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Re: Remi: The Greater War by Devilpen(m): 7:11pm On Jun 08
IRETI grabbed her sword and slashed at the man, who dodged it quickly, she effortlessly kicked him inbred stomach, before he could hit her, Ogunjimi smacked him down, as he stood up, Eri shot three arrows simultaneously at him, each turning into pointed flames.
"I thought Remi prophecy was happening tomorrow, why so soon? " Ogunjimi said
Eri said another three arrows on his bows and pulled the string.
"It's soon" He said
The Man groaned and stood up, his legs above The ground, another set of arrows came at him, they banged off his body like wax, he grinned raised his hands up and flicked all his fingers, which raised stones into the air, and again made them pointed on the edges.
He smiled wickedly knowing they had no where to run to.
Remi halted and gasped then looked at the moon.
"What's wrong" Ewatomi asked killing off the mosquitoes on her.

Re: Remi: The Greater War by Devilpen(m): 11:07am On Jun 09
Remi halted and gasped then looked at the moon.
"What's wrong" Ewatomi asked killing off the mosquitoes on her.
Remi looked at her and continued with hastened steps to get away from the village as soon as possible, if not for anything, but for the dragons.
"Go back home, to your mother" Remi said and continued.
Ewatomi was motionless for some seconds and spoke.
"What about you? "
"I can take care of myself, don't add another worries to your family " Remi said and suddenly he was nowhere to be seen.
Ewatomi eyes became filled with tears, she wished never to leave him, but on the other hand, her mother also needed, not that she was the only child but the dearest. The leaves in the woods suddenly rustled behind her and ear gripped her soul. Without looking back, she ran another direction that lead into the village.
Remi got to the NIRETI cave and went into it. He gently laid the dragons on the ground, and was surprised how they had added height.
"Now am left alone, everyone dead in just one day" He said and stood up facing the entrance of the cave. What he needed was answers, who was this strange powerful being, why was he so dare on getting his creatures.
Ayenireti, now a village with no ruler, a lost city.
The fight arena was filled up to the brim, Ayenireti was now much more larger than before. The sudden event had forced everyone to take decision on a temporary ruler.
One of the palace elder, rised from his seat and went straight to the main matter.
"All the gods are dead " He said and was about continuing when Ewatomi ran into the pitch
"Remi is alive" She said pating heavily, her face already covered with dirt, with bruises all around her.
The gathering went silent, everyone in total shock
"There is someone after him, someone stronger, Remi discovered two powerful creatures, one strong enough to pull ayenireti down in a blink" She said and continued "This man wont stop until he lays hands on this creature-"
"Describe the man" An aged man spoke from the crowd.
"Dark face, with red glowing eyes, tattered green overall cloth " She said.
In the palace, one common trait of people it consisted of were elderly ones, about twenty in number, they sat down in a round form, whole they spoke.
"We know who he is, and we should pretend"An elder shouted angrily
"Agbe, stop this stupid noise of yours, we are not denying not knowing him" An elder responded in anger.
"How do we put him down, even the human gods preceding the ones before Emi, had to sacrifice his life" Another elder spoke calmly.
"The solution does not lie with us, Leviathan is someone very power, power than three warrior gods combined"
"The only solution is Remi, and the coward has left his people to protect what ever "
"Don't forget, this same creature was what drove leviathan crazy, although we never saw it, but we know, maybe Remi is making the right choice."
"At the main time we need someone to rule Ayenireti "
Everyone paused, since no one was from a royal blood, the solution was tough.
"What about the girl, we all know how their relationship is" An elder finally spoke.
"Thats not an option"
"The girl is his wife to be, so we have no choice, am certain they have been getting intimate "
"We shall put it to a vote"
Remi woke up early the next morning, the previous night, he had fallen asleep even h not knowing, maybe due to been exhausted, he looked around for the dragons and found them drinking from a small pool of water. Seeing him they growled happily and ran up to him.
"Good you are alive" he said and picked them up to continue his journey to wherever, as long as he was far from what haunted him.
He continued his walk deep into the forest, he knew this ways better than anyone, going into another village will only wreck havoc to them considering how determined his predator was.
Remi placed his dragons on both shoulders and continued deep into the forest, living far from humanity was like the only option he had.


