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Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by emperorblog21(m): 4:39pm On Jul 25, 2019
The BadBoy Diary
(Helping Her Get Over Him )
Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C
#Chapter 34
**Clara’s POV continues**
I tucked my hair behind my ear cos I lost my hairband while gripping on him at the movie.
“Will you be scared?” he repeated.
I know I will be scared. I will be scared but what will he do about it?
“Yes I will,” I said.
I heard him sigh.
“Sure?” he asked.
“I am,” I said, looking at him.
He pushed his hair back and somehow I loved the way he did it.
He look troubled or rather worried. Then he tapped on the steering wheel.
“Im sorry,” he said.
I nodded with my eyes still on him. He kept tapping his hands on the steering, then he faced me, his lips opened but closed back again and he looked away, but then looked at me again.
I decided to say something.
“What’s it?” I asked.
“I was thinking.. if if you are gonna be scared, then we.. we can sleep- I mean, I can stay. With you tonight,” he stammered.
I had no idea why it made me chuckle. I mean what he just said.
I enjoyed my three seconds chuckle before shaking my head negatively. “No Drake, you don’t need to, im not a kid seriously. I’ll be fine,”
It took him awhile before he said,“Alright,”
Drake I really don’t know what you are up to!
Really? Or maybe you are just worried or is there something else?
Your hand brushed on my boobs at the movie theatre and now you saying if im scared we can spend the night together.
What im I even thinking, im so exhausted. I just need to go inside and sleeeep.
“Goodnight Drake,” I said and picked my purse.
“Goodnight Clara,” he reciprocated and with that I got down, closed the car door and walked to my apartment.
But I knew immediately I got in that I wasn’t gonna be fine, the darkness frightened me. I immediately found the lights switch and the lights came on.
My sitting room, dining and the small corridor to my bedroom.
What was I scared about?
I remember the door was still open and I closed it.
I walked further in and looked around. I couldn’t help but play music, Celine Dion tracks as always.
I headed to my bedroom and getting to my bedroom, darkness!
Darkness feared me! I switched on the lights instantly, scanned around before sitting on the bed and dropped my purse. I pulled off the flat shoes I wore and curled my toes to release the little pains the shoe had given me.
I recall my phone and I can’t deny that I miss it but it’s better. I’ll get a phone when im so much better.
I have to brush, bathe, then sleep.
I pulled the black trouser I wore and found it pretty hard to pull it off my shin and feet cos it was pretty tight but anyways, I did and I felt a relief, the black jacket followed, then the yellow top followed, Leaving just the underwears.
I stood up and walked into the bathroom, picked up my brush and did a slow brushing.
Then removed my undies, and dropped them with the few dirty clothes.
I have things to wash tomorrow and I really need to visit a boutique. I’ll do them tomorrow or next.
I don’t even know.
I got into the shower and turned it on.
The cool water poured on my naked skin and I loved it. I closed my eyes and flung my hair back.
Memories about Drake’s hand brushing my breast and mine on his trouser zipper.
All the times I was clinging on him and gripping to him.
Ahh What’s wrong with me? Why am I thinking about all that?
Then my thoughts diverted to the movie; The nightshadows, the mares, the skeletons, the dr-
Fear gripped me and I opened my eyes wide but the water was disturbing and I turned it off.
I sighed.
“What’s wong with me!! when will I understand that those things weren’t real! I just hate the way I get frightened during and after horror movies, Im just scared! Drake you caused this! but it’s just for tonight, I know by tomorrow night, it won’t be this way.”
I picked up the soap and began soaping my body.
I did it so quickly, I wanted to get out of the shower.
I turned on the shower and it washed the soaps away and I came out and dried my body and hair with a towel, then wrapped it on my body, also tied my hair with the head towel and went out of the bathroom.
I opened my wardrobe and picked out a flowery pajamas but then I jumped on great fear as the doorbell rang.
God! my heart flew! like all the demons in hell’s hunt are here to take me!
I almost had a heartache cos of a doorbell ring!
Clara what’s wrong with you for heaven’s sake!
Then my mind settled back and that was when I began to wonder.
Who’s at the door? Who can that be?
Is it Drake? it must be him, who else!
Im scared of going to that door but I got no choice, I have to go!
The doorbell rang again and I pulled on my pagamas, packed my hair with another hairband and walked out to the sitting room and over to the door.
I did the cross-sign, breathed out before opening the door to see a smiling Drake, with a black headset around his neck.
I can’t deny, sonmehow I felt happy.
Happy that he’s the one standing here not the skeleton from hell’s hunt, or happy that he came?
I have no idea but I felt the happiness and relief. Both of them.
I didn’t stand at the door for him to explain why he’s here but I left the door for him to come in.
I had no idea why, but I just think I need a company right now, or maybe tonight cos im so scared like hell!
He came in and closed the door.
“Your sis have been calling, I had my phone switched to Silent and she called fifteen missed calls, I have to call her immediately I saw it and she was asking so much about you and really wanna speak with you tonight, so I had to come. I’ll call her back now,” he said.
Oh Danelle, she’ve been worrying about me even after I told her not to.
What a sweet sister I’ve got.
I watched him call her back. I picked the remote and paused the music that was still playing.
He placed his phone on his ear then spoke.
“Hey Danelle, im with her now, i’ll give the phone to her,” he said then stretched the phone to me.
I took it and placed it on my ear.
“Sister sister sister i’ve missed you,” Danelle was calling.
That made me smile.
“Danelle, how are you?” I asked.
“Sis im fine but i’ve been worried about you, how are you feeling now? have you eaten tonight? I hope you’ve not been crying? are you really fine sis?” she filled my ears with questions.
I smiled.
Drake went for the couch and sat down.
“Danelle im very fine, I told you. So don’t worry much about me,” I said.
“Ahh I know you will be, Drake is there,” she said and I arched my brow.
Drake, really?
I ignored that.
“How’s school Danelle? hope you’re studying hard, remember your exams are at the corner,” I said.
“Ah sis I am trying, Im trying my best,” she said.
“Alright, take care of yourself ok,” I said.
“When are you gonna get a phone sis so I’ll be calling you? I think Mr Derick isn’t going to take my phone anymore,” she said.
I chuckled.
“I guess before this week ends. I hope you read tonight?” I said.
“Argh sis! I told you im trying,” she said. I smiled.
“Alright, goodnight Danelle, bye.”
“Bye sis, hand the phone back to Drake please,” she said.
I walked to Drake and handed the phone to him.
He kept smiling.
I wonder what Danelle was telling him.
Then he ended the call with;
“Yeah ofcourse, I know, alright goodnight Danelle.”
He dropped the call and looked at me.
“You are really lucky Clara, to have a sister like Danelle, she’s the most caring kid sis i’ve ever seen,” he said.
It me smile.
“Yeah I know,” I said.
He stood up, kept his eyes on me for too long before saying,
“Goodnight Clara,” he said with an expression that I could guess was the reluctant to say those words.
I know he wanna stay, maybe cos he care. Maybe cos he’s worried that i’ll be so scared or maybe because of something else but I can’t say yes to him, even though I really want him to stay cos of the fear that was coming back again.
I can’t tell him to stay because need him to protect me from the fear of tonight.
I can’t tell him that!
I’ll be fine, sleeping alone.
“Goodnight Drake,” I said. I also realized that I took quite long in replying him just the way he had taken quite long to say ‘goodnight to me’
He shook his head with a sigh, “Clara, im sorry to say this but you don’t look like you want me to go,” he said, making me arch my brow in pretence.
“What do you mean?” I asked.
Yeah, he was right, but I just have to hide it.
Not that I wanted him to stay because of anything else but because im gonna be scared and I just need someone to stay with me. But you know that can’t be possible.
Would he even sleep with me on the same bed? Ofcourse no way! he’ll still sleep here in the sitting room and I at the bedroom and it won’t still change anything. It’s better I sleep alone and know that im alone.
“It’s written all over you Clara, that you are scared but you don’t just want me to stay,” he said.
I quickly shook my head, “Im fine, goodnight,” I said.
He sighed, then shrugged.
“Fine Clara, but if you get too scared, you can use this,” he said as he removed the headset and placed it on my head as the speakers pressed softly on my ears, then he stretched his phone and my mouth opened to say something but I had no idea what to say.
What’s he doing? giving me his headset and phone!
He realized I wasn’t going to take it and without knowing his next move, he took my hand and placed his phone in my palm.
“Drake what are you doing?” I finally asked.
“Listen to songs with it, it will make you feel less scared. Im sorry for letting you watch a horror movie at night,” he said.
“But-” I was going to say but he cut me short.
“No Clara, just have it for tonight. You need it,” he said.
“Drake you’ll need your phone!” I said.
“No one calls me this late, even if they do, you can pick it up or ignore it or switch the phone to airplane mode so they don’t keep calling,” he said.
“Drake I still-” he cut me short again.
“Im your friend Clara and it hurts me that you are scared of something that I should have prevented,” he said with so much sadness and I just couldn’t help it.
‘Why is he feeling so guilty! He said for us to go but I told him I still wanted to watch the movie!
Why’s he still feeling guilty!’
“Drake you don’t have to feel guilty! remember you said for us to go but I said ‘no,” I said.
“I could have still stopped you!” he said with so much pains. I felt it.
“Drake you-” he cut me short for the third time.
“It’s okay. Goodnight Clara, sleep sound,” he said and turned to the door.
When he walked out, it took me awhile to finally close the door.
His phone in my hand and his headphone on my head.
I breathed out and tapped on the screen. A cute meme picture was used as his wallpaper.
The screen lock was ‘slide’ and I couldn’t open it.
I just felt that I shouldn’t.
I removed the headset and picking up the remote, played back the music. t
The second to the last track was playing.
I dropped the remote and headed to my bedroom.
[From Author Rejoice ] I got in and layed on my bed, dropping the headset and phone on the bedside table and pulled the duvet over my body.
‘Drake what’s wrong with you? why are you caring so much?
What do you even want! I can’t be your prey.
Noah did and he succeeded but not again.
You are a playboy, who doesn’t know even though it was heartbreak that made you take that path.
Well what im I even thinking? You didn’t tell me you love me that’s why you care unlike Noah.
You said we are friends and friends care for eachother.
I wonder if you are being sincere cos I still remember your moves the week I packed in here.
Im just so confused but I can’t deny that I like the way you care.
I had no idea you can be that caring even as a playboy but I know why! because you weren’t a playboy untill three years ago. It’s obvious that you are so caring but pains made you drop that part of you’
I kept thinking and getting scared by every little noise…
I couldn’t sleep. It was getting to 1am. I need to just sleep!
I decided to use the headset. I had no other choice and I don’t wanna go to the sitting room to watch any romance movie alone. I don’t even wanna watch anything romance.
I sat up and picked up the headset and phone. I place the headset on my ears and tapped on his phone, then slide and scrolled down through so many Apps till I found Audio player and the video player App was beside.
My finger went to the video player and about five movies, all action movies and other video clips too.
Stupid me. I thought I’d see ‘porn’ but there was no porn.
I clicked the exit and went to gallery.
Clara just go to music!
but my finger wasn’t listening. It clicked on the gallery and so many pictures appeared.
His pictures and pictures of different women and screenshots, nothing very serious.
I flip through all of them, mostly his.
I can’t deny that Drake is a handsome guy.
Every posing fits him, any hairstlye, any outfit. His smiles.
His pictures at gym appeared, he wore no shirt as he held a dumb-bell and I saw my eyes staring at his perfect stature for too long.
I flipped to the next, then next. I kept flipping through so many pictures till I stopped at one.
It was a woman and a man with Drake among, and another boy much younger than him.
It was a selfie picture as they all were smiling widely.
Then It came flashing,
“This must be his dead family. He said he had a yonger brother and this is him, this is Drake and then his dad and mom,” I muttered with sudden sadness.
After staring for too long, I was so pained that I felt tears gather in my eyes.
What would I have done if I lost my mom and my sister in some fire outbreak.
Would I even live to face the unbearable pains?
I would die with them.
I flipped to the next picture and it was still his family, by the time I was done with the pictures, my tears have rolled down.
I wiped if off.
‘This pictures are just too perfect! it must have been such a wonderful family.
Drake you were really strong to get through the pains of loosing your family.’
I clicked exit and finally went to the audio player, I connected the bluetooth and played the first song on the audio player. ‘Adele- Hello’
Really? I can’t believe Drake got music like this on his phone.
