murmured when she was sure he wouldn’t sneeze again. Despite her disconnection from the present world, she wouldn’t want to be bathed with the deadly mucus of a strange man.
“Ah! That place too far.” The bike man replied.
“Any amount you want to take”, she announced as she climbed the bike.
“If I say 700 naira, e no go do”, the bike man said. ‘We never talk about money finish you don climb bike!
“Let’s go. I’ll give you 2K”.
“Challe!!! Let’s go”.
The bike man drove off and her mind read like the novel, Helter Skelter. If the world could do just what she wanted, those two would have lost consciousness. Suddenly, the bike man stopped, jolting her back to reality. The street was empty. The estate, like one of those numerous expensive ones, housed the most silent people Ireti had ever encountered. Her mind needed solace. Tolu would have been the one to take care of that for her; however, she caused the pain.
Kike might eventually take the place of Tolu in her life. Nothing would make ever forgive Tolu. Her action portrayed how much of a backstabber she was and she wanted nothing to do with her anymore. Their relationship had snap short from that day. In fact, the sight of Ireti might eventually unearth the devil hidden in her. She preferred Tolu stayed in her own house and they not meet again because her life depended on her. The most painful aspect was that if they were on a war front, she would have allowed Tolu man the back because of the level of trust she had for her.
“Madam… Sorry o”, the bike man pleaded.
“Please, get down”
“Are you for real?”
Na for your good
The bike man hit different places on the bike and wouldn’t stop sneezing. The silence of the area was enough for her. The man’s disturbance would soon end. The rest of the week or month would be spent in her room and the only songs she wanted to listen to were all the songs titled betrayed or those with its theme. She would download them and put the playlist on auto-repeat.
“What’s all these? Why the delay?”
Madam, no vex. The thing just dey act like say he don drink kain kain”.
She moved a bit far. Her anger ought not to be expended on someone as useless as the bike man, whose cloth was enough to make one have an infection. All that mattered there was that she got home. And like out of fairy tale, a red Mustang drove into the area. Comparing it to a fresh tomato wouldn’t be enough to do it justice. The owner had taken the time to love-vendor it and that gave it an appeal she couldn’t understand.
Her heart lurched for it. Her prince charming had come, almost immediately to get her off the rubble her former lover and best friend had put her. She would jump at any opportunity. Her skin tone was enough to show any man how important she was. Luckily for her, her car’s key still hung from her hand.
The car slowed down in front of her and the driver wind down. He was one of those beard-gangs and that made her spin in her imagination. She totally forgot all her home training. Times like this happened once in a lifetime and she wouldn’t dare lose it to arrogance. The odor from the car was enough to show how classy the young man was. The air was lavender mixed with a little piece of rose and the coldness of the car’s AC.
That was what she always told men to do for ladies. They ought to give them the best treatment and scent always. Women were creatures of the nose. Like dogs, they had a sensitive nose.
“Beautiful wonder, why are you frying yourself in this wicked sun?” He asked in a cool voice that almost made her forget her name. The dream of every princess, looking glamorous, had just used a hot pickup line. Nothing could stop her from following him.
“My car had a flat tire and this bike I decided to take also stopped. I’ve got to get home”.
“No worries. Where’s home?”
“George Avenue”.
“Not my way but get in”.
“Aunty! My money”, the bike man called.
She opened the door and spun around with the most venomous look on her face. “Have we gone anywhere? Don’t let me display for you here”.
She climbed the car and could hear the faint yell of the bike man calling her stingy witch as she closed the door. She wouldn’t mind being whisked off the world to dreamland at that point in her life. The young man, who looked like one in his early 30s, had the features she needed in a man.
Where are your manners? She chided herself.
“Typical thing! Those things called vehicles- they can be both devils and angels. The car of a beautiful wonder breaks down. A handsome man like me sees her and gbam! We are married. I’m Bayode”.
She wondered what his problem was. He was too pompous for her liking. Very soon, they might clash as her egoistic part detested such men. If they eventually have things to do together, she wouldn’t want a man that might later have the desire to be her lord and savior. Wait! Why was she even thinking of a relationship with him when men had just shown her how much they could do? After her period of depression, she would show men the true color she was made of.