Re: Remi: The Greater War by Devilpen(m): 11:53am On Jun 09

Power Overdrive: Tales of Alagbara

It's a typical village setting of female warriors.... something kind of close to what we all know as The Amazon.. well about 10% close..
Tags: action, war, betrayal, vulgar language, bi, sexual content, supernatural, demons, witches.....
Countdown has officially began.

FROM Prime insane Universe
Re: Remi: The Greater War by Devilpen(m): 12:24pm On Jun 09
Remi flew into the cave with a bull with him, he threw it down and cracked his bones.
The cave stood at the peak of a mountain, it was a good hideout, located about three months journey away from Ayenireti, it also was very close to the desert, so no one would ever think of it, and also standing on ground level and looking up one would never know a cave was on such mountain.
"I brought breakfast" he said, his voice echoing into the deep part of the cave.
A dragon appeared from the inner part of the cave, pure white in colour, it had two horns on its head, and gently flapped it's wings in happiness and laid it's head by Remi's feet.
"Yes, you're welcome" He said and patted the huge creature "Where's is (ojo-ina) fire rain" he asked and moved backward as the dragon spitted fire from its mouth at the dead bull.
"Enough, you will get it burnt again" Remi shouted and waved his hands.
"Where is fire rain? " he asked again, and used his knife to cut a portion of the meat.
The dragon growled softly and took a step backward.
"Good he went out again" Remi shouted angrily and his eyes flared up.
The dragon moved back in fright, slowly chewing the meat in its mouth.
"That stubborn bastard, where did he go? "
the dragons snarled again, shaking his head sideways.
A soldier dashed into the palace panting heavily, he managed to catch his breath and spoke.
"Your highness, your attention is needed urgently " He said and lead the way out.
Ewatomi rushed towards the exit, only go see the whole of Ayenireti in confusion. A huge shadow fell upon the city, and a loud growl from the sky, she looked up seeing what flew above the city, She smiled and quickly mounted her horse.
"Your highness, what should we do? "
"Remi is alive, that belongs to him, we have to follow it" She said and kicked her horse hard, making it gallop with swiftness.
Remi threw another piece of meat in his mouth, and chewed it slowly, hearing the flapping of wings from afar, he stood up.
Fire rain, flew into the cave and used it's head to rub against Remi.
"You went out again" Remi said and moved backward. "I understand you want to be free, but now is not the time " Remi said and pointed at the remaining part of the bull that laid on the ground.
"Ina funfun( white fire is still a cooler brother) " Remi said and laid on his back.
Ewatomi returned to the palace at noon, and waked angrily to her room, she had not being able to keep pace with the dragon, even the way was to complex for her to know, she retired to her bed with feeling of hatred for her failure and son drifted off to sleep.

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Re: Remi: The Greater War by Mielekcezylil(m): 2:15pm On Jun 09
Am loving this.
Re: Remi: The Greater War by enm(m): 2:28pm On Jun 09
Nice one. Our own dragon film in the making. Op relax and don't be in rush to post. Check your typo

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Re: Remi: The Greater War by Devilpen(m): 7:07pm On Jun 09
Remi cuddled his way under the wings of white fire, trying to shield himself from the extreme cold of the night, about few minutes later, he went into a trance
"I underestimated you" Leviathan said and came out of the darkness
Remi stood speechless as leviathan walked up to him
"You hid your traces well, I had lost hope of finding, you, even now as I speak, still hard to trace you, but your stench smells like rotten egg"
Remi suddenly woke from the trance and walked towards the edge of the cave, he peeped down and sighed before returning back.
"Fire rain, White fire, wake we have to leave now"
The dragons feeling uncomfortable by Remi sudden decision had no option than to comply. He quickly mounted Fire Rain, which annoyingly flapped it's wings and dived down the edge of the cave before swaying upward again.
"You have every reason to be upset" Remi said squatting on the dragon as it flew with White fire following beside.
A sudden blast came before them, making the dragons screeched out loudly. Remi looked down, seeing who it was, he charged his dragons to move faster. Another blast came again, this time directly beneath sending Remi off Rain fire, he sustained himself in the air, and said some inaudible words then sent a bright flashing light at both dragons.
"Go to Ayenireti, I will find you there, he won't be able to trace you there, you scent is covered don't come back looking for me if I don't return "Remi ordered and sent his dragons off.
Rain fire at first was reluctant, another blast came again, and the dragon retaliated, it spit out great amount of fire towards it unseen opponent
"Rain fire" Remi shouted and flared up his eyes.
The dragon growled softly and dived into the sky, using the night clouds to cover it's movement.
"Leviathan, so much wonder you can't fly " Remi said and flew down.
A loud thud came before Leviathan, he snarled softly with fire Bolt in his hands, as Remi walked out of the dust slowly towards him