I scrolled down and found so many others songs of Adele and few of Sia.
Others are Chris Brown’s, Drake’s (his name sake, lol), Lil wayne, Dj Khalid, Eminem and so many others that I wouldn’t even wanna listen to.
I marked the whole songs of Adele and Sia, as ‘Play next’
I had no idea when I drifted to sleep.
I had a dream.
Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by emperorblog21(m): 4:40pm On Jul 25, 2019
The BadBoy Diary
(Helping Her Get Over Him )
Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C
#Chapter 35
{Wednesday }
**Clara’s POV**
I was panting as I ran, running from the dreadful nightshadows, the human eating mares!
They were so many invoked by Azavira.
Her laugh was so loud and horrifying.
It sounded through the thick dark forest covered in tall trees and wild canopy leaves.
I was breathing hard, and loosing my strenghth, My feet wobbling as I ran. I wasn’t running fast enough and they were getting to me.
Their evil screams filled my ears and I kept running.
Running to where?
I have no idea but I kept running, I knew I was going to fall anytime soon.
I held the gown so tightly so It doesn’t cause me to fall.
I looked back and one was so near. I screamed in fright but then a hand pulled me I screamed louder and I fell further away as I landed on dry leaves.
I looked up to see it was Prince Luor.
His back on me as he fought with the nightshadows, and Mares, destroying them with his long sword, emerging with fire flames.
He destroyed all of them.
Then he stood with his sword in alert, waiting for another evil shadow, but none came, so he sheathed his sword without turning. I stood up and walked to him.
“Thanks Prince Luor,” I said, standingly closely behind him.
He turned and I arched my brow in astonishment.
“Drake!” I shouted.
He shook his head, “Im Prince Luor,” he said.
I shook my head too, “Drake, why are you dressed like Prince Luor!” I asked.
I stared at myself too and wondered why I dressed like a princess.
“No im Prince Luor, let’s go my beloveth,” he said with smiles and stretched out his hand for me to place mine ontop it.
“Prince Luor?” I called.
“Yes my princess?” he answered, smiling.
“You are Drake!” I said.
“No im prince Luor,” he said.
“You are Drake!” I shouted.
He brought down his hand,
“I am Prince Luor!” he shouted back too.
I was suddenly angered.
I pointed my finger at him with anger,“I say you are Drake you liar!” I yelled.
He got angered as well.
“I am Prince Luor!!” his yell was louder than mine.
“You are Drake!”
We began arguing.
“Im prince Luor!”
“You are not!”
“I am!”
I woke, by the sound of the doorbell ringing.
I tossed on my bed, breathing hard.
‘What a nightmare! What kinda scary and confusing nightmare was that?
Drake! Prince Luor!
Must I dream about any horror movie that I watch!
Arghhhh! Thank God it’s morning or I would have been scared like hell!’
I rubbed my eyes and yawned.
‘And who’s even at the door?’
I rolled to the other side of the bed and sighed.
The clock say, 6:05am.
The doorbell rang again.
Who else but Drake. Drake in my nightmare now Drake at the door.
I sighed and sat up, then shifted to the edge of the bed and slide my feet into my slippers. Stood up and walked to the dressing table, drew a face wiper anf cleaned my face, then I walked out.
‘I hope he’s not here to tell me about work out again or maybe he’s here to take his phone and headset.’
I moved to the door and opened it.
He was dressed in the perfect way to show he’s out for a ‘work out’
“Goodmorning Clara,” he greeted.
“Goodmoring Drake, but I don’t wanna work out today,” I said.
He smiled, “Why?”
“Im tired,” I said.
He chuckled, “You can’t be. You just woke up,” he said.
“Yeah but im tired,” I said.
“Okay you didn’t sleep all night? where you scared?” he asked.
“I slept Drake,” I said.
He shrugged, “Alright then.”
I chuckled, “Let me go get your phone,” I said then I left the door to the bedroom, leaving the door open for him.
Im sure he came in.
I walked into my room and changed. I walked into the bathroom and brushed,then came out and wore my canvas, tied the lace, then picked his phone and headset and walked out.
‘Okay don’t even ask me why I had a change of mind cos I don’t even know’
I walked into the sitting room and I saw him sitting on the couch and holding the remote.
He turned and I stretched his things to him.
He smiled. Im sure he smiled because I had a change of mind.
He stood up and walked to me. I thought he did that to take his things but rather he loosened the hairband o my hair and my hair fell to my shoulders.
I raised my brows at him, “Drake?”
“Its loose. I guess you forgot to repack it,” he said and fathered them tightly and held them with his hairband. His body was so close to ke that I thought I could feel his breath!
Why are you being so caring Drake! It’s so much.
You saved me in the dream from the Nightshadows just like you saved me from that bicycle boy.
Are you so caring both physically and spiritually?
He was done and pulled away with a smile.
“It’s tight now,” he said.
I inhaled, “Thanks.”
“Don’t mention,” he said and then took his phone, leaving the headset.
“I’ll play music, so you listen as we jog,” he said and scrolled through his phone.
He played Rihanna ‘Shine bright like a…
“I don’t want this,” I said.
he smiled.
“Every female listen to Rihanna’s,” he said.
“Except me,” I said.
“All right, Adele,” he said and played it.
**Drake’s POV**
Soon we were on the street, jogging through the long walkway.
Ten minutes later, Clara removed the headset and curled it around her neck.
“I hope not to see that boy today,” she said.
I smiled.
We were at the area we’d see him.
“We might. I think he’s one of the street boys,” I said.
“He’ll be a bag of troubles,” she said.
“That’s his own way of living this life,” I said.
She glanced at me, then looked away as she placed the headset back on her head.
I watched her, jogging beside me, she doesn’t seem like she was getting tired. Her ponytail danced left to right as she jogged. Sweats were visible on her face.
We jogged till we got to the garden.
Immediately we sat down (I made sure it was a bench far from others. I wouldn’t want an encounter likethose yesterday girls), Clara removed the headset, panting and trying to catch her breath.
She kept inhaling and exhaling, then she felt better and wiped the sweats on her face, smiling widely.
“Gosh, the musics were like my strength. I can’t believe I ran that far,” she said.
I smiled, “Yeah music helps alot,” I said.
“I know I know,” she said, catching her breath again.
“Im thirsty,” she said.
Oh my bad!
“Im so sorry, we forgot to get water,” I said.
“I know cos I didn’t stop running,” she said.
I smiled.
“Uhm let’s go get water,” I said.
“I saw your family,” she said.
“They are so lovely,” she added.
I smiled, “Thanks, let’s go.”
“Im not so thirsty,” she said.
“Yeah, I wanna just stay here for awhile,” she said.
I smiled, “Alright.”
“So won’t you scold me for looking into your gallery,” she said.
I chuckled, “Why? gallery isn’t a sectet,” I said. She chuckled too.
“Yeah I know,” she said and turned to the fountain pool.
“I love the way the water falls,” I said.
“It’s pretty and yellow ducks,” I said.
I smiled.
She turned back, “Im thirsty, let’s go.”
I smiled ann we stood up and headed to the cafe close by.
She touched the headset.
“Thanks for thos, it helped me sleep off but I still had a ni-” she paused but I already grabbed it anyways.
But why was she tryna hide it?
“You had a nightmare?” I asked.
She chuckled, “Yeah.”
I sighed, “Was it so scary?”
“Kinda, the nightshadow were chasing me but then Prince Luor saved me,” she narrated and the wau she did made me laugh.
“It isn’t funny. It was a really scary dream just like the movie was,” she said.
“Im sorry Clara, do you dream about movies that you watch? i mean horror? ” I asked.
“Some,” she said.
“im sorry,” I said.
“Stop apologising,” she said.
‘But I thought you said you’ll be fine. I badly wanted to say beside you so you won’t feel scared. I felt really bad knowing Im the reason but you told me you’ll be fine and I had no choice than to leave you with my headset and phone. I couldn’t stay without your approval, so I had to leave.
I didn’t sleep cos I kept tossing on my bed anf thinking and worried-sick about you.
Im sorry you still had a nightmare, the music couldn’t prevent.
I really hope it wouldn’t repeat tonight.’
I bought two bottles of water and handed her one.
“Thanks,” she said.
I smiled, “Stop saying thanks to me on things like this Clara,” I said.
“Doh” she said, smiling.
I laughed as we headed towards home.
She drank half of her water and I drank more than half of mine.
“Let’s jog,” I smirked.
“No,” she said, laughing.
I smiled.
My phone began ringing, I brought it out from my pocket and it wad no one else but Brenda.
I dropped it back in my pocket.
“Oh my! he’s coming,” Clara said, I looked up to see Nuel riding speedily towards.
We made way for him as he stopped in front of us.
“Oh this cute couple, I met you yesterday and I was very lucky, I ate more than two meals, I hope today that lm gonna eat more than three.”
I chuckled, “We ain’t married,” I said.
“Oh okay, you told me but you too can’t be just friends, why not stare at yourself in the mirror. You both fit perefectly, ahh what im I even saying, she must be your girlfriend or maybe you both are planning to be, aha right?”
I smiled, “We are just friends.”
He shook his head.
“I don’t believe that. I’ll ask her,” he said and turned to Clara who was staring at him too.
“He’s lying right? you both are dating right?” he asked her.
“He’s right!” Clara snapped. Ah I just think Clara hates him.
Like what? why such snap.
Nuel flinged back in fright but that didn’t still stop him from trying to get on her nerve again.
“Oh you mean me? im right, right?” he said.
I chuckled. Clara eyed him. He turned to me.
“Your girlfriend must have seen me in her dreams,” he said then looked at Clara.
“Did I appear in your dream as a vampire or wolf? tell me please,” he said.
I laughed. This guy’s so funny.
Clara ignored him and drank as she opened her water and began drinking.
He smiled at me,“I don’t think she did. I think she just hates me. So many people do but their leader is Madam Haley but im sure of someone who have no single hate for me, my girlfriend,” he said.
I smiled.
And he’s just cute. I wonder who Madam Haley is to him.
I wish to find out.
“How’s your bicycle, good now?” I asked.
“Perfect,” he said and placed his hands on the handlebar.
“I’ll be going now see you at the party tonight,” he said and rode away but didn’t ride far though, he landed on a parked car.
“What a boy!” Clara breathed out.
“He just need a new bicycle,” I said.
She trashed the empty bottle and I drank mine and did same.
We walked home.
I recalled something.
“What do you think about my brother? was he more handsome than me? What about my dad?” I asked.
She glanced at me.
“Do the memories hurt so bad?” she asked, ignoring my question.
“Yeah, whenever it comes, it hurts so bad. My brother, we do fight alot then cos he was quite stubborn and annoying, and I loved my dad more.” I said as those memories flashed back but I could control it.
I know.
“Im sorry,” she said.
“It’s okay, so answer my question,” I asked.
“You were all looking lovely, I didn’t stare for so long cos I got really sad,” she said.
I smiled.
“I was thinking.. if we could go for a ride,” I said.
“Uhm okay,” she said.
[Fast Forward:] [Few Hours later:] “Drake!” she yelled as I drove speedily down the slope.
“What?” I smirked.
“Get me down if you gonna continue driving this way!” she shouted.
“We are riding!” I said.
She hit my hand.
I laughed.
“Stop right now!” she yelled.
“Clara see that!,” I said and she searched around for whatever I pointed at, “See what?”
“Just kidding,” I said and slowed down the car.
“We are there,” I said and pulled into an open gate.
‘Crystal Zoo’
“Why are we here?” she asked.
“Im gonna tell you,” I said as I unfastened my seatbelt.
She did same.
I bought tickets and we walked around the zoo, staring at different animals in their own cage and taking pictures of them.
“So tell me now,” she said, impatient.
“This was the last place my family and I last went to before they died,” I said.
“Can I ask you something?” she said.
“How did you escape the fire outbreak?” she asked.
“I wasn’t home, I went to play football.. when I came back, our house was on fire, I wanted to go in but so many people held me back. I regretted ever leaving. I should have stayed and died with them, and seriously I hated football cos it was the reason why I didn’t go with them,” I said.
“Im sorry all this happened,” she said.
I smiled, “It’s okay.”
I threw bananas to the monkeys and she did same.
“I pray I don’t loose my mom and my sister, I won’t bear the pains. I would die with them,” she said.
“You won’t,” I said, then I had no idea when I took her hand.
She looked at me and I felt suprised too. I left her hand.
“im sorry,” I said.
I took pictures of the happy monkeys.
**Clara’s POV**
After hours of going round the zoo, we were back in the car.
I fastened my seatbelt.
His lost family was the reason we came here.
I feel so sad for him.
Drake I feel really sad for you.
He drove off.
“Drake just be careful with the slope please,” I said.
“I will,” he said but then didn’t do as he said.
He sped so roughly that I thought the car was going to turn!
“Drake!!!” I shouted.
He pulled to a stop.
“Im sorry Clara. I can’t bear to recall the memories. They hurt so much.” he said.
I saw a tear drop from his eyes.
Im sure he’s been holding them back in there for hours and now he couldn’t just hold them back anymore.
I sighed, “Drake it’s okay,” I said.
“Can it ever be okay? I lost everything,” he cried.
I took his hand, “You didn’t” I said.
He looked at me with teary eyes, “How?”
“Because you got God and you also have a friend and friends help eachother,” I said and wiped his tears with my thumb.
“You did this the times I cried, so there’s no crime if I wipe your tears too Drake. You’ve been helping me all this while to get over my heartbreak and I see no crime if I help you get yourself at the moment from the memories of the past pains,” I said and wiped all his tears away