“Are you sure…?” Bayode asked. But she couldn’t take his repugnant nature anymore and she needed to put him in his place.
“Mr Man, shut up… If you want to…”
“Easy. Please, calm your nerves. Look at the car following us. It started since we left the other time?”
“How’s that my concern? I just want to get the hell out of here!”
Bayode peeped. Truly, a black 2015 Honda Civic trailed their path. She had no fear; the kidnappers were coming at the wrong time. They could have waited till she got to the gate. Everyone just had a problem with keeping their part of any deal. She hissed.
“It’s just that…” Bayode voice lingered off. A black Toyota Camry headed their way. His eyes darted between the side mirror, the windscreen, and the rearview. She wanted to tell him to calm down but it would do no good if she made him aware of the situation. Everyone talks eventually. He might rat her out and her father would definitely look for a way to make her pay everything she took from him.
“Why are they chasing you?” Bayode asked as he glanced about.
“Chasing me? They can’t possibly be chasing me?” She feigned ignorance.
“It’s not me. You must have done something to them!!!”
“If you don’t know what to say, don’t talk to me”, she retorted. Despite knowing he was right, she couldn’t allow him to go on with his belief. It would ruin everything.
“I’ve been driving through this area for years and I can categorically state this is the first time of seeing this rides”.
The car coming from the front obstructed their path and the occupants climbed down. They looked fiercer than regular fraudsters or was her mind playing a trick on her? They shouldn’t make her afraid. However, Bayode needed to have his share of fear and the best way to ensure that happened was when she ensured he had the same fear as she. She screamed.
One of the men, another equally handsome beard gang, marched towards them. These men would ruin every of her plan. Her father would only heed their calls if they had done it in front of the building. Now, he might demand a part of her body to ensure she was definitely the one they kidnapped. He always believed she doctored everything to swindle him. Yet, his fear had elements of the truth: all she did have always been to make money using the simplest of things, thanks to Kike.
“Get out”, the leader barked. Despite his goatee, she couldn’t endure the cracks in his voice. They reminded her of her Ayo.
“What do you want?” Bayode screamed as he covered his head with his hand. The men brandished crude weapons such as cutlass and she would have hissed had Bayode not being there. How could they have imagined anyone would be afraid of such ludicrous weapons?
“Get down before I decapitate you. I’m sure you know the meaning of the word. De- means to extract from something. Cap means to… You understand what I mean. I’ll have your head rolling on the street”, the leader yelled.
They led Bayode and Ireti into their own Camry and drove them off. One of them followed them in Bayode’s car. She glanced at Bayode and mirrored him by whimpering. They couldn’t possibly harm him.

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present twice, name anwsered, space booked, sit grabed, pop corn finished, juice also finished about to get something alcoholic cus this is sure gonna be a long ride full of suspense.
Re: Don't! Look Closer- A Thriller By Akíntayo Akinjide by Divepen1(m): 12:22pm On May 11
~Chapter 4~

Their journey took them a while but she wasn’t in the least concerned. Her heart was too broken to fiddle with the idea of knowing where they were. No matter where they were, she needed a space to herself. Her mind was befuddled at the moment and she just couldn’t understand how to stop the pain. Tolu had really made her go through a pain she couldn’t recover from.
If she was a regular girl, Ireti wouldn’t have found the situation painful. Now, she couldn’t think much about any other thing. To her chagrin, Bayode kept shouting at the men to release him. The blindfolds prevented from seeing what was happening around but she preferred it. She hated Bayode’s egoistic view of life. She lived a better life than he but she had kept quiet and only feigned tears for the few times. Why can’t he learn from one that lived in wealth?
The men dumped her into a chair. They were too rough for her liking. They didn’t take a second glance at her but she wouldn’t even know because of the blindfolds. She banked on the moment to cry her eyes out. The surreal view of Tolu and Ayo lingered on her mind. Tears found its way through her cheek to her nose, and she sniffed.
