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Re: Don't! Look Closer- A Thriller By Akíntayo Akinjide by Divepen1(m): 10:09am On May 13
~Chapter 8~

Bayode drove on and she couldn't even remember if they travelled that far when they were kidnapped. After what seemed like forever, they drove into their street. She had never wanted to get home like she did that moment. Bayode reduced the pace of the car and parked outside their home. Her parents, Kike, Ayo and Tolu awaited her return. She had every inclination to jump on both Ayo and Tolu to injure them for their betrayal but she held her calm as she climbed down. Moreover, everything about her spelt tiredness.
Tolu shifted from side to side like a water lily. She wondered why Bayode refused to drive into their compound. Others would have killed to enter their compound but the egoistic idiot refused to enter their compound. Well, she was aware that her father will give him a certain amount of money and she will pay people to help her siphon the money from his account. With every ounce of strength remaining in her, she could vouch for Kike that she would have people to handle the case. Eventually, they would share the money in the ratio fifty, thirty, and twenty.
Her mother rushed towards her and in fact helped in the opening of the door. As expected, her mother cried like a baby. “Ah! My daughter. God. I thank God o”.
She rolled her eyes in disgust. At the moment, the only thing that mattered to her was a hot bath and a long sleep. Yet, she couldn’t let the situation at hand pass without her making them run for her life. After her recuperation, her fury would destroy the lives of the two that betrayed her. “What are those two doing here? How did you get here? How did you get out?”
They looked morose. She flipped her hand and walked by her mother’s side towards the open arms of her father. He had never found the time to hug her and there he was doing so. She remained in his arms for some seconds and couldn’t explain how she found solace in them. The last time she ever got such an opportunity was when she graduated and ran to hug him in appreciation of his help.
Chief tapped her back and urged her on by holding her shoulder. Then, he gently pushed her forward as he stared into her eyes. She saw a genuine appreciation in them. Luckily for them, the members of her street spent the majority of their rich lives in their various compounds; she would have been disgusted by the embarrassing situation.
Chief turned to Bayode. “My son, please, drives inside. I want to hear how it happened”.
Ireti smiled. She knew her father had the intention of getting to the root of the situation, to be sure they were truly kidnapped and she would bank on that for the next phase of action.
“Dad! Hope you have the intention of giving him something?”
“Of course! I promised him something”, he replied as he strutted towards the frustrated Bayode.
“What did you promise him?”
“It’s between us”, Chief murmured and placed a hand over Bayode’s shoulder. That disgusted Bayode in a sort of way because his frustrated look changed to bewilderment.
Ireti turned to Bayode. “How much did he promise you?”
“Don’t worry”, Chief retorted and pointed towards Bayode’s car.
“Idiot. Don’t let him give you 100k. Because, if not for you, maybe he will be paying those people hundreds of millions”.
That rattled Chief. “You belittle me. I promised him a million naira”.
“I knew it. Ah! A million naira when you could have lost more than 100 million. Will 5 million or even 15 million naira do anything for you. You’re…” Ireti yelled and walked away but was stopped by Kike, who hugged her tightly. She felt like crying into her shoulder. The one they had always taken for granted had become the cornerstone of the family and had become her own most trusted ally. She needed her shoulder to make her feel she was back at home.
“I will increase it” Chief George shouted after her then turned toward Bayode. “My son, come in”.
“Sir, let’s do what we want to do here”, Bayode replied. Ireti couldn’t be more irritated.
“My son, don’t mind my daughter’s behaviors. Come in. Let’s talk. I want to know my enemies”.
Mrs George interfered. “The car is disfiguring the house. Bring it inside”.
Ireti moved out of Kike’s grasp. She had finally gotten the opportunity to rant her head off. She gave her father a cold glare and hoped he didn’t understand what she had running in her mind
“Jones! Jones! Open the barricade”, Chief George called.
Jones stepped out. “But boss! We’ve not scanned his car”.
Chief George nodded and glanced at Ireti. The look on her face said it all. He turned towards the ready Jones. “Open something before I terminate your job here”.
Ireti sighed and moved aside as Bayode drove into the house. With the pace of a snail, they entered the house and she slumped into a bed. Kike raced off to get her a cold bottle of Ciroc. Her mother always disapproved of it but she dared not give any of her crazy warnings at that moment. Mrs George owned a hotel that had been patronized by the high and mighty. From her experience as the owner of the hotel, she always believed taking alcohol would alter people’s state of mind.
Ireti became lost in her thought and didn’t realize when Bayode finished explaining how things happened. Her father probably didn’t believe and she didn’t care. All that mattered at that instance was for him to forward the money to Bayode’s account. She glanced Kike, who kept moving about in the house, helping out in one way or the other.
At one time, she came to whisper something to Chief and that made him look flustered. He whispered back at her, she nodded and whispered at him. Whatever she said brightened his face; he nodded, looked at her, shook his head in admiration and patted her shoulder.
“Do that”, he commanded loudly.
Ireti needed an out at the moment. But for a little respect for her parents, she would have been out of the parlour and in the comfort of her room. Then, Tolu started crying as she began to explain what transpired between her and Ayo. They went on their knee to beg her. She couldn’t look for a more degrading way of going down than what the two of them had done for her. Now, she would get to the club, when she was fully rested, look for any available orgy and return home drunk and wasted.
With her legs on her favourite wing chair, she clamped the cushion to her body and watched the event unfold. Her parents became the judge and the jury of the case, forgetting the agitated Bayode.
“What do you want me to do at this time? You all heard their journey and how it was. Let’s settle this some other day. They need to rest”, Chief George said.
“I’m really disappointed in you especially Tolulope”, Mrs George added.
That excited the anger in Ireti as she shook her head despondently. “And I took her like a sister”.
“I’ve told you to stop talking like a fool. Sisters do worse. Were you not here when your mother’s sister wanted to…” Chief grumbled as his hand caressed the artificial flower vase on a stool beside his seat.
Her mother shot him a killing look. “Ahn Ahn! Chief… We have a stranger among us”.
“There are no strangers… Who… They are all part of the… Oh! My son! He will soon be my son. The boy helped our daughter”.
Mrs George nodded and rolled her eyes. “Indeed”.
“But don’t assume things about family and what they can do. The only thing you should do is to express your disappointment with your friend”.
Ireti yawned. “Me. I’m tired”.
Bayode edged forward in his seat and glanced at Mrs George. “Please, can I use the toilet?”
Chief George nodded repeatedly. “Of course. That’s why I insisted that you must eat here. My wife has big plans for you. Kike is cooking”.
Mrs George agreed with him. “Yes o. God will never leave you, and we too. You will see the true reward for helping our daughter even before God blesses you”.
Kike!!! Where are you?” Chief called.
“I’m in the kitchen”.
Ireti wished she could whisk Kike to her room for a full body massage. Chief turned to her and she would have loved to reject the offer but that would be the best chance for her to escape.
“Ireti, take your savior to the toilet”, Chief said. That hit her hard.
“God is my savior and I’m not returning to this parlour again. I’m fagged out”.
She rose and gestured for him to follow her as she heard her father say, “back to you two. What type of feeling could make you betray your friend? If you haven’t done that, my daughter will be safe”.
She hissed. She knew what he actually meant was that he wouldn’t be paying Bayode if nothing had happened.