read more here: https://www.emperorblog.com.ng/?s=THE+BAD+BOY+DIARY
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Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by Ann2012(f): 10:13am On Jul 26, 2019
I'm loving this side of Drake

Well done OP
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The BadBoy Diary
(Helping Her Get Over Him )
Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C
#Chapter 36
Officially Friends
**Drake’s POV**
‘Clara wiped my tears.
How on earth is this happening?
Wait. is this happening for real?
No I must be dreaming.
Clara has never been this tender to me. She had never accepted that we are friends anyways. She knows that she still hate me even after telling her my past. She thinks im just after her body and im only being nice just to get her like Noah did.
But look at her here, wiping my tears and holding my hand.
What hight of happiness is more than this moment oh Lord!’
“Stop the tears Drake. You’re a guy you know. They say men don’t really shed tears,” she said, sounding somehow like a kid. Gosh, I love this lady here, I swear.
“You know right?” she asked.
I smiled, staring into her cute brown eyes, “I do.”
‘What does this signify?
Is she getting a feeling for me? or she’s just trying to be the friend she had suddenly accepted to be?
Oh I don’t give a damn. All I care about now is the happiness and excitement that her tenderness gave me. I feel my self in paradise.
Clara can you continue to be this way to me?
Would you just try to stop seeing me as a bad guy?
Would you just give me a chance?
I want so many things I know but please pity me.
Im so inlove with you. I never wanted to fall inlove ever again untill you came.
My heart was padlocked but you found the right key. I have no idea how you found the right key but I just want you to live in my heart, please stay in my heart.
Please see that my heart really need you Clara
“Hey Drake?” she hit my arm slightly, shaking me out of my emotional thoughts. I realized that i’ve been staring at her.
“Hey?” I smiled.
“You’ve been staring too long,” she said. She had unlocked her hand on mine.
I blinked my eyes, “Im sorry, I was carried away by your words and care,” I said.
She smiled, “We are friends. We’ve got to help eachother. I don’t even know but I think your pains are just worse than mine. I still have my mom and my sister but you, you have none,” she said and sighed.
I breathed out,“Being heartbroken twice is a pain that hurts really badly,” I said.
“Yeah I know but loosing yor family forever that’s the worse pain anyone can ever face and then you got heartbroken too, Drake you are really strong,” she said.
I blinked.
‘I want tears to roll down my eyes again so she could wipe them off, so she could hold me. Would she? That moment was the best moment of my life.’
“Yeah I know, I keep living in the pains knowing they are forever. My family would never come back to me. Then I thought I had her. She was my life, the only family I thought I had left but she really shattered me.” tears rolled down my eyes just like I wanted.
‘Clara please wipe them again. I wanna feel that excitement please’
She did.
sensations washed down my spine.
Oh my!!
‘Claraaa.. what’s going on?
What Angel got into you this moment?
God! this is awesomely good! I feel this moment should never end.’
“Drakeee it’s okay. Im sure a girl who would love you forever and never leave would show up someday and you’ll be happy,” she said.
‘A girl like you Clara, you are the girl. You are the only girl for me. I need you Clara. How do I tell you. You won’t accept me. You might even hate me totally. I can’t tell you all this now because you are still trying to get over your heartbreak. I’ll keep being close to you till the time is right.
I smiled at her, “Just like the right guy who would love you, trust you and be sincere to you would show up someday,and you would be forever happy,” I said.
‘And that person is I, Clara’
She faced the windscreen.
I sighed.
‘I know how it hurts but you’ll be fine. Im here for you’
I started the car.
“You are fine?” she asked, glancing at me.
Hah! Clara you are driving me insane with your sudden care.
“I am, thanks Clara,” I said and drove off.
I decided to suprise her by playing Celine Dion’s.
She smiled and sang along. She got a pretty voice.
I joined her, astonishing her. She gasped with wide eyes at me.
I quit claiming that I don’t sing blues. I actually loved them but pain changed it all.
“I thought you don’t sing or listen to blues Drake. You called her songs ‘wack,” she said.
I smiled. “I do but pains made me stop cos listening to them only bring back memories that I don’t wish to remember.” I said.
“Oh but why did you put the music, you might feel more sad listening to it,” he said.
I smiled. “No, let’s sing together, you have a pretty voice,” I said.
“Ah not really,” she said.
“You do.”
“Alright thanks.”
I actually played her favourite and we sang together.
Near, far…
Where ever you are..
I believe.. that my heart will go on…
Once more…
You opened that door,
And you’re here in my heart
And my heart will go on, and on…
We kept singing together. I felt so excitement.
‘Today is my happiest dayy’
………………………….. …………………..
I pulled into ‘MAC MALL’ and parked at the parking lot.
“Drake why are we here?” she asked.
I smiled excitedly.
‘I just want to be with you.’
“Let’s go shopping,” I said.
“Why?” she raised her brows.
I shrugged, grinning,“Uhmm I was thinking we should bake today,” I said.
“Bake what?” she asked.
“Anything, uhm maybe cupcake,” I said.
‘I just don’t wanna get home and then you might change to your old self. I don’t want to. Even if you are going to, then let me just feel this tenderness and friendliness for hours before it dies away.’
She was staring at me.
“Cupcake cupcake or anything at all,” I said, unfastening my seatbelt. She did too.
“Uhmm okay,” she said.
We came down, shut the doors and walked into the large mall.
I pushed one shopping trolley to her and took one.
“What are we buying actually, you know the stuffs for baking cupcakes?” I asked, scrolling to my browser to search.
Brenda’s call came and I swiped it.
“You wanted to bake cupcakes, search for it,” she said.
‘Aha? No prob then.’
I scrolled to google search.
“Flour, Sugar, eggs, icing, cups,” she said.
I smiled and slide my phone back to my trouser pocket.
“Great, we can make sandwich too,” I added.
In no time, my trolley and hers were filled but I was still picking every other thing.
Maybe because of the excitement that I was feeling.
She hit my hand hard as I threw the tenth beef into the trolley.
“Drake! what are all these for!” she said and I scrolled to my camera.
Im planning on taking a picture of her.
“Yeah im sorry,” I said and threw a milk can into hers again.
“Drakeee! that’s enough,” she said.
I took two shots of her unaware.
One; she is staring angrily at her filled trolley.
Ah! I laughed. I know she’ll be wondering what’s causing me to laugh.
Then the other; she was saying my name, her mouth open with her eyes on me.
Geeez! this one is sweet! Haha.
“C’mon let’s go around some more,” I said and walked ahead of her so she’ll have no choice than to follow me.
“Drake” she kept calling.
“Do you want teddy bears?” I asked as we got to the teddies.
“No” she said.
“Oh hairwarmers. This one is really cute, it fits your eyes,” I said and picked it out. “I don’t wear that,” she said but I placed it on her head and she chuckled.
“It’s pretty,” she said.
I smiled with so much excitement. I was actually acting like an eighteen years teenager in love.
“Wow, pretty bag, it fits your hair colour, trust me,” I said and dropped it into her trolley.
“Pretty Pajamas, I know you love pajamas alot,” I said and dropped three into my trolley cos hers was over filled now.
“Drake I think you are buying so much,” she said.
I smiled.
‘You have no idea how excited I am.’
We got to the underwears and I turned to her with a grin, “Uhmm undies,” I said.
She threw the hairwarmer at my face.
I laughed as I picked up the hairwamer.
I saw faint smile on her face too.
I dropped the hairwarmer back.
The trolley was over filled.
She kept complaining as we drove home.
“Drake do you carry so much money with you while going out? why buy all that whole stuffs.”
“Well I had the idea of going on shopping today,” I said.
“Really but not all that. there are so much,” she said.
“Clara it’s fine” I said, smiling.
“It’s really not,” she said.
I chuckled.
Few minutes later, she was still talking about it.
“But Drake I still think that you wasted so much,” she said.
“Alright then Clara, keep talking about these,” I said and she didn’t stop anyways.
“You should have just bought few! those stuff might even expire while still in store.”
“Im your friend Drake, im telling you the truth.”
‘Oh Clara just stop. I was only excited.
I decided to give an excuse.
“We are celebrating our friendship,” I said.
She laughed.
We came back.
Clara still didn’t stop talking about the four filled shopping bags.
We spent three hours baking cupcakes and making sandwich too.
It was fun as I told her a really funny movie and we kept laughing.
We had flour all over our body.
It was 7pm already before we rounded off and cleared the messy kitchen too.
The cupcakes were too many so we decided to take to the neighbours.
Clara’s idea tho.
I felt they would reject but I was wrong. I guess they all love Clara’s tender voice and her sweet smile or maybe there is something else.
The first was ‘The Rogers’
“What are you both celebrating?” Mrs Rogers asked.
I left the answer to Clara.
“Neighours’s Love,” Clara said.
Really? Clara you don’t mean it.
Mrs Roger smiled, “Oh great. I knew there was something behind the stopping of loud music each night, Few weeks after you came, he stopped playing them.” she said with all smiles.
Clara only smiled.
“For I and my husband who is inside,” she said and took two.
We headed to the next neighbour.
“She’s a talkative old woman,” I said.
Clara only laughed.
A little stain of flour was on her cheek and I wiped it off.
She rang the doorbell and Mr Evans opened the door.
“Goodevening Mr Evan, Please have this, we are celebrating Neighour’s Love,” Clara said.
He smiled, “Oh awesome, I never thought of something like this, thank you,” he said and took three.
I smiled.
The Johnsons picked three too.
Just one cupcake remained which was meant for Mr Mark, Gina and Kira’s dad who wasn’t back.
We got back in and fell on the couch.
“Are you exausted?” I asked.
“I am,” she said.
“I am too,” I said.
“No dinner then, it should be sleep” she joked.
I laughed and rested my head on the backrest.
“Hey!” she hit me.
I looked at her, “Yeah?”
“Didn’t you hear me?” she asked.
I smiled, “I did. You said no dinner then, just sleep.”
She hit me again, this time harder.
I smiled wider.
“Alright, I will,” I said and got up.
“Help me up,” she said, stretching out her hand.
I smiled, grabbed her hand and pulled her up, she missed step and I caught her.
She smiled. “Thanks,”
I hit her hair playfully, “I told you to stop saying thanks to me.”
She laughed.
She’s so free with me now. I pray it lasts forever.
**Clara’s POV**
We served dinner and settled to eat.
We ate silently, obeying the table manner.
But within me, I was talking.
About Drake.
Im suddenly so free with him.
His pains are so much. I can’t keep trying to avoid him.
He needs a friend and I wanna be his friend.
“So are we officially friends now?” he asked.
I smiled, “Yeah,” I said.
He smiled. “Thanks Clara,” he said and I nodded.
“Can I ask you something,” he said.
“Can we go to the party tonight?”
“No Drake, I need sleep,” I said.
I don’t wanna go to that party. Lovers party. We ain’t lovers! And that crazy boy!
“Alright,” he said.
(An hour later)
After eating, and clearing the dishes, then Drake finished telling me the remaining part of the funny movie, we said ‘goodnight’ and he left.
After awhile that he left, I began feeling scared again.
I walked back to my bedroom, and took off my clothes to take a shower.
I walked into the bathroom and my minds flashed back to the movie.
I brushed, showered and wore my pink pajamas then layed back on the bed.
I closed my eyes to sleep but I thought only about the movie.
I tossed on my bed and tried to think of something else but I ended up thinking about the nightmare I had.
It got worst and I couldn’t help it anymore.
I sprang up from the bed.
“I think going to the party would be better than these!” I said and stood up from the bed.
With a sign, I walked to the wardrobe and picked out a red gown, that’s not so tight but slim sleeved.
I wore it and matched it with silver heels and my silver purse.
I applied a little makeup and packed my hair tightly.
No, I loosened it and left it to fall to my shoulders.
No, I packed it again.
I applied a faint red lipgloss on my lips, then picked my purse and walked out. I shut my door and walked to Drake’s door.
I remembered the time I came here, it was to warn him to stop disturbing the whole neighbour with loud music.
I chuckled at that thought.
Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by emperorblog21(m): 5:58pm On Jul 27, 2019
The BadBoy Diary
(Helping Her Get Over Him )
Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C
#Chapter 37
[unedited] Lucky Couple
**Drake’s POV**
‘I layed on the bed, with all my thoughts about Clara.
Today had been the most exciting day for me.
Clara had finally said that we are officially friends now.’
I chuckled as I recalled those times at the Mall. When I took those pictures.
I picked my phone and stared at the picture for the hundreth time today.
“You’re so beautiful Clara,” I muttered.
I have no idea when Im gonna have you.
Would I ever?
But she’s free with me now, isn’t that a step?
I wonder why she doesn’t wanna go to the party.
Maybe it will remind her a lot of things.
I just love the way we are now.
I hope it never stop.
I love you so much Clara. I can’t help my love for you.
I wanna keep loving you.
I want this love to last forever but Im afraid it won’t, it will only last forever if you accept me as the third and last man in your life.
I will never hurt you.
I will love you with all my heart because I know that you are rare to find.
I’ll always be truthful to you and never do what would hurt you.
The doorbell rang.
Doorbell? who must it be?
My mind said ‘Clara’ but I waved that off. Clara wouldn’t even think of coming to my aparrment.
“I just hope it isn’t Brenda. Im just gonna deal with her.” I said as I walked down to the door and opened it. I gasped.
My mind was right, it was Clara!
Oh my! wait? Her dressing.. wha??
“Hey,” she called, waving her purse at my face.
“Clara?” I muttered and left the door for her to come in and she did, taking her steps carefully. Maybe cos of her heels. No, It can’t be. Clara’s a fan of heels. I think it’s because this is her first time being here.
I closed the door.
She looked around then turned to me.
“Can we still make it to the party?” she asked.
Jeez! for real Clara?
What happened? why did you change your mind?
But damn you look so hot!
and sexyyy..
She hit my arm with her purse.“Answer me,” she said.
“Yeah yeah.. but what happened, You changed your mind,” I said.
She breathed out, “Was pretty scared.”
I smiled and hurried off.
“Have a seat, i’ll be back in no time,” I said.
I walked into my bedroom and jumped up. “Yes!”
‘I so much want to be at that party with Clara. Who knows! but uhmm I feel that Clara is trying to avoid something that might get her down. It’s fine. I won’t let her feel down by anything. I will be there with her.’
I picked out a black suit (uhm, as they stated in the card) I wore them hurriedly and combed my hair to the perfect style I want it to be. I wore my brogue, spread cologne, then picked everything I needed and walked out.
I walked into the sitting roon to see Clara sitting calmly. She heard my footsteps and turned.
“Im ready, let’s go,” I said, smiling.
She stood up and we walked out.
Soon, we were riding to the party.
**Dr Campbell’s POV**
I[n my car, away from GraAvantees] “Where is my money Dr Tony Campbell?” Helen asked.
“I promise you friday, you gonna get your money,” I said with an assuring smile.
“What trashy promise! I want my money doctor, it seem you don’t love your reputation. Do you even know what that would cost you? you might commit suicide cos you won’t be able to bear the pains and shame, I guess you have no idea.” she said.
“C’mon Helen, you’ll get your money on friday. Fine I’ll double it, 35million,” I said.
She rolled her eyes.
“This isn’t a joke! If I don’t get my monet tomorrow, be expectinh your doom!” she threatened and made to leave but I pulled her back and began to kiss her.
She pushed me away.
“What the heck?” she said, but her eyes were filled with lust.
“Calm down you want it Helen,” I said.
“Ofcourse I do,” she said and pulled me closer by my necktie as we kissed passionately.
But she pushed me away few minutes after and smiled seductively.
“The backseat,” she said.
I smiled.
‘Expect your death soon Helen’
**Drake’s POV**
Soon, we got to the party house and wow… It’s a bliss
the house is reall big andone would mistake it for a mansion.
There is a large swimming pool at the left. I had no idea that the Harey’s would be this wealthy.
I stopped the car at the parking lot or rather where other cars were parked.
Soft music were playing from the building and the party hall was shining with bright lights.
Clara unfastened her seatbelt as I did same.
“What do you have to say?” I asked her.
“About what?” she asked.
I smiled, “Nothing. You look really beautiful tonight,” I said and she chuckled.
“Thanks,” she said.
We came down and walked towards the hall which is at the left side of the first storey.
We got to the door and the security at the door opened the door and we walked in to a large and beautifully decorated party hall.
Red carpets layed from the door to the end of the hall where a large dance floor was made. Tables and chairs at both sides, left and right
There were people dancing.
They were so many people already. I guess because we are pretty late.
I found an empty table. Two chairs for one round table.
“Over there.” I said and we walked to the table and sat down. That was when I noticed that others coming held hands as they walked in. Clara and I held no hands.
I guess Clara noticed too.
What’s wrong with me? We ain’t lovers.
A waiter dressed in white shirt and black trouser, walked to us with a tray and dropped two glass of wine on our table, then another came with different meals and dropped it too.
I wondered where Nuel is. I have a package for him.
I looked at Clara and she was staring at all the couples dancing.
I was glad her expression wasn’t displaying sadness.
I stared at the meals, barbeque, fries, casserole, bakes, vegetables, served fruits.
All this meals?
Though they were all in small quantity, each meal two plates, for you and your lover, then forks, spoons, knives.
“Clara,” I called.
“Drake,” she answered.
“Ain’t you eating?” I asked.
“I am,” she said.
I smiled and picked the fork and knife.
“So which are you taking first?” I asked.
“Um fries,” she said.
“Okay,” I said and picked fries with my fork. She did same.
“How do you feel?” I asked.
“Cool,” she answered.
I don’t know but I think she was actually feeling cold due to the slim sleeved she wore.
She held her legs tightly together.
I sighed.
We ate sluggishly and drank slowly as we watched the couples dancing and laughing.
I know Clara would just kill me if I mention ‘Dance’ to her.
We are just friends, had to be here because she was feeling scared.
The music changed as two older couple stepped out from nowhere in sparkling attire.
I needed no one to tell me they are the Haley’s because Nuel walked behind them in a waiter dressing.
They waved as the couples clapped (except Clara and I) till they sat down on the seats speacially prepared for them. Nuel and two other girls stood behind them. Then Mrs Harey whispered something to Nuel and he hurried away with the other two girls.
“I suddenly pity him,” Clara said.
“Why?” I asked, suprised.
“I guess he’s a servant to them,” she said.
“I think so too,” I said.
Nuel and the girls came back with three glass boxes filled with papers. Each person held one.
Mrs Haley and her husband then stepped out to the carpets.
And the clapped rolled again and died away too.
The music stopped and she began, “Welcome beautiful couples to tonight’s lovers party..”
She talked for a little too long then her husband took over, talked and then passed it back to her.
She talked about the Lucky Couple that I pretty didn’t understand then she and her husband walked back to their seat.
Soft music played again as Nuel and the two girls went around with the box as each couple picked one small folded paper.
Nuel saw us and smiled. He came to our table.
“I thought I wasn’t going to see you guys, the crowd is much,” he said.
“What’s that about?”I asked, staring at the box.
“Hello ma’am?” he said to Clara who let out a smile.
Oh he added ‘ma’am’ this time.
“Hey Nuel,” Clara said.
he smiled. “It’s called ‘Lucky Couple’. Among the hundred of folded papers, only two papers have a written content others are blank. If you are the lucky one to pick one of the written paper, you and your lover would step out to the red carpet and answer alot of questions, you’ll be gifted and you both would be asked to dance,” he said.
Oh really? Then I pray I don’t pick one of the written papers. Though I know I won’t pick it. Im sure.
I glanced at Clara and her expression was stoic.
I turned back to Nuel.
“I don’t think I wanna pick any,” I said.
“Nooo you have to. Someone might find out and it would be reported to the Haleys and they will scold me for inviting people who ain’t lovers,” he said.
I glanced at Clara again and didn’t seem to wanna say anything about this.
I finally picked one.
I just hope I didn’t pick any of the two.
“What would the questions even be?” I asked him.
“Uhm how you both met, where. Your first kiss, her hubbies, how you both settle when you have a fight and so many others, it’s fun.” I said.
“Oh okay,” I said.
We don’t need to be the lucky couple. We ain’t couple.
“So goodluck,” he said with a grin.
“No, no goodluck,” I said.
“Everyone’s opening theirs, open yours,” he said.
I stared at the folded paper.
His phone beeped, he glanced at it.
“I’ll go now, come back soon,” he said and ran off.
“OH MY!! WE GOT IT!!!!” A lady screamed from the opposite.
There came rounds of claps for the lucky couple.
No one else shouted.
The claps died away and everyone began muttering;
“Where are the second lucky couple!”
Where are the second lucky couple
Where are the second lucky couple.
Isn’t there no second lucky couple this time?
Aha what’s wrong, no second lucky couple?
Where’s are the second lucky couple!
I almost got deaf!
“Ain’t you going to unfold that?” Clara finally talked after what seem like forever.
Oh my! it’s even true. I have forgotten that I haven’t opened our own paper.
Fear got me.
What if…
Oh no I prayed against that.
No couple had said they are the second lucky couple!
“Clara I just hope this paper isn’t written anything,” I said.
“If it is then you have to hide it. We can’t do that!” she said.
“Huh?” I mumbled.
‘God.. please let this paper be blank.’ I prayed as I unfolded the paper.
Lo and behold, there was it… Written boldly on the body of the paper.
I gasped.
Oh my God! I thought I prayed!
“Just hide it, we can’t do that! we ain’t dating,” Clara said.
I stared at the paper.