‘Aww… She’s crying’, someone said. If life could give her one chance at this, she wanted to keep running from everything and this kidnapping was the only way to do that. Nothing spoke of wealth in her life. Her stingy father couldn’t part with his money easily for her to travel the way many others have. The emptiness of her life kept gnawing at her. Even the alcohol she found solace in hadn’t been able to fill it. She wanted an out of everything she knew and this was the perfect way to do that.
Someone pulled their head covers and that gave Bayode the opportunity he sought. He lamented about how much he must have been mistaken with someone else. Ireti stared at them for a while, hungry and wishing that she could understand why her day seemed cursed. But she accepted the blame. When Kike came late from getting the gate, she should have understood that life meant something else for her. Now, she was soaked in the pain of the knowledge. She moaned again as the memory of her Unclad lover and best friend came again.
“If life gives you a lemon, make lemonade out of it” read the cloth of the head kidnapper. It disgusted her.Everything about it made her squirm. A wise criminal should understand that nothing of such should be seen around them. But what did she know? Moreover, the maxim repulsed her. It would have been better if nothing bad had happened to her that day. Now, she couldn’t help but compare her situation with lemon. No lemonade can be birth from it. The soar taste clung to her heart and she couldn’t see the honey that would reproduce it for her.
A young man who would be in his late teens tied them and she wondered if he would get his right cut of whatever money they made. As much as she might want to find it interesting, these guys were beginning to take it too seriously. The plan should have been that she would sit on the couch while they carried out the transaction with her father. Now, the boy tied her as if everything in him hated her for being rich. With Bayode present, she couldn’t have a straight conversation with them.
The young guy moved over to Bayode, who only sat still because the one with the motivational polo pointed cutlass at him.
“Rasheed!!! Come here, now!” Someone shouted from the other rooms in the building they were taken to. She looked about and couldn’t help but detest their taste. They should have gone for something more comfortable. Now, she would have to keep up with their impoverished lifestyles.
The young man ran off. The one with the motivational cloth walked to and fro the room. He spun like someone controlled and pointed the cutlass at them.
‘Now, you will call your father’, he ordered.
Bayode sat up. The redness of his eyes made her feel like laughing at him. She couldn’t believe he could exhibit any form of fear when she looked calmer. If they hadn’t brought him, she wouldn’t have had to keep up appearances. His eyes bulged as he looked from the door to their assailant and the cutlass.
“Why will you call my father?” Bayode asked.
Their assailant shook his head, disgusted. “Why will anyone call your father? Is he a rich man?
Bayode shook his head. She loved to watch the event play out. Her mind played on the words she would use whenever she recounted it to Kike. Tolu wouldn’t hear a word of it.
“Is he a renowned art collector?” The kidnapper questioned again.
Bayode shook his head again. She wanted them to skip to the part where they were threatening her but there was no harm in having a little fun while doing it.
“Then, you keep your mouth before I ruin it with my fist”, the kidnapper said.
Bayode seized the moment. “If so, let me go. I don’t have any reason to be here”.
The kidnapper smiled and strutted towards him, hitting his palm with the side of the cutlass. She felt like spending the whole year watching their drama. But Bayode wouldn’t keep his mouth shut. From the way he handled her the other time, he wouldn’t have guessed she was Chief George’s daughter. Nothing could come out of him. His presence was tainting what they could have started.
“When your mother was praying for you, she forgot to pray about you not helping the wrong persons. This, lady, here has been under our radar for a while”, the kidnapper said.
“Please. Cover my face. Our faces were covered before we entered this compound. Do the same. I just want to get home to my wife”.
Infuriated, the kidnapper shook his head. “Heys. Kingston… Bring me that second cutlass. I need to cut someone’s lips”.
Her eyes widened because the kidnapper looked serious. She couldn’t watch such a thing happen to someone because of her. They could reach an agreement without anyone getting hurt. The only person she would love to punish was her father. No other person should be involved and she knew she had to interfere but if he refused their offer they could do anything they wanted with him.
“Please, leave him. He’s not involved. He just helped me. He’s not part of us”, she said and looked away.
“Part of whom?” The kidnapper asked.
“What do you mean us?” The kidnapper asked again. This time, he looked too serious for her. She didn’t like the way he was taking the pretence too far.
