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Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by emperorblog21(m): 10:11am On Aug 03
Ah! This one strong oh smiley
Abeg give us something light for d weekend

i go do am o.... nah busy i over buay since.

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Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by maleeknasri(m): 12:50pm On Aug 04
boss watsup u na........u are delaying this sweet work ooo angry angry

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Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by emperorblog21(m): 3:17pm On Aug 04
The BadBoy Diary (Helping Her Get Over Him ) . Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C . #Chapter 44 . . . **Writer’s POV* Inside Gra-Avantees hospital, there have been grave silence except for the shoe sounds of doctors and nurses rushing in and out of the surgery room. Helen Morgan has been confirmed dead but Dr. Campbell, there was a chance, there was, just like sir edwardo and two doctors had said. For hours, an operation has been taking place on him. A senior police officer sat on the hospital lounge with a female police officer, waiting for sir edwardo. Inside the surgery room, the two doctors and sir edwardo in their surgical wears and tools, were trying their best, working on Dr. Tony Campbell. Even sir edwardo had to joinin in the operation process.. He can’t fold hands and watch Gra-Avantees best doctor die just like that. Gra-Avantees can’t loose Dr. Tony! it will be a great loss that would affect the hospital badly! The bullet have been taking out since hours ago, but now, they are working on saving his life. Three nurses with trays of surgery tools stood in line, delivering and taking tools. Another nurse, recorded. Sir Edwardo’s greatest fear is for Dr. Tony’s memory not to be affected if he survives but there is just a slight chance that it wouldn’t. Hours laters (4:30pm) Sir Edwardo finally walked out of the surgery room, removed the nose mask and walked down to the hospital lounge where the two police officers have been waiting. They stood up on seeing him. He stood before them and they shook hands, (he had removed the gloves at the surgery room) “William Christopher from Connit-Four police department,” the senior police officer introduced. “Katy Heater,” the female police said. Sir Edwardo nodded. “Doctor Edwardo, we’ll like to speak with you,” William said. “Alright,” sir edwardo said and they headed to his office. They settled down immediately they got into the office. “Sir edwardo, as you know, we are incharge of the investigations on the shot of Dr. Tony and Nurse Morgan.” William began. “So have you found the killer?” Sir edwardo snapped in, impatiently. “We are still investigating, we’ve found no trace yet just a laptop, shut and destroyed, we scanned the finger prints and it was only Dr. Tony and Helen Morgan finger prints. The laptop which belongs to Helen Morgan. But we’ve not given up.” William said. Sir edwardo seemed disappointed with his answers. “I need that person caught!” sir edwardo half yelled. Officer William adjusted on his seat. “We are not giving uo sir,” William said. “Better,” sir edwardo breathed. “Sir edwardo, we have few questions to ask you,” William said. “Go on,” sir ewardo said. “How many years have Dr. Tony being a doctor in this hospital?” William asked. “fifteen years,” Sir Edward said. “Do you have any idea if Dr. Tony and Helen Morgan have whatever in common?” William asked. Sir edwardo tilted his head back. “Well, Helen Morgan was transfered few weeks ago from Healthton Hospital to work in here as a personal assistant nurse. She was supposed to be an assistant nurse to Doctor Rosh Winston, but was asked by Tony to be nurse assistant because he gave his nurse assistant a break. I got informmed and I placed back his nurse assistant back and placed Helen Morgan to her duty which is to work for Dr. Rosh and not Dr. Tony,” Sir edwardo narrated. William glanced at Katy and then back at Sir Edwardo. “What are the names of Dr. Tony’s assistant nurse?” He asked. “Nurse Clara Adams but she is recently on a leave,” sir Edwardo answered. William nodded, “Why?” “Dr Tony explained of her going through a heartbreak and needs a break,” sir edwardo answered. “Has it been up to a week? and who has been his nurse assistant since the leave of Nurse Clara Adams?” William asked. “Nurse Helen Morgan, as he said when we communicated via phone call,” sir edwardo answered. William nodded and tiltled his head in thoughts. “I think there is something that was going on between the both. We need that laptop, working,” Katy said for the first time ever since the conversation started. “We need Nurse Clara Adams here. She need to be questioned.” William said. “Don’t you think she might have something to do with this?” Katy directed her question to William. “We’ll see to that,” he said and turned to Sir Edwardo who only stared at them both. “Sir edwardo, we need Nurse Adams here by tomorrow morning,” William said. Sir Edwardo shrugged but he don’t think Clara have any hand in this case. “How’s Dr. Tony?” William finally remembered. “In the coma, survived but im afraid for his memory retain,” sir Edwardo answered. “We hope he wakes up soon, we need to speak with him,” William said. Sir edwardo ignored that. “Just find the person behind this, that is what I want,” he said. “That is what we are doing sir,” William said. “We are leaving now, we’ll return in the morning,” he added and the duo stood up. Sir Edwardo stood up too. They all walked out. Getting out of the elevator and walking out to the hospital hallway. They were welcomed by up to ten press, all holding their phones and mic. They rushed to them. Sir edwardo Avantee, is it true that Gra- Avantees best doctor was shot last night?” A recently transfered nurse was found shot dead with him in his car? What do you have to say to this great loss sir? Has the murderer been found? Sir edwardo sighed. “Excuse me please,” he said and walked away. “You all should leave please, investigations are still ongoing,” Williams said and they left one after the other. “Im getting a feeling that the Nurse Clara Adams got something to do with this,” Katy said to William as they made their way of the hospital building. “I think there is something more than Nurse Adams having anything to do with this,” Williams said. Drake’s POV (6:30pm) We were out the street, walking through the walkway (not the side we’d see Nuel) We took our steps slowly. She still wore her sky-blue turtleneck dress but had a cream-coloured jacket which I forced her to wear. I wouldn’t want her getting cold.. This is a cold season and she’s just recovering from sickness. On her pretty feet are a sky-blue slippers laced with silver chains. She had her hands in her pockeks. Me too. The atmosphere was great, cool and welcoming. The street was cool as always with cars passing in few and people too. When I woke up. I found a duvet over my body. I smiled, knowing it was Clara. She walked in, and I broke our rule of ‘No thank you’ I said ‘thanks’ to her and she only laughed without giving out a punishment. I guess she had no punishment in mind. I said ‘thanks’ to her and she hit me. I asked her what she felt like doing and she said ‘Maybe take a walk’ “Clara,” I called. She was staring straight but I couldn’t stop staring at her. “Yes?” she answered without glancing at me. “I think you need a phone now,” I said. She shook her head. “No.. once I do, im gonna get it,” she said. I sighed. “Your mom and your sister would be bothered about you,” I said. “They don’t have to. im fine,” she said. There was a bench at the spot so we sat down. “C’mon Clara, be serious. You need to speak with your mom, she’ll be so bothered, okay give me her phone number, i’ll call her so you guys can talk.” I said. She breathed out, “Not yet.” “Clara you won’t stop to amaze me, im gonna call Danelle tonight,” I said. She smiled. There was a long silence as we stared at the passing cars. It was getting dark. “Drake,” she called. “Yes?” I answered as I looked at her. She looked up and down again, then breathed out. “Drake, I think I-” she paused. Well not this time again. You are definitely telling me that thing! “Clara not this time again, tell me, what’s it?” I said, impatient. She breathed out. “I’ve been having this feeling since yesterday Drake but Im kinda reluctant,” she said and I swallowed. Does this feeling gotta do with me? Do she wanna tell me she likes me or maybe she can’t stop herself from hating me. It can’t be hate, it gotta be something else. Wait, is she falling inlove with me and afraid to tell me? What exactly! “Please what feeling is that?” I asked impatiently. She breathed out. “I think I need to-” “Heeeeeeeeeeyyy! I got ya two!!” A familiar voice shouted and the guy pulled in front of us on his bicycle. Wait, Nuel. He raised his hands high, laughing happily. He got a new bicycle. “Oh I thought I wasn’t gonna see you both again. for two days now, I always ride around ‘Forever’ in the morning expecting to see you guys working out but didn’t see you guys,” he said and came down from his bicycle and pulled it to rest on the walkway rail. I smiled as he sat beside me. “Nuel, how are you doing?” I asked. “At least I don’t fall into a dump or land onto people anymore, so im happy and thanksful to you,” he said with a grin. I smiled. “Won’t you say Hi to her?” I said. He drew his head to see Clara. “She doesn’t like me at all,” he said. “right Aunty?” he asked Clara. Clara chuckled. “I never said that,” she said. “Ah thank God, im glad you are fine now,” he grinned and pulled back his head. “This is a nice place. I was returning from Mr Sam. An errand for Madam Haley,” he said. “Are you related to her?” I asked. I’ve been wanting to ask him this. “Uhmm im their nanny’s son, I grew up in the house. About what I told you, don’t mind me. I only wanted something that would make you take the card. The Haleys are really kind,” he said. I smiled. “You got me then,” I said. “You shouldn’t have lied,” Clara said. “Yeah yeah I apologise,” he said then stood up. “I’ll be leaving now, see you some other time,” he said and pulled out his bicycle. “Alright goodnight,” I said. “Goodnight lovers, oh sorry I mean, bestfriends,” he grinned, climbed onto his bicycle and rode away. I chuckled. “He won’t stop acting crazy,” Clara said. “He’s just being funny,” I said. “He told you thanks for the new bicycle,” she said. “Yeah, I gave him some money to get himself a new bicycle,” I said. “Oh.. that’s really nice,” she said. I smiled. “Let’s go, it’s dark,” I said and stood up. She did too as we headed home but then I remembered that she was about telling me something before Nuel interrupted. “Clara can you tell me now?” I said. “What?” she asked. I sighed. “About the feeling you were having,” I said. She became silent for awhile. “You don’t wanna tell me? you refused telling me yesterday too, don’t I deserve to know? we are just friends, if you don’t feel secured telling it to me, then it’s okay Clara,” I said as I felt so sad. She breathed out. “I wanna go see Noah tomorrow,” she said. I stopped walking, shocked by what she just said. It replayed ten times in my head. “Clara what did you say?” I asked. She stopped too. “I need to see Noah. I think he has things to tell me,” she said. I pushed my hair back as anger flowed through my veins. “Is that what you wanted to tell me? even yesterday?” I asked. It took her long seconds to reply, “Yes Drake,” I felt my heart shrink. All that I had thought were wrong. She actually wanna go see her drug dealer boyfriend tomorrow. But what can I do? I can’t stop her. I can’t tell her not to go because he wouldn’t have anything to say but ‘lies’ to her. “You are you can go. Okay,” I stammered. “You talked like I was asking you for permission,” she said and chuckled. Really? Claraa really? Don’t I have the right to? I’ve been here, being with you, helping you, staying with you, wiping your tears, caring for you. I’ve changed all cos I love you. At least we are friends, don’t I have the right to tell you to go see him or not? Well im wrong, I don’t have the right. I don’t have the right to make decisions for you or tell you what to do. “Nothing, you say tomorrow?” I asked. “Yeah, just to hear his side of the story and tell him all that i’v been wanting to tell him,” she said. “You might break down there, You told me you don’t wanna see him so soon, untill you are strong enough,” I said. “Im strong enough now,” she said. I nodded with sadness deep within my heart. It’s obvious she had made up her mind to see him and I can’t stop her. “I’ll drive you there,” I said. She looked at me with a smile. I sighed. I hope you don’t accept Noah back Clara. You musn’t no matter what Clara. It will break me. I’ll be shattered. Im inlove with you. I feel like just pouring it out to youuu, I feel like telling it to you but I still can’t. I’ve always have the feeling that you are going back to Noah.. Please this feeling musn’t happen Clara I beg you. I love you so much Clara. I wish I can tell you now. I wish I can pour it out this minute and face whatever you gonna tell me. But im so nervous and scared. God! im going crazy.
Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by emperorblog21(m): 3:20pm On Aug 04
The BadBoy Diary (Helping Her Get Over Him ) . Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C . #Chapter 45 . . . Drake’s POV We walked home without I telling her my feelings. I couldn’t just tell her. I know she won’t accept. She might even hate me. She always had negative thoughts about me and then I tell her that im inlove wuth her in just few days of her heartbreak. That will sound ill to her. She won’t believe that im saying the truth. She won’t. I can’t risk telling her and loose this closeness that we share now. I can’t. I’ll wait a little bit more. But now, she wanna go see Noah. That’s okay. Im gonna hold back my feelings and if she eventually accepts Noah back then im not sure my heart will ever open up for love ever again! She stumbled on something and was about falling. I caught her. “Be careful,” I said. She nodded with her eyes on me and mine on her. I held her tightly, air blew through her ponytail. ‘Clara please be mine,’ I said within. It was now fully dark only lights from the streetlight illuminated the whole area. “Are you ok?” I asked. “Yeah,” she answered and disengaged. I pushed back my hair. Gawd! Clara can’t you be mine? We got home and she turned to me. “Goodnight Drake,” she said. “I thought we gonna make dinner together,” I joked. ‘I know i’ve not given her so much privacy today but you can’t blame me. I just wanna keep staying beside her.’ She chuckled. “Uhm tomorrow.” I breathed out, “Alright just promise that you gonna take the drugs,” I said. She chuckled again,“I will.” I nodded with a smile. “Alright. goodnight Clara. Have a sweet dream,” I said. “And you too Drake,” she said and walked up to her door, went in and closed it. I walked into my sittingroom and fell on a couch. ‘Clara wanna go see Noah tomorrow’ I sighed and pushed my hair back. ‘And I told her that im gonna drive her? If I have to, then I’ll have to tell her about Franco. It’s one thing that I’ve kept away from her. I have to tell her. Whatever happens, Im just gonna be okay.’ I walked to the bar counter, picked out a wine and poured into the wine glass and sipped. ‘If Clara forgives Noah, im fine with that but what if she still love him and accepts him back, what im I gonna do? How im I gonna bear it, I love Clara so much.’ I gulped down. “Can I let that happen? how can I let that happen?” I gulped down again. “I need Clara. I dearly need Clara.” I gulped down again. Clara’s POV I’ve been laying on my bed, hands spread wide, thinking of that feeling I got when Drake caught me on the walkway. That sensational feeling.’ I sighed and sat up. ‘He felt kinda angry when I told him about seeing Noah. I can’t blame him. He’s just worried and he even said he’s gonna drive me there tomorrow. Drake is so niceee. He didn’t protest. I thought he would. I recall Noah smatching my phone cos he was so annoyed that David had the guts to call me after hurting me so bad.’ I layed back down. ‘But Drake, he’s cool.. really cool. He didn’t protest. He even offered to drive me there even after seeming annoyed. I just think that he understands. He understand the feelings cos he’ve felt same way. He’s been heartbroken but Noah never did. Drake is nice. I don’t wish to loose such a friend like him. If I get to the station tomorrow, all im gonna do is, listen to him tell his truth or maybe more lies, then i’ll let out all I wanna tell him and get out. Forgiving him is something I might never do!’ I closed my eyes, then opened them back and sat up. ‘I need to have dinner, take the drugs, shower and sleep,’ I got out of the bed, slide my feet into my flipflops and walked out of the bedroom. Oh I recalled. ‘Drake mentioned of calling Danelle, but I had to say goodnight cos I needed to rush in and think out the meaning of this feeling. Something tells me ‘it’s love’ Nonsense. I can’t fall inlove with Drake and not anyone!’ But im wrong. Im just wrong. I can’t deny that im familiar with this feeling. It comes when you wanna be always with that someone, when you wanna stay so closely beside that person, when you wanna get kissed, hugged and touched by that person. I felt that way for David and then Noah but Drake, I don’t even feel these ways but the feeling, the sensational feeling. Oh what im I even talking about? Have I ever wished for Drake to hold me? ‘No’ Have I ever wished for Drake to hug me? ‘No’ What about Kiss? ‘No’ What about to stay with me. ‘Maybe but it was only because I was scared.’ So why the hell would I be having that sensational feeling of whatever! There’s no way, I can’t let any guy into my heart ever again./ I picked out coffee pack and cup to make coffee. ‘I need to quit these thoughts and be strong to meet Noah tomorrow.’ I poured three spoons of coffee into the coffee cup. Drake’s POV I held the last glass of wine. I layed my head on the couch backrest and my legs on the table. I wasn’t tipsy, I was just in thoughts – thoughts about Clara. I can’t stop my thoughts about her and knowing she’s going to see Noah tomorrow. Im just so worried and scared. I never thought she’ll wanna see him so soon. It’s just a week, a week! she’ve not gotten out of her heartbreak and then she wants to go and listen to him tell her all sorts of lies. What is he really going to tell her? That he’s sorry? oh if he loved her so very much and trusted her, he should have been truthful to her and if he valued her, he could have stopped the business for her. But he choosed to hide it from her and move on with the ‘stuff’ Ahh Clara im just having the feelings that you’re gonna believe whatever he say. I can’t let that happen. I’ll have to talk to you.’ My phone beeped. A text message from Brenda. I sighed. ‘I haven’t opened the three messages that she sent last night, and now this.’ I flung the phone to the next couch. ‘I have other things to think about than you, Brenda’ I gulped down the remaining wine left. . More stories @ www.chorusman.com . {Saturday} Clara’s POV Today is saturday and im going to see Noah. I sat up on the bed and rolled the duvet off my body. I breathed out. ‘I hope everything goes fine, no forgiveness not breaking down. I have to be strong.’ I brought down my legs to the floor and slide my feet into the bedroom slippers, got up from the bed and strolled into the ensuite. I stared myself at the mirror and wondered why I deserve two heart breaks. No answers came. I sighed and turned on the faucet and washed my face. I recalled something. I loosened the hairband on my hair and wondered why Drake said that I look more pretty this way. For im sure packing my hair makes me more prettier. I chuckled and repacked my hair. I brushed and after that, walked out to clean up. I think by the time im through, I could now go to the police station. I started with the bedroom. **Sir Edwardo’s POV** I stared at the two detectives as I gave them a reply. They glanced at eachother and then back at me. They’ve just arrived and requested for Clara Adams presence but I have to tell them that she haven’t been reached. She couldn’t be contacted. “That confirms the suspect,” Katy said. “How?” I queried. “How can her lines suddenly go off like that? sir edwardo, that nurse Adams have to be brought here. We need her address and her work record. Call your staffs,” Katy said. I glanced at William and he nodded. “Please do that,” he said. I picked the landline and called Nurse Johanna. “Johanna, be at my office now with Nurse Adams work records,” I said. “Okay sir,” she said. I dropped the landline. ‘I don’t think Clara is involved in this but there might be a truth in what they are suspecting. Why are Clara’s lines unavailable. I was informed that she was in tears while leaving on monday. Could she have something to do with this? How could her lines be unavailable?’ The door opened and Johanna walked in, with the record. “Here it is sir,” she said and dropped it on the desk. I picked it up and flipped through then handed it to William who went through it and gave to Katy. “Johanna here is aware that her lines haven’t been through. We’ve sent her an email but got no reply yet.” I said. William turned to Johanna, “We need her house address,” he said. “I’ll go check that,” she said. “Call any other staff to do that sir” William said. I made a call to the head nurse. “Helo Matron, I need nurse Clara Adams house address,” I said. “Oh alright, lemme go through, I’ll call right back,” she said. I dropped back the landline. We waited. The call came. I placed it on my ear. “Sir edwardo, her address is No.5 maymack apartment, austin’s street, Georgio,” she said. “Alright,” I said and dropped back the landline. “No 5 maymack apartment. austin’s street, georgio,” I said to the cops. William nodded and Katy dropped the record. “We’ll head over there now,” Willian said and the two cops stood up. I watched them leave and close the door. “sir, I hope all is well?” Johanna asked. I sighed.“Yeah, just head back to your duty,” I said. She nodded and left. I placed a call to the Matron. “Come to my office now,” I said. “Alright sir,” she responded. I layed my head on the swivel-chair headrest in thoughts. The door opened and Matron walked in. She sat down. “Sir Edwardo,” she said calmly. I sat up. “Do you think Nurse Adams could have a hand in the death of Helen Morgan and survived Dr. Tony?” I asked. “sir edwardo, her record speak so well of her. Clara Adams is a vert wonderful nurse. I don’t think she can do such. There might be a mere reason for her unavailable lines. Those cops should investigate well enough. Clara can’t do anything like that. She’s really sweet and soft hearted and devoted to her work. No sort of attitude by Dr Tony towards her could make her try something as horific as this. I strongly believe Nurse Adams have no hand in this,” she said. I breathed out. “Well, they still have to bring her for questioning,” I said. “Alright” she said. “What if they don’t find her at her house?” I asked. “uhmm sir edwardo. I believe Clara has nothing to do with this,” she said. I nodded. **Drake’s POV** I woke up and realized what the time said ’10:35am’ Jeeeez! did I sleep this long? I rubbed my eyes and yawned then I rolled off the duvet from my body and came down, as I slide my feet into my slippers and headed into the bathroom. ‘Argh! I can’t believe I slept this long! Clara must have been expecting me. Oh silly me. She’ll only expect me if she’s ready to go see her drug dealer boyfriend. Somehow im so annoyed at myself for offering to drive her there. Well maybe it’s a reason for me to tell her about Franco since she doesn’t know. Maybe I could also talk with Franco.’ ‘What if you get held as a suspect?’ That fear gripped me but I waved it off. “No way!” I assured myself. I turned on the faucet to brush. Twenty minutes later, I was done with breakfast. I cleared the dishes and headed back to the bedroom. I got to the sitting room and recalled my phone. I picked it up from the couch where I left it last night. I deleted Brenda’s unopened text messages. I got into the bedroom, flung the phone to the bed and headed to the bathroom to take a bathe. Clara’s POV For the fiftieth time, I checked the clock again Now the time said ’12:10pm’ Why isn’t Drake here? He haven’t stayed this long before coming to check up on me… stay with me. I sighed and rested my head on the couch backrest, in thoughts. ‘Was it all because of what I told him? I just finished cleaning up and i’ve been expecting him. Is he really annoyed about it or is he doing something? What’s holding him. Im worried! I think I just gotta go knock on his door. Im so worried. What’s wrong? It’s getting to 1pm and he’s still not here. I haven’t even taken my bathe cos im so worried about him. I sighed. Then the doorbell rang!! I jumped up! “Drake!” I muttered as I rushed to the door and opened it. ‘It’s him. I smiled with relief. “Drake I was worried,” I said. I couldn’t hide it. He raised his brow, then smiled. I left the door and he came in. “Sorry I was busy cleaning up, today must be a great day for Clara to be worried about me,” he said, smiling. My smile widened but remembering something insstantly cut off my smile. ‘Noah, im going to see him today’ Drake was dressed already. Meaning he isn’t upset about it. “You ain’t dressed.” he said. “Cos I was worried about you but i’ll go dress up now. I’ll be right back,” I said and hurried off. *Drake’s POV* Wait? Did Clara just say she was ‘worried about me? .