read more here: https://www.emperorblog.com.ng/page/2/?s=THE+BAD+BOY+DIARY
Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by izaray(f): 6:38pm On Jul 27, 2019
I gasped.
Oh my God! I thought I prayed!
“Just hide it, we can’t do that! we ain’t dating,” Clara said.
I stared at the paper.

read more here: https://www.emperorblog.com.ng/page/2/?s=THE+BAD+BOY+DIARY[/quote]Lol, Clara and Drake God don catch una today, thanks for the update boss

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I'm loving Drake and Clara being together

Thanks OP
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Lobatan, una don enter ham

Tanks for the update
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Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by emperorblog21(m): 10:32am On Jul 29, 2019
The BadBoy Diary
(Helping Her Get Over Him )
Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C
#Chapter 38
**Drake’s POV continues**
I quickly hide the paper in my phone pack but had no idea someone has been watching and he came beside me.
“Excuse me sir,” he whispered and I turned to him as my heart skipped.
I hope he hadn’t seen the paper.
He smiled, “I know you are the lucky couple but I guess you both are too shy to go to the stage. Let’s make an exchange then, you in?” he whispered.
Oh my.. great!
“Yes yes,” I said and carefully brought out the paper and we exchanged secretly. He gave me his blank paper then walked back and shouted on top of his voice immediately he sat down.
“WE ARE!!!”
Oh thank God. I looked at Clara. She looked pale.
“You are fine?” I asked her.
“Yes I am,” she said.
“No, you seem cold,” I said.
“No Im fine Drake,” she said.
I know she wasn’t. Her expression was gradually changing to dullness.
She even seem cold like I guessed earlier.
The couples were questioned so many things that I didn’t even concentrate on the show. All I was bothered about was Clara.
‘Clara you are really cold. I need to get you home. Why do I think that you are falling sick. Is it because of all these? Please don’t fall sick’
I sighed.
Soon, music began as the two couples danced.
“Clara you are cold,” I said.
“Yeah I am,” she finally agreed.
“Let’s go home,” I said.
“No, I just need a drink and i’ll be fine,”she said and gestured to a waiter close by with a tray of wine.
He hurried towards and Clara took one glass of wine (alcoholic wine!) and gulped down all of it.
I confirmed my thoughts. She feels hurt. she is remembering things that hurts. I need to get her out of here.
“Clara let’s go,” I said and stood up, as I pulled her up.
Damn! her body is hot! and she isn’t a fan of alcohol. It was getting to her already.
“Don’t touch me,” she mumbled.
I sighed, “Im sorry Clara but I need to get you home,” I said and slide my right hand to her waist to hold her, then held her hand with my left as I carefull lead her out of the hall, we took each step slowly. I ignored the thousand eyes on us.
I wonder what would be going through their minds.
We walked out of the door and a security hurried to us.
“Helo sir, do you need help?” he asked.
“No thanks,” I answered and continued our slow walk towards my car.
I held her tightly with my right hand and she leaned her head on my shoulder.
I brought out my car keys and unlocked the car.
I opened the passenger’s seat and helped Clara in and she layed her head on the headrest. Then I closed the door and hurried to the driver’s seat and that was when I saw Nuel running towards. I haven’t entered into the car yet so I stood and waited for him.
Good that he’s here, I’ll have to give him what I wanna give him.
He got to me and wiped the sweats on his forehead.
“Why didn’t you come out as the lucky couple? I knew it was you both, well I know why cos you ain’t lovers. Well on a second thought, thanks for not coming out, im sure everyone would have found out and Mrs Haley won’t be merciful to me. But uhmn why are you guys leaving, I was tolf by someone that you guys left,” he said.
I glanced at Clara who head was almost falling out of the headrest.
“She’s sick,” I said and removed my suit jacket leaving the white long sleeve, and necktie. Then I went in and sat her up and wore her the suit jacket then layed back her head on the headrest.
Damn! her temperature is just getting severe.
I turned to Nuel who was staring from outside.
“Is it severe?” he asked, looking concerned.
“It just started, she’ll be fine,” I said then brought out notes of money from my wallet and stretched it to him. He gasped.
“Huh! money!”
“Get a new bicycle so you don’t keep landing into dumps and people with it,” I said and he grinned and took it.
“Oh my God! thank you soo much, Oh my! I can’t believe this mehn! where do you stay? I could come always to clean your house, do anything you as me to do,” he said, grinning happily and staring at the money.
“Uhm till next time, I have to go now,” I said and closed the door.
He waved at me cos I reversed and zoomed off.
I kept glancing at Clara who’s eyes were closed, sighing and muttering things I wasn’t hearing.
I sighed.
“Im so sorry Clata, you’ll be fine, I promise,” I said.
I kept glancing at her as I drove. I covered the jacket well on her.
Lightening and thunder stroke as the weather became more cold.
Is it going to rain?
Oh nor tonight that Clara sudddenly fell ill.
I sighed as I drove into the apartment. I pulled the car infront of my apartment and unfastened my seatbelt. I opened the door, got down, shut it and hurried to the paseenger’s seat. It was drizzling already. I opened the door and unfastened her seatbelt then carried her out.
“Hey drop me,” she mumbled as the drizzles dropped on her hair. I gently dropped her but held her. I shut the door and locked the car, then lead her carefully to my door.
I opened the door and lead her in carefully and closed the door. She fell on me. I carried her to my bedroom and gently layed her on my bed and arranged her hair, then pulled off her heels.
I don’t think the jacket is covering her well enough so I walked to my wardrobe and picked out my thick sweater, also socks, mittens and one of hairwarmers which I only wear during snow season. I came back, unbottoned the suit and gently removed it even though she was layinh down.
Sweet cleavage stared at me.
“What are you trying to do?” she mumbled with her eyes still closed.
I took my eyes away from the cleavage.
“I wanna wear you a thick sweater that would make you feel warm,” I said, and she sighed.
“You’ll need to sit up now and wear it,” I added.
I helped her sit up and she leaned her body on me. The alcoholic wine is really affecting her plus the sickness.
I sighed and wore her the sweater which appeared too big on her.
I smiled and wore hear the hairwarmer and drew it down to cover her ears then I layed her head back on the pillow and wore her the mittens, and socks then covered her with the duvet, up to her chest.
“You’ll be fine ok,” I said.
Rain began falling.
I hurried to the windows and closed the curtains well then walkee back to Clara and she was snoring softly.
Uhm do she snow when sick? I guess it’s the cold.
She is finally sleeping. Her chest raising and falling. I covered her more with the duvet.
I touched her forehead again. Hot!
”You’ll be fine baby” I said softly.
I know I wouldn’t dare call her that if she’s awake.
I wouldn’t wanna do anything or say anything that might make her have negative thoughts about me.
I sighed as I sat watching her.
‘Baby I know you’ll be fine by morning. Im sorry for everything, you know what just blame, blame me for everything. Blame for taking you to that movie, blame me for letting you go to that party.
Im sure you got hurt when you saw those lovers dancing happily. I know you recalled so many things that hurt so bad.
You know im stupid! I felt it even before we went. I should have just told you to stay with me, let’s watch movies or play games on my laptop.
Ahh! Why didn’t I think of that! I was so excited that you finally wanted to go to the party, I was happy about going to the party with you, pretending to be lovers just like we did at Montana park.
I chuckled as I recalled everything.
‘All the times you eyed me. All the times you glared at me and all I did was laugh, smile or smirk.
I loved the way you did keep to the pretence till we were back in the car.
I recall the two times you wanted to tell’em the truth, something kept interrupting.’
I chuckled.
‘I love you Clara and i’ll never quit caring about you.’
I touched her forehead again and it was still hot.
I sighed and stood up, stared for her for awhile before walking out to the sitting-room.
I haven’t even loosened my necktie.
Ahh! I did and felt better.
I picked the remote, found Chris brown’s track and inserted it into the DVD and it began playing, I lowered the volume.
I dropped the the remote and walked to the kitchen to make coffee.
In ten minutes I was done, I dropped the cup in a saucer and carried it to the bedroom.
Clara was still on the same sleeping position, sleeping and snoring softly.
I sat on the single sofa as I drank the hot coffee slowly and kept my eyes on her.
The rain was falling but it wasn’t heavy.
I drank the whole coffee, dropped the cup on the small stool and then headed to the bathroom to shower.
I brushed and showered, dried my hair and body, wore a boxer. (uhm I wouldn’t wear that if she wasn’t here, I would gave just wore my sleeping wears)
I came out and Clara was still sleeping in the same position. I moved to her and touched her forehead. It was still hot.
I sighed and walked to the wardrobe. I picked out the sleeping wears and wore them. Then I picked my phone from the bedside table. I tapped on the screen and a new message appeared. I opened it.
From who else but Brenda!
Drake are you gonna keep ignoring me huh! You still don’t understand that im crazily inlove with you? How can you be so blind to see! is it cos of that neighbour of a girl huh! What does sge even have that I don’t have. Okay she might be pretty and quite endowed bur not more than I am! though I haven’t seen her face quite well but she can’t be prettier than me and can’t satisfy you more than I do Drake! what do you want! I LOVE you Drake. I don’t care if you are a playboy, I love you so much, stop hurting me!
Ahh long message.
I chuckled.
‘What makes her think she’s prettier?’
I glanced at Clara and then back at my phone.
‘This girl’s just proud.’
I replied her, You are wrong, i’ve not seen anyone more beautiful than her. When I do, I’ll let you know though I don’t think I will.
I sent it and switched my phone to silent mode, dropped it back on the bedside table and switched off the lights and turned on the bedside lamp with illuminated a dim golden colour to the whole bedroom.
I layed on the bed ans turned to keep staring at Clara.
‘You are beautiful than anyone in the world because you are the one that my heart desire.
I can do anything for you, if it’s gonna make you happy. But if it’s not gonna make you happy, Nah, I won’t do it.
Please get well for me Clara. I beg you.’
I drew my face to hers and kissed her forehead. It was still hot.
I withdrew and my eyes went down to her lips.
I sighed.
‘If only I would be able to kiss these lips someday’
I layed my head back on the pillow and stared at her.
**Clara’s POV**
We were riding on a boat.
Drake and I.
“When are we going to get there?” I asked.
“Soon,” he said as the rode.
suddenly a song began playing.
I found myself singing the song.
I even stood up and began dancing to the song.
I wonder how I learnt this one.
There are the kind of songs that I don’t wish to learn the lyrics or whatever.
“Clara sit, you might fall,” Drake said but I wasn’t listening to him, all I cared about was the dance.
then the boat shoke and I thought my life has ended.
I was falling into the water but Drake was quick enough.
He caught me and we fell back into the boat.
Me ontop him as we stared at each other.
Water splashed onto her face.
We kept staring
I woke up.
My eyes widened as Drake face was so close to mine with his hand on his chin, staring at me
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The BadBoy Diary
(Helping Her Get Over Him )
Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C
#Chapter 39
[unedited] **Clara’s POV continues**
He widened his eyes as well and drew back.
Funny enough, the music that was playing from his sitting room was the exact music that I was singing in the dream.
I stared at him.
He scratched his hair and let out a funny smile.
“Hey you are awake, goodmorning,” he said.
He was sitting on a stool, he sat just close to my face.
The bedroom illuminated rays of sunlight.
Wait, this isn’t my bedroom.
What im I doing here?
How did I even get here!
I turned to Drake who was up already.
He smiled again but not in a funny way, lemme say, he smiled in a sweet way.
Wait what im I thinking?
the question is how did I get here and that is what I should ask him.
“How do you feel now? Just relax. I’ll go get you breakfast.” he said.
“Is is this your bedroom?” I asked.
“Yeah, I know you might not remember.”
My heart skipped as my eyes instantly went down to my body, I was covered in thick sweater, socks, mittens and duvet.
God. I thought i’d be naked right now. Im so stupid! I recall now I drank that wine!
As if he read my thoughts, he added, “I know you don’t trust me at all but believe me, I did nothing, you drank and fell sick, I had to bring you to sleep here and wear you things to lessen the cold.”
I looked at him, his hair look scattered and his eyes appeared baggy like he didn’t catch a glimpse of sleep.
“Im sorry for everything,” he said and shoved his right hand into his hair with the other akimbo.
“How do you feel now?” he asked.
I inhaled, “fine,” I said
He nodded.
“Thank God. I’ll go get you coffee,” he said, dropped his hands and headed to the door.
“Drake,” I called as he held the doorknob.
He turned. The blue polo he wore ontop the blue pj trouser seem kinda tight as his abs sprouted out.
“Yeah?” he answered with a raised eyebrow.
“Thanks,” I said.
He frowned playfully. “Clara I told you not to thank me on things like this.”
I smiled.
“Im sorry, but you deserve it,” I said.
He smiled.
“I’ll be back,” he said, walked out and shut the door.
“Phew” I heaved.
Drake.. Drake, why are you being this caring!
When found out Im in your room I got really frightened, I thought you had your way with me but you didn’t. You only covered me well so the temperature could calm down.
Drake how can you be this nice?
How can I forget the night Noah had his way with me, I got drunk too or rather both of us but mine was pretty much cos I don’t drink alcohol.
We got home and he dropped me on the bed and next thing, he kissed me, I didn’t object cos I was already inlove with him and drunk as well. He pulled off my clothes and his and we made love.
I sighed as I shook my head. I don’t wanna remember, I don’t.
My thoughts went to the dream, ahh.
Im so confused, Drake had appeared in my dreams to save me. Twice!
Why im I having such dreams? this is the second time!
I sat up and gently removed the duvet and stared at the cute mitten on my two hands.
I touched the hairwarmer on my head and smiled more.
‘Drake you are just the kinda friend I want you to be. Thanks for these. I feel better now, almost fine.’
I got out of the bed and looked down at sweater which appear bulky on me.
It stopped at my laps. I still had the gown that I wore to the party with the grey socks on my feet. I couldn’t believe how I looked in these wears.
I smiled and pulled off the socks and slide my feet into a yellow flops beside the wardrobe then I removed the mittens too.
I feel pressed but im scared Drake might come in to me still at the bathroom.
I sighed and sat back at the edge of the bed but uhnm… I really need to urinate!
I hurried to the bathroom, shut the door, infact, I looked it cos the keys were in the keyhole.
I rushed to the WS and had a pee, and yawned too.
I flushed and walked to the sink, a mirrow was fixed above it.
I turned on the faucet and watched my face.
Then I heard the bedroom door open and close back.
I inhaled.
Why did I even drink that wine last night?
Well I recall now, I felt hurt and pained seeing those lovers having fun.
It hurt to be heartbroken, it really hurt.
I wish I could just get over this once and for all.
Im tired of the pains.
I expected Drake to like call me, but he didn’t and I guess he’s still in the room cos I haven’t heard the bedroom door close again.
I dried my face with one of the five handtowels which hung on the towel rail.
Then walked to the door, stared at the keys for up to two minutes before gently turning it to unlock.
It did and I opened the door and walked into the bedroom to see Drake sitting at the other side of the back, facing the window, his back on the bathroom door.
Hot Coffee made in a mug cup and placed on a saucer stood on the bed.
Drake should know im out but he didn’t turn. Why?
I decided to call him. “Drake?”
“Can I turn?” he asked.
I chuckled, “huh ofcourse, why are you asking, it’s your bedroom,” I said.
He turned with a smile.
“I thought you might wanna change and properly, might come out undressed,” he said.
I chuckled. “When it’s not my house,” I said.
He smiled and pointed at the coffee. “Drink and feel warm,” he said.
I smiled and picked the coffee then sat down on the bed.
“No get more inner and stretch your legs, rest your back on the headboard,” he said and I smiled with the cup on my lips.
Drakeeeeee, you won’t stop to amaze me.
“please do that Clara,” he said.
I moved inner, and stretched out my legs, rested my head on the headboard and drank the hot coffee slowly as he stared at me.
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*Drake’s POV**
I stared at her as she slowly drank the coffee.
I recalled about thirty minutes ago when she woke up to see me staring at her.
She would have been really upset by that.
I hardly had a wink of sleep last night, if I do i’d dream of Clara and wake up, then stare at her till I sleep off again only to dream about her again and wake up.
Maybe because she was right beside me on the bed.
I got tired and decided to sit up and watch her sleep.
I had no idea she’d wake up that way, without no move.
She just opened her eyes and I was looking really closely at her, I was admiring her lashes, her brows, her nose, her lips and the way her chest rose and fell.
What if I had just wanted to maybe try stealing a kissing?
She would have caught….. and I would have be in trouble.
Ahh I wouldn’t wanna think about such tragic moment.
No one said a word. I watched her as she drank the whole of the coffee and dropped it on the mug on the saucer and touched the hairwarmer on her head.
“I feel warm now. Thanks Drake,” she said and I smiled. The way she smiled at me gave me some hope.
I wonder the kind of hope that was.
I stood up, walked to her and gently placed my hands on her forehead.