“The plan we had”.
“I don’t understand you”, the kidnapper said.
“The plan we had with Kiki”, she blurted out. The look on his face made her fear for her life. Why will Kike make the men forget their duty? Their treatment to her should be only psychologically and not the awkward sneer she saw on his face.
The kidnapper laughed. She sighed. He edged towards her. “Well, I don’t love Kiki. Only Drake does. I don’t know any Kiki”.
She squirmed at his bad breath. “What do you mean you don’t know Kiki? We planned all these together. She just refused to make me know you guys because we had the intention of making sure I’m surprised”.
The kidnapper swallowed hard. Everything that had sound suddenly seemed to have lost them. She tried to remember the place she had seen that look before. Kike always had that look whenever one was giving wrong information or had missed the topic of discussion. The kidnapper’s drama was having its negative effect on her and she couldn’t take it anymore.
He shook his head like before. “This is madness. You’re mad. You can see your life in public. You’re so used to AC and the first time you’ll experience real heat, you became mad”.
“Please, I don’t like this joke”, Ireti cried. She glanced at a daze Bayode.
“So, your… What’s that name again…? Do you love me? Yes… Kiki. Your Kiki got me to be your comedian”.
“Is the cut not enough? We will increase it. Don’t do this. We can do other businesses together. Don’t be greedy”.
He placed the cutlass under her nose. The wetness shook her “Are you out of your mind? This isn’t a joke. This is you leaving your father’s life unless he pays us. Can you smell it?”
The kidnapper’s fierce look said it all. She had truly been kidnapped. Her mind raced through all the things she had hoped to do with the money. Why was life treating this? She burst into tear. Bayode shifted in his seat and turned his head towards her.
“So, you planned all this?” He yelled. Her mind couldn’t contain the shock. Bayode faced the kidnapper. “ Bros… Bros… I’m not a part of this nuisance. Let me go”.
Ireti cried louder. The kidnapper placed the cutlass under her lips. She muffled her tears. Without any iota of doubt, she had played herself into the hands of real kidnappers. Her life had just become ruined by the error on her part.
“Madam, stop crying”.
She nodded but couldn’t stop the flowing tears. Now, someone was truly getting the money she wanted all along but she wouldn’t get a share of it.
The kidnapper moved back and brought out a phone from his pockets. “Whose phone is this?”
“It’s not mine”. Bayode replied. She didn’t have to look at it.
“Then, it’s the crying baby’s own. See, we are not maltreating you. When we are done, you can still do what you and your friends have planned. All of you are thieves. You, your father… And everyone in Nigeria. Do you know how much he sells one of those arts? He made billions from the last art he collected. The man is a thief. You too, his daughter, are a thief. All of you”.
Bayode interfered. “We are sorry”.
If the Kidnapper hadn’t been angry the whole time, he became angry that he ran toward Bayode and waved the cutlass at him. Ireti watched as the sharp cutlass danced in front of Bayode’s eyes and couldn’t help imagining the pain it would bring if it touched her.
“Are you deaf? Don’t you know your father again? Please, don’t ruin my happiness. Don’t you dare! I’m happy and I’m enjoying the imagination of joy. Don’t make me angry”.
“Sorry, sir. But plea…”
Ireti cried, “please, let us go”.
“Look at their mouths like please… Yen… Yen…”
He stopped talking and looked down at his hand like someone hallucinating. Like one on fire, he hurriedly pressed every button on the phone. She could do anything to get out of that place. Her life had never been this threatened. She burst into tears.
The kidnapper hurried off to the door. “One of you, guys come o. This phone is off”.
“It’s the battery o. Or it wants me to touch it”, she called.
The kidnapper hissed. “Why do you like to scheme. You are not going anywhere”.
Rasheed, the kidnapper that tied them, hurried into the house. His tennis boots made the impression that he had made a lot of money from the business of kidnapping. She wondered how much he must have made to wear such expensive one at a location as that. Her eyes roved over him.
The kidnaper torturing them pointed it at the new one. “Open our new car and plug this phone in it”
“Which new car?” Rasheed asked.