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Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by maleeknasri(m): 5:07pm On Aug 04
finaly.........mad update boss shocked

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Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by izaray(f): 10:49pm On Aug 04
Thanks for the update

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Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by Shola2019(f): 8:37am On Aug 05
thanks 4 d update
Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by emperorblog21(m): 10:54am On Aug 05
The BadBoy Diary
(Helping Her Get Over Him )
Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C
#Chapter 46
Drake’s POV
‘Seriously, I can’t believe Clara just said that she was worried about me
Really? she even said it twice.’
I smiled and relaxed on the couch.
‘One of my luckiest day. Clara said she was worried about me.
Can you believe that? Woww’
In no time, she walked out in a white shirt, black trouser (uhm not gown this time) and black heels, (she love heels). Her hair ponytailed as always. She had her little white purse with silver chain hand which hung on her shoulder.
Suprisingly, she applied makeup, but light.
I stood up and she walked up to me with a faint smile.
“I’m ready,” she said.
I nodded.
She’s looking really hot but knowing that she’s going to the police station to see her boyfriend, that invoked all the sadness in me.
“Okay,” I mumbled and headed to the door as she followed behind and from outside, she locked the door.
I checked my wristwatch and the time said 1:45pm
Just as we headed to my car, a police car drove into the compound.
My heart skipped as my thoughts went to Franco’s arrest.
They are here for me..
But why?
Did Franco tell them that im involved?
Damn! my thoughts were right!
“Oh why are cops here?” Clara asked.
“I don’t know,” I said as my heart pounded.
We stood waiting as the two cops stepped down from the car and began coming to us.
‘I can’t believe this, I can’t get arrested. Im not involved in that.
God! Clara will you even believe me? What do I do?’
They stood in our front with a warm smile.
“Goodday, im detective Wiliam Christopher,” the male cop introduced as he got out his ID from his police shirt pocket. The female followed suit.
“Katy Heater,” she said but what confused me was that, their eyes were on Clara. They were talking to Clara.
“Detective police officers from Connit-Four police apartment. From your pictures ma’am, we are sure that you are Clara Adams, a nurse practitioner in Gra-Avantees hospital,” the male cop said, confirming my bafflement.
‘Jeez! are they here for Clara? what could be wrong?’
Clara nodded. I can see a little bit of fear in her expression and also in her response.
“Yes I am,” she answered.
“Miss Clara Adams, you’ll need to come with us to the hospital for some questioning,” Detective William said and I frozed.
‘Questioning? For what?
“Clara have been on a leave for five days now. She’s been at home. Why would she go with you for questioning, on what?” I queried.
“Questioning on what please. I don’t understand,” Clara said. She didn’t seem scared but so curious.
“We’ll let you on that when we get there, please move now,” he said.
“Really; how can you not tell her what she did wrong before taking her?” I half-yelled.
“Excuse me Mr, you ain’t involved in this,” the female detective said.
“I am!” I yelled.
“Please move ma’am,” William beckoned on Clara who began walking to the police car.
“Im coming with you Clara!” I said and tried moving too but the female cop blocked my way.
“Im sorry Mr, but you can’t go with her,” she said, turned and walked to the car. Clara got to the car and turned to me with a face filled with curiousity and a little fear.
“It’s okay Clara, im coming with you,” I said out to her.
“You don’t worry, I’ll be fine since it’s the hospital that im going to,” she said.
“Do you really have to believe them already?” I asked but she’ve went into the car already and the door shut. They reversed and drove away.
I entered my car.
“Im coming witg you Clara. How could it be you when all I thought was that they came for me. If they were here for me, it would have been better than you Clara. What the Bleep is happening!”
I drove off, behind them.
“Im going to that hospital or wherever with you What stupid cops are these? What could Clara have done wrong at the hospital. God! I hope she would have nothing to do with none of it. Clara has been at home!”
“It’s okay Clara, I like that you ain’t afraid but only curious. See me behind you.”
I turned to the next road where they turned to.
They were right, it’s the road to Gra-Avantees hospital.
Clara’s POV
“Can you tell me why im being taken to the hospital for questioning? what happened? im confused,” I repeated for the twentieth time now.
They gave the same answer. “When you get to the hospital, you’ll be told,” the male cop said.
“I want to know now,” I demanded.
“You can’t till we get to the hospital,” he said.
I sighed.
‘What happened? what happened at Gra-Avantees? oh, I can’t even wait to be there. Im so curious and scared. I hope they lost no patient. Was anything stolen? Did anyone blame me for something? Why im I being taken for questioning? Oh I hope all is well.’
Soon, we drove into Gra-Avantees and stopped the car at the parking lot and I came down with the two cops beside me and me inbetween them.
Just as we were about entering into the hospital hallway, I saw Drake’s car drive in.
‘Oh God! Drakeee, I thought I told him not to bother.’
I smiled.
We walked through the hallway. Everywhere seemed quiet, too quiet which was unusual.
Where is Johanna? Oh I saw her with another nurse. They both stared at me or rather us. We headed to the elevator.
We got in and William pressed on ‘fourth floor’ which are the top office floor.
‘Are we going to sir edwardo?’
We got to the fourth floor and got out of the elevator and headed to sir edwardo’s office.
Drake’s POV
I saw two nurses at the hallway as I came in. I rushed to them.
“Excuse me which direction did they go? I mean Clara and the cops?” I asked.
The duo glanced at each other before looking back at me.
“Im sure it’s sir Edwardo’s office but you can’t go up there sir. I suggest you have a sit at the lounge and wait for her. I believe she has nothing to do with it,” the one with a better figure, tall with long brown hair just like Clara’s own. The other nurse, shorter and very slim nodded to her colleague’s words.
I got more than curious. “What’s wrong? What happened, neither she nor I understand the whole thing. Why she is brought here by cops for some questioning,” I said.
They glanced at themselves again and back to me.
“My God! haven’t you heard?” the brown hair one asked.
“Heard what?” I asked impatiently.
“The best doctor in this hospital, Dr. Tony Campbell who nurse Clara is an assistant nurse to was shot two nights ago with a recently transfered nurse, Helen Morgan,” she answered.
‘Holy shit! what the Bleep!
“But luckily, Dr. Tony survived but he’s still in coma but Helen Morgan has been confirmed dead,” she said.
‘Oh my! I recall the doctor now. Damn! that was the doctor that took Clara our for a dinner. He was shot? what the-
“I don’t understand why nurse Clara has to be questioned on this but im sure the cops knows best and I believe she would be found innocent of this,” she said.
Clara’s POV
I and detective William sat on the guest seats, facing sir Edwardo while Katy stood, facing a scan system or whatever she called it which she placed on sir edwardo’s desk.
“sir what happened? why did they bring me here for questioning? im confused,” I asked for the second time.
Sir Edwardo sat up and adjusted his necktie.
“Clara ain’t you answer aware-” sir edwardo was saying but got interrupted by detective William.
“Leave that to us sir,” he said.
What? I got furious.
“Really? I wanna know what is happening and you tell him to leave that to you?” I half yelled.
“Patient miss,” he said and looked at Katy.
“Done?” he asked.
“Oh yeah yeah, done, ready,” she answered.
“Good, now Nurse Adams, it was confirmed you were promted to this hospital a month ago and well you’ve made good records as an assistant nurse practitioner to Dr. Tony Campbbell,” he said.
Was that a question? I ignored it.
He adjusted on his seat.
“Was it true that the first break Dr. Tony Campbe gave to you was because you disapproved his love approach to you?” he asked.
Why this question?
“Yes he did, well I still came to work but he gave me a break from working with him for few days untill he gets over it,” I answered.
He nodded. “Can you tell your reasons for not accepting his proposal?” he asked.
“Cos-” I paused as Noah’s thoughts came. I can’t believe how much I was committed to the relationship but Noah-
“Miss?” he called and I inhaled.
“Because I had a boyfriend who I so much was inlove with,” I answered.
He nodded again. “Then he placed Helen Morgan as his assistant nurse, I would ask, when he did, did you had any form of words engagement or rather tiff with Helen Morgan,” he asked.
“No, we had none but she did came to me while I was leaving from work and she thanked me for giving her a chance to be close to Dr. Campbell, that it’s been her wish and I gave no response,” I answered.
“And when sir Edwardo put you back to continue as Dr Tony’s assistant nurse, did Helen Morgan come to you?” he asked.
“Once, she told me that she’s already his assustant and nothing’s gonna change the fact and she said another thing, ‘that doctor campbell got no other choice’” I answered.
“That he’s got no other choice,” he said with a nod.
“Then what caused the current break that Dr Tony gave to you?” he asked.
‘I wonder why all these questions but I feel there’s something wrong going on. And this question, Why do I feel tears gathering in my eyes.’
I sniffled, holding them back.
“I got heartbroken by that same boyfriend but I wanted to be strong enough and not let it come inbetween my work so I came to work which was on monday and we had an operation scheduled by 12pm. Dr Tony came to my office to remind me, then Helen Morgan walked in. I have no idea how she found about my heartbreak cos I was so sure no one in the hospital knew. She told Dr Tony about it, that I wasn’t strong enough to be in the operation room cos I was facing a heartbreak. Dr Tony didn’t give me a chance to explain and he issued a break to me. I was so pained that I ran off in tears,” I answered, glad enough that no tear dropped.
There was
“Can you recall all or some of the things that she said that convinced him?” he asked.
“Nothing deep just about my heartbreak,” I answered.
“Can we know about your hearbreak?” he asked..
I sighed. “I don’t think,” I answered.
He smiled.
“Well that’s okay. You answered good Nurse Clara. Now are you telling the truth about not knowing the recent happening in the hospital that you work?” he asked.
“I don’t understand. What’s the matter?” I asked, looking from him to sir edwardo, then to him again.
“Well on the night of thursday, at Dellas road, not far from here, Dr Tony Campbell and nurse Helen Morgan was found shot inside his car,” he finally said and I couldn’t hold my shock.
“Shot? how? What!!” I yelled.
Dr Tony Campbell was shot with Helen! Jesus Christ!!
I don’t believe this kinda news. What! Dr Campbell dead?
“I hope they are alive. No this can’t be true,” I cried as the tears flowed down.
“It is Clara,” sir Edwardo said.
What!. No.
“Oh my God! Oh no.”
“I hope they are alive? They are not dead right” I asked.
Ni one answered me including sir edwardo.
God oh no.. thi isn’t true. No way, this must be a bad dream im about to wake up from.
“Well we need the culprit and that is who we are looking for. If you in anyway had an issue with any of them then it’s possibke that we have to suspect you,” Detective William said.
I frozed on my seat.
“How can you do that? Im so shocked about the news, I don’t even believe it. Just tell me no one died, they survived right?” I cried.
The detectives glanced at each other then William breathed out.
“We found finger prints on the neck of Helen Morgan and we found it to be a female’s finger prints but the person’s identity couldn’t be found and located. We also scanned the whole car to see same finger prints on some parts of the car seats, female but Identity was strongly hidden,” William said.
‘Oh God! I can’t believe something so horific is happening. Dr. Tony dead and Helen? oh no, I forbid such news. I strongly forbid it.
“So miss Clara Adams every lady is a suspect on this case just like you are, so you are going to be scanned if your fingers don’t match the finger prints, you’ll be free but if it does, then you know what that means,” he said.
“Fine then, no problem but tell me nothing happened to Dr Tony and Nurse Helen. We can’t loose them please,” I said.
But no one answered.
**Drake’s POV**
It’s getting to an hour now and Clara isn’t out yet.
Im sitted here going nuts.
What’s happening in there? I hope they don’t bring Clara into this cos she knowd nothing about it!
I got fed up of sitting and stood up and began pacing about.
The nurse with brown hair kept staring at me.
Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by emperorblog21(m): 10:55am On Aug 05
The BadBoy Diary
(Helping Her Get Over Him )
Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C
#Chapter 47
[unedited] Clara’s POV
I was asked to place my five fingers on the scan screen and I did.
Seconds passed as it scanned. My heart wasn’t beating cos I was sure that I have nothing to do with it. I was only scared about Dr. Campbell and Helen. I hope they ain’t dead!
It was still scanning but then it read; ‘ERROR, FINGER PRINTS NOT MATCHED’
I removed my hand.
“Your left hand,” Katy said. I obeyed and placed it on the scan screen.
It read same thing.
Then came a long silence.
“She’s not the one,” sir edwardo said.
“Not yet, we still have two more scanning to do,” Katy said.
William stood behind, observing.
“Place your ten fingers,” Katy said. I breathed out and did.
It took much longer minutes this time.
Every second passed with low beeping sound from the scan system.
We waited.
Why was it suddenly taking too long?
No word was said excepr for the beeping sound.
My heart began raising. I was now scared.
Then came the BOLD written words in red.
God! I felt a cold water of relief poured down on me.
I removed my hands.
“The last scan,” Katy said.
I suddenly developed a hatred for this female cop.
“Your face would be scanned together with your fingers,” she said and drew out a flat device from the system that began blinking dim yellow light.
“Place your fingers back,” she said. I inhaled and did.
“If this time, it reads error before three minutes time, then you are considered not a suspect anymore, but if it gets to three minutes and it’s still scanning then we have to look into that,” she said and brought the device very close to my eyes
My heart pounded.
The blinking light was affecting my vision so I closed my eyes.
“Open your eyes please,” she said.
I inhaled and opened my eyes.
The machine was still scanning.
A minute had passed, a minute and twenty seconds.
A minute and thirty seconds.
A minute and forty seconds
A minute and fifty seconds.
My heart was pounding so hard and fast. I felt it was gonna explode.
I was feeling nausea and so afraid.
Two minutes and twenty seconds.
Two minutes and twenty five seconds
It appeared.
I personally removed the damn device from my face! and she gave me a look that I didn’t care. All I care about was an answer to my question.
I rushed to sir edwardo.
“Sir Edwardo please tell me Dr Tony is alright and Nurse Helen as well.” I begged in tears. I was in tears again.
“Helen Morgan is dead but Dr Tony is in the coma. He haven’t responded but he survived it. But we fear for his memory retain,” he saud in the most saddest tone.
“Oh my God! who the hell could do something so evil. Sir Edwardo can I see him?” I said.
“No. no one is allowed to see him yet except sir edwardo and another doctor who is incharge of his daily care,” Detective William said.
Seriously? this detectives are getting on my nerves!
I turned to him.
“You just scanned me all over and im found innocent of this besides im his assistant nurse so I think I have the right to see my doctor,” I retorted at him then turned to sir edwardo, “right sir?”
Sir edwardo took a brief look at the cops then turned to me.
“Well you will, let’s go,” he said and stood up.
“We’ll come with you sir,” detective William said with a stoic face. Katy’s seemed annoying.
We walked out and headed out. A nurse presented nose mask and gloves to us.
We took an elevator to the third floor and headed to the VIP sections which counts from room 400 upwards.
We got to room 420 and sir edwardo input the passcode and the silver metal door drew open. We walked in and there on the Coma bed, layed Dr Tony Campbell with every coma necessaries fixed no him. His artificaial slow inhale and exhale could be heard.
The coma system beeped softly within every five seconds.
His head was bandaged even his eyes were covered. He was dressed in VIP patient gown which is royal blue in colour.
He layed so helplessy. I could feel hot tears rolling down my cheeks.
I touched my cheek and cleaned them off.
No one said a word as we stared at Dr Tony Campbell.
“I wonder what he did wrong to deserve this,” I muttered. I couldn’t hold back my words. I was standing inbetween sir edwardo and detective William.
“Im sure the culprit would be caught!” sir edwardo said.