The way she looked at my hand when I was bringing it to her forehead.
Why do she always have negative thoughts about my moves, about me, every single thing about me.
The hottness had reduced really much.
I took off my hand.
“Yeah, but you still need to take drugs, I’ll go get you drugs,” I said and smiled when I recalled she’s a nurse.
“Don’t worry about that Drake, i’ll take the drugs that I have,” she said and brought down her feet to the floor, ontop my yellow slippers.
I love her toes. She’s just beautiful in every angle.
She had no toe paint on. Almost every lady paints their toes but Clara doesn’t.
I carried the saucer. “I’ll go drop this,” I said and turned to go out.
“I’d leave to my apartment now, I need to freshen up and change,” she said.
I sighed.
Couldn’t you just stay a little bit more? My apartment wouldn’t bite.
Clara you just don’t trust me.
She slide her feet into the flipflops and stood up from the bed.
“Alright,” I said.
She tried to remove the hairwarmer but I halted her, “No, don’t, it’s really cold outside,” I said.
She smiled and left it. Then looked down at the sweater.
“The sweater too,” I added.
She chuckled. I smiled.
She picked her heels which I dropped beside the bed and began searching for something else.
What’s that?
“What’s that Clara?”
“My purse,” she said.
Oh.. I left it in my car!
“Oh im sorry, I left it in the car, I’ll go get it,” I said.
She nodded.
I let her walk out first before walking out and closing the bedroom door.
“A minute, i’ll go drop these,” I said and hurried to the kitchen.
I dropped the stuffs in the sink and came out to the sitting room where she stood, staring at the three medium wall frames that I fixed just above the tv.
One is the picture of small fishes under the sea and beautiful sea flowers, the other is a cute babygirl, laughing widely.
The third is a sketch art work of a tree.
“There are beautiful,” she said.
“Thanks,” I smiled.
She headed to the door, I followed behind her. She got there and turned to me.
“Thanks Drake for last night and this morning too,” she said.
I smiled. “Can you just stop saying thank you?”
She recalled and chuckled.
“Oh yeah but I just have to say thank you,” she said.
I nodded, “Thank you too,” I said.
She raised her brows, “For what?”
“For saying thank you,” I smiled.
She chuckled, “Thank you for saying thank you. Drake you are quite funny,” she said.
“If it makes you chuckle at least, I will,” I said.
She gave me some look, I can’t point out before leaving the door to me.
I opened it and we walked out.
Mrs Roger was outside, with a broom. She stared at us as we walked to my car. I opened the door and got out Clara’s purse and gave it to her.
“Th-” she was about to say but paused on remembering what I told her.
‘No thank you’
I smiled.
She chuckled, “Thanks,” she did say it.
I frowned and she pushed her lips into her mouth.
“I’ll come check up on you,” I said.
She pulled out her lips and smiled.
I love her smile so much.
I watched her walk to her apartment and went in.
I breathed out and headed back to mine.
“Drakee,” Mrs Roger called. I stopped and looked at her as she began walking forward.
I can’t remember the last time we had a conversion but I think it was because of the loud music I was always playing then.
I wonder what she have to say this time.
I waited till she got to me. She smiled immediately she did.
“Drake you are a verry handsome man and im really impressed with your current behaviours. Uhm, I can see that she’s the reason behind it. She’s a really beautiful lady, you should keep this one please,” she said, without stopping her smile.
I smiled, “I will but ma’am we ain’t dating. We are just friends,” I said.
She smiled, “Friends? just like those other girls? you mean friends with benefits? She doesn’t deserve such Drake. I can see a future of you and her, you’d make a great couple,” she said.
“No not friends with such benefits, okay, the truth ma’am is that I love her but I can’t tell her now because she’s passing through hard times,” I said.
“Oh I understand, she got heartbroken?” she asked.
“Yes ma’am, im waiting for the right time to profess my love to her,” I said.
She nodded.
“Alright, I wish you goodluck dear,” she said.
“Thanks ma’am.” I said.
“And thanks for yesterday’s cupcake, it was awesomely good,” she said.
I smiled.“Uhmm really?”
“Yes it was,” she said.
I smiled. “Thank you,”
She nodded and then walked back to her apartment.
I breathed out.
**Brenda’s POV**
I stared at the pictures of the lady displayed on Nikky’s laptop.
Helen Morgan, a nurse who was currently promoted to GraAvantees hospital’
A doctor Nikky refused to disclose his name to me had paid Nikky to eliminate her today.
“By this time tomorrow, she’ll be as good as dead,” Nikky said with a smile as she sipped from the beer beside.
I sighed and walked out to make coffee.
‘Well, this Brenda here is a flirt, a clubber, a drinker, a smoker, a sex addict but one thing im sure of is that, I don’t have the heart to kill..
But I don’t know if im gonna change this heart of mine soon, because I need to get some girls outta the way for me to have Drake to myself!
Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by emperorblog21(m): 10:33am On Jul 29, 2019
The BadBoy Diary
(Helping Her Get Over Him )
Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C
#Chapter 40
Why Are You So Caring?
**Brenda’s POV continues**
I placed a cup into the coffee maker and turned the machine on, just then Nikky rushed in with my phone which was ringing.
“Here, your dad,” she said and I took the phone, picked the call and placed the phone to my ear,
“Hello dad,” I said into the phone.
“Sweetie, how are you doing?” he asked.
“Im fine, when are you coming back. Thought you where gonna come back three days ago,” I said.
“Yeah, but buisness held me back. But im planning to come back on saturday I promise,” I said.
I smiled. I miss him.
“Alright dad, i’ll be waiting.”
“Mrs Edmond isn’t back right?” he asked. He meant the cook.
“Yes she said next week tuesday,” I said.
“Hope you make orders?” he asked.
“Sometimes. Nikky is here, she’s a nice cook,” I said and smirked at Nikky who rolled her eyes and went to the coffee maker.
“Oh good, when I come back I plan on going to Austin to search again for your stepmom and sisters,” he said.
I breathed out, “Maybe this time I’ll go with you,” I said.
“Oh dear, I understans how much you need them just like I do, we’ll talk about it when Im back home,” he said.
I smiled. I swear I do. I wanna have a family not just my dad but mom, sisters and even brothers too.
“Alright dad, take care of yourself dad,” I said.
“Take good care of yourself angel. See you on saturday,” he said.
“See you too dad, bye,” I said.
“Bye dear.”
The call ended.
“If I had your kinda dad, I swear my life wouldn’t have been this way,” Nikky said as she switched off the coffee maker, got out the cup hitting now with hot coffee. She placed it on a saucer, dropped a spoon, walked to me and stretched it to me.
“Thanks,” I said as I carried it.
No matter how dangerous Nikky is, she’s just so humble to me. She takes me as the only sister and friend she has.
“I need some sleep, I didn’t catch a glimpse of it last night,” she said and walked out of the kitchen.
I breathed out as I sat on the breakfast bar.
‘If I had your kinda dad, I swear my life wouldn’t have been this way’
It’s a song Nikky always sing to me.
According to her story, Her dad was the most cruel dad on earth. Her mother died from the heartless beatings she got from him. Nikky was fifteen yeard old then. Her dad got married to another woman who turned out to be a jezebel. Both of them made life so unbearable for Nikky and she ran away from home at the age of sixteen. She turned out a streetgirl, from being a streetgirl, she began stealing, from stealing she became an assassin.
For nine years now, she haven’t visited her family. She said if she do, she might end up killing both her dad and the jezebel and every other person she meet in the house.
Her mother’s death was her most pain.
She has no sister or friend and never had she saved someone before but she saved me. At BLinkZ club from the bitches who tried to hurt me cos I slapped the hell outta him cos he grabbed my butt without my permission. His crew came and wanted to hurt me but then Nikky came and fought them all. I was shocked, after she saved me, I wanted to be close to her, and I succeeded.
I keep her work a secret from both my dad and friends.
She helps me alot in cooking, errands and so many other things but note, i’ve never told her to eliminate someone for me. I don’t have the heart.
But I think im just gonna change this soft heart of mine and do it.
I sipped from the coffee, and dropped back the cup.
“What’s even the bitch name? I haven’t even seen her stupid face. It was always at night.
I think im gonna pay a visit anyways to know more about her, then give her my warnings. If she refuses to heed to my warnings, then I’ll have no better option than to kill her,” I concluded to myself.
Clara’s POV
I came out of the shower and dried my hair and my body, then tied the headtowel on my head and wrapped the bathtowel on my body and walked out of the bathroom.
I walked over to the dressing table, sat down as I creamed my body, then untied the headtowel, applied hair creams on my hair and combed it then packed it to a ponytail.
I walked to the wardrobe and picked out a pink pant, pink bra, a flowery loose trouser and pink turtleneck sweater and the new hairawarmer that Drake picked at the mall.
I wore them all.
Well I wore the hairwarmer because I like it. (lol)
It fits the clothes I wore, and thirdly I washed Drake’s hairwarmer, and the rest including the mittens.
I slide my feet into my flops and walked out to the sitting-room, picked the remote and played Celine Dion tracks, then walked back to the bedroom and layed on the bed as I pulled the duvet and wrapped it on my body.
My body temperature was getting high again and I thought Drake said he was gonna come check up on me?
Oh why im I bothering about that.
I wrapped the duvet more to cover my whole body including my neck.
‘Did I tell Drake I was gonna take drugs? Well the Clara Adams lying on this bed do not like taking drugs at all. I hate’em. Yeah im a nurse and so on but I hate drugs.
Ouch headache.
I sighed and closed my eyes. I eventually slept off.
The doorbell ring woke me up. I felt I was in an oven but shivering with so much cold. My lips were also shivering.
The bed and pillow was so hot due to my body temperature. I was shivering like someone who got drained all day in rain. Tired and weak. Tears streamed down my eyes.
Now this is the real illness. Last night was better.
I know I need drugs, but im just scared of taking drugs, I don’t even have a single drug in the house. I lied to Drake and now he’s gonna find out cos im sure he’s the one at the door.
The doorbell rang again. I pulled off the duvet and struggled my shivering body of the bed.
I slide my feet into my slippers and with wobbling legs, I slowly walked out, to the living room.
The tracks were still playing, now playing, ‘That’s The Way It Is’
..when you want it the most there’s no easy way out..
When you’re ready to go and your heart’s left in doubt.
Don’t give up on your faith
Love comes to those who believes it…
I opened the door and just like I had thought, it was Drake. He wore a white polo shirt and a black short. It seems he love wearing shorts when he’s home.
He was smiling but his smile faded immediately he noticed my shivering body.
He rushed in and closed the door. He took my hands, looking so scared and worried.
“Jesus christ! Clara, what happened. Didn’t you take the drugs? your body is sooo hot.”
I couldn’t even talk, I withdrew my hands and hugged myself tightly as I headed to my bedroom. He followed me.
“Clara, you didn’t take the drugs, now the sickness has raised more, where did you keep it?” he said.
I layed back on my bed and covered my shivering self with the duvet . He walked to my wardrobe, opened it and began searching for what I don’t know. He wss doing it with so much hurry. Im sure he saw my underwears.
I sighed. “I can’t find the thick sweater and the mittens. Where did you keep them?” he asked.
I sighed. “I. washed. them,” I managed to staccato with my shivering lips.
He finally picked out one of my sweater and hurried to me.
“Where this,” he said and helped me sit up. He wanted to wear it on me himself but I took it and wore.
He touched my forehead and the sensational feelings I couldn’t quite understand flowed through me just like it did the time he touched my forehead then in his bedroom.
He sighed.
“Did you take the drugs?” he asked.
I sighed and shook my head.
“He stood up, where are they?” he asked, going to the bedside table.
I sighed, “I have no drug,” I said and layed back down, wrapping the duvet on my body.
“oh God Clara! you shouldn’t joke with your health. I thought you are a nurse.”
“I don’t like drugs,” I muttered in a babylike way.
He brought out his phone and made a call.
I watched him talk with a doctor, telling him to deliver drugs to him in ten minutes.
I sighed.
He ended the call and sat on the edge of the bed. He looked so bothered about this. His eyes even appear red and moist.
“You don’t like drugs. No body like drugs they are so bitter but we take them to keep us healthy and strong. You are a nurse, nurse shouldn’t be svared of taking drugs,” he said.
I sighed.
“Im so sorry okay, you’ll be fine,” he said.
I closed my eyes, my eyes hot and wet. I soon slept off again.
I woke up by the gentle tap and calling of my name.
“Clara calra wake up so you can eat and take the drugs.”
It was Drake.
He held a tray of food, water, a transparent plastic plate of sliced fruits, and packets of drugs.
I sighed and sat up. The shivering has reduced.
He smiled.“Once you eat and take the drugs, you’ll be fine,” he said.
I chuckled weakly, “I know that im a nurse,” I said.
He smiled, “Yeah I know. uhmm I’ll feed you,” he said.
I raised my brows and shook my head. “No I can feed myself,” I said.
He shook his head, “Nop I will, don’t stress yourself, relaxxx,” he said and opened the plate cover to reveal sweet looking noodles.
The sweet aroma filled my nostril but I have no appetite.
He picked the fork and picked out rolls of the noodles and stretched it to my mouth.
“Open your mouth Clara,” he said.
I sighed, “Drake I ca-” he cut me short.
“Please before it gets cold,” he said.
I inhaled and opened my mouth, he gently pushed the fork into my mouth. The noodle taste really delicious.
He took the next one and pushed it into my mouth. I ate.
He fed me six more spoons then I couldn’t eat anymore. I got filled up.
“Im filled,” I said.
“You haven’t even eaten much,” he said.
“Im serious,” I said.
He nodded with a smile then stretched the glasd of water to me. I took it and drank a little.
He began to opene the drugs.
“Wait, I’ll have to check the drugs,” I said.
He smiled, “Yes my miss nurse goody two heels,”
I threw the fork on him and he caught it with a wide smile.
When last did he call me that annoying thing!
“Im sorry,” he apologised and I took the drugs.
I checked the drugs and confirmed that no one is fake or expired.
I began sticking them out.
“You should have let me do that for you,” he said.
The drugs smell made me wanna puke!
I sighed and drank them. One drug after the other.
Some where more bitter than the others.
I thought I was gonna vomit but I didn’t.
Drake smiled and handed me the plate of fruits. “Eat so the bitterness can go away,” he said.
I smiled.
“I’ll go drop these,” he said and carried the stuffs away.
I picked the fork and first picked apple, then papaya, pineapple, watermelom and lastly grape.
I began again
How did he get all these? Im sure I don’t have watermelon, papaya and grapee in my fridge.
I guess he got them from his.
Drake you are just too nice.
Why are you so caring to me?
I was still eating the fruits when he came back and sat back at his usual spot at the edge of my bed.
“You’ll be fine in no time,” he said.
I smiled at him, “Drake can I say thank you?” I asked.
He shook his head, “No.”
I smiled and stretched the plate of fruits to him. Few fruits were still left.
“Eat them, im okay,” I said.
“It’s just six left, two pineapples, two grappes and two papaya, finish it ok,” he said.
I smiled and did.
He took the plate and fork.
“Lay back and sleep again, you’ll be fine by the time you wake up,” he said.
I smiled.
‘Doctor Drake’
“Im not sleepy,” I said.
“Oh okay. uhmn I’ll be back,” he said.
“Let’s watch a movie,” I said.
He smiled, “Alright I’ll help you up,” he said and stretched out his right hand while he held the plate with the other hand.
I chuckled and gave him my hand. He pulled me up.
I slide my feet into my slippers and we walked out.
‘Well im feeling better already. Thanks a million Drake.’
I followed him to the kitchen, where he washed the dishes. I tried to just do something but he didn’t let me.
I sat down on the counter and watched him mop the floor and tidied up everywhere.
“Thanks Drake,” I let it out cos I couldn’t hold it back any longer.
He frowned.
He came and I thought he was going to tap me on my head but he pulled the hairwarmer to cover my ears very well.
I chuckled as he did too.
“Stop saying thanks to me Clara,” he said.
I smiled and got down from the counter.
“Are you feeling better now?” he asked.
“Yes I am, tha-” I paused and chuckled.
He chuckled too.
We walked out and settled on the same couch(three-sitter couch)
“There’s this movie I found in Danelle’s bag,” I said and picked out the film.
“Baby Driver,” I said and inserted it into the dvd, came back and sat with him.
We watched the movie silently and twenty minutes into the movie, I felt Drake’s head fall on my shoulder.
I turned to see him sleeping.
I smiled and let him sleep on my shoulder. His thick hair brushing my cheek.
I know he didn’t sleep last night. I saw gis baggy eyes in the morning. He stayed awake watching me sleep.
Drake I have no idea you could be this caring. Im just curious if there’s something else behind this much care from you or just this friendship and helping me get over my heartbreak. Is there something else?
You are just super niece.
My illness have even gone. You knew the best drugs. They worked so perfect.
It’s okay, you can sleep on my shoul-
I gssped as he wrapped his left hand on me in a hug. He hugged me in his sleep. His arm was resting on my breast.
My heartbeat raised. That same sensation came.
I removed his hand and dropped his head on the couch backrest. I layed a throw pillow at the end of the couch and stood up.
I gently layed his head on the pillow then carried his legs to the couch.
He was now lying tommy flat on the couch.
I sat on the next couch and stared at him.
‘Why did he hug me in his sleep?
And my heartbeat raised, why?
But confusing enough, what’s the meaning of that feeling that I have had thrice today!