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Re: Don't! Look Closer- A Thriller By Akíntayo Akinjide by Fijumokesayo(f): 11:16am On May 13
Welcome to the team. Abeg, let's give her seat 6 behind Queenitee and Ann2012 of Maroon City. They can gist you about Fortune City...

Thanks for allowing me be part of the family Boss
Re: Don't! Look Closer- A Thriller By Akíntayo Akinjide by Divepen1(m): 11:59am On May 13

Thanks for allowing me be part of the family Boss
You're welcome..
Re: Don't! Look Closer- A Thriller By Akíntayo Akinjide by Ann2012(f): 7:12am On May 14
Welcome to the team. Abeg, let's give her seat 6 behind Queenitee and Ann2012 of Maroon City. They can gist you about Fortune City...

Sit and enjoy dear
Re: Don't! Look Closer- A Thriller By Akíntayo Akinjide by queenitee(f): 8:37am On May 14
The George's family is one hell of a family grin grin Drama Family.
Re: Don't! Look Closer- A Thriller By Akíntayo Akinjide by Divepen1(m): 9:44am On May 14
The George's family is one hell of a family grin grin Drama Family.
Like madt..
Re: Don't! Look Closer- A Thriller By Akíntayo Akinjide by Divepen1(m): 11:22am On May 14
~Chapter 9~

The moment Ireti pointed the toilet to him and left, Bayode brought out his phone and checked out for the map Insider gave to him. Despite studying it for days, he still found it hard that he needed the picture to get to the back of the house. He hurried to the back of the house and met it opened.
He sneaked out through the back of the house and crawled towards the garage. Luckily for him, the Spanish garage tiles gave him a higher chance of moving without much noise. He opened the trunk of his car and Idowu, the head of the kidnapping team, T.Horse short for Trojan horse, climbed out of the car.
“What took you so long? I could have been suffocated?”
“Like hell, you could” Bayode replied and crawled off. Idowu followed his cue. When they got to the back of the house, they stood upright. Bayode wondered why a large house as that wouldn’t have maids. Insider had complained about the tightfistedness of Chief George but he never assumed it would be as worse as that. The man had the gut to promise him a million naira despite the collections of arts and the money he made from it. He was willing to pay a million naira.
Had he conceded to the desire of the members to kidnap the saucy girl, they would have been left with a few million. Then, he caught sight of something with Idowu. He spun towards him and whispered, “I said no guns”.
“That’s your rule”.
Bayode stared at him “That’s our rule. If you kill someone what will happen?”
“It’s only for precaution. This money is now or never”.
They entered the house and he pointed out a room to Idowu. “She said the room is there. Good luck!”
Bayode rushed off to the room as he reined his anger to shout at Idowu, who despite being smarter than any other person he had ever worked with, loved flaunting rules. That could be the bane of the group. He typed into the group: T. Horse is broken. Rendezvous in 20m at Queenitee’s.
Re: Don't! Look Closer- A Thriller By Akíntayo Akinjide by Divepen1(m): 11:26am On May 14
~Chapter 10~