"Am done running from you " Remi said and charged thunder bolts through his hands.
As he charged forward, Levaithan stood still, Remi sent two bolts at once, screaming loud, the first died even before it reached leviathan, the second suddenly turned around and bolted back towards Remi. Before Remi could make any move to avoid it, the Bolt strucked him on the chest, and sent him backward, making him collide forcefully with a tree, and immediately lost consciousness.
Leviathan walked unto Remi and placed his body on his shoulder and walked into the dark.


Re: Remi: The Greater War by skubido(m): 10:38am On Jun 10

Tanks for the update
Re: Remi: The Greater War by Devilpen(m): 9:53pm On Jun 10
Remi slowly opened his eyes, trying to adjust his pupil to the environment, he sighed feeling heavy from the head, his hands really made him uncomfortable as he tried to loosed himself free.
"No man has been strong enough to break the seal enchanment" A voice said.
Remi raised his head up, seeing Leviathan before him,he mumbled and still struggled to free himself.
"It's of no use" Levaithan said and walked up to him, placing a steaming bowl on Remi's mouth.
"Drink, you need your strength" Levaithan said.
Remi sipped a bit, seeing it tasted good, he had another sip, until leviathan withdrew it from him. The room was not really a place to be called a room, the structure was very odd to Remi, it looked empty but yet filled.
"Who are you? " Remi asked
Levaithan looked at Remi and slowly removed his tattered hold that covered his face. His red glowing eyes slowly died down, Leviathan's face was like broken piece of hard mud, having lots of cracks running from all his face down his neck, his eye were solid white.
"A question no one has ever asked me" He said and sighed.
"Let me tell you a story" Leviathan said and brought a stool out of nowhere and sat on it. He looked at Remi closely before he spoke.
"Like you, I was once a pure blood" He started looked at his palms and continued "Ayenireti had a rule, a rule that I knew would wipe it out one day, but I had to stop such rule because of the unborn generation, Ayenireti never had the heart to forgive it's enemies, they conquered with great Woe, then one day, I understood if the head was spoilt then the rest body was spoilt also, the city was opportuned to have another warrior god, who had pleasure in blood, another problem was greed, which devoured the entire family of the King.
Then one day, the King has a solution to access immortality, a very simple method, drink from a true source and I was a true source, he needed my blood to drink and become immortal" Levaithan said and paused then continued.
"The story they tell you is a Warrior god killed me no, I denied the king access, then my wife and two years old daughter had to pay for it, he killed them to make me pay, I was considered a threat, I was haunted, but the warrior god, couldn't find the courage to kill me, so he used his soul as sacrifice to seal my soul, my body, I was trapped within my self, far from the city, then a smelled blood, I smelt life, I knew I was not yet justified, I found the strength to rise" He said and wiped off the tears that rolled down his face.
"How does my dragons Now fit in? " Remi asked
"The King during my time rode on it, they proved to be the fines weapon, made from death of hell itself"
"Those who killed you are dead, why now " Remi asked again

"You are all paying for the sins of your fathers" He said and placed back his tattered hood over his head.
Remi shook his head lightly and spoke. "All I see now is a mad man, drived by rage and hatred"
"Call it what you want my family souls cry for revenge, every night I see their faces, bleeding, crying and begging for revenge, now you will tell me where those dragons are or make me release my wrath on the world"
"Threat, if you were all powerful, killing the wole city shouldn't be a problem"
Levaithan looked at Remi, admiring how foolish he was
"Something is coming, one bigger than anyone of us, people with power will soon fill the earth, those with unimaginable powers, and I will lead them to victory" Levaithan said and made his eyes flash red..