READ MORE HEAR: https://www.emperorblog.com.ng/?s=THE+BAD+BOY+DIARY
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Interesting, Clara is now having same feelings for Drake too

Thanks for the update

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The BadBoy Diary
(Helping Her Get Over Him )
Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C
#Chapter 41
‘No Thank You
**Drake’s POV**
I opened my eyes and I was lying on the couch.
My head on a throw pillow.
‘Jeez Clara’
She wasn’t in the sitting room.
Where’s she?
I sat up and yawned.
Jeeez for how long have I slept?
It was dark already.
Clara.. where’s Clara?
I recall I was sitting then.. I slept off right?
Did she do this?
I smiled.
Clara, you are just so unique.
Then she came out from the kitchen, to the dinning, she had removed the sweater I gave her to wear but still wore the turtle sweater and the hairwarmer. She held a tray of foods and water and then dropped it on the dinning.
I stood up.
“Clara, how long did I sleep? it’s dark already,” I asked going to the dinning.
“You slept for four, okay almost five hours, dinner is set,” she said.
I looked at the clock, 7:12pm. Jeeezzzzzz.
She prepared mayonnaise and she ordered sandwich.
Uhm really?
“You should have woken me up to help you out,” I said and sat down.
She smiled.
One thing about Clara is that, her smile is just perfect.
And have I even thought of this?
She’ve been smiling alot today.
I smiled too.
Isn’t she gonna answer or say anything
“You should have woken me up Clara,” I repeated.
She sat on the chair opposite mine and pushed my plates to me, water and glass cup.
I smiled, “Thanks,”
She looked at me with some kinda eyes I didn’t understand.
“Did you just say thank you?” she asked.
Oh! Is that also applied to me.
‘No thank you to each other’
I chuckled.
“Uhmm I can say ‘thank you’ to you but don’t say thank you to me,” I said.
“No, since I can’t say thanks to you, you musn’t say thanks to me or else,… uhm what will be the punishment? lemme think,” she said and tilted her head back in thoughts.
“Will get a kick,” I smirked.
“No!” she said.
“Will get a knock,” I laughed.
“No,” she laughed.
“Okay. will tell a movie,” I said.
“Uhmm… okay,” she said.
“No!” I said.
She rolled her eyes, “the meal is getting cold,” she said and began eating.
“Will do whatever asked to do,” I said.
She smiled, “Fine.”
I smiled and began eating too.
I know she’s gonna say thanks to me in no time.
What do I do to make her say it?
“Clara, im so happy the drugs worked perfectly fine,” I said.
She nodded, “Yeah it did,”
Ah that didn’t work.
I think I’ll try something else.
“You love the hairwarmer?” I asked.
“Yeah I do,” she answered.
She couched.
I rushed her glass water and stretched it to her.
“Here,” I said.
She took it and dropped it back, without drinking, “You just want me to say thanks. I intentionally coughed,” she said.
I laughed. She caught me.
“You caught me,” I said.
“Yeah,” she said with a smirk smile.
I smiled.
Soon we were done eating.
I drank the rest of the water in the glass cup and wiped my mouth with a serviette.
Clara did same too.
I smiled at her. “Th-” I paused when I recalled.
I can’t believe I fell first.
She chuckled, “You are telling me a movie!” she said.
“I didn’t say it,” I said.
“You were going to,” she said.
I laughed.
“C’mon Clara. Alright I will tell you about Maleficient,” I said.
“Noooo, that’s scary movie! I’ve watched that,” she said.
“It’s not,” I said.
“It is,” she said and tried packing the plates but I was quick enough to pack them before she did.
“Drakeeee!” she blurted.
I smiled.
“You cooked and now it’s my turn to do these ones,” I said and carried the tray, heading to the kitchen.
She stood up and followed behind.
“Why should you?” she asked.
“Cos you need to rest,” I said and dropped the plates in the sink, then spread soap on’em, and began washing them.
Clara came and stood beside me.
“So what movie are you going to tell me?” she asked.
“Uhmm lemme think more, okay I will tell you, ‘The babysitter’” I said.
She smiled. “Seems interesting,” she said.
“No, I will tell you ‘Beautiful Clara wearing a pink hairwarmer’” I joked.
She hit me, laughing.
“Okay let me sing for you,” I said.
She chuckled. “No, tell me the movie, babysitter.”
I smiled. “Yeah I know, don’t you want to listen to my song?” I asked.
She turned her back to rest on the counter, and folded her arms.“You ain’t a singer. You don’t even have the nice voice,” she said.
Ah… Clarraaaa!
“I do Clara,” I said.
“Okay maybe a little,” she said.
I smiled.
“Wait a little,” I said.
I was done washing, so I placed the plates and spoons in the drainboard, and cleaned the counter. I grabbed a ladle and then I turned to face her.
“So here is my song,” I said and brought the ladle to my lips, it was acting as my microphone.
Clara chuckled as she stared at me.
“There is this beautiful nurse called claraaaa” I sang.
She chuckled and shook her head.
Wack! but I just want her to listen to the lyrics.
She’s my neighbour and her smile is just perfect
She smiled. Her smile was more wide this time.
Her hair looks more prettier when it falls,
but she love it more and so much more when it’s packed.
She chuckled, smiling.
She’s the most loveliest friend in the worldddd.
She told me not to say thanks to her after the meal cos I told her not to.
She laughed.
She’s so beautiful, Claraaa you are so beautiful.
But please don’t forget these names, Nurse goody two h-
A napkin landed on my face.
I laughed.
She was frowning but then she was holding back a chuckle and when she couldn’t hold it any longer, she let it out.
“Im sorry Clara.. so how was my song dedicated to you,” I asked.
She rolled her eyes. “Cool, you ain’t a good singer,” she said.
I smiled.
“Alright, im gonna sing this last one, the type that you like,” I said with a smile and began.
If our love was a fairy tale,
I would charge in and rescue you..
On a yacht, baby we would sell…
To a land where’d say I do..
And if we had babies they would look like you,
It’d be so beautiful if that came through..
You don’t even how very special you are…
Oh my.. she joined me.
You leave me breathless
you are everything good in my life.
You leave me breathless, I still can’t believe that you’re mine.
You just walked outta one of my dreams..
So beautiful, you leaving me…
She picked the wooden spoon and brought it to her lips, smiling as she sang the verse two.
I smiled as I watched her sing.
If our love was a story book,
We would meet on the very first page,
The last chapter would be about,
How im thanksful for the life we’ve made.
And if we had babies they would have your eyes…
I smiled as I watched her sing and gesture too, holding tightly to the spoon like a singer on a stage. She did it so happily.
Her voice is so pretty, just like her.
No, she’s beautiful… yeah beautiful.
She sang, sang and then stopped with a playful frown.
“You left it to me to sing alone!” she said, breathing with laughter.
I smiled. “You have a really pretty voice Clara,” I said.
She chuckled, “Don’t flatter me,” she said.
“Im not flattering you ok, im serious, you have a really pretty voice,” I said.
She smiled, “Thanks.”
I smiled and she widened her eyes.
Oh. It flashed back.
She just said ‘thanks’ to me.
I caught her in this one.
“You are telling me a movie,” I said.
She laughed.
“When you are done with yours, I will,” she said.
I smiled as I dropped the ladle, then took the wooden spoon from her and dropped it too.
Then I took her hand.
“Let’s go to the sitting room,” I said.
She glanced at our hand, thought she was gonna pull away as usual, but she didn’t.
I smiled. “Thanks,” I said.
She bursted into laughter. “Another movie!” she said.
I laughed.
“When you are done telling me yours,” I said.
She chuckled. I smiled.
We walked into the sitting-room and sat down on the same couch I slept off.
I still held her hand.
Okay, I let go.
“So, the movie,” she said.
Ahh she really want me to obey my punishment.
I smiled. “Alright, babysitter.. uhmm, Lawson Heydweiller was being hunted by his enemies. When he thought they weren’t coming for his family, they killed his wife and their nanny. Then he went on to hire Ryan, a very strong security who got fired from the police force, to come protect his three kids by being a babysitter. The first time he came, the kids were so scared of him. They…..”
**Noah’s POV**
I stared at my dad as he stared back at me.
I couldn’t believe what he just said.
“Lopez has been shot dead, son” he said.
If Lopez have been shot dead then there is no fucking way of this damn place.
The only hope we had has been shot dead!
“Dad, it’s all ending here. I’ve lost everything. Everything.” I said as tears rolled down my eyes.
He shook his head.
“Im sorry son,” he said.
“What fucking sorry are you telling me! who the hell came?”
“A boy maybe from Lopez crew. He refused telling me his name. He just dropped the news and left,” he said.
“Damn!” I hit my fist on the wall.
“There’s no one else son,” he said and layed down on his bed.
I rushed to him.
“Are you going to let us die here!!”
“We ain’t gonna die, The court will issue us some years imprisonment,” he said.
“Years! how many years, how many!” I asked, anger boiling inside me.
“I don’t know son. Let’s await our fate,” he said and closed his eyes.
Oh God!!
I walked to metal door and held it with tears rolling uncontrollably in my eyes.
‘Does this mean that im gonna loose Clara forever?
For how many years?
Maybe twenty or thirty?
Im I really gonna loose you?
I know you can’t leave me Clara. You love me and I love you so much.
You can forgive me, for the sake of our love.
But I just need you to come so I can tell you everything.
Everything you need to know. The reasons why I hide who I am to you.
Why haven’t you showed up?
Are you forgetting about me already?
Don’t you ever wanna see me again?
Is there another guy helping you to forget about me?
I know there can’t be! I can’t face that.
Clara we are meant to be! You are mine alone!
No one can take you away from me.
More stories @ www.chorusman.com
You are my woman, Clara.
You understand the meaning of true love. You display it with your whole heart. You are faithful and committed.
You surrender your heart and yourself perfectly and tenderly.
Clara, I can’t loose you. You have to come. I have to tell you everything. You’ll have to forgive me and wait for me.
You can’t go away from me. I love you so much and won’t let anyone, I mean anybody! change your heart towards me.
**Drake’s POV**
I smiled when I was done telling her the whole movie.
She smiled widely.
“Great movie! Everything ended perfectly well even Lawson wasn’t killed but those cruel enemies of his who wanted to get to his wealth. All thanks to Ryan. He could marry Claire,” she said and laughed.
I laughed too.
“No Claire’s eighteen,” I said.
She smiled.
“He could come marry you,” I joked.
She threw the throw pillow at me.
I laughed out.
She just love throwing things at me.
“So your turn now,” I said.
She yawned and rubbed her eyes.
“Im sleepy noww,” she said.
Ah. I know she’s lying.
I hit her hair playfully.
“You’re lying,” I said.
“Seriously im not,” she said.
“Clara c’mon just obey your punishment,” I said.
She smiled.
“I can’t tell movies,” she said.
“Alright tell me a story,” I said.
“When im not a fan of novels,” she said.
“Uhmm, okay im gonna mercy you with this,” I said and thought for awhile.
She smiled.
“Let’s play a game,” I said.
“What game?”
“Truth or Dare..” I said.
She chuckled. “That’s kinda childish,” she said.
“Uhmmm alright, Dance then,” I said.
“Uhm, noooo” she said, laughing.
“C’mon or I won’t leave tonight,” I said.
“duh stay then,” she said.
I raised my brows.
“Huh really?” I asked.
She laughed. “No way!”
I smiled. “Then dance,” I said.
“I can’t dance Drake,” she said.
I smiled.
“Fine then, im not leaving tonight,” I said as I layed my head on the backrest, folded my arms and closed my eyes.
I noticed her stand up from the couch, gently so I wouldn’t notice that she did.
I waited for some minutes before opening my eyes and she wasn’t in the sitting room again.
I smiled.
I picked the remote and switched on the tv to play loud music.
Every song she plays are blues.
Nothing else.
I turned it off and headed to her room.
She locked the door.
“Clara, you have to obey your punushment,” I said.
“No im sleepyy, goodnight Drake,” she said from inside.
I smiled.
“Alright come shut your door,” I said.
She opened the door, smiling.
I smiled.
“Mercy today, no mercy again,” I said.
“Im not even gonna say it,” she said.
I smiled.
There was silence as we stared at each other.
She still held the doorknob and I was just outside the door. We stood close.
‘Clara, you are making me go nuts.
Look at those eyes, the lips.’
She broke the silence. “Alright, to the door.”
I smiled.
We got to the door.
“Goodnight Clara,” I said.
“Yeah, goodnight Drake,” she said.
I nodded but still stood.
“You know what Drake?” she said.
“What?” I asked.
She breathed out.
“I don’t just know but I think I-” she paused.
“What?” I asked.
She breathed out. “Don’t bother, goodnight,” she breathed out.
Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by emperorblog21(m): 12:41pm On Jul 31, 2019
The BadBoy Diary
(Helping Her Get Over Him )
Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C
#Chapter 42
Clara’s POV
I closed the door and breathed out.I hastily untied the band on my hair, catching my breathe.
“Clara what is wrong with you? you wanted to tell Drake that you are beginning to like him?.
Do you want him to start thinking that there’s something more than that which there isn’t!”
‘What even got into me? I can’t possibly make this mistake twice. I can’t start liking Drake. No way no way at all.
What Im I tryna do? Do I even like him?
Okay, yeah but I like him like as the friend that he is to me, the way he care. The way he show that he care. He’s nice and funny, playful,.cool.’
I fell on a couch and placed my legs on the table.
‘Butttt, this was just the way Noah cared. He was so nice, he was caring. He made me fall for him without thinking twice and I thought he was the perfect guy but I had no idea he was just a douchebag!!
He lied to me.
He took my love and my trust for granted.
He couldn’t be truthful. It hurt so bad. Very bad!
I know he love me. Yes he do.. I know but why couldn’t he respect my trust? What were his reasons for hiding it from me?
Do he have any reason?’
I sighed.
‘I don’t care about that. Im happy that im getting over him. or rather I’ve gotten over him.
But ahh! I just feel like going to see him. It’s a feeling that began today but I was waving it off.
Maybe he have things to tell me apart from just apologising.
Maybe he has reasons why he never told me who he really is.
It won’t be so bad if at least I go see him.
Im not gonna yell at him like I have planned to but let him know how he had broke my heart and im getting over it but tell him things without shedding a tear.
I can’t wait to tell him how much lessons he thought me. I just wanna spill it out to him and then i’ll leave.’
I sighed and stood up as I headed to my bedroom.
I layed on my bed and covered myself with the duvet.
I sighed.
‘Im not sure I wanna meet Noah now. I might break down.
I might not be able to control the sight and my tears. He’d have nothing to say than lies. Lies!’
I shook my head.
“Im sleepy, I need to sleep,” I muttered and covered the duvet well on my body.
Im supposed to take those drugs tonight. Drake reminded me also before he left.
I sighed.
‘Who’s gonna take those drugs!’
I closed my eyes and tried to sleep but thoughts about going to see Noah kept me awake till eleven pm.
After so much thoughts, I decided that im gonna see him.
At least, to hear the lies he’s gonna say. I wonder how im gonna react.
God! but I’ll try my best not to break down.
I concluded and finally drifted to sleep.
Drake’s POV
[Around 9:pm] I tossed and turned on my bed as I thought about the ‘thing’ Clara almost said.
I kept repeating the uncompleted statement in my head, as I tried to figure out what she wanted to say but I couldn’t do that without shaking my head with a ‘no’
No, Clara can’t like me. She can’t tell me she likes me. She can’t.
‘I don’t just know but I think I- want you to stay with me tonight’
No no It can’t be. Clara won’t even think of it talkmore of trying to say it out.
I wonder what she wanted to say.
Why didn’t she just say it?
Anyways, I loved today like crazy! It was great! Clara got herself back and she was super free with me all day!
She kept smiling and I couldn’t stop staring.
Could you imagine, she even let me hold her.
Hahaha! she kept throwing things at me.
And oh… sweet! We sang together.
This friendship of ours is just so good!
But I want more than just friendship. But im so scared to tell you Clara. When will I be able to tell you. When!
This love is making me go nuts!’
I sighed and tossed to the other side of the bed.
My phone began ringing.
I checked it. ‘Brenda’
I ignored it. Infact, I covered it with a pillow.
‘Clara is all I wanna think about right now. She’s the only one I wanna worry about. She’s the only girl in my heart not you Brenda. You have no space, not even the little of space.