I glanced at detective William and his stoic face was at Dr Tony. I couldn’t see Katy’s.
“I pray so I dearly pray so,” I said.
“But Helen Morgan, she could have survived too,” I added with tears rolling down again, realizing that im never gonna see her again.
God what a lost!
“I think the cuprit is an enemy to this hospital but who? could Gra-Avantees suddenly have an enemy,” sir Edwardo said.
“If you are sure sir that this hospital got no enemy then all have to hope on Dr Tony’s awake. He’s the only person that can say the culprit,” detective William sir.
“Are you tired of investigating already?” sir edwardo asked him.
“We have not but if no fingers matches with the fingerprints then our last hope have to be on the surviving Dr Tony,” he answered.
The next thing that followed was a long silence. Through those long silence, I stared at Dr Tony and prayed within that whoever did this would be caught soonest but that would only be possible if Dr Tony wakes up. I hope that he do soon.
Gra-Avantees needs him so much. We can’t loose him. No way, Amen.
“Excuse me detectives,” sir edwardo said.
William nodded and the duo left and the door closed automatically.
“Clara Adams, I know you had no hand in this, I knew even before the scanning. Im happy that you ain’t the one,” he said.
“How can I even think of.. Christ! I haven’t even heard the news untill today. Thank God Dr Tony survived but it’s so saddening that Nurse Helen couldn’t,” I said.
“The mongrels would be caught and would not be spared!” he said.
“Amen,” I said.
“My fear now if for his memory. He might loose his memory. I hope he doesn’t or else there will be a great mess,” he said.
His phone beeped. He took it out from his suit jacket.
“Oh, there’s a visitor. I guess would be one of his family. I’ll go attend to them,” he said and we headed to the door. It opened and we walked out. It closed back. Sir Edwardo locked it with a code.
We headed to an elevator.
“Clara get a better male nurse to see to his daily care. Dr Eril is the one in charge of it for now. I think a male nurse should assist or better still, if you can do it, i’ll be glad enough,” he said with a warm smile which caused me to smile too.
They were still tears in my eyes.
“C’mon wipe your tears. Women ansmd tears. But uhmm I can’t deny that I did drop mine when I heard the news,” he said and handed me a hankerchief. I took it with a smile.
“Thanks sir.”
He smiled.
We got to the elevator and he pressed on the fourth floor. The two silver metal door drew open.
I recalled Drake. Oh my! im sure he’s been at the lounge waiting!
“Sir, do you wanna speak with me at your office?” I asked.
He arched his brow. “Not really. I thought maybe there are somethings else we could talk about,” he said.
“Oh sir, actually there’s someone at the lounge waiting for me,” I said.
The elevator door closed back, since none of us entered.
“Alright, I was thinking you should resume back on monday,” he said. “Or ain’t you strong enough yet?” he asked.
I smiled, “I am sir, I will be at work on monday,” I said.
He nodded. “See you on monday nurse Clara,”
“And you too sir,” I said. He pressed on the button again, the door opened and he went in. I walked to the next elevator and pressed on the first floor. The door drew open and I went in. It closed back. The lights came on.
‘Who could have done such horific thing to Dr Tony and Helen Morgan? what sort of a devil could have done this? An enemy to this hospital? could sir edwardo be right? but he mentioned of not having any enemy.
Who could have been this heartless? oh God I feel so sorry for Helen Morgan. I can’t blame or hate the cops. They are only trying their best to get the culprit! God, please can you just help them find that person, the heartless person! I beg you.’
The lights went off.
First floor.
The elevator door opened and I walked out and headed to the hospital lounge. Oh thank God I still had my purse.
Getting to the hospital lounge, I saw Drake sitting with his back rested on the seat backrest and his face up the sky and his arms folded.
His right feet was tapping on the floor like someone worried and in thoughts.
I walked to him and gently sat beside him.
“Clara,” he said and turned. He look pale and worried.
He sat up.
“How did you kbow it was me?” I asked.
“Your sweet scent,” he said.
“What happened. It took so long. I saw the cops walk out minutes ago and I queried them about you, the male one said you were with sir ed ed.. I’ve forgotten,” he said.
I chuckled. “sir Edwardo. He’s the M.D” I said.
He took my right hand.
“Tell me, did they hurt you? I mean the cops. Did they involve you in this mess? A nurse had told me already, but she’s not here now,” he said.
I smiled. “Im fine, they scanned my finger prints and it didn’t match. They found the culprits finger prints but identity is strongly hidden. We are all hoping on Dr. Tony who’s in the coma. We hope he wakes up soon to tell everything,” I said.
He pushed his hair back with a sigh.
“It’s really a sad news,” he said. I nodded.
“Im glad Dr Tony survived but it’s so saddening that Helen Morgan couldn’t,” I said.
“Come on, you must be hungry now,” he said.
“I have no appetite. Im not even hungry,” I said and rested my back on the seat backrest and folded my arms just the way he did then. He followed suit.
“Im so sad,” I said.
“It’s okay. He’ll wake up,” he said.
“Not just that, sir Edwardo talked about being scared of his memory loss, if that happens, I wonder what will be the fate of this hospital. Dr. Tony’s the best doctor here. I really feel sorry for sir edwardo,” I said.
“Let’s all hope that none of that happens,” he said.
I sighed.
Silence took over. My eyes landed on the wall clocj. ‘4:10pm’
Can we still make it to the police station.
I still wanna go see Noah.
I glanced at Drake and suprisingly, he was staring at me. Our eyes met, I looked away but he didn’t.
“Do you still wanna go see him?” he asked like he’s been reading my thoughts.
“Yeah, can we make it to there by this time?” I asked.
“Uhmn I think it’s just thirty five to forty minutes drive,” he said.
“NURSE CLARA!!” Johanna’s voice yelled from the left. I turned to see her running towards with a blue record file and pen in her hand.
I sat up. Drake did too.
She wasn’t smiling but looked so sad.
She got to me and hugged me tightly then pulled away as she sat down beside me.
“Nurse Clara, can you believe it all happened? and she is dead. I wonder who did this. Everyone is scared. We are all hoping that Dr Tony wakes up soon. But I was more scared for you. They suspected you, imagine. What did they say? what happened in there? they scanned you right?” she filled my ears with questions.
“Im fine. my fingers prints didn’t match with the culprit’s. I was so shocked and still shocked about the news. Who could be so heartless to do such! I feel so sorry for Nurse Helen. She’s so beautiful and couldn’t survive,” I said.
“It’s so saddening, but im kinda happy that she did,” she whispered and I gasped.
“Johanna don’t say that. Why would you say that?” I hushed at her.
“I hate that lady, she keeps her nose in the air like some proud peacock and kept flaunting herself all over Dr Tony,” she said.
“Well that didn’t mean you should say that. Don’t repeat that to anyone else. Those cops might try something stupid ro you,” I said.
She smiled.
“I’ve missed you Nurse Clara, the whole hospital do. When are you resuming?” she asked.
“Monday,” I said with a smile.
“Oh my!” she hugged me again.
“Thanks Nurse Clara. I can’t wait!” she said, then glanced at Drake and came to my ear.
“He’s so handsome. I heard about your heartbreak,” she whispered.
I smiled.
“He’s a friend and about the heartbreak, im fine and getting over it,” I said.
She smiled and glanced at him again, “Oh my, he’s really handsome and he was so bothered about you,” she said.
I smiled.
A female doctor by the name Dr Venessa Stoneford came out from one of the elevators and Johanna stood up.
“I have an operation with her, see you on monday Nurse Clara,” she said.
“See you too,” I smiled and she went away with Dr Venessa.
I turned to Drake with a smile.
“She’s my favourite nurse here,” I told him.
He smiled. “I see. She was the nurse who explained the news to me. She sounded encouraging,” he said.
I smiled.
“Can we go now?” I asked.
“Yeah, did you say you are resuming on monday?” he asked as he stood up. I stood up too.
“Yeah, sir edwardo asked me too,” I said the pretty lie.
Did he ask me to?
He said nothing again.
We left the hospital building to the parking lot.
The police car were still at the parking lot which meant that they are still around.
“They should investigate well next time before touching my dearest friend,” Drake said causing me to laugh as I shut the door and fastened my seatbelt.
“Aha, they are doing their work,” I said.
He chuckled then turned to me or rather he looked into my eyes, I didn’t look away.
“Are you alright?” he asked with the most softest tone i’ve ever heard from him.
“Yeah i am Drake,” I answered.
“You’re sure that you wanna see him?” he asked.
I breathed out. “Yeah I do,” I said.
He nodded then hesitated a little before igniting the car engine and then zoomed off.
Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by emperorblog21(m): 10:55am On Aug 05
The BadBoy Diary
(Helping Her Get Over Him )
Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C
#Chapter 48
[unedited] Clara’s POV
[15mins. later] We were at Granda road close to V.U, the police department is really far, it isn’t Connit-Four. Uhmm, ‘Degred’
“Clara you are sure you ain’t hungry?” he asked for the fifth time.
“Okay im kinda but I don’t have the appetite to,” I said.
He pulled the car infront of a cafe, then got down, walked over and bought Pizza and drinks. He came back and handed it to me.
“What about yours?” I asked.
“Man’s driving,” he said with a smile and drove off.
I opened the Pizza and began eating.
“Clara,” he called.
“I wanna tell you something,” he said.
“What’s that?” I asked, my thoughts going to Noah. He wanna tell me not to break down in there and so on?
“It’s something that I haven’t told you,” he said and I stared at him, his eyes were on the steering but he ocassionally glances at me.
“I got a colleague who got arrested because of this drug dealing stuff and im sure he’s at Degred. He’s name is Franco. Before he got arrested, he did persuade me to get into the business and you know, so much money. He saw me as a bad guy because I always club and all that and thought i’do waste no time in accepting. But I let him know that I was okay with my banking job and my salary. He kept persuading me, I even told him to get himself outta that business but he didn’t listen to me anyways. The night he got arrested, we went to the club. I ran though cos I was scared. Actually that was the main reason why I stopped clubing,” he said.
“He must have been working for Noah and his dad,” I muttered.
“Yeah I think. He do talk about his boss but never told me their names, maybe the rule,” he said.
I breathed out. He glanced at me.
“Clara I don’t mean to upset you. Just wanted to clear it off my mind. I don’t wanna hide it from you,” he said.
I chuckled, trying hard not to get saddened.
“Im fine, I guess Franco is in Degred as well,” I said.
“I think so and I think maybe I should see him,” he said.
“Do you think so? what if he got bad motives towards you, what if he involves you and you get implicated. Do you trust him enough?” I asked.
He shook his head,“No.”
I inhaled. “I don’t think you should see him, you understand right?” I asked.
“Yeah I do,” he said.
I breathed out.
Drake’s POV
Clara might be right. What if Franco implicates me? What if he told’em that Im involved in the drug dealing shit?
I had always felt that. I’ve always been scared of that.
Can Franco do such.
I don’t trust him.
“You are right Clara,” I said. “..But how do I do this, what about you?” I asked.
“You could just stay behind while I see him,” she said.
I inhaled.
She was through with the pizza and drink.
“Can I still say thanks,” she asked.
I chuckled, “Nop.”
“Uhm, okay,” she said and turned to the window.
“We are getting there,” I said. She did’t turn but kept her eyes at the window.
I breathed out.
‘Going to see Noah now is like trying to bring back memories. There’s no how that you can’t break down in tears there Clara. Im sure he’s gonna make you cry and his words will soften your heart to forgive him.
Im fine with that Clara but accepting him back. I can’t bear the hurtness.
I wish I can just tell you my feelings before anything like that happens. But im scared. Im so nervous.
Im scared to hear you say ‘No’ to me.
Im scared to see you stay away from me because of it.
Oh God! what the hell is wrong with me? Drake what the hell is wrong with you!
Danelle’s POV
“Kpa!” the tennis ball landed on my racket and I sent it back to him.
“You’re proving too stubborn Danelle, im gonna deal with you-” he sent it back to me and I caught it and sent it back to him really hard.
“Ah? what’s wrong with you bae,” he shouted and sent it back to me.
I laughed and caught it. I sent it back to him.
“C’mon you don’t really know what I can do!” I laughed.
We were playing tennis at the school tennis court, Neil and I.
There are other people too in here, playing. There eight tennis tables and all of them are occupied.
It’s saturday evening and all students are free to have fun and hangout.
Neil and I usually play tennis or swim and Tessy, my bestie goes for her cheerleader practice.
She’ll be here anytime soon, their practice should be over now.
“Kpa!” I caught it and laughed.
“Danelle, what about your sister?” I caught it again and sent it to him.
“I last spoke with her-” I caught it. “-on monday but-” I sent it back. “-she’s fine with Drake,” I said.
I later told him the truth about my sister and Drake.
“Really? you trust this Drake-” he sent it to me. “-so much,” he said.
I caught it and sent it back to him.
“Yeah, I’ll call them tonight,” I said.
I sent it to him and he missed it this time.
“Wooooow!! great! 3-1!!” I shouted! raising my hands high and dancing.
He laughed and picked the ball.
“C’mon babe, you remember last week that I scored you twenty zero,” he said.
I laughed, jumping.
Just then, Tessy walked in, in her cheerleader dress. Blue top,blue skirt, socks and sneakers. She still held her pom-pom and her hair tied in high ponytail just the way my sister love hers to be. Uhm, I hate ponytail. It just don’t fit me cos my hair is kinda curly.
“Hey lovers,” she said as she stood beside Neil.
I smiled.
“Hey Neil, your hair seem scattered already,” Tessy said and arranged his hair.
Neil smiled at her. “Thanks Tessy. My girlfriend wouldn’t even see that cos she’s been here kicking the hell outta me with this little ball,” he said.
The way he kept smiling at her. The way she smiled back.
She punched him playfully with her pom-pom.
“C’mon don’t say that about my bestie!” she said and punched him again.
He pulled her ponytail.
Okay! what!
“Hey that’s ok!” I half yelled and they stopped.
What’s going on?
First Neil gave his biology notes to Tessy to help him write, not me.
Secondly, he bought her some stupid teddy bear and now this.
I don’t understand.
“So we still playing. I wanna show you the real me now babe,” he said.
Tessy still stood beside him instead of getting her ass here!
I dropped the racket on the tennis table.
“Im tired!” I snapped and walked away.
“Hey bae, what’s wrong?” I heard him ask, running to meet my pace.
“Danelle, are you alright?” she asked.
They got to me.
“Danelle are you okay?” he asked with a worried look at me.
I looked at Tessy.
“I’ll be at the dormitory,” she said and walked away.
Neil took my hands.
“Bae what’s the matter? are you okay?” he asked.
“Im not! what’s going on between you and Tessy?”
He raised his brow, “Come on bae, I don’t get you,” he said.
“You understand pretty well, just give a damn answer,” I said.
“Nothing bae, trust me. I can’t hurt you. I mean Tessy is your bestfriend, it doesn’t even sound cool at all. Im not cheating on you with Tessy or any other girl,” he said.
“How can I believe that. You guys were doing all that in there,” I said.
He touched my cheek. “C’mon bae, it’s just a normal play. Tessy is my friend as well you know that..There’s nothing more going on,” he said.
I inhaled. “Sure?”
“Yeah I am, c’mon,” he said and hugged me.
I exhaled.
Drake’s POV
We finally pulled into Degred police department ‘DPD’ and found the lot. I turned off the car engine and looked at Clara who’s face had gone stoic.
“Here we are,” I breathed out.
She fixed her eyes on the three structured flags standing at the middle of the large premises.
First is the country’s flag, then the police force flag and then the Degred police department flag.
The long and large building in ash bricks was by the left.
I unfastened my seatbelt and Clara did as well.
I relaxed my back on the seat.
“Do you still wanna go in there to see him Clara?” I asked.
She loosened her hair and repacked it.
I think that gave her somw relief or something.
She then looked at me. “I do,” she answered.
I nodded. “Let’s go then.”
She nodded.
**Brenda’s POV**
I smiled as I watched the car drive in.
Dad is back. I missed the man.
One of his bodyguard in suit and held a briefcase, came out from the passenger’s seat and hurried to the backseat door. He opened the door and dad stepped out in tuxedo.
The driver also came out in suit and briefcase, came out and shut the door.
My smile widened.
“Dad! welcome,” I said and hugged him.
He kissed my cheek.
“Darling, you look so beautiful,” he said.