8 hours before, Bayode tailed Ireti after he had typed ‘Cake has arrived’. Their journey took a while but he had to stick to following her from afar. Luckily for him, he didn’t need to worry about being discovered because she wasn’t knowledgeable about counter-surveillance.
He stopped at the corner of the street and was met by the one the group named Bike man, Moses Pedro. Bike man, who was his partner, parked his car near him, looking ecstatic. His dreads, spicing his fair complexion, always made him different from other members of the groups since he was always careful about his fashion sense. It took all the time in the world to convince him to wear the drabbest cloth they could ever find. Yet, he still had the whiff of perfume on him that made Bayode shake his head in revulsion.
They exchanged greeting by only hitting their knuckles against each other’s and they leaned against his bike, which was at a vantage point to watch the house Ireti entered. But they didn’t have to wait for long before she ran out of the house like one that was chased by a wild lion. They jumped into hiding.
Moses couldn’t see well from his new position. “What’s she doing?”
“She’s running towards her car”.
Excited, Moses spun around and called out, “my turn…”
“Wait…” Bayode groaned.
This brought the bike man to a halt. He peeped again. “What is she doing?”
Bayode placed his hand on his lips as he watched her stare at the house. He had heard of her antics and wondered what she was doing. “ She hasn’t seen the tyre”.
“Don’t let us miss her before she calls someone for help”.
Bayode glanced at him and back at her. “Are you daft? How can she board the bike when she hasn’t seen the car?”
“What’s the hold-up?”
“Calm your nerves”, he said and gritted. Everything in him wanted to scream at him to keep quiet but he didn’t need to before Moses talked again.
“Why can’t you just ask for ransom for kidnapping her? Instead of all these processes…”
Bayode grunted and refused to answer until a young girl hawking goods walked passed them. “ Don’t be a fool. All you will get is roughly a billion. Then, the police will trace our lives. We might kill her mistakenly because we are threatening her. But this one... We will steal a simple bust and auction it on the black market for close to fifty billion”.
Bayode’s mind went to the number of small art thieves that must have been patronizing Chief George, the African richest art collector. He just couldn’t bring himself to be under him for any reason. The foreigners paid well and it was better he sold the arts before those press began reporting the estimated price of the art. That had always devalued the price of the arts on the black market.
The artwork Chief George had been rumoured to be what everyone in the world wanted but they couldn’t look for it publicly. The people that owned had always kept in secret. So, anyone who had the privilege of seeing couldn’t take a picture of it. So, seeing this same art on a forum spooked him to drop every other work he aimed for and planning towards it. Now, the idiot, Moses, wanted him to aim for something lower.
They waited a bit at the corner, with Moses, pacing. Then, Ireti rushed out and saw the deflated tire. He snapped his fingers repeatedly at Moses.
“Go! Go! She’s on the phone”.
Moses drove off and Bayode sped off to his own car. Nothing could change the plan.

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Re: Don't! Look Closer- A Thriller By Akíntayo Akinjide by queenitee(f): 12:44pm On May 14
It's only the part of Bayode searching for the map I read and I knew I have to comment. I knew it, I honestly felt it, Bayode was too good to be true. grin grin Oya lemme get back to reading
Re: Don't! Look Closer- A Thriller By Akíntayo Akinjide by Divepen1(m): 2:10pm On May 14
It's only the part of Bayode searching for the map I read and I knew I have to comment. I knew it, I honestly felt it, Bayode was too good to be true. grin grin Oya lemme get back to reading
Lollll.... Look Closer..
Re: Don't! Look Closer- A Thriller By Akíntayo Akinjide by Deeviiid(m): 3:18pm On May 14
Thanks for the mention Boss!
Following with intent.
Re: Don't! Look Closer- A Thriller By Akíntayo Akinjide by Divepen1(m): 3:23pm On May 14
Thanks for the mention Boss!
Following with intent.
Welcome boss...

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Re: Don't! Look Closer- A Thriller By Akíntayo Akinjide by Ann2012(f): 5:58pm On May 14
Well done boss
Re: Don't! Look Closer- A Thriller By Akíntayo Akinjide by Divepen1(m): 6:17pm On May 14
Well done boss
Thanks o..

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Re: Don't! Look Closer- A Thriller By Akíntayo Akinjide by westernized: 7:35pm On May 14
Following boss, nice one
Re: Don't! Look Closer- A Thriller By Akíntayo Akinjide by Divepen1(m): 8:09pm On May 14
Following boss, nice one
Welcome baba....
Re: Don't! Look Closer- A Thriller By Akíntayo Akinjide by skubido(m): 8:39pm On May 14
Tanks for the update
Re: Don't! Look Closer- A Thriller By Akíntayo Akinjide by Divepen1(m): 9:34pm On May 14
~Chapter 11~

Kikelomo George swung between ensuring everyone in the parlour got what they needed, and taking care of Ireti. Living with the family had its perk but they were her best chance of survival. So, if she had to be their maids and P.As at the same time, she would. As she sped off to the kitchen to tend to the food she was cooking with the aim of microwaving it when Ireti felt like eating, she met Bayode.
He stopped in front of her and she couldn’t understand how she quickly became drawn to him.
“Have we met before?” Bayode asked.
“I don’t think so”, she shook her head slowly. She looked at him over as if assessing him and shook her head again just as she heard Chief telling those in the sitting room to go after Ireti to apologize. Bayode refused to leave as he looked her over.
“Uncle! Bros! I need to get to that kitchen”, Kike muttered. People always told her she was too soft. Bayode glanced back and nodded.
“Yes, the one behind you”, she said. He nodded and stepped aside.
At that time, Tolulope emerged with the intention of going to Ireti’s room. Kike felt like telling her and Ayo that she hinted Ireti that such a thing might happen and had advised her to go to her own room. Kike knew Bayode must have been stunned by her curves. She always had that effect on men.
“Thank you for saving my friend”, Tolulope said.
“We thank God. If the door was locked, it would have been worse”, Bayode replied and rubbed his beard.
“God will lock the door on their lives”, Tolulope answered. Chief George, who was coming towards the kitchen, overheard her.
“Hypocrisy. Come, my son. Let’s talk”, Chief George interrupted.
And Kike couldn’t help but laugh at him. He was always too funny a man.
“Alright sir”, Bayode replied and left.
She became engrossed in her duty and couldn’t help but wish she could have another time to stare at Bayode. His features longed at her emotions and she wanted to utilize it. Yet, now that they have had contact, they would definitely meet again. She would make sure of that. Such men are not to be allowed to go without one having another opportunity to have a proper conversation with them. She smiled. Ireti sneaked down to the kitchen and Kike turned just as she entered the kitchen.
“Thank God, you are safe”, Kike said again. “What are you doing down here? You should be hiding from those two idiots”.
“I couldn’t take this out of my mind. What happened to your guys? And who were those ones?”
“I called it off when you told me about the proposal. So, I was surprised to hear they still car kidnapped you”.
Ireti shook her head and rested on the wall, making her beauty splashed with grey glass tiles used to design the kitchen. She had changed her clothes to a bumshort and a cropped top.
“They weren’t the ones. These were some other miscreants. And why did you call off that one?
“I thought we… You wouldn’t…”
“You know what?” Kike said and flipped the air. “Forget it…”
“Other times, perhaps!”
“I’m just too tired”, Ireti said and sneaked off again.
Kike nodded as glanced at the time with a bright smile because in the next twelve hours. She would be in wealth and in the arms of the man she loved.