Why not get lost?
I wanna think of how to profess my love to Clara.
She’s making me go crazy.
I need more than just this friendship. I want her love.
I want her heart. I want her hug, her kiss. I want to make loveee to Claraa.
I want to love her like in gonna die if I don’t.
I wanna keep her like im gonna die if I loose her.
Clara I hope when I finally have the boldness to pour out my feelings to you, to profess my undying love for you that you’d accept me. That you’d give me a chance and not shout or yell at me.
I need you Clara. I really do.’
I tossed back to the other side of the bed.
‘I wonder if im gonna get a sleep tonight too. I had no sleep last night cos I stayed awake staring and watching Clara sleep.
She layed right here on this bed.’
I touched the side where she slept and the pillow she slept with and I smiled.
‘Her hair smelt so nice, her eyes-brown and very pretty. Her lips just breathtaking.
She was ill. I was so scared but thank goodness for the drugs.
I told her to take the drugs tonight. I wonder if she will. I don’t think she will.
I’ll check her first thing in the morning.
She need to take the drugs tonight and tomorrow morning.’
I tossed back to the other side of the bed.
It’s obvious sleeping tonight isn’t in my diary, but Clara
Well, I don’t mind thinking about her all night. She’s too beautiful.
Dr T. Campbell’s POV
[Around 10:pm. In my car, away from GraAvantees hospital] I pulled to a stop at a safety spot but not the same spot we’do stay and talk about this ‘bulshit’ that is gonna end tonight.
She gave me a suspicious or maybe scared look and I smiled sweetly at her.
“Why not the usual spot?” she asked.
I smiled.
“Tis is money Nurse Morgan. We have to take it serious and handle it with care,” I said.
She rolled her eyes.
“My money. It must be complete, thirty-five million.” she said.
“Ofcourse it is Helen Morgan,” I said and took out the briefcase and opened it.
she smiled and carried it, stared at it for awhile before closing it and turning to me
“Cool. I’ll do mine now so everything is settled,” she said.
I smiled as she closed the briefase and brought out a laptop and opened it.
She displayed the gay pictures of I and Austin, including sex scenes.
The picture of Taylor and I the night before he died. I hired Nikky to kill him.
He bleeped up!
Videos of so many things of me that the world dare not see.
She deleted everything but I ain’t a fool. Im sure there’s two or more left hidden somewhere!
“Done,” she said.
I smiled. “Sure?”
She nodded.
“How do you want me to believe you?” I asked.
“There’s no more pictures or videos, no link, no saved. I’ll leave now,” she said and shut her laptop.
“Not yet,” I said and placed my finger to her lips.
“This red lipgloss made your lip appear much more attractive,” I said with a seductive smile. “..and your black hair, magical. C’mon baby, let’s explore again,” I whispered to her.
She smiled. “That will be lovely,” she said and I brushed my lips hard on hers and took her two hands.
Then I gave a sign to Nikky.
Nikky had been lying flat at the backseat all the while.
She sat up and pointed the gun to Helen’s head.
I smiled as Helen gasped with shock Fear gripped her. She tried turning to see the gun pointer but Nikky grabbed her neck.
“No movee” Nikky sneered at her.
I smiled.
“What the heck is this!” Helen blurted out with fright.
“Well a supriseee, a free road to hell where you belong,” I said with a wider smile.
“Bleep you this is a joke right?” she said.
I glanced at Nikky who had no smile on her face but was doing her job perfectly.
I chuckled at Helen’s question.
“Can you even imagine yourself? who’s joking here, me or the gun pointed at you about to be fired into your empty skull,” I said.
“Tell whoever is this to get this thing outta my head and get her hand off my neck,”Helen said.
I smiled. She’s not really scared like I wanted.
“Why should I tell her? you are dying in the next minute,” I said.
“You think you can play with me huh? You think you can threaten me. How dare you!” I slapped her hard accross her face.
“Who the hell do you think you are to threaten me! Well you had no idea who I am. In your next life, do not threaten people like I.” I jeered.
“You think you can have my thirty five million for this trash!” I said and picked the laptop which fell from her laps.
“This trash,” I scoffed and hit the laptop hard.
“Huh answer me, Helen Morgan, answer me!” I said and gave her another harder slap. She spat out blood.
She looked up with a faint smile at me.
“Who the Bleep are you?” I asked.
She spat out blood again.
“Answer me you bitch!” I yelled.
“Why the Bleep will I tell you huh?” she sneered and I slapt her again and chuckled.
“Alright then Helen Morgan. I’ve got no business with who you really are, you are dying with it.”I said.
“Shot her!” I ordered and Nikky obeyed immediately as she sent a trigger into her head.
“She’s gone to hell! Bitch!” I laughed and tried taking the briefcase but the pointed gun at my head sent me on a pause.
I shivered with both fear, and astonishment as I turned slowly to look at Nikky.
She smirked.
“You paid five million but here is thirty five million staring at me. Come on, how do you expect me to miss such huge money Doctor Tony. Im sorry but you gotta follow her,” she said.
I shocked with fright.
“Nikky no no don’t please. You can ta-”
The gun shot and a burning pierce into my head was the last sound I heard.
Nikky’s POV
I smiled as I stretched my hand and picked the briefcase.
Money! money! so much money!!
“Goodbye doctor Tony Campbell and Nurse Helen Morgan. May your souls rest in perfect peace,” I prayed, did the cross-sign then stepped out of the car and found my wayyyyy.
( music plays: Man Down-Rihana)
Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by emperorblog21(m): 12:42pm On Jul 31, 2019
The BadBoy Diary
(Helping Her Get Over Him )
Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C
#Chapter 43
[unedited] Nikky’s POV cont.
I strolled into the house and rang the doorbell.
The door was opened in three minutes with a stoic-face Brenda. She wore a pourple nightie with the jacket.
Her face fell on the briefcase.
I smiled. She left the door. I walked in and shut the door.
“Hey Bae,” I winked and pulled off my face-cap and rearranged my hair.
“Why didn’t you go directly to your house?” she asked.
I smiled and dropped the briefcase on the glass table.
“Guess what’s in there?” I asked.
She stared at it. “I can’t guess. What’s in there?” she said.
“Oh oh oh” I sang as I gave her a few dance step.
She watched me.
I laughed and went to the briefcase.
“Just… stare at,” I opened the briefcase, “..this!” I laughed.
Brenda’s eyes went wide open, “Jesus Christ!! Nikky! what the Bleep is all these money!” she yelled out.
I laughed. “Cool money Brenda, cool, cool cooool” I sang as I threw her a bundle.
She swiftly shifted, so it doesn’t touch her. The bundle landed on a couch.
“Christ!! Nikky, who paid you this huge amount. How much is there? or you stole it!” she yelled.
I kept laughing. “Well in here is thirty five million, it might not be complete though but Im sure it’s up to twenty five. You sure gonna hear about the news by tomorrow,” I said.
“News about what?” she asked.
“A doctor and a nurse have been found shot dead inside the doctor’s car,” I said, and closed the briefcase.
“Wait! Brenda, you killed the doctor too?” she asked.
“Yeah babe,” I said and walked to the money on the couch. I picked it up and headed upstairs.
I smiled when she said nothing more.
Brenda’s POV
Nikky! This girl frightens me at times!
How could she kill the doctor and take the money!
Well, that’s by the way, I tapped on my phone.
Drake didn’t pick my calls. I’ve sent him messages and he haven’t replied.
I sighed.
‘Drakeeee!! you better reply me! im not gonna stop till you love me just the way that I do! I’d do anything for you to be mine!’
I turned and headed back upstairs to Nikky.
She’ll have to explain more about that doctor and the nurse Helen Morgan.
Clara’s POV
I woke up, feeling weak.
I sighed.
‘That drug why didn’t I take it.’
I stretched myself on the bed and then sat up and yawned.
My body feel a little bit hot and I feel weak.
‘Im gonna try my best to take the drugs this morning.’
I dropped my feet on a flipflops and stood up from the bed. I headed to the bathroom. I washed, brushed and loosened the hairband on my hair and my hair fell to my shoulders.
I can’t believe I had no bathe last night. I just remembered.
I kept thinking about going to see Noah. To hear his own side of the story.
To tell him the things that I have been building up within till I slept off.
I sighed.
But im scared. Im scared to see Noah. I don’t wanna face him and break down into uncontrollable tears.
I have to be strong. I need to be strong first. Im not yet so strong.
I have to wait a little bit more.
I pulled off my clothes and walked to the shower.
I had my bathe and picked up the towel and cleaned myself.
Then wrapped the bathtowel round my body and walked out.
I creamed my body and pulled into a sky-blue flair gown that stop before my knee, with turtle neck and long-sleeves.
I applied cream on my hair and combed it, then packed it with a sky-blue hairband.
I looked closely at my face with the hand mirror.
My eye’s going dull again, I need to just take the drugs and it seems it’s gonna rain today.
I stood up and walked out to the kitchen.
I found the drugs where Drake had kept them on the counter.
I walked to the fridge and picked out bread, jam, dessert juice and water. (They are among the things Drake and I picked at the mall)
‘I can’t forget that day.. I was so angry but though it was fun’
I came back and dropped the stuffs on a tray, added a plate, knife and the packs of drugs. Then carried them, out to the dinning.
I placed them on the table and sat down.
I picked out three slices of bread and placed them on the round ceramic plate.
I applied jam on’em and began to eat.
After I was done eating, I sticked out the medicines from the packs and drank em with the juice (not water this time, God forbid. These drugs are damn bitter)
I held my breath after taking them all, praying not to feel nausea.
Thank God I didn’t.
I packed the ‘stuffs’ and took them to the kitchen and proceeded to wash them.
I chuckled as I thought of how Drake would have halted me from touching the plates if he was here.
Drake.. he’s so funny.
I can’t believe how funny he is.’
I smiled.
‘Why did he even tell me to dance. Uhm he’d think I can’t even take a step. He kept making me smile with the way he cared so much. Argh!’
I can’t deny that his company had been great.
He’s just the kinda friend that I want him to be.
I can’t deny that he’s different. He showed so much care more than Noah did.
He’s so funny.
But no matter how nice,caring, and funny he is, I can’t possibly make this mistake thrice.
More stories @ www.chorusman.com
My love have been taking for granted twice! how can I possibly let that happen again.’
I placed the plates on the drainboard and wiped my hands with a dishcloth.
‘But I can’t deny that I love Drake’s company. He has a way of making me laugh and smile. he’s funny’
I loosened my hair to unpack it more tightly.
I chuckled as a thought came.
“I’d lie to him that I didn’t take the drugs and see how he’s gonna react. He was so scared yesterday when he saw me shivering. God!”
‘I know he’ll rush to the kitchen talking like the doctor Drake he has finally become’
‘Would I say ‘thanks’ today? I don’t pray too. He might tell me to swim this time.’
‘If he says ‘thanks’ then im gonna tell him to..
To…to do what??
The doorbell rang.
“Drake!” I blurted excitedly and couldn’t believe myself.
I rushed out of the kitchen to the door.
I pulled it open.
I smiled.
He wore a black polo-shirt with a black jacket. Black like always! black, black, black. A blue and black stripe short with black slippers.
My eyes.. why did they go that side.
I looked up instantly.
“Goodmorning Clara,” he said.
“Goodmorning Drake,” I reciprocated and left the door. He came in and closed the door.
“How was your night? hope you took the drugs?” he asked.
I knew it! drugs!
I smiled. “I didn’t,” I said.
He gasped then sighed. “Clara why you knew you need those drugs and wait,” he placed his hand on my forehead, then down to my neck.
His hand felt warm.
“…your body is getting hot Clara. C’mon you’ll take the drugs now,” he said and headed to the kitchen.
I let him, and chuckled.
He came back with the drugs and brought it to my face.
“You’ll take now, i’ll make you something,” he said.
I laughed. “C’mon i’ve taken it this morning,” I said.
He smiled. “I know. I checked them. Wanted to follow in your drama.
too,” he said.
I chuckled.
He walked to the dinning and dropped it then came back.
“What did you eat Clara,” he asked.
“Bread with jam, im full,” I said.
“You should have added tea at least,” he said.
I smiled.
He walked to a couch and sat down. I sat on another couch.
He stared at the couch that I sat.
“I wanna tell you something Clara,” she said.
“What’s that?” I asked.
“I don’t wanna shout it,” he said.
I chuckled.
“Are you even serious?” I said.
He chuckled.
“So what’s that?” I asked.
“Nothing,” he said and picked up the remote.
Actually he replayed ‘Baby driver’
“I’ve watched that all,” I said.
“Alright tell me the movie,” he said.
I chuckled, “I can’t.”
“So let’s watch then right?” he said.
“Nooo,” I said.
He chuckled and dropped the remote. I picked it up and removed the movie.
“Clara, let’s go out,” he said.
“To where?” I asked.
“Anywhere,” he said.
‘Not zoo again or he’ll end up pulling at a mall.’
“Nop I don’t want to.” I said.
“Okay then, we stay here,” he said.
I smiled and unpacked my hair. He stood up and rushed behind me and grabbed the hairband from me.
I raised my brows.
“Let me do this,” he said.
I chuckled.
I let him, but he wasn’t packing my hair but braiding it.
“Uhm, relax.. it’a beautiful,” he said.
“Drakeee” I chuckled.
He laughed.
“Relaxxxx” he said.
I chuckled.
“Done’” he said and gave me his phone as a mirror.
I stared at my hair through the phone screen.
I bursted into laughter.
‘What kinda braiding is this?’ It curved like i’ve suddenly developed a horn.
“You like it? it’s beautiful right?” he asked.
“Unbraid them Drake, it’s more than ugly,” I said and he bursted into laughter.
He unbraided them and then packed the hair tightly with the hairband.
“Good now?” he asked.
“Yeap,” I smiled.
He came over and sat with me on the two-sitter couch.
“Drake you were at the other couch.” he said.
“I know, there’s a game on my phone, let’s play..” he said and scrolled through his phone to the game and played it.
We played for up to two hours.
After the game, Drake decided that he’s cooking Pancake. I followed him and we did. He also made toasted bread.
Drake is a really good cook! unlike Noah.
We served and ate till we were full.
We packed up the plates, walked to the kitchen and cleaned up then came back and sat down on the three sitter couch.
It was 2pm.
He finally won.
We had to rewatch baby driver, cos I can’t tell him the movie.
He played it and it began.
Drake’s POV
I smiled as I watched her sleep off with her head on the seat backrest. Not my shoulder this time.
I quietly placed her head back on my shoulder.
‘Sleep here please’ I said.
I caressed her cheek with my two fingers.
She sighed in her sleep.
I smiled and placed her hair back on the couch backrest, then stood up, switched off the tv and carried her to the bedroom.
I placed her on it and covered her well with the duvet, then I layed on the other side of the bed, cos im sleepy too.
I kept staring at her.
She’s so beautiful.
I know she’s gonna yell at me for this when she wakes up.
I smiled and I kept staring at her untill I slept off.
**Clara’s POV**
I woke up, to see Drake sleeping beside me.
Wait… Did I fall asleep at the sittingroom and he carried me here.
I thought I told him not to carry me again!
I stared at him.
But I can’t deny that you’re handsome, and really nice.
But you ain’t still different from the rest but im glad we became friends.
We’ve been here for me.
You’ve saved me many times.
You stayed awake for me.
You got so scared beause I fell ill.
How can a playboy be so nice?
Drake is there something you are hiding?
I know I always have negative thoughts about you but you can’t blame me.
I got heartbroken twice. Im just feeling that you can’t be this nice to me just because we became friends and because you wanna help me outta my heartbreak.’
I got out of the bed.
‘But whatever it is, just know that im not gonna let a guy take me for granted. Never again!’
I covered him with the duvet.
‘I don’t know if Im ever gonna fall inlove again. And again im so confused cos I dreamt about Noah.. He was in the dark. I couldn’t see him. He was calling out my name, crying and yelling out for me but I couldn’t see him.’
‘I think I need to see Noah. If not for anything, at least the dream. He was really calling out for me. I think he has things to tell me’
I walked out of the bedroom.