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Re: Remi: The Greater War by Hardes(m): 8:44am On Jun 11
This is becoming more and more interesting
Re: Remi: The Greater War by Bobosneh: 9:25am On Jun 11
This is sweetest, most interesting, even the most delicious � story I ever read on this nairaland. when I read the mark of Cain and kasala I thought I have seen the best on this platform not until I read Emi legend of the human god and the ones that follows. this story is greatest on platform I swear is like I'm seeing movie. keep it up op more knowledge to your brain and God bless you.
Re: Remi: The Greater War by Devilpen(m): 9:37am On Jun 11
The dragons hovered Ayenireti, below was a full squad of soldiers, already in battle formation, Fire rain breathed thick black foams from its mouth, growling angrily. Ewatomi dashed out of the palace and commanded the soldiers to retreat, making sure there was enough clear space for the dragons.
"Where is Remi? " Ewatomi asked, fearlessly walking closer to the dragons.
White fire also moved closer and lowered it's head, allowing Ewatomi touch it softly.
"Where is he? " She asked again.
Fire rain made a sad expression on its face and breathed smoke out from its mouth.
"Levaithan has him? " She asked and studied the expression on the dragons.
"Gather every soldiers and search BEYOUND our borders do not leave any stone unturned" She said to the soldiers.
Fire rain growled heavily and used it's tail to block the way, the soldiers would be taking, they all well back terrified.
"He does not want us to look for him" Ewatomi said and looked into the sky, she stepped on white fire's head and walked up to the neck and sat on it.
"Take me there" She said and held tight to both horns of the dragon. White fire reluctant rose and attempted to fly, it suddenly tumbled upside down, sending Ewatomi hard to the ground, before white fire could turn on it side, Fire rain already had it's sharp tails in white fire neck. White fire lowered it's head and rolled over, moving away from fire rain with sad countenance and it crawled near Ewatomi who struggled to her feet.

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Re: Remi: The Greater War by Evold: 10:47am On Jun 11
Leviathan has no moral authority to fight anyone at all, no wonder he was a loser in the other arc
Re: Remi: The Greater War by germaphobe(m): 11:19am On Jun 11
my manny!!!, u too much jare
Re: Remi: The Greater War by Devilpen(m): 12:34pm On Jun 11
Chapter Four.
Ewatomi entered into the palace, the tense mood of the elders didn't help matter, she slowly sat on the throne and spoke.
"What's the meeting about? " She asked
A soldier slowly stood up an ev walked forward with a school in his hands
"My Lord, Ilu Aje, had to beg for backup, they claim someone with Levaithan description attacked the ancient tomb and took something significant, an he wasn't alone " He said and passed the scroll over to Ewatomi.
"An artist that happens to see them, drew down the image of the other one, I am personally convinced Remi now works with Leviathan "
Ewatomi saw the image at first found it hard to belief, but her herself, had already gotten wind of rumors about the new person that followed leviathan around, seeking ancient emblems
She fell to her feet, refusing the helping hands that was stretched towards her.
"Why? " She asked herself before screaming out loud.
"From the emblems that they are going about taking, two is in Ayenireti, uniting of that emblem does only one work I know of" An elder spoke from the circle.
"What's the next solution? " the soldier asked, knowing fully everyone was out of clue.