Re: Don't! Look Closer- A Thriller By Akíntayo Akinjide by Divepen1(m): 9:37pm On May 14
Chapter 12
Bayode wheezed as soon as he was out of George Avenue. He parked at a crossroad and rushed off to unlock the trunk of the car, while the other members leveled up with him. Idowu climbed out, sweating. In no time, they were on rushing to Queenitee’s hotel. This hotel started out on a great island called Fortune City and had been one of the top five hotels in the city. The owner expanded to places in Lagos, giving Bayode the chance to patronize the hotel.
He played Ella Fitzgerald, his favorite jazz singer, as they drove off, attracting a ridiculous look from Idowu.
“Jazz is life”, Bayode explained.
“Just hurry and put me out of this misery”.
They drove off and were in the grandeur of the hotel in no time. As much as he loved the galaxy of stars, he couldn’t compare its beauty to the hotel. He had heard the story of the owner, of how she rose to fame after many years of the plan and starting a little in Malachy town of Fortune City.
They entered their room and were too happy to have escaped the security men of the hotel. She hated any illegal activities in her hotel and that made him suspicious about the way they gained entrance into the hotel without so much as a question about what they had in the trunk. However, nothing pleased him more than that.
Every of their operation had been smooth. Well, except the last one when a certain group of people called the Gragus Team targeted his crew. But he outsmarted them and even got the attention of one that called herself their sponsors, Chloe Kings. Now, his intuition wanted him to raise an alarm about the last phase of the operation but the only person still not with them was the Insider. They needed her there before they could make any change in plan.
As it was their rules, they couldn’t drink any alcohol until they had kept their money somewhere safe. Thus, they gathered around the bag of money. Luckily for them, the receptionist left her post before they entered the part of the hotel. Bayode loved the coolness but couldn’t shake the fear that lingered in his mind.
When they entered, Moses spoke up first. “Are we to wait for insider?”
Bayode crashed into the bed as the men dropped the bags in the middle of the room. “You don’t need to use nicknames anymore? And no, she will meet her share when she arrives”.
“Good”, Idowu said, dragged the bag nearer and opened it.
“Bust first. Give me the statue”, Bayode said.
One of the young bloods, their intern, Kingston, spoke up as expected of any agitated person when it came to money matter. “Abeg! Statue can wait. Money first”.
"Bright brain”, Yusuf said and pointed at the bags. “This one is present. The buyers can wait”.
“Anything you say”, Bayode said, rested on the bed and stared at the ceiling. He needed to shake off the feeling that something big would happen. He glanced at them as Idowu opened the bag with glee. Like hungry ants, they were gathered around the bags and pulling off the bale of cash on the top layer. Then, they all exclaimed their horror, making Bayode rise to investigate the matter. He also shouted when he saw they saw. Only the top layers contained money. The remaining part of the bags contained books and paper.
Kingston shouted his disgust. “Who did this?”
“You followed us immediately we left the house”, Idowu said.
Moses shook his head. “Insider”.
They nodded. But Bayode disagreed with them. “It can’t be. She can’t do this”.
“This is a setup!” Idowu shouted. “We need to know where she is”.
Yusuf slammed the wall and turned towards them. “Impossible! We’re the best in this game. No one can play us”.
Everyone looked confused. Bayode rose as he realized something. He wouldn’t want to believe it. “The statue. Give me the Bust”.
Idowu passed it. Bayode examined it.
Moses shook his head. “Still intact”.
“It’s fake”, Bayode muttered and moved back as if he had just been hit with a plank on the chest. Every pulse of his body warned him against the image when he first saw it. But there had been rumors about Chief George being unwise and had always run his business through his P.A. Bayode assumed Chief George posted the picture on Instagram, which leaked to their forum. And to be sure he was doing the right thing, Bayode followed Chief George’s page and noticed the picture was taken down after a while. So, that means the picture was genuine.
Despite that, he still felt his fear racing with full force. Yet, he couldn’t understand why. No one had ever beaten him in the game as he always had plans. The plan for the statue and money had been on for months. They built the plan, planted everyone that should be planted, and followed their plans to the letter.
“What do you mean by fake?” Rasheed asked.
Kingston snatched the bust and accessed it.“This looks like an original”.
“What do you know?” Bayode retorted.