“I hate you. You don’t know simple coded language. New… Did we bring any car here? In fact, I’ll do it myself”.
He collected the phone and marched out of the room, banging the door behind him.
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present twice, name anwsered, space booked, sit grabed, pop corn finished, juice also finished about to get something alcoholic cus this is sure gonna be a long ride full of suspense.
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ahead ahead we are diving in, from planed gobe to real gobe. We dey watch shaa
Re: Don't! Look Closer- A Thriller By Akíntayo Akinjide by Divepen1(m): 1:58pm On May 11
ahead ahead we are diving in, from planed gobe to real gobe. We dey watch shaa
Indeed ooo...
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Re: Don't! Look Closer- A Thriller By Akíntayo Akinjide by Ann2012(f): 2:14pm On May 11
Serious gobe

*Bar man* gimme Ciroc pls wink
It's gonna be along ride

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Serious gobe
*Bar man* gimme Ciroc pls wink It's gonna be along ride
Presently present boss
Welcome o
One bottle of ciroc for the lady...
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~Chapter 5~

She sat in silence and waited for Bayode to berate her as if she brought the kidnappers upon them. But he didn’t talk and that roused her curiosity. She glanced at him only to see him battling with the rope used in tying him. How could he have loosened the rope? The boy tied hers so tightly that her wrists were hurting. She took it upon herself to listen for their kidnappers while Bayode wriggled out of the rope. Instead of their impending fury, all she could hear were rancor from them.
Within a few seconds, Bayode’s hands were tugging at the rope used in tying her. Her heart yearned for a way to thank him. She wanted to hug him at the same time run for her life. She chose the latter because he did the same. They listened at the door for a while and didn’t hear anyone approaching. Assured of their safety, he opened the door and ensured it didn’t creak. The men kept yelling and hurling abusive words at each other. She wouldn’t mind running all the way home and was excited when they met Bayode’s car door opened and ready for them. The men had plugged her phone to a charger and left the door ajar. They sneaked into it. The gates were left ajar too.
But she didn’t and wouldn’t mind. As she settled in the car and expected him to drive off, Bayode longed for the dashboard, not minding that his hand was grazing her breast. He took a screwdriver from the dashboard, rushed out and pushed it into the valve of the tires of their kidnappers’ car. She was mystified. Had it been she escaped without his help, she wouldn’t have thought of that.
Without wasting any time, Bayode grabbed the hand gear and released it. Her mind couldn’t contain it anymore. Nothing could beat his sluggishness. They should have been speeding off but he didn’t even start the car. The noise from the guys stopped. Her heartbeat increased as she cringed to hear them continue in the making of their noise. The car drove off without making any noise. Luckily for them, the slope allowed it and the car sped off without him starting it. She couldn’t take it anymore.
She whispered, “drive”.
He leaned towards her and gave her a cold glare. Nobody would have gone scot-free from her razor tongue had it been on another occasion, but the occasion warranted that she kept her cool.
“Watch me”.
That spooked her. “Drive, my friend”.
“Shut up or I send you out”.
“Eh! Please ooo…”
Bayode started the car and zoomed off. The men were now outside. They rushed after them and Bayode didn’t give them another minute before they were out of view. He exhaled and yelled. He picked his phone and dialed a number. “Baby, help me thank God!!!”
She hissed and wondered if she should call her father and explain the situation to him or simply call Kike. She chose the latter.
Re: Don't! Look Closer- A Thriller By Akíntayo Akinjide by Divepen1(m): 12:49pm On May 12
~Chapter 6~

Their journey away from their kidnappers became a wearisome one after they had driven for a while. They weren’t been followed any more but they kept travelling at a high speed. Ireti had tried to contact her father but her network’s reception was poor. She hissed and shifted in the seat. Everything made her sad. She needed hot water to bathe. Her head swirled with imaginations of the things Tolu and Ayo might have done to each other.
With the little knowledge about sex she garnered from Tolu, she could only imagine half of what she would have done to him. Nothing felt could clean her thought off it. At other time, the thought of what the kidnappers might have done to her made her squirm. Bayode reduced the speed of the drive and looked about.