I laughed. “For you dad, im so happy you’re home,” I said and we headed inside.
The two bodyguard followed behind.
“I miss you daughter,” he said.
Inside, Nikky was laying the dinning with different dishes.
Dad saw her and smiled.
“Welcome Mr Justin,” Nikky said.
“Thanks. Nikky right?” he asked.
“Yeah,” Nikky answered.
“Wow and I could percieve the sweet aroma already. I’ll be back in a short while to join you guys,” dad said and kissed my cheek again.
I smiled. “Alright dad.”
He headed upstairs with his bodyguards behind him.
I rushed to Nikky.
“Brenda I can’t spend tonight here. I have some quick work tonight so im just gonna lay this all out and after the dinner, I’ll leave. I’ll come around in the morning,” she said.
I shook my head.
“Nikky what’s wrong with you babe, the news is all over town of the death of a doctor and a nurse from Gra-Avantees hospital which haven’t even died down yet and you are going to do more? What if you get caught,” I said.
She chuckled.
“Bullshit” she said.
I shook my head.
**Noah’s POV**
I sat at the cell floor with my head at the door.
Dad sat on his bed, reading some trashy book that was brought to him by some female cop.
I sighed as I was filled with painful thoughts.
‘Today is coming to an end and Clara didn’t come.
It’s a week now, no sigh of Clara. Does it mean that she’s forgotten about me?
Does it mean that she so much hate me now?
Does it mesn there’s someone else?
No! I won’t take that! No one can take my Clara from me.
She’s mine alone.
God! but I was such a fool to lie to her, to hurt her.
I was only scared, so scared to loose her.
I wanted to leave the damn business but this man here, he kept decieving me, thratening me and now I’ve lost everything. I’ve lost the most precious someone in my life.
Can I ever forgive myself? Can Clara ever forgive me?
If only she’d come. I’ll explain everything. I know she’ll hear me out and consider to forgive me.
Don’t I deserve forgiveness? I do.
I love her sincerely and I was there for her.
I only messed up by lying to her but I was only scared to loose her.
I was scared for this man to hurt her.
I couldn’t bear to loo-
A tap on the metal see through door caused me to turn.
It was a cop. I stood up and faced him. I glanced at my dad and he got up too and walked towards.
“A lady by the name, Clara Adams seeks to speak with you,” he said.
“Really!!!” I exclaimed.
OMG Clara!!
“Do you wanna speak with her?” he asked.
“Ofcourse yes!” I said, with tears in my eyes.
Omg! omg! Clara is here! finally she is here. I knew she was going to come. I was damn sure.
God! Clara is here to see me! she still love me! she still love me!
I know she won’t leave me!
He unlocked the cell door and I came out. He bolted it back and locked it.
I glanced at my suprised dad before walking away with the cop behind me.
I can’t wait to see her. I can’t wait to explain it all to her.
I know she’s so hurt and broken. I wish none of this ever happened.
“This way,” he said and I turned to the left.
We got to the visiting-room and there she was in white shirt and black trouser.
Her eyes fixed on mine and mine on hers.
I walked slowly to the seat facing her and sat down.
The cop stood a bit away.
She was still facing down.
“Clara,” I called oftly.
She looked up. There was no tear, no saddness, no pain or anger in her eyes.
She stared at me with her hands on the small table inbetween us.
“Clara thanks for coming, I’ve been waiting for this day. I wish I had been truthful to you. I wish I said no lie,”
“Why did you lie to me?” she snapped in.
I breathed out.
“Cos I was scared to loose you. I was scared that you gonna leave me. I couldn’t just open up to you. My dad he lead me into this when I was just seventeen and he gave me a strict order of ‘no dating’ I kept to the order untill I met you. I fell really deep inlove with you. I tried stopping it but I couldn’t. I then tried hiding it from my dad but ge found out and threathened to kill you but I promised him never to reveal my reala self to you.
I was so scared. So many times I had wanted to tell you and run away with you but I found it so hard and each time that I lie to you, it hurt me so bad.
I didn’t want him to hurt you. I was so scared. I fell so crazily inlove with you that leaving was something that I couldn’t do. I had no idea what to do than lie to you. I was scared to loose you Clara. All my life i’ve never seen a lady so amazing and loving like you Clara.
Then I was planning finally to tell you the truth and face death if it comes because I know who my dad is. I decided to tell you the truth and hide you from him but then we- we got caught, it was something we didn’t expect….
I wonder if you can ever forgive me Clara, I never meant to hurt you, I never meant to break your heart cos im so deeply inlove with you….”
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The BadBoy Diary
(Helping Her Get Over Him )
Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C
#Chapter 49
Clara’s POV
I stared at him as he never stopped talking. He didn’t stop explaining. He didn’t stop begging.
Tears were rolling freely from his eyes.
But I did my best to keep mine but I was scared they are soon gonna roll out and I won’t be able to stop them anytime soon.
I can’t deny that his explanations touched me.
I can’t deny that I really wanna forgive him, but didn’t I promise myself not to forgive him this soon?
It wasn’t his fault. He was scared to loose me, he was scared for his heartless dad to hurt me.
So he had to lie, just to protect me.
He was on a strict order of ‘no dating’ from his dad untill he met me and fell inlove with me.
That explains everything. Of him telling me that he haven’t experienced a heartbreak.. That he haven’t even dated before. That he has never fallen inlove untill he met me.
He lied. He has lied so many times.
Noah you have lied so many times to me.
All because you wanted to protect me, to keep me.
And now I had to find out in the most painful way.
Look at you, dressed in a prisoner’s wear.
Look at your hair scattered.
I don’t even know what to say or do.
Why didn’t you just tell me. We could have know what to do.
If we were to run away, then we would have.
Because I was so crazily inlove with you.
You said you never meant to hurt me? But the hurtness is so much.
I can even say this pain is more painful than during David’s.
The pain is so much because I loved you so much than I did for David.
Cos you stayed with me through those hurtful moments.
What do you want me to say now Noah?
How do you even want me to believe all these that you are saying?
How do you even want me to forgive you just like that?
God! Noah this place doesn’t fit you at all.
Why didn’t you just tell me. What kinda protection is more than being truthful to your partner, so both of you’d know what to do!
All the lies, there were so much’
I breathed out.
I couldn’t tell all this to him, I could only say them within me as I stared at him shedding uncontrollable tears.
“…I beg you Clara, say something. Time is almost up and i’ll soon-” he glanced at the cop then back to me, “-be taken back to the cell,” he said.
I inhaled.
‘What do you want me to say? seeing you here hurt so bad. Knowing it all was true.. You were a drug dealer Noah, top drug operator. Jeeeez! oh God’
“Clara, you don’t believe me right? being mute, not even touched by all I said meant that you didn’t believe all that I said but I swear Clara, it’s the whole truth, I swear,” he said as more tears rolled down his eyes.
I fought so hard to control mine.
I was shocked and mute. I had no idea what to say. No word came out of my mouth.
I just sat, staring at him. He broke into a sob, not just tears anymore. He began sobbing non stop.
I inhaled with a hurtness.
I want to take his hands and tell him i’ve forgiven him.
But I couldn’t see myself doing that.
His tears and sob touch me so badly. I could feel myself getting weak. I could a tear almost rolling down.
I lifted up my face to hold it.
“If you don’t forgive me Clara, i’ll never ever forgive myself, I will never ever forgive myself,” he said.
I looked down and mucus slipped out from his nose.
His eyes were deep red and his whole face wet with so much tears.
His lips were patted slightly and quivering as he sobbed.
The police stepped near. “Three minutes left,” he announced and walked back to where he sat.
“All this time Clara, you said nothing, I can’t bear you not even yelling at me, not saying anything at all. Please Clara say something, please I beg you…please don’t leave without talking to me.. please Clara,” he said and tried to place his hands on mine but I pulled back my hands. That caused more tears outta his eyes.
I breathed out.
“I’ll leave now,” I finally spoke. “I came to listen to your side of the story and you have finished with it, so i’ll leave now,” I said.
He shook his head sharply. “No Clara! I beg you don’t leave without saying anything more, not just this, please.” he begged.
“I don’t know what to say now Noah.. If I finally have what to say about all you told me, I’ll come back to tell you,” I said.
“But you can still say it now. Please don’t leave without forgiving me Clara. Please don’t leave me, please I love you so much, please consider to forgive me and stand with me all through this, I don’t wanna loose you Clara. It was something i’ve always been scared of.”
“Time up please!!” the cop said as he came over and stood beside Noah.
Noah began crying out loud now as he tried grabbing my hands again but I didn’t let him.
“Clara please don’t do this to me. Don’t go away from me, please just forgive me, please Clara. I can’t bear it,.Im begging you Clara,” he cried out.
I blinked as tears finally rolled down my eyes. I wiped them off with my hankie.
The cop kept telling him to get up but he wasn’t heeding.
“Clara, tell me you still love me, please tell me im not gonna loose you,”
“Noah, I.. I don’t know what to say,” I said as I got up and rushed out. The river of tears that had gathered in my eyes since, I finally let them all out.
I walked away with my face down and my eyes dropping so much tears.
I could hear Noah’s voice crying out to me as they came out from the room.
I didn’t look back, I just ran away.
‘What did you expect me to do. Forgive him just like that?
How can I possibly just do that.
But I can’t deny that I want to forgive him.
There’s no beating around the bush. Im going to forgive him, im going to do that but my mind isn’t made up yet but again, I can’t deny that I still love Noah, so much. I still love Noah! I still love him!
It wasn’t his fault! He didn’t cheat on me, he only lied to protect me!
I still love Noah.’
I sat on a bench along the narrow way, and cried out my eyes.
My purse fell and I left it, just to keep crying till im okay.
That kinda cry that you can’t stop no matter how you try. You just keep crying, gasping for air, pouring out tears till it eventually stops.
Drake’s POV
I glanced at my wristwatch again, ‘7:30pm’
For upto an hour, Clara is still talking with Noah when the time given to speak with prisoners and detainees here is just thirty minutes.
Could Clara still be in the visiting room? I don’t think unless the cop in there has been bribed.
Could it be that something like that happened?
Maybe that was the reason why she refused me to see Franco.
Oh, no no, even if I did, we would have been in a separate room.
That can’t be the reason.
I guess there’s something holding her.
I felt anxiety in my stomache.
I hope Clara haven’t fallen for his lies. Such people are professionals in lying. He can easily get her to fall for his lies. Clara is so soft hearted.
I glanced at my watch again and when I couldn’t bear it any longer, I stood up from the seat.
How do I find her!
I was about going to a female cop when I saw her emerge from one of the corridors.
I pushed my hair back and stayed back.
She got to me and my eyes can’t decieve me, I saw her red eyes. She cried. She broke down in there!
She believed him!
Why did she!
After promising of not doing so!
“Clara,” I called as I got filled with both anger and jealousy.
“Let’s go please,” she said. She was trying her best to make her face appear stoic even her voice but it was clearly written that she cried.
Even the mascara she applied on her eyelashes had all wiped off.
Nevertheless, I nodded and we left the building.
Outside the building, this part of the earth have been already covered with darkness, only the white bright lights fixed all around the premises and also golden streetligts outside the premises illuminated bright lights all around the area.
We got into the car and fastened our seatbelts.
I was about igniting the car engine when I decided to ask her this.
“Clara,” I called as I looked at her.
She just glanced at me and turned to the windscreen.
“Yeah?” she answered.
I didn’t take my eyes off her face, “Did you cry in there?” I asked her.
She shook her head, “I didn’t,” she answered causing me to wonder at her lie.
Clara just lied to me. I couldn’t help it.
“That’s not true Clara, your eyes were red when you came out, even now and your mascara is no more on your eyelashes,” I said.
She looked down at her purse and opened it. She brought out a white hankerchief. It was soaked and mascara stains were all over it.
“Yeah I did, but that was after I left the room,” she said.
I sighed.
“Did he explain to you? Do you think he said the truth. did you forgive him?” I asked. I was eager and curious.
“He did.. I think they were true, all he said. I said nothing, I got lost for words, I left without saying anything, he kept shedding so much tears and sobbing and while I left, he bursted into a loud cry,” she said and they way she said them made me proved to me that somehow, she still has feelings for him.
I don’t even wanna think of this!
I sighed and finally, I ignited the car engine and drove off.
During the kinda long journey, Clara told me all that Noah said there in the visiting room.
Somehow, I felt for him.
He was afraid to loose her, scared for his dad to hurt her so all he could do to protect her was to lie to her and keep his promise to his dad.
If all this were true then, he really deserve Clara’s forgiveness but Clara can’t accept him back.
Im so crazily inlove with Clara and im really dying in silence.
But you know what killed me most?
Clara began shedding tears after she was done telling everything to me.
She was shedding uncontrollable tears and I just kept driving and taking glances at her.
She didn’t say anything, no whimper, no sobbing, she just kept rolling out tears and then wipe them off but another set would roll down again.
I controlled my anger, the pains that was boiling inside me.
I wanted to just stop this damn car, yell at her, grab her, tell her my feelings and kiss her!
How can I let this happen. Clara is still inlove with Noah.
No doubt.
More stories @ www.chorusman.com
I pulled into the apartment and stopped the car.
She had stopped the tears about ten minutes ago, and just stared at the window.
When I stopped the car, she unfastened the seatbelt and made to go out but I called her. She looked at me.
I breathed out as I tapped my finger on the steering wheel to ease my anger and pain.
“What’s it?” she asked, seeming in haste to rush out and go into her apartment.
To do what?
Continue her tears and then decide to accept Noah back.
God.. this is just damn funny!
“Clara, are you going to be truthful to me?” I said.
“About what?” she said.
“Just promise me you are going to say nothing but the truth,” I said.
“What’s that?” she said.
I rested my back on the seat backrest.
Should I ask her this? won’t it break my heart if she says ‘yes’
It will shatter my heart but I just have ro ask her.
I can’t keep it.
It’s so obvious that she do but I have to be sure, I have to be sure that my heart is about to be shattered.
I breathed out with my eyes at the rear-view mirror.
“Do you still love Noah?” I asked without looking at her.
She went silent for ten seconds. I counted it. Then I felt her hands go to her hair. I then looked at her.
She loosened the hairband on her hair and repacked it then she exhaled.
“I don’t know. Goodnight Drake and thanks for the ride,” she said and walked out, closed the door and hurried to her door. Went in and slammed the door shut.
I breathed out.
It’s obvious that you love him while you don’t even notice how much that I need you.
I chuckled hurtfully as I unfastened my seatbelt. I pushed my hair back and chuckled painfully again.
I love you but it’s obvious that you still want your boyfriend, Noah.
Can’t you be just be frank and tell me that you do, while telling me that you don’t know.
I pulled out the car keys and came down from the car, slammed the door, locked the car and headed to my apartment.
‘I knew this was gonna happen. I had the feelings all the time. Why don’t you just be straightforward and tell me? why Clara?’
I got into my sitting room and grabbed an alcoholic wine and glass.
I poured the wine into the glass cup till it got to the rim.
I gulped all of it and poured in more.
‘Why didn’t she say ‘no I don’t love him’ why was she confused about it.’
‘She kept shedding tears in the car, not even minding my presence. Don’t she at least have an idea that i have feelings for her?
‘It’s so obvious, my feelings were right or maybe close to being right. She still love Noah’
But can I let that happen?
I gulped down all of the wine and poured more.
“Im gonna tell her my feelings! and it won’t exceed tomorrow,” I said aloud and gulped down the whole wine in the glass and poured in more.