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Re: Remi: The Greater War by skubido(m): 4:08pm On Jun 11
Tanks for the update
Re: Remi: The Greater War by Hardes(m): 5:44pm On Jun 11
Re: Remi: The Greater War by Devilpen(m): 9:21pm On Jun 11
Remi threw a sword at Leviathan, as they both stood before a tree, Leviathan walked closer, adjusting the sack bag that was on him, he placed his hands on it and said some inaudible words. The tree slowly made an entrance in the middle, and they both walked in.
Remi placed two emblem on the table taking a closer look at it, the emblem had two tigers carved on each one of it.
"What's the meaning? "He asked Leviathan
"The story was erased from history, assembling all four emblems, will give rise to an unstoppable force, a mighty army, those from the dead " Leviathan replied and pulled off his hood.
Remi stood speechless, knowing fully well two of these lies beneath Ayenireti
"I can't let you do this" Remi said looking straight at Leviathan's eyes
Leviathan raised his head looking up and stared back at Remi.
"You made a deal with me remember, till my work is done, you work for me" Leviathan said.
"You can't do this to innocent people, your quest is now grooming out from what is should be"
"You still don't know what it means, am doing this for my family" Leviathan said and put back the emblem in his bag.
"When will you learn that your family is gone, you have to deal with it and move on, no gain for you" Remi shouted.
"Err, go to sleep, we journey to Ayenireti tomorrow" Leviathan said and pushed the door that lead to his room.
Ewatomi held a tiny piece of paper in her hands and squeezed it tightly beige throwing into the oil lamp that was near her bed stead.
She walked into the palace, and began meeting the elders immediately.
"I got a message from Remi this morning, he talked about an emblem, Ark of Death" She said looking at the elders, she had no clue what ever it means
"We can't get to it, even in one year, it fell with the ruins of Ayenireti and the new city was built on it. " A soldier said bowing his head.
"And nobody knows exactly where it was buried here except Emi" Another elder said.
Leviathan kicked Remi on the stomach, and placed his hood over his head before he spoke.
"It's day break, let's set out" he said and the tree opened.
"Am sorry, am going no where"
"Fool, you work for me to keep those you love safe, remember, those you love will die" Leviathan said threatening Remi.
"You are my puppet, and you should follow my orders" Levaithan said and faced the exit.
"Not any more " Remi said and shot two thunder bolts from his hands, which sent leviathan out, making crash on a tree, and landed into a mud water.
Remi walked out and turned the thunder bolts on his hands into a form of whip, each having three threads. The bolts crackled from his hands, as he walked towards leviathan who slowly stood up.
"You just made the biggest mistake of your life" Leviathan said and flicked his fingers, as trees uprooted easily, flying towards Remi.
Remi made the thunder whip move in circular direction, which broke the approaching woods into pieces. Leviathan quickly made two fire balls on his hands and sent the towards Remi.
Remi jumped into the sky dodging the first one, while the second one came almost too fast for him, it blasted him on his chest and sent him far from Levaithan.
Leviathan looked around and suddenly dashed towards Ayenireti.

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Re: Remi: The Greater War by Bridgovoks: 9:55pm On Jun 11
So interesting
Thanks for the update
Re: Remi: The Greater War by Devilpen(m): 11:02pm On Jun 11
Ayenireti.. fallen home

Re: Remi: The Greater War by Devilpen(m): 9:07am On Jun 12
Remi flew into the cloud and went towards Ayenireti, as he flew he search the ground for any trace of Leviathan.
Leviathan ran among the woods with great speed, looking at the sky at Remi, he growled angrily, he threw a fire ball at Remi, who dodged it tilting slightly avoiding it. As Leviathan ran in the woods dodging trees, he began mumbling some inaudible words, some few seconds later, a huge whirlwind gathered behind Remi and moved furiously at him. As Remi flew, the whirlwind followed behind him and knocked him out of the sky.
Ewatomi locked the dragons at the empty hut behind the palace and ran out, to meet the soldiers.
"Who has any idea, where those emblems were buried" She asked.
"Your highness, we can't just find it in less than twenty minutes, even in a year, we would still be looking for it" A soldier boldly said.
Ewatomi was out of decision, from the stories the elders had told her, the emblem could give salvation and also wreck havoc.
"Secure the gate" She said and continued "Nobody comes in" She said and led the way to the gates of Ayenireti.
Leviathan on seeing Ayenireti from afar, made two fire balls in his hands and advanced, making dust in the air. An arrow came at him and bounced off his body, tearing out a piece of his cloth.
Leviathan snarled and still slowly advanced
"Even the greater ones couldn't withstand me" He said.
"My highness " I don't think we can win this, a soldier said seeing how the arrow bounced off Leviathan's body.
"I don't care" Ewatomi replied.
Leviathan slowly began to gain speed, and charged the fireball making it more bigger on both hands as he ran.
AAAAAAHHHH he screamed and threw the fireball on his right hand forward, and then the next.
The fireball blasted the walls of Ayenireti, the collision making a rebound blast that threw half of the soldiers to the ground with mortal injuries. Through the thick smoke, Levaithan freely walked into Ayenireti with no resistance.
He walked among the street, following the lead of a strange sensation only him could feel and slowly made his way right to the front of the palace.
"This is where my precious lies" He said and kneeled on the floor, allowing his hands to feel the ground and sighed.
"Where is Remi? " Ewatomi asked from behind, holding a sword with her,and tried poking it a Leviathan
"So it's you, the one he could die for" Leviathan said and within the twinkle of an eye, he was holding Ewatomi by the neck, and he raised her up, with his Right hand and looked deep in her eyes.
His eyes became yellow and glowed, and after some minutes he sighed and his eyes went back to being red.
"Such love, such feelings you have for him, love only makes you weak, it slowly kills you" He said and slammed her to the ground.
AHHHHHHHH Ewatomi screamed and wriggled on the floor. Leviathan walked forward and flicked his fingers, as the ground began to shake making a crack on every part Leviathan moved his hands apart, as the ground before him splited, revealing a wide entrance with rugged steps.
Levaithan smiled happily and was about advancing into it, a thunder Bolt suddenly threw him off, sending him crashing on the floor and he slid towards Ewatomi. Leviathan looked through where the hit had come from and saw Remi in the air.
Leviathan wasted no time in pulling Ewatomi up, and held tight to her neck.
"I'll kill her"
Remi descended and made a fist.
"Like I care" Remi said and took another step forward.
"Am better than that trick, this is the one you would protect with all your life" Leviathan said and SNAAAPPPPPPP, Ewatomi neck was cracked.
Remi went into shock, and caught Ewatomi body as Levaithan threw her body at him.
"The only way to break a pure blood is to kill who they love emotional instability, temporary loss of power" Leviathan said and walked down the stairs that went deeper into the ground.