“Do you have an incline of where we might be?” He asked.
“How will I know?”
He sneered. “Were they not your people?”
Rolling her eyes, she turned to stare at the bush. The leaves laid on each other in perfect harmony and her heart yearned for such experience.
“I don’t have time to discuss this rubbish with you... You know what? Call… No… Switch on your Google map”, Bayode commanded.
“What’s that?”
He glanced at her and back at the road. “Don’t let me change it for you”.
She sat straight and shrugged. “When I don’t understand what you mean?”
“How will you understand when the only thing you know how to do is to scheme up evil plans”, he mumbled.
“Please, don’t try to be a sanctimonious person here”.
“Open your apps. Look for Google map and in fact… Where’s my phone?”
He picked his phone and unlocked. Her eyes followed his action as his eyes swung between the content of the phone and the road. Without knowledge of what he meant, she couldn’t render any help. Yet, she looked at his phone intently, hoping to understand what he needed and reduce the stress on him. At that point, something caught her attention. She edged nearer and saw his wallpaper.
“What picture is that? It looks like that of our house”, she commented.
Bayode stared at her for a while and hissed. “This house is popular. We all know it. Wait… Is this your house? You’re Mr George’s daughter?”
She looked away. “That thing you did to their tyre…You seem good at it”.
“Anybody can do it”.
She shrugged and relaxed. Like one drunk in the process of seduction, she allowed her hands to roll her hair. She had to take his mind off who she was. “It’s just too convenient. You have a screwdriver. You met me on the way”.
“What are you insinuating?”
“I don’t know. I’m just saying…”
“Say what you want to say and trek to your house” Bayode replied as he fiddled with his phone. He clicked repeatedly and that got on her nerves. She couldn’t understand why he didn’t feel charmed by her or her father’s name.
“I’m not saying anything. You know my tire too became flat for no reason”.
Bayode looked up at her with a big scowl masking his beauty. “What has that got to do with me? Now, you’re getting on my nerves. Keep shut before I decide you’re no longer worth helping”.
She gave the air a backhand slap. “Have you gotten the place?”
Bayode mumbled. “No wonder she is spoilt”.
He dropped the phone and faced her. “Call your parents.”
“I’m not your servant”.
“So, they will know where to pick you”, Bayode said as he started the car.
She blinked repeatedly and slowly turned towards him even as she pulled the seatbelt across herself. “What do you mean?”


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Re: Don't! Look Closer- A Thriller By Akíntayo Akinjide by Divepen1(m): 12:51pm On May 12
~Chapter 7~

They travelled for a while in silence and Ireti adored the moment until Bayode began his rants about her mischievousness. She refused to take the bait to have another squabble with him. Well, if she didn't intend to talk, he finally found the way to get to her because, in a short while, her voice escalated as she pelted him with insults. If one could find words on the body of the receiver, Bayode might have been disfigured by her vulgar words but she didn't relent. He had removed the lid of her basket mouth and she would suffocate him with her foulness.
Suddenly, he swerved to the side of the road and stepped out of the car. She realized what he intended to do and it occurred to her that she had gone beyond her boundaries. So, she held tightly to the seat. Nothing could get out of the car. Bayode marched to her side of the car and swung it open, while a big scowl configured his face.
"Get off! You’re cursed. Your day is cursed".
She shook her head and held on to the chair as if it was her saving grace. Her eyes dashed from the surroundings to the place they were. If what she saw in the place were true, she couldn't remain alone in the place filled with forest and tall trees. Funnily, they all chose that period to remain still just as the sound of people cracking sticks got to her.
"Please. Just help me home. I don’t like you but I trust you".
He scoffed. "Have I also told you that your mouth is uncouth? You are rude. Just leave. Get down".
That was the height of it. She couldn't stand him for talking to her as if he gave birth to her. Despite the wealth and affluence of her father as well as the authority he should have wielded over, her father respected her and never talked to her in such a demeaning manner. Nothing could have been as disastrous as that.