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I kind of feel that the author is being biased with Drake, let the author make him give Clara some space abeg, to find love is a two way something, as she can find love so can Drake
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The BadBoy Diary
(Helping Her Get Over Him )
Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C
Noah’s PO
“Don’t cry much over this son, if she love you like she have been claiming then she’ll get back here and maybe help get you outta here, you don’t worry about me,” Dad said as his eyes fixed on the book titled ‘Gullivers Travel’
I sniffled.
“I saw tears in her eyes and somehow I felt she is gonna come back. Im sure she still love me and would be back,” I said.
“Then stop the tears, or you might end up filling up this damn cell with your tears,” he said with a chuckle.
“And then it would carry us outta this damn place,” I said and chuckled too.
He looked up at me with sad eyes. He tapped me on the shoulder three times.
“Im sorry son, im sorry I refused to be a good father to you,” he said.
I shook my head. “It’s too late now dad, ” I said.
He nodded. “Yes I know that but at least, forgive me,” he said.
I hieved a sigh. “If Clara forgives me, I will,” I said.
He nodded and fixed his eyes back on the book.
“I need to pray,” I said, stood up and walked to the far end of the cell room, then I knelt down, closed my eyes and joined my hands together in prayer.
When last did I pray? that was years ago.
But right now, I need God’s helping hands.
I need him to touch Clara’s heart so she could come back here and tell me that she have forgiven me.
I prayed within.
‘God, can you just touch her heart?
Can you make her believe all that I said?
Please make her forgive me.
I know i’ve been an idiot and it’s been decades that I last prayed to you.
But right now, Father, I need your help. Clara can’t hate me, she can’t leave me.
I don’t wanna loose Clara or else im gonna loose myself. It’s gonna be hell for me, God.
Father, please do this for me. I don’t even mind if you don’t forgive me but Im desperately in need of Clara’s forgiveness and her love.
Please grant these to me Lord.’
I felt a hand on my shoulder. Dad.
I opened my eyes and saw the cell door being opened by a cop.
Other cells too were being opened with so many cops within.
I know why, it’s dinner time.
“Let’s go grab dinner son, im hungry,” he said.
I shook my head, “Im not hungry.”
“C’mon son, please, believe me ladies are too soft hearted and when they love, they love with the whole of their heart. If she love you so much like you said, trust me she’ll come back here soon to let you know. So c’mon let’s go,” he said.
“I know she would,” I breathed out.
“Sure,” he said then he helped me up and we headed out.
I have no idea why I can’t hate my dad, knowing he’s the cause of all these happening to me.
I tried to hate him, but I can’t hate him. There’s no point hating him. All I hope for, is Clara’s forgiveness and if that eventually come to pass, then I’ll forgive him just like I told him.
Clara’s POV
Pulling into a sky-blue pajamas, and repacking my combed hair, I sat back on the dressing table and stared at myself at the circle mirror.
For two hours that I came in, my minds have been on Noah.
Everything he said, I feel they are all true.
What’s the point of lying when he is already in cell and just need my forgiveness.
The last time I saw his tears was the day I hurt my hand with a kitchen knife cos I saw David’s necklace in my wardrobe. I really didn’t keep David’s things in my house unlike Noah’s. So it was just that necklace that he left.
I saw it and the pains that I felt made me hurt myself.
He shedded tears as he treated me that day.
He told me never to cry because of a man who doesn’t deserve me.
He told me to never think about him because his here to make me happy forever. He kept shedding tears as he said all these and more.
After treating me, he layed me on the bed and placed that pink teddy (that was one of the teddies I threw into the bin) to me.
He was super sweet as he told me a story about his childhood.. About how loving his mother was to him but then she died. That I was the only woman he sees as his lover and mother too.
I wonder if that story was true or a lie too.
I still recall the nights we made love.
There are forever stucked in my head, I can’t forget’em.’
I sighed.
‘He holds me warmly and his touches explains how deeply he is inlove with me. I know Noah loves me and it was that love that made him scared to loose me, to hurt me, to lie to me just to protect me…
I think he deserves my forgiveness and im gonna forgive him.
I don’t care if he said the truth or not. But because of the very way that he loved me. The way he treated me, im gonna forgive him.
His love for me was the reason why I fell inlove with him.
I love him so much, and im gonna stay with him.
Im gonna stand by him in this because he stood by me when I was in my own pains.
I can’t hate him because he made such mistake. I will love him no matter what.
I love him and I don’t think I can stop myself.
Then a silly little voice spoke within me.
‘What about Drake?’
I covered the hair cream well.
‘Drake is just a friend and neighbour. He doesn’t have any feeling for me. Yeah he did lust over me the early weeks that I came here but then after he learnt of my boyfriend, he backed out.
Then this had to happen and he decided to help me out and just wanted us to be friends since I was hating him.’
I shook my head.
‘I love Noah.. I know I swore never to accept him back but I can’t stop myself. I love him so much and im not gonna leave him, not after listening to his story and seeing him shed that much tears.’
I stood up and walked to the bed, I layed down and turned the lights off, then turned on the bedside lamp. Golden dim light illuminated the room.
I pulled the duvet over my body and closed my eyes.
Seeing Noah today had made me realize how much he had been hoping to see me. How much he had been in tears and regret.
I can’t leave him not now that he needs me most.
Im going to overlook his stumble and stand by him.
Im going to forgive him cos he deserves it.
I still love Noah and I don’t think I can stop myself.
Im going back to the station to tell him.
Brenda’s POV
For the tenth time, I called Drake but he wasn’t answering.
I sighed and stood up from my bed.
‘If only I can stop myself from loving this idiot, I will but I can’t. I can’t stop myself. I need him and I won’t quit till I get him to be mine!’
I slide into my flipflops, picked up my night-gown jacket, wore it and walked out.
I came downstairs to see dad making a call.
I smiled and slowly came down so he wouldn’t notice.
Maybe I’d scare him abit.
I stood behind him as he finished up and ended the call.
“Hooooo!!” I shouted from behind and he turned, looking a bit frightened.
I giggled, “Dad.”
He smiled. “C’mon darling, you can’t scare your dad.”
I smiled and sat beside him. He kissed my cheek.
“You keep acting like that seven years old beautiful Brenda that always hide behind the curtains whenever I come to dress her up for school,” he said.
I laughed, recalling those years. My mom left me with him when I was five years old.
It was the most horrible days of my life and my dad did everything to make me happy. I rejected every nanny that was brought and my dad gave up and decided to be a father and also a nanny to me till I turned ten and decided to accept Nanny Jessica, who left after I turned seventeen, two more nannies came before the current cook. Now im twenty four. My dad was the only closest friend that I had and if I really need an advise, then it should be only from my dad and now I really wanna tell him this,’
“Dad, I love you,” I said.
He smiled. “I love you more darling,”
“Dad, I wanna tell you something,” I said.
“Go on,” he said.
I breathed out, “I love this guy, Drake. I don’t mean those stupid kinda love that always end in few weeks. This time im so inlove with him, but what hurts me, is that he doesn’t love me, at all, but I love him so much and just wanna be with him. I can’t stop my love for him, i’ve been trying to get him to love me but he doesn’t give a damn about my love, what do I do dad, you are a man, what should I do for him to fall inlove with me?” I said.
He looked at me with a faint smile.
“You don’t have to force him to love you, you can’t even do that with your body or anything. Love speaks from the heart. If he doesn’t love you darling, then don’t force him to love you cos that might cause some problems in the future. As a lady, you should let a man love you more. You can stop yourself from loving him. You can do that by travelling to somewhere you can meet new people and eventually someone that might make you forget this Drake that you love but he doesn’t love you, Trust me,” he said.
I sighed. “Im not gonna travel dad but stay back and keep trying till he love me back,” I said.
He smiled. “Be careful then,” he said.
I nodded with a smile.
A call came on my phone.
Jeeez!! from Genestyle. Im damn sure!
“Dad I think it’s from the modelling company,” I said anxiously and picked it up.
And wow, it was an agent from the company!
“Hello, this is Genestyle, im I speaking with Miss Brenda Adams?” the female agent said.
“Yes you are,” I answered.
“Congratualtions Miss Brenda Adams, your picture were among the three selected, you are to have an interview with Genestyle manager by 9am on monday, we are expecting you ma’am,” she said.
I smiled. “Alright, I’ll be there, thank you.”
“Have a great night,” she concluded and ended the call.
I hugged dad.
“Dad, I just got this super lucky box!! my picture were among the three picked. The three of us are gonna be interviewed. I hope I get this contract. It worth millions!” I said with excitement.
He smiled. “I wish you goodluck darling, with your beautiful face and your smile and this curly hair of yours, you’d get it! You deserve to,” he said.
I hugged him again, “I hope to!”
Gosh, I can’t wait to tell Nikky! she’ll be sooo happy for me.
NEXT DAY: (sunday)
Drake’s POV
“Jeez!!” I sighed as I stared at the clock.
How did I sleep this long?
Cos I drank so much.
Ahh! I placed my hand on my forehead with my head on the bedpillow.
I felt a slight headache.
I rolled off the duvet and sat up, brought down my legs and slide my feet into a slippers.
I walked to the bathroom and did every necessity that I should do in there.
I walked out to the sitting-room and I have no idea, what made me go to one of the windows.
I drew the curtain and was shocked to see Clara dressed in blue trouser and black shirt, heels and a a black bag in her hand, heading to the road.
‘Where’s she going?’
Today isn’t monday, so where is she going?’
A cab pulled by and she went in. It drove off
That was when I slapped back my thinking faculty.
‘She’s heading to see Noah, no doubt.’
I rushed back to my room and without bothering to bathe, pulled into a black trouser, red shirt, grabbed the things I needed and rushed out of the house.
I decided not to go with my car as I rushed to the road and waved to a cab. It pulled to my front and I entered.
“Degred Police department, don’t bother about getting another passenger, your pay is sure,” I said.
He nodded and drove off.
‘God! If this is true, then im just gonna do what’s in my mind.
I really hope it isn’t the place she is heading to.
But it’s so obvious.
Damn Clara, what’s wrong with you!’
I pushed my hair back with a painful sigh.
If this is true, if truely she’s still inlove with Noah, then I’ll have no option than to do what is in my mind!
[Degred Police Department ] Clara’s POV
“I’ve got what to say now Noah, and believe everything that I say to you.” I paused with my eyes on him.
He didn’t take his eyes off mine.
“..I realized that you deserve my forgiveness and I’ve forgiven you Noah,” I said and he gasped.
“..Also, Im not gonna leave you even though you lied so much to me but I can’t hate you for that. You you did all that because you were scared to hurt me. You wanted to protect me. I realized that you don’t deserve my hatred but my ever lasting love,” I said as tears dropped from my eyes.
He was in tears as well.
I took his hands.
“You don’t worry. Im gonna stand by you and love you even in this condition. I know you gonna be out here someday and I don’t mind waiting, remember how much you swore to be the father of my unborn kids. I want that to be a reality, I love you Noah and this should show you how much that I do,” I said with tears rolling down.
“Clara, I thought I’ve lost you. My dad was right when he said you were gonna come back if you truely love me, now I believe him even though he caused this all for me. Thanks so much Clara. I love you too and I promise to get out here soon,” he said.
“I can’t wait for that day, I miss you Noah,” I said, rubbing his hands in mine.
“I miss you so much Clara. God did answer my prayer,” he said.
“What prayer?” I asked.
“That he should touch your heart to forgive me. Thank you so much for loving me to this extent,” he said with more tears rolling down.
I got out a hankie from my purse and tried wiping his tears with it but he stopped me.
“No Clara, wipe yours, not mine. Im fine shedding them,” he said.
I smiled and wiped mine then used it to wipe his too.
A male cop sat a bit far watching us but I didn’t care.
I can feel his mocking look at us but I didn’t care about all that.
Who knows if he had done a crime more worse than Noah’s but no one found out.
“I brought you something,” I said with a smile and opened the bag. A flask of food.
“Food, you must be really hungry,” I said and opened it.
The police stood up and rushed to us.
“Foods from visitors ain’t allowed for him ma’am,” the cop said.
“Why?” I asked.
“For security reasons,” he replied and gave me a sign to close back the flask.
I turned to Noah and he nodded.
“Im fine, we eat here,” Noah said.
“But you can’t compare it to this. It must be really little and tasteless,” I said then I looked at the cop.
“Im his girlfriend sir and there’s no substance that I added into the food,” I said.
“Ma’am it’s the law here, we abide to it. No prisoner is given any meal from outside the station especially those who are about to be taken to the law court and your boyfriend here will be taken to the law court in few weeks time,” he said.
I inhaled and looked back at Noah. He took my hands.
“C’mon Clara, im fine.. seeing you here and hearing all that from you has filled me up alread,” he said.
I nodded.
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The BadBoy Diary
( She Still Love Him )
Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C
Clara’s POV
Time was up and now, I have to get going.
I held his hands warmly as I stared into his eyes and his on mine.
It felt wonderful. I’ve missed this.
“I’ll be back to see you. Since I can only visit twice in a week. I think that would be before friday,” I said.
He nodded.
“I’ll go now, you don’t worry okay? Everythinh’s gonna be alright ok?” I assured him.
He nodded,“I hope so.”
“And maybe when next I come, I’d like to talk with your dad,” I said.
“Why?” he asked.
“uhm to say Hi,” I said. It can’t be just Hi!
He nodded.
I pulled away my hands from his and stood up then carried the bag of untouched food.
“Bye for now Noah,” I said.
“Take care of yourself Clara, I love you,” he said.
“I love you too,” I said, then pecked him before walking out.