“Don’t you dare say that again!!!”
Bayode ignored him and grabbed his phone, muttering, “What’s happening?”
He dialed Tolu’s number.
Tolu replied in a low tone,” I’m on my way o. Nothing must happen to the money o…”
“The bag is fake. We got the wrong bag. The statue is fake. Get back inside and check for the statue…”
“Tell her to make a video call with you”, Idowu suggested and Bayode heeded his advice.
He waited agitatedly and others remained calm, seeing that he had lost his cool. He hadn’t been known to farewell when angry.
Tolu did a video call to him and the others gathered around him. He felt cold.
“Are these ones fit to be taken?” She asked. The room was filled with busts that have been broken into pieces. He couldn’t see anything real about those busts. They were probably made by amateurs.
“Are you blind? These ones are fake? Wait! What are those things on the side?” He said and directed her to the bag behind her than contained some folded material. They looked used.
“Pants. They are…” She replied and sniffed them. They disgusted him at that point. He always had a penchant for hot girls but seeing their pants without them turned his stomach.
Tolu spat. “Yuck! They are used pants”.
Her hand was shaking terribly as she rushed away and peeped.
“Oh! My God! In Ghana Must Go Bag”, he exclaimed.
Idowu popped his head. “ Record that”.
“Why?” Bayode and Tolu asked.
“We can use it to blackmail him”.
“Wise choice”, Bayode agreed and nodded. That was the reason he kept Idowu close. “Send it to… Go off the video call. Whose phone is free? In fact, send it to our Whatsapp group”.
The others looked at him with wonder. She sent it to her Whatsapp group. He rose to see Idowu forwarding the video to a second number. But Bayode felt betrayed by everything in the world to even take that as something serious.
Their rule in the group had always been that whenever they were done with their work. Everyone would clear their messages in front of everyone and would send screenshots of their cleared messages, showing the time, which much be the exact minute the message was sent to the group; the screenshots of their email addresses; the screenshots of the bar showing their emails, if they had more than one; the screenshots of their sent messages from every of these place; the screenshots of their documents; the screenshots of their messages; the screenshots of their Whatsapp message and all these must be within three minutes of their conversation. They just didn’t always leave anything to chances.
“Leave there before they get to you”, Bayode told her.
“I have to stay a while. They think I’m here to plead with Ireti. I must get her angry”.
Moses shook his head and joined others in the sitting in the rich rug of their room. “What’s next? We have been duped. We’ve been played”.
Bayode looked about. “I’m thinking…”
Idowu removed his gun from under his jacket and walked towards the door. “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, guys. Two fishes in one can”.
Bayode, like the others, looked at him with calmness but everything in him was rattled. There had been news that Queenitee, the owner of the hotel, was a formidable force in Fortune City and that she was part of a group that hated injustice but the few times he had spent in her hotels hadn’t shown she suspected him of anything, even when they went to the one at Maroon City, co-owned by the owner of the town (Ann), for a job that involved taking some artworks out of Suncity.
Now, he felt he should have seen the signs. Ever since they arrived in the hotel, her crew had been cold but he took that for granted. Idowu opened the door for four plainclothes policemen.
“What’s this? I.D” Bayode asked.
“Judgment day”.
“You’ve been playing us”.
Kingston rose and placed his hands on his head. “Ah! I should have known”.
Idowu walked, happy at the prospect. He pointed at Bayode. “Remember, you have the badass brain. I just used it to my advantage. You’re under arrest every one of you. You see: reading Miranda’s right is only a fallacy because we don’t use it here in Nigeria. Nevertheless, you have the right to remain silent. Whatever you say would be used against you in the court of law. You have the right to an attorney, those idiots. But I’ll be ready to testify against you all. I have enough and substantial pieces of evidence against you”.
The police came for them and pushed them away. This time, one of the police vans had been stationed outside. The policeman taking Bayode away reduced his pace and asked Idowu “What of the girl?”
“We’re heading there for her and chief’s family. Are your men ready?”
“More than ready!!! They are around the house”.
“Good”, Idowu replied. “These men are good”.
Bayode swallowed hard. Ever since he had been operating as a scam or art collector, he had never been caught, even when he first used an Open University as well as some jambites as his first sets of experience.