She climbed down the car but refused to give him room to lock the door until she knew her stand. Bayode moved to the side and waited for her to move out so he could close the door of the car but she held on to it with all her strength. She hated the situation she was in. Whoever those kidnappers were, she couldn't help but pray that ill luck ruins each of their endeavors. Firstly, they made her keep up with the ego of Bayode and then they made her miss the opportunity to get enough money from her father.
She dialed her father's number and watched with trepidation as Bayode fought the urge to pull her off his car. He continually twisted his head from side to side and the only thing she could assume was that he was battling his demons. She knew how repulsive she could be if she wanted to be and also knew nothing could move her from her present position. Her phone vibrated.
"Daddy! Help me!"
"Baby girl! Where are you?" Her father asked.
She heaved, knowing it would take her a lot of convincing to prove that she had been kidnapped. "I was kidnapped".
"I should have called mummy".
Her father scoffed. "She doesn’t think. I do. Let’s hear your lies".
I escaped. Someone helped me". She then proceeded to explain everything to him and the way Bayode decided to leave alone on the empty scary road.
Chief George shouted, "Are you serious? Who dares kidnap my child?"
His behavior mystified her. She didn't need him to care about her at that point, all she needed was for him to either send a rescue team or talk some senses into Bayode.
"Daddy, leave that one. The guy is refusing to bring me home. He wants to dump me on the side of the road".
"Is he insane?"
"I'm thinking so too".
"Give him the phone".
Ireti wheezed and pointed the phone at Bayode. "My dad wants to speak with you".
He shook his head and gestured that she left the side of the car. "I’m not talking to anyone. Just leave".
Nothing could hurt her than what she needed to do but at that point, none of her array of wealth could be as powerful as his stance. So, she chose to do it anyway. "I’m sorry".
He stared at her for a few seconds. "Good! Your brain is working…"
"If I…" She started saying but paused. They both stared at each other. But for what had happened, she might have spurted out every detail of imperfection about him and how it hurt her to be at his mercy.
"Talk. You were saying? Say something and end your chance".
Bayode collected the phone. "Hello!"
She shook her head at the thought of her father saying her mother wasn't a thinker. He had always belittled the smartness and craftiness of Ireti and her mother. If life had done it better, he probably would have made Kike his daughter. She had overheard him at numerous times telling his business partners how much he loved Kike because she had proven she was of their blood. That always aggravated Ireti but she had no jurisdiction in her father's company and wouldn't want to go through the gruesome methods that involved the production of the money. To her, Kike acting like their factory worker could continue in the production of money for the family while she remained the heir. Most times, the thought of that gave her hope and made her ignore her father's snide comment. Kike displayed overzealousness but Ireti would be the fox, looking for a loophole. She had to remain the fool so that her father wouldn't see her coming from another corner. Despite the failure of her kidnapping, she still had more craftiness in her purse.
Bayode eyed her and said, "Yes sir. But she won’t stop talking to me as if I’m her slave. So, I’m dropping her here".
She wished to snatch the phone off his hand and drive off but she couldn't pull the phone off his hands and still have the time to lock every part of the car just to escape. Moreover, she couldn't point to their present location on a map. Bayode argued with her father and finally accented that he would leave her if she acted rudely to him again. Thus, he pointed the phone to her and trudged towards the driver's seat.
She hurriedly talked to her father to be assured of her fate. "Thank you. Hello! Daddy! Please, I don’t what you told him but let him keep doing it".
"Yes, my dear. He has agreed to bring you home. Just come home safely and don't abuse him".
She wished she could abstain from give him a good description of how obnoxious he was. Nothing could ever happen between them even if he was dying. She used to be a good girl, one that rarely talked but when she got to the University, her parents ensured she became friends with some rich spoil saucy twats. Although she had her way of making snide comments but being there with those girls made her blossom like a flower. She became an expert in berating others and making them stay in their places.

Like before, everyone from the group awaited the next post. It had been silent after the last person updated that he would be among them soon. The group members, at their different locations, were on the lookout for something positive. Their plan, like always, was working. And they all waited for the one everyone named "T. Horse". And it came at last:
Ready for extraction.

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abeg,gimme cup here i wan sip something after this chapters
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