He came out with the cop and I turned and watched as he was lead towards the hallway leading to the cells.
I sighed and headed out of the building.
‘I know some people like my family would be disappointed in me for this but what can I do.
Like they say, love conquers all and like they say also, Love is blind. My love for Noah had conquered it all.
I love Noah and that is all that natter to me. I don’t care what anybody would say.
I love him and that is that.
Im going to keep loving him no matter the situation, no matter the pains and no matter the circumstance.
My Love for Noah can never stop and im ever gonna stay by him.

Some might say he deserve my fotgiveness but not my love acceptance anymore.
I followed my heart. My hear decided for me.
Im not gonna leave him not now that he needs me. Im gonna stand by him.
I will love him no matter what and that is what im gonna do. Love Noah and stay with him. I can’t leave him.
More stories @ www.chorusman.com
Drake’s POV
I checked my wristwatch again, ’12:45pm’
‘If Clara came here then she’d be out by now.
I’ll wait a bit more.’
I was still inside the cab. I told the cab guy to stop close to the gate where i’d see her when she comes out (if my feelings ain’t decieving me)
I hope they are. I don’t wanna see her. If it gets to 1pm and she isn’t out yet then I’ll conclude she never came to the station to see Noah.

Maybe she went to Gra-Avantees but Clara can’t dress that way to work. Ever since I got to know her, she has never wore a trouser to work.
It’s obvioud that my feelings are right and ain’t decieving me.
“Well, I don’t think the person you’re actually spying on came here,” the cab guy said with a high shrug.
“I wish,” I said and fixed my eyes on the police station.
“I wish she isn’t,” I sighed.
“Can you tell me about it?” he said.
I ignored him and kept my eyes to the station.
Three minutes were gone and now it was 12:49pm.
I was already going to conclude that my thoughts were wrong afterall when I sighted her.
I felt my heart smash instanty, the very way it did when I caught Jennifer cheating on me.
She was heading towards the gate with the black bag and her purse.
I had no idea when I felt a tear drop from my eyes. The bitterness and pain that I felt were able to paralyse me.
I removed the eyeglass I wore, wiped it off and wore back the eyeglass.
She got to the gate and I hide my face as she began coming to the cab I was in.

“Go now please!” I managed to tell the cab guy and he immediately ignited his car and as Clara waved at him, he zoomed pass her.
I looked back to see her glance at the police station then back to the road.
“Seem’s she’s the one right?” he asked.
“Yeah,” I said, “my mind was right after all.”
“Is she your girlfriend or wife? seem’s one,” he said.
I chuckled at that, then removed the eyeglass and wiped another tear that dropped from my eye. I wore back the eyeglass.
“She’s not. Please no more question, just drive,” I said.
He said nothing again.
I pushed my hair back as I tried my best to hold back my tears.
‘Why should I shed tears when Im not yet sure if she went there to tell him that she still love him. What if she went to tell him how much she hate and detest him and can’t forgive him no matter what he say.
What if it wasn’t really to accept him back?
I can’tconclude yet.
So i’ll keep still till I hear the truth from her then make my decision according to her answers.
**Noah’s POV**
“I told you son,” dad said and I couldn’t stop my smile.
Finally I still have Clara.
This is a defintion of true love. Clara truely is inlove with me and nothing else matters.
Im happy nobody is gonna take her away from me.
She’s all mine and would forever be!
*Drake’s POV*
He pulled the cab infront of maymack and I paid him extra.
“Thanks man,” he said.
I opened the door to go out.
“Take it easy on her man,” he said. I gave him a faint smile, went out and shut the door. He drove away.
I walked to my car and opening the driver’s door, I sat down and tapped my finger on the steering wheel as I waited for Clara to get back because im sure she is not yet back. And when she does, i’ll won’t delay to throw her the question.
With an anxious heart, I waited for her.
I recalled I haven’t even waten. Im not hugry, the anxiety and bitterness that I was feeling supersedes the hunger.
I’ve not had my bathe too.
I sighed.
I’ll go do that and await her return.
I shut the car after coming out and headed to my apartment.
I walked in and headed to my bedroom and then my bathroom.

I had a quick bathe and pulled into a black short and white polo. I dried my hair and combed it.
Im sure Clara is back now.
I slide my feet into a black slippers and after picking my phone, walked out of the bedroom and headed to the kitchen.
I opened the fridge and gulped down an energy drink and trashed the bottle.
Maybe it would give me some strength to face Clara.
It’s either I face heartbreak or I profess my love, one of the two.
I walked out to Clara’s apartment and rang the doorbell.
A minute, the door was opened. She still wore same clothe but flipflops on her feet now.
I let out a smile cos she smiled.
“Clara,” I called. She moved outta the door and I walked in and closed the door.
My fear began.
“Seems like you went out,” I said, pretending not to be aware.
She turned and faced me. “Yeah I did,” she said.
I swallowed as anxiety filled up my stomache.
“Uhm why didn’t you call me to go with you and where is that?” I asked.
She turned her back on me and crossed her arms.
“To see Noah,” she said.
I inhaled. She didn’t deny it.
“You you saw Noah. You went to see him after seeing him yesterday?” I asked.
“Yes I did. I thought deep about it and I came to realize that he deserves-” she turned to face me,.“-that he deserves my forgiveness,” she said.
I swallowed. “And you forgave him?”
“Yes I did,” she answered.
“And only that?” I asked.
She uncrossed her arms, “Nop.”
I felt my world crumbling instantly.
“Clara what again?” I asked anxiously.
My heart was pounding out so loudly. I felt she was hearing it.
She wasn’t talking?
“Clara talk to me,” I said.
She rubbed her palms together then brushed her hair with her palm, then folded her arms back but then dropped them again.
“Cmon Clara,” I urged her impatiently.
I wonder if my voice was loud.. I wasn’t even hearing it.
She folded back her arms, “I- I let him know that I love him and would stand by him. I still love him Drake. I still love him. I can’t stop myself from loving him.” She finally killed me.
I took her hands, “Clara you did what!”
“It’s the truth Drake. I still love Noah, he still deserve my love. I can’t hate him. I don’t wanna get over him snymore but I wanna stand by him now. Im still inlove with him.” she said.
I left her hands and pushed my hair back with the the most painful bitterness that i’ve ever felt.
How could you do this to me Clata?
“Clara how could you? What do you even think! yes you forgave him, fine but accepting him back. Did you even think about it. What if he’s sentenced to twenty years imprisonment. What if all he said were lies!! how could you!” I yelled, not believing how loud I did.
She stared at me.
“How could you do this!” I shook her. “How could you make such quick decisions without thinking deep about it! What is wrong with you!” I yelled.
“C’mon you are hurting me Drake,” she said and I let go of my hands on her shoulders and pushed my hair back.

“Im sorry but it hurts. It hurts to see you make such decisions without thinking deep about it. We are friends. Why couldn’t you tell me!”
“You are yelling so loud Drake. Can you stop? I thought deep about it and I realized it’s the right thing. I know everyone is gonna be against it but I love him. He makes me happy. He makes me smile. He protected me. He love me. I can’t leave him now,” she said.
I shook my head with tears gathered in my eyes.
“But Im in-” I was about to say but I couldn’t.
Not when she still love Noah.
Not when she just told me how he makes her feel.
She still love him and professing of my love now wouldn’t change anything. No.
Who knows, it might eveb make her stay away from me but not to worry Clara, im gonna be the one to stay away now.
To leave you to be happy with your boyfriend.
Since he makes you happy. Since you can’t stop yourself from loving him and you never considered me.
Im going away from you, far away to a place where i’d try my best to stop my love for you. That is what im gonna do.’
I inhaled, holding back the tears that were struggling to drop but I wasn’t lettingg them.
She musn’t see my tears. She doesn’t deserve to. She can go see her boyfriend’s own not mine.

“It’s okay Clara, if he he makes you happy and you can’t stop yourself from loving him then I can’t stop you. Do what makes you happy. I’ll be at my apartment. I’ll check on you later,” I said and with that I headed to the door but she called me. I didn’t turn cos a tear had already rolled down my left eye.
“Drake im sorry that I couldn’t keep to my promise. I still love Noah and I can’t leave him no matter the situation, he needs me now,” she said.
I nodded. “It’s fine. It’s your decision. Just keep to what makes you happy,” I said then walked out and slammed the door shut.
My tears poured uncontrollable as I headed to my apartment.
I got into my sitting room and filled myself with alcohol. Too much alcohol, one, two, three, four, five.. I kept drinking till I couldn’t keep up again.
“I hate this hell life of mine! i’ve never gotten what I want!! What the Bleep is wrong with me!” I yelled and threw the whole empty bottles to the floor. They shattered into pieces.
“Why the hell did I love again! why the damn Bleep did I fell inlove again!!” I cried bitterly.
My tears poured without control.
I gulped down the remaining bottle and threw it away. It landed on the wall and smashed to pieces.
I dropped my face on the counter.
“Im not ever gonna love again. No more!” I mumbled.
“My feelings have been taken for granted again.”
“She wants to be happy with him. Then fine I’ll let her.”
I turned my head to the other side.
“Im leaving this damn place. Im going far away from here to start a new life. A new life that have to do with my old life. I’ll resume my playboy life. The clubber, the smoker and loud music player. The pervert that I was. Im gonna meet new girls, Bleep them and dump them. And this time. I’ll make sure I don’t give a damn about feelings again.”
“Yes that is all i’ll do.”
“Yes that what im gonna do,”
“Yes that is….. all im gonna do.”
*Clara’s POV*
I rubbed my forehead with a sigh with my head on the couch backrest.
‘Everyone is gonna be against me on this but im not gonna listen to them.
Come to think of it, Drake was annoyed at first but then he understood and told me to do what makes me happy.
He understand that love is a burning fire very hard to quench.
I like the way he understood. I don’t wish to loose Drake as a friend.
Once my mom or Danelle hears about this, I know how mad they are gonna be and all they are gonna say.
Well pretty good, I got no phone now. That is easy, till im ready to face their lousy sting. I’ll know what to tell’em.
The love I have for Noah is unquenchable, it can’t stop.
I have to shower and eat, then take a nap.
Work starts tomorrow and maybe I’d see Noah on wednesday.
I wonder why I have to meet Noah only twice in a week.
If they’d make it three or four days. I’do be much happy but anyways I don’t mind. I’d make sure I see him each week till the law deides.
I don’t mind standing as a witness.’
I stood up, picked the remote and played Celine Dion tracks ‘Because You Love Me’ began playing out.
I dropped the remote and headed to the bedroom.
Brenda’s POV
[hours later] “Ughhhh!!” I yelled and flung my phone to the bed in anger.
Nikky giggled.
“Please don’t smash the phone. We still need it for your interview tomorrow.” she said. I hissed.
She was sitting on the cushion in my bedroom, operating on her laptop. (I wonder if she’s aware that my dad is around)
I sat on the dressing stool.
“A simple advise from a dear friend Brenda, you don’t wanna listen. Fine then,” she said with a high shrug.
“The new idea of ignoring my calls id the most annoying one. Gosh! when will I be able to have him when? The way he touched me that night.. the way he made me feel..” I closed my eyes as I recalled the super amazing one night with Drake.
“He’s so hot Nikky! I mean you need to see this guy!” I said.
“I’ve been seeing his pictures on your phone and laptop so I concur. He’s hot!” she said.
I smiled as i bit my bottom lip, “I must have this guy Nikky, it’s not just the sex, im inlove with him, I swear.”
“You’ve been telling me that,” she said.
I breathed out.
“Im gonna have Drake, I must,” I said.
“C’mon you weak me Brenda. How do you think you’re gonna achieve that? The guy isn’t some robot you could just press ‘Love Me’ and he would immediately ‘Bleep me hard or slowly’ he would obey. Come on friend,” Nikky said.
I sighed. “Im still thinking about it,” I said.
“Alright, let me on it when you are done thinking,” she said.
I stood up and went to my phone. I picked it up from the bed and scrolled to my message box.
I typed.
Drake, no matter what you do, you can keep ignoring my calls and snubbing my texts but you gotta understand that I won’t stop loving you and trying hard till you love me and be mine. Goodnight my love. I sent it to him then I smiled at Nikky who chuckled.
I rolled my eyes at her.
“You won’t understand cos you’ve never been inlove,” I said to her.
She laughed. “I don’t believe in that shit. But if I were to be in your shoes, sweetie I’d fire bullets into every skull being an obstacle. Yuck!” she said.
I shook my head and went to the cushion where she sat.
“So who are you gonna kill this time?” I asked as I sat down on the armrest and saw she was playing a game.
We both chuckled.
“Nikky can you tell me about Dr. Campbell, why he hired you to murder the Helen Morgan, pleaseeeeeeee,” I begged.
I can’t forget that the thirty five million was complete.
She chuckled and paused the game.
“Alright then,” she smiled at me.
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The BadBoy Diary
( She Still Love Him )
Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C
Drake’s POV
I woke up with a banging headache.
“Ahh!” I groaned and rubbed the part where it was pounding, then tossed around to realize where I was actually laying; on the floor of the sitting room just close to the bar counter, broken bottles scattered the whole place. My vision was blur.
I felt a pain on my wrist. I brought up my hand to see I got a little cut there.

I sighed as I tried to carry my weak self up from the cold floor and I did but staggered back and luckily, my back collided with the couch back.
“Ahhhhh!” I groaned again and rubbed my head.
I carefully traced my steps to the front of the couch and layed on it with my hand still on my head.
“Ahh,” I groaned for the third time. I closed my eyes and stayed that way for upto twenty minutes before I got myself. The blur vision had cleared. The weakness had reduced but the headache was still there, pounding harshly.
I sat up and sneezed! My body generally felt weak. I felt nausea, like vomitting. so I stood up, that was when I saw the mess that I did; I puked on the floor that I slept on.
I sighed.
My phone layed on the bar counter. With my hand on my head, I headed to my bedroom. I got in and moved into the bathroom.
I opened the WS and threw out everything. By the time I was done, I was gasping for air, but it haven’t ended.
I threw up again.
“Ahhhhhhhhhh” I groaned when it stopped. I flushed, sat on the floor, closed the WS, layed my head on the cover and placed my hand on my head.
‘I need to stop this damn headache and im so hungry. I feel like my stomache is on fire.’

Few minutes later later, I was able to get up and walk over to the sink were I washed my face and mouth. I kept splashing water on my face.
I can’t believe how swollen my eyes were.
Last night was so horrible for me.
I sighed.
I wish it was all a dream but unfortunately, it isn’t.
I sighed again and walked out to my drawer where I found the drugs which I took to the kitchen.
My phone was still at the bar counter.
I got to the kitchen and dropped it on the small breakfast.
I quickly made a quick breakfast of tea and toasted bread, then settled on the breakfast bar to eat which after, I took the drugs.

I then layed my head on the table, refusing to think about anything and in no time, the headache subsided.
I cleaned up the dishes and counter,then I walked back to the sitting room and picked my phone. I tapped on the screen and the screen light came on.
The time was ’10:05am’ How long I slept.
A new message and ’11 missed calls.’
I went through the missed calls first, Brenda called five times and Danelle six.
I sighed.
‘Danelle sorry for not picking your calls but I don’think I’ll do that anytime soon.’
I opened the text message and it’s from Brenda. I deleted it without reading it.
This girl don’t wanna fucking let me be!
I dropped back the phone and headed back to the kitchen for a mop, broom, dustpan and bucket of a little water to begin a cleanup.
Once im done, im leaving.
I’ll search for a nice resort. At least I still got a week break. I know in a week time I’ll be able to stop this love that I have for Clara.
I walked back to the kitchen and picked out all that I mentioned, came back and proceeded to clean you the messed up place.
[Hours later:] I dropped the last shirt and zipped up my box.
I checked the time, ‘3:30pm’
I’d get to Seashore resort before 5pm.
I picked my phone and every other stuff that I need to hold then I carried the box down from the bed and dragged it along as I walked out of my apartment and locked the doors up.
I was heading to my car when I sighted Mrs Roger. She was outdoor and she stared at me.
I waved at her then opened my car trunk and dropped the box and closed it back.

She made to come but I entered my car and zoomed off, not wanting to answer her too much questions and her long talks. That would cause a delay.
I drove into the road.
Im gonna misd maymack for awhile, but it’s better than being her and facing this bitterness and pain.
I hope she realize why I left or maybe I don’t want her to. Whatever! I don’t care about that anymore.
I drove into the next road.
[Hamilton High School] *Danelle’s POV*
I was rushing to Mr Derick office for my phone when I heard Tessy’s voice behind.
“Nelle wait!!”
I stopped and waited till she got to me.
“Heading to Mr Derick office?” she asked.
“Yeah, to get my phone. He took it when the exams where about to commence and now I have to go get it before he leaves,” I said.
“Let’s go then,” she said and we began.
“Last night I kept calling Drake but he wasn’t picking up. Im damn worried,” I said.
“Do you have to tell me again? I was there with you. Im worried as well,” she said.
“I think something’s wrong,” I said.
“Like what?”
“I don’t know. I’ll try his lines again.”
We walked into Mr Derick’s office and after too many questions and long explanations, I got my iphone back and we walked out.
“Look at Neil, I guess he’s done with his papers too,” Tessy said.

I looked over to see him approaching to us with his phone in his hand and his backpack which hung loosely behind.
‘Okay why is Tessy smiling like some idiot and why is Neil giving her such a look? I smell something really fishy which I’ll need to find out but that could wait, im more worried for my sister and Drake.
“Hey bae,” Neil called and kissed my cheek. I gave him my worried look. He stood before us.
“Tessyyyy,” he prolonged her name with a smile and she smiled back at him.
I inhaled.
“Neil how was your exam, ours were cool tho,” Tessy said.
“Cool too,” he said and looked at me.
“You seem worried Danelle, what’s wrong?”
I sighed. “My sister, i’ve been trying to reach her through Drake but he haven’t been picking up. Im trying his line again,” I said.
“Oops! what could be wrong,” he said.
“I don’t know,” I said and dialled his line again. It rang and rang, then stopped.
I sighed, “He’s still not picking up. Im so worried sick. Not just for my siater but him too,” I said.
“Come on bae, it’s okay. Maybe his been busy. Let’s go grab pizza,” he said. I hesitated before going.
I still kept trying Drake’s line but he wasn’t picking up.
‘God. What’s really wrong!’
We got to the school cafeteria and we bought pizza and milkshake with chocolates.
We found an empty table and Tessy already sat beside Neil.
I sat opposite Neil. Im not worried about this now,.im more worried for my sister and Drake.
I called his line again, same story.
*Drake’s POV*
“Drake Alvin, a week lodge,” I said.
“A minute sir,” the female receptionist in sparkling white shirt and black bowtie said.
She did all the necessaries and layed out the payment amount. I paid and sighed up and she handed me a leaflet and the keys to the lodge room.