Re: Don't! Look Closer- A Thriller By Akíntayo Akinjide by Divepen1(m): 9:53pm On May 14
If you're interested in getting PDf or any other version of my books, use this link

Re: Don't! Look Closer- A Thriller By Akíntayo Akinjide by queenitee(f): 8:04am On May 15
Who knew Tolu was more than a boyfriend snatcher, it's Ayo I'm waiting for bayii.
But Kike which on is in wealth and arms of the man she love grin grin They are all doing themselves in this family grin grin grin I would not be surprised when Mrs George secret become known. Chief George self, who knows? grin grin sad

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Re: Don't! Look Closer- A Thriller By Akíntayo Akinjide by Divepen1(m): 8:10am On May 15
Who knew Tolu was more than a boyfriend snatcher, it's Ayo I'm waiting for bayii.
But Kike which one is in wealth and arms of the man she love grin grin They are all doing themselves in this family grin grin grin I would not be surprised when Mrs George secret become known. Chief George self, who knows? grin grin sad

Lol it's a tricky game
Re: Don't! Look Closer- A Thriller By Akíntayo Akinjide by Divepen1(m): 9:14am On May 15
~Chapter 13~
Everything Kike understood about fear came to her the moment she saw that news. She shouldn’t be the one afraid here. She should be the level headed one but her fear, like a wildfire, rocked her whole body and made her wheeze. She couldn’t do much than to text chief to meet her in the room they preserved for their illegal activities.
She hugged the several envelopes containing documents that she had prepared for a day like this. Her world shook under her feet and she needed to stabilize it before everything turned out bad. She had been distilling the process for months through tidbits of information and decisions that will definitely tilt Chief George to her side.
Chief in his pajamas hurriedly opened the door. He looked about and at the envelopes in her hand. Then, he glanced at her laptop and the printer beside it.
“What’s happening?” Chief George asked.
“We have a big problem”, she replied and dropped the envelopes. Then, she brought out her phone. Her mind raced through all the possible outcome of the situation on ground and knew that was the best play.
Chief George stood aright. “Throw it at me.
“Someone uploaded a video of our pants business online”, Kike said weakly.
“Who? How far? How was this exposed?”
“I think it’s Tolu”.
“Let me see the video”.
She remembered the day she got out of law school, she wanted to leave their home but then remembered how much she couldn’t really survive the world unless she returned to them. Some days after her return, Chief invited to the room they were at the moment and told her he had been noticing her behavior ever since she got to the University and that he loved what he saw. He pleaded with her for not paying her tuition fee and told how he impressed he was that she struggled through school, still making to Law school. As a means of showing her how sorry he was, he decided to make her his P.A. From the way he had seen her handle her life, career, and some little jobs he had been testing her with, he knew she would do well.
A few weeks into accepting the job, he made her aware of the fact that the statues they sold out and displayed were mostly stolen from their original owners. Moreover, most of the arts in another section of the room were fake. They only used it as a decoy to sell ladies’ pant to boys and people who were ready to use them. The pants were gotten from his wives’ hotel. Some boys had been positioned there to steal pants and they had other miscreants from other sources.
This terrified Kike but the end game played on her mind- making as much money as she can. When Chief saw the video, he yelled and muttered some regrets before pointing at the video. “She came back to beg my daughter and she just left. We should have sent boys after her… Do that now”.
Kike shook her head and dropped her phone on the table. His lack of mental stability had always ruined things and she wouldn’t be a subject of failure at that point in her life. She needed to seize control. “We will deal with that later. But chief it’s over the news and the police are on their way. My contact said they are surrounding our house now”.
“What do we do? You know this internet behavior and law than I do?”
“Yes. I’ve thought up a way to keep the business going and for you to keep the house. Because I can’t imagine how our enemies want to destroy our family”, she said and shook her head despondently. All she desired now was an escape.
Chief George agreed. “They want to destroy everything about us. We will have to run away”.
“It was my contact at the police that told me they are on they have surrounded us. The only way to escape is to make future plans”, Kike reiterated and felt like punching him in the face for putting her in such a situation.
“Your contact should have called you earlier. What do we do now? We can’t fight them. That will be worse”.
She pretended to think for a while and then stood straight. Her decision had been made even before she texted him. Now, he would have to flow with it.
“How about this? I know you might not like it. But it’s the best. We will hand over every of the business to Ireti. She’s innocent”.
Chief George placed his hands on his head.“Ireti! Ireti! Kike has killed me. You want to hand over everything to Ireti. All this money we’ve made will be squandered in a minute”.
“I’ve printed the contracts. All I have to do is to give it to her. Okay, let’s give me change it to mummy’s own”, she said and turned towards her laptop to type out Mrs George’s name.
“Don’t you think we should run?” Chief George asked and looked out the window into the night and the little light that splashed the area.
“It’s too late. They are only waiting for their leaders. They have surrounded everywhere. Let’s face with what’s on ground, sir”.
He matched about in the large room. As a base of operation, she had witnessed firsthand the things they did there. Their home only served as a transport. Some boys, paid enough money, would mold the pants into the statue and sell it out. She couldn’t report or do anything without implicating herself. Now, she regretted not speaking up in time, many women wouldn’t have had to suffer the cruel punishment meted out to them.
“Ah! See my life”, Chief George lamented. “And I didn’t want to do this. I said it’s a sin. But this Jezebel. She pushed me into it. Look at you that I made to suffer, you’re even helping me”.
“Chief!!! Calm down!”
“I can’t!!! Don’t you dare ask me to calm down”.
Quickly, she typed to her contact in the police for an update.
“What are you doing?”
“I’m asking for updates!”
“Good! You’re an asset. I wonder what we would have done without you. They would have caught us without plans”.
“What about your wife, mummy?”
Chief George shook his head. “That’s the Jezebel I was talking about”.
“Oh! You mean mummy…”
“Yes. She needs to suffer too”.
“What do we do? You know they will take me too” Asked Kike.
“She’s not wise too. More so, she should be caught for it too. We are in this business together. Remember, the pants are gotten from the big men that use her hotel. And she gives the big men the site to visit. And some of those boys you see coming in here, they got their pants from her. Some of them buy them from her. She’s the intermediary. She is the architect. They even sell at her hotel”.
“There’s no proof”, Kike noted.
“What’s proof?”
“Like evidence”.
“I know the meaning of proof”.
He became rattled. “I know the meaning. Mumu! I’m not going down for this alone. I am the proof. I will show the world how bad she is”.
“But I thought she’s your wife. She will be the one to get lawyers and so when we are in prison”.
That aggravated Chief George’s anger and he began to speak rapidly.“God will punish wife. She started the idea. She will suffer for it. Look at this life. You that she always wanted to take the fall are even ready to go with me but she the original plan maker won’t suffer. Over my dead body!”
“You mean she initiated the idea?”
“Have you not been listening to all I’ve been saying? But can’t you stay back? Let them all follow me”.
“Ireti is innocent”, Kike said and sighed.
“She must follow me. They will only come out when I come out. Ireti will spend all my money. She must follow me! Stay back”.
“Ah! Chief! That’s not good for you”
“I trust you”.
She shook her head. “Trust yourself only!”
“You have the brain. Time is not on our side”.
“We will have to think of something. Like everything will have to be in my name. The paper will be fake of course”.
“Even if it’s not fake, I trust you. You’re always about family”, Chief said, hurried to the door, and hurried back.
“We will record a video to show that we planned it. That one will be a safety measure in case money wants to seduce me”.
“Good idea”.

