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Re: ECOS Mining - Ecos.am by Xente: 12:09pm On Sep 27, 2019
Well, ECOS can hardly be called a dubious project, if only because their work is regulated by law. Personally, it captivates me.
Re: ECOS Mining - Ecos.am by ECOSmining: 12:18pm On Sep 28, 2019
Hello. China wants to eliminate the cryptocurrency mining in the country. It always used to be home for the world's largest cryptocurrency mining farms due to cheap electricity. But now the government has decided to clear the mining business all over the country and started with Mongolia.
The new regulation may impact not only the mining farms but also the mining equipment manufacturers, which may cause deficit in mining facilities and mining equipment in the market. So our advise is to start mining now until the deficit arised and mining contract prices increased. A cloud mining service called ECOS [/b]is the best solution for you as its mining farm is situated in the [b]Free Economic Zone in Armenia with low electricity rates and high profitabiity indicators. So you can join the platform right now and get ready for the bullrun. Stay with us!

Re: ECOS Mining - Ecos.am by ECOSmining: 11:23am On Sep 29, 2019
What is going on with Bitcoin?

The exchange rate of one of the most popular cryptocurrencies has failed to 3,59% in last 24 hours.
Now its price is $8131,14, according to Coinmarketcap. What does it mean for the market?

To answer this question, we need to learn expert studies about it.

According to Digital Asset Research, Bitcoin’s price will hit $60,595 by May 2020. It will be worth 7 times its current value. In this case, market capitalization of the coin will be about $1,25 trillion.

Experts say, that one of the key factors, which will influence on the cost, is Bitcoin’s block reward halving. They explain, that in 2020 the reward for mining blocks will cut in half. So, Bitcoin will rise.

The history of the cryptocurrency normally repeats itself.

First time in 2012 the reward was cut in half. A year later the Bitcoin price increased 407 times!
A little notice about the reward, its ammount halves every four year.

In Digital Asset Research they notice the tendency to peak every third of the way through each halving reward cycle. If the forecast is wright, the Bitcoin price will reach $60,595.

Otherwise, the forecast is modest in comparison to other predictions. For example, American venture capital investor Tim Draper expects, that by 2022 the cost of Satoshi Nakomoto’s coin will hit $250,000. And it will have about 5% market share of the world of currency. The billionaire comments, that now Bitcoin faces complexities, which are related with accepting it.

It is the reason, why consumers still prefer to pay with well-established monetary instruments. Although, in the long-term people will choose digital coins. The traditional capital is closely connected with the political influence; the investor explains.

Also, Tim Draper mentions, that people would use Bitcoin for its decentralized ecosystem. Probably it could work in US. Moreover, the investor has high hopes for Argentina, where plenty of entrepreneurs lose their fortune in local fiat currency market due to manipulation and devaluation. Meanwhile, billionaire believes, that the digital market does not have such kind of problems.

So, what is going on with Bitcoin? It is expecting to grow. And now is the best time to invest in the cryptocurrency, isn’t it?

Re: ECOS Mining - Ecos.am by Hasture: 9:32am On Sep 30, 2019
Are you ready to invest in this project only because they are in a free economic zone?
Re: ECOS Mining - Ecos.am by ECOSmining: 11:20am On Sep 30, 2019
How to find mining hardware?

A few days ago, Chinese crypto mining hardware giant Bitmain announced platform for connecting miners and farms. So, mining sector is developing rapidly. And now for being successful in this area you just need to buy efficient equipment. How to do it?

Advice #1 Calculate costs

Even if you have already found a good ASIC miner, analyze its energy consumption and efficiency. In the las year Japanese company GMO released a new model of its hardware – B3. The ASIC price is about $2000. According to GMO, you can adjust the hash rate power optimally and the level of energy consumption as well. We remember that hash rate it is unit of measurement for the determining the processing power of equipment.
By the way, it has maximum hash power of 33 Th/s and its maximum level of energy consumption is about 3417 watts. This equipment can mine $2,19 of cryptocurrency per day. That means, it will become profitable in 2,5 years.