Re: Remi: The Greater War by Bridgovoks: 10:03am On Jun 12
Thanks for the update
Re: Remi: The Greater War by Mielekcezylil(m): 3:13pm On Jun 12
A superhero or gods being in love is always painful and sacrificial.
Re: Remi: The Greater War by Devilpen(m): 10:23pm On Jun 12
Leviathan made fireballs on both hands, allowing it to illuminate the dark ground, which he descended into. Finally he descended the last step, before were tombs of great kings, ahead was another three tombs, the place was totally filled with cobwebs and dust, which he cared less about, the middle tomb had a dragon carved on it, with an emblem hanging from its mouth.
Leviathan approached the dragon and removed the emblem from the mouth and threw it into his sack bag, he looked around for the last piece and sighted it on the tomb that was on the right of the middle one, he retrieved it and smiled to himself.
"To the final phase"
The dragons began to go restless and forced themslevs out of the hut, which Ewatomi locked them in.
Remi knelt on the ground, with Ewatomi's head laid on his laps, and was sobbing quietly, when he had his dragons growled behind him, he looked at the with tears in his eyes, and looked back at her.
"She's dead" He said and closed his eyes
Fire rain swiftly moved it tails towards Remi's hand and made a slight cut on his arm. And snarled softly at him.
"What's that for? " He asked angrily, and his hands began to heal.
White fire didn't hesistate, and did cut Remi's arm on the exact spot Fire rain had cut.
"Stupiiddd Dr...... " He was about saying, then Leviathan's words immediately rang in his mind.
"A pure blood" He said and stretched his hands for white fire to cut deeper. And plans the dripping blood on Ewatomi's lips. All of Ewatomi's vein began glowing white and it died down, still she was motionless.
"Let's give it time"
Leviathan met Remi as he ascended the stairs back to the upper ground, and halted
"Return the emblems " Remi said as his dragons snarled rudely, each standing on both sides.
"No force can stop me now" Leviathan replied and turned into a pillar of flying dust and flew at Remi, who bent down and shielded his eyes. The dust flew past him into the air, and slowly it disappeared.
Remi stood looking at it, he was about flying after it, then he had a slight cough from behind.


Re: Remi: The Greater War by Hardes(m): 12:46am On Jun 13
Thanks for the update
Re: Remi: The Greater War by Devilpen(m): 1:38pm On Jun 13
Remi made his way into the library, the first time he would ever set his legs in it. The library had lots of scrolls littered on the ground, he snapped his hands and all the lamps in the library lit up. Assuming he had gone through history, he would have known about Leviathan, he would have had a better knowledge, he wouldn't rely on his own power, the knowledge of others would help, but was it his fault, he wondered, the library was one section in the city that had been ignored for years, during his days of growing nobody talked about it.
He walked through the shelves, looking at the dusty shelves he felt pained in his mind. He didn't have any idea where to begin, all he was seeing was heap of scrolls he didn't know how or where to begin.
Remi surrounded himself with scrolls, sitting in the centre, he picked them one after the other, went through it, and threw them behind him, anyone that didn't really talk about what he needed.
He twitched his eyes, and struggled to continue, among the scrolls, he found one that had an image of an emblem on it and reached for it.
Leviathan, leaped over to the other part of the mountain, and softly landed, and continued his way down the slope, reaching the bottom, he knelt down and placed his hands on the ground
"Am coming brothers, we shall rule this world together" He said and continued forward.