source: https://www.emperorblog.com.ng/?s=THE+BAD+BOY+DIARY
Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by maleeknasri(m): 1:46pm On Jul 31, 2019
this update issa bomb tanx big time shocked
Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by izaray(f): 2:17pm On Jul 31, 2019
Thanks for the update
Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by Nobody: 2:19pm On Jul 31, 2019
this update issa bomb tanx big time shocked
i dey tek you oh

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Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by topher052: 6:29pm On Aug 01, 2019
The BadBoy Diary
Written by, Rejoice
# Chapter 1
**Drake’s POV**
Dim lights blinking, music hitting, strippers
dancing, men’s smoking, hornies fucking.
nice one bro
The club is the best relaxion for me after work
Drinks on my table and two hot ladies beside
A waitress in tight black skirt and cow boots
walked over to my table with more drinks.
“You are hot.” I whispered to her as she
dropped the drinks gently.
She looked at me with a seductive smile.
“More than you can ever think.” she said,
winked and walked away.
“A moment sexy.” I said to the girls with me
with a kiss on each other’s cheek.
I got up and went after the waitress.
I found her walking into a room and I followed
her in, shutting the door.
She turned to me with a seductive bite of her
“What do you want Drake?” she said, coming
“You.” I said and grabbed her waist and pulled
her hard into me.
“I want money.” she said.
I shifted her red hair off her neck.
“Not a problem.” I whispered into her ears,
then gave few soft bites to her neck and
fuddles on her boobs before pulling off the
damn strapless top.
“All of me then.” she whispered.
“Ofcourss.” and I immediately spun her to face
the wall.
**Clara’s POV**
“Yeah, it’s pretty. I wish you were here to help
me out.” I said into the phone.
“My apologies baby. I promise to be back by
next week.. My dad really wanted me to be the
one to do that job and you know. Im so sorry
ok.” He pleaded.
I smiled, “It’s fine. Im not upset about it. I just
miss you and can’t wait to see you.” I said.
“And I miss you more than you do. You don’t
know how much I think about you here. Im
gonna take you to Baranella Dreams when I
come back.” he said and I laughed.
“Finally you’ve said you gonna take me there. I
love you.” I said and blew him a kiss.
“Sure baby, I love you so much. Get yourself a
bed.” He said.
“Ofcourse I did.” I laughed.
“Oh I mean, Go sleep a while. You must be so
stressed up.” he said.
I smiled, “Im done already. I’ll go do that .” I
“Great. Now bye, take care baby. I love you.”
he said.
“I love you too.” I said.
“Do you care or a kiss from me?” he said.
“Come on. I’ve missed that.” I said.
He laughed, “I miss more than that baby.” he
“uhmm… I know sweets.” I smiled.
“Muahhhh.” he blew a kiss.
I smiled, “Awwwnnn thanks.”
“Take care baby, wanna talk with my dad.” he
“Alright, take of yourself as well. Bye.” I said
and then the call dropped.
Uhhhmmm sweet boyfriend.
Noah is the sweetest and the most loving guy
i’ve ever known.
I love him so deeply.. now, woah! I can finally
After working tiredlessly for my new home to
look this good.
Even more prettier than my previous apartment.
For a GraAvantee’s promoted nurse, my home
should be exceptionally beautiful. All thanks to
the savings from Macgenius Hospital..
I bought new couches and expensive fur rugs,
beautiful paint arts and watermark tables and
dinning chairs.
A tall sunflower vase at the left side of the big
tv screen and a floor lamp at the right.
The windows are covered with creamy floor to
ceiling thick curtains and the Aircondition is
generating a really cool temperature.
I slide a disc into the cd player to listen to
Celine Dion’s.
The first track song ‘A New Day Has Come’
began playing and I grabbed the remote and
lowered the volume.
I have about five Neigbours I wouldn’t want to
disturb. Not on my first arrival.
Though i’ve seen the four but the fifth which is
even the next door door neigbour I haven’t
seen though the Roger’s family said it’s a
bachelor but very wayward.
“He goes to club every night from work. He
calls girls and disturb us with loud songs.” Mrs
Roger had said.
“He’s a friend to the police. Call police on him
and they end up shaking hands.” Mr Roger
“He’s the only crazy neigbour we have here.”
Mrs Roger said.
“You will see him by morning.” Mr Roger said.
“Alright, thank you.” I said and moved to the
last apartment which is the fifth.
I recalled once ringing the doorbell and the
door was opened to reveal two beautiful
teenage girls.
“Who are you please?” the one with a blonde
hair had asked.
“I am Clara Adams, a new neigbour.” I had
said and I saw their face change into a slight
The blonde hair glanced at the one at the back
with a black straight hair. She’s more prettier
than the blonde haired though they look quite
The black haired one came closer. She had the
harder frown and I wondered why.
Do they know me from somewhere?
“Do you know Drake? the occupant of
apartment 2?” the black haired asked me.
Drake? still the same guy the Rogers talked
What do he have to do with what I just said.
“No I don’t yet.” I said.
They glanced at each other and twisted their
I inhaled, “What do he have to do with what I
just said?” I asked, getting a bit vexed up.
“Everything.” The black haired said. She seem
to be the hot one now.
“How?” I asked.
She rolled her eyes and then they appeared
deadly at me, “You see, He is my boyfriend
and im sure you gonna go showing off yourself
once you meet him cos uhmm he’s such a
charmer. Don’t say im threatening you miss
Clara, but do not try any shit or else…” she
didn’t finish up her statement but looked at the
blonde haired with a lopsided smile. The other
gave her the same smile.
I was scampering for what to say but didn’t find
any words, I just stared at them.
The black haired one turned to me again,
“Anyways, im Kira and this is my twin sister
Gina.” she said.
“Alright.” I managed to say.
“You are welcomed to the apartment. Enjoy
your stay but stay clear off my boyfriend.” she
said and I raised my brow.
Christ! Is this girl okay at all?
What business do I have with her so called
“Excuse me, I have no busines with your
boyfriend.” I said.
“You might want to have. She’s only telling you
not to or you gonna regret it.” the blonde hair
one, Gina said.
Just then, A car drove into the building.
“Holy shit! Dad is back Kira, have you washed
the dishes!!” Gina shouted frightfully.
“No!!” Kira shouted.
“I’ve not made the mayonnaise!! dad is so
gonna be mad at us.” Gina said and shut the
door hard on my face.
Woah! I breathed out.
Crazy girls.
I turned and walked down the few doorsteps to
see a man come down from the black sedan.
He had his suit jacket and briefcase in his
hands, his bald head fitted his nice beard.
“Goodevening sir.” I greeted as he got to me.
“Ohh just call me Mark.” he said with a smile.
“Alright, im Clara Adams, the new neigbour.”
“Ohh welcome Clara. Good to have you.” he
“Thank you.” I said.
After brushing and taking a shower, I pulled
into a red pajamas.
I don’t have nighties just pajamas cos I really
A message beeped into my phone and I went
for it, picked it up from my bedside table and
clicked open the message box.
A message from GraAvantee Hospital.
Standard GraAvantee’s Hospital,
Box 2202R,
St.Austin Freeway,
Nurse Clara Adams,
We gladly welcome you to the standard
GraAvantee Hospital as a promoted nurse
practitioner to Dr.Tony Campbell.
You are to begin a surgery operation with Dr.
Tony Campbell tomorrow, 24th Febuary, 2018
at the fourth floor.
A meeting with Mr Avante by 8:30am will be
held before the surgery.
Dr. Lorraine Turner.
“Really? no breathing space for me huh!” I
hissed and threw the phone angrily to the bed
and walked out to make vanilla custard to take
with pizza.
Celine Dion’s tracks was still on play and this
time, it was on track 12, ‘Goodbye’
The song instantly reminded me of my family..
She’s a nurse too but curently working in
Florida. She comes home once in a while. My
dad was gone years ago and my sister,
Danelle, she’s in boarding High school and
whenever she comes home for holidays,
Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by topher052: 6:31pm On Aug 01, 2019
[quote author=topher052 post=80843835][/quote] sorry i quoted the whole page, was going to commend your creativity. Nice one bro
Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by emperorblog21(m): 5:37pm On Aug 02, 2019
sorry i quoted the whole page, was going to commend your creativity. Nice one bro
Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by GraciasMagisco(m): 5:48pm On Aug 02, 2019
sorry i quoted the whole page, was going to commend your creativity. Nice one bro

Dont fccking quite the whole page ffs!!!!!jeez!!!!!

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Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by maleeknasri(m): 8:48am On Aug 03, 2019
boss hwfa update na
Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by izaray(f): 9:47am On Aug 03, 2019
[quote author=emperorblog21 post=80874683][/quote]Boss anything for the girls cool
Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by emperorblog21(m): 9:51am On Aug 03, 2019
Boss anything for the girls cool

nah Kiss o
Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by emperorblog21(m): 9:52am On Aug 03, 2019
boss hwfa update na

i go do o... been over busy dahs y
Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by izaray(f): 10:10am On Aug 03, 2019

nah Kiss o
Ah! This one strong oh smiley

Abeg give us something light for d weekend

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