Advice #2 Save your money

If you want to understand, how cryptocurrency mining works, you can buy cheap hardware. For example, it may be Bittech One Mini, which price starts from $880. Its hash rate is 16 Th/s/ The equipment consumes 1150 watts of energy. The purchase will bring the profit in 2 years and a few months.

Advice #3 Analyze different options

Your choice will depend on your budget. You can buy A9 ZMaster by Innosilicon. Its price is about $10000. The company guarantees the lowest level of energy consumption. This ASIC mines $142 of coins per day. Otherwise, it was designed mostly for ZCach mining, which is price is about $37,16. Although, it has failed to 3,55% in last 24 hours. This information was published in Coinmarketcap.

First, decide, which coin you want to mine, then define the amount of investment. If you can do it, you will find good mining hardware without any problems!

Re: ECOS Mining - Ecos.am by ECOSmining: 6:20pm On Sep 30, 2019
ECOS is ready to answer all your questions!

☑️This Wednesday, on October 02 at 1 pm UTC time (4 pm of Moscow time) ECOS team is ready to answer any of your questions!

☑️We will have a live stream to answer all your questions!�

The link to our YouTube channel!

Join us on Wednesday and let’s have a live chat!

Re: ECOS Mining - Ecos.am by Xente: 9:38pm On Oct 01, 2019
Not only. I have been watching this project for a long time and have not seen a negative yet.
Re: ECOS Mining - Ecos.am by ECOSmining: 11:24pm On Oct 01, 2019
How to start mining?

Have you ever googled the word "miner"? You can find at least 1,5 million pages about it.
Moreover, it is not so difficult to visit mining industry events in US, Latin America or in Asia as well.
That means people are involving in this topic. Some of them even make money from mining.
The others are just planning to do it.
We hope that this text will be useful for readers from both categories.
Let's see, how you can start mining step by step.

☑️Step #1 Choose a place

Decide where you will mine. It could be your home.
Otherwise, in this case you need to be ready for spending a lot of money.
To buy the equipment you need about several thousands of dollars.

A few years ago solo mining was more profitable, than now.
One of the key reasons is related with increasing its production capacity.
According to a new report by monitoring resource Blockchain,
hash rate in Bitcoin's network has passed a record 102 Quintilian hashes for the first time in the history of the cryptocurrency.
By the way, hash rate it is a unit of measurement for determining the processing power of equipment.

On the one hand, increasing capacity means that the level of security in the net is rising. So, the Bitcoin Network now is not susceptible for hacking.
Although, on the other hand, miners need to have more effective equipment, and it will be more expensive.
In other words, you can't earn money from solo mining.

☑️Step #2 Understand the process
If you want to understand how cryptocurrency mining works, you don’t need immediately to buy hardware, which prices start from $2000.
One of the options is to choose cloud mining service. As a rule, customers pay only fixed payments for rental equipment and electricity. For example, you can choose ECOS, where minimum price of contract is $20.

☑️Step #3 Just do it!
Digital market will flourish in the next years. In many regions, like in the US and Europe, officials are making efforts to legitimize it. That is why investing in cryptocurrency, especially in the mining sector, is a great opportunity to raise capital.

Don’t waste your time! Start mining!

Re: ECOS Mining - Ecos.am by ECOSmining: 11:18am On Oct 03, 2019
The reliability of cryptocurrencies

Experts predict that cryptocurrency will rise in price from $8400 till $60000 or even $250,000. But what we know about the reliability of coins?

In september hash rate of the Bitcoin Network has updated the historical maximum. We know that hash rate shows the processing power of equipment. The higher its level, the more secure the net is. Analysts expect that hash rate rises. So, the Bitcoin Network will become more reliable and inaccessible for hackers.

Re: ECOS Mining - Ecos.am by CryptoBo: 1:21pm On Oct 04, 2019
For example, I like everything, they pay normally and I already got a few people through my referral link, and also received a nice bonus.
Re: ECOS Mining - Ecos.am by ECOSmining: 1:36pm On Oct 04, 2019
The Giveaway Results!

Re: ECOS Mining - Ecos.am by ECOSmining: 8:52am On Oct 07, 2019
Which mining rig you need in 2019?

The choice will depend on the following questions.

1# is it profitable to buy?
Calculate costs. Even the ASIC is rather cheap, analyze its level of energy consumption and efficiency.