Re: Remi: The Greater War by Devilpen(m): 5:59pm On Jun 13
Remi held the scroll amd walked into the palace, this time only him and the commander, with three other ranking warriors. He opened the scroll and pointed to the things in it
"I think I know what Leviathan is up too" Remi said and moved his finger down on the scroll.
"Seems Leviathan was lying to me after all, he wanted to share his blood with the traitors he had, to make them powerful, so they could dominate the world, the he was put down, but since he was a True Blood he couldn't die" Remi said and moved his hands down on the scroll again.
"Here, combining the emblem among a group of people, will distribute extra powers to them, different ones, but the power was too great, the Kings has to scatter them across the lands" Remi said and looked at the others and noticed how foolish they had been.
"Now that he has the emblem, where is he heading too? " the commander asked with his hands on his chin.
"Here" Remi said, pointing to another part of the scroll. "Valley of the death of warriors, that is the only place he can have enough souls to achieve his goals " Remi said and sighed.
"We only hear stories about this place, no one has ever being there" One of the soldiers said.
"That's the only reasonable place he could go to, gather your men" Remi said and rolled up the scroll.

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Re: Remi: The Greater War by Bobosneh: 6:43pm On Jun 13
one thing I like about devilpen is that his update is constantly constant. thank you for this one too


Re: Remi: The Greater War by Devilpen(m): 7:05pm On Jun 13
one thing I like about devilpen is that his update is constantly constant. thank you for this one too
I have no option, as long as there is light and gadget and enough brain to roll on...
thank you sir
Re: Remi: The Greater War by Devilpen(m): 7:38pm On Jun 13
Levaithan, advanced towards the tangled trees, and sent fireball through it, making the trees burn down before him,and walked through it, he had a crooked smile on the corner of his lips, befire him were vast and uncountable numbers of human skeleton, that were already dried up.
"History is forgotten, Valley of dead warriors" Leviathan said and water no time in bringing out the emblems from his bag.
He knelt down and drew a circle on the ground and placed them in it, he stood up and began chanting some strange words, slowly the emblems elevated in the air, and rotated while it went up, Leviathan's eye turned white.
"The souls the king sent to early graves,
The wasted lives,
The dead ones
Rise, our time is here,
A new dawn is on us
Let's avenge those who abandoned our bodies to the beast of the air.... " Leviathan continued chanting.
The emblems, arranged themselves and a thunder Bolt came from the sky and struck each emblem, and they entered into each other and became one. The emblem, rotated and slowly moved towards Leviathan's chest and got stuck on it.
Remi alighted his horse in getting to the end of the mountain, the next mountain before them was something no one ordinary could jump.
"Wait here" he said to his troop and let over to the other mountain, he saw the thunder Bolt from afar and ran using his super speed.
Leviathan looked back and smiled at Remi
"You came late" he said and the ground began to shake slightly, and behind leviathan, skeletons began to rise and gain life, in numbers they increased, little by little there numbers became large, in different size. Remi looked on and became frightened seeing two dragon skeleton rise up, and breathed fire.
"Leviathan is not too late to find redemption" Remi said and took two steps backward.
"Redemption is nothing but deciet, imagine a world with fear, a world with total dominance"
"Please do a rethink, nothing is too late" Remi said.
"So I can be a captive, nonsense, am taking over this world, am freeing people, am giving them free will" Leviathan said.
A soldier walked into the palace and coughed drawing Remi's and Ewatomi's attention to him.
"My Lord, the numbers of those going to Leviathan is increasing by the day, even from our city" the soldier said.
"He hasn't taken a step" Remi said and stood up.
"Pardon me my lord, what he is doing is more than a step, if he has high number of followers and each one of them has super powers, powers more than what we know, then we will fall, let's take the fight to him" the soldier said....
Oya let's talk.
Our MC (Main character) is in a really tight corners, and he has come to you all for help...
As Elders, what is your advice?


Re: Remi: The Greater War by Devilpen(m): 7:45pm On Jun 13
Your advice as elders is needed
Re: Remi: The Greater War by Bobosneh: 9:11pm On Jun 13
all what remi has to do is get a cup then cut himself and use the cup to collect the blood and let his have a sip from it lobatan. he will have a battalion on warrior gods

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