Re: Don't! Look Closer- A Thriller By Akíntayo Akinjide by Divepen1(m): 9:18am On May 15
~Chapter 14~

Kike couldn’t be faster in her life. She had to put up a show that she wasn’t afraid, but she definitely was and that fueled her speed. Then, she and Chief recorded a video to show they were in collusion after he had rushed upstairs to get his documents. After that, she printed the papers and directed Chief George on where to append his signature.
He lifted the paper into the light and dusted it and turned to Kike.“Signed. But we could have escaped”.
“And that’s it. You didn’t even read it”, she asked, knowing that he wouldn’t have understood the jargons she used anyway.
“Read what? You’re my lawyer. You are my niece. You’re my P.A and my daughter”.
She smiled at the trust he had for her. Her life had never been simpler as when she decided to be gullible and be used by the family. They started using her as a slave her from childhood but she restricted. She felt she deserved better and that the family ought to do more for her but they were the one that only took her in since she had no other family member left to meet. He was her father’s twin brother. Most times, people mistook them for each other.
She could have escaped from them but her father always told her “a patient dog eats the fattest bone”. The sight of the fattest of the bone didn’t come until she ran off to school and returned later. They decided to cut some slack in the way they handled her.
So, now that she had the opportunity to escape, she would give in her best. She inserted an empty CD into her laptop and also plugged her phone to the laptop with a USB cord. From there, she copied the video into the CD for chief. He looked at her in wonder.
“You’re really proactive. How do you know to get all these things?”
She smiled up at him. “Chief. I’ve learnt from you, the best”.
“That’s true”.
As soon as he turned towards the door again, she clicked the Shift and Delete keys on her keyboard and in a millisecond of a pop-up message asking if she was sure she wanted to permanently delete it, she pressed enter. The video disappeared. Chief turned back to her just when the board showing the deleting video disappeared. She removed the empty disk and gave it to him.
“This is the recording where we agreed and signed the contract”, she said.
“I’m so glad you overlooked all the wickedness we’ve done for you”.
She smiled. “You’re my father and you were training me”.
Chief hugged her and she felt like crying because she had never been hugged by any member of her family since she came of age. He returned the CD to her.
“Take the other one too. Hold it. I know you can’t do anything evil. You’ve changed for almost 10 years now. You’re trustworthy. Keep the business running. What am I saying? You’ve been the one handling the legal and illegal ones all these while”.
Sirens blared from afar. Kike hid the documents and also hid the key in her bra. Then, she pressed the video recorder of her phone and when Chief George’s back was turned, she placed it somewhere it would capture the whole room.
She tapped Chief George and whispered, “Chief, get ready for this!”
He turned to her, looking stunned. “What else are we doing?”
She had a smug across her face and withdrew from his bulky body that now covered most parts of the doorway. She brought her small Nokia phone and dialed a number.
“Alright, Guys! Come on, we are done”.

Re: Don't! Look Closer- A Thriller By Akíntayo Akinjide by germaphobe(m): 12:08pm On May 15
ok nah. Theme of TRUST

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Re: Don't! Look Closer- A Thriller By Akíntayo Akinjide by Divepen1(m): 1:04pm On May 15
ok nah. Theme of TRUST
Re: Don't! Look Closer- A Thriller By Akíntayo Akinjide by queenitee(f): 7:15pm On May 15
Eh eh eh, what trust would cause ehn grin grin
Like, the family's TRUST cheesy cheesy
Re: Don't! Look Closer- A Thriller By Akíntayo Akinjide by Divepen1(m): 7:19pm On May 15
Eh eh eh, what trust would cause ehn grin grin
Like, the family's TRUST cheesy cheesy
Let's burst bubbles.. Nowww..
Re: Don't! Look Closer- A Thriller By Akíntayo Akinjide by Divepen1(m): 7:21pm On May 15
Chapter 15