2#can you save your money?
If you want to understand how crypto mining works, you can buy used equipment or rent a new model in a cloud mining service, like ECOS.

✅️3# was it made by a famous company?
Choose ASIC by reliable company. It could be one of mining giants, like Bitmain and GMO.

Re: ECOS Mining - Ecos.am by ECOSmining: 12:16pm On Oct 08, 2019
Happy to support ChainPoint — one of the most influential and diverse conferences in the space, to be held o n October 14-15, 2019 in Yerevan by Nooor Blockchain Armenia.

The CEO of bitcoin.com Stefan Rust, the Chairman of FinTech Association of Hong Kong and the Global Leader of Crypto and Fintech at PwC Henri Arslanian, the Global Ambassador of Bitfury Marc Taverner, the Minister of Economy of Armenia Tigran Khachatryan and many more are among the speakers.

ChainPoint will gather 500 participants and more than 50 speakers from over 30 countries. Come meet us at our booth and learn about the FEZ by ECOS.

And exclusively for our community, you can book your tickets with 30% off by typing ECOS-CP19 as a promo-code.
Thanks a lot!

Re: ECOS Mining - Ecos.am by ECOSmining: 11:08pm On Oct 08, 2019
We have sold out all 180 days contracts as well as some long-term 2-year contracts!
We see the market interest in bitcoin mining. Are you ready for Bitcoin growth? Have already mined coins in your wallets? If no — buy a contract now and start mining!

Re: ECOS Mining - Ecos.am by ECOSmining: 3:48pm On Oct 09, 2019
How to mine without hardware?

➖Somebodies say that you can mine Bitcoin in you mobile phone via an app.
It was possible in 2010, but now the production capacity is high, and its level constantly grows.

✅️If you want to mine without hardware, you can use a cloud mining service.
Tradi.tionally, customers pay fixed-rate payments for rental equipment and electricity.
Although before investing analyze the reputation of company.

✅️For example, you can choose ECOS, the official operator of the Free Economic Zone in Armenia.

Re: ECOS Mining - Ecos.am by ECOSmining: 10:54am On Oct 10, 2019
We invite you on the largest international forum on blockchain, cryptocurrencies and mining «Blockchain Life 2019», which will be held on 16-17 October, 2019 in Moscow ExpoCenter situated on Krasnopresnenskaya quay, 14.

Visit our booth G12, where we will show you the most modern mining equipment BITMAIN ANTMINER S17 and T17. The managing partner ECOS in Russia Ilya Goldberg will tell why today is the best time for mining. Only visitors of our booth will be able to win a 1-year contract for Cloud Mining. Right in our booth you will be able to purchase new miners, install them in the safe and official hosting or to place a pre-order for new models of miners at beneficial prices.

You will also find out how to become our dealer or partner and how to start mining without equipment right away. Visit Blockchain Life and ECOS booth G12. We are looking forward to meet you!

Re: ECOS Mining - Ecos.am by ECOSmining: 10:25pm On Oct 10, 2019
What if you would choose a wrong copper wire cross-section in a mining hotel?

For efficient mining every detail is important. For example, a wire cross-section. From this choice working capacity of the whole net will depend.

If you will make a mistake with it, the net will overload. In other words, its speed will drop. And as a result, efficiency and your profit will decrease.

To avoid this problem, you should use a cloud mining service, where specialists can help to choose a wire cross-section and an equipment. For example, go to ECOS.

Re: ECOS Mining - Ecos.am by ECOSmining: 10:49pm On Oct 11, 2019
What if you would buy used mining hardware?

⭕️Some people prefer used equipment because of the opportunity to save some money. Otherwise, there is no any warranty which could cover the cost of the device repair. In this case, you will do it at your own expense.
❌Moreover, you need to be ready for problems with cooling system. A used ASIC has such kind of troubles 4 times more than a new one.

✅️ If you want to[b] save money[/b], use a cloud service, where you can rent new hardware. It could be ECOS with minimum price contract $20.

Re: ECOS Mining - Ecos.am by ECOSmining: 4:39pm On Oct 12, 2019
How much money you can save by placing equipment in a mining hotel?

✅️If you decide to mine cryptocurrency, calculate costs.
Besides several thousands of dollars, which you need to spend for hardware, don’t forget that you need to pay for electricity. That means, you need to pay every month additional several hundred dollars. How you could save some money?

✅️You can place the equipment in a mining hotel. In this case, the amount of payments will be 10 times less.
Otherwise, if you are not ready for big expenses, choose a reliable cloud mining service.

Re: ECOS Mining - Ecos.am by ECOSmining: 9:50am On Oct 15, 2019
Top-6 fears of miners
The more popular mining is becoming, the more fears miners have.
❗️ Bitcoin will fail
According to experts, price will reach $250,000 or even $1 million.
❗️ won’t be profitable
The cost of cryptocurrency will grow and the fear will disappear.
❗️ the cost is expensive
Rent equipment and save money on electricity.
❗️ is illegal
There is no any law in US or EU countries, which forbids mining.
❗️ is too late
The market will flourish soon, analysts say. So, it’s time to start.
❗️ Lack of knowledge
Ask specialists of ECOS for help.

Re: ECOS Mining - Ecos.am by ECOSmining: 3:51pm On Oct 16, 2019
Is it too late for mining?

Some people say that cryptocurrency mining was supposed to be successful a few years ago. Although, experts expect market growth.

✅According to American venture investor Tim Draper, the Bitcoin price will reach $250,000 by 2022. Moreover, software founder John McAfee predicts that it will cost $1 million by 2021!

➕Also, nowadays market giants are expanding the business. For example, North American mining farm Plouton Mining is coming to California.

So, the market is growing. It’s time to mine!

Re: ECOS Mining - Ecos.am by ECOSmining: 12:00pm On Oct 18, 2019
How to choose mining hosting service?

Solo mining is becoming unprofitable. So, it’s time for hosting.

#1 Price
Compare electricity prices in different services. In the US it could be about $80-85 for Kw, in Armenia and other Eastern European countries a few times lower.

2# Cooling
If a cooling system is not effective, mining also won’t be effective.

Analyze the information about the company, its website and social media activity.
Use the criteria, choose a good hosting service and make money from cryptocurrency mining!

Re: ECOS Mining - Ecos.am by ECOSmining: 7:15pm On Oct 21, 2019
How does blockchain technology works?

This technology helps to track the path of goods from agricultural fields to the marker shelves. Let’s say it will be tomatoes. How it can work?

A vegetable supplier from California has created a block with information about the origin of tomatoes and the date they were collected. Consumers and a store can have access to this block, but they can’t edit it.

In blockchain it’s possible to create vegetable database, where suppliers will create blocks about goods. To read it buyers will need to scan a code with their smartphones.

Why we need blockchain? To make supply chains more transparent.

Re: ECOS Mining - Ecos.am by Hasture: 7:50pm On Oct 23, 2019
It is interesting to know how you managed to recruit people through the referral program? Nobody has joined me yet, although I leave my link everywhere.
Re: ECOS Mining - Ecos.am by ECOSmining: 1:33pm On Oct 24, 2019
How to obtain cheap electricity?

A lot of miners would like to know how to answer the question. It is not a secret that for cryptocurrency mining many resources are required to produce energy. That’s why e[b]lectricity bills[/b] may rocket into the sky.

If you want to save money, use renewable energy. For example, the wind energy or the energy from the soil.

Although, one of the most popular types is solar. As a rule, people install solar panels on the roofs.
According to researchers, 6 panels with the capacity of 1.5 kilowatt produce 9 kilowatts of electricity. By the way, mining equipment consumes about 1000-5000 watts оr 1-5 kilowatts. So, solar electricity would be enough to power equipment.

That’s why today mining companies use this type of energy. One of them is California-based Plouton Mining. The company is planning to build North America's largest solar powered Bitcoin mining farm. Its solar panels will generate 10-13 megawatts of electricity daily.

If you want to save, there is another option. You could lease a hardware in a cloud mining service. Normally these firms have profitable tariffs for electricity. For example, ECOS, where the minimal contract price is $20.

Re: ECOS Mining - Ecos.am by ECOSmining: 3:01pm On Oct 24, 2019
ECOS invites you to the Conference and Exhibition on Innovative Technologies for Modern Business TECH WEEK 2019. The event will take place on October 29 - November 1 in the Skolkovo Technopark, Moscow.

In ECOS booth №15 you will have a chance to get acquainted with the most modern and powerful mining equipment ANTMINER S17 and ANTMINER T17 from the world leading manufacturer BITMAIN. This time you will also have a chance to win a 1-year mining contract using our traditional bright lottery drum. ECOS experts at booth 15 will accept applications for the pre-order sale of the latest equipment, so if you hurry up you will have a chance to get it.

If you are new to mining you will be offered a secure cloud mining, which is supported by the Government and is situated in the Free Economic Zone. There are no similar projects in the market.

If you are a business representative ECOS will offer you a dealership for the sale of mining equipment, which will be of interest to both large market players and new companies. Visit our stand at TECH WEEK 2019, we are looking forward to meet you!

Re: ECOS Mining - Ecos.am by ECOSmining: 1:42pm On Oct 25, 2019
Top-5 the Biggest rises of Bitcoin
The last few days Bitcoin price was falling. Although, in the last 24 hours the exchange rate of this coin has increased by 0.45%. Cryptocurrency has all chances to grow fast. We already know such occasions in the market history.
#1 10 times!
The transformation of Bitcoin from a budget coin to an investment instrument was registered 6 years ago. In the March of 2013, the coin cost reached almost $1000. Some months earlier Winklevoss twins bought Bitcoins for $11 million, while its price was only $120. So, then they became first crypto billionaires.
#2 30% more!
The next jump was in December of 2016. The price raised by 30%. Analysts said that the rate of Bitcoin increasing was higher than tradition asset rates.
3# new horizons
Satoshi Nakomoto’s coin didn’t stop to grow. On December 7th, 2017 its cost reached $14,000.
So, from the beginning of the year Bitcoin price increased by 1300%! One of the reasons was related with expectations of selling Bitcoin futures in the largest stock-exchanges.
4# going forward
In the end of the December 2017 consumer interest to Bitcoin strengthen. And they purchased cryptocurrency for $20,000 per coin.
5# recovering
After that the Bitcoin price failed, but in the spring of 2019, it began to grow again. In April the coin reached $5,000, a bit later, in June it was about $10,000. Bitcoin’s maximum was fixed on the 26th of June. In this day it reached $13,5000.
According to analysts, its tendency will stay. Some of them expect that the Bitcoin price will be $60,000, others say about $250,000. In any case, Bitcoin will grow, they expect.

Re: ECOS Mining - Ecos.am by CryptoBo: 2:10pm On Oct 25, 2019
Mostly these are my friends. It’s hard to connect new people, because a relatively new project. Little trust in it.
Re: ECOS Mining - Ecos.am by Hasture: 10:13pm On Oct 27, 2019
How much did you get from the referral program?
Re: ECOS Mining - Ecos.am by CryptoBo: 11:10am On Nov 01, 2019
I will not say the amounts, but everything is as prescribed in the rules of the company. 10% of the package price.
Re: ECOS Mining - Ecos.am by ECOSmining: 12:44pm On Nov 01, 2019
Dear friends, we have introduced a new range of contracts!

While Bitcoin is growing it is the best time to jump into the last train and mine enough btc with ECOS new contracts!

Hurry up, the number of contracts is limited!

Re: ECOS Mining - Ecos.am by ECOSmining: 10:00am On Nov 06, 2019
Bitcoin can be treated differently. Today we will share with you the facts that will make you love Bitcoin!
Well, or at least understand its significance and greatness!

Bitcoin is the first fundamentally different money system that excludes intermediaries.

2️⃣Fanastastic growth.
Over the past 10 years, the price of bitcoin has grown by more than 10,000 (‼️) times.

3️⃣Limited quantity.
The number of coins of bitcoin is limited to 21 million. This is prescribed in the algorithm and is not subject to change.

Forecasts of the cost of bitcoin vary. For 2020-21. put several options - from $ 100,000 to $ 2 million.

5️⃣It's not too late.
➖ Less than 10% heard about bitcoin
➖ Of these, about 10% understand the main points
➖ 10% of them know how to make money from it

You can catch it. Want to know how? Contact us!

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