With a sweet smile, she said, “Welcome to Seashore resort and have a wonderful stay here sir.”
“Thanks,” I said and walked out then began my walk to the second two storey building. According to the information that the leaflet gave, Drake Alvin’s suite is room 104 which is located at the second storey, the fourth room at the upstair.
I glanced at the large and long swimming pool at the right with a long sports and gym hall behind it. Few people were swimming and there were others emerging from and going into the sports hall.
I got to the second storey and followed the staircase leading to the upstair and then to room 104.
From the balcony, I could see the large garden graced with lined up tall trees and beautified with different species of flowers, sorrounded with beautiful lovers seat, relaxing chairs and even wooden chaised longue and benches, and standing lamps stood beside each seat.
It was too beautiful. I wonder how beautiful it’d look at night when the lampstands are on.
I walked into my room and it was a bit dark so I put on the lights.
Wow, nice one.
The bedroom furnished with a king-sized bed decorated with sweet looking covers, duvet with upto five pillows, a cream coloured bedside table with a bedside lamp ontop then beside the lamp is a magazine. At the right side of the bedroom is a cream-coloured wardrope with mirror doors, after it is the door to the ensuite.
At the right of the bedroom is a conjoined suite made up of a two sitter couch, a sofa and small table with a flat screen TV on the white wall and above the TV stood two medium wall frames, one the painting of a rising moon and the other a sketch of a horse.

I walked to the magazine and picked it up and glanced at the mag cover.
Recreate your stay!’
I opened the first page, pictures of the resort environment came in view including the beach behind the lodge buildings.
I dropped the magazine and walked to the window and drew the gold and cream coloured curtains. Fresh scent of beach waters and sand filled my nostril as I glanced at the beautiful beach not so far away from the buildings.
Few people were there.
I closed back the curtain and fell on the bed.
“I’ll be fine here,” I said and pulled one of the pillows behind my head.
I took out my phone and found missed calls from Danelle.
I had switched the phone to silent mode while coming. I reswitched it to ring.
If she calls back, im gonna pick up.
I hieved a sigh.
An hour later, I had my bathe and pulled into a black jean short and white polo shirt with a fitting slippers.
A knock came and I went for it.
It was a receptionist with my ordered food.
“Thanks,” I said as I carried the tray graced with sweet dishes and drinks.
“There is a restaurant here if you don’t need orders sir,” he said.
“I know, be back in thirty minutes time,” I said.
“Noted sir,” he said and left.
I walked to the suite and settled to eat.
Forty minutes later, I was out, walking towards the gym hall.
It was night already but the lights sorrounding the whole place gave hunded percent of brightness.


I stared at the girls swimming as I did so.
I bumped into someone.
“Damn im sorry,” I said and picked up the towel which fell of-
It’s a lady, in blue bikini.
Damn she’s hot, not just hot, she’s ebony with curly hair like Brenda.
Woah.. what a curve! with nipples pointing arrogantly through the small foamless bikini bra.
“Im sorry, really sorry,” I said and she nodded with a smile and chewed on her chewing-gum with her phone screen light flashing on her make-free face.
“Hey quit staring at me that way,” she said with a chuckle.
“Ah im sorry, you are actually so beautiful and my eyes had to keep staring,” I said with a smile.
She chuckled.
“Im Chelsea,” he said and stretched out her hand for a handshake.
I quickly took it and was amazed at how different our complexion is.
I can’t recall the last time I shook a black.
“Im Drake,” I said. She nodded and withdrew her hand.
“Seems like you’re new here, for some vacation or?” she asked.
“Yeah yeah kinda,” I said.
She smiled, chewing her gum.
Shit! she’s damn hot, my eyes couldn’t get away from her cleavages.
“Well I and my boyfriend have been here for two weeks now,” she said and my lusting over her died instantly at her mention of ‘my boyfriend’. I wonder why.
“Oh okay, im here alone, cane today and speaking of your boyfriend, where is he?” I asked.
She glanced behind.
“Went to the restroom. I wonder what’s keeping him,” she said. “Oh here he comes,” she smiled.
I followed her eyes to see a guy in tight white polo shirt and white short.
He’s cute with long black hair packed in low ponytail and had tattoos all overhis arms.
He got to us and I did expect some kinda irritating look from him but he just smiled at me.
“Hey man,” he said and got out his hand for a handshake. We shook hands.
“Im Evan, her boyfriend and you?” he said.
“Im Drake, arrived here today,” I said.
He nodded.
“Nice to have you here Drake, you care for some drinks?” he asked.
I smiled, “Yeah.”
“Let’s go over there then,” he said and we headed to the bar which is after the garden.
‘I guess i’ve found some new friends already’
We got to the bar settled on an empty table.
The bar of a bit dark due to the dim blue lights.
Evan ordered drinks and cigarettes.
“You smoke?” Evan asked.
“Yeah,” I said and picked one. Chelsea did too, suprising me a bit.
“Why looking at me that way Drake, I smoke,” she said and lit her cigarette
“Yeah, she do whatever I do,” Evan said and lit his.
I smiled and lit mine.
The drinking and smoking made my night.
The two lovers were fun.
Hours later, I walked into my suite and took a quick shower, pulled into a nightwear and fell on my bed, feeling happy and sleepy due to the drinking and smoking.
I was about sleeping off when my phone began ringing.
I took it and it’s Danelle call. I picked it up.
“Hello Danelle,” I spoke first.
“Oh my God! what happened? i’ve been trying your line and you haven’t been picking up. I’ve been so worried,” Danelle’s voice sounded loudly from the phone speaker.
I smiled. “Im fine Danelle and sorry about your unpicked calls,” I said.
“Oh what about my sis? you are there with her right? can you hand her the phone please? I’d wanna speak with her,” she said.
I sighed. “Im not with her but trust me, she’s fine and happy. Goodnight Danelle,” I said and ended the call.
I switched off my phone and closed my eyes for a sleep.
Soon, I drifted to sleep.

read more here: https://www.emperorblog.com.ng/?s=THE+BAD+BOY+DIARY

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You have a nice story but the advert on your blog is so unattractive and frustrating. I'll just stick to reading your story here rather than your blog.

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[size=8pt][/size]The BadBoy Diary
( She Still Love Him )
Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C
Clara’s POV
I stepped out of the shower and dressed into a yellow pajamas and repacked my hair.
I sighed when I recalled Drake. Coming home from work, I didn’t find his car.
I remember i’ve gone out twice to check if he was back from where he went but I didn’t find his car. And now, I was heading outside to check again.
I sighed when I didn’t see his car. He isn’t back yet. it’s getting to midnight.
I sighed again and walked back inside.
I felt worried as I layed on my bed till I eventually slept off.
[Next day: Tuesday] I woke up and the first thing I did was to go outside to check Drake’s car and when I didn’t see it, I couldn’t help my worry.
Where did he sleep last night?
Could it be that he went for clubbing again?
Could it be. Where did he even go!
I walked back in, and in thoughts, I made breakfast, had my bathe, dresed up for work and walked out.
His car wasn’t still there.
I breathed out and headed to the road.
A cab pulled by and I entered.
“GraAvantees hospital,” I told him and he drove away.
Soon, I got to work and was told by Matron Gracia that sir edwardo needs my presence at his office at the fourth floor.
I was heading to an elevator when I saw Johanna emerge from one of the corridors with health records in her hands.
She smiled happily at me.
“Goodmorning nurse Clara, how was your night?” she asked.
I smiled, “Goodmorning nurse Johanna, my night was okay and yours?”

“It was fine, I need to take this health records to doctor Kelvin,” she said.
“Im going to sir edwardo’s office,” I said.
“Alright when is your free time? I’d wanna come to your office,” she said.
I smiled.
“I have two surgeries with Dr. Rosh but I think i’ll be free by 5pm,” I said.
She smiled, “Alright i’ll come by,” she said. I walked into the elevator.
She walked away.
I got to the fourth floor and headed to sir edwardo’s office.
I placed a gentle knock, waited a bit before walking in and closing the door gently.
He’s always in white suit.
He sat on his swivel chair with his eyes on his tablet, operating on it.
I walked to one of the quest chairs and sat down.
“Goodmorning sir,” I said. He looked up with a smile.
“Nurse Clara, how are you?” he asked.
“Im fine sir,” I said.
“You made a nice pick of a male nurse. He’s really good in his works,” he said.
“Thanks sir,” I said.
He nodded. “It’s been five days now that Dr. Tony had been in a coma with a move, im worried.” he said.
“Sir, you know about all this, sometimes people in coma, it takes some weeks, some months, some years before they wake up,” I said.

“Yeah Clara but we really need him to wake up soon,” he said.
“Yes sir and that’s our prayer for him to wake up soon,” I said.
He nodded. “So what is your schedule for today?” he asked.
“I have two surgeries with Dr. Rosh today, one scheduled by 10am and the second by 2pm,” I said.
He nodded.
“So about your heartbreak. Are you really getting over it?” he asked.
I breathed out. “Im fine sir,” I said.
“If you finally get over it and Dr. Tony recovers, would you give him a chance if he asks you out again?” he asked.
I inhaled.
Should I tell him the truth? the story of Noah and how im still inlove with him.
“She’s thinking about it and I still don’t get how Helen Morgan got to know about your heartbreak.. Is she connected to you in someway?” he asked.

I decided to tell him, “No she’s not. I’ll tell you about my heartbreak sir,” I said.
He nodded with a beckoning smile.
I told him about Noah, everything about us and all his lies to me.
How he got arrested and I was so heartbroken in the most painful way. Then I thought I felt better and I went to see him and how he explained to me and I couldn’t help it. I forgave him and promised never to leave him. (not mentioning Drake in any of thestory)
Sir edwardo exhaled with a smile.
“I understand Clara, how truely you are inlove with him and such love can make one make decisions that you wouldn’t care if it might hurt you later or make you feel better. Clara you did no wrong by forgiving him after listening to all his explanations but the truth here is that, accepting him back means you made no deep thinking and you only followed the path where love led you. You see Love sometimes lead someone into making a wrong choice and having the wrong thoughts and feelings. You should have thoughts really deep about what you just did, not just thinking, listen to people’s own thought about it. You know what? if your boyfriend really care about you and your future, I didn’t say love but Care, if he really care about your future Clara then I don’t think he would tell you to wait for him, but he’ll tell you to move on and find someone else who would make you happy. What the court sends him to thirty years imprisonment or even a life imprisonment. Did you think about it? you can’t get married to a prisoner no matter what. Can you actually wait for him?” he paused for me to answer.
I breathed out.
I knew things like this were gonna happen.
“I love him sir and I did think deep about it before making the decision,” I said.
He shrugged. “Fine then Clara, goodluck with that,” he said.
I nodded.
“And thanks for the advise sir. I’ll have to go now, it’s 9am. I need to prepare with Dr Rosh for the surgeries,” I said.
He smiled. “Alright.”
I stood up, walked out and closed the door.
‘Everyone say I did the wrong thing by accepting him back but didn’t I promise myself not to be moved by what they say? I love Noah and my instincts makes me believe that he wouldn’t be sentenced to such long years imprisonment. I even feels that he’ll be bailed in no time. He was manipulated by his father. His father is the one who suppose to rot in jail and not my boyfriend.’
I got to my office and fell on the chair.
“Ahh! why can’t everyone let me be! why are they all against my decision!”
I loosened the hairband on my hair and repacked it.
‘I need to change into my nurse wears.’
I stood up and walked into the change room conjoined with my office with a door ofcourse.
[Seashore Resort] *Drake’s POV*
It’s been a while I gym. The gym hall was buzzing with lots of people this morning and as I rode the exercise bike, I couldn’t take my eyes off the girl at my right, riding an exercise bike as well. She’s slim but with super hips.
She stopped and drank the remaining water in the water bottle.

Her ponytail hair tilted back with her face up as she did. Her hair reminded me of Clara.
When I couldn’t help the staring and admiration, I stopped and walked to her.
She looked at me. Her face moist with her sweat which she cleaned off with the hand towel which hung on her neck. mine hung on my neck too.
“Hi pretty,” I called softly with a smile.
“Hi handsome,” she mimicked causing both of us to chuckle.
“Your face remind me of something.” I said.
“What?” she asked, raising her brow.
“A rose, how beautiful you are,” I said. she chuckled.
“And your hair remind me of something,” she said.
“The curles of a rose petals,” she laughed, knowing she just said trash.
I smiled. “Thanks.”
She raised her brows.
“Uhmm! im Drake,” I said.
“Im Claire,” she said.
“Beautiful name,” I said.
“uhm Thanks.”
[1hour later
We sat at the large restaurant, munching our order.
“So Claire, uhm it seems every lady here got a boyfriend, so do you too?” I asked.
She chuckled. “Nop, I don’t.”
Wow, very good.
“When?” I asked.
“A year now,” she said.
“You broke her heart right just like mine did to me. Men are heartbreakers.” she said.
I chuckled. “Nop, she did. I caught her cheating,” I said.

“I caught mine straffing my bestfriend.” she said and chuckled.
I smiled. “Bad stuffs happens,” I said.
She nodded. “Yeah.”
“Hey guys!” I heard Evan’s voice behind. I turned to see his Chelsea behind. She wore blue bomshort that hugged out her wild hips and blue top. Ah? she most love blue. Well her name is Chelsea so what did I expect? Blue! and it fits her skin colour so well.
“Hey man,” I shook Evan. “Chelsea, how you doing babe,”
She smiled. “Im good, seems we are a bit late. Last night was damn hot.” she laughed and sat down on the other side of the square-shaped table. Claire and I sat opposite each other.
“Lemme get meals babe,” Evan said and walked away.
Chelsea turned to me. “So Drake, how was your night?” Chelsea asked.
“It was fine, and yours?” I said.
She laughed. “Yeah I swear it was fun, so-” she glanced at Claire then back to me, “-Wow already, ain’t you gonna introduce her to me huh?” she said.
I smiled and looked at Claire who chuckled.
“What do you wanna hear?” Claire asked her.
“Anything,” Chelsea laughed.
“Well, she’s Claire. I met her this morning at the gym hall, we are friends now, right Claire?” I said with a smile at Claire who chuckled without giving an answer.
I can say Claire is more beautiful than Chelsea but Chelsea is more endowed. If only Chelsea have no boo, i’d fvck her just like im gonna make every possibility to get Claire’s ass on my bed. Maybe when I do that, i’d forget all about Clara, finally. And again, i’ve missed sex.
Evan came back with two trays of dishes and dropped one for Chelsea then sat on the last chair which is opposite Chelsea. His tall hair rocks.
He glanced at Claire and then at me. I smiled.
“She’s Claire, we met today at the gym.” I said.
He turned to Claire. “Hey Claire, im Evan and over there is my babe, Chelsea,” he said.
Claire nodded with a smile. “You both look perfect.” she said.
He gave her a thumb up. We all laughed.
The meal was fun and when we were done, the two lovers, left with an excuse of going to take a shower.
The table was cleared by a waitress leaving only two bottle waters.

“You said you’ve been here for three days?” I asked Claire.
“Yeah, I felt like being here. My twin sister travelled with my mom. My dad hardly stays home due to his business. So I felt really lonely at home and I decided to be here, it’s a nice place,” she said.
I smiled. “Nice decision. Actually I came here cos I wanna forget about someone,” I said.
“Who?” she asked.
“A girl I fell inlove with but she doesn’t love me in return,” I said.
“Why don’t she?” she asked.
I inhaled. “It’s a really long story I wouldn’t wanna bore you with, come on let’s get outta here. My suite is 104. I’d wanna go take a shower just like those crazy two left to go do.” I laughed.
She smiled. “I love the way they are. They trust each other. With the way they love each other, I think they are gonna end up becoming a couple,” she said.
I smiled.
“My suite is 80” she said.
“Ah downstairs, but same building,” I said.
She smiled.
“Let’s go,” I said. We stood up and while we headed to the building, I held her hand.
We got to the building and she stood before her suite door. I still held her hand.
“Can I take my hand now?” she asked.
I smiled. “Holding you feels wonderful,” I said and she chuckled.
She must love chuckling.
“I don’t mind holding this soft hand till sundown,” I said.
She smiled.
“I’ll let you go now, can we meet after?”
“Alright,” she said.
I let go of her hand.
“Can I have your phone number?” I asked.
She smiled and called if for me which I saved immediately on my phone.
“I’ll give you a call,” I said.
“Alright,” she said, with that she walked in and closed the door.
I smiled and walked up to my suite.
After taking a shower, I pulled into a black trouser and white and black stripe shirt. I dressed my hair and applied cologne.
The said ’12:35pm’
I picked my phone and walked out.
I called Claire’s line as I approached suite 80. She picked up.
I smiled. “Hello Claire?”
“Drake, If you are standing at my door, just come in,” she said. I love her voice, soft and calm like Clara’s.
‘Why do she seem to be like Clara?
Ponytail hair and voice too.’
I grabbed the dootknob and opened it. She was sitting on her bed, fixing her cute pink sandals.
I closed the door and walked to her.
She looked up and gave me a smile which I returned.
She wore a white crazy bomshort.. wow, hot! with a pink slim-sleeved crop top.

The wall of the room is painted pink, the wardrobes pink too and the window curtains, pink and cream-coloured.
She fixed the sandal and stood up as she picked her phone.
“Alright,” she smiled.
“You look really beautiful,” she said.
“Thanks Drake, you look handsome,” she said. I smiled.
“Thanks beautiful,” I said.
We walked out.
We had a long walk around the garden and had a long view of how beautiful it is. We saw the blue fountain fall and even a zoo at the far end of the garden. It reminded me of my visit to the zoo with Clara. How my tears poured out and how she wiped them off.
We then headed to the beach which is behind the lodge buildings owned by the seashore company.
Walking through the beach shore with smooth sandy soils covering our feet, I held her hand as we talked.
“C’mon don’t say that Drake,” she laughed.
“Im serious, I started swimming in a beach water when I was just ten,” I said.
She laughed. “I don’t believe that. I learnt swimming in the pool when I was thirteen and the swimming pool is the only water I can swim in, not some wild beach,” she said.
“Alright let me teach you,” I said and made to carry her but she ran away, laughing as she did.
I smiled.
Staring at the beach reminds me of that day at Motana beach when Clara fell into the water and I was so scared.
Jeez! why is it that almost everything reminds me of Clara!
“Drakee come over! I found something” Claire called as she picked something from the sand.
I ran to meet her.
“What’s that?” I asked.
She showed me. “Pendant of a necklace, it’s really beautiful,” she said.
“Must belong to someone,” I said.
“Yeah but it’s really pretty. Im keeping it,” she said and held it.
I smiled and took her hand again.
Night came and we headed back to the suite.
At the beach, we played, danced and even sang.
She rapped, giving me some of her raps and played some of her demo.
There were great.
“So what’s keeping this songs from reaching the world? You can beat the American best female rapper with your songs,” I had said while sitting on the sand with her inbetween my leg and her head laying perfectly on my chest. We faced the beach water.
“My boyfriend. He was my strength in these but when we broke up, I couldn’t just do it anymore,” she said.
“You can still do it without him, im here,” I said. That is a lie ofcourse.
She chuckled. “Really?” she said.
“Yeah,” I said and kissed her cheek.
“I feel like drinking tonight,” she said as we headed back to the resort.
“Alright, alcohol or juice?” I asked.
“Alcohol,” she said.
I smiled. “Alright, that’s the bar,” I said and with that, we turned to the bar.
We filled our head with so much alcohol.
Laughing and talking about not so important stuffs.
I felt tipsy, she felt more tipsy.
Soon, I helped her into her suite. She held me tight.
“Let’s play Drake,” she muttered, caressing my chest.
I smiled.
‘Something that I need’
I pushed my lips on hers.. she reciprocated and soon we were on her bed, handling with each other’s clothes.
Her moans alone can get you to cloud nine.
I found her top and swiftly took it off, and the bra as well.
Then I moved over to her bom short. My shirt was off already by her.
I was about taking her bomshort down when something stopped me.
Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by emperorblog21(m): 1:57pm On Aug 09
The BadBoy Diary
( She Still Love Him )
Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C
Drake’s POV
I was about taking her bomshort down when something stopped me.
What else but My conscience.
The guilt I felt. It was too strong.
I couldn’t go further.
I can’t do this. I can’t.
I picked up my shirt and wore it back.
“Drake, what’s wrong?” Claire muttered.
“Goodnight Claire,” I said and walked out.
I thought that I could.
Why can’t I? I couldn’t even try!
I felt like I was going to hurt someone so dear to my heart and who else but Clara! I felt so guilty like a boyfriend who was about to cheat on her comitted girlfriend.
I walked into my suite and fell on my bed and rubbed my forehead.
‘Clara why making me feel this way.
Why hurting me? why did you let me get so close to you.
Why did let me help you outta your heartbreak and you made me fall so deeply inlove with you. Something that I promised myself never to do! You made me love again only for you to go back to him.
How could you!
I thought going away from you would solve the whole thing and make me get you outta my mind but nothing has changed. I couldn’t even have sex with Claire! Even in my tipsy state.
Clara this wasn’t what I dreamt of. What I dreamt of was us, in a garden, holding hands and kissing as we professed our undying love for each other but why did it turn out this way?

That dream gave me some hope but that little hope had been shattered. It’s no more.
Clara please get the hell outta my mind, get the hell outta my thiughts. I wanna be my old self again!’
My phone began ringing in my trouser pocket. I ignored it and threw the pillows away.
“Damn!” I yelled and hit my fist on the bed.
My phone kept ringing.
Tears rolled down my eyes.
“I hate the way im feeling. I hate that im finding it so hard to stop! I want to stop it!” I cried.
The phone began ringing again. I took it out and glanced at it. Brenda.
I dropped it on the bed.
‘Brenda had been telling me how much she love me and wanna be mine. She’s been trying her best! and here I am, crying over a lady who never cared about me and my feelings. Who now chosed to be with her boyfriend after swearing never to.
How can I when there’s someone who is dying just to be mine!

But I don’t like her, I don’t like Brenda and I can’t see myself liking her even a bit of it. Im just so annoyed with myself!
I regret ever getting to know Clara. I regret ever helping her outta her damn heartbreak.
I regret ever falling inlove with her!
Why did I let that happen? why!’
The phone began ringing again.
I angrily picked it up to switch it off but saw it was Danelle calling.
I sighed. I couldn’t ignore it.
Im gonna tell her the truth if she must know.
I picked up the call.
“Hi Drake” her voice sounded too calm and unusual.
“Danelle,” I said amidst my tears.
I heard her sigh. “I know something is wrong and now even in your voice, im certain that something isn’t right. I just wanna know the truth, tell me the truth please,” she said.
I sighed.
I know she was gonna find out soon.
She’s a smart girl.
“Drake please I need the truth,” she said.
I sighed, “She still love him,” I said as more tears rolled down my eyes.
“What! you mean my sister?” she asked, her voice coming up.

“Yes, she’s still inlove with him. She had forgiven him and accepted to love him no matter what he did to her,” I said.
“What rubbish! How did it happen. She went to see him right?” I could feel the anger in her voice.
“Yes she did. I drove her. She came out with red eyes and when I asked if she still love him, she she told me that she don’t know. That was saturday and then the next day, she went to see him and it all started. She forgave him and said she’s still inlove with him and can’t leave him no matter the circumstances. She’s still inlove with Noah and I was just about telling her my feelings! I couldn’t bear it so I left maymack but leaving haven’t changed anything yet. I still think about her.
I wanna get her outta my mind but I find it so hard to. She’s clouded my mind. Danelle im deeply inlove with your sister and it’s something that I can’t stop but im gonna try harder, really harder. Goodnight Danelle,” I said and switched off thr phone.
‘Im gonna try harder to get her outta my mind!’
[Hamilto High School (Girls dormitory] Danelle’s POV
“He switched off his line,” I told Tessy with the pains I felt.
She sighed. “I can’t believe this, how can she accept him back. I mean that’s weird. Is she even aware of the consequences and challenges?” Tessy said.

“Love blinded it all. She never thought about it but im gonna make sure she get back to her right senses! what’s wrong with my sister!”
“How do you intend stopping her? she has already made up her mind,” Tessy said.
“I’ll scream senses into that skull of hers!” I said.
“Uhm how? she got no phone now,” she said.
“If it means going to Maymack, then I will,” I said and called my mom.
She picked up at the third ring.
“Mom can you even believe it!” I said.
“What’s that dear?”
“Sis just forgave Noah and not just that, she accepted him back. How could she! a prisoner! Drake told me everything. How could she go back to that drug dealer! mom im gonna stop sis no matter what it takes! mom, Drake loves her so much. I can see them together. Drake was there for her all this while!”
“Just like the drug dealer was,” mom said.
“Drake isn’t a drug dealer. He is a banker mom! he is much better and he loved her so much. He was heartbroken. I want him for my sister. Why’s she so dump. Drake is in pains!” I said.
“The worse now is that she smashed her phone because of the same guy she just accepted back. We can’t communicate with her accept going to maymack,” mom said.
“And I don’t mind doing that mom,” I said.
She sighed. “Clara is making a huge mistake. I wonder how the idiot got her to forgive him to the extent of accepting him back,” mom said.
“I’ll do everything to stop her and make her realize how much Drake loves her,” I said.

“Danelle please don’t let this come inbetween your examinations. Leave this to me. I’l go over to talk to your sister,” she said.
“Before you do, it might be too late. I can’t let that prisoner keep decieving my sister, never again!” I said.
Brenda’s POV
I wore my heels and picked up my phone.
The time said. ‘8:50pm’
“I’ll go now. If I find the damn girl with him, then im so gonna deal with her,” I said to Nikky who layed on my bed, chewing gum.
“C’mon babe calm down, we should be talking about the interview issue now,” she said.
“In not, im going to Drake, im tired of my calls being unpicked.” I said and walked out with my car keys.
I walked into my car and soon, I was on the road, driving to Maymack.
“Drake not picking my calls gotta end tonight! If I dare see the brat with him, im gonna make her regret ever going close to Drake.”
‘I don’t even wanna think about the damn contract that I couldn’t get. It was said to be given to one ugly looking Mary Miller. Ahh! well I know what to do, the stupid man just need money which is more than what Mary Miller gave or whatever else. Im getting that contract!’
I pulled into maymack and the first thing that suprised me was Drake’s car no where to be found in the large compound.
I stopped the car engine and walked out of my car, stared briefly at the girl’s door before walking to Drake’s car.
I got there and foud it locked. He’s out.
Wait, with the brat!?
I rushed to her door and found it unlocked.
I rang the doorbell and it was opened in the next second like she was right at the door about to open it and then I rang the doorbell.
I scanned her from up to down. She had her hair packed in ponytail. She wore a pourple with white dots pajamas and on her feet are white fur bedroom slippers.
If she’s home than where is Drake?
I pushed her outta the way and entered.
Is this the girl Drake said is more beautiful than I?
I scanned around before turning to face her.
“I heard that you are having some trashy thing with my boyfriend and now, im here to warn you- to stay clear off him. Count today a lucky day for you that I didn’t see you with Drake. If you don’t wanna face my wrath, get your ass far away from my boyfriend.” I warned.
She foled her arms.
“And who is your boyfriend?” she asked.
I rolled my eyes. “Drake Alvin, your neighbour is my boyfriend. So whatever you have with him, stay clear now or better still, move outta this apartment and far away from him. If you can’t afford the bills, I’ll pay it all, if you prove stubborn then im gonna keep you at the place where you belong,” I threatened.
She loosened her hair and repacked it, right in my front.
She walked to the door.
“Miss, you can’t just come to my house to threaten and warn me. Why didn’t you investigate well enough before doing so? or better still, ask your boyfriend what we are. I have nothing with your boyfriend. We are just friends and neighbours,” she said.
“I don’t care what you both are but grab my warning and get it into your damn skull. Stay far away from Drake, I repeat stay far away from Drake,” I warned.
She grabbed the doorknob.
“I have nothing with Drake and if you must know, your boyfriend haven’t been home for three days now,” she said and I raised my brows.
“So kindly leave and find him,” she said and opened the door.
I walked to her. “You mean Drake’s been out for three days now, where did he go?” I asked.

“I have no idea,” she said. I noticed the pain in her voice and the sad look on her face.
Now it’s obvious she had been expecting him and thought he was the one at the door and she rushed for it only to see me standing there.
I rolled my eyes.
“I’ll get through with this but take my warning, very serious. If you don’t wanna be in a mess, do what I said,” I warned and with that, I left – back into my car.
I dialled Drake line. Switched off.
I sighed worriedly. I hope he’s fine. Where did he go to?
I fastened my seatbelt and drove off.
‘Where the hell is Drake?!’
Clara’s POV
I sat back down on the couch.
‘What? why would she come to warn and threaten me that way? Why would she think i’ve got something to do with Drake.
Her boyfriend? Drake told me how much she hate her. Why’s she calling him her boyfriend. She’s too arrogant.’
I sighed when I glanced at the door 10:02pm’
“Where is Drake, where is him! Ahhh im so scared and worried sick. It’s been three days now.
I checked two more times that night before finally going to bed atound 12am.
I wonder when I slept off.
[Next Day: Wednesday] Same story.
I dressed up and went to work.
My worry had become too much for me now and I couldn’t help it.
I hope I don’t mess up at the operation room today. Thank God it’s just one operation scheduled for Dr. Rosh today.

I wonder what’s wrong? Drake just disappeared like that.
My fear became much.
More stories @ www.chorusman.com
[Seashore resort: Beach] Drake’s POV
Walking along the beach shore of thick smooth sands.
I held Claire’s hand.
“So about last night, what happened?” Claire asked.
“I won’t lie to you Claire, she clouded my thoughts but I wanna stop it,” I said.
She nodded. “Actually I was tipsy that’s why,” she said.
I stopped and faced her, taking her other hand too. She stared at me.
“I wanted it Claire but I don’t understand myself,” I said with a sigh.
“You really are inlove and you need to go back to her and get her to become yours. Im sure your love would get her to be yours,” she said.
I shook my head. “I don’t want to. She went back to a boyfriend who kept lying to her for years,” I said.
“Really, lies?” she asked.
“Yeah and she found out in the most painful way. I stayed with her during those bad moments because I was nursing feelings for her already and I wanted to help her out and then make her mine. During those few days, I fell crazily inlove with her then she thought she had gotten better and she went to see him. She let him get her with his words and she forgive him and accepted him back,” I said, excluding some more details.
“Maybe she really love him,” she said.
“Yeah and that is why I wanna get her off my mind. I need you to help me Claire,” I said.
“How do you want me to?” she asked with her eyes narrowed.
“Let’s try it again. I wanna make love with you Claire and im sure that’s gonna be a step for me please.”
She chuckled.
“What do you mean? im not a LovePeddler,” she said.
“Claire you aren’t a LovePeddler, and I don’t see you as such. I just need to have this moment with you. Maybe we gonna fall inlove after and we’ll be happy together.” I said.
She shook her head. “It sounds awkward Drake. You wanna use me to get some girl outta your mind. Drake you gotta know that even if we have sex. It won’t stop you from thinking about her or from loving her.” she said.
I dropped her hands and pushed my hair back with a sigh.
“But I just wanna have that moment with you Claire,” I said.
“You couldn’t last night, then you think you can now?” she said.
I took her right hand and placed my other hand on her cheek.
“I will Claire. Please I really wanna have that moment with you. Please grant it to me one more time and I promise not to do such,” I said.
“C’mon Drake. I can’t say that for now,” she said.
I sighed. “Alright.”
We continued our walk. I held her hand again.
“Did I tell you?” she asked.
“What’s that?” I asked.
“I’ll be leaving tomorrow. My sister called this morning that they are coming back home tomorrow,” she said.
I sighed.
“Claire im gonna miss you,” I said.
She stopped. “Me too,” said and then wrapped her arms around my waist.
“And that is why im gonna give you this last chance,” she said.
I smiled and kissed her on the lips.
“Thanks baby,” I said and carried her. She wrapped her legs around my waist as we kissed on.
She pulled away. “Drakee,” she mumbled.
“I just wanna have you now,” I said.
“Let’s go to-” she glanced at the lodge.
“to your suite,” she said.
I smiled, kissed her and dropped her.
I held her hand as we headed back to the lodge – then to my suite.
Once we were in, and the door closed! I trailed biteful kisses on her neck as we fondled with each others clothe.
She moaned, making me want her more.
I pulled off her tank top, her boobs came in view. She wore no bra. I sucked on her nipples which she responded with her amazing moans.
My shirt was off.
I carried her to the bed and dropping her, I pulled off her yellow bomshort to reveal a piece of sexy yellow lingerie.
I dragged it off.
She pushed me to the bed and rolled ontop me then came to my ear. “Trying to avoid excuse this time,” she whispered and pushed her lips on mine which I reciprocated. Her hands found my belt.
And with the strong guilt that I was feeling but ignored it all, we began a hot sex session.
Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by maleeknasri(m): 6:18pm On Aug 09
nice one........i da pity drake o
Re: The Badboy Diary / Fiction Story by MhiztaRange(m): 11:47pm On Aug 09
For me I don’t want drake and Clara together, love grows and not a one time thing. She’s no Virgin mary

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