The look on Chief’s face said it all. Despite being huge, she could surely bring him down with a few punches but that would invalidate her claim when the matter got to court.
“Who are those?” Chief George asked.
“Police”, Kike sneered.
“Is this part of the plan?”
“So, you thought I will let you go after you killed my parents?” She scoffed. Her eyes darted for the door as she hoped Idowu will make his way through.
“I didn’t kill your parents. Your mother killed your father”.
That statement sparked an unacceptable emotion within her. “You liar! You killed them and stole their business documents… All their documents and then you took me in. You took our house and maltreated me. You even raped me. Have you forgotten the night you raped me when I was just 16 years?”
“It was a mistake. I was drunk And I have begged you”.
“But you still killed my parents”, Kike yelled at him. The fury in her glowered for a while that if she hadn’t learnt restraint, she would have flung herself around his neck to tear off his eyes.
At that same time, Mrs George and Ireti shouted from the passage and Chief poked his head out of the room.
“What’s the noise about?” Mrs George asked the moment she entered. She glanced from Chief to the ferocious look Kike had.
“Daddy, something is happening in this area. Siren!!!” Ireti shouted.
“Kike has killed me”, Chief shouted in fear. “She called the police. You, ungrateful bastard. This is why I killed your father. He was foolish. You’re just like him. And we will all go down for this together”.
“Ah! Daddy!” Ireti cried.
Chief George spun towards her with a shot of anger in her eyes. “Shut up! And bar the door. She’s not leaving this place. If she leaves, all of us will end up in prison”.
Kike wailed this time and she felt the anger in her bone. She couldn’t hold back the tears that sprouted from her eyes. “You killed my parents. Ireti, your parents killed my parents”.
Mrs George came to the rescue of her husband. “Shut. Your. Nasty. Mouth. Your father duped us. He was making more profit from the business we introduced him to. He should pay for it.
“We killed them”, Chief George said, bemused. “But nobody knows. I thought you are now our family. You’ve changed for ten years or so now”.
Kike clapped repeatedly. “I know. You killed my family”.
Chief George looked about and smacked his head. “The police are coming”.
Kike’s mind now wrestled between killing these people herself or allowing herself to remain the victim. Anger surged through every pulse of her body. She looked from one person to another and knew her ability for a future survival remained with her being composed.
Mrs George rushed to the passage and returned. “Let’s end her life. Like we did her parents’”
That shocked Kike to the bone.
“No”, Chief George disagreed. “Police couldn’t prove the death of her parents. They will prove this one. We will let her suffer. Tie her”.
“Good one”, Mrs George shouted and smacked her hands. “We will let her die of hunger. If we come back, we can dispose of her, whether she’s dead or not”.
Kike looked from one person to another. Their plan seemed good because she had people coming for her. Moreover, she had all the training needed to untie herself if they eventually tied her.
Ireti screamed. “Ah! Daddy! That’s wickedness”.
Kike hissed. “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Poison though it might be”.
“Keep quiet”, Ireti yelled. “I hate all these. That’s why I wanted to get my share of this money and escape”.
Kike spun, smacked her own head with regrets on why she was born into the family and pointed at Ireti. Words refused to form in her mouth because of the anger that clouded her mind. “Your daughter wanted to fake her kidnap but it backfired. I wanted to tell you but she promised to send an assassin to me if I didn’t help”.
"I didn’t promise to kill her. I just wanted the money”, Ireti pleaded with her parents.
Mrs George shook her hands “Quit the talk. The police might find us here and save her”.
“Let’s catch her”, Chief George cried.
Mrs George and Chief George rushed toward her and tried to hold her down. She loved the way they came out at her in the view of the phone. So, as not to show complacency, she fought back in the simplest of way. She tackled them and struggled a little.
“If she goes, we are all going to jail… She knows all those computer things”, Chief George shouted.
Mrs George screamed. “Ireti, hold…her”.
Ireti joined the struggle and they eventually overpowered her. They tucked her under their arms and Chief George had his bulky hands around her neck, making her groan from the discomfort. He yelled as he held her down. The police siren became louder. They dragged her to the nearest chair and tied her with one of the ropes to the chairs available in the room. She kicked the air and wished she didn’t have to pretend but they were under the coverage of her phone’s recording and she had to keep up the pretence.
They have tied her in such a way that even a baby would unknot immediately but she held her cool. That way, she would have enough evidence against them.
She yelled with all her strength, “my ghost will haunt you”.
Ireti stared at her sadly. “Kiki, I’m sorry”.
She turned to her parents. “But we have to gag her”.
Mrs George removed the small flowery head-tie she wore to bed and pointed it at Ireti. “Take this!”
They gagged her despite her yells. Now, she never saw this coming. It hit her with the waves of surprise that she couldn’t even resist her. Idowu wouldn’t know her present location with her being gagged. Ireti looked at her for a while, untied the rope and made a type of knot Kike had never trained with. It might just be sheer luck that she did it but Kike was sure she had no way of untying it.
Re: Don't! Look Closer- A Thriller By Akíntayo Akinjide by Divepen1(m): 7:22pm On May 15
Chapter 16

They must have seen the horror on her face because Chief laughed and beckoned on Ireti and Mrs George for them to leave the room. Kike blinked back tears.
“You can’t enjoy this wealth. I collected it from your father and I can’t allow you enjoy it. You will die here in this room. No one will come to help you. Everything belonged to you but everyone that knows this is dead. Even that lawyer. I killed them all I should have known that was your plan”.
Kike moaned something.
“I will not let you enjoy this wealth while I’m in prison”, Chief George cried.
“Now, we can even escape prison”, Mrs George suggested as they were about to lock the door.
Ireti turned when they almost got out of the door and looked at Kike. “Is she well tied? What if she doesn’t die?”
Mrs George turned. “Let’s just kill her”.
“No”, Chief George objected.
“Let’s do something else”, Ireti said and her father stared at her with admiration. “Gas can kill without fire”.
Mrs George looked puzzled. “So…?”
Ireti shrugged. “We will lock her up with a gas-filled room”.
“What if the house blows?” Chief George queried.
“Nothing will happen”, Ireti replied and moved towards the passage. “And if it happens, it will bury the pieces of evidence”.
“I don’t like it”, Chief said and shook his head.
Mrs George touched his cheek. Noise had erupted at the gate. Kike wondered what the delay was all about. “It’s a good one. No choice”.
Ireti ran off. Mrs George looked around, took another rope, and tied her shabbily, yet, it made a mess of the one Ireti tied before, making it more complicated. Ireti returned, carrying the heavy gas cylinder. Kike had never seen her carry the cylinder before. So, seeing her using her strength to lift the cylinder surprised Kike. She moaned as Ireti dumped the cylinder on the floor. She was definitely sure Idowu would get there before they got out.
Ireti took charge and soon the gas hissed out of the cylinder. They rushed out of the room and locked it. Kike couldn’t help but fear Idowu might not find her.

Re: Don't! Look Closer- A Thriller By Akíntayo Akinjide by queenitee(f): 7:33pm On May 15
Ah, Morogo. In this our Fortune city?

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Re: Don't! Look Closer- A Thriller By Akíntayo Akinjide by germaphobe(m): 10:04pm On